October, 2000

The Making of a Gay

The standard disclaimers apply.

All characters and situations are a figment of my imagination.

This story contains some pretty graphic scenes of sex between males. And if you have finally clicked your way this deep into the site its obvious you enjoy such things, so read on. But if you are underage I think you better be leaving for though biologically you can throw a boner and even father a kid and may have done all or most of this, the keepers of society feels that you should neither read nor view what you have already done!!!


   Young Tim fastened the seat belt and closed his eyes as the craft taxied for the final run before take off. A soft smile lit his handsome face..... Eric, he would finally be with Eric ! Excitement and the memories sent blood rushing to his groin, making his cock hard....


  Claire, the most amazing person I had ever met in my 21 years of existence...... She is 28, a great looking woman with an extremely successful career on Wall Street. We met about six months back at a friend's party and were immediately attracted. Three months later I moved in and life has been a riot of sensations ever since.

   She is a very sexual person and proud of it and totally open. She told me about herself and about the fact that she had been regularly sleeping with her cousin, Eric, ever since they were teens in high school. She told me about her other boyfriends and some of her lesbian friends. All this was pretty heavy stuff for me, coming from a quaint mid west town and all that.... But she totally enamored me and I went along. We had some great sex together and I was very happy.... I even wanted to marry her but she refused!

   And then one day she told me Eric would be in town and staying with us. I fell silent.... would it mean that it was over with us ? How would he take me...? Would he see me as a rival ? And what about me - could I accept him in the house, knowing that he was her cousin and longtime lover...?

   She must have noticed the look of worry on my face for she made it very clear that she didn't expect any 'jealousy' or 'rivalry' - we would be together for the period of his stay and we would all sleep together !!!! The little boy in me was thrilled and scared shitless all at the same time. I had indeed traveled a long way since my small community, Christian upbringing.

   Well, to make a long story short, he arrived on schedule and when I came back from school I found him stretched out on the couch, buck naked, watching TV. I paused, shocked (?), but didn't dare to stare..... he was very handsome and built like one of those football players.... strong and huge, but my eyes never went past the six-pack mid section, though curious to see another man yet scared about what he might think of me.

   "Hi, must be Timothy..." he said getting up and extending his large paw. "Eric." he smiled.

   "Hello...." I said weakly, taking his hand, my eyes drawn irresistibly lower.... unable to stop them from looking..... see another man's cock, check out(?). I nearly gasped out loud as my eyes settled on the slab hanging between the solid thighs. I had heard about huge cocks, about 14 inchers and all that but never really believed it, thinking it to be more gossip than real substance.... but this guy was hung.... hung like a frigging stallion. He must have easily been over 10" ! He was soft and it hung half way down his thighs.... and as thick as my wrist. Let me tell you here, I'm pretty puny, only 5' 8" and delicate..... with soft, cute looks and very slim. Girls swooned over my 'sweet' boyish charm and said I made them feel nice and comfortable...... OK, back to Eric and his cock, it was cut and the glans shown a deep purple, equally large. The balls had to be a pound apiece, large globes each !

   "It's OK, you can stare all you want.... I always stay nude about the house, so you'll get to see a lot of me..." he smiled, "Literally." he added, his eyes twinkling.

   I felt the flush rise, my ears burning, feeling extremely embarrassed and foolish, no doubt. I felt kind of thrilled and excited and also scared..... I rushed inside and straight into the bathroom.... to take a bath, cool down.... though I never understood what was getting me all worked up !

   Well, Claire returned and soon we were dressed and went out for dinner. I felt more relaxed and comfortable with Claire around and Eric dressed. The food was great and we had a lovely time. After driving around the bay for a while we finally decided to return and were soon back.

   Before the door was even fully closed Eric took Claire in his strong arms and was kissing her, she rubbing her cunt all over his crotch. They moaned and slurped as I stood, gawking, dazed, my cock stirring in my pants.

   "Hey Timmy, join us !" Eric said pulling his mouth away for a moment before going back to Claire. They had already started shedding their clothes and just the last pieces remained.

