(Hardon Family 02)

by Marc Tremaine

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Blackmailed Uncle


"You little shithead!"

"Right, Uncle Mark." Donny smiled at his tall, butch uncle, kneeling on the floor in front of him, his eyes wide in amazement...the same uncle who had just finished giving his fourteen-year-old nephew an incredible blow job, and who still had drops of the boy's fresh young jism dripping from the corner of his mouth.

It had all started two weeks ago when Mark had arrived for a visit with his older brother, John, a widower with three sons. The youngest was Donny. The older boys were in summer school for some advanced classes; John worked long hours, and that left Mark to take care of Donny during the day, since the regular housekeeper was on vacation. The second day of the visit, Mark walked naked down the hallway toward the bathroom, figuring it was safe since everyone was gone except for Donny, who was sleeping late after staying up to watch some horror films on cable the night before.

As he passed the door to Donny's bedroom he noticed it was ajar and looked in to be sure Donny was okay, and then stood glued to the spot by what he saw. Donny was tall for his age, promising to hit the six-foot plus heights of the rest of the family when he got his full growth, but still very slender; his dark brown hair was wavy and when he stood up it fell almost to his shoulders. Lying on his back on the bed, it fanned out and framed a face of almost angelic innocence, with long eyelashes and full lips. His left arm was up behind his head, and Mark could see the light brown-blond hair in his armpit.

Mark could also see everything else about the boy, since the kid was stark naked. His body was almost completely hairless, except for a healthy growth around his groin, with smooth, tanned skin that glowed in the early morning sunlight. Fourteen and technically a child, there was nothing child-like about the seven or so inches of stiff, slender dick he was beating in his right hand. The boy was concentrating so hard on his prick, stroking the shaft up and down slowly, rubbing his thumb across the pink head, that he was unaware of his uncle in the hallway.

Mark reached down to his own meat, which was at full staff from the hot sight before him, and began jerking off in the same rhythm as the boy. Christ, what he wouldn't give to have his mouth around that prick. There was nothing he liked better than sucking dick, and beating his own cock at the same time, and then shooting a hot load of cum just when he got his mouth filled with creamy, hot sperm. He licked his lips as he watched, and with his left hand reached up to pinch his tits hard. Sometimes, if he got lucky, the guy he was sucking off would work on his tits, which made his own cum even better.

He was so turned on by the sight of his nephew jacking off that he began beating his meat faster, his breathing becoming louder and more noticeable, almost turning into a moan of pleasure as he worked up to a ballbusting cum ... and then he suddenly recalled where he was. "Shit!" The word slipped out in an angry whisper, and he froze as Donny stopped moving his hand and looked around. He apparently didn't see Mark in the shadows of the hall, but his dick softened a little before he began moving his hand again.

Grateful for the reprieve, Mark carefully and quickly went down the hallway and closed the bathroom door behind him. He lifted the lid of the toilet and sat down, leaning back and stretching his legs out wide. Despite almost getting caught, his eight-inch dick was still rock solid, and he tilted his head back and closed his eyes to fantasize while he brought himself off.

From his well-formed feet, up his muscular calves and thighs, to the hairy chest, thick-muscled arms and handsome face, Mark was a heavy turn-on to anyone, especially with one fist wrapped around a thick slab of meat that jutted above a pair of huge balls and pointed toward his chin. He began moaning as he got closer to cumming, and talking aloud. "Oh, yeah, baby, feed me that sweet young dick, blast my throat with a big load of boyjuice, oh, baby, fuck that mouth, fuck it hard."

"Uncle Mark?"

Mark's eyes blasted wide as his head whipped to the left. His gorgeous young nephew was standing naked in the doorway, right hand on the doorknob, left hand at his side, and his long, stiff dick was pointing straight out from that nest of hair. Almost unconsciously, Mark speeded up his hand and too late felt the warning spasms as his balls pulled up tight against his body just before glob after glob of white cum spurted from the head of his dick, splattering his face and chin, dripping down onto his chest to mingle with the other blobs that had landed there. It was almost as if his dick and his right hand had a life of their own, as he just kept on pumping and cumming and pumping and cumming, all the while staring at his nephew's slender white cock.

But when the last shot had finally dribbled out, his face flushed with embarrassment. Christ, his brother would kick his butthole through his head if he were to walk in and find uncle and nephew like this, even though Mark hadn't touched the kid. "Uh, Donny, I...."

