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Friday After School


Andy Mann


Chapter 3


"You do want to fuck me don't you Danny?" Alyssia asked, her hand finding the stiffness that had returned to my cock during the conversation.
"Fuck yeah," I gasped out, my mouth finding hers.


I groaned in pleasure as I opened my mouth to allow her tongue inside me. Alyssia certainly knew how to kiss, which as Gramps was the only male she had admitted to having any sex with, must surely mean that Auntie Hayley and her must make out. The thought of that just got me hotter and hotter and with my female cousin fumbling to unzip my jeans, I found myself unbelievably getting close to an orgasm. I guess what I said earlier when I was whining about not being able to shoot, but at least it meant I could have dry cum after dry, was holding true.


"Ah shit Lissie," I moaned as I felt her hand work its way inside my briefs and take hold of my stiff dick.

"I told you not to call me that," she grinned into my ear and dropped her hand to my balls and gave them a short, sharp squeeze.

"SHIT!" I yelped. "Sorry!"

"What are you children doing in here?" we heard Grandma ask as she pushed the door open. "Oh, sorry loves, was I interrupting something?"

"No Grandma," Alyssia replied, turning to her, and to my shock allowing my Grandma to see the sight of her hand still firmly inside my jeans and underwear. "I was just telling Danny that he shouldn't call me Lissie anymore."

"Well, Alyssia is so much more grown up, don't you think Danny?" Grandma said, walking over to us.

"Um, yeah Grandma, I do," I stuttered, before letting out a moan as Alyssia gave my cock and couple of quick strokes.

"He seems to enjoy that Alyssia," Grandma stated as she stroked both of our faces with her hands.

"Show me a boy who doesn't," my cousin laughed. "Here, why don't you give him a stroke?"


WHAT??? Okay it was one thing for Gramps to like fucking a hole, I mean, what man with an active cock wouldn't? But Grandma?


"Are you sure?" Grandma asked. "I mean, didn't your Gramps wear you out?"

"You know?" I gasped out. I thought that what Gramps was doing was a secret from Grandma.

"Oh honey, of course I know," she replied. "We're married and have no secrets from each other."


And with that simple statement, she slid her hand inside my jeans, replacing my cousin's who was watching on with a big smile on her face. I felt Grandma rub her thumb over the now exposed head of my cock, causing my legs to tremble slightly as she expertly brought me to the point of cumming within seconds of taking hold of me.


"Can you spunk yet sweetie?" she asked calmly, and seeing my negative shake of my head, increased the pressure on my cock. "Kiss him Alyssia to keep him quiet."


My blonde haired older cousin moved in and locked her lips to mine, causing the squeaks that were escaping from my mouth to be silenced. I was in pre-teen boy heaven once more. My gorgeous cousin, that I had secretly crushed on for some time was kissing me like no tomorrow, and I had a hand on my dick, jerking me to a climax. Okay, it was the hand of my Grandma but with my eyes closed, all that my body knew was it was a hand.

My knees buckled as the force of my orgasm hit me like a freight train. I tightened my grip on my cousin's arms before Grandma released my cock. Alyssia broke the kiss and I slumped against the wall, panting heavily. Both of my female relatives had satisfied smiles on their faces.


"Oh yes, he's definitely joined in the party," Grandma said.

"Danny told me that Uncle Dave, Aunt Shelly, Uncle Harry and Auntie Jackie all screwed him last month," Alyssia told her, spilling my secret to her, causing me to look in horror at her. After all, she had just told my Grandma that her Uncle Dave, my Dad, her son, had fucked me.

"I bet that your parents had been chomping at the bit to get you naked," Grandma smiled at me. "After all, you're a little cutie."


And then she did the thing I hate the most. She pinched my cheeks. Arrgghh!! I HATE THAT!


"So you know about the, um, sex stuff?" I asked, my mind still processing that it seemed my whole family was into incest sex.

"Yes dear," she replied. "Who do you think it was who took your father's virginity when he was your age?"

"Really?" I asked. The thought of my Dad, at my age, screwing my Grandma sort of turned me on. Fortunately little Danny was all spent out for now and stayed limp.

"Yes, really," Grandma smiled back at me, knowing what must be running through my head. "And before the weekend is over, you will be following in his footsteps."

"Shouldn't that be dick thrusts?" Alyssia giggled.

"You mean you want me to fuck you?" I gasped out, the realisation of the nastiness of my family finally beginning to sink in.

"Of course sweetie," Grandma replied. "Although we need to be careful of Aiden."

"Hrmh, the brat!" Alyssia frowned.

"How is Aiden coming along?" Grandma asked her.

"He's a frigid little bitch," my cousin replied, and I felt I had to jump in.

"That's not entirely true," I defended my buddy. "You scared him was all."

"What do you mean Danny?" Grandma asked,

"Lissie heard him jerking off and basically demanded that he do it in front of her," I ignored the pout on my cousin's face. "He still hates girls at the moment, but he is interested in sex cos, um."

"Because your Gramps caught you giving him a blow job," Grandma finished.

"Yeah," I admitted.

"So how big is my brother's cock?" Alyssia queried, her hand slipping down to the front of her jeans.

"Pardon?" I replied, slightly shocked at her question.

"I'd like to know how big he is so that I can start to imagine what it will be like when I get to fuck him," she replied, starting to rub herself through her jeans.

