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Friday After School
Andy Mann

Chapter 2

Sometimes having successful parents sucks!! I mean, here I was, twelve years old, the apple of my parents' eyes, and I was being farmed out to my grandparents so that they could have a weekend away. I'd been a good boy, even more so recently after the exploits last month when they, along with my Aunt and Uncle and four of their friends spent all afternoon having sex with me. My dick stiffens every time I even start to think about it and I'm constantly having to wank off. I still can't spunk yet which is annoying in a way cos my best mates Liam and Andy both said they have started shooting recently, but in another way, it does mean I can get the feeling, have a dry cum and still be ready for another go, or two, or three.

Ever since I lost my virginities, Mum and Dad are constantly touching me, cuddling me on the sofa, kissing me and yes, I keep getting taken to their bed at night instead of my own. It probably happens about every three nights or so, whenever they're feeling naughty I guess. I know they still have sex with each other cos I hear them from my room, but I know that Dad likes doing it with me as well. He's told me I'm really tight and he loves shagging my bum hole with his cock. It's really cool now though as if we know we haven't got anyone coming round, we all get undressed after we've had tea and sit around naked watching telly or talking, or touching each other's bodies. I like it when I get to slide my cock inside Mum's slit as well. It feels really good rubbing it back and forth till I get the feeling.

I keep asking if the others are going to come round again but they haven't yet. I keep getting into trouble at school cos I'm constantly thinking about that afternoon and dreaming about doing more and I suppose I don't pay enough attention to the teachers in class. But come on, what's more important to a newly sex craved boy, history or sex???

Anyway, the reason for my grumpiness? Mum and Dad are going away to London for the weekend to go watch some stupid play. I probably would fit in well as it's called the miserables or something stupid like that!! But no, I'm being picked up by my granddad straight from school and I'm going to stop at their house until Sunday night. So I've been a stroppy pre-teen all day as normally Friday night is one of the nights where I get to go in my parents bed and now I'm going to have to try to have sneaky wanks at my grandparents instead.

So after getting my commiserations from Andy and Liam who are going to spend the weekend playing on Liam's new Assassins Creed game, I open the door to my granddad's car and get in.

"Hiya champ, how was the day?" he said brightly, reaching up to take off his round reading glasses as he looked at me.
"Fine Gramps," I muttered out shortly. Me bad, I know, but the thought of my two mates having fun while I am held prisoner at my grandparents was getting me down. I mean, they don't even have a telly! How am I supposed to keep myself entertained?
"Well Mr Sunshine, let's go and pick up Granny and see about getting home," he said smiling at my sulking, trying to bring me out of it by ruffling my ginger hair.

I scowled as I pulled down the sun visor so I could re-style my hair in the mirror, earning a laugh for my vanity.

"Trying to impress the ladies are we?" Gramps asked me.
"No!" I whined out. "I just don't like my hair being a mess."
"Well I think you'll be onto a loser this weekend champ," he chuckled. "We've got a few things planned to keep your mind off your parents being away."
"Oh?" I asked, my green eyes lighting up at the mystery of what he would plan for me. I mean, he's in his early seventies and Granny is sixty eight, so I wondered what it was that they think they could do to keep up with my boundless energy.
"Wait and see," he said, leaving the air of mystery around.

We drove off and ten minutes later, I was moved into the backseat as Granny got into the car as we picked her up from a coffee shop. After hugging her hello, I was delighted to see my two cousins Aiden and Alyssia come into view.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" I bubbled out, bumping fists with Aiden.
"Our folks have gone London to watch some dumb play," he said. "What bout you?"
"Ditto!" I laughed, grabbing him into a half hug.

I was so pleased to see him. He is a year younger than me but just about as tall. It had been a few months since I'd last seen them and I noticed that he'd definitely put some weight on. Not fat, just bulked up a little which he needed as I remember him being a skinny runt. He'd also cropped his hair into a close shave, maybe like a number two or three. That's what Liam has anyway. He'd also ditched his glasses, which I had to admit had turned him from looking like a skinny nerd into the figure that stood before me. I found him looking good and felt my cock stir, which surprised me as I hadn't found a boy sexy before.

"Hi Lyssie," I said, turning to my older cousin.
"Daniel," she replied and swanned past us and into the car.

