The Sanders Family-Book 1, Sandra, Part-1, Chapters 1-8 (D.Abby) (bbGGF) (1/6)

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Book 1 - Sandra

Part - 1


Chapter - 1

Sandra was horny. Her husband, George, was away on business and she wanted a fuck. George was due back on Saturday. But it was only Monday night and Sandra had been without a good fuck for over two weeks. She wanted to suck a mouthful of cum out of George's cock so badly that her mouth watered. Her cunt was just itching to have him lap it. She wanted George to pump his big prick into her twat. She wanted him to fuck her ass. She wanted him! She lay in bed fingering her itching cunt.

Sandra had met George during her freshman year in college. For different reasons neither had ever dated much and neither had engaged in outside sex. They had started to go together then, and even before they got married they were faithful to each other. They were a highly sexed couple and had discussed having some experiences with other couples and might have if the opportunity had ever presented itself. However, Sandra had never had another man and she was sure that George had never had another woman. Sandra didn't count John.

The covers were thrown back and her nude body was revealed in the moonlight. It revealed a thirty five year old woman that could pass for twenty five. She had a good figure with firm breasts that insisted on a 'D' cup bra, but she never wore one. Each of her nipples stood out from the considerable mound of her firm tits. Her waist was only twenty four inches and her hips flared out to match her bust. She still wore her lustrous blond hair shoulder length, and her regular features were handsome rather than pretty. She was luscious.

Sandra had four children. Jane and Joan, her first set of twins, were now fourteen. Timmy and Tommy, her second set, were now twelve. She was a very sexy woman and didn't want anything to interfere with her sex so she had done all the exercises the doctor had ordered and kept both her figure and her cunt muscles firm and tight.

She wanted George, and George wouldn't be back for five days. An eternity. Oh, well. Masturbation was sanitary, safe and satisfying; even though it was a very lonely activity. Sandra knew if she didn't do something to quiet her dripping cunt, she wouldn't get any sleep.

She rubbed her clit with her right hand and stuck three fingers of he left hand into her cunt hole. She pushed in and out going faster and faster.

"Oh George, why aren't you here. I need you. I need you to lick my cunt. I need you to shove your big prick as far into my cunt as you can get it. I need you to fuck me blind. Oh, George."

Sandra closed her eyes, imagined her husband with his head between her legs. One finger was his mouth sucking on her clit and another was his tongue fucking her twat. She started to shiver.

"Oh, George. I'm coming. I'm coming! Ohhh! Ahhh! Oooo!"

It was a poor substitute for the real thing. Sandra went to her dresser, opened the drawer and took out her playthings. George and she sometimes used them when she was particularly horny, but they were more often used at times like these when she had to have some satisfaction and he wasn't around. Tonight she took out a dildoe and the vibrator.

Sandra lay down on the bed again and rubbed the vibrator along her cunt. She rubbed it back and forth and turned the vibrator on. The buzzing on her clit gave her an immediate thrill. Her clit started to enlarge and stuck its tip out from between her cunt lips. She stroked the vibrator back and forth against her enlarged clit and again wished it was George sucking on it.

Then she slowly levered the vibrator down so that the tip touched the entrance to the tender, pink inner lips of her cunt. By now her cunt was well lubricated and the vibrator slid right in. It was a big vibrator and it was a tight fit. Sandra pushed the vibrator in and out of her cunt starting out slow and getting faster and faster. Her back arched up off the bed. She was beginning to have orgasms again.

"George, why do you leave me like this. I need you. I miss you so when you are on these business trips. Oh, I'm going to come again. Ohhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! I'm coming!"

She relaxed her taught muscles and fell back onto the bed. Well, that was some help but it really wasn't enough. She'd have to try some more drastic action. She slowly fingered her cunt for a while. She picked up the dildo and sucked it into her mouth. Sandra pretended it was her George's cock. It was shaped just like a circumcised prick.

She ran her tongue along the under side of it. She licked around the rim of the hood. she stuck it in her mouth and pushed it down to her throat. She got it wet with spit. She pulled it out of her mouth and jammed it up her ass.

"Ow. Oh! Oh! It hurts. It hurts good."

She inserted the vibrator in her cunt, left it there, and pushed the dildo in and out of her ass. The flesh like plastic stimulated the sensitive nerves in the muscles around her asshole. She was going to come again.

"Oh George. Fuck my ass. Make me come by fucking my ass. Oh! It feels so good. Oh John, fuck me. Ohhh! Ahhh!"

Sandra came again and again in a multiple orgasm.


Sandra hadn't thought of her brother John for a long time. Why was she thinking of him now. Was it because her own sons were the same age as John had been. She had to think about that.


Chapter - 2

Sandra had been raised in a very strict family. She was sixteen and she wasn't even allowed to bring a boy home for a visit in the afternoon, let alone have a date or visit at his house. The attitudes that she'd been taught at home seemed to show and sometimes the girls at school would stop talking when she joined the group. She wondered what they were talking about. She guessed they were talking about boys and she'd like to hear what they were saying but was much to shy to bring the subject up herself.

In spite of the girls at school thought Sandra wanted to find out about boys. When she thought no one was looking she examined every boy she could see. She took in the bulges in the boys pants and she got wet between her legs. It embarrassed her when this happened but it felt good too. She wanted to find out what caused it.

She was cut off from normal male companionship and her intense curiosity about boys finally centered on her twelve year old brother, John. The family was so inhibited that she had not even been allowed in the room when they had changed his diapers. Later, before Sandra had her first period, John had gotten very careless about closing the bathroom door. She had caught flashes of him holding his thing and pointing it at the toilet when she walked by the bathroom. She had always been afraid to stop and try to get a good look because she was afraid of being caught but she walked by the bathroom as often as she could. She knew he had something that stuck out in front but she didn't really know what it looked like. She was sorry that she hadn't stopped to get a better look.

Sandra rubbed herself between her legs every night with her eyes closed trying to imagine what his thing looked like. She knew only bad girls touched themselves there and it wasn't a proper thing to do but she couldn't help herself. If she rubbed herself long enough she got a strange good feeling and she could relax and get to sleep faster. It made her blush when she thought about it but she rubbed between her legs almost every night. As with most adolescents, her conscience and her puritan upbringing fought a loosing battle with her libido.

John was twelve and was beginning to mature. John had been brought up in the same household as Sandra, but he wasn't as inhibited as his sister. He watched the girls with the new tits at school and wondered what they would feel like. He saw how their tight jeans pulled up into their crotches, and knew that the boys were right about their being different than he was down there. He wanted to get to see what a girl had between her legs but couldn't figure out a way to get a girl to show him what it looked like. When he thought about this his prick would get hard and it wouldn't get soft again until he jerked off.

Sometimes he went to the boys' room two or three times during the day to do jerk off because it was very embarrassing to walk around school with a hard on. It was becoming more obvious too since his prick was getting bigger. It had started to grow about a month or so before, right after he woke up from a strange dream he couldn't really remember and found his pajama pants sticky and wet. When he examined himself the next morning he found a couple of hairs growing around his prick and he was thrilled. He was growing up. He was becoming a man.

He had played with his prick before that and sometimes he'd gotten a funny good feeling but he hadn't thought much about it. Now jerking off made the cum shoot out of his prick. That felt real good and he thought about it all the time. He worried that he jerked off too much but couldn't do anything about it. He promised himself he wouldn't do it but that only lasted till his next hard on and he had to jerk off to make it soft again.

The boys all talked about girls cunts. He'd seen pictures of naked girls and he knew that girls didn't have pricks. He wondered if Sandra was made the way the girls in the pictures were. He'd tried to find out but he never got a chance to spy on her when she had no clothes on. When he jerked off he sometime tried to imagine what Sandra looked like down there.

He didn't believe everything the boys said. They said that some girls would suck a boys prick and John didn't think that was so. No girl would let a boy to shoot his cum in her mouth. He wasn't even sure that putting you prick into a girls cunt and shooting off could make a baby. He was sure his parents had never done anything like that. Another thing they said was that boys sometimes licked girls between their legs. That sounded nasty to him.

No matter how many time he visited the boys' room John would rush home after school every day, run to the bathroom, and jerk off. His favorite fantasy was to imagining it was his sister's, not his own hand, pulling on his prick. It never took long. His hand flew up and down his prick about a dozen times and; spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; he would shoot his load of cum into the toilet bowl.

If either Sandra or John had the slightest idea that the other one was having similar thoughts about them they probably would have freaked out. Neither of them could conceive of their sibling thinking about sex. Each thought the other was much too nice to have nasty thoughts like that. If anyone had told them that the other masturbated they would probably have wound up with a fight on their hands.

Sandra's frustration built up and, in desperation, she decided that she was going to find out what a boy looked like. She knew that the first thing her brother did when he got home from school was to go to the bathroom. It used to be he was in and out in a very short time, but in the last month or so he usually stayed there for a quarter of an hour. She had no idea what he was doing in there and it certainly never entered her mind that he might be masturbating, but she thought she might find out what he was hiding in his pants. She did want to find out what a boy's thing looked like.

The only time that Sandra was alone in the house with her brother was on Thursday when her mother did volunteer work at the Red Cross. Sandra was desperate and decided that the next Thursday she would put her plan to the test.

Thursday came and she hurried to the bathroom right after school and arranged the curtains at the window so there was a peephole. John was very predictable. He arrived, hollered his usual cheerful "Hi!" to her, and made his usual dash to the bathroom. He was horny and he wanted to jerk off. One of the girls at school had leaned over and he practically saw the nipple of her tit. It almost made him come in his pants.

Sandra rushed outside and positioned herself at the peephole. She was astonished when she saw what he did. John closed the bathroom door and lowered his pants and underpants on the way to the toilet. He was holding his thing between his thumb and his forefinger and pumping on it.

It wasn't very big, about three inches long and as big around as an adults thumb. There were only a few wisps of hair around it. His thing was hard and it was pointing at an angle up to the ceiling. As far a Sandra knew this was a big as a boys thing got and this was it's normal condition.

Sandra was shocked. Her little brother John was doing the same thing she did when she rubbed between her legs. Maybe if she watched long enough she would see the stuff shoot out of his thing. She'd heard that stuff came out of a boys' thing when they got the good feeling she got when she rubbed herself between her legs. She wondered what John's thing felt like. She'd like to find out. She liked its looks and she got wet between her legs just looking at it. She wanted to pull on it just like he was doing. She wondered if she could make the stuff come out of it.

Sandra watched fascinated as John sat down on the toilet, leaned back, spit on his hand, and slid it up and down his prick. He closed his eyes and imagined that it was his sister who was playing with him. That would be a real blast. He wished she weren't so proper. He'd tried to look up her dress, but she always kept her knees too close together. He tried to sneak a peek when Sandra was taking a shower but she always locked the bathroom door.

John tried to devise ways to get to see what his sister was like down there. Maybe, if he left the door to the bathroom open when he came in to piss, Sandra would do the same thing and he could get to see her with her dress pulled up and her panties down. He really wouldn't mind having his sister see him. He sort of liked the idea.

The feeling was getting better. In his fantasy Sandra came in the bathroom, pulled down her panties, let him feel between her legs, then played with his prick; he called it his prick like the boys at school, not his thing.

Sandra was sopping wet between her legs. It had never occurred to her that her brother might rub his thing to make it feel good the same way she rubbed between her legs to make herself feel good. She put her hand under her dress and started to rub on her clitoris and moan. She gasped in horror. She was standing on the lawn outside the house. Someone might see her doing that. She ran inside, dashed to her bedroom, pulled off her panties, and lay down on her bed. She rubbed herself until she got that good feeling several times.

For the following week Sandra fell asleep rubbing herself between her legs and thinking of what her brother had been doing in the bathroom. She had heard the girls say something about boys jerking off. That must be what John had been doing. She was going to be there next Thursday and watch him jerk off again.

This time she would stay until the stuff shot out of his thing. She wanted to see that. Maybe John would let her see him up close is she let him see her. If she left the door open when she went to the toilet - - That whole idea was foolish. She'd never be able to let him see her. She'd be much too embarrassed.

The next Thursday Sandra was excitedly waiting at her post peeking through the curtain when John entered the bathroom. She saw him drop his pants on the way to the hopper and grab hold of his thing as he sat down. Her own hand reached up under her dress and she rubbed herself through her panties. She pushed aside her panty leg and her finger made contact with her button. This wasn't enough. She wanted to see John up close. She wanted to feel his thing.

