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**************************************************************** Back to the Theater! ***********************************************************

It had been two months, since Mr. Turner came into their lives, and Brian and Andrew's relationship had never been closer. Brain got to see his Daddy more often and was even given gifts almost three times a week. His mother Kori was not thrilled with how much Andrew spoiled the boy, but Andrew refused to let her tell him what to do with his own son, especially, unknown to her, with how much the boy loved to let him fuck him.

Every chance Andrew got, Brian would suck his dick or ride him to an earth shattering orgasm... even going as far as to `arrange' for time to themselves. Like tonight, Kori was preparing dinner and realized she was out of a few items and wanted Andrew to run to the store for her. Immediately Brian jumped up and down wanting to go with his father, Kori was a little reluctant thinking he would be a distraction (if she only knew), but Andrew insisted allowed him to go if he wanted. Father and son loaded up in the car and sped away quickly from the house.

As the car headed for town, without having to be instructed, Brian undid his seat belt and climbed onto his knees in the seat and turned himself so that he was leaning over his father, Andrew lifting his arms enough so that Brain could get under. Brain's little hands working eagerly at the zipper of his father's jeans until till it was all the way down and then reach in. Andrew and Brain both got to where they never wore underwear anymore, not wanting to waste time with it when they did not have long. Andrew letting out a soft moan as his son's cool fingers wrapped around his already stiffening hot rod... and another when those soft lips swallowed him now so expertly.

"That's Daddy's good boy" Andrew moaned as Brian began moving his head up and down on his shaft, his grip tightening around the steering wheel. Because of Kori's constant hovering the past few days, simple, quick blow jobs was all he and Brian could manage. He wanted more... he needed more. As steadily as he could, Andrew kept hold of the wheel with one hand as the other reach down under Brian grabbing his cell phone from the console. Pressing a few keys with his thumb before bringing it to his ear as he instructed Brian not to stop, but to stay quiet.

"Kori? Listen, Mr. Turner just called me and I need to swing by the office to take care of a couple of forms... no, it can't wait... Well, dear, if you want to keep having money to fix dinners, I have to do this... Can I help it I'm good at my" Andrew let out a short gasp feeling one of his balls being sucked into Brian's mouth. "I'm fine, some idiot just cut me off... look I need to get off (more than she knew) so I can drive... Brian is fine... I need to go, Kori... lecture me later... you too... bye"

Hanging up his phone, the usual "you too" his newest responses to her "I love yous"... truth be told his love for her faded more and more with each time he and Brian were together... he had a beautiful son that gave him everything he needed and more... honestly what did he need a wife for now anyways? A question that could be answered later, right now... he had to feed his desires and Mr. Turner had given him the location of a place where he could do anything he pleased. Brian would suddenly pull his father's cock from his mouth with a moist pop looking up between to Andrew.

"We're going to see, Mr. Turner?"

"No, but we are going somewhere else"

"Where?!" Brian asked becoming excited.

"The Theater  Uhn!" Grunting as Brian dove back onto his cock sucking him in deeper.


By the time father and son entered the theater, Brain immediately took in the sights just like last time.

Three sweat rows away from the initial entrance to the dimly lit theater area, Brian could just barely make out the body of a teenage boy, maybe 15 or 16, on his knees behind an older man nearly Mr. Turner's age who was leaning forward on his hands...and as Brain and his father passed, Brian could see that the boy was fucking the man much like his father and Mr. Turner did him. Two rows next to them in the floor,  a young girl about Brian's age lay on her back as an older man with graying hair drilled her little cunny hard, her knees pressed to her chest, arms wrapped around the man's neck hanging on for dear life. Brian had difficulty taking his eyes off the girl until he heard a familiar voice over all the sounds.

"Andy. Brian. A pleasant surprise"

Brian and Andrew both stopped near one of the center rows to see none other than Mr. Turner sitting a few seats away... dressed nicely in his dark blue suit, relaxed back with his arms over the empty chairs next to him. On her knees in front of him was the little gingered hair girl Paige that Andrew met when he first discovered the truth about Mr. Turner. Unlike the older man, she was completely naked, her white sundress neatly folded over a nearby seat, her head bobbing up and down as she sucked on Mr. Turner's cock.

"Mr. Turner" Andrew smiled already guiding Brain into the row. "I didn't expect to see you here, sir, in fact wasn't planning a trip, but well..." a hand grasping his rock hard cock through his pants to which Mr. Turner simply smiled and nodded. Andrew would take a seat directly next to Mr. Turner, his hand giving Brian a firm smack on the ass and causing the boy to squeak. Without needing to be told, Brian began removing his clothes.

"How is life treating you since you've formed your new bond with Brian, Andy?"