"Aw man! That's nasty!" I grinned, showing I was joking. The image of my two cousins rolling about naked on the bed, Aiden sliding his two inches inside my cousin's snatch, flashed through my head. "Can I watch?"

"You can join in!" she laughed back at me.

"We'd better join the others back in the longue before Aiden comes looking for us," Grandma told us, and with that we headed into the front room.


The rest of the evening was spent playing cards and board games. As much as I thought myself as growing up and being too big for games like that, my competitive streak certainly came out as we battled to solve the murder of Dr Black in "Cluedo" or who could make the most money in "Monopoly". Eventually it was time for bed, and with Alyssia's earlier plan still ringing around in my brain, I gave her a smile and she mouthed `one hour' at me. Nodding back, I knew I would had to go some to get Aiden in a position where he would not only be a willing participant in some boy on boy action, but also not get freaked when his sister turned up to join in.

As we started to get undressed, I turned to look at my eleven year old cousin as he stripped down to his briefs. He had turned away from me, shy I assumed, but it did give me a view of the curves of his bum as he bent over to take his socks off.

"So, um, Aiden," I started, causing him to look over his shoulder at me.

"Shit Danny!" he exclaimed. "You're naked!"

"Um, yeah, that's what I wanted to ask," I relied, trying to keep my grin off my face as I noticed him staring at my cock and balls. "I normally sleep like this, is that gonna be a problem?"

"Really?" he squeaked. "A couple of guys at school say they do, but, um,"

"But with Lissie trying to catch you wanking, you keep your pants on?" I giggled, trying to lighten him up, whilst introducing sex into the conversation.

"Yeah," he replied. "So what did you and her talk about earlier?"

"Nothing much," I lied. "I asked her about what you had said,"

"YOU DIDN'T?" he gasped.

"Look Aiden," I said, putting a hand on his naked shoulder, shivering at the smooth feel of his skin. "She didn't mean to be nasty or anything. It's just that she is curious about sex and stuff as well, and thought maybe you'd explore stuff with her."

"What? But girls are nasty!" he made a face.

"Trust me, they're not!" I grinned at him. "Girls have so much to offer a lad if you play them right."

"What do you mean?" Aiden asked me.

"Well, there is this girl at home that I kissed a while ago." Okay, okay, slight lie, it's my Mum, oh and Aunt Jackie, okay and Helen and Diane!. "And well, she wanked me off and let me feel her tits."

"Wow! Really?" His face betraying his curiousity.

"Yeah and you know what else she did?" I asked him, pulling him closer so that I could whisper into his ear, as well as feel his chest against mine.

"No, what?" Aiden whimpered as my hands traced down his back, stopping at his brief covered buttocks. I couldn't help but give them a gentle squeeze.

"She sucked me off as well, just like I did to you before," I answered, giving his ear a quick lick, nibble and kiss.

"Ah man," he moaned softly.

"Did you like it when I sucked you before?" I asked him, wanting to lead him down the route of getting him naked.

"Uh huh," he whispered, guilt in his voice.

"Would you like me to do it again?" I moved my left hand around his body so that it came into contact with the front of his briefs. The briefs that were now tented. I gently wrapped my and around his little stiffness, giving him a few strokes.

"Would you?" he groaned, his voice breaking slightly as I touched his dick. Knowing that I was the only person in the world, other than himself, to touch his private love stick in a sexual way, brought my own cock to hardness.

"Hey, we're buds and cousins," I told him. "I'll do anything for you."


I brought my lips to his, loving the feel of his baby smooth face. Kissing men was okay, but unless they had only just shaved, sometimes I got stubble rash. As we kissed, I slipped my hands back down his back and inside his briefs. I cupped his bum cheeks, pulling them apart, pushing them together and I took a backwards step so that we toppled onto the bed, Aiden on top of me. I rolled us so that I was now on top and started to grind myself into his groin. I found that it only took a slight bend of my neck so that I could keep my lips on his.

Soft whimpers started from my younger cousin and I could feel him squirming underneath me. I broke our kiss and sat up. His eyes were locked on my stiff four and a half inches and I let my gaze wander down his naked body to his straining white briefs.

"These need to come off, Aiden," I told him, gripping the sides of the material. Seeing an accepting nod, I pulled them down, licking my lips as his two inches of hardened flesh popped into view, but tore myself away so that I could take his briefs off fully. A little flash of nastiness came to mind and I raised them to my face. I gave a quick sniff and smelling just boy muskiness, I held them to my nose and inhaled deeply.

"Ew! Gross Danny!" Aiden giggled. "You're a pant sniffer!"

"I know, I love the smell!" I admitted to him, seeing his expression change to puzzlement. "I love the smell of a boy cock and even better, I love the taste."


With that statement still going through his mind, I dove forward and licked his cock causing Aiden to gasp out loudly. Licking up and down his shaft, I felt small hands tangle themselves in my hair. This time I knew that they were his and not Gramps. I spent minutes alternating between his cock and lapping at his still peanut sized balls. As I was soaking his cock with my mouth, I also made sure that I covered a finger. I really wanted to fuck an arse and if I could teach Aiden the pleasures of having anal, I would happily bang his cute ass all night long. I teased my finger against his pucker, scratching gently around the opening.

Squeaks and whimpers told me that he was getting into having his cock sucked and as his shaft started to throb in my mouth, I went for broke and pushed my finger into his hole up to my knuckle.

"OW!" Aiden gasped as he felt his innards invaded for the first time.