Sandra threw caution to the winds. She rushed into the house and tried the bathroom door. She hoped that John hadn't locked it. John heard her at the door, opened his eyes and saw his sister was standing there watching him jerk off. This was the usual start of his fantasy of having her jerk him off and feeling her cunt but the real thing wasn't the way he imagined it.

Sandra coming into the bathroom was much more frightening than exciting. He was afraid Sandra would tell his mother what she had seen him doing. His mother would have their father take the switch to him. He pushed his prick between his legs, lost his hard on, and started to cry. Sandra tried to soothe him.

"I won't tell anyone that I saw you doing that, honest I won't. I just wanted to find out what a boy looks like down there. Don't feel bad, I've heard that all boys do what you were just doing." At that point she had an inspiration. "I do it myself sometimes."

John looked at her in astonishment. He didn't know girls jerked off. He didn't see how they could, they didn't have anything to pull on. His curiosity overcame his trepidation.

"You do? How do you do it?"

Sandra was desperate. She had John interested, now she had to get him to let her examine him.

"If you let me look at your thing I'll let you see me down there."

John's sobbing slowed down, his sister proposed what he had been fantasizing. He blushed beet red but he shyly uncovered himself. He translated what his sister had said into the language the boys at school used.

"You'll let me see your cunt, Sandra, if I let you see my prick? Uh, well, all right, but you have to let me see you up close too. Take off your panties and pull up your dress so I can see you."

The idea of seeing Sandra's cunt had his prick hard again. This is just what he'd been dreaming about for so long. He wanted to see what she looked like. He wanted more than that. He wanted her to jerk him off and he wanted to feel her cunt, but was much to timid to suggest it. His sister would never stand for it. If he suggested it, she'd tell their mother for sure.

Sandra blushed as she raised her dress and lowered her panties. Her cunt, that word was better than 'between her legs', was dripping from excitement. She stood there with her legs slightly spread and let John look. John asked her to come nearer. He was sitting on the toilet and her slit was on a level with John's face. The heady odor of her cunt juices fascinated him.

Sandra really wanted to do more. She wanted to feel his fingers there between her legs and she wanted to feel his thing but John would never do that with her. She suddenly realized he was trying to say something to her.

John blushed and he stammered but finally got it out.

"Uh, Sandra, Can I feel your cunt?"

Sandra had been dreaming of having John push his finger in and out of her cunt for months. She could never have asked him to do it and she certainly never expected her brother to make the suggestion. John wanted to do things with her cunt.

Sandra got cunning, if she let him touch her cunt, she might have the leverage to make him let her feel his prick? Maybe she could get him to let her play with it till the stuff shot out of the end. She came up with a condition and made it sound as if she were making a concession. "If I let you play with my - uh - cunt, you'll have to let me play with you're - uh - prick."

It wasn't easy but Sandra decided that those words were better than the ones she had been using. They were the ones that John used anyway. John had no problem at all with Sandra's proposal. It was the ultimate fulfillment of all his fantasies. Once he got up enough nerve he would have asked her to do that even if she hadn't suggested it. "Oooo, yeh! I'd like that."

John's dreams were coming true. He couldn't believe this was happening to him. John was advancing into what was, to him, very strange territory. He timidly reached up and rubbed his finger along the outside of her slit.

"Ah, rub my cunt, John," Sandra found the words were coming easier now that John was actually touching her there, "then rub the little nub at the top. That's called my clit or clitoris. They say that it is about as sensitive as the head of your prick. It makes me feel real good when I rub it."

John was happy to follow her instructions, he had been day dreaming about this for weeks. He rubbed his fingers between the outer lips of his sister's cunt and massaged the bump right over the inner lips that she said was so sensitive. He moved his other hand into place and pushed a finger into his sister's cunt hole.

Sandra had been too inhibited to try that herself. She'd rubbed along the inner lips and massaged her clit but never pushed her finger inside. She almost jumped off the floor. She couldn't understand why she hadn't tried it sooner.

Sandra was astonished at the difference it made when some one else fingered you. It felt much better than when you did it yourself. John rubbed her clitoris. John remembered hearing the boys say that girls finger fucked themselves. He was finger fucking his sister. Wow!

"Oh, that feels so good. Rub it some more then push you fingers into the slit some more too."

John's fingers slipped and dove into her hole.

"Gee, you're all wet on the inside. My fingers slip in and out so easy. I like the feel of the inside of your cunt. Is this what they call finger fucking?"

The treatment her brother was giving her, and the way they were talking about 'cunts', 'pricks', and 'finger fucking'; brought Sandra to an immediate orgasm. She stood there and felt her cunt spasm around her brother's finger. Nothing had ever felt this good. her hips pumped back and forth on her brother's finger.

"Oh John, you're making me come. Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh, I'm coming. My little brother's making me come with his fingers. Ohhh! Oh, John, you're making me come with your fingers. Ohhh! Ahhh! Oooo!"

He continued to push his fingers in and out as the spasms slowed down. Sandra continued to push her cunt back and forth on her brother's fingers until her curiosity became more important to her than the feel of her brother's fingers in her cunt. She was much more satisfied and she wanted to see John's prick up close.

"John you stand in front of me now. I want to see your prick. I want to play with my little brother's prick. You had a chance to play with my cunt now it's my turn to play with your prick."

John got off the toilet and sniffed the fingers that had been in his sister's cunt. They smelled strange but awfully good. Maybe he could put his mouth there like they said some boys did, but he wasn't sure. When his back was turned to Sandra for a second he touched his tongue to his finger and it didn't taste nasty at all. He wondered if Sandra would suck his cock if he licked her cunt. That was a silly idea. He was sure she'd never do anything like that.

Sandra sat down on the stool and looked at him. John's prick was hard and throbbing, and it was right in front of her face. It was beautiful. She was horrified at the idea but she wanted to kiss it. A drop of lubricant was coming out of the tip. She used her thumb to rub it over the head of his prick. John's body jerked.

She'd seen John spit on his hand before he pumped his fingers up and down his prick so she licked her fingers to get them slick. She was shocked when she realized she'd licked some of that stuff that came out of his pisshole off her finger. She was more surprised that it didn't disgust her. She liked the taste. She wet her hand with some spit and ran it up and down the shaft of her brother's three inch prick.

John bucked his hips to push his prick through her fingers faster. Nothing had ever felt this good before. He liked having his sister play with his prick. His hips pumped faster and faster. His cum was rising in his balls. He was horrified when; spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; his cum jetted out of the end of his prick and hit his sister in her face. Without stopping to think, Sandra licked some of it off her lips. She had liked the taste she'd had before. She still liked the way it tasted.

John was astonished. Sandra didn't seem upset. He remembered how good her cunt smelled. He looked at the finger he had licked and sucked it into his mouth. He decided he liked the taste. Maybe he could put his mouth there. Maybe it wasn't as yucky as he had thought.

Sandra wanted to do more with John but she realized her mother would be home shortly. Sandra wanted more. Without any difficulty, in fact with enthusiasm, she got John to promise that they would do this again when they got the chance. They washed the scent of sex off and were doing their homework when their mother arrived home.


Chapter - 3

The week that followed was sheer torture. Their mother was there every day when the kids got home from school and their parents never went out at night. They went to their separate beds each night and masturbated thinking about what they had done with each other in the bathroom that day. Their own hands were no longer as satisfying as they had been before they had that mutual jerk off session. Each of them wanted to feel their siblings fingers on their sex organs again and each of them wanted to feel their siblings sex organs.

John went to the upstairs bathroom when he came home from school on Friday and left the door open when he heard Sandra follow him up the steps. He sat on the toilet and made a great show of jerking off so his sister could see him. There was a certain thrill to that but he much preferred his sister's hand to his own.

That night, before they went to bed, Sandra left the bathroom door open and performed a similar show for her brother. Knowing that he was watching did make it feel better but, like her brother, she would have preferred her brother's fingers plunging in and out of her cunt.

The two of them repeated this performance for each other every day for the entire week. They were frightened out of their wits that one of their parents might come up the stairs while they were doing it, but luckily that never happened. Having their sibling watch them masturbate was the best thrill they could arrange and they weren't going to let that go. They made appointments for their various exhibitions. It satisfied neither of them but it was better than nothing.

Thursday the kids had their next chance. Sandra waited at the door for John. Her cunt was sopping wet in anticipation. John had a hard on thinking of what they were going to do. He was almost ready to come before his sister even touched him. The kids rushed to the bathroom to take up where they had left off the week before. Neither of them, had thought of what else they might do together. They were happy enough with the idea of playing with each other's sex organs.

Once in the bathroom with the door closed, Sandra wanted to play with John's prick first. John was willing, in fact he was eager. Sandra sat on the toilet. John stripped off his pants and underpants and stood in front of her as he had done the week before.

John's prick was at an angle to his belly and bobbed with his pulse. Drops of pre cum oozed out of his pisshole. Sandra had liked the taste last week, she stuck out her tongue and licked the droplets off. The feel of her tongue on the sensitive tip of his prick caused John to thrust his hips forward. Sandra had a mouth full of cock. She was shocked and surprised. She liked it!

"Oh, Sandra what are you doing to me. It feels so good. I never had anything feel like that before."

Having a mouth full of adolescent cock excited Sandra too. She had heard of girls doing this but she'd never dreamed that she would do such a nasty thing. She certainly wasn't going to stop now. She ran her tongue around the head of John's prick. She took the whole cock into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could, trying to get more of that delicious lubricant.

"Oooo, suck it harder. Your tongue is tickling my prick head. Suck on it, Sis, suck my prick. Oh my!"

He fucked his prick into his sister's mouth. At his age this couldn't last long. He felt he was going to come tried to pull his prick out of his sister's mouth. He was afraid of what his sister would say if he shot his stuff into her mouth. She might stop doing things with him and never let him see her cunt again. He was sure that she would be very upset if he shot off in her mouth. Sandra wouldn't let him pull away. She held him tightly around the hips and pulled him closer to her.

"Sandra, you're going to make me shoot off in your mouth. Please don't make me shoot my stuff into your mouth. You'll be mad at me. You won't let me play with you again. Oh! I'm going to come. Let me go."

Sandra was enjoying this. She wanted more of that delicious juice that had been seeping out of the head of his prick. She wasn't going to miss any of it. John couldn't hold back any longer.

"Oh Sandra, I'm coming. I'm going to come in your mouth. You're making me shoot off in your mouth. Oh, Sandra! Ohhh! Ahhh!"

Spurt, swallow; spurt, swallow; spurt, swallow; dribble, dribble, dribble, swallow, swallow. Sandra swallowed every drop that her brother's prick had shot into her mouth and kept on sucking until his prick was shrunken and soft.

The fact that she had made her brother come, and that she had swallowed all the cum that came out of his cock, excited her so much she had an orgasm. John watched as his sister swallowed his cum. The boys at school had been right, girls did suck cocks and drink cum. Wow! Sandra had just done it! She had sucked his cock and drunk every drop of his cum.

Sandra heard the expression and now she realized the she had just sucked a cock. Well, if this was cocksucking she was a cocksucker and she liked it. She liked the way her bother reacted too, and she really did like the taste of his cum.

"Wow, John, I never thought I would do anything like that and enjoy it. Your cum tasted so good to me that I couldn't stop. Now that we found what we can do with each other we'll always play with each other when nobody else is around."

John had caught his breath, and then he turned shy again. He was still afraid that shooting cum into his sisters mouth might have offended her. It seemed pretty nasty to him. It wasn't until she reassured him that she loved the taste of his cum that he felt he could broach a new idea.

He remembered how good his sister's cunt had smelled when she had been standing in front of him. He'd liked the taste of the cunt juice that he'd licked off his fingers the week before. Maybe the boys at school were right when they said that boys licked girls' cunts, he wanted to try licking Sandra's cunt. Maybe he would like that as much as Sandra seemed to like sucking his cock. It did smell good, he wondered what it would taste like. He was still a little apprehensive but he wanted to find out now.

He didn't know if his sister would let him do it. He didn't really know if he wanted to do it but he felt he had to try. He did want to find out what his sister's cunt tasted like. He, hesitantly, whispered to his sister.

"Can I do that to you? Can I stick my tongue in your cunt and see what it tastes like. You're cunt smelled so good when my face was near it. I'd like to try that."

