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********************************* The Bus *********************************************


Through all my work, I began finding allies. People who wanted freedom from Mr. Turner’s grasp of power and yet still have access to the lifestyle they enjoyed so much. I unmistakable understood the appeal, after all not a day went by that I was not fucking my new pregnant wife and my son. I love my life, I loved having them share my bed, Paige coming by the office so I could fuck her over my desk, giving Brian’s ass a hard pounding as a reward for good grades in school... I just did not like the fact that another man had control of my new found paradise... and others agreed.


My actions at a (rebellion) did not go unnoticed by the very man I plotted against, of course when someone has connections like Mr. Turner, it is hard to do anything without his knowing and where I found myself one Wednesday afternoon proved it.


Sitting on a public transit bus at three o’clock on one of the long running bench seats that faced profiled to everyone, Mr. Turner sitting next to me. Mr. Turner said he simply liked to ride the bus on occasion instead of taking his car and insisted I come along. We had been on the bus for nearly an hour going down the same route as people came on and off... people of all types simply making their way home from work. Mr. Turner and I engaging in casual talk when we made another stop, letting on another run of people, filling the bus... the last to enter was a young man, appearing no younger than seventeen, guiding a girl that I swore could be ten years his junior. The young man was dressed in a pair of denim jeans and a white t-shirt, no belt, and a pair of white sneakers, no logos, no indicating marks of any kind... his hair short, spiked, and light blonde, fair skin. The girl, skin just as fair, her hair a darker highlighted blonde, pulled back into a braided tail, a powdered blue cotton skirt that rested just above her knees, a long sleeve light buttoned up sweater the same blue as the skirt... With no other place to sit, the young man grabbed one of the metal railings and positioned his back towards us, guiding the girl in front of him, only leaving her legs spotted from between his. The bus lurched forward and we were off again.


“So what did the Senator say when you went to see him?” Mr. Turner asked after an extended silence between us. My head snapping towards him with slightly surprise.


“Senator, sir?”


“Do not play dumb with me, Andrew... I know what you are up to” a sly smile crossing his lips, I could not help but break away eye contact, my eyes falling back on the young man, trying to look at anything by my employer and apparent master of life. “Do you really think I would not find out?”


Still not looking at him, I remained silent, unsure what to say really, my mind swimming with possible escape plans, wondering if my family was still safe with the friend I had left them with, wondering if this might be the end of me here... the news reports reporting a bus accident with me as one of the victims after Mr. Turner staged some sort of mishap... I continued to focus on the backside of the young man and the more I did... the more I began to realize the subtle thrusts and sways of his hips, not in unison with the motion of the bus. I then noticed only one hand held the silver guard rail above him and the other was out of sight in front of him, but his arm moved in short smooth motions with his hips.


“ Andrew, I have eyes and ears everywhere, people who would not dare betray me... you already know this and yet you want to try and stage a coo against me? Do you realize how foolish that is?” Still I couldn’t look at him... partially afraid of what he might do, but more so my attentions locking on what possibly the young man could be doing.


“Gabriel” I heard Mr. Turner call, looking to the man at my side and then to the blonde boy I’d been watching that Mr. Turner just spoke to. Without instruction given, the blonde turned around slowly guiding himself to face us, a hand still on the railing, the other wrapped around the girl’s braided tail, keeping her mouth moving on his rather large and thick cock protruding from his open zipper. There was little struggle from the girl who seemed eager to service the boy, the cock at perfect level for her small mouth that just kept taking it in despite the fact there were several dozen people surrounding them.


“Andrew, this is Gabriel and his little sister Erin... is it not sweet how she so lovingly gives into her brother’s needs?”


“Mr. Turner... what about”


“The passengers? What are they going to do? They all belong to me...just like you.” Mr. Turner gave a simple snap of his fingers and a woman sitting behind Gabriel reach out from where she sat wrapping her arms around Gabriel from behind and undoing the buttons of his pants, before pushing them to his ankles and helping him step out of them, already without underwear leaving his bottom half bare. Another woman lifted from her seat and stepped behind Erin, flipping her skirt up revealing white panties with little teddy bear designs underneath, the woman taking hold of the waist band pulling them down and guiding the girl out of them. She then pulled down her skirt doing the same thing, leaving her hairless bottom half just as bare as her brothers.


I honestly could not believe what I was seeing, random people, I had never encountered before, helping a brother and sister out of their clothes as the smaller serviced her brother...and no one had a problem with it. Gabriel suddenly jerked his sister’s head from his angry red mushroom headed cock and pushed her back first to the floor. Erin immediately tucked her knees up to her chest as her brother descended on her and in one quick motion, without any preparation or care, he shoved his cock into her tiny cunt in one single thrust going as deep as he could. Erin let out an ear piecing cry wrapping her arms around her brother’s neck as he began to pounder her for all she was worth, both grunting, crying, screaming out like wild animals in heat and not a single person lifting a finger to stop them as the bus continued on.


“You see Andrew, I own more people than you think... Erin, Gabriel, their parents, everyone on this bus...the list goes on... you can never ever be rid of me... and I doubt” I let out a gasp feeling Mr. Turner’s hand suddenly grabbing the raging hard in my slacks I didn’t even realize was there “You want to get rid of me.”


My eyes remained on the siblings as they fucked away, Gabriel ripping open the front of Erin’s sweater revealing her under developed breasts, dipping his head down and taking one of her nipples between his teeth suckling and nibbling away... I could see her cunt stretched impossibly wide, but obviously having been fucked before as she was able to accommodate her big brother’s girth.


“Besides, Andrew... even if you managed to get rid of me... there will be another... there will always be another... Do you really think I am the first? I built this empire yes, but I did not start it... no matter what you do... there will always and forever be...a Mr. Turner... Now let’s put all this foolishness aside, and” Suddenly I looked down to see Mr. Turner fisting his hand into my pants pulling my cock out. “Get this taken care of”


Gabriel ripped himself from his sister and shoved to his feet, hooking his hands under Erin’s arms, he lifted her up and carried her to me... not even asking if I wanted her before dropping the girl ceremoniously on my raging cock, her pussy swallowing me in one gulp, a moan escaping me as Erin’s body slumped forward, burying her face into my neck, I instinctively began to thrust up into her, unable to help myself, my hands gripping her waist, guiding her down further... Gabriel wasted no time in spreading my still clothed legs and kneeling between them just enough to guide his slickened cock into Erin’s even smaller ass, I grunted out feeling her bit down into my neck as her pussy clutched tightly around my cock.


 All three of us remaining still as Mr. Turner stood, freeing his own impressive dick, fingers grabbing Erin’s hair and turning her head enough to force his cock into her mouth... and there I was... fucking this little girl...on a public bus... with her brother...and the man I wanted so desperately to get rid of...with several dozen pairs of eyes simply watching us as we fucked Erin good...


And as my orgasm ripped through me, drowning Erin’s developing insides with my cum, it dawned on me what Mr. Turner had said...  “”There will always and forever be a Mr. Turner”” I realized I had been going about this the wrong way... a rebellion against him was not the answer... but I knew exactly what was... the only way for any of them to truly...truly... be free.