"Hush, trust me Aiden, you'll learn to love this," I told him as I finger fucked his arse while returning my mouth to his cock.


For the next few minutes, all that could be heard to anyone listening in was the soft moans and grunts of my eleven year old cousin as his arse was penetrated, his cock suckled and his balls gently massaged. Finally I heard him squeal as he thrust his hips upwards, mashing my nose into his groin and he shuddered as his climax took control of his body.

Flopping back limply, there was a satisfied smile on his face that I'm sure has been seen on every boy, man and lad ever since we learned how to cum. Wanting my own release, I shuffled up his body, kissing his chest on my way until I found his lips once more. This time he took no guiding as he opened to allow my tongue entrance to his mouth. However, it wasn't my tongue that I wanted inside his mouth. Breaking the kiss, I continued to move my body up and over his body, until I was sat on his upper chest, my knees either side of his body making sure that I wasn't resting my full weight on him.

"Wha?" he asked innocently as I held my cock in front of his mouth.

"Come on Aiden, fairs fair," I said, starting to play a guilt card on him. "I've sucked you twice now, it's only fair that you suck me too isn't it?"

"Um, but I'm no queer!" he started to whine.

"Nor am I!" I hissed at him, bringing my hands to the sides of his head, locking my fingers into his short hair. "I like sex, you will like sex, both taking and giving, trust me."

"But Daddy says only gay boys suck cock," Aiden mumbled.

"Do you think I'm gay?" I asked, and seeing an immediate no, I continued. "I've sucked your cock twice now, and I did it cos I wanted you to have some fun and enjoy yourself."

"Yes but," he started before I cut him off.

"Yes but nothing. Don't you think that I should be allowed to have some fun as well?" I demanded.

"Well, yeah, but," Aiden cut himself off this time. "Okay, but I don't know how and you can never tell anyone!"

"Trust me Aiden," I smiled at him as I stroked his cheek. "The only people who will know about this are those who care deeply for you."


I could see his eyes get confused at my reply and as he opened his mouth to question me, I raised myself up slightly and pushed my cock head into his mouth. Holding his head with my hands, I started to guide him to begin to bob back and forth on my cock. I had to warn him a couple of times about keeping his teeth covered but for a virgin cock sucker, he was doing okay.

Soon though I could feel him starting to slow down and as I slipped myself out of his mouth, I asked him what was wrong.

"My neck is hurting," Aiden complained.

"Let's try this then," I suggested and I hotched him down slightly and positioned a pillow underneath his head. I straddled him once more and slid my cock between his lips. Raising myself up slightly, I started to fuck his mouth, telling him to purse his lips tightly so that I got a good feeling.

Within minutes I felt my nutsack start to tighten and knowing I still couldn't spunk, I had no qualms in finishing myself off in my cousin's mouth. Gripping his head, I started to pump myself into him harder and harder, wanting my release. Knowing that I was beginning to hurt him did concern me, but by now I was beyond caring. All I wanted was to cum and as my little cousin squeaked in displeasure, I fucked his mouth until I shuddered and gasped with my release. Pulling my dick out of my mouth, I rolled to the side, sliding my body down so I was level with Aiden.

"Sorry bout that dude, but I needed to bust one," I apologised, kissing his on his nose and forehead to make up for my assertiveness.

"S'okay I guess," he forgave me. "I know what it's like when I get close."

"What is it like Aiden?" the voice of Alyssia asked from the doorway.

"SHIT!" my male cousin yelped and looked to get under the duvet. However, as he was in my arms, I refused to let the struggling boy go.

"It's too late to hide now brother," Alyssia smirked. "I've now seen you naked and swallow a boy's cock!"

"I'm not gay!" he hissed out.

"Well maybe not," she smiled at him, confusing him. "But you're at least bi."

"Bi?" Aiden asked.

"Yeah, like me," I piped up. "Best of both worlds!"


I grinned at him and Alyssia laughed as she made her way onto the bed. She started to pull off her long t-shirt that she was using as a nightdress.


"What are you doing?" Aiden gasped as his sister's naked body came into view.

"I couldn't sleep on the couch, it was too uncomfortable," she complained. "So I came in to see if I could share with you guys but when I saw you two having fun, I knew that I wanted to join in."

"But you're my sister," my cousin stated. "It's not right."

"Hey, because she's your sister means that if you like, it's the best thing ever," I told him gently, trying to lead him into the path that Alyssia and I desperately wanted him to walk.

"Why?" he asked, confusion again showing on his eleven year old face.

"Because it means that we can get to have sex every single night," she whispered in his ear, giving it a quick lick.


Aiden groaned and I looked down to see that his sister had taken hold of his cock, giving it slow, gentle rubs. Deciding to help her out, I lowered my mouth to the boy's chest and started to suck and scrape my teeth across his nipples, knowing that I loved the feeling myself.


"Oh crap!" Aiden whimpered as the pair of us went to work on his body, wanting to bring him back to the point of climax. I moved around his body, from nuzzling his neck just by his collarbone down to sucking on his toes. Alyssia meanwhile concentrated on his midsection, licking his belly button, kissing his smooth, hairless pubic area before swallowing his cock and balls into her mouth.

It took barely seconds for Aiden to buck off the bedsheets into his sister's mouth. I really needed to find out what she did to his cock at some point! I'd never seen anyone climax so quickly.

"Well, that was unexpected," Alyssia grinned at me.