My older female cousin was that way around me and her brother. I suppose at the age of fourteen, what girl would want to have two eleven and twelve year old boys hanging around her. She got in one side of the car and Aiden and I got in the other. Knowing the spats that the siblings had in the past, I offered to sit in the middle. It wasn't just a noble act on my part as it got me sitting next to Alyssia, who had definitely grown since the last time I had seen her. As I squashed myself into her, perhaps a little more than strictly necessary, her blue eyes flashed at me in annoyance before she deigned to smile at me, making my tummy flip over slightly as I took in how pretty she now looked. She had got her long blonde hair sort of scrunched up with bands but it still flowed down to her shoulders but the biggest blossoming was most assuredly in her chest. There was definitely flesh underneath her top that I would like to explore, given the chance, but I guess that's not gonna happen.

"So how have you been Daniel?" Granny asked me, and so my attention was drawn away from my cousin's boobs to the inane questions that all grandmas seem to pester their grandchildren with. You know the ones, school, homework, friends, girlfriends!?!?!

As I stammered out that I was still single, I thought I saw a light in Alyssia's eyes and Aiden turned his look from a bored gaze out of the window to looking at me as I explained why `such a cutie like me hadn't got a girl yet.' The responses of `I'm not ready' and `I don't need one' seemed to satisfy my Granny's curiosity for now, but I could sense from her look that the subject of my private life wasn't over. This made me nervous as I knew I had to watch what I said, otherwise I could land Mum and Dad in a whole heap of bother.

We were soon pulling up at my grandparents' house when a sudden thought hit me. They only had a two bedroomed bungalow. How were we all going to sleep? I was sure that Gramps would have a plan so I shrugged it off, picking up on the football banter going on between Aiden and Gramps. Gramps was old school, in that he supported the club closest to where he was born, this being Aston Villa while Aiden is a glory hunter, picking whichever side seems to be doing the best, so at the moment he is Manchester United through and through. At least till they don't win anything anyway!

As we got our bags out of the back of the car, I grabbed Alyssia's for her, earning a smile of thanks. Aiden shot me a baffled look as to why I would want to help his sister and I answered him with a shrug of my shoulders.

"Anything for a quieter life Aiden," I whispered to him.
"Oh yeah, I get that," he replied. "She's been like a major pain in the last few months."
"Why?" I asked. "What's she been doing?"
"Well," Aiden started, lowering his voice dramatically. "Um, do you, you know, um, jack off?"
"Course I do," I told him, my face reddening slightly. "All guys our age do, don't they?"
"Well, hopefully, but I guess I started a couple of months ago and she said she heard me and told me that I had to do it in front of her!"
"NO WAY!" I exclaimed, a little louder than I thought as I saw Granny turn to look at us as we walked up the garden path.
"Shush!" Aiden said, his own face now a bright red. "I told her to sod off, but now she keeps trying to catch me doing it."
"Aw man that sucks," I sympathised with him, knowing that sometimes a guy needs a bit of privacy. "But you know, her trying to see you may mean she might be interested in doing some stuff with you, rather than embarrass you."
"Ew! Like, she's a girl!" Aiden made a face like he was going to puke. I guess he hasn't found what girls are actually good for yet. "You're lucky that you've not got a sister!"
"I wish I did sometimes," I said, starting to think that there could be some sexy fun to be had here. Maybe not with Alyssia if I was wrong, but I was getting the feeling that Aiden would be up for a bit of a mutual wank, maybe doing each other? And if I could get him wanking me, maybe I could get to suck him and if he likes that, maybe even more!!
"Why?" he asked, astonished after his complaints.
"Well, sometimes a guy likes a little help," I told him, seeing his eyes widen at the thought of not being alone when he wanks.
"You mean you've done it with someone else?" he gasped out.
"Shush!" It was my turn to quiet him down, as we walked through the hallway and into the second bedroom to put our bags down. "Yeah, I've done stuff with others, but don't ask who cos I won't tell on them."

I could see his mouth open to ask who, and why not, so I leaned in to whisper in his ear.

"Just like I wouldn't tell anyone if we did anything together this weekend," I told him, hopefully opening the idea in his mind a little more.

I left him to think about it by walking out of the room with Alyssia's bag and found her with my grandparents in the kitchen, Granny filling the kettle for a cup of tea.

"Um, where should I put Alyssia's bag Gramps?" I asked.
"In the second bedroom Danny," he replied, perplexed. "Why would it go anywhere else?"
"Um, it's just that there is only the one bed in there and I thought that me and Aiden were sleeping there?" I responded, wondering if I was going to end up on the couch all weekend. Now that would be fun and comfortable. NOT!
"Well the bed is big enough for all three of you," Granny said, still absently looking out of the window while she waited for the kettle to boil.
"You mean I've got to sleep in with the boys?" Alyssia gasped out, a look of indignation on her face. "No way!"
"Now look dear, there's no other choice," Gramps replied gently. "It's either that or the couch, and we can't ask both boys to share the couch now can we?"

