FRIENDLY NEIGHBORS (D.Abby) (bB,gG,bF,,etc) (1!1)

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By D. Abby


Chapter - 1

Friday, April 1; Evening, The Motel:

Joan Wright and Harry Black checked into the motel as Mr. and Mrs. John Smith. The clerk barely looked at the register and he didn't even grin. The two of them had been registering the same way every Friday night since he was hired there six months ago. It could even be their right names as far as he was concerned.

Joan was stacked. She didn't show her thirty five years at all. She was five, five and weighed in at about one hundred and twenty pounds. Her figure measured a classical thirty six, twenty four, thirty six and she wore a D cup bra. She had steel gray eyes and shoulder length, wavy brown hair.

Harry was a six footer. He took care of his body with exercise and a good diet. He weighed just over one hundred and sixty five and didn't have an ounce of fat on him. His hazel eyes made an interesting contrast to his black hair.

Neither of them wasted any time when they got into the room. They stripped and fell into a clinch. After trading hugs and kisses Joan licked her way down Harry's body until she was kneeling in front of him. She licked off the drop of pre cum that was oozing from the end of his prick. She licked all around his cock head then ovaled her lips and sucked his prick into her mouth. Harry pushed his prick forward and she swallowed around its head as it entered her throat. Joan's bobbed her head and Harry pumped his hips fucking his prick into her sucking mouth.

Harry, with all his experience, couldn't take this treatment very long. He hadn't had any sex, except for his hand, since last Friday and he was ready as soon as Joan sucked his prick into her mouth. In a little more than a minute his hips jerked, he pushed the head of his prick down her throat, and he shot off into Joan's mouth. The first spurt jetted directly down Joan's throat and she drew her head back to savor the rest of his load of cum. She sucked his shrinking prick till it was as soft as it was going to get and let it slide out of her mouth.

Continuing the procedure they'd been following for months Harry lifted Joan onto the bed, positioned his head between her thighs and licked the excess moisture from between her cunt lips. Joan lay back and enjoyed the sensation of having her cunt lapped by an expert. Her hips bounced up off the bed and she rubbed her cunt up and down Harry's face. Harry sure did know how to lap cunt. Joan tossed her head back and forth and moaned as she climaxed in multiple orgasms.

Joan and Sam Wright and Harry and Sally Black had been next door neighbors for ten years. They'd moved in about the same time and had formed a close friendship. A year after they met Joan and Sally were comparing notes on their sex lives and each discovered that the other couple went in for group sex.

At first group sex had been easy. Joan's girls were two and four years old and Harry's boys were three and five. They would put the kids to sleep and would have an orgy at one of their adjacent houses. As their kids grew up they hired a baby sitter and got a motel room every Friday night. When Susan was killed in an accident they continued as a threesome.

After Sam died of cancer six months before and Harry and Joan continued the old arrangement. They would wait a year for appearances sake then get married. They saw no reason they should abstain from sex while they waited. It made economic sense to combine the two families and they could sleep together every night. That made sense too. The two of them were very compatible, and to tell the truth once a week sex was far from satisfactory.

Lapping Joan's cunt had rejuvenated Harry's prick as it usually did. He moved his body over Joan, she positioned the head in her cunt hole, and he slowly pumped his prick in and out of her cunt. Joan matched his speed and lifted her hips to fully engulf his eight inch prick each time he pushed down. The action was more leisurely, after five minutes they speeded up. Joan had her first orgasm and her cunt contracted around Harry's prick. By the time Joan was on her third orgasm; spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble; he flooded her cunt with a load of cum. They lay side by side, Harry ran his fingered Joan's cunt and she gently massaged his rather limp prick.

Joan may have been out swapping but she was still a mother. No matter what she worried about her two girls. "I hope the kids are all right, I don't like leaving them without a baby sitter."

Harry had been a little overprotective of his two boys since their mother's death too. "I know what you mean but I guess they're all right. They really don't need a sitter any more. At fourteen and thirteen the older ones sit for other kids on the block, there's no good reason for them to need one."

That didn't stop Joan from being a mother. "Yeh, I know that but they're still my babies. I worry."

Harry was struck by another thought. "Talk about worrying, what happens when we get all four of them in the same house. We'll have to watch them like hawks."

Joan smiled at Harry's concern, "Hell, they're together all the time now. I don't guess they can do any more living together than they can do right now."

Harry mused, "If I were my boy, Allen, I'd be trying to get into Alice's pants. The way she twitches her ass when she goes by me gives me a hard on now and then. I'd like to get her in bed and I might if she weren't your daughter. I think she does it on purpose."

Now Joan laughed outright, "You can bet your life on that. She's practicing on you. She feels you're safe and she wants to learn how to attract a boy. If she got a positive response from you she'd be both flattered and scared to death. Allen's cute too. He springs a hard on every time I get into that bikini. I bet he'd run too, if I ever came on to him. If he weren't your son I just might try that. I get wet when I see that bulge in his bathing suit.

Harry knew that there were differences between his two boys. "I worry more about the younger ones. David and Susan spend too much time sitting together holding hands. Those are the two that might try to do some experimenting. They're more mischievous and they're more venturesome than the older two anyway."

Joan wasn't that concerned about them. "David and Susan are in the throes of puppy love. I wouldn't worry too much, they'll probably get over it in a year or so. About the older ones, I'll make a deal. You seduce Alice and I'll seduce Allen. Now there's an idea, how does that grab you?"

"Right around my prick, but they're too young yet. Let's wait a couple of years and we'll see if we can get all of them into family sex."

"You're on! I hadn't realized how interesting that idea was. I'm horny. Let's sixty nine."

They sixty nined.

Friday, April 1; Evening, At Home:

The four kids played monopoly. Alice was a big girl who had developed early. She was the same height as her mother and had her mother's coloring. She wore a C cup bra and was embarrassed by the way it pushed out from her chest. Her figure was an enticing thirty four, twenty, thirty two and more than one boy turned his head when she walked past.

Allen had his father's coloring and was growing into the stature of a basketball player. He was taller than his father and he wished he weighed more than his hundred and forty pounds. He didn't weigh enough to push the boys around for position under the basket. He was shy and was embarrassed by the attention the cheer leaders gave him as the star of the junior high basketball team. He got a hard on when he saw them in their brief costumes but he liked Alice a lot better than he liked any of them.

Susan was still wearing her training bra and was anxious to grow into a B cup. She pushed her chest out every time she thought about it. She had silver blond hair and deep blue eyes that sparkled. She was in love with David but was pleased when the other boys in her class looked at her.

David was a red headed, freckle faced, extrovert with a big grin and dimples. He was barely five two and weighed ninety pounds. He got his more cautious older brother into situations that Allen would rather not get into. Since their mother had died, Allen considered David his responsibility. He tried to avoid any trouble but David sometimes got him into scrapes.

At eight forty five the four kids broke the game up and the boys were home by the required time. They had an hour to kill before bed time and they didn't like any of the things on TV. Allen picked up a book to read.

David sprawled on the floor. "Allen?"

Allen was lost in his book.

David got a little louder. "Allen?"

Allen finally responded, "Uh, Yeh?"

David threw a blockbuster at his brother. "Where do pop and Joan go every Friday?"

Allen had some ideas but he wasn't about to try to explain them to his kid brother. "Uh, I don't know."

David continued along the same vein, "They never say where they're going. They've gone out every Friday since I can remember. When mom and Uncle Sam were alive they used too go out every Friday night too. I wonder where they go."

Allen wasn't about to let on to his kid brother that he had any idea of where they went. "I don't know. They've never told me either."

David was persistent. "Do you think they go to a movie?"

Allen didn't think so. "They'd take us if they went to the movies."

More questions yet. "Do you think they go dancing?"

Allen was sure that wasn't it. "Uh, uh. Remember how mom complained about pop not wanting to dance?"

David did remember that, but he wanted a more definitive answer." I guess so, but what can they do so late. It doesn't take that long just to have dinner. Don't you wonder what they do?"

David backed Allen into a corner. Allen wasn't about to lie to David but he certainly didn't want to discuss his suspicions with his younger brother. "Yeh, I guess so. But they could be doing lots of things."

"Like what?"

"Uh, I don't know"

"You said there were lots of things. Like what?"

"Gee, I have no idea. They have things they enjoy doing together or they wouldn't go out together every Friday."

David shocked Allen with his next question. "You said they could do lots of things. I know some of the things a man can do with a woman. Do you think they're doing them together?"

Allen blushed and stammered. David had the same ideas he had. "Uh, well, yeh, I guess so. They might be."

"Wow! Would I like to do some of those things."

"Gee, so would I, but we're too young."

"Uh, I wonder what they do with each other. Uh, I sometimes think of them doing things together when I jerk off. Do you?"

Allen squirmed and looked away from his brother. His brother was hitting too close to home. "Gee, well, I guess I do. It makes it feel better when you come."

"Yeh, I know. What do you think they do to each other?"

"Uh, I guess they fuck."

David thought for a moment, "Do you think that's all they do?"

Again Allen was caught in a bind, He didn't want to be specific. "Uh, maybe they do other things."

"Do you think so?"

Allen gave up and suggested, "I don't know. Pop could lap Joan's cunt and she could suck his cock, I guess. I don't know if people really do that but I've heard they do."

"Wow! Uh, Allen?"


"Do you have a hard on? I do."

Allen couldn't deny it. The front of his pants was pushed out. Thinking about what his father and Joan did together always did that to him. The fact that David had observed it embarrassed him. Allen blushed and stammered again. "Uh, I guess so."

"So do I. Sometimes I get hard when I hold Susan's hand. Do you get hard when you think about Alice? I get hard when I think about Susan. I think about doing things with her and I have to jerk off. Do you jerk off when you think about Alice?"

This was more personal than they'd gotten before. Allen didn't want to tell David his innermost thoughts. He looked at David and decided the hell with it. "Gees yeh, I sometimes jerk off thinking about how Alice and Susan would look without any clothes."

David cocked his head to one side and studied his brother. Allen waited, he knew that David was making a decision.

David heaved a deep breath. "Allen, if I show you something real secret will you promise never to tell anyone?"

Now what was David up to? "Sure, I won't tell."

"Cross your heart, hope to die?"

What was David thinking about? Allen didn't mind going through the ritual. "Cross my heart, hope to die."

David hesitated and looked at his brother. "It's almost ten o'clock. Come to my room."

A very similar conversation was taking place in the house next door. The girls had cleaned up and put away the Monopoly set. Alice read a magazine while Susan looked off in the distance getting her thoughts together. The girls, however, were much more direct than the boys were.


"Uh, yeh?"

"Where do mom and Harry go Friday night?"

"I don't know, I think they go somewhere and do things with each other."

"Uh huh, I think so too. What do they do?"

"Well, if they're doing things I guess Harry fucks mom and they may do other things too."

"Other things, like what?"

"Gee, I've heard of people doing some things but I don't know if they really do. Mom might suck Harry's prick and Harry might lick her cunt."

"Wow! Do you think so?"

"I don't know, but if they went dancing or to the movies they'd say something about it. They never say where they went or what they did."

"Gee, I get wet between my legs when I think about them doing things together. Don't You, Alice?"

"I sure do. I get wet thinking about what Allen has in his pants too. Sometimes I think about doing things with Allen and finger fuck myself. Do you get wet thinking about doing things with David."

"Yeh, I get wet thinking of doing things with him and I get wet just sitting and holding his hand. I wish he'd feel me between the legs and let me feel him too. I do the same thing you do. I think about him and push my fingers between my legs."

Susan stopped and looked at Alice. Just as Allen knew the signs of David making decisions, Alice knew when Susan was going through the same process.

"Uh, Alice, if I show you something real secret will you promise never to tell anyone?"

Alice couldn't remember Susan asking for such blanket secrecy. She couldn't think of anything that couldn't be kept secret. "Sure, I won't tell."

"Cross your heart, hope to die?"

What was Susan getting at? Well there was one way to find out. "Cross my heart, hope to die."

"I know what David looks like down there. And that makes it even better when I rub myself."

Alice burst in on her little sister. "What do you mean, 'you know what he looks like', have you seen him without his clothes on?"

Susan studied Alice again and Alice had to wait a while. Susan's answer was rather indirect. "Uh, It's almost ten o'clock. Come on to my room and I'll show you something. Remember you promised you wouldn't tell."

The two girls went up to Susan's room.

In the other house David took Allen's hand and pulled him upstairs into his room. He moved a chair to one side of the window and told Allen to sit in it. He turned on the light and undressed. Allen started to pull the shade down and David stopped him.

"No, this is what I wanted to show you. Uh, Susan has the room right across from me and," David blushed beet red, "uh, I let her see me get undressed."

Allen watched wide eyed as David stripped to his under shorts, turned his back to the window, and pulled down his underpants. His three inch miniature prick pointed up to the ceiling and throbbed. It was surrounded by a few strands of bright red hair.

David slowly turned around so that he was facing the window. He posed there for a moment then quickly pulled on his pajamas, heaved a sigh of relief, and went over to turn off the light. He looked at Allen and whispered. "Gee, I've been doing that for almost a month and it doesn't get any easier. Now watch through the window."

The girls arrived in Susan's room as David turned the light on in his room. Both the girls watched David get undressed. When he turned toward the window Susan gasped and rubbed her cunt through her pants.

David turned off the light. Susan got Alice out of sight and put on the light. Now Alice gasped, Susan was going to let David see her without any clothes on!

Susan put on much the same performance David had. She removed all her clothes except her bra and panties. She turned away from the window and removed them, she pushed out her chest, and then turned to the window. Her breasts barely mounded away from her body but the nipples were swollen and jutted out. She posed and let David have a full view of her body.

David reached in to his pajamas and massaged his prick as his eyes devoured Susan's slim figure. He couldn't see inside the slit between Susan's legs but the silky fine blond hair hid nothing.

Allen was much too interested in what was going on in the next house to notice David's hand pumping back and forth on his prick. He had to stop rubbing the front of his own jeans before he shot off into his pants. How could his kid brother do something like this? Where did he get the nerve? "Wow! How could you watch that without jerking off?"

"Uh, I just did."

David pulled down the shade and turned on the light. He lowered his pajamas, and continued pulling his prick. Allen stared. Watching his brother jerk off was as exciting as watching Susan get undressed.

Allen blushed, pulled out his five inch prick, spit on his hand, and started pumping. David hadn't seen his brother with a hard on before. He didn't know a prick got that big. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; he shot another load of cum into his hand. He slowed down and held still hard prick while he watched Allen. It was as exciting as seeing Susan without any clothes.

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Allen released his load of cum. Allen's prick subsided to a limp state. David had loads of questions.

"Wow! Your prick is big. Will mine get as big as yours someday? How come it gets soft after you shoot off? Mine stays hard until I stop jerking off. When I watch Susan undress, I jerk off three or four times and have to stop because my balls ache. I think I jerk off too much but it feels so good I can't stop. How often do you jerk off? Do your balls ache if you jerk off too much, mine do. Gee, I wish my prick was as big as yours."

Allen was so amused at his brother's string of questions and he forgot to be embarrassed. He was surprised his brother didn't loose his hard on. He only had himself as an example but he thought that all boys got soft after they shot off. He couldn't admit that he didn't know everything. He held up his hand to stop the stream of questions. "Whoa, little brother, one at a time."

He tried to answer them in order. "I guess your prick will get this big. My prick was smaller than yours when I was your age and it hasn't stopped growing. It grew real fast at first but now it's a months before I can measure a difference. It always gets soft after I shoot off, but if I'm really horny it gets hard again real quick."

To illustrate this point Allen's prick pulsed up to another erection as Allen continued, "Let's see? I do feel the same way as you do about jerking off. I think I do it too much too, but it feels to good to stop. And, yes, sometimes I jerk off till my balls ache. Does that answer all your questions? Uh, David, can I come in here every night and watch?"

"Gees, yeh." David gave his brother a big grin. "Then we can jerk off together while we watch. I'd like that. I like watching you jerk off and having you watch me do it."

David paused again. "Uh, Allen?"

What was David thinking now? "Yeh?"

David had a suggestion. "Why don't you try doing the same thing with Alice? Her room is across from yours. That would be real neat. I wonder what her big tits look like. I'll bet they're awesome. They're almost as big as Joan's"

"Gee, I couldn't. I'd be too embarrassed. How did you ever get up the nerve?"

"Well, I forgot to pull down the shade one night and got undressed. When I turned off my light I saw Susan's light turn on and she got undressed. Wow! I jerked off four times that night. I know my balls ached before I stopped. The next night she did the same thing. The night after that her window stayed dark and I got the message that she'd let me see her if I let me see her if I let her see me. It wasn't easy but I turned on the light and got undressed. If I wanted to see her, it was only fair that I let her see me. I wanted to see her so bad, I had to get up the nerve."

Allen sat there and thought. He looked at his hard prick, stroked it a few times, and considered his brother's suggestion. He watched his brother go through the same motions.

"Uh, David, will you come with me while I try it?"

"Wow! Gees yeh! I'd like that. I want to see Alice too."

The girls were on the same wave length as the boys. They talked about the boys. They were doing the same things too, if you took into consideration the physiological differences of boys and girls. Alice watched Susan pump her finger in and out of her pubescent cunt. She pulled down her jeans and joined her. After each of them had several orgasms they slowed down and stopped to catch their breaths.

"Wow, Susan, how did you ever get started doing that with David."

Susan explained how she and David had gotten started. When she was finished she gave her sister a speculative look. "Gee, I want to do even more. One of these nights, when I get up enough nerve, I'm going to rub my cunt while he's watching and try to get him to jerk off for me. That would be neat. I'd like to see what happens when a boy shoots off."

Alice pondered for a moment then grinned at her sister.

"Come on to my room. Allen's is right across from it. I've seen him start to get undressed lots of times but then he pulls down the shade before things get interesting. Let's see if I can get him to show us his prick."

The two girls rushed into Alice's room, turned on the light, and pulled up the shade. The boys arrived in Allen's room and saw the light go on. They ran to the window to watch without turning on the light. What was happening? Why was Susan with Alice?

"Wow! Do you think Alice was with Susan like you were with me?"

"Uh, I guess so. I don't know if I can get up the nerve with both of them there."

"You gotto, Allen, or they won't let you see them again. I'll tell you what, I'll get undressed at the same time you do. Gee, Alice must have already seen me naked tonight anyway. I wish I'd known, that would have made it even better. I want to see what Alice looks like naked. Wow!"

Susan saw David as the boys came into Allen's bedroom door. "Oooo! David is with Allen! Do you think Allen was with David like you were with me?"

"I'll bet he was!"

"Wow! He must have seen me get undressed. Knowing he was watching would have made it more exciting. I'll get undressed with you, I want to see Allen's prick looks like. They've been thinking the same thing we were. I'll bet Allen's going to get naked for you too."

Susan sat on the bed and Alice disrobed. Both boys were panting by the time Alice was down to her bra and panties. She turned her back to the boys and slowly removed them.

She took a deep breath, pushed out her chest, and turned toward the window. Her dark bush let only the slightest glimpse of the slit between her legs show. Susan got up, faced the window, and made a production of taking off her pajamas.

The girls stood there and posed, Susan then drew a deep breath. "Alice, I'm going to do it!"

Before she had a chance to loose her nerve Susan pushed her middle finger into her cunt and pumped it in and out. Both boys shot off. Alice wasn't going to let twelve year old Susan upstage her. She was almost two years older than her sister and she had to show that she wasn't too chicken to do the same thing that Susan was doing. Alice pushed two fingers into her cunt and pumped them in and out.

Allen had just shot off but his prick came back to attention in a hurry and David's hand speeded up again. David looked as Allen started to pump and he suddenly realized that they had to let the girls see them jerk off in a few minutes. He knew that he'd be ready but Allen's prick would be soft if he shot off again. He grabbed his brother's wrist.

"Gee, we better stop. They're going to want to watch us jerk off."

"I couldn't do that!"

"But they won't finger fuck themselves again if we don't"

"That's right! I guess I have too."

The boys watched the girls' fingers move faster and faster. It was seconds until the girls hips jerked and they brought themselves off. The boys had the academic knowledge that girls didn't shoot anything out of their cunts but it seemed anticlimactic to jerk your hips like that and not have anything happen.

"Wow! Finger fucking yourself sure feels better when you know the boys are watching."

"It sure does! Why don't we leave the light on and do it again if the boys jerk off for us. I bet it feels even better if we're watching the boys jerk off."

"Yeh, let's try that. That'll be neat."

The girls didn't turn away from the window or put their pajamas on. They sat down on the edge of the bed facing the window and watched.

David blushed beet red, he knew what was required. "Okay, Allen. I guess they're going to leave the light on. It's our turn to get naked."

The changed situation registered on him. "Gee, they're not getting dressed, it'll be neat to see them like that while we're jerking off. It'll make jerking off even better."

The boys went through the same procedures that the girls had except that Allen was a good deal more bashful than Alice had been. Before he could turn to face the window he hesitated and blushed several times. When he couldn't put it off any longer he turned toward the window and let the girls see his throbbing prick.

David took off his pajamas and stood beside Allen, and almost lost his nerve. "Uh, Allen. We have to jerk off for them."

Allen had buck fever. "Gees, I can't!"

The girls left the boys no choice. They got up from the bed and moved toward the window. Alice put her hand in front of her crotch and made jerk off motions with it. What she expected them to do was obvious.

David took a deep breath and pumped on his rigid prick. Just as he'd thought, jerking off while he watched the girls finger fuck themselves was even neater. "Come on, Allen, you gotta!"

Allen looked at David and, as if mesmerized, pumped on his five inch cock. The girls pumped their fingers in their cunts in the same rhythm that the boys were using. The boys lasted more than two minutes before their spurts of cum arched through the air. The girls twitched and shuddered at the same time. They all slowed down. The boys gently massaged the dribbles of cum into their cocks, the girls rubbed their fingers over their throbbing clits.

Allen noticed the time and got worried that their father would be home soon. He warned David and chased him to his room. Alice had the same worry at the same time and sent Susan off. None of them put their pajamas on. They turned off the lights and were deep in an exhausted sleep when their parents got back to the house.

Harry and Joan both looked in on their kids before going to bed. They both found it strange that their kids were sleeping in the nude but thought it was just an aberration.


Chapter - 2

Saturday, April 2; Morning:

The kids slept late the next morning. Their parents got them up about nine to go on a trip to the zoo that had been planned several weeks before. It had become customary on these occasions to get a fast food breakfast on the way to where they were going. Neither car was big enough for all six so they split up in the usual three and three. Joan loaded David and Susan into the rear seat of her car, Harry took Allen and Alice.

Joan noticed at once that the kids weren't acting as they normally did. Each time they looked at each other they blushed. David and Susan didn't hold hands, sat at opposite ends of the seat, and they avoided looking at each other. She wondered what had happened between them. Last night had been the first time the kids had been left by themselves at night.

After breakfast the kids seemed more settled but they were still somewhat reserved with each other. Joan was sure something had happened night before. They toured some of the exhibits and when they got to the monkey house Joan signaled Harry to stay with her while they let the kids go inside and sat down on a bench to wait for them.

"Harry, do you notice anything odd about the kids?"

"Now that you mention it they do seem to be a little subdued."

"Hmm, did you check on them before you went to sleep last night?"

"Yeh, they were both sleeping in the nude, they don't usually do that except in the summer."

"Something must have happened. Something that they're having some trouble handling. They all blushed when they saw each other this morning. They weren't chattering as much as usual this morning either."

"Uh, yeh. I wondered what was going on but didn't think too much of it. Something must have happened though. I wonder what it could have been."

"They don't act like they're upset with each other, they just act like they don't know how to handle something that's come up. I'll bet it has something to do with what we were talking about last night. Maybe they just realized what we do on Saturday nights. No I don't think they would talk to each other about that yet.

"When that little redhead of yours blushes I could eat him up. Hmm, there's an idea. I bet it would drive him up a wall. I'd like to try it. Sucking a load of cum out of his little cock would be lots of fun."

"Whoa, he's still a little young. Give him a chance. However, from what I saw last night his prick isn't that little any more and he's been changing his sheets lately. He's beginning to mature. Hmm, you might frighten David at first, but that wouldn't last. He'd be after you for more of the same every chance he got."