"What, Uncle Mark?" Donny moved closer to his uncle who was still leaning back on the toilet. Donny's jutting prick was just inches away from his uncle's mouth. Mark couldn't take his eyes off the beautiful dick, staring at it like some rat mesmerized by a cobra. His licked his lips, but as he tried to speak he felt his traitor dick starting to rise again and when he opened his mouth, Donny thrust his hips forward so that his dick lightly brushed Mark's lips. With a groan, and a swift prayer that nobody would come home unexpectedly, Mark gave in, opened his mouth wide and sucked in the whole length of his nephew's hot young prick.

Mark could feel the dick swelling as he began to move his experienced lips up and down the shaft, and knew the kid was so hot he could shoot off any moment. And he was right. Within a few seconds, Donny was filling his uncle's mouth with an amazing load of boyjuice that felt like it was never going to stop shooting. Mark gulped the warm load and swallowed repeatedly, while pumping his own meat, figuring on enjoying a little jackoff, but surprising himself by shooting another load that spattered all over Donny's legs and thighs while he still had both the last mouthful of Donny's cum and Donny's slightly softening dick in his mouth.

Oh well, might as well finish it off right. Mark nuzzled and sucked the softening dick, his large hands engulfing Donny's small, taut young buns, and then let the dick flop softly against the kid's balls as he licked his own cum off of Donny. When the boy was cleaned up of cum, Mark slowly sat upright.

"Gee, Uncle Mark." Donny's eyes were innocent and wide, so wide you could almost drown in their depths.

"Uh, look, Donny. This...this shouldn't have happened. I...well, look, once in a while when guys get horny they help each other out. With a hand job, or...or a blow job. But shouldn't have happened between us. We're family. let's just keep it between you and me, okay? And no more of this shit."

"Sure, Uncle Mark. Whatever you say." Mark let out a deep breath. Maybe, after all, he was going to get out of this without being killed by his older brother.

He had thought it was all over, once Donny had gone back to his own bedroom, and Mark took a shower and cleaned up. After all, he was twenty-two years old, an adult, and he only had another week and a half to go on the visit. The family would think something strange was going on if he just left, so he had to stick it out, and make sure nothing more happened with Donny.

Only it hadn't worked out that way. The next morning, Donny's stiff young prick was brushing his lips to wake him up, and reflexively, he gulped it down. Soon, he was sucking off his nephew two and three times a day, all over the house; giving him full-body tongue baths, rimming his funky young hole and making him squirm with pleasure, but most of all, sucking that endless fountain of cum. Donny's wardrobe and record collection began expanding, as did the amount of spending money he had available.

And now he wanted a $2,000 motorbike, or he was going to tell his father what had been going on.

Mark sat back on his heels and looked up at the sneer on his nephew's suddenly not-so-innocent face. Absentmindedly, he wiped the overflow of cum off with the back of his hand and then licked that clean. "You wouldn't dare...."

Donny put on his most angelic expression and then looked at his uncle with a hard glare. "Why not? You think my dad, or the cops, will believe me, or my faggot uncle with a perpetual hardon for little boys--especially in his own family?"

Mark's massive fist clenched, but Donny didn't flinch. "Look, faggot, you may be my uncle, but you're just another cocksucker. Reasonably good, but I've had better."

"You what?"

Donny smiled that cold smile again. "All you faggots are alike, falling for that innocent little boy crap. Bunch of fuckin' assholes, all of you."

"And what do you think you are, Donny?"

"Hey, dicklicker, I'm straight. You faggots are just a way to get some easy money, and get my nuts off. And speaking of my nuts, look what's happening." Despite the recent cum, Donny's prick was stiff again. "And this time, I want to fuck that ass of yours."

"No way."

"No, there is a way. You bend over, I spit on my dick, and then ram it up your hole. The other way, of course, means telling my dad all about what you've been making me do." Donny got up from the edge of the bed where he had been sitting, and straddled his uncle's thighs, so his dick was once again pressed against Mark's lips. "Come on, cocksucker, eat my prick. Let me fuck that mouth of yours with my sweet young dick, so it gets good and hard before goin' up your butt."

With a sigh, Mark gave in. His lips engulfed Donny's cock and began soaking it with thick saliva. While he sucked he reached up and got spit on his fingertips and began working it into his asshole. "Okay, dickhead. Ease up on the sucking. I want the cum up your ass. Now bend over and put your head down to the floor."

Mark obeyed. He was an incredibly hot sight as he knelt there with his muscular white butt stuck in the air, and the dark, hairy asshole. Donny squatted behind him, using one hand to balance himself on his uncle's back and the other to get his dick in line with the brown pucker of Mark's shithole. Then with one very hard shove, he rammed his dick all the way in.

