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Friday After School


Andy Mann


Chapter 4


"Come on Danny, don't be a wuss!" Liam sniggered at me.

"I'm not, it's just," I stopped mid-sentence and looked at one of my two best mates. My quiet plan seemed to be working as my show of reluctance to agree to strip and wank off in front of each other was being taken as being shy.

"Just what?" asked Liam, brushing his blonde hair out of his eyes. "I told you that me and Andy have done it already, and we want you to join in the fun."

"Maybe, but," I paused. "I'm not gay." And that wasn't a lie. I wasn't gay, I was bisexual through and through. Yeah I loved having a cock in my mouth, or even better my arse, but I love eating and fucking pussy as well.

"You don't have to be gay to toss yourself off, dummy!" Liam laughed, rubbing his hand through his short hair. I noticed that he had a sizeable lump in his shorts as we sat cross legged on his bed. I was thinking that while I might not be gay, I was wondering if he was.




I supposed I should let you know why I was playing the innocent here. It all started a couple of weeks ago. As usual, Friday night had been spent in my parents' bed, three naked bodies exploring each other, mouths on mouths, nipples, cocks. I fucked my Mum real good, my cock throbbing and shivering inside her as my body tried to seed her with sperm. Frustratingly I was still unable to produce, something that my parents took a lot of time to reassure me that it would happen sooner rather than later. As my Dad rolled my body from her, he lifted my legs past his shoulders and lined his cock up against my hole, a hole that was used to taking his hardness inside it. As I squeaked my way to a second orgasm, my Mum shocked me as she slowly stroked my chest.

"I was thinking, Danny," she started. "Your two friends are quite attractive, especially that Liam."

"Oh yeah, I bet he's a right little perv," Dad grunted in agreement as he thrust merrily into my arse.

"He does keep on about the videos he watches," I agreed, sweat pooling on my chest as my Dad picked up the forcefulness of his pumping.

"Didn't his mother run off with that teacher?" Mum asked.

"Football coach," I gasped as Dad angled his cock to find my prostate. I gripped the bed sheets tightly as I felt my body being slowly edged upwards under the pressure of the fucking.

"Well maybe his Dad needs some action as well?" Mum suggested. "He is quite the hunk."

"Oh gross Mum!" I giggled before my Dad caused me to catch my breath with a particularly hard bang.

"He does work out at the gym," Dad agreed. "I know, why don't you get yourself invited for a sleepover at his? You know, see how shy he is,"

"Or not!" interjected Mum.

"And then, we'll invite the pair over here for tea and see how things go," Dad suggested.

"But what makes you think they'll wanna join in?" I stuttered out, my toes curling over as I felt my temperature rising to a third climax.

"Any guy who hasn't had sex for two years will just need a little push to get a piece of your Mum," Dad gasped as he started to rabbit fuck my ass.

"And any horny twelve year old would too!" Mum chuckled.

"AH FUCK!" I cried out as I felt my Dad spew his spunk inside me. I panted heavily for a few moments, catching my breath as he pulled himself out. "What about me and Dad?"

"That's Dad and I!" Dad admonished me. He always corrected my grammar, no matter what the situation. "Get your mouth round my cock and clean it up."

"Sorry!" I apologised and quickly scooted around on the bed, finishing the job like a proper boy should.

"Well, maybe young Liam is like you and would enjoy a cock rammed up his arse," Dad sighed as I licked and sucked his cock clean of any residual cum and arse juice.

"Dunno?" I replied. "He only ever talks bout how hot some of the women are."

"Sometimes that's just a front," Mum told me. "I've seen him looking at you when he thinks no-one else is watching."

"Really?" I asked, my cock being to stir at the thought of getting it on with my mate. After all, he was quite cute with his blonde hair, parted in the middle, brown eyes, a smattering of freckles across his cheeks and a slim body. He was just around the same height as me as well. A smack across my rear end brought my trance to an end.

"Now, don't mention anything about us until we are sure," Dad scolded me.

"I know, I know," I groaned. "I'm not thick you know!"

"That's not what you're last report card said," Mum chided.

"What?" Dad turned to her. "What report card?"

"MOM!" I yelled, upset that she had betrayed her promise to keep my latest scholarly mis-discretion a secret. I was having real trouble concentrating in geography because Miss Millington was hot with a capital HUH! My grades had slipped from A stars to a misery D+ in my last test, something that Mum had spoken to me about. I'd promised her that I would improve if she didn't tell my Dad, but now I had been betrayed.

As Mother explained to Dad about the slippage of my grade, I gulped and knowing what would follow, got up off the bed and went to my Dad's wardrobe. Opening the wooden door, I looked inside and saw the selection of leather belts hanging up. I quickly found the softest one that I could and walked back to the bed, my gaze on the floor as I trudged to my fate.

