Mommy's Boy Part 1.

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As Samantha sat sipping Water from the Plastic Bottle the September Sun started to burn her uncovered Arms.

Maybe 50 or so yards away the School Soccer team warmed up for the Game, as the pretty Red-head glanced in their general direction from beneath tinted shades. Then, loosening her belt, she felt a warm and tingling sensation building between her crossed legs.

She took another swig of the cool water as the 15 year olds out on the playing field took their positions, before the referee placed the Whistle between his lips, and blew for the start of the game.

Sat watching amongst the hoard of Schoolgirls she felt her Pulse start to race as muscular male legs covered the Green Grass, and she wondered what they had tucked away inside their Shorts.

Visions of sweaty, moist, warm, School boy cocks made her gulp, and if it wasn't for the fact she had company she knew she'd be busy sneaking a hand inside her Skirt, until her fingers were probing at her now sodden crotch.

Her eyes quickly scanned her surroundings, and listening attentively she heard the usual whispers of the watching Girls.

“I wonder if Jake needs a hand in the shower later” one Blond girl sniggered.

“Mmmmm I bet he'd like someone to sponge him down” giggled another horny teen.

Sam chuckled under her breath. “How I'd love to do both” she thought, as her eyes undressed the hot and sweaty teen previously mentioned. Then reality hit home. “Shame on you Samantha. Shame on you. He'd probably shit himself if I offered my services”.

She was more than likely right, and for two reasons. One was that she was his Teacher, and the other because he was her son.....

The cool evening breeze caught Samantha's Legs as she slammed the Car door shut, and walking the few steps up to her house the wind played with the hem of her Knee length Cotton Skirt. Her Shoulder length Auburn Hair started to dance as the breeze seemed to up in tempo as the 35 year old Woman slid the front door key into the lock. With a gentle turn to the left, and a soft push with her right Knee, the door swung open, and within seconds the woman was inside, and safe.

The drive home from School had been long, and arduous, as the woman had to sit next to her son, who, if it wasn't for the fact he hadn't showered after the game the 10 minute road trip wouldn't have bothered her. Unfortunately she could smell his teen sweat, and glancing across to him, and then down towards the floor, she could see his bare legs. Her mouth went dry and her heart skipped a beat. She gulped as she tried to concentrate on the winding roads that led to their home, all the time trying to hide her flushed face, and burning Thighs.

Her problems, or more to the point her feelings started maybe a week or so back, when the woman was at work. She called it work, but if truth be told it was her passion. For years the 35 year old had been head of Art at her local High School. It was the very same place she'd learned as a child, and the comfort she held onto with all her old memories gave her inner peace. She loved her life. Well most of it anyway. She'd wed her childhood sweet-heart at 18, and although she thought it would last an eternity it didn't. They were together until only 6 months ago, when, totally out of the Blue her other half decided he'd had enough. No explanation. No apology. No guilt. He just upped and left, leaving the now single woman heart broken. It turned out he'd been playing away, as the neighbours referred to it, with a 'young piece' in a nearby Town.

Sure she had friends to help with the trauma, but they couldn't really help, she was distraught. Only her 15 year old son Jake made the last 17 years worth anything. He took it as bad as his Mother. It was a shock to both. Yet neither let on just how much it hurt. Sam as she liked to be known held firm though, and despite the many days when she simply didn't want to get out of Bed, she somehow found the strength to. So, forcing herself to be positive, urging herself to be strong, and willing herself to be better, she moved on.

Sam, or Mrs Adams to the School kids stood around 5'5”. She was one of the fortunate few who always looked healthy. No Puppy fat, no skin blemishes, no need for make up. She simply looked perfect. Piercing Blue eyes, an Athletic body, firm Breasts, and gorgeous flawless skin. Quite why her ex had wanted to stray was beyond her. She doted on him, adored him, cared for his every need, and had never looked at another man since they married. Yet, as with most relationships someone always strays, and he was the one. She blamed herself constantly, arguing in her head that if she'd done things differently he'd still be with her, yet even with all her self doubt she knew deep down it wasn't her fault.

Her friends often told her she was the perfect wife. Adorable, funny, kind, passionate, and 'sexy as hell'. Those were her best friend Kate's exact words, and as often as she thought about it she nearly always laughed it off.

“Me sexy? Hmmmm I don't think so” she'd tell herself. Others knew differently though, and the more she got told the words, the more she got used to them.

“Get yourself out there Girl, get some action. You deserve it babe” Kate roared down the Phone late one evening. “You're a hottie, so go have some fun” she added; and laughing to herself Sam just giggled a loving “We'll see”.

It had been far too long since Sam had dated, other than the usual fake first dates a husband and wife take every now n then, and just the thought of trying to do it scared the woman to death. She knew she was fairly attractive, and she'd heard some of the School-boy's commenting on her 'fab Ass', and 'great Tits'. Yet as great as it made her feel, and as much as it made her tingle, they were just kids, what did they know? Still, it didn't stop the 35 year old from sneaking into the rest-room a couple of times each day for some well earned, and highly erotic relief. She was only human after-all. And so what if they were only kids?

Unfortunately Kate wouldn't let it go, and one evening she decided enough was enough, she was taking Sam out.

Friday night soon came around and Sam was as nervous as hell. Kate was due any minute as the 35 year old sat on the edge of her bed slipping her Ankle high Pixie Boots onto her size 5 feet. The woman had her hair up in a bun, had a White Blouse covered with a White Cardigan, and Black skin-tight leggings. She looked breathtaking.

Kate didn't even bother to knock the door, she never did, and instead let herself in and walked upstairs to get her friend. Opening the bedroom door Kate looked stunned.

“Holy fuck” she gasped, “Jesus Christ babe you look fucking awesome”. Sam blushed. “Fuck woman you're gonna make me wet and I'm not even gay” quipped the 40 year old buxom brunette.

“Hey stop it, Jake's in the next room” replied the 35 year old as she got to her feet.

“So what? If he was in here he'd be thinking exactly the same. Honestly Hun I'd fuck you all ways up” whispered Kate as she eyed her friend from top to bottom.

“Listen no get trying to fix me up, it's just a few drinks that's all, I don't need the hassle” said Sam slightly trembling.

The evening passed without incident, thanked Sam under her breath. Kate had noticed quite a few Men taking an interest in her friend, and if truth be told the 40 year old woman couldn't stop herself from undressing her friend at every opportunity. Sam looked so fuckable she thought, so fucking fuckable. Yet, Kate stayed true to her word and the two women just enjoyed a few drinks and a chat, before grabbing a cab and heading home.

Sam was first to be dropped off, and after hugging her 'bestie' through the open window of the car she jogged the dozen or so yards up the driveway, and before you know it she was inside the house.

Kate sat wriggling on the back seat of the Taxi as she watched her friends incredible Ass as it seemed to wiggle as the 35 year old closed the front door behind her.

All was quiet Sam noted as she tip-toed her way up the Stairs until she reached the top. The only light visible was coming from the slight opening of Jake's Bedroom door. He'll have another of those action films on TV she thought to herself as she fumbled her way across the landing in the near almost pitch darkness of night. Then, just as she went to shout goodnight through the crack she caught sight of something that rooted her to the spot. No, he wasn't watching a movie, he was asleep. Sam almost fainted as her eyesight accustomed itself to the light. There he was, lay on his side facing the door, his right arm covering his face; and naked. Sam felt her legs buckle, and if it wasn't for the fact she already had her hand resting on the wall near the light switch she'd have fallen over in shock. Jake lay motionless, except for the feint movements as his sleeping body breathed. This wasn't what shook Sam, it was what she saw. What she hadn't seen since he was an infant. She saw his manhood.

Sweat began to pool in the palm of her hands as she uncontrollably panted. The 3 glasses of Red Wine hadn't helped as the 35 year old stood perplexed, and literally shaking, as she felt her eyes scan the naked boy only 4 or so Metres away. She couldn't move. She wanted to but her body said no, and instead, and without thinking, she eased her left hand forward and slowly, very very slowly opened the Bedroom door a little wider. Jake moved, only slightly, but this almost had Sam ducking for cover. That was until the 15 year old's left leg straightened to reveal himself in all his glory. Sam felt her legs twitch, and her heart race, as she stood staring at her nude 'baby'.

She knew she had to leave, but her body wouldn't let her, and instead she opened the door slightly wider until she had a better view.

The light in the room came from the revolving screen-saver on Jake's Laptop that was sat on the night stand only a few metres away, and although it was still dark she could see almost everything. The 15 year old had athletic legs, just like his mother. He had a slender waist, a few muscles on his upper arms, but what drew her attention more than anything else was his Penis. She bit her lip as she peered through the door-opening at his 4 inches of 15 year old un-circumcised Cock. She bit her lip again as she noticed his foreskin had slightly peeled itself back to reveal the tip of his Penis; and standing there open mouthed she unknowingly licked her lips. Then, without thinking, or in fact knowing what she was doing she stepped into the bedroom. No movement from the body on the bed, and further inside the room she tiptoed.

There she was, only a couple of feet away from the object of her desires. She dare not breathe for fear of waking her son, and somehow, almost miraculously,' she took an extra step inside. She was now stood near her son's feet. Every single thought flooded through her mind. What if he wakes? What could I say? Could I get out in time? Would he scream? Would I scream? Dare I look closer? And what's that smell? Then, trying to answer all her own questions in her head she looked down, only to see her legs about 2 feet apart, and with her left hand on her crotch. She was soaking wet.

“Oh my God” she said under her breath, and as silently as possible she slid her hand inside her leggings. He panties were drenched, and she felt them get even wetter as she hovered her middle finger at the top of her slit.

Jake moved. Sam froze. Then Jake settled and Sam got even wetter as she now had an uninterrupted close up view of her son's Penis.

Her hand trembled inside her bottoms as she leaned forward and gazed at the boy's tool. It was now she realised she had 2 options. Leave and forget everything, or stay, and never be the same person again.

She didn't leave.

She knew this could, and probably would end drastically, yet thinking on her feet, so to speak, she acted. Slowly, quietly, tentatively, she reached across with her right arm and slid her free hand inside her purse that was hanging by it's strap over her shoulder. With a twist of the clasp, and a flip of the drop down hinged cover she fed her hand inside, and without looking she found her Phone. Glancing at the screen she slid it to unlock, and then as if by magic she opened the Camera App. Then, checking to see it was on silent she pointed the Camera at what was in front of her. She zoomed the focus a touch, and then trying to keep her hand still, which was almost impossible, she clicked on Capture. She dare not look at the Photo for fear of passing out. She couldn't think straight, she was almost out of breath, but, as if on Auto-Pilot, leaned forward and took another pic. Her legs were visibly rocking by now as she tried in vain to lower herself so to get even closer. Somehow she managed to get within a few inches of Jake's cock, and holding the Phone as close as possible she snapped again. Then again. Then almost hypnotically she removed her now wet hand from her gusset and raised it to her face. She smelled her juices. They were intoxicating, and filling the room as she pushed her index finger into her already open mouth. She almost gagged as her cream coated her Tongue. Never had she been so wet, never so aroused, and never ever had she been so excited as she gently sucked the love juice from her digit. Jake was still asleep, but Sam had one more thing she had to do before she escaped. So, with her spit on her finger she reached forward, and slowly, oh so slowly, she wiped it on her son's cock head. Right onto his cock slit. Then, somehow managing to keep her finger from shaking and waking her son, she took a pic.

2 Minutes later she was out the room, had pulled the boy's bedroom shut behind her, and was staggering her way into her own bedroom. A minutes later she was lay on her bed, naked, trembling, writhing, almost crying, as she opened her Phone, and then clicked on Gallery. She didn't even look at the Photos, other than to check on the dates, but instead she clicked on 'share', and within a minute she heard the familiar 'beep' of her Laptop, and she knew what was there waiting for her.

Almost unable to breathe, and literally unable to focus, she opened the lid; and pausing for a few seconds she saw the familiar message. 'You have unopened files, click here to view'. This was her final chance to stop, and as much as she knew she had to she also knew she couldn't. She double clicked the built in mouse. With her hand in her mouth trying to muffle the noises the red-head felt her pussy start to fizz and bubble as into view, full screen, was her 15 year old son's cock. Not even touching herself Sam's legs bucked and rocked as she lay on her side staring at the pink skinned member on the screen. Sure, she'd seen what men have in their Pants before, but nothing as erotic, and definitely nothing as down right perverted as seeing her underage son's Penis. She gnawed on her finger as she clicked onto the next pic. She gulped and felt her legs splay open as she saw it slightly closer. Then the 3rd pic came into view, then the 4th, and she unashamedly ran her right hand over her now greasy slit. What happened next had the filthy mom dribbling, the final Photo.

Almost gritting her teeth she clicked on 'open', and immediately she had 2 fingers darting in and out of her now sodden fuck-tube as she saw her son's cock, close up, with visible veins, slightly peeled back foreskin, the outline of his 15 year old Mushroom shaped Helmet, and best of all with her saliva on his piss-slit. What she didn't know was her son was now wide awake in the next bedroom, with his Laptop on his bed, viewing the video he'd taken of the events that happened only a few minutes earlier in his room.

