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********************************************************** Daddy and Mr. Turner's Deal ***********************************************************


"No, Kori, I'm on my way now" Andrew Potter said into his cell phone. A young 35 year old accountant with short blonde hair and brilliant green eyes. One hand holding his cell, the others the wheel of the car as he navigated through traffic.


"I have to stop by Mr. Turner's house first... it shouldn't take long... no, just some tax papers." Turning the car down the neighborhood of brick homes he and his family lived within. "Also want to see if he looked over the proposal I left him... if he accepts, we'll all make a lot of money"


The car turning once again coming to a stop in front of a large three level home made of stone. Andrew's eyes looking the house over as he exited his car, always finding it interesting that there were only windows on the first floor. His eyes traveling down to his own modest red brick home just in time to see his then seven year old son drop his back in the front yard and run inside.


"Hey and tell Brian he needs to have that room clean by the time I get there... or else ... I'm here now, gotta go, babe." hanging up his phone, Andrew grabbed his briefcase from the back seat and hurried up the side walk, tightening up the red tight over his light blue long sleeve shirt that was tucked into his black slack. His finger pressing against the button to ring the doorbell. A few seconds later it would open revealing Mr. Turner on the other side. The middle aged man with grey streaks along the sides of his dark hair smiled and something twinkling in his dark brown eyes.


"Andrew! Glad to see you" Mr. Turner greeted opening the door further for the other man to step inside. It was here that Andrew noticed that Mr. Turner was in thick white bathrobe with no shirt or pants to speak of, but Andrew simply cast it aside. Mr. Turner told him before that he had an indoor swimming pool in a room under the house and figured that's where he was heading too before he arrived.


"Come into my office, my friend" Mr. Turner said closing the front door and leading Andrew through his home. It was very up and up. The floor covered with thick white spotless shag carpeting. Two black leather couches sitting on opposite sides of each other with a glass coffee table in the center and a black leather arm chair resting at the head facing a large fire place. Above that was a large flat screen television embedded in the wall that appeared to be well over 60 inches.


Following the other man into a door just off the living room, they entered Mr. Turner's office. Immediately Andrew stopped offering a curious glance to what he saw. There sitting on the edge of the dark wooden glass top desk was little Paige. She was by far one of the cutest little girls on the block and at the age of 11 years old, on the verge of blossoming. Her ginger hair draping down over her shoulders which was the only thing covering the milky white flesh of her shoulders. Andrew's eyes taking in the fact that the girl was sitting there in nothing more than a pink two piece bathing suit. The straps of the top reach up wrapping around her neck as the cups themselves lay against her flat chest. The way the girl sat, her knees together, legs kicking back and forth, he could barely see the word "princess" written above a crown on the cloth that covered her lower half.


"Paige?" Andrew offered an unsure smile. "What are you doing here?" He knew the girl visited this house often as many of the neighborhood kids did, but he was sure Paige's parents were out of town Wednesday and here this was Friday.


"Hi! Mr. Potter!" The girl beamed brightly as Mr. Turner sat behind her in his office chair. "Mom and Dad went away and said I could stay with Mr. Turner until they got back. They are seeing my Grandpa in the hospital... I hate hospitals... and Mr. Turner said he needed my help"


"I do at that" Mr. Turner smiled "Paige, why don't you go get Mr. Potter something to... drink" offering sly wink. The little girl quickly leaping from the desk and hurrying out of the room, Andrew unable to help himself but turn and glance at the girl's tight little ass as she ran by only to notice a small wet stain partially visible where the undercurve of her ass faded to where her cunny would be. Before he could try to wrap his head around it, Mr. Turner's voice brought him back to reality.


"Sit down, Andrew" Mr. Turner said, which Andrew did, making himself comfortable in the guest chair in front of the desk. "I read the proposal you left me." Mr. Turner smiled, his hand reaching out pressing a few keys on his computer. "And I must say, I had no idea the kind of man you were until I read it. Going through every file I was reminded of a younger version of myself."