"Great, Brian and I have never been closer and we have you to thank for that, sir." Andy smiled as he felt Brian's hands undoing his pants and pulling down his zipper. Looking down just in time to see his beautiful boy engulfing his cock. "It's just getting difficult to keep my wife from find out... that nosey bitch almost caught us twice. She's upset because I don't touch her anymore, wondering if there is someone else... if she only knew" he laughed as his hand wrapped around the back of his son's head forcing the boy's mouth further onto his dick.

"Some things must be tolerated for the sake of doing who we want, Andy... Paige" Paige pulled herself from the older man's now slick fuck stick. Her hand pulling Mr. Turner's pants the rest of the way down and helping them off of his feet, but before she could mount him as she planned, Mr. Turner held up his hand. "Of course there are ways of rectifying the problem... at a great price, but even the greatest wounds can be healed"

Brushing Andrew's hand from Brian, Mr. Turner took the boy by his chin, pulling him from his father's cock and making him stand, Andrew not arguing, simply curious as to what he wanted to do. "Brian, let Paige tend to your father for a moment, I haven't had the chance to fuck you in a while." Not wanting to Argue, Brian traded places with Paige as Mr. Turner stood, Andrew following in suit. Paige helping Andrew pull his pants the rest of the way off as Mr. Turner lifted Brian up and placing him in a familiar position, bent stomach first over one of the theater chairs and without giving him much of a chance to adjust, Mr. Turner entered him in a single thrust causing him to cry out.

Andrew sat back into his seat as Paige mounted him, her well trained and still wonderfully tight cunt slipping down onto his shaft with ease. Her hands bracing on the row of seats behind her, Paige began to fuck herself on Andrew's sex stick, keeping a steady rhythm with Mr. Turner's thrusts into Brian.

"What do you mean by ways of rectifying the problem?" Andrew asked as he let the girl fuck herself on him.

"Well if your wife is the only problem, then the only solution is to get rid of her" Brian unable to hear what his father and Mr. Turner were speaking about thanks to the sounds of the theater, plus Paige's ever increasing moans coupled with his own.

"I can't divorce her... she'll take Brian and half my money with her"

"I didn't say anything about divorcing her"

Andrew and Mr. Turner exchanged glances before Mr. Turner's thrust into Brian increased, Paige herself increasing provoking a groan from Andrew who was barely able to keep eye contact with his boss.

"Mr. Turner...I... uhn! I can't... what about Brian?"

"All Brian needs is a mother's love, which I can provide... " his hands grabbing the boy's hips and thrust harder. " All you need is to say the word... and I'll give you the perfect family"

"What... fuck, Paige harder!" he bit out to which the girl complied shifting herself forward, but Andrew would not let her get adjusted. Wrapping his arms around her, he stood causing her to drop further on his cock... forcing her back, Paige dropped down over the next row so that her shoulders were resting in the seat, but her legs hung over the back, Andrew still buried in her pussy, wrapping her legs around his waist he began to fuck her again, this time in earnest. "What is it going to cost me?"

Taking advantage of their now equal height, Mr. Turner leaned over whispering into Andrew's ear. "I can get rid of her completely... make it look like an accident... and then Brian is all yours... you want a mother for him... you are fucking her now" Andrew's eyes looked down at the preteen body arching up with each thrust, begging him to fuck her. "She'll be Brian's new mother... she'll be your new wife... you can fuck them any time you want... separately, at the same time ... they'll be yours" Reaching down Mr. Turner grabbed Brian harshly by the hair and pulled his head over far enough shoving the boy's face against Paige's right barely budding breast as he leant over, driving himself as far into the boy as he could. "Suck her tit, boy!"

Brain could do nothing but comply, parting his lips taking the pale pink nipple into his mouth and suckling from it, his teeth clenching down as Mr. Turner pulled all most all the way out and slammed back in again taking him hard now, Paige crying out, grasping her arms around Brain's head forcing him further onto her breast.

"Look at him, Andrew, nursing from her already... you say the word and I will fix everything... and you already do enough... it will just be  a way of ensuring you keep doing it"

Andrew couldn't take it anymore, the sight of his son, being fucked by his boss, suckling the tit of a girl only a couple of years older than him that was now being nearly split in half by his cock...who would become his too...

"Do it!"

From there both men tore into the children on their cocks, fucking them like there was no tomorrow before erupting simultaneously into their fuck toys. Brain and Paige would spend another hour being used by Mr. Turner and Andrew, the men taking their turns on each one, sometimes letting one rest while they double teamed the other ... all the while Mr. Turner plotted to do as he promised and wanting to do it soon before Andrew changed his mind.


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