That certainly sounded good to me. Not sharing the couch that is, although being that close under a duvet would definitely lead to some `accidental' touching!

"I'll try the couch to see what it's like," she huffed, shooting me a look that told me I would be a stone statue if she had Medusa-like powers.
"I'll put your bag in our bedroom for now Lissie," I told her, earning me a punch on the arm.
"Stop calling me that," she hissed at me. "I'll start calling you Danny boy if you don't."
"Sorry Lis, um, Alyssia," I apologised. "I always used to call you that when we were younger."
"Well, we're not anymore, it's a childish name," my cousin told me, softening her tone as she realised I genuinely didn't mean to upset her.

I walked back out of the kitchen and into the bedroom where Aiden was sat on the bed, an i-Pad mini in his hands. I watched him for a few moments as his body twisted and turned as he sort to control whatever character or vehicle he was playing as, noticing how his t-shirt clung to his body, showing the edges of his sides. I studied the back of his neck, seeing how smooth it was and I started to stiffen up down below as I thought of how I loved it when Dad nuzzled and gently bit my neck as he pumped himself into me from behind. I really wanted to try that with the slightly smaller boy. If I could show him how great it felt, maybe he would let me fuck him. I really wanted to try shagging an arse as Dad says it's better than pussy, but he won't let me do him, and Mum will only let me screw her slit.

"Hey Aiden," I said softly, bouncing myself onto the bed by the side of him, making him jump slightly. "What you playing?"
"Mini Motors," he replied, groaning as he crashed due to my interruption. "You wanna play?"

Oh boy, did I wanna play! Just not with the console.

"Sure, cool," I replied, taking it from him. He showed me the controls and we were soon playing, taking it in turns, egging each other on as we raced. I was pleased to be re-connecting so quickly with Aiden as my hormones were in over-drive and I knew that unless I snuck away for a wank, I would be humping the kid in my sleep, so maybe I could talk him into some fun.

"Boys. Dinner."

Hearing my Granny's shout, we both looked at each other, grinning as Granny's dinners are legendary within our family and scrambled over each other, tripping each other up. I managed to grab a handful of his crotch, quite deliberately so I could see what he was packing, before playing it off as an accident. I was pleased that I felt that he was stiff when I had felt him up, and my own stiffness returned.

We made small talk throughout a roast beef dinner, with roast and mash potatoes, roast parsnips, carrots, peas, mushroom and gravy. Oh and Yorkshire puddings. I love her yorkies as Mum makes them too crispy for my liking whereas Granny makes them slightly soggy so I can enjoy them more.

We helped clear away and returned to the table to talk. A whole host of subjects were covered, mainly to do with school and boyfriends or girlfriends depending on who they were talking to.

"Well there is a boy I quite like," Alyssia announced to the table. "But Dad doesn't like his family so he's told me I'm not allowed to go out with him."
"That's not fair," I piped up. "If you like someone, you should be able to date them."
"Well said champ," Gramps agreed. "So who's the lucky girl you've got your eye on?"

There it was again. I thought for a moment, and decided that why not answer truthfully. I could skirt round the issue, but I know Mum and Dad definitely wouldn't have a problem with me, so if Gramps and Granny do, then it's not like they are going to get me in trouble.

"Who says it's got to be a girl?" I replied. "I mean, if you find someone attractive, does it matter if they're a boy or a girl?"
"I don't believe so," Granny said, just before a spray of juice erupted from Aiden's mouth.
"You mean you like boys?" he gasped out. "You're gay?"
"No, I'm not gay," I shot back. "But if a guy fancies a guy I don't see anything wrong, and if a girl likes a girl so what?"
"So what do you like Dan?" Alyssia asked, leaning forward to study my face.
"I'm proud enough of myself to say that I like both," I said, sitting up straight in my chair. "I wouldn't have any issue if a girl wanted to play around, or if a boy did."
"DANNY! You're talking sex in front of Granny!" Aiden blurted out, his face beetroot red.
"Well, I think that they know about it Aiden," I joked, trying to lighten him up. "Don't you Gramps?"
"I think that we have some limited experience in the sex department," Gramps laughed out.
"So have you done anything with a boy?" Alyssia pressed.
"Sort of," I responded, casting a glance at my grandparents, noticing that they were interested in my reply, but were in no way disgusted by it.
"That would be hot to watch," my female cousin said, before looking at my Granny in embarrassment.
"Now then dear, there is nothing wrong in admitting in private company what it is that you like," Granny told her.
"I can't believe you're talking bout this stuff!" Aiden shouted and with that jumped up and fled to the bedroom.