   I stood, unsure..... intrigued.... fascinated. What should I do ?...... I felt my heart throb like crazy and the blood rush. My 6" cock hardened and strained against my pants. Slowly as if in a dream, my hands reached up and took off the jacket..... proceeding further with self disrobement. Soon three naked bodies adorned the living room..... two writhing in lust as I stood, my throbbing cock in hand, stroking. Claire finally disengaged herself from her cousin's embrace and came to me.... She kissed me hard, pushing her tongue inside my mouth, I could smell him on her..... It made my cock twitch harder. But I wasn't thinking anymore as I felt her take me in her hand and start to frig me.... Eric moved in closer and I felt his arms wrap around the two of us as he bent and nuzzled her neck. I moaned involuntarily as I felt his warm hands caress my back.... moving down towards my full cheeks to squeeze them....

   "Let's go to the bedroom." Claire announced pulling her mouth away, leaving me gasping.

   Eric patted my ass some more before we moved into the plush bedroom that I had shared with Claire this past three months.

   We climbed into bed and soon three hot bodies came together..... hands, mouth..... wet tongues and tingling flesh, limbs entwined. We fondled and kissed.... probed and slobbered....... well..... no point in going on this way, lets go to the point that really counts. Claire pulled out from under me and looking at both of us said....

   "I want you both to fuck me together."

   Together ?! Hell..... a sandwich fuck ! I was out of my raving mind.... I groaned and nearly spilled my seed. She asked me to lay down and squatted over me, holding my bursting cock she lowered herself and took me in. It felt incredible, her engulfing me with that hot pussy of her.... she pushed further and took me completely, making me shudder and grunt. Through glazed eyes I watched Eric sit there on the edge of the bed looking at me and smiling.

   I felt her smooth ass cheeks settle on my thighs and felt her squeeze me with the strong cuntal muscles, sending lightening bolts up my spine. She now fell forwards and lay on top of me and turning her face she looked at Eric and in a hoarse voice told him to enter her !

   He rose and got behind her.... she held onto my shoulders and raised her ass, retaining my cock by the flared rim, just the head inside her clutching cunt. I felt his knees against my widely spread thighs and felt the heat of his groin as he moved in..... He gripped his monster and placed it against her butt hole and pushed. She tensed and growled before burying her face in my shoulder. I reached down and patted her taut ass cheeks and felt her buck. Eric applied pressure and I could feel the cock head slip in..... the searing heat of the battering ram burning through the thin membrane separating our two cock. He forced more and more of the slab into her and I could follow his slow progress by the stiffness and the heat, rubbing against my cock, stimulating the underside.... My hips moved involuntarily, pushing up into her, hilting the shaft completely, making her wail louder..... He paused and stilled his hips. She shook..... I shook..... my cock jerked and for a moment there I thought I would cum..... but then the feeling passed and I opened my eyes.

   His face was directly above me, over her shoulders. He was looking at me and smiling, I felt like a kid caught with his hands in the cookie jar..... He looked deep and started to lower his face, my mouth opened involuntarily, waiting.... and suddenly at the last moment he turned his face and started nibbling at Claire's ear. I groaned..... with disappointment and blushed with embarrassed.... but he HAD aroused a new and unknown feeling in me..... something I didn't know existed..... I did crave his kiss !!!! Me ? A good little Catholic boy ?!

   But I didn't have time to reflect for he was moving again.... shoving more of his rampant rod deeper into her rectum. It rubbed against me, sending shivers up and down my whole body. I shut my eyes and moaned softly. Finally I felt his balls hit my nuts and press against them.... he was in ! It thrilled me !!! I felt satisfied.... like I had him in me.... I had taken him ! And then he began to move...... fuck Claire and in moving he made her buck and by extension me.....We all three moved, savage thrusts..... before slowly establishing a smooth rhythm.

   Claire came almost immediately, squeezing my cock ferociously and it took all my will power to contain myself. Eric went on pumping, slamming his massive cock in and out at a rapid pace, stimulating my cock beyond comfort..... His massive balls slamming into my tightened nuts with each thrust making me groan and push into her with more force. Claire had always been a great lay but this time she didn't even seem to exist..... her clutching cunt, the tremendous heat were a faint counterpoint to the huge slab of man meat rubbing against my throbbing dick. I moaned and darted out my tongue, licking her neck..... maybe expecting to meet his ..... maybe he would finally kiss me. It shocked and excited me..... wanting another guy..... wanting to kiss him..... 'I must be going crazy with lust !!' I thought.