Sam was now finger fucking her pussy as she somehow managed to zoom the Photo in so she could see only his cock-head.

Jake was now lay on his side watching his mother stood next to him with her hand inside her leggings. He couldn't see anything while she was in the room with him, but had secretly covered the webcam light with some tape earlier that evening, and had obviously had this all planned.

He hadn't ever fancied his mom, he thought, but he knew she fancied him due to her 'casual glances' at his legs on the drive home. Then, seeing her dressed up as sexily as she was before she went out with Kate he was smitten. It was only natural, she looked ravishing, and he was a 15 year old boy. His body shook.

His video ran on a few more seconds, and then it came to the bit he'd been waiting for. His mom taking Photos of his dick. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine what she'd do though, so when he saw her wiping her spit over his piss-slit he grabbed his now erect Penis and yanked it harder than he'd ever done before. 10 seconds later his balls clenched, his shaft throbbed, and then out spewed his spunk. Just as he was watching his cum bubble out onto his hand his mother was in the next room spitting cunt juice all over hers. He yanked it harder and faster trying his hardest to milk his now gaped open cock-slit for the last remnants of his cream, just as Sam was lay on her side staring at her son's moist knob while she rammed the two sodden fingers to the back of her throat. As she sucked on them her cunt muscles spasmed, and out trickled more gooey cunt cream, just as Jake had his cock-head between thumb and forefinger squeezing out the last glob of his seed.

He lay there watching his mother on freeze frame, with her finger on his cock, as he massaged that last cum globule into his now Purple Helmet. What he didn't know was that his mother now had her Phone out and was taking a video of herself as she lay there fingering her pussy with Jake's cock photo in the background.

Jake was spent. He'd only been masturbating for a few months, on and off, and although he could produce excellent results, at more or less any time of day or night, he was still a novice. That was until now as he heard “Ooooo fuck. Ooooo fuck yeah” cascade through the wall from his mother's bedroom.

Immediately his cock-head flared, and his shaft started to go rigid, and in no time the 15 year old was out of bed and standing with his ear to his mothers bedroom wall.

“Oh fuck yes. Fuck yeah. Mmmm what a cock” Sam almost screamed as Jake stood there naked, listening, and wanking.

“Arrrghhhh fucking hell. Shit yeah, mmmm gimme your cock baby” she garbled as Jake leaned backwards and in no time was spattering the wall with his Jizz. It'd only been a mere 5 minutes since his last blast-off, and yet there he was pebble-dashing the wallpaper, and carpet, with his now almost transparent cum.

Sam was in heaven. Panting, moaning, groaning, shaking, slavering, and now flicking her erect clit while staring at her son's bell-end.

“Mmmmm please let me touch it” she moaned. “Oh baby please let mummy play with it. Arghhh baby show mummy that juicy cock-slit. Yeah that's it baby, wipe that creamy cock-slit over mommy's mouth. Mmmm yes baby, yes, let mummy taste your 15 year old creamy spunk. Oh fuck baby, look at mommy's dirty wet gushing cunt. Yeah baby, that's it, watch it bubble. Oh yeah good boy, feed mummy that delicious cock. Let me suck it dry while you watch mummy spanking her nasty clit”.

Jake's knob twitched just as he let his cum pool into his hand as he wiped it off the wall. Then he heard one final thing.

“Oh fuck baby I'm coming into your room every night till I get to see your gorgeous fucking cock again”.

Jake wiped the spunk on a dirty Towel, crept over to his bed, silently climbed inside, and planned his mothers next visit.

It'll be tomorrow he thought, and this time I'll show her loads more.

Sam had ideas of her own too. She wouldn't be wearing a lot.

The next day went slowly. Both mom and son hardly crossed paths, apart from the one embarrassing moment early morning when Jake went into the Kitchen and his Mother was stood there feeding her dirty clothes into the Washing Machine.

“Oh, hi mom” was all the 15 year old could muster as he shyly glanced at the outfit Sam had worn the previous evening, that she was now hastily throwing into the Washer.

“Oh hi baby, sleep well”? Was all Sam had to offer as nasty visions ripped through her already pounding head.

“Yeah not bad thanks. Anyway gotta go, we're playing soccer. Be back around....” and without finishing his sentence he was out the door and running down the street.

It wasn't until around 8pm that Jake came back home. He was allowed to stay out a bit later on a weekend, but considering he left around 9am this was his time. His usual time on a Saturday. Mom sat on her favourite chair in the living room and listened as her son made his way along the hallway.

“I'm feeling a bit tired mom, gonna take a shower then have an early night if you don't mind”? And at that Sam heard Jake bound up the stairs, and within a few seconds she could hear the Shower running in the bathroom.

Sam waited quietly, until maybe 5 minutes later she heard the shower being turned off, then the bathroom door being closed, and biting her top lip she gave it another 10 minutes before she made her move.

Creeping her way upstairs she saw the same dim light coming from inside Jake's bedroom, and peering through the slightly open door she trembled. There, lay completely naked, with his wet towel draped over the top of his head, and covering his eyes, was her 15 year old son with an erection. Sam almost squealed as she stood there in her sexiest, skimpiest, lace teddy. Her eyes were transfixed at the breathtaking sight in front of her. Trying so hard not to make a sound she opened the door a touch. No movement from the sleeping body on the bed, and throwing caution to the wind she was in his room, and gingerly making her way towards her son.

Lay there was her baby. Only he wasn't built like a baby, as looking closer she saw his foreskin peeled all the way back to his shiny cock-shaft, revealing the entirety of his cock-head. The ridge that surrounded his Helmet was engorged, and a deep Purple in colour, and her heart pounded.

So, kneeling down, with her head barely inches from his crotch, she noticed wetness on the tip of his Penis. Was it water from the shower? No. She knew it wasn't as he was completely dry everywhere else. She knew immediately it was pre-cum. She gulped, looked at her erect nipples that were now trying to burst through the flimsy material, and then glanced down towards her gusset. Her cunt was on fire. Soaking the lace at the hem of her 'too short and too tight teddy', and without any hesitation she raked her left hand up the length of her sweaty, slimy, tingling gash.

She wobbled, shook, trembled, and throbbed, as she smelled her 15 year old son's aroma, and then her own disgusting sexy stench, all the while keeping her eyes on Jake's knob. She inhaled again, and with a finger now sneaking it's way inside the folds of her quivering cunt she poked out her tongue.

All Jake could do was lie there incredibly aroused, and terrified. He wanted to look, to see, to smell, to inhale, but he couldn't, and instead lay there sleep-like while he knew his mother was now 'enjoying herself'.

Sam groaned, hissed, and then as she did the night before she tapped the screen of her Phone that was in her free hand, and once again hit Camera. She didn't want Photos this time, she wanted more. She wanted sound too, and more than anything she wanted filth. So, she simply hit 'video' and the recording began.

There was a slight 'whir' from the device as she leaned forward, then checking her son hadn't moved she stuck her tongue out that extra inch, until it happened. She now had two fingers ploughing her slimy snatch as she rested the tip of her tongue on Jake's cock-slit. She felt moisture, she tasted it, then she felt her legs go weak and she climaxed. So intense was it that she stumbled, and in that instant had the middle of her tongue on her son's bell-end. Somehow Jake didn't flinch. God only knows how, but seeing that she was safe Sam softly ran her tongue over her son's warm and throbbing knob. Her cunt was now dripping, so much so that she felt her juices trickle down the inside of her legs, and not really knowing what she was doing she pulled her fingers from her bubbling fuck-hole, and in no time was wiping them over her face, and more disgustingly over Jake's cock.

Back inside she rammed the two fingers, scraping the insides of her pulsating slit, until she could resist it no more, and still with her tongue on his mushroom shaped cock-head she slid them out, then up, then held them for a second in front of her son's face, before gently wiping her sticky cunt cream over her 15 year old boy's lips.

Jake obviously felt everything. He smelled something so odd, so weird, so incredible on his mouth that his cock jerked, and spasmed, and pulsated, just as his mother opened her mouth.

Within no time Sam had the softest of grips on his cock with her lips, while somehow managing to keep both her balance, and her grip of the Camera, as she tasted her son's Penis for the very first time.

She almost whimpered a soft 'mmm' as she inhaled, and then gently licked, and then slowly sucked on his dick, until she felt it start to move in her mouth. It wasn't her doing this, but her son who now had absolutely no control of his body. How could he? He was in heat, and so was his mother, but instead of Sam backing away she held firm, and let her son's erect 4 inch Penis slip slightly further inside her eager and greedy mouth.

Jake knew what she was doing without needing to look, but even so he was desperate to see. Yet almost incredibly he kept calm, or as calm as a 15 year old could be, as he felt his horny and dirty mother feasting on his manhood.

“Mmmm” he swore he heard as he felt his cock twitch, and he knew in mere seconds he'd have bubbling cum oozing into his mom's mouth.

“Shit” he thought, “what to do”? Then it hit him. With a soft moan, a gentle mumble, he moved his head ever so slightly, and Sam froze.

Then, in the blink of an eye she was gone.

Literally skipping across the room she grabbed the door handle and pulled it almost shut. Then, falling to the landing floor she climaxed like never before. She had tears in her eyes from her utter depravity as her cunt exploded spitting her cum all over the carpet.

Jake was now lay on his side with spunk pissing out his engorged cock-head. He moaned, far too loud he realised, as his balls emptied their contents onto his thigh, then onto his lightly scattered pubes, then he looked down to see the last few drops eke their way out of his now deflating Penis.

Sam was still outside his room, still kneeling, and with her whole body convulsing, her soggy, sticky, throbbing pussy spat out the last of her cream until she fell forward like a battered and bruised hooker who'd just been 'rail roaded' by half a dozen ex-cons.

Jake, with cum all over his groin leaned to the side, and there he saw perfection. His perverted, sick, twisted, slutty, and gorgeous mother panting like a Racehorse as she slowly came down from her monstrous high.

His balls quivered as he saw the outline of his mothers Ass, and then his cock sprang back to life as he heard her panting.

“Holy fuck. Holy fucking hell. What the fuck have I done”? She somehow managed to say just seconds before she got to her feet.

How she didn't fall over again was no-ones business, but somehow she managed to stand, moments after Jake closed his eyes.

She turned, and feeling drying pussy juice stuck to her legs she peered through the tiny opening in the door. What she saw she knew she'd never forget, as there lay her son, still naked, still pretending to be asleep, only this time his cock juice was all over his crotch.

Sam snarled, she actually snarled, and in no time was standing there ripping the teddy of her now sweaty body.

She stood there, naked, staring at her son's cum, but instead of keeping still she moved closer to his bedroom.

No sign of life from Jake, maybe he'd climaxed while asleep she wondered. Kids have wet dreams and why not him? So, unable to physically stop herself she pushed the door all the way open and entered his room again.

She'd dropped her Phone on the floor by his bed but hadn't realised until she approached her son, and almost thanking God she leant forward and picked it up, only to be met by the smell of fresh 15 year old nut-juice. She had no option, she had to do it. So, raising the Camera to get a good view she knelt down, focused on her son's spunky cock, and stuck out her tongue. Seconds later, warm, salty, sticky, delicious cum was coating her tongue, and without a care in the world Sam reached down and slid 3 fingers deep inside her now gooey cunt hole. The lips clenched around her digits as she shoved them in even deeper, almost ripping the skin off her Labia, as she invaded her 'private' space. Lapping at her son's spunk she yanked her fingers from out the vice-like cunt grip, and unable to stop herself was now wiping them over her son's Penis, while she continued to lick it like it was a Lollipop.

She inhaled as she licked and sucked on his manhood, while all the time her son lay there desperate to look. She actually started to make gobbling noises as she fed herself her late night cock supper, as Jake lay almost motionless. He didn't look though, and instead just made a few whimpering noises from time to time as Sam continued her late night feast. Cunt cream, spunk, sweat, and cock filled her nose as the filthy pedo gnawed on her baby's warm meat.

Jake felt his balls start to throb, then his cock start to twitch, then his legs start to shake, and he knew he was close to erupting again. Only this time Sam was going no-where, and instead she fed more of her son's now growing pole into her filthy, slutty mouth. Jake squirmed on his bed, almost to the point of screaming, as he felt the ominous signs that lift-off was imminent.

Sam ran a finger over her cunt, then slid it underneath her Ass, and gently teased it around her puckered butt-hole, as Jake let out the loudest moan yet, and in no time the 15 year old's Penis went as solid as a Rock. Then, to his mothers delight, her filthy, dirty, disgusting delight, his stomach clenched tight, and with no effort to try and stop on his part he let his cock-juice free.

Sam was now knuckle deep in her own Ass as she felt a jet of her son's cum spit onto her waiting tongue. She hadn't even finished savouring his taste when the reality of things really hit her, and in no time she was out the room, only this time with her Phone, and with a mouthful of her son's seed.

She didn't even close Jake's door, or her own bedroom door, as she ran inside before throwing herself onto her bed, lying on her back, and then spitting his spunk all over her tits.