"I guess the whole naughtiness of what me and him did, followed by you coming in, sent him over again," I chuckled back, stroking myself at the sight of the now limp boy.

"I hope you're not gonna jerk yourself off," she said to me, watching me.

"Huh?" Okay, sometimes when I'm in sex mode, the brain may not necessarily function as quickly as normal.

"You promised me sex earlier," my cousin reminded me.

"Oh, yeah, you still wanna?" I teased. "You want some Danny cock?"


I waved my stiffy at her, making Aiden giggle, before his face turned serious.


"Really?" he asked. "You two are gonna, um, do it?"

"Sex is the best thing in the world, brother," Alyssia told him. "If you get a chance for it, you take it."

"Um, can I," he stuttered. "Can I watch?"


That was enough to drive me into sexual overload and I leaned across Aiden's body to grab my female cousin, pulling her back towards me so that I could mash my lips to hers once more. I really liked how she kissed me earlier and I wanted more. Aiden squeaked as our bodies rolled across his and he managed to scoot himself into a cross legged sitting position by the side of us. Our hands roamed each other's bodies, touching each other in sensual positions. Of course, I was hard as a rock again by now and as I slipped a couple of fingers inside my cousin's slit, I could feel that she was already damp with the anticipation of having me fuck her. I broke our kiss and moved myself on her body so that my cock was lined up with her snatch.

"You ready cous?" I asked and seeing her nod, I thrust myself inside her with one deep push. Well, okay, not as deep as my Gramps would go, but I bottomed out, feeling my balls push up against her. She gave a little gasp at my sudden intrusion, probably expecting me to have eased myself in, but my Mum loves it when either Dad or me go in strong, and as soon as Alyssia wrapped her legs around my back, I knew that she did too.

I leaned forwards so that our bodies were touching once more and my lips found hers. Tongues duelled as I started pumping in and out of her, picking up a steady rhythm. Knowing that I was always good for at least three cums, I banged away with gay abandon, well, straight abandon? Within minutes I felt my balls tighten as my body tried to cream inside my cousin's cunt. I shuddered at the incredible feelings as she scraped her nails down my back, causing me to groan in pain as the pleasure of my orgasm racked my body.

Resting for a moment, I glanced over to Aiden, who was sat wide eyed at the sight of us. Smiling to him, I motioned with my head that he should come closer.

"Why don't you come up here Aide, and mouth fuck her while I shag her snatch once more?" I half asked, half told him.

"You sure?" he croaked, his stiff cock telling me that he wanted to.

"Lissie?" I queried, knowing that she was too much in lust to complain about the name.

"Fuck yeah!" she grunted.


I hotched myself downwards and positioned my eleven year old cousin by her head, guiding his groin so that he slid his cock into his sister's mouth. Natural instincts came to him as he sighed with pleasure and started to thrust in and out of Alyssia's lips. It was so hot watching it, that my cock flew back to steely hardness. I moved myself back down the bed and in a kneeling position, rammed my dick back inside my cousin.

From my new position, I couldn't see the main action, but what I could see was Aiden's bum, clenching and relaxing as he fuck his sister's face. I couldn't help myself so I leaned forwards and resting on my elbows, I shoved my face into his crack.

"What you doing?" Aiden squeaked, his voice breaking as my female cousin must have been going to town on his cock.

"Trust me Aide," I told him.

I took a long sniff, revelling in the muskiness of boy sweat and other smells before parting his cheeks and being presented with my prize, his little pink pucker that was opening and closing with each forward thrust.

I got my rhythm going once more, fucking Alyssia, wanting to bring her to her own orgasm but at the same time, I ran my tongue over Aiden's hole. The boy shuddered and squirmed before yelling out loudly as he had a dry cum in his sister's mouth. He flopped off her, rolling to the side, taking away my snack!

Storing away the taste of Aiden, I concentrated on bringing off Alyssia. I picked up my pace, angling my four and a half inches, oh how I wish it was five!, so that I connected with her clit. Mum had taught me how to do it with her, so the smaller opening of my cousin was easy enough to manage.

"Oh Christ Danny!" she finally gasped out as her body started shivering. I felt a slight dampness, and knowing that I'd just made her cum was enough to send me over the edge. I rabbit fucked her hard, the top of the bed starting to bang against the wall, which surely must have told my grandparents what we were up to.

"FUCK YEAH!" I grunted as I felt my second release while buried in Alyssia's cunt, before kissing her deeply. I rolled off her, finding myself in between my cousins. Turning to Aiden, I pulled his head towards me and kissed him firmly on the lips as well.

Arms found their way across my chest from both sides as they snuggled into my body. If this was what being bisexual meant, then I pity the fools who keep themselves just for one sex or the other. I heard a slight snore coming from my left and turned to see Aiden's eyes closed, a look of contentment on his face. Turning back to Alyssia, I could see that she too had dozed off.

Hearing a sound by the door, I looked up to see both my grandparents standing just inside the door. Grandma had hold of my Gramps' cock, stroking it slowly and they smiled at me knowingly before leaving us to sleep.



As I awoke the next morning, I felt a hard little stick poking into my leg. I turned my head slowly and saw that Aiden was still sleeping, but had a huge smile on his face. Knowing that he must be having an erotic dream, I slipped a hand downwards and took hold of his little prick. I couldn't believe that he was only a year younger than me, but his cock was only half my size. I guess I'd done some growing in the last twelve months!

