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************************Out With The Old **********************************************


Two weeks later... standing there at the graveside of his wife Kori, Andrew wondered just what kind of life he had gotten himself into. The official story was that Kori was hit head on by another vehicle driven by a drunk driver and pronounced dead at the scene... but Andrew knew better, knew that he was the reason for all of it...and while he was glad she was out of the way... he wished there had been another way than this.


Little Brian, dressed in his own black suit, rested in his father’s grasp, his head lying on Andrew’s shoulder as Andrew held the boy with one arm, his free hand interlaced within Paige’s hand... his new unofficial wife. To everyone else, Paige, in a solid black sundress that came down to her knees, her long ginger hair braided back from her shoulders, walked from her parents side to hold Mr. Potter’s hand as they lowered the casket into the ground, but in reality, it was an exchange that her parents already agreed to. Paige now belonged to Andrew...and all of them belonged to Mr. Turner.


Once the service was over, Andrew carried Brain back to the limo with Paige beside him, letting Paige climb in first before he lowered Brian inside. It was then that Mr. Turner approached the car as Andrew stood upright again.


“It was a wonderful service, Andrew, I am sure Kori would have been pleased”


Andrew slammed the door shut spinning around aggressively towards the man, but quickly restraining himself, not wanting to cause a scene with the people still venturing to their vehicles.


“She shouldn’t have died... Brian is in pain and I...”


“You have what you asked for, Andy” Mr. Turner smiled “Let us not pretend that this is not what you desired. Fucking your son any time you want, a little wife that will tend to your house and needs as you please, even give you more children if you want them... sacrifices have to be made so that those of us who wish to, can live our enjoyable lifestyles. I have given you everything you want... all I ask is for you to continue to do your job, make my life easier, ensure my wealth remains, and allow Brian to visit me on occasion”


Giving a sigh, Andrew shook his head stepping closer, knowing that Mr. Turner was right, he just did not realize just how guilty he would feel, especially in this situation.


“What about Paige? People will start asking questions when she is always at my house, her school, what about how her parents feel?” There were so many more questions, but Andrew was halted by Mr. Turner’s hand lifting upward just enough to silence him.


“Paige is a special little princess. You will have no trouble at all. The paperwork you need will be on your desk when you get home. As for anyone saying anything, if you have not realized by now, our entire neighborhood has the same tastes as you and I... I designed it that way. Really, Andy, did you think it was a coincidence you found a house so close to mine? From the day you came to work for me, I knew your desires. I knew you were a perfect addition to my little collection. Now, stop worrying so much, take your son and Paige home and relax. This..” motioning to the graveyard “Will fade, Brian will accept his new life... and so will you.”


As Mr. Turner departed, Andrew climbed into the limo that would take his new family home.




Andrew spent three hours once he arrived home consoling Brian’s cries and comforting him the best way he could and not in a sexual way. Placing him in his pajamas and just holding him, talking with him, helping him through the time of pain and when Brian finally fell asleep, Andrew tucked him into his bed and slipped from the room, leaving the door open just a bit incase Brian called out for him.


Heading down stairs, His tie and coat gone, the top three buttons on his black long sleeve shirt undone. As he entered the living room, he noticed that everything had been clean, all the extra chairs put away from the wake, everything in great condition. Moving through the living room, he headed into the kitchen. Inside, all the food had been put away, the table cleaned, counters wiped off, and the floor swept and mopped... everything immaculate.


“Hi, Mr. Potter” Paige greeted pleasantly emerging from the laundry and linin room with a clean white table cloth in her hands. She still wore the black sundress from the funeral, the thin straps over her shoulders, the bright pink and white floral pattern swaying lightly with each step she made, her bare feet not making a sound as she walked across the floor. “Is Brian asleep?”


“Yes” Andrew said softly watching her as she approached the table and began spreading out the table cloth, it was as if she knew exactly what she was doing, trained from birth to take care of a house, even smoothing out the cloth once it was in place to ensure there were no wrinkles. “Paige, I... thank you for take care of the house.”


“I loved doing it, sir” so respectful, even turning to him when she spoke, hands folding in front of her waist like a proper young lady. “I will take good care of you and Brian. Now, sir, how do you want me?” The question taking Andrew by surprise, his head shaking as if waking from some sort of trance.


“Excuse me?”


“How do you want me, sir?” She giggled “Do I get to wear clothes? s there a kind you want me to wear? Do you want me naked all the time?”


“Wait, wait,... Paige” Andrew said pulling a chair out from the table and sitting down, a hand gently taking one of hers and pulling her closer so that they were eye to eye. “Paige, I know... I know you and I have already crossed those bounderies, but I... I admit I am still new to all of this and you seem to know a lot more than a girl your age should...I did you get this kind of life?”


