Good Son

What follows is a work of fiction that includes extensive scenes of incest between a mother and her teenaged son, and between two stepbrothers, one of whom is prepubescent. Standard disclaimers apply. Stop now if you don’t want to see more. Otherwise, read on and enjoy…

8: Crossings

Joey and Miguel shared a porno a few nights later, quietly, after everyone else was asleep. It was one of Joey’s personal favorites, one that had a lot of three-way action in it, two guys on one girl — and sometimes on each other too. Miguel had never seen a live-action movie like that before, and Joey wanted to do something to perk him up. He’d done poorly at another spelling test and had been withdrawn and sad most of the evening.

Joey quietly got him out of bed and led him to the living room, put the disc in and then smiled in satisfaction as he saw Miguel’s eyes fill with surprise and delight. They sat together on the sofa and watched as the thin plot unfolded and then the girl, her long black hair flowing over a pillow, began to get her brains fucked out by one of the guys in the story, his hair about the same shade of blonde as Joey’s.

Soon the man was groaning and he came deep in the girl’s pussy, then pulled out, his cum leaving wet tracks. “That’s a cream pie,” Joey whispered to Miguel. “That’s what they call it when the guy comes in the girl and then you can see it afterward.”

The camera moved in close to the girl’s open wet pussy, thick pearly fluid clearly visible inside her and flowing out slowly. “She gonna get pregnant from that?”

Joey shrugged. “Maybe. That’s how a girl gets pregnant. The guy comes inside her like he did.”

Miguel’s eyes were wide, his erection obvious in his briefs, his practically-naked body settling right against that of his brother. “We just saw her get pregnant?”

Maybe,” Joey said, feeling his dick throb full at the idea. “Maybe we did.” Joey felt the intense heat rising from Miguel’s skin, his own cock thrusting up from the tight cotton he wore, making a peak as obvious as Miguel’s, though larger. Miguel was openly stroking his hardon, smiling shyly at his brother, and Joey began to do the same. They nestled together, jacking off side by side, still wearing their briefs and looking at each other as much as the porn on the screen.

In the movie the blonde guy was telling his friend about what he’d done with the girl, and they started to jack off together, and pretty soon they were going at it pretty heavily, jacking each other off instead.

Joey’s arm slipped around Miguel’s trim waist and the boy shuddered a little, leaning against him, and then his small, strong hand was cupping Joey’s full balls. The older boy groaned and pushed his hand into Miguel’s briefs, catching his smooth dick and caressing it, his skin silky and warm over the pulsing solidity of his shaft. “Let’s do that, okay? Jack each other off?”

Miguel nodded against Joey’s bare chest, his thick black hair tickling where it slipped over his nipples. “Yeah. I want to.” Joey grunted as Miguel gave his cock a light squeeze, then lifted his hips as the boy tugged at his waistband. His briefs slid down past his knees and Joey worked them the rest of the way off, then relaxed on the sofa, naked, his legs wide apart. As Miguel rolled Joey’s balls around, savoring their heft, his older brother stripped him, his small boy’s underwear soon on the floor next to Joey’s larger pair, and the room was full of the scent of their developing musk.

Miguel was on his knees between Joey’s thighs, his taut young body well-muscled, his hard dick pointing straight up between his legs, and he settled back to give his brother only the second handjob either of them had ever experienced. He caught the older boy’s heft in his hand and began massaging smoothly. Joey nodded his head. “Perfect,” he whispered.

Miguel stared closely at Joey’s cock as he stroked its heavy length, eyes taking in all the details, how veins ran under the skin, how his coronal ridge made an inverted vee, how the slit of his glans filled with slippery clear fluid that Joey said was precum. And his cojones were huge, as big as melons, tight against Joey’s crotch and shimmering with his curly blond pubes.

He looked at the screen again and saw that one of the guys was — he had the blonde guy’s pene in his mouth. He glanced up at Joey, who had seen the same image, and they shared a breathless moment. “Does that feel nice?” Miguel said, gesturing with his head to the TV.

Joey shrugged. “No one ever did it to me,” he whispered, his voice hoarse.

Miguel’s heart was pounding and his mouth had gone dry. He licked his lips and saw that Joey’s chest was pulsing: His heart was beating fast too. “You want me to?”

Yeah,” Joey said.

Okay,” Miguel whispered, and dipped his head to his big brother’s rock-solid flesh.

Joey groaned as he felt Miguel’s tongue taste him gently. It was smooth and warm, supple and firm, a spectacular feeling like none he had ever enjoyed before. Miguel licked him avidly, working from his balls up along his shaft until his throbbing tip was shining with the boy’s saliva. Miguel’s head nestled downward again and he lapped up a second time, making Joey’s body shake with lust, with his raging need to come.

Miguel felt Joey’s cock become rigid as he slid his mouth up its length a third time and, when he reached the top, he let the tip ease between his lips. “Yeah,” Joey panted, “yeah — suck me.” Joey’s hands caught in his hair and pushed his head down, and Miguel felt more of his brother’s massive penis slide into his mouth. He wrapped his hand around the part that didn’t fit — there was a lot of it — and began bobbing his head steadily, making slurping noises as he gave his first, inexpert blowjob.

It didn’t matter to Joey. The hot strokes on his hot flesh were the finest thing he had ever felt, and in moments he was shuddering, his hips bucking up in a spasm he couldn’t control. He had a flash, a moment’s vision of Carrie, what she would say if she caught them together like this. Would she be angry? Or would she want to join in…? Would she push Miguel aside, show him how it was really done, and then let them both have her pussy, sliding into her with…

He groaned. “I’m gonna come,” he managed, his jaw clenched. “Get — ready —”

Miguel felt Joey’s body buck on the sofa, felt his big dick start to pulse, and then a thick surge of warm fluid filled his mouth. It was salty and tasted a little like pennies, and Miguel knew it was Joey’s sperm. He kept moving, slurping more, as Joey’s dick kept pulsing, filling him with wave after wave of rich spunk. His brother let out a final groan and collapsed on the cushions, pulling at him, taking his eager mouth away from his tender flesh. “Okay,” he said, his breath coming in shallow gasps. “Okay, kid, that’s enough … oh fuck that was good…” He smiled at Miguel, his mouth clamped tight, eyes wide. “You can swallow it. It’s not bad for you.”

Miguel nodded and did, sending Joey’s heavy semen sliding down his throat with a bubbly gulp, then stared at his brother’s cock. It was still hard, shiny with spit and cum.

Lick it off,” Joey whispered. “Lick it all off.”

He bent forward once more and lapped Joey’s penis clean, finishing with his nose rooting in the older boy’s curly hair, his nostrils snuffling at the scratch for any more trace of the good stuff that had just come from his body. Sure there was none left, he leaned back to see that Joey was staring at him. He flushed. “You like it?”

Joey nodded, caressing the boy’s smooth chest. “It was great, bro. Great.” He sat up and nudged Miguel back onto the sofa and the boy gulped when he realized why. “Your turn now,” he said. Miguel needed no more prompting and lay back, his muscular legs parted wide, watching eagerly as Joey leaned in to get his first taste of dick. He swallowed, anticipation swelling in him; he was just a boy, only eleven, and he was about to have his cock sucked for the first time in his life.

Joey’s lips parted to let Miguel’s stiff organ slide between them, the curve of his shaft gliding along as he played harmonica on his brother’s sex. It was warm, tasted a little salty, and Miguel’s taut skin slipped over the much harder flesh inside it as Joey ran his tongue along the underside of the boy’s rich brown shaft. Miguel had never been circumcised, unlike Joey, and now he rolled the skin gently back from his tip, glistening a bright pink color.

Ay —” Miguel’s back arched as Joey’s mouth slipped over his rigid cock, easing onto him with a single smooth motion. Instinctively the boy caught his brother’s head and began shifting his hips as Joey moved up and down, sucking him gently. Miguel’s smaller cock fit easily into Joey’s mouth and he felt the boy’s warm hairless groin press his nose each time he descended. His tip was a firm little ridge at the end of his plump shaft, his cock a nearly-featureless column, lacking the rippling veins on Joey’s rod. With one hand he rolled the boy’s little nuts around; with the other he stroked his chest, stiffening his nipples. At each bob of his head he sucked a little harder, at last beginning to slurp at Miguel much like his brother had been doing to him earlier.

Ay…” Miguel said again, his high voice breathless. “No — wait — I can’t take it … Oh … ohh … it’s happening — ahh … ohhPapá!”

Suddenly his narrow hips jerked up off the sofa and Joey’s mouth was filling with thin fluid, slick and warm, very salty, jetting from Miguel’s hard, thrusting dick. He felt the cum spatter inside his mouth, splashing off the back of his throat to slide over his tongue, felt it make Miguel even more slippery as the boy fucked the rest of his orgasm into him. He moaned, the last of his load shot into his brother, and quivered a little as his gleaming dick slipped out from between Joey’s lips. The older boy swallowed loudly, gulping down his brother’s thin, thready jizz, then smiled up at him. “You okay, kid?”

Miguel nodded slowly, his eyes gone far-off and dreamy. “That felt good, Papá.”

Joey grinned. “Tasted all right too.”

Miguel sat up beside him, his eyes wide. “What was it like?”

Salty.” Joey hugged his brother. “What was mine like?”

Salty too. And like metal.”

Huh,” Joey said. He leaned back on the sofa and wasn’t surprised when Miguel nestled against him, still nude, his sweet, bare body pressing along him everywhere. He eased his arms around Miguel, relishing the feeling of the boy’s small, well-made muscles, and they cuddled and watched the rest of the porno, enough of it left to get them both turned on a second time as the blond guy gave the girl another cream pie and then watched as his friend lapped his cum out of her pussy while the girl sucked his cock. Joey felt Miguel’s dick swell and fill against him, and they began rocking their hips against one another as the show went on, finally smiling at each other and their rigid organs.

Wanna do it again?” Miguel asked when the movie was done.

Sure,” Joey said, and the boys gave each other head a second time before turning in for the night, exhausted at the intensity of their sex, their cum fully emptied into each other, Miguel going nude to his crowded room and Joey collapsing in bed next to Carrie, not even realizing until the next morning that he was as naked as his little brother had been.

Carrie was working quietly on breakfast when her son stole up behind her for his regular snuggle. She hadn’t said anything to him on waking; his fully-naked body beside her was something totally new and wholly unsettling. She’d seen him without clothes fairly regularly over the years, of course, and more lately as he got out of the shower, but she’d never actually slept with him naked in bed.

Since Mark, she had never had a naked man in her bed.

And that was part of what was so troubling. Joey wasn’t a man; he was her son, still a boy.