My granddad sighed and started to get up to go after him. I stopped him with a wave.

"I'll go talk to him Gramps," I said. "He might listen to me more than you cos I'm his age."
"When did you get so smart?" Gramps asked me.
"When I started listening to you," I grinned at him. Hey nothing wrong with the occasional suck up to the adults.

I walked in to the bedroom to find Aiden lying face down on the bed, his shoulders shuddering slightly as if he was crying. I sat down next to him and gently rubbed his back.

"What's up Aide?" I asked softly.
"Nuffin, piss off!" came the muffled reply.
"Look bud, something's wrong and it's upset you so it's not nuffin is it?" I countered. "Let me help if I can."
"It stupid!" he mumbled into the pillow.
"Can't be that stupid," I told him. I saw that my rubbing of his back had pulled his t-shirt up a little, revealing skin so I took a deep breath in and moved my hand to his naked flesh and continued my rub. I let my hand drift upwards, moving his shirt up as it went.
"You wanna have sex with Alyssia don't you?" he rushed out.
"Huh?" I asked, a bit dumbly.

He turned his face so he was looking at me. I could see tear streaks on his cute face. I wanted to lean forward and kiss them away.

"Ever since we got in the car in town, you've been rubbing against her, picking her bag up and sucking up to her," Aiden accused me. "I thought that you would still hate girls and maybe we could do stuff, especially when you said earlier, but I guess you just want her and not a kid like me."
"Oh boy!" I exclaimed. "Is that what you think?"

A nod, with fresh tears starting when I continued.

"It's true I'd love to have sex with her and do stuff cos she's really pretty," I admitted. "BUT, you are really cute too and with Lissie sleeping on the couch tonight, I thought maybe I could ask you to see if you were interested in doing some stuff when we were in bed later."
"Really?" he said, sitting up suddenly, his tears stopping. "You'd wanna do stuff with me?"
"There's only one easy way to answer that," I told him, having to stop myself from laughing at his confused expression.

I put my arm back around him and pulled him towards me. I tilted his head slightly and moved closer to him.

"Have you ever kissed anyone?" I asked. "I mean a proper kiss, not your Mum or Granny?"
"Um, no," he replied, his chin starting to sink down, which I stopped with a gentle but firm finger underneath his jaw.
"Well, here's your first," I said, and with that, I kissed his lips. Knowing he would be inexperienced, hell, I wasn't that experienced but my Mum really liked kissing me so I knew more than I did a month ago, I expected him to just purse his lips for a peck. I gently squeezed his chin, just underneath his mouth so that he opened up and sensing an entry, I slipped my tongue inside him.

I felt him begin to try to pull away, but I held him tight. I rolled myself onto my back, pulling him down and on top of me. I let both my hands slide underneath the cotton fabric of his t-shirt, marvelling at how smooth his skin was. It could be a baby's bum, not that I know what one feels like. The feel of his clothed body on top of me was making me really horny, especially as Aiden seemed to have gotten over the shock of my tongue in his mouth really quickly and was now responding, trying to push his own into mine. I let his tongue probe into me and sucked on it, causing the boy to groan. I wondered how far I could take this and allowed my hands to continue their rubbing of his back, each time caressing lower and lower until they were at the waist of his shorts. Going for broke, I pushed my hands down, pulling his shorts and briefs with them, exposing his bum cheeks to the world.

I grabbed at them, one in each hand and began to squeeze and massage them, running my hands in circles. The moans through the kiss told me that Aiden was enjoying it so I thought, why not? I let the fingers of my right hand drop into the crack of his arse, rubbing up and down, over and past his hole. Each time I grazed his opening, he gave a little squeak. Finally I decided to test the waters and left my index finger on his pucker. I rubbed in a circle before applying a little pressure. I wasn't going to go in, at least not past my nail as I hadn't got any lube, but I wanted to see how much he would be up for some ass play later.

"Stop!" Aiden grunted. "I'm gonna pee."
"No you're not, it's the feeling you get from jerking or rubbing," I told him. "Haven't you ever had it yet?"
"Huh?" the eleven year old answered. "You need to stop cos I'm gonna pee!"