"Well, as your Mum says it's not entirely your fault and that you have promised improvement," Dad started, raising hope of a reprieve. "I'll forgo the belt this time. However, if there isn't a turnaround, then you will feel the sting of it."

While it sounds like my parents are draconian and awful for giving me corporal punishment for something as meaningless as a slipped grade, there was another side to the coin. I had discovered that I quite enjoyed the mixture of pain and pleasure and the three of us had experiment with me being on my hands and knees on the bed, one of my parents hitting my naked ass with a belt while the other wanked me off to an orgasm. So it was with a little reluctance that I returned the belt to the closet before jumping back onto the bed in the middle of the pair. As our bodies entwined for us to get some sleep, my Dad turned and whispered in my ear.

"I am going to find another way to punish you when your mother isn't here though," he said quietly and I gasped as he roughly pushed two fingers inside my already used hole. I smiled to myself as I drifted off to sleep, my hardness poking into my mother's thigh and the two invading digits still firmly wedged in my ass.




"Okay, I guess so," I gave in to Liam. "If you promise not to tell anyone."

"Pinky promise?" Liam chuckled, and held out his little finger. After exchanging the one fingered handshake, I took off my t-shirt that I was using as a pyjama top and watched him do the same. I hardened immediately as his smooth chest came into sight. His nipples were like little dimes of brown against pale white skin and I could see that they were already erect. I wanted to dive in and kiss and lick them, but I was supposed to be playing the innocent so had to refrain. He looked at me, his brown eyes catching my green ones and he gave me a reassuring smile. He hooked his fingers into the waist of his black boxer shorts.

"On three?" he asked, motioning me to do the same. For a change, I had bought a pair of boxers, blue CKs so that I wouldn't be as noticeable when erect and I nodded, hooking my fingers in my own. As he counted to three, I went to pull mine down but stopped, letting him strip in front of me first. "Hey, not fair!" he cried as I stared at his cock. It was fully hard already and was like way bigger than mine. It looked like it was maybe six inches, which on a kid our age was huge!

"Shit Liam," I gasped out. "Where did you get one that big?"

"Dad says I take after him," he grinned at me.

"You mean your Dad has seen you naked?"

"Um, well, sort of when I come out of the bathroom." Liam looked at me, a hint of defiant sadness on his face. "Ever since Mum left, Dad said we don't really need to keep fully dressed like we used to when she was here, so we like, slob out in t-shirts and boxers and stuff. You don't think that's weird or nuffing do you?"

Oh man! Bearing in mind that I spend most evenings stark bollock naked with my folks, what could I say?

"Of course not," I smiled at him. "I think it's really cool you're Dad lets you do that."

"So, come on, take yours' down now," Liam insisted, pointing at my boxers.

"Okay, but you've gotta promise not to laugh at me, cos you're like way bigger than me," I frowned, actually meaning it as well.

"I promise," he replied. "You're my bestest bud so I'd never do that."

I took a deep breath in and quickly pulled down my boxers, stepping out of them. I covered myself up before Liam reached forward and moved my hands away from my groin. My cock was hard, of course, jutting out with all of its four and a half inches of glory. He let go of my left hand and moved his right hand onto my cock, causing me to moan in pleasure. He started wanking my slowly, his eyes staring into mine, watching and waiting for me to complain, or call it gross. As much as I wanted to continue with my innocent, straight boy act, I couldn't once he had my cock in his firm grip.

"This okay, Danny?" he whispered, obviously not wanting me to complain. I nodded my head and reached forward with my own hand, taking his large, adult sized cock in my fingers. I started to pull on his dick, causing him to groan and our bodies naturally got closer together as our stroking continued. I let my spare hand roam around his waist, stroking his back before settling on his firm butt cheeks, squeezing one softly. "Oh that feels nice, Danny!"


We stood like that, not speaking, just grunting softly, our bodies moving with the motions of fucking each other's hands and as our ardours began to rise steadily, we started shifted from foot to foot. I came first, letting out a loud groan of pleasure, my body shaking in his grip. I saw a look of disappointment flash across Liam's face, though whether it was from the lack of spunk from my dick, or if he thought that as I'd cum, I'd stop wanking him I wasn't sure. However, I was now fully experienced in continuing to pleasure my partner throughout my own orgasm and past it so I continued my milking of his dick. I wanted him to cum to prove that he wasn't bullshitting me, and the idea crossed my mind that I could get him to spunk onto my stomach and groin. The `innocent' that I was wouldn't know, would I? It didn't take long, whether it was because it was a hand other than his own, or the fact that I had become quite good at teasing a cock to orgasm as Dad liked nothing better than for me to wank him off into my face while I'm kneeling in front of him. Liam gasped out, gripping my shoulders as I felt hot spunk splatter onto my pale stomach. I let him ride his orgasm, with around five good spurts of cum hitting me before I pulled backwards.