But his body, magnificent and free beside her, had lit a powerful fire deep in her flesh, something much older than any social objection might be. The fact was that despite his age Joey really was much more man than boy, and not just in his skin or the spectacular way his muscles filled it. He was a man in his heart, in his mind, and in the responsibilities he took on so readily, helping her keep their family going, helping her keep them all whole.

She had showered as silently as she could, unable to forget the sight of her son lying peacefully in sleep, his naked penis fully erect, rigid, easily eight inches of magnificent lust, his bare testicles ripe and swollen with his maturity, heavy with sperm. It had taken all her willpower to get out of bed, to leave him lying there alone. She had wanted instead to … to do some definitely un-motherly things with him. She had wanted to be a woman with him, wanted to make him a man.

He had still been asleep when she emerged and dressed, half-hoping and half-fearing he would waken while she was still partially clothed and maybe ask her to stay a little while, to climb back into bed with him, and as the coffee gurgled into the pot and the bacon simmered she switched so rapidly between desire and tearing, horrible guilt that she wasn’t sure she could tell the feelings apart any longer.

She jumped a little as his arms slipped around her waist, then laughed nervously at herself. “Morning,” she whispered.

Hey.” His hands were warm and gentle, strong and sure as she turned in his embrace and she pulled his body to her own. He hesitated only a moment, then pulled her to himself tightly. “You okay?”

She clung to him, loving how he felt and hating herself for loving it as she did. She nodded jerkily. “Just … I was woolgathering.”

Oh,” Joey said, still sounding puzzled, and her hands slipped down over his shoulders, along his back, and halted on his trim, dimpled butt.

Her heart froze and then raced as she realized that Joey was still naked.

Sleep well?”

She nodded distantly, wondering what was happening. He couldn’t possibly be unaware of his nudity, any more than she could ignore the throb of his erection where it pressed her belly. What was going on here? What lines were they crossing?

Joey leaned back in her arms to study her face. “Mom?”

Her eyes found his and she saw something there that made her breath come quicker. He was completely calm, completely open right then, fully aware of everything. She could see it in his eyes, could see it in his face. He knew, she saw; knew that she wanted him to fuck her, wanted to have his penis inside her.

And she could see that he accepted it, and she knew then that it would happen. She was going to have sex with her son. There was no way either of them could stop it any more, and the truth was that neither of them wanted to stop it. It was no longer a matter of maybe or if, but of when. Sometime in the next few days they would make love.

You sure you’re okay?”

Yeah,” she said, her voice unsteady. “Yeah, I’m fine, son.”

Good,” Joey said, drawing her near once more, his body naked and perfect, and she tilted her head back, expecting a kiss, but he pressed his cheek alongside hers and she blushed fiercely. He held her for a while longer and she eased her hands away from his tight muscular ass, hoping he hadn’t really noticed, wondering if he was waiting for her to make the next move, wondering if there was a move to be made at all, and then he stepped back, his rigid penis jutting sharply up from his blonde curls. “I’m gonna shower off and get ready, then we’ll get the savages up, okay?”

Carrie’s eyes kept furtively moving to the tumescence at Joey’s center, his navel hidden behind his thick shaft, the ripples of his abdominal muscles framing his cock beautifully, his balls taut and round. He looked exactly as Mark had, though he was definitely a bit larger. “Sure,” she said.

And then he did kiss her, stepping up to her once more and touching his mouth to hers very lightly, his lips brushing so quickly that she didn’t have any time to respond before he’d backed away again, not realizing for several moments that she had felt his tongue, fluttering lightly and leaving a trace of his saliva on her mouth.

He looked amused, then turned from her and went back to the bedroom — her bedroom — their bedroom — his tight little butt flexing with each step.

We’re going to make love. I’m going to make love with Joey, and he knows it.

For the first time in years Carrie burned the bacon.

Joey lay in his mother’s bed, fully nude, as Carrie splashed under the spray. It had been a little more than a week since he and Miguel had given each other head for the first time; they’d done it twice more since that night, and each time was better than the one before.

But Miguel’s mouth was not on Joey’s mind that morning.

The bathroom door stood open; he’d woken hard, then seen his mother lift her tee off, her breasts full and her nipples stiff, her bush a dark tuft low between her legs; then she smiled at him and stepped bare from the room for her shower, and knew that soon she’d emerge once again.

It was another gesture of familiarity between them, part of the unspoken extension of trust that had begun when they’d talked about the Mistake Night. He slept in her bed every night now, Joey sometimes naked, and they both told themselves it was so they could look after Hermosa more effectively, that the nights he was nude were due to his tiredness.

Only … only Joey was certain that Hermosa was just an excuse, one they both used. The truth was that he liked sharing her bed, naked or not, and he thought she liked having him there as well, and that it had nothing to do with … with how moms usually were with their sons.

They had upped the antes together silently. She had responded to his first gestures — letting her see him naked after showering — by not fully closing the door in the bathroom one evening when changing into her bed garb. He had replied by leaving the bathroom door open every time he showered, and a few times sleeping nude beside her after that first accident, when he’d been so stunned by the sex he’d had with Miguel that he’d just forgotten to put his briefs on.

And now Mom was doing the same, though she still wore a shirt to bed, and early this morning he’d woken to the feeling of her hand on his hardened cock.

She had been asleep, snuggled against him, simply holding him in a way that felt so natural at first he didn’t even notice how completely it was different. But he became aware, as he wakened fully, that he was a fourteen-year-old boy lying naked in his mother’s bed, and his mother was gently holding his rock-solid penis in her hand.

And he lay there quietly, enjoying the feeling, not wanting it to stop.

Wanting it to do anything except stop.

He’d studied her face as she slept, smiling at her own soft smile and thinking that Carrie was really beautiful, seeing her not as his mother but as a woman, as the only human being who would ever have such a close and loving relationship with him, as the woman whom he’d kissed one night in a frenzy of intense passion, as a woman he kissed regularly now, as a woman whose face and body surfaced, more and more often, in his fantasies. Even in his best moments with Miguel, it was her mouth, not the boy’s, that he felt on his needful flesh.

It wasn’t just that he was a horny teenager; being horny was why he got it on with his brother. It was a lot deeper than that. And he wasn’t sure how much deeper it might run, but he was becoming certain that Carrie felt the same thing. They kissed often now, kissed mouth-to-mouth, in a way that Joey knew mothers and sons never kissed, and the night before there had been an intensely erotic scene in one of their grown-up movies and Joey had made no effort to hide his erection from Carrie, and she had nestled against his shirtless torso, nuzzling his bare chest, her hand moving along his thigh nearer and nearer to his center until the edge of her palm was settled solidly against his full organ as his own hand slipped around her ribs and just stroked the most distant rise of her breast.

He had stripped for bed while she watched, made himself nude in front of her, not trying to hide how hard he still was. And then Carrie had done the same, taking off her blouse and pants, her bra and panties, finally slipping a simple cotton tee over her bare torso as her son looked on.

When he settled into bed beside her, sharing a pre-sleep smoke with her, she had leaned over his face and given him another one of those kisses that wasn’t regular for a mom.

It was all building to something, he was sure of it, and he was pretty sure what it was. He thought they were both pushing each other there, maybe even daring each other to go farther with each move.

And right then, with his cock in Carrie’s hand, he had wanted nothing more than to make love with her, to consummate the love he felt for her, to act on the lust, the desire, the pure simple male need for sex that surged through him.

So he had reached, slowly, between her thighs, until his fingertips had brushed something warm and slippery, and he had carefully touched his mother’s pussy as she continued holding his hard dick.

If she had woken right then, he was sure, they would have had sex. She would have wanted the fucking as much as he did and nothing would have stopped it from happening.

But instead, as he lay there thinking his thoughts and feeling his feelings, his mother had stirred and her hand stroked him gently, softly, three times, her palm as smooth as velvet. Joey shuddered and nearly came, but she shifted onto her back and her hand moved away, leaving him unable to move, fearing even to breathe, lest the friction of the sheet on his stiff rod do the final trick and send gouts of spunk everywhere, soaking the bedcovers through.

After a time the worst of the sensitivity had fallen away, but Joey was still solid, sore and full, and he stole into the bathroom, jacked off furiously to almost instantly blow a massive load of cum against the shower wall, then went back to bed to spoon against Carrie. She had made a soft sound and stirred gently, nestling into his arms, and he had fallen asleep again with the scent of her hair in his nose, his re-hardened sex an iron bar pressed against her firm, heart-shaped ass.

They had woken like that a few hours later, woken for good, and she hadn’t pulled away when she felt his erection next to her. Instead they had snuggled and shared a single cigarette between them, and then she slipped away from her still-naked, still-hard son, eased her shirt off herself while he watched, and went to take her shower.

He’d heard the term flirting before, but had never applied it to anything except batting eyelashes and making goofy faces and shit like that. Now he wondered if he and Carrie were flirting, if their little game of show me, show you was really going to end someplace he still couldn’t directly think about. If some evening Carrie would slip into the sheets next to him, her body — which he knew was very good; he’d seen plenty of naked women by then and Carrie was really something special — as bare as his, and they…

He knew what it was called: Incest. And as the tensions continued to rise between him and his mother, as their love grew and changed into something very different from how he’d felt about her just a year before, Joey was becoming more comfortable with the thought of it, and it seemed that Carrie was as well.


It was just a matter of time, and not much of that any more.

Would I? Would I really … do incest with Mom?

Days, at the most, and he and she would…

Yeah. If she wanted me to, yeah, I think I…

Man of the house, a whisper said, and that quickly he cooled off, his turgid dick rapidly deflating.

When Carrie came out of the shower in another minute or so, he was able to truly be casual with her open nakedness.

9: Lovers

What’s going on with Miguel?” she asked him that night.

He started, nearly dropping his cigarette, and covered by flicking ash into the tray balanced between his nipples. “What do you mean?”

Carrie propped up next to him, her body rising under the sheet in the bed they shared. “A letter came today,” she said. “Something about detention? And stealing?”

Joey shrugged. “It was a misunderstanding,” he said too casually. “We talked about it. It’s handled.”

Hermosa clucked and stirred and mother and son froze, but the baby fell silent again.

Handled, huh?” Carrie said, flicking her ash into the tray on her son’s bare chest.

Yeah, Mom,” Joey said. “It’s not a big deal. Just kid stuff. We talked. He knows he fucked up.” He took a last drag from his cigarette and ground it out. “I don’t think he’ll do it again.”

Carrie put out her own smoke, then set the ashtray aside, her arm reaching across Joey’s body. “Okay,” she said uncertainly, then settled beside him, her arm still warm across him.

Hermosa gurgled, then suckled her pacifier.

