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************************************************************* Dessert ************************************************************************

On one of his visits to Mr. Turner's house (and in between being fucked senseless in every way imaginable) Brian discovered Mr. Turner's camping gear and Mr. Turner got an idea of inviting the Potter family to a camping trip.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea" Kori beamed from her end of the six chaired dinner table, Andrew sitting at the opposite end, Brian to her right, and their guest Mr. Turner to her left. "I haven't been camping since I was a child"

"Well Brian seemed to have his heart set on it, and I would hate to disappoint him" Mr. Turner smiled.

"Yeah Mommy!" Brian said excitedly after swallowing a mouth full of mashed potatoes. "Mr. Turner said he gots boats and floaties and all kinds of stuff at the lake! I could take my Aquaman swim suit!"

"You sure can, buddy" Andrew chimed in from his seat. The first couple of days after the last trip to the Theatre, Andrew worried about what he might have gotten himself into, but Mr. Turner seemed silent and forgotten about what he agreed to in the throes of passion as he pummeled little Paige... Paige... god he loved fucking her just as much as he loved fucking Brian... Yeah he worried about he legal ramifications and what might happen if Kori found out, but thus far both of them were the best sexual relationship he's had since Kori and he were much younger. The very thought of pounding Paige senseless caused his dick to spring to life... He hadn't seen Paige in a couple of weeks and the past week, Brian was out of school and spent most of his time at Mr. Turner's, Andrew was almost tempted to start fucking his wife again.. a hand diving under the table to quickly adjust himself from the pain of his dick straining against his own zipper.... a move that did not go unnoticed by Mr. Turner...

"Well boys, I think it's time for dessert" Kori smiled rising from her chair

"My thought exactly" Mr. Turner's grin widening as Kori began gather their plates from the table and carrying them into the kitchen leaving the men alone in the dining. "Brian" The boy's ears perking up hearing Mr. Turner call his name. "I believe your father has your dessert under the table... why not help yourself"

"Mr. Turner, I would rather not" Andy attempted to protest, but Brian had already dived under the table with great eagerness. "Kori will be back any moment"

"and the table cloth will keep her from seeing anything... besides I am sure Brian is anxious to show you what he learned at my house last night."

Before he knew it, Andrew felt the cool air brushing across his now exposed cock only to be warmed by his own little boy's hot mouth engulfing him. "Oh my god" he moaned out, unable to help himself, eyes closing taking in the sensations. Brian had become such an expert cock sucker, pulling Andy out of his mouth, running his tongue along the head and across his piss slit with enough pressure to spread the lips of the slit. Andrew scooted himself further down in his chair, legs spreading trying to give Brian better access but his pants kept getting in the way. Glancing around Andy pushed Brian off of his dick long enough to rise up and quickly shuck his pants further down, Brian taking a cue and helping his father pull them down to his ankles before diving back onto the cock he'd come to love so much.

"That's it baby boy, suck daddy" Andrew moaned out, hands wrapping around Brian's head forcing him further on his rod.

"He really has been practicing... he wanted to become such a great little cock sucker for his father" Mr. smiled taking a sip of is wine, watching Andrew's head rock back and forth, enjoying the pleasure he was in...

"Here we go!" Kori's voice jerking Andrew from his euphoric paradise, his eyes blinking rapidly trying to make himself more presentable, but able to move to far fear of exposing himself and Brian. "Where's Brian?" Kori frowned placing fresh baked apple pie in the center of the table.

"Upstairs" Andrew breathed, Brian's little mouth continuing its work, undisturbed by his mother's presence.

"Yes upstairs " Mr. Turner added casually "He just remembered he forgot to feed the fish I bought him. I tried to explain that it would be fine until later, but he is so sweet, he did not want to chance killing the little guy... Brian is very loving... isn't Andy?"

"Yess" Andrew moaned quickly clearing his throat when he realized he moan, acting as if he'd gotten something caught in his throat.

"So Kori, you've been camping before?"

"Of course, Mr. Turner" Kori smiled slicing into the pie and serving him a piece on a small plate. "My parents used to take me all the time, I loved to ski on the lake, sleep under the stars... one of my favorite things to do was take my inflatable bed and sleep on the water at night... pie Andy?" Andrew snapped to attention again and before he could say no, Kori was next to him, a hand resting on his shoulder as she sat a plate in front of him. Quickly but casually, he pulled the extra bit of the table cloth around his waist to cover up any bare skin that might be exposed finding it so hard to concentrate... here his wife stood next to him, touching his shoulders and his preteen son was sucking his dick just under the table... sweat beginning to bead on his brow, so aroused and so nervous at the same time.

"That sounds like fun... Brian told me he has yet to learn to swim, I figure we could fix that while we were out there..."

"Oh that's a wonderful idea, don't you think so Andy?" she asked looking down at her husband who flashed a partial smile.

"Sure honey"

"Are you okay, Andy? You're sweating" Bringing her hand to his forehead feeling if he had a tempter "and your cheeks are flushing... oh I hope it isn't something you ate"

" No no... I'm FINE" Andrew let out a gasp, Brian's nose nestled into the pubic hairs as the boy swallowed his father's entire rod, Andrew could feel the contractions in his son's throat... oh fuck it felt so good. Though enjoying seeing Andrew in distress, Mr. Turner decided to distract the housewife so Andy and his boy could finish... after all, if Andrew couldn't control himself soon, they would all be in big trouble... reaching out grabbing his wine glass, Mr. Turner gave it a squeeze causing it to shatter in his hand, ensuring glass cut into his finger tips causing them to bleed. Mr. Turner pushed from his chair hissing out, pulling Kori's attentions from her husband.