"EW!" I whined out, fighting with myself not to scoop the juice into my mouth so that I could taste my friend's gift. "You spunked me!"

"Ah shit, sorry mate," Liam apologised, although his eyes were still slightly glazed. "Let me get a towel or something."

He looked around and not seeing one in his room, he opened the bedroom door to go into the bathroom. I took the opportunity to scoop some of his cream onto my fingers and sucked them into my mouth, sighing as the sweet taste of boy cum slid over my tongue. I closed my eyes, savouring the taste before a noise startled my eyes back open. Expecting it to be Liam returning, I was embarrassed to see his Dad, Jason, standing in the doorway, watching me. He gave me a shit-eating grin and looked me up and down before walking off, disappearing from view just as Liam bounced back into the room. Instead of handing me the towel to clean up, he produced a warm, wet cloth and wiped me down, running it over my groin before patting me dry with the towel. I looked him in the eye.

"Are you gay?" I asked him, seeing him flush bright red. One of things that I found cute about my best mate was his inability to hide when he lied.

"No, of course not!" he blabbed out.

"It's okay if you are, you know," I told him, putting a hand on his shoulder, which he didn't shrug off. "I know some gay people and they're really cool." Okay, not strictly true, but the guys that had been sexual with me weren't exactly straight!

"Really and you're okay with them?" he gasped out, basically outing himself to me.

"Yeah, cos it's like, you can't change who you fancy can ya?"

"But I do like looking at naked women as well!"

"Women or girls?"

"Women definitely!" he grinned at me, relief on his face that I had run screaming from the room. "I like big titties and I'd love to get my face into a pussy!"

"But you like men as well?" I asked, wanting to fish for the information that my Dad was after.

"Not really," Liam replied. "I think I prefer boys our age, or maybe a little younger. Is that wrong?"

"Nah, course not. As I said, you can't pick who your body is attracted to."

"How do you know so much?" he asked. "I thought you were like, so innocent about sex or something." Oh crap! Rumbled!

"Um, my Dad has told me some stuff is all!" I stammered out, still trying to play the innocent. "So do you, like, fancy Andy cos you've done stuff with him?"

"Not really," Liam answered. "He's okay, you know, but he's just someone who likes sucking me off. Shit! I didn't tell you that okay?"

"Secrets safe with me," I grinned at him, before the next thought ran through my head. "You don't, like, fancy me do you?"

Silence followed as I watched his face, neck and the top of his chest flushed bright red.

"You do, don't you!" I stated. I watched him nod slowly and a tear trickled down his cheek.

"I'm sorry, but as you said, I can't help it. You're like super cute. If you wanna go home, I'll call my Dad and he can drive you home."

"Why would I do that?" I asked, confusion on my face.

"Cos I'm a perv. I couldn't talk to you that first day we met, and when you said hello to me, I fell in love with you. I've tried for ages to get you alone and naked and now you've let me wank you, I can die happy!"

"Fuck that!" I retorted, making his mouth drop. I saw him start to back away. He must have thought that I was responding badly to his admission he had almost tricked me to get his hands on my naked body. "Surely you wanna do more than just wank me off before you die?" I pushed him to his bed and climbed on top of his body, resting my knees either side of his hips, his cock nestling semi-limply in the crack of my ass. I really liked sitting on Dad like this sometimes, just feeling my hole gently rubbed by his length. "Now just so you know, I'm not gay, but I don't mind messing around with a guy, but don't ask who cos I won't tell you, just like I won't tell anyone that we have done stuff tonight."

"But all we've done is wank each other off!"

"That's all we've done, SO FAR!" I leaned forward and kissed him. I found that, like with my cousin Aiden, Liam was very inexperienced with kissing as he kept his mouth closed when my lips touched his. "Have you ever kissed anyone before?"

"Um, only like my Mum before she left and my Auntie Helen," he admitted.

"You kissed them?" I asked, wondering if Liam had been having some incest fun as well.

"Only kisses like we just have done."

"Oh, sorry, that's not real kissing," I told him. "Let me show you, open your mouth slightly when I kiss you."

We tried again and this time, as my lips touched his, his mouth opened fractionally. That small opening was all I needed however as I forced my tongue past his lips into his mouth. I felt him recoil slightly before he realised that it felt good. We were soon exchanging spit like experienced romantics and I could feel our bodies both react to the new level of sexual tension building up in the room. I couldn't help but to start to grind my groin into Liam's and he broke the kiss for a moment to look at me.

"You've done this before, haven't you?" he asked.

"Um, yeah," I giggled.

"So why were you acting like, innocent or something before?"

"Cos I wanted to see what you were interested in doing."

"Oh, well, good, lets kiss some more please."


