This story contains sex between adults and minors of both genders. Please do not continue reading if this is illegal where you currently reside. The author of this story would like to make it clear that this is purely a work of fiction and is not to be taken seriously. The author does not in any way condone any form of child molestation or rape; this is fiction and should remain that way. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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Brian always liked going to the movie theater, especially when Mom and Dad let him go with other people, like Mr. Turner down the road. He was only nine years old and yet he got to make all the decisions, especially when going with Mr. Turner. What movie they got to see, the size of the popcorn tub, his own soda, and candy... He was truly free. Of course, he always remained respectful to Mr. Turner and never asked for too much, after all, Mr. Turner had told him a few months ago that if he continued being such a good boy, he'd take him to a special theater. Brian really hoped he could earn a chance for that. Of course in his excitement, he had no idea what was in store for him.

Mr. Turner was what most considered a harmless man. He was a middle aged man that most of the kids on the block considered a second father. Mr. Turner did not have any kids of his own, his wife had died several years ago during child birth, taking the baby with him. Ever since then, he did whatever he could to get close to the little ones, especially boys like Brian. Kids were constantly running in and out of his house for one thing or another. Playing the new game system he'd bought, swimming in his new concrete swimming pool, jumping on his trampoline, even sleep overs! Of course you had to be at least ten years old to attend those. Mr. Turner's rule.

The trips to the movies came when Brian's parents needed a babysitter fast and had no one to turn to, but Mr. Turner. Changing his usual plans, Mr. Turner took Brian to see one of the latest Super Hero movies and he'd been such a good boy, Mr. Turner offered to make it a bi-monthly event. Twice a month, Mr. Turner would set up a date for him and Brian to go to the movies and allow Brian's parents some "adult time".

After weeks and weeks of being a good boy, Brian's day finally came!

"Brian!" His mom called to the boy from the living room. "Mr. Turner is here!"

Brian's heart began to beat faster in anticipation. Mr. Turner had told him after their last movie trip, he would take him to the special theater, but it was a secret. Brian had already proved he could keep secrets with Mr. Turner. After all the "special touches" Mr. Turner did while they were in the normal theater.


Their first trip was a normal trip at that, but their second, Mr. Turner let Brian sit in his lap so he could see better after a tall man sat in front of him. Brain sat on the older man's lap and let Mr. Turner position him so he could get comfortable, placing his legs spread open on either side of Mr. Turner's lap, with a hand rubbing gently along his stomach and the other his left thigh. Brian didn't mind it, Mr. Turner was usually warm and very comforting. The Third trip, they went to see a scary movie about a killer in a scary mask. Brian sat the exact same way without even having to be asked, except this time, Mr. Turner's hand came to rest on his ...well his mom made him call it a google. Brian was a little uncomfortable until he felt Mr. Turner's thumb start to stroke it. Brian started to say something, but Mr. Turner would whisper in his ear "You're a big boy...this is how big boys relax during scary things" and Brian had to agree... the more Mr. Turner rubbed his google through his shorts, the more relaxed he became.

The fourth trip, the went to another scary movie, and Brian found himself in Mr. Turner's lap with the man's hand rubbing his small prick through his shorts, this time putting more pressure and causing his tiny hips to move back and forth, his buttock rubbing against something hard underneath. As the movie progressed, Mr. Turner rubbed faster, Brian humped his hips faster over the hardened area before suddenly there was a wet spot forming under him. Mr. Turner would then turn the boy enough to cradle him in his arms like an infant child where Brain would curl into his chest while they finished the movie... a movie Brian had become so relaxed to...didn't frighten him anymore.

"Remember this is our secret" Mr. Turner would say each time they went back to the car. "Your parents would not let you come to the movies with me if they knew I let you watch a scary movie"

"Our Secret!" Brian grinned gripping the man's hand tighter before hopping into the car.


