Good Son

What follows is a work of fiction that includes extensive scenes of incest between a mother and her teenaged son, and between two stepbrothers, one of whom is prepubescent. Standard disclaimers apply. Stop now if you don’t want to see more. Otherwise, read on and enjoy…

12: Rough Trade

Joey stroked steadily, Miguel’s hard cock warm in his hand. Miguel answered, then paused, his voice urgent. “You remember before? With the pillowcases?”

Yeah,” Joey said.

Do it for real this time.”

Joey gulped. “Um…”

Lay on top of me.” The boy stretched and lay his arms over his head. “Tie me up.”

Okay,” Joey managed. He did, then leaned back to look at his little brother, the boy’s hard body caught and squirming.

Lay on me,” Miguel repeated.

Joey did, moving to pin Miguel under his larger, stronger frame. The boy squirmed with delight, his hips moving up to meet Joey’s. He caught his brother’s hard flesh in his hand and jerked it firmly, driven by a lust he couldn’t understand, then guided Joey’s hot tip against his puckered little asshole. “Fuck me,” he said quietly. “Please.”

Okay,” Joey said.

Tie me up more,” Miguel begged.

Joey caught the boy’s hands and tied them over his head tighter. Miguel lay, his naked body vulnerable, his flesh ready, feeling Joey’s cock pressing at the opening to his bare, helpless heat. “Do it,” he whispered.

Joey looked at the naked boy on his bed, the boy begging to be tied and fucked, and shuddered. “Never done this,” he whispered. “Let’s try.”

Knowing what he was agreeing to, Miguel nodded.

I’m gonna fuck you, son,” Joey said. “Okay?”

Si, Papá,” Miguel whispered.

Joey put some lotion in his palm and slicked his flesh, then stroked his finger into Miguel. The boy moaned and squirmed. “No … no, it hurts…” He clamped his thighs and Joey felt the boy’s body tighten around his probing finger.

Joey stopped, then took some discarded jeans and tied Miguel’s feet, high on the bed near his wrists. The boy was wide open now, his small body quivering, his ankles over his head and his tight little ass bared to his brother. “Yes,” he said, gasping, securing his little brother to the bed. The boy’s legs were wide apart and there was nothing he could do to stop Joey. “It’s gonna happen. I’m gonna fuck you right now.”

You gonna make me?”

Yes,” Joey managed. “I’m gonna make you.”

Miguel watched as Joey slicked himself further, wondering if his small body could take everything Joey had in his hand — and then remembered it wasn’t up to him to decide any more. He was just moments away from being raped.

His brother inched forward.

No,” Miguel said.

Yes,” Joey said.

The glistening tip of the massive cock rubbed against Miguel’s tight asshole and he gasped. Unwilling, afraid, he felt his body open to his hermano. “No,” he said again.

Yes,” Joey repeated, and pushed.

Joey’s hard head slipped into Miguel, and that quickly the boy was being fucked. “No,” he said. “No, Papá. It hurts…” It was huge, the invasion, but as it happened Miguel felt himself relax, felt himself ready to shit but not doing it, felt Joey’s solid dick plunge into his small body.

Yes,” Joey said. “I’m fucking you.”

Joey thrust his cock into Miguel, his palm heels on the boy’s upper arms, and Miguel gasped.

Take it,” Joey said. “You want it.” He hooked his elbows behind Miguel’s knees and pushed him wider, opening him more, his warm skin parting to accept Joey fully.

Miguel took it slowly and moaned, his hips thrusting as Joey raped him. His older brother’s hard cock was deep in his warm asshole and he didn’t care any more; he was tied, he was being fucked, and he let it all happen as his big brother thrust and grunted over him, and then Miguel saw Joey shiver, and felt his body become more slick as Joey’s cock jutted for the last time into him. He knew Joey was coming. He wanted to reach, to grab Joey’s body, his ass, but his hands were tied above his head and his legs were wide apart, held by the denim that bound him.

Miguel lay as Joey rested atop him, panting.

The boy’s body closed as Joey eased out of him. “Fuck,” he said.

Si, Papá,” Miguel murmured. The boy was leaking now, a thick trail of spunk oozing from his bared ass. It dripped onto the sheets and Joey ran his finger along the traces, working his cum into Miguel’s glistening cleft. He was still stiff, still full of spunk, and Miguel knew that Joey wasn’t done injecting him with it.

Joey pulled Miguel’s hot thighs wider. “This time you’ll take all my cum,” he whispered, “and you’ll like it.”

Okay,” the boy murmured.

Miguel writhed as he felt Joey fuck him a second time, raped again by his brother. Joey’s hips bore against him, ramming his stiff cock into his naked helpless body, and Miguel felt a deep thrill as Joey flexed, seeing the muscles under his skin rolling with each motion, air coming from him in little pants of exertion at every hard thrust.

When Joey came again and pulled out, the boy held it all.

Joey stared at Miguel, at the little body that now held two loads of his cum, shot deep into his naked flesh with his grunting finishing thrusts. He reached for Miguel’s hard, hairless cock and stroked it as the boy wriggled, still tied up and helpless.

Your turn, son,” he said, untying Miguel’s legs. “Now you fuck me.”

Miguel nodded as Joey massaged his brother’s rigid young flesh. He jumped at the smooth caress, wondering, then stared as the older boy lifted over him, then descended carefully, and then Miguel felt his cock wrapped by a warmth that he’d not even dreamed of.

That’s it,” Joey whispered, both of his hands now on Miguel’s naked chest, and the boy understood. His cock was now inside Joey.

He was fucking his brother. He was fucking Joey.

He stared up, stunned, and Joey leaned in, sighing with each motion of Miguel’s little dick in his tight ass. He’s going to kiss me, he knew. Mi Papá is going to kiss me… “Si,” he said, the word a squeak.

Their lips touched and the kiss became liquid fire in Miguel’s bucking frame. The smaller boy began thrusting avidly, fucking his older brother with an urgency completely unknown to him before. As they kissed he bit Joey’s lips and the older boy moaned, biting him back gently, urging him on, wanting all of it, every bit of it. Miguel’s teeth bore down and Joey grunted, and then the boy tasted something metallic sliding over his tongue. He’d bitten Joey just hard enough to make him bleed, and Miguel drank the blood and saliva hungrily, slurping at Joey’s fluids while their kisses went on.

In just a few moments he was quivering, then shuddering, and then his hips jumped under his brother’s slow, certain motions. He gave a little cry — ay! — and came hotly and wetly, his thin spunk flying in a geyser from his smooth, throbbing dick, his back arching and his thighs clenching, the squeeze of it more powerful than any climax he had ever given to himself, more than anything even Joey had done with his hand or his mouth, feeling his body drain fully into his brother in five hot, rapid squirts. His worked a hand free and made it a tight fist on Joey’s naked cock, stroking madly, spastically, and he gasped again as he felt and saw Joey come as well, as his brother’s big hairy dick throbbed in his fingers, turning rigid in his warm clutch, and shot its rich load onto his bare skin.

Onto their bare skin.

Heavy white cum flew. It got all over, spattering onto Joey’s chest, landing on Miguel in thick streams of heat, some drops hitting his face, some hitting the sheets around them, and a few warm patters peppering Miguel’s arm and flank. Joey squirted at least ten times, twice what Miguel had managed, but he didn’t feel small right then; he felt like he had just done something incredible, both for himself and for his brother.

Joey’s body fell back. Miguel’s still-solid dick slid from him and he slipped onto the bed and his eyes opened from the roll of pleasure they had held. His older brother’s breathing eased and only then did Miguel realize that Joey’s driving, thrusting strokes on him as he’d had his orgasm had lengthened his own, had drawn from him a second, dry climax in just a few heartbeats.

While he had watched Joey come, while he had made him come with his hand, Miguel knew he had come a second time, that his sperm was now inside his brother, just as his own body was filled with Joey’s cum.

He knew also that Joey was now feeling as completely emptied as he was, as completely relieved, and he was warm in his chest knowing it. He didn’t know why, and he didn’t care. He only knew something very good had just happened.

With a sigh Joey gripped him, held onto Miguel’s cock gently. The younger boy did the same, feeling Joey’s flesh still firm in his clutch, the warm slickness of his hermano’s cum sliding over the back of his hand, feeling a tickle as a thick drop rolled from his side over his ribs to drip onto the bed. He studied the pearly liquid lovingly, adoring it because it had come from his hermano. Joey’s cock was slippery now in his warm curling fingers, slippery with cum. Cum he had made happen.

His own cum — that was inside Joey now, all of it.

Joey breathed deeply, untied Miguel’s other hand, and then got a cigarette. Miguel watched as his hermano lit it and took a deep drag.

Joey glanced at him and wordlessly passed the butt over, his seed glistening on his fingertips.

Miguel took it gingerly, pressing the filter to his lips. It was damp with Joey’s spit and his spunk. He took a careful hit and then coughed violently as Joey took the smoke from him.

His hermano didn’t laugh at him; he just took another drag, then passed the cigarette back. It was still damp and Miguel licked at the filter, looking for the flavor of Joey’s sex on it without even knowing he was doing it.

This time Miguel was able to really feel the effects; after he inhaled he felt a rich buzz fill his chest, then his head and his fingers. He only coughed a little as he passed the butt back.

When it came his way again Miguel caught Joey’s hand and licked it clean, the salt of the boy’s cum filling his mouth, not like the blood he’d tasted earlier — better, different; good. Then he took another drag and passed it back, and felt Joey’s tongue on his own skin for a moment, watching as his brother licked his own semen off Miguel’s little hand.

When it came back he took more of his first smoke and more tastes of cum, not caring then that his balls were still small, that his cock was a fraction of the size of Joey’s, that his voice hadn’t dropped or he was due to enter the sixth grade next year or that he had no hair anywhere, feeling much older than his eleven years. He felt only that he was across a threshold, that almost everything had changed for him in less time than it took to watch a goofy cartoon show on the kids’ networks, something that tried to tell all of life’s lessons in ten minutes. He knew more now and was more ready for the real secrets of the world than he’d ever been before. And he was sharing a smoke with his hermano, the person who would guide him into all of it, would show him what it really was to be a man.