"I bet he would but I do think he's a little too young. For that matter, I bet you just drool at the idea of lapping Susan's little cunt. We better keep our eyes open, however. Maybe we can find out what's going on."

"You're sure right about Susan and I guess you're right about the rest. They were acting a little strange, but they seem to have gotten over it. Here they come now."

When the kids had entered the monkey house they were still a little embarrassed about what had gone on the night before. They hadn't been out of hearing of the adults yet and each was afraid that one of the others would want to discuss what they'd done. All of them knew that they were going to do it again but they weren't ready to talk about it yet.

They split into natural pairings and wandered along the row of exhibits. David and Susan stopped in front of the capuchin cage and watched their antics. One of the young monkeys was fingering his penis, then jerked off. Susan giggled and looked at David. He sprang a hard on, blushed, looked at Susan and realized she wasn't going to say anything about it. She grabbed his hand and held it while they watched until a few spurts of cum flew out of the monkey's prick.

The older pair noticed the interest shown and came to watch too. They both giggled then looked at each other. Each of them realized the other wasn't going to mention last night.

The four kids came out of the monkey house laughing and talking together. Susan held David's hand and Alice's and Allen's arms brushed when they walked. They wouldn't have to talk about last night. Things could go on as they were. They could have their shows at night and no one would say a word.

The rest of the day went as planned and everyone had a good time. They had dinner at a restaurant, went to a movie, and it was close to the kids bedtime when they got home. Both Harry and Joan were surprised that the kids didn't raise the usual minor fuss when they were sent to bed.

Saturday, April 2; Evening:

Joan decided to visit with Harry for a while. She passed a window on the way to the door and noticed the light in David's room. She looked up and almost burst out laughing. David was at the window without a stitch on. His hand pumped on his prick. Harry was right, it wasn't that small. Her cunt got wet and she started too drool. She may have been kidding this morning but now she intended to suck on that young cock and in the not too distant future.

Why was David standing at the window jerking off? It didn't take a genius to figure that one out. He was letting Susan see what he was doing and giving her a show. That must be what had happened last night. Was last night the first time? It probably was, that must be why they had all been so shy and tongue tied that morning. His little prick was enticing. She'd love to suck a couple of loads of cum out of it.

The older kids had acted the same way. Were they doing the same thing? Joan looked at Allen's window and saw the shade up and the light on too. She moved to the dining room and Allen was doing the same thing. That adolescent cock looked good enough to eat also. Maybe they would have to get in to that family sex earlier than they had planned.

Joan hurried next door, put her finger to her lips, and led Harry over to the dining room window facing her house. Susan was standing at the window of her bedroom finger fucking herself. Harry's chin dropped, and his prick came to attention.

He turned to Joan and whispered in her ear. "You're right, I'd have a ball lapping that almost hairless cunt. What the hell's going on?"

"Your boys are at their bedroom windows jerking off too. Let's see what Alice is up to. I'll bet she's giving Allen a show too."

They moved into the dining room. Alice stood in the window nude, rubbed a tit with one hand and ran the fingers of the other in and out of her cunt. The adults watched until her hips jerked and she shivered with one of the best orgasms she'd ever had.

Alice moved from the window, the show was over. The adults returned to the living room and sat on the couch looking at each other. How did they handle the kids? How did they handle themselves? They'd had a very satisfactory time the night before but Harry had a raging hard on and Joan's cunt was sopping wet.

Harry broke the silence. "Where do we go from here."

"Well, the first thing is get on the couch and fuck. The show the kids put on has me too horny too wait until next Friday night. The kids must have guessed what we do every Friday night. Let's put on a show for your boys. I'm sure they'll hear us and spy from the head of the stairs. After that we can try to figure out what to do about them."

Harry didn't need very much persuading. He was stripped before Joan was out of her bra and panties. Joan leaned over, licked a drop of pre cum from the head of his prick, pushed him down, and mounted him. Her cunt slid down over his prick and she leaned forward so he could suck on her tit. Harry sucked it into his mouth and gently nibbled on the nipple.

Neither Joan nor Harry were quiet when they fucked. The couch springs squeaked. Joan moaned and Harry grunted. They made quite a racket. Both boys finished their shows and were getting into bed. They heard the noises coming from the lower floor and met at the head of the stairs.

Joan bounced on Harry's prick and he pushed his hips up to meet each of her down thrusts. They moved faster and faster. Harry's back arched, his whole body quivered, and he grunted. Joan moaned even louder than Harry did. Harry settled back onto the couch and Joan lifted her cunt off his limp prick, allowing it to slide out with a squishing sound.

Both boys were astonished when Joan turned and sucked Harry's limp cock into her mouth. Harry lapped the rest of his cum from Joan's cunt. The boys observed the sixty nine and had to squeeze their pricks to keep from coming. They watched till the pair separated then tiptoed back to Allen's room to talk this over.

The adults sat next to each other on the couch and caught their breaths. Joan fondled Harry's prick and he massaged her clit. Joan grinned at Harry.

"I'll bet all that noise attracted their attention. I hope they enjoyed that show."

They considered what to do about the kids. "Harry, they're not going to be satisfied with shows very long. I don't want inexperienced virgins to take my girls' cherries. That's what happened to me when I was sixteen. It took over three years and an experienced lover to get me over the hang ups that I developed from that disaster. We have to move up our time table on the training of those kids."

Harry gave her a big grin. "You're trying to tell me you want to train my boys before they go after your girls?"

It was Joan's turn to laugh. "That's not a bad idea, I like it. However, My idea was that you should train my girls."

Harry's grin faded and he got a thoughtful look. "You know as much fun as that would be, I'd rather not. One of my big disappointments is that I never fucked a virgin. I don't want to take that away from my boys. I think the girls would like to have the boys take their cherries too. Having you train the boys is the best idea. You'll enjoy doing it. Don't misunderstand me, once the boys have had them I'd like to try them both on for size, but I don't want to be the one to start them out."

"Hmm, I hadn't thought of that angle. I guess you're right about the girls too. How about a deal? I'll teach the boys all about sex. I can tell you I'll enjoy doing that. You teach the girls about oral sex. That way the boys will know what to do when they get to the girls and the girls will have an expert to get them started."

"I like the idea but what do I do if the girls try to rape me?"

"Use the excuse that your prick's to big for them and you don't want to hurt them. Oh, I have a better Idea. They're not on the pill, you can say you're afraid of getting them pregnant. In fact you could lecture them about fucking the boys before they get on the pill. I think they'll go along with that. I'll get them on the pill as soon as we're finished with our sex education courses."

"How do we go about all this? You won't have much trouble getting the boys to cooperate while you seduce them. They might be scared at first but I don't think that would last long, they'll be too interested in what's happening. I won't force myself on the girls though, and that might slow things down. Another thing, the kids are always together, how do we isolate the kids so we can put our plan into operation?"

"Pooh don't you realize it's the female that does the seducing. We'll just set it up so that the girls can rape you. It's best to start with Alice. Wear thin pants and no underpants. When she twitches her ass at you, let her see your hard on. Tell her what she's doing to you and let nature take its course. I want to start with that little red headed devil of yours. I watched him jerking off tonight and I drooled. How do we isolate them? I know. We'll nit pick. Let's start out with David. He's usually into some sort of mischief. Catch him at something, ground him, and make him stay home with me while you take the other three out. That's the punishment we usually use."

"There's another problem we're going to have."


"Once we get them trained, and they get together their not going to want to sleep alone. It won't look good to have David coming out of your house in the morning or Alice coming out of mine. Besides, I'm tired of sleeping alone. This sex on the living room couch is fun and it's certainly better than waiting for Friday night but I want to have you in bed with me. I have an idea that we'll both want to be with them now and then. As they would say, it'll be neat."

"All right the hell with appearances. We'll get married and live in the same house. Gee, neither of our houses is really big enough. I know. Your lot is a little bigger than mine. The six of us will move into my house while we renovate yours. It will be crowded but I'm absolutely certain that the kids won't mind sleeping two to a bed. Once your house is renovated we'll rent mine out to cover the cost of the renovation.

"Hmm, I wouldn't mind the crowding either. My mouth waters at the idea of catching that little redhead when he gets home from school and sucking a fresh load of cum out of that cute little prick of his."

Having solved the problem of segregating the kids and adjusting the living arrangements, they went back to the other problem and sixty nined again.

Upstairs the boys just sat there. David glanced at his cock and started to jerk off. Allen joined him. In short order both of them had a handful of cum. David sat and looked at grayish white viscose fluid in his hand.

"Gee, women actually do suck on a man's prick. I wonder what that feels like. I'll bet it's neat."

"Yeh, and men lap a woman's cunt."

"Uh, Did you see pop lick his cum out of Joan's cunt?"

"That seems nasty. Uh, I wonder what it tastes like?"

David looked at his hand, blushed, made a decision, looked at his handful of cum again, lifted it to his mouth, and touched it with the tip of his tongue. He grinned at his brother and licked the rest of it out of his hand. Allen watched n amazement. David was doing what he had been thinking about.

For the last year Allen had been bringing his hand to his face after jerking off and smelling the cum. He even stuck his tongue out a few times but never completed the action. He wanted to taste his cum but didn't have the nerve. His younger brother was being more daring than he was again. He copied David's motions and found it wasn't nasty after all. What would it taste like coming from a woman's cunt? He shrugged and thought it would be a long time before he ever found out.

The boys lay on the bed and compared notes on what they'd seen Joan and their father do. They speculated on what lapping cunt would be like and how it would feel to have your cock sucked. Allen's prick got hard again. David's never got soft. Both boys fondling their pricks. They weren't really jerking off, just making their pricks feel good. David watched Allen's hand, got a studious look, and cocked his head again. Allen waited for what he was going to come up with this time.

"Uh, Allen?"


"Uh, Can I feel your prick? I want to find out what a bigger prick feels like. That wouldn't make me gay, would it?"

"Gee, I don't think your gay. Why would you be so interested in Susan? Uh, yeh, I guess you can feel my prick. Can I feel yours?"

Since Allen wasn't going to object to it, David grinned at his brother and moved his hand toward Allen's prick. Allen wrapped his fingers around David's hard prick. Wow! That was neat. Somebody else holding your prick felt real good. Both the boys had the same idea. They looked at each other and grinned.

Each released the other long enough to spit on his palm and pumped his hand up and down his brother's prick. Each watched his brother massage his prick. They fucked their pricks into each other's hand. Wow! This felt better then jerking yourself off.

David slowed his hand motion down. He didn't want Allen to shoot off too quick, he wanted to make his brother's pleasure last as long as possible. He slowed down his own hip thrusts at the same time.

Having Allen's hand pump up and down on his prick sure did feel good. Would a girl's hand feel any better? Would Susan's? He was sure it would. What would someone sucking his prick feel like? Wow! That would be awesome! But he was sure that he wouldn't have a girl do something like that to him very soon.

Allen knew what David was doing when he slowed the action and he followed suit. David's hand felt better on his prick than his own ever had. He wanted this to last as much as David did. Could it feel even better than this if he were pushing his cock into Alice's cunt or having her suck him off? He didn't expect that would happen very soon.

The boys felt tension building up. Their hips came up off the bed. Jets of cum spurted out of their pricks and dribbled down their hands. The motion slowed down, Allen's prick deflated, David's prick stayed hard but his hips relaxed onto the bed.

David looked at his hand, shrugged, and licked the cum off. He wanted to find out if Allen's cum tasted the same as his did. It wasn't quite the same, it was a little stronger, but he liked it. He grinned at Allen, pleased with his own daring.

Allen hadn't thought about tasting his brother's cum. When he saw what David did, he wondered if David's tasted the same as his. There was one easy way to find out. David certainly couldn't object to his tasting it. Allen looked at the viscous fluid in his hand, licked at it and came to the conclusions that it was more delicately flavored than his own but just as good tasting.

The boys didn't say another word. They both knew they wanted to do this again. They both knew they were going to do it every chance they got.

David got out of Allen's bed, still without a stitch on, to go back to his room. Harry was coming up the stairs. This was the very situation he and Joan had discussed.

"David, you were supposed to be in your room an hour ago. The next convenient group activity, you're grounded."

David didn't put up an argument. This time he was really caught with his pants down and there was no way he going to use the defense that he'd caught his father with his own pants down.


Chapter - 3

Sunday, April 3; Morning:

It was customary on Sunday morning that both families breakfast together in a family restaurant and go to church. David groused about being on restriction all through breakfast. When his father suggested that they go to a movie that afternoon Joan demurred saying she really didn't want to see that picture. David knew he was going to miss the picture and it was a good one, one he wanted to see. He groused some more in a good natured way and claimed it wasn't fair even though he knew his father had caught him dead to rights.

Joan followed the conversation and her cunt lubricated. Harry would take the rest of the kids to a movie and keep them out of the away for two and half to three hours. That would be plenty of time to have a ball with David. She wondered if David would complain if he knew what was going to happen that afternoon.

After the services Joan and Harry were standing away from the rest and Joan wanted to know how he had managed to catch David out so soon. Harry gave her a big grin and gave her an account of what had happened along with his appraisal of what had gone on before David had been caught.

"He was running from Allen's room to his when I went up stairs. He was bare assed naked, his prick was hard as a rock, and it was still glistening with cum. I'm sure the two of them were discussing what they'd seen from the head of the steps and jerking off. I wonder if they've gotten to the point that they jerk each other off."

Sunday, April 3; Afternoon:

At one o'clock Harry left with Allen and the two girls. Joan would stay home and read. This set the stage for David's punishment to go into effect. David wandered over to her house and found her leaning back in an easy chair reading a book.

David did a double take. Joan was wearing a short skirt and no panties, he could see her bush of brown hair. He blushed beet red and got a hard on. She had even more hair down there than Alice. Maybe he could see the slit between her legs. David sat on a couch opposite Joan. He tried to see some more without appearing to be looking in Joan's direction. He sat for few moments and squirmed. Joan observed David trying to get a better view so she wiggled her hips a little, and spread her legs a little farther.

Wow! Now he could see a pink slit between her legs and his prick throbbed. It was more than his adolescent libido could take. He hurried into the bathroom to jerk off so he wouldn't come in his pants. He had spit on his hand and was sliding it down his cock when the door opened. Joan walked in on him. He blushed and pushed his prick down between his thighs.

"Oh! I'm sorry, David, I didn't realize you were in here." Joan went through all the motions of a double take. "Uh, what are you doing?"

David was doing just what she expected him to be doing and his prick was just as cute up close as it had appeared from his bedroom window. David squeezed his thighs together to keep his prick hidden. He couldn't look Joan in the eyes, he let his head hang.

He was expected to answer when an adult asked a question but how could he tell Joan that he was jerking off? You just didn't say things like that to a grown up lady even if you could do it while Susan watched.

"Oh, don't hide it, David, you weren't hiding it from Susan when I saw you jerking off last night. I'll bet she finger fucked herself while you watched?"

David's chin dropped to his chest. Joan knew what he and Susan were doing. How did adults get to know things like that.

For once the ebullient David was at loss for words. Joan pushed the door farther open and moved into the bathroom, pulled his hand away, and wedged her hand between his clenched thighs. She wrapped her fingers around his still hard prick and pumped several times. She grinned at David and said, "You seem to have a hard problem right now, maybe I can help you with it."

Joan felt David's pulse throb in his prick. She ran her thumb across the head. David's hips jerked and he deposited a load of young boy cum in her hand. She massaged David's prick until his balls were drained and she was surprised when his prick didn't subside.

David was one of those males who didn't loose his hard on! Boy was she going to have fun with him. She watched David's chin drop farther when she licked the cum off the palm of her hand. This would be an afternoon they would both remember for the rest of their lives.

"Why don't you come to my bedroom, David, I have a lot of ideas about what we can do about a hard problem like this. You may not even have heard about some of them."

David's mind was churning. It was obvious that Joan wasn't upset that he'd been having shows with Susan, or that he was jerking off, or that he shot a load of cum into her hand. She'd calmly licked his cum off her hand. What was happening? Did Joan want to do things with him? Had Joan planned what was happening? He'd never seen her without her panties on before. David didn't know what to do or what to say.

A woman holding his cock felt even better than when Allen held it. Was he going to find out those other things? What it was like to fuck? Was he going to get a chance to find out a cunt tasted like? He wasn't sure he wanted to do that. David was a pretty bright boy, he knew when to roll with the punches. He'd go along with what Joan wanted, that was the way to find out. He finally found his tongue and asked some of the questions.

"You want to do things with me? You want me to do things with you? Why would you want to do things with a little kid like me? You can do things with dad and his thing is a lot bigger than mine is."

"You bet I want to do things with you, and don't worry about the size of your prick. There's an old saying 'it isn't the size, it's the way you use it'. A woman can get just as much pleasure out of your boy sized cock as she can get out of your father's monster. I decided we'd do things together when I saw you jerking off last night."

David had strong ethical sense and at this point he had an acute attack of conscience. This was his father's girl friend. He'd seen them doing things together last night so it was obvious that Joan belonged to his father. With his powerful feeling of family loyalty, he didn't want to usurp his father's rights. "But you do things with Dad! It isn't right for me to do things with you."

"David, let's get some things straight. I don't do things with your dad. We fuck, I suck his cock, he laps my cunt, we sixty nine, and sometimes other things. I was holding your prick when you shot a load of cum into my hand. You know all those words, get accustomed to using the words if you are going to do the acts."

David cocked his head and grinned at Joan. He was willing to play that game with her. "Well, uh, yeh, I guess you know I saw you fucking dad last night. Then you sucked his cock and he lapped your cunt; gee, it does feel better when you say things like that; but it doesn't make any difference, it isn't right for me to do things with you."

"David, Your parents, my husband, and I had sex together for a long time. When your mother was killed the three of us kept on, and when Sam died your father and I still kept having our Friday nights out. Your father knows exactly what's going on here today and approves of it. He's going to keep the rest of the kids away as long as he can so we can have some fun."


Joan had David in the bedroom and had his pants off. She took off her dress and was nude beneath it! This beautiful woman, with tits that didn't stop, wanted to do things, uh, wanted to suck his prick and have him fuck her. David stood there and stared with his mouth hanging open. He still couldn't believe it.

"Come on, David, I want to have some fun with that cute little prick of yours. You're not being fair with me. You still have some clothes on."

David found himself in the same room as a naked woman. He could even smell her and she smelled real good. It took a while before he could take his eyes off Joan and strip off the rest of his clothes.

Joan, in turn, was admiring David's hairless young body. She thought it was as beautiful as he thought hers was. He had the smooth thin creamy skin of many red heads. His prick stood up at a sixty degree angle and throbbed with his pulse. A drop of pre cum formed on his pisshole as she watched. The head of his three inch cock was bright pink and the translucent skin on the shaft showed a tracery of fine blue veins.

His prick was pretty enough to eat and that was the first thing she intended to do. He was adorable enough to deserve a trip around the world. She'd make his first come with a female a memorable one.

Joan picked David up, hugged him close, and kissed him. It was like no kiss David ever had. Joan let her lips go soft and her tongue touch his lips. He opened his lips and let her tongue probe his mouth. It touched his tongue and it felt like an electric shock. The combination of the kiss, her tits pressed against his bare chest, and his prick rubbing against the bare skin of her belly almost made him shoot off again.

Joan laid him down on the bed and lay down beside him. She kissed him again and David pushed his tongue into her mouth. He was a fast learner. After sucking each other's tongue, Joan licked her way around to David's neck. Wow, did that feel funny, a good sort of funny. It gave him goose flesh. David wiggled. Joan nibbled on his ear lobe then pushed her tongue into his ear. David almost jumped off the bed.

Joan licked her way around his neck to the other ear, gave that ear the same treatment and got the same reaction. She moved on down licking David's neck and upper chest. David wiggled again. The way he reacted to every move she made was beautiful. She licked one of his nipples and sucked on it till it hardened.

David was startled. This was something new to him. "I'm a boy. My nipples aren't supposed to be sensitive. Why do they stand up like that?"

Joan didn't answer, giving David a trip around the world was too much fun. Her cunt was tingling from his reactions. She licked on his other nipple till it erected then laved his torso. David jumped again when she pushed her tongue into his navel. Joan continued down and wet his sparse pubic hair with her spit. Wow! She was going to suck his cock! He lifted his hips off the bed offering Joan the tender morsel.

As much as Joan wanted to suck a load of cum out of his pubescent cock she wasn't ready yet. She licked a couple of drops of pre cum from its head and continued on down the sides of his legs and then the bottom of his feet. David wiggled and giggled.

He didn't know why but this was real sexy. Joan sucked on each of his toes then turned him over and started up the back of his legs. She reached the back of his knees and David jumped again. He didn't know he had so many sensitive spots.

David wiggled when Joan licked at the inside of his thighs. He lifted his hips and Joan sucked his balls into her mouth one at a time. He didn't know if he could last much longer, he felt he might shoot off before Joan ever got his prick into her mouth.

David's hips bounced when Joan licked his ass crack. Wow! how could she do something that was so nasty? Joan probed David's cute hairless pucker with her tongue and David almost went through the roof. Joan turned David on his back again. Now was the time but Joan wasn't in any hurry. She'd said she was going to drive David up a wall and she was going to do it.

She licked the drop of cum from the head of his prick and slowly ran her tongue around the rim. She massaged the underside of his prick with her tongue, her lips gathered in a little of the loose skin just under his pisshole and she sucked on it. David's head was up and he watched, awe struck, as her mouth slid over the head of his prick. His hips jerked and; spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Joan sucked this load of sweet young boy cum into her mouth and swallowed it. David had never felt anything this good in his life. He wished he could have held off a little longer. Watching Joan drink his cum as it shot out of his prick was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen.

Joan had a sympathetic orgasm as she sucked that first load of cum out of his balls. His prick still didn't get soft and his hips kept pumping! Wow! Joan bobbed her head as David's hips relaxed back onto the bed. They didn't relax for long. His hips rose to meet her descending mouth. He fucked his prick into her mouth as fast as he could. Joan bobbed her head in time with his hip thrusts. Each time her head came up she massaged the sensitive underside of his prick with her tongue. She rubbed her tongue all over the head of his prick at the top of each stroke. She sucked as hard as she could on the way down and pressed his cock against the roof of her mouth with her tongue.

David was building up to a crescendo again. His hips arched up and; spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; another load of young boy cum gushed into Joan's greedy mouth. As before she sucked this load out and swallowed every drop. She sucked gently until David's hips relaxed again. He still had a hard on!

At that point David wasn't very articulate. "Wow!"

Joan sat back on her heels and she grinned at David. She'd had several orgasms just from the reactions she got from David while she was giving him a blow job. "You liked that, did you?"

David grinned and shook his head yes. He cocked his head at her again then blushed. What could make him blush after the blow job she'd just given him. "Uh, Joan?"


"Uh, I've never seen a girl down there. Uh, can I look at you?"

"Now wait a minute. I know Susan's shown you her cunt."

David blushed again at the reference to Susan. He explained his problem.

"It's easy to see what a boy is like across the lot but you can't really see what a girl's like."

Now Joan grinned at him. "I don't know if I want you 'messing around down there' but if you want to explore my cunt, okay. I'll enjoy every minute of it. You do have a point there, a girl's plumbing is much better hidden than a boy's."

David grinned again, he was beginning to feel a little more comfortable with the situation. "Uh, can I see what the inside your cunt looks like? Is that better?"

"Now you've got the idea."

Joan lay down on her back, raised her knees, and spread her legs. David scooted between her legs and positioned his eyes about a foot away from Joan's sopping wet cunt. Wow! Did that smell good. He'd sometimes smelled a little of that odor around Susan but hadn't known what it was. He reached out his hand then looked up at Joan asking for permission to go farther.

"Go ahead. It doesn't have teeth and it won't bite you. Explore as much as you want, I'll enjoy it as much as you do. Wouldn't you like to have Susan play with your prick?"

David grinned and turned his attention to the strange piece of anatomy in front of his face. He ran a finger lightly along the slit he could see buried in Joan's bush. It was real wet and slick. He placed one hand on each side and spread the outer lips. By this time he was so engrossed in what he was doing that he almost forgot that this cunt was attached to Joan.

There were a pair of inner lips toward the bottom of the slit and a bump right at the top of that slit. He pushed one of his fingers into the slit. It slid right in with no resistance. He wiggled it back and forth and felt the slick sheath mold itself around his finger. This was where Susan pushed her finger. He pushed another finger in then another. Boy it sure would be neat to feel this around his prick. He wondered whether Joan was going to let him fuck her.