Sandra had heard about cunt lapping in the same vague way she had heard about cocksucking. She didn't even remember where she had heard it. Now that Sandra had sucked John's cock, she wanted him to lap her cunt. She was surprised that her brother even knew that some boys did lap girls' cunts. She was even more surprised that her brother wanted to lap to her cunt. She thought that he would consider it nasty.

"Oh, would you?. I'd love that! I'd love to have you lick my cunt and suck on my clit. I'll bet it feels a lot better than just rubbing it."

"I'll bet it does. It felt a lot better being sucked off than it did being jerked off. I'll try it and you can see." John hesitated. "Uh, If I don't like it, can I stop?"

Sandra got up and hugged her kid brother. He was willing to try it but he was still scared of it.

"Of course you can stop if you want. I like sucking your prick and I'll do it again if you want, but you don't have to, uh, lap my cunt if you don't want."

"Oh, I want to try but I'm a little scared. Let me try it, I think I'll like it and I really want to do it. I licked some of your cunt juice off my fingers last week and I think I liked the taste. I bet it tastes just as good if I lick you down there."

She traded places with John and, pulled off her panties, lifted her dress, and moved her love hole close to his face. There was that good aroma again, but John wasn't sure of himself. This was totally outside of his very limited experience, and he doubted that he really wanted to go ahead with it. He gingerly spread his sisters cunt lips apart and looked at the inner pink slit and the 'man-in-the-boat' at the top of the slit.

He closed his eyes and moved his face close to Sandra's cunt. The luscious smell of her cunt excited him, he got another hard on. He tentatively stuck his tongue into the pink slit and slurped up a little of his sister's love juice. It really wasn't bad. He ran his tongue up and down the slit. It was fun, almost as much fun as having his cock sucked. He disengaged for a moment and looked at Sandra with a big grin on his face.

"I like the taste of your cunt. It makes my prick feel good when I do it. Lapping cunt is fun."

He stuck his tongue in as far as it would go and tongue fucked his sister. Sandra rubbed her cunt up and down John's face smearing him with her cunt juice. This was way better than having him finger fuck her. And finger fucking herself wasn't in the same league. John grabbed her hips and pushed his tongue as far into her cunt as he could. His nose rubbed Sandra's clit.

"Oh, I love it, I love it. Eat it up! Lick my cunt! My brother is eating my cunt. Oh, it feels so good. Take that nub at the top in your mouth and suck on it like I sucked your prick."

By this time John was willing to try anything. He was enjoying this as much as his sister was. He carefully gripped his sister's clitoris with his teeth and ran his tongue around and over it. This was all that Sandra could stand.

"Oh, I'm coming. I'm coming in my brother's mouth. My brother's tongue is making me come. Ohhh! Ahhh! Oooo!"

She orgasmed again and again. Finally she pushed John's face away and sat down on the edge of the bath tub so that she could catch her breath.

"That was the best thing that ever happened to me. I don't believe that it could feel so good to have you lap my cunt. I want to suck your prick and have you lap my cunt every chance we get."

The fact that John was so young and had a hair trigger meant that he also had a quick recovery. Sucking his sister's cunt had made his prick hard as a rock. He started to gently massage it again. Sandra rested some and saw the rod that her brother was playing with. She reached out, replaced his hand with her own, and gently played with it. She loved the feel of her brothers love machine. She wanted more.

"John lets get all naked so we can see every part of each other."

John liked that idea. He still hadn't seen his sister's tits, and he had day dreamed about them many times. He couldn't believe that all these things were happening to him. They both undressed and hugged each other with their bare bodies rubbing together. John hadn't started to put on any height yet and his face was comfortably near his sister's tit. He sucked the nipple into his mouth and felt it get hard. His hard prick slipped between his sister's thighs and her cunt hair tickled his belly. It all felt real good to him.

Sandra noticed the time again. Their mother would be home soon but they still had a little time. She wanted to suck her brother's cock again and she wanted him to lap her cunt too. There wasn't time for all that unless they both did it at the same time.

"John, I want to suck you off again. Do you want to lap my cunt?"

"Wow! I sure do."

"It won't be long until mom gets home. Why don't we do it to each other at the same time?"

"Gee, that's what the boys at school call a sixty nine. Yeh, let's!"

He wasted no time lying down on the floor. Sandra followed him down with his prick in front of her face and her cunt in front of his. Sandra took more time licking around John's cock this time and John explored more extensively with his tongue.

John's hips jerked when Sandra licked the loose skin under his pisshole so she did it again then sucked on his balls. He jumped again when she licked under his balls so she filed it away for further use. She moved back to the head of his prick, licked around it, then sucked it into her mouth.

John ran his tongue the length of Sandra's cunt. He experimented and tried licking here and there and when Sandra licked him under the balls he sampled the lower part of her ass crack. He noted the reaction he got from his sister and filed it away for further thought. Sandra had his cock in her mouth again so he moved back to pushing his tongue between Sandra's inner cunt lips and sucking on her clit.

Neither of the kids were capable of lasting under the circumstances. Sandra's hips jerked and her cunt spasmed as John delivered another load of adolescent cum into her mouth. Both of them eased off but continued a gentle sucking and licking until Sandra's hips relaxed and John's prick was limp.

At that point time was very short. They rushed into their clothes and were waiting in the family room when their mother returned from her stint with the Red Cross.

The next night was one of the rare occasions when their parents went out. Three or four times a year their church sponsored a night of religious music. Sandra and John would have almost four hours together with no interference. They could hardly wait for their parents leave the house. They didn't know what they were going to do but they knew they would do it together. Their parents gave them the usual stern warnings about going to bed on time and left.

They realized that with no one in the house they didn't have to use the bathroom for their games and as soon as their parents were out the door Sandra took John to her bedroom. They both undressed and each admired the other's firm young body. Sandra lay down on the bed and John was in a quandary. He wanted to lap Sandra's cunt and he wanted his cock sucked and he didn't know which he wanted first. Sandra settled that by suggesting a sixty nine.

John got on her bed head to toe and, with more time than they'd had before, they examined each other thoroughly before getting down to business. Both of them decided that the sex organs of the opposite sex were beautiful, at least on their sibling. Both of them became more excited and lost control. Each plunged their face into their siblings crotch. Sandra's orgasms started at once and John lasted less than thirty seconds.

Spurts of cum squirted into Sandra's mouth as her cunt contracted around John's tongue. She sucked the dribbles out of his balls as her orgasms eased off. They remained in that position, John idly licking Sandra's inner cunt lips and Sandra gently sucking John's limp prick for more than a minute.

Sandra pulled John up to hug and kiss him. They discovered the French kiss and experimented with it. This had the immediate effect of stiffening John's prick. John wasn't quite sure what to do next, but at this point he was willing to try anything.

"Suck on my tits."

John did and this was another thing they both enjoyed. As the nipples on Sandra's breasts hardened in his mouth, he rubbed his tongue across them, moved his mouth from one tit to another, and gently pinched the nipple of the free one. Instinct took over, Sandra's body knew what it wanted now. She reached down, grabbed John's cock, and put it at the entrance of her cunt.

"Push, John. Push your prick into your sister's cunt. It will make both of us feel good."

Something new again. John knew what fucking was but he hadn't even day dreamed about this. He hadn't been sure that people really did it. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. He was willing to try anything his sister suggested. John pushed his hips forward. His prick was small enough so that Sandra hardly felt the pain as he broke her cherry. Sandra started to rotate her hips. John got the idea and pushed his prick into her love hole. He thrust his prick in and out as far and as fast as he could. John's ever ready little boy load emptied into his sister's cunt.

"I'm coming in my sister's cunt. I'm coming again. Ohhh! It feels so good. Oh, Sandra, I love you. I love you."

The feel of his cum jetting into her cunt started her own orgasm. Her cunt contracted around his prick and sucked every drop of cum out of it.

"Oh, fill my cunt with your cum, brother. I love the feel of your prick in my cunt. I love you too. Make me come with you. Ohhh! Ahhh! Ohhh!"

They lay there, exhausted, until John's prick shrank so much that it slipped out. A combination of Sandra's juices and blood plus John's cum seeped out of Sandra's cunt. It ran down over her ass and excited her again. She quickly switched her brother around and started to clean his soft prick by sucking on it.

"Wow, that still feels real good."

"Why don't you see how I taste now?"

It didn't look attractive to John but Sandra was sucking the same mixture off of his prick. He pushed his face into her cunt and lapped up all the juice that he could find. This got him hard again, and before long they were both bouncing around in another sixty nine. This time John lasted a lot longer and neither of them were in a rush. By the time they came both of them needed a rest.

They rested for a while. John moved down and sucked Sandra's tits. They french kissed. Sandra massaged John's limp prick. John idly fingered Sandra's dripping cunt. John's prick revived. This time Sandra lay John on the bed and she moved her crotch over his prick. John found he could suck tit and fuck at the same time. It was neat. This time the cleanup didn't revive John's prick. He was worn out.

Sandra knew her parents would be coming home soon and both she and her brother were sopping with each others juices. She got them both into a shower, washed off the traces of their love making, and they ran to their separate rooms, and were sound asleep before their parents returned home.

Sandra and John got together every Thursday afternoon for two hours while their mother was doing volunteer work, and occasionally on Friday nights when their parents went to a concert. Every chance they got they would leave the bathroom door open and jerk off for each other. They liked the Friday nights best because they had four hours together and they could do things in bed.

Sandra was still shy with the other girls and boys at school but John listened as hard as he could every time he heard the boys talking and came home with more than one idea for a new position to try. One time when Sandra got on top then turned around to lick John clean some of the juices seeped down his ass crack. She followed the trail and she was as surprised as John was when she licked his asshole. John's prick came right to attention and they did a sixty nine. After that ass licking became a part of their repertory.

The two of them got together for their fun and games as often as they could for the next six months. Then their mother caught them when she came home early from the Red Cross. After much screaming and whipping, John was sent off to military school and Sandra was never left alone with him again when he was home from school.

Sandra never got over the wild pleasures of those six months but, with her vigilant, puritanical parents, never got alone with a boy until she went away to college. Her two boys were now the same age John was when she first seduced him. She occasionally fantasized about sucking Tommy's prick while Timmy lapped her cunt then switching so she could suck Timmy off while Tommy gave her cunt a working over. She wanted to relive the wonderful six months she'd had with her brother.

Her imagination went wild with the possibilities that were available with twin boys. She could have one of them fuck her while she sucked the other one off. Two loads of cum for the price of one! As the boys would say, wow! She would have two adolescent pricks to take care of and have two pricks to take care of her. She would love to teach them everything she now knew.

Everything she'd done with John She wanted to do with them and there were some things she hadn't even known about at the time and some things that she'd never tried. Sandra had never been with more than one male at a time. There were endless possibilities. Her juices flowed and she used the dildo and vibrator again before she fell asleep.


Chapter - 4

Sandra got the kids up the next morning, fed them breakfast, and sent them off to school. Both sets of twins were their normal active noisy selves. She examined the boys. They'd inherited her blond hair and blue eyes. They had their father's jaw and face configuration. They were rather handsome. Their old fashioned crew cuts made them even more attractive in her eyes.

They were beginning to loose the delicate preadolescent facial features. They even had a slight growth of down on their upper lips although neither of them had shaved yet. She could see them leaving a trail of broken hearts in the not too distant future and she felt a twinge of jealousy.

They were growing fast and soon she would have two young men. Sandra tried to assess the crotches of the boys pants, but she couldn't determine how much their pricks had grown since the last time she'd seen them naked. She knew they must be growing some because she'd seen cum stains on the boys' bed sheets. Since they first learned about modesty, years before, she scrupulously respected their privacy even though she wanted to peep now and then. John's prick had started to grow when he was just their age.

Since she was doing assessments, Sandra looked the two girls over. Joan and Jane had inherited their father's coloring. They had dark brown curly hair that they wore shoulder length. Their blue eyes made a striking contrast. They had inherited their mothers figure. Each of them sported a rather large pair of tits, they were into C cups already, and their hips were broadening out. The girls had cute heart shaped faces and had learned how to use a minimum of makeup to good advantage.

They'd never have any trouble attracting boys. They were getting phone calls already but acted as if they weren't quite ready for heavy dates. It was almost four years since they had their first period. She'd discussed the responsibilities and joys of sex with them and found several sex education books for girls that she approved of.