Jake was now outta bed, peering through the doors, as he watched his mother lean over to her bedside cabinet, and what he saw next almost had him screaming.

Sam, legs wide apart, her son's nut-juice on her tits, the taste of spunk in her mouth, her ass-hole still slightly puckered from it's probing, now had a 7 inch pink dildo disappearing inside her sodden, bald cunt.

Jake stood there, well he almost fell over gob-smacked as his mom forced more and more of the pink beast deeper and deeper into her fuck-tube. What he didn't know was mom was watching her son in the vanity mirror across her bedroom.

She couldn't breathe, yet she couldn't stop her disgusting display, and soon had the 'toy' ploughing her cunt-pipe like never before.

Jake now had his cock in his hand and was wanking it as fast as he could trying to empty it of the final few drops of his spunk, as mom continued reaming the shit out of her battered pussy.

Jake was now on his knees exactly where she'd climaxed minutes earlier, and she knew he must have her cunt cream on his legs.

“Ooooo fucking hell yeah, holy fucking cunt yes” she screamed as she hit her orgasm. “Mmmmm that's it, fill that nasty fucking cunt up you pink bastard” she screamed. “Holy fuck yes, shit yes make the dirty cunt bleed” she squealed knowing Jake was watching, listening, and furiously wanking only yards away. “Ooooo fuck, who's a fucking filthy mummy”? She garbled. “Who's a stinking, dirty, slutty mother? Oh fuck I am. Mmmmm yes I am. I need spunk. I need spunk in my mouth. In my cunt, in my dirty fucking Ass” she howled. “Oh yes, fill my stinking fucking shitter with that creamy dirty boy-cum you dirty fucking child. Yeah spread my filthy fucking butt-hole and blast that nasty, stinking, sweaty, sticky, putrid cock-juice deep inside so mummy can feel it bubbling in her smelly shit-tube. Ohhh fuck yes, I'll finger my ass-hole if you like? Oh fuck yeah promise me your horrible, nasty, dirty, creamy, smelly spunk and I'll rape my fucking scat-pipe for you while you watch. Arrrghhhh yes, I'm gonna do it now, I'm gonna finger fuck my sweaty, smelly, shithole right now if I get to feel your fucking cock-cream filling my holes. Oooo fuck yeah, watch this you dirty fucking bastard” and at that Sam got to her knees, spread her legs, and still with the dildo demolishing the inside of her cunt she spat on 2 fingers and drove them both deep inside her shit-hole.

She was completely outta control, 'and about fucking time' she thought to herself.

To look at the woman no-one would ever guess exactly how much of a filthy bitch she really was. Hell not even her ex knew and he lived with the woman. All throughout her adult life she lived for the thrill, the rush, the nastiness of being a nasty and down-right disgusting slut. She loved perversion, she lusted after utter depravity, she longed for complete and utter degradation. She was a complete whore. A Jekyll and Hyde whore who was willing to do absolutely anything, and everything, to anybody, in the hopes of hitting new sexual highs. She had no limits, no hang-ups, no worries, and definitely no barriers when it came to exploring anything sexual. No-one was safe. Nobody. She could be an angel one minute, and then a complete cunt the next. This is how she liked it. 'Be nice to em. Slowly reel em in. Let em trust you. Then fucking abuse em'.

She loved the sordidness of her imagination. She'd sit on a bench in the Park, pretending to read, while watching parents, teens, children playing; while all the time she was playing too. Playing with her cunt. Fingering her Ass. Squeezing her clit. Pinching her nipples. Pissing her panties. She was pure filth. Pure filth that everyone liked. She was an animal. She was dangerous. She loved it.

Jake was now orgasming, but nothing was coming out. He was actually having multiple non-wet orgasms as he watched his mother deflowering her anus only a few yards away.

“Holy fuck yeah, that's it, that's fucking it you dirty bitch, rape those dirty fucking holes. Mmmm yeah rip em open and make me squirt. Mmmm make my nasty cunt squirt. Yeah squirt you nasty cunt, squirt because later tonight I'm gonna rape my filthy boy while he's in bed and squirt over his fucking face. Oh fuck yeah, cum you nasty bitch, fucking cum. Ooooo fuck yeah, maybe I should suck my shitty fingers clean while I dildo my sexy, nasty, stinking, soggy cunt. Mmmmm yes, do it you filthy bitch, fucking do it”, and in no time Sam had a shit smelling finger sliding inside her filthy mouth.

Jake's cock was now red-raw and he screamed as he stood there watching his mom sucking her stinking digit while fucking a 7 inch toy cock deep inside her cunt, all the time screaming obscenities and writhing on the bed.

“Oooo fuck I'm gonna squirt my cunt juice all over his face, then I'm gonna rub my teeth over his cock-head so he screams, then I'm gonna force his gorgeous cock-slit wide open with my fingers before I spit his cum back down his piss-slit”.

Jake fainted.....

Sam heard the body as it hit the landing floor, and immediately twisted her body to it's side. Then in another quick movement she was stood on the warm carpet hobbling towards her son's crumpled torso as he lay spread out on the Landing.

She went to help him, but it hit her like a hammer blow, what could she say? Or do? So, instead she turned, crawled onto the bed, and lay back down on her side facing her son.

Maybe 2 minutes passed when Sam heard the feint sound of the waking 15 year old. First a few moans, then a shuffle. Then squinting out the corner of her right eye she saw her son's body wobble as he clambered his way up and onto his feet.

He was only semi-conscious as he stood there naked, yet he still managed to make out the sight of his Mother, lay there, with the pink dildo partly inserted in her puffy cunt.

He gasped, then wobbled again, before opening both his eyes fully to see without obstruction the slime that was seeping from his 35 year old mom's contorted slit.

Without knowing, or trying, his legs bucked, his stomach clenched, and then his mouth opened, as Sam, pretending to be asleep, swung her right arm over her waist, and then almost in slow motion let it drop onto the protruding tip of the sex toy.

Jake leaned forward, only slightly, but close enough to see his mothers fingers softly grasp the dry end of the dildo. Before, to his amazement, she opened her legs, and then he watched as she slid the pink member deep inside her greedy cunt.

“Oooooo” she hissed oh so quietly as the final inch of the plastic cock wormed it's way into her pulsating gash.

“Mmmmm yessss” she murmured as she felt the inside of her fuck tube expand, almost to breaking point, before slowly, ever so slowly, she pulled on the toy until it slid all the way back out and into view.

There was a slight 'plop' as it left the confines of her now deformed slit, and no sooner had it fully emerged her cunt-lips snapped shut.

Jake backed off, trying to hide behind the door when he saw his mother's body wriggle, then shake, and as he backed off outta sight he heard his mom's feet hit the floor.

Not thinking straight, or able to walk properly he turned, scanned the area, and then quickly darted inside the bathroom.

Locking the door behind him he heard footsteps, footsteps that were getting louder, and in a flash of inspiration he turned the shower on and was inside the cubicle with cold water beating down onto his battered and beaten body.

“You in there hunnie”? Whispered Sam, knowing full well he was.

“Errr yeah mom. I won't be too long just needed to freshen up” came his feeble response.

“Oh, OK baby” replied Sam. “Just gimme a yell when you're done as I could do with a shower myself, I'm sweating buckets”.

Jake felt his heart miss a beat, maybe more, as he stood there cleaning the dried cum, and sweat, off his shaking body.

Sam was now back inside her bedroom with what used to be a sexy teddy on her, but which now resembled a piece of crumpled Tissue.

“Fuck it” she said to herself, “fuck it”, and simply stood there looking like the filthy whore that she knew she was.

Jake was now clean, and as he stepped out the shower he turned off the water. It'd warmed a little and thankfully the extra heat had slightly diminished his trembling. He quickly thought and realized he'd climaxed 3 times, he guessed, not really knowing. A new record for him, and one any boy his age would be proud of. Could he do it again he asked? His mom already knew the answer. Yes, in about 20 minutes, and right down the back of her throat.

Off went the bathroom light, and in no time the 15 year old was in his bedroom rewinding the video he'd taken only an hour earlier.

Sam was now stepping into the shower, knowing her son had just been stood there washing his manhood. Her nipples hardened, her legs shook, and her cunt fizzed as she stood there with warm water cascading over her naked body, while she fed the 7 inches of pink plastic cock deep inside her mouth until it jammed in the back of her throat.

“Mmmmm” she garbled. “Mmmmm. That'll be Jake in a bit”.

Jake was now lay on the bed watching a re-run of his mother sucking on his cock. What he didn't know was Mom was watching herself licking his warm and wet cock-head on her Phone.

No time for her to play she thought, just clean your stinking slit and get back in his room and finish the job. The filthy Bitch was in heat, and a 15 year old Virgin was gonna reap the rewards. One quick squeeze of her clit, and she was ready.

Jake, hearing his mom finishing her shower quickly turned the video off, clicked the Laptop onto standby, and then closing his eyes he braced himself.

One minute later a naked, wet bodied nymph quietly entered his room.

His cock jerked, then twitched, as he saw her approach his bed through squinting eyes.

He was lay on his back as Sam reached the edge of his Duvet. It was slightly covering his crotch but Mummy didn't care any more, and lowering herself onto her knees she slowly, quietly, gently slid the Duvet off her son's naked body until she could see everything.

Jake felt more than just his heart race, he felt his Penis inflate as every single drop of blood in his immature body rushed to his boiling hot trembling cock.

Silence filled the room for a few minutes as the perverted 35 year old mother watched, without making any noise, as her 15 year old son's cock started to fill with Blood, and as it grew centimetre by centimetre she felt he own body start to burn.

She had so many disgusting thoughts rushing through her head that she started to feel feint, yet somehow she managed to regain some sort of composure, and instead of blacking out she smiled.

Jake had absolutely no control of any part of his teenage body as he lay there, and within seconds he felt his whole body convulse.

Sam, now wide eyed and with her knees slightly parted took a quick glance at her pussy and she swore she could actually see her flaps pulsating.

Jake on the other hand couldn't see anything, and instead had to rely on his over active imagination as he felt his Penis start to twitch.

What he did next wouldn't just change his life forever, it would change his mothers too.

He couldn't resist. He knew his mother had played with him, had abused him, had aroused him, and had totally dominated him; yet he also knew she wanted more, much much more. And so with a hint of bravery, a lot of stupidity, and an immense amount of adrenalin induced lust he opened his eyes; just as his filthy mother parted her legs slightly wider, before driving two slender fingers deep inside her now slimy cunt.

Jake gasped, far louder than ever before, and Sam turned her head to face him.

There, looking one another in the eyes, Sam winked.

Jake's cock sprang to attention as if someone had electrocuted it, and seeing this his sick and twisted mother turned her body 90 degrees so her front was facing her son.

Jake shook uncontrollably as he saw his mother spread her knees as far as they'd go, and then removing her now soaking wet fingers her son saw his first ever pussy close-up, his Mother's.

His cock was now rock hard. It stood there twitching and jerking with his cock-head pointing towards his bare chest.

Sam licked her lips, and without concern, or guilt, raised her sticky fingers to her mouth. Then, still looking her son in the eyes she opened her mouth, licked her lips, and in no time she was licking her cummy fingers.

The boy's cock jolted, almost to the point of making his entire body rock, and seeing this, and seeing the look of amazement and fear in his eyes Sam leaned forward, and slowly, gently, seductively, she wrapped her fingers, the fingers she'd just had in her cunt, around the base of her son's dick.

“Just relax baby” whispered the woman. “Just relax and enjoy this. I know you're scared, but I also know you've been dying for this to happen”, and at that the pedo mother lowered her head, opened her mouth, and staring her son in the face ran her probing tongue over the tip of his cock, while slowly working her fingers up the length of his pulsating shaft.

Jake panted, then panted again as he felt his mothers tongue flicking over his slit, until he felt his pre-cum start to ooze out.

“Oooo yeah, that's it baby” garbled mom as she felt his warm, clear liquid start to coat her nasty tongue.

Sam licked some more, then stroked his member a little harder, until after just a few seconds she heard her son speak for the first time.

“Arrrghhhh It's, it's, it's, I'm gonna”.....

“Mmmmm that's my boy. Don't be scared baby, shoot it all out for mummy”, and as she tugged on his pole slightly faster, she removed her tongue and simply waited, inches from his cock-head, with her mouth wide open.

“Ohhh that's it Jake, that's it baby. Let that creamy spunk fly. Mmmm don't hold back baby, don't try and stop it, spray it down mommy's throat”, and just as she finished speaking she saw his cock-slit gape, his legs spasm, his back arch; and then hearing her son grimace, and then moan, out fizzed his 15 year old cum.

The first shot hit her on the cheek, the second spat onto her top lip, but the third shot right inside her slutty mouth. He was a machine....

He had no more though, or that's what he thought, until Sam pursed her lips right over his now cummy slit, and sucked. She sucked so hard he started to squeal, but that didn't stop the filthy whore. Harder, noisier, nastier, she sucked on his now aching and tingling cock.

“Arrrghhhh” he screamed, and easing her mouth off his knob the boy breathed for the first time in over a minute.