As I slowly jerked him off in his sleep, little grunts escaped his lips, and a giggle came from my right. I felt my own dick grow to hardness as a hand gently encircled it.

"Horny much Danny?" Alyssia asked me, a smile on her face.

"Always," I shrugged, knowing it to be true. As much as I couldn't wait to start sperming, I wasn't looking forward to the down time that I would be faced with as my body would take longer to recover and get ready for the next cum.

"Well, let's hurry up and get off, before Gramps comes looking," she said and twisted her body around on top of me. I sighed as her wet tongue started to bathe my cock, running around the now exposed head as she pulled my foreskin back.

I stared up at her slit and, raising my head slightly, gave her a piece of my own tongue action. Loving the way she tasted, I almost forgot to wank Aiden as I concentrated on prodding my oral muscle into my cousin's snatch. She was soon groaning, which made me moan as the vibrations shook down my dick.

"Jeez, don't you two get enough?" Aiden whined sleepily, before I gave him a couple of quick, hard tugs. "Oh crap!"

I ran my thumb over the slit of his cock head, teasing it open and rubbing all around. I soon had my male cousin at the point of cumming and wanting him to enjoy the sex we were having, I took him over the edge.

Alyssia paused her blow job briefly to watch her brother shudder in delight before swooping back down on my cock. As she pushed my legs apart slightly, I felt her hand travel past my balls. Surely she wouldn't? Yes she would!

"Oh fuck Alyssia!" I gasped as she pushed two fingers inside my hole, making me buck off the bed and start to go to town on fucking her mouth.

Wondering if I could get nasty too, I grabbed her hips and pulled her down slightly. I ran my tongue past her cunt and traced upwards, well it's upwards for me in the position we were in. I grabbed Aiden's hand and moved it in to his sister's body. Grinning to myself, I pushed three of his fingers inside his sister's snatch, causing her to ride backwards, impaling herself to her brother's knuckles.

Shuddering in pleasure, my cock finally gave in to the suction from my cousin's mouth and I bit my lip to stifle my scream of joy as I tried to spunk in her mouth. I felt my balls tighten and my dick shivered as my climax rocked my body. As it died down, normally I would flop for a few minutes but I wanted to make sure Alyssia got off as well. Seeing Aiden pick up the rhythm of fingering his sister's cunt, I parted her butt cheeks, exposing her bum hole to me. It looked delicious and I knew that sooner or later, I was going to have to fuck either her hole, or Aiden's. I had made my mind up last night that today I was going to break that last remaining virginity. However, as my tongue made contact with her, she pulled herself away from me.

"What the fuck?" Alyssia gasped, turning her head to face me.

"Trust me, cuz," I started. "You'll love it."

"No fucking way!" she replied. "My bum is for shitting only. If you want some of that, stay there!"

Now, as much as it intrigued me, my Dad had been quite adamant that I wasn't going to be subjected to scat. He'd briefly told me about when he was just a little older than me, a couple of Gramps's friends had got him on his own one afternoon and after they had shagged him as usual, one of them pissed down his throat. While that wasn't so bad, in fact Dad had grown to like water sports, when the other man said he needed the toilet as well, Dad had opened up expecting to be fed cock. Instead, he had been held down and the man shat in his mouth, a big curly one. Dad was made to munch on it and puked up afterwards. Dad was never allowed to be alone with those two men ever again.

"Nah, it's okay," I replied to Alyssia.

Instead, I moved a hand in to join Aiden and after a swop of positions so that she was now on her back, legs spread wide open, both of us pumped fingers into Alyssia causing her to scream out loud with her own climax.

"Come on Aide, let's get showered," I said, grabbing my male cousin, leaving Alyssia panting and sweaty on the bed.


After we had all showered, and gone through that awkward initial moment around the breakfast table when Alyssia and Aiden realised that our Grandparents had seen us having sex, the topic of conversation turned to the more normal subject of what we were going to do for the majority of the day. As much as I wanted to spend it naked, fucking my eleven year old cousin's arse, I guess that Alton Towers was a close second.

"YOU'VE GOT US VIP TICKETS!" Aiden shouted, jumping up from the table, spilling his bowl of cereal everywhere.

"Hush child," Grandma admonished. "The neighbours don't get up this early."

"Sorry Grammy but really???" he gushed.

I looked at Alyssia and she just shrugged at me. She leaned in and told me that my Uncle Steve didn't like theme parks so they had never been. I couldn't believe that my Uncle was so mean that he'd deny my cousins the experience. I guess my Grandparents must know that so with breakfast out of the way, off we went.

The next five hours were superb. Without going into too much detail, we basically rode on all the rides, ate junk food galore and generally had a blast. Even Grandma came on some of the rollercoasters! After the short journey back home, we were told to go and shower to get clean and then come back into the front room in just towels. Little Danny immediately got hard guessing that it meant that we were going to have some fun!

Gramps went into the shower with Aiden, my cousin still a little shy about being naked in front of the females. Me? I couldn't wait to get my clothes off, so much so that I happily stripped off while Aiden was in the shower.

"You turning into a little exhibitionist?" Alyssia laughed at me.

"Well, ever since my folks introduced me to sex, we go naked at home unless someone is coming round," I explained.

"Shit! You lucky little git!" she frowned. "Mum and me go naked when Dad is out and Aiden is in bed, but other than that, I have to wear clothes."

