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This is not the final chapter… there will be at least one more!


******************************* Goodbye Mr. Turner ************************************


After the bus, I realized exactly what I had to do. I also realized that I could never leave this world that I had been thrown into. Mr. Turner introduced a side to myself that I really never realized I wanted until now. Yes, I used to look at photos and videos, but to actually experience it?...That was something different. The trouble is, I wanted to be free. I wanted to have my family and live out my days without any of us being subjected to Mr. Turner’s wishes. There was only one choice. Mr. Turner had to go.


The plan was made and the event arranged. After Mr. Turner’s discovery of my activities in trying to get him arrested or worse, I offered my deepest apologizes and offered to host a special party just for him. I invited a very special list of people I knew Mr. Turner would enjoy. The local Civic Center would be rented out, decorated, and prepared for the event, a band rented, a catered dinner… nothing too good for Mr. Turner.


I spent the day making my plans and giving into Brian’s never ending appetite for my cock. Three times so far today I found myself buried to the hilt inside of him. First this morning I woke to the feel of him on top of me, his ass swallowing me one fell swoop and riding my dick like it was his last time. Second was while I was in my office on the phone putting the final touches on tonight’s event, Brian slipped under my desk and fished out my cock getting it nice and hard before I bent him over my desk and fucked him good and hard…and not once hanging up the phone. The third time came in the car on the way. Riding in my lap, our pants pushed to our ankles, Brian rode me in the back of the limo all the way to the Center.


By the time six o’clock arrived, the party was in full swing. The band playing some upbeat song, people dancing, others at their tables chatting and finishing their meal… and Mr. Turner himself sat at the center table, laughing and talking with a couple of people, while a young girl, around 13, blonde hair, fair skin, was on her knees next to him, devouring his cock through his open zipper. I watched from a distance as he enjoyed himself.. fingers wrapped around the girls pony tail, guiding her up and down as he chatted away as if nothing was out of the ordinary… just as he should be.


There were a few other people already enjoying themselves with the provided dessert. A woman at her table sat with her left breast hanging from her dress, a boy of sixteen, on his knees nursing from her like suckling child. A table not far from me, a boy about Brian’s age stripped naked save for his socks, bounced up and down in a older man’s lap, crying out just loud enough to be heard over the band. Everything was going as planned.


Losening my ties slightly, I approached Mr. Turner’s table, taking the empty seat to his right near the girl at his side. Turner offered a glance to me, and I simply winked, reaching down and slipping my hand under the girl’s baby blue dress feeling for her snatch, immediately pushing her painties to the side and shoving my middle finger inside of her, causing her to clamp her lips tightly around Turner’s cock.


“Whoa! Easy Andrew” Turner laughed


“Just wanted to see how many miles she had on her, Sir” I laughed in return, removing my finger and bringing it to my nose taking a deep whiff. “mmm, are you enjoying your party, sir?” I asked before sucking my finger into my mouth, tasting the girl’s essence and then reaching back down, slipping it back inside of her.


“I am, Andy…and I am glad you came to your senses. All of my best clients are here, with their best merchandise. That is… except for Brian and Paige… where are they?”


“Brian is right over there, sir” I motioned to one of the back tables where my only son was sprawled across the table top on his back, not an ounce of clothing to be seen as two men in suits had their way with him, one pounding his ass with great desire, the other feeding Brian his cock, far more gently. One last night of this, that is all any of us had to endure, plus…Brian seemed to be anxious for cock. “and Paige” To the other side of the room was my red haired beauty, still in her black diamond laced gown I had bought her. Paige was standing near the bar with a glass of water in her hand, laughing and talking with three older women, a hand resting on her ever developing stomach. “She is, of course, off limits for tonight”


“Understandable, boy. Wouldn’t want to harm the next generation, now would we?” Turner laughed, pulling the girl’s mouth from his cock. “Go give Mr. Potter some of that mouth” Turner ordered, and I was in no mood to refuse. Mr. Turner had to keep his guard down, knowing that I was fully in compliance with him. Leaning back as the girl undid my zipper, sliding it down and fishing my cock from my pants, a deep sigh escaping me as her warm mouth began to envelope my already hardening prick.


“Good is she not?” Mr. Turner asked, I could only nod.


“So tell me, Andrew, what do you think of increasing your activity with me?”


“What do you mean, sir?” Grabbing the girl’s hair, I pulled her off and pushed her back to Turner, who immediately guided her back to his prick.