“Ooooo fuck baby I got more out. Mmmm you had more inside trying to hide but I soon found it, and swallowed it, and I fucking love it. So you better be warned I want more of it”.

Jake's heart pounded. His whole body was now shaking, he was fucked, literally, but mom wasn't done. Then to his astonishment she acted.

“Get on the floor Jake, get on the floor and on your knees where I was”, said Sam now sat on the bed, and somehow managing to move his now fucked up torso he more or less fell to the carpet.

“Now for some real fun” hissed Sam with a glob of her son's cum on her left cheek. “Is your Laptop still recording”?

He froze. Not for the first time over the last 24 hours he froze.

“Oh yeah, mummy knows your dirty, naughty, secret. You think I wouldn't realize my son was a voyeur? Oh yes mummy knows everything about her teenage boy. You think I wouldn't wonder what the tape was for over the Camera light? You think I wouldn't look while you weren't here? Well I did look, I looked while you were out playing football today. Oh and I know you'd been looking too as the video was paused with me, your mother, with my tongue on your Penis”.

The boy was busted. He wanted to say something about her filming them, but he knew she didn't care about that, he knew she wanted to embarrass him. To belittle him. To own him.

“Yes you naughty boy, you wanted to watch me give you pleasure. Well here's your chance, unless you've suddenly gone shy. Now, why don't you spread my legs, look at just how wet I am, then taste me”.

Sam moved to the edge of the bed, then letting her feet drop to the floor she sat there waiting.

“Come on, don't be shy, you weren't shy when you were watching me fucking my cunt with my dildo earlier. Yeah, I know about that too, I was watching you in the mirror. Oh and if you really wanna know, I fucking loved it. In fact I love the fact you're such a naughty boy, yes a naughty boy for wanking yourself while you watched. You really think I didn't enjoy myself? Well I did, and it took me all my powers not to call you in my room and ask you to help me. Oh yeah, I am a naughty girl, and a naughty girl that gets so turned on, so fucking horny when I think about you and your gorgeous cock. Mmmm, even just thinking about seeing your foreskin being rolled back to show your delicious helmet is getting my pussy wet. Look at it baby, look how wet you've made mommy's cunt. Now, peel my pussy lips apart, smell my juicy cunt, and lick it from top to bottom”.

The 15 year old edged his head forwards, almost to within a few inches of the wet mess between his mothers legs, then paused.

Sam didn't pause though, and instead took his hands and forced them onto the walls of her now throbbing pussy. Then, with a glint in her eyes, and the aroma of boy cum in her mouth, and on her face, she spoke.

“Peel em back, peel the lips all the way back and look at mommy's wet, creamy, juicy, bald, soaking wet cunt”.

Her words we disgusting, yet so incredibly filthy and arousing that Jake felt his legs start to shake, then something else shook. He twitched. Sam noticed.

“Mmmmm that's it baby, have some fun. No need to be shy now, we both know we're both filthy fuckers, so let's have some filthy fun. Let mommy, your sexy, hot, horny, dirty, filthy, slutty mommy show you how to have some real adult fun. Now just look, just look at how wet you've made my cunt. Look at the juices trickling out and onto my legs, and your fingers. Look at your magnificent cock how it's growing. How is it still growing after all your orgasms already tonight? I don't know, but I'm sure we can make that massive tool of yours spunk some more. Fancy wanking inside mommy's mouth later? Wanna drill mommy's slimy slit with your monster cock? Wanna fill mommy's fuck-tube with your delicious warm gooey spunk? Then, why don't you peel mommy's piss flaps nice and wide, open your mouth, poke your tongue out, and lick my gash till you make mummy scream? Then I'll show you how real women cum. I'll show you how mummy likes to squirt. I'll show you pure filth, that's if you're brave enough”?

Jake inched forward a touch, poked his tongue out, and without seeming to worry yanked his mothers cunt lips so hard, and so wide, his mother screamed, and then climaxed.

“Ooooo fuck yeah, fuck yessss. That's it baby, that's it Jake, rip my cunt-lips open. Mmmmm fucking hell baby, arggghhhh yessss now lick me please, please lick mummy. Lick me for fucks sake” begged the 35 year old, and in no time she felt a 15 year old tongue snaking it's way up and down her already demolished pussy.

“Fuck yessss, fuck baby, that's it, that's fucking it. Lick it, ohhh god yes lick it baby. Jake lick me harder. Mmmmm god almighty baby that's fucking amazing. Don't stop, please don't fucking stop. I'm cummmmmming. Cunt me I'm cummmming over my son's face. Yessss fuck yessss, eat me. Jake suck me and fucking eat mommy's cunt. Eat my cum baby, eat mummy's sticky cum”, and as her body convulsed, as her head pounded, as he heart raced, as her legs shook, as her nipples hardened, and as her pussy erupted, she watched her son devour her nectar.

She screamed, squealed, yelled pure filth, and then it happened. Her cunt started to squirt.

Jake gagged as the first torrent blasted the back of his throat. He was choking but Samantha held his head and drove it deeper into her gushing womanhood.

More cunt cream spat and squirted all over her son's tongue.

Jake backed off and felt the hardest, most powerful explosion of love juice hit him in the face.

“Fuuuuuck, fuck fuck fuck” screamed the 35 year old. “Ohhhhh fuck baby, fuck yes, drink it baby, drink mommy's yummy cunt juice. Mmmmm for fucks sake baby open your mouth and drink it like I'm gonna do to your cum in a few minutes. Oh shit yes, yes that's it, open wide baby and let that delicious cunt cream slide down your throat. Mmmm fuck Jake you're incredible baby, fucking incredible, the best fucking cunt licker in the whole wide world. Ohhh Christ baby, I can see my juices in your mouth. Mmmmm I'm still creaming, I'm still fucking creaming watching you tasting my fucking goo. Holy fuck, shit fuck and cunt Jake you're doing it baby, you're eating mommy's cum”, and within seconds Jake's cock was erect again. He was so turned on, so fucking horny he actually had his cock-head between his finger and thumb and was slowly milking his knob as he swallowed and slurped on his mothers slit.

“Ohhhhh fuck baby, fuck, you're incredible, fucking incredible” groaned Sam, and then she looked at her son's crotch.

“Oh god baby, yes fucking yes play with yourself, play with that beautiful hard cock”, and she fell backwards onto the bed a spent force.

Three Streets away Kate lay on her King sized bed unable to sleep. Ever since seeing Sam the evening before, all sorts of visions, thoughts, waking dreams, had filled her mind. She wasn't 'into' women, yet that didn't stop all sorts of lustful and naughty scenarios from exciting her senses, as she pictured Sam wearing her tight leggings and figure hugging Blouse.

Lying there, wearing a loose Satin night-shirt, the long haired 40 year old imagined slowly undressing her best friend.

Undoing Sam's Boots before sliding them off her dainty feet. Un-bottoning her Blouse before peeling it off the 35 year old's slim, sensual body. Unzipping Samantha's leggings before kneeling down and removing them. Then, still kneeling, glancing up and seeing her sexy friend stood in only her Bra and Panties.

Kate's mouth went dry, while her nipples hardened, and her pussy ached. “Fuck, I hope her cunt's creamy”.

One minute later the 40 year old was feeding 4 fingers into her squelching slit. 5 minutes later and she was feeding the very same fingers deep inside her twitching Ass hole.

Forcing herself to be quiet, for the sake of her neighbours, Kate gasped, shuddered, then feeling her fingers clawing at the insides of her Anus, she climaxed.

She'd always loved Ass play, but today was the only time she'd ever done it to herself while thinking of another woman. Her best friend. So, lay there, squirming and dribbling, she held her breath, and as if forcing herself into new territories she opened her mouth, paused momentarily, then urging herself on she drove the messy fingers inside.

Her eyes started to water as she inhaled, then, as she touched the messy digits with her Tongue she felt her cunt start to bubble, and in seconds the 40 year old had pussy juice spitting out onto her ample thighs.

So turned on was she that she lost all inhibitions, and in no time was sucking, and licking on her shit speckled fingers.

Spreading her cunt lips with her free hand Kate felt more cunt cream seep onto her legs, as she continued sucking and lapping at the fingers inside her mouth.

Her nipples were now rock solid, and throbbing, as she teased her slit with her finger tips, while cleaning the fingers that were now flicking at her tonsils and making her gag.

“Fuuuuck” she moaned, as the tangy, dirty, earthy aroma of her Ass entered her nose and throat. “Ooooo fuck” she hissed as she let her other hand tease her now protruding, hard, over sensitive clit. This made her pussy juices flow harder and faster, and feeling her legs shaking she gnawed on the once shitty fingers until she knew they were clean.

She was so turned on, so horny, so wet, and with so many perverted and filthy thoughts flooding her mind she literally screamed as she rammed a couple of fingers inside her now slimy snatch.

Out her mouth she pulled her once shitty fingers, and in no time she had them peeling her piss flaps as wide as possible, as her other fingers explored the confines of her now pulsating pussy.

Sam lay on her son's single bed with her head spinning.

Slightly gasping, as if to try and regain some semblance of normality, the 35 year old eventually managed to open her eyes, just in time to see Jake get to his feet. Not knowing what to do, or say, she simply turned onto her side and faced her boy.

He was almost as red faced as his mother as he sheepishly tried to cover his crotch with the towel that was now hanging off the bottom of the bed.

Sam had other things on her mind though, and reaching across pulled the towel from off her son's body.

Jake was now stood next to his mom, naked. He had dried cum on the top of his thighs as Sam scanned him up and down. Then she spoke. “Come to mommy, let me take care of that”, and shuffling closer to her son she reached out, took the base of his cock shaft in her hand, and slowly, sensually, lovingly, started to slowly wank it.

Jake had his eyes closed at first, but after a few seconds of his mothers tender touch he opened them, just in time to see his mother smiling.

“How's that feel baby”? She asked with a glint in her eyes.

“Ohhhhh god, wow” was all he could say as his heart started to pound, and then his legs started to tremble.

“Mmmmm good boy, it's growing. Mmmm that's it baby give yourself to mommy. Enjoy yourself baby. Mommy will do anything you want, anything at all. So don't be nervous, don't be shy, be brave. Tell me what you want. Tell me what to do. Tell me anything, everything. Tell me your naughtiest fantasies. Tell me your dirtiest dreams. Tell me your sordid secrets. I wanna know everything. I wanna please you in any way you desire. You're the man of the house now Jake, and a woman has to please her man in any way he likes. Whatever he asks a woman has to do, and I mean I'll do absolutely anything you ask. And I'm willing, ready, and definitely able to please you in oh so many different ways. Am I pleasing you now stroking your cock? Does it please the man of the house to see his woman naked, wanking his delicious cock? Would it please the man of the house more if I was to slide your gorgeous cock into my mouth and suck it? Would it please the man of the house if he could watch me sucking, licking, nibbling, and wanking his cock while I play with my wet pussy? Tell me what you want Jake, tell your naughty mom what to do”.

“Ooooo mom, ooooo god I'm gonna cum again” he somehow said gasping for air.

“Ooooo that's my boy. Mmmm cum for mommy. Cum all over me baby. In my hair, in my eyes, on my face. Over my tits, in my mouth. On my Ass, on my cunt. Spray it wherever you want to Jake, I'm ready. I'm willing, and I'm always able to take whatever you give me. Now shoot that delicious creamy spunk and let mommy clean it all up”.

Jake's eyes bulged hearing his mother offering herself totally to him. They bulged even more when her saw her flicking her tongue over the tip of his cock as she wanked him slightly faster.

“Mmmmm fucking delicious” she garbled still probing his cock slit with the tip of her protruding tongue. “Mmmmm yeah, gimme that hot cum baby” she urged as her licking and wanking got more ferocious.

“Fuuuuck” he squealed. “Fuuucck I'm gonna cum. Open your mouth mom I wanna cum down your throat”.

Sam's whole body shook hearing those words from her son, and in no time she had her lips pursed over her son's hot cock-head.

Deliberately she dribbled and drooled onto his purple helmet as her fingers wrapped tighter around his shaft.

“Ooooo fuck yeah, fuck yeah” Jake moaned as his mom upped the stroking and licking tempo, until he knew he was on the brink. On the brink of blowing his load into his mothers waiting mouth.

“Jeeeeeeeeesus fucking Christ” he gasped, and Sam felt his body stiffen, his legs buckle, and his cock jerk in her hand and mouth, before he climaxed.

Lapping at his knob-end the 35 year old tugged at his hard shaft until she felt his cock-slit gape and out spewed his warm spunk.

He had almost none left to give his mother, but he fed her every last drop of his now crystal clear cum, while Sam gobbled up all she was given.

“Arrrghhhh fucking hell” he screamed as he felt his mom start to suck on his cock-head, as if she was drilling for Oil, until slowly, gently, lovingly, she stopped.

Jake was now almost unable to speak, or see, as his Penis finally slipped from the confines of his mothers mouth.

He gasped, then almost howled as Sam opened her mouth to reveal a warm pool of his clear nectar on her Tongue.

Then, as if testing her son's limits she mumbled “Mmmmm so sweet, mind if mommy swallows it”? And without waiting for the answer Sam gulped down her son's Jizz.