"You fucking shithead!" Mark gasped in pain. Even though Donny's cock was slender it was long, and there had really been nothing to prepare him for getting it up the ass that quickly.

"Right, Uncle Mark. But this little shithead is the one on top, fucking the fairy asshole of his 'butch' uncle." Donny leaned forward and began pumping his uncle's hole rapidly, sliding his long dick out to the tip and then slamming it home again. Without touching himself, Mark could feel his dick hardening again, partially because of the rough treatment his butt was getting, but more because of the hot feeling of the burning prick slicing in and out of his rectum. Donny began pumping even more furiously, his young crotch hair burning his uncle's ass, his horny balls banging against Mark's buns. And then with a loud cry he began pumping Mark's ass full of cum -- a load Mark could feel shooting up his gut. Donny finally collapsed for a moment on his uncle's back, and then with his dick still hard, yanked it out again. Despite the momentary relaxation when he was being fucked, Mark felt for a second as if his guts had been turned inside out when Donny's prick popped free.

Donny stood up and with one foot shoved on his uncle's ass. Mark lay flat on the floor. "Okay, uncle cocksucker, you can get outa here now. We can go looking for the bike tomorrow." Mark just lay there and Donny prodded him with one foot. "C'mon, faggot. Or do you want your brother finding you in here?"

Very slowly, Mark got up, still facing away from his nephew. Every muscle in his back was rigid as he said quietly, "Look, Donny, I haven't cum yet. And since we've been doing all this, I might suck me off. Or let me fuck you. Just once."

Laughing viciously, Donny dropped onto the bed, leaning back on his elbows, his limp dick flopping between his legs. "Hey, dicklicker, I don't do that faggot shit. But you got a hot ass, so if you ask real nice, I'll shove it to you again, and you can jerk your prick while I'm doin' it."

Mark whirled around, his fists clenched as his sides, the muscles in his neck throbbing, his face flushed, and his wide, eight-inch dick was standing out stiff and hard. Harder, in fact, than Donny had seen it before. But what stopped Donny's laughter and wiped the sneer away was the expression on Mark's face. He'd never seen an adult so angry, not even his father when Donny was being punished for disobeying some stupid rule.

"You arrogant little bitch." Mark got the words out through tight lips as he moved toward the bed. Donny scrambled backwards on the bed, suddenly frightened, and slammed against the headboard. Fuck! Uncle Mark wasn't anywhere near as big as his brother, but he sure the hell was built ... and to get out of the bedroom, Donny would have to get past one huge, mean-looking, really pissed-off man.

"Look, Uncle Mark, I was just joking. I--."

"Who the fuck cares, you shit? If you want to tell your father anything after I get through with you, feel free."

Donny cowered away from his uncle and spoke frantically. "I won't! I won't say anything, I promise. And you can forget about the bike--" Donny shut up because he had no choice. His uncle's large hand was clamped down over his mouth. Hard. Mark leaned close. "Yeah, I know I can forget about the bike. So can you. Now, you're gonna keep your mouth shut, little boy, or you are really going to hurt. You understand?" Donny nodded. Mark released him, looked about the room, and then moved quickly to the closet and back again to the bed, carrying a handful of ties, and making a knotted loop in a couple as he walked.

"What...what are you going to do?"

Mark's smile was almost as frightening as the anger had been. Too quick for Donny to react, Mark grabbed his nephew's ankles and yanked him down and flat on the bed. The boy's head bounced against the brass poles and he winced, but didn't say anything. Mark yanked again, this time pulling on Donny's right arm, moving it up to the rail and lashing his wrist to the pole. Donny tugged but all he could do was twist his hand enough to grab onto the rail. "U...Uncle Mark...."

"Shut up. Just shut the fuck up." Donny subsided at the glare, but his heart began beating painfully fast as his other wrist got tied to the rail so that his arms were spread wide and securely fastened. He relaxed, though, when Mark knelt between his legs, bent over and took his limp prick into his mouth, rolling it between his lips and laving it with his tongue. Shit, all his cocksucking uncle wanted was a chance at his dick again ... with some stupid S&M type shit thrown in. He could handle that.

"Oh, yeah, cocksucker. Eat that prick." Donny moaned a little as his dick got hard again. He was staring at the ceiling, so he missed the expression in Mark's eyes, as his uncle gently began soaking his balls with spit, swirling them around in his mouth, and then working his way down to the funky boy smell of Donny's hot little butthole. Mark was holding Donny's legs wide apart, his big hands grasping Donny's slender thighs, causing the boy's ass to raise off the bed as Mark buried his face in the crack of Donny's ass and began tongue-fucking the tight hole. "Yeah, Mark, yeah! Eat my asshole, clean out the shit with that faggot tongue, suck it out and then work on my dick."