   I felt him speed up, if that was possible, and felt him twitch, each pulse, each throb distinct and clear..... I closed my eye tight and wailed as I felt my nuts crawl up to the base of my cock and burst ! I heaved and shuddered as I flooded Claire's pussy with my sperms, making her cum a second time. But Eric continued..... still rubbing me, making it very uncomfortable after I had just cum..... and surprisingly I didn't go soft..... remaining rock hard !! My hands left Claire and slowly crawled up, tentatively, to first touch softly and then with more confidence Eric's flexing butt.... caressing the large, sweaty cheeks, feeling it hollow and jerk with each thrust then rising up and plunging in again. I squeezed them hard making him hunch faster.

   After what seemed an hour he finally grunted and yelled, "I'm cumin'.... I'm cumin'..." and pushed in further. Suddenly I felt his hot breath and then his wet tongue licking my lips, without thinking I opened my mouth and felt him slide in.... I gasped, I shook and felt my hard cock twitch and release a second load in gentle spurts ! I shivered.

   We lay there in a heap, wallowing in the after glow of a very satisfying fuck.... exhausted but happy.


   Next day Claire had to leave early.... some important meeting, some new client. I got up and went into the kitchen and got myself some coffee. I sat out on the lounge, sipping, my mind a total blank..... may be yet to come to term with all the new emotions rising like ocean waves in its ravaged folds..... I was confused yet tremendously aroused and also afraid of the new feelings, feelings for another man......

   "Morning." Eric said making me jump.

   I turned and looked, a huge salami staring me in my face..... I looked up and saw him smiling.

   "Good morning...." I replied softly.

   "Fascinated?" he asked looking down at himself, laughing. "I saw the look on your face..... the hunger in your eyes. Have you ever been with another guy?" he asked.

   I shook my head, unable to trust my voice.

   He placed his hand on my bare shoulder and squeezed me lightly. A shivered ran through me, my heart beating at top speed. He squeezed again and applied more pressure, making me gasp. He pulled me up gentle and took me in his arms, gluing his mouth to mine, tongue darting and fencing. I felt breathless..... overwhelmed by all the new feelings, the sexual urge..... I pushed back into him and felt him rub his groin against my already hard cock. I also felt slightly embarrassed at my blatant display of sexual frenzy, sucking his tongue, moaning heavily.... my hand already snaking downwards, towards his stiffening cock......

   "Want to feel junior?" he smiled pulling away and looking deep into my eyes.

   I didn't answer my hand at his navel.

   "Go ahead..... I know what you want. What you need!" he said as his hand took mine and placed it on his semi erect monster.

   I moaned as I felt the hot, thick slab..... I closed my eyes and slowly wrapped my fingers around it. It throbbed and twitched softly as I began to slide my fingers along its tremendous length, barely meeting around the thick girth.

   "Mmmnnnn...... Ah ! That feels good......." he moaned, "You have such soft hands..... "

   I felt him wrap me in his strong arms and pull me closer, crushing his open mouth and kissing me once again. I felt lost..... Funny sensations, emotions raged through my whole body. I quickened my strokes and felt him go all hard. It surprised and intrigued me once more to realize how big he was but mercifully I also noticed that he only grew length-wise, the girth remaining the same! 'What a relief,' I thought as my other hand reached lower and hefted his balls.... WOW! They filled my open palm and spilt over.... heavy and full.

   I felt him place his large hands under my butt and slowly lift me ! GOD! this guy was huge AND strong. He lifted me higher and my hand left the huge shaft and clung around his neck..... grabbing him, hanging on for dear life.... my legs automatically wrapped around his surprisingly slim waist and I buried my face in his neck, moaning. He lifted me higher and carried me inside and together we went in, into the bedroom, me hanging on..... feeling that immense prick sliding in the crack of my ass..... sending shivers up and down my spine. He carried me all the way to the bed and gently set me down.

   I opened my eyes and looked up at him, a million questions..... a silent pleading for him to take me, posses me...... make me his own. I was shaking violently and scared, yet extremely aroused and ready for whatever he planned. I felt my ass mouth twitch and flutter as my eyes moved lower and saw his rigid cock right in front of me. He smiled and asked me to relax, his eyes twinkling. He got the tube of KY out of the drawer and told me to turn around, on my stomach. Obediently I did as told and spread my legs wide.... I heard him open the cap and then felt his cool, wet fingers at my most private entrance. I bit into the pillow to stifle the cry, of need, of hunger......

