The Sanders Family-Book 1, Sandra, Part-2, Chapters 9-14 (D.Abby) (bbGGF) (2/6)

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Book 1 - Sandra


Chapter - 9

The session with Timmy should have taken the edge off Sandra's hornyness, but the idea of sucking another young virgin boy's prick and having him fuck her had her as hot as if she had been deprived for a month. Timmy, after getting over his first fright, had been a doll. He'd reacted pretty much as John had. Would Tommy do as well? Sandra was sure he would. Tommy was the more aggressive of the two boys and was always getting Timmy into trouble.

Like clockwork, at one the boys' bedroom door opened for Tommy to make his piss call. She waited until Tommy was in the bathroom, pushed open the bathroom door, and leaned against the door frame.

Tommy wasn't quite the sleep walker that his brother was. He was just as startled as Timmy had been but he didn't loose control. Seeing his mother in the sheer nightgown gave him a hard on immediately. His prick stuck out of his pajama fly and jerked up and down.

Sandra knew that Tommy wouldn't be as timid as his brother so she just stood there, admired that hard young cock, leaned against the door, and grinned at him.

"My, you seem to have a hard problem there."

Even though he wasn't as flustered as his brother had been, Tommy didn't know how to respond to this. His mother's gorgeous body was fully visible through her night gown. He feasted his eyes and, under the circumstances, he gave the best answer he could think of. "Uh."

"Would you like me to help you with that hard problem?"

Even the aggressive Tommy didn't know how to cope with this situation. He stood there with his mouth hanging open and his hard prick in his hand, staring at his mother's ripe figure. Sandra walked over to him, removed his hand from his prick and took hold of his cock herself. She pulled the slightly loose foreskin back and forth over its head. Tommy's hips had a life of their own. They flexed and he pumped his prick through his mother's fingers.

When he and Timmy talked about their mother jerking them off that afternoon in the shower, it had been pure fantasy. Was he having one of the strange dreams where he woke up and found his pajamas and sheets sticky and wet with cum? He didn't think he was dreaming. Could his mother really be jerking him off? Wow!

He wasn't up to brilliant conversation. Tommy did the best he could. "What? What? What are you doing to me? Oh mom! What are you doing?"

Sandra grinned at her horny young son again. "I'm helping you with that hard problem. Don't you want your mother to play with your prick?"

Tommy went along with it, his mother's hand on his prick, felt every bit as good as he had imagined it that afternoon. It was better. If his mother wanted to jerk him off he certainly wasn't going to stop her.

He tentatively reached his hand out to touch his mother's tit. Sandra was delighted. She released his cock and took off her nightgown. Her remarks weren't very original either. She'd used them only hours before with Timmy. "Do you want to see all of your mother? Your mother would like to see all of you."

Tommy examined his mother's body. What should he investigate first? He looked at her tits. They sure were big. He looked at her crotch. It sure was hairy. His mother hadn't minded when he felt her tit and he wanted to feel between her legs but he was still too timid to take any action until his mother initiated it.

She did that almost at once. She offered him a tit to suck. Like his brother before him, he slurped the nipple of her big tit into his mouth and sucked on it. This was one of the things he dreamed about. He wasn't going to miss the chance. He liked the way the nipple got hard just like his prick did when he played with it.

"Oh, that's right, nurse on it like you did when you were a baby. Oh, suck on it! suck on it! Oh!"

Tommy sucked away and reached down with his hand to find out what all that blond hair was hiding. His mother had handled his prick, maybe she'd let him feel her cunt. He felt the hot wet slackness inside his mother's cunt lips. This excited him even more.

His mother fondled his prick again. He pushed his pelvis toward her hand to get more action. Sandra, using his prick as a handle, led him out of the bathroom, stripped his pajamas from him and had him sit down on the edge of the bed. She asked, "Don't you want to see how a woman is made?"

Tommy could only nod his head. This was the first position she'd used with John. Tommy's eyes almost popped out of his head when Sandra stood by the edge of the bed and held her cunt lips apart so that her son could look into her love hole. She egged him on with, "Go ahead. That's the hole you came out of. Feel what it's like down there."