He rubbed the bump and Joan wiggled. He rubbed again and looked at her with his eyebrows raised.

"That's my clit. It gets hard just like your prick does and it's supposed to be just as sensitive as the head of your prick. Oooo, rub it again that feels good."

David rubbed it again and it did seem to get a little bigger. He rubbed it between his fingers and Joan wiggled again. He pulled his fingers from her cunt and he there was that good smell again. Wow! That smelled real neat. David blushed again, looked at Joan, and touched the tip of his tongue to his finger. He sucked his finger into his mouth. It tasted real neat too.

Joan was watching him closely and startled him by reading his mind. "Go ahead, try it from the source. You might like it. Most men do and for sure your father does."

That was like a dare. He might not be a full grown man yet but he wasn't going to prove that he was only a boy. He moved toward Joan's cunt and licked her clit. It wasn't nasty at all! Joan's hips jerked and he licked again, harder. It felt good when Joan sucked his cock and Joan said her clit was just as sensitive. He molded his lips around Joan's clit, sucked, and massaged it with his tongue. He was pleased when he made Joan's hips come up off the bed. He was doing things right.

David ran his tongue along the inner lips then thrust it between them. Wow, that really made Joan wiggle! He pushed his tongue in and out. He liked lapping cunt, he'd do it even if she didn't suck his cock in return. He sucked on the inner lips and rubbed them with his tongue. Joan tossed her head from side to side and moaned. He must be making her feel real good. It was as much fun making her feel good as it was to have her suck a load of cum out of his prick.

Joan had about as much as she could take. This pubescent kid had given her multiple orgasms. She'd lost count toward the end. She didn't remember having a more exquisite orgasm. David was very young and he was male. Any male ego, particularly a young one, thrives on praise. Joan supplied a little moral booster. "Boy, you're as good at that as your father is and he's one of the best cunt lappers I've ever met. Did you like your first taste of poon?"

David sat back on his heels and grinned. Joan thought he'd done a good job. Wow! His chest puffed up and he was proud of himself. "Gee, that was fun. I liked it. I liked that as much as I liked having you suck my cock. Uh, can I do it again?"

David moved his face back toward Joan's cunt. Joan grinned and wiggled while he licked a couple of times. Joan grabbed his ears and held his face so he was looking her in the eye. "Eager little fucker, aren't you? Wouldn't you rather find out how well your prick fits into that hole you just lapped?"

"Wow! Can I really fuck you? I always wanted to fuck a girl but I thought that I would be real old before I did. I didn't think I'd get a chance till I was at least fifteen or sixteen. Uh, do you really think my prick is big enough?"

Joan burst out laughing but pulled the young boy up along her body. He was more fun than a barrel of monkeys. As a matter of fact he was a lot more fun than most of the men she'd been to bed with. He had really enjoyed making her feel good.

"Here, put your knees between my legs and hold yourself up on your elbows."

David followed her instructions and Joan guided his prick between the inner lips of her cunt. He had been right. That tight sheath did feel neat around his prick. It didn't quite feel the same as having his cock sucked but it felt just as good. He eased his hips down and felt Joan's cunt hair tickle his belly. That felt good too.

Nobody has to give a male, no matter what his age, instructions about what to do when his prick is in a woman's cunt. David's hips flexed and his prick rode out then back in again. As he lowered his hips Joan's came up to meet him. Her stomach slapped against his and that felt neat too. He pulled back and pushed in again. In his excitement he pulled back a little too far and his prick came out of Joan's cunt. There was a mad scramble as he tried to find the hole again. Joan reached down, positioned him again, and he resumed his pumping motion.

Joan's tits were in front of his face. He lowered his head and sucked the nipple into his mouth. It had felt real good when Joan had sucked on his nipples. He felt the nipple harden in his mouth and kept on sucking. His hips flexed even faster. Joan moaned, tossed her head, and met each one of his thrusts. He moved to the other nipple and sucked on that. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; His last virgin load of cum shot into Joan's cunt.

Joan expected David to slow down but she was mistaken. It may have his last load of virgin cum but it wasn't the last load of the day. It only served to add to the lubrication. He didn't miss a beat, his hips kept thrusting his prick in and out of her cunt at top speed.

Joan was having continuous orgasms. She might share this treasure with her daughters but she certainly wasn't going to give him up. Her hips kept bouncing off the bed to meet each of David's thrusts. She didn't know how much more of his pumping she could take but she sure wasn't going to try and stop him.

Just as she thought she'd reached her limits; spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; David delivered another load of young boy cum. At that point in time, neither of them were very eloquent.



After a moment Joan switched him around to suck his still hard prick clean. David saw Joan's sloppy cunt in front of his face. Well, he liked the taste of her cunt and he'd seen his father lick his cum out of Joan's cunt. David pushed his face forward and slurped some of the mixed juices out of Joan's cunt.

Like everything else he'd done with Joan, it was neat. David sucked his cum out of Joan's cunt and licked all around to get the seepage. Joan licked his ass crack again! Some of his cum had leaked down along her ass crack. He followed the trail of cum and his tongue licked across her asshole. Joan jumped.

Gee, that wasn't nasty either. Joan was probing his ass with her tongue and it felt real neat. He hardened his tongue and tried to push it up her ass. Her hips really jerked then. David kept tongue fucking Joan's ass as long as she licked his. When Joan moved her attentions back to his prick he moved back to her cunt. This must be what they called a sixty nine. He'd seen his father do this with Joan Friday night.

David ran his tongue all the way up the length of Joan's cunt then settled back to the things he'd learned earlier. He sucked her clit, rubbed it with his tongue, licked between the inner cunt lips, then he sucked them into his mouth while he massaged them with his tongue.

Joan was doing as good a job on his prick as he was doing on her cunt. His hips flexed faster and faster. Joan's hips jerked and she rubbed her cunt all over his face. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; his prick delivered the sixth load of cum of the afternoon.

David collapsed onto the bed. They rested a few moments then Joan gathered David into her arms again and smothered him with kisses. His prick was still hard and he hunched his hips a couple of times as it pressed against her belly but he was worn out and his balls ached a little. Joan didn't know about David but she was sure that she couldn't take another round.

Joan looked at the clock. She chased David into the shower and followed him herself. Both of them stunk from sex. She wanted to shower with David but she knew that two people of the opposite sex in a shower together take longer than one after the other. They were dressed and presentable by the time Harry got back with the other kids.

Joan warned David that he wasn't to say anything to any of the other kids. David had a lot of questions but he didn't have a chance to ask them before the rest of the families arrived.

It was almost a half hour before Harry could get Joan by herself. He was dying of curiosity. After all David was only twelve. Had the pre-teen ager been able to handle the situation? "Well, how did it go?"

"Susan's going to have to fight me for him."

"He didn't do bad then?"

"Bad! He'd make a fifty year old whore come at least a dozen times. Why, that kid's an absolute treasure. We ought to package him and sell him by the hour."

"What the hell happened? How did you get into his pants? Was he frightened at first? How did he handle the situation? I don't remember a thing about the movie, I was thinking about you and David and what you were doing. I had a hard on the whole while. I was having fantasies about how I would have reacted at his age under the same conditions."

"One thing's for sure, you couldn't have reacted any better. I didn't wear panties and I teased him by letting him see my cunt. His eyes popped out of his head and he pretended he wasn't trying to look. He went to the bathroom to jerk off and I walked in on him. He was startled rather than frightened. He did have an attack of conscience about stealing me from you. He didn't think it was right to be 'doing things', as he put it, with his father's girl.

"He was so cute and excited that I started with a trip around the world. He shot off his first load as soon as I got my mouth around his prick but he didn't get soft or stop pumping his hips. I sucked another load of cum out before he relaxed. He took to cunt lapping like a veteran and when I led him on, he even rimmed my ass. He is always hard and doesn't get soft when he shoots off. I almost passed out when he fucked through his first climax and took quite a while until his second.

"Oh, I did warn him not to tell the other kids."

Sunday, April 3; Evening:

It was after dinner before David cornered his father with none of the other kids around. There were lots of things he had to know. "Uh, dad?"

Harry knew what was coming and he was very interested in what his son's reactions had been and what sort of questions he was going to ask. "Yes?"

"You know what Joan and I did today."

"Yep, you were sort of set up. Joan and I had it all planned out."

"You don't mind that I fucked her and that I lapped her cunt and she sucked my cock?" David blushed. "Uh, Joan said I should use those words,"

"I'm sure Joan told you that your mother, Sam, Joan, and I had sex together for quite a while. We don't consider sharing to be stealing. If you're going to do the deeds you should use the words. However, those words that describe rather private acts and you rally shouldn't use them except with someone that you expect to perform those acts with. Don't sprinkle them through your speech or in general conversation."

"Uh, Allen and I saw you uh, fuck Joan last night, then we watched while she sucked your cock and you lapped her cunt. Were we supposed to see you?"

"We weren't very quiet, were we? Watching your jerk off shows got us horny. Last night wasn't planned but I guess we didn't care very much if you did catch us fucking. You're pretty bright kids, didn't you suspect what Joan and I have been doing on Friday nights?"

"Uh, yeh, We sort of guessed you were doing that." David was struck with a thought. His mouth dropped open and he looked at his father. "Uh, is Joan going to do the same things with Allen that she did with me?"

"That's the plan."

"Are you going to do the same thing with Susan and Alice?"

"Well, that's where I drew a few lines. Joan wanted the girls to have an experienced partner the first time, and I wanted her to teach you about sex. I think you and Allen should have at least one virgin in your lives and I didn't want to take that chance away. We decided I should teach them about the joys of having their cunts lapped and, if they want to, how to suck cock. I don't want to take their maiden heads."

"When you and Joan teach the other kids about sex are we all going to do things together? We won't have to sneak around and spy on you to see you're doing with Joan? We won't have to have shows at night from different bedrooms?"

"When everything gets arranged, you kids can adopt any sleeping arrangements you want. If you want to try group sex, Joan and I would love it, but that will be up to you. Remember, nobody has to do anything with sex that they don't want to."


David paused to think things out. Events were moving rather fast. He might get to do things with Susan pretty soon but he wasn't sure how soon. David's brow furrowed and his face got serious again. "Oh, then I'm not supposed to do anything with Susan till you and Joan say it's all right?"

"You got it right buddy. You can keep up your nightly shows but no touching. Remember, she isn't on the pill and you could get her pregnant."

David went into another brown study. When he had his first wet dream, he'd told his father and they had talked about sex, but it had been pretty clinical. This was different, his father was being rather specific now, and was talking to David as if he were an adult. His father and Joan were being awfully good to him. He didn't know any other kids whose parents were teaching them all about sex. Maybe he should make some sacrifices. "Uh, Dad, you let me fuck Joan and you don't mind, I wouldn't mind it if you fucked Susan first."

Harry picked his son up and hugged and kissed him. "I love you David. You think that now but I'd prefer that you have the first chance."

"Uh, dad?"


David blushed and Harry wondered why he would do that at this point.

"Uh, it might take a while before you and Joan finish with the other kids. Is it all right if I sneak away with Joan now and then till that happens?"

"I'm sure she'll be delighted if you can arrange it, but the way things are going I don't think it will take too long."

David cocked his head, grinned at his father, and jumped on him to hug and kiss him some more.

Sunday, April 3; Night:

That night Susan was surprised at how forward David was. Tonight he didn't even blush when he got undressed. He came into the bedroom, turned on the light, pulled the shade up, and stripped off his clothes. He didn't turn around when he took off his underpants. He walked over to the window stood there, grinned, and fingered his prick as he waited for Susan to undress.

Susan had let David see her push her finger into her cunt but she was still shy about stripping in front of him. She still turned away when she took off her bra and panties and blushed when she turned toward the window.

David lifted his balls and turned so she could see his prick in profile. He turned around, bent over, and spread his ass cheeks. It was cute the way his prick and balls hung down between his legs. She usually didn't see as much of it as she did now. David wondered if Joan was watching from downstairs and got real close to the window so she could see what he was doing if she was.

Susan tried to match David's exhibitionism. She cupped her hands under her budding tits, then she spread the lips of her cunt as far a she could. She turned and did the same thing from the rear. David could see the inner lips and the bump her clit made right over it.

Susan turned, bent over, and spread her ass cheeks. Wow! Her ass wasn't hairy like Joan's. David wanted to lean out the window and run his tongue over her cute pink pucker. He'd bet that would make her jump. Susan's cunt was exposed and he wondered if he could fuck her in this position. It might be fun. When he had the chance he would try it.

It was time for the main show. David spit on his hand and ran it up and down his prick. Susan didn't have to use spit, her cunt was as slick as it could get. She spread the outer lips of he cunt with one hand then pushed two fingers of the other between the slick inner lips. She pumped them in and out several times at the same rate of speed that David pumped on his prick.

She pulled her fingers out of her cunt hole and rubbed her clit. David couldn't wait till he could lick her there until he made her hips jerk. He didn't expect it would be too long before he got the chance. He wanted to make Susan feel real good.

Both kids were young and horny. They were ready to come. David held his prick with two fingers and moved to a profile position so Susan could see the jets of cum shoot from his pisshole. Susan shuddered and rubbed along the length of her outer cunt lips. Both of them grinned at each other and went to bed.

Allen and Alice undressed and jerked off for each other but they didn't have David's more advanced training to help them out.

Harry and Joan were watching from her living room window. David's act had her just as horny as she'd been that afternoon. Harry's hand was inside Joan's panties and was massaging her cunt. His fly was open and Joan was massaging his eight inch prick.

"That little fucker, and that's a rather accurate description of him, sure is an exhibitionist. I can see why you're attracted to his little prick. I never thought of it before but I guess women would be just as attracted to pubescent young boys as men are attracted to budding young girls."

"You better believe it. David is quite a show off, but he can act out his intentions as well as brag. I'd like to get the chance to take him on again. He was a lot of fun and he sure brought me off a lot of times."

"You may get your chance at that. He asked if I minded if he tried to sneak off with you and do some of those things again. He didn't know if he could wait till we initiated the rest of the kids."

"Why that little devil, what did you tell him."

"I told him you liked sucking his cock and you'd probably enjoy it and that you'd take him up on it if he could figure out a way to get you alone without tipping off the rest of the kids."

"Good, we'll find out how inventive your little fucker can be. If you want to bet I'll take six to five that he manages it. After watching him I'm hot again, how about pumping a load of your cum into my cunt."

"You know the boys caught us last night, your girls might do the same thing."

"Good, I hope they do. Let's get things into the open."

"You're right. David said they'd already guessed what was going on Friday nights. Would you enjoy a good noisy fuck? Let's put a show on for the girls."

Joan's answer was to head to the couch, stripping off her clothes on the way. Harry followed her and had his pants off by time she lay back. He stopped to suck on her tits one at a time and run his tongue along the length of her cunt.

"Oooo! That feels good. Come on push your prick into me. Ahhh! that's even better. Fuck me, Harry, fuck me!"

"My pleasure, Joan. David doesn't seem to have worn you out."

As planned the noise attracted the attention of the girls. They arrived at the head of the stairs at the same time. They looked at each other and then paid attention to what was happening on the couch. Neither of them wanted to miss a thing that was going to happen.

They watched Harry fuck his prick in and out of their mother's cunt. Their mother shuddered and moaned like they did when the finger fucked themselves. Harry's hips jerked the same way the boys' hips did when they shot off.

They were fascinated when Joan and Harry did the clean up bit. They were doing all the things the girls had discussed on Friday. They watched their mother suck Harry's prick into her mouth while he lapped her cunt. Wow! They continued to watch until Harry's hips jerked again and they saw their mother drink down a load of his cum. The way Joan moaned they were sure he was having orgasms at the same time.

They sneaked away after that and retired to Susan's room to discus what they'd seen. Alice now knew that women did suck on men's cocks and drink their cum. She also knew that men lapped women's cunts until they had their orgasms. She had only suspected that they did before but know she'd had a demonstration.

"Gee, mom sucked Harry's prick, girls do suck men's cocks. Harry lapped her cunt so I guess boys really do lap girls' cunts too. I want Allen to fuck me and I think I'd like him to lick my cunt too, but I don't think I could suck his cock or lick his ass though. That seems nasty."

"I don't know. I want David to fuck me and lap my cunt. If I have to suck his cock I don't think I'd mind it too much. Mom seemed to like doing it with Harry, maybe none of it's as nasty as it seems. Uh, David turned around and spread his ass cheeks tonight. His pucker was sort of cute, I think I could even lick it if he wanted me too. It doesn't make any difference though, we're not going to get a chance to do anything like that for a long time."

"I guess not, but I sure would like to fuck Allen right now. I'm all wet down there again. I wonder how it would feel if Allen pushed his finger in my cunt?"

"Gee, I'd like to have David do that to me too, and I want to play with his prick. It would be neat to make him shoot that stuff out the end. I wonder if it feels any better if someone else plays with you." Susan paused for a second. "Uh, Alice?"


"You finger fuck me and I'll finger fuck you? It won't be a boy, but it'll be someone else doing it."

Alice wasn't as reticent as Allen had been. She liked the idea. She was all for it.

"Gee, yeh. That would be neat!"

"Let's do it. Can I feel your tits? I wish mine were that big."

Susan fondled her sister's tits. It was neat the way her nipple got hard. Her own nipples got hard when she fondled them, or when she saw David naked, but they didn't stick out nearly as far as Alice's. She pushed a finger into Alice's cunt and pumped it in and out. Alice was probing Susan's cunt and it felt better than when you did it to yourself.

Each of the girls pumped her middle finger into her sister's cunt and flexed her hips to get more action from what her sister was doing to her. Both of them had orgasms and they gradually slowed to a stop. Would it be any better if it were doing this with the boys? This was useless speculation. They knew that they wouldn't have a chance to find out very soon.

"I like doing that, let's do it again. Uh, let me do you this time then you do me. I want to concentrate more than we did last time."

Alice didn't answer but lay back on the bed and spread her legs. Susan moved between her legs and got a good view of her cunt. Alice's cunt did look sort of neat. She could see why a boy might want to lick it. Susan pulled her finger out of Alice's cunt and sat there and looked at her hand.

What did a cunt tasted like. She cautiously sniffed at her finger, it didn't smell bad at all. She tentatively licked it, grinned, then sucked her finger into her mouth. Alice as startled.

"How could you do that? Doesn't it taste nasty?"

"Well, I know I want David to lap my cunt and I was thinking about having David do it. I wondered what it would taste like to a boy. It wasn't bad at all." Susan hesitated. "Uh, it tasted pretty good. If you want I'll lap your cunt for you."

If Susan did it to her, and she really wanted to find out what it felt like, she would feel honor bound to do the same thing for Susan. Could she make herself do that? She pushed a finger into Susan's cunt again, tested it with a careful lick, and made a quick decision.

"You do me first?"

Susan got between Alice's legs and moved her head toward Alice's crotch. It was a little scary but Alice's cunt smelled real good to her. It couldn't be all that bad, it hadn't seemed to bother Harry. She lowered her head and licked the outer lips of Alice's cunt. It wasn't bad at all. She pushed her tongue between the outer lips and licked along the inner ones. Alice had been holding her breath. When she felt Susan's tongue she let the breath out, wiggled, and rubbed her cunt against Susan's face.

Susan's nose rubbed against Alice's clit. It was almost an inch long. She rubbed the head of the clit with her tongue and Alice jumped. She wrapped her lips around the clit and sucked. Alice's hips arched up off the bed again. Susan alternated between licking the inner lips of Alice's cunt and sucking her clit. Alice moaned and tossed her head from side to side. Alice never acted like this when she finger fucked herself. She redoubled her effort. Alice couldn't take any more and she pushed Susan's head away.

"Ohhh! You wouldn't believe how good that feels. It beats finger fucking by a mile. Wait a minute and I'll do you."

As soon as Alice recovered she went to work on her little sister. She cautiously lowered her face toward her sister's cunt, she liked the rutty odor too. She tested the moisture on the outer lips with her tongue and it tasted even better than it did from her finger. There wasn't anything nasty about it. If Allen's prick smelled this good and his cum tasted as good as Susan's cunt juice, she wouldn't mind sucking his prick at all.

Alice had taken lessons from Susan. She gently nibbled on Susan's clit and Susan almost went through the roof. It was fun making Susan react like that. It would be just fun making Allen act that way too. Even if it gagged her she would suck his cock one day. She had Susan bouncing and wiggling just as she had done when Susan lapped her cunt.

Susan pushed her head away and the girls hugged and kissed. Each held the other in her arms until they'd both calmed down. Each was surprised she enjoyed lapping her sister's cunt as much as having her cunt lapped by her sister.

They rested that way for a few minutes then each of them slid a finger back into her sister's cunt. They kissed each other and Susan slid her body around so her mouth was over Alice's cunt. She licked and Alice followed suit by licking at her cunt lips. It wasn't long until both girls were at it hot and heavy. It took a little longer this time. Both girls had had a recent climax and each of them had the diversion of lapping their sister's cunt to hold their attention. Both shuddered, eased off, and rested again.

"Uh, Alice?"


"I wonder what the boys would do if we let them see us do that?"

"Gee, if we get a chance lets try it."

Joan came up the stairs while the girls were lapping each other's cunts, listened at the door, and rubbed her own cunt while she listened. Things were moving much faster than she had expected. They weren't going to get those kids trained any too soon.

When they were finished, she quickly went back downstairs. She waited till Alice came out of Susan's room and caught her in the same infraction Harry had caught David. Now all they had to do was set her up alone with Harry.


Chapter - 4

Monday, April 4:

The next morning Joan told Harry what the girls were up to. What the girls were doing shocked neither of them. They suspected seeing them sixty nine had driven them to more sophisticated methods of relieving their sexual drives. They were rather glad things had come to a head and were now sure that their approach was the right one for the situation.

Alice was the next victim. They considered what had been done and decided tonight would be too soon after David's being grounded. It would begin to look fishy. David would know what was going on but it might arouse the other two kids' suspicions. It would be arranged for Joan would take the kids to the movie on Tuesday night. Harry found that he was rather impatient to get on with the seduction.

Monday night went as usual. The kids were separated by an empty lot and they put on their separate shows.

After her experience last night Alice looked at Allen's prick from a different perspective. What would it be like to suck it into her mouth. The more she thought about it the better she liked the idea. If she sucked on it would he lap her cunt?

Susan paid more attention to David's pubescent prick too. Thinking about sucking it made her mouth water as well as her cunt. She thought she would like sucking on David's prick until he shot off even if he didn't want to lap her cunt in return.

Tuesday, April 5; Afternoon:

On Tuesday David got inventive. Now he was initiated to full color sex, jerking off wasn't nearly as much fun any more. It was much neater to do things with a girl. One look at Joan when he got home from school and his eyes lit up.

His prick had been hard all day thinking about what had happened two days earlier. David had to think of a way to get Joan off by herself. David developed a toothache, and asked Joan to take him to the dentist. He even had Joan fooled, but not for long.

As soon as she had him in the car, David reached up under her dress, pushed his hand into the leg hole of her panties, grinned, and plunged three fingers in and out of her cunt. Joan didn't push his hand away. She wiggled her hips and looked for a quiet, secluded place to park. She found the spot she was looking for just as David brought her off for the first time.

Joan pulled the car into a blind dead end street with no houses and parked. She pulled David to her, hugged and kissed him, then pushed her tongue into his mouth. David rubbed her tongue with his and pushed back. David leaned over and Joan felt his hard prick pressed against her side.

"David, I think it's something beside your tooth that's aching. Your father told me that you would try something like this but you put on a real good act. I didn't know what you were up to until you pushed your finger in my cunt. Let's get that cute little tool of yours out and see what we can do for it. I think I know how to make all those aches disappear."

Joan unzipped David's pants and pulled out his prick. She'd never seen it when it wasn't hard. She sucked it into her mouth. With his adolescent hair trigger, he shot off at once. Joan swallowed his sweet tasting young boy cum and continued sucking.

David closed his eyes and pumped his hips. This felt just as good as he remembered it. In about two minutes the tension built up in his loins again, he arched his hips off the seat and shot another load of cum into Joan's sucking mouth. His hips relaxed again and he grinned at Joan. Now David knew it was his turn to lap Joan's cunt. That was as much fun as getting his cock sucked. He wouldn't miss it for the world.