They did the rest of the cigarette together in silence, lying naked in Joey’s room, and then Joey stubbed it.

The boys looked down at themselves.

We got pretty messy,” Miguel said.

Joey grinned; he looked a little relieved. “Yeah.”

Miguel sat up, his asshole still slippery from the lotion and Joey’s thick sperm, and watched as his brother got a shirt from his laundry pile. “Here.” He dabbed at the pearly tracks on Miguel’s brown skin, then pressed the shirt into his hand.

The boy wiped himself off, then gave the shirt back to Joey, who did the same. The cleanup took longer than either of them had needed to come.



We … we had … sex, right?”

Yeah,” Joey said quietly.

I never did it before,” Miguel murmured.

Joey smiled. “That’s okay.”

Did I do it right?”

Joey nodded.

The boys looked at each other quietly.

Can we do it again? Sometime?”

Yeah,” Joey said again. “Any time.”

I guess we don’t tell about this either,” Miguel said in a moment, tugging his shorts back on. “Like we don’t tell about you and Mami.”

Joey regarded him. “Right,” he said, then dressed too.

Are you? With Mami?”

“…Yeah,” Joey said.

Miguel seemed to think for a moment. “Good.”

You … you sure?”

Yeah. I love Mami. And she needs a boyfriend.”

Yeah, she does.”

I love you, Papá” Miguel blurted.

Joey reddened. “Me too, son.”

Miguel stood and stretched, his nearly-naked body taut with his boy-tight muscles, his small penis lifting the front of his shorts gently as his back arched, then blinked at his brother. “Homework now?”

Joey grinned. “Yeah.” He stood as well, stretched too, feeling his younger brother’s eyes on his body as he did. “Homework para tu, hermano, and I’ve got dinner to cook.” He shrugged. “Hamburgers tonight.”

It’s okay.”

At the door Miguel laid a hand on his big brother’s wrist. He stared seriously up at Joey, wanting his hermano to see, to understand. “It’s okay,” he murmured, his eyes roving over Joey’s bare well-made flesh. Something was. Something was okay. Maybe everything was. He didn’t know right then, but he wanted to say it aloud anyway. “I … I wanted it. I wanted you to.” His gaze caught Joey’s again. “It’s okay,” he repeated.

Joey studied him, then surprised him with a hug. “All right,” he whispered. The skin of his naked chest was warm and Miguel felt Joey’s heart thumping.

Miguel kissed him, and the taste of Joey’s lips was on his mouth for the rest of his life, and it always tasted like love.

13: The Promise

He stepped from the shower, the kids tucked safely away for the night, anticipating the lovemaking that would soon be happening with his mother. Naked, ready and full of semen, his body clean and healthy, Joey toweled off and went into the bedroom.

He stopped, blinking.

Carrie had the room in candles. They flickered everywhere, mellow golden light falling over the space he knew, the space he shared with her now, falling across the bed that was also, now, his.

She lay there, hair falling in a dark rill over the pillow, her body glowing warmly, and she was wearing — not her usual tee.

A black lacy top, translucent in just the right places, was drifting over her dark aureolae, pushed up by the peaks of her nipples.

At her hips another black riot, the thin mesh of the panties competing with the rich shiny tangles of her hair. The slit of her pussy beckoned from behind whispers of cloth.

She bent her knee, smiling at him. “Hi, lover,” she whispered. “Happy one-month anniversary.”

Joey swallowed. “Hey, baby.”

Do you like what you see?”

He nodded, his penis filling as he took another step toward her, answering in its own way.

Her eyes went from his rising flesh back up along his body. He saw her gaze move on him, move over his rippling abs, over his cleft chest, his broad shoulders, up to his face.

I found this in one of my drawers,” she said. “I thought maybe I’d try it on.”

God,” Joey managed. “God.”

So it was the right idea?”

Yes,” he said, sitting beside her, the tip of his rigid cock bumping against his trim, flat belly, well above his navel. His hand went to her calf, traveled to her thigh, as she stretched and sighed.

She sat up and her arms, warm and firm, closed about his neck. Her skin was smooth and soft on his naked flesh. Her lips came to his, closed the distance, kissed. As her hand slipped along his cock he felt a strange firmness there and looked down.

I found this too,” she said. “I just wanted to put it on again.”

The diamond in the ring glittered in the candles’ glow. He lifted her hand and studied the thin golden band, then turned her hand over and kissed her palm.

It’s funny,” she said in a moment. “But this is how I feel with you now.”

You mean … the ring?”

She nodded.

Me too, Mom,” Joey said.

Here.” She pressed something into his hand. He didn’t have to look to know what it was.

Put it on me,” he whispered.

Her eyes came to his and they were filled — with love, with life, with tears — and the ring slid along his finger. “It fits,” she whispered.

He looked to their clasped hands, the wedding bands both glittering side by side. “Yeah,” he sighed.

I love you, Joey.”

I love you too, Mom.” He eased his arms around her and they kissed. “Is this really … what you want?”

She bit her lip and nodded. “You?”


He felt her breasts swell on his chest, felt the light friction of her sheer top brushing his bare skin. His cupping hands found her, stroked her, as she moaned and her mouth opened hungrily on his, her tongue probing him, the kiss heating, wet, needful.

Her hand wandered along his naked body, her fingertips scratching in his blond pubic curls, and then he was in her hand and she was stroking again.

The candles flickered.

Her top slipped off and he kissed, low, lower, suckling gently as she smiled above him.

Yes, son,” she said. “Yes.”

He pushed her back on the bed and looked up at her from between her bared breasts, his face slack with desire. “God, Mom,” he sighed. “You’re so fucking hot…”

You too, baby,” she smiled down, then arched her pussy up into his face when he kissed her there. “Yesssss…”

He ate her through the panties, ate her until she came, and then he slipped them down and she was naked as he, under him, and he climbed up and held her close. He reached for the drawer but she stopped him. “No condoms,” she said.

But I…”

You can pull out in time, right?”

Joey thought a moment, his pulse standing in his throat, and nodded. “I … I think so, yeah.”

Good,” she said quietly, gathering him to her. “It’s okay. I want this.” She opened her legs, showing him her glisten. “If you do.”

Mom … are you sure?”

Yes, baby,” Carrie said. “Make love to me naked, Joey. Be a man. Make me a woman.” She swallowed. “Marry me tonight.”

Okay,” he said, and slipped against her, then into her, nothing at all between them, her smooth warm body parting softly to take his length.

Joey sighed in absolutely perfect pleasure. It was like it always was, only better — there was nothing on him now, nothing at all, and it was as though he was having sex for the first time all over again. Every nerve in his cock was tingling with the sensation of the pure slick warmth of his mother’s body.

He went slowly, relishing the gentle, warm friction of her wet pussy as his penis entered her, his tip gliding in and in and in, and then his hips met hers and he smiled. “Good,” he whispered. “This is really good.”

Oh yeah,” Carrie sighed, feeling his bare flesh within her own. “Oh yeah.” Her heart was thudding at what was happening, what she hoped would happen next, what she hoped Joey would agree to.

Joey groaned. “This is our first time,” he whispered. “As … as…”

Married,” she said.

Yes,” he whispered back. “Married.” He looked into her eyes as her body took his. “I’m marrying you,” he said.

She smiled up at him. “Yes, son. We’re getting married now.”

God, Mom,” Joey murmured, making love to her. “God I love you so much.”

They loved, slowly, carefully. This was … this was new to them and not, different, more intense with the promise they had made by the rings they both wore now. Joey’s sweet body was full of cum, his semen still inside him, and when he relaxed his vigilance and he had his orgasm, Carrie wanted it to be within her; his sperm would flood her body, and they would be married, and she would be fully a woman and he a man.

And her heart beat fast at that, the new knowledge exciting her deeply, her flesh tingling, her mouth finding a new taste in their kisses as the consummating lovemaking went on.

Carrie came, naked, as Joey’s bare penis moved in her.

Are you doing okay?” she said, her arms circling his neck as he panted above her, his hips maintaining a steady rhythm that she knew well, that she had come to love.

Yeah,” he said. “I’m okay.”

Good,” she said, gathering him near, and came again, his unprotected cock deep in her.

He began to move sharply, and she watched his face, watched his eyes, and saw it coming. He lifted his hips but she held him to her, not letting him pull away.

Mom —” he said.

I know,” she said. “I know.”

Mom … Mom, I’m gonna come.”

Yes,” she said. “I know, son.”

He stopped moving completely.

What’s wrong?”

I can’t,” he panted. “I’m naked in you. I can’t move again. If I do…”

You’ll come,” she whispered, kissing his ear. She shifted her hips up.


It’s okay, baby,” she said softly. “It’s okay.” She shifted her hips again, her legs locked around his, and he groaned. Trapped. Helpless. “You can come. You can come inside me.”

He was panting, shuddering, his bare skin slick with sweat. “You … want me to?”

Yes. I want you to come in my pussy. Give me all your cum, baby. Then we’ll really be married.” She nibbled his ear and he shuddered more. “It’s what husbands do with their wives.”

He quivered, his flesh solid, just a few motions from the climax that he now knew couldn’t be stopped, just a few heartbeats away from flooding Carrie’s warm cunt with his cum. Even if he pulled out now, he would still come inside his mother before he got clear, and she was holding him so he couldn’t pull out.

She knew. She knew, and she shifted beneath him, rocking under him, wanting it.

He knew too. “It’s happening, Mom,” he said, and pulled himself to her. “I want to. I want to come in your pussy.”

Me too, son,” she gasped, “I’m coming again —”

Oh Mom, I’m gonna come in your pussy…”

Yeah, baby, yeah, do it boy…”

He froze and began to pulse within her. She kept moving under him, for them both, and he gasped, then thrust hard, and she felt him pump, bare, inside her, felt him come, felt Joey’s sex throbbing its climax inside her body, gushing with his seed. He filled her, his spunk flowing freely into her.

Yeah!” he grunted, his cock’s shaft gliding within her open pussy as he came, his thick rich semen pulsing from his fully naked body in heavy, hot jets. “Ahh fuck, Mom — fuck —” He fired again and again, gasping, the space in her body, between their flat bellies, slickened by his cum, until at last his muscles fell into his control once more and he slumped atop her, breathing hard, his cock making sloppy wet sounds in her pussy, sucking sounds, as their bodies shifted in the post-climax warmth.

