This story is a work of fiction.

>This story begins shortly after I proposed to my fiance of 5 years. My name is Tyler Cummings. I am a 23 year old construction worker who, at the time, had never had any sexual encounters with any man whatsoever. It wasn't until my wedding night that I was exposed to such wonderful pleasures. Let me explain.

>In my family, we have a very odd tradition that any man getting married must have their father present to witness to loss of their virginity. Now, when I proposed to my girlfriend, Mary, I had no knowledge of this tradition. It wasn't even until a few days before the wedding was to take place that my father even told me.

"Now son, I don't want to alarm you, but, there is a family tradition that I must tell you about."

"ok, dad." I said half smiling, expecting it to be a rather stupid tradition.

"Ok," he took a pause and a breath and then continued, "I have to be present on your wedding night."

I just stared at him for a moment, not knowing what to say, and then thinking it was a joke, I started to laugh.

"This is no joke," he said, "It is tradition in our family for a father to watch his son lose his virginity. My dad was there on my wedding night."

I stopped laughing immediately. "What?! Grandpa watched you and mom?"

"Yes, he did. And I will be there to watch you and Mary. And if you don't agree, I'm afraid I'll have to disown you & never talk to you again."

"You're not serious, are you dad?" I took a big gulp, afraid of the answer.

"Yes, I am. Now, you better talk to your soon to be wife and let her know."

And with that he left me alone for the rest of the day. That night, as I lay in my bed, I contemplated how would I even approach the subject with Mary? Then my mind wandered to what it would be like. The first time I make love to Mary, dad will be there watching. Watching his son's cock slide in and out of her pussy. As I thought about it, something happened I wasn't expecting, my own cock started getting hard. As I was imaging fucking my fiance, I also imagined dad's eyes on our naked, sweating bodies, his own cock growing hard from the scene. I started to massage my dick as I let the scene continue in my head until I reached one of the best orgasams I had ever had.

>After this fantasy, I realised that having my father watch my first sexual experience wasn't such a bad idea and decided to inform my girlfriend that he would be present on our wedding night whether she liked it or not.

>The next day, after very little persuasion and coaxing, my fiance agreed to my father witnessing the event. Which was a little odd that it was fairly easy, as if Mary like the idea of my father being there, which wasn't too far fetched because even though my dad was 41, he was still very much in shape. He had retired from the marines just a year earlier. But what mattered was the family tradition would continue.

>About a month later, the wedding took place and Mary and I were on our first day of our honeymoon in Niagra Falls. My dad met up with us at our hotel room that night. It was very awkward at first.

"Alright you two," he started, "before you begin, I must setup some rules. First, what I say, goes. If I tell you to stop, you'll stop. If I tell you to go faster, you'll go faster. I am here to make sure that the two of you have one of the most memorable nights of your life and since this is both your first time, and neither of you have any experience, I am here to give you pointers."

Mary and I looked at each other not sure what to say or do and then turned our gaze back to my father.

"Also, if I don't feel you are doing something right, I may decide that I'll need to show you how to do it, so I might get involved. Ok, so first. Son, take your hand and begin to caress Mary's breast."

I did as my dad told me and started to massage her tits through her clothing.

"Now son, with your other hand, work it up her blouse and touch her other breast with your hand and lightly flick her nipple."

As I flicked her nipple, I watched her face as her eyes closed enjoying the sensation.

"Now Mary, I want you to unbutton my son's jeans and pull them down to his ankles."

As she quietly did so, I noticed my father moisten his lips as he eagerly watched me being exposed in what felt like extremely tight white briefs, since my cock was straining to get out.

"Now, stay on your knees Mary, and start to kiss my son's dick through his briefs."

She did as she was told and lightly kissed my prick. It felt pretty good having my cock worshipped like that.

"Now, pull his briefs down, exposing that cock of his."

As she did, I watched my dad's eyes widen and he sat straight up, straining to get a better view since Mary's head was now blocking the way.

"Use your tongue and lick his shaft, up to the head and then run it along the edge of his mushroom shaped tip."

As Mary attempted this next order, I noticed the bulge in my dad's pants growing and then he started to massage the bulge. I couldn't believe it. Here was my father ordering my wife on how to suck my cock while he began to get a hard on himself. This, oddly enough, turned me on even more. But then my dad broke the mood,

"No, Mary, stop. You're just not doing it right."