David pulled up Joan's dress and, as she lifted her hips, pulled down her panties. He got down on his knees between her legs and inhaled deeply. Joan's cunt smelled just as good as he remembered it. He ran his tongue along Joan's slit, it tasted just as good as it had too. Joan lifted her hips and he darted his tongue into her asshole. He remembered all the lessons he'd learned on Sunday, he wasn't going to miss a trick. He lapped her cunt and sucked her clit until Joan moaned and bounced around on the seat.

"You're the best little muff diver I've ever run across, David, and I think you've developed a real taste for poon. Now let's get into the back seat and I'll fuck you before we have to get home."

Sometimes, just like his father, Joan used words that David didn't know, but he usually could pick up the meaning from the context. He liked those two words and tucked them into his vocabulary. He'd dive into any muff he could find and he thought poon tasted real good.

They moved into the back seat and Joan had David lay on his back. This was new to David but he couldn't see anything wrong with the idea. If Joan got on top she could slide her cunt up and down his prick as easily as he could push his prick in and out of a woman's cunt. He was prepared to enjoy himself.

Joan moved over David, held his prick in position, and eased her hips down. David arched his back and drove his three inch prick as far into Joan's cunt as he could get it. Joan lifted up and he relaxed his hips then drove back up again. Wow! He'd never get too much of this. David was panting and Joan was having orgasms by the time his first load of cum was released.

David kept on pumping. Joan hung on for the ride. David was one of the best lovers she'd ever had. In five minutes David shot another load of cum into Joan's cunt and she was hanging on for dear life. David's hips collapsed onto the car seat, he'd had enough for now and his balls were beginning to ache. Joan was well satisfied by the encounter. Susan was going to have to fight her for this little satyr.

After licking each other clean they rearranged their clothes and drove back home. David was sorry that they hadn't had time to sixty nine, that had been fun on Sunday. Joan looked him over and laughed.

"David, look at your fly. It's soaked with cum and cunt juice. You better sneak into the house and change before anyone else sees you."

David, looked down, blushed, and guessed she was right. He was struck by a thought.

"Uh, Joan?"


"Is dad going to do things with Alice tonight?"

"You got it. I don't know about things, but I do know he'll lap her cunt and at least have her jerk him off, I guess you know by now he won't fuck her. How did you ever guess?"

"Well, I - oh, you're teasing me."

"I guess I am."

"Boy, would I like to stay home and peek. That would be neat."

"So would I but we can't. Don't be so impatient, you'll get your chance with Susan and Alice too."

"Gee, do you think Alice will want to do things with me? I hadn't thought of that. I'd like to lap her cunt and have her fuck me too but I sort of thought she'd just want to do things with Allen."

"Remember your father and Allen will most likely want to do things with Susan too. Do you think you'd mind that?"

David had to stop and think that one over. He had thought of Susan as being exclusively his. Would Susan want that? For that matter did he want to give up doing things with Joan? Didn't he want to do things with Alice too? He furrowed his brow and looked at Joan with his head cocked to one side.

"Uh, gee, I don't know. Sometimes I think I want Susan for myself but I guess if she wanted to, I wouldn't mind too much. Dad doesn't mind when I do things with you and I don't want to stop that either. Gee, I guess it's only fair for Susan to do things with dad and Allen if she wants too. I wouldn't want to not do things with you."

"David, you're a gem. I love you. Here we are home, better sneak in and change your pants."

Tuesday, April 5; Evening:

Both families had dinner together and David invented a story about what happened at the dentist. Harry looked at Joan and she grinned and nodded her head.

Harry decided he would do some reading so Alice's punishment went into effect. She would stay home while the rest of the kids went to the movies. As they left for the movies David ginned at his father.

"Have a good time, Dad."

"I'll enjoy it at least as much as you enjoyed that trip to the dentist this afternoon."

David's Eyebrows shot up and he blushed. How did his father know? He had changed his pants and he didn't think it showed anywhere else. His father hadn't been alone with Joan since he got home from work. She couldn't have told him what they'd done. He knew that Joan would tell Harry but how had he found out so soon? Sometimes he wondered how adults found out all the things they did.

As Joan had suggested Harry changed into some light shorts and left off his underwear. He seated himself in the living room with a book and hollered for Alice to come in when she knocked on the door. Alice knew she'd been in the wrong and hadn't complained too much. She didn't know what her mother would do to her if she knew what she and Susan had been doing in Susan's room.

She would put the time to good use by practicing her seductive walk in front of Harry. He looked up as she walked past and grinned at her. Alice went into the kitchen, got a soft drink, and twitched back out. Harry looked up again, lifted his book, and looked at his lap.

"Now look at what you've done to me, Alice."

Alice saw his eight inch prick pushing out the front of his pants. She got confused. He had always been very careful not to say anything about sex to her before. She practiced in front of Harry because he wouldn't say anything. Her cunt got wet at the sight of that big bulge, but she wished she could see it bare. She blushed and Harry went on the attack.

"If you're doing it on purpose, I think it's only right for you to do something about it."

Alice blushed some more. She couldn't take her eyes from that big prick. Joan and Harry were absolutely correct that the kids were ready for bigger and better things. Last week she'd have run and hid. She was ready to go farther now but it was difficult to talk about it to Harry.

"Gee, I'm sorry, Harry, I was doing it on purpose but I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. Uh, uh,"

Gee, maybe this was a chance to feel a prick. Harry seemed to be suggesting something like that. "Uh, if you want I'll try to do something for you."

She blushed some more and turned her head. Harry wasn't going to let her off. "Come on now, what can you do for me?"

Alice still wasn't comfortable talking about such things with someone of the opposite sex. "Uh, well, I could play with it till that stuff, uh, shoots out." Then with a little more confidence, "I think I'd like to do that."

Harry continued on the attack. "You know stuff shoots out because you saw it shoot out of Allen's and David's pricks?"

Again, Alice was flustered. "You know about what we do at the windows?"

Harry gave her no room, "Yes, and you finger fucked yourself while Allen was watching."

Alice suddenly realized Harry wasn't angry about it at all. "And you're not mad? You and mom aren't going to punish us?"

Harry gave her a reassuring grin, "Why should we punish you? You're doing what comes naturally. Joan didn't want your first encounter to be with an amateur. We felt you've been going pretty far with the boys and might decide to go farther. She wanted me to teach you how some things are done."

Alice was shocked. "Mom knows about this!" Alice stopped and her eyebrows shot up. "Oh, gee, did mom do things with David on Sunday."

This time Harry laughed, "Right on the button, and he had a ball."

Harry gently took both of her hands in his, and looked directly into her eyes. "Now to be serious. You were set up, but you don't have to do anything. When it comes to sex, remember it's supposed to be fun, never do anything you don't want. Now, if you want to forget about this it's all right with me. I really mean that, I won't mind if the only thing you want is to watch me jerk off. If one of the partners in a sex act isn't having fun, neither of them is. More than half the fun is making the other person feel good."

Alice stood there, her mouth hanging open and her eyes wide. She enjoyed lapping Susan's cunt because she made Susan feel good. Susan said she felt the same way about it. Now she had to decide if she wanted to make Harry feel good. He had placed the whole decision on her. If she said no, everything would stop right here. At this point she was absolutely sure she didn't want things to stop.

She could get to feel Harry's prick and feel a man's fingers in her cunt. If she asked him to lap her cunt would she have to suck his cock. It wouldn't be fair if she didn't do it. Did she really want to suck his cock? If she didn't then she didn't want him to lap her cunt because she would feel bad about it. She wanted to have Harry lick her cunt.

Once her thought processes got that far she took a deep breath, that settled matters. "Uh, I do want you to teach me things, Harry, but I'm a little scared. I've never done anything with a boy before. I really don't know what to do."

"Why don't we start by getting undressed. I think you want to see me and I want to see you. Just remember, nothing that you don't want."

Harry stripped, Alice examined his prick. Would Allen's be as big as that some day. Harry helped her off with her clothes. She reached down, touched the head of his prick then looked at him. "Uh, can I play with it till the stuff shoots out?"

"Be my guest."

Alice squatted on the floor between his legs, her face no farther than a foot from his prick. It was fascinating. The plum shaped knob on the end was a deep bluish red. The shaft was white and there were blue veins running from the head to the root.

She took hold with her thumb and forefinger and pulled a little. The silky skin moved over the iron hard shaft. A drop of clear liquid formed on the end. Alice spread it across the head of Harry's prick. It was real slick just like her cunt juice.

She grinned and looked up to Harry's face. "Allen always spits on his hand, should I do that?"

Harry grinned back and nodded his head. "If you want. It makes your hand slide better."

Alice spit into the palm of her hand and ran it up and down Harry's prick. She watched what her hand was doing then the expression on his face. Harry grinned and pumped his prick through her loosely held fingers. That was neat. The skin started to stick so she spit on her hand again, squeezed harder and pumped faster.

Harry grunted and his hips moved faster. He wasn't grinning any more. Alice was waiting for that stuff shoot out of his prick. Harry panted and grunted louder. She felt the beat of his pulse in his prick. She squeezed her hand harder and pumped faster. Harry's hips came off the couch. A jet of cum hit her on the cheek and the next spurt flew into her open mouth. Alice almost gagged on it then decided she liked it. More of the grayish white viscose fluid ran down her hand as Harry's prick got soft.

Alice looked at the grayish white gooey fluid on her hand, barely touched her tongue to it, hesitated, then licked it off. She liked the taste of cum. It was even better than Susan's cunt juice and that had tasted real neat. She wasn't going to mind sucking Allen's cock and having him shoot his cum in her mouth. When Harry's prick got hard again she was going to try it. Then she'd know what to do when she and Allen finally got together.

Maybe some of the other things she thought were nasty would turn out the same way. She looked up at Harry again, she blushed, and licked the cum from the head of his prick. Wow! His hips jerked and his prick started to get hard again. Alice licked the cum from the rest of his prick and grinned at him.

Harry was surprised at how fast Alice moved ahead. It was becoming even more obvious that the kids were ready for their sex lessons. After licking his prick, Alice deserved some tender loving care.

He carried her to his bedroom, and prepared to give her a trip around the world. Harry laid down beside her, kissed her, and pushed his tongue into her mouth. She was a fast learner, she rubbed his tongue with hers and pushed hers into his mouth.

They kissed again then Harry licked his way around Alice's neck. Wow, that really gave her goose flesh. Alice wiggled. Harry nibbled on her ear lobe then, when he pushed his tongue into her ear, Alice almost jumped off the bed.

Harry licked around to her other ear, probed it, then moved down Alice's neck and upper chest. Harry was pleased with the reactions he could get from this adolescent kid with his every move. He licked one of her nipples and sucked on it till it hardened. Alice was surprised to feel a twinge in her cunt. She knew it felt neat to rub her tit but hadn't realized she would feel it in her cunt if it were sucked. The nerves in her nipples were connected to her cunt.

Harry was having as much fun giving Alice a trip around the world as she was having getting it. He switched tits and sucked on her other nipple till it was as erect and hard as the first then laved his way down to her torso. Alice jumped again when he pushed his tongue into her navel. Harry continued down and wet down her pubic hair with his spit. Wow! He was going to lap her cunt! Alice lifted her hips off the bed offering Harry easy access to her soaking slit.

Harry wasn't ready yet. He ran his tongue along the length of the proffered cunt to collect the excess moisture, and continued on down the sides of her legs and the bottom of her feet. Alice wiggled and giggled. She didn't know why but this was real sexy. Harry sucked on each of her toes then turned her over and started up the back of her legs. When he reached the back of her knees Alice jumped again. She never knew she had so many sensitive spots.

Alice really wiggled when Harry licked the inside of her thighs. She lifted her hips and Harry licked her cunt again. Alice didn't know if she could last much longer, she was afraid she would have her orgasms before Harry ever got to lapping her cunt.

Alice almost bounced off the bed when Harry licked her ass crack. Wow! It felt real good, but how could he do something that nasty? Harry probed her asshole with his tongue. Alice almost went through the roof. Harry turned Alice on her back again. Jane had described what she'd done with David and Harry was going to give Alice as good a trip, he wasn't in any hurry.

He licked along the outer lips of Alice's cunt again then pushed his tongue between them to tickle her clit. Alice's clit was almost an inch long, as long as a baby boy's prick. He'd found out long ago that clits this long were usually very sensitive. He could really suck it into his mouth and give it a working over. He applied as much suction as he could and massaged the shaft with his tongue. He bobbed his head up and down. Alice bounced all over the bed.

It had been a lot of fun when she and Susan lapped each other's cunt but Harry really knew what he was doing. She'd started to have orgasms when Harry licked her ass now she was out of this world. Harry gathered her inner cunt lips into his mouth and gave them the same treatment he had given her clit.

Alice moaned and she tossed her head back and forth. When she was sure she couldn't take any more Harry eased up and gently licked just inside the outer lips of her cunt. Her orgasms subsided and her hips relaxed back onto the mattress.

Wow! If sex was always like this she wanted to have a lot of it. She had to try some of those things on Allen, and David too, if Susan didn't mind. She'd bet she could have David jumping all over the bed.

Harry was right about sex! She wasn't thinking of how good Allen or David could make her feel, she was thinking of how good she could make them feel. Right now all she'd done was jerk Harry off. That wasn't right, not after what Harry had done for her. "Oh, Harry, I never felt anything like that before in my life. I'm glad mom wanted you to teach me about sex. I want to do things you now. Do You want to put it in me? I think I'd like that."

It was time for the language lecture. "I'd never want to put it in you Alice but I might want to fuck you. I enjoyed giving you that trip around the world. Your mother and I like to use the proper words for the proper occasions."

This wasn't quite as easy for Alice at first. "Uh, all right. Harry, will you, uh, fuck me?" Alice blushed. This was the first time she'd used that word with anyone but her sister.

Harry used the prepared excuse, "You aren't on the pill and I don't have a condom. I'm not getting a fourteen year old pregnant. I want to fuck you and when your mother gets you on the pill I will and I know I'll enjoy it, but not till then."

Alice was stopped by this. She hadn't thought it out but Harry was right. What else could she do? That trip around the world had been great. "Uh, then I guess I could do the same thing to you that you did to me." Suddenly she grinned. "I could practice on you so I know what to do with Allen and David. I'd like that. Can I do that to you? I've never, uh, I never sucked a cock before."

Harry's grinned. Alice hugged him and pursed her lips for a kiss. She realized that was wrong and opened her lips to brush his lips with her tongue. Harry opened his mouth to accept her tongue, she marveled again at how exciting it was. She rubbed her tongue against his and sucked his tongue into her mouth. It was just as good this time as it had been the time before.

Alice did the things Harry had done to her. She licked around to his ear, nibbled on his earlobe, and probed his ear canal. She got the same responses that he had gotten from her. She licked her way down his chest then licked one of his nipples. It got hard under her tongue just the way her nipples did! That was interesting, boy's nipples were sensitive too. She'd remember that when she did things with Allen and David. She licked the other nipple till it was in an aroused state and continued to the tongue probe of his navel. Harry jumped just as far as she had.

Alice licked her way down to Harry's aroused prick. Was she going to be able to get all of it into her mouth? Well she didn't have to try yet. She lapped up the drops of pre cum. Harry's hips came off the bed just as hers had. She did the same thing Harry had, she licked on down his legs.

Alice licked Harry's feet and got a good response from him. She turned him over and got his hips to jump when she licked the backs of his knees. He wiggled as much as she had while she laved his inner thighs. She wanted to lick Harry's hairy ass but her head stopped when she tried to move it in that direction. She settled for sucking on his balls. Each of them was a mouthful and the way Harry wiggled she knew it felt good to him.

Harry rolled over on his back and his prick was throbbing with his pulse. Alice licked all around Harry's prick. She noticed how he reacted more when she licked right under the pisshole so she continued doing it. Harry had his hips off the bed again and this time Alice took the plunge. She opened her mouth as wide as possible and lowered it over Harry's prick.

Harry's hips bucked and Alice had six inches of hard prick in her mouth. She felt the head of his prick hit the back of her throat and almost gagged. She swallowed to stop the reflex, that made Harry jump. Alice swallowed again. She lifted her head and pressed Harry's prick against the roof of her mouth with her tongue. As she lowered her head again Harry's hips came off the bed and drove another inch of his prick down her throat.

It didn't bother Alice, she swallowed and got another neat reaction from Harry. On her next head bob, her chin rested on Harry's balls and Her nose was in his crotch hair. It felt as if half his prick was pushed down her throat. She swallowed each time his cock pumped into her throat and got a neat reaction each time.

Even a mature male can't take much of this action. Harry grunted and lifted his hips one more time and a Jet of cum squirted right down Alice's throat. She lifted her head and sucked the rest of Harry's load from his gradually deflating prick. Alice kept right on nursing until Harry pulled her head away. He pulled her up beside him and hugged and kissed her.

Harry looked at the clock. The family would be home soon. He had time to give Alice a quick lap job before they arrived. He got between her legs and brought her to several orgasms in a rather short time.

Alice had lots of questions but Jane and the kids arrived before she had a chance to ask them. She resolved to corner her mother at the earliest possible time.

She did things that had Allen blushing that night. He did his best to keep up with her but she just had more experience than he had.


Chapter - 5

Wednesday, April 6; Afternoon:

Alice didn't corner Joan until after school the next day. The rest of the kids were doing homework and she had a chance to discuss what had gone on. She was practically bursting. "Mom?"

Joan knew exactly what was coming. "Yes?"

"You know what Harry and I did last night?"

"Well, you jerked him off and licked his prick, then he gave you a trip around the world. You wanted him to fuck you but he wouldn't so you gave him the same treatment he gave you. By the way, he said you were a pretty good cocksucker. After that he lapped you cunt one more time before we got home."

Alice blushed when her mother referred to her as a cocksucker. Joan noticed the blush, "Don't be embarrassed. That's a compliment coming from Harry. You have the most fun when you know you're giving pleasure."

"Yeh, I found that out last night. I want to do those things with Allen and have him fuck me too. How soon can I go on the pill?"

"Well, As soon as Allen and Susan are initiated I'll get you to the gynecologist for a prescription. I don't suppose that will take more than a week."

"Oooo, good! Uh, mom?"


"Was it fun doing things with David?"

"It sure was. Susan's going to have to fight me for that little bugger. It's fun to suck Harry's big cock, but I can do a lot more with David's little three incher. We adults have as much fun with sex as you kids do."

"Uh, how soon do you think it will be before you get a chance to initiate Allen?"

"Not long I expect. If it is, I won't get much peace around here. David's after my snatch. He didn't have a toothache yesterday he just wanted to get me alone."

"Oh, wow! could I do something with him while your teaching Allen and Susan?"

"No way! He could get you just as pregnant with his twelve year old cum as Harry could and he's more likely to, he can shoot off ten times in a row. You'll have to be satisfied with having your sister lap your cunt till things are set up."

Alice went beet red. "You know about that?"

"Yep, the two of you did it after you watched Harry and me screwing Sunday night."

"You know about that too?"

"Of course. We weren't being very quiet about it. We were tired of hiding."

"Oh! Uh, your not mad about Susan and me doing things, uh, lapping each other's cunts?"

"Why should I be. Sex is fun. Sally and I did that while we waited for the men to get ready again. It's a good way to pass the time. Anything you want to do with is perfectly okay as long as no one gets hurt. That 'hurt' means psychological too. You don't want anyone to do something that might bother them later."

Alice studied this philosophy for a while. "Harry told me the same thing and I guess I know what you mean. Harry licked my ass and I wanted to do it to him but I just couldn't make myself do it. He never said a word about it and he licked my ass again the last time he lapped my cunt. It felt real good when he did it to me but I just couldn't do it. It doesn't seem fair to have someone do something for you when you can't do the same thing for them."

"That's it, don't do it if it bothers you. You ought to think about that though. Did you think you'd like sucking Harry's cock?"

"Gees, no. I was really frightened that I might gag if he shot off in my mouth."

"From what Harry said you rather enjoyed it, didn't you?"

"Uh, yeh, When I tasted his cum I liked it."

"Having your ass licked is neat and you can get a reaction from licking ass that's a lot of fun too. You might want to try it and find out if that isn't the same way. You can always stop if it really disturbs you. Men seem to react more to that than women. You might want to use it as a special treat someday on Allen. Don't do it till you're ready, then you'll have as much fun doing it as the rest of us."

"'The rest of you', did David to do it to you?"

"I didn't suggest it, he did it to me as soon as I did it to him, but that shouldn't make you do it. Wait until you're ready. Look what time it is, aren't you supposed to be doing your homework?"

Alice went to do her homework but didn't do too well. There was too much else on her mind.

Wednesday, April 6; Evening:

That night Harry had to work late. David let the cat out of the bag, and the boys went on to bigger and better things. The kids had their nightly show and David went to Allen's room to discuss what was going on, and incidentally for a mutual jerk off. It sure felt better when Allen jerked him off. Not as good as fucking Joan or having her suck his prick but he couldn't figure a way to get alone with Joan.

Allen was ready and willing. He still thought a mutual jerk off was the greatest. They fondled each other's prick, not wanting to be too quick about it when David made the slip. "Gee, having you jerk me off is almost as good as getting a blow job."

Allen was startled, what the hell was David talking about? "Huh? When did you ever get a blow job?"

To Allen's astonishment, David started to cry. He huddled up on a corner of the bed and cried as if his heart was breaking. Allen couldn't stand to see his happy go lucky brother in this condition. David wasn't a cry baby, he couldn't remember the last time he'd seen David cry.

He put his arm around David and made soothing noises. "It can't be that bad. I don't mind if you were making things up. Why are you crying so?"

David continued to sob, "Uh, I promised not to let you know what was going to happen. I promised dad and Joan and they'll never forgive me."

This didn't make sense but Allen continued to soothe his kid brother. "I'll never let on I know, David. Whatever it is I won't let them know that you told me. What could be so bad? Uh, you said you had a blow job. When could that have happened and how could they have found out? You're not making sense."

David calmed down some and sat there looking at his brother. "I don't think you can keep it from them. You'll have to be a good actor or Joan will know right away."

This was very perplexing, "Why would I have to put on an act? Why would Joan know right away? What will she know?" Allen threw his arms up in the air. "What the hell are you talking about?"

David started to sob again and Allen made some more soothing noises. David took a deep breath. "Uh, I guess the best way is to tell it from the start."

David got some Kleenex, wiped his eyes, blew his nose, looked at his brother, and took a couple more deep breaths. "It all happened when I was on restriction on Sunday, Joan sucked my cock, I fucked her, and I lapped her cunt."

Now Allen was really startled. "I don't believe it! Why would she do that?"

David's sobbing had eased off. "Well, dad and Joan both want us kids to be trained right when it comes to sex and they saw us jerking off at the window. They figured that we might do more things soon and decided they had to work fast. Joan, uh, what's the word, oh, seduced me on Sunday and dad did the same with Alice last night. Joan is going to do the same thing with you next time you get grounded and dad is going to do it with Susan as soon as they find some reason to ground her."

Having revealed this much David was a little more relaxed, he grinned at Allen. "I didn't have a toothache yesterday. I wanted to be alone with Joan and we did the same things again."

"Wow! I don't believe it." Allen's needle might have been stuck but his mind was going a mile a minute. He did believe it. His brother might tell stories sometimes but he couldn't be making up something like this. He wanted to hear all the details. It was obvious that his little brother knew a lot more about sex than he did. "Gee, David, you gotta tell me everything that happened. You just gotta! Please?"

David led Allen, step by step, and lick by lick, through the trip around the world. When David got to the bit about the nipples, Allen rubbed his and felt them erect. Every now and then he squeezed his brother's prick and forced his own prick through David's loosely clenched fist. David got to where Joan sucked his prick into her mouth and his brother stopped him. "Gee, what does it feel like to have your cock sucked?"

David hesitated, "Uh, I can't describe it. You have to feel it."

That didn't satisfy Allen, "Can't you give me an idea?"

David opened his mouth to answer, had a thought, then he stopped. He made another false start, cocked his head to one side, blushed beet red, and blurted out the next sentence in a whisper. "Uh, Allen, If you won't think I'm queer, and you want me to, I'll show you."