Then, with a simple “goodnight baby” Sam got up off the bed, kissed her son on the cheek, and left.

Jake was still stood by the side of his bed. His head was spinning, his body still convulsing, and his Penis aching, as he heard the door shut behind him, and he simply dropped onto his bed.

Sam was now lay on her bed reliving the past few hours, before mom and son both collapsed into a deep, deep sleep....

The clock in the local Cafe struck 10am as Kate stepped through the revolving door and spotted her friend sat at a table in the corner, sipping her Coffee.

“Hey hunnie, how's tricks”? Quipped the 40 year old trying not to think of how she got herself off the night before thinking of her bestie.

“Yeah good thanks beaut” came Sam's reply. “Bit tired that's all, but I'm fine”.

“Ohhh right, dare I ask what you were up to last night then”? Kate responded sniggering.

“Hmmmm wouldn't you like to know”? Said Sam slightly blushing.

“Oh my fucking god, you dirty bitch” Kate rasped.

“Oi, bloody behave, I'm only joking” Sam spluttered out trying to swallow a mouthful of her Latte.

“Yeah yeah yeah, then why the red face baby? Been a naughty girl have you”? And at that Sam's phone vibrated. “I bet that's the lucky bloke now, wanting to say thank you for such an amazing evening”.

Sam blushed again as she saw she had a text message from her son.

'Morning mom. Gone with John to the Cinema, be back this afternoon. Thanks for last night and for being the sexiest mom ever. Hope we can do it all again really soon. Love you loads x'.

Her heart raced.

She was up, showered, dressed, and out the house before her son was awake; and on her way to meet Kate for their weekly chin wag in the Cafe she'd hoped, prayed, longed for some kind of positivity from her son. She had it. She beamed.

“Oh my fucking god that's him now isn't it? That's the lucky bloke. Who is he? Do I know him? Has he got a big cock? Did he make you cum”? Said Kate being her usual nosey self.

“None of your bloody business” Sam muttered trying not to let the other customers hear their conversation.

“OK sweetie, but no need to be coy with me. You know I'm a nosey bitch and I'll get the truth out of you even if it kills me”.

Sam gulped. If only she knew. I'd be the one being killed. Probably after a stretch on death fucking row.....

“OK calm down hunnie. Let me get a drink and I'll be right back” and at that Kate got in line and within a minute or two was back at the table.

“Glad you weren't long Hun I'm dying for the Loo. Watch my bag”? And at that Sam stood, nudged her chair back under the table, and was soon fidgeting her way to the rest rooms.

Kate sat herself down, adjusted her Skirt, took a sip of her Coffee, and waited for her friend to emerge. Then, taking her by complete surprise, she glanced down towards the table and saw Sam's phone. She only had seconds to decide, but they were more than she needed; and grabbing the Samsung she ran her finger up the screen and unlocked it. No pin or pattern with Sam, she was far too trusting, and in no time Kate was in the message folder. The last message was at the top of the list, and from Jake. So, without hesitation she opened it. Kate went numb. She was speechless, for once in her life she was utterly speechless. OK It hadn't spelled out the exact happenings of the previous evening, but it didn't leave much to the imagination. Was she reading too much into it? Was there an innocent explanation? Of course there was, there must be. She exited out the message folder, locked the phone, and with her hands trembling placed it exactly where it was on the table, then, grabbing her Coffee, took a huge gulp.

“Phew, that's better. I needed that” whispered Sam as she lowered herself into her seat.

Kate couldn't move, or speak, in fact she sat there dumb-founded as Sam reached for her phone. Then, with Kate slyly looking under her glasses Sam re-read the message from Jake.

“Hmmm so I guess you'll be seeing this bloke again then? I mean he must be special, and bloody good, if you're reading his note again cus the phone didn't ring while you were gone”.

Sam took a second to try and compose herself, before simply replying “Hmmmm maybe”, and Kate knew exactly what the message meant.

“So, don't mind me baby” added Kate, “but am I right in guessing you've found someone? I mean, a bloke? OK I mean someone special? Oh fuck it, I mean a lover”?

“Well let's just say it was unexpected, but who knows”? mumbled the 35 year old trying her hardest to keep calm.

Kate couldn't believe it. She couldn't believe that her best friend, someone she'd known, admired, adored for 30 something years was obviously doing something, or someone, she shouldn't.

Her mind started to race as she sat there trying to imagine what the hell the mother and son had done. What worried her more than anything was the fact the disgusting thoughts were turning her on, and she was sure she could smell her own pussy.

Sam sat sipping the froth off the rim of her empty cup as she re-ran the explicit adventure she and her 15 year old son had shared the previous night. She felt warm, nervous, tense, scared, loved, disgusted, perverted, and more than anything incredibly and erotically aroused. So aroused she swore she could feel her pussy dripping underneath her tight Jeans. So, trying to adjust herself as casually as possible she shimmied on her seat, until she managed to stem the sensations that were now coursing through her groin.

Kate, sat opposite her friend, had rumblings building of her own, and as if mimicking Sam wriggled slightly on her seat, until she relieved the pressure that was forcing her panties into her slit.

All kinds of thoughts ran through the dark haired woman's mind. Is her friend fucking her underage son? What have they done together? Should I say something? What the fuck could I say? And why am I wet?

Sam reached for her phone, and holding it between her legs started typing.

Kate noticed, but said nothing, and instead sat there with her mind wandering, and her pussy tingling.

“So, wanna re-fill Hun”? asked Kate as soon as Sam finished her text.

“Yeah sure thing babe, I'll get em” and grabbing her purse Sam got to her feet.

It was maybe 20 feet to the counter, and the fact the two women were tucked away in the corner gave Kate a chance. So, leaning back and seeing there was a queue she grabbed Sam's phone.

Scrolling through to the messages she clicked on the latest one from the 35 year old.

'Morning baby. Can't wait to see you later. I'm so glad you messaged me as I was really worried we'd over stepped the mark last night. Looking forward to tasting you again, and I hope you're thirsty because I'm soaking wet right now just thinking about you. Love you always, Mom x'.

Kate gasped, so loud in fact that she swore everyone in the building could hear her. Then, telling herself to get a grip she locked the phone, and shaking like a leaf put it back in it's place.

Sat there silently, with blood rushing to her head, and with flashing images of Sam and Jake going through her mind, the 40 year old somehow managed to raise a loving smile as Sam returned with the fresh drinks.

“So, got any photos of your new bloke then babe”? Asked Kate while sipping the warm refreshing Coffee.

“Oh errrr, well errrr” Sam choked out an answer.

“Ohhh I see, like that it is? Hmmm well I meant of his face, but if it's a naughty one I don't mind looking”.

“No way, not a chance in hell. I'm his...I mean... I don't know what I mean” out spewed Sam's response.

“Hey calm down hunnie. Calm down. I'm only teasing. Look whoever it is, and honestly no matter who it is, I'm thrilled for you. Honestly I'm absolutely thrilled. So calm down for fucks sake. Anyway as long as you're happy, and from the look on your face I know you are, then it's more than fine with me”.

Sam went red, in fact her face was glowing as Kate stared her out.

“So, come on then, was he good? I mean, did he hit the spot”?

Sam paused, then knowing her friend wouldn't let up replied. “Honestly you're a fucking nightmare, but yes, he was incredible. Happy now”?

“Fuck yes I'm happy, and fuck yes tell me more”.

“Jesus fucking Christ you're an animal” giggled Sam nervously. “I'm not telling you everything but yes he hit the spot, yes he was very good, and stop fucking embarrassing me”.

“Ha-ha knew it, I bloody knew it. You're in love, or lust. Oh my god you're thinking of him doing you right now, you're in heat. Holy fucking cow gimme his number I wanna try him out. Hey who is he? I must know him. Oh fuck I do know him and you're not telling. You fucking bitch, tell me please. Pretty please”.

“Not a fucking chance. No way. And what makes you think I'm in heat right now”?

“Cus I can smell you”.

Sam grimaced, went an even deeper shade of red, and bowed her head in embarrassment. Kate smiled.

“Sam, we've been friends since the time of the Dinosaurs, so please don't fret. So what if you're wet. So what if he makes you tingle. So what if you want him again. It's only natural. I mean as hard as this might seem I get wet too. Yes prim n proper old me” she giggled. “I have urges. I have desires. I have filthy thoughts. I have erotic dreams and fantasies. I've done some pretty unheard of things over the years. And you know what? I wouldn't change a fucking thing. So what if some of the things I've done are classed as pervy, or disgusting? I did em, I enjoyed doing em, and given the chance I'd do em all over again. So enjoy yourself. Fuck the consequences, fuck the risks, fuck the worry, just fucking enjoy yourself”And Kate took another gulp of her Coffee.

Sam didn't know what to say. She couldn't think straight, and instead took a swig of her drink instead of having to respond to her friends comments.

“You know Sam you can talk to me. I won't judge, I won't scald you. I'm here for you anytime. So calm the fuck down” and Kate smiled.

“OK babe, and thanks. I can't really talk about him, but if I ever have the nerve to I promise you'll be the one. That OK?

“Hunnie that's fine. And of course I'm happy. Happy my best friend is happy, and I know you are. Oh and I'm incredibly happy knowing that you trust me more than anyone else”.

“Kate I trust you with my life, you know that right? Oh and can we please keep this to ourselves? I mean I trust you but I don't want others knowing”.

“Oh baby of course we'll keep it to ourselves. Wow he must be special if no one else can know. So, just answer me a few little questions and I'll try n shut the fuck up. OK, so I'm guessing with all the secrecy he's obviously someone I know. I doubt he's married as you'd never do that. So, I'm guessing he's either very old, or very young. By the way I hope it's the latter as that'd be so fucking cool. I mean obviously naughty, but being honest, very very fucking cool. And my other question is, and how do I word this without making myself out to be a fucking perverted freak, hmmmmm is it someone from School? I mean, is it a Schoolboy”?

Total silence, and Kate knew she had her. Yet, somehow not rushing her friends answer, she sat silently sipping her Coffee, while occasionally glancing under her specs at her now red-cheeked bestie.

“Errrr, well. Hmmm. Fuck. You bitch I dunno what to say” came Sam's embarrassed and lame reply.

“Oh hunnie don't be such a wuss. So it's a Schoolboy. Well fucking good for you. Have some bloody fun and forget what's right or wrong. You obviously like the lad, and he obviously floats your boat. Oh and if he's texting you and making you smile then you obviously did it for him too. Now calm the fuck down and chill. You dirty lucky fucker” and Kate laughed.....

Sam almost giggled and Kate knew she had her, and this gave the 40 year old some leeway for her next comments.

“So, you're seeing a Schoolboy. Well that's great and I promise my lips are sealed. Unlike yours were last night I'm guessing. So, you obviously feel guilty about the age thing, well I can't say I blame you but given the chance I'd be lying if I said I'd be able to resist a boy, no matter his age, if I felt he wanted me. Now, although I'm not saying there aren't risks, of course there are, but you're a clever woman, you have your head screwed on, so as long as you're both careful then no-one else need know. Except me. In fact I wanna know everything”.

Sam wanted to speak, she wanted to say more but felt eyes and ears burning.

“We can't talk here, people will hear”.

“OK, well drink up and come back to mine” and at that Kate swilled off the rest of her Coffee, and in an instant was up and out of her seat, with her Car Keys in her hand.

Sam wasn't expecting her friends eagerness, yet swigging off her Latte slowly got to her feet and was following her friend out the door.

Sam had walked the mile or so to the Cafe earlier, but was now sat next to her friend in the brunettes Mazda as she stewed over what to say, and what not to say, over and over in her head.

Kate didn't speak, but occasionally glanced at her fidgeting friend during the short journey back.

Slamming the Car in Park, the two women left the vehicle, and within seconds were inside Kate's home and sat on the Sofa.

“OK, spill the beans babe” joked Kate as she poured the two women a glass of Wine.

Sam tried to speak, but her words wouldn't come out and so Kate led the way.

“Right, so he's a boy. So what? Do you want to know a really dark secret, one that I've never told a soul in my life”?

Sam nodded.

“OK, well brace yourself. I went with a Schoolkid myself when I was 19. Now, admittedly there were only 6 years between us, and not the 20 odd like with you and whoever he is, but I know what I did was absolutely wrong, absolutely illegal, and yet absolutely fucking amazing. Hate me if you wish, but I'm sure there are many many more adults who do such things. Let's be honest, let's use the correct word, we're pedos. No other way of wording it, we're paedophiles. Get used to it, we both are, and no matter if we never do it again it'll never change the fact that we're both classed as disgusting filth”.

Sam almost choked on her drink as her friends facts suddenly hit home.

“He was 13? Holy fuck Kate. I mean holy fucking fuck. I, I, I dunno what to say. I mean wow. So, can I be really nosey? Did anyone ever find out”?

“No Hun, no-one ever knew about us. Oh and to be completely honest it was a girl”.

Sam, trying not to scream looked at her friend open mouthed, before eventually offering up a few words. Words that made no sense, but words that sorta fell out anyway. “Holy fucking hell Kate, I never knew. I mean I never knew. I mean we were friends back then and I never had a fucking clue. Who was she? Did I know her? Oh fuck babe I'm stunned”.

