This is a work of erotic fantasy, so there’s quite a lot of sex. However, there isn’t sex happening in every chapter. There are many passages that include setup, character development, and all that boring stuff which makes the sex that much more meaningful when it finally happens. I know not everyone cares about backstory or getting to know the characters, so each chapter which does have sex in it also has a heart following its title:

The sex is not intended to be pornographic or paraphilic. It’s just the kind of stuff that happens between people, though sometimes in somewhat unusual situations. This includes threesomes and groups, intimacy taking place among people under the age of eighteen (with no one over eighteen present), same-sex partners, and scenes involving brother-sister incest. If you live in the kind of world where you believe those sorts of things never happen, or should never happen, you’re both (1) welcome to stop reading now; and (2) not even remotely in touch with reality in any way at all.

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Kaeleigh Goes All the Way

Book 1: 2019 • Part I: Friday Afternoon, September: Tagging Along

2. First Blood

The play order determined, everyone sat down around the sexy playmat. To Luke’s obvious unhappiness, Kaeleigh wormed her chair in between his and Travis’s, but her brother was the only one who seemed to have anything like a problem with her presence there, so she adopted her usual strategy and ignored him. Casper was first in line, and he selected a player token from among a collection of bright pink little plastic widgets. “Everyone says I got a lotta balls,” he said, “so.” He put the token in the circle marked START and Kaeleigh recognized it, after a moment, as a miniature scrotum.

Becka was to take her turn second and chose something flattened and somewhat oval, with grooves and ridges on its upper surface. Kaeleigh had to squint at it before she recognized it; she had one of her own, but larger, not made of plastic, and usually not spread open wide with the inner labia distended for all the world to see. Tucker’s choice was an ass. Just a butt. “I have a feeling this will be appropriate tonight,” he said, eyeing Sal. Luke selected something Kaeleigh thought really was appropriate for him: A dick. It was an inch or so long. All the tokens were small, but she still smirked at him while he placed his teeny peeny alongside the other pieces. He ignored her. Travis’s choice was baffling; it appeared to be some kind of cylinder, hollow, with a cap on one end. Kaeleigh kept trying to decide if it was meant to be a bong, or maybe it was missing a piece, or what. Sal’s was a pair of breasts. Nette picked what looked like lips, sort of, if you turned them the right way and looked with just one eye, and Seana’s selection was vaguely bullet-shaped. Kaeleigh guessed it was a dildo.

“Okay,” Tucker said, as he finished shuffling a pile of little cards. “Usual rules?” Everyone nodded, and he set the cards in the middle of the game board. “Any time you’re set, Cas.”

“Right on.” Casper shook the die, tossed it, and advanced three squares onto the board. “And the first question of the night is…” He picked the top card from the pile, and read what was printed on it. “Do you enjoy watching people give each other oral sex? Well, now.” He set the card aside, next to the draw pile. “I’d rather be doing than watching, but I got no trouble at all enjoying a show. Becka?”

“I’m not as visual as most guys, or even a lot of girls. For me, what matters more is if I see that she’s really enjoying it. If he’s the one doing it to her, I like to see her getting into it, you know, sort of humping his face, coming a few times. If she’s doing it to him, I like it when she’s looking him right in the eye, especially when he comes.”

“So you like the, what, the emotional connection more?” Nette said.

“I can empathize a lot better if it’s there, yeah.”

“Got it.”

“I like doing until I can’t any more,” Tucker said. “Then, I’m fine to watch.”

“Um,” said Luke. He glanced at Kaeleigh. She raised her eyebrows at him. “Uh.”

“What I think my cavebrother is trying to grunt,” she said, and became suddenly aware that the attention of every person in the room was riveted on her, “is that … uh … well, I know he likes porn. So I’m gonna guess he likes to … watch.”

“Works for me,” Travis shrugged. “Good job interpreting. Usually it takes three or four of us to figure out what um, uh means. I am a male teenager with healthy and abundant hormones, which means I’m totally okay with seeing other people play around in any way at all.”

“The way I like to watch,” Sal said, “is by looking down while he’s doing it to me.”

“Hey, she stole my answer,” said Nette.

“But if that’s not an option,” Sal went on, “when I’m watching, what I’m mostly looking for is any … new techniques I might not know.”

“Are there any?” said Travis. Everyone laughed.