Of course I agreed and we spent the next fifteen or twenty minutes with our lips locked together, rolling about on his bed, humping each other's bodies with our erect cocks. I couldn't help but dry hump myself to another climax during this exchange, my friend holding my body tight to his as it shuddered to a limp mess. I rolled us over to allow him to take his turn in pretend fucking me, but before he got himself too worked up, I stopped him.

"Look, we can try something if you want, but you gotta promise me that you'll do as I say?" I said to him.

"How can I promise that when I don't know what it is?" he countered.

"Have you ever, you know, fucked anyone, but before you think I'm offering, I'm not," I asked, muttering the `yet' under my breath.

"No way, I haven't got anywhere near," Liam moped. "This is by far the best I've ever done." He leaned forward and kissed me on the lips for a moment, as way of thanks I guess.

"Well, let me roll over onto my front, and you can put your dick in between my cheeks and fuck my crack," I offered. "But you ain't fucking my hole okay?"

"REALLY?" he almost drooled as he gushed his response. "You'll let me do that?"

"We're mates ain't we? You're not gonna tell anyone?"

Seeing the nod followed by the shake of his head, I rolled over onto my front, folding my arms underneath my head. I smiled to myself as I felt his body climb on top of mine, and he opened my cheeks to place his cock carefully inside, just like you would a hot dog sausage in its' bun. However, as he tried to hump my crack, there was hardly any slide.

"Have you got any lube?" I asked.


"Hmm, okay, vaseline? Baby oil?" Negative shakes. "Oh for fucks sake what have you got?"

I climbed off the bed and headed to the bathroom to see what we could use. Once again, I ran into Liam's Dad, who was just in a pair of tight y-fronts. I could see his bulge prominently sticking out, his hand massaging it as he must have been listening in on our conversation.

"Oh hello Jason, I didn't see you there."

"Hello Danny, don't forget to flush," he grinned at me.

"Oh I'm not going toilet," I replied. Heck, now was as good a time as any to see if he was remotely interested. "We need something slick to lube up with. Liam is gonna slid in my crack."

"FUCK SAKE DANNY!" came a startled shout from the bedroom before my mate rushed onto the landing, covering my mouth up. His erection had wilted in what must have been the embarrassment of me telling his Dad all this.

"Now then son," Jason started. "You're a growing lad and I know that boys like you will experiment sexually. I did it, Danny sounds like he does it as well, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about."

"But, but," Liam flustered.

"But nothing. Come on Danny, I've got some lube in my bedroom. Let's get you slicked up so Liam can shag that cute behind of yours."

"My cute behind?" I giggled, taking his offered hand. "You think I've got a cute bum?"

"Oh, all little pert bottoms are cute," Jason replied, making Liam's mouth drop open. "It doesn't matter who it belongs to."

We walked into his bedroom and he led me to the far side of his large king-size bed. He sat on the bed and opened the bedside cabinet drawer, pulling out a tube of KY, something that I recognised very well. He looked at me with an almost wanton expression on his face.

"Um, Jason?" I started, calling him by his first name as he always insisted on Andy and I doing that. I think it made him feel younger. "It's a bit hard to do it myself, and well, I don't think Liam will quite know what to do properly."


"So, well, would you like maybe put the lube on me for me?" Deal breaker time!

"Well, I shouldn't really," Jason started. "It's wrong for a strange man to touch a boy like you are asking me to."

"It's not wrong if the boy is asking," I replied, sensing he was playing devil's advocate. "Only if someone tells someone else on him."

"Please Dad? Will you do it so that I can try it?" Liam begged, pulling out his best puppy eyes.

That was all it took to break down the flimsy barrier, and he nodded. I jumped up on his bed, lying face down, opening my legs to give him access to me.

"Aren't we gonna do it in my room?" my best mate asked, suddenly conscious of the sexual atmosphere in his Dad's bedroom.

"Nah, if Jason is gonna do us the favour of getting me ready, we ought to let him watch," I said. Then I made a big show of biting my lip in thought. "That is, if you want to watch us, Jason?"

"Well, I guess it's okay if you guys are okay with me being here?"

"You could help Liam make sure he does it right!" I suggested, sealing the deal.

"Let's get you ready then," Jason said, squeezing a generous amount of the clear gel onto his fingers. I pulled my cheeks apart, exposing my hole to the pair, causing a gasp from Liam and a groan from Jason. It was my turn to groan as I felt slick fingers touch the top of my valley, sliding downwards, coating the outer edges of my cheeks where they would be closed together shortly. As he added more lube, his confidence grew that we were not going to running and screaming from the room and he delved his fingers closer and closer to my entrance. I turned to him and smiled, a look of lust betraying my face. His fingers settling on my pucker, grazing it gently, causing my body to shiver in anticipation of what I wanted. I felt a slight pressure on my hole and I nodded in reply to his unspoken question. He pushed a finger inside me, making me moan out loud and grip the duvet that was underneath me.