She wouldn't be shocked or surprised if they'd discovered the joys of sex by doing some experimenting, but she didn't think it had happened yet. She'd been insistent about getting on the pill before they engaged in sex. She'd warned them about the problems of being promiscuous but she also assured them that she would ask no questions if they ever requested a visit to the gynecologist. So far she'd received no such request.

She had been shocked six months ago when the boys came down to breakfast a little late which wasn't their normal procedure. They whispered to each other as they came into the kitchen. Her boisterous boys subdued and sharing secrets? They saw her and looked guilty. She found the cum stains on Tommy's bed sheets that day and on Timmy's three days latter. They weren't her babies any more. They were growing up.

Her immediate reaction had been sorrow and regret at the passage of time. She'd liked Tommy and Timmy as her babies and they were not babies any more.

Her next reaction had been to laugh about their feeling guilty about such a natural occurrence. Then It wasn't funny. She certainly didn't want them to grow up in the atmosphere she had where sex was considered naughty and sinful. She didn't want them to have the inhibitions she had been brought up with.

She could do something about that. She talked to George and he had a long talk with them about sex and sexuality. Both she and George had gone through dozens of sex education books until they found three good books for the boys that gave sex its proper place in life. It was to be lived with and enjoyed, not something to embarrass you and be hidden.

Her final reaction had been a dripping cunt. She'd lifted the stain to her face and smelled it, then rubbed her face in it. She'd rubbed her cunt with the cum stained sheet until she had several orgasms. She still did that on occasion when she found cum stains on the boys' sheets even if George had satisfied her completely the night before.

She knew the boys jerked off at night. She got horny when she heard the furtive sounds coming from their bedroom and would wake George up to listen and go a round or two with her. George was as sexually aroused by the boys' activities as she was. They made certain that the sex they had wasn't furtive. They made enough noise to be sure the boys could hear them. It would make them that much hotter and make their jerk off session more fun.

She wanted to peek in on them. She wished they had a ground floor bathroom in this house so she could use the method on them that she'd used on John. She'd love to jerk Timmy and Tommy off, suck their cocks till they fed her their cum, and have them lap her cunt for starters, just as she had with John.

By the time the kids left for school that morning Sandra's cunt was wet again and she went back to bed and brought herself to several more orgasms. She wasn't sure she could last till Saturday when George was due home. She brought out and used her play toys again fantasizing about what she would like to do with Timmy and Tommy. Would her two sons be as responsive as John had been? After being frightened at first, John was willing to try anything. Would her boys be that adventurous? Sandra considered that and thought they would be.

Sandra was a practical woman. Laying in bed and dreaming about laying her sons wouldn't get the days chores done. She put on a mini pad to keep her pants from spotting and got dressed.

She started changing linens in her own room and replaced the rumpled sheets. The girls room was next and they had obviously been active. Their cunt juices had left stains on the sheets. She wasn't the only female in the house with a hot cunt.

She wondered if the girls had gotten together with some boys. If they hadn't she suspected it wouldn't be long. Maybe they had seduced their brothers. They were the same age she had been when she'd done it. Had they seduced the boys? Sandra considered that idea.

She was surprised when she felt annoyed that the girls might have gotten to the boys first. She hadn't thought she was that possessive of the boys. The urge to start her boys off and teach them the ropes was very strong. She doubted her sons and daughters had gotten together that way. They got along well together but she would have noticed if their attitude toward each other had become tinged with sex.

There was no way that they could have kept from 'accidentally' brushing against each other, or grabbing secret feels if they'd been having sex together.

She'd have to keep an eye out for that she thought as she grinned to herself. She wanted to get to the boys first but had no intention of interfering. Let them have as much fun as she'd had with John. With four of them together they would probably have even more fun. She'd find a way to get the girls on the pill without letting the kids know that she knew what was going on.

In the boy's room Tommy's sheet had a cum stain that was still damp. There were fewer cum stains in the last month or so but Sandra noted the crumpled up Kleenex in the waste basket. They were going through a box of Kleenex a week. Sandra held the sheet to her face and took a deep breath. Adolescent cum sure did smell good to her. She sucked the residue out of the sheet, dropped her pants and panties, and rubbed it against her cunt till she had another orgasm. She was going to rape the boys if George didn't get home soon.

The rest of the day went no better. Sandra went grocery shopping and there was young boy on work release from school doing the bagging. She looked at him and thought he looked a little like John at his age. That got her juices flowing again. He seemed to know what she was thinking and gave her a big wicked grin.

Back home, Sandra put away the groceries and mused over how her day had gone. She certainly had her mind set on sex. She went to her room and played with her toys until she had several orgasms. She lost count of how many of them she'd had today. She wondered if she becoming a nymphomaniac.

She ran over the seduction of her brother again. Timmy and Tommy were as old as John had been then.

"The hell with it, If they're big enough, they're old enough. It's never to soon to learn."

As horny as she was, she decided that she would initiate the boys that very night.


Chapter - 5

Sandra was right. For all practical purposes the boys and girls hadn't gotten together yet, but they were on their way. They hadn't been raised in the puritanical household that Sandra had and they were much less inhibited. The older girls had seen their brothers without clothes many times and had been interested in the difference they had noticed.

About three and a half years earlier, when the girls had their first period, they wanted to find out about that difference in much greater detail. Their mother went shopping one afternoon and left the girls to watch the boys. This was the opportunity the girls had hoped for and they made the most of it. It didn't take the girls very long to convince their brothers to take off their clothes.

The nine year old boys didn't allow the girls to strip off their clothes without objection. After much persuasion the boys allowed their sisters to feel their immature penises although their mother had told them they shouldn't handle their private parts except to wash and never to let a stranger touch them there. The girls convinced the boys that they weren't strangers, so it was all right if they felt the boys there.

The girls were surprised when the flabby little tools, about as big as their little finger and not much more than an inch long, got hard in their hands and stretched out to maybe an inch and a half or two inches. This was interesting, each of them held one of their brothers' minuscule pricks between a thumb and forefinger and pumped on it. They played with these new toys until the boys hips jerked and they pulled away saying it felt funny.

Both the boys and the girls liked the experience but they had been a little frightened by it too. It was never repeated. The boys didn't know that, technically, they had been sexually abused. They felt that they had done something wrong and never told their parents for fear of being punished.

The boys talked about what had happened when they were in bed the night the girls had done that and decided they liked the funny feeling they got when the girls played with their things. They tried it and it did feel good. After that they frequently played with their penises and they sometimes they played with each other. It felt even better when your brother did it to you. They gave each other that funny good feeling almost every night.

The girls knew what they'd done was wrong and were afraid their parents might find out. They wanted to play with the boys' penises some more but were afraid of being caught. What would their parents say if they ever found out? The boys hadn't said anything first time but that was no guarantee that they wouldn't say something if they did it again.

The girls went to their bedroom and discussed what had happened. They admitted to each other that they were wet between their legs. They had already discovered it felt good if they rubbed themselves between their legs when they got wet down there.

They finger fucked themselves and discussed the way their brothers' pricks had gotten hard. They wondered if the 'funny feeling' the boys had was anything like what they felt when they had what they'd learned was called an orgasm.. They came to the conclusion that if their brothers were older, semen would have shot out of the ends of their penises when they got that funny feeling.

The situation was different now. Six months earlier the boys had their first wet dreams. Now they knew what they had felt when their sisters had played with their pricks and wished their sisters would do it again but never even considered it a possibility. The girls noticed that their brothers were growing up and wondered what their pricks were like now and if they'd grown any. They would have loved to have played with them again but didn't even consider it a possibility.

Only a week or so ago, Tommy carelessly left the bathroom door open a crack when he took a piss and caught Jane peeking. He slammed the door shut but found that his prick had hardened at the idea of his sister spying on him. He thought about this while he jerked off into the toilet. Why did the fact that Jane had peeked make his prick hard?

He wished one of his sisters would leave the door open when she went to the bathroom. He'd like to find out what girls looked like down there. It had been a long time since he'd seen his sisters without any clothes on.

Tommy and Timmy talked about the open bathroom door that night while they jerked off. The boys had stopped playing with each other's prick when they had learned about gays from the boys at school. They knew it felt better when your brother jerked you off and it was fun jerking your brother off too but they didn't want to be gay. They had very reluctantly stopped their mutual masturbation several months before their glands had started to work.

They did watch each other jerk off, however, and they usually did it at the same time. They made a game of seeing who would shoot off first.

Tommy told Timmy about his prick getting hard and how he had to jerk off. The current conversation was stimulating and they were busy pumping their hands up and down their pricks while they talked about the possibility of peeking in on their sisters when they went to the bathroom. They had seen their sisters naked years ago and they had tiny slits between their legs. Tommy had tried to find out what that slit felt like but his mother had stopped him. Now they wondered what the girls looked like down there and had a much greater desire to find out what it felt like.

They complained that their sisters never forgot to close the door when they went to the bathroom. Each watched the other pump his hand up and down his prick and wondered out loud what girls did to get that neat feeling. Or even if girls' orgasm that they'd read about felt as good to the girls as shooting off felt to them.

Both of them reached their climaxes at the same time and grabbed a handful of Kleenex to catch the cum. Each massaged his prick as it shrank to its limp state. They pondered the situation as they lay there watching each other fingering his limp prick. Tommy sat up straight and pumped a little harder as his prick started to harden again. He mused, "Maybe if we left the door open on purpose and let the girls peek at us, they would do the same thing and let us peek at them."

Timmy was less aggressive than Tommy and he was dubious. He didn't think he could do anything like that but his prick hardened at the idea too. "Gee, I couldn't do that I'd be too embarrassed."

Tommy kept worrying the idea. "Don't you want to see what a girl looks like down there?"

Timmy agreed but he had problems. "Gees yeh, but I couldn't let them look at me."

Tommy was hesitant himself but he was capable of talking himself into the project. "That may be the only way we'll ever get to find out what they look like. I was embarrassed too, but my prick got hard and it felt real good in a funny sort of way. You know, I think I like the idea of their spying on me. Now that I think of it I wish I hadn't closed the door. I could do it again no matter how embarrassed I got. Especially if they let me peek at them after. Gee, remember the time they played with our pricks and jerked us off. I wish they would do that now that we know what they were doing but I guess that'll never happen."

Timmy, as usual was persuaded by his more aggressive brother, but he was still rather dubious about the whole project. Both boys again sported stiff pricks at this point and, though it was unusual for them to jerk off so quickly after they once came, they pumped their hands on their pricks until they shot off again. They were rather exhausted after two climaxes in a row and both boys fell into a deep sleep.

The girls had overcome the inhibitions that the boys had. They'd gone through a stage a year earlier fearing their friends might think they were lesbians. Since they wanted to do things with boys they decided they weren't gay and they could enjoy themselves. They'd never tell and what their friends didn't know wouldn't hurt them. In the mean time it felt a lot better when your sister finger fucked you and each of them thought it was fun to finger fuck your sister too. While the boys discussed the possibility of mutually peeking the girls finger fucked each other and discussed the same possibility.

Jane told Joan Tommy's prick was bigger than it had been when they had played with the boys. She was sorry that he caught her peeking and closed the door. It was fun to watch a boy stand at the toilet and point his prick at it while the yellow stream squirted out. She had wanted to see more. Maybe his prick would have gotten hard and she could see how big it was that way. Joan complained that she hadn't even seen it soft. She'd like to see him stand at the toilet and point his prick too.

Both girls had several orgasms. They gently rubbed each other's clit while they caught their breaths. Jane the more aggressive of the girls had a marvelous idea. She came up with the same idea Tommy had and when the kids discussed it later they never did figure out who came up with it first.

"Oh, wow! Suppose we leave the door open when we go to the bathroom and let the boys peek. I bet they'd let us get a good look at them after that."

"Gee, I don't think I could do that. I'd be too embarrassed."

"You want to see what the boys' pricks look like, don't you?"

"Of course I do but I don't know how I could let them see me."

"Well, I'll be embarrassed too, but I want another look at Tommy's prick, and maybe get to see it when it's hard. I'm going to leave the door open. Gee, remember the time we played with their pricks and jerked them off. I wish we could do that now that we really know what we we're doing. I bet they shoot off now. It would be fun watching the stuff shoot out of the tips of their pricks, but I guess that's out of the question."