Andrew felt his chest swelling with pride to know someone of Mr. Turner's wealth and power thought so fondly of him.


"Thank you, Mr. Turner" Andrew smiled as Mr. Turner stood stepping around behind his chair, his hands coming to rest on the back.


"Come, I highlighted a few things I think we should work on." Andrew stood moving around the desk and taking a seat in the chair ready to negotiate on whatever... The moment Andrew's eyes hit the screen, his heart stopped. He felt like melting away, fading to any place other than here, panic washing over him even as he felt Mr. Turner's breath on his neck.


"This is why I prefer to hand physical copies of my proposals to people, instead of digital copies on flash drives." The older man smirked standing straight as Andrew continued to stare at the computer monitor. There on the screen were several images of young girls and boys... between the ages of 6 and 14, all naked, and all in various sexual situations. A girl on her back being pounded by a large cock, another with a girl holding two cocks in her hand while sucking on a third, a boy sandwiched between two men, and so on. Some even had links under the images indicating an attached video.


"Interesting hobby you have here, Andrew" Mr. Turner said.


"Mr. Turner, please...I... I"


"Can explain?" Mr. Turner mused. "You have an attraction to a younger generation, you still love your wife and family, you just have these... urges? Am I close?" Andrew sat there silent watching the man, trying desperately to swallow the knot in his throat. "Tell me something, Andy, may I call you Andy?" Which Andrew nodded...the man could call him whatever he wanted realizing he might be on a one way ticket to jail. "Have you just looked... or have you actually touched that which you seem to lust after?"


"No sir! Never!" Andrew squawked out as if in some desperate attempt to save himself. Suddenly flinching when Mr. Turner reach down grabbing him back his chin and jaw and turning his face towards the door.


"Would you like to?"


There walking back into the door way was Paige and at the sight Andrew immediately felt his dick become solid steel. The girl had left in a bathing suit and came back completely naked. Her ginger hair still draping over her shoulders making it difficult to just barely make out her pale budding nipples. Approaching the desk, the girl extended out the glass of water she brought, but Mr. Turner shook his head. His larger hand reaching down for Andrew's crotch grabbing his zipper and tugging it down. Andrew couldn't believe what was happening, his eyes just focusing on the girl even as he felt Mr. Turner's hand wrap around his dick and pull through his boxers and out of the opening.


"Wow, Mr. Turner" The girl side wide eyes on Andrew's cock. "It's almost as big as yours, just not as thick"


"I know, sweet pea. Now why don't you put that class down, I'm sure Mr. Potter would like something besides water."


To Andrew's disbelief the girl sat the glass on the desk and immediately dropped to her knees as Mr. Turner angled the chair for better access. Andrew's eyes suddenly rolling into the back of his head as her small soft lips wrapped expertly around the head of his dick and sucked it in.


"Oh my god!" Andrew gasped feeling her take him deeper, his hands coming to wrap around the back of the girls head, fingering through her hair.


"Wonderful isn't it?" Mr. Turner chuckled as he stepped around from the chair, taking up the glass of water and moving to the other side of the desk as Paige continued to bob her head up and down on Andrew's pole... the blonde's body offering a shutter when she started to hum each time her lips passed over the head.


"I want to make you a deal, Andrew" Mr. Turner said sipping at the water, speaking loud enough to ensure Andrew could actually hear him over the lust pounding in his ears. "You see, you're not the first I've found in this predicament... you will not be the last... in fact, for the past twenty five years, I have built a nice little business out of...that" Nodding to the girl and what she was doing. "Andrew are you listening?"


"Yes!" the blonde man moaned out, which Mr. Turner was sure was mostly due to the tongue now licking around the eye of Andrew's the grunt when Paige took him back in again, nearly swallowing the entire shaft down her throat...this was obviously not the first dick she has sucked.


"As I was saying, I will let you enjoy activities like this any time you want, with any girl or boy you choose... and yes, I have several." Smiling proudly at the fact. "Invite you to the play dates I have every week and give you full access to my home, but you must do a few things for me... Paige..."