Guessing he had never jerked himself off to a climax, I held on to him, continuing to pull him into me in a humping motion. I wanted to bring him off so he knew what he was missing.

"Danny, let me up!" he hissed at me and then I felt it.

Now when I say it, you would be thinking that I was being the great cousin that you all think I am for showing my younger family member the pleasures of an orgasm. However, it turns out that he knows all about it anyway, having learned via the internet as his parents are just as lax as mine about parental controls. His insistence that he was going to pee was absolutely spot on. As much as he clenched his bladder to stop himself, the first spurt of piss hit my stomach, missing my own t-shirt that had wriggled up my body during our humping. I immediately rolled him off me, but knew that he wouldn't be able to make it to the bathroom in time.

"Shit, I'm gonna piss everywhere!" Aiden groaned, desperately pinching his foreskin together in an effort to stop himself.
"You trust me?" I asked, a thought springing to mind.
"I will if you help me," he replied.

Shrugging mentally, I leaned forward and positioned my mouth so it was touching his hand. Telling him to count to three and to let go of his cock, I pressed forward and took him into my mouth. I remembered my Dad watering my mouth after he had fucked my throat and I kind of liked the feeling of his warm liquid flowing down my throat. I greedily drank Aiden's offering, much to the shock of the boy, but I could hear his sighs as he relieved himself. As he finished, he flopped backwards, leaving me with his two inches of meat in my mouth. Deciding that now was as good a time as any, I started to suck him back to hardness, getting gasps from the prone figure.

I felt hands on my head, helping guide my bobbing and knew that he was getting into it. His moans told me I was getting close to bringing him off and I opened my eyes and tried to angle myself so I could look up to see his face when he came. Much to my disappointment, he had thrown his arms over his face as I was sucking him. I concentrated on my bobbing motion, letting the hands in my hair guide my timing.

Hold on! Hands in my hair? Aiden's hands were covering his face? I started to pull myself off my cousin when I heard my Granddad's voice.

"No Danny," he started. "Keep sucking him. Be a good boy and finish him off."
"But but but," I said, hoping to be understood despite having a three inch boner in my mouth.
"Yes he has got a nice butt hasn't he?" Gramps told me. "And your Dad says so do you."

Oh boy! Gramps knows! I put it out of my mind for now and returned to the blow job on hand, so to speak! I decided to finish Aiden off as quickly as I could so I slipped a finger into my mouth, wetting it alongside his cock before sliding it underneath his balls. Finding his hole once more, I pushed past his tight muscle and with a loud squeak, I felt Aiden's cock throb in my mouth. Of course, being eleven he couldn't produce yet, just like me, but I'd already drank one offering of his so I was already satisfied.

When the boy had finished flopping around, I pulled off him and looked at him lying on the bed, a smile on his face, his eyes closed.

"I think we need to have a talk young man," Gramps told me. "Let's go out in the garden."

Following him like a naughty schoolboy on the way to the headmaster's office, I allowed him to lead me past a smiling Granny and a mystified Alyssia and we headed down the garden path to his shed. He opened the door and motioned for me to go in. I looked around the inside and was surprised to see that it wasn't cluttered with garden tools like my Dad's, but had a couple of chairs, a fridge, a tv and video and what looked like a mattress leaning against one of the walls. There was also a cupboard that was padlocked.

"You know, I had to bring your father in here many times when he was just a boy, similar to your age," he told me, pulling a chair and sitting down.
"Um, am I in trouble?" I asked, my voice trembling, knowing that I had been caught giving my cousin a blow job.
"Well it depends on if you forced Aiden into something he didn't like," Gramps replied.
"Um, I sort of just went with what was happening," I told him.
"I did hear the boy tell you to stop," Gramps said.
"That wasn't the blow job," I insisted. "He said he was gonna pee but I thought it was just him getting close, you know!"
"So you sucked him off instead?" he asked.
"Well he was too far to make the bathroom," I said, not wanting to tell Gramps I had drank Aiden's piss.
"So you like drinking piss and sucking cock?" Gramps asked, a little harshly.
"Um, maybe," I mumbled, not looking at him.
"And you didn't give Aiden any choice in the matter?" he demanded.
"I guess not," I admitted, a tear beginning to well in my eye.
"I think you need a punishment," Gramps told me. "Pull down your shorts and bend over my lap."
"WHAT?" I gasped out. "You're gonna spank me?" I had never been spanked in my life. My folks were not into physical punishment and it was still outlawed in schools.
"It kept your father in line, and it looks like you need to feel a strong hand as well," he told me.

