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*************************** Of Dressing Rooms and Coffins ********************************

“but Daddy, that’s not fair!”


Brian whined from the passenger side seat of my car. Brian is dressed in a white tank top and a pair of blue cotton shorts and flip flops. We were on our way to the mall and I had just told him that Mr. Turner had to cancel our camping trip this weekend. Mr. Turner informed me that one of his other... (clients) had started to give him trouble and he needed to take care of them. What that meant, I don’t know, but what made me curious is when he asked Kori to go with him. Mr. Turner asked my wife to be his escort to a company function since he had no partner of his own and did not want to show up with some cheap whore. Kori agreed and the two left early this morning, so Brian and I were left on our own.


“I know it isn’t fair, baby, but these things happen. Now, you and I will just think of something else to entertain ourselves with this weekend.”


“Like what, Daddy?”


Brian’s question sounded so sweet and innocent, but as the word Daddy left his mouth, I glanced down to see his hand sliding across my lap to rest on top of my khaki shorts grasping at my cock...which instantly began to harden. Brian seemed to have a constant craving for me. I honestly did not understand it, though I didn’t complain too much. He and I are closer than ever, he enjoys it just as much (if not more than I do)... and he always seemed to be more daring... like last night after we had turned in for the night. I was almost to sleep with my back facing Kori when I felt something shifting under the blankets. I knew it wasn’t Kori because she hadn’t moved... and then suddenly I felt the familiar small hot mouth swallowing my cock ... with his mother lying right next to me! I couldn’t stop him for fear of waking Kori, plus, it felt so damn instead I just wrapped my hands around his head and fucked his face onto my stick until he swallowed every single drop of cum that he caused... I tried to whisper to him afterwards that he should go back to bed, but he just stood up next to the head of the bed and kissed me... I could taste what remained of my cum in his mouth as our tongues met for a deep, but brief kiss before he whispered...“So you won’t miss me tonight, Daddy” and then Brian just wondered back to his room and went to sleep.


“Brian” I said, reaching down and easing his hand from my hardening dick, back into his own lap. “Baby, I think we should take a break today.”


“Don’t you love me anymore, Daddy?” the hurt... the confusion that expelled from him and the tears filling his eyes because of the rejection...I could not see them because I refused to take my eyes from the road knowing one glance and I would be putty...


“Brian, I love you... your Daddy will always love you, that is not going to change just because I decide we need a break... trust me, baby... I love being with you... but today you and I are going to spend the day at the mall... We’ll go to the arcade, shop around... after all your birthday is next week. Maybe we’ll find something to get you early?”




Still he pouted, I could see his arms folding over his chest as a physical form of the pout... and I just kept driving... I love my son and I have to admit, my sex life had never been better, but I didn’t want Brian to think that is all he is good for anymore... today would just be a normal father/son day... perhaps once we got their he would cheer up and forget all about sex for one afternoon... and maybe I could get some rest and really just enjoy the day without sex... boy was I ever wrong...




The mall, filled with people on a typical Saturday, would be the perfect place for Brian and I to spend the day. Walking hand in hand, Brian pulled me all over the place... poking around a few shops, looking at the animals in the pet shop, Brian considered getting one of the puppies, but I talked him out of it for now, stating that we should wait until later to decide... after all, to buy one now would end our trip. Then we ventured into one of the clothing stores. Not many people around, but they carried clothes that both Brian and I could look at.


“Why don’t you go grab a few things you like and we can try them on” I said, which Brian agreed, scampering off to another part of the store. As Brian looked for his clothes, I began a search for some of my own... the usual t-shirts with sports logos and tank tops were all that could really be found... but I did manage to come across a pair of jeans, black denim, deep pockets, the right waist and length. Glancing over, I saw Brian talking one with of the sales ladies who helped him search through some clothes with wrestlers on them, and since he was busy, made my way towards the dressing room.


The door to the dressing rooms took into a long hall that spread to my right and left with no indication as to which side was male and female... it all looked the same. So taking a chance, I went to my left to the very last curtain at the back, slipping inside and pulling it closed behind me. The curtain rode rested about an inch above my head, and the bottom of the curtain hung just high enough for my ankles to be seen. A light hung over head to illuminate the dressing space better... the entire space seemed only an a few inches bigger in either direction than a telephone booth. Hanging the jeans on the hook on the wall, I turned facing the mirror.