The girl quickly jerked her lips from Andrew's dick which made the man disappointed groan until Paige stood, her finger grabbing hold of the waist band of his trousers and opening the button, pushing them as far open as she could until giving much room to the 9 inch cock standing tall, proud, and glistening from the girls saliva. The next thing Andrew knew, Paige was climbing into his lap, moving to place her feet on either side of, her hands coming to grab his shoulders. Her blue eyes catching sight of his green, flashing the man the brightest and most innocent of smiles as she positioned her little pussy over the head of his cock, rubbing it along the head so that it parted her lips just slightly before suddenly impaling herself on it, sinking down until the entire monster had vanished inside her tiny form, the girl letting out a cry and Andrew feeling his entire body shutter. He'd never felt something so amazingly tight, even though it seemed she'd been fucked before.


Shifting her hands up wrapping her arms around his neck, Paige lifted herself up, slamming down again and again beginning to fuck Andrew, allowing her cunt to grasp and squeeze his cock in slow long strokes. Each time, Paige let out some sort of cry and Andrew unable to help himself but sit there and let her fuck him.


"As I said, Andrew" Mr. Turner's voice coming to Andrew's ears over the sounds of moaning and groaning, having almost forgot the man was there. "There are a few things I will need from you"


"Anything" Andrew groaned, feeling the desperate need building up stronger and stronger in him until he couldn't take it anymore. Grabbing the girl by the hips, Andrew slammed her down as deep as she would go on his cock before pushing her off just enough to let him shift his weight and standing, keeping hold of her long enough to turn and then laying her roughly down, back first on the desk, his pants falling the rest of the way to the floor, which he would step out of, kicking them to the side before stepping between the girls legs and entering her pussy in one harsh thrust. He couldn't hold back anymore... it was soo good, too good. Paige's back arching and falling, with each animalistic thrust he made and language flying from her lips only provoking him more.


"Fuck me, Mr. Potter! Oh please fuck me!"


Even his wife didn't beg him like that and Andrew wasn't going to let it go to waist, all the while Mr. Turner had moved back to the desk standing on the other end.


"The first thing I'll need is an understanding... that should ...that should..." Mr. Turner's eyes rolling finding it difficult to talk over the girl's screams. Hands pulling open the front of his robes revealing himself to be completely naked, Mr. Turner stepped grabbing Paige under her arms and pulling her forward causing Andrew to climb on top of the desk, doing everything he could to not stop fucking. Without hesitation, Paige's head handing back off the edge of the desk, Mr. Turner took hold of his cock and shoved it into her mouth, allowing it to muffle her cries.


"Now, I need an understanding that should my little operation be discovered... I will release every name I have... helps ensure that everyone keeps our business within the group."


"Uh-huh" Andrew groaned out as he continued to pound Paige's ever tight cunny, feeling his release on the rise.


"I will need you to make small monthly financial installments to help with the care of our little friends"


"I'm so close, so close!" Andrew gasped


Mr. Turner smiled his fingers reaching out as he pushed his cock deeper into Paige's throat, his thumb and forefinger taking hold of her pale nipple and squeezing, causing the girl to whimper and writhe, her pussy clamping hard around Andrew's cock provoking him to thrust unleashing his load deep within her developing womb.


"And I will need complete and full access to your son"


Andrew, tired and worn, let his spent cock fall from Paige as he fell backwards into the office chair, giving a tired nod towards Mr. Turner breathing out the words "Anything you want"


"Excellent" Mr. Turner grinned jerking his dick from the girl's mouth, spinning her around, not caring that her eyes were closing wanting to sleep, turning her so her cunt faced him, then flipping her over, grabbing hold of his dick, rubbing it along the girls beaten cunny, allowing Andrew's come starting to leak out to lube up the head before placing it at the pucker of her ass and plunging in all in one thrust. Paige let out a scream, her hands clawing at the desk as Mr. Turner began to pound her ass as if it were as lose as her pussy, his personal reward for yet another conquest.