"It sure would be. Uh, I guess if you let them see you, I'll try it too, but I don't know."

Jane won the point. The talk about their brothers' pricks hadn't calmed the girls' hot cunts and their fingers pumped faster and faster. Each had her hips off the bed pushing her cunt up around her sister's fingers. Their fingers flew and each of them had several more orgasms before their hips relaxed on to the bed again and they fell asleep.

Tommy and Jane were the more aggressive of the pairs of twins but even they had a good deal of teen age uncertainty to conquer. They had to build up their nerve to initiate the peeping game. The next day and the day after both made some false starts. Jane left the door open one time only to slam it closed when she heard Tommy coming up the stairs. Tommy left the door open and he closed it when he heard the door to the girls' bedroom open.

On the third day Jane told Joan that she was going to do it that day. She told her knowing that now she would have to do it or loose face in front of her sister. The girls arrived home before the boys and went to their room. As soon as Jane heard the boys start up the stairs she strolled to the bathroom and left the door ajar.

Timmy made a dash for his bedroom but Tommy decided now was the time if it was ever going to be. With a great show of nonchalance, Tommy strolled to a point in front of the slightly open door and turned to look. His prick jumped to an erection and he blushed deep red. His sister was sitting on the toilet with her jeans and panties around her ankles. He heard her piss hitting the water in the toilet bowl.

Tommy was disappointed. He couldn't see a thing. It could have been a boy sitting there with his prick pushed down between his thighs. Tommy watched and Jane pretended not to notice him. He heard the piss stop and Jane took some toilet paper and rubbed between her legs. Gees, boys didn't have to do that after they pissed but they did have to milk the last couple of drops out. He guessed what Jane was doing served the same purpose.

Jane realized Tommy couldn't see much. Her face turned red and she stood and faced the door. Tommy's. He saw her cunt slit and his prick throbbed. Jane stood there for a minute and looked right at him then pulled up her panties and jeans.

Tommy made a beeline to his bedroom. This was real hot stuff. He needed to jerk off right away. His hard throbbing prick demanded it. Timmy was on the bed fingering his prick when Tommy arrived. He pulled down his zipper on the way to his bed and spit on his hand as he sat down. Three pumps and the cum flew out of his prick. He took a deep breath and told Timmy what had happened.

"Oh, Wow!"

"Did you get to see her down there?"

"Gees, yeh! I couldn't see much when she was on the toilet but she stood up and I could see her slit through the hair around it."

Timmy's fist had speeded up and he took time out to shoot off. "Uh, are you going to let her see you again?"

"You bet. I want to see her again and I don't think she'll do that again until I do."

"Will she'll let me see her if I let her see me."

"I don't know why not. If she let me see her, I guess she'll let you."

"I'm scared but I'm going to try the next chance I get."

It went the much same way in the girls' room. Joan was running her finger along her cunt when Jane rushed into the room, pulled off her clothes and plunged her fingers into her cunt. Joan came over to her bed and took over the finger fucking while she asked the same questions Timmy asked.

"Did you let him see you?"

"Gees, yeh! I was sitting on the toilet when he got to the door. I pretended I didn't know he was there and I didn't even look at him. I pissed and then I realized he couldn't see very much with me sitting there.

Boy, was I embarrassed, but I knew I had to do something. I got up and turned to face him so he could get a good look at my cunt. His pants were pushed way out in front. He must have had a hard on. It looked a lot bigger that it did when we played with them."

Jane stopped talking and shuddered while she had several orgasms. Jane sat up and Joan lay down and spread her legs so Jane could finger fuck her. Jane pushed her fingers into her sister's cunt.

"Gee, I'd like to have seen that. Uh, do you think he'll let you see him?"

"I don't know. I think he will. I sure hope so."

"Uh, do you think he'll let me see him if I let him see me?"

"Gee, if he lets me see him I guess he'll let you see him too. Especially if you let him see you."

"Uh, I don't know if I can, but I'm going to try."

On the way to bed that night Tommy saw Joan start toward the stairs and ran upstairs ahead of her. He got to the bathroom just as she got to the hall landing. With exaggerated nonchalance he sauntered into the bathroom and left the door open. This was Joan but he knew that she would report what happened to Jane the way he reported to Timmy.

His prick was limp as he pulled it out of his fly, but came to attention when he saw Joan out of the corner of his eye. It was fun letting Joan see him! He tried to piss but his hard on wouldn't let him. His prick stuck straight out from his body for over a minute then, with difficulty, he stuffed it back into his pants. He turned toward the door and caught a glimpse of Joan running toward the girls' bedroom.

Both Jane and Timmy realized what was going on and followed their siblings. The activities in the two bedrooms closely followed the activities of that afternoon and the conversations were only slightly different.

The boys jerked off while they talked about what had happened.

"Gee, Tommy, how could you do it?"

"I just made myself do it. It was scary at first but as soon as I realized Joan was looking I sort of liked it. I sure got a hard on in a hurry and I couldn't piss though it."

"Wow! Did Joan see you had a hard on?"

"She couldn't have missed it. It was sticking straight out of my pants."

"Do you think she'll let you see her now?"

"Yeh, she came right to the door and stopped to watch as if she knew what I was going to do."

"I guess I'm going to have to do it, but I don't know if I can."

Tommy knew he would. Timmy eventually tried anything Tommy did. He wasn't going to let his brother do something he was afraid to try. They had to see how the girls replied to the latest action.

Joan had rushed into the room and peeled off her clothes. It would be a complete understatement to say she was hot. Jane slid her fingers into Joan's cunt and pumped twice before Joan had her first orgasm. Seeing her brother's hard prick almost brought her off then and there. She caught her breath and finger fucked Jane while she told her about it.

"Gee, when I got there he was pulling it out of his pants. He glanced at me and it started to jerk. In seconds it was standing straight out of his pants. It's way bigger than it was when played with them but I couldn't be sure how long it was. He stood there for a while but he didn't piss or anything. Then he pushed his prick back into his pants. Wow! Did that get me hot. Thanks for finger fucking me. I sure needed it."

"Oooo, what you're doing feels good too. I wish it had been hard when I saw it. It's your turn next. I wonder if Tommy or Timmy will peek at you. Timmy I guess, Tommy peeked at me. I guess I'll get to see Timmy. I hope he gets hard when I peek in on him."

The next afternoon, shortly after school, Joan made it obvious that she was going to the bathroom. Timmy looked at Tommy and he shook his head yes. Timmy made a dash for the stairs. Jane and Tommy followed them and went to their rooms as Timmy stopped at the partially open bathroom door.

Joan used the same approach that Jane had used. She pissed, wiped herself, then stood facing the door so Timmy could get a quick look. She knew it was worth it when she saw the crotch of Timmy's pants pushed way out. He had to pinch his prick through his pants to keep from shooting off.

Back to the bedrooms and more jerking off and finger fucking while they discussed the developments. Timmy was reluctant but knew he had to go next and he did it right after supper. Jane watched and it was a repeat of Tommy's performance. Then it was Tommy's turn to watch again.

The kids had continued this performance in various combinations of watchers and watched. In the last day or so both the girls would watch one of the boys and both the boys would watch one of the girls. None of them had ever spoken a word about it to a sibling of the opposite sex. They were bound to more and better things but for the moment this was daring enough.


Chapter - 6

Timmy and Tommy rushed in the door ran into the kitchen, and raided the refrigerator. This is normal for twelve year olds after a hard football practice, and that day's practice had been very hard. Their mother, accustomed to such activities, allowed them to finish their snacks then chased them upstairs to get out of the football uniforms and take showers.

Sandra Sanders watched them and mused over how handsome her boys were. Again she wondered if her boys and their sisters had engaged in any sex yet. She rubbed her hand across the crotch of her shorts, and turned back to preparing supper. Tonight would have to be the night. If she didn't get to them soon she was sure that her daughters would.

The boys had discovered sex but didn't know exactly what to do about it. They talked about it frequently, they jacked off often, and for the last week, they traded looks with their sisters. They were talking about it and getting ready to jerk off.

They stripped and rushed into the bathroom. Both of them were just beginning to have some hair around their pricks. For their age they were well developed, they sported four inch cocks. They knew how long they were because they where constantly measuring themselves to see how fast they were growing. They also knew that their pricks were about as big around as a toilet paper core because they sometimes inserted a baggy into a toilet paper core and fucked it, pretending it was a cunt. They turned on the water, soaped their hands, and started to pump on their swollen pricks.

"I wonder what it would feel like if that cheer leader at practice was jerking me off instead of my having to do it myself."

The more adventuresome Tommy wanted more than what had been going on.

"Boy, would I like to find out. It was fun that time Joan and Jane did it to us when we were just kids but we really didn't know what was going on. I wish they would do it now. Uh, Timmy, Why don't we play with each other's pricks again. We can try different things and see if jerking each other off feels any different from jerking ourselves off?"

"Do you think we should? It may not be right for two boys to play with each other. Do you think that would make us gay? I'm not gay and I don't want to become gay. I don't even want anyone to think I'm gay."

"No way, José! If we were gay we wouldn't have gotten hards on looking at that cheer leader. We wouldn't go to the trouble of peeking at Joan and Jane and letting them, see us? Doing things like that doesn't make you gay anyhow. Gays are born that way. Besides, who would ever know that we jerked each other off? We aren't going to tell anybody, and we certainly aren't going to play with anyone else's prick."

Timmy thought that over and decided his brother was right. He really wanted his brother to jerk him off. He'd wanted to feel his brother's prick for quite a while and had been afraid of what Tommy would say if he suggested it. It was still a little scary but he wanted to try.

"Yeh, no one would ever know that we jacked each other off. Let's see what it feels like."

They had jerked off together many times but hadn't touched each other's prick for almost a year. Tommy released his hard on, hesitantly reached for Timmy's prick and stroked it. Timmy did the same.

"Wow, that feels better than doing it to yourself. I guess you know what I like because it's the same thing that you like yourself. The way you tickle me right under the tip really gets me going."

"Yeh, it feels even better when you do it to me."

The boys had spent the last six months mastering the fine art of masturbation and considered themselves experts. They held lengthy discussions on techniques and approaches. Each of them changed his tactics. Timmy made a circle of his thumb and forefinger and moved it up and down his brothers prick so that he only agitated the rim around the helmet.

Tommy circled the head of his brother's prick with the thumb and forefinger of one hand and held the prick steady. He ran the other forefinger all the way down the sensitive underside of his brother's prick, continued on to Timmy's asshole, and ran his finger around and over the pucker. Then he moved back again to fondle his brother's balls. Tommy liked the feeling when he played with his own asshole. He knew Timmy liked it too.

Different routines caused different sensations and after switching back and forth several times, each could feel the other's prick throbbing. At their age they couldn't last long under any circumstances. Like most twins they had a mental bond and each of them knew that the other was about to shoot off.

"Oh, Timmy, that feels so good. Make me come. Do it faster and harder now."

"Oh, Tommy, I'm coming! I'm coming! Ohhh! Ahhh! Oooo!"

"I'm coming too! Ohhh! Oooo! Oh wow!"

Jets of cum shot out of each of their pricks and it splattered over his brother's body. Each of them felt his brother's prick spasm. Each gently massaged his brother's prick until both of their pricks were limp. After both boys had gone completely soft they washed the cum off themselves and got on with the business of taking a shower. Tommy recovered first.

"Gee, that beats jerking yourself off. I don't think I ever want to jerk myself off again. You know exactly what I like and you make it feel so much better."

"Yeh, from now on we do it to each other. It feels a lot better when we do it that way, but I bet it would feel even better if it was that cheer leader jerking us off."

"I wonder what it would be like to have Joan and Jane play with us now that we shoot off. That would be a blast. It would be better than trading looks."

"Gee, they're even better looking than the cheer leader and they have bigger tits. That sure would be a blast, and I'd sure like to blast some cum at them."

"Gee, their tits have been growing in the last year and they have a lot of hair around their pussies. I wonder what a cunt feels like. I'd like to push my finger in and find out. I'll bet that's what they do to jerk off, push their finger in and out of their cunts."

This speculation was getting Tommy hard again. His imagination took off.

"Wow! It'd be fun to push a finger in and out of a girl's cunt to make them come. I'd like to try that."

Timmy was in a previous part of the discussion.

"Aw, I don't think Joan and Jane would let us do that to them any more than they'd jerk us off."