"Hurry up Brian!" His mother called again. Brian hurried into the mirror to make sure that he put on everything Mr. Turner asked him to, saying he had to dress a special way for this theater. In the mirror he saw himself in a white tank top revealing his slender arms and draped lightly over his flat tummy. His lower half covered by a pair of black cotton shorts with a stretchy waist band, the same ones he wore for P.E. at school. Underneath those, he wore nothing. He felt odd not having underwear, but Mr. Turner told him big boys did not wear underwear where they were going, plus it would make it easier to relax him if he needed it. The thought causing a chill of excitement to race down his spine, his "google" already tingling in anticipation, a feeling that was new, but not unwelcomed. On his feet, flip flops, Mr. Turner did not want him to worry with socks and shoes... just wanted to boy comfortable.

The flip flops slapping against his feet as he hurried downstairs to the front door where his Mom and Mr. Turner stood. The man stood 6'1, salt and pepper hair, he was still well built for his age, Brian had seen Mr. Turner with his shirt off at one of the pool parties and heard his friend Tommy's mom say Mr. Turner had a light six pack on his body.

"Hello Brian!"

"Mr. Turner!" Brian grinned rushing up and hugging the man.

"I'll have him back in a few hours" Mr. Turner said, taking Brian's hand and leading him from the house to his car. A 2011 black Camaro, all the windows pitch black so you couldn't see inside, which was the best part to Brian. The interior was cherry red, the seats made of leather and a monster stereo system as well as a small T.V. that came down in place of the sun visor on the passenger side. Hopping inside, Brian buckled his belt as Mr. Turner climbed in and soon they were off.

"I've picked out a movie for you to watch on the way, Brian" Mr. Turner smiled, reaching over flipping down the visor. "Think of it like an extra bonus... it'll get you ready for the special theater we're going to"

Brian set up straighter before his seat was suddenly tilting back just enough for a slight recline, the controls being on the steering wheel at Mr. Turner's finger tips. The DVD already in, Mr. Turner hit play. The images started to stream across the screen.

It was of a movie theater, dimly lit, the screen having been filmed in night vision so it appeared all green. There on the screen was a grown man like Mr. Turner only with his hair completely dark and a young boy about Brian's age. The boy sat next to the older man, his eyes focused on the screen. Brian could see what was going on, but he heard the sound of a woman moaning and making all kinds of sounds. The older man reach over to the boy, helping him stand, the boys eyes still mesmerized by the screen. The older man's hands ran along the boy's smaller body, fingers gripping a hold of boys shirt and pulling it over his head, casting it to the side on one of the other chairs, before gripping a hold of the boy's cotton shorts and letting them drop to the floor. Like Brian, the boy didn't wear underwear and was now barefoot. The man then stood and removed his own shirt and pants allowing for them both to be naked.

Immediately Brian noticed the man's google, it was far larger than his own, nearly as long as the boy's arm and standing straight up. The man then sat back down and pulled the boy around to stand between his legs, still watching the screen. His large hand pushing on the boys back causing him to bend forward, his hands gripping the chair as the older man then leaned forward, his face disappearing into the boy's backside. Immediately the boy's eyes grew wide as his back arched pushing more of his butt into the man's face.

"What...What is he doing?" Brian asked softly, unable to rip his eyes from the screen.

"Getting him ready to be a big boy with his penis" Mr. Turner smiled. "His google"... and as the scene continued, reach over placing his hand into Brian's lap. His smile growing realizing the boy's nail was rock solid.

Brian felt the hand squeeze his google, but could not do anything but watch the screen. The man on the screen had used his face and his fingers on the boys butthole it seemed and the boy just let it happen. Now the man eased the boy back to him once more this time lifting him up and sitting him in his lap, his legs spread wide open on either side of the man's lap, just like Brian's did, only when they were clothed. Whispering something into the boys ear, the man lifted him up by his ups and positioned him over his... penis as Mr. Turner called it... and Suddenly the man dropped the boy down letting his penis sink into his butthole. The boy let out a cry just as the woman on the screen got louder. The boy didn't stop lowering until almost all of the man's penis was inside of him... and just as the boy seemed to get comfortable, he was pushed up by the man and brought down again slowly.

By now Mr. Turner's hand was inside of Brian's shorts slowly stroking his little dick with as his own eyes focused on the road and Brian instinctively humped into his hand, his own hands gripping to the sides of the seat.

On the screen the boy was being bounced faster and faster, crying out almost as loudly if not louder than the woman on screen saying words like "Yes!" and "It feels good!" "I want more!" his eyes were closed not even paying attention to the screen.