"Well, we're all going to be naked this evening," Grandma smiled at us, patting the sofa next to her.

I sat down, spreading my legs slightly as she ran her hands up the inside of my thighs. I moaned in delight as Grandma took hold of my stiff dick, giving it a couple of strokes. I looked up at Alyssia who was licking her lips.

"Why don't you suck him while we wait for the shower dear," Grandma asked her.

I watched as my older cousin knelt in front of me, her blonde hair falling forward as she leaned in and swallowed my cock.

"Oh fuck!" I groaned as I felt warm wetness around my dick.

"You like that honey?" Grandma asked me, her hand tracing circles around the nub of my nipple.

"Aw shit yeah," I gushed as my hands wove themselves into Alyssia's hair, helping to guide her speed. "Suck it bitch!"

My attempts at humour were obviously lost on my cousin as I immediately yelped as I felt teeth scrape the whole length of my cock. Her eyes flashed up at me and I saw her smile as she reasserted her control over me. Giving her an apologetic smile back, I decided to keep my gob shut and relaxed as she returned to the blow job on hand. Alyssia had obviously had practice as she expertly teased me to the edge of an orgasm, before letting me calm down slightly. Time after time she had me on the brink of climax before she finally let me cum, my stiffness throbbing in her mouth as I tried to breed her. She released my cock and looked up at Grandma, frowning slightly.

"When do you think Danny will start producing spunk?" she asked, causing me to look a little down at myself.

"Well, he could start anytime," Grandma replied, stroking my ginger locks. "Or it could be another four or five years."

"WHAT?!" I gasped out. "No way! Liam and Andy are spunking already."

"Who are they dear?" she asked.

"Um, my mates," I replied. "We've never messed about, although I want to, but they've both told me they spunk when they wank."

"Maybe I should suck one of them instead," Alyssia laughed.

"Or maybe you can suck your Dad if you're not fussed about who's cock you suck!" I hissed back at her slight on my lack of puberty.

"Now now children," Grandma scolded us. "Unless the pair of you want a visit to Gramps's shed, you'll play nicely."

"Sorry Grandma," we both apologised simultaneously.


Timing it perfectly, Gramps and Aiden walked into the longue, towels wrapped around their waists, telling us that it was our turn. I studied Aiden for a brief moment, remembering Alyssia's statement that Gramps wouldn't have sex with anyone under the age of twelve, so I was wondering what was going to be in store for my eleven year old relative. He had a smile on his cute face though, so I guess whatever had happened in the shower was okay with Aiden.

My own shower involved having my complete body cleaned by my two female relatives, including Grandma poking her fingers inside my bum hole, much to Alyssia's delight. I could tell that she was interested in seeing how I reacted, groaning in pleasure as Grandma worked one, then two fingers inside me. Once my body was clean, Grandma and me washed Alyssia, both of us taking turns in sliding our fingers inside her cunt, bringing her to a gasping climax. I tried once more to slip a finger inside my cousin's bum but was smacked away.

Then we turned to Grandma. Even though she was in her late sixties, Grandma was still a slim woman. Her breasts were average, I guess, you know, not huge but not small either. Again, both of us took our turns in fingering my Grandma. I wanted to go further, at one point started to go to my knees so I could try eating her out, but Grandma told me not to and to save it for the front room.

We dried each other and got ready to go back into the lounge. However, there were only two dry towels left so I volunteered to go naked, much to the amusement of the others. Walking back into the lounge, my eyes boggled as I saw Aiden and Gramps kissing. So much for not involving under twelves!

"What?" I asked. "Why is Aiden getting involved when I wasn't allowed before?"

"It's all about parental choices champ," Gramps replied. "Your Father didn't want to involve you before he thought you were ready so we never approached you sexually. Your Auntie Hayley told us to follow Alyssia's lead and with what we witnessed last night, it seems that Aiden here is ready to start exploring his body."

"So, in that case," I started, the burning desire to fuck an arse springing to mind, "can I shag his bum?"

"NO!" Aiden cried out, planting himself firmly on Gramps's lap.

"I'm afraid not Danny," Gramps said. "That rule still applies. His body isn't mature enough yet to have a cock up his hole."

"Yeah! What Gramps said!" Aiden agreed.

"Shit!" I whined. "People get to fuck my hole, but I'm never allowed to fuck one back!"


I knew I was being a little bit of a brat, but it just wasn't fair. A look flashed between my Grandparents and Gramps pushed Aiden up off his lap. Pulling me to him, he positioned me on his lap, a lap which was now shed of its towel. His arms embraced me and he lifted my head to look up at him.

"Danny, remember that at your age, you are still a boy," he started. "As a child, your job is satisfy the sexual needs of the adults. Any pleasure that the adults give to you is a bonus."

"But. ." I started before my mouth was covered with his lips.

I felt his tongue push into my mouth and opening up, I allowed him to take control of the kiss. His hands roamed my body, tweaking and pinching my chest, before dropping a hand to my cock and balls. He squeezed them gently but firmly, making me groan into his mouth. He gripped me tightly around my waist and stood up, before letting me slide down his body to the floor. I could feel his dick pressing into the small of my back.

"Now then Aiden, in seven months time, your arse will belong to the family, just as the rest of your body will," Gramps started. "You have already experienced some of it last night with Danny and your sister, and you enjoyed yes?"

"Uh uh, I guess so gramps," Aiden nodded.