“I do like a good show,” Nette said. “But I hate cumshots. For one thing, that’s not my idea of a beauty mask. For another, if I’ve worked that hard for it, I plan to keep it.”

“Cumshots are kinda lame,” Casper nodded. “I like watching a well-satisfying lingus of the cunni, and I even like it when the guy comes, if it’s in her mouth, but I don’t need proof. It’s not like cum is especially hard for me to see. I mean if I really want to know what it looks like, all I need’s about five minutes and a website.” There was a chuckle from around the table. “Course, now they don’t let me in the library any more.”

“Prudes,” Seana sniffed. “Yeah, oral’s perfectly cool to look at, far as I’m concerned, as long as it’s the real deal. I liked Sal’s … angle … on it.”

Becka picked up the die amid a chorus of groans. She tossed it a few times in her hand, winked at Kaeleigh, then let it skip across the table, and advanced her vulva to a square that read REMOVE 1 ITEM OF CLOTHING.

“Jeez,” Casper said. “First blood already?”

“I started my periods early too,” Becka shrugged, and removed one of her socks. She selected a card. “If you are a boy, does breast size matter to you? If you are a girl, does penis size matter? Well, I think I’m a girl—”

“You are,” Casper said.

“—and … not really. I mean, a wee wee-wee isn’t really gonna do it for me, but as long as he’s somewhere within one or two standard deviations of the bell curve, I don’t really care what he’s packing so much as how he uses it. Depth can be fun, but most of the fun’s right at the main gate, so it’s what he’s doing with his hands that means more to me than how far inside me he is.”

“So, what’s your minimum limit for length?” Casper said. Becka cocked an eyebrow at him and he raised his hands. “Asking for a friend.”

“I actually do have kind of a cutoff point for breast size,” Tucker said. “There’s some guys out there with a fetish for double-D and bigger, and all I can think of when I see that is, one day they’re gonna be bouncing off her knees. Big is okay, but human proportions work best for me.”

Luke swallowed. “Well … uh … no, it’s not all that important to me.” He cut his eyes to Kaeleigh. “But what you’re saying makes sense, I guess, Tuck.”

Kaeleigh leaned over to him and whispered. “Are you all right, bro?”

“I wish you stayed home, is all,” he whispered back.

“No, I mean … you’ve been kinda farting a lot for the last few minutes.” He gave her a dirty look and she shrugged.

“Breasts are beautiful, full stop,” Travis said. “How big they are isn’t a big deal to me. On a guy, a big dick impresses me and can be hot to look at, but the most I can take in is about four inches before I start to gag, so anything bigger than that’s kind of a waste. For back-door games, well, the bigger he is, the tougher he is to handle, so … you know, monsters need not apply.”

Oh shit, Kaeleigh thought, with a sinking feeling that represented the death of something which was never really alive. He’s gay.

“I do like a longer boy,” Sal said. “It’s not required, but six or more inches really gets my juices flowing.” For some reason, everyone seemed to glance at Tucker at the same time, then pretend they hadn’t. Kaeleigh wondered what that was about. It didn’t seem likely Sal was his girlfriend, based on the way she kept shooting looks at him.

“I’m feelin’ Travis’s vibe,” Nette said. “I’m not choosy about breast size either, since they’re always just so pretty, and lordy are they fun when their mama lets them come out to play. For dick size, most of the time when I hear answers on that, it’s about how long it is. What matters to me is girth. I like a nice thick one to push me open and keep me that way a while.” She noticed the way Kaeleigh was looking at her and winked, and Kaeleigh felt another sudden surge that made no sense in context. Maybe Nette was bi or maybe she wasn’t, but even if she was full-out lesbian, there was no way she’d be interested in an eighth-grader.

“I was gonna say something about length,” Seana said, “until I heard Nette’s answer. So … well, I like a nice balance, I guess. Longer and thicker than my finger, say six or seven inches or so, and anywhere from an inch and a half to two inches wide. So … above average, but not to the point that I can’t handle it.”

“I couldn’t possibly care less about breast size,” Casper said. “There’s so much more to a girl than how she fills out her bra.”

“Fair,” Becka nodded. “Also correct.” She passed the die over to Tucker.

“Righty-ho, tally-ho, off we go,” he said, rolled, and advanced. He picked out a card. “Have you ever kissed anyone immediately after they gave you oral sex? Well, I consider it pretty damn rude not to. I also tend to look her in the eye while she’s doing it, because … funny thing … girls like to feel like they’re human beings, too.”