Jesus,” he panted. “Jesus Christ. That was…”

Yes,” she whispered, kissing his ear. “Yes it was.” He sighed and relaxed, lay atop her, their bodies both slippery in a new way, her pussy rich with his semen.

He drew back and looked at her. “That was amazing,” he said, and kissed her. “That’s it, Mom.”

Yeah, it is, baby.” His body was warm and near, so near to her own.

It’s really done. We’re … we’re married now.”

Yes.” She stroked his cheek. “We’re married. Are you all right?”

He nodded slowly, certainly. “This was the right thing.”


I love you.” He leaned in and their mouths joined, sweetly and long.

I love you too.”

He kissed her again and slipped partly out, looking between them, his penis shining with her cum and with his.

I wasn’t…”

She was still stroking his lovely naked body, the touch balm to her. “Hmm?”

I wasn’t wearing a condom,” he said, his breath moist on her cheek. “I came inside you, Mom.”

Her fingers laced through his thick, warm hair. “I know, son,” she said. She tugged him to herself once more and felt him slide fully in again.


She kissed his lips, stopped his mouth. “You’re a good father,” she said simply.

He thought about that. “So you…”

If it happens, it does,” Carrie said quietly. “When it does. I’m … I’m ready to face another pregnancy, and if it happens I won’t — I mean, I’ll carry it to term.” She kissed him. “It’s all right. I’m not worried. I love you. I always have, baby. And to give me a son —” she hefted his full balls, ripe with seed — “or a daughter … please let me have that, Joey.”

He stared, then nodded, his sex filling completely once more, stiffening within her body. “Do you want to be pregnant?”

Her heart pulsed solidly in her chest at the question. It was something she’d wanted for years, something Mark had been unable to give her more than once — the only part of their relationship that was not wholly fulfilled. And now Joey, wise well past his years, was offering to bring her that fulfillment, willing to let nature work between them in the ancient union of sperm and ovum. Willing to put his ripe young testicles to good use within her. Her son, the man in her life, her lover.

She stroked his back. “Yes,” she said.

Do you want me to … to make you pregnant?”

Yes,” she said again.

Okay,” he said.

Are you sure?”

Joey nodded slowly. “As sure as … as I am that I love you.” His penis was throbbing in her body, hardened fully again. He wanted to, she realized. He wanted to give her that gift, wanted to father a child with her.

I love you too,” she sighed.

I want to be a dad,” Joey said. “With you.” His tongue slid between her lips. “I want to make you pregnant.”

Thank you,” Carrie whispered, overwhelmed. “Make me pregnant, son. Have a baby with me.”

Okay, Mom,” he said, kissing her, his mouth open, his fingers cool, his heart hammering.

Make love to me again, baby,” she said softly. “Never stop making love to me. And never wear a condom with me again.”

Her boy nodded, swallowed, and moved, making love to her once more, his bare rigid penis easing in and out of her, their bodies fully naked, free of any inhibitions, twining together in knots of bliss. Her eyes slid closed. “Make me pregnant, lover.”

He moved above her and kissed her until her heart, beating in lust and fear, beat only in lust, then in love once more. “Yes,” he said.

Do it. Fuck me, boy.”

Yeah,” he said.

We’re married now,” she said. “You’ll be coming as my husband.”

Yes,” Joey whispered. “And I’ll be coming in my wife.”

And we’ll…”

Yeah,” he said. “We’ll have a … a baby.” He was panting, his arms quivering, and his cock was solid in her. She knew her son was near, very near.

Oh fuck, Mom…” His chest heaved as he breathed hard. “Ahh God, oh fuck, oh fuck yeah Mommy … I’m gonna do it, Mommy…”

Oh son, oh do it baby, oh my boy my boy my boy…”

Mom — Mommy, Mom-meeeee —”

Carrie moaned, writhing, coming on Joey’s shaft as his load filled her, as her son blasted his sperm deep inside her, his balls draining into her willing body in thick creamy pulses. He fell onto her, breathing heavily, and his eyes were swimming with love as they kissed.

Do it again,” she said after the kiss broke. “Fill me with your cum, husband.”

Wearing his father’s ring, lying with his mother, the woman who was now his wife, he did.

Her body was rolling with glistening tracks of sweat and she lay beside Joey as he slept, gently holding his sex, admiring his beauty. She was going to be pregnant soon, fertile with the heavy fluid that came from her son’s ripe balls, and she was in love with the boy she had mothered, then loved, then married.

The love they had made this night had been far beyond the normal for them. It had been passionate, intimate, beautiful; but it had been so new. So arousing. The knowledge they shared, that they were making a new life between them, had flavored their passion and filled them both.

The candles’ glow still flickered. In the night, he was painted in colors of gold and copper, his even features clear of worry, of concern, his face just slightly smiling, his bare body perfect to her eyes, her mouth, her fingers. The soon-to-be father of her new child lay sleeping calmly beside her.

She had never been so in love as she was now.

And they had been watched.

During their fifth coupling, when they were lying on their sides, Joey within her from behind, she had seen the bedroom door open a crack. Rather than disturb her son in his passion, she had remained quiet, lying unashamed on her bed and being fucked by her boy while Miguel — she was sure it was Miguel — watched them making love. As he continued watching she came, and then Joey did as well, his semen thick and copious inside her, and then he had slipped out of her body, a trail of thick white fluid flowing from her pussy, and they had kissed. When she looked again, the door was fully closed once more, and she had almost felt disappointed that her second-oldest boy — and her son’s part-time sex partner — had left.

Where is this going? she wondered. Where will this end up?

She slept, his hand in hers, his fingers laced with her own, their rings gleaming, their naked bodies touching more calmly than her mind was.

His seed settled in her flesh, a recollection of passion, a trace of joy, and when she woke she knew the answer to her question.

14: Semen

Miguel regarded him quietly. “So I get my own room?”

With Filippe, yes,” Joey said.

Where your room was.”

That’s right,” Joey nodded.

And the girls get our old room?”

Right again,” Joey smiled.

Miguel was quiet. “So where do you sleep?”

Joey shrugged. “With Mami,” he said.

Oh. Papá?”


Did you marry Mami?”

What … why do you say that? I thought we already talked about this.”

Well, Papá,” Miguel said, “Sometimes at night now I…” He blushed hotly.

Go on,” Joey said gently.

Sometimes I … I hear you and Mami. Tickling?”

That’s right,” Joey said.

And you…” He gestured to the gold band on Joey’s finger. “You wear rings.”

Joey nodded.

And you kiss. And I thought … when a boy and girl are together at night, and they … tickle, or hug a lot, or they kiss on the lips, and they have those rings, it means … it means they’re married.”

Joey almost said no, but paused to think. “In a way,” he said. “Yes, but it’s not something that … I mean, it’s something a lot of people wouldn’t understand.”

So she’s our Mami, and you’re our Papá? You tickle with her to be married so you can be our Papá now? Our real Papá?”

Joey ruffled the boy’s hair. “Yeah,” he said. “That’s right.”

Miguel at last returned the smile. His world made sense once more; Joey was going to truly be his father, like Carrie was his mother. He hugged Joey. “That’s good, Papá,” he grinned. “Will you and Mami have a bambino?”

Someday,” Joey said.


Joey shrugged. “It’s hard to know.” At the rate we’re going, as soon as tonight. “When it happens, it will. That’s all anyone can ever say.”

You’ll be a real Papá with Mami?” Miguel’s eyes were wide, delighted at the idea. “She’ll have a baby?”


Your baby, Papá?”

Yes,” he said again, surprised at how his body reacted to the thought. “My baby. Our baby.”

A son or daughter of his own, with Carrie, with his mother. It was just a matter of time; they both knew it. He was not using contraception any longer and neither was she. She wanted it, and so did he, powerfully. It enlivened him, made him eager for their nightly lovemaking; and he knew she craved those times as well, craved as much as he did the outcome they both knew was inevitable, the final consummation of their incestuous love affair. She wanted her son to make her pregnant, wanted to be pregnant by him, and he wanted to make it happen. She took his cum from him several times a night, aiming for that fulfillment, his semen ample in her body, opaque with his sperm.

And their child was being conceived in love, in joy; it wasn’t just sex, he knew, that drew them into bed together. Their incestuous romance, their illicit relationship, never had been only about sex. It was about their love, the simple friendship they enjoyed, the mutually-respectful regard, and most especially the trust they had in one another. The sex, as beautiful as it was, as beautiful as its outcome would eventually be for both of them, was really the icing on the perfect cake.

Joey really understood, really saw, and his understanding was growth to him. He’d thought most people got together just for the fucking, but he was beginning to realize that sometimes feelings grew that were much larger than any others life could produce. In being the man in his mother’s life, he saw, he had helped her heart to heal, to mend. And by choosing him to be the man in her bed, Carrie had guaranteed him that no one else would be so important, that no other would ever be asked to step into the role of replacing Mark. He had done that job himself, had taken up his father’s place uncertainly, but was fulfilling the needs of their family — all their needs — with confidence, even grace.

It was not sex that made him and Carrie a couple; sex fulfilled their affair, but love was what made a couple of them.

Miguel looked thoughtful. “I hope you have a boy,” he said at last. “I’d like that.”


The boy nodded. “I like being your hermano. I would be his too. And he might be just like you.”

Yeah,” Joey smiled. “You’re a great brother.” He hugged Miguel once more. “And I’m sure you’ll be a great brother for my and Mami’s bambino too.”

I love you, Papá,” Miguel said quietly.

Joey smoothed his hair. “I love you too, son.”

Miguel smiled and Joey kissed him, and they had sex in the boy’s new bedroom.

Carrie’s hand slipped along her son’s strong body, following the curve of his shoulders into the decline of his back, then over the solid muscular rise of his ass. He smiled at her, lying prone beside her, smoking.

She was naked also, her skin dewy with the hot fuck they’d just had, her pussy still wet, full of his good, sperm-rich cum, left there in his orgasm barely a minute earlier. Only a few moments before he’d been atop her, inside her, his face tense with climax, their lovemaking — as ever — passionate and satisfying for both of them.

