Mum's Wish 2

My thoughts about Ben continued and with Peter away on some business meeting I was alone in bed that night my fingers, slick with my cunt juices, rubbing the lips and giving me pleasure.

I needed something inside my cunt, so I slipped out of bed, threw on a gown and quietly made my way down stairs. As I passed Ben's room I looked in. He was sleeping well, his body stretched out on his side by the way the bedclothes were positioned.

Justin and Harrison were also sleeping well in their own rooms. I marvelled at the mess in Justin's room. He was now 8 and a loving little guy who often cuddled me and whispered sweet thoughts to me.

Harrison was soon to celebrate his 4th birthday and he. Like his elder brothers was enjoying pre-school with similar enthusiasm. He too was a cuddler.

Ben however, had recently evaded my arms and that made me concerned as I thought I might be loosing his affection.

I soon found a large carrot and then a nice firm cucumber and hurried back to bed. The carrot opened my cunt lips easily and soon I was massaging my inner walls. The feeling was good but I needed something bigger. The cucumber did the trick and after a few minutes I reached a point where I screamed a little as I was overwhelmed by a massive orgasm. My juices flooded out, all over the sheets and my legs and the poor cock sized cucumber.

I was still asleep when Justin came into my room. Luckily I had covered myself during the cool night, but my 8-year-old was curious about the carrot and cucumber lying beside the bed.

I fumbled an answer. My thoughts went back to the similar situation with my mother over Peters cum and my juices on my sheets when I was 15. I thought about telling Justin what his mother had been doing during the night, but I soon dismissed being so open.

All day my mind worked on schemes to allow me to see Ben naked. I thought about bursting into the bathroom when he was showering, but in reality there was no valid reason for me to enter his own personal bathroom. I had my own, and each of the boys also had bathrooms attached to their respective rooms.

I thought about slipping into his room when he was getting up one morning, but I couldn't think of a suitable excuse.

All the boys were out playing so I stole into his room and rifled through his dirty clothes-basket. I found a pair of his underpants and there was a single pubic hair stuck to the cotton. Was that a little stain from his cock? I held it up to the light but I was dreaming. I gathered the hair and carefully put it in my pocket. I then pulled back the sheets on his bed.

Yes. There was a telltale stain. It had to be cum. I rubbed my fingers over it then put my nose down and sniffed. It certainly smelled like cum.

I then found his pyjamas and there again was a stain on the front. My eldest boy was producing semen. My cunt was super wet and I was almost having an orgasm. My fingers went under my skirt and my panties were pulled down. I sat on my son's bed and finger fucked my pulsing cunt. I lay back and soon experienced a shattering orgasm.

I remade his bed, being careful about making it neat as he had a tendency to do.

I went back to my own room, placed the single pubic hair under the glass top on my bedside table. No one would see it there, I thought.

Ben was a little flushed when he came home and didn't say much. I heard his shower going and thought again about bursting in trying to see his cock. He was soon out but remained very quiet.

Justin was soon in the kitchen bouncing around as he always did.

Harrison went and sat with Ben and watched TV.

Then he came out and asked me in his quaint little boy way, " was Ben sick?"

I stopped what I was doing and went into the family room. I asked Ben if he was all right. He answered in a soft way that he was ok. I looked at his crotch and detected a bigger bulge than it normally showed.

Peter just shrugged it off and soon with his father Ben was back to his usual self.

Melissa was very excited when I met her at the football ground early on Saturday morning. Her son's game wasn't until after Ben's match but she was avidly watching the game, which I found strange. She whooped and cheered when Ben got the ball.

"Your Ben is a really big boy now, isn't he. Takes after his father, eh," Melissa proffered.

When the match finished Ben came over acknowledged my presence, but was more animated towards Melissa. He seemed to be avoiding my gaze. Off came his jersey and Melissa rubbed her hand along his back, down towards his bum crack.

My cunt flushed with juice. Ben turned around and I could see that his bulge in his tiny footy shorts was huge. He saw me staring and turned slightly towards Melissa.

Justin now arrived with Peter, as he had started football also and was due to play his first match in a team in opposition to Melissa's boy Jud. Justin looked terrific in his new footy gear that one of Peter's friends had provided.

Harrison wasn't the least interested in what was going on and was happily playing with a toy truck in the dirt.

Peter then went off with Ben to the change rooms, and Melissa silently watched her own son skipped out onto the field. I was happy for Justin in his first game and soon Peter joined me.