"Oh, are you alright?!" she asked rushing to his side "Let me see? Oh you need a bandage, come on I have a first aide kit in the kitchen" already heading that direction, Mr. Turner let her stay ahead of him as he looked back to Andy mouthing for him to make it worth it... and that's just what Andy would do...

As soon as the Kitchen door closed, Andrew scooted his chair back ripping his cock from Brian's mouth, hands grabbing the boy by his arms and pulling him from under the table. "Strip" he commanded...already helping Brian with his pants, undoing the buttons and shoving them down to his ankles before he could unzip them... Brian kicked them to the side before climbing into his father's lap knowing just what he daddy wanted. Andrew wrapped his hand around his raging hard fuck stick already slick from Brian's spit as Brian placed his knees on either side of Andrew's thighs and lowered himself onto his dad, sending Andrew inside completely inside of him in one sitting thrust. Brian started to moan out, but Andrew captured his son's lips with his own swallowing the sound, his hips around started short restricted thrusts, Brian meeting his fathers, the chair rocking back and forth... but it wasn't enough.

Breaking the kiss, Andrew wrapped his arms around Brian standing, Brian throwing his arms around his father's neck, legs wrapping around his waist, Andrew staying buried in his son, pants and shoes being kicked to the side as he walked them over to the wall behind the table, bracing Brian's back against it. Brian's eyes met his father's filled with so much desperation.

"Fuck me, Daddy!" Brian's whispered words spilling from his lips not as a request, but an order... one Andrew happily obliged, Brain hanging from his neck, braced against the wall, Andrew began thrusting rapidly burring himself to the hilt. "More Daddy, harder! I need it bad, daddy!" His son's words driving him wild and fueling his desire ... he'd never heard Brian be so demanding on him...but he liked it... as he began to fuck harder, he noticed his and Brian's moans got louder, but for once he didn't care as he continued to drive home with each pound of his hips... Brian continuing to entice his father.

"Do you love me, Daddy?"


Am I better than Paige?"


"Am I better than Mommy"

"Oh fuck yes, baby so much better than your mommy!"

"Do it daddy! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me so hard!"

There was no stopping him, Andrew felt it coming and he didn't care if anyone walked in or not, taking Brian's lips with his own again, kissing him with such passion and hunger, feeling the end rising, wishing so badly that he could make it last, but he couldn't stop ... thrust after thrust before suddenly his entire body lunged forward pinning Brian beneath him as he emptied two weeks' worth of cum into the bowls of his baby boy, so much that he could already feel it leaking out of Brian's ass from around his dick and possibly dripping on the carpet. The sound of their mouths moving in unison with each kiss, tongues exchanging spaces... it seemed Brian learned how to kiss while at Mr. Turners, just another perk Andrew thought , feeling Brian's hands holding his face keeping him in the kiss before Andrew finally broke it looking into the beautiful blue eyes he helped create. His cock slowly starting to soften, Andrew knew they needed to clean up before Kori and Mr. Turner came back in...though he didn't know how Kori didn't hear them.

"Do you have to take it out?" Brian pouted feeling his father starting to retract, his ass muscles tightening around his father' cock causing it immediately to start hardening again, Andrew pushing it all the way back in until he could go no further.

"Your mother will be back soon, we have to clean up" Andrew said reluctantly.

"but I like having it in me, Daddy"

"I know, baby" God if he stayed like that any longer, he would just keep fucking him, and that's what he wanted... and that's just what he was going to do...

"Come on" leaving his cock within Brian's ass he looked over his shoulder shouting towards the kitchen. "Kori, I'm going upstairs to check on Brian"

"That's fine, dear!" She shouted back. "Take...uh....Take him some pie!" Kori's voice squeaked slightly, but no one seemed to pay attention.

Andrew grinned stepping back with Brian still attached, his arms keeping hold of his father's neck as Andrew dipped a finger down, scooping up a small pit of pie on his finger and bringing it to Brian's lips who took the finger in taking his mouth all the way down to the bottom and slowly bringing it back up in a most seductive manner.

"Oh you're going to get it now" Andrew grinned starting towards the stairs. Once upstairs, Andrew locked himself and in son in the guest bedroom, lying Brian on the bed where he would begin fucking him once again...this time taking his time about it, not wanting to rush, slow steady thrusts, soft kisses along his lips, gentle nips along his neck... he wanted to make love to Brian and show him what sex was really all about... intimacy... something he and Kori lost a long time ago...

Unbeknownst to Andrew, downstairs in the kitchen, Kori found herself lying on the island counter, her panties gone, her dress hiked above her waist, legs spread ever so slightly allowing Mr. Turner to devour her mature cunt... fingers digging into his hair forcing him deeper, her back arching shoving her hips up further to force his attentions deeper doing her best not to cry out in the overwhelming pleasure she felt...

It would seem Mr. Turner had far more plans than he initially let on....