Mum's Wish

My son was playing football that Saturday morning and he had asked his father to join the other parents in watching him play. Unfortunately, Peter, my son's father couldn't be there so I was asked, pleadingly, to go and support my boy.

Ben had just had his thirteenth birthday and I was conscious of his physical development. But I hadn't really had time to reflect upon it as I was still working in an effort to pay off our large mortgage that covered payments for our nice new two storied suburban home and our near new Ford.

When we got to the football ground Ben raced off to change into his footy gear whilst I stood like a bad smell, surveying the other parents.

Suddenly I felt much better for striding across to me was my good friend Melissa, whose younger boy was playing in the under 10s.

We chatted awhile and then Ben's team came out onto the field.

Melissa remarked how Ben was developing. When I looked at my son I realised that he was indeed a bigger boy than most of the others in the team. Also, I was stunned by his muscular legs, which I hadn't previously noticed.

The game went well and Ben's team easily defeated the opposition. He raced towards me after the game in his dirty gear, and it was then that I noticed the bulge in his tiny shorts. My boy was developing into a man, that was obvious.

Melissa also re-inforced her earlier remark about Ben's physic. When he removed his dirty jersey I easily saw the muscular growth in his pectorals and how his little nipples were now quite pronounced. His stomach was also formed with hard washboard muscles. He was a little Greek statue.

I wondered how large his cock was?

Peter had been my first and only lover. At a friend of mines fourteenth birthday he had kissed me and cuddled me and I felt his hard cock press against my stomach. My mother had given me a book about sex. I had fantasised about how big a cock would be when it became stiff. I also wondered how it would feel when it pushes inside my cunt. My fingers had started to play with my cunt lips when I showered and soon I was pushing cock shaped objects inside myself. Whilst doing this I had my first orgasm and I was stoked by the tremendous feelings that my body produced.

A few weeks later Peter and I went on our first date together. It was at the movies and with other school friends. Afterwards he walked me home and we stopped down a back lane. His hands went inside my blouse and fondled my tits, but that didn't stimulate me at all. When his body pushed against me and I felt his stiff cock, all I wanted was to see it, and feel it inside my now very moist cunt.

He started to dry fuck me so I put my hand on his cock and it felt huge. I then unzipped his trousers and they soon fell around his ankles. I could then get a better feel of his big boy cock and soon I had his underpants joining his trousers and his cock was free. I felt his small pubic bush and his hairless balls. Then I felt his cock pulse and some slippery liquid bubbled out onto my hand. Peter moaned.

I then decided that I wanted that big cock inside my cunt so I lifted up my skirt, ripped my panties away and directed his fifteen-year-old cock into my one-year younger cunt.

I hurt a bit but then as he pushed back and forth my cunt opened and he thrust hard inside me. Suddenly my hymen broke and he was inside me and pumping me full of his cum. He had been so pent up that he couldn't hold back.

He stayed inside me for about a minute, really not realising that he had had his first fuck. Eventually he pulled his still stiff cock out of me, and we both stood looking at each other. It was a momentous occasion, but neither of us realised it at the time.

Peter sat next to me at lunch the following Monday and asked me how I was. I told him fine and he didn't have to worry about what had happened.

He looked relieved. Then smirked as I suggested that we do it again.

On the Wednesday evening my parents went off to a school Parent/Teacher Meeting. Peter called over and we went into my bedroom. It was the first time I had actually seen his cock and I was amazed at how big it was. I measured it with my school ruler and it was almost 7 inches long and thick. The large crowning knob was much bigger than the long thick shaft. It had a long piss slit and was already oozing out clear slippery liquid.

Peter started to play with my tits but I soon directed his hand down to my very wet cunt. He rubbed his fingers over it as I squirmed around on my bed. We were both naked and I was getting hotter and hotter for that cock to go into my cunt.

My felt my pussy lips start to vibrate and all I could say to Peter was "Fuck me".

I think he was shocked that a girl would know what he later told me was 'boy's language'.

However, I grabbed him and spread my legs and soon I felt that big monster boy cock pushing inside me. I started to shake and soon I was having an uncontrollable orgasm. Peter was stunned and stopped fucking me.

"Don't stop," I yelled, "keep fucking."

And he did. This time he was able to control his own orgasm as he had lost a little drive when I said the words fuck.

However, the feelings of my pulsing orgasming cunt soon had him pushing deeper into me. Then with a lunge that pushed my head against the bed head he fired his globs of sweet cum high up inside me. I remember he pulsed and then thrust again and again, before collapsing on me.

I kissed him on the lips but he drew away at first. Then he kissed me back. However he never was a great kisser as I was to find out.

We continued our fuck times whenever we could and never once thought of using condoms. I never even flushed out my cunt, until one Saturday morning my mother queried the cum stains on my sheets. I fumbled an answer, but I knew she wasn't convinced.