It was a lovely morning, but I got a fright when Ben requested that he travel home with Melissa. She was bubbling and said that she needed him to assist her with teaching her son Jud about the game.

Peter agreed and so a happier Ben went off with Melissa as we all traipsed back to our car.

Ben didn't arrive home for another 2 hours. Again he was silent and had a shower and then came out a sat emotionless watch a stupid TV programme.

I telephoned Melissa. A woman's intuition was telling me something. Melissa was very bubbly on the phone. Yes he had been a great help for Jud. I asked her if she was trying to manipulate Ben. There was stunned silence. I hung up.

Half an hour later Melissa rang back. She was sorry but she would like to confide something with me. She invited me over to her place on Monday afternoon after school. I said I would be there but first I had to pick up Harrison from pre-school.

"Oh, don't bring any of the boys, please."

My cunt was very wet when I got off the phone. My panties were soaked. I went up to my bedroom but on the way I crept into Ben's room and sorted through his dirty clothesbasket. There was a pair of his discarded underpants, and I was right. The front cotton was damp and the smell was distinctly semen. Well I now knew that my eldest boy was capable of producing cum. There was another pubic hair there too. I grabbed it.

I locked my bedroom door and brought myself to a shattering climax thinking about my Ben's big cock shooting cum.

When I was finished Ben sniffed as I came down stairs. I knew he could smell my female orgasm smells. I looked at him and for the first time since returning from Melissa's place, he smiled.


I collected Harrison and Justin from their respective schools and bundled them home with my mother. I raced across to Melissa's nice house. She suggested that I park my little new car in her garage and I heard the electric door going down.

We chatted away and I was surprised to note that Melissa was wearing a loose house gown. I could see that she had no bra and also I felt no panties.

She asked me to go up stairs and remain out of sight but to watch without any noise. When there was a knock at the door she hushed me and ushered me upstairs to a landing where I could see into the living room.

Imagine my surprise when into the room strolled my own Ben. He threw his school bag onto the floor and then threw his little arms around Melissa. I saw him kiss her, and it was difficult to stifle a loud gasp.

Soon Ben was shedding his school clothes. His developing chest was just beautiful. Then his short pants were around his ankles and I could easily see the huge bulge in his little underpants.

Melissa now lowered her head licking down his chest and tummy before pulling down his white briefs.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Ben sprouted a huge boy cock. The tip was glistening with pre-cum, and soon it was engulfed in Melissa's mouth. Ben started to rock back and forth as my friend's head sucked on his cock.

My juices were flooding. I had to kneel ion the floor as my legs wouldn't support me as I watched this exciting event.

Melissa then shed her house gown and Ben started to lick her tits. His cock bucked as he sucked on her thirty-year-old tits.

I was flooding with juice. Then Melissa lay on the couch and Ben, stepping out of his clothing lay down on her and inserted his cock into her shaved cunt.

I orgasmed as I watched my son fuck my friend. My panties were off and my skirt was off as I was sitting in a pool of my juices. I rubbed my tits and soon my blouse was open. I was having difficulty breathing. I watched as Melissa pushed my 13-year-old son off her body. She grabbed his hand and guided him under the stairs to another room.

I got up just as a naked Melissa bounced up the stairs.

"What do you think. I hope you are not angry."

She looked at me and laughed her hand, rubbing my very wet hairy cunt.

"Your son is waiting for you, darling. He wants to fuck you."

I raced down the stairs and there lying prone on a big double bed was Ben. His cock was hard and standing proud.

"Hi, mum."

I was totally naked as I fell on the bed next to the boy. He grabbed me and we rolled around on the bed. Soon he was on top of me and with a gentle lung his big cock slipped easily into my very moist cunt.

He fucked me hard, just like his father had done fifteen years previously. I started to orgasm and he fucked harder. I erupted with feeling as that big boy cock pounded into its mother.

I orgasmed again and again and then suddenly Ben reared up and punched his cock hard into me and burst forth with his boy spunk.

He pumped and pumped and I could almost feel the globs hit the walls of my tube.

He collapsed on top of me. He kissed me with a passion I had never received from his father. He hugged me and pumped his still hard cock into me again.

We lay together for ages, with a naked Melissa stroking Ben's sweat soaked back and arse. I fingered her smooth cunt and soon my finger was deep inside her.

Ben slipped his cock out of me and I noticed that it was huge and stiff as he moved over and slipped it into my fingering friend's cunt.

I watched with feeling as he delivered his second load of cum deep into my friend's little girl like cunt.


All this action to now has been from real life. It actually happened, just like this.

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