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******************************************************* The Next Evening **********************************************************************

The trip to the movies with Mr. Turner had been such an event that Brian found himself dreaming about it the entire night. Even the next morning, Brian seemed giggly and hyperactive even though his bottom was still sore. At breakfast, eight year old Brian found it difficult to sit down without squirming, though it wasn't that it actually hurt, but Brian felt that...something just needed to be there. Clinching his small cheeks and lightly humping his bottom against the chair causing him to bounce as he ate his breakfast.

"Brian sweetie, stop bouncing you're going to spill your oatmeal" Brian's mom said from her seat across from him at the table.

"Sorry Mommy" Brian frowned and stopping bouncing causing him to become even more uncomfortable.

Brian did his best to make it through breakfast and soon enough would be able to go outside and play. All day long he could not stop thinking about the feelings in his hole and what Mr. Turner did to him. What made it worse is he couldn't tell anyone about it. Not his parents, not his friends, especially his best friend Michael. It was all he could think about.

Even when the two of them were playing, Brian kept looking at Michael, his messy brown hair, his skinny boney body, not much to him except for the small bubble of his butt. Brian wondered if anyone had ever put their penis ... in Michael's butt before.

Lunch came and gone and Brian spent all day outside running and playing, occasionally looking to Mr. Turner's house down the street where the man wasn't home, but Brian didn't worry. He knew he would see him tonight for dinner.

The sun continued to pass through the sky before long the light was fading and Brian knew that meant it was time for dinner. Racing home on his bike, Brian dropped it off in the garage and hurried inside the backdoor only to catch the wraith of his mother.*

"Brian Matthew Potter!" his mother shouted, blocking his path, hands firmly on her hips.

"What?" The boy asked innocently only to look down and realize what she was angry about. The boy was dirty from head to toe. His shoes covered in mud, pants slightly ripped and filthy with dirt and mud, there were ketchup stains all over his shirt from eating Hot Dogs at Michael's house. Looking behind him, Brian saw the tracks he left behind. Quickly turning to his mother offering a pout.

"Mommy I" but she wouldn't have any of it.

"I just cleaned this house and Mr. Turner is in the living room, what do you think he'll believe when he sees this mess? That we are a bunch of filthy slobs!"

Mr. Turner was in the living room... Brian felt his heart speed up a few beats and the feeling in bottom return to full strength.

"Now you go back out to the garage and take off all of your clothes and then head straight up to the bathroom! No supper for you until you are clean!"

Brian gave another pout and turned back for the garage as his mother went back to her cooking. He didn't like her being upset and he hoped even more that Mr. Turner didn't hear it. Brian did not want Mr. Turner to think he was a bad boy, because if he did, they would not be able to go to the movies again. Ashamed of himself, Brian began to remove his clothes, his shoes first, then his shirt, and then his pants kicking them to the side before he was left in just his The Avengers "Thor" underwear and his white socks.

Suddenly the door opened behind him and Brian spun around to see his father coming out with an arm around his mother and a towel wrapped around his mother's hand, tears streaming down her face.


"Brian, now I don't want you to panic" His father said which only caused the boy to worry more. "You mom was chopping onions and accidently cut her finger. I have to take her to the emergency room." Getting her to the side door of the car he helped her inside and closed it before turning to his boy placing a hand gently on his shoulder.

"Your mom will be fine. You are going to stay here with Mr. Turner, he agreed to watch you. You be a good boy for him and do everything he tells you" Kissing his son's forehead, Mr. Potter hurried into the car as another hand; a familiar hand came to Brian's shoulder. Brian looked up to see Mr. Turner, dressed in a pair of black slacks and a white polo shirt, smiling softly down at him as his parents pulled away... leaving the two alone with the house all to themselves.

"Is Mommy going to be alright?" Brian asked as Mr. Turner lead him back inside with his large warm hand on his bare back.

"She will be just fine, Brian" Mr. Turner said softly. "and you should not be sad. Your mom is simply going to have a few stitches and maybe a shot and then she and your dad will be home. Until then, you and I will just have to find a way to pass the time. Now I think first we should start with your bath... get you nice and clean and then we'll see about getting something to eat"

Mr. Turner would casually lock the entrances to the house as the headed for the stairs. Upstairs Mr. Turner took Brian into the white tiled bathroom and shut the door behind them. The bathroom was rather large and spacious with a large oval shaped tub at across the room surrounded by class walls for the shower components. The shower itself extensive, six shower head spread out and mounted two each on three walls of the shower, with a seventh hanging over head.

"Do you like showers or baths?"

"I like both" Brian nodded "Sometimes I sit in the tub with it plugged and the shower spaying. It's like it's raining and it makes a pool!"