“Mr. Turner bought me” She said simply. “the man and woman that I call mom and dad aren’t my real mom and dad.” Something that should have been obvious to him, she had the most natural ginger hair and both of her parents were blonde. “Mr. Turner said that my real mom didn’t want me, so he bought me. He then put me with my parents to be raised. I started learning how to suck cock when I was five with my dad and Mr. Turner gave me my first fuck on my 9th birthday. He then told me that all girls were whores, but some got lucky and had families. Mr. Turner said that if I was lucky, I’d have family. If not, I’d be a whore with nobody loving me. When my period came a few months ago, Mr. Turner said it was time to try and make a family and he told me about you. He said that you needed someone to love you and Brian. I was so happy when he told me I would be yours”


The child was simply beaming as if this was her only lot in life... the only destiny she would ever be offered... and despite the fact that he’d already fucked her himself a few times, it still surprised him. Sitting back he just looked at her for the longest time... it seemed Mr. Turner had this planned almost from the beginning.


“So you understand everything that is going on?” he asked, his voice just barely above a whisper... to which she nodded happily.


“Oh yes! I want to make you happy, Mr. Potter!”


“Well I suppose you should call me something besides Mr. Potter... Call me Andy”


“Andy” Her smile only growing. “How do you want me?”


“Well, I think clothes are good, just in case we have unexpected company. Dresses... like the one you have on now... do you have others?”


“Yes, sir! Mr. Turner bought me lots of new clothes, except for panties... he said that it would be up to you if I wore them or not.”


“If he didn’t buy them, then let’s not throw away the money” Andrew quickly began settling into the idea. Kori never even considered letting him decide such a thing, her death suddenly drifting further and further from his mind. “Then again you might need them for school”


“I don’t go to school” shaking her head “My Mommy and Dad teach me at home, so while they taught me school stuff, they could teach me how to fuck too.”


The brilliance of it, never having to worry about a teacher noticing anything out of the ordinary and alerting the authorities. “Well, do you have any favorite activities?... besides sex?” He laughed.


“I love to clean and I love to learn how to cook. I like to read too! And sometimes I like to watch T.V. or swim!”


“Well then, I think you will be right at home here, Paige. You’ve done enough for today and I thank you. Why don’t you go play for a while.” He said as he stood, capturing her lips as he went giving her a quick kiss as gratitude for now. “I’ll be in my office if you need me or Brian wakes up”




In his office, Andrew sat behind his desk looking over the paper work Mr. Turner had left him regarding Paige. The documents labeled her as a foster child and naming Andrew and Kori as her adoptive parents. Papers with his and Kori’s signatures that neither of them had signed. An added extra paper with a printed e-mail for the document from the head of social services. The letter stated that despite Kori’s death, they would go through with the adoption and allow me to have Paige with no further delay.


“Andy” Paige’s voice bringing his eyes to the doorway where she stood, still in her black dress, her hair unbraided and now draping over her shoulders. “Do you need anything?” she asked. Andrew gave a sigh sitting back in his chair, the young girl would uninvited make her way towards the desk, stepping around it to stand at his side, her blue eyes catching sight of the papers.


“Looks like you are officially mine now” He said with a halfhearted smile, reaching out and hooking her under her arms and lifting Paige to sit on the edge of his desk. “How does that make you feel?”


“I like you, Andy... and I like Brian” she smiled sweetly “You make me feel good and I know I make you happy... that’s all I want to do is make you happy.”


“ Well that is very sweet and I appreciate it. ” Andy smiled “but... I just want you to know that you can say no at any time... I’m not Mr. Turner, I won’t force you into any of this.”


“Oh no, Mr. Potter! I’m happy to do this!” The girl responded quickly almost urgently “ I want to be with you! Especially since...” Paige’s eyes diverted from Andrew as if afraid of how he would react to what she was about to tell him...Andrew sensing this extended a hand to rest upon her knee.


“Since what, Paige? You can tell me anything”


“Mr. Turner took me to his Doctor friend yesterday... he says that I’m going to have a baby...”


The news floored Andrew... This girl, this wonderful creature that was supposed to be filled with nothing but innocents... had been fucked for all she was worth in the past couple of years and  now she was suddenly pregnant... and Andrew knew that there was a possibility of it being his... his or not hell, this girl needed someone to look after her, someone to love her, ensure she got everything she needed... and I am the man to do it.


A sniffle from a withheld cry brought Andrew back to reality and he could see the look of worry and tears filling Paige’s eyes as she so desperately tried to hide it. Lifting from his chair, Andrew stood in front of her, his hand running along her stomach as the other gently took her chin in between his fingers, lifting her angelic face up to look up meeting his.


“No tears” he smiled “This is great news... Brian will have a little brother or sister and ...all of four of us... will be a family”


And as Andrew pressed his lips tenderly to Paige’s the realization began settling over him. This child would be subjected to Mr. Turner’s control... to doing whatever the man wished, fucking whomever he wished... Yeah he allowed it with Brian at first, blind with lust and desire, but now... Brian was in pain, Paige with child at an age she shouldn’t have to worry about such things... and Kori dead... this had to stop.


Not wanting Paige to feel the negativity forming within him, Andrew scooped her into his arms not allowing the kiss to break and carried her to his bed room where their clothes would be shed and Andrew would take her, not like some random fuck like he did in the theatre or the dressing room, but like a lover, a wife... wanting to show her she was not just some whore, and that he would care for her.


As for Mr. Turner... It was time for the Emperor to be taken from his throne... and Andrew, for the sake of his new family, would be the man to do it.