She admired his body, marveling that she had just made love to him.

She was reveling in Joey, in his presence in her life. The lover he was for her, the man, the strength and support. The friend, the husband, the son and sex partner. The father to their five adopted children, and soon to be the father of their sixth, made between the two of them.

The kids settled into their new room?”

He nodded. “Miguel was pretty happy.” Joey took a drag. “He knows we’re fucking, Mom.”

Carrie sighed. She knew, of course. With time each of their children would come to realize the relationship that she and Joey were sharing, that they were much more to one another than mother and son. “How’s he taking it?”

Joey shrugged. “He’s still working it out in his head, I think,” he said. “But he doesn’t seem to think it’s … that there’s a problem.”

Good,” Carrie said. “What about the others?”

I don’t think any of them think anything’s happening except that you and I room up. Sort of like how they do, really.”

Okay,” Carrie said.

We’ll just … keep it quiet for now, I guess.” He smirked. “As quiet as we can anyway.” He thumped the headboard gently and rhythmically several times.

Carrie chuckled. They’d reoriented the bed so on their more passionate nights it didn’t strike the wall, but there were plenty of evenings when their climaxes were shouted aloud together. Joey was, simply, the hottest fuck she’d ever had. “People will suspect us sometimes.”

I know.” He dragged his smoke. “I guess we just deal with that.”

She took his hand. “I guess we do.”

They’re all going to have questions, though. Someday. All the kids.”

Yes,” Carrie said. “Are you all right with that?”

Joey sighed, a cloud of smoke coming from his lungs. “I have to be. We’ll figure it out.” He put out his cigarette and smiled at his mother. “I’m not worried enough about it to want to … to stop being your lover. I married you. And … and I meant it then, and I don’t regret it now.”

Carrie’s hand went back to traveling along her son’s bare, warm flesh. “Me too.”



What do you think about … I mean, when we’re fucking, what are you thinking of?”

She studied his face for a few moments. “Mostly how good it is,” she said. “How good it feels when you’re so near me. When we’re close as we can be, when you’re inside me. How you look then, how your body looks, how you feel, how you smell and sound and taste.

There are times when — when we’re making love and I look into your eyes, and I can tell you’re feeling exactly the same thing I am, that we’re both in the moment, in the same moment at the same time. We’re … connected, body, mind, soul. We really are one during those times. And I feel so close to you then, feel like your heart is beating with mine, your breath is my own also, that my body and your body really are the same.

And … and when you come, when you’re in orgasm, I feel that rush of semen filling me, all that fluid from your body, from your perfect cock, and I know that you’ve filled me again with your sperm, that someday they’ll find an egg in me, and then … and then something really beautiful will happen. I love it when you come inside me, son.”

He nodded slowly. “Me too,” he said. “When we’re fucking all I can think if is how hot you are, and how … how good I feel with you, even when we aren’t doing it, even when we aren’t in bed. Like the sex we have together changed everything about us.

I mean, it did. It did change everything. I just didn’t think it would all be this good. I’m glad. I’m really glad we’re fucking, Mom. I couldn’t take it if … if you were with some other guy, if you and he were doing the things we do. And … I couldn’t be like this with any girl. I know it would be different than how we are. Not as good, not as … as…

Well, see, like now. Here we are in bed naked, talking about sex, about what it’s like for us. You’ve seen me naked a lot, and I’ve seen you, and it’s like I don’t have to … worry about being naked with you, like I know you won’t look at me like I’m missing something or not perfect or whatever. And with the kids too, it’s just better. More natural, like I really am their dad, and like you and I … like we belong together like this.

And when we fuck and I come, when I come in your pussy, I know, like you said, someday you’ll get pregnant. From that, from what we did.” He moved and kissed her low on her belly, his nose tickled by her pubic hair. He patted her vagina gently. “My sperm’s in here right now, moving in here, and someday one’ll just get lucky, and then … then I’ll really be a dad.”

You really already are,” Carrie said softly. “You treat our kids like a man several times your age might.”

He smiled shyly. “And when we’re done, you know, for the night, and we just … you know, cuddle up…”

I like those times too,” she said.

And I heard that … that when people have sex sometimes they have fantasies. About being with someone else. And I don’t do that.”


No,” he said.

Neither do I,” she said. “You’re … all the man, all the lover I’ll ever need again.” She tugged his organ playfully. “All nine inches of you.”

They smiled at one another.

Before we fucked, did you ever … you know, think about doing it with me?”

She nodded slowly. “Sometimes.”

Me too,” Joey said.

She raised her eyebrows.

He smiled. “That night we kissed, for one. When I went to my room, I … uh, I jacked off.”

Must have happened pretty fast,” Carrie said.

Yeah. I came in like ten seconds. Blasted a load all over the wall, from the bed.”

Wow,” she said. “I didn’t know I’d had that much of an effect on you.”

He giggled. “Yeah. I used both hands.”

Well, you do have a two-hander,” Carrie laughed with him. “I’d like to see you, sometime,” she said. “See you do it.”

You mean, jack off?”

Yeah,” she said. “I’d like to see you jack off.”

Okay,” he said. “Some night when we’re in the mood for something different.”

Yeah,” she said. “We can do it together, watch each other.”

That’d be pretty cool. You could watch me come.”

I’d like that,” she said.

You want me to do it now?”

She smiled. “Sure, baby. Let me see you make yourself come.”

Okay.” He rolled onto his back beside her, his cock hard and ready, and began stroking himself lazily.

She watched, fascinated, as Joey masturbated, never having seen anything like it before. Until tonight, she’d wondered how men played with themselves, and paid close attention to the way her son worked his cock for her benefit. She was getting some ideas, watching him, learning how she could touch him herself.

His body, his perfect naked body, was calm as he jacked off in front of her, the muscles in his chest and abdomen rising and falling as he stared at her, and she felt herself flush with passion to realize that Joey was not fantasizing about being with someone else. She was his model; it was her body that he was seeing as he worked himself.

She sat beside him and parted her legs, letting him see her pussy, and he smiled in appreciation, enjoying the sight. His breath began to quicken, gentle puffs of air coming from his nostrils as his belly tensed beautifully. “I’m gonna come,” he said softly.

Okay, son,” she nodded, tickling his bare chest as his hips rocked and his hand stroked rapidly. As she watched, his balls drew tight to his crotch and his dick jerked, and a spurt of semen jetted from his tip, thick and bright white, almost the color of his briefs. It landed between his nipples in a gelid blob, followed by another gout of heavy spunk, then a third and a fourth. As he moaned softly he squeezed his shaft and two more pulses rolled from him, sliding down his glistening length and pooling in his pubes.

He looked down at himself. “That’s it,” he said.

You shot a lot,” she said. “But … it didn’t seem that intense.”

He shrugged. “Jacking off isn’t, compared with the real thing.” They smiled together. “Did you like the show?”

Very much,” she nodded, and then licked his body clean as he lit a cigarette. When she was done washing him with her tongue he passed her the cigarette and she took a deep drag, settling beside him once again.

You really like my sperm, huh?”

She nodded and smiled, licking her lips. “It’s delicious.” Her mouth brushed his.

You think the baby’ll be okay?” Joey said after the smoky, cummy kiss. “I mean … when you get pregnant, we’ll be … inbreeding, right?”

That’s right,” Carrie said. “I’ll make sure to test the … the embryo for regressives, for problems. If there are any … maybe we should…”

Probably we should,” Joey said. “I mean, I want the baby to be healthy. I want him — her — whatever — to have a good healthy body and mind, like yours, like mine. I don’t want him to look at the two of us, later in life, and then look at himself, how messed up he is, and wonder why the fuck we made him happen.”

I feel the same,” Carrie said quietly. She patted his arm. “You really are … you’re very adult about all of this. About the baby, about the sex, about everything.”

I had to grow up a lot, fast, I guess,” he shrugged. “I mean, Dad died, and I had to look after the kids, and then we started … you, know, looking after each other. We’re lovers now, married, and we don’t use protection when we fuck, and we both know that means you’ll get pregnant. We have to know what to do if things … go bad. We have to agree.”

You’re right, son,” Carrie said. “I’m glad you see it that way.” She stroked his shoulder. “But wouldn’t you rather be with a girl closer to your own age?”

Not really,” he said. “I love you. You’re all I think about.”

She swallowed. “I love you too, son,” she said. “And … well, I guess I’m like you. I’d be jealous if you were with anyone else.” She smiled. “Except … well, you know.”

There’s really no one but us for us, is there?” Joey whispered.

Do you think — do you feel trapped?”

He stared at her, surprised. “No,” he said. “You — you set me free. Free to … to be with you how I want to. Free to … be a man with you, to be your lover. To be … everything.”

What we do is illegal, though,” Carrie said. “Because you’re underage, and because it’s incest.”

I know,” Joey said. “But it’s no one’s business except ours.” He paused. “I’m happy now. Happier than I’ve been in … since before Dad died.” He turned to look at her again. “Are you?”

Yes,” she said simply. “Yes.”

Good,” he said.

She smiled. “I love how you look,” she said quietly. “And how you feel. You’re so sexy, son. You have such a magnificent body.”

Thanks,” Joey said. “You gave me this body. Too late for a refund.”

She chuckled. “But you keep trying to return it.”

As much as I can.” He scooted nearer. “You’re pretty hot yourself,” he said, his face close to hers, a playful smile on his lips.

Mmm?” she said, her hand back on his butt.

Mmm,” he said, and leaned in for a kiss. “Hey Mom.”

Yeah, son?”

Wanna fuck?”

Yeah,” she said, “let’s fuck.” She turned fully to him as he rolled onto his back, erect once again, ready once again. She had become used to his performance ability; they had sex several times a night and at least once in the morning. She was a well-satisfied woman.

As she settled over his hips he caught her breasts. “Maybe this is it,” he said.

It could be,” she nodded, catching him in her hand, impaling herself on his solid organ. “Maybe this is the time.” She lit a cigarette and smoked, smiling at him, as she started to fuck him.

I’m feeling lucky,” he said.

She smiled down at him. “Me too.” She kissed him. “I’ve never felt more lucky than I do with you.”