And with that dad got up from his chair and cam over to where Mary and I were. He pulled Mary up from the floor and got down in her place. Now, at this point I felt very weird and nervous. My dad was now sitting right in front of my rock hard cock which he preceded to touch.

"Watch Mary, I will show you how it should be done."

Mary reluctantly took a seat in the chair dad was sitting in and watched as my father started to caress my balls. He looked up at me as his hands ever so lightly touched the base of my scrotum and our eyes locked. I could see such love in his eyes, just wanting his son to have the best sex he possibly could have, but I also saw lust in them. He bent his head down and looked at my cock. He lightly kissed my cock as it continued to throb beneath his warm lips. Mary just watched and didn't say anything.

Dad then stuck out his tongue and worked it up the shaft of my dick to it's head and ran it around the tip.

"Oh yeah," I said, shuddering in ecstasy, "that feels so fucking good."

I started to run my fingers through my dad's hair as he slowly wrapped his lips around my cock.

"Oh god dad! Suck my fucking cock!"

I couldn't believe it. Not only was my own father sucking my cock, I was fucking enjoying it! Telling him to keep on doing it! I looked over at Mary whose eyes were wide with shock. She couldn't believe it either. But, she seemed also turned on by the scene! I saw her reach down into her pants and start to finger herself. As I watched my wife getting off on my father blowing her husband, I grabbed my dad's head on shoved it further down on to my cock.

"Yeah! If you want my cock so much, fucking take all of it!"

My dad did take all of it, all 8 rock hard inches. I could feel his lips at the base, sucking like a baby on a bottle, while all the while he kept fondling with my nuts. As he continued to suck, he took his free hand and loosened his pants, allowing his own dick free. After a little bit longer of his wonderful cock sucking, he stopped and stood up.

"See, now that's how you suck a cock." he said looking straight at Mary, "Would you like to try now?"

I expected her to say yes and immediately get that wonderful sensation back on my cock, but instead she said,

"Well, honestly, just watching the two of you has got me pretty hot and I think that my husband here will need to know how to suck a cock so he may show his own son one day. So I think he should suck you now to show you what he's learned."

My mouth dropped open, I couldn't believe what I was hearing! My wife WANTED to watch me suck my old man's cock! My dad turned to me, shrugged, and said,

"She makes a good point." and then proceeded to stand right in front of me, his 9 inched cock throbbing right in my face. I looked up at my dad, pleading with my eyes not to go through with this.

"Look son, she's right. This is something you need to know. So prove to me you were paying attention."

I hesitatingly put my hands on my father's balls, just like he did to me earlier, lightly rubbing right below his sac. I then opened my mouth and took his manly cock into my mouth, gagging as he slid all of it in. When my lips were at the base, I sucked on it exactly like he did to me just a few moments earlier.

"Oh, shit yeah son. You're a fast learner. Keep sucking that cock."

He took his rough hands and wrapped them around my head, pulling my mouth onto his cock as far as it would go. I felt the tip of my dad's cock hit my throat repeatedly as he started to slowly fuck my mouth. Mary just kept on fingering herself as she watched my dad buck his hips back and forth. I could start to taste little drops of pre-cum oozing out of dad's dick which turned me on even more. I just loved all of it. The feeling of a hot cock sliding in and out of my mouth, the manly and sweaty smell of it, and the salty taste. The fact that it was my own father made it all more exciting.

Dad took his cock out of my mouth and stepped away.

"Ok, I think you've got that." he said half chuckling "Man son, you've got your dad all worked up now. I don't know if I can keep watching you and Mary without getting involved."

"oh that's ok," Mary said, "I'm having a pretty good time just watching the two of you. I mean, both of you look so hot Mr. Cummings."

"Mary," I said, "this is supposed to be our honeymoon."

"I know Tyler, but we're going to have many nights together in the future, so, just let your dad have his way tonight, ok?"

I knew I couldn't argue with Mary when she made up her mind, so I gave in.

"Alright. Dad, what do you want to do now?"

"How would you feel about anal sex?"

I didn't know what to say. Here was my dad, asking if I would let him fuck me! The crazy thing was, it didn't sound too bad. I thought for a moment what it might feel like. I thought about his dick sliding into my ass, the pain I would feel from his monster sized prick. But then I thought about the absolute pleasure my dad would have on his face as my ass encased his cock. After that thought, I made my decision.

"I want you to fuck me dad. I want you to break your son in and turn me into a man."

"Good, now get on all fours and face your wife."