Mark raised his head. He reached off the side of the bed, grabbed up another tie and Donny's sweaty jockey shorts. "You just won't learn, will you?"

"Huh?" Donny looked at his uncle directly, and recoiled from the savage grin on his face.

"Open your mouth." Donny did, to object, and Mark crammed the shorts in, then lifted the boy's head and rapidly used the tie to hold them in place. Donny's eyes were almost popping from his head with fright, now.

Mark lifted the boy's legs off his thighs and again worked briefly on his nephew's cock before depositing another heavy load of spit in and around Donny's hole. Donny's knees were almost bent back to his shoulders before he realized his uncle was really serious about shoving that huge prick up his virgin asshole. He could feel the searing heat of the massive head as it nudged his anus, and he clamped his muscles down tight in panic. Jesus, that prick could rip him apart!

Mark deposited a couple of loads of spit on his dick as Donny began squirming, trying desperately to get away. Mark used his left forearm behind Donny's knees to force the boy's legs in the air, and his butt to raise for nice, easy access, and then he slapped Donny's right butt cheek -- hard! The sound seemed to echo in the room, and then he repeated it on the left cheek. Each tender white globe now had a glowing pink handprint on it. Mark decided it really looked hot, and that the least he could do would be to warm Donny up before fucking him.

Mark began a steady stream of evenly placed blows on Donny's butt and thighs, until they were shining red and the heat from them seemed to steam the air in the room. Donny's frantic, partly-heard cries behind the gag, and the tears running down his face onto the pillow, were unimportant -- especially since the boy's dick hadn't gotten soft, but instead began to glow with its own red heat.

Donny finally got the message. Nevertheless, he still tried to keep his hole shut, but Mark was too experienced, or his dick was! Slowly, inexorably, he began putting pressure on the tight, wet little hole, until it suddenly opened, and his dickhead slid inside.

Donny's shriek of pain as his unused hole was opened up was muffled by the gag, but in spite of himself, Mark almost shot from the sensation of having his dickhead surrounded by the unbelievably tight virgin asshole of his fourteen-year-old nephew. Mark stopped moving, as much to get control of himself as to allow Donny to get used to the feeling, and then began to shove his dick in and out a little at a time.

Donny's head whipped back and forth, tears streaming from his eyes at the raw, burning sensation. Christ, he was being torn apart! He was going to fucking bleed to death! Donny's whole body twisted and turned and then suddenly, unexpectedly, his ass muscles relaxed and all eight, fat inches were plugging his butt. Donny couldn't believe it! His gut felt full, and the hot sensation was no longer burning him, but warming him, turning him on like nothing ever had before.

Mark sensed the change in Donny's body, as well as saw the amazed expression in the young boy's eyes as the searing pain turned to searing pleasure, and Donny began moving his ass in time to Mark's strokes. Well, well, well, so the little bastard -- so to speak -- likes having his butt full of prick. It was truly a hot sight to behold. The fourteen-year-old boy sprawled on his back on the bed, his wrists tied to the rail, his thin, palely gleaming legs over his uncle's brawny shoulders, his ass in the air, while his uncle's big dick plowed his butt and his uncle's huge balls banged at his buttcheeks. Mark's muscular asscheeks contracted with each deep stroke into the scorching hot depths of his young nephew's ass. Mark began to move a little faster.

"And just what the fuck is going on here?"

Both Mark and Donny froze at the sound of the rich bass voice in the door. Mark twisted his head around to look at his brother standing there, and tried to figure out if there was away he could quickly cum and die at the same time, before he was pounded into very tiny pieces. And his brother was just the one who could do it, too. He stood six foot four in his bare feet, which were bare now, since he had clearly come home early and had just pulled off his socks and shoes, taken off his coat and tie, and then opened his shirt to the waist as he walked down the hall to stop at the wide-open door of Donny's room and be greeted by the sight of his youngest son tied up and getting fucked by his uncle. At 200 pounds of solid muscle, with a massive, hairy chest and enormous fists, it would probably take only one or two hits, like a hammer on a nail, to pound his ass into the floor, Mark thought. And still he froze where he was, his dick not even getting soft.


"Look, I know what this looks like...."

"I can see for myself, Mark. My son has got his uncle's big dick plowed up his ass. Nice dick, too."