Joey put his hand atop his mother’s, patting its back gently where it rested on his shoulder. “Really, Mom,” he said quietly. “It’s handled.”

All right,” Carrie sighed, sounding satisfied with his answer.



Why aren’t … I mean, you aren’t … going out with anyone.”

Carrie nodded. “I think I’ve got enough going on in my life right now.” She patted her son’s chest softly. “And … well, with you here, I…”

I’m not — I mean, I —”

I know,” Carrie said. “I don’t … expect you to be … everything. But — this is good.” She cuddled nearer to him. “This is good, isn’t it?”

Yeah,” Joey said, his hand sliding over her hip. “It’s good, Mom.”

How about you?”

Her son shrugged. “Same thing, I guess. I mean, we both have a lot to do every day, and … and yeah, like you said, this is good.”

Maybe someday,” Carrie whispered.


She studied his face, smiling at his profile, love swelling in her.



Joey swallowed; his body was shaking in her arms. “What would you think if I … you know, if I ever made it with … with a guy?”

She thought about that. “Did you like it? Did it make you happy?”

Yeah,” Joey said, and then realized. “Uh…”

It’s okay,” Carrie said. “As long as you played safe.”

Oh.” Joey nodded. He and Miguel had been virgins until… “We were safe.”

Then it’s all right.”

She felt his shaking recede. “Okay,” he murmured. “But…”

Joey,” she whispered, “I don’t think you’re gay. And even if you were it wouldn’t change anything.”

Oh,” he whispered.

I’d still love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone.”

Me too,” he said.

Are you worried about that?”

Joey considered. “Maybe.”

Don’t be.” She bent her knee and her thigh fell across her son’s hips. “Or if you are, let me help somehow.”

This was new. Ordinarily when they shared the bed — at least when they were awake — they had their own zones. Carrie was … was crossing lines again.


There was a light brush against his leg and he realized it must be her pubic hair, tickling him.

Let me help somehow.

Joey felt his cock inflate. It jutted up rapidly, sharply, pressing against his mother’s thigh where it rested on him.

Carrie stirred, then snuggled nearer. “Mmm,” she said softly.

She was wearing nothing but a tee, like usual, and tonight he was in briefs. As usual they were both almost naked.

It was all like always, but none of it was.

His heart began to piston in his chest.

Carrie felt Joey’s heartbeat accelerate, felt her boy’s sex pulse up against her snuggling leg, felt her own answering rush of arousal. She shivered and nestled closer to his bare heat, and knew tonight was the night.

He’s my son.

But he’s also a man, and I am a woman, and it’s time.

Do I really want to do this?


Does he?


She was going to seduce him. She would be having sex with him in the next few minutes.

See?” she smiled at him, wriggling against his rigid penis, the flesh that, in only a short while, would be inside her ready, needful vagina. “You can’t be gay.”

Joey nodded shakily.

They said his father had signed papers,” she said quietly. “Miguel’s. Came and got him.”


Mmm-hmm,” she said.

Joey smiled. “He calls me Papá sometimes.”

Carrie kissed his ear, softly, softly. “You are,” she said.

But you’re Mami,” he said.

That’s right,” Carrie murred, her lips again pressed to his ear. “Mami and Papá.”

Joey chuckled, nervous, rigid. He felt the moment coming and knew she wanted it to happen as much as he did, and he knew it would happen tonight. “He … Miguel asked if we were married.”

Carrie drew back to look into his eyes. “He did?”

Joey nodded, smiling. “He thought that since we … you know, we sleep in here all the time now, I must have married you.”

His mother chuckled and nestled against him again. “Cute,” she said. Good boy. Oh Miguel, you good good boy.

Yeah.” He turned his face toward hers. “It is kind of like … like we are,” he said, body shuddering, heart driving in his throat. “I mean, we’ve got all these kids, and … and we do sleep in here all the time now…”

That’s true,” Carrie whispered. “Does it bother you?” Her breath brushed over his face as she spoke to him.

No,” he said.

Good.” She settled nearer, her body warm and pliant, touching his in so many places now. “It is a little like we’re married, I guess.”

Joey swallowed. “Yeah.”

Carrie’s hand skated along his chest, over his pecs. “You’re a good father,” she said quietly, her fingertips circling his nipples, making him shake again. She kissed his chest softly and he swallowed.

Thanks,” he whispered. “You’re a great mom. You always have been.”

You’re a good son. And a good man.”

He caught her hand again, and their fingers laced together, palm to palm.

He knew. He knew it all, and she knew that he was ready, that he was willing, that it was going to happen. All she had to do was let him know it was okay.

You have a good body.” She swallowed. “It’s a great body, son.”

Thanks. You … you too.” His mouth was dry. “You’ve got a really great body too.”

You’ve really grown a lot in the last year. You’re … taller, stronger … bigger.”

Thanks,” he said again.

It’s not fair,” Carrie said quietly.

What isn’t?”

She smiled at him, and her face moved close, and Joey felt her breath on his cheek. “Here we are married, and we haven’t even had a honeymoon, have we, baby?”

No,” he whispered, his voice a rasp.

Maybe we should.”

He gulped. “Yeah. We should.”

Do you want to, Joey?”

Yes,” he said.

She moved her face nearer to his. “Me too.”

This is it, he thought, clearly. It’s going to happen. It’s going to happen right now.

He moved too, and her nose tickled with his, and then their lips touched.

The kiss was long, frank, and almost casual. They had done this before. But the heat was new; they both knew what this kiss meant. They both knew that this kiss was their first step into a completely new life together. They had gone to bed this night as mother and son; they both knew, now, that they would wake in the morning, man and woman, as lovers.

Joey was solid; Carrie was slick; they were both … so much.

Some time later Joey pulled back. “Mom…”

Yes, honey?” Carrie was panting, afire with a lust she hadn’t felt since meeting her son’s father, years earlier.

Are you sure?”

She halted, staring into his eyes. Her son. The boy she’d known all his life. The boy so like his father. The boy so strong, so good, so true, who knew now what he was asking. “I’m as sure as I can be,” she said.

It’s — I mean, if we … it’s…”

I know,” she said. “It’s a big step.” Her fingers laced through his. “Sex with someone for the first time is always a big step. It changes everything.”

Yeah,” he said. “Sex…” He swallowed. “With … you.”

She nodded, then moved her mouth to his ear. Her breath tickled his lobe. “I want to, son,” she whispered. “I want to have sex with you. And I think you want to have sex with me too.”

He nodded jerkily.

It’s all right, baby. I think we’re both ready for this. I love you. Let me love you. I know you need love as much as any young man, and I need to be loved as well, like any woman.” Her hand stroked his bare chest, feeling his throbbing heart, pounding as rapidly as her own. Only fourteen years ago his heartbeat had been within her body, and now, tonight, she felt it as intimately as she had then. “We’ve both lost a lot, Joey. We’ve lost too much, had too much taken away — and we’ve both given up so much more for the kids. Our kids. And we both need things that are so simple, things that a good loving couple can give one another, things that would make both of our lives so much better. What we are now to each other is … it’s wonderful. But … Joey, I think it could be so much more, and it would be so easy for it to be. We would just … just have to be a man and a woman together, that’s all.”

Yeah,” he said again with his dry mouth.

You understand what I’m saying, don’t you?”

I…” Joey said.

She drew back to lock his eyes with hers. “I’m saying we can. It can be, if you want it to be. If you’re ready.” Her hand squeezed his. “You can make love with me, Joey.” Her lips touched his cheek. “Tonight.” Her breath purred over him, moist and warm. “Now.”

His heart stopped, then bolted and ran.

Okay,” he said. “Yeah. Okay, Mom.”

He drew her body against his, and kissed her again.

Okay,” she said too. “Okay.”

His cock was a thing unto itself, demanding release from his confining briefs. Her fingertips coasted over its length, and she admired his turgid mass openly, so solid, so large. Mark hadn’t been as big, she knew, though he had been close.

Her fingers moved down the tight cotton, cupping Joey’s balls as he moaned into her mouth, their kisses heated and growing hotter, free at last to fondle him openly like this, to feel her boy’s arousal in this completely honest way. He was large, huge, ready.

As was she.

Her pussy was soaking, a hot wet slit of pure lubricated sex at the center of her being, her nipples as rigid on her breasts as her son’s penis was in her hand.

Joey’s hands slid down the delicate arc of her back and lifted the hem of her shirt past the rise of her ass, pushing it up under her arms and exposing her breasts. She moaned and kissed her son as he caressed her bared skin, grinding against him as she had once before, pressing her pussy to the column of his cock.

Joey gasped, then hesitated.

She leaned back to look into his eyes, stroking his brow. “Did you come?”

No,” he said.

Okay. Are you all right with this?”

Joey thought. Man of the house, shrieked a cackling voice in his ears. “Yeah,” he said. “I think — I think we have to.”

Need to work it through?” Carrie said softly.

Something like that,” Joey said.

She leaned in and kissed him again. “All right,” she said.

He lifted her hem again, and he saw the thick full tangle of her bush. She moved to straddle him, naked under her shirt, her spread thighs coming to rest over his hips. The shaft of his solid cock was pressed to his mother’s bare pussy and Joey felt the hot wet waves of need coming off her. His hands slid up to her breasts, stroking them through the thin cloth covering them, and she leaned in for a kiss, her own fingers turning little circles on his chest.

Her hands, her expert hands, found the good places on him, turning his desire into a raging furnace. Tickling the hairs under his arms. Skating around his earlobes. Circling his nipples and brushing over his abs. And always, always, an orbit, a circle, tightening as her hands moved, tightening around the rise in his simple white cotton briefs. The same kind he’d worn all his life. The briefs he had grown into, distended, filled so magnificently now, his penis once small, boyish, hairless; but not any longer. He’d become a man in briefs like these, a man biologically, a man sexually — but to really make a man of him she knew he would have to be without them tonight.

He shuddered as those fingers brushed the full sac of his scrotum, groaned as the shaft of his urgently solid cock was teased through the tight shifting cloth.

He caressed her smooth skin and they shared a moment of silence, of full knowing anticipation, gazing openly onto each other’s eyes, their love carried in their expressions.

She moved up just a little, guiding him, as his hands cupped her breasts. He caught on immediately and his lips pursed about her nipples, first one and then the other, as his mouth revisited a taste he’d not had since she weaned him.

She sighed against him, pressing her chest to his eager face, and hooked a thumb under his waistband.

The elastic stretched, flexed, popped down over his corona, swollen and purple, and immediately a jewel of fluid gathered there, a slick bead of precum. She slid her pussy gently over his tip, shuddering as it stroked her clit, and he moaned softly, his kiss deep in her mouth. When she eased back and looked between them, she saw the slick glaze of her fluids gleaming on his half-bared penis.