"Why not? They let us see them in the bathroom. It might be a while but maybe we could lead up to it."

"How could we do that. Looking and feeling are miles apart."

Tommy had to think that one over. How could they get the girls to do more with them than just watch each other take a leak? He had an inspiration.

"I wonder what Joan and Jane would do if we jerked off while they watched us one time."

I don't care what they'd do. I could never jerk off while they were watching."

"Not even if they pushed their finger in and out of their cunts while we watched? That must be what they do. I think they call it finger fucking when a girl jerks off like that. They might do that while we watched if we let them se us jerk off first. Maybe that could lead to them jerking us off and them letting us feel their cunts."

"Yeh, I know it might but I still couldn't do it."

"You said you couldn't let then see you stand at the toilet, but now you do it and like it. You can't wait till it's your turn to go to the bathroom."

"I guess you're right, but that's different. I know I couldn't jerk off while they were watching. I'd probably even lose my hard on from embarrassment."

Tommy let his imagination loose again. He idly rubbed a soapy finger over the head of his throbbing prick and thought it over.

"Gee, if we licked their cunts they might suck our cocks. That would be neat. Wow! I always wondered what it would feel like to have your cock sucked."

"How could you think of doing anything as nasty as licking a cunt? I know I could never lick a cunt. I'm sure our sisters aren't cocksuckers. How could you even think anything like that?"

"Gee, I don't know about that, if I thought one of the girls would suck my prick till I shot off in their mouth I bet I could make myself lick her cunt. I might not like lapping cunt but I want to find out what having your cock sucked feels like. That would make lapping cunt worth a try. I bet it's way better than jerking off. I bet it would be a blast."

Timmy looked at his brother. There was no way he could do anything like that.

"You'd actually lick Jane's or Joan's cunt?"

"If they'd suck my cock sure."

Timmy shook his head and bent over to pick up the bar of soap. Tommy saw the crack between his brother's thighs and he drew in a deep breath. Wow!

"Timmy, I got an idea. When you bend over like that all you can see is a crack between the legs. With our thighs pressed together it sort of looks like a girl from the back. I wonder if it would feel like fucking if one of us rubbed his cock between the other's legs? It could be even better than using our hands."

"I don't know. That sounds kinky for two boys. I don't want anyone to think we're gay. If anyone ever found out they could make life miserable for us."

Timmy needed some persuasion again but Tommy was used to that. Timmy always needed to be cajoled into something new, He'd been talking his brother into doing things that Timmy was hesitant about for as long as he could remember.

"It's no different than jacking each other off and how would anyone find out about it? We're here alone in the shower and I sure won't tell. Let's try it. I got a hard on again thinking about trying to get Joan and Jane to suck my cock."

Tommy turned around and bent over so Timmy could get an idea of what he was talking about.

"See. I'll bet it's almost as good as fucking a girl. Your prick's hard again too. Why don't you try it?"

"Well, if you let me do it first. I wonder if it would really feel like fucking?"

Tommy wanted to go first but since it was his idea he conceded the honors to Timmy. He knew it wouldn't be long before Timmy shot off then it would be his turn. He soaped between his thighs and bent over. Timmy's prick was as hard as a rock. He pushed it between his brother's thighs. The tip of it rubbed against his brother's balls and that excited him even more. He grabbed his brother by the waist and pumped away for all he was worth. The slight friction from the hair on Tommy's legs had a powerful affect on Timmy, and the feel of the head of his cock rubbing over Tommy's balls was very exciting.

"Wow, this does feel good. And the feel of your balls rubbing over the head of my cock feels better than any hand job I've ever had. I'm glad you thought of trying this."

Tommy liked the feel off his brothers cock sliding between his legs and bouncing his own balls against his prick. If this went on for very long, he might even come himself. Timmy reached his limit. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; his cum shot against Tommy's balls. Tommy wanted to try thigh fucking himself.

"Oh boy, that even feels good when you're the one that's getting fucked."

Now that he'd done it Timmy was a convert. He was excited and enthusiastic. He wanted to have Tommy fuck him between the thighs.

"Wow, and it's even a lot better than having you jack me off. Now it's your turn. You can't imagine what it feels like until you try it."

Tommy wasn't worrying about what 'boys should not do'.

"Gee, wait a minute. If I started now I wouldn't last any time at all. I'm so hot I would cum right away."

The boys played "What if -" with their imaginings about what they would like to do with their sisters until Tommy came up with an even more daring idea.

"What if we could get mom to jack us off and let us feel her tits and cunt. She's really built. The girls don't have nearly the build she has. What if she sucked our cocks until we came?"

"Aw, mom would never do anything like that. I don't know where you get these crazy ideas."

"I know one thing, I'd like to try licking mom's cunt even if she didn't suck me off. I bet it makes a girl feel real good and it'd be fun doing something like that for mom."

"Don't talk about mom like that. It isn't nice. I don't like it when you talk like that."

"Aw, come on, Mom and pop fuck. Or else we wouldn't have been born. We've even heard them do it sometimes. It's fun jerking off when we're listing to them and imagine what it looks like. I wonder if mom sucks pop's prick and he licks her cunt."

By this time Tommy was hot to try this new idea of thigh fucking. Timmy soaped his thighs and bent over so that his brother could have the fun he'd had when he fucked Tommy's thighs. Tommy didn't need a second invitation. He grabbed his brother by the waist and jabbed his prick between Timmy's thighs. He wiggled his hips then started to pump at a very slow pace.

Timmy was as surprised as Tommy at the sensation that the passive partner got from this activity. Tommy tried to keep it slow but he couldn't control himself for very long. His pumping got faster and faster. Soon spurt, spurt, spurt; jets of cum splashed against Timmy's balls. Dribble, dribble, dribble; the remainder of his cum leaked out of his prick.

"Oh, it feels so good. Ohhh! Oooo!"

Timmy's balls were bathed in his brother's cum. Timmy didn't try to control himself. He let himself go along with the feeling. His balls and cock being bounced by his brother's prick had warmed him up. His brother's cum hitting his balls set him off.

"Oh, I'm coming too. Ohhh! Oooo!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt; squirts of cum arced through the air, then dribble, dribble, dribble the rest leaked out of his pisshole. The boys were exhausted and both pricks were limp. They looked at each other again. They couldn't get over the new things that they had found they could do that afternoon. They were thinking in unison again.

"Gee, we have to try that again. Maybe -

in bed, if we use spit instead of soap."

They both had the same idea.

"Aren't you boys finished up there yet? Your sisters will be home pretty soon and they'll want the bathroom."

The boys looked at each other, quickly finished, dressed in light clothing and came downstairs.

Sandra watched the boys run through the kitchen and admired and the muscles that their athletic activities were building up. She wondered what took them so long in the shower then laughed to herself. Of course they'd been jerking off. What else would boys do right after they came home from school. That was what John did and that was how she got him. It was a universal adolescent habit.

She would have been extremely pleased if she had any inkling of the rather daring thoughts Tommy had expressed. They were so close to her own thoughts it could only help when she seduced them tonight. She would love to have Tommy lap her cunt, and, in spite of his willingness not to be repaid, she wanted to suck more than one load of cum out of his prick.

She wondered how big her boys were growing down there. They looked as if they were bigger than John had been. Well, she would find out tonight. She was excited by young boys, and her own boys excited her more than any others. She sighed again and felt her cunt start to lubricate.

"Okay, boys, get yourselves into the family room and do your homework."


Chapter - 7

The boys went to the family room to do their homework. They opened their books but they didn't get down to doing any homework. They were still excited about the new things they'd tried in the shower and they wanted to go over each thing step by step. At their age it didn't take long for their pricks to get hard again when they were discussing sex. They didn't have their jock straps on and their pricks pushed out the front of their light shorts. They were engrossed in their conversation and didn't hear Joan and Jane arrive home from the public library.

Unaware of their brothers' preoccupation, they came into the family room and caught the twin boys by surprise. Each of the boys blushed and grabbed a book to cover the obvious bulge his excitement caused. It was all right and even fun to let the girls see their hard pricks on purpose when they were in the bathroom but they were in the same room with the girls now and that made a big difference.

The girls didn't miss the action. Jane and Joan read each other's minds as much as the boys did. They looked at each other, winked, and sat down on the chairs opposite the boys. Then, just as if it was previously planned, they spread their legs so that their shear, pink panties were visible under their short dresses. They looked at their brothers started to make conversation with them.

"How did football practice go today."

"Were there any pretty cheer leaders there?"

The boys were completely flustered. They saw the outlines of their sisters' cunts through the panties and that didn't make the hard pricks any softer. Peeking wasn't as exciting as this even though they saw more when they peeked through the bathroom door. Now they were in the same room. Tommy was astonished at the mind reading act his sisters had put on. How did they know about the cheerleader?

"Well, I guess it went as -

usual. We did the same old stuff."

"Uh, there were some new cheerleaders, and they were sort of cute."

Teasing the boys this way was a new experience to the girls too and it excited them to the point that their love juices started to flow. Their panties got wet and became almost transparent. It made their cunts more visible to the boys. Both of the boys were hypnotized by their sisters' crotches. They couldn't have look away even if they wanted to.

"Was she cute enough to take your mind off the football practice?"


The girls had just started out to tease the boys but in the process they got hot themselves. When the action got them too hot to continue they looked at each other again and each saw the other was ready for more than just teasing their brothers. They excused themselves and went upstairs to take their showers and do something about their dripping wet hot young cunts.

While they were stripping they discussed the boys.

"Gee, it would be fun jerking them off again like we did when they were little kids."

"Yeh, I think I'd like to do that again, now that their pricks are bigger. I don't know if I'd have the nerve now though. This time I'd like to have them finger fuck us too. I bet it feels better if a boy does it to you. I don't know why we didn't have them do that to us when we played with their pricks."

Jane studied the situation.

"There has to be some way to get them to do it. -Gee, - I know, if one of us finger fucked ourselves while they were watching at the bathroom door, I bet they'd jerk off for us. I'd like to see the stuff shoot out of their pricks."

"Aw, Jane, I'd be too embarrassed."

"You said you couldn't let them see you in the bathroom and it didn't take long before you liked doing that. A couple of times you beat me into the bathroom when it was my turn. I think you'd do it now even if they stopped letting you see them."

Jane grinned again thinking of the bulges in the boys' pants.

"It is fun watching their pants push out in front like that."

"Wow, if we got them to do that, maybe we could get them to do more. Like, maybe, let us jerk them off again and, maybe, finger fuck us too."

Like Tommy, Jane let her imagination run wild. About two or three months before the girls decided they wanted to experiment with boys. They'd scouted the boys at school for likely candidates but hadn't found a pair of boys that they wanted to do that with. They were afraid the ones they really liked would want to go further than they were ready to go yet. The ones they thought they could control were wimps.

Seeing their brothers in the same room aroused by looking up their dresses gave them the same idea at the same time. The boys were usually available and the girls didn't think it would be too hard to get them to go along with their plans. They knew Tommy and Timmy wouldn't try to force them to do anything they didn't want to do.

"Wow, you know their pricks -

are pretty big. Maybe we don't -

even have to leave the house to -

find the boys we were looking for."

They'd gotten their brothers to trade looks through the bathroom door. If they went about it in the right way, they could probably get the two of them to go further. At that point Jane decided to let the boys see her finger fuck herself. She was sure Tommy would convince Timmy they should jerk off so the girls could watch. She was sure that could lead to something even better. She wasn't quite sure what that something was but she knew she would be doing it with her brothers.

It hadn't previously occurred to them that if their brothers were willing to trade looks they could get them to do other things. How much more could they get the boys to do? It was certainly worth a try. Jane decided would put on the finger fucking exhibition the first chance she got. Joan was still dubious but deep down knew she'd do it too if her sister did it. She was protesting but only half heartedly.

This planning did not help their current hot pants. It had quite the opposite affect. They were fingering each other's cunts all through this conversation and that didn't cool them off either.

The girls had three year's more practice at masturbating than their brothers had. For more than a year they had been finger fucking each other on a daily basis. Each knew the manipulations the other liked best. Joan held two fingers together and ran them in and out of Jane's cunt hole. Jane started off doing the same thing for Joan. They were side by side on the bed. They turned toward each other, held each other with their free arm, and rubbed their bodies together while each pumped a pair of fingers into her sister's cunt.