Gramps surprised me with his speed by leaning forward and grabbing hold of me. In a flash, he undid my trousers and pulled them down, leaving me in my briefs. He slid his hand up the inside of my leg, running it past my balls and placed it over my bulge.

"Now Danny, you take your punishment like a good, strong boy should do and I know that we will be having some fun this weekend," he said to me, giving my cock a squeeze.

I gave a little moan as my dick stirred into life, stiffening up into its full four and a half inches. Gramps eased his hands into the sides of my pants and gently tugged them down, leaving my cock on display. He grasped it in one giant hand and began to tug on it, pulling me closer to him. My mind was working overtime as I felt my Gramps bring his face to mine and our lips connected. I opened my mouth to allow him access as I willing gave control of my body to my Granddad. I stepped out of my clothes that were in a heap by my ankles and let the man's rough hands explore my body. If this was punishment, I was going to be naughty as often as I could!!

Gramps continued to pull on my dick with one hand while his other hand slid up my back, pulling my t-shirt upwards. I got the message and paused the kiss to pull my last remaining piece of clothing, with the exception of my socks, up and over my head. I was there, standing naked as the day I was born, in front of my Granddad who was ogling my body. My cock was hard as iron, pointing straight up past my smooth pubic area. I had started to get a couple of hairs down there, but when I pointed them out to my Dad in excitement in the shower last week, he took his razor and shaved them off, telling me he wanted me to stay hairless.

"Now then Danny, lean over my lap," Gramps instructed me, and I realised that I hadn't escaped my spanking.

Resigned to it, I did as he asked. I felt my hard cock push into his lap as he positioned me over his legs. I took in a deep breath as I felt one arm hold me down by my back and one hand gently rub my bum cheeks. That felt quite nice but then a shocking stinging hit my brain as the first smack hit my left butt cheek, followed quickly by one to the right. Over and over, hard smacks connected with my quickly aching bum and I yelped and squealed more and more with each new hand stroke.

Depressingly, all the time that this was happening, my cock throbbed and ached as my body reacted to my punishment. As quickly as it started, it stopped. I had tried to count in my head how many times Gramps smacked me but lost count as the pain in my head stopped me tracking after twenty. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I lay motionless on Gramps' lap, his hand having returned to its rubbing. As he had made no indication that he was going to move me off his lap, I was praying that he was finished when I felt his fingers invade my crack between my cheeks. I drew in a breath as he started to run a finger around my hole.

"Now Danny, you were a good boy taking the punishment like that," he said. "Just like your Dad, you could take your licks, so now, just like your Dad, it's time to get your reward."
"Mmm mm my re wa wa ward?" I sobbed out quietly.
"Your Dad has told me how much you like having your hole played with so that's what I'm going to do," he said, and pushed his finger inside me.

Sensations flooded my mind as my bum was still on fire but the feel of his finger probing around my innards was pure bliss. Slowly he started to slide it in and out, setting up a motion that soon had me humping back against it. Dad was right. I LOVED having my hole played with. I grunted slightly when I felt him add a second finger, stretching my little hole with his thick fingers.

I felt him move slightly on his chair and I was surprised when, with a pull of a cord, the mattress lowered itself from the wall onto the floor. Gramps pulled me up off his lap and brought my face to his. His lips found mine once more, and I responded the only way I knew how. I pushed my tongue, fighting past his and into his mouth, my arms wrapping around my granddad. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Even though he was seventy, he was still a strong man and I loved the feeling of his hands supporting my bum cheeks while we kissed. He gently lowered me onto my back on the mattress and pulled away.

"Turn over and get on your hands and knees, Danny," Gramps instructed. "It's time for you to have Grampa's cock breed your little bum."
"But?" I started.
"Butt, bum, boy pussy, whatever you want to call it Danny," he chuckled. "It's going in to you boy so just do as I say."

I nodded, not really knowing why I was objecting, and turned myself. I felt wetness around my hole and his fingers easily slid back inside me as he greased up my hole. I heard his zipper undo and out of the corner of my eye, I saw his trousers and y-fronts puddle by his feet. He stepped out of them and knelt behind me. I felt a tree stump rub up and down against my crack and I automatically pulled away. I turned and gasped as I saw the huge dick that my Gramps had. It was way bigger than Dad's. It looked to be about nine inches and was thick. Really thick.