David hung his head and wouldn't look at his brother. Was Allen going to despise him for the suggestion. He wanted to suck Allen's prick but he didn't want his big brother to think badly of him. Allen turned the idea over in his mind. Allen looked at his brother and took a long time answering. David was thinking the worst.

Allen finally came through. "I couldn't think you were queer. You get a hard on when Susan holds your hand. You wouldn't want to do things with the girls if you were gay. You wouldn't invent a toothache just to be with Joan if you were gay either. There's just no way you could be a queer and that's all there is to it. Uh," Allen came through with the clincher, "I don't think I'm queer and if you suck me off, I'll do the same thing for you."

During this statement David slowly turned back to look at Allen. By the time Allen had finished David had a big grin on his face. "Would you? Wow! That would be neat! I'd like to give you a trip around the world like Joan gave me but we don't have time. Lie back on the bed and I'll give you the best blow job I can. I'm probably not as good as Joan. She's had a lot of practice."

Allen moved to the center of the bed and spread his legs. David crawled between them and took Allen's prick in his hand. There was a drop of pre cum on the tip. David grinned at his brother and licked it off. Allen's hips jerked. David grinned again. This was going to be fun. He wanted to see how much he could make Allen wiggle and how many times he could make his brother's hips jerk.

David had taken lessons from Joan and he wasn't in too much of a hurry. He licked all the way up the underside of Allen's prick where he knew it was most sensitive. He moved down and, as he'd described to Allen, he sucked his balls one at a time. Allen lifted his hips off the bed and David licked his ass crack and rubbed his asshole with his tongue.

To David's delight, Allen almost went through the roof. "How could you put your tongue there?"

David stopped for a second. "Gee, I don't know. Joan did it to me and I didn't think I could ever do it, but when it came time, I did it right back to her and it wasn't nasty at all. I knew it would feel good to you so I just did it. It's fun to make you jump like that."

David went back to work, he licked back up the underside of Allen's prick and collected a few more drops of pre cum. He rubbed Allen's prick with his tongue. He ovaled his lips and slid his mouth down over the head of Allen's prick. Allen's hips shot up off the bed and pushed his five inch prick into David's sucking mouth.

David bobbed his head. Allen flexed his hips. David copied the things that Joan had done to him but his brother's prick was bigger than his. He did the best he could. He pushed Allen's prick against the roof of his mouth with his tongue and sucked as hard as he could.

David's tongue massaged the underside of Allen's prick each time he bobbed his head. Allen reached his limit and his cum flooded David's mouth. It tasted even better coming right from Allen's prick than it did when he licked it from his hand.

It was neat the way he made Allen's hips fly up off the bed. It was as much fun making Allen feel good as it was to make Joan feel good. He hoped Allen liked sucking his prick as much as he liked sucking Allen's.

David gently sucked on Allen's shrinking cock until it was completely soft and Allen's hips were relaxed on the bed before he let Allen's limp prick slip out of his mouth. He licked a stray drop of cum from his lips, and grinned at his older brother. "See, wasn't that better than having someone jerk you off? I thought I would go up the wall the first time Joan sucked the cum out of my prick."

Allen was breathless, "Wow! It sure was neat. It was awesome! That bit about licking my ass, though. That almost put me through the roof. I don't know if I can do that to you but I'll try. It seems awfully yucky."

David hesitated for a couple of seconds. He'd digested quite a bit of philosophy about sex in the last few days. He thought it was only right he should pass it on. "Uh, Allen, both dad and Joan say you should never do anything you don't want to. I know you said you'd do it but if you don't want to suck me off that's all right, and if you think licking my ass would bother you, you don't have to try it. They both say that sex is supposed to be fun for both people and if it isn't fun for one of them then the other one doesn't have much fun either. I don't want you to do anything for me that you don't want to do.

"I don't think it'd be much fun for me and it wouldn't feel nearly as good. I had fun sucking your cock and It was neat making you jump by licking your ass. If you want I'll do it for you again but if you don't want to do it to me, you don't have to. Even if you don't want to do those things to me, I want to suck you off again. I like sucking your cock and making you feel good."

Allen looked at his brother and didn't know what to say. For the first time in years Allen hugged his brother to him and kissed him on his mouth. David had been reconditioned when it came to responding to a kiss. He pushed his tongue between his brother's lips.

Allen was startled but he'd heard of french kissing from the boys at school. He cautiously opened his mouth and let David's tongue touch his. Wow! He rubbed tongues with his brother and that was wild. He pushed his tongue into David's mouth and his prick started to harden.

David had just given him the best come of his life. He wanted to make David feel just as good as David had made him feel. He remembered David's description of a trip around the world, especially the bit about the nipples.

He pushed his brother back on the bed and got over him. He moved down on the bed and stopped to lick David's nipple. Sure enough the nipple hardened to a point and David got goose flesh and wiggled. Boys did have sensitive nipples!

Allen copied David. He held his brother's prick between his fingers and licked a drop of pre cum from the head. Making David jump like that was fun. He sucked on David's balls and David lifted his hips. He licked David's ass crack right below his balls and couldn't go any farther. He was disappointed but he just couldn't do it. He licked under David's balls once more and licked his way back up the underside of David's prick to the head.

True to form as soon as Allen's mouth covered his prick David shot a load of cum into his mouth. Allen knew his brother by this time and swallowed the cum but kept on sucking. It took a little longer before David's body jerked again. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble; David fed Allen another load of cum. Allen sucked on David's still hard prick until David's hips relaxed and moved down onto the bed again.

David was right it was fun sucking the cum out of David's prick and making him wiggle and jump like that. He'd suck David's prick any time David wanted him to do it even if David didn't suck his cock in return.

Allen let David's prick slide out of his mouth and grinned at his brother. David felt he wasn't being fair. "Gee, you made me come twice. Let me suck you off again before dad gets home."

David got into a sixty nine position. Allen's prick wasn't fully hardened so David sucked on his brother's balls then pushed his tongue up Allen's ass. Allen's prick became rigid and David sucked it into his mouth.

David's prick was in front of Allen's face. He took a deep breath, licked up David's ass crack, and over his pucker. David Jumped the same way Allen did. It wasn't nasty at all. It was fun making David jump that way. He wondered if he could make Alice jump. Allen licked David's ass till David moved back to Allen's prick then he moved back to sucking David's cock.

Both boys had come several times and they had more staying power. Tensions gradually build up and each bobbed his head and fucked his prick into his brother's mouth as fast as they could. It was a while before David's prick erupted into Allen's mouth. That set Allen off and he shot off too.

They gently sucked on each other's prick until Allen's was limp and then they hugged and kissed some more. They parted and grinned at each other.

"There, see, I told you. Licking ass isn't so bad after all."

"I guess you're right. You just have to make yourself do it the first time, then it's all right."

David related all the other things that he'd done with Joan. Allen hung on to his every word.

"David, how do I get Joan to do things with me?"

"Gee, you can't, that would give away the fact that I told you. You just have to wait until she, uh, seduces you."

Allen thought for a moment, "Uh, yeh, I guess that's right. What should I do so she doesn't guess?"

David studied that question, "Well, if she tries the same thing with you that she did with me, act a little scared and go along with her. Just let her lead you, maybe she won't find out."

At this point Allen was impatient. "Gee, I hope she does it quick. I can hardly wait."

David was practical about it, "You'll have to wait until you're grounded for something. That's the way it worked with Alice and me. Oooo, I have an Idea. Why don't you leave your bed unmade tomorrow morning. We always get punished for that, and it is something we do now and then."

Allen grinned at his brother. "That's a good idea. I love you David."

The boys kissed again and separated. David barely made it back to his room before Harry got home.


Chapter - 6

Thursday, April 7, Afternoon:

Allen followed David's suggestion and as expected he was caught out the next day for failing to make his bed. Harry was more than a little puzzled about that. David was careless about making his bed about once a month, but it had been more than a year since Allen had forgotten.

Allen was still doing his homework that night when Harry got home. David took the opportunity to corner his father in the kitchen while he helped his father prepare dinner. "Uh, dad?"


David grinned, "Did you have as good a time Tuesday night as I had Tuesday afternoon?"

Harry grinned back at his son. "You're getting pretty personal there, young feller, but I expect I did."

David had the grace to blush. "Aw, I knew what you were going to do. You told me yourself. Did Alice do some of the things with you that I did with Joan? Did she have as much fun doing them as I did?"

Harry realized that he'd opened the door, "I guess I did tell you and maybe I shouldn't have done that. I won't tell you anything that happened between us. It's just not proper, never kiss and tell. Why did you ask?"

"Well, if you've already done things with Alice, could I see if she wants to do things with me?"

Harry thought about that. "David, if your sure no one will overhear, you can talk to her about what happened to you and what you'd like to do, but that's all. I don't want you doing things with her for three reasons.

"First; she's not on the pill yet and you could get her pregnant. Second; she's your brother's girl and you shouldn't get in ahead of him. Would you like him to get with Susan before you do? Third; Allen or Susan would find out. There's no way you kids can really hide from each other."

David scowled, "Gees, I guess your right. I just hadn't thought it all out. I'm sorry, dad. I shouldn't even have had to ask about it."

Harry hugged his young son. "David, you had thought it out. You wanted me to say no. If you didn't care, you wouldn't have asked, you'd have gone ahead and done it. I want you to talk to me about anything, not only sex, whenever you have any doubts. Talking things over with someone you trust sometimes makes your own thoughts clearer to you."

David was willing to make the best of things. "Then it would be all right if I talk to Alice about the things we've done?"

Harry nodded. "Just remember to be sure neither Allen and Susan hear about our advanced sex education classes."

David was satisfied with this concession. "Okay, dad, I promise."

Allen came downstairs, the three of them had dinner, and they all trooped next door for some games or TV as they usually did when all the kids finished their homework in the afternoon. They just got in when the phone rang. Joan's boss had tickets to a concert and he couldn't use them, could Joan use them at this late date?

Thursday, April 7; Evening:

There was a conference. The kids promised they would be in their own houses at nine o'clock and in their own beds by ten o'clock. Harry looked directly at David while this discussion was going on and Joan looked directly at Alice. Both of them understood exactly what they were being told.

The adults left and Susan went to pick out some records to put on the hi-fi. Allen joined her and David whispered to Alice that he had to talk to her. Alice knew exactly what David wanted to talk about and she there was a record at the Black house that she wanted to listen to. She and David went to get it.

"What's so important, David?"

"You know, what we've done with your mother and my father."

"Yeh, I know, but I can't do anything with you until I get on the pill. Besides that I think I want to do things with Allen first."

"I thought that, I want to do things with Susan first too, and I wouldn't want to do things with you before you did them with Allen. Uh, but after that do you want to do things with me? I'd like to do things with you if you want."

"Oh, David, of course. I want to do things with you too. It sounds a little scary but I think I'd like to have all four of us do something together sometimes. We do it now at the bedroom window."

"Gee, that would be neat. It was a lot of fun doing things with your mother. Did you like the things you did with dad?"

"I sure did, but he wouldn't, uh, fuck me. I really wanted him to do that. Did You really get to fuck mom. What was it like?"

"Gee, yeh, it was neat, but I really can't describe something like that. Could you describe what it felt like to have your, uh, cunt lapped?"

David wasn't too comfortable about using four letter words, he was following his father's teachings, he was supposed to use those words with Alice because he was talking to someone whose cunt he wanted to lap.

Alice pondered, "I guess you're right. I couldn't really describe the feeling. I'll just have to wait till Allen fucks me and I find out. I hope mom gets to him soon."

"He left his bed unmade this morning so he is on restriction. I hope dad gets to Susan real soon too. Uh, what I really wanted to talk about was tonight. I'll talk to Allen and you talk to Susan. We haven't put on a show together since Sunday night. I want to see you again. I think you're beautiful." David blushed. "Uh, can I feel your tit? Do you think that would be all right? We won't do anything else."

Alice gave David a peck on the cheek and grinned at him. "Well we aren't supposed to but if I let you feel my tit will you let me feel your prick."

David didn't even answer but he shyly reached over and molded one of Alice's tits and felt the nipple harden. Alice reached down, felt his hard prick, and rubbed it a little. Both of them, wanted to do more than that but they weren't going to get into any trouble right now. On the way back to the Wright house Alice said she thought his idea about the show was a good one.

As soon as they got back and put the record on David passed the information on to Allen and Alice made the suggestion to Susan. Both were enthusiastic about the idea. They couldn't wait to get started. At eight the boys went back to their house.

The boys made a beeline for Allen's bed room, Susan and Alice were waiting in Alice's room with the shades up and the lights on. As soon as the boys came in the girls started to strip.

The boys followed suit and before long all four of them were nude. David had an idea and he whispered to Allen that they should jerk each other off.

Once the were all nude Susan stopped and looked at Alice. "Remember what we said we'd do the next time the boys were both watching?"

Alice blushed beet red. "Oh gee, I don't think I could do it."

This reticence didn't stop Susan, "All right, I don't mind, I'll lap your cunt, then we'll see what the boys do."

Both girls blushed as they got in position. Each of the boys reached for the other's prick and watched what was going on in the other bedroom. Alice stood three quarters toward the window with hips forward and her legs spread. Susan knelt before her. She licked along Alice's cunt and buried her face in her sister's crotch.

The girls were giving them a real show. What could they do in return, jerking each other off would be awfully tame after this. David had the obvious thought and blushed. Could he suck Allen's cock with the girls watching? Susan was lapping Alice's cunt while he watched!

The boys really couldn't see very much. Susan's head would get in the way when ever she went deep into Alice's cunt. David could figure out what Susan was doing but Allen had to guess. The thing he could really see was when Susan sucked on Alice's clit. That had his prick drooling pre cum.

David's breath would catch each time Susan moved in and thrust her tongue between Alice's inner cunt lips. He could tell by the change in motion when Susan licked or sucked Alice's cunt lips into her mouth. He wished he was sucking on Alice's cunt.

Neither boy paid any attention to what he was doing. Each pumped his hand his along his brother's prick in time with the motions of Susan's head, and each fucked his prick through his brother's hand. Alice threw her head back and her crotch forward and jets of cum arched out of both boys pricks. Neither of them had wanted that to happen while the girls weren't watching but they couldn't help themselves.

It was David's turn to suck Allen's prick but Allen didn't have a hard on since he'd just shot off. What could he do? Allen had gotten hard as soon as he licked his ass last night, he do it again even though the girls were watching. He got on his knees behind his brother and applied his tongue where it would do the most good.

The girls watched, Alice let the cat out of the bag. "How can he do that? I couldn't do it to Harry."

Susan did a double take. "What do you mean, 'you couldn't do it to Harry.'"

Alice put it off. "Uh, I'll tell you later, let's just watch now."

They watched.

David's ploy worked. Allen's prick was hard and David moved around to his front. He licked the drops of pre cum from Allen's pisshole and the remaining cum from the rest of Allen's prick. The fact the girls were watching made what he was doing more exciting. He sucked Allen's balls and licked his sensitive spots before he sucked his brother's prick into his mouth.

Susan and Alice watched David work his brother over. Susan's hand moved to Alice's crotch and Alice's hand moved to Susan's. Each slid a finger into her sister's cunt and pumped it in and out. They'd never thought of the boys sucking each other off. They thought only gays did that and both of them were sure that their boy wasn't gay. Well, they weren't gay either, the boys were doing the same thing they did.

The boys were in profile to the window and the girls could see Allen's prick riding in and out of David's mouth. David hollowed his cheeks with the suction he was applying. Allen's hips pumped his prick in and out of David's mouth faster and faster. Allen's head went back and his hips thrust forward. The girls watched David swallow Allen's cum. Alice wished she was drinking that load of cum.

Both girls were pumping their own hips back and forth and they were experiencing multiple orgasms. Each of them withdrew her fingers from her sister's cunt and idly sucked their fingers into their mouth as she watched David slow his head bobbing and let Allen's limp prick slide from his mouth. They hadn't seen Allen's cum shoot out but it was even more exciting to watch David swallow it.

The girls looked at each other. They had no way of letting the boys see what they did in the same detail that the boys could show them. Alice was ready lap Susan's cunt. Susan pondered the problem of giving the boys a better view. "Gee, how can we do it so the boys can see it as good as we can?"

Susan looked around the room, "Suppose we pull the bed over and you lay so they can see you through the window."

The girls moved the furniture around and the boys wondered what they were doing. Susan took her position on the bed and David whistled. Everything was there for him to see, the pink inner lips, the bump over them, even the cute pucker that he wanted to push his tongue in to make her jump. He'd never seen this much of Susan before.

He wished he was going to lap Susan's cunt. He wished his father and Joan would get on with the seduction of Allen and Susan. It seemed like forever since Joan seduced him. He'd lap Susan's cunt all day even if she didn't want to suck his cock.

Alice got into position and the boys could see more of what was going on. Alice licked Susan's inner cunt lips and Susan's hip rise up off the bed. She licked Susan's clit then sucked on it for a moment and Susan's hips wiggled. Alice switched activities. The boys heard Susan moan and saw her hips twitch as Alice applied her mouth to different sensitive spots. Susan's hands pressed Alice's head to her crotch and she rubbed her cunt all over Alice's face before she pushed Alice away. David shot off another load of cum and Allen's prick hardened again.

Allen licked David's cum off his hand as they discussed how they should put on their show. Allen was no longer bothered that the girls would see him sucking David's prick. As David had found out, someone watching a sex act made it more exciting. It was an interesting discovery. He could remember loosing his hard on in the boys room at school if he thought someone would see him jerking off.

The boys used almost the same position the girls had. The girls took up their position at the window and each inserted a finger in her sister's cunt again. It felt good to pump your cunt on your sister's finger while you watched one of the boys suck the other one's prick. You could make your orgasm happen at the same time the boy shot off and that was neat.

Allen licked a drop of cum from David's pisshole, cleaned the rest of the cum from his prick, and sucked on his balls. When he finished the preliminaries, David's hips were arched off the bed begging Allen to take his prick in his mouth. David was true to form. As soon as Allen's lips closed around his cock, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; David fed Allen a load of cum.

The girls knew David had shot off by the way Allen swallowed. Allen moved his head very slowly as it bobbed up and down with most of David's spit covered prick appearing each time Allen raised his head. Allen wanted to make this last as long as possible for David.

In spite of Allen's slow movement it wasn't long before David threw his head back, pressed Allen's head against his crotch with his hands, and futilely tried to push his miniature prick down Allen's throat.

The tension again built up in David's loins and his hips came up off the bed. His hips jerked with each spasm as the cum jetted out of his prick again. Each time it happened, David thought that this was the best come of his life. When he thought to look in the opposite window he saw the girls' hips jerking and his hips jerked again as one more dribble of cum was ejected from his balls.

Again there were conferences in both houses. It wasn't quite nine thirty yet. They still had half an hour and the girls decided to let the boys watch them sixty nine. The boys watched and did the same for the girls. It took longer this time and the boys could feel the climax building up over a period of time before they finally sucked a load of cum out of each other's cock.

All four kids were satiated. David went back to his room. Susan turned out the light in Alice's room but didn't leave. She wanted to find out what Alice meant about not being able to lick Harry's ass. "Alice, what did you mean by, 'you couldn't do it to Harry.'"

Alice had hoped that Susan would forget about her slip. "Uh, please don't make me tell you, Susan, I wasn't supposed to let you know."

Susan wasn't buying that, "But I want to know, and just having a hint is a lot worse than knowing the whole story. When did you have a chance to lick Harry's ass. I bet I could. Did he lick your ass? Did you do anything else with Harry? It sounds like you did. Did he fuck you? Wow! Is his prick big. You gotta tell me all about it, you just gotta!"

Susan had been too busy before to give Alice's remark her full attention. Now, she was jumping up and down in her excitement. She wasn't going to let her sister put her off with 'it was a secret'.

Alice realized Susan might do something that would spoil everything. Alice didn't want anything to get in the way of her having Allen in bed. She would tell Susan everything and they would plan together so that Harry wouldn't realize that Susan knew. "I guess I ought to start at the beginning. Mom, dad, Harry, and Sally used to do things together before dad and Sally died just like mom and Harry do now.."

Alice was interrupted by Susan's, "Wow!".

"Well, mom saw the boys jerking off Saturday night then went to Harry's and saw us finger fucking ourselves. They were afraid we might get together with the boys soon. Mom wanted us to get some sex instructions from an experienced person. She also thought the boys should get some instructions so they knew what to do when they got together with us."

Susan whistled, "You mean that Harry's going to do those things with me and mom is going to do those things with both the boys?"

Alice grinned at her little sister, "Well, mom's already done things with David. The way she says it 'she sucked his cock, fucked him, and got him to lap her cunt. He even licked her ass, that's why I'm so mad I couldn't do it. She says he's real good and you're going to have to fight her for him, but I think she's kidding."

"She has! Wow!" Susan thought for a minute. "I'll bet it was last Sunday, that's why he did so many more things Sunday night."

"Well, mom says as soon as all four of us get educated, she'll get us on the pill and we can do things with the boys. I think I want Allen to be the first one to fuck me. Harry wouldn't because I wasn't on the pill. He lapped my cunt and I sucked his prick. It was real neat."

Susan was almost jumping up and down. "I want to do those things too. How do I get Harry to do those things with me?"

Alice considered, "Gee, you have to get grounded and get left home with him. Hey, tomorrow's your day to clean up after breakfast, why don't you just forget to do it? Uh, Allen's already on restriction, you'll probably have to wait till mom's finished with him."

Susan thought that was a good idea. "Gee, yeh. I can hardly wait!"

Friday morning Susan arranged to be grounded. Now she just had to wait for her turn with Harry.


Chapter - 7

Friday, April 8; Evening:

Joan and Harry decided it wasn't necessary to sneak out on Friday night. They didn't want to leave the kids to themselves at this stage of the game. They just might get themselves in too deep and not be able to stop what they were doing.

The rest of the schedule was completely worked out. Susan and Allen were on notice that they were to be grounded. Joan would give Allen his sex lessons that evening, Harry would seduce Susan and give her sex lessons on Sunday, and Joan could take the girls to the gynecologist Monday.

The kids were surprised when Joan said she was too tired to go out with Harry that night. They caught on quickly when Harry suggested he take the kids to the movies. Oops, Allen was grounded. It slipped everyone's mind that Susan was due for grounding too. That would have spoiled everything.

Allen knew what was expected. He gave Joan enough time to prepare herself, pretended to be nonchalant, and wandered into her house. Joan was there with her skirt up and her legs spread. He didn't have to put on an act. His prick was already hard in anticipation, he blushed and got confused. Just as his brother had done he tried look up Joan's skirt without appearing to be doing it. He wanted to examine the cunt displayed as closely as possible. Joan made sure that he was getting more and more of an eyeful. Even if he hadn't known the next move he would have dashed for the bathroom.

Allen had his pants around his ankles and was sitting on the john fondling his hard prick when Joan opened the bathroom door and walked in on him as expected. He followed what David said he'd done and pushed his prick between his thighs and squeezed them together. Even though he knew what was going to happen he didn't have to act, his blushes almost reached the intensity of his red headed brother's.

Joan went through the motions of a double take that she'd used with David. This sequence had gotten spectacular results last time there was no reason it shouldn't work again. It was amazing how closely Allen's reactions followed David's. "Oh! I'm sorry, Allen, I didn't realize you were in here. Uh, what are you doing?"

Allen thought he was prepared but somehow being caught up in the game was scary. It was very helpful that Joan was using the same approach on him that she'd used with David. Allen had gone over that script in fine detail with David several times in the last few days. He had it memorized every line along with all the stage directions and blocking.

"Oh, don't hide your prick, Allen, you haven't been hiding it from Alice for the past week. I'd like to see your prick up close. I haven't been able to get too good a view of it, watching you from our dining room window."

This gave Allen his cue and he found his tongue in order to recite the lines the way he had rehearsed them with David. "Uh, you know what Alice and I have been doing?"

Joan continued with the lines that would cue Allen as to what to say and do next. "Of course, when you kids started to go up to bed without any argument last week I got curious. It was Saturday that I caught sight of David jerking off in the window.

When I checked your window you were pumping away on that nice looking five incher of yours, I had to assume Alice was putting on as good a show for you as you were putting on for her. As a matter of fact I went over to your house and your father and I watched the girls finger fuck themselves."

Allen gave his line at this point. "You're not mad at us? You aren't going to punish us?"