Kaeleigh heard another sigh from Luke. “I, um, yeah, I got no problem with that either.” She stared at him, but he was really doing his best to pretend she wasn’t there.

“I’ve been known to snowball it,” Travis said. Dammit, he really is gay, Kaeleigh thought. “What’s weird is girls seem to like doing that with me a lot more than guys do.”

“What’s so weird about that?” Becka said.

“Well, you know, it’s like a guy thinks I shouldn’t be snaffling my own recipe or something. The girl seems to think it’s sexy when I swap it around with her.”

“I think it’s kinda hot,” Seana said. “We’re supposed to be the ones on the receiving end. It’s refreshing to be with a guy who knows what that’s like.”

“Oh, yeah, that makes sense,” he nodded. Kaeleigh was staring at him now. Holy shit, he’s not gay! He’s bi! Nette and Travis are bi! Her heart instantly attached itself to both of them like a limpet.

“I consider a kiss afterward a reward for a job well done,” Sal said. “Besides, half the time he’s getting ready for round two, and I have this policy that if a boy is gonna fuck me, I kiss him. I’m funny like that.”

“Well,” said Nette, “since I’ve done plenty of yodeling in gullies myself, it would seem a little weird for me to squick out when he or she comes up for air and a liplock.”

“It’s a part of my body,” Seana said. “I hear some girls talk about how they don’t like it when the guy’s face is wet, or they can smell themselves on him. But the thing is, I don’t think there’s anything gross about my pussy, and especially if the guy’s done a great job, well, yeah, of course I’m gonna lay one on him. And then do what Sal was saying, climb on for round two.”

“I’ve never snowballed anything,” Casper said, “and it’d be a hell of a surprise if I found myself in the middle of something like that. But it’s not something I’m, you know, phobic about or anything. Of course I kiss her afterward.”

“Deep kiss, extra tongue, and bring on the penis,” Becka said. “Yes.”

Only as Luke was taking the die did it completely dawn on Kaeleigh. No one here was talking about what they might do, what they might like, what might be interesting. There was no theory in any of the answers; they were given from a perspective of experience. She was obviously the only virgin in the room; and what was more, all the players — Luke included, for all his I don’t want to talk about it sighing — sounded like they knew a hell of a lot about sex, and had done a hell of a lot of it.

Her brother rolled, moved his little pink dick (snerk), and drew a card. He whimpered a little, then read it aloud. “If you are a boy, would you let another boy come on you? If you are a girl, would you let another girl squirt on you?” He set the card down. “It … happens sometimes,” he said, miserable.

When? Kaeleigh wondered. And how do you know that?

“Damn right it does,” Travis nodded. “And those little accidents are what make the lovepile so very interesting.”

“Usually with me it’s not a deliberate … squirting,” Sal said. “But if it happens I don’t run away squealing.”

“I consider it an accomplishment, actually,” Nette said.

“If I happen to be in range and get some blow-by, it doesn’t really slow me down any,” Seana said. “Like Luke said, it happens sometimes, and there’s usually at least one boy there to lick it off anyway.”

“That’s why you keep us around,” Casper said. “So we can help out. Yeah, I’ve been in the line of fire once or twice. Since I kinda shoot my own all over myself pretty regularly, someone else’s doesn’t make me flinch.”

“I’m in more or less the same boat as Seana,” Becka said. “Overspray isn’t really a big deal to me. Usually I’ve got something more important I’m handling right that second anyhow, so I might not even notice until later.”

“Funny you mentioned flinching, Cas,” Tucker said. “One time I was right in the middle of doing the dog when I happened to look up and see a big old blob heading right for my face. And the duck reflex kicked in, and I ended up bonking heads with this girl who was right beside me, taking the dog and sort of rearing back, like happens sometimes. I damn near knocked myself out, she was pissed as hell, her guy was not pleased at my bad timing, and my girl was just rocking back and forth, blissing out, totally unaware of the slapstick going on right behind her. At least, until I lost my hardon, and she turned around and there we all were, laughing, but with a couple of headaches.”

“Oh man, I’d pay to see that.”

“It’s on DVD and Blu-Ray. Be sure to listen to the commentary track. But that was all reflex. Usually, yeah, I don’t twitch either.”