"Suck on it for a little to get it wet Danny," Gramps told me, so I scooted round and tried to get it in my mouth. It was a struggle but I managed it. One thing I had gotten really good at was sucking my Dad's dick, as he had given me a lot of opportunity to practice, in fact most nights as we watched television normally involved me on all fours with my head in his lap. My favourite position in the evenings was lying across the sofa, my face in my Dad's crotch sucking his cock while my bum was presented to my Mum who would finger me to a climax.

After a few moments of sucking, Gramps pulled my head away and reached for the jar of Vaseline that I had seen on entry. I should have realised then what happens in here, but for some reason didn't. I watched him spread a large amount on his dick, getting it really slick.

"Now Danny, this is going to hurt like a bastard to begin with because you're so tight," he told me, gently stroking my shoulder. "Do you want to put your briefs in your mouth to stop you from screaming too loudly?"
"No Gramps, I can take it," I said bravely, but I did grab them just in case.

I turned around again, leaning forwards this time so that my head was resting on my arms, leaving my body at an angle where my bum was up in the air. I felt his hands take my waist, pulling me slightly towards him and his cock pushed against my hole. I gritted my teeth and pushed out like I was taking one almighty dump and pain exploded in my head as I felt like my backside was being ripped apart. I yelled loudly as Gramps pushed inwards, easing the thick head past my protesting muscle. His hands gripped my hips firmly, not too hard but strong enough that I knew I wouldn't be able to hotch forwards and away from him, even if I wanted to. However, this is what I like, this is what I want. A man's cock inside my bum, fucking me, breeding me, using me.

I heard him mutter something about tightness before I felt my stomach cramp as he lodged more of his man meat into my bum. I thought that sooner or later, he would be in my intestines, but I knew he'd bottom out before then. At least I hoped he did!

Sweat poured off my body as I shivered and shook as my Granddad inched his was further inside me. Finally I could take no more and yelped out for him to stop.

"Okay Danny, I think that's as far as I can get in," he said, stroking my lower back. "I don't want to hurt you."
"Ha!" I shot back. "I think it's a little late."
"Oh that's not real pain," Gramps told me. "If you are willing to go further and further in time, I'll show you things you never dreamed about."
"Can we just stick to fucking for now?" I gulped out, not yet ready to experience anything past the log in my ass at the moment. "How much have I got in?"
"You've managed seven inches by the look of it, son," he replied. "Let's start the fucking and see if you open up for the rest."

I was quite proud of myself for getting that much of him inside me and I groaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure as he started to pull himself out of me. Just as I felt my hole protest at being stretched once more as his thick head of his dick made its presence know to my pucker, he pushed himself forwards, holding my hips tightly to prevent any movement from me. The feel of him sliding back in deep, widening my chute, made my own dick throb back to attention. It had shrivelled during the initial pain of the invasion but now I was getting accustomed to his girth, the pleasure was beginning to overtake the pain. Back and forth he pumped into me, picking up speed as I got used to the monster dick inside me. I could hear him panting and wheezing and the thought of him keeling over while still inside me crossed my mind for a second and I giggled to myself at the prospect of Granny finding him on top of me, still lodged up my ass.

"Think this is funny huh?" Gramps asked.
"No Gramps, just something that crossed my mind," I replied, not wanting to tell him the silly thought.
"Well, I'll keep your mind on the matter in hand," he said, and with that really started to fuck me hard. I gasped out loudly as I felt him rub across my prostate and I shuddered. "Like that do you, you little slut."
"Oh god yeah," I moaned. "Please hit that more."
"You got it you little boy whore," he replied. "Daddy said you moan like a bitch in heat when your love nub is rubbed."
"Fuck yeah, fuck me Gramps," I whimpered out as my body reacted to the increased tempo. My toes curled and I started to shake as my climax hit me hard and fast. My cock jerked about on its own and I felt my hole clamp around my Gramps' dick.
"That's it boy, squeeze my cock," Gramps egged me on. "Enjoy the orgasm boy because I'm not finished yet."

That was heaven to my ears as I panted out, gasping for air as my body came down from the high of my dry cum. I felt my hole suddenly empty as Gramps pulled out of me and with his strong arms, he turned me over. He pulled my body up towards him, raising my bum off the mattress and up his upper legs where he was still kneeling.