"Well then, watch how much Danny enjoys having his Granddaddy's cock inside his arse," Gramps said, pushing me towards the arm of the sofa.

"Huh?" I said, stupidly.

"Alyssia, pass me the Vaseline," Gramps instructed, and with me bent over the soft arm of the sofa, Gramps proceeded to spread the slick goo in and around my hole. "You ready for another Gramps fuck, tiger?"

"I guess soooooo oh oh oh!" I exclaimed as he popped himself straight past my anal defences, causing me to rise up onto my tip toes with his sudden penetration.

"Holy crap!" Aiden yelled, shifting his position so that he was mere inches away from us, watching wide eyed as Gramps's huge, thick cock inched its way inside my bum.

"Oh fuck!" I groaned as my ring was stretched as wide as it had been yesterday, the widest it had been. Gramps certainly wasn't a pencil dick and my arse knew all about it! He gripped me by my waist, pulling me backwards towards him and in doing so, impaled me on the full length of his cock. "Oh shit! That's the spot!"

"You see Aiden, when a boy has his prostate rubbed by a man's cock, it excites him just the same a rubbing a girl's clit," I heard Grandma tell Aiden, who's mouth had dropped open as he watched my body react to Gramps's fucking.

I closed my eyes as Gramps started fucking me in earnest, trying to block out all distractions so that I could concentrate on the feeling building inside my groin. My cock was rock hard once more as I felt the stab stab stab against the entry to my inside as it felt like Grampa was trying to breed my intestines.

I heard Grandma start to moan and opened my eyes to see Alyssia on her knees with her face buried in Grandma's lap. That sent me over the edge and I tried to shot my load onto the carpet, but alas, still nothing! My hole twitched and squeezed against Gramps's thickness.

"Aw shit Danny, that's it baby," Gramps groaned. "Milk my sperm."

I felt his hands tighten their grip on my hips and he started to pump harder and harder into me. His thrusting became urgent and rapid, my body shaking under the anal assault. My whole body curled, my head thrown backwards as Gramps pushed himself into me with a grunt and I felt his groin shake as I realised he was now seeding my ass with his spunk. He gave me another four or five hard thrusts, releasing his juice inside me. This is what a boy's bum was made for, receiving the love of your male relatives!

"That's it Danny, that's my boy," Gramps said as he stroked my lower back, before pulling himself out of me. I scooted around, looking at his cock that was deflating after the throes of his orgasm. I quickly gobbled it into my mouth, running my tongue around the head and down the shaft.

"Ew Danny!" Aiden said in revulsion. "That's just been up your bum."

I finished my licking of Gramps's cock before answering him.

"Aide, a good boy always cleans the cock that has just bred him," I explained, telling him what Dad had told me.

"But won't it be covered in shit?" Aiden asked, screwing his nose up.

"Not if you keep yourself clean back there," I replied. "I douche out at least three times a week, especially if I'm gonna have sex."

"So you knew that you were gonna have sex with Gramps?" he gasped.

"No, I had no idea," I admitted. "Um, normally Friday's are a night with my parents."

"You mean Auntie Shelly and Uncle Dave have sex with you?" Aiden squeaked.

"Now then champ," Gramps started. "You can't tell anyone about this as the current mainstream believes it is wrong for family members to show love to each other like this."

"Yes Aiden, throughout history, boys and girls have been allowed to express themselves sexually from early ages, with family members or with other mentors," Grandma said. "However, for some reason it is frowned upon today by most, but there is still a section of us who believe in the old ways."

"And one day the old ways will take precedence once more," Gramps followed up. "Now then Aiden, I think it's time that you fucked your sister."

I giggled as I watched Aiden's mouth drop open once more as Gramps told Alyssia to lay down on the soft, thick rug. He took Aiden's hand and guided him to kneel besides her, showing him where to start touching her. It reminded me of that fateful Friday afternoon when I came home from school, just another normal day finishing, to walk into the longue full of sexual perverts who would take my pre-teen body and fuck it senseless.

"What's wrong dear?" Grandma asked me as she sat beside me on the couch, taking my re-stiffening cock in her hand.

"Well, this is all fun and everything, but. . ." I stopped.

"But what sweetie?" she prodded.

"But I really want to try fucking an ass, but Gramps says I can't do Aiden and Alyssia won't let me," I whined. I know I was sounding slightly childish, pouting like this, but having worked myself up for it this morning only to have it taken away, I was the proverbial kid in a toy shop being told he couldn't have anything.

"Well dear, there is something we could do," Grandma whispered in my ear. "But we would have to go into our bedroom as it isn't something that I want the other children to see."

"What?" I asked, slightly dumbfounded. Was she really offering?

"Come on," she said, standing up and pulling me up with her. "We're just going into the bedroom for some private time, dear."

"I'll keep these two occupied, don't worry," Gramps replied, smiling and nodding at me.


I was led into their bedroom, surprised to see that it looked like a normal bedroom. I don't know why I thought it wouldn't but I guess I'd seen too many television programmes where old people did old people things. My grandparents' bedroom however had a chest of drawers, with photos of all our family members on the top, a built in wardrobe and a king sized bed, one that had a metal frame. I saw some scratch marks of the black metal frames and Grandma grinned at me.

"That's an explanation for later, Danny," she giggled, sounding more like a teenager.

"Okay, but Dad does like tieing me up sometimes," I smiled, getting even hornier as the thought of last Tuesday ran through my memory.