   He worked magic with his fingers and soon had me relaxed and open..... he slid in two fingers deep inside and wriggled them, stretching me, widening the tight slit hidden in the folds of my full cheeks. I moaned and pushed back at him.... raising my hips high and opening my ass more, for his fingers.... for him.

   I felt the fingers withdraw and moments later felt him climb in and on top of me..... For the first time in my life I felt like a woman..... a virgin woman ready for her first fuck. I grabbed fistful of the bedspread and bit my lower lip. His body covered mine and the thick meat pole wedged in the soft valley of my ass. He moved his hips, sliding the huge cock in the cleft, past my twitching hole, nudging it every now and then. I wailed my need and pushed back.

  "Oh... Eric, take me!" I panted, shedding all inhibitions to the wild winds of passion. "Fuck... me..." I wailed.

   He laughed..... "Relax baby, you have denied yourself for too long...... young guys like you don't need a woman but a strong man like me."

   He began licking, nibbling my ears.... neck..... shoulders..... He raised his hips high and I felt the cock leave the valley and nudge blindly at my butt hole.... It found the puckered orifice and stopped. I held my breath, not knowing what to expect..... but my heart hammered against my rib cage and my whole body shook. I kept my eyes shut and bit harder. Eric placed one hand on my shoulder while his other hand steadied his baton.

   "Relax and open up...... push out hard...." he whispered into my ears in a hoarse voice.

   I could barely nod as I raised my pelvis higher and forced my sphincter to relax...... But relax you never know how to..... not the first time you take a cock up your chute.... and a cock this massive! Eric applied pressure and I screamed out unable to hold back. My ass hole was slick as was his cock yet it tore at me..... stretching the narrow slit beyond all imagination..... tearing the ass mouth in the process.....

   "Relax and push" he grunted.

   I did, God, I did..... I pushed out like never before but it felt impossible....

   "I..... I can't.... take..... that cock..... AH ! It's.... it's so big, ah !.... please.... stop !" I pleaded.

   He continued, ignoring my whimpers and finally I felt the bloated head pop in making me shriek in pain. He held.... waited.... and then applied more pressure. I was openly crying now, I felt so bloated, so stuffed.... and my stomach churned horribly..... He pushed, waited and pushed again..... Slowly, like in a dream I felt the burning hot shaft thrust deeper and deeper into me. For a moment there I thought it was about to come up, out of my throat ! I gasped and shook.... but Eric was relentless in his pursuit of possessing me.... of taking me completely.

   He must have been half way in and already my body was wracked my the violent retches and I felt numb..... the pain was unbearable.... and he pulled back. I felt him slide out and just his head remained inside and then with a roar he slammed in ! I hollered and banged my head on the disheveled bed.... trying to ease the screaming pain tearing at me.... and suddenly I felt his pubes press into my parted ass cheeks, his huge globes squeezed between my spread thighs ! I was sweating like crazy and so was he.... we were both panting.....

   "Jesus, you're one real hot and tight virgin.... I've never seen a tighter one!" he finally gasped.... biting my neck viciously.

   He began to move...... pulling out slowly and then rotating his hips, the massive head still imbedded inside and then shoved in...... It felt like my insides were being pulled out slowly but surely and then pushed right in, forcefully ! It was agonizingly awful.... yet in a peculiar way exactly what I seemed to desire.... !!!! I must have gone crazy with naked lust, or how could anyone really enjoy such a horrifying experience ?.... And as he moved I moved too, lifting my ass high for his shove and then humping the bed as he withdrew....

   "Oooooooooooo........." I wailed pitiably, my legs stiff, bent at the knee. My cock was surprisingly hard and oozing the sticky goo all over my belly and the bed.

   He started to now fuck me in real earnest..... speeding up..... slamming into me with rapid thrusts, sending the flag pole up into my belly, making me lurch forward..... lunge into the creaking bed. He fucked me like I was some two-bit whore and I loved every fucking moment of it. As he went on thrusting the pain eased a little and suddenly it started feeling good...... I started enjoying it. I raised my head and asked him to fuck me harder..... deeper.....