"Fucking hell Dad, you're fingering his hole!" Liam said, shock in his voice as he watched his best mate anally molested by his father.

"He has obviously done this before, haven't you Danny?"

"Uh-huh," I admitted, no longer playing the innocent. My lust for raw sex had now taken over and I wanted, no, I needed a hard cock inside my ass.

"Lube up your cock son," Jason instructed Liam. "Cos you're going inside him as soon as he is ready to take you."

"WHAT?" my mate nearly yelled. "But Danny, you said not to fuck your hole?"

"Shut up thicko and fuck me!" I groaned as Jason added a second finger, really working to stretch my hole open for the six inches of his son's meat.

"Oh man! This is gonna be awesome!" Liam drooled and I heard him wanking his now slick cock.

"Come here son," Jason told Liam, and as the blonde sat next to his Dad on the bed, Jason pulled his fingers out of my arse. "One thing you need to learn to do properly is prepare your bottom boy."

"Ew!" I nearly heard Liam say as I felt three slimmer fingers push into my willing love hole. I turned my head and saw that Jason had taken his son's hand and was making him finger fuck me, slicking me even more.

"That's it, now he's ready for you."

I felt the bed move and strong hands gripped my hips, pulling my groin up and off the bed. The same hands pulled apart my cheeks and I felt a cock head touch against my hole. To the urging of his Dad, Liam pushed forwards and I felt him slide inside me, easily, and in one inexperienced thrust was buried to the pubic bone inside me.

"Aw fucking hell!" I cried. "Not so fucking hard!"

"You need to be a little gentler, son."

"Sorry buddy. But fucking hell it feels so tight around my dick!"

"Now, fuck him softly, working up a rhythm," Jason instructed and Liam did just that. He built up his speed, humping back and forth, the length of his cock was more than enough to massage my small walnut inside me. My dick was hard, flopping around underneath me and I felt Jason release his hold on my cheeks. Thinking that he might wank me off while his son fucked me turned me on even more but when wet lips sucked themselves around my cock, my mind and body exploded. I cried out in joy as my orgasm hit me hard and fast, sweat pouring off my body as my cock tried desperately to seed Jason's mouth. I knew from experience that when I came, my arse tightened, as my Dad told me he loved the feel of it squeezing his dick and from the guttural sounds coming from Liam's mouth, I guess he did to.

"I'M CUMMING!" he cried out and hit me hard, pushing his cock as far inside me as it would go. He flopped to one side, his cock ripping itself from my willing hole. I turned immediately, swallowing the shrinking dick, licking and sucking it clean, getting a taste of his cum, mixed in with my own internal juices. "Ew Danny, that's gross!"

"No it's not!" I shot back. "A boy should always clean the cock that's pleasured him." As soon as I said it, I knew that I had made a mistake. By stating what had been drilled into me over and over, it was now obvious to both Liam and his Dad that I was regularly getting my arse filled.

"Well, it sounds like there's more to you than you're letting on here, Danny," Jason said. He saw my panicked look and pulled me onto his lap, crossing his arms around my stomach, holding me in a gentle embrace. "It's okay, nothing is going to be said outside this room, is it Liam?"

"Um, no, no way, not ever!" my mate blurted.

"Are you being abused?" Jason asked me bluntly, probably trying to catch me unawares.

"NO!" I yelled. "I'm doing exactly what I want to do."

"I can tell that you are enjoying having sex, but are you being pressured to perform?" he asked again. "What I mean is, are adults making you have sex with them?"

I was silent for a moment as my memories flooded back from that first Friday after school. I wasn't expecting to have sex that day, and thinking back, Uncle Harry did get me drunk on vodka before they started stripping me and molesting me, but I certainly have no regrets about my sexual awakening. Heck, I got really moody if I didn't get my Dad's cock inside my hole and my own dick in my Mum's pussy at least one a week.

"No-one is making me do anything that I don't want to," I told him.

"Well, that's okay then. Why don't you two go and shower and then get to bed."

Liam, like the obedient son that he is, immediately got up and headed to the bathroom. I started to follow then paused at the door, turning back to Jason.

"Um, don't you want to do anything with me?" I asked.

"Well you're a little young Danny and you're Liam's best mate so it wouldn't be right," Jason replied. I could see his eyes telling a different story though as his gaze scanned my body up and down.

"The offer is there though," I giggled before heading off to the shower, jumping in with Liam to his surprise. We washed each other's bodies, now comfortable with each other after the sexual experiences we had shared this evening. I did gross my buddy out a little by announcing I needed to piss and stood there, pointing my cock at his body, spraying him with my pee. As the water from the shower cleaned him immediately, he forgave me straight away, giggles from his mouth as he told me he needed to pee too. I took yet another risk and dropped to my knees. I placed my hands on his hips and looked up at him.