“Yeah you knew her. We used to play together as kids but obviously she was way younger so we didn't really hang out that often. Then, one weekend she stayed at mom n dads while her parents went away. I can't remember why they ditched her at ours, some sort of family tragedy I guess, but she stayed over, and it just kinda happened. I was in the shower and in she walked and just plonked herself on the Toilet. So, I'm there trying to cover myself, while she's sat pissing and staring at me. I can't really explain it but all that evening I lay in bed thinking of her, and long story short the next morning when I heard her in the shower I just walked in and pretended I needed the Loo”.

“Holy shit, and what did she do”? Asked Sam now sat on the edge of her seat.

“She didn't flinch. In fact she carried on soaping herself as I sat more or less boggle eyed staring at her body. Honestly I couldn't help myself. She looked so immature, so carefree, and so fucking amazing. So I sat there on the Loo for ages just staring. Eventually I had to move, so I got up, pretended to wipe myself, flushed, and got up to leave. When, incredibly she pulled the shower curtain open and stepped out. I swear I wanted to run off, but I just couldn't, and I just stood there rooted to the spot as she stepped out and onto the floor, right fucking in front of me”.

“Holy cow. I mean fucking hell Hun I dunno what I'd have done. I mean I think I'd have actually pissed myself if truth be told”.

“Yeah well, I know what you mean because I literally froze. There I was, 19, staring at a naked 13 year old, while shaking like a shitting dog”.

“So what happened next? I mean I know I shouldn't be asking but hell woman this is fucking amazing”.

“Ha ha ha yeah amazing” laughed Kate. “I didn't know what to do until I saw her smiling at me as I eyed her from top to bottom. I was basically in awe. In awe of a 13 year old girl who had absolute power over me, and over my entire body. So, I took her by the hand and walked her into my room. Mom and dad were out thank fuck, so sitting her on the bed, still soaking wet, I stood in front of her and removed my dressing Gown”.

“Kate, don't take this the wrong way but holy fuck, this is fucking incredible”.

“Yeah well just remember we both have secrets. So, as I said earlier, relax, none of us are perfect” and at that the 40 year old took a gulp of her Wine.

“So” added Sam, “can I ask you something really intimate”?

“If I said no would it stop you”? Giggled Kate putting her Glass back on the floor.

“Yeah, well no I'd still ask. So, hmmm, I'll try n word this as well as possible, but when I fail please forgive me. Will you tell me exactly what happened next”? And at that Sam's hands shook as she placed her glass on the table by her side.

“Well, if you really want to know I'll tell you. So, there I was, stood naked in front of a 13 year old, who's now actually leaning forward on the edge of my bed, staring at my body. It was as if I could feel her eyes checking out my tits, and then I saw her lower her gaze until it kinda welded itself to my pussy. Honestly I felt filthy, but I couldn't stop. So, and forgive me for this please, I spread my legs so she could get a better view”.

Sam writhed on her seat. Leaning forward herself, just as the 13 year old girl did all those years ago she stared at her friend. Only this time Kate was dressed.

“Yeah, she stared just like you are now babe” Kate quipped. “So, in for a penny I lowered my hands, and without thinking, or actually knowing what to do I spread my cunt lips and told her to have a real look”.

Sam almost fell off the seat, and literally had to grab onto the arm of the Sofa to save herself.

“Hell woman, you OK? I mean you've gone redder than you did in the Cafe when I was quizzing you”.

“Jesus Kate, I dunno what's wrong with me. I mean I've no fucking idea. Sorry, but that's probably the naughtiest and sexiest thing I've ever heard. I mean I'm sorry, but honest to God that was fucking awesome”.

“Yeah, well it felt awesome when I grabbed the girls hand and guided it onto my pussy”.

Sam, who was now physically shaking, couldn't focus, yet felt saliva seeping from the corners of her mouth as she tried in vein to breathe.

“Jesus hunnie I swear that's incredible. I mean I know it's filthy, but even so, fucking incredible. Now, no sarcastic comments but if I don't pee I'll bloody explode” and at that Sam got to her feet. “Back in a bit”.

Kate waited until she heard her friend climbing the stairs, then knowing she had a few minutes she took Sam's phone from inside the red-heads bag, and opened it up. She'd guessed, correctly, that her friend had pics of her new lover, and on opening the 'gallery' she found pure filth.

There, in full view was a cock, and she knew who it belonged to. Clicking a few others open she found the real deal. Sam's wet finger on his cock-slit. Kate gasped. Then she felt rumblings inside her panties, and in no time had a finger slipping between the folds of her pussy lips.

A noise from upstairs and she quickly closed the phone and threw it back inside Sam's bag, before removing her hand from her crotch and sniffing it.

Cunt juices coated a couple of her fingers as she inhaled, and then she drove them into her mouth and sucked them dry, mere seconds before Sam re-entered the room.

“Oh my god” gasped Sam. “Honestly Hun I'm kinda stuck for words. I mean wow, fucking wow. I'd never have known, or believed it if I hadn't heard it from your own mouth. Honestly babe thanks for sharing”.

“So, feeling less stressed now? Come on, you were shitting it earlier”.

“Yeah, feeling a lot better thanks”.

“So, anything else you wanna know”?

Sam took a deep breath, then spoke. “Hmmm so will you tell me more? I understand if you don't want to, but honestly Kate I'm engrossed”.

“Yeah sure thing” Kate replied as she tasted her cunt juice in her mouth. “Well the girl, OK it was Ann from down the road, you know the blonde who always wore that stupid bright Yellow Baseball Cap? Well, she had her fingers on my cunt. I was so fucking turned on I couldn't resist and pushed her thin fingers inside. Not just one, but four. Yes, I was soaking wet and they just kinda fell inside. The thing is she didn't resist, or need any help, and instead pushed them in even deeper. And then to my fucking amazement she started fingering me while I stood there shaking”.

Sam was now perched on the very edge of her seat listening to her friends filthy story, when Kate upped the tempo. “So, Ann was finger fucking my cunt and I was literally spitting my juices all over her thin wrists, when, totally out the Blue she knelt in front of me. Then, incredibly, she stuck out her tongue and started licking my clit. Turned out, after we chatted later that day that I wasn't the first person she'd been with. If I tell you everything it stays with us, OK”?

Sam nodded, and inched as close to her friend as possible without ending up in a heap on the floor.

“Ann told me later that she'd been with a few men, and women, and that she'd been having sex since she was around 6 years old. Her first was her dad. Apparently, and I've no reason to doubt the dirty slut, she'd caught her dad wanking one evening while her mom was on a late at the Hospital. I asked her what happened and basically she'd got out of bed to use the Loo, when she heard a moaning coming from inside her parents room. So, as we'd all do I guess she investigated, and low n behold there's dad, lay on his bed, with his cock in his hand, tugging away. She told me she stood at the door for ages watching. Then, just as he was about to cum she just walked in. I mean, the fucking nerve. Fair play though, I guess being so young has it's advantages, and the dirty tramp just sat on the edge of her parents bed while her dad carried on yanking himself off”.

“What? You mean he didn't stop? Holy fuck that's awesome. I mean Jesus Christ fucking amazing”.

“Yeah, the dirty cunt just carried on wanking while his daughter sat by his side watching. Then, after a few more minutes, she watched as he blew his load”.

Sam was now hornier than ever, and trying to conceal her obvious lust she opened her legs, only slightly, but enough to let her pent up frustrations air.

Kate couldn't help but notice, and she herself spread her own legs as if to approve of her friends distress.

“Yeah, that's how it all started. According to Ann every night she'd watch him wanking, and then one day she asked him what he was doing. Best thing is that he actually told her. He told her everything. I mean holy fuck, imagine telling your own child that you're doing filthy things to your most intimate of parts. Anyway she obviously approved, and the next time she caught him at it, I mean the next evening when Mommy was at work, and dad was once again wanking, she walked in, sat on the bed, only this time she wrapped her tiny fingers around his cock, and joined in. I swear, I nearly came in my panties when she told me. Since then she'd been with her Dad, obviously. Her uncle, obviously it was in the family genes, and also with her aunt. Never her mother though, but I guess beggars can't be choosers. Oh and obviously with me too”.

Sam was now trying her hardest not to pant, or let on that she was as horny as hell. Kate knew though, she felt the same herself. Then the 40 year old acted.

“So, we're best friends, always will be, so why don't you open up? I mean come on babe, I'm not that dumb. You know I've been with a 13 year old, I know you're turned on by it too, who wouldn't be? It's naughty, but fucking amazing. So, be brave. Talk to me. You know I won't judge, and to be blunt you know I'll more than likely approve” and Kate rested a hand on her friends shaking thigh.

“OK, OK, you're right. It's Jake”.

“See? What was so difficult about that”? Replied Kate clutching her friends leg slightly tighter. “I knew it was babe. Like I said I'm not that stupid. I mean come on, when we went out the other night for a drink you told me not to fix you up as you didn't want the hassle. Yet, the very next day you 'get lucky'. Plus, if you want the complete truth you really wanna get a password for your phone. Yeah, I admit, I looked. So, sue me. Just be careful with the messages babe as it could have been anyone checking on the contents. Oh and yes, I saw the pics too, but for fucks sake don't get mad, or embarrassed, they're fucking fantastic”.

Sam couldn't breathe, she sat literally gasping for breath as her friends words played out in her head. Trying to suck in air she stifled a grunt, and Kate knelt in front of the 35 year old before wiping Sam's brow while trying to comfort her.

“Easy baby, easy, it's fine. You'll be fine in a minute. The hard bits done now, admitting it. Hey, relax, chill, slow breaths. Slow breaths. That's it you're getting there. Nice and slow, nice and slow baby” came the soft words of the 40 year old.

Sam started to relax, only slightly, but never the less she was calming.

“Good girl, good girl” whispered Kate who was now kissing her friends cheek. “No need to fret babe how could you resist? I mean he's definitely a looker, and any woman would find it hard to say no. I mean come on, we all have secrets. I have, or had until now. You had some too, but if nothing else you don't need to worry about me finding out any more. It's done now babe, it's over. Now cheer up. In fact I'm totally fucking jealous, he's got a gorgeous cock” and at that Sam actually laughed.

“See, you're back. That's my girl. Now, come on, spill the Beans, I had to”.

Sam sorta chuckled as she tried to cover her obvious embarrassment. “Kate, you're the best, and the fucking worst. Is there no end to your depravity? Let's just get this out the way, what do you wanna know”?

Kate, now starting to tremble herself, thought for a second, then spoke. “Tell me everything. Tell me how it started. What you did. What he did. What you wanna do. What turns you on. What scares you. And finally, is it your, or my pussy that I can smell”?

Sam coughed, then whispered, “I think it might be mine”.

“Ohhh right, well don't worry about that” replied Kate, “I'm absolutely fucking drenched”.

Sam, sat there with Kate still pecking her on the cheek, visibly shook. Kate, just as aroused as her best friend had no idea what to do, or say, and simply kept her arms wrapped around her best friends back.

“Oh God Kate, I'm fucking trembling” added Sam as she felt her friends warm, sweet smelling breath on her face.

“Me too baby, me too. You nervous? I mean I am” the 40 year old somehow managed to whisper.

“Fuck yes I'm nervous. I mean I'm fucking terrified. God Kate what can I say? I crept into his bedroom after seeing him asleep and naked. I took photos of his cock, then I touched it as I raked at my cunt. Then I ran into my room and frigged myself off. Then the next evening I snuck in again, only this time I sucked him as he lay sleeping. Then I fucked myself on my bed with my dildo while he watched trying to hide behind my bedroom door. And, to top things off, later I made him eat my cunt as I squirted down his throat. I'm a fucking sick pedo. A fucking depraved, twisted, filthy, fucking paedophile. And the worse thing about it all, I fucking loved it and want it again. I mean fuck I can't believe I'm saying this but I want to be filthy, dirty, nasty, and sick, as much as possible. I should be locked up” said Sam starting to cry.

Kate was now the one gasping for breath, and without knowing was now kissing Sam on the neck.

Sam didn't move, or speak, but simply let out a soft whimper as Kate planted soft kisses on her friend.

“To be honest Kate” Sam somehow managed to add, “to be honest I got so turned on listening to you telling me about you and Ann, I had to rush to the Loo as I thought I was about to climax. Honestly I'm sorry, but I was so wet I almost creamed my panties”.

“You weren't the only one” added Kate who was now kissing Sam on the cheek, “I was dripping myself. In fact no sooner had you gone upstairs I had my fingers on my cunt. Now who's filthy and sick”?

Sam's eyes lit up. She wasn't the only twisted woman any more. “Christ” moaned Sam, “but the thing is I'm still fucking drenched”.

“Oh thank fuck for that” giggled Kate. “My cunts fucking dripping”, and feeling slightly less anxious, or nervous, Kate spread her legs.

Sam saw her movement, and almost in unison had her feet moving until they were maybe a couple of feet apart.