This was so much a repetition of her seduction of David that Joan fell right in with it. "Why? For doing what comes naturally. No punishment is going to stop you from behaving normal and being interested in sex. We'd be foolish if we thought we could stop you. What we can do is see that you are knowledgeable about what you're doing. Now, let me see what you're hiding between your legs there. I want to get a feel of it and teach you how to use it properly."

Jane went over to Allen and pried his thighs apart. Allen's hard prick jumped out from between his thighs. Joan spread the drop of pre cum over its head with her thumb. Allen found that a woman holding your cock felt even better than having your brother hold it. He knew he was about to find out how it felt to have a woman suck your cock, how fucking felt, and what cunt tasted like. He wanted to get started right away but he had to follow the script. "You're going to do things with me?"

It was time for the four letter word lesson. "Allen, we're not going to do things. We'll fuck, I'll suck your cock, and if you want, you'll lap my cunt. We might even sixty nine and do some other things. I'm holding your prick and when you get up the nerve I want you to stick your finger in my cunt. If you're going to enjoy sex you might as well use the proper words."

Allen went scarlet, this was something David hadn't mentioned. He never used those words except with David and the boys at school. He took a deep breath and grinned to cover his embarrassment. "Well, uh, yeh, I want to fuck you and lap your cunt. I want you to suck my cock too." He took another deep breath, " Gee, it does feel better when you say things like that.

He kept up his ignorant pose, "But, but, why do you want to do things like that with me. David and I saw you do things," Allen stopped and grinned at Joan again, "uh, fuck dad on the couch Saturday night. You sucked his cock then while he lapped your cunt. I saw dad's prick when it was hard for the first time, it's a lot bigger than mine. Why do you want to, uh, suck my prick and have me fuck you with my little prick when you can have one as big as Pop's?"

Joan gave Allen a hug, "You bet I want to do things with you, and, as I told David -"

Allen interrupted and put on a good act. "You did things with David?"

Joan still wasn't suspicious, "I sure did. He's a good little fucker and I enjoyed his little three incher. As I was saying, - don't worry about the size of your prick. There's an old saying 'it isn't the size, it's the way you use it'. A woman can get just as much pleasure out a cock the size of yours or even one the size of David's, as she can get out of your father's monster. I wanted to suck that cock of yours when I saw you jerking off."

Allen frowned and followed his brother's script. "Is it right to do them with you when you do them with dad?"

Joan told Allen of the family sex arrangements and the fact that Harry knew what was going on. "Another thing, outside of the fun that I'm going to have, we want you kids to be knowledgeable. I don't want Alice to have her first fuck from a rank amateur. I want to teach you how it should be done. She'll enjoy it much more that way and so will you. We'll talk more later and you should talk to your father too. Now I want to get you in bed. My cunt's practically dripping."

Joan kept hold of Allen's prick and led him to the bedroom the same way David told him she had done with him. Allen was tense and she figured that he was on the verge of coming. A kid his age was bound to have a hair trigger and unless he was like his brother and could keep his hard on, he would be out of commission for a while. She sat him on the bed, leaned over, and sucked his prick into her mouth.

Allen emulated David; spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Joan found that his cum was almost as delicately flavored as David's. Joan swallowed it all and kept massaging his shrinking prick with her tongue. She didn't release his prick from her mouth until it was limp.

Allen was crestfallen. He'd hardly had time to feel her mouth on his prick. He'd done nothing for Joan and now he knew he couldn't perform for a while. He had wanted to fuck Joan and now he couldn't, at least for a while.

Joan was reading his mind. "That's all right, Allen, don't be disturbed. You were so horny that you'd have shot off if your prick barely touched me. I know it'll be hard again before very long. Remember I saw how quickly you recovered your hard on when you were giving a show for Alice. As soon as you get hard we'll see what else I can show you how to do. I know you want to fuck me and get a real blow job and I know there's one way for you to get hard again in a hurry."

That line hadn't been in the script David had given him. "Uh, how can I do that?"

Joan lay back on the bed and spread her legs and raised her knees a bit. "Why don't you scoot down between my legs and examine my cunt. You'll be able to see a lot more about how a woman's made that way than you can see from across the yard. As David said a woman's plumbing is much better hidden than a boys. I'm sure you want to find out more about it."

This was in the script and Allen sure did want to examine the inside of Joan's cunt, he followed her advice. Allen knelt down between her legs and moved his head to within a foot of her cunt.

Gee, David had been right again, there was a real good smell down here! Allen sniffed. He moved his hand toward Joan's cunt, almost touched it, then he hesitated. He looked at Joan with raised eyebrows. This was a repeat of what had happened with David.

Joan wasn't trying to be original in her response either she used practically the same words she had used with David. "Go ahead. It doesn't have teeth and it won't bite you. Explore as much as you want, I'll enjoy having you play with my cunt. Wouldn't you like to have Alice play with your prick?"

Allen gently ran a finger along the outer lips of her cunt. Joan reached down and spread them apart to give Allen a better view. The good smell was stronger. Allen touched Joan's clit and she wiggled. He grinned, rubbed it harder, and Joan wiggled some more. Allen turned his attention to the inner lips. He ran a finger along them, it slipped right in the slick hole. There was lots of room in there. He stuck another two fingers in and wiggled them around. Joan squirmed some more.

Just as David had, Allen found the smell real interesting. He leaned his head closer and sniffed. It was Joan's cunt that smelled that way. David said it was fun lapping cunt and that he liked to do it. He leaned closer and licked the inner lips of Joan's cunt. Joan's hips came off the bed. Cunt tasted good. Joan raised her hips to get more of the action. Her pucker wasn't as cute as David's but he knew how good it was to get your ass licked. He licked down and pushed his tongue into her asshole. Wow! Did that make Joan jump.

This was as much fun as David said it was. He got as much pleasure making Joan jump as he had when she sucked his prick into her mouth. He licked his way back to her cunt and went to work in earnest. He tried to remember everything that David told him.

He licked her clit, he rubbed it with his tongue then sucked it between his lips and massaged it some more. He had Joan moaning now and she was still squirming. Allen knew that he must be doing things right. He sucked the inner lips into his mouth and massaged them with his tongue. Joan tossed her head back and forth just like David said she did that when she was coming. He was glad David had told him what to do and that that he could do this to Joan.

Joan wondered what it was with these adolescent virgins. They brought her off in half the time that Harry could. Harry was much more expert but these kids were much more exciting. Joan was on her fourth orgasm already and she'd had enough for the moment.

She pushed Allen's head away and grinned at him. Allen wasn't that much older than David and he was male. She used same technique on Allen that she'd used on David, she bolstered his ego a little. "Boy, you didn't need any instruction on how to lap cunt. Are you sure you never did that before? You do that good with Alice and she'll never let you go. Your father isn't much better than you are and he's had years of experience."

Allen's chest puffed out. He hadn't disgraced himself and he'd made Joan feel real good. David was right again. Making Joan come was just as much fun as shooting off was. He'd lap cunt just to lap cunt. Joan wouldn't have to suck him off to make him do it.

Joan came off her high and things didn't seem quite right. Allen hadn't been quite as good an actor as he thought he was. He hadn't licked his finger to find out what a cunt tasted like before he'd buried his head in her cunt. He hadn't wasted a minute before he licked her ass crack and her ass? Wait a minute, she hadn't even licked his ass yet. How did he know he should do that.

He hadn't done anything with Alice. Where had he gotten the idea and how had he gotten up the nerve to do those things? It just wasn't natural. It was odd how closely he was following David's script. She had expected his reactions to be similar to David's but it was almost as if Allen had rehearsed it.

At this point she was willing to bet that David had let the cat out of the bag. She'd have to investigate what had happened later. Right now something else interested her more. Allen's prick was hard again and she wanted Allen to fuck her. It was as if she were reading from her copy of the script. "I'll bet you're ready to try fucking me about now. Come on, move up between my legs, rest your knees between my thighs and support your weight on your hands. You're ready for your first fuck. We'll see how well that five inch prick fits my cunt."

Allen's prick was standing at attention and drooling pre cum. He followed Joan's instructions to the letter. When his prick dangled over her cunt she took hold and guided it between the inner lips. Allen held his breath. Wow! This wasn't like having your cock sucked but it sure did feel just as good.

He slowly lowered his hips and watched his prick disappear into a cunt for the first time. He wasn't a virgin any more. He pulled back and watched his prick reappear glistening with Joan's cunt juice. He pumped his hips in and out fast as he could.

Joan put her hands on his buttocks and held him steady for a moment. "Whoa, slow down, make it last as long as you can. If you pump like that the first time with Alice, you'll shoot off before she has an orgasm. Take it easy, the longer it lasts the more fun it is."

Allen's hips were quivering. He lowered himself to his elbows and took a couple of deep breaths. Joan was right, he did want to make it last. He was glad Joan was teaching him how to fuck. He wanted it to be perfect for Alice the first time.

He pumped his hips and Joan matched his thrusts with thrusts of her own. He watched his prick come most of the way out of her cunt and start back in again. The tension built in his loins. Joan moaned. He panted and his hips pumped as fast as they could. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; he pumped a load of cum into a cunt for the first time. He let his prick soak in her cunt Joan's contractions slowed down. He was proud of himself, he'd made Joan moan and toss her head again.

Joan rolled them on their side and switched around. This is what Allen had seen her do with his father. As soon as Joan sucked his soft prick into her mouth, he buried his face in her cunt. Sucking your cum from a woman's cunt was fun! In spite of what he'd seen and what David had said, he still hadn't believed it.

Some cum had leaked out of Joan's cunt. He licked down her ass crack and over her asshole. Joan did the same. He pushed his tongue against her pucker. Joan did the same. His prick got hard again! That happened when David licked his ass last night. Did having his ass licked do it? He'd have to ask about that later.

Joan moved toward his prick and sucked on his balls. Taking his cue from her, Allen moved his mouth back to Joan's cunt. Joan licked the sensitive underside of his prick, he tongue fucked her cunt. Sixty nining with Joan was even better than sixty nining with David, though he still wanted to do that now and then. He liked to make David feel good just as much as he liked making Joan feel good.

Joan licked Allen's prick and he tickled her cunt here and there with his tongue. Joan sucked his prick into her mouth, Allen applied himself to cunt lapping. David had told him they would sixty nine after they fucked.

He'd found that Joan reacted each time he changed his point of attack so he changed it often. Joan seemed to do different things to his prick too, but he couldn't figure out what it was.

Allen had more lasting power now and he had a lot more time to try things out. He tried rubbing his nose against Joan's clit while he pushed his tongue into the slit between the inner lips. Joan wiggled her hips and he knew she liked that. He sucked the inner lips into his mouth and massaged them with his tongue, more hip wiggles. So far so good! Everything David had told him worked and so did some of the things he tried himself. He ran his tongue all the way up and down between the outer cunt lips.

He pumped his prick in and out of Joan's mouth. He couldn't hold out any longer. Joan sucked the spurts and dribbles of cum out of his prick, her own body shivered and shook. Harry could have Susan and Alice. She'd take David and Allen any time.

Joan let Allen's prick slide out of her mouth and pulled her cunt away from his face. Both of them lay there panting. It was getting late and the rest of the family would be home soon. Joan had some questions she wanted to ask anyway.

The two of them showered, dressed, and went back to the living room even though Susan would be the only one that didn't know what was going on. They sat down and Joan studied Allen.

"Allen, something's wrong. You haven't done anything with either of my girls have you?"

"Uh, no, honest! Except that David and I do give shows for them almost every night."

"I didn't think you had really. You haven't done anything with another girl or a lady either. Is that right?"

"That's right. You're the first one, honest you are!"

"Then how did you know so much about lapping cunt. You weren't an expert but you knew what to do and did it without hesitation. You even licked my ass before I licked yours. How did you know even know you were supposed to do that? That's not a normal behavior for someone who's never done anything before, particularly a young teen ager like you. You have to build up your courage before you could do something like that."

"Aw, David will be mad at me."


"We were jerking each other off - uh, does that make us gay?"

"Not at all. You both like girls too much. You might want to talk that over with your father. Go on with your story."

"Well, we were jerking each other off and he wasn't thinking about what he was saying. He said, 'A blow job feels better.' I made him tell me how he knew what a blow job felt like. He really didn't want to. He thought you would be mad at him. He even cried when I wouldn't let him put me off."

"Oh, poor kid. I'm not mad at all. I would have liked to catch you by surprise the way I did David. I guess it was too much to expect kids your age to hold back on such an exciting thing for any length of time. I hope Alice is more careful with Susan. I know that they 'do things' as you kids say, she might let it out the same way David did."

Friday, April 8; Night:

The rest of the two families returned at that point. David wanted to find out what had happened with Joan. Allen wanted to talk to Harry as Joan had suggested. The two boys dragged their father to their house for a conference. They went into the kitchen for some soda and sat around the kitchen table.

"Did you do it, Allen, did you do it?"

Allen was just as eager to tell as David was to find out. He started to answer then realized what his brother had said and grinned. It was about time he caught his younger brother off base on something to do with sex. He cocked his head the way David sometimes did and looked at him.

"What is 'it', David?"

Harry burst out laughing. "Your brother wants to know if you fucked Joan, lapped her cunt, and had your cock sucked. What's more I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he wants a very detailed description."

Allen blushed at that point but David was now accustomed to his father using those words. "Yeh, I did all those things, I fucked her, she sucked my cock, and I lapped her cunt. I even licked her ass and had my ass licked. You were right, David, it was neat."

"Uh, Allen, did she find out?"

Now both boys had let out the fact that Allen knew what was going to happen. Harry picked that one up immediately. "What do you mean, 'did she find out?'."

David hung his head and appeared crestfallen. "Aw, dad, I'm sorry. I let something slip and Allen made me tell him what was happening. I really didn't want to tell, but after I made the slip, I couldn't not tell. I'm sorry."

Harry had the same reaction Joan had. "It's all right, David, I should have expected that you couldn't keep something as exciting as that to yourself. I'm sure you couldn't help it."

Allen explained, "Uh, dad, that was why I left my bed unmade, so you would ground me."

Harry grinned at the boys. "I should have suspected. Now I think you ought to go to bed. We have a lot to talk about and we can have a family conference in the morning. I want to go over and talk to Joan. Maybe I'll take up with Joan where you left off Allen. After all it is Friday night. I wouldn't want to break up such a long standing tradition."


Chapter - 8

Saturday, April 9:

Weeks before a picnic had been planned for this Saturday. It was almost noon when they reached the park and it wasn't much later that the kids had demolished the lunch much faster than it had taken to pack it. They separated onto natural pairings.

Joan and Harry sat at the picnic table, talked, and fondly watched the kids. David and Susan sprawled under a tree and held hands. Allen and Alice found a secluded bench to talk over the exciting things that were happening. Joan smiled at Harry. "I know what Alice and Allen are discussing."

"How could you guess?"

"Well, the whole charade will be played out tomorrow afternoon. I'm sort of sorry it'll all be over."

"I know what you mean. I'll be a little sorry too. I wonder how Susan's going to react."

"You'll find out, she'll be more willing than Alice was. She is more adventurous. She and David make a good pair. It could be that Alice let it slip though, just like David did."

"Yeh, David was devastated that he'd let Allen find out. Allen said he even cried before he would tell him about it. I haven't seen David cry in five years."

The older kids conversation was following the lines that their parents suspected. Alice wanted to know in minute detail everything Allen had done with her mother last night. "Did mom fuck you and suck your prick? Did you lap her cunt? Did you like it? Was it fun? What did it feel like? Were you surprised?"

This made Allen blush. In spite of their shows, they'd never even mentioned sex in conversation before. Allen didn't expect Alice to use those particular four letter words.

He couldn't get away with using circumlocutions either, he had to use those words too. Alice would tease him if he didn't. Well, dad said you should use those words with someone you intended to do them, with. He blushed again and took a deep breath. "Uh, yes to most of your questions. Your mom sucked my cock then I lapped her cunt while my prick got hard. After that she taught me how to fuck. That was neat! Then we did a sixty nine and there wasn't any time left. I'm glad she taught me those things, now I know what to do when we get together the first time. I'm sorry that David let it slip, It might have been more fun if I didn't know what was going to happen. Uh, what did you do with dad? Did you like it? Uh, did he fuck you?"

"Gee no, he was afraid he might make me pregnant and wouldn't fuck me because I wasn't on the pill yet. I wanted him to but now I'm sort of glad that he didn't. I want you to be the first one to fuck me. He lapped my cunt, and I learned how to suck cock. That was fun and I found out how to make you feel good."

They continued their discussion and compared notes. Each of them wanted to know in great detail what the other liked best. They were determined to make their first time together the best possible. The more they knew about the other's likes and dislikes the better it would be.

Susan and David sat and held hands. David wasn't going to let anything slip so he kept quiet. He was happy just to sit with Susan even if his prick did stay hard. He kept thinking about the things he would do with Susan after tomorrow. He would have to visit the rest room pretty soon and jerk off.

Susan wanted to talk to David about what was going to happen and couldn't find a better ploy than the direct approach. "Uh, David?"

David was cautious when Susan used his name with a question mark after it. "Yeh?"

Susan threw a blockbuster. "Was it fun fucking mom?"

David was startled. He blushed but he wasn't going to let anything out this time. He was careful not to admit anything but he didn't lie either. "Uh, what makes you think I ever had a chance to do something like that?"

Susan was very mater of fact, "Alice let slip that she'd had her cunt lapped by Harry and I asked questions until she told me. Harry will do things with me tomorrow afternoon then we can do things together. I can hardly wait for that. My cunt gets wet thinking about it. Your prick is hard too. Was it fun doing things with mom?"

Now that Susan knew what was going on David drew in a sigh of relief. He didn't have to watch what he said so closely any more. He really did want to talk to Susan about everything that had happened. "Gees, yeh. I really wanted to do things with you first but now I'm glad that your mother showed me how to do those things. I can make you feel a lot better now that I know how to do them and I always want to make you feel real good."

Susan was thoughtful, "I'm sorry I know what'll happen tomorrow. I don't think I can hide what I know. I wanted to do things with you the first time too, but I guess you're right. It will be better if we know what to expect."

David couldn't see any reason for Susan to fret. "Uh, Susan, don't be worried about knowing. I let it slip to Allen and your mother knew right away. Neither dad nor your mother were mad about it."

Susan's eyebrows shot up. "Oh? That's neat. Then I don't have to worry."

David was getting uncomfortable. "Uh, excuse me, I have to go to the men's room"

Susan grinned at him, "Are you going to jerk off. I'm going to finger fuck myself. My cunt's dripping wet."

David was startled by Susan's directness, but he recovered quickly. "Yeh, I guess I have to. My prick's been hard so long my balls are beginning to ache. I had to do it right after we got to the park too."

Susan just shrugged, "I know. I finger fucked myself then too."

They went their separate ways. Virtually the same conversation took place on the bench. Allen blushed and said he had to visit the men's room. Alice giggled and asked him if he was going to jerk off. Both of them admitted that this was the second time.

Joan and Harry watched the kids and burst out laughing when they disappeared into the rest rooms.

"I wonder how come they all had to go at the same time."

"I can make a good guess and if I weren't an adult I think I might join them."

"You're not alone. I think they have the right idea. When they're through in there I think we ought to take them home and separate them. The boy's balls must be aching by now.

Sunday, April 10; Afternoon:

It was Palm Sunday and it went as it had the week before. They went to church, had lunch at a restaurant, came home, and Jane took three kids to a movie. To nobody's surprise, Harry felt like staying home so Susan's grounding went into effect.

Harry prepared himself as he had for Alice and waited for Susan to appear. Susan had been doing some thinking. David had told her Harry and Joan weren't upset that Allen knew what was going to happen. If that case she was going to take the bull by the horns or, in this case, the man by his prick.

Harry was seated in his easy chair when she wandered in. She looked at him shyly and moved toward him. "I don't think you love me any more. You haven't asked me to sit on your lap for more than a year."

She pushed his book away and sat on his lap. She felt a lump and wiggled her hips. Harry's prick hardened and pushed itself into the crack of her ass. Susan got in the tag line before Harry had a chance. "Oh, I'm sorry, did I do that to you? I'll have to make it soft again. Does your prick get soft like Allen's does when he shoots off? I saw mom make it soft a couple of times when you were doing things with her on our couch."

She reached into the waistline of his shorts and wrapped her hand around his prick. It felt even bigger than it had looked when he was fucking Joan. She wondered if she could get it in her mouth and if it would ever fit into her cunt. "Wow! Your prick is way bigger than David's. It's even a lot bigger than Allen's and I thought that his prick was big."

Harry was startled but once over his surprise was almost doubled up in laughter. "All right, you know what's supposed to happen this afternoon and your not going to let me seduce you, but you can't rape me either. You'll have to save that cute little snatch of yours for David. Outside of that it's your choice of what you want to do. The reason I haven't let you sit on my lap is that I didn't think you were ready to make my prick soft again before this and the last time I had you in my lap you were getting mature and attractive enough to make it hard."

"Oooo, can I suck your cock? I want to do that so I can practice up to do a real good job on David. I can't wait to suck his cock and have him fuck me. Mom will get us the pill on tomorrow, won't she? Can David fuck me then? Oooo, I can hardly wait for that. I know he did a lot of things with mom on Sunday and Tuesday when he said he had to go to the dentist too, but he wouldn't even let me feel his prick when I wanted to."

"Whoa, slow down. Let me try to take those one at a time. I'd love to have you suck my cock. I'm sure your mother will have you on the pill the first thing tomorrow morning. If she does you can spend tomorrow afternoon 'doing things' with David and tomorrow night you can spend the whole night with him. You can do anything you want with him. I'm sure he wants to do every one of those things with you too. I know he wants to lap your cunt and fuck you. He wants to make you feel as good as you want to make him feel.

"Don't worry about how good a job you can do on him. Anything you do will seem perfect to him. He loves you as much as you love him. As far as not letting you feel his prick, hooray for David, I'm proud of him for that. I don't think I could have done that at his age. Has that covered all your questions?

"Now, why don't we go to my bedroom and get undressed. I'll be happy to teach you as much as I can about sucking cock. You ought to ask your mother for some pointers too. She's an expert cocksucker and she knows what David likes."

Susan was on her way upstairs by the time Harry finished the sentence, stripping off her clothes as she went. Harry followed her and picked up her garments on the way. They got to the bedroom and Susan bounced on to the bed. "I want to learn how to suck cock, Harry. Can I do that first?"

Harry grinned at her. "Be my guest."

Harry lay back on the bed, Susan got between his legs and held his eight inch cock in her hand. She watched a crystal clear drop of pre cum form at his pisshole, licked it off, then she looked up with her eyebrows raised. "What shall I do? What would feel best to David?"

"Honey doll, you started out just right. Why don't you do whatever you want to and find out how I react? That's the best way to find out what you want to do. Not everybody likes the same thing. You have to test each partner before you find out what's best."

Harry was so hot he didn't have the patience to lead her through step by step. Harry was sure Susan would know what to do and as hot as he was he was sure whatever she did would feel good to him.

Susan licked the sensitive underside of Harry's prick. She found the loose skin under the pisshole that made Harry react most and spent some time massaging it with her tongue. She licked another drop of pre cum off the head of his cock. She sucked Harry's hairy balls, one at a time.

Alice couldn't lick Harry's ass but Susan wasn't as squeamish. She wanted to practice that too so she could do it to David. She was sure he was going to lick her ass and wanted to be able to return the favor. She licked Harry's ass crack and over his asshole. Wow! It was worth doing, it really made Harry jump. Susan tongue fucked Harry's ass. She was going to make David squirm when she did this to him. She licked her way back to Harry's prick and sucked on his balls on the way.

Harry's prick was huge. She'd never get it all in her mouth. She wrapped a hand around the base of his prick and lowered her mouth over its head. Harry's hips bucked and Susan's lips rested against her fingers. She pressed her tongue against the underside of Harry's prick, sucked as hard as she could, and lifted her head. To her delight, Harry wiggled and pulled his hips back.

Susan sucked hard and bobbed her head. These young virgins could bring him off in half the time it took Joan. It was very exciting to have sex with them. The tension built up in Harry's loins, his back arched, his body quivered, he grunted; spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble; Susan got her first taste of cum.