“Well, You do the numbers for me, but really, I need someone to help me look after… other matters as well. I have developed a breeding farm on the outskirts of town”


“A breeding farm?” I asked, which surprised the hell out of me, but I refused to let it show. Instead, I kept with my charade…lifting from my chair, I made the girl stand, but remain bent over to continue servicing Turner. Forcing her dress up over her back, revealing the white panties she wore underneath. At the sight of them blocking my access to what I was truly after, I reach over taking an unused steak knife from the table, pulling on the fabric, and slicing through it, turning the girl’s painties into shreds.


“Yes, a breeding farm… I thought about it the past couple of years, and I need a controlled environment for my merchandise, a place to ensure only the best quality is developed… and I would want you to oversee it”


“Well sir” my pants dropping around my ankles. “Frankly, I would be honored” fingers wrapped around the base of my cock as I guided the head to the girl’s moistening entrance. “Though, I would want complete freedom… to sample anything and everything that came through and” a single thrust sending myself deep into the girl’s channel causing her to cry out around Turner’s cock, her body shuddering “and developed”


“Of course, my boy. You are the only one I trust to do as such. Plus, I figure it would be a great way to raise Brian. Let him and Paige guide others into their lifestyle.”


My pace picked up quickly, gripping her hips, I began fucking her hard and deep, abusing her passage with my cock as he continued our conversation, the girl withering beneath me. It didn’t take long before I thrust hard into her, emptying my balls deep in her cave.  Keeping myself buried within until I was sure every last drop was milked away before I stepped back, yanking myself from her abused cunt. I could see Mr. Turner’s body tensing up and soon cum overflowed from the corners of her lips*


“Thank you for sharing your dessert with me, Mr. Turner” I smiled retaking my seat, fisting my softening dick back into my pants.


“My pleasure, Andy…or should I say…our pleasure… I can only hope though this is not all that is in store for me tonight” By now the girl had pulled herself away and was wondering away from the table, filled to the brim with cum.


“Of course not, sir. That was just the first round, the second is…actual food” I laughed giving a motion to the kitchen. Two naked teenage boys emerged, both of dark hair, fair skin, their cocks at full mass carrying a large chocolate cake between them. Applause from all around accompanied the treat. The cake being sat down in front of Mr. Turner as people began singing (For he is a jolly good fellow).


“For your, Mr. Turner… who has given us more than we truly thought we wanted” I toasted, raising my glass in the air. One of the boys offering Mr. Turner a knife before both dropped to their knees, working on pulling down Mr. Turner’s pants as he began cutting into the cake. Their lips devouring either side of his cock once it was free and Mr. Turner simply let them have it as he served the first slice of cake onto a plate*


“Who wants the first piece?”


“You of course, sir. It is tradition, no one gets a piece until you have the first bite” I said


Mr. Turner only chuckled sitting himself down, spreading his legs as the two boys continued their work and he took up his fork biting into the sweet treat…sealing his fate.


Nearly every bite gone, Mr. Turner suddenly began to cough. Sitting his plate down, I watched him tugging lightly at his collar as if it were restricting him, his face starting to flush.


“Are you alright, sir?” I asked showing genuine concern.


“Fi*cough* fine…just…went down the wrong tube I think” Reaching for his wine, Turner took a swing only to increase his coughing.


By now in the back of the room, the guests and their playmates were slowly being escorted from the room by those who knew what was coming. My eyes caught sight of Paige helping Brian dressed and taking him by the hand to leave…She gave me a knowing look and I only smiled at her before she disappeared with my son.


“What…what have you done?” Turner rasped out, realizing he had more than a cough. Sitting back in my seat, crossing my legs, I watched as this man…this tyrant choked and gagged, trying to remove his tie and jacket as if that would help.


“Simple, Mr. Turner… I am taking my life back.  You see, I figured it out. The only way for me to be free of you and successfully end your reign over this…Empire you have created… was not to turn everyone against you in direct conflict. No, that would not work. I am a new comer, and no real proof that I could take you on and protect them. I had to do this on mostly on my own…with a little help from those actually willing to step up. The real trick, Mr. Turner, was to make you believe you actually won your battle over me. Give into indulgence, let you fuck my son, allow myself to fuck whoever you gave me…though I really have no complaints about the latter. Let you believe that your Empire was once again succeeding so that at the right moment…I could slip a Trojan horse past your gates and end you once and for all. The cake.”


Turner fell from his seat to the floor, his face and hands already turning a bluish purple as I stood and slowly approached, standing over him with a smirk.


“Laced with poison.”


Turner let out one final strangled gasp as if he were trying to say something… and then slipped from this world once and for all.


“Goodbye, Mr. Turner”