Tommy gently touched her clit which was as engorged as his prick. Sandra rubbed his finger across her love button, then moved his fingers down and pushed them into her cunt. Tommy dutifully pushed his fingers in and out of his mother's cunt. If this was what his mother wanted he was happy to accommodate her. Sandra was excited enough so that she came right away. Her hips swayed back and forth on her sons fingers.

"Ohhh! Ahhh! Ohhh! You make your mother feel so good. You're going to make me come. Play with your mother's cunt, baby. Finger fuck your mother's cunt till she comes. Ohhh! Ahhh!"

Sandra had multiple orgasms. Young boys always had that effect on her. Tommy remembered what he'd said to Timmy that afternoon. He said he wanted to lap his mother's cunt. Had he really meant it? He wasn't at all sure. His mother's cunt just inches from his face. It smelled pretty good to him. Well, he wasn't a braggart. It was time to put up or shut up.

He leaned forward and cautiously licked between her cunt lips. Sandra watched Tommy in astonishment. She didn't know of the conversation with Timmy that got him to take this precocious step on his own.

Once Tommy tried it he liked it. His tongue explored his mother's cunt. He pushed it as far into her cunt as he could. His nose rubbed Sandra's clit and he pulled away to see what it was. He licked it and his mother's hips jerked so he sucked it into his mouth and massaged it with his tongue. This was just as much fun as he'd imagined it would be. His mother's body quivered and knew he was making her feel good.

Sandra stood there absorbing the sensations. Tommy lapping her cunt was every bit as good as she'd imagined it would be. She rubbed her cunt over Tommy's face as she had orgasm after orgasm. She didn't want it too stop but she couldn't take any more and pulled away. She looked at Tommy in amazement. "What in the world made you do that? You're the best little cunt lapper I've ever had. Where did you learn how to do that?"

Tommy had a big shit eating grin on his face. He'd done what he bragged about. He'd made his mother feel good by lapping her cunt. He was proud of himself and he basked in his mother's praise. "Gee, mom, I never did that before. I just knew what to do and I tried it. I'm glad you liked it. Uh," Tommy blushed, "I said that I wanted to do that this afternoon when Timmy and I were talking. I just couldn't back out when I had the chance to try it. It was a little scary at first but once I got started it was fun. I like lapping your cunt. It was neat making you jerk your hips like that. I'm glad you liked it. I'll do it any time you let me."

Tommy's hard problem, however, still hadn't been remedied. Sandra decided to take care of it right then and there. By now it had become a tradition with her to suck a boy's first load of cum out of his prick. She'd done with John and with Timmy and it was marvelous the way the boys reacted.

Sandra moved her head down Tommy's torso. She started at his navel and licked a zigzag path down toward his groin. His prick oozed the cum that Sandra loved to lick off. She followed the same general method she'd used on Timmy.

She licked the clear drop of pre cum from his pisshole, then ran her tongue around the helmet, hitting the most sensitive spots. She licked the tender under side of his cock. She sucked his balls. She licked down to his asshole. She licked around his asshole and tried to push her tongue right inside. Tommy was almost exploding. Tommy knew of his sensitivity in that spot, but he didn't know that anyone would ever put their mouth there. "Oh Mom, what are you doing? It feels so good. I never felt anything like that before. Oh Mom, it feels good! It feels terrific!"

Sandra realized, Tommy like all young boys, had a hair trigger; so she licked her way back to his prick and engulfed it in her mouth. She slid her mouth up and down over the hard prick. She tried to swallow the whole thing. She swirled her tongue around the under side. She sucked it in till the head of Tommy's prick was in her throat. She was going to give him a blow job to remember. Tommy couldn't take much of this type of treatment. True to form, he tried to pull away.

"Oh, mom, I'm going to shoot off! I'm going to shoot my cum into your mouth! Please, let me go. You don't want me to shoot cum in your mouth. I don't want to shoot cum in your mouth. Don't make me shoot my cum in your mouth!"