Yeah. Me too.” He began rocking his hips under her as she moved over him, fucking herself on his cock. She leaned in and kissed him, and he grabbed her hips, helping her move over him. “I love you,” he whispered. “Gimme a hit of that.” She took a draw from her cigarette and put her mouth to his, exhaling as he inhaled, the smoke leaving her and entering him.

I love you too,” Carrie whispered back, the heat already high in her, made horny by his earlier show, pierced through by her son’s penis. “Oh baby, that’s good.” She looked down into his face, her hands flat on his strong chest as he thrust himself up underneath her, rising to meet her descents. As had happened that time, years ago, when Joey had seen his father with Carrie.

No condom. Nothing at all between them.

Yeah, babe,” Joey said. “Oh yeah lover that’s just right…” Her bush, thick and dark and well known to him now, was a tangled patch of sex moving over his hips, over his own blond hairs, her darker tufts catching at his sometimes as their bodies moved apart, the curls clinging to each other, stretching and tugging at each other.

She felt him stiffen further, leaned forward to help with the angle, putting out her cigarette to focus fully on their coupling. His solid, long cock was gliding in and out easily now, its shaft stroking her clit with each motion. Over the last few months her son had gone from virgin to astounding lover; he could not have enough of her pussy, she knew, and that was good — because she couldn’t have enough of his cock. “Oh Joey … oh God Joey … make me a mom again…”

The words lit in him. The love they were making was about so much more than friction, more than rubbing; his sperm was going into her body, would be in her soon, when he came naked inside her. It was more than him being her lover, more than sex, more than forbidden fucking. It meant something. To both of them. “Yeah … oh yeah … oh yeah make me a dad…”

Oh … oh Joey … I love you so much … so much…” She watched his sex slipping into herself, watched as her boy’s flesh disappeared within her own, only to be given painless birth once more into the world, springing fully formed and perfect, a god of love and devotion, dropped from the stars into her bed, her heart, her life.

Mom — oh babe, oh Mom — oh fuck I love you too…” He lifted his hips to meet hers, the vision rising of Mark, his father, being fucked by Carrie, that day he had seen them when he’d been too young to understand — and yet, not. It was happening again; Carrie was in her bed, fucking herself on a hard cock, and this time it was his own, and it was good, it was okay now, and he felt the wave beginning to rise in him. “Jesus, baby, oh God Mom, I’m gonna come…”

Her thrusts sped up to match his urgency, sweat glistening on their naked bodies, and she remembered how he had looked as he masturbated for her, how his heavy semen had jetted from him. In moments it would happen again, his cock pumping inside her, filling her once more with his creamy sauce. “Oh God son, oh God yes boy, oh God come on, come on, come on, come in me, give it to me, give it all to me Joey I want your cum I want it so bad…” She shook and let out a little cry, climaxing as he fucked her. “Oh God yes…”

Let’s make a baby, Mom,” he said, and came.

15: Boy Becomes Man

Carrie smoothed Joey’s hair as his lips worked over her nipple, relishing the feeling of his mouth on her naked skin. He was fucking her slowly, building the heat in her cunt, his long solid cock smoothly working in her body, so hard that she could feel the ridge of his tip as it probed her. Her hands slipped down his back to cup his muscular ass as he kept moving inside her, kept suckling.

As he had when he was a baby.

Since Joey had married her they made love naked, every time, no condom between them any more. There was no need for one now. He had given her what she needed, and each night she saw in his eyes that what she had in her now was a natural part of their love together. Her son had put his rich seed inside her body, and it had found fertile ground in her womb. She fucked her husband, her son, the father of her baby. Her nipples tingled as they felt the lips of the man, or boy, or both, who was calmly fucking her into another universe.

The bedroom door was just slightly open again, and she knew what it meant. Joey’s face lifted to hers and after the kiss she drew him near. “We’re being watched, lover,” she whispered in his ear.

I know, babe,” he said. “It’s okay.”

She nodded, smiling. “You don’t think he’s jealous?”

Joey smirked and shook his head, his breath sharper with his stronger motions. “I think he probably wants to join in.”

Carrie nodded again, and felt a surprising burst of heat in her. “Do … you want him to?”

Joey’s motion halted and he stared at her for a moment. She felt herself flush deeply, and then he shrugged. “It might be fun.”

Is he a good lover?”

Joey smiled softly. “Yeah.”

She caressed his shoulders. “I’m glad you’re okay, being with him.”

It’s — you know. It just happened one day. And now … well, every day.” He kissed her. “Like with us, sort of.”

Good,” Carrie said, meaning it. “I’m glad our son’s first real taste of sex was with someone who loves him as much as you do.” She pulled his face near hers again. “Now finish me, boy … while he’s watching.” She wriggled underneath him, then spoke more loudly for Miguel’s benefit. “I want you to come in my pussy, baby.”

Okay, Mom,” Joey said. He began moving firmly above her, working toward climax, keeping a steady rhythm that drove Carrie’s hips against the mattress with each thrust, left her panting for more every time he withdrew. “I love you, babe,” he moaned. “God, Mom, baby, I’m coming…”

Oh God, me too, Joey,” she gasped. “I’m coming too, son…”

Ahh — oh fuck, Mom, here it comes…”

Naked, unashamed, they climaxed together, making love on the bed they shared as husband and wife, Joey’s penis deep inside her and discharging his massive load of semen while Miguel’s dark eyes watched them from beyond the door.

Fuck, that was good,” Carrie panted. She gathered her son’s hot, sweaty body to herself and kissed him. “You came a lot, babe.”

Joey nodded. “It’s always good with you. I always shoot a lot of cum in your pussy.” He relaxed, his cock still pulsing slightly from his ejaculation, and Carrie felt her boy’s thick cum slowly trickling more deeply into her flesh. He looked over his shoulder, to where the door was still slightly ajar. “He’s still there.”


You want to?”

Carrie thought a moment. Sex … with Miguel, only eleven, just a boy … so young, but … “You sure, baby?” she asked.

Yeah,” he whispered. “I think he’s ready to learn something new. If it’s all right with you.”

Okay,” Carrie said, the heat of raw lust flaring in her, burning away any possible lingering objections she may have had. She’d never been in a threesome before. “Yes. See if he wants to.”

Come in here, hermano,” Joey said softly.

From behind the door they heard Miguel draw a breath in surprise.

Come on, Miguel,” Joey said, more loudly. As he rolled off Carrie, his cock shining with cum when it slipped out of her, the door pushed open and Miguel entered, naked, looking nervous, both of his hands cupped protectively over his smooth groin. “You’re not in trouble,” Joey said. “We just thought you might … want to see things happen from a little closer than the hallway.”

Miguel’s eyes widened and his cock throbbed up between his legs. Carrie noted, hungrily, that even though the boy was still completely hairless, his voice yet to deepen, he was already sporting a large sex organ. And he was making cum, if Joey was to be believed. She had no reason to doubt it either.

Come on over to the bed,” Joey said, and Carrie smiled at the boy as he stepped to the mattress, his hard young dick making his need obvious. He was moments away from having sex with both of them and he seemed to know it. Joey pushed Carrie’s thighs apart and she lay calmly, her pussy exposed to Miguel’s stare. “You know guys and girls are different, and you’ve seen pictures.”

Si, Papá,” Miguel whispered, his eyes locked on Carrie’s glistening cunt, oozing the white of Joey’s seed. His cock jumped and Carrie licked her lips.

And you know that when a guy and a girl love each other they have sex.”

Miguel nodded. His well-defined but small chest was heaving rapidly; he was actually panting with lust, and Carrie felt another flare of it answering his desire. She wanted to be fucked by Miguel, she could tell he wanted to fuck her, and it was about to happen.

When the guy’s cock gets hard, he’s ready to put it into the girl’s pussy. Hard like yours is.” Joey stroked Miguel’s erection and a soft moan of anticipation escaped the boy’s lips. He climbed onto the bed, tugged there gently cockfirst by his older brother, and Carrie reached out to caress his skin. His young naked body was warm — hot — and beautifully toned, his prepubescent muscles taut with health.

I married Mami.”


And she’ll be having my baby.”

Si, Papá…”

But maybe the next baby will be yours.”

Carrie lit with the heat of it. To have Miguel’s child … he was so lovely, so handsome. They stared into one another’s eyes for a moment, and then woman and boy both gulped with nerves and their shared desire.

Carrie’s fingers slipped along Miguel’s trim belly until they found the warm, smooth column that rose from his groin. The boy shuddered and his eyes slipped closed. “Si,” he whispered. “Si, Mami…” She gently pinched the full sac at his groin, rolling his balls around, surprised. They were heavier than she expected.

Joey parted Carrie’s labia and Miguel was again riveted by the sight. “It’s good to eat pussy too,” Joey said, dipping his face in Carrie’s thighs, and she groaned with pleasure as she felt his tongue sliding against the fattened nub of her clit. Her son lapped expertly, then glanced up at his brother. “It tastes good, and it gets her pussy wet so your dick can go in easier.”

Yeah?” Miguel’s flush was obvious even in the dim light.

Joey nodded. “Wanna try?”

Si, Papá,” Miguel managed. In her hand, Carrie felt his cock turn to steel.

Come on down here,” Joey said, shifting over slightly. “Watch what I do, and then you try it, okay?”

The boy, past speech now, only nodded and watched as Joey began eating Carrie’s pussy again. She writhed on the bed, her hips pumping helplessly against his face, gasping as he made her come. Joey eased off and looked once more at his brother. “Your turn.”

Miguel settled comfortably between Carrie’s spread legs, his good young body resting along the mattress, and examined her pussy much like Joey had done on their first night together. She eased her fingertip against her clit. “This part is as sensitive on a woman as the tip of your penis is,” she whispered, Miguel’s eyes wide and black as he stared up at her, listening attentively. “But your lips and tongue feel good everywhere, just like it feels good when any part of your cock is being licked or sucked.”

Miguel’s eyes flickered over to Joey’s, and her oldest son nodded. “It’s true, hermano,” he said. “Now do it.”

Carrie sighed as she watched Miguel’s face descend, then smiled when she felt his first delicate kiss to her burning cunt. She caught his head in her hands, running her fingers deep into his thick black hair, and guided his face against her open pussy as he learned — and learned fast — how to eat a woman.