She shifted down once more, kissing his mouth, eager and hungry for her tongue, and she kept moving down, tasting his jawline, kissing his throat, feeling the randy pulse of his life in his strong neck, and then she was at his nipples, returning to him the pleasure he had granted her. She lingered there a while as Joey’s breathing deepened in his arousal, then began probing more, her head gently descending along his lean, hard body.

Joey sighed as her tongue’s tip flicked against his skin, tickling and knowing, tasting his salt. She tugged at his waistband. “Time for these to go,” she whispered.

Okay,” he said. He lifted his hips and felt his briefs slide down as she stripped him, over the hard rise of his ass, over the harder flesh of his cock, and it sprang up, his urgent young manhood at last freed. He pushed the briefs down his calves, tossed them to the floor and relaxed, legs spread, lying naked on his mother’s bed, boldly erect. His hands caught her head as she kissed his bare hips, his fingers twining through her thick soft hair, and he gazed down at her with a distant look of pleasure.

Carrie stared at Joey’s penis, studying it, taking in the incredibly sexy sight of her son’s complete arousal. It was long, at least eight inches from the curls of his pubes to the slit of his glans, and it was thick, no less than two inches wide, and it pulsed with his eagerness, his need, his lust. His skin was smooth and warm, the shaft of his organ as hard as any she had ever felt, and at his groin his testicles were full and lovely, swollen with his manhood, swollen with his sperm.

She stroked the solid shaft of flesh, smiling up at him, and then her face descended, and Joey gasped as his mother began giving him head.

Oh fuck,” he said quietly. “Oh fuck yeah, Mom.”

She knew this as well, had years of experience that Miguel lacked. She probed the sensitive flesh of his inner thighs, the hard muscles dipping into his perineum, inflated and full with his passion. She slid her tongue over the paired rises in his scrotum, drawn hard to his groin, worshipping his cock with complete adoration, and then began lapping, in slow circular motions, up along the underside of his sensitive and throbbing flesh, and then her tongue flicked along his tip.

Joey gasped. “That’s good…”

Carrie smiled. “I love you, son,” she said.

Joey’s fingers laced into her hair. “I love you too,” he panted.

What do you want me to do?”

Su —” He licked his lips, his voice unsteady. “Suck me, okay? Suck my cock a while.”

Okay,” she whispered, kissing his shining tip.

She moved again.

Her lips closed in a delicate, soft O around his glistening corona and she descended, taking as much of his impressive length into herself as she was able.

Oh God, Mom,” Joey moaned. “Oh my God yeah that’s so fucking good…”

Her mouth was soft and firm, supple and smooth, and she cupped his slickened balls as she sucked him, stroked him, brought him to quivering helplessness.

Wait,” he grunted. He drew her head away, his body shaking, his orgasm just moments from him. “Wait, Mom.”

She understood. “You can come, baby.”

Not yet,” he gasped. “Not yet.”

She nodded and shifted up along him once more. “Okay, babe. I know what you want. And I want it too.”

Joey began panting.

She sat back as his hands went to her shirt’s hem again, and she leaned up and raised her arms, and the shirt came up more, showing her navel, the arch of her ribs, the rises of her breasts, the dark circles of her aureolae, and it slipped off easily, sliding along the length of her body, baring her skin, her flesh warm and ready as he made her naked, made ready to love her, baring all to him. He had seen his mother’s body many times before, but never like this, never in this way, never just moments before having sex with her, and as she tossed her hair free of the tee, her breasts quivering, his cock slid against her parted labia and he almost came in the air.

Her son stared at her body and she looked at him as well, gently stroking his cock and relishing the sight of his beauty, lost in her complete passion. She needed to have him, needed him to fuck her. In her curled fingers her boy was warm, solid, and she wanted him so desperately, so badly, so much. She wanted his flesh to be inside her, wanted to feel Joey’s rigid sex deep within her body.

And she was about to have him.

I want you, baby,” she whispered. “I want your cock in me.”

I know,” he said. “I want you too. God, Mom, I want your body so fucking bad. I want to fuck you so bad.” He shuddered. “My balls are so full. I need to do it. I need to, Mom.”

I know, honey,” she murmured. “I know. We both need it tonight. We need it bad.” Her bush was a thick black tangle and in it Joey could see the glisten of her pussy, soaking and lubed, ready for him. “And it’s going to happen.”

Her naked breasts quivered with each throb of her heart and she leaned to him, kissing him once more, reveling in the freedom they both felt, knowing what they were about to do, what they were doing, need rising between them like a warm mist, mother and son, beings of love, of need, of passion. The lovemaking was forbidden, and it was inevitable.

They shared another look, another breathless moment, the bed warm and cradling them in the boldness of their nudity, his fingers curling in her hair, both of them knowing what would happen next, both of them wanting it.

I love you,” she said again.

I love you too,” he whispered. “I love you so much, Mom.”

Her hand slid along his bare warm body once more, to the center of him, to the place that kept him trapped even as he lay unfettered. She had never felt a cock so hard before and felt thrill after thrill to know that it was because of her, that it was her sexual presence that had drawn this helpless fury of need from Joey.

It was his first time, ever, and she was going to make it as good as she knew how, but she also needed to guide him a little. “Would you like to eat my pussy, baby?”

Yeah,” Joey moaned. “Oh fuck yeah.”

Okay.” They shifted slowly and lay side by side, and then Joey kissed down. He caught her breasts in his fingers, rolled her nipples over his tongue and the tips of his teeth, and she sighed as darts of pleasure, far better than any she’d given herself in the shower alone, shot through her surging flesh.

Yes,” she sighed as her son kissed lower. “Oh God Joey yes.”

She turned on her back, pushed flat by Joey’s hands, and lay speechless as he kissed her intimately.

He drew back a little, unsure, looking, and she reached down and opened her labia, showing him the glisten of her prepared flesh, the solid nub of her clit, swollen and pink. “Right there,” she said. “It’s all right there, baby, right there for you.” She took a shuddering breath. “Eat me.”

Okay, Mom,” he said, and his face descended once more, and he began to earnestly explore her, tasting pussy for the first time.

The warm dewy folds from which he’d emerged fourteen years earlier parted before his gently stroking fingers, accepted the flicks of his tongue, the flavor new to him and enriching, satisfying, salty and musky. As he ate his mother’s pussy, his sex pumped up firmly against the mattress and he raised his hips away before he came on the sheets.

His tongue, warm and smooth, was firm and relentless in its strokes within her. He was completely new to this, had never eaten a cunt before in his life, but in moments he was thrilling her past words. “Yeah, baby,” Carrie moaned. “Oh my fucking God, yeah. Just like that. Eat my pussy, boy, come on … oh God…”

Joey’s tongue plunged deeper and she grunted, lifted her hips to meet his face as the spasm began to take her, as she began her first orgasm with her son.

Oh God —” she said, clutching at the sheets, “oh God son I’m coming — you’re making me come — oh — oh Joey — oh … oh … OH —” and her boy’s eagerly lapping face became saturated with her climax.

The burst of flame was as fine as any she’d ever known, a hot fire that ran completely through her, that stopped her thinking for several moments as the waves crashed under and in her skin.

His mouth slowed and she lay back once more, moaning, as he kissed her thighs, his face nestled beautifully against her mons, and felt more darts of heat fill her when his questing hands, warm and tender, found her stiffened nipples.

His lips closed around the rise of her clit, and his tongue’s tip slid against it.

Yessss,” she hissed, pulling his face against her cunt. “Yes, lover, make me come again, oh fuck yes…”

His tongue slipped inside her, still stroking her clit, and he moved it in and out with a long, slow rhythm, tasting her and fucking her at once, and explosive heat sparked from her center.

She arched her back again, hands working in his hair, and cried out with her second orgasm as Joey ate her pussy.

Hermosa, in her crib, clucked, and he and she froze.

The baby settled and they smiled at each other, and Joey moved up along her, and she watched and loved him, so young, so sexy, as he did. He was solid, rigid, his bare cock an unyielding shaft of desire at his groin, his balls drawn tight to his crotch. He stalked her, a predator on the prowl, a male animal needing relief that only she could give, and settled against her, atop her, between her parted legs, his face above hers, the dry skin of his bare chest brushing her breasts.

They kissed and she felt his naked penis throbbing, pulsing against her open wet cunt. She smelled her pussy on him, on his sweet beautiful face, and licked his cheeks, then kissed him deeply, tasting herself in his saliva. His hips rocked against hers, the shaft of his sex gliding between her parted labia, teasing them both, bringing more heat to them both.

It’s time,” she whispered, and reached over and opened the drawer in the bedstead, then took out a square of plastic. It crinkled and had a ring shape inside it, and Joey knew what it was.

He watched, breathlessly, as Carrie, her nipples taut, opened the packet and rolled the condom gently onto his rigid flesh. She moved the membrane over him in even strokes, and in a few breaths he was covered, sheathed, prepared. His rigid sex glistened, the latex pulled taut over his skin.

We’re ready now,” she whispered.

We’re really gonna do this, aren’t we?” he said quietly.

She smiled and nodded. “If you want to.”



It’s … it’s incest.”

I know,” she said. “I don’t care.”

He nodded. “I don’t either. I … I want to.”

Me too.”

Okay,” he said, and she pulled him atop herself. “Let’s do it.”

She pushed his hips, reaching between them, and he lifted and looked down as she guided his tip against her bush, then toward her hot slit. He was so hard that it was difficult for her to move him; never before had the word boner made so much sense to her. He had to prop up on one knee and shift his sharp hips over her as she guided him into position.

I … I probably won’t last long,” he said.

That’s okay,” she whispered. “This is for you, honey. However long you last will be fine.”

All right…” He watched, fascinated, as his mother probed herself with his urgency, the plane of his belly rippled and tight with good muscles, her own body toned but yielding beneath him. Even through the condom he felt the scratch of her pubic hair on his shaft, then a sudden, warm smooth surface found him, like and unlike her mouth, and it felt to him just like a kiss.

Oh my God,” he said quietly.

Joey’s cock was like a steel bar covered in thin, resilient foam, the temperature of his body but a source of unimaginable deeper heat. As she held her son in her hand, preparing herself for the first lovemaking she’d had in far too long, she felt his pulse, felt the beating of his heart through the blood in his rock-solid flesh, felt his perfect body shuddering with need.

She worked his tip around in a little circle, stroking it against the glossy slickness of her inner labia, getting him well wet in her fluids, preparing them both for what was to come. He gasped as she positioned him perfectly, his broad corona just inside her, its ridge within the gentle sucking grasp of her labia, their bodies already joined by a little more than an inch.

Joey looked up, into her eyes, and they shared a moment of perfect understanding, clarity, communication.

