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This chapter shows us what happened in the Kitchen between Mr. Turner and Kori

*****************************Dessert Part 2 ********************************************


"The First Aid kit is over here" Kori said as she entered the kitchen.


Mr. Turner following close behind, guiding the kitchen door closed after him. Andrew was important to him, important to the world he created and the only way to keep Andrew close is to allow him to indulge in his desires as often as possible... which meant Kori would need distracted... and from what Andrew told him about his and Kori's sex life... or the lack thereof since Andrew started fucking Brian and Paige... Mr. Turner knew exactly the kind of distraction she could use.


"Here let me see" She said whirling around causing the white cotton sun dress to swirl around her form. Mr. Turner looking her over from head to toe... Kori was not an unattractive woman... soft smooth lightly tanned skin, long dark hair that rested over her shoulders... the dress she wore seemed specifically to entice the opposite sex as it had a low neck like that enhanced the cleavage of her just barely d-sized breasts, the dress increasing the curved outline of her sides down to the flowing skirt that hung just above her knees. Mr. Turner could see where Brian gained his beautiful feminine qualities from.


Kori approached Mr. Turner, lifting herself up to sit on the island counter, legs crossing knee over knee as she took Mr. Turner's injured hand to treat it. "Looks like nothing serious, just a few minor scraps... maybe you should be more gentle with your wine glass" she smiled, which Mr. Turner returned.


"Thank you for tended to me and I am sorry for breaking it..."


"Oh no problem, I admit they were not my best, I save those for privet dinners with least I did" she sighed. Mr. Turner's free hand coming to rest gently on her knee.


"Are you and Andrew having trouble?" He asked appearing concerned


"He just doesn't seem interested anymore... I've tried everything ...I just... maybe I'm...No, I'm sorry I shouldn't divulge my marital problems to you, sir" She smiled, but Mr. Turner's hand squeezed her knee tighter before making a nonchalant shift half an inch onto her thigh, taking the dress with it exposing more of her skin...something Kori didn't notice or did not worry about.


"Kori, I've come to think of your family as my family... Andrew is one of my closest friends and little Brian my own son... Please, let me help..."


" I don't think he finds me attractive anymore"


"OH FUCK YES!" a voice ripping out from the dining room in pleasure followed by several unified moans from two distinct voices causing Kori's shoulder's to slump.


"See... He gets more enjoyment out of porn than he does me.."


"He's watching porn?" Mr. Turner did his best not to smile wondering just how stupid this woman could be... and how much easier it would be to do what he felt necessary.


"I hear that frequently... in the guest room, from the garage, the bathroom... even Brian's room... just thankfully Brian's always out with a friend or at your house when he does it... I think he has an addiction..."


"It sounds like he has neglected his duties as a husband... a beautiful woman like you should be tended to properly" his hand sliding further up her legs causing her dress to move upward exposing her entire thigh, Kori quickly placed her hands over his, but made no effort to cover herself


"Mr. Turner... I... this is inappropriate"


"Of course it is" He grinned both hands now taking hold of her legs and guiding them to an uncrossed position force Kori to face him from her seated spot on the counter. "So is a husband neglecting his wife for sexual activities on a screen" letting his right hand slip between her thighs brushing his fingers along the faint split of her lower lips through her panties, sending a sensation through Kori causing her entire body to shutter. "You know you want this, Kori... you need this... to help you get by... for the good of yourself and your family" hooking a finger through the inside of the crotch of her panties, Mr. Turner began pulling them down and Kori, either too stunned to move, or more willing than even she realized, allowed them to slip past until they were completely off, dropping to the floor.


"What if Andy or Brian walks in? "she breathed, feeling him guiding her legs apart allowing him to step between them... Mr. Turner's hands now working the clasps of her dress that now contained her breasts, undoing them one at a time.


"Trust me, dear... I doubt either of them will disturb us any time soon" with the last clasp undone, Kori's tits burst free of their confines and Mr. Turner took the exposer as an opportunity, dipping his head down suckling her left nipple into his mouth causing her to moan, her back arching as Mr. Turner guided her to lay on the counter. Removing his mouth from her tit, he began kissing his way down her torso, nipping and licking at each piece of flesh he exposed with each undone clasp on his way down until the dress was completely open, lying around her like a partially discarded bathroom and Kori completely exposed to the world.


"Mr. Turner I... oh my!" the man's face diving into her crotch and devouring her mature cunt, her hands immediately wrapping around his head attempting to force him deeper.


"Kori I'm going upstairs to check on Brian!" her husband's voice jerking her back to reality as she looked to the door, fearing he was close, Mr. Turner not letting up in the tongue lashing he was giving her.


"That's fine, dear!" She called out trying to sound as normal as possible "Take...uh!" Mr. Turner's teeth nibbling at her clit "Take him so pie"


Suddenly Mr. Turner was up right, hands hurriedly undoing his belt and pants and letting them drop before grabbing Kori by her legs and jerking her towards the edge of the counter, leaning his still partially suited torso over her, Mr. Turner entered Kori in one hard thrust causing her to cry out, echoing through the kitchen.... and he would fuck her like a dirty whore, pounding her pussy for all it was worth, only grunts and moans shared between them, making her get louder and louder, Kori so lost in her own lust, she no longer cared about her family, no longer cared if they heard ... of course little did she know her husband was currently making love to their only shared child, must like he used to make love to her.


Kori's eyes rolling into the back of her head as her orgasm ripped through her body, causing her pussy walls to clamp down onto Mr. Turner's cock sending the man over the edge as he continued to pummel her, milking his dick for all it was worth into her well-developed womb...


Now he had her just where he needed her... to release Andrew from his obligation of marriage... and make room for his own plans for the Potter family to fully take shape...