“Maybe we should shout fore or something,” Nette said.

“What, during the hole in one?” Casper said.

Travis took the die from Luke and paused, studying him. “You okay, man?”

“Yeah,” he sighed. “I’m fine. It’s just … awkward tonight.”

“Oh.” Travis went on studying him. “Well, okay.” He rolled, and while he was moving his mystery cylinder, Kaeleigh eyed her brother. He actually didn’t look fine. He looked pale, and his forehead was sweaty. “Mmm-hmm,” Travis said, reading his card. “I love the reactions to this one. Would you rather drink a full cup of vinegar, or of cum? That’s an easy one for me, since, A, I’m totally into cum; and, B, I don’t even care if it’s spunk or girlcum. Down the hatchola.”

“I like cum all right,” Sal said, “I mean I can handle it, but a cup is a lot. I think it’d end up coming right back up, if it made it down at all, and then I’d be tasting it twice. So … let’s assume apple cider vinegar, and that makes the choice a lot easier.”

“Travis, maybe you and me could hang out sometime,” Nette said. “We’ll have cocktails.”

“Right on,” he nodded. “Cum shooters.”

“Cum and Coke.”


“I’m there, and I’ll even supply the salt on the rim. I’ll lift a glass high, toast the world, and quaff it all down, whether it’s boycum, girlcum, or a splendid blended special.” Kaeleigh suppressed a giggle, and both Nette and Travis grinned at her.

“I’m a happy gargler myself,” Seana said. “But Sal’s right, a cup is a hell of a lot. If it was, I don’t know, a quarter cup, maybe I’d be more likely to be able to suck it all down, but that much … I’d probably lean toward the vinegar.”

“My favorite kind of pussy,” said Casper, “is wet. The wetter it is, the better it is. I don’t have an edge like Trav, so I wouldn’t be able to handle the protein shake, but a full glass of girl? Hell yes.”

“I’ll drink the protein shake for you,” Becka said. “If I can have a straw. It feels more honest if I’m sucking.”

“Me and Cas’ll have to fight over the glass of girl, I guess,” Tucker said. “Vinegar is for cooking.”

“Wait,” Casper said. “You mean cum isn’t? Well, uh, shit, no one eat the cookies I brought.”

“Oooh,” Travis said. “Which cookies are these, precisely?”

“The ones with the … sugar glaze, yeah, that’s what it is. Hey, Kaeleigh, are we getting too gross?”

Her head was on her arms, folded over the table. She was shaking. She sat up and her face was red; she gasped for breath. “Sugar glaze … oh my God…” She wiped at her eyes. “And p-protein shake…”

“Want me to get a straw?” Casper said, and Kaeleigh nearly slid out of her chair.

While she was incapacitated, Luke took his opportunity to answer. “I figure a cup of vinegar’s sure to make me sick, and I know cum doesn’t, so yeah, I’m in the drink-warm-love camp myself.” He grimaced. “Man.”

“What’s up, Luke?” Travis said.

“I … I dunno,” he said. “Something’s happening down south, and it’s not very nice.”

“Want to take a break?” Tucker said.

“Not right now. I think it’s just … gas. But you might want to open a window or something, cause it’s getting harder and harder to keep it under control.”

“He finally admits it!” Kaeleigh said, still giggling. “Luke’s part of a secret government research program for biological weapons.”

“Self-launching, too,” he said, which almost got her believing he was okay, but she kept remembering how weird his nacharito had smelled, and had begun harboring some grave doubts for his future.

Tucker stood and flipped a switch on the wall. There was a faint hiss and a waft of air. “There’s a charcoal filter in the air exchanger. I think that’ll work better than passive ventilation.”

“Sorry,” Luke said. “I’m sure it’ll settle down by the time we…” He glanced at Kaeleigh. “Later on.”

Sal picked up the die. “Since we’re not in imminent danger of suffocation, or drowning in jizz…” She moved, drew, read. “Oh, I like this one. I get to tell stories on myself. How old were you when you began masturbating? Consciously, deliberately doing it, I was eight years old.” She nodded at the quiet grunts of surprise. “I explored a lot during bathtime when I was a little girl, and after a while I discovered that rubbing my vulva in a certain way felt very good.”

“Did you … you weren’t, uh…” Seana shrugged. “Did you … come?”