Joan pushed her tongue into Jane's mouth and Jane sucked on it then returned the compliment. They had learned about french kissing quite a while back. They moaned and groaned. They finger fucked each other's cunt. They rubbed each others clits. They squirmed all over the bed. In no time flat each brought the other to an orgasm.

"I love it! I love it!"

"Do it harder! Do it harder! I'm ready to come"

"I'm coming! Oh, you do it harder too."

They were on the same wave length and quickly brought each other to their first orgasm. They rested and mapped out how to trap the boys. In the course of the discussion they changed the planned strategy. Maybe they didn't have to go through the finger fucking routine.

Their mother would be out the next afternoon because, like her mother before her on Thursday afternoons, she did volunteer work with the Red Cross at the hospital. The girls decided to trap the boys into sexual activity the next day. They went over their past experiences with the boys. The time they'd played with their pricks the boys had never said a word.

They were sure it wouldn't be too hard to get the boys to let them play with their pricks again. They were sure the boys would be willing to finger fuck them too. All the girls would have to do is give them the chance. If the girls led them on in the right way they could probably get the boys to go even further than mutual masturbation. At that point it would depend on how far the girls really wanted to go.

They pondered several different approaches and what the contingencies would be in case some of the ploys they tried didn't work. They went into great detail about what they would or would not want to do with the boys.

All this talking about future sex with the boys had them hot enough to decide on a second round with each other. They started to finger each other's cunt again when Jane got a thoughtful look.

Joan noticed it and knew that it meant that Jane was going to suggest something that would probably bother her. She also knew that if she objected her sister would convince her and she'd do whatever was suggested. In fact she almost always liked the idea in the end. She stopped pumping her finger.

"Yeh, what now?"

"Uh, Joan?"

Jane stammering? This must really be a doozy.


"You know about boys lapping a girls cunt?"

"Yeh, sure."

"Wouldn't you like to have a boy do it to you?"

"Gee, I'd like to have my cunt lapped but the boy might want me to suck his cock in return and I don't think I want to do something that nasty."

Jane hadn't thought about that. She was thinking of Tommy and Timmy. If Tommy and Timmy lapped her cunt would they want their cock sucked? Did she want to suck cock? Would they shoot off into her mouth? Would she let them shoot off in her mouth? Would that be so horrible? Other girls sucked cock. Would they do it if it was so distasteful?

Jane wasn't unreasonable. She wanted the boys to lap her cunt. Would that be any more disagreeable to them than sucking cock would be to her? She didn't think that it would. She pulled her fingers from her sisters cunt and sucked them. It didn't taste bad. Having settled this she turned to her sister and grinned.

"I hadn't thought of that. I wonder what it would be like to suck a cock." Jane made a show of sucking on the two fingers she'd just had buried in Joan's cunt. "Mmmm, we've tasted our fingers after we've had them in our cunts, I wonder if a boy's cum tastes like that. We both like that taste. Gee, it would be fun to suck Tommy's and Timmy's pricks. I bet you could make them jump all over the bed. Wow! I think I want to try. I want to find out what a boy's cum tastes like."

It was Joan's turn to stop and think. She idly licked the fingers that had been buried in Jane's cunt. She had the same curiosity that her sister had and she did want to find out what it was like to suck a cock and, even more, what it was like to have her cunt lapped. But she didn't know whether she wanted to have a boy, even if he was her brother, shoot off in her mouth. Could she go through with anything like that?

"Maybe you're right but I don't know if I could do it. It seems so yucky."

"Remember, you didn't want to let them see you in the bathroom."

"Yeh, yeh, I guess you're right. I do like to let them see me now, but I don't know about sucking cock, that's different than just letting the boys see me."

Joan got thoughtful again.

"I would like to have my cunt lapped though. Maybe I will try it. I'll wait and see what happens."

Jane went back to her original line of thought.

"I wonder if it feels as good if a girl does it to you?"

"Gees, how would I know? I don't see why it wouldn't"

"We could try it on each other. We both know we like the taste of cunt juice. Why not try it from the source. I bet it would feel real good to have someone lick your cunt and suck on your clit."

Joan wasn't surprised now that Jane finally got to the point, but she was still resisting.

"We're not gay. Only gay women lap each other's cunts."

"I know we're not gay. We wouldn't be planning on getting Timmy and Tommy to do things with us if we were. Why would we be interested in seeing their pricks? Lapping cunt is just about the same thing as finger fucking each other only it would be with our tongues instead of with our fingers."

Joan ran out of arguments and was sort of glad she did. She had known she would do what her sister wanted before she knew it was. She did want to try it in spite of all her opposition. She really wanted to try it as much as her sister did but felt she had to put up some resistance.

"Uh, I guess so. How do we do it?"

"Let's do it to each other at the same time."

The two girls got on the bed in a classical sixty nine position. Without hesitation, Jane ran her tongue along the length of Joan's cunt. Joan's hips jerked and she licked Jane's cunt. It wasn't bad at all, both sisters liked the taste of the other's cunt and they sure did like the feel of their sister's tongue in their own cunt. It was way better than having your sister's fingers in your cunt.

They both pushed their tongue in and out of the cunt hole in front of their face. Jane shifted her point of attack, sucked on Joan's clit, and massaged the head with her tongue. Joan gasped.

"Oh, yeh, that feels so good. Do it some more."

Jane decided too much was going on. She knew she couldn't concentrate on lapping cunt the first time when her own cunt was being lapped for the first time.

"Let's do each other separately."

Joan wanted to be the passive partner the first time they tried anything new.

"You do me first then I'll do you."

Jane moved her body down so that she could rub her cunt on her sisters big toe. She continued to lap at Joan's cunt as she worked the toe in and out of her own love hole. She grabbed Joan's clitoris in her teeth and gently nibbled on it. Joan was in ecstasy. She twisted and turned, arched her back, rubbed her cunt all over her sister's face, and tossed her head from side to side. Nothing had ever felt like this before.

"Oh, I love the feel. Make me come with your tongue. Oh, you're making me come. Ohhh! Oooo! Ahhh!"

Joan spasmed in multiple orgasms.

"Oh, wow! That was something. Wait a minute and I'll do it for you."

Joan rested for a few minutes to recuperate, then switched around started licking and sucking while her sister lay back and enjoyed it. Joan was more vocal than her sister and she murmured instructions as Jane worked her cunt over.

"Oh, stick your tongue further in. --- Oooo, suck on my clit for a while. --- Rub my asshole with your finger. --- I'm going to come! --- Ohhh, lick harder! --- I'm coming! --- I'm coming! --- Oh Joan, I love you! I love you! --- Oh Joan! --- Ohhh! Ohhh! Ahhh!"

Jane had her turn at multiple orgasms.

The twins relaxed and discussed the boys. They'd seen the lumps in their brothers' pants, and their pricks sticking out when they pointed them at the toilet. but they still didn't know how big the boys had grown. The girls wondered how they could have missed the possibilities that their brothers presented. They resolved not to miss out on any of the fun that might be available to them.

Both of the girls heated up again discussing the prospects. Reading each others' mind, they didn't have to discuss it. They turned, faced each other and Joan sucked Jane's tits while they fingered each other's cunts. Then Jane returned the favor. They continued trading back and forth for a while until they felt like they needed more.

They moved into a sixty nine position and lapped each other's cunts again. Each of them sucked her sister's clit and tongue fucked between the inner cunt lips. They got the same results they had the previous round. Both of them had multiple orgasms and slowed down while they come off their highs.

"I wonder if the boys will make us feel any better than this?"

They were jolted out of their revere by their mother's voice from downstairs.

"Ten minutes till dinner."

While the girls were taking their hurried shower Jane was struck by a thought.

"Gee, we're not on the pill yet. Remember what mom said. We have to get her to take us to the gynecologist."

"Oh. I hadn't thought of that either. I don't think we're really ready to fuck the boys yet. Maybe the first couple of times we'll just jerk them off and have them finger fuck us. Maybe we can get them to lap our cunts and maybe even I'll suck their cocks. At least that can't get me pregnant. - Let's see, we just finished our periods, you're not supposed to be fertile for a week or so. We can get mom to take us the gynecologist the beginning of next week."

"I guess so. I wouldn't want to get pregnant."

They didn't put their panties on when they went down to dinner. This was part of their plan to entrap the boys. Sandra, as usual when George wasn't home, served the dinner in the family room so that the kids could watch their favorite television show. This played into the hands of the girls. The family sat around, ate, chatted, and watched the show.

Very shortly the boys discovered the best show wasn't on the TV screen. The girls made sure that they were sitting so that the boys could just barely see up their dresses. They weren't nearly as blatant as they' been that afternoon, they only spread their legs enough to let their brothers catch quick glimpses of their crotches. The boys could not be sure of what they were seeing.

They were very aware that their mother was in the room and they tried to be careful not to let their her know that they were attempting to discover exactly what the girls were hiding under their dresses. Sandra didn't miss the action, nor did she miss the hard pricks her sons were trying to hide. She carefully repressed her grin. She had a lot more experience with seducing brothers than her daughters had.

Sandra was responsible for preparing the dinner but it was an iron clad rule that the kids were to clean up and wash the dishes. It was the boys turn to wash and the girls turn to dry.

The girls put this to good use. They were not tall enough to put the dishes away on the top shelf so they had to climb on a stool to put them away. The girls were uncharacteristically clumsy that night. They lost their balance and a leg shot up in the air, accidentally revealing what the boys were trying so hard to see.

The boys finally found out, for sure, that their sisters were not wearing panties. But, try as they would, they could not get a good look at a real live cunt. The girls found out that the boys' hard pricks stuck out a good distance from their bodies. They were also interested in seeing more.

Sandra noticed the condition that the boys were in when they came back into the family room. In spite of the fact that all four of the kids tried to hide the games they were playing, Sandra knew the girls were putting the make on the boys. In all probability the girls would get to the boys before long. Tonight had to be the night.

At nine thirty, as usual, she shooed the four children to bed.


Chapter - 8

Sandra was a light sleeper and she knew her family's habits. From the noises that came from the boy's bedroom each night when they retired, she guessed that the boys jerked off. She knew, from her experiences with her brother, that they recovered quickly. The fact that they jerked off before they went to sleep would have very little bearing on what was to transpire later that night.

At about eleven thirty Timmy would stagger to the bathroom to take a piss. Tommy would do the same thing at about one o'clock. That would be about the only time she could get her hands on the boys when they weren't together. Trying to seduce the both of them at once would be a little difficult.

She would take them on one at a time and teach them about sex. She expected to have a great deal of pleasure doing the teaching. Would her boys be as frightened as John had been the first time? Timmy might be but she doubted if Tommy would. Would her boys adjust to the situation and get to enjoy sex as fast as John?

She was sure both of them would. Timmy was a little cautious about a new experience, but, unlike John, he hadn't been brought up with the threat of a switch if he did something that was considered wrong. True, Timmy was conservative in his approach to something new, but that didn't stop him from following his more enterprising brother into all sorts of scrapes. Tommy would be the easy one to seduce, of course, after the first shock of having his mother go after his prick, he would plunge right into the situation. She rubbed her cunt thinking of his prick plunging into it.

The circumstances wouldn't be at all the same. She had been frightened herself that first time she'd gone into the bathroom with John. They'd had to be extremely secretive in order to keep their activities hidden. Now she was the authority in the house and that type of furtiveness wasn't necessary even though mother - son incest wasn't something you shouted from the rooftops.

Sandra dressed in her sheerest nightgown and waited for Timmy to make his nightly piss call. It was one of the longest waits she could remember. Her cunt was oozing lubricant and, as much as she wanted to wait, her hand would wander down and rub her clit. She found herself glancing at the clock at least once every minute. As the critical time arrived she was staring at the clock and projecting the thought to Timmy that he should be on the way to the bathroom to piss.

Right on schedule at eleven thirty the boys' bedroom door opened and Timmy, only half awake, staggered to the bathroom. He only half closed the door and took out his prick to take a leak. In less time than takes to tell, Sandra was at the bathroom door. She opened it and walked in. Timmy had started to piss. The fact that his mother was watching him perked through and he woke up in a hurry. He tried to stop and push his prick inside his pajamas but only succeeded in wetting himself. This was too much for the young boy. He started to cry.

Sandra went over to him, hugged him, and held his head against her breast, and made soothing noises. She had expected him to be frightened first. Now she would find out if the rest of her assumptions were true. It shouldn't be long until his curiosity and his adolescent sex drive took over.