Kate, thinking back to her erotic thoughts of her best friend from the night before freed a hand, and slid it down her torso and under her Skirt, then inside her now cummy panties, and in no time her fingers were completely covered in her 40 year old slime.

Sam, guessing what her friend had done couldn't resist. So, arching her back ever so slightly she reached down, and without even looking UN-clipped the button at the top of her Jeans, then sliding down the Zipper to make room, she slipped her hand inside.

Kate gasped, Sam hissed, and both women sat clutching each other while toying with their cunts.

“Oh fuck Sam I'm fucking soaked” hissed Kate as her fingers toyed with her piss-flaps.

“Me too” Sam replied. “My cunts drenched and my clit's on fire”.

“Ohhhh fucking hell babe, fucking hell” uttered Kate as she drove a finger over her now engorged clit. “Mines rock hard now, fucking rock hard and aching. Shit I haven't been this fucking horny since I chewed on 13 year old Ann's tight, hairless slit”.

Sam bucked, she literally shook all over, and without caring drove 2 fingers inside her now bubbling cunt.

Kate, knowing exactly what her friend was doing went one step further. “I'm gonna have to sort myself out babe. If I don't make myself cum I'll fucking scream” and without waiting for any kind of response the 40 year old tore her Skirt, and then ripped at her Panties, before she felt freedom. Sat together, still arm in arm, Kate fed her middle finger inside her soggy pussy, until both women could hear her cunt making squelching noises as Kate started to fuck herself.

Sam, who herself couldn't hold back any longer, shifted slightly to the side. Then, somehow using her one hand managed to slide her tight Jeans down her legs, followed by her Panties, then, after a bit of a struggle kicked them both off her legs and onto the floor.

Kate wanted to look, but couldn't as she was still kissing her friends face.

Sam, now sat with her legs splayed, rammed 3 fingers into her waiting fuck tube.

Kate, still fingering her own snatch shifted her body, slightly, then sat next to Sam ploughed her middle finger deep into her cavernous cunt. She squealed, and so did Sam when she looked across and saw her friend fingering herself.

“Oh fuck Kate” she hissed. “Oh my fucking god you're fucking drenched. Mmmm fucking hell you look incredible” and the 35 year old squeezed her clit and her whole body stiffened.

“Holy fuck” screamed Kate. “Fuck baby your cunt's fucking gorgeous. Oh my fucking god just looking at it's making me cream” and dipping another finger inside her gooey slit Kate growled.

“Mmmmm glad you like it” replied Sam. “It tastes fucking amazing too” and then, without warning, Sam ripped her fingers from her pussy and drilled them deep inside her mouth, right next to Kate's head.

“Holy fucking hell” screamed Kate as her pussy erupted, spewing her cream all over hand and onto her lower arm. “Jesus fucking Christ I'm cumming” she howled, just as Sam looked down to see her friends wet snatch explode.

“Oh fuck yeah. Mmmm fuck Kate that's fucking incredible. Make that juicy cunt squirt. Mmmm yeah make it fucking gush for me” and without hesitating the 35 year old wiped her own cummy fingers over her friends face.

Kate squealed, then bucked, and then ripping her fingers from her now spasming cunt she drove them to the back of Sam's throat.

She gagged, coughed, then sucked. In fact she literally devoured her friends cunt cream before saying something so filthy, so degrading, and so disgusting she almost climaxed on the spot. “If we're gonna do this Kate let's do it properly. Now babe, get on the floor, on your knees, I wanna eat your cunt. Then, when I've sucked it dry I'm gonna tongue fuck your Ass and lick it clean”.

Kate, shaking like never before threw herself onto the Carpet, and in no time was knelt with her Ass in the air, as she waited to feel her friends mouth ravage her. She didn't have to wait long. Sam was soon lay behind her, and steadying herself by resting her hands on her friends back, the Teacher spat on Kate's sexy Ass-hole, before slowly, gently, lovingly, sliding her tongue inside.

Kate howled expecting Sam to go for her pussy, but instead she felt her friends tongue break through the puckered opening of her Anus, before squealing in delight as she felt the flicking tongue start to ream it's way deeper, harder, faster, and dirtier into the depths of her Scat-pipe.

“Fuuuuuck” she screamed, “Fuck baby, holy fuck that's fucking incredible. Oh my fucking god I've dreamt of this moment so many times. Shit Sam you're fucking amazing” and Sam drove her tongue in as far as possible. “Shit Hun, holy fucking shit. Yeah babe lick me out. Lick my Ass out babe. Oh my fucking lord tongue fuck my shitter. Do it, fucking lick it babe. Mmmmm fucking hell I'm gonna fucking cum” and hearing those words Sam removed her tongue, and turning upside down now had her mouth over the entrance to Kate's pussy.

“Do it. Fucking do it” she screamed. “Come on, cum in my fucking mouth you dirty paedophile”, and in seconds Kate was spitting her nasty cunt juice all over her friend's face, and more importantly down Sam's throat.

“Mmmmm that's it baby, that's it” squealed Sam greedily drinking her friends juices. “Feed me all that nasty cunt juice. Oooo yeah baby, let it all out. Mmmm fuck, drown me baby, drown me with all that slimy cum. Oh fuck yeah. Ooooo baby do it, fucking do it. Choke me you filthy fucking pedo, fucking choke me and make me gag with your snatch slime. Ooooo god baby that's fucking delicious. Pump that nasty fucking cream right down my throat”.

Kate, now screaming and panting, somehow managed to reach down and pry her cunt lips apart, just in time to feel her friends tongue dart inside until she felt it hit her Cervix”

“Arrghhhhh” howled the Brunette. “Shiiiiit. Fuuuuuck yeah. Mmmm fuck yeah baby. Holy fuck rape me with your tongue you filthy nasty cunt. Mother fucker yeah, fucking yeah” she screamed. “Holy fucking hell yes. Yes baby suck that dirty cunt dry. Do it Sam, do it you nasty pedo, lick it and suck it and drink it. Mmmm oh fuck yes. Eat my soggy snatch you horrible slut and imagine I'm a dirty, slutty, immature Schoolgirl being abused by her filthy Paedophile Teacher”.

Sam's own cunt exploded. Her slit was now spitting her tangy pussy juice into the air and Kate noticed. So, with her friend still tonguing her the 40 year old reached across and in no time was spanking the 35 year old red-head on the cunt.

“Yessssss” shouted Sam.

“That's it babe, that's it”. Urged Kate. “Make the fucker gush”. And soon Kate saw her friend arch her back, and then push.

Pussy juice was now spraying from the Teachers slit, as Kate managed to catch some in her cupped hand. Then, seconds later, was wiping the sticky goo over her own face.

“Mmmmm” garbled Kate. “Mmmm god that's fucking nasty, gimme more you nasty pedo”, and hearing her friends absolute filth Sam erupted, literally spewing jet after jet of her bubbling pussy juice high into the air.

Kate squealed in delight. “That's it baby, that's it. Holy fuck good girl, good girl. Keep licking me babe. Oh yessss baby make that juicy cunt of yours gush. Gimme that delicious nectar. Mmmm god baby you are naughty. Now think of me licking young Ann all those years ago. Imagine my fat tongue darting in and out of her tight 13 year old slit. Now imagine her nibbling my nasty hard clit. She's sucking it now Sam, she's nibbling my rock-hard nub. Mmmm now imagine her doing the same to you. Oh yeah Sam, imagine her sucking your clit as you feast on her hairless pussy”.

Sam's whole body spasmed, and the 35 year old red-head exploded.

“Yeah that's it Sam, that's it hunnie. Imagine fucking that 13 year old girl because I know you like being a slutty, nasty, filthy pedo. Her slender fingers groping at your tits. Her shaking hands clawing at your gash. And your squirting cunt soaking her entire head. Mmmm you know you like it don't you”?

Sam, writhing in absolute agony with her tongue inside Kate's greasy gash whimpered.

“Mmmm fucking yes please. Mmmm yessss. Gimme that teen cunt”.

“That's it baby” hissed Kate. “That's it Sam. Keep licking me hunnie, and now imagine just how wet, how nasty, how dirty, how filthy, and how perverted you're gonna be in an hours time when 10 year old Sophie from next door comes here and we both get to fuck her; like the sick, nasty, disgusting paedophiles that we both are”.

Sam screamed.

“Yessss Sam, yes. I think we'll start with her sat on your face so you can eat her 10 year old Ass, while I stand and wank all over her face”......

After what seemed like an eternity, but was merely 5 minutes, the two women slowly came down from their ultimate highs.

Sam, still shaking, and with dried pussy juice coating her legs, somehow managed to pull her Ass up, and onto the Sofa.

Kate, looking completely spent yet absolutely gorgeous, simply crawled across the room until she flopped backwards onto the Rug in front of the Fire.

Both were exhausted. Both ached. Both panted. Both shook. Both were silent.

Sam, trying to run what had exactly happened through her head sat confused. Kate, seeing this had to act. She did.

“So, I'm guessing it's finally dawning on you what I just said. Well, I won't lie, and I won't try and play it down, if that's at all possible; but yes, every Sunday afternoon Sophie comes and spends around 5 hours here, while her mom and dad go to see their parents. And yes, when she's here I fuck her. I won't even try and deny it. It happens, and although I totally understand you're gonna despise me for it, I hope to God you don't”.

Sam was stunned, but somehow managed to raise her head and look her friend in the face.

“So, Kate, hmmm how do I even start to say this? Hmmm OK. Here goes. You and a 10 year old girl are having sex? I mean I know you are, but fucking hell hun how? I mean, I know how but how long's this been going on, and how did it start”?

“Yeah, I thought you might ask that” replied Kate slowly crawling towards the window. “Best close these babe considering we're both naked” added the 40 year old as she slid the 2 halves of the curtains together. “Well, before I answer I need to know something, something really important. In fact as you're my very best friend, my greatest friend, I need to know if you're disgusted” and at that Kate walked over, and sat herself down next to Sam.

“No hun, no, I'm not disgusted. Not at all. Just fucking shocked, stunned, actually I'm fucking astonished. I mean she's 10, how in the fucking world”?

Kate gulped down the remnants of her Wine, or maybe it was Sam's, she didn't care, and took a deep breath. “So, how much do you want to know? I mean how much are you prepared to hear? Do you really wanna hear everything”?

Sam, fidgeting on the Sofa shook, paused, then whispered. “Tell me absolutely everything Kate. I wanna know the lot”.

Kate almost gasped in relief. Then, trying to get comfy sat back, took a deep breath, and spoke.

“OK maybe 3 months ago, when we had all that heavy Snow, I was shovelling a Path from the front door to the Side-walk. Ted and Jo from next door come over, and basically asked me if I'd watch Sophie while they went out. I didn't mind, it's not as though I have much of a social life anyway, so I said yes. Anyhoo they said they'd be gone till early evening, something about trying to get their family back together after some spilt Blood family feud thingy. So, they pretty much dumped Sophie with me, and fucked off in the Car. Hang on hun I need a re-fill” and at that Kate grabbed the bottle and filled the 2 glasses. Both took swigs with trembling hands. “So, I ask Sophie what she wants to do and it's 'can we build a snowman'? So naturally I say yes, and half an hour later we've finished, and we're soaked to the skin. Now, I'm 5ft, smack on, she's 4ft, or there about, and I have nothing to offer her in way of dry clothes except some of my stuff, that's naturally gonna swamp her. Never the less I offer, and she says yes, and informs me she love's dressing up. So upstairs we go, and after drying ourselves as best as we could I lead her into the bedroom, and to the wardrobe, and chest of drawers. What does one do in a situation like that I asked myself? So, I simply said have a look and see what you wanna wear, and before you know it she's got all the doors and drawers open, and I've got clothes strewn everywhere. I'm pissed, but she's enjoying herself, so I sit down on the bed and watch as she stands there holding different bits n bobs of mine, while posing in the Mirror. Then, me being me says, ''try some on sweetie, I don't mind', and in no time she's got her leggings and jumper off, and is stood in front of me in just her skimpy knickers and vest”.

Sam gulped, then wriggled. Kate took another large swig, and with the two women sat together, naked, Kate continued.

“So, I'm fucking speechless. I'm 40, and she's 10, and I'm sat on my bed, my own bed, watching her go through my underwear. Honest babe I couldn't stop shaking. Then, looking the other way I heard 'Aunty Kate, yours is the same colour as mom's, does yours buzz too'?

“Holy fuck” yelped Sam. “No fucking way? I mean, a vibe”?

“Yeah, my fucking black vibe, and she's holding the fucking thing. I couldn't breathe hun, I fucking swear I couldn't. Then, then, she turned it on”.

“Oh my fucking God, she didn't”?

“I swear to God she turned it on. I coulda fucking died. I mean, what the fuck could I do? So, trying to calm myself, which wasn't working, I told her it was just something that women use when they're grown up, to which she replied 'oh right, I see. So Aunty Kate how come yours is dry and mom's is always wet'?

Sam literally shook, almost to the point of spilling her drink. “Jesus fucking Christ Kate. Jesus. I, I, I'm fucking speechless, and shaking”.