Susan thought it was neat. She didn't think she would ever get enough of it. Her cunt contracted in a sympathetic orgasm. She hoped Harry liked what she'd done. She hoped David would like it when she did it for him. She sucked on Harry's shrinking prick until it was limp then let it slide out of her mouth and sat back on her heels and looked anxiously at Harry. "Did I do it right? Did I make you feel good? I want to do it right. Tell me if I missed anything."

"Honey doll, it couldn't be more perfect. David couldn't possibly find anything to complain about. Let me catch my breath and I'll give you a trip around the world. That's something special and you want to wait for a special time but it's something you want to do to David too. Your mother says it drives him up the wall."

"Oooo, good. That's what you did to Alice, isn't it? She told me all about it. I want to know all the special things."

Harry started out with french kissing and Susan caught on right away. She enthusiastically sucked his tongue when he thrust it in her mouth and offered her own tongue to have him suck it. Harry nibbled and licked all the appropriate spots. He found her barely pubescent tits were very sensitive and sucking them was exciting to him as well.

He stopped for a few licks of her sopping cunt on the way down to the bottom of her feet, got the appropriate wiggles and giggles, and proceeded along the backs of her legs. Susan jumped when he licked the back of her knees and wiggled while he licked the inside of her thighs. Harry made a production of licking her ass crack and rimming her ass.

When Harry turned Susan over she arched her back and moaned with her desire. She wasn't thinking of David now she was feeling her own urgent need. Her almost hairless cunt begged to be lapped.

A quick swipe of Harry's tongue along the length of her cunt had Susan squirming all over the bed. Susan was having more massive orgasms than she'd ever had before. Her head tossed from side to side and her hips arched up off the bed. Harry kept the action going until she collapsed and shudders ran through her body. It was his turn to sit back on his heels and grin. He'd given this little virgin the time of her life.

"Wow! Nothing could feel that good!"

Harry moved up beside her and hugged her and she held him close. Her shivering subsided and she offered her mouth for some more kissing. Something interesting was pressed against her thighs. Harry's prick was hard again! Susan turned end for end and licked the drop of cum from its head.

Harry moved his head between Susan's legs and rimmed her ass. She returned the compliment. She couldn't understand why Alice couldn't do that. She liked the way it made Harry's ass cheeks clench and relax when she did it. She was going to see how long she could make David do that. It would be fun.

Susan was much less violent this time when she sucked on Harry's prick. She took her time. What really felt best to Harry? She licked all around it and studied all the responses she got. She took the head of his prick in her mouth and massaged it with her tongue and found that Harry's thighs tensed when she did it. She filed that for use with David.

Harry's more gentle cunt lapping felt good to her too. Susan slowly sucked Harry's eight inch cock into her mouth. The head hit the back of her throat and she swallowed. Harry's hips jerked. Susan moved her head back and pushed it forward again. More of Harry's prick went down her throat this time and she swallowed around the head again. She rubbed her hot young cunt against Harry's face. It felt real good when he changed from licking her clit to lapping between her inner cunt lips and back again.

Harry pumped his hips and she felt his crotch hair brush against her chin each time she bobbed her head. She had his whole prick in her mouth! After David took her cherry maybe she'd even be able to get Harry's big prick in her cunt? She wanted to try it anyway.

Susan felt her first orgasm coming on. She sucked harder and bobbed her head faster. She wanted to drink Harry's cum at the same time she was having orgasms. Her cunt was pressed tight against Harry's face and she shuddered with multiple orgasms. She sucked real hard, moved her head back, and fluttered her tongue right near Harry's pisshole. Harry rewarded her with the load of cum she wanted.

Both of them slowed down, but Susan didn't stop sucking until Harry's prick was limp again. They switched positions again and cuddled and kissed some more. Harry looked at the clock and suggested that the rest of the families would be back soon and it was time to dress.

Susan had a very smug look on her face when the rest of the families arrived home. She was ready for David now!

As soon as David was in the door she ran over and hugged him. She rubbed her body up against his and got the results she wanted. She felt his hard prick pressed into her crotch. She reached down between their bodies and squeezed. David shot a load of cum into his pants and blushed. It didn't stop the French kiss he was giving her.

Susan broke away. "Oh, mom can't we sleep together tonight if we promise not to fuck? Can we? I want to suck David's cock and have him lap my cunt. Please! Please!"

David was all for it. "Yeh, dad, I promise I won't fuck Susan till she gets the pill. Honest I won't. Can't we sleep together tonight?"

Allen and Alice were right in there pitching for approval. Joan and Harry stood there and shook their heads no until the uproar died down.

"Why not, dad, if we promise we won't fuck?"

Harry ginned at his sons. "Allen, did you ever swear that you wouldn't jerk off any more?"

"Uh, yeh."


"I guess so."

"What happened?"

Both boys hung their heads

"Uh, I didn't jerk off for almost a day."

"I guess I didn't last that long."

"Point proven. Not till tomorrow."

The kids were all crestfallen. They didn't like the decision but realized its justice. They kissed and rubbed bodies. In the process Allen shot off in his pants.

Sunday, April 10; Evening:

The families separated. The girls went to their house and boys went upstairs to change their pants. Both families had lengthy conferences on the proper procedure for a first sexual encounter. Both family conferences went on well into the evening.

In the Black house the boys wanted to know what they could do to please the girls. They wanted all the information their father could give them. Harry used the opportunity to get some fundamental ethics planted in his son's heads.

"Hm, I guess I should go through my lecture routine. First; the words we use when we're talking about sex; fucking, lapping cunt, sucking cock, and so on, are descriptive, accurate, and proper. They have their place but they should only be used when you're with someone you expect to do them with.

"Next; what is 'right' and what is 'wrong'. I want you to remember when it comes to sex anything that two or more people want to do together is right as long as no one will be hurt. If everyone concerned wants to do it, and no one will be hurt then by what they're doing, there's no way it can be wrong."

"Uh, dad, is it right for two boys to jerk each other off?"

"Do they both want to do it and would hurt either of them?"

"Well, sure, they want to or they wouldn't be doing it."

"The book you gave us said jerking off didn't do any damage."

"Then there's nothing wrong with it as long as both boys want to do it and no one will be hurt."

"But doesn't that make them gay?"

"Not necessarily, some males like to do things with other males now and then, even though they aren't homosexuals, and that's not wrong either."

"What about boys that suck each other's pricks?"

Harry was surprised. He kept the conversation in the third person pretending that he didn't suspect the boys were speaking of themselves.

"Do you think it would hurt either of them?"

"Gee, I don't see how it could."

"Did both of them want to do it?"

"I guess so, nobody made them do it."

"Then what I said stands. If they're gay it's certainly not wrong for them. Why shouldn't gays enjoy sex as much as hetros? The same rules of right and wrong apply to them too. If the boys like girls too, then they just want to try things out. There's nothing wrong with experimenting. Some boys that aren't gay find they like doing things like that for some variety now and then."

He hoped the boys didn't develop any hang ups because they were doing something that the general public considered improper in spite of the fact that many adolescent boys did engage in the practice from time to time. He was pleased his sons were willing to accept his explanation. Both boys thought for a while and nodded their heads.

"I guess you're right."

"Uh, yeh."

That problem settled, Allen started on another track.

"Uh, dad, Why did my prick get hard right away when Joan licked my ass? It was only a couple of minutes since I'd shot off."

Allen was surprised he didn't blush when he used those words with his father this time.

"That's a little complicated because there are several factors. Do you tickle your ass when you jerk off sometimes because it feels good? I did when I was your age."

Both boys admitted they'd done that. They hadn't even told each other about it. Both said they didn't know why it felt good.

"The nerves of your anus, your asshole, are interconnected to the head of your prick. Anything that stimulates one set of nerves stimulates the other. Have you noticed that your ass contracts when you shoot off? It's on account of that.

"There's another factor too. Right inside your anus there's a gland called your prostate. Its nerves are directly connected to the nerves of the glans. It's when the nerves of your prostate are stimulated enough that you shoot off."

"You mean the prostate is what makes you shoot off?"

"That's right, when your glans, the head of your prick, is massaged it stimulates the nerves in the prostate in sympathy with the nerves in your prick. Pushing a finger up your ass and rubbing against the prostate can make you come. I tried that a couple times when I was a boy. Have you?"

"Wow! I wonder what that would feel like?"

"Gee, I never even thought of it."

"Some men like it. They'll massage their prostate themselves or even let another man fuck their ass and massage their prostate with his prick."

"That sounds nasty. I don't think I'd like it."

"I don't think I'd like it either."

"Don't knock it if you haven't tried it. Licking ass seems nasty. You had to try it to find out it wasn't."

"Uh, I guess so."

"Gees yeh. I didn't think I could do it but now I think it's neat."

"Point proven. I'm not saying you should try it, but remember, -" Harry paused and looked at the boys expectantly.

The boys grinned and chorused, "If both want to do it and it doesn't hurt anyone it's all right."

"Joan says that neither of you had enough time to fuck her ass. She likes to be fucked that way. If you want to try that sometime. It might be best to do it with Joan first so you have some experience when you do it with the girls.

"Fuck a woman's ass?"

"What does it feel like."

"About the same as a regular fuck except the asshole is tighter. It's different but feels as good, just as fucking and having you cock sucked is different. You don't have to engage in any of the acts you haven't tried but you might want to experiment. If you try something and don't like it you don't have to do it again. I'm sure that you've found out that variety makes sex more interesting."

"Uh, I have to think about that."

"Gee, I have a lot to think about."

"Dad, how do you do it the first time so you don't hurt the girl?"

"Yeh, dad, I don't want to hurt Alice."

"You got me boys. I've never fucked a virgin. This calls for a consultation."

Harry picked up the phone and called Joan, told her the urgent nature of the request, and asked her to come over. Joan came right over. These boys were going to take her girls' maidenheads. Sex Ed 301 was about to begin. She was sure that none of the kids were going to get this knowledge at school. She wanted them to have as much information as possible.

"No matter what you do it's going to hurt Alice and Sally some. One point in your favor is that they're so young. The hymen, that's the cherry or maidenhead, gets tougher and much harder to tear as a female grows older. Oh, in spite of what you may have heard, it's better to start with a steady pressure than it is by plunging your prick in hard and fast.

"If you're afraid of hurting the girl, you might let her get on top. Then they can do it themselves. I fucked you that way in the car, David. Once the deed is done, don't be impatient. Wait until the girl is ready. It shouldn't be long and I'm sure it will feel good to have your prick soak in a cunt. You can switch positions or just fuck like that, whatever you want. Hmm, anything else, nope, that about covers it. Any questions, the girls are waiting for me. They want to know the things you boys like best too. From the way you boys acted with me, I don't think there will be any problems. Oh yeh, go real slow that first time, it might take the girls a little longer than usual."

Jane grinned at the boys, tousled their hair, gave each of them a kiss, and went back to her girls. Harry looked at the boys with his eyebrows raised.

"There you have it boys, any more questions?"

"Gees yeh, David doesn't have to worry, his prick never gets soft but mine does after I shoot off. Once I shoot off I have to wait for a while before I can do anything. How do I keep from shooting off too soon?"

David put in his two cents worth. He wanted the sensations to last longer too and he felt he shot off too quickly.

"Aw, I may not get soft but I don't want to shoot off right away either. I want it to last as long as possible."

"That's a problem most boys, and a lot of men have. It's a good idea to do something rather than fuck first. You last longer the second time. There's another trick that I've used. If you feel you're going to shoot off to soon, do multiplication tables in your head. Another way is to suck a tit and when you get one nipple hard switch to the other. Concentrate on what your doing to the girls' tits and it takes your mind off of what's going on down below with your prick and her cunt."

"Gee, that's right, dad. The longest I ever lasted with Joan was when I sucked her tits while I was fucking her." David stopped to think. "But that was my fifth come too, maybe that had something to do with it."

That got a laugh and a hug from Harry.

"I should last through my fifth come any more. I haven't done that in years."

In the Wright house the females were having a conference of their own. Joan went over most of the things that Harry went over with the boys. She wanted the girls as well founded in sexual ethics as Harry wanted the boys. She repeated the maidenhead lecture for the benefit of the girls.

She warned Alice about sucking the first load out of Allen prick and not to be too fancy about it or he might shoot off before she got his prick in her mouth. He would probably get it hard again by lapping her cunt. When he regained his hard on he would last plenty long enough to satisfy her. If he shot off too soon, she shouldn't let him know. She should tell him how good it felt. Boys needed their egos boosted and when they felt good about what they'd done they tried even harder.

Susan had David's peculiarities to handle. Just as with Alice and Allen, she should suck his prick into her mouth right away. He would shoot his first load immediately then she could take her time and do anything she wanted because it would be a while before he shot off again and he wouldn't loose his hard on. If he took a while lapping her cunt after she sucked his cock, he might do the same thing again when he fucked her, shoot off and continue fucking until he shot off again. She smiled at her younger daughter.

"You do know your going to have to fight me for that little red head now and then."

"Oh, mom, I won't mind, you can borrow him when you want to do things with him. At least not after the first couple of days."

"You too, Alice, Now that I've tried him out, I don't want to do without Allen either."

"Can we borrow Harry now and then too? I don't know if it will fit, and I'm half scared, but I would like to be fucked by his big prick."

"Just remember, he's no kid. I think David can shoot off eight or ten times. I expect Allen is good for five or six rounds. Harry usually only comes three or, on a real strong night, four comes before he's finished. You have to take it easy with someone his age and not be too demanding. One thing's for sure, however, he won't shoot off before you're ready."

The conversation settled down to fine technical items that really had no bearing on kids that young, but Joan was just as tolerant of her children's quest for knowledge as Harry was with his. The discussion lasted for quite a while.

By mutual consent, none of the kids put on a show that night. They each left their light on and their shade up. They undressed slowly and faced the window often, both to see and be seen. It was enough just to look at the object of their affections.

Once in bed all of them closed their eyes and masturbated thinking what they were going to do tomorrow night.

Later that night, after they'd had a session on the couch, Jane and Harry compared notes. Harry cocked his head in the way that David mimicked.

"Oh, by the way, the boys didn't exactly admit it, but from the questions they asked I've concluded that they've been sucking each other off."

Joan raised her eyebrows. "That is interesting. The girls are lapping each other's cunts too."


Chapter - 9

Monday, April 11; Morning:

It was spring break and Joan took vacation. She had already made a doctors appointments for her girls for ten o'clock and ten thirty Monday morning. The girls were up and six and impatient to get started. They wanted to get on the pill as soon as possible. Every minute they waited seemed like an hour. Joan stalled them as long as she could and still wound up in the doctors offices thirty minutes early.

Joan listened with amusement to her daughters whispered conversations about what they wanted to do with the boys this afternoon. If they accomplished all of their intentions both of the boys were going to be worn to a frazzle by the time the girls were finished with them. On second thought she didn't imagine that the boys would object.

Joan was surprised that the doctor took birth control pills for kids that young in stride and didn't act as if it were anything unusual. Could it be that it was common for mothers to get the pill for girls that age? He gave each the girls a thorough examination, questioned them about their periods, and said that they no problems at all.

They stopped at the druggist on the way home and picked up the pills. The girls were thrilled. Taking the pill was their rite of passage. It meant that they were grown up. They couldn't wait to start the series and were a little miffed when Joan made them wait till they got home.

Once they got home Joan insisted that they take another shower before they went to the Black house to meet the boys even though they'd had a shower that morning before going to the doctor. Her girls were going to be raised correctly.

"You should always be absolutely spotless before you entertained a boy."

Harry had gone to work that day but found he couldn't concentrate so he took off and headed back home. He got home and saw Joan returning from the doctor with the girls into their house. He went inside and chased the boys upstairs to shower before the girls arrived.

"It's only good manners to be spotlessly clean when you intend to entertain a girl."

The boys were freshly showered and waiting for the girls and Joan when they arrived.

Susan ran to kiss David and Alice rushed over to Allen. Both girls remembered what happened last night and were very careful not to rub the boys too hard. They wanted to wait till they were in the bedroom so they could see their pricks when they shot off. The adolescent couples had previously decided that they wanted privacy for their first encounters and were tugging at the leash to get to the bedrooms and get started.

Joan insisted that they all eat a good lunch before they did anything else. The boys would need all the strength they could muster. The kids were too excited to eat very much. When they were finally permitted to leave the table they split into pairs and made a dash for the boys' bedrooms. Harry and Joan decided to wait the afternoon out. They'd use his bedroom that night.

Monday, April 11; Early afternoon:- Alice and Allen

Alice and Allen got to his room. They'd been giving shows but that was from across the yard. There was no longer the safety of thirty feet of lawn between their bodies. They were in the same room. This was what they had wanted but it was scary too. Each was shy about disrobing in front of the other. They stood and looked at each other.

"I love you Allen."

"I live you too."

"Oh, Allen!"

Alice Hugged Allen to her. Then she shyly unbuttoned her blouse. Allen watched what she was doing and removed his T shirt. That broke the ice. Both of them stripped out of the rest of their clothes and were in their birthday suits in nothing flat. Allen cautiously put his hand on one of Alice's tits. Alice reached for his crotch and stopped. She remembered her mother's warning and she didn't want to embarrass Allen by making him shoot off right away.

"Mom said I shouldn't touch your prick. She said I should suck you off first. Do you want me to do that? I think I'd like to."

"Uh, yeh, I can get hard again while I lap your cunt. Then I can last better when we do it."

Alice giggled and said, "Do what, Allen."

Allen blushed then recovered, he wasn't going to let a girl be more brazen than he was. "When I fuck you for the first time and take your cherry."

Alice led Allen over to the bed and it was her turn to blush as she positioned herself between his thighs. This was the prick she'd been fantasizing about ever since she'd had her first period. It was beautiful. She liked it a lot better than Harry's monster. This was the prick she really wanted. She really wanted to suck this cock.

Alice licked the sparkling drop of pre cum off the tip. Allen's hips jerked and Alice immediately moved her mouth down over the head and eased her lips down along the five inch shaft. She'd no sooner sucked his entire prick into her mouth than Allen's hips shot off the bed and his first spurt of cum jetted into her mouth. Alice sucked desperately and swallowed each of the spurts, then continued sucking till she had drained the rest of the load from his balls. She tried to get some more action from Allen but his prick softened and he finally pulled it out of her mouth.

He sure didn't last as long as Harry, but she liked the taste of his cum more and having him shoot off in her mouth gave her a mild orgasm. Alice was disappointed that she hadn't a chance to really make Allen feel good.

Well, after he fucked her, she'd suck his cock again. Her mother said that he wouldn't be on a hair trigger then and he would last long enough then so she could use all the tricks she'd learned when she had practiced on Harry.

Allen was disappointed too and more than a little crestfallen. He'd been fantasizing about Alice sucking his cock and had hardly had time to feel her mouth go down over his prick. The only good thing about it was that he could lap her cunt right now. He'd fantasized about that too, and now he'd get a chance to do it. Alice moved up beside him, pressed her body against his, and kissed him.

David had described a trip around the world in great detail. Allen had hung on to his every word. This was the way you started it, french kissing. Allen picked it up from there. He wanted to make Alice wiggle and jump the way David said he did.

He broke off the kiss and licked his way around to her ear. He nibbled her earlobe and Alice wiggled, she jumped when he poked his tongue in her ear. He couldn't wait till he got down to suck Alice's tits. He'd wanted to do that for a long time too. However, he followed the script as he knew it, and licked his way down across Alice's neck and upper chest.

Allen made a discovery for himself. He licked all around the swell of Alice's tits and she wiggled wildly when he licked the crease at the bottom. He'd found a sensitive spot. He worked it over to make her wiggle some more.

He moved on to suck on a nipple. It was hard when he sucked it into his mouth but he could feel the aureole crinkle and Alice really jumped. He took his time sucking on it then moved to the other tit and sucked on that nipple till it was real hard and that aureole was as crinkly as the first one.

He licked her lower chest and belly on his way down to her cunt stopping to probe her navel. She reacted the way David said he had When Joan did that to him. The aroma of her cunt hit him in the face and he stopped to lick up some of the juice. Alice had her hips arched up off the bed and she was moaning but Allen didn't want to bring her off yet. He wanted to do the whole thing the way David had described it.

He licked on down her legs, and went to work licking the bottom of her feet. He sucked on her toes, one by one, then turned her over and started licking up back the backs of her legs. Alice jumped when he licked the backs of her knees and wiggled when he tickled the inside of her thighs with his tongue.

Her hips were raised at that point and Allen didn't hesitate, he licked right up along her ass crack and probed her pucker with his tongue. Alice gasped and almost jumped off the bed.

Allen turned her over and applied his lips to her cunt. Her clit was longer than Joan's. He sucked it into his mouth and bobbed his head. Alice moaned and tossed her head from side to side. She wasn't any older than he was and had no more control than he had. She didn't last much longer than he had under this direct attack. She shuddered with come after come and had to push his head away.

Allen hugged and kissed Alice. Working Alice's body over had another desired effect, Allen's prick was hard and it was pressed right against her crotch. Alice wanted that prick inside her cunt. She rolled onto her back and rolled Allen on top. He placed his knees between Alice's legs and supported his body on his hands.

Alice placed his throbbing prick between her inner cunt lips. He lowered his hips and the head of his prick penetrated about an inch, It wouldn't go in any farther. He applied a little more pressure and nothing happened. He was afraid of hurting Alice and he didn't want to do that.

"It won't go in, Alice."

"Push a little harder."

"I'm afraid I'll hurt you."

"Oh, you're a scardy cat. Let me get on top."

The kids rolled over and Alice squatted over Allen's groin. She positioned his prick again and lowered her cunt over it. There was the same one inch penetration. She pushed harder, something tore, and her cunt slid down over Allen's prick.

"Ouch, That did hurt, but it's beginning to feel better already. Oooo, I like the feel of you cock in my cunt. Wait a little more and I'll be ready."

"I don't want to hurt you. Tell me when you're ready."

Allen let his prick soak in Alice's tight cunt and it felt as good as Joan said. He wanted to pump his hips as fast as he could. He wasn't supposed to do that. Alice's tits were swinging over his face. Dad said you could slow yourself down by sucking a tit. He liked sucking Alice's tits anyway. Allen latched on to a tit and nursed.

That turned Alice's hips on. As her crotch lowered Allen's pushed up. His groin pressed tight against Alice's and it felt real good to him. He kept control and remembered not to pump too fast. The nipple he was sucking on was hard so he switched to the other and he concentrated on making that one hard too. Her hips flexed and Allen's hips matched her rhythm and he started multiplication tables. He couldn't shoot off too soon. He needn't have worried.

Alice was into multiple orgasms. She moaned, bounced, and shuddered. Allen's prick in her count was better than the trip around the world. Allen's restraint evaporated. His hips jerked spastically and spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; his load of young boy cum inundated her no longer virgin cunt. Allen had never felt anything better in his life.

Alice slowed and Allen's prick shriveled to its limp state. He knew the procedure, he reversed position and applied his mouth to Alice's cunt. Joan had instructed the girls in the proper etiquette after fucking. Alice grabbed onto his blood and cum streaked prick and sucked it into her mouth. She sucked it clean but after two comes it stayed soft.

Allen licked her ass crack. Joan had told Alice the sure way to make Allen's prick hard again and she was going to do it now no matter what. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and licked along Allen's ass crack. There was some leakage there and Alice cleaned it up. Before she knew it she was licking the leakage of their mutual juices from his asshole. It wasn't that bad! She liked the way Allen jumped.

Allen was licking her asshole too. She pushed her tongue against his pucker and rubbed. His prick was getting hard. Licking ass wasn't all that nasty. She liked making Allen jerk his hips that way. From now on she would be very careful when she said she couldn't do something. Allen's prick was hard. Now she could give him a real blow job.

She went over all the things she'd done to Harry and tried them one at a time. Allen sure was making her cunt feel good. He was lapping her cunt as good as Harry had. Allen moved his attention from one spot to another in her cunt and pumped his prick into her mouth. Her mother was right. She could do more things with this five inch prick than she could with Harry's monster. She could suck on Allen's prick for hours and enjoy every minute of it.

Allen couldn't take it for hours. He was reaching his limit, for that matter so was Alice. The spurts of Allen's cum jetted from his prick. Alice's hips convulsed and she experienced several more orgasms. Alice sucked the dribbles out of Allen's pisshole. Allen tried to lick up all the juice that Alice was producing. The kids lay there, Allen's head clenched between Alice's thighs and his shrinking prick in her mouth. They switched around and hugged and kissed some more. They rested and dozed for a while.