"Well then... let's see what we can't come up with" Mr. Turner smiled reaching over pushing a plug into the drain before turning around, pulling the lid down on the toilet and sitting down. Reaching out and taking Brian gently by the shoulders and moving him around to stand in front of him. Eyes searching over the boy's near naked body already filled with a near primal hunger that he was doing his best to keep under control. Running his hands gently down the boy's back before hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his underwear and pull them down, it took all he had not to snatch the boy up and pound him again just like he did on the floor of the theater. Once Brian stepped out of his underwear and Mr. Turner helped him slip off his socks. The boy stood there in all of his glory looking innocently up at the man, feeling those large hands rubbing gently across his hips.

"Mr. Turner?" Brian asked, his face cheeks flushing hot with what he was about to ask, his eyes already looking down towards Mr. Turner's crotch knowing what lay under the fabric was buried deep inside his butthole the night before... the same thing that was responsible for the tingle he already felt back there.

"What is it, Brian"

"Are we going to do what we did in the theater?" His body trembling as he felt Mr. Turner's hands move around to rest on his butt, fingers brushing along the crevasse of his cheeks.

"Do you want to do it again?" Mr. Turner asked as Brian let out a sudden yes feeing Mr. Turner's finger brush along his puckered hole.

"Yes!" the boy squeaked.

"If that is what you want" Mr. Turner smiled. "but to do that, my dick needs to be prepared"

"Dick?" Brian asked curiously.

"Yes, Brian, my dick... my google. It is called many things, sweet boy. Dick, Penis, Google, Thing, Cock, Trouser Snake, One Eyes Monster ...the list goes on..."

"Oh" Brian nodded

"But you must only use the word google in front of everyone else, especially your parents. When we're alone I'd like you to just call it a dick or cock."

"Yes, sir" Brian smiled "But what do you mean it needs to be ...prepared?"

"I need you to suck it" Mr. Turner said but still saw the confusion on the boy's face. "Do you remember the man that stood in front of you at the theater?" Brian nodded.

"He put his goo...dick... in my mouth and moved it around like you did with my butthole"

"That's right" Mr. Turner laughed "That's called sucking a dick... and what I did is called fucking. You see, you need to suck on my dick in order to make it nice and hard and slick so that it can enter your butthole without trouble...and make us both feel good. You want to make us feel good right?... You want to make me happy?" Brian nodded eagerly.

"Very good" Reaching down, Mr. Turner took his zipper between his hands and lowered it as far as it would go before moving his hands out of the way. "My cock is inside, Brian... go on... pull it out"... Brian slowly extended his hand reaching through the new opening in Mr. Turner's pants, his small fingers wrapping around Mr. Turner's dick and pulling it out into sight. Immediately Brian's eyes went wide as he just stood there with it in his hand staring at it.

"What's wrong Brian?" Mr. Turner asked softly

"It's so huge!" Brian squeaked. To him his hand barely wrapped around it... it looked as thick as a soda can and nearly as long as the ruler in his backpack and was already getting hard in his hands "How did that fit in my butt?!" Mr. Turner couldn't help but laugh bending over far enough to kiss the boys forehead.

"Because your butt was prepared properly... remember before I put it in what I did?" The boy nodded, still holding the dick in his hand. "That prepared your butt... and now all you have to do is prepare my cock. Just get it all wet and slippery and it will slide right in and feel great." Reaching his hand up wrapping it around the back of Brian's hand pulling his face down and guiding his mouth closer to his dick. "Go ahead and put it in your mouth Brian... do the best you can"

Brian gave another uneasy glance at Mr. Turner before looking back at the one eyed monster staring at him... it was pink and continue to get hotter and harder in his hand and was starting to be unsure about this, but he wanted Mr. Turner to be happy. Letting Mr. Turner guide him down, Brian parted his lips just as the head of the dick came to them and let it slip past, which was just about all he could get in. Mr. Turner's cock was indeed much bigger than the man's at the theater, but he did his best. Feeling Mr. Turner's fingers digging through his hair, gripping enough to pull his head back and then force it down, sometimes further than what he could take causing Brian to gag, but he continued letting Mr. Turner guide his head.

Mr. Turner started to shift his as the hand on the back of his head became tighter and suddenly Mr. Turner was standing, causing the dick to go deeper into the boys throat.

"Keep sucking, sweet boy" Mr. Turner said not letting Brian pull back as he stood completely straight. "You're doing such a good job, Brian, my sweet boy... my sweet big boy" The encouraging words hitting his ears provoking him to start moving his head on his own even after Mr. Turner removed his. Feeling Mr. Turner still moving, Brian opened his eyes seeing Mr. Turner unbuttoning his pants and letting them drop free before pulling his shirt over his head, making him just as naked as Brian. And then suddenly Mr. Turner would grab the back of Brian's head once more and jerk him completely off his dick, pulling the boys head back causing him to look upwards, Brian gasping slightly for air.

"That's enough preparation" Mr. Turner smiled releasing Brian and bending over turning on the shower water.

Mr. Turner pulled the drain from the tub telling Brian that he changed his mind and felt just the shower would do them better.  Stepping into the shower, Mr. Turner turned on the water allowing it to flow from all eight spouts allowing it to wash over him, growing warmer by the moment. Waiting until it was just hot enough to cause steam, he beckoned Brian to join him. The boy climbing in as Mr. Turner pulled the shower door closed.