Now,” she said. “Now, son.”

I love you, Mom,” Joey whispered hoarsely.

I love you too, baby,” she sighed.

He kissed her. He eased his body down.

He entered her.

Ahh —” he said, tension in his voice, joining with his mother in the most intimate way, returning to the place of his birth.

Oh God yeah baby,” Carrie whispered, stroking his hair as Joey filled her, as her baby came back into her womb, the place that had held him for nine months, the place that was his to have from now on, forever if he wanted it.

His penis glided slowly into her body, its length probing her deep and deeper still as her boy lost his virginity to her, became a man within her. She sighed, satisfied, relishing. She had not been penetrated in more than two years, had not known the simple satisfaction of having a man’s flesh within her own. She saw her son’s expression change, saw his face go from anticipation to distant, full satisfaction as he joined with her.

Joey felt his tip sliding in, the slick heat of his mother’s pussy wrapping his cock in gentle waves of bliss, her skin slipping gently against him as he entered her fully. His first time with a woman, and it was magnificent, much more than he thought it would be. His mother’s eyes widened as his throbbing dick entered her, her face showing hunger, need, desire — but most of all, an abiding, unyielding love that he was only now, with their consummation, beginning to really understand.

His hips met hers and they rested, sighing gently, one flesh, looking into one another’s eyes, the moment long past that they could have stopped any of this.

Oh God,” he said, nestling to her. “Oh God Mom.”

She slowly let her hands slide over his taut naked skin, filled with Joey, his body so near hers that she felt his balls resting against her pussy. She kissed his mouth. “Go on, baby,” she whispered. “Go on.”

He moved and looked down, watching as his hard sex came slowly out of her pussy, the shaft stroking over her clit, and then he pressed into her once more, his flesh sliding easily and fully inside her again. She kissed him as he lifted his hips a second time, still moving slowly, his huge penis gliding out further this time, and sighed in delight as he slipped into her once more, his taut belly pressing to hers as their hips met. “Is this all right?”

Yes,” she whispered. “Just take your time, honey. Find your rhythm and let it all happen naturally.”

Okay,” he said, and eased out of her again, then back in, getting the feel for the range.

He stared into her eyes and kissed her, began to move more regularly, began making love to her.

Yes,” she answered, her hands coasting in lazy transit from his shoulders, down his back, over the sweet firm arc of his ass, back up again, tantalized and loving the muscle, the bone, the flesh that moved above her, within her. His warm dry skin slid against hers, his rocking body atop and inside her, hard in every right place but so tender, so gentle, so loving. “God yes, baby. Fuck me…”

He got the motion easily, got a good rhythm, taking naturally to the act, already — less than a minute after beginning for the first time in his life — a superb lover. His solid cock was pumping steadily in her now, withdrawn to more than half his length before he thrust it into her again, and she felt her body parting to accept him at each stroke and loved the sensation, the press of his organ into her.

Oh God,” Joey said again, his hips rocking against hers, his tip questing deeply, swollen and hot at the end of his solid flesh. “Oh God Mom.”

Yeah,” she sighed into his mouth. “Oh yeah, honey, oh yeah, do it just like that, oh yeah, son, that’s just right.” She kissed him as he fucked her, his cock deep inside her, her body at last, at last filled once again by the flesh of the boy she loved. “Oh God, oh God son, my boy, my perfect boy…”

Mom … oh Mom…” He moved, slow and fast, alternating, his lust the master of the moment, the sensation of Carrie’s warm pussy the only thing he felt, its depth and heat good, tight but yielding to his raging hardon. He lay against her and just rocked his hips, letting his penis slide only a little in and out, and she moaned and nibbled at his ear. “That’s really good,” he murmured.

She squeezed his ass and nibbled more, and he smiled frankly into her eyes, seeing nothing there but love, desire, acceptance of him. He saw that in her eyes, he was now a man, and his heartbeat picked up to know it, to understand what it meant. For the first time in their lives together they were seeing each other as adults. Nothing at all was between them, and the touch was as natural as their love, made real now in their incest. But it was not wrong; it was the only right choice, the best thing they could have done together, and they both knew it.

They stared into each other’s eyes as he fucked her, as son made love to mother. She could see the passion in his face, see the love there, knew her own expression showed him the same. The happiness they were finding in each other could never be taken away.

His motions grew faster, more urgent, and she began to move counterpoint, drawing him on, breath driven from her in little panting gasps with each of his thrusts. “Oh…” he sighed.

Come on, baby,” she whispered.

Mom,” he groaned.

Come on,” she said.

Mom … I … I’m gonna…”

I know, son,” she said. “It’s time. Come on.”

Oh Mom,” he gasped. “I’m gonna come…”

Yes,” she said, the breath thrust from her with Joey’s motions. “Me too.” She kissed him. “Come on, boy.”

Here it comes,” he said.

Oh — oh God yes, son, oh God, make me come —”

Mom — I’m coming — oh fuck I’m coming, Mom —”

I’m coming too, son — ohh — ahhyes, Joey, yes —”

And she felt him tense, felt him lock, felt him go rigid in her accepting wet warmth, and the wave hit her as well and she jammed her cunt against his pulsing cock, felt him ejaculating in her, her son’s thick seed shooting from his body, filling the rubber, as she took his virginity, as he had his first climax in a woman. She gasped, light bursting in her eyes, and kissed him as they came together, as they writhed in the fire of their shared orgasm. His breath exploded hot across her face as his sex continued its pulsations in her flesh, his ass taut under her clutching hands, his hips jerking again and again, driving his rigid cock deep into her as his back arched and his chest heaved.

He groaned loudly and bore down, finishing his orgasm, his final climactic thrust plunging his sex well into her as she squealed with joy, and then his back unclenched and his eyes cleared to focus once more on hers. “Fuck,” he sighed, panting, collapsing atop her. “Oh fuck, Mom. Oh my fucking God.”

Yeah, son,” Carrie breathed. “Fuck yeah.” She fell back, her pussy wet with her final climax on her son’s shaft, slick with her cum, and drew him near for a long taste of his sweet lips. He accepted, his cock still solid in her body, and his tongue filled her mouth like his penis was filling her vagina.

Oh my God, Mom,” he sighed when the kiss broke. “I came.”

Yes, baby,” she said, nestling his weight atop her, her hands still caressing his perfect naked body, dewy with the sweat of his good exertions. “Yes.”

He laughed. “We really did it. We really did it, Mom. We fucked.”

We did,” she nodded, smiling. “We fucked, son.”

I’m not a virgin any more,” he said, laughing again. “I actually did it. I got laid…”

She felt a good, deep warmth that made her smile lazily into the face of her beloved. She had just watched her son make love for the first time, watched him have his first real taste of joy, and it had all happened within her. “No,” she said. “You’re not a virgin now.”

And I’m not gay either…”

She laughed with him, his weight a real presence on her, his skin warm and good, his lovely sex moving gently inside her as they breathed together. “Not a chance.”

Oh God I love you so much,” Joey said.

Me too, baby,” she said, and he kissed her, and they held each other for a long time, loving, loved.

Whole. For the first time since Mark had been murdered, she was whole, and so was Joey.

Thank you,” he whispered.

She kissed his ear, smiling. “Thank you,” she said back.

He lifted his hips and slid from her, wet, his penis glistening, the condom loaded with his semen. He looked down between them as he slipped out of her, watching, awestruck at the simplicity of their touch, at the vastness of the love they shared and the enormity of what they had just done.

She gently took his sex, hefting it. It was still mostly erect, more full than any after-fucking cock she’d ever held before. He was still slick with cum, and she felt the warm flow of her son’s semen as it settled inside the membrane of the condom. The tip was distended, milky. “That was a lot,” she whispered. “You really were full.”

Yeah,” he said, looking at the thick traces of his teen-boy spunk. “I pumped like nine times.” He watched in fascination as a final pulse filled the rubber, floating over his mother’s rich, glistening bush. She saw it and rubbed his tip around in it playfully, working the pearly fluid into the full rubber sac. “I really was pretty creamy. Mom?”

Yeah, baby?”

I have to pee.”

She chuckled. “Okay.”

Um … the rubber?”

Just take it off and flush it, baby. Don’t roll it back…”

Help me.”

Okay.” She slipped the spent condom off Joey, handed it to him with its end pinched, the membrane hanging heavily, full and round with Joey’s seed. He smiled and took it, then rose.

In the bathroom she heard him void, heard the sink splashing afterward, saw him stroking water over his penis. He was rinsing off. Conscientious boy.

He came out again in a few moments and walked naked and bold to her bed, arms at his sides, his sweet, large organ hanging freely, his tall slender frame bare and fully exposed to her eyes as she lay naked before him, admiring the body of her newfound lover and letting him admire hers as well.

He shared her smile — he knew, she saw, knew how sexy he was to her right then, and she saw that she was sexy to him as well — then settled next to her.

He reached for the cigarettes and they both lit one, smoking in the dark, facing each other atop the sheets, enjoying the sight of one another’s bodies. They looked at each other in a new way, as lovers, as a man and woman fully free to appreciate one another as sexual beings, as mates, as life partners.

He and she were both aglow with that freedom.

Nothing like a cigarette after sex,” she said.

Joey smirked. “I guess I’m learning all kinds of new things tonight.”

Her hand slid along his arm, a gentle caress, and he smiled at her and stroked her cheek.

That was wonderful,” she said quietly.


Mmm-hmm.” She took a hit from her cigarette.

I did all right?”

Yes, baby,” Carrie said. “It was so good.” She sighed, rolled onto her back, nestled up to him. “So good.”

And you’re — I mean, you’re okay?”

Yes,” she said. “Are you? Still?”

Yes,” he said. “I’m glad we did it.” He drew at his smoke. “I’m glad … I’m glad we made love.”

Good. Me too, baby.” She kissed him. “I’m glad we made love too.” She chuckled. “I was wondering if it was ever gonna happen.”

Joey giggled. “Me too. I thought maybe it was never gonna, but other times I figured it was like right around the corner.”

She nodded and he reached to her chest, cupping her breast, stroking gently. “I guess … I guess we don’t need to date anyone now, huh?”

She smiled, then cradled his swollen scrotum, heavy with his manhood. “I think we’re going to be okay, son. Is this what you really want? To be with me?”


You want a … a relationship with me?”

Yeah, Mom. Yes. I do.”

Me too, baby.”

He looked over her body, her breasts, her peaked nipples, the still-damp tangle of hairs at the join of her thighs. His hand wandered along her skin and she smiled up at him, giving permission, as he touched her everywhere he could reach. Her eager new lover. Exploring her, getting to know how a woman feels. “Good. Because I don’t want you seeing anyone. I … I want to be … I mean, I want us to be, you know, together.”

