Story is for adult entertainment purposes only. You must be 21 to read this story. If you ofended by stories involing homosexuality or Incest then please do not contiue reading. Story is fictional.

Going Down On My Brother's Cock

(Incest M,M and M,M,F)

by Jake Grey

I am a 19-year-old college student who has been living a double life. Back in my hometown, I am the 100% pure heterosexual football hero of my high school. When I went away to college, I no longer felt pressured to conform to my hometown's strict moral code. I followed my natural instinct and became the hottest bottom man on campus. Many a night was spent sucking cock and taking it up the ass. I even preformed in a gay porno flick titled "Hot Men on Campus". It was this movie that ended my family's illusion that I was like everyone else. Nothing was going on at school and my lover was out of town, so I decided to go back home for the weekend. Knowing it would be a weekend without any action, I decided to take my copy of "Hot Men on Campus" with me, so I would have something to look at when I jacked my cock.

Even if I couldn't be myself, it was always nice to get back home. My family consisted of my 38-year-old mom, Sara, who was considered hot by any standard and my 18-year-old younger brother, Marc. My brother was a true stud. Even though he is a year younger than I am, he is much bigger and stronger than me. While I stand at a modest 5' 10" and 165 lbs., he is 6' 2" and 190 lbs. of pure stud. Marc has fucked every good-looking girl in town and some of the ugly ones too. It was Marc who would accidentally discover my secret life as a cock sucking, cum eating gay boy.

Marc and my Mom had both gone out for the evening, so being bored I decided to watch my gay fuck flick. The first scene had me being in the middle of a man sandwich, one cock in my mouth and another up my ass. I stripped naked and took my six-inch cock and started working it with my hand. In no time my dick was at full mast, as I continued to enjoy my performance on screen. I was so caught up in myself, that I didn't hear Marc walk in. "What the fuck?" Marc asked as he walked in the room. I quickly tried to reach the remote for the VCR, but Marc beat me to it. As he looked on, the image on the TV showed my cleaning the cum off a spent cock. Marc stood there for a minute, transfixed by what he saw. Turning to me Marc asked, "Are you a fucking homo?" "Well, uh ... I guess that is what you would called it," I stammered. I was scared and naked standing before my bother. "Please understand, please don't tell Mom," I begged. Marc said "OK, but this is going to cost you." Looking down at his pants, I noticed a huge bulge. "What do you me this is going to cost me?" I asked. Marc walked toward me and undid his pants exposing his massive prick. "You are going to service my cock like a little bitch, brother, do you understand?"

My emotions had quickly changed from panic to lust. I nodded to him and kneeled in front of him, taking his seven-inch tool into my month. I lowered my tongue around the tip of Marc's cockhead. Slowly I worked my mouth up and down his shaft, quickly lubing it with my salvia. As my mouth engulfed the whole thing, I looked up at Marc, who was in the throngs of total passion. It didn't take long before I could taste the pre-cum on my lips. Marc was moaning loader and I knew that soon he would explode, filling my mouth with his cumjuice. Marc had both hands planted on my head, keeping his dick deep in my throat. Marc's fast and furious fucking of mouth stopped and for a second and nothing seemed to happen, then his cum started flowing out like a firehouse, quickly filling my mouth with his hot and salty load. I swallowed as quickly as I could; still some escaped from my hungry mouth. I had to let up for a second to keep from choking on all of it. "That's my big boy," I said as I continued to clean the evidence of my blowjob off of his manhood.

My brother was still rock hard after having his dick suck. He rolled me over and forced me to the floor. I couldn't believe it. My ass was about to get pounded by my own brother. Marc spit on his shaft to lube it and then pressed it against my asshole. "Slowly," I told him. Soon my whole ass was filled with his fuckstick. Marc continued to pound my hot hungry hole, as I moaned out in ecstasy. "Faster, faster I pleaded, Marc more than happy to obliged. I could feel my own cock ready to explode as Marc continued to ass fuck me. Marc let out a moan as his cock erupted, filling my ass with his warm cum. immediately I started to cum, almost blacking out when our mom walked in on us.

The startled look on all of our faces must have been something to see. Marc sheepishly withdrew his now semi-limp dick from my ass. "Boys what are you doing?" she asked. Trying to make light of the situation, I asked her what she thought we were doing? With a half smile on her face she stated "Fucking, I believe. Am I wrong?" Marc was about to die. He had his head buried deep into my chest. "Are you two gay?" Marc took no time in selling me out. He told her all about the video I was in and that he was horny and one thing just lead to another. "Is this true?" she asked. "Yes, Mom, I guess it is." She sat down on the couch behind both of us and put her hands on are heads. As we explained what had transpired, she asked if we had liked it. We both nodded our heads. "Really?" she responded. I have always fantasized about two young studs getting each other off; maybe you two could help me live out my fantasy. "Wh--What?" Marc asked. "Get each other off; put on a show for me," our Mom said.

Marc and I were both getting turned on as our Mom asked for us to fuck and suck for her viewing pleasure. I firmly put my tongue in Marc mouth. He reciprocated, and we were soon on the floor kissing fanatically. I worked my way down his chest stopping on each nipple to taste his firm hairless chest. As I followed his treasure trail down to his now trobbing cock, I looked up to see Mom playing with her pussy. The sight of my Mom rubbing her wet cunt drove me wild. I worked my way back onto Marc's Cock, sucking like a man processed. "Oh wow, I'm cumming!" Marc exclaimed, as he shot his jism all over my face and in my hair. Mom moved off of the couch and proceeded to lick the cum off of my face. Marc then positioned himself between my legs where he returned the favor and sucked my now aching cock. Almost immediately, I exploded in my brother's mouth as he accepted my gift with his tongue. The next thing I knew, we were all naked on our Mom's bed. As we drifted of to sleep, I reminded myself that I needed to come home more often. We know relive our adventures every weekend, and when I can't get back home, I always have my trusty videotapes of our family fuck feasts.