Later that day she questioned me about Peter. She knew he was my boy friend. It was a direct question.

"Is Peter coming over to your bedroom when we go out?" she asked in a stern manner.

The game was up so I answered truthfully.

"Yes, mum. He was here last Wednesday night when you and dad went to the PT Meeting."

My mum looked at me.

"In future, don't let him make a mess on your sheets. I get some towels for you."

A few minuted later she continued, " don't ever swallow his semen, will you."

I must have looked puzzled but I put my head down. Why would I swallow his semen?


I had a fright three months later when my period was late, but it came and I sighed with relief.

I loved that big cock inside me and I often played with my cunt as I lay in bed, wishing Peter were lying on top of me filling me up.

I could now bring myself to orgasm and I was using the towels mum provided to mop up my own juices.

On Peter's sixteenth birthday we had an almighty fuck. For the first time we both orgasmed almost together and his now almost 8-inch cock spurted his cum well into me.

A few weeks later I realised that this time was for real and I had a little baby developing inside me. I was over joyed, but Peter was very concerned.

My mum was delighted, my father concerned at how we could possibly live.

Peter's parents went into shock. His mother refused to have anything to do with my parents or me and told people I was a little slut and had encouraged her son into this terrible act.

Finally, I had had enough. I went to their house with mum and told them the truth. Peter and I had been fucking, and I used that word too, for 15 months.

I also told everyone at school about what a bitch she was. Peter's parent left town soon afterwards. I continued to go to school until my tummy was bloated so much that I had difficulty sitting for long periods and also walking.

Ben was born two months after my 16th birthday. Everyone at school was thrilled and we had a great party. Peter even came back for it and although it was only a week after Ben's birth, we fucked again.

Mum and dad now allowed Peter to sleep with me and I was forever grateful to my parents for their understanding attitude.

Peter finished school and came back to our town, obtaining a good job at the local hardware store. On his 18th birthday we married, with darling little Ben now 15 months old.

We lived with my parents until one of the nice men in town offered us a small house he owned. Peter had to renovate it, which he did with pleasure. Other people in town donated furnishings, and soon we were happily settled. Peter would be tired most nights so we didn't fuck all the time, but we always had a great fucking session on a Friday night, and sometimes on a Saturday. He played football in the local team and became quite a star.

The guy that owned the house helped Peter build a garage, and then another guy who sold new cars gave us an older secondhand car. Peter was happy and soon was invited to join some special clubs with these men.

In an effort to help us buy some new things, I went to work for a really nice lady who had a florist shop. I could take Ben along as we worked from 10am till 3pm, and that extra money made a big difference for us, as we were able to up-grade our TV, and get a new bigger bed, and a dishwasher.

Peter wanted to have another child when he celebrated his 20th birthday, just to prove that he could, I felt.

Ben was now going to pre-school and enjoying it immensely. I still worked at the florist, now practically running the place.

When little Justin arrived Peter's boss and the man who owned our house suggested that we should move into a newer house, with a bigger yard and a swimming pool. I was concerned about the money we would need, but these men and Peter assured me that the re-payments would be covered. Peter was given a raise at work and then started to do some odd jobs around the town, which brought in extra money.

One of the things that I had never considered was that Peter's huge cock had been circumcised when he was born. It was the done thing in this town. Little Ben had had his foreskin removed six days after he was born, and now Justin was also trimmed of his natural cock skin. It was classed as a male thing and I wasn't allowed to be present.

Anyway I loved seeing cocks, and often played with both Ben and Justin when I bathed them. Ben did get a few stiff ones even at five years of age, and I was pleased about this.

When Justin was celebrating his fifth birthday (and Ben was 10) Peter decided we needed another baby, just to keep me occupied I thought.

Sure enough we both orgasmed together one Friday evening and I was pregnant again. We had continued to fuck with great passion throughout the years, but with the arrival of little Harrison, Peter slowed with his fucking activity.

Naturally Harrison was sliced when he was six days old.

My parents where a great help and my mother loved the fact that she had three grandchildren to look after.

I was now 26 and Peter, still playing football, and doing odd jobs, was happy at 27. However, his big cock didn't fill my happy cunt as much and with his extra jobs and longer hours at work, our opportunities to fuck were very reduced.

Several times I had the opportunity to have a fuck session with other men. I even fantasised about getting this nice pizza delivery boy to put his cock inside me, but I decided to remain faithful to my one and only lover and his huge cock.

As Ben and I drove home I couldn't get my mind off what a terrific body he had. My gaze wondered down to look at the bulge in his footy shorts. He must take after his father. I was happy with my thoughts.

This is taken from my own life story. I feel no shame for anything I do or feel.

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