His penis, flaccid, hung toward the bed, its length even in softness impressive. His heavy testicles pushed out from the hard muscles of his thighs, the light hairs there tangled and shimmering. Carrie marveled; that penis had very recently been rock-solid and inside her, in her vagina, had given her a pleasure she’d almost forgotten. “Me too. I don’t want you to be with any girl.”

I won’t be,” he whispered. “Only you, Mom.”

So it’s settled. We’re lovers.”

Yeah,” he said, blushing slightly. “We’re … lovers.”

She reached and tugged gently, and he smiled at her. “You’ve got a hot cock,” she said.


She dragged her cigarette and nodded. “It looks good, son. Large and … impressive. And your balls are big too. I love you in your briefs. You’re so sexy, filling out that tiny tight cloth with so many large parts.” She smiled. “You’ve got such a hot penis. And a big one too.”

Thanks,” he said, taking a hit from his own smoke. “You too. You look really good, Mom. Your … your tits, and your pussy.” He kissed her. “They’re great. You’re great.”

She smiled softly at him. “I’ve wanted you for a while, you know.”

Me too.” He took a drag. “It was weird. Weird, wanting you and wondering if…” She nestled on the mattress, wriggling slightly, as he stroked her breast. “I mean, I just felt like I was … like sex on legs or something.”

We all are,” she said. “That’s pretty much how it is with people.”

He smirked. “At least I wasn’t alone.” He leaned in for a kiss. “I wanted to fuck you for a while, Mom.”

She nodded. “Me too, son.”

He tapped ash. “Did I come too soon or anything?”

No, baby,” Carrie said. “It was just right.”

I wasn’t sure,” he said. “I mean it felt like I came really quick, and … and, well, a lot.”

It was a lot,” she said. “And it was great, baby. And it’s all right to come fast when it’s your first time.”

Okay,” he said. “You came too, didn’t you?”

She nodded. “Three times. Twice when you ate me and again when we made love.”

Really? I mean, you weren’t faking or anything?”

Oh no,” she said. “Oh no, each one was very real, babe.” She kissed him. “And each one was fantastic.”

Good,” he said. “I wanted you to come.”

Me too, honey. I wanted you to come too.” She put out her cigarette and settled nearer to him, stroking his back, his chest, loving the tightness of his sweet frame.

Joey put out his own smoke and they nestled back together on the bed, he partly atop her, kissing her from time to time, his hands roaming freely on her breasts, her belly, her pussy. She felt his penis fill slightly, beginning to harden once more.

Do you have … more condoms?”

She nodded, smiling. “A dozen. Well, less one now.”

That’s a good start,” Joey said. They both laughed quietly.

I can get more any time,” she said, and he shifted atop her with another kiss and she sighed, feeling how hard he was.

Good.” He kissed her throat.

We’re going to make love again, she realized, thrilling at the thought. He’s going to make love to me again right now. He came just a few minutes ago and he’s already ready to go again.

His face settled near her ear. “I love you, Mom,” he said softly.

And I love you, son,” Carrie said.

This is the best night of my life.”

It’s good for me too, baby. So good.” She smiled. “But the best — that would be the day you were born, I think.”

This is good,” he said, nestling nearer to her, his body warm, his skin bare.


You want to … to make love again?”

She nodded. “Do you?”

He smiled, rocking his hips, shifting his stiffened cock against her naked skin. “Yeah.”

Let’s go,” she said.

He watched as she got another condom and put it on him, their eyes sharing a deep look. The preparation for lovemaking, putting a condom on his penis, made it real for them both; anticipation of another joining swelled in their chests, making them both breathe faster, making their hands shake.

You’re ready,” she said, and kissed him, lying back, pulling him to the bed with her, atop her, his smooth warm skin brushing hers. “Fuck me now, son.”

Okay, Mom.” He lifted, caught his lovely hard cock, slipped into her once more and began stroking deeply, firmly, very confident. He was more sure now and was using every inch of himself in her.

Yes,” she sighed. “That’s so good.”

His back was moving solidly above her and he was staring intently into her eyes. They kissed and she stroked his working shoulders, feeling him probing her more deeply than he had before, the rigidity of his penis stunning her. She knew teenaged boys had stamina, but this experience was beyond any expectation she may have had.

Will you be able to come again so soon?” she said, panting under his driving body.

Oh yeah,” Joey grunted. He kissed her. “That won’t be a problem.”

Good,” she smiled.

I want to fuck you all night,” he panted.

Okay,” she said. “Do it.” She pulled his face to hers, their lips meeting. “Fuck my brains out, boy.”

Si, Mami,” Joey grinned.

Ay Papi,” she smiled back, pulling him deeper into herself. “Oh Joey that’s so good. Fuck me fuck me fuck me…”

Yeah,” he said, his thrusts shortening, picking up speed. She felt herself pushed up along the mattress by his driving press until her shoulders were against the headboard, thudding against the wall with every hard motion of his harder cock. His balls bounced against her cunt with every stroke, heavy and full. “I’m fucking you … fucking … oh God we’re fucking…”

Fuck me harder,” she panted in his ear, and he obliged.

She grunted and gasped, slapping the wall, her legs wide and her calves locked around his working thighs as he pierced her, and she let out a high keening moan through grit teeth as a white-hot wave of pure joy sheeted through her, the orgasm torn from her raging clitoris by Joey’s pistoning cock.

Oh God —” she said. “Oh God yeah, don’t stop son, keep fucking me, oh yeah fuck me…”

He pressed into her harder, his mouth clamped around one nipple, his fingers tweaking the other, fucking her hard and deep, his naked body a surging coil of muscle above her, and she cried out again with her ecstasy as he brought her another climax, lighting ripping under her skin. Her cunt was soaking, her cum making it a slick hot hole that they both needed him to fuck raw.

Oh God yes,” she panted. “Fuck me, come on Joey boy, fuck me…”

And still he drove into her, and she cried and gasped again, calling his name, groaning and writhing under his hard body, her shoulders now half off the bed as they lay nearly crosswise on the mattress. She had a view of her bedroom wall upside-down and then pulled herself to him, locking her flesh around his and trapping his mouth with hers.

I’m gonna come again,” he said when the kiss broke.

Me too,” Carrie gasped.

Oh Mom. Oh Jesus fucking Christ. I’m gonna come…”

Me too…” She shuddered, the waves of heat from her son’s cock peaking her nipples and taking her breath from her. “I want your cum, boy,” she said. “Give me all your cum.”

Are you ready for me?” he gasped, and she could see he was barely holding on.

I’m ready, baby,” she moaned. “Let it all go, babe, shoot your load…”

He shuddered, his skin suddenly standing in goosebumps, and he thrust hard against her. “Oh Mom … oh fuck … yeah! I’m … coming!” he said, the words ragged with his gasps. His cock began pulsing in her and he jammed his hips to hers, throbbing in climax deep inside her body. “Ahh — AHH — OH FUCK MOM YEAH!”

Oh fuck, Joey,” she moaned. “Ah, ah, ahh … Oh fuck yeah Joey … JoeyJOEY…” She pulled him down harder, drove her pussy up to meet him, while the waves crashed through her. His tip was surging in her flesh, semen rolling from him in hot wet pulses, pouring into the rubber, her son’s body pumping in her eager cunt as they shared their second orgasm together.

He gasped, grinding against her with his last raging pulse, and then his body relaxed, his penis still well within her, his cum slick and copious in the condom’s membrane. He kissed her slowly, deeply, with all his passion, all his love. “Oh God,” he said, breathing hard, his skin shining with sweat. “Oh God Mom I love you.”

She nodded and smiled, taking his weight, loving the feeling of his trim naked body as it lay on hers. “I love you too, Joey,” she whispered. “So much. I needed this so bad.”

Yeah,” he said. “Yeah. Me too. We did … we did the right thing.”

We did,” she whispered.

He withdrew with a wet pop, then slipped the condom off himself. She saw how full it was again, how the latex was bulging out with the rich load of cum it held, and watched as he took it to the bathroom, his butt tight and dimpled, smooth and firm. So cute. So cute.

And it was hers, all hers, to have and to hold.

He came back and they shared another smoke break.

It was even better this time,” she said quietly, holding his limp penis in her free hand, enjoying the feeling of so much male flesh filling her palm.

Yeah?” He smiled.

Mmm,” she said. “You fucked me hard.”

I lasted longer,” he said. “The condom.”

Yeah, plus you had some practice.” She kissed him. “And you already came once before. If you keep getting better at this rate, you’ll be fucking me crazy by tomorrow morning.”

Do you still want to?” he said. “Have sex all night I mean?”

A shudder of naked lust ran through her body at the thought. “Yes,” she said.


They both froze when the door opened a crack. “Mami?”

Hey, hermano,” Joey said to Miguel, feeling his sex cool as Carrie’s hand left it. “What’s up?”

The boy was in briefs, his version of pajamas, just like Joey, rubbing at his eyes fitfully. “Are you okay?”

We’re fine, sweetie,” Carrie said. “We’re just fine.”

The boy stepped into the room further, fists still grinding the sleep from his vision. “I thought — I heard —”

Joey sat up, tugging the sheet over himself and his mother. “We weren’t fighting, bro. We were … we were tickling.”

Miguel stopped rubbing his eyes and blinked at Joey. “Tickling?”

Yeah,” Joey said. “Don’t you ever tickle anyone?” His fingers poked at Carrie’s ribs and she gave a little shriek, then giggled. “See?”

Oh,” Miguel said, then smiled. “Can I tickle too?”

Joey slipped to the edge of the bed and quickly pulled his briefs on, ignoring Miguel’s look of surprise at the realization that he’d been in bed naked with Carrie. “Not tonight, hermano. It’s late and we all should be in dreamland.” He stood and led the boy from the room, glancing back at his mother, who was quietly watching everything.

10: Lovers Talk

He returned in a few minutes and paused to check on Hermosa. “I can’t believe she didn’t wake up,” he whispered.

Carrie nodded. “I guess we made some noise with round two.”

He settled onto the bed next to her. “Seems like.”

Is Miguel all right?”

Yeah,” Joey said, lying back. “He just worried that we were fighting, is all.”

Poor kid,” Carrie murmured.

Yeah,” Joey said. “He’s okay, though.”



She leaned up beside him, her breasts brushing his arm. “Are we … was this … are we being selfish?”

He studied her. “What do you mean?”

Well … did I just use you?”

No,” he said. “Why? Do you think I … did I use you?”