Brian eyes suddenly slam shut as he let out a cry of his own, his body shaking as a dry orgasm ripped through him.

It was then that Mr. Turner removed his hand and the movie stopped. Brian, breathlessly looked towards the other man utterly surprised and curious as he simply smiled back.

"We're here"

The building looked old and abandoned. There were no marking on the outside, no windows, it was just a giant metal building... like a warehouse. Out of the car, Brain took Mr. Turner's hand and walked across the white rock parking lot... there were only a couple of other cars here. Stepping up to the door, Mr. Turner knocked. A small window in the door would open and Mr. Turner would reach into his pocket pulling out two tickets and handing them inside. A few moments later the door would open and they would enter.

Standing in the dark hallway, Brian could already hear the same sounds of the woman he heard in the car. Keeping a hold of Mr. Turner's hand, the older man led him down the hall. Brian turned his head to look back and see if he could spot the man that let them in, but it was so dark and his hadn't adjusted yet. Turning a corner they would enter a small theater, with dozens of seats in dozens of rows. Immediately Brian's eyes took to the screen, seeing a young girl, about the age of Missy, the senior girl down the street. She was on her back completely naked, her hands gripping the pillows above her as a man had his face buried deep in her privet spot.

Brian let Mr. Turner pull him along to one of the seats in the center row and Mr. Turner sat down on the edge of one of the chairs. Brian was very aware of what was going to happen and Mr. Turner had prepared him for such so they wouldn't have to waste time. Just like the boy in the video he saw, Brian kept his eyes on the screen, mesmerized as Mr. Turner pulled his shirt over his head and dropped his shorts, helping him step out of them and his flip flops. Next Brian felt himself being pulled around to stand in front of Mr. Turner's lap, he could tell by the man's bare legs he'd already removed his clothes. A large hand pushed him forward and he gripped the seats as he felt his cheeks being spread...then suddenly he felt a warm wet sensation against his butt hole.

"Mr. Turner!" Brian squeaked immediately shoving his hips backwards wanting more of whatever it was he was feeling. It was then that Brian realized they weren't alone. Two rows a head of them he saw a man standing completely naked, similar to Mr. Turner, and in front of him was a girl, about nine years old. She was on her knees in front of the man with his penis in her mouth... her head moving back and forth as the man seemed to guider her with his hand in her hair. Thoughts running through his mind wondering what Mr. Turner's would taste like.

Mr. Turner continued lick and suck at the boy's hole when Brian felt something solid poking its way inside. His eyes widening and he let out soft cry, but didn't fight it...remembering the boy in the video. It was then Brian's eyes shifted to his left noticing more people. This time it was two men and a little girl, this one seemed to be a little older... eleven maybe. She was sitting on one man's lap, bouncing hard and fast as he assumed he would be with Mr. Turner, but she wasn't crying out... instead she was bent forward with her mouth around another man's penis that muffled her cries.

Three fingers now drove themselves slowly in and out of Brian's hole and he couldn't focus any more... Mr. Turner's fingers kept rubbing against something inside of him that made him quiver... and soon they were gone. Brian felt himself being pulled backwards, Mr. Turner's large hands on his hips, and lifted, but instead of being sat back down, Brian was pushed forward to hang over the seat, his hands coming out bracing himself on the arm rest in front of him as Mr. Turner stood up behind him, hands spreading his legs allowing the man to step between.

That's when he felt it. Brian let out a loud cry as he felt Mr. Turner enter him. He'd never felt so full in his life and yet Mr. Turner just kept on pressing inside... deeper...deeper, stretching him impossibly wide...and then his stopped. Brian's bottom felt on fire, tears streaming down his cheeks, hands with a death grip on the arm rests in front of him. Then Mr. Turner started to pull back... Brian could feel every inch moving out only to suddenly be thrust back in and out...long slow strokes were made allowing Brian to get used to the feel of a penis inside of him.

It hurt, there was no denying it, but he remembered how much the boy on the video like it and knew he would to.

"That's a good boy, you're making me feel so good!" Mr. Turner bent over purring in the boys ear as his thrusts started to pick up pace. Down the aisle another man came to stand directly in front of Brian. His fingers undoing the front of his jeans and letting them drop revealing a long hard penis beneath. Brain quickly looked back to Mr. Turner who gave the boy a smile. "Open your mouth, Brian, real wide... he wants to feel him, won't you? Like a good boy?"