Having the boy stand under the water facing away from him, Mr. Turner knelt behind the boy and began to prepare his hole... using the water to as lubricant for his fingers and shoving them in one after another all the while explaining to Brian about what he was about to do. How he was going to fuck the boy hard and that Brian was going to take it like a good boy. That he knew Brian loved it because all good boys do.

Hooking Brian under his arms, Mr. Turner lifted the boy up to stand on the corner ledge of the tub, the water pouring down over them. Mr. Turner instructed Brian to reach up and grab the safety pole that ran vertical along the glass wall Brian's father had put in for when their grandmother came over. Wrapping his small hands around the large pole, Brian felt Mr. Turner grasp his hips followed by the feel of something large and hard pushing past his cheeks and coming to rest against his hole.

"Are you ready Brian?" Mr. Turner asked.

Brian gripped his hands tighter to the pole before he offered a nod, but a nod wasn't enough.

"Are you sure?" Mr. Turner asked nudging more firmly against the boys puckered ring

"Yes!" Brian said loudly

"Tell me what you want Brian"

"I want you to put all of your ... Nn!  ... dick into my hole! AHH!" immediately Mr. Turner gave Brian what he wanted, sinking his hard cock into the tight entrance in one swift thrust.

Brian let out a loud cry, his breath gasping in his throat as he felt the large cock, nearly to the hilt pulling back almost all the way out only to be plunged back in.

Mr. Turner took both hands around Brian's hips gripping him firmly as he offered a few more long slow strokes before pushing himself all the way in once more and leaning close to Brian's ear.

"You like this don't you?" He asked pulling back and thrusting back in quickly.

"ah! Yes! Nn!"

"You want me to keep going don't you?" Another long deep thrust causing the boy to shutter

"Please! I want it!"

"Tell me Brian... tell me to fuck you like I did in the theater...beg me!" Mr. Turner becoming desperate to hear the words come from the boys lips, gripping tighter to his waist that the moment Brian uttered the single word of please, Mr. Turner couldn't resist any longer.

Keeping firm hold of the boy, Mr. Turner began pounding Brian's little ass, watching his cock appear and vanish from Brian's small form at such a rapid pace. Brian withering under the intensity of the fucking he currently received his hands losing grip on the pole and before he could fall forward, Mr. Turner came to a stop buried to the hilt in the boy, wrapping an arm around his stomach.

Stepping back, Mr. Turner used both hands to carefully turn the boy, Brian gasping at the feel of his ass twisting around the other's cock.

"Put your feet on my chest" Mr. Turner instructed, which the boy did, bringing his legs up putting his feet flat against the older man's chest, his eyes widening feeling as if he'd just sank further on the man's cock.

Mr. Turner than instructed him to wrap his arms around his neck, which Brian did and suddenly there was the cool feeling of the glass wall on his shoulders. His green eyes opening meeting the dark brown of Mr. Turner when the man started thrusting in earnest again.

"Mr. Turner" Brian moaned out as the thrusts became harder and faster and Mr. Turner began instructing Brian on things to say once again.

"You love it don't you?" The man asked

"Yes" Brian whimpered

"Say it"

"I love it, I want it!"

Mr. Turner suddenly stopped again, yanking his cock out harshly and leaving Brian's ass feeling completely empty. Then Brian felt them lowering down, Mr. Turner taking to his knees and turning the boy over, pushing the glass door open and draping him over the side of the tub and seconds later Brian was being filled again, but this time there was no pause, no slow strokes.

Mr. Turner plunged his dick in hilt deep and began to pound the boy as hard as he could. Brian closed his eyes letting out cry after cry, his body writhing against the tub.

"Say it again!" Mr. Turner demanded this time.

"I want it Mr. Turner" Brian cried out. "I love it so much, I don't want you to stop! Please don't stop!" The boy gasped.

Mr. Turner's eyes caught sight of something at the door, a smile curving across his lips as he felt his climax approaching. Reaching down, grabbing a hand full of the boys hair, Mr. Turner yanked his head up forcing Brian to arch his back as he gave one extremely violent thrust burying himself impossibly deep and groaning out as he released his load, his body shaking intensely.

Breathlessly, Brian slowly opened his eyes  already feeling Mr. Turner's penis going soft within him when he noticed a figure standing in the door way. His green eyes going wide.


Mr. Turner didn't hurry up to scurry away and hide... instead he slipped his arms around Brian gently pulling the boy upright into his chest, wrapping him in an embrace with his cock still buried in the boy as his eyes spotted the same thing Brian's did. Mr. Potter standing there having watched his baby boy get fucked ...and he had the fly of his pants open, stroking his hard pulsing cock. Mr. Turner kissing the nape of Brian's neck before looking to the boy's father with a wicked grin.

"Care to join us?"