Miguel grunted and she opened her eyes, looking down. The boy had rolled partly on his side and Joey was slowly giving him head, sucking Miguel’s hairless cock while he ate her pussy. From the look of things, this wasn’t new for either of her sons, but she didn’t feel troubled by it any more. Instead she just felt a wave of almost mystical gratitude that they had found this love in one another, just as she had found love with Joey … and now was finding it again with Miguel.

The boy was working her with long, slow licks, the kind she loved best; he had watched what Joey did to her, but he was also picking up a lot on his own, learning it almost instantly. It was exquisite in moments, Miguel sensing intuitively just where to lick, just where his tongue’s tip needed to probe to bring waves of raw sexual heat to her, exactly how to move his lips on her. Even though this was his first sexual experience with a woman, she found it hard to believe that he was only eleven — and still a virgin in many ways. But his cheeks were soft and smooth; he was some years off from needing to shave, and as he moaned his voice was high in pitch.

He was a boy. Just a boy. And he was eating her pussy magnificently.

As Miguel continued loving her with his mouth, Joey eased off on the boy’s rigid cock, moved up and settled alongside her. They shared a long, deep kiss, her son’s sex a solid bar against her thigh. She knew the three of them were in for a long night together, and as she came hugely on Miguel’s working face, Joey sucking at her nipple, she was glad.

That’s good,” she gasped. “That’s good, baby, you can stop for now — oh God, Miguel…”

The boy looked up at her once more, his cheeks glistening with her cum. “You liked it? I did it right?”

Carrie let out a little breathless laugh. “God yes, son. You did it perfectly.”

How’d you like the taste?” Joey said.

Good,” the boy said, licking his lips. “And salty.”

Now you’re ready to do more,” Carrie whispered. “You’re ready to do everything.”

Miguel beamed and she pulled gently at him. He got the hint and climbed up along her body, halting uncertainly when his hips were above hers. He looked down between them, seeing how the thick growth of her pubes contrasted with the utterly smooth shaft of his solid young-boy’s cock.

You just about have it,” Joey whispered to him. “All you have to do now is lift up a little, and move your body down a bit…” Miguel did so and Joey took the boy’s cock in his hand. Miguel gave a little grunt of surprise but kept watching as his big brother guided the tip of his dick against the smooth cleft of Carrie’s pussy. “Get yourself a little wet, so you can go in easier,” Joey whispered, and the boy nodded. Joey let go of his cock and Miguel took it in his hand, slipping his tip against Carrie’s slightly-parted labia, working his dick against her until it shone.

Am I ready now, Papá?” he asked.

Yeah,” Joey said, his own cock rigid at the sight. “Go ahead.”

Okay,” Miguel said, and shifted his hips closer to Carrie’s. As Joey watched, the boy’s hairless penis slipped into her body, probing and entering, and then his hips were pressed to hers. He looked up at Joey, a huge smile on his face, and then his gaze went to Carrie.

She smiled up at him. “That feels good, baby,” she whispered.

Yeah,” Miguel said, his arms quivering with tension and excitement, and then he lifted his hips. Joey saw the boy’s shaft glistening between his body and that of his adoptive mother, and then his hips came down again and met hers once more, his penis sliding inside her again. As he rocked against and into her Miguel’s back arched and his smooth tight butt dimpled, the muscles in his back working in a steady rhythm as he raised his hips again, then let them down once more. He was still a little uncertain, taking it slowly, but Joey already knew that Miguel was excellent at fucking.

Joey’s palm settled on Miguel’s tight little ass, caressing the warm firm muscles that moved under his peach fuzz. Miguel looked over at his brother and Joey brought his face near, and the boys and woman all shared a kiss together that ended with Joey and Miguel engaged full-on for several moments. When their lips parted Miguel’s attention returned fully to the woman underneath him. Joey settled his groin near their heads and Carrie grabbed his cock, guiding it to her mouth. As she tongued it from below, Miguel pressed his lips against it from above, and she and he shared the pleasure of kissing one another while giving Joey head.

In a while Joey withdrew, leaving the lovers to focus entirely on one another, enjoying the sight of Miguel’s healthy, strong body moving over Carrie’s. His mother was hot, he knew — but his brother was as well. Seeing the two of them fuck, watching as they had sex together in front of him, he understood why Miguel had been so fascinated to watch him with Carrie.

Carrie’s eyes were half-open as Miguel made love with her, his first time with a woman, her first time with a boy so young. She gazed at him with love, adoration and desire as their sex continued, and then she pulled his face to hers and they shared a wet and passion-fueled kiss. The boy’s warm little tongue slid into her mouth almost instantly and she responded, the kiss only stoking the heat between them as Miguel brought himself closer and closer to orgasm. “That’s so good, honey,” she whispered after the kiss. “That’s so good…” She arched her back, her breasts high on her chest and her nipples firm. “You can come if you want to. I’m starting to come now.”

Miguel, panting, nodded. His body was jerking rapidly now, his skin shining with sweat. “Mami…” Joey moved up beside him again and reached between Miguel’s hard thighs, catching his smooth balls in his fingers, his thumb rubbing against the boy’s puckered asshole. “O si,” Miguel managed. “Si, hermanobueno … Mami … o Mami…”

Yeah, baby,” Carrie whispered. “You’re making me come.”

Joey moved his face to Miguel’s working ass and slid his tongue against the boy’s sensitive sphincter, rimming him as he moaned with delight, his cock totally rigid now. Miguel’s asshole was warm and smooth, and Joey ate it happily, bringing his brother amazing pleasure as he fucked their mother. Carrie bent her knees and hooked them around Miguel’s legs, pulling his thighs wide, and Joey’s tongue eased over his smooth balls, then against his shaft, plunging into Carrie’s pussy. He tongued them both as they fucked, his nose buried in his brother’s ass, and then backed away with glistening cheeks as Miguel’s hard little thrusts became more rapid and Carrie gasped with her orgasm.

She pulled the small body against her chest. “I came, son. And now it’s your turn.” She kissed him. “Come on, babe,” she said. “You can come now. I want you to come in me.”

Okay,” Miguel nodded, then gasped. “Mami … Mami … estoy viniendo…” His hips jammed against Carrie and he shuddered as Joey gently rolled his balls around and pushed his thumb’s tip firmly to his tightened rectum, his entire small body quivering, his head thrown back and his eyes wide as he had his first orgasm in a woman. Carrie gasped as she felt Miguel’s boy-cum jetting into her, thin hot little pulses, and had another climax of her own under his tensed muscles.

Miguel yelled once, briefly, and then collapsed on Carrie, his chest heaving as Joey withdrew his hand. “O Mami,” he murmured.

Carrie smoothed his hair, smiled and kissed his ear. “Si,” she whispered to him. “Si, hijo.”

I love you,” Miguel said. “I love you, Mami.”

She kissed his sweat-gleaming forehead. “I love you too, son, my beautiful boy.”

Miguel propped up on elbows, studying her face. “Did I do that right too?”

Yes,” Carrie said softly, stroking his bare back. Miguel looked uncertainly at Joey, and the older boy nodded. “It was good, Miguel,” she went on. “It felt so good, and I came.” She plucked a kiss from his lips. “You did too.”

Miguel smiled shyly at her. He glanced up at Joey again, and then moved away from Carrie, his still-hard cock damp with cum. “Now what?”

Now it’s my turn again with Mami,” Joey said. “If you watch carefully you’ll learn lots of new things you can do with her, and then you can try them too.” As Miguel sat beside them and looked on, lighting himself a cigarette, Joey expertly mounted Carrie, his large stiff cock gliding confidently into his mother’s willing flesh, and Miguel did learn a lot of things that evening, and got to try them all before they fell asleep together, exhausted and sweaty, Carrie filled with the semen of two horny boys, spooned to Joey with his cock in her hand, Miguel spooned to Joey, his brother’s strong fingers gently cradling his hairless dick.

Joey woke to the exquisite feeling of lips working his sleep-hardened cock, and slipped his hands over the head that was gently bobbing above his rigid shaft. He smiled blissfully down at his little brother as Miguel kept giving him the slow blowjob, something Carrie had taught him how to do properly the night before when she’d seen how wide the boy’s eyes had been, watching her suck her son’s dick. She’d asked him if he wanted to learn some new techniques, and wordlessly he’d nodded.

He learned the art as quickly as he had learned how to eat pussy, and in only a few minutes was swallowing Joey’s sperm as the older boy cried out in his spasms of joy, his pretty face a flare of delight at the experience and the flavor.

Their post-workout sex, Joey knew, would never be the same again, and he was glad. He’d always enjoyed giving Miguel head, but it had bothered him a little that the boy had been unskilled at returning the favor. Now it was obvious that all his uncertainty was gone forever.

Joey looked over to where his mother reclined, smiling as she watched her sons in sex together, and he kissed her. She settled her breasts over his face and he sucked her nipples softly, and then she rose fully and straddled his head, nestling the wet cleft of her pussy on his very eager lips.

She fucked Joey’s face until she came, and heard her son groan his own orgasm into his little brother’s mouth. She rose off of him and they kissed once more, and then Miguel pushed her gently onto the mattress. As he began eating her, she saw that he’d kept Joey’s spunk in his mouth and was now working it into her pussy, then eating it back out along with her fluids. Joey joined him in a moment and the boys ate her pussy together, their tongues working over her clit and against one another as they kissed her and each other. She came on their faces, and then watched as Joey gave head to his brother, satisfying his sweet young body fully as Miguel sucked her swollen tits.

Breakfast in bed,” Joey said quietly as they lay in a warm pile together, their naked skin touching everywhere.

Carrie laughed softly. “I love the room service here.”

Yeah,” Miguel smiled. “Hey, Papá…” And he brought his lips to Joey’s ear, whispering.

In a moment her oldest son smiled and nodded. “That sounds good, kid,” he said.

What?” Carrie asked, but as Joey left the room, pausing only to pull on his briefs, and she heard him in the kitchen, she thought she knew.

Miguel stayed, keeping her company and sharing a cigarette with her. She lay beside him and let him look her over. The low heat of desire warmed in her to see his eyes, the way the boy looked at her, recalling the passions of the night before — as well as the way they had woken together this morning.