No,” Carrie said. “No. But … you’re fourteen, son. And you are my son. And … and maybe I … took advantage. Or maybe we were thinking … mostly of ourselves. Of … oh, I don’t know —”

It wasn’t bad,” Joey said. “It wasn’t wrong.” He took her hand, put it on his chest over his heart. “This isn’t wrong. I love you, Mom.”

I love you too, son.”

I love you and I … I want you to be happy. And — no, Mom. You didn’t use me. You didn’t … look. We had sex.”

Yes,” she said.

Twice,” Joey went on. “We had sex twice, just now. If I thought it was wrong — do you think it would have happened again?”

Carrie lay back and sighed. “No,” she said quietly.

People don’t do things twice in a row if they think it was a bad idea the first time.”

In the dark, Carrie smiled. “I guess that’s true. But … the kids…”

Yeah,” Joey said. “Well, we’ll deal with that when we have to. But no matter what, Mom, I know this was right for us. For me and you. I love you. I want to keep … to keep making love with you. I don’t want to stop.”

I don’t either,” Carrie whispered.

Then we won’t,” Joey said.

She sighed. “Is it really that simple?”

His hand pressed hers to his heartbeat again. “Is it — does it have to be complicated?”

I don’t know,” she said.

Neither do I,” he said. “But I … I…”

Me too,” she said quietly. “I want to be your lover.”

He nodded. “So do I.”

They lay for a while.

It’s incest,” she whispered.

I know. And it’s okay with me.”

But we’ll have to keep it quiet.”

I know,” Joey said again. “We’ll — somehow we’ll explain it to the kids. They’ll understand that … that what we have is … different.”

She turned to him and put her arm across his chest. “We’ll have to move the bed,” she said.

He smiled. “Yeah, we will. Don’t need more thumping on the walls.”

Or yelling,” she said.

Well, maybe some yelling.”

They laughed.

It was so good,” she whispered, his arms warm about her, their bare skin so near, so near.

It was,” he nodded. “It was … it was perfect.”

I love you,” she said, kissing his cheek. She nestled her face alongside his. “I love you so much, son.”

I love you too, Mom,” he smiled.

Her hand slipped down his torso, fingers warm and soft, and found the rise of him in his underwear. As she stroked his penis she felt it harden, and kissed his ear delicately, reaching inside the tight cotton to feel his full arousal.

Yeah?” he said.

She nodded. “Yeah. If you can.”

You bet I can.” He slipped his briefs off, tossed them onto the floor, and got another condom. She watched as he put it on, smiling, and turned to face her, kissing her mouth, his fingers finding her ready as his rubber-wrapped cock became fully erect once more in her caressing hand. “Fuck,” he whispered as she tugged him dickfirst toward herself. “You’re as horny as I am.”

Yes. It’s been a long time,” she said. “I really want your cock. But it’s more than that.”

His eyebrow rose. “Yeah?”

She nodded, smiling. “You’re great, son. You’re great in bed.” Her arms circled his neck as he eased atop her, slipped within her, his penis gliding smoothly in, mounting her perfectly. She sighed as his naked body pressed fully against hers. “Make it last this time, baby. Long and slow, okay?”

Sure,” he said, moving gently. “Like this?”

Perfect,” she sighed. “Just perfect.”

His body rocked above hers, back flexing, and they smiled at each other as the slow burn of their lovemaking began to fill them, taking their time, drawing it out. They kissed, they touched, they loved, Joey’s chest broad and slick with his sweat, biceps, triceps and deltoids rippling and pulsing as he moved, her breasts damp with her own passion, their bodies cooled by the air that moved across them with their slow, heated coupling.

She came, quietly, underneath his frame, and he continued his exertions, not letting up, his rhythm steady, very gradually increasing the depth of his strokes, slowly fucking her harder with each thrust, pulling out just a little more with each withdraw, until she was in a state of permanent near-climax, treated to the full length of his penis, amazing and unstoppable in its continued probings.

He settled his body to hers, his sweet flesh filling her totally, and halted, kissing her, and as she panted with desire he began again, starting with small, short strokes and gradually working up to the long, deep fucking he could give her with his stunning cock.

She came again as he kissed her deeply, his tongue against hers setting off the orgasm; and then she came again as he continued kissing her, as he continued fucking her. “Oh,” she said softly. “Oh yes. Oh Joey yes.”

I love you so much,” he said.

Me too, oh me too baby,” she murmured, drawing his face to hers and coming again at his words, at their whispers of love, as they shared another deep, long kiss. “Oh, Joey, oh that’s so good…”

Yeah, it is,” he said. “It’s great.” He drew back a little and watched her face as she had another orgasm, as his solid penis drew from her another flaring taste of bliss. I’m doing that, he marveled. I’m making that happen to her. I’m making Mom come.

Oh my God, she thought. Oh my God what have I done? Oh my God I’ve taken my son’s virginity; I’ve made love with my own boy, and now I’ve sworn my body and heart to him… But she also understood that, deep down, she had been willing to offer him this allegiance for months now, had wanted him to have this very special sharing with her, and she was at last understanding that he was offering her the same.

His hands found hers, pushed up on either side of the pillow, and their fingers laced as their bodies continued the slow dance. His gaze on her was intense, deep, and honest; there were no barriers between them any longer. They had broken them all down together and looked at each other now not simply as mother and son, but as a fulfilled couple, a woman and a man wholly in love with one another.

Oh my God, let this always be here for us. Let this always be a good, sweet memory for us.

Oh my God, I’m going to come again —

His palms pressed hers and she squeezed his hands, her thighs parted wide and her legs wrapped around his. He squeezed back and smiled, his eyes sparkling, watching her have the orgasm he was giving her, watching as it spun into another, and another, until it was impossible to say when one ended and the next began.

A timeless time later, Carrie realized that at least half an hour had passed with her son gently and surely sending her to heaven, that he had been within her far longer than any man she’d ever loved before, that he was capable of going on all night if she were to ask it of him.

Are you close?” she said.

He nodded, shoulders working in their deep slow fuck. “I’ve been holding it off for a while now. Are you ready for me?” he said.

She smiled up at him. “Any time, baby. Any time.”

Okay,” Joey panted. His rhythm picked up and she felt his rigid flesh stroking cleanly in her, saw his face change. “Here I come,” he sighed, and then his hips pressed hers and his eyes rolled back into his head and he grunted, and she felt his semen flowing from him again, and came herself with the feeling, his penis deep within her, pulsing its thick delivery of fluids in her flesh. “Oh God,” he gasped. “I love you, Mom. I love you. Oh fucking God.”

Yes,” she moaned softly. “God yes, son.”

He bucked over her in climax, his skin hot on hers, his sex pumping within her, and she lit with it, burned with it, was fulfilled in him.

Her son shuddered a final time and his good strong body fell lax, resting on hers, the heat of his flesh all along and insider her.

His eyes opened and he smiled at her, kissed her, relaxed atop her with a deep sigh of contentment. She cradled him, feeling the warmth of him filling her deeply. “That was magnificent,” she cooed.

Yeah. Me too.” He kissed her. “I came so hard, Mom.”

Me too, baby. I came hard, every time.” He began to withdraw and she caught him. “Don’t,” she said. “Stay in me.”

I have to take it off,” he said. “Don’t I?”

She sighed. “Yes — but don’t be long, okay, loverboy?”

He wasn’t, his lithe, naked frame settling into bed beside her in moments, their warmth a living thing between them.

She caught his sex and stroked it gently until he was half filled, then guided his bare tip against her vulva, playing with him, smiling at him, and as he shook with his feeling she let his bare organ slide into her a little.

But … uh…”

You just came,” Carrie whispered. “It’s safe. We can do this for a while and when you’re ready, you can put another condom on, okay?”

Joey swallowed, then nodded, and he eased his partly-stiffened flesh entirely within hers. Carrie stroked his back slowly, smiling, kissing, loving the sensation of him inside her, wanting it to last, to go on forever.


She waited. He was shaking again.

That … guy?”


Well, what if … what if it was, like … you know, someone young?”

She looked at his face. “How young?”

He shrugged uneasily. “Not that young. But … you know, a kid.”

She pulled him nearer. “Your age, or younger?”

He shrugged.

How much younger?”

A couple years.”

She nodded slowly. “Someone I know?”

He was silent, and she was pretty sure she knew. They worked out all the time together, and the boy worshipped her son openly. And she understood that. And the boy was handsome also, lovely, his body growing and strong. She understood all of it, or thought she did.

Okay,” she said softly. “Just … be careful.”

Yeah,” he said.

You know what I mean. Don’t get caught.”

Yeah,” he said again.

It’s okay,” she whispered, stroking his hair softly.

He stared at her. “It … really?”

Yes,” she said quietly. “It’s okay. And if you want to be with him again … that’s okay too.”

Joey shook again. “He…”


Her son swallowed. “I want him to fuck me, Mom.”

Oh.” She sighed, and let silence play for a moment. “That’s okay too.”

Joey rested against her, and she felt his shaking recede once more. “Really?”

She nodded, still smoothing his hair. “Fucking’s not so bad.” She kissed his brow softly. “I like it when it happens to me.”

He was quiet for a moment, then chuckled, his penis inside her still. “Yeah,” he said. “I guess it is pretty good.”

Yes,” she whispered, kissing his ear. “Give him that gift, if you want to. He’ll love it.”

He nodded.

Love me again, okay?”

Yes,” he promised. “I will. I just need to — I need a little time.”

I know, baby,” she said. “It’s all right. We have all night.”

He nodded against her shoulder.



I … I love you.”

I know,” she said. “I love you too.”

His face returned to her breast and they lay, coupled, warm and sweet and close, recharging slowly, anticipating more lovemaking, losing all their secrets to each other, finding together the completion as man and woman that they both had been missing as mother and son.

11: Seen

Joey woke to the sound of the shower.

He lay on his back, nude, in the bed that had —

Water cascaded down a bare body in the next room. The body of the woman he loved, the woman with whom he had made love all night and into the early morning hours. The woman who had made a man of him.

He looked along his own form, lying bold and frank atop the sheets. His pubes were matted to his skin, dried cum —his and hers — making them stiff and flat.

We made love, he thought, wondering. We actually did it. We made love.

Water splashed in the shower.

I had sex with Mom last night. I fucked her. I fucked her brains out.

He watched, detached almost, as his still-sore cock began to fill at the memory of the pleasures they’d shared. That growing organ had been within Carrie’s flesh the night before, multiple times; in his swollen testicles, heavy with his maturation, sperm had been made, had been discharged deeply within his mother’s body, only the condoms keeping it from flooding her.

He had made love for the first time last night, had known the intimate touch of a woman, had ejaculated in a true act of sex, so much better than masturbation, so much more satisfying, better even than what he and Miguel had done together. And then Carrie had shown him more, taught him things, had even discovered what his semen tasted like as he came in her mouth.