“Not at first,” Sal said. “For a while, until I was nine or so, that part of it eluded me. I did it because it felt good, and especially when I went to bed at night I’d lie there and rub myself until I fell asleep. But the more I did it, the more practice I got, I started discovering these … highlights, and it didn’t take me long to chase the feelings. They built and built, and then one day when I was in the tub, I felt a very strong tension pass through my body, then release it, coupled with the most amazing warmth. Everyone here knows what that is, but I didn’t, not then. It was my first real orgasm, and it expanded my universe. I’ve been going back to the well, essentially every day, ever since.”

“You got me beat,” Nette said. “So to speak. I was ten, and saw a woman doing it one time in porn. It was a video aimed at guys, so it was just a woman, solo masturbation. I copied what she did, then went one better and started … shall we say, practicing jazz on my own. Solos, at first, but eventually duets, and now I’m happy doing trios, quartets, or a full ensemble.”

“W—” Kaeleigh said, and bit her lip.

“Yeah?” Nette said.


“No, go ahead, sweetie.”

“Well, I, I was just gonna ask … um … you’re talking about … sex, right? Duets? That’s sex?”

“Uh-huh,” Nette said, smiling, waiting for the rest to follow.

“So … a trio is…”


“And a quartet … that’s … you, and three, uh, three boys?”

“They don’t all have to be boys. I go both ways.”

“Oh,” Kaeleigh said, and nodded, and looked at the game board and its pictures of men and women in an interlocked pile. “So a, a, an ensemble is…”

“Any number more than four,” Nette said. “It’s my own generic term for plural play. It can mean five, six, eight…”

Kaeleigh blinked rapidly. “So you’ve done … group sex?”

“You bet I have, sweetie.”

“Awesome,” Kaeleigh breathed.

Nette smiled. “You bet it is, sweetie.”

“Some of us could tell some stories,” Seana said. “And we just might, depending on the cards we draw. Meanwhile, what was the question?”

“How old were you when you learned about flickin’ the biscuit?” Kaeleigh giggled again, and Nette winked at her.

“Oh. Not eight. It was right before I got boobs, so I figure the hormones were already rolling. There was this boy, Jimmy Connors, who … really pissed me off, he was such a horrible little snot, but he had a way of accidentally letting his shorts come down. It was gross, but it gave me a tingle, and I got the tingle just once too often and went … exploring, thinking about him and his accidental shorts. Next thing I knew I was shivering and my hand wouldn’t stop, and then bam. I was ten. It spooked me a little at first — the feeling was so intense — but it didn’t scare me away. After a few days I tried it again, and got the same feeling. That was all I needed to continue my explorations.”

“Eleven, for me,” Casper said. “I was curious about porn one day, so I went to Google and entered porn as the search term. Amazingly, it worked. One of the first videos I hit was a group thing, and it had a few guys taking a break and jerking off a little, so I thought why not. It was maybe kinda like your thing, Nette. I copied what they did, and the rest sort of … came naturally.”

“Ten, I was,” Becka said. “I heard this joke about a woman who, uh, had a romantic attachment to her washer’s spin cycle. Tried it, figured out it worked best when I leaned on the corner, and I’ve been a fan of appliances ever since.”

“Does that actually work?” Nette said.

“Sure, if you’re careful to properly unbalance the load first.”


“Yeah. Eventually I discovered there was nothing better than a couple pairs of hightops in the drum, and from then on, I had the cleanest goddamned shoes in the fifth grade. My panties were another matter.”

“Man, I guess I was a late bloomer,” Tucker said. “I was eleven too, and it was almost exactly like your story, Cas. I went looking for porn, was amazed that I could find it that easily, and figured out the rest from there in … oh … I’ll say five minutes.”

“You were surprised there was porn online?” Becka said. “Or are you and Cas joking?”

“I was joking,” Casper said.

“I wasn’t. I had the idea it was all locked away somewhere on websites you needed passwords for, or had to pay to get into. I sure as hell didn’t expect anything like an endless river.” He shrugged at her stunned look. “I was naïve.”

Luke took a deep breath and shot Kaeleigh some side-eye. “You better not tell Mom about any of this.”

“C’mon,” she said. “I promised. Besides, I like everyone, and these are great stories.”

“They’re not stories.”

“Ah-dur. I figured that out before you even took off your helmet. I said I wouldn’t blab. I’m not gonna.”