I did as I was told while my dad got behind me. I could feel his hands start to pull my ass cheeks apart so he could see the wonderful hole that was about to make his cock feel so utterly wonderful. As my dad prepared to mount his son, I looked at my wife who was staring and really getting off on watching us. I then felt the tip of his cock on my hole, waiting to go in.

"Do you want this cock boy? If you do, you have to beg for it. I want Mary to hear what a faggot she married."

"Yeah dad, I want your dick."

"That wasn't good enough boy, I need to feel like you'll fucking die unless I ram my cock into you right now."

"God dammit dad! Shut the fuck up and thrust your daddy dick into me right fucking now! I need it so badly!"

"Are you sure boy?"

"Yes! I want to feel violated dad! I want to feel your fucking cock throbbing inside of me!"

"Alright you little faggot! Here's daddy's fucking dick!" And with that, he rammed all of his 9 inches into me. I wanted to cry, the pain was so intense, but I bit my lip and endured the pain. Dad could tell I was in pain.

"What's wrong faggot? I thought you wanted a cock in your ass?!" He yelled as he continued to thrust his dick in and out of my hole. "Don't you like having your dad's cock inside of you?"

Tears began to well up in my eyes, "Yes sir! I do sir! Keep fucking me!"

As my father kept pounding my ass, I looked at Mary who was now intensely rubbing her clit, her eyes closed, just listening to the dirty conversation that me and my father were having. I closed my own eyes, forcing the tears back. At the same time, the pain began to recede and I began to feel my own pleasure.

"Oooh yeah dad. Fuck my tight hole! Oh fuck! Your cock feels so fucking good!"

"Yeah? You like dad's dick?"

"Yes sir I do! I want to feel your balls hitting my ass!"

"Alright son." And with that he rammed his dick into me even harder and faster, like a wild animal that must procreate as soon as possible or his entire species will die. The amount of pleasure I felt from this was unbelievable. I could feel his penis throbbing inside of my ass, aching to release it's juices.

"Yeah that's it dad! Fuck me! Fuck your fucking son! Oh shit yeah!"

"Yeah boy, now we're going to stop for a second so you can turn over and lay on your back. I want to see your face as I fill you up."

Without saying any words, I laid on the bed and grabbed my ankles and held my legs up over my head so my ass hole would be easily available to my father. He once again put the tip of his cock onto my hole, but this time he slowly pushed it in, watching my face as he did it. I looked at him as well, our eyes were locked as we slowly became one. We continued to stare at one another as he slowly fucked me. This was different from just a second ago. Before I got on my back, he was a wild beast that just needed to get off, but now he was a loving and caring father who just wanted his son to be happy. As he kept staring into my eyes he said,

"You like that, don't you?" I just nodded. "It feels so good to be fucking you son, I never thought we could be even closer to one another, but I was wrong. Feeling your tight ass around my cock has made me the happiest dad on earth. I love you son."

As I stared back at him I said, "I love you too dad." And with those words, he bent down and wrapped me up in his arms, continuing to make love to me. It felt so wonderful to be held in his muscular arms and have his hot hard body on top of me while his magnificent cock was inside of me. He then raised up and looked at my own cock. He took my rock hard piece into his hand and started to jack me off as he kept fucking me.

"You like that son? Your dad massaging your cock?"

"Yeah daddy. I want you to make me cum."

"Oh I will, but only after I get my nut first." He then started to fasten his pace and began fucking me like he was earlier. The loving father took a back seat as his carnal desires started to kick back in. "YEAH TAKE THIS FUCKING DICK! MAKE YOUR FATHER PROUD AND TAKE ALL OF MY JUICE IN YOUR ASS!" He was now screaming like an animal encouraging me to do the same.




"THEN TAKE THIS FUCKING LIFE-JUICE I'M ABOUT TO FILL YOU UP WITH! TAKE IT ALL YOU LITTLE FAGGOT! OH, FUCK! HERE IT, COMES!" I could feel my dad's cock throbbing inside as he prepared to unload his manly load.

"OH FUCK YEAH HERE IT IS! OH SHIT YEAH!" Shot after shot of cum was released from his cock into my ass. He pulled it out, still shooting cum and aimed for my face allowing many spurts to come onto my lips.

"Yeah you fucking love it don't you faggot?"

"Yes sir, I do." I said as I licked his cum off of my lips, tasting the very same semen that was responsible for me and my own cock being there right now.

to be continued....