They’d had sex six times in all, fucking five times and enjoying a long, slow sixty-nine to finish the night, sinking at last into exhausted and blissful sleep well past midnight, sweaty, the room rich with the scent they had made together.

He could still smell the sex, their sex, in the air.

He was sore all over; he had plenty of strength and stamina, but he had used many of his muscles in novel ways the night before, and was aching some at the exertions. His chest, shoulders, back and thighs reminded him of the passions and he smiled at their twinges. They’d have to get used to the work, he decided.

His eyes flicked to the open bathroom door.

Man of the house, a voice whispered, but it wasn’t mocking and it wasn’t angry.

I made love to her.

They had spoken after their final shared orgasm, traded promises of affection, professed their love, told each other they would revisit the passions, the joys, the perfection of one another many times in the future.

They had become lovers in the night and Joey’s heart leapt at the thought of it.

We can do this any time, Carrie had promised, kissing him softly, tenderly stroking his hot sweaty body. Love me as much as you want. Love me as often as you wish.

I will, he had said. Every day from now on, Mom. We’ll have sex every day.

Good, she had sighed. Good. Sleep with me too, son. Here, in my bed. Sleep next to me naked every night, have all the sex you want with me, and hold me in your arms all night while we sleep. Be my lover, Joey. Be my lover.

Okay, he had said. I will. I will.

He sat upright, stood, walked naked and tumescent into the bathroom.

Behind the frosted glass of the shower, a bare body stood, hands gliding over blurred skin.

The body turned towards him and the hands paused.

He opened the shower door.

Arms rose to meet him.

Hi, baby,” he said softly.

He stepped under the spray with Carrie, with his mother, with his lover.

The nights and the days passed in a haze of endorphins. Breakfasts were radiant, the air full of smiles, of pheromones as the new lovers settled into their roles and their lives together, became familiar with the heat of their couplings, found joy in their incestuous unions. They were both exploring new ground, but they were also both sure it was the right ground for them to be charting. The kids — their kids — sensed the change, felt the difference in the new couple, but none of them seemed troubled by it. In fact they seemed more relaxed, happier, at ease with the way Joey and his mother hugged, kissed and touched, sharing a bed every night now. It was the most natural thing imaginable in their eyes.

It made sense, Carrie saw. Children expected a mother and a father. All of them, save Hermosa, had known that life while Mark was alive, and Joey had helped keep that expectation in them even after they had been so deeply torn. And now the sense of fulness was there again.

Once more, the children lived in a house with a couple, a man and woman who loved one another deeply, intensely, richly.

They smiled at one another each morning as the air around them filled with the happy chatter of family, of their family. Each evening was filled with cuddling, hand-holding, kissing, furtive erotic touches — quiet joy, the certainty in them both that they would retire to the same room, would share a bed and one another, their sex the perfect expression of their love for each other, their devotion to their family and to themselves as a couple.

They had done exactly the right thing that final night of Joey’s virginity, had made the perfect decision for themselves as man and woman. Any other choice of lovers for either of them would have disrupted the delicate fabric of their family’s dynamics; by becoming sex partners they had changed things, but the changes had all been good.

Carrie ached sometimes to see Joey, how magnificently handsome he was, how perfectly trim his lithe young body, knowing that that body was hers to have, to cherish, to hold and love as she wished, craved, needed. He wore fine tight jeans, preferred them, and his magnificent sex was picked out plainly in the tough denim, a sweet, tight lump whose heft she knew, the full flush of manhood on him and obvious in the size of his penis.

Joey was in a paradise of fulfillment, his lover perfectly accepting and beautiful, her body strong and flexible, experienced and knowing, so much better than the fervid fantasies he’d conjured over his stroke mags. Her breasts filled her clothing electrically, breasts he kissed, hefted, stroked with gentle fingers, sucking lips, a firm smooth tongue when they were making love; and below, her hips flared, the rise of her body at the join of her legs endlessly fascinating to him, endlessly arousing, always eager for his attentive mouth, his teasing fingers, his solid cock.

He gave up masturbation, except for the afternoon sessions with Miguel. He didn’t need it any more.

But it wasn’t just about the sex. It was about so much more than that for both of them, though the sex was fantastic.

It was love. They were mother and son, and they were in love.

Carrie worked the shaft of flesh in her mouth expertly. It pulsed, warm and solid, and Joey moaned softly with her motions. “Jesus, that’s good,” he sighed as she gave him head.

She smiled contentedly, sucking him, teasing him, easing off, taking up the pace again. She had always loved sucking cock, and Joey’s semen tasted exactly like Mark’s had. Her womb was still warm with his presence from their earlier fucking; this was just for him, a pleasure he received as gladly as he gave it, but the sixty-nine would happen later.

His full scrotum rolled gently under her palm and he gave another gasp as her fingertip pressed against the hot pucker of his asshole. She looked up along him and smiled, and he smiled back, breathing deeply. On the ripples of his belly there were some residual streaks of dried cum, left over from his earlier stroking games with Miguel.

At first she had been troubled to know the boys masturbated — sometimes did more — together after their workouts, but she had decided after a while that it was something to be accepted. Joey always had enough semen in him for spectacular — and multiple — acts of love with her, and Miguel and Joey were closer to one another in years than she was to her son; and of course what she and he did was every bit as — some would call it wrong, perverse or evil or sinful, but when they were embraced, sharing the same touch, the same warmth, the same flesh, her concerns melted away. When he stirred softly in dreams beside her and she woke to the motions, it was not worry that filled her heart as she sank back into sleep with her naked son, her body filled too with the memory of his lovemaking.

They loved one another, and that was enough to make it right for both of them.

She licked her fingertip, getting it slick, and eased it against Joey once more. Her son’s warm tight asshole was still slippery from the rimjob she had given him, and she pushed gently. Her finger slid into him, his body a tight ring of heat, and she felt his cock throb in her mouth as he sighed. “Yeah, Mom … yeah…”

He looked down at Carrie’s working head, bobbing slowly over his groin. His eyes were clouded with adoration, loving this woman totally as she brought him this perfect pleasure. As much as he loved coming in her pussy, he relished these long slow oral sessions with her like no other times.

His hands laced through her hair, warm and soft, and she continued, sucking gently, fingerfucking him, occasionally making slurping sounds as she worked his rigid cock.

A motion caught his eye and he glanced up. The bedroom door — had it just shifted?

He couldn’t be sure, and in a moment his attention returned to his center, to where Carrie was slowly sucking him toward orgasm.

Another motion made him look up again.

This time he was sure.

There was a deeper darkness behind the crack of the door, a place made void by the silhouette of a shape. He thought he heard a very faint grunt or gasp, and knew who it was.

He smiled toward the crack, to let Miguel know he knew, that it was all right for him to see this. He didn’t want to stop Carrie right then, and it wasn’t as though Miguel had never seen him in climax before.

The silhouette shifted, and the door moved again, and Joey saw the glint of a pair of eyes watching silently.

Joey returned his gaze to Carrie’s working head. “That’s good, Mom,” he whispered, his breath coming shorter. “I’m ready now. Make me come.”

She backed off and looked up at him. “Okay,” she said, kissing his glistening shaft, then sliding her mouth around it again.

Joey saw a rhythmic motion from Miguel’s direction. The boy was standing naked, his underwear pulled down and his dick in his hand, jacking off, his wide eyes on his older brother’s cock as their mother sucked it. Carrie’s ass was in the air and Miguel’s eyes traveled to the join of her legs, taking in the sight of her naked pussy, then back to Joey, his sex beginning to go rigid as he panted and rocked his hips.

Yeah,” he rasped. “Yeah, that’s it — yeah, suck my cock — Mom —”

Mmm,” she said around her full mouth.

Joey’s heart was pounding with his sudden arousal. Miguel was about to see him come. He was having sex with his mother while his little brother, his and Carrie’s son, watched him.

I’m gonna come,” he said, for her as much as for his brother. “Suck it. Suck me…”

Carrie’s mouth clamped firmly, the suction intense, incredible, and Joey lost track of everything as the surges of heat broke through him, his cock starting to pulse with his load. “Oh fuck,” he gasped. “Oh fuck Mom I’m coming…”

Carrie moaned as Joey’s thick spunk surged from him in creamy waves, flowing over her tongue, his tip swollen in the back of her throat, his back arching and hips pushing her head back. He cried out, throbbing in her, then cried out again, then a third time, his shaft pulsing clearly with each of his ejaculations, seed rolling thickly down it, and as he stared around himself in his bliss he saw Miguel’s dark form shudder as he watched his brother’s cock pumping in Carrie’s mouth, and then a small arc of glimmering fluid jetted from where the boy stood, his hand rapid on his thrusting penis.

There was a gulp from Carrie as she swallowed her boy’s sperm, and her finger slipped out of him.

He gasped a final time and fell back, his mother’s motions easing off on him but making the climax linger, making him shudder as she began to clean the cum off his dick. He licked his lips and sighed slowly, deeply, very content, and watched Miguel tug his briefs back up and his silhouette retreat, the door slowly pulling to as his brother left the lovers to their bed and their joys.

Carrie moved up him as he smiled at her, her breasts full and smooth on his bare chest. She eased her lips against his for a kiss even as she eased her body alongside his own and Joey tasted his cum in her saliva. “That was so good,” he whispered.

I’m glad,” she smiled, resting her head on his chest and gently cradling his well-worked cock.

It’s always good with you, Mom. Perfect.”

She kissed a nipple. “It’s always good for me too, son. You’re an excellent lover.”

Thanks.” His fingers moved easily in her thick hair. “Do you like giving me head?”

I love it,” she said promptly, then looked up at him again. “And you like it too? And eating me out?”

He nodded, warmth filling him. They kissed, and nestled, and Joey wondered if she would notice the cum on the floor tomorrow morning. Notice, and know they had been seen in their lovemaking.

In a strange way he sort of hoped she might. He thought of Miguel’s eyes, wide and dark, watching them have sex.

Carrie smiled up at him. “Already?” She tugged his re-filling cock gently.

He shrugged. “I guess I can’t help it.”

He thought of mounting Carrie, fucking her, coming in her while his brother watched.

I’m not complaining,” she said.

He thought of Miguel quietly walking up to them as they coupled, of Carrie seeing him, inviting him to try it himself. “Good.”

She moved her hips over his, the slick of her pussy gliding on him. “Fuck me again.”

He thought of watching Miguel with Carrie, watching the boy fuck her, watching him come in a pussy for the first time. “Okay,” he whispered, slid a condom over his cock, and slipped once more into his mother’s warm cunt, a boy of fourteen wrapped fully in the woman he loved.