"What are you doing?" Liam asked me.

"I kinda like this, so please would you?"

"What? You want me to pee on your face?"

"Not quite." Taking charge, I leaned forward and sucked his cock into my mouth.

"Oh fuck Danny, stop it! I really am gonna pee!"

He tried to pull himself out of my mouth, but with my hands gripping his hips, all he did was shuffle the pair of us backwards until his bum touched the cool ceramic tiles. This obviously was enough for him to lose control of his bladder and his piss spurted out into my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as I could, savouring the taste of the hot bitter liquid as it spilled down my throat. After what seemed like hours, but was really about thirty seconds, the flow slowed to a dribble.

"Shit Danny, I can't believe you've just done that!"

I glanced up at him and was pleased that he didn't have a disgusted look on his face. I decided that I wanted to have a second drink of juice from his cock so I carried on sucking and bobbing on his dick. As Liam's cock lengthened back to full hardness, I heard familiar groans that I was used to from my Dad and other men that I had sucked. Hands wove their way into my ginger hair and I reached up with my hands and took his balls in my right hand. I gently pulled and rolled his ball bag and slipped my left hand between his crack. I felt him begin to raise himself up onto his tiptoes and Liam started grunting as he thrust himself into my mouth. As the first spurt of spunk hit the back of my throat, I pushed my finger inside his bum hole, causing my mate to yelp loudly. I drained his spunk for three more shots, keeping half a mouthful in my mouth, as I stood up to look Liam in the eyes. I saw the glazed look of an orgasmic comedown and I pressed my lips to his. Automatically, Liam opened his mouth to accept my tongue and I smiled to myself as I fed the blonde some of his own spunk. I locked a hand in his hair to stop him pulling away as I expected him to as he realised what I had done and he had no choice but to swallow.

"That's disgusting Danny!" Liam moaned, pushing me away from him.


"Giving me my spunk like that, and sticking your finger up my bum. I didn't like that."

"Shit, I'm sorry. I thought you would."

"Just cos you like it, don't mean I do, okay!"

I looked at him and saw that he was deadly serious. I guess that Liam was gonna be one of the `top only' guys that I've read about.

"Look, I said I was sorry. I won't do it again, okay?"

"Okay. Let's go bed."

We got out of the shower but where I expected us to dry each other, Liam grabbed his towel and quickly dried himself. I sighed to myself and dried myself, wiping the water from my body, and followed my mate into his bedroom. He bent down and picked up a pair of shorts and slipped them on before slipping underneath the duvet. I went to get in the bed naked but was stopped by his glare.

"Put some shorts on for fuck's sake, Danny. Or is sex all you think of?"

"Sex is all I think of!" I giggled, trying to lighten the atmosphere in the room, which was turning away from where it had been not an hour earlier.

"Well, I don't."

I grabbed my shorts in disgust of his attitude and pulled the duvet back to get in. Liam turned over, showing me his back. I got in and went to cuddle up with him.

"What the fuck you doing?"

"Jeez what's wrong with you?"

"I thought you were, like, special or something, but what you did in the shower, I dunno, it was gross."

I sighed, knowing that when Liam got something in his head, he was one of the most stubborn guys that I knew. I turned away from him, curling myself up and shut my eyes to go sleep.



The next morning saw a slight thawing of his attitude, but was still nowhere near how we were before the shower. Jason picked up on it without comment but when Liam refused to come in the car for Jason to drive me home, his Dad grabbed his arm and took marched him upstairs. Despite being downstairs, I still heard Jason tearing into my buddy for how he was treating me, especially after I had allowed him to have sex me with last night, before telling him to sit on his bed and think about things. As he walked down the stairs, I was surprised to see Liam's X-box in his hands. He took it into the garage, locking it behind him. After putting my bag in the back, he motioned for me to get in the front passenger seat.

"I'm sorry about Liam's attitude, Danny," he said, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"It's okay Jason. I guess I pushed him too far too quickly."

"That still doesn't excuse it. He is supposed to be your best mate. I know him and he will be back to normal by Monday."

"Guess so."

He reversed his BMW out of the drive and started the journey to mine. It should only have been about a ten minute drive, but it was a Sunday morning and the shoppers were out in the hoards. I looked around and saw that the car windows were tinted, probably against the sun as Jason is a sales rep and spends a lot of his time driving.

"Can anyone see in from the outside?" I asked, a thought crossing my mind.

"Not really, not unless they come right up to the windows to look inside. Why?"

"Well, I wanted to thank you properly for everything from last night and cooking for us and stuff."

I undid my seatbelt, which wasn't a problem as we were travelling at around two miles an hour! I leaned over to Jason and placed my hand in his lap, straight on top of his groin. I felt a sizeable lump and heard a moan from him.