Though he was quite admirable as well; his body was lovely, trim and well-formed, and his face was handsome, his features clear and even, a light spray of improbable freckles across his cheeks. She had always thought him cute, but she also saw now that gradually she had changed that view, especially over the last year as his body developed strength and his stature became broader with the workouts he did with Joey. Both her eldest sons regularly wore tight clothing, or skimpy clothing, or both; and Miguel’s burgeoning manhood had clearly been catching her imagination long before she’d ever consciously acknowledged it.

But she was certainly aware of it now. Miguel, like Joey, like herself, was a sexual being, and he enjoyed the act of sex as much as she did.

Did I really do it right last night?”

She nodded, remembering, treasuring the memories. “This morning too. You’re great at sex.”

Thanks, Mami.” The boy was blushing.

Joey’s an excellent lover too,” Carrie went on. “You both are. I feel so lucky to have not one, but two great boys like you in my life.”

Thanks,” Miguel said again, taking a hit from the cigarette and passing it to Carrie. “I’m glad you married him.”

Are you?”

Miguel nodded seriously. “He’s a great papá.”

Yes, he is.”

And you’re going to have a baby someday? His baby?”

Yes,” Carrie said. “Do you like that idea?”

Yeah,” Miguel said, taking the cigarette back. “Can I have a baby with you too?”

Maybe,” Carrie said. “Maybe someday.”


She caressed his shoulder and Miguel rolled onto his back, smiling at her as he stubbed his smoke, his smooth cock filling rapidly as she stroked the fine light hairs on his body. “You just sent Joey out because you wanted me to yourself for a while, huh?” she said.

Miguel giggled. “No, Mami.” He snuggled up against her, his rigid penis warm and pulsing against her bare thigh. He kissed her neck. “I love you.”

I love you too, sweetie.” She took his hand, pressing his palm to her breast, and sought his lips with her own. She felt the flick of his tongue as they kissed, felt his sex jump. She turned on her side to face him, guided him between her thighs, and made love to him again, relishing the energy, beauty and passion in his eleven-year-old frame, filled first with his flesh and then with his semen while they waited for Joey, her son and husband, to return with their breakfast.

16: The News

All of them looked after the yard and little vegetable garden, each member of the family given responsibilities that were equal to their maturity. The four young kids had their own garden plots, seeded with favorites (though Teresa was still nettled that she had not been permitted to plant a cacao tree). Each day after school the kids would go outside and work for a half hour or so, and despite the regular squabbling they were all quite good at keeping their crops healthy.

Carrie’s shift rotated once again and she was often home before anyone else, ready to take care of the kids when they showed up in their noisy gaggles. Teresa was always home first, followed by Miguel, and then Joey and the others. She divided her early afternoons between looking after her two youngest daughters and working in the garden.

Joey came home earlier than normal one afternoon to a quiet house. He peeked in on Teresa and saw her sleeping quietly, taking an afternoon nap, then checked Hermosa. The little girl was also sleeping in her crib. Looking out back he spied Carrie, weeding in a sundress, on hands and knees. He smiled to himself and came outside, already getting hard as he walked up to her. “Hey, lover,” he said.

She glanced up, saw the stiffness in his jeans, and gave him a happy nod. “Hi, baby,” she said quietly as he knelt beside her. “You’re early today.”

Half day,” he said. “Quarter finals.”

Oh, right,” she nodded, returning to her work. “How’d you do?”

He shrugged. “All right.”

She nodded again and smiled as she felt his hand stroke her thigh, traveling along the curve of her firm, smooth skin. “You seem to be in a good mood,” she said.

I am,” he smiled at her. His hand slipped over her warm ass, traveling to the mound between her legs. He paused, then resumed his explorations. “No panties?”

She smirked over her shoulder at him. “Must’ve forgotten them,” she said. She caught sight again of the prominence at his crotch, the stunning solidity of him. “If it bothers you I can put on a pair…”

No,” he said, rising, unbuttoning his jeans. “It’s just fine.”

Mmm,” she said, hungrily eyeing his big cock, solid in his briefs. “If you’re going to do something with that thing you should make it soon. The kids are due back any time.”

I know,” Joey said quietly, pushing his underwear down, baring his massive erection. “Teresa’s still asleep. I’m gonna fuck you now, Mom.”

Okay,” Carrie whispered as he moved behind her, his hands closing over her hips as he pushed her dress up. She felt his tip sliding against her, already wet, ready for him, and her heart surged in her chest. She was about to have sex with Joey outside, out in the yard, in the open where anyone might see them, might see her son making love to her. “Come on, boy. Fuck me.”

Yeah,” he said, shifting forward, easing into her. “Yeah…”

Oh baby,” she sighed, forgetting the gardening as Joey mounted and began fucking her, taking her from behind. “Oh yeah, boy.” She pushed back against him and his hands slipped under her dress, around her body to her breasts.

No bra either, huh?” Joey chuckled.

I just seem to keep forgetting things,” Carrie murmured as his fingers slid over her hard nipples. He pushed against her, into her, penetrating her fully. “God yes, son. That’s so good…”

The early afternoon sunlight played amid the leaves overhead, their shifting bodies dappled in the glow as they made love. Joey leaned over her, pressing his chest to her back, and she felt his breath on her ear. “This is nice, babe,” he said quietly.

It is,” she nodded, craning around for a kiss, her lover’s solid penis gliding easily into her, out, in again, his tongue matching the motions in her mouth. Fucked twice, Carrie rocked on her hands and knees as her son filled her flesh with his own. “This is so good. So good…”

Joey’s motions became faster, sharper. “We don’t have long,” he panted.

No, we don’t,” she whispered.

Are you close?”

Yes,” she said. “Are you?”


Oh God, yes … oh yes, just like that —” His thumbs and fingertips were tweaking her nipples, sparking in a loop between there and her pulsing clit, stroked by Joey’s working shaft with each of his thrusts, the head of his cock gliding deeply within her, then nearly out.

They’ll be home any minute,” Joey panted against her.

Yes,” she said.

They could catch us,” he managed.

She was flowing with lust now, white-hot liquid in her veins, lost in the pure energy of having her brains fucked out by her teenaged lover, her own boy. “They could. They could.”

God, I love you,” he said, his voice throaty. She knew the signs and rode herself against him, feeling him become impossibly more solid.

I love you too,” she whispered, and his hands went to her hips and ground her ass against him as his thrusts became fully animal, purely reflex, his sex throbbing deeply inside her, the release of his semen filling her with more wet heat.

He cried out and she did as well, her pussy brimming with his sperm as they both came, their bodies arches of searing joy in their dangerous coupling. He thrust hard, pushing himself into her as far as he could go, and she felt the final jet of his spunk surging well inside her body.

Panting, she felt his hips relax and he sighed, his hands gently stroking her bared back.

She turned to smile at him and he withdrew, glistening in the sunlight, his corona slick with cum, and they faced each other for a long, slow kiss.

When it was done Joey pulled himself back into his briefs and buttoned his jeans. Carrie pulled her hem back down, covering herself, liking how her son looked at her pussy until it wasn’t there to be seen any longer. “Thanks,” he said.

Thank you, babe,” she smiled.

Joey looked surprised. “You liked it too?”

Of course, lover,” she said. “I always like it.”

But it was — you know, it was quick.”

That’s all right,” she said. “We both came. Sex doesn’t always have to be hours long, you know. Sometimes women like quick ones as much as men do.”

Oh,” Joey said, and then he grinned wolfishly. “Really?”

She felt herself flush. The naked lust on his face made her feel giddy, made her want to giggle like — well, like she was the teenager in this conversation. It was charming to see how much he wanted her, how completely he wanted to have her, again and again. “Really,” she said, returning the leer. “I expect you to take advantage of that knowledge.”

No problem there,” he said, moving nearer for a kiss.

Good,” she said when it broke, his body pressed against hers, the breeze freshening and carrying with it the scent of earth and grass.

They held each other and kissed a while longer, and then a shadow fell across them. They started and squinted up. “Hey, hermano,” Joey said.

Hi,” Miguel said.

They parted their embrace. “How was school, sweetie?”

Fine, Mami,” the boy said. In his jeans — button-fly and tight like his brother’s — there was a clear shape that showed Miguel’s erection.

Did you see us just now?”

The boy nodded at his brother. “Can I, too?”

Of course, honey,” Carrie said, reaching for Miguel. “Why don’t you get behind me and do it just like Joey did?”

Okay, Mami,” the boy said, kneeling between Carrie’s ankles. He tugged at his buttons and in moments had his jeans down around his thighs, followed by his briefs, and just a heartbeat later his cock was sliding into Carrie’s ready pussy.

Mmm,” Carrie said. “Yeah. That’s so good…”

Joey knelt beside Miguel and the boy smiled at him, his hips thrusting. Joey smiled back and leaned in, and they kissed as Miguel fucked Carrie, and in moments it was over; the boy’s tongue shoved deeply into his brother’s mouth and he gasped, his hips bucking, as his cum joined Joey’s in Carrie’s pussy. Miguel fell back, staring in amazement at his shining cock. “I guess you really needed that,” Joey said quietly, and the boy nodded.

You’re done?” Carrie asked, turning to face him.

Si, Mami,” Miguel said. “Sorry.”

Don’t be,” Carrie said. “Sometimes it’s over fast. That’s okay.”

Miguel tugged his briefs back up — his smooth dick was still hard — and then buttoned his jeans.

Joey clapped his shoulder. “You have homework?”

Miguel nodded. “Can you help with the spelling?”

Of course.”

And then we can work out?”

Joey smiled and stood, dusting the grass from his knees, still damp with the ground. “Sure, son,” he said. “C’mon, let’s go.” Carrie watched them as Joey, his arm draped casually over Miguel’s shoulders, went back inside.

She smiled to herself and went back to the weeding, feeling deep warmth despite the brevity of the couplings she’d just had, and in a while realized she was humming happily.

Joey’s Spring break was on a different calendar than the other kids’, so they were able to give Hermosa’s day care the week off while he looked after the girl. It wasn’t hard for him to manage her, and he enjoyed the relative quiet of the days, just himself and the baby, until the others got home in the afternoons. He saw it as a kind of training.