"Well, he did like it when he was your age," she told me. I guess I was getting more and more like my Dad each day. "Now then, you wanted to experience anal from a giving point of view?"

"Yeah, but as I said," I started to reply.

"Hush dear," Grandma interrupted. "Now, I don't do this very often, especially as big as your Gramps's cock is, but for you, I'll submit once again."

"You mean?" I gasped, as the previous thought was confirmed.

"Yes dear, come and fuck Grandma's ass," she instructed.

I climbed on the bed and watched as she turned over and got onto all fours. I took hold of her bum cheeks and parted them. In front of me was a small pucker, one that obviously hadn't seen a lot of action, unlike some of the videos I'd seen on the internet. I wanted to taste it, knowing it was nasty but still, how nasty is it going to get in a few minutes anyway? I pushed my face into Grandma's valley, taking in a breath through my nose to smell the muskiness that all anus valleys seem to have. I stuck out my tongue and ran it across the small pink opening, causing my Grandma to groan.

"Slobber around it Danny," she instructed me. "You won't need any lube of you get it wet enough."

"Okay Grandma," I replied and went to work. Fortunately I'd always been able to salivate a lot, something my Dad took full advantage of when he fucked my mouth. Now it was working in my favour as I licked, tongued and generally mouthed my Grandma's arse.

"I think that's about right, dear," Grandma told me. "Let me get your cock ready now."

I grinned as she span around and swallowed my semi-hard dick, causing it to swell back to fullness. She bobbed up and down, her tongue massaging all around my head. After less than a minute, she pulled off and turned back around. Leaning on her elbows, Grandma spread her cheeks open so that I had full access to her pucker and still had both my hands free. I moved forwards, lining my cock head up with her hole.

"Are you sure bout this Grandma?" I asked.

"Yes sweetie," she replied. "You want to shag a bum, and I'm going to be the first one you do. Do you know how sexy that makes me feel?"

I giggled and pushed inside her. The feelings that ran through my body were so intense I nearly came immediately. The tightness of her hole wrapped itself around my dick that it felt like I was trying to fuck a baby. I stopped for a moment so that I could calm my feelings down before beginning the age old fashioned motions of a guy fucking a woman doggy style. I held Grandma's hips in a manner so similar to how Gramps had held me in the longue.

In and out I pumped myself, dragging my dick back and forth, trying to judge my pullbacks so that I could stretch her hole with my cock head before ramming it back inside her. I had started out slow and gentle but after being told to make her feel that I wanted it, my more animal instincts took over. I heard growling in the room and wondered when they had gotten a pet, before realising that the sound was coming from my own mouth.

I felt sweat start to trickle down my back as the exertion started to take its toll on my young body. Having already cum once, I knew that it could be a good fifteen to twenty minutes of fucking before I would be able to climax again. All through the fuck, Grandma was moaning, her volume increasing with each passing minute. I wondered how flexible I could be so experimented with my grip on her hips. I leaned over her back and moved my hands down, pulling her body backwards into my groin. I held one arm around Grandma's midsection and moved my right hand downwards so that it finally found her already damp cunt. I slipped a couple of fingers inside her and tried to get a rhythm going of pushing in with my cock and fingers at the same time.

This obviously worked as suddenly I felt my Grandma buck underneath me, her head tossed back and a gush of juice soaked my hand and the bed underneath.

"Oh fucking hell Danny," Grandma yelled out. "Make Grandma cum, make me squirt."

Knowing that I had was enough for me and I felt my balls tighten and my cock throbbed. I rammed myself into Grandma's ass harder and harder, wanting desperately to get my release and finally my toes curled up and it was my own turn yelling out, calling out Grandma, Grandma, over and over as my body shook with my climax.

I collapsed backwards and to the side, my dick popping out of my Grandma's ass and rolling to the bed alongside her. Grandma turned herself around on the bed, straddling my body and she took my cock into her mouth. I guess, like any well trained boy, Grandma also believed in cleaning the cock that had just fucked her ass.

I looked up and saw dampness still dripping from her slit so I raised my head and ran my tongue along the length, tasting her juice. It wasn't nasty so I locked my lips to her snatch, almost as if I was French kissing it and within minutes was rewarded with a second geyser of female cunt water. I drank it greedily, licking my lips to make sure I had as much of the taste as possible.

Grandma panted heavily as she turned back to me, an exhausted smile on her face.

"You are such a nasty little grandson," she grinned, pulling me in for a kiss, wrapping her arms around me.

"I'm so glad I'm part of such a nasty little family," I countered, as my eyelids fought to stay open.

It was a battle they lost and I fell asleep in Grandma's arms.



"So champ, did you have a good time?" Dad asked as the car drove away from my Grandparents' bungalow.

"Yeah, it was excellent," I gushed. "Alyssia and Aide were there and we did loads together."

"Loads?" Mum asked, chuckling. "You mean you've finally shot?"

"No!" I replied, a frown appearing on my face. "Why can't I shoot yet? I mean, Andy and Liam both can, so they say!"

"Well, it is still too early to start worrying," Dad told me. "But maybe we can go and see Doctor Hibberd."

"Who?" I asked.

"Oh, Sam, yes that's a great idea David," Mum responded. "He's an expert in boy's pubescent development."

"Hmm, I don't want no doctor prodding and poking me!" I grunted.

"Trust us Danny," Mum smiled, turning and stroking the side of my head. "You'd love how Sam will poke you."


To be continued


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