Since Brian and I began having our “fun” I began wearing tight briefs to help constrain my constant erection I had, at least semi-constant... each time I thought about fucking Brian, or Paige, or hell even imagining having them at the same time, my dick would spring to life... not something you want happening in the middle of a meeting thanks to a stray though. Stepping out of my sandals, I dropped my shorts, the bulge in my underwear was obvious, even as the hem of my shirt lay over it. I lifted my shirt slightly with one hand allowing my other to trail my fingers gently over my hardening cock... god I needed relief... and hell...I was alone... no one to see me...and I can ensure that I make it through the day without pounding into my son.


Hooking my thumps into my briefs, I pulled them down  to the floor and stepped out of them before I sat down on the small bench provided. My dick stood straight up eight inches from the head to the base with a slight curve in the middle and thick enough that my fingertips barely touched as I wrapped my hand around it... but as I began my first stroke, the curtain was ripped back...




“Mr. Potter!”


Quickly jerking my shirt down in a useless attempt to hide my raging hard on, I looked up to see the familiar face of Paige... her ginger hair pulled back into a long braid, the delicious body I have enjoyed several times covered in a bright pink t-shirt with the word  “princess” written across in black letterings, the hem of the shirt resting just below her belly button...below the shirt, a white cotton skirt that rested just above her knees... in the hand not holding the curtain was a couple of pairs of shorts it appeared she intended to try on.


“Paige! I...uh... can you...close the curtain?”


“Oh sure!” she beamed, but instead of leaving, the gingered angel stepped inside, pulling the curtain close behind her. “What are you doing in the girls dressing room?” she asked with a giggle.


“I...didn’t realize this was the girls side” still trying to keep myself covered and failing miserably, a wet spot of precum already forming where the head of my dick rested... which Paige’s blue eyes honed in on. “What are you doing here?”


“I came shopping with my friend and her family, but it looks like I got here just in time”


Before I could ask her what she meant (though I already knew) Paige dropped the clothes in her hand and stepped towards me... brushing my hands away, she took hold of my shirt revealing my ever hardening cock before smiling up at me.


“Paige, I don’t think we”


“but I want to, Mr. Potter... and you need it” she said grabbing my hand and guiding it underneath her skirt to the bare cunt she kept hidden by her skirt...and only her skirt... Paige wore no underwear and as my fingers brushed along her blooming folds, I could feel it moistening quickly. “and so do I”


Suddenly Paige pushed herself forward, forcing her lips against mine in a hungry kiss as she began to climb into my lap, settling her knees on either side, my cock slide along her crevasse and up between her little ass cheeks like an oversized frank between two buns. Each time tried to break away and speak, Paige swallowed my lips, sucking my tongue between her teeth and nibbling on the tip... I could do nothing but relax and let it happen...(not like I was really willing to fight anyways)...


Lifting herself up, I felt my dick siding back down beneath her until the head met the opening of her pussy, I quickly grabbed the base of my cock to hold it stead as she forced herself down onto my poll, her cunt devouring me completely in one full thrust, a moan escaping each of us, thankfully muffled by the unbroken kiss we shared.


I barely got time to enjoy the feeling of my initial entrance before Paige began lifting herself up and dropping back down again in a quickened pace. Our lips breaking, we gasped for air as my hands slide around grabbing Paige’s ass cheeks under her skirt and groping them with each thrust. Paige leaned back, still working her hips, grabbing her shirt and pulling it up over her head before tossing it to the side... my eyes catching sight of her breasts that were finally started to develop, I dipped by head down suckling on her left budding breasts causing her to moan out...louder than she should have been.


“I need it so bad, Mr. Potter!” she cried “I need it faster!”