Luke nodded, then shook his head. “Well, I was eleven too. I guess I wasn’t any more brilliant than anyone else, because it was pretty much exactly the same as with Cas and Tuck. I did what you might call a targeted search one day, and … I read somewhere once that something like seventy percent of all online information is porn. From what I saw, I can believe it. It was like a … a cathedral of fucking. And I saw the light that day, there was a laying on of hand, and I’ve been going to church pretty much every day ever since.”

“Hallelujah and pass the plate,” Travis said. “I was eleven too. And yeah, it was porn.”

“Guys, or girls?” Cas said.

“Couples,” Travis said. “So yes. I was going cross-eyed trying to figure out which one I wanted to watch more.”

“Man, and I thought I started young,” Kaeleigh murmured.

“Oh?” said Nette. “Something you want to share with the class?”

“Uh…” She glanced at Luke, who was just gaping bugeyed at her, but she figured she owed him a tit-for-tat. At least it would prove that she was serious about not tattling to Mom or anything that abjectly dorktarded. “Well, I was ten. I guess that’s not so young after all. I was reading this website about sex, and they talked about the, you know, the female reproductive system. Which included all the technical names for cunt and lips and clit and stuff, but I guess it was nice to know the official words.” Her brother’s face, now, was dead white. “Anyway there was this section on, you know, fucking, about the penis becoming erect, the vagina becoming lubricated, the penis going into the vagina, and they talked about stimulation, how it was a…” She thought for a moment. “They called it ‘a normal and enjoyable part of sexual intercourse.’ So I thought, huh, I wonder if I can make that feeling happen without actually needing a boy to do it.”

“Not having one handy can sometimes be inconvenient, yes,” Nette said.

“God, tell me. Anyway, that was my first big experiment, and it worked. And I guess … I guess I’ve been having normal and enjoyable feelings ever since then, just without the sexual intercourse.”

“How is it,” Travis said after the laughter settled, “that all the girls have interesting and creative stories to tell, and all the guys are saying, hurr hurr, well, I just looked for some porn?”

“We are vast and contain multitudes,” Nette said. She picked up the die, rolled, moved her lips along the board. “So let’s see what the next shocking set of developments-for-eight is. Name two people playing this game that you would give a handjob to.” She looked up and around, arched her eyebrows, and went on. “One must be the opposite sex to you, and the other must be the same sex as you. Oh, my, decisions, decisions. Hmm. Well, I’ve always had a weakness for redheads, Becka.”

“I’m honored,” she said.

“Of course you are. And I’m thinkin’ Luke, too, just to make him squirm a little more.”

“Great,” he said. “Thanks so much for that.” But he was squirming, Kaeleigh saw, and she didn’t think it had to do with the conversation around the table. Everyone here seemed familiar with these questions, and everyone said they’d been playing for two or more years, like Luke. He’d have to be used to it all by now, and even if you considered that she was sitting there and listening in, it looked to her like there was something else wrong. His skin was still pallid, his brow was still sweaty, and there were hints of gurgles coming from somewhere inside him now. It was an impending Godzilla-style Revenge of the Nacharito, she was sure of it; and from the way he was looking, the screaming and running away were due to start any time.

“Hoo,” Seana said. “Handjob, handjob, who gets the handjob. Tucker, because I might as well keep both hands busy, and … Nette, since I want to be honored too.”

Casper was succinct. “Same-sex, I’ll go with Luke for pretty much the reason Nette gave. The girl … hmm … Sal?”

“Huh?” she said.


“Oh. Sure, any time, Cas.” She sank back into whatever space she’d been in. Kaeleigh thought maybe it had to do with Tucker somehow, because she kept peeking his way when she thought no one was looking, but it didn’t seem like an I like this boy a lot kind of look. It was more like the kinds of looks she gave Luke when he was getting on her nerves (translation: All the time), but Kaeleigh didn’t think they were sibs.

Casper stared at Sal for a moment, then shook his head.

“I’m thinking Seana,” said Becka.

“There’s gratitude for you,” Nette murmured to Kaeleigh.

“And Travis, because he’s just so goddamned cute.”

“It’s why I do it to myself,” he shrugged. “I can’t keep my hands off me.”