“Imagine how I felt then hun. I mean I was absolutely fucking stunned. I had no idea what to say. Not a fucking clue. I mean I know I had to say summat, but what? I mean what”?

“Don't ask me babe” replied Sam. “I can't fucking breathe”.

“I'm the same thinking about it, and was exactly the same as I saw her running her fingers over it. So, anyway, I tried to gather myself, but failed, and just for the sake of speaking I asked her how she knew about her mom's”.

“Oh I see her using it all the time. Usually when dads at work, or when he's Golfing, or sometimes when he's out on his Bike. I don't actually see her using it, but I know she is as I can hear it buzzing, but she's always in bed. Anyway, when she wasn't looking one day, I found it in the drawer by her bed, and I took it out, and it was covered in slime”.

“Fuck me babe” squealed Sam. “Fuck me. Then what”?

“Well, before I answer you better be fucking sure you can live with the response”.

“Fuck me yes. I mean, don't you dare fucking stop now Kate, don't you fucking dare”.

“Sam, I was sat on the bed, in my joggers and hoodie, and it was either do I take it from her and put it away, or do I do the opposite. So I thought fuck it, and spoke. 'So, you don't actually know what women do with them then Sophie'? To which she said 'no'. 'OK, and do you want to know'? She nodded. 'Are you sure you really want to know, because it might scare you'?

“Oh my fucking God Kate I'm absolutely fucking trembling here. Tell me, tell me please” begged the red-head.

“Yes” she replied. “Yes Aunty Kate please tell me”.

“OK then Sophie. Why don't you bring it over here and sit next to me? First I think I should close the blinds though” I replied.

“So, with a bit of sunlight coming through into the room she plonked herself on the bed with me with my vibe in her hand. She'd turned it off by now though so I guessed she wanted to hear everything. Anyway I looked her in the eyes, and spoke. Only I didn't hold back, I told her everything”.

Sam was now rocking and squirming as she sat open-mouthed, and open-legged, as Kate gave her the answer she was more or less begging for.

“Well Sophie. That thing in your hand is called a vibrator, or vibe. I prefer vibe as it sounds better. Anyway you know the slit between your legs? You might call it a Vagina, or something else. Anyway us grown ups call it either a pussy, a snatch, a slit, a fuck-hole, or a cunt. Now, to make a woman, or girl feel really good, I mean really really good, we take our clothes off, spread our legs, and slide the vibe inside our cunts. Nice and slow at first, so it doesn't hurt, then as our cunts get wetter and wetter, and we start to feel better and better, we slide it in and out faster and faster. Then, when it's in nice and deep, and we're tingling loads, we turn it on and the buzzing makes it feel even more amazing. In fact it feels so amazing our cunts usually get soaking wet, and before you know it our whole body starts to shake, and our cunts starts to dribble out the most delicious juices. Now, keep this to yourself, but Aunty Kate likes to have her vibe deep inside her cunt as much as possible, kinda like your mom does. In fact, I bet your mom's cunt dribbles loadsa juices just like mine does when she has her vibe inside her tingling cunt. You OK hunnie”?

“Fucking hell babe, I'm fucking throbbing” said Sam rubbing her legs.

“Yeah me too hun. Honest to god when I think back I can't believe what I fucking said. So, anyway, Sophie's fucking trembling by now but I didn't stop, I just couldn't. So I went that one step further”.

“So Sophie, how you feeling now you know”?

“Errr, errr, I, I, I”....

“It's OK hunnie, honestly. I guess it does sound scary but trust me, and your mom, it's absolutely incredible. So, wanna know more or should I stop”?

“Hmmm I, I mean OK, what else is there”?

“Well hunnie, it's kinda hard to explain. Tell you what. If you can keep this secret, I mean really secret, I've got an idea. Are you good at keeping secrets cus if anyone finds out we'll both be in massive trouble”?

'Yeah, I won't tell, if you promise not to tell mom'.

“OK sweetie, I promise this is our secret. Like I said it's hard to explain, so how about I show you”? And at that she nodded.

Sam, now had her hands running up the insides of her legs, and Kate noticed.

“Go for it babe. If you wanna play do it. I don't mind, and if it helps I'll keep on talking while you wank your juicy cunt” And without any hesitation Sam had her pussy lips parted and was running a finger up and down the length of her wet gash.

“So Sophie, ever seen a grown up woman's cunt before? Wanna see mine? Of course you do cus your panties are wet. Is your cunt dribbling? Is it tingling? Oh I hope so cus mine is”.

Kate, watching Sophie writhing on the bed slid her hands underneath the waistband of her bottoms, and slowly slid them down her legs. Then, standing in front of the ten year old kicked them to the floor. Then, as the young girl looked on, shaking, the 40 year old lifted her hoodie over her head, and then next thing she was stood in only her Bra and knickers only a foot from the trembling child.

“See how wet my cunt is already through my panties hunnie? Just like yours. Mmmm are you sure you're only 10”?

“Yeah, honest, I'm only ten Aunty Kate, promise” came the girls muffled reply.

“Oh well, in that case you must be excited hunnie. Are you excited right now”?

“I'm shaking Aunty Kate, and I am kinda tingly too” came the youngsters feeble response.

“Oh goody, good girl, that's wonderful. Tell you what hunnie, why don't you help Kate and pull my panties down my legs while I take my Bra off. My tits wanna come out too” and leaning forward, ever so slowly, the 40 year old felt Sophie grab the elastic band of her panties, and slowly, gently, tentatively, the girl started to slide them down to the woman's feet. Then, one foot at a time Kate stepped out, and was soon stood completely naked in front of the girl.

“Mmmm that's much better Sophie. Mmm much better”.

Sophie was speechless, and shaking, as Kate went in for the kill.

“So, this is Kate's cunt, Kate's wet cunt I might add. Her wet cunt waiting to have that black vibe pushed deep inside. Now, why don't you get undressed too? You might actually feel better, in fact I know you would because I certainly do. Come on hunnie, let me pull your panties off while you get rid of the vest”, and without waiting for a response Kate bent down, and in no time was peeling the young girls knickers off. “Mmmm that's it hunnie, that's it. Wow, what a gorgeous cunt you have” she somehow managed to say as she saw the 10 year old sitting naked on the edge of her bed. “How you feeling now baby? Feel better”? She asked staring at the tight, bald slit between the girls legs.

“It feels kinda odd, but OK I guess” came the 10 year old's reply.

“Good good. Now Kate's gonna peel her cunt lips apart, nice and wide, nice and slowly, then when I say I want you to grab the vibe, and slowly, gently, push it inside my juicy cunt. Now don't stop pushing unless I say. Just keep sliding it in until it's almost outta sight”, and at that Kate grasped her pussy lips, and slowly, pervertedly, she opened them as far as she could with the 10 year old watching. “Now Sophie, now, fill my cunt with my vibe”.

Sam screamed, and squealed, and then sat there spanking her cunt she climaxed, spitting cunt cream all over the Sofa.

“Mmmm that's perfect Sophie, perfect. You're an expert. Keep pushing it inside baby. Mmmm yes that's it hunnie, that's it. Now, do it a bit faster Sophie, and harder. Oh god yeah, oh wow yeah Sophie that feels so good. Mmmm Sophie you're brilliant at this. Oh yeah that's my grown up girl. Perfect. Now do it harder hunnie. Don't be scared because if you look closely you'll see Kate's cunt juices dribbling out. So, push it in real deep, and real hard hunnie, now turn it on so Kate's juicy cunt can start to get even wetter. Now why don't you spread your legs so Kate can see if your gorgeous cunt is getting wet too”.

Sam screamed and climaxed like never before. Her snatch juice was now spitting past her fingers and onto her lower arms as Kate ran a finger over her friends pulsating clit. Then, as if in unison both women fed their wet fingers inside each others mouths, and Kate continued.

“Sophie, your cunts getting nice and wet now. Wanna try something that grown up girls like to do? Wanna make it even wetter? I bet you'd love it. It'll make you tingle loads I promise. Open your legs hunnie, spread your legs for Kate while you keep on filling my wet cunt with the vibe. Yes, yes, fantastic Sophie, that's it, open them a little wider and in no time we'll have that gorgeous cunt of yours tingling like mine, and your mom's does when we play. Now, let go of the vibe, but don't worry I'll keep in my cunt. Now, use your fingers like you saw me do and spread those amazing cunt lips of yours. Ohhh yes, yes, that's it baby, that's it. Now just a little wider. Ooooo hell that's incredible Sophie. Incredible. Now close your eyes, take a deep breath, and try n relax”.

“Fuuuuuck” screamed Sam chewing on her cummy fingers. “What happened”? She gasped. “What fucking happened Kate”?

“I knelt down, and shoved my tongue all the way inside her 10 year old cunt until the little bitch screamed”.

Sam was now on the floor, on all fours, ramming 4 fingers deep inside her now gushing, smelly fuck-hole. She was squealing as Kate lowered herself next to her and started to claw, then chew on the red-heads nipples.

“So, you like the thought of me fucking kids then hun”? whispered Kate as she started to bite Sam's nipples even harder.

“Oh fuck” Sam somehow managed to reply still fingering her abused and sore cunt. “Fuck Kate I fucking love it”.

“Oh goody. Mmmm well you see Sam, what you don't also realize is that I also know how you like kids too. Yes hunnie I know how you like to go to the Park, and read. Or you pretend to read, but what you're really doing is watching all the youngsters, and especially all the kids, while they're playing. I know that you get turned on by all the young, nimble, innocent bodies, and that you play with yourself as you sit only yards away from all those petite youngsters. I know you sometimes sit there frigging your cunt, or your Ass, and even sometimes piss your panties in the hope that one, or all of them will see. Then you dream of them coming over, sitting next to you, and asking what your doing, because you so want to tell them, and to show them. I've often sat and watched you from afar as you toy with your pussy, praying for a child, any child, to notice. Yet they never have, have they”?

“Oh fuck Kate, fuck, don't. Don't make me admit it. Please” squirmed Sam.

“It's OK Sam I promise it's OK. Now, keep fucking your cunt because I have an even bigger surprise, one you're gonna fucking love. You see, I was watching you the one day and a young girl came up to me and we started talking. She was 9, her name was Kirsty. Anyway, turns out she was hiding behind a Tree earlier watching you. She asked me what you were doing because she saw your hand down the front of your skirt. So, I told her you were playing with your slit. Now, it turns out little, naïve Kirsty had seen you sat there quite a few times, and whenever she saw you in the Park she always liked to watch you. So, she'd hide behind the same Tree, and every time you were on the Bench she was looking”.

Sam shook uncontrollably. “You what? You mean she saw me? Holy fuck, shit and fuck. Oh my fucking god. I, I, I'm fucking sorry Kate, I swear I'm so fucking sorry”.

“Shhhh relax, and keep on fucking that delicious cunt of your's cus you're gonna love this. Turns out Kirsty thinks you're beautiful, which of course you are, and little old Kirsty is in your Art class at School.

Sam gulped. “Kirsty? Kirsty Jones? Shit, the girl on the back row. Fuck I know her, and her parents”.

“Yeah well anyway, after I told her you were sat on the Bench with a finger in your slit she asked me why. So I told her because you thought that she was gorgeous, and that you fancied her but were too scared to tell her, and that when girls fancy someone, or love someone, they always put fingers inside their cunts to show their love. Obviously she had no idea what cunts were, so I explained”.

Sam was literally in a daze, a sober, disgusting daze.

“Then, she asked me if she should put fingers in her own cunt because she loved you. So, naturally I said she should, and as often as possible, but never to tell anyone else other than me, or you. Anyway, we arranged to meet in the Park a few days later, and Kirsty comes bounding over to me beaming. I ask if she's OK and she says she's fab because she's been fingering herself. So, I ask her when and she tells me. Every-time she's in your lesson she sits at the back and pushes a finger, or a Pencil, or sometimes a Ruler inside her slit, as she looks at your 'lovely face'. I was fucking amazed”.

“You're fucking joking, you've gotta be. I mean fucking hell Kate, that's fucking filthy. I mean oh my fucking god that's sick”.

“No hunnie it's the truth, but what is filthy and sick is the fact that I told her that if she was really good, and could really keep a secret, is that if she asks you nicely you'd let her watch you finger yourself. Oh, and if she really loves you she should let you watch her, but only if she could push a finger, a Pencil, and a Ruler inside her slit all together. And she said yes. I did also tell her that your fingers weren't really big enough to fill your cunt, and because you both love each other it'd be better if Kirsty would put hers inside you, but to show just how much she really loved you then she'd have to put her whole hand inside and push it in really hard and fast. She said she would, but not in the Park in-case people see. So, the next time she has a lesson with you I told her to put her hand up, as if to ask you a question, then you'd go sit next to her at the back of the room. Then, making sure no-one else is listening, or looking, she's to spread her legs, lift up the bottom of her School-Dress, pull her Panties to one side, then slide a Pencil, then a Ruler, and then a finger in her cunt while you watch. Then, if she does it right I told her you'd give her a big kiss on the cheek; before she can watch you push fingers inside your-self, and if she enjoys it, and really wants to be your girlfriend, you'd let her come to your house any-time she likes”.

Sam fainted......