"Wh...what?" Mark stammered and then shut up. He couldn't have spoken anyway. Not coherently. He thought he was going to die of heart failure at the feel of his brother's hands massaging his ass, and then moving down to gently squeeze his dick, right where it was plugged into Donny's hole. For a moment, Mark's brother played with both sets of balls, and then reached out with his left hand to pull off the gag in his son's mouth.

"Enjoying yourself, Donny?"

"Jesus, no, dad!" Donny had assumed a look of wide-eyed innocence. "I...I was just lying down, and he came in, and made me, made things to him, and...and...." Donny's voice faded into silence as his dad's hand reached between their bodies and lightly stroked Donny's rigid prick.


Since he wasn't dead yet, Mark gulped and quickly told his brother what had been going on, and how he'd finally lost his temper and decided to turn the tables on Donny.

"That's...that's a lie, Dad! I never did those things! I never said those things! He made me do this!" Donny squeezed his eyes shut and tears started leaking from them.

His father's voice was somewhat muffled as he said, "Then how come Mark has cum up his ass?"

Donny's eyes popped open and he twisted around to see his father lifting his face from the crack of Mark's ass, licking his lips, and then looked at the wide, ecstatic grin on Mark's face. "You been playing with Donny's dick while you were fucking him?"

Mark shook his head, still grinning and his grin got wider as two fingers began sliding in and out of his cum-slick asshole.

"Then I guess he must be enjoying himself."

The fingers popped out of Mark's ass, to his regret, and he looked around to see his second-oldest brother stripping off his shirt, dress slacks and the jock underneath. He stretched his arms wide, arched his back and then quickly bent from side to side and down to touch the floor--all the while his dick was rising. Mark had never seen his brother fully hard, but even soft and limp, he was huge. The older boys had called him "horse dick" and one time Mark eavesdropped on two boys who said his brother was hung like one of the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales! Mark didn't really understand until a few months later at the circus when he saw an incredibly huge, pink Clydesdale prick sliding out of its sheath. Mark watched in amazement as the blood kept pumping into his brother's dick and it kept rising, until eleven inches of steel-hard dick were standing straight out from the jungle of black crotch hair, matched by a set of balls that could have hung on one of those stud Clydesdales.

When his brother's hands began playing with his ass again, three fingers now stroking up his butt and swirling Donny's sticky cum around, Mark began shoving his dick in and out of Donny's hole again until Donny began to moan with pleasure. "Think you can take me, Mark?" Mark was delirious with pleasure and would have been willing to try a telephone pole at that point, although, come to think of it, that was exactly what it felt like was moving up his ass when his brother started to slide into him.

Fortunately, Mark had been fucked often -- although never by a dick that big -- and knew how to relax his muscles until the huge invader was inside. His brother hardly had to move as Mark began to fuck himself on the monster dick, while shoving his own fuckstick in and out of Donny's tight, not-so-virgin hole. The little boy on the bottom squirmed eagerly, his eager young dick leaking precum juice and throbbing madly without anyone touching it. Donny looked up at his big-dicked uncle in the middle plowing his butt and heating his guts with a yearning for prick that he would keep for the rest of his life, and then at his even bigger-dicked father fucking hell out of his own brother's butt--a view to turn on any lover of hot male sex. The two dicks locked inside hot shitholes began to slide smoothly in and out, the pace picking up, three voices moaning with animal heat and ecstasy, and crude obscenities, as they fucked even faster until at the same time Mark plunged home full length into Donny's hole, his brother rammed the monster prick up his butt and they both shot simultaneously. Donny could swear he felt the tidal wave of hot cum shooting out of his dad, into his uncle's ass, and then from his uncle's dick into his ass, and then finally spurt after spurt of boycum shooting from his own prick, splashing everywhere.

The bodies collapsed on the bed, the adults being careful not to crush Donny, and then they slowly disentangled themselves. Donny was untied, and his arms gently massaged until circulation started up again. Mark and his big brother kissed across Donny's slender young body, exchanging spit as their tongues worked in and out of each other's mouths, while their hands began stroking Donny's cock, playing with his balls, and fingering his asshole. Donny got rock-hard immediately! Laying back on the bed, he raised his legs and rested his calves on his father's and his uncle's hips as his dad began to jack him off and his uncle began running a couple of fingers up inside him, playing with his own load of cum. The two adults also began squirming, still kissing, when Donny reached down and started beating their meat. The two men leaned down then so that they were all three kissing, and beating meat, and shoving fingers up buttholes, and playing with fresh cum, and then they shot all over each other until their balls were thoroughly drained.

Mark's visit was definitely not going to end yet!