So willing to oblige, I pulled my head back as I slid us until we fell forward off the bench, my arms coming up to catch Paige and ease her down onto her back, my cock never leaving her as we changed positions, her legs wrapping around my torso, I really began to pound her like never before... the sounds of my balls slapping against her ass and the floor echoing from the dressing room, hands gripping her hips as I straightened upward allowing myself to drill as deep as a I could, ensuring we were back far enough to keep Paige from falling out from under the curtain. God I loved fucking this girl! At times I didn’t know who I loved fucking more... Paige or my own flesh and blood...


Below me I could feel Paige’s body tense, her back arching and her pussy clamping down around my cock as her orgasm ripped through her body... the extra tightness pushing me over the edge as I thrust in as deep as I could, soaking Paige’s inside with my seed.


Both of us worn and out of breath from the sudden sexual encounter, I reach down, gathering Paige into my arms and pulled her up as I sat back, my back resting against the bench as Paige fell limply against my chest, my dick already starting to soften still inside of her when there was a knock on the side of the dressing room... my body tensing up, thankfully my feet were on either side of the curtain so they wouldn’t be seen.


“Little girl, are you alright?” The voice of one of the sales ladies came.


“Yes, ma’am” Paige replied, unmoving from where she lay against my chest.


“Do you need some help? I thought I heard you cry out”


“I’m fine, lady! Go away!” Paige snapped in a manner I have never heard this usually sweet girl use. The sales lady offering a huff and a grumble before moving away.


“That was great, Paige” I breathed as she sat up allowing her blue eyes to meet mine. She was so beautiful , so angelic, and so fucking sexy... my hands trailing up her sides allowing my thumbs to wrap around and brush across her developing nipples, slow soft strokes. Her eyes closed and her head titled back pushing her chest into my touches as she began to grind herself down onto my cock again that was already starting to reharden... Just like Brian she seemed to not be able to get enough... and neither could I.


I spent the next half hour fucking Paige in as many different positions as I could in such a small space, at one point causing the entire dressing cubical to shake before we were both finally spent for the day. We then helped each other redress and I sent her back to her shopping party as I went to find Brian.


By the time we left the mall, Brian seemed satisfied with his day, some new shoes, a video game, and pizza from his favorite place...and I kept my word... Brian and I spent the day without sex... at least... I wasn’t having sex with him.






Later that night, Brian and I snacked for dinner before heading upstairs and with his insistence, I made love to my baby boy, not like the hard fast round I had with Paige, but taking my time to really enjoy every ounce of his flesh and letting him really explore me and what I had to offer... by midnight we were both dead asleep, nestled under the blankets with Brian wrapped in my arms pressed closed into me when the door bell ringing pulled me from my slumber. Who the hell could be at my door this late?


Pulling on a pair of boxers I looked back at Brian sleeping in the bed, I reach down pulling the blankets up over his naked form and kissed the top of his head before hurrying down stairs as the doorbell rang again. As I opened the door, my entire body froze. There on the other side of the threshold stood two police officers. Immediately my mind began to race... someone had saw Paige and I, someone turned me in... the sales lady knew what happened and I was about to be hauled off to jail, my name dragged through the mud, Brian taken away from me... I was about to lose everything, but most important about to lose my son whom I would die without.


“Are you Andrew Potter?” One of the officers asked and I tried to answer, but a knot formed in my throat preventing any sound from escaping forcing me to only nod in response.


“Mr. Potter, may we come in?”


“No!” I squawked out, not meaning too, but panic raced through me, Brian was upstairs, naked in my bed... if they asked to come in, it meant they didn’t have a warrant and to invite them in gave them permission to search the house. Clearing my throat, I quickly flashed a smile* “I mean, no...I’m sorry, I was half asleep when you rang the bell... I’d rather speak here, my son is upstairs asleep and I don’t want to wake him... what do you need officers?”


“Mr. Potter... we are here about your wife, Kori Potter... there has been an accident...” The voice of the officer began to fade away with the rest of the world, I could feel my entire body shutting itself down from everything... going completely numb to the world as if subconsciously I knew what was coming... my mind flashing back to that night in the theatre... lost in my lust of fucking Paige I agreed to let Mr. Turner help me with the problem of Kori being around...preventing me from being with Brian and occasionally Paige. “She was pronounced dead at the hospital... you are needed to come to the hospital she is at to I.D. the body... We are deeply sorry for your loss, Mr. Potter.”