"Danny, you can't be serious?"

"Why not? It'll be fun and I guarantee you'll like it."

"I'm sure I will, but you're so young."

"Trust me," I reassured him as I undid his zip and slipped my small hand inside his trousers. By this time, because of my squeezing, his cock was fully erect. "Besides, if you don't get rid of this boner by the time we get to my house, my folks will wonder what we've been doing anyway."

"Oh shit!" he whispered as my slim fingers pushed their way into his y-fronts to grip his cock. I gently eased it out of his fly, licking my lips in anticipation of getting his cock in my mouth. I looked at Jason and seeing that wanton look once again, I took it as consent and bent over to lick the tip of his cock. I felt him shudder and a hand on the back of my head as he put slight pressure on me to take him into my mouth. I guess that he definitely had no issue with not only a male sucking him off, but an underage one at that! My own body gave a little quiver as the naughty thought ran through my mind that I had now had father and son cocks in my mouth. I started bobbing up and down on him, sealing my lips around his shaft, making sure that I was giving him as much pleasure that I could, in the situation that we were in. I took my time, enjoying the musky flavour of his cock and the feel of the thickness in my mouth. As he was still in his trousers, I couldn't tell how big Jason actually was, but he filled my mouth easily and I guess what Liam had said was true. If Liam was six inches at the age of twelve, how big was Jason fully grown?

I felt the car speed up slightly as we must have finally got past the main street shops and pulled off into the estate where my house is located. Feeling naughty, and wanting to push Jason further into a situation where my parents could use `guesswork' to allow them a way into getting Jason to join in with us, I slowed my sucking, teasing his slit with my tongue.

"Danny, we're nearly at yours," Jason grunted out. "You need to finish me off, son, or we'll be in trouble."

I acted like I hadn't heard him and as the car pulled up to a stop, I went to town on his cock. Jason was gasping in pleasure, one hand on the steering wheel, the other on the back of my ginger locks. I heard his stifled yell as a shot of warm spunk hit the back of my throat. As much as I wanted to enjoy the taste, the main master plan of getting him exposed to my parents was still firmly in my mind and so I pulled off his cock, pretending to gag on his cum. Of course, this meant that shot after shot of his creamy juice hit me squarely in my face, splattering over my nose and freckled. I turned my head, as if trying to get out of the line of fire but in doing so, made sure that two good loads hit my hair.

"Oh fucking hell Danny, that was fantastic!" Jason moaned out, not realising what a mess he'd made of my face.

"It was cool, Jason, and thanks for letting me do it. Do you have a hankie though cos I got some on my face."

Jason opened his eyes and looked at me in surprise. Gasping in shock, he pulled out his handkerchief and wiped my face, but only succeeded in smearing his cum further across my cheek. In true parent style, he licked his hankie and went to wipe my face but I pulled away.

"EW!" I scrunched my nose up. "No way!" I giggled. I leaned over and pulled out my boxers and wiped my face dry on them. I deliberately left the spunk in my hair, Jason having not noticed it. "Thanks again for everything." I hugged him in his seat as he put his now limp cock back in his pants.

We got out of the car, Jason grabbing my bag and walked towards the front door just as my parents opened it to come out to greet us.

"Thank you so much for bringing him home, Jason," my Mum said, placing her hand on my shoulder, giving me a slight hug.

"It was no problem at all, Shelly."

"Did he behave himself? You seemed to take your time after pulling up," Dad asked, starting their part of the plan.

"Oh yeah, it was nothing really. Danny and Liam had a little argument, which is why my son is currently at home, staring at a blank telly with his X-box locked in the garage."

"Ooh! The big gun eh? I think Danny here would go loopy if we denied him his pleasures," Mum chuckled. I rolled my eyes at the barely disguised double meaning.

"As a thank you for putting up with him, why don't you and Liam come round for tea in the week?" Dad asked. "There's a football game on midweek, so why don't you come over Wednesday, we'll have a couple of beers and Shelly can do her speciality."

"You do both like meatballs?" Mum asked, causing me to groan slightly, earning a poke in my ribs.

"That sounds like a plan. I haven't got a meeting until Thursday afternoon, so I can have a couple of beers without worry."

"It's all sorted then," Dad said, clapping his hand on Jason's shoulder.

We said our goodbyes and Jason got in the car, opening his window so he could wave farewell. As he did, Mum made a big show of finally noticing the spunk in my hair. She pushed my head to one side, looking at it closely before rubbing her fingers in it and smelling them. She shot a look over to Jason, who's face drained of blood and he quickly pulled out of our drive.