Most of the time now he left Miguel and his sister alone; the boy had begun fucking Juanita regularly, and the first time Joey had walked in on them together was the last.

It surprised him, but not very much. He’d heard strange sounds coming from the boys’ bedroom and thought there was an argument he’d have to break up, but when he opened the door, there was Miguel on top of his sister, his naked ass working up and down, her legs parted wide and her smooth pussy filled right to the brim with his hard, rich boy-meat. As he watched she groaned softly and rocked her hips up to meet him, coming as quietly as she could on Miguel’s dick.

He’d stood there for a while, enjoying the show. They were completely lost in the moment, lost in each other, and when Miguel came in her Joey backed out of the room, shutting the door softly as brother and sister embraced gently, murmuring and kissing quietly.

So that was why they weren’t fighting any more.

Carrie’s schedule let her take lunches at home and that week Joey always had a meal ready for her to enjoy. She found herself looking forward to each day’s midday visit, not just for the catering treats, but for the moments of intimacy she was able to share with her son in their sweet love affair. As the time for her lunch break drew nearer, she always felt a rush of anticipation, of arousal and desire, knowing that after the food was done, there would be a dessert they both relished. She came back to work each day sanguine, filled with his seed, freshly delivered to her willing body in his surging thrusts.

Joey tended, that week, to wear nothing at all when lunchtime drew near. He was in a state of constant arousal, looking forward to the lovemaking he and Carrie would share, knowing also that she enjoyed the raw, sexual presence of his naked body as he waited on her — and waited for her.

She sat back from her light lunch of salad and half a sandwich with a satisfied smile, taking in the sight of Joey’s magnificent, unclothed body. His chest was broad and well-defined, his puberty-sculpted muscles lean and taut under his smooth, even skin. Between his powerful legs, his long, thick cock throbbed visibly, his balls full and firm beneath his raging hardon. He knew what was coming next as well as she did, and his open anticipation of making love with her sent a beautifully sexy shiver along her back, stiffening her nipples as it went. “Delicious,” she said, referring only partly to the food.

Joey smirked and cleared away the table, his butt dimpled and flexing as he rinsed the dishes at the sink, then bent to put them in the dishwasher. Between the part of his thighs Carrie could see the heavy swelling of his testicles, proof — as if any were necessary — of his full maturation into young manhood. She stole softly behind him and let her arms circle his naked waist, catching his erection in her cool, firm fingers.

You know, a man who knows his way around a kitchen is incredibly sexy.”

I guess so.” He turned to her and glanced at the clock. “You have time?”

She nodded, flushed, and kissed him. “A quick one.”

Okay,” Joey said, unbuttoning her top and slipping her bra up, catching her breasts, caressing her, though she was already fully wet and ready for him.

She sighed against his kissing lips, her ER whites slipping off her hips, her panties dropping with them, and lifted herself onto the counter. “Come on, boy,” she said, her voice unsteady with her flaring need. “Give it to me. Give it to me right now.”

You want it that bad?” Joey stepped toward her, reveling in the sight of her half-naked flesh, his cock an unyielding column of intention as she wrapped her calves around his hips, drawing him nearer to her heat.

As bad as you do.” She reached between them and caught him, sliding his warm tip against her moist cleft. “Fuck me,” she whispered, and he moved closer and eased in as she settled her arms around his strong shoulders.

They fucked intensely, their eyes boring into each other, foreheads touching, watching each other in their bliss. Joey saw his mother’s face flicker with the heat he brought her, his own expression hazed now too, filmed with his lust, his building climax. He was good at having sex on his feet, could keep his balance even in his finishing passions, his orgasm driving him into her as she came against him, her skin stroking his and her voice gasping, cooing her delight as she let her own joy carry her off.

Her hands moved down, over his solid ass as he worked against her, caressing in circles to catch the full feel of his motion, his muscles, in this good labor. She pulled him forward, nibbling at his earlobe as his naked body began to shudder, and knew his moment was upon him. “Yeah, son,” she hissed. “Yeah, come on lover, come on Joey…”

I’m coming,” he moaned. “I’m coming in you, Mom … here it comes…”

Ah —” she gasped. “I’m coming too, boy … Ah — oh — oh —”

He grunted and thrust, panting against her shoulder, and came standing, his sex flooding hers with shared promise, with the love they both could not deny, did not wish to turn from. His breath was hot on her neck as she came with him, rocking on the countertop to meet her son’s bucking penis, feeling his semen fill her with slick heat.

Their breathing slowed and deepened as he stood there, his cock still in her and moving gently now, just a little, the warmth of their love shrouding them both in a quiet, timeless space that neither wanted to leave.

I love you, Mom,” Joey said softly.

She nipped his ear. “I love you too, son,” she whispered. “Joey —”

He leaned back in her embrace, his hips still against hers, their bodies still one below the tangles of their hair. “Yeah?”

She swallowed. “I’m late.”

He looked at the clock again. “I thought you said —”

Not to work,” she said. “I mean … I’m late, son.”

He stared at her a moment, confused, and then his face cleared. “Oh…”

She nodded slowly at him.

His smile grew, spreading slowly, and in that moment she loved him perfectly, totally, seeing in his face the pure acceptance of what she was saying, what it meant for her, for him. And most especially, what it meant to them as a couple. “Oh.”

I’ve never been — not since I was in high school — never been late.” She kissed him. “Only once in my adult life. Fourteen and some years ago.”

With me?”

She nodded again. “With you.”

So you’re —”

Maybe,” she said. “In a few more days I’ll be sure I’m late, and then it’ll make sense to … to take a test. To confirm it. But I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant, son. I’m carrying your child.” She smiled. “Our child.”

Joey took her in his arms, tenderly, lovingly. “Wow,” he managed.

Yes,” she said. “Wow.”

I love you,” he said. “I love you so much. So much.”

I love you too, honey. I can’t say — God, what a crazy few months it’s been.” She leaned back to look at him. “But crazy in a good way. I’d given up, son. Given up on ever being loved again like you love me now. I guess I — I just thought that no man would be right for me.

But you are. And you are a man, Joey. You’re the man in my life, the man in my bed, the man whose body I love. I love you, I love your cock, I love your cum and what it’s giving us, what it’s doing for us both.”

Me too,” Joey said. “I love you. Your body. Your pussy.” He smirked. “The one I came from…”

Yes,” she said simply.

“…And the one I keep coming back to.”

And in,” she said. They shared a low laugh and kissed. “You were always a gift to me, son, and now you’ve given me another gift, and I’ll always, always treasure the joy you bring me.”

He beamed and kissed her deeply, that single gesture saying so much. “I — wow, this is just … God, Mom. I guess I’m … you know, a little scared, but mostly … this is great.”

She wiped her eyes, the tears of her joy not bitter, not stinging. How many nights had she wept? How many gulfs of aching loneliness had she endured?

But no longer. Joey had taken that away, dispelled the darkness in her life, in his own.

You still want to — to go through with this?”

Yeah,” Joey said. “I do.”

Me too,” she said. “Papá.”

He smiled at her.

We’ve got time for another fast one,” Carrie whispered, his penis still within her.

But won’t we — I mean, won’t it hurt…”

No,” she said quietly, shifting against him as she felt him harden fully again. “We don’t have to stop having sex.”

Joey smiled softly. “Good,” he said, his whispered breath warm on her cheek, and drew her to him, his body moving in her once more.


Hermosa, in her Terrible Twos, was doing well.

Joey regarded his daughter calmly as she toddled around on the playground, meeting and turning from other children in serially forgetful youth. His son, as blond as he was, suckled Carrie’s breast as she sighed, contented. “Mark’s not overdoing it?”

No,” Carrie said.

Miguel grinned at him from across the way and waved. Joey waved back, smiling at the boy. His dyslexia management was going well and Miguel was beginning to really shine in school. He was proud and Joey and Carrie were both delighted for him, delighted at the joy he showed now in his classwork.

His voice had deepened and he had grown a light tuft of hair over his sex, something that tickled well in their close moments, and even in loose clothing the size of him was obvious. Miguel’s penis was clearly going to be equal in mass to Joey’s, and the boy’s heavy balls were producing record amounts of semen. That was good; both Carrie and Joey loved the fluid.

His trysts with Juanita had continued, and Joey knew that Carrie knew about them, but he wasn’t worried about it. She had a very open mind. The bedrooms had changed again; now the one at the end of the hall, which used to be his, belonged to Miguel and Juanita, while the other room went to Filippe, Teresa and Hermosa. It was necessary, and the arrangements were working well. When the boy wasn’t in Joey’s and Carrie’s room, he was off enjoying the company of his sister, loudly making love with her, and Joey figured it wouldn’t be long before he and his mother were sharing themselves with two other lovers, not just one.

Joey’s own cock had grown more, gaining another inch; he now gave her ten regularly, and she loved every last bit of it.

Joey’s arm fell easily around his mother. She leaned against him and smiled.

You all right?” he said.

Yes,” she nodded on his shoulder. “It’s not bad. Just a little lower back pain.” She kissed his cheek. “I’ve had that before.”

Joey, sixteen now, smiled at his wife. “How’s…?”

He’s fine,” Carrie said. The ultrasounds were still clear, showing normal development. “We’re both fine.”

Good,” Joey said, then stood to gather the other children.

His mother looked on and stroked the rise of her fertile belly, the fruit of her love with her boys, as the baby inside her kicked fitfully. “Easy, Miguel,” she said quietly to the still-growing infant. “You’ll get out of there someday. Whoops. Here comes Daddy.”

She rose when her son came back to the bench and took his arm, resting her hand happily, lovingly on his shoulder, as Miguel carefully stroked her middle, smiling up at her with naked love. “Mi bambino,” he murmured. Thirteen, his voice had broken but his body and face were still beautiful with youth. In his loose shorts his erection was prominent, obvious. She would be making love with him as soon as they got home, and he knew it. “My baby…”

Si,” Carrie smiled.

I love you,” Miguel whispered, placing his face on her belly, and she knew the words were for her as much as for the growing child within her.

We love you too, Papá,” Carrie said, caressing Miguel’s thick hair. He stood back and smiled up at her, and they waited for Joey to arrive with the rest of the family.

The kids fell in line, and Joey, their father, the man of the house, led them all home.