"You shouldn't be embarrassed. I know that boys have pricks, and from what I saw, yours is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. I have seen it before, I changed your diapers you know. Let me see it again so that I can see how much it's grown. It looks like you have a beauty there."

What his mother saying didn't make sense. She wanted to see his prick? Why should his mother want to see his prick? Timmy was confused. He was startled that his mother wanted to play the same games that he and his sisters played, only she was right here in the bathroom with him. That made it a little scary. The fact that it was his mother made it even scarier.

He could see through his mother's nightgown. He was going to make the most of his chances to investigate the mysteries of the female body. He slowly stopped sobbing and pulled slightly away from his mother to try to get a better view.

Sandra was pleased with her progress. Timmy had reacted as she expected he would. Now to see how fast and how far she could get him to go.

"Why Timmy, you're trying to see what your mother has. Do you want to see me naked? It's a long time since I've seen you without any clothes on and I'd like to see you that way too. Here let me help you."

She pulled her nightgown over her head. Timmy was too fascinated to remember to be scared. His mother's body was as beautiful as he and Tommy had thought when they talked about it in the shower. Her big tits stuck out Her hairy crotch attracted him like a magnet attracts iron filings. He was so excited he couldn't move. His prick sprang out from his body like a pogo stick.

Sandra took in all his reactions, including that four inch hard on. Everything was going as planned. She leaned toward him and brushed her tit against his mouth.

"Suck on your mother's tit like you did when you were a little baby. I loved it when you did it then and I want you to do it now."

Timmy sucked. What else could he do, having a nipple pushed into his mouth caused a very instinctive reaction. There was no way he could resist the impulse to suckle. The feel of his hot lips on her nipple made Sandra's cunt spasm. She couldn't believe how good it felt. Sandra unbuttoned Timmy's pajamas and took the top off then loosened the string on the pajama bottoms and let them drop.

Timmy's hard prick stood up at an angle to his stomach. Sandra was surprised that it was so much bigger than John's had been. She wished she had started on the boys sooner. She'd have liked to have started with them when their pricks just started to grow. She took a hold of Timmy's prick and gently massaged it.

Timmy forgot to suck. He watched Sandra's hand slide up and down his prick with his eyes popping out of his head. His mother was playing with his prick! His mother was jerking him off! Wow!

She was doing the same thing the girls had done years ago. She was doing what he and Tommy had talked about in the shower that very afternoon. Timmy knew that he and his brother had been fantasizing, but what had been pure fantasy was now coming true, and did that feel good. Every bit as good as he and Tommy thought it would feel. But that was a fantasy and this was for real. Was his mother going to do anything else?

Timmy's prick oozed a few drops of cum. Sandra, remembering her first encounter with a boy, got down on her knees and licked the drops up. She then sucked on the delicious morsel a few times sending waves of sensation through Timmy. He was shocked, but he certainly wasn't going to do anything to stop what was going on. He and Tommy had talked about having their cocks sucked but they never believed that it would ever happen. They weren't even sure that girls did that to boys. It could be that it was only stories that the boys talked about in school.

"Mom, what are you doing. You're sucking me. Oh, mom, it feels so good."

"Come to my bedroom and I'll show you other things that boys can do with girls that feel real good. You want to find out what they are, don't you? Who could be a better teacher than your mother?"

Timmy sure did want to find out abut the things boys could do with girls and he suspected that all of those things would feel real good. That was all he and Tommy thought about these days. He wished Tommy was with him, he could have used his support but he certainly wasn't going to miss this chance. The feel of his mother's mouth on his prick was electrifying. Wow! His mother was a cocksucker and she had sucked his cock. Tommy had guessed right. If what ever else his mother was going to show him felt as good, he knew that this would be a night he would remember for the rest of his life.

Taking Timmy's prick in her hand, Sandra led him into her bedroom and got him into the bed beside her. She turned on the bedside lamp so that both of them could see everything that was going on.

"Put your hand between your mother's legs. Feel your mother's cunt."

She took the boy's hand and placed it on her love box and he felt the slick inside of his mother's cunt lips. He wiggled his fingers around in his mother's wet cunt and found the nub on the top. He explored this for a while then moved his hand down further and pushed his fingers into his mother's cunt hole.

Sandra fondled his prick and waited. Timmy pumped his fingers in and out. This was neat! It was what they had talked about in the shower. Sandra thought it was neat too. Timmy followed the script that John had written. Her hips jerked and she had several orgasms. It was time to really initiate her son.

"Lay back and let your mother give you a feeling that you never had before."

She licked the head of his prick, cleaning off some pre cum and sucked it into her mouth. She told Timmy to keep playing with her cunt. Timmy was so absorbed in what was happening to his prick he'd forgotten all about his mother's cunt. He put his fingers together and ran them in and out of the mature love box in front of his face.

Sandra was more experienced than she had been when she seduced her young brother, and she wasn't in a hurry to get a load of cum Timmy's prick. She licked Timmy's prick, running her tongue, around the head and down the under side. She sucked his balls, then moved her head even farther and licked her way down to his asshole. Timmy knew it felt good when he tickled himself there but he never thought anyone would put their mouth there. It felt awesome!

Sandra worked her way back to his prick. Timmy played with his mother's clit with one hand while he pumped the fingers of his other hand in and out of her cunt. Taking the lead from his mother he moved his finger, wet with her cum juice, around to her asshole, then without really thinking about it, pushed his finger in. Sandra's hips lurched forward and Timmy found his face buried in his mother's cunt.

He didn't pull away. This was interesting. Tommy said he wanted to lap their mother's cunt. Now he, not Tommy, had a chance to try it. After all, his mother was sucking his cock.

He wanted to make his mother feel just as good as she was making him feel. He tentatively put out his tongue and licked at her cunt hole. He couldn't believe how good it tasted. He also couldn't take the treatment he was getting from his mother any longer. His prick was throbbing and he was going to shoot off soon. He had the usual fear of the uninitiated.

"Mother, stop, take it out of your mouth. I'm going to shoot off. I'm going to shoot my stuff in your mouth!"

"Come baby, come. Fill your mother's mouth with your delicious young cum. Your mother wants every drop of it. Keep licking my pussy baby, you're doing a real good job. Shoot that load of adolescent cum into your mother's mouth."

Timmy lapped his mother's cunt. He was usually an obedient boy and he knew this was no time to disobey his mother. His hips jerked spastically and he fucked his prick into mother's mouth faster and faster.

"Ah, Gees, I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh, suck on my cock! Suck it! Suck it! Ohhh! Ahhh!".

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Timmy filled his mother's mouth with his sweet young cum. His mother swallowed every drop and kept on sucking the spent prick while her young son's slurping tongue caused her own orgasms. When they subsided Sandra changed her position, hugged her young son to her bosom, and kissed him.

"I love the taste of my baby's cum. I love the feel of my baby's mouth on his mother's cunt. I love you."

She pushed her tongue between his lips and made contact with his tongue. Timmy could taste his own cum in his mother's mouth and was surprised that it didn't taste bad. He rather liked it. That, along with the fact that cunt also tasted good was a revelation.

Timmy sucked his mother's tits again flicking his tongue across the nipples so he could feel them get hard. All these things were new to him and he wanted to try everything and explore everywhere. He had a problem right now. He wasn't at all sure of what was he supposed to do next? It was no problem for Sandra. She loved guiding him through his first heterosexual encounter.

Sandra reached down and massaged his prick. It was getting hard again and she wanted to have her son fuck her. She turned Timmy on his back, moved her body over his, and straddled him. She let her tits tickle his chest and moved them up to his face so that he could grab them in his mouth.

Timmy was quite willing. He grabbed one of the big tits, sucked the nipple into his mouth, and massaged it with his tongue. It got as hard as his prick was right then. Sandra was quite conscious of his hard young prick tickling her belly.

"Your mother is going teach you how to fuck. Do you want to do that baby? Would you like to fuck the cunt you came out of?"

"Oh yes, Mom, I want to more than anything else in the world. Can I do it now."

Timmy was panting with excitement. His mother reached down, placed his engorged cock against her cunt lips, and rubbed it back and forth.

"Right now, keep sucking your mother's tits and I'll fuck you till you cry for help."

Timmy didn't think that he would cry for help. It would have been fun to have Tommy here but he didn't need Tommy to help him right now. He could fuck his mother by himself. He was happy to keep sucking on his mother's tit. He sucked on the one tit and pinched the nipple of the other. When the nipple he was sucking on got as hard a rock he switched tits. He liked the way the nipples got hard when he played with them. Just like his prick did.

Sandra carefully positioned the head of her Timmy's hard cock between the inner lips of her cunt and lowered her body. Timmy watched his prick disappear into his mother's cunt. The boy could not believe that this was happening to him.

Sandra had done her exercises after each of her sets of twins had been born, so her twat was tight enough to really grab hold of her son's not fully developed prick. It felt to Timmy as if he were being sucked up into a vacuum cleaner.

Sandra moved slowly sliding her cunt up and down her son's virgin prick. She wanted this to last as long as possible and knew that young boys have short fuses.

It was quite different than being sucked off but felt just as good to Timmy. He didn't know which he liked better, the greater friction of his mother's tongue or the milder rubbing of her slick cunt walls.

He decided that liked both feelings equally and he wanted to both fuck and suck as often as possible. His hips pumped his prick up into his mother's cunt and he switched tits. His mother speeded up the action and his hips responded, they were bouncing up off the bed as fast as he could move them.

"Oh, I'm going to shoot off again. Oh! Oh! I'm coming! I'm coming again. It feels so good. Oh, I'm coming in my mother's cunt. Oh wow! I'm fucking my mother. I'm finally fucking a girl. Ohhh! Oooo!"

"Shoot your load of cum in your mother's cunt baby. Come in your mother's cunt. Your mother wants all the cum you can give her. Your mother is going to come right along with you. Your mother's cunt is going to squeeze you prick with her orgasm. Ohhh! Come in your mother's cunt. Come! Come! Come! Ohhh!"

Timmy thrust his hips up against his mother's pelvis. His prick was as far up her cunt as he could get it and it started to spasm. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble he deposited another load of adolescent cum, this time into his mother's cunt.

Thinking of Timmy's cum shooting into her cunt had been enough to bring Sandra to an orgasm the night before. The real thing brought her to multiple orgasms right along with Timmy's climax. She sighed and she quivered and her cunt spasmed around her son's adolescent prick. She collapsed onto him.

"Mom, you're too heavy on me!"

"Oh, Timmy, I love you to pieces."

"I love you too, mom."

Sandra switched around to clean off his prick like a mother cat. She licked around it then sucked Timmy's limp member into her mouth. Timmy was confronted with his mother's sloppy cunt. It looked sort of nasty but he'd liked the taste of his cum when his mother kissed him and he sure did like the taste of his mother's cunt. He knew what Tommy would do in the same situation. He dove in to clean out her cunt.

Sandra moved around to Timmy's ass crack and pushed her tongue up his ass. She didn't have too much time and she wanted to nurse one more load of cum out of Timmy's prick. She knew that licking his anus would get it up in a hurry. Timmy's prick responded. It jerked up to its full four inch length in short order. She moved back to Timmy's crotch and slurped his prick into her mouth.

Timmy continued to lap her cunt. Tommy had been right. He'd lap his mother's cunt any time even if she didn't suck him off. But having her suck his cock at the same time was one whale of a sensation. His hips pumped his prick in and out of his mother's mouth as he licked her cunt hole and sucked her clit. Wow!

After coming twice in a short time he lasted a little longer this time. He could feel his mother's hips jerk and hear her moan around his prick as his next load of cum spurted and dribbled into her mouth. He let up on his frantic cunt lapping as his prick shriveled and his hips collapsed. Sandra couldn't remember a more violent come. Seducing her son was every bit as good as seducing her brother. She wouldn't have missed it for the world. She gently tongue bathed Timmy's crotch.

Sandra would have liked to go all night with Timmy but she knew that she still had one more son to service. She wanted to catch him by surprise too. She gently fondled Timmy for about ten minutes. It was almost twelve thirty, she had been having sex with Timmy for an hour. She wanted to catch Tommy the same way that she had caught Timmy and she didn't want Tommy to know in advance. She cautioned Timmy not to let his brother know anything had happened and sent him off to his own bed.