   He caught me by my hair and pulled my head back and steering it sideways crushed his mouth to mine..... I opened up and took his tongue in, sucking it like a baby.... His other hand reached under and gripped my cock and squeezed it.... I shuddered and after just a couple of strokes exploded in a fury of liquid fire..... the cum splashing all over. I moaned into his mouth, my hands holding onto the pillow in a tight clutch.

   He kept fucking, rubbing my ass hole raw, making it burn..... but in that burning I found pleasure and raised my ass higher for him to plunge into. I pulled my mouth away and hollered for more...

   "Oh, Eric...." I screamed, "fuck me harder..... fuck that.... ass..... wide open..... tear it..... apart.....!" I panted. I was out of my mind.

   And he fucked me harder..... ramming into me savagely..... my ass went numb and my stomach rolled...... my insides felt like jelly, all loose and quacking. But I loved it..... I wallowed in the feeling. I was hard again as I felt him rear and shove in. He held my hips and went stiff and then with a low rumble he blasted me with a torrent of molten lava.... filling me up completely..... scalding my insides.

   "Yes.....yeah.....yes...." was all I could weakly mutter as I felt him shudder and finally stop.

   We remained that way for a long time and surprisingly he remained equally hard, still deep within me..... I felt his seed slosh in my rectum with each twitch of his cock and every pulse of my ravaged rectum. And then he started to move again !!! I was slicker now but still tight.... and he moved forcing me to respond..... slowly he picked up the pace and I could hear the obscenely squishy sound of his slimy dick moving in and out of my anus.... I loved that too and soon we were fucking with all our heart..... relishing every moment of it......

   I lost count of the time and through a haze did I feel him tense and explode a second time...... he groaned in a sexy way and flooded my butt hole with his rich cream before pulling out and falling away. I lay that way.... on my stomach, too weak to move or turn. I felt the thick juice gush out of me in slow spurts, rolling down my nut case to puddle on the sweat drenched bed..... I drifted off.

   It was late afternoon when I woke up. He was still there by my side, looking at me, his hands caressing my smooth ass cheeks. I felt nice, fulfilled..... but my insides burned..... the ass throbbing and paining like nobody's business.... I was still weak. He slowly pulled me closer and kissed me, our mouth gluing together as he sucked my tongue in...... our wet and slimy cock rubbing. If only every man could wake up this way - AH!

   Later we took a shower together and went out to grab some lunch. Back home he took me in his arms and told me that not only was I tight like a virgin but also acted like one.... shivering and wailing. I didn't resent that..... I was falling in love....... in love with a man ! He led me into the bedroom and we made passionate love again.


   He fucked me everyday after that.... every conceivable position..... every place in the house.... even standing up in the lounge in the early morning glow, me hanging on to his broad shoulders desperately. He taught me how to suck cock.... The first time was absolutely agonizing..... but I soon learnt to take him in completely, deep. He sucked me and as with everything else he was just awesome, having me shoot in minutes.... He let me fuck him in the ass and I just didn't seem to get enough.... We had a hell of a time enjoying ourselves and then suddenly it was time for him to leave.....


   The following week he left..... I stayed back, but just, it was an effort to hold back the tears that welled up and threatened to burst the dam. I tried to continue, continue to live with Claire..... continue to love and have sex with her, but something didn't seem quite right..... something was missing..... but I didn't know what, didn't understand. Maybe he was right...... maybe a guy like me needed a man..... I was simply wasting my time with women.... But I didn't know if he even remembered me...... let alone, love me. Then he called, I informed him that Claire was out and he said he wanted to talk with me.... We spoke and the next day I applied for a transfer to the University of Michigan. I told Claire about my move the day it came through. She didn't seem to mind much and that was a relief. She did some shopping for me and wished me luck.

   I got everything settled and ready for my move and on the final day I told her, told her the reason for the move...... She looked at me, incredulous and then began laughing....

   "I should have known...." she said, "he would do something like this. You're too cute to pass up. Next time I have to be a bit more careful when he comes visiting."

   I didn't like her tone but let it pass. She dropped me at the airport, hugged and kissed me.... "Take care," she said as I walked in..... on my way to a new future..... a new beginning.....


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