"When I'm in, lock your legs around me," he told me and he pushed himself hard back inside me causing my mouth to open wide in a silent gasp. As he lodged himself in my bum hole, I wrapped my legs around his waist, linking my ankles. I was now in a position where my head and shoulders were resting on the mattress, the rest of my angled upwards allowing the huge cock a straight angle. With a couple of thrusts, Gramps yelled out in triumph as I felt his balls press up against my skin.

"That's it Danny, I'm all the way in," he smiled.
"Cool, now fuck me Gramps, breed me," I begged.

Gramps again started his thrusting, but with my legs wrapped around him, he could get maybe half way out before pushing back inside me. Angled as I was, I felt each thrust barge its way past my prostate, making me moan like the whore that Dad had apparently told him I was. I even found myself humping against his thrusts, trying to time it so that he went deeper and deeper inside me with every push.

Finally Gramps threw his head back and gripped my waist tightly and fucked hard into me once, twice, three times then a fourth, gasping out loudly as he spunked himself inside me. I was so close to the edge myself that I grabbed my dick and with half a dozen strokes tipped myself over and my own cock throbbed with a climax.

Gramps looked at me dazily, noting my contented smile and he pulled me up to his body by my arms. We sat there for a few moments, kissing each other gently, rubbing each other's bodies, his cock now softening but still lodged up my bum.

"Let's get cleaned up and head back inside," he said to me, moving me up and off his cock.
"Okay," I replied, my legs going a bit wobbly after the pounding my body had just taken.

Once dressed, we headed back up to the house, walking into the lounge where the three others were sat, listening to the radio. Granny got up to pour us both a cup of tea and Gramps sat in his chair and I gingerly sat down in between my cousins.

"So did Gramps spank you hard?" Aiden asked quietly, a sorrowful look on his face.
"Yeah he did," I replied, but seeing tears well in his eyes as he obviously blamed himself for my punishment, I added, "don't worry about it though, I should have stopped when you asked me to. It's my fault not yours."

Alyssia studied me for a moment, and after a brief look at Gramps, she leaned over and whispered for me to go to the bedroom for a second with her. As we entered, she closed the door, turned to me and asked
"So did you enjoy that huge cock of Gramps up your butt?"
"Huh?" I garbled out, looking at her sharply.
"Oh come on, Gramps took you to his shed, and you were down there for an age," she countered. "I know exactly what goes on in the shed."
"What? How?" I asked, wondering if she did, and what she would think of me now.
"Gramps has been sliding that nine inches into my cunt every time I've visited for the last two years," she told me, causing me to double take.
"Really?" I asked, my mouth falling open.
"Yeah, and I guessed that as this is your first visit since you turned twelve, he would find a way to get you in there," Alyssia explained. "Gramps won't touch anyone until they turn twelve, but now you have, expect to get it loads."
"So are you okay with Gramps doing it to you?" I questioned, wondering where she was leading with this conversation.
"Fuck yeah, the sex is great isn't it?" she replied.
"Damn yeah," I giggled.
"So when did your folks fuck you?" she asked, catching me by surprise.
"Last month, Auntie Jackie and Uncle Harry were there as well," I answered. "What about you?"
"Mum started feeling me up and making me do stuff about three years ago," Alyssia started.
"Stuff?" I questioned.
"Yeah, you know, eating each other's pussy, using dildos on each other and brought me to Gramps just after my twelfth birthday for him to fuck me for the first time," she said.
"What about Uncle Steve?" I asked, wondering about her Dad.
"He doesn't know anything about it," she replied. "He works the late shift so we do it after Aiden is in bed and before he gets home."
"What about Aiden?" I queried, wondering about his earlier statements.
"I know that Mum wants to get him involved as well, so when I heard him wanking, I thought I'd make a move on him," Alyssia answered. "But I think I scared him."
"You could say that, although he still thinks girls are the enemy," I giggled.
"Well maybe you can help me change that," she said.
"How?" I asked.
"Maybe I won't be able to get comfortable on the couch tonight, and if you're playing around with Aiden like you were earlier," she half suggested, my face going as red as my hair as she knew that I had messed around with her brother, "maybe I walk in on you two having sex and then I join in."
"Join in?" I squeaked.
"Yeah, Gramps isn't the only one who's going to fuck me and you this weekend," she stated, moving in towards me, pushing my body against the wall. She leaned in to whisper in my ear.
"You do want to fuck me don't you Danny?" she asked, her hand finding the stiffness that had returned to my cock during the conversation.
"Fuck yeah," I gasped out, my mouth finding hers.

End of chapter.

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