Brian hesitated for a moment before turning his head back to face the man, the head of the penis brushing across his lips. The man in front of him gently gripping fingers into his hair as he pushed his penis passed Brian's lips. Short slow thrusts compared to the long thrusts that were becoming harder in his butthole. Soon enough the man in front of him began to thrust deeper into his throat, more so than he could take causing the boy to gag, but the man just kept fucking until suddenly he thrust as deep as possible shooting a flood of hot liquid down Brian's throat leaving the boy no other choice but to swallow. Once the penis was removed, Brian coughed and choked, a little bit of the fluid dripping from his lips.

Mr. Turner would quickly remove his penis from Brian's hole and lift the boy into his arms. "Are you having fun, sweet boy? You're being such a good boy" Mr. Turner said as he carried him from the row of chairs and into the main aisle. Lowering down he helped Brian onto his knees and eased him forward onto his hands, like the woman was on the screen with the man thrusting from behind her. Bending over him, Brian felt Mr. Turner's penis pushing at his hole again. "We're going to go a little more aggressively Brian, but if you're a big boy you can take it... and don't be afraid to make any noises you want...

And with that Mr. Turner entered Brian once more in a single thrust before pulling back and driving home once again. Hands gripping tightly to the boys hips as he hammered his tiny hole. Brian cried out and moaned, fingers clawing at the carpet, a few tears trickling down his cheeks, but he was going to take a good boy.

"Tell me you like it my sweet boy!" Mr. Turner growled

"I like it!" Brian whimpered

"Do you want more?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes sir! Please more!"

Soon enough Mr. Turner thrust hard enough to knock the boy onto this stomach, following after him and driving into the boys ass as deep as possible until he gave one final thrust, shoving himself in to the hilt and unleashing a monstrous load that gushed around his dick and out of the boys abused hole. Brian felt Mr. Turner slowly pull himself out leaving his hole feeling empty. Then those large hands that helped hold him in place, would gently scoop him up as Mr. Turner cradled him in his arms. Still in a daze, Brian wasn't sure where they were going, he just remembered seeing one of the girls from earlier somehow sitting in the lap of two men and crying out as they bounced her between them. He could barely make out what she was screaming "Yes Daddy! Fuck me like Mommy!" Of course he'd never use such words... his mom would wash his mouth out with soap.

The next thing Brian knew, they were in some sort of shower, the warm water washing over him as Mr. Turner bathed him, speaking to him in soft voice and gently kissing him on his back and buttocks.

"You are such a good boy, Brian. I knew I could share this special place with you. You made me feel so good, so loved. Do you have fun?"

"Ya...yes sir" Brian said in a meek voice. He couldn't say he didn't like it, because after the initial pain it did feel good. Plus, Mr. Turner was so nice and... he liked the idea of having a super special place that no one else got to go to.

"Would you like to do it again? Be my secret extra special good boy?"

Immediately his heart swelled. "Yes sir!" Daddy was always busy and Mommy always sent him outside to play... it would be wonderful to be someone's special boy!

Mr. Turner chuckled pulling Brian closer kissing him on his cheek. Soon enough they were redressed and back inside Mr. Turner's car driving home. Brian curled up in his seat and was asleep. By the time they got back to Brian's house, Mr. Turner gently pulled Brian from the car and carried him to the front door where Brian's Dad would be waiting, taking the sleeping boy from the older man.

"Tuckered out isn't he?" Brian's dad chuckled

"Yes he is" Mr. Turner nodded "He had one heck of an adventure today. If it's alright with you and the Mrs. I'd like to take Brian out to other places besides just the movies. I love kids and he really helps me forget about what happened with...well"

"I understand" Brian's dad smiled. "Brian already considers you part of the family, might as well treat you like it. Feel free to come and spend time with him any time you like. In fact... why don't you come for dinner tomorrow night?"

"Oh that would be wonderful" Mr. Turner beamed.

"See you then!"

Mr. Turner turned back for his car and as he walked, a smirk began to spread across his lips. The theater was fun, but... just how much could he get away with?...