Monday, April 11; Early afternoon:- Susan and David.

David and Susan got to his room and they didn't have the problem Allen and Alice had. They stripped out of their clothes before the door closed. As soon as they were nude they stood back and each of them devoured the other with their eyes. They fell into each other's arms and clinched. David kissed Susan and pushed his tongue into her mouth. In the process he also pressed his hard prick against her crotch. She rubbed tongues with David as they lowered themselves to the bed.

Susan knew Joan said she should suck David's cock the very first thing. Susan liked the idea but wanted to do what Harry had done to her. She wanted to make David jump all over the bed before she sucked the cum from his prick. Susan licked David's ear. David knew what she was doing and had wanted to do Susan first but since she started it he let her continue.

She probed his ear with her tongue and got the jump she was looking for. She licked around David's neck to his other ear and was rewarded with multiple wiggles. She was so thrilled with his reactions that her own body shivered in sympathy.

She licked her way down to David's nipples. She found out they hardened just like hers did and that licking them gave David goose flesh all over. She moved down to his navel and pushed in her tongue. Another good jump from David and that pleased Susan. Lower still, she licked a drop of pre cum from the head of David's prick. David's hips shot up off the bed and he delivered a man sized load of young boy cum to Susan's greedily sucking mouth.

Her mother was right. David did shoot off quick, but that wasn't going to stop her, she was going to do the whole bit. She swallowed his cum, bobbed her head, massaged his prick with her tongue, and shook with an orgasm of her own. She could do a lot more things with David's three inch prick than she'd been able to do with Harry's. David's hips relaxed back onto the bed and Susan continued down his legs.

She licked the bottom of his feet and sucked his toes. She was liked making David wiggled and giggled like that. She knew she was giving him a special treat and that he appreciated it. She made him jump by licking behind his knees, and wiggle by licking the inside of his thighs. She licked his ass crack then pushed her tongue in his asshole and that made his hips fly off the bed. She massaged his pucker with her tongue and found herself enjoying it. This was David's asshole and she loved it as much as any other part of him.

David reacted beautifully and she was getting twinges in her cunt again. Susan rolled David on his back again and took her time getting down to the main attraction. She wanted to suck his prick right into her mouth and drain another load of his sweet tasting cum out of it but she also wanted to do the things she'd practiced on Harry and all the things her mother had told her David liked.

She sucked his balls, licked around his prick head, sucked the loose skin under his pisshole, and lapped all around his prick and over the head. David had his hips in the air and Susan slowly lowered her lips over his prick. By the time her nose rested in his sparse pubic hair she could feel the tension in his body.

She swirled her tongue along the underside of his prick, sucked as hard as she could, and slowly raised her head. David gasped, Susan continued that routine. When her head was up she ran her tongue over the head of his prick. She repeated the routine again. David's hips were off the bed and she felt him quiver. One more time and; spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Susan sucked another load of cum out of David's prick. She continued a gentle sucking until his hips, but not his prick, relaxed; then moved up to kiss and hug him.

David took several minutes to recuperate then he went to work on Susan. He wasn't going to let her do more for him than he did for her. He gave her the same tender loving care she'd given him. He didn't miss a sensitive point on his way down to lick her cunt. He worked on that until she came before he moved on down her legs.

He copied all her moves on the way up from her feet, and just as he'd lasted less than a minute when she sucked his prick, Susan lasted less than a minute when he lapped her cunt and sucked her clit. It took them some time recover. Neither of them could possibly be happier.

Now it was time for David to fuck Susan. They were lying side by side and Susan pulled David on top of her. David knew the proper etiquette, he supported himself on his knees and elbows. Susan took a little time positioning his prick. She liked the feel of it in hand and didn't want to give it up. David pushed down and his prick went about an inch into Susan's cunt and stopped right there. David pushed a little harder and penetrated no farther. He tried again, still no luck.

"Push harder, David, push harder!"

"I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't! Push harder!"

"You get on top. Your mother said that way you can do it."

"You're the boy. I want you on top."

"I'm afraid of hurting you! I don't want to do that."

Joan and Harry were discussing the kids and what they were doing when two nude cherubs appeared on the stairs. They looked like cherubs until you noticed that the male's prick was standing straight up in the air and the female's cunt was dripping. They were both close to tears.

"David won't push hard enough to get his prick in me."

"I'm afraid of hurting her and I don't want to do that. I want to make her cunt feel good not hurt it."

"What can we do?"

"Would you come up and help us?"

Both adults managed to keep Their expressions serious in the face of this emergency. They realized both of the kids were deadly serious. They made soothing sounds and accompanied the kids to the bedroom.

The kids got in position on the bed and David's prick made the same slight penetration before it was pressed up against Susan's hymen. Harry stood behind his son and pushed firmly on David's ass cheeks, Joan held Susan's hand.

Both kids felt something give and David's prick slid right into Susan's cunt. Susan wiggled her hips and pushed her body right up against David's. She didn't even wince. The kids forgot about the adults in the room.

"Oooo, that feels good. I like it."

"Wow! You're real tight. It feels good to me too."

David flexed his hips twice, his hips jerked, and let go a load of cum. That was normal for him and he kept right on pumping his prick into Susan's cunt. This felt good. Susan was in seventh heaven. David was finally fucking her! She wrapped her legs around David's hips and pushed her hips up every time David flexed his hips down. She never thought fucking David would feel this good.

The adults watched. Harry's prick was trying to tear its way out of his pants. Joan's cunt was dripping wet. They looked at each other and decided that they wouldn't wait. They retired to Harry's bedroom for a couple of rounds.

David had learned his lessons well. He kept the rhythm slow and pushed against Susan's crotch with his own each time his prick made maximum penetration. He wanted this to fuck last forever. Susan had been warned about speeding up the pace. She was having orgasms but, outside of a hip jerk now and then, matched David's slow pace. David resorted to the multiplication tables and lasted more than three minutes before he let loose another load of cum. Susan shuddered and moaned.

David rolled off of Susan. She kept her legs wrapped around his hips and rolled with him. David's hard prick in her cunt was very comforting and she wasn't going to let it free. David was perfectly content with his prick soaking in Susan's cunt. They hugged and kissed each other and rubbed tongues. They almost dozed off but Joan had conditioned David to lick a girl's cunt clean after he shot a load into it.

He gave Susan another French kiss and turned end to end applied his tongue. Susan knew a sixty nine when she saw it, she'd watched her mother and Harry do it after they fucked. She sucked David's blood streaked prick into her mouth. Neither was going to miss any of the sensations that went with their first time in bed with each other.

David lapped cunt and Susan sucked cock. Both made forays to their partner's rear end. Each made the other jump when they poked the other's ass with their tongue. David stopped and pulled away before he shot his load of cum.

Susan stopped and looked at him. His head was cocked to one side and he had a speculative look in his eyes. She sat up and looked at him. What was he thinking about now? It wasn't like David to stop lapping her cunt before she came.



"What are you thinking about?"

"Uh, nothing."

"Don't tell me that. I'm Susan, remember. I know you. You're thinking about something different."

By this time both kids were sitting cross legged in the center of the bed and facing each other.

"Uh, well, I guess so, but maybe you wouldn't like it anyway."

"Why don't you try me and find out?"

"Uh, oh well, dad says some women like to be fucked in the ass. He says your mother likes it. You jump even further than your mother when I lick you back there. Would you like me to fuck your ass."

Susan studied the idea. Joan had mentioned it last night when they had their conference. She hadn't said much about it and she only gave it passing notice. It was true she liked it when David pushed his tongue against her asshole. Would it feel just as good if he shoved his prick up her ass. There was only one way to find out she was going to like having her ass fucked. Her mother had said she should try new things, she knew David would stop if she asked him.

"Uh, David?"


"If I don't like it will you stop?"

"Oh, sure. I wouldn't want to do anything you didn't like. It wouldn't be fun for me either if you didn't like it."

"It sounds sort of kinky but it does feel good when you push your tongue against my ass, let's try it."

"Are you sure you want to do it?"

"Yeh, mom said she likes to have her ass fucked. I'll never know how it feels if we don't try."

There was a knock on the door. The kids started to pull the sheet over their naked bodies and realized how silly that was. David said to come in. Allen and Alice poked their head around the door then came into the room. They weren't wearing any more clothes than Susan and David were.

David's eyes fastened on Alice's almost ripe figure and Allen took in Susan's pubescent body. The females examined the male bodies just as closely as the males were examining them. David's prick was still hard of, course, and it was pointing toward the ceiling. Allen's prick wasn't quite soft but it wasn't hard either.

They'd seen each other's nude bodies before but not in the same room. They all wanted to touch and feel but it wasn't urgent. Susan broke the ice.

"Did Allen fuck you?"

"Gees yeh. It felt real good after Allen broke my maiden head."

She wasn't going to embarrass Allen by telling how chicken he'd been. Susan wasn't as worried about David's ego and, in truth, he really didn't mind.

"Wow! David wouldn't push hard enough so we had to get mom and Harry to help. It didn't hurt me at all."

She remembered her mother's admonition about making the boys feel good.

"David didn't shoot off a second time till I didn't think I could take it any more."

David grinned at this and his chest puffed out a little. He was still interested in how things had gone with the other pair.

"What else did you do, Allen?"

"Just about everything, I guess. We gave each other trips around the world, we fucked, and we sixty nined. What did you do?"

"The same things. Uh, we were talking about ass fucking. Dad said that Joan liked it? Susan said she wanted to try it to see if she liked it too."

"Wow! Can we watch?"

David and Susan looked at each other. Why shouldn't they let the older kids watch? The boys had watched the girls lap each other's cunts and the girls had watched the boys suck each other's pricks. Why should mixed activity be any different?

It had been exciting having the others watch them doing things through window. It could be even more exciting to have them watch in the same room. None of them said a word but all of them were thinking of the future when they knew they would be doing things with each other.

There was another knock on the door and the kids chorused a "Come in."

Joan and Harry came in. They were wearing the uniform of the day. They took in the scenery and enjoyed the view. Harry's prick was limp. It was obvious to the kids that the adults had been doing the same things they'd been doing.

Allen was impatient to watch David fuck Susan's ass. If it was as good as everything else they'd done, and the younger kids liked it, he wanted to try to get Alice to let him do it to her.

"Dad, David and Susan said they were going to try ass fucking. Do you want to watch too?"

The adults laughed.

"That's pretty advanced for a first session, kids, but why not if you want to? Do you mind if we watch, David? Susan?"

"Gee, you watched our first fuck, I don't know why you shouldn't watch now."

David looked at Susan then his father. He'd had some expert instructions from his father the night before and knew that he was supposed to rub Susan's clit while he fucked her ass, but he had no idea about the mechanics of getting started. He cocked his head to one side. "Uh, what am I supposed to do, dad?"

The adults looked at each other and laughed again. Group sex with these almost innocent kids was going to be a ball. Harry sobered up. "Well, you have to make sure her ass is well lubricated or else you might hurt her. I like spit better than Vaseline or K.Y. jelly myself. Hold on to her hips and push your prick in slowly. It might hurt a little but not for long. Did I miss anything, Joan?"

"Not that I can think of. Go to it kids! Have a ball."

The kids went to it. Susan got on her knees and watched over her shoulder as David used the proper lubricant, spit; and the proper applicator, his tongue. Her hips jerked when he pressed a gob of spit into her asshole. He held Susan's hips and needed a third hand to position his prick on target. Joan supplied the third hand. He eased his prick into Susan's ass.

"Wow! That feels strange! But it feels good to. I like it! Fuck my ass, David, fuck my ass!"

David fucked. With all the time since he last shot off, David added a lot of lubricant in the form of cum after the first two strokes. Susan's ass was even tighter than her cunt. It didn't feel like anything he'd done before but it felt just as good. He reached around, dipped his finger into Susan's cunt for some cunt juice, and massaged her clit while he continued pumping his prick into her ass.

Susan thought it was neat too. It sure was different but it was just as much fun. She was glad that she'd had the nerve to try it. At the moment she didn't think she'd ever say no to anything David suggested, but she reconsidered and reserved the right. Her hips responded and her ass slapped against David's groin each time he pumped. David's balls bounced against her cunt and that felt good too.

It was be the sixth time David shot off, he had a lot of lasting power now. It wasn't until Susan's orgasms had her ass contracting around his prick that the added stimulus brought him to a climax. He deposited a diminished load of young boy cum in Susan's ass. The motion eased off and both kids were panting.

David eased his only slightly softened prick out of Susan's ass and moved down to clean it up. Someone sucked his prick into their mouth but he was paying attention to what he was doing. Whoever it was knew how to suck cock. He looked down and saw it was his father. David forgot what he was doing and watched in astonishment. His hips quivered and he shot off again. His father sucked it right down his throat. This time he let his hips relax and his father let his prick slide out of his mouth.


"You do it with your brother, David, don't you want me to do it to you?"

"Gees, yeh! It's neat! But I never even dreamed you would."

"I like boy-boy sex too. I started out with your Uncle Stanley when he was your age. Later Sam and I did some things together. We couldn't see why your mother and Joan should have all the fun. When you asked those questions about boy-boy sex it made me happy. I want to have fun with the both of you."

Watching his youngest son fuck Susan's ass then sucking his cock had Harry's prick hard again. One look at his father's monster and David gasped. He wrapped his hand around it and licked the drop of pre cum off the tip. David blushed.

"Can I suck your cock, dad?"

"Why not, I just sucked yours. Do you want to suck me off or do you want to sixty nine?"

David started to answer and shook his head no and blushed. "Uh, dad, can I just suck you off. Uh, my balls are starting to ache."

The adults covered their amusement. David was embarrassed because was incapacitated and he'd only shot off seven times. Harry only wished he could have that problem. He'd fucked Joan once and they'd sixty nined before they came into David's room. He had been totally spent at that point. It was only the excitement of sucking off his just pubescent son that got him hard again.

Joan realized what the situation was. She looked around the room and decided enough was enough.

"David, I know you want to try that monster of your father's but he's come twice already and he doesn't have your recuperative powers. He'll have aching balls too before you're finished. Give him some time to recuperate. Let's wait till after dinner, and we'll see what else develops. You kids may want to be alone for a while but if you don't we can have a group session tonight."

David was disappointed but he was reasonable too. He was willing to wait. Harry was disappointed too, but he knew that Joan was absolutely right. He really wasn't up to it and had acquiesced to his son's request in the heat of the moment. He'd be much better if he waited till evening. They decided that all those nude bodies around could be rather distracting so they scattered to their various rooms and dressed.


Chapter - 10

Monday, April 11; Evening:

The adults realized the kids would get restless and took them to an early movie to let them cool off before returning home for a late dinner. Joan was sure that Harry was going to need all the rest he could get before the evening was over.

The conversation at the dinner table wasn't normal for the average family. The kids had some decisions to make. They could sleep with their chosen partner for the night. Each wanted to spend a night alone with their selected lover but there were other options. All of them were attractive and the kids had trouble choosing among them.

Susan wanted Allen then Harry to fuck her. She wanted find out if a bigger prick in her cunt made any difference. She wanted to lap her mother's cunt too.

Alice wanted David to shoot off in her cunt and keep right on fucking. She wanted to suck his cute little cock too. She had to try Harry's big prick. Wow! Like her sister, she wanted to show her mother how much she loved her by lapping her cunt.

Allen was intrigued with Susan's hairless young cunt. Alice's cunt had been tighter than Joan's. He wanted to find out if Susan's was tighter yet. He was a little jealous of David because Harry had sucked David off and hadn't done the same to him. He wanted to suck his father's cock too and lap Susan's little slit. He wanted to do things with Joan too.

David knew he wanted to do everything with everybody. His mind was racing so fast he hardly had time to realize what he was thinking. He could probably accomplish all his desires in one night, but he would have been exhausted and his balls would have ached.

They were like kids in a candy factory with a small bag. They couldn't decide how to fill it. David came up with the solution.

"Uh, why don't we do things together then when it's time to go to sleep separate into pairs? I want to sleep with Susan but I want to do things, uh, fuck and suck with the rest of you too. I know we'll be tired out before bedtime, but if we wake up during the night Susan and I can do things together."

The rest kids thought it was a good idea. When could they get started? They all retired to the family room which had a thick pile carpet with a heavy pad under it. It would be the most comfortable place for a family orgy. The kids left a trail of clothes on the way to the family room. In a minute the adults were as naked as the kids.

Again they all took inventory and liked what they saw. There were three stiff pricks and three dripping cunts.

"Dad, you said I could suck you cock." David looked at his father questioningly.

Harry saw a look of envy in Allen's eye and he didn't want him to think that David was his favorite even though there was some truth in it. "I haven't sucked Allen off yet," Allen's eyes lit up. "why don't we form a daisy chain?" Both boys looked at Allen with their eyebrows raised. "In case you've never heard of that one it's where you get in a circle and every one sucks everyone else off."

Alice was indignant. "What are we girls supposed to do while you boys are having fun?"

Susan watched the males get into position and turned around and grinned at her mother.

"Mom, can girls do a, uh, oh, a daisy chain too?"

"You bet. How about it Alice?"

"Gees, I hadn't thought of that. That'll be neat."

Joan was struck by an idea, she looked around and developed a big grin.

"Here's an idea. Harry wants to suck Allen's cock and David want's to suck Harry's. Alice has always said she wants to suck David's prick and I think Allen wants to lap Susan's cunt. I want to lap one of my daughters and be lapped by the other. I haven't tried either yet. Susan can do me while I do Alice. All of us can be doing something together and none will be doing something with somebody we've done things with before."

Everyone looked at everyone else. Each would be sucking some one new and someone new would be sucking them. They were all for it. They arranged themselves in a big circle. Susan reminded Alice not to stop when David delivered his first load of cum. That was only an appetizer.

David faced his father's crotch. His prick was big but it was made just like his or his brother's. He must like the same things that Allen and he liked. He licked a drop of pre cum off the tip and licked the underside just as he would have with Allen.

Harry reacted the same way Allen did. With more assurance he went on to suck his father's balls. He could only get one at a time into his mouth. He made the rounds of licking his father's ass, probing his asshole with his tongue, and sucking his balls. Then he moved back to the head of his father's prick.

Harry faced Allen's maturing cock. David was the more mischievous of his sons, took more of his attention, and was probably his favorite, but he loved Allen just as much as he loved David. He tenderly licked the drops of cum from Allen's pisshole, massaged his prick with his tongue, and licked his balls and ass, then moved back to the head of his prick.

Allen held himself rigid in anticipation of the first contact of his father's tongue. Once he felt it he relaxed some and examined the cute almost hairless cunt in front of his face. He'd been looking forward to lapping her pubescent cunt. It looked so fragile that he was afraid of hurting Susan.

Very lightly he ran his tongue just inside the outer lips. Susan's hips wiggled and he gained a little courage. He licked along her ass crack and pushed his tongue into her cute pink pucker. When Susan's body jerked Allen grinned to himself. Susan reacted the same way everyone else did, he wasn't going to her any harm no matter what he did. He moved back to further explore her cunt with his tongue.

Susan examined her mother's cunt. She separated the outer lips and licked. It had a richer flavor than her sisters. She licked again, moved to her asshole, and massaged as hard as she could. When Allen moved back to her cunt, she moved back to her mother's and sucked Joan's clit into her mouth.

Joan sampled her older daughter's cunt. Susan was doing a good job on hers and she would do as good a job on Alice. She knew how much being skillful in the art of love could enhance your life. She would show Alice how it should be done.

She licked her daughter's cunt. She massaged the entire area between Alice's outer cunt lips and moved on up her ass crack and over her asshole before returning to the point of her main interest.

Alice was having a ball with David's pubescent cock. She was now ready to lick his ass crack and tongue fuck his ass. His hip jerks were rather violent so she moved back to the head of his prick and sucked it into her mouth. His hips pumped twice and spurts and dribbles of his first load of cum filled her mouth. He kept pumping and she swallowed the nectar and kept on sucking. His prick was small enough so she could really give it a working over with her tongue as she bobbed her head.

As David shot off for the first time he sucked his father's huge prick into his mouth. Susan said she had sucked on it and his mouth was as big as hers. He had about half of it in his mouth when the head tickled his throat. He wanted to do better than that. He bobbed his head and pushed harder this time.

The head of his father's prick entered his throat but there was still a lot left to go. One more time and he found his nose resting on his father's balls. He started to gag and resisted the reflex by swallowing. Harry's hips jerked when he did that.

Harry went slow on Allen's prick and he used every trick he knew to make his son feel good. When David swallowed Harry's prick it galvanized him. He bobbed faster and sucked harder.

Allen fucked his father's mouth, sucked Susan's clit into his mouth, and plunged his hardened tongue into her cunt. He was going to shoot off pretty soon and wanted to have Susan come at the same time.

Susan shuddered with her first orgasm and buried her face in her mother's cunt and lapped faster and faster.

Joan felt her first orgasm come on, she pushed her finger up Alice's ass and ran her tongue in and out of her twat.

Alice bobbed her head faster, quivering with the intensity of her feeling she swallowed David's second load of cum.

David's hips jerked and he delivered his seed to Alice's sucking mouth as he swallowed his father's massive load of cum.

Harry released his load of cum in his younger son's mouth as he attempted to suck his older son's balls dry.

The action slowed and came to a stop as flaccid pricks slipped out of slack mouths and panting faces fell away from satiated cunts. After moments rest there was a flurry of motion as each sampled the sex organs of everyone else. No one was in a hurry and each was willing to accept the other's ministrations.

Joan looked at the three males and asked to use them all at once. She'd never done that before. Her daughters agreed on the condition that they get the same chance in the not too distant future.

The boys were as hard as a rock but Harry's prick was just coming to attention. Joan sucked on her finger, inserted it in Harry's ass, and massaged his prostate. The kids watched fascinated as Harry's prick rose to the occasion.

Joan wanted her three holes filled. Harry would fuck her cunt, David her ass, and Allen her mouth.

Joan got on her knees, David got behind her, laved her asshole with his tongue and poked his prick at it. Nothing happened.

"Take it easy, son. Grab hold of Joan's hips and ease your prick in. Here let me help you."

Harry held his son's prick to Joan's pucker, David gripped her hips firmly and pushed his prick up her ass until his hips were lodged against her ass cheeks. Joan rolled to her side and Harry took his position in front his slid his monster into Joan's cunt.

"Oh, dad, I can feel your prick riding over mine!"

"I know, that's always a surprise the first time you try this position. I always liked the way that felt.

"Shove your ass in front of my face, Allen. I'll give you a reaming while Joan sucks a load of cum out of your cock."

Allen moved into position and the action started. David's prick rode in and out of Joan's tight ass and right along the length of his father's. His hips jerked and his first load of cum added lubrication.

David's prick made its full penetration, Harry flexed his hips and David felt his father's prick slide over his. Joan sucked on Allen's prick and she massaged it with her tongue. Harry applied his tongue to Allen's ass.

David and Harry built up the alternating rhythm that gave each of them the maximum feel of the other's prick riding in and out of the opposing hole. Joan picked up their rhythm and slapped her ass against David as he pushed his prick in and against Harry when he made his thrust. Her head bobbed in time with her hip movements and Allen fucked his prick into her mouth.

The girls watched and decided they didn't have to be left out. Susan moved in behind David and licked his ass. Alice had no trouble licking Harry's ass this time. They moved down a little lower and each licked a prick as it was retracted from the hole it was fucking. This type of activity doesn't make for lasting power. The action speeded up.

There was panting and grunting as the four of them reached a climax. David delivered his second load of cum into Joan's ass. Joan sucked a load out of Allen's throbbing prick. Harry inundated Joan's cunt with his massive adult load.

Harry's prick shriveled and slipped out of Joan's cunt. Alice pounced on it to clean it off. David withdrew his still hard cock from Joan's ass and Susan loving performed the same service for him. She managed to suck another load of cum out his prick in the process. Allen moved down and lapped his father's and brother's cum out of Joan's cunt and ass.

They all completed their cleanup chores and sat around again. Joan decreed it was time for bed. They could take up the group activities tomorrow. The kids were ready to agree and Harry was in no condition to continue anyway. They kissed and hugged all around and the kids went off to their respective bedrooms but not to sleep. Harry did have to sleep for a while before he woke and entertained Joan with a leisurely sixty nine.