A few hours later, I had explained in detail everything that had happened at Liam's, including our fallout over my perverseness, and my parents' grins were as large as I had seen for some time. The knowledge that Liam is interested in pussy and tits, and only on women had my Mum rubbing my leg in appreciative gestures, causing my cock to harden and point up skyward as we sat in the garden, basking in the last sun that we were expecting to see this year. Dad was a little annoyed to hear Liam's reaction to my fingering of his arse but the thought of watching a preteen six inch cock fucking my Mum, while maybe watching Jason plough my arse, something he was sure would happen after the ease of me getting him to let me suck him off in his car, had him hard as well.

"Honey, when they come over on Wednesday, we need to make sure that Liam is comfortable with us all, so you make sure that you say sorry when you get to school tomorrow," Mum told me, running her nails across my nipples, making me squirm on my sunbed.

"I will, promise."

"Good boy," she said, leaning forwards to kiss me. As our lips met, I opened up to accept her tongue, knowing that when she was leaning over me like this, she wanted to be in charge. I sucked on her tongue as it slipped inside my mouth and groaned as her hand worked its way past my belly button, finding my erect cock and balls. She rubbed her hand over them, not taking my stiffy in her hand, just rolling it around with the palm of her hand. She suddenly broke the kiss and pulled me up off my sun lounger. "Come on son, make Mummy feel good."

She laid back on her lounger, her legs wide open and I looked down at her pussy. I scrunched my nose slightly as it was obviously a couple of weeks since she had last trimmed her bush as it was quite hairy down there. I didn't like it when it was all hairy and shit, but knowing that if I complained or didn't do it, my own sexual pleasures would be withheld as a result. I grabbed a towel, folding it up and making a pillow from it to cushion my knees from the cold patio slabs. I leaned forwards and sniffed as I always so. At least she smelled fresh. I could never get out of my memory the one time that I had gone down on Auntie Jackie just after we had started the incestuous orgies and she smelled like a skunk had died or something. I had balked at having to eat her out, but was held back down, my face mashed into her pussy until I had licked her to an orgasm. My tongue poked out and gave her slit a few quick licks before I locked my mouth onto her. I had discovered that Mum loved me French kissing her cunt, which is what I proceeded to do.

I guess Dad was feeling left out as after around five minutes of watching me tongue Mum's pussy, I felt my own boi pussy getting tongue. I moaned as his tongue was replaced by a finger, then a second. This was a position that I was used to, that I loved. The feel of Dad's cock sliding up inside me as my face was buried in my Mum's cunt was almost the perfect bisexual position for a boy like me. As Dad started to fuck me, his strength pushed me forwards, forcing my face and tongue further into Mum's snatch. Of course, this made Mum's enjoyment increase as my tonguing got further and harder. Wanting to make Mum cum, I moved my mouth to her clit and nibbled it gently. This caused her to buck madly on the sun bed, grabbing my head, holding it in tight to her cunt as she started to hump herself back against my face.

So there I was, twelve years old, naked as the day I was born, being humped at both ends by my parents. I felt my Dad's grip on my hips tighten in his normal style as his climax hit him. He pumped himself hard into me, filling up my bum with my would have been brothers and sisters. My own orgasm hit me as my body reacted to Dad's climax, my cock throbbing and pulsing underneath me. Dad's cries of pleasure were a stimulant to my Mother as I bit down on her clit, causing a gush of liquid to drench my face as her cum juice spurted like a geyser. I drank as much of it as possible, filling my stomach with her offering and show of love for me. As Mum lay panting in exhausted happiness, I turned around to where my Dad had stood up. He was holding his cock out for me, and being the good boy that I was, I licked and sucked my inner juices off his cock, making sure that he was clean.

It was only as I got back on my sun bed, a strange tiredness sweeping through my body, that I noticed something weird about my own cock. There was a dampness to it. Wondering how some of Mum's cunt juice could have squirted that far, I rolled my finger round my cock head and brought it to my mouth. I could hardly believe my taste buds as what I tasted wasn't the flavour of my Mum's climax but that sweet taste of cum. I sat up, excited looking at the patio slabs by my Mum's lounger. Sure enough, there it was! I jumped up, pointing excitedly at the small damp patch on the concrete slab.

"MUM! DAD! I DID IT! I CUMMED!" I yelled at the top of my voice, before being hushed by my smiling Dad.

"You sure did son. Congratulations. You're now a true man."

"Oh honey, that's wonderful. I can't wait to drink your next offering!" Mum said, giving me a tired kiss. She always got tired after a huge cum like she had just had.

I laid back down on my sun bed, a huge smile on my face as I had finally made it into the real world of sexual pleasure. I couldn't wait to tell my cousin Alyssia that I could finally cum. I knew that she would want to suck me off as well. As the sun beat down on us, I gave a big yawn as the effects of my spunking orgasm caught up with me. I closed my eyes and didn't remember falling asleep.



To be continued


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