Tucker looked around, thoughtful. “Well, I hear blondes have more fun, so in a toss-off toss-up between Luke, Cas, and Trav, I’m gonna grab me some golden boy.” Travis giggled. “Girls…” His eyes flicked to Sal, so fast Kaeleigh thought only she saw it, then skipped off and away. “How about … Seana?”

“I saw her first,” Becka said.

“Now, now,” said Seana. “There’s no need to fight over me. You can take turns.”

“Mmm,” Luke said. “Uh … Sal and, and Trav, I guess.” He grimaced, and Kaeleigh heard a sound something like a cross between a gurgle, a burble, and a blup come from the depths of his torso.

“Luke,” Tucker said, his voice gentle.

“Yeah,” he sighed. “I think … I need to use your bathroom.”

“You know where it is. Feel free.”

“I think I can make it through the round.”

“If you’re sure,” Tucker said. “But if you’re not, go.”

“I will,” he said.


“Uh,” Travis said. “Assuming there are no … Luke-related difficulties … that might alter our plans for survival tonight, well, Casper and, yeah, why not Nette?”

“Indeed, why not Nette?” said Nette.

“Nothing but Nette,” Luke mumbled, and the wave of laughter sounded like it came at least partly from relief.

“Well,” Sal said, “I was thinking Luke, but maybe I should pick a backup. Cas? Yeah, Cas. Girls … Becka, since it’ll keep it on that end of the orientation scale.”

“Which is ironic, considering the question, but that’s All The Way,” Becka said.

All The Way, Kaeleigh thought, glancing at the title on the game board, mostly covered by cards now. Underneath was smaller text: A game for 4 to 8 players of mixed sexes. Something Nette said earlier came back to her. An ensemble was her term five or more, she’d said. Five, or six, or … eight.

She looked around at everyone, her eyes widening. Eight. Eight players. An ensemble of four girls and four boys.

She’d been wrong. Luke’s game nights weren’t about role-playing or trivia. They weren’t about a Girl of the Week. They weren’t even about fapping to porn. They were about group sex. Luke was a player in a game that was about having group sex … and he’d been playing it for two years and counting.

Seana had already rolled and moved by the time Kaeleigh’s shocked reverie broke (Seriously? No way. That lucky fucker. Every week, though? That totally lucky fucker), and was reading the question on the card she’d drawn. “How many sex partners have you had? Oh, God, I swear they ask this question just to keep all the math-phobics away. Well, I’ve been playing for not quite three years, and I’ve met pretty much everyone on the rosters right now … call it … ninety.”

“I haven’t been in as long,” Casper said. “And I haven’t really been keeping count, but I’m gonna say at least seventy.”

“Right around eighty for me, I think,” Becka said. “I stopped counting after fifty, and that was about a year ago now.”

“I figure somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred and ten or twenty,” Tucker said. “But I’m a little more flexible than you guys.”

“That’ll punch up the score, for sure,” Travis said. “Luke?”

“Mmm,” he said, and winced.

“Ballpark? How many people you banged so far?”

“Uh, seventy? Maybe eighty.”

“Assuming sex to mean full mutuality,” Travis said, “I figure it’s gotta be about one-twenty.”

“About one-thirty for me,” said Sal.

“I think I’m somewhere around one-fifty now,” Nette said.

Kaeleigh sat in stunned disbelief at the numbers, tossed out so dryly and only in terms of broad estimates. Not two or three, not five, not ten or a dozen. Multiple tens, sometimes more than a hundred. The only way that made sense would be for everyone here to have some kind of … of mission, to go out and have sex with as many people as they could each week. Was that why Luke had so many girls’ names on his phone? It had to be.

So … was the goal for everyone to get together, brag a little, set a new goal for more people to bang in the next week, and then … what, finish off the night with group sex?

No wonder Luke didn’t want her here, and no wonder Tucker said she could watch a movie or something later if things began making her uncomfortable. There were some good-looking boys and girls here tonight, and she envied Luke for what was obviously a hedonistic lifestyle, but she didn’t want to be part of it — or even see it — if he was participating, too.

“Okay,” Tucker said. “That’s the round. I think we’ll take a quick break so Luke can take care of business, and when we come back, Cas’ll get the next round started.”

Kaeleigh nudged her brother. “What?” he said.

“Break time. You can go—” But he was already up and moving, bolting down the hall. The other kids looked at each other, looked at Kaeleigh, and then everyone got up to take a break.