Sandra held his hips. She felt the cock in her mouth pulse. Spurt; she was getting what she wanted and she wanted all of it; spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; swallow, swallow, swallow. Sandra felt that she could become addicted to adolescent cum. She licked her son's cock till it was clean and it was limp.

It was her turn to look at Tommy and grin. "I love the taste of your cum. I hope you like having your cock sucked as much as I like sucking it. I could drink your cum all night. It makes your mother's cunt shiver and shake when you feed me a load like that."

Sandra slowly moved her body up rubbing her son's body with her lips and her tits. She kissed him all the way up to his lips. She gently rubbed his lips with her tongue, he opened his mouth to accept it. This was another new experience. He liked it. Even the taste of his cum didn't turn him off.

He'd been tempted to taste his cum many times when he jerked off and had sniffed it in the palm of his hand but had never yet gotten up the courage to lick it up. Now he was sorry he hadn't tried it. He didn't mind the taste at all and he liked sucking it from his mother's mouth. He'd eat as much of his cum as he could get.

Tommy pushed back with his own tongue and licked the inside of his mothers mouth. With the help of the French kisses his prick recovered and was hard as a rock again. He rubbed it against his mother's snatch. Sandra was ready. She reached between their bodies and massaged his no longer quite virgin prick, rubbed it around her clit a couple of times and inserted it in her now sloppy cunt. Tommy was ecstatic.

"Wow, my prick is in your cunt. I can feel your cunt all around it. It feels so good. Oh mom! I love it! I'm fucking! I have my prick in a woman's cunt! I'm fucking my mother! My prick's in my mother's cunt! Oh, wow! Oh, mom, I love you. I don't believe this." A sudden thought hit him, "I'm a mother fucker!"

Sandra grinned at this and said, "You better believe it. It isn't every day that you get laid for the first time. And it isn't every boy who gets taught to fuck by his own mother."

Tommy's words turned Sandra on even more than she was to start with. She contracted her cunt muscles and swiveled her hips. She'd give Tommy as much action as possible to pay him back for the marvelous tongue job he'd given her. Tommy was again on the verge of coming.

"Oh! I'm fucking my mother's cunt! Oh! I'm going to shoot off again! I'm going to shoot my load of cum into my mother's cunt!"

He panted as he pushed and shoved as fast as he could. Right on schedule; spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; another load of adolescent cum inundated Sandra's cunt. The way Tommy talked made Sandra even hotter and the feel of his hot cum in her cunt set her off in a magnificent climax. She massaged her son's dwindling prick with her cunt muscles until it subsided and slipped out, then she reversed her body so that she could lick it clean.

Tommy wasn't ready for another go round but Tommy didn't want this to end. He thought of a way to keep his mother occupied. As it had to Timmy, his mother's sloppy cunt looked pretty nasty. He didn't know if he would like it but would do anything to stay in bed with her. Sandra was delighted when she felt his head move forward and she quickly spread her legs so that her son could have better access to her twat.

Confronted with that sloppy looking apparatus, Tommy pushed his face against it and timidly stuck out his tongue. He knew his mother's love juices tasted marvelous and the fact that he was licking up his own cum excited him even more. He never thought that he would like that,

Sandra gave her son directions. "Oh, suck on my clit. Women are very sensitive there. It's as sensitive as the head of your prick."

Tommy sucked her clit.

Sandra continued her guidance" Stick your tongue inside my cunt hole."

Tommy plunged his tongue as far as he could up his mother's cunt hole.

"Rub my asshole with your fingers."

Tommy tickled his mother's asshole with his finger.

"Stick a finger up my ass."

Sticking his finger up his mother's ass seemed a little nasty but Tommy was willing to do anything his mother wanted. He found that pumping his finger in and out of his mother's ass made his mother squirm even more and that pleased him.

Lapping his mother's cunt and finger fucking her ass was having an effect on Tommy's prick. It was getting hard in his mother's mouth as she gently massaged it with her tongue. Sandra exploded in a multiple orgasm and lay shuddering for a few minutes. By this time she was sure that Tommy wouldn't be turned off by a totally new idea. He seemed willing to try anything.

He'd finger fucked her ass, was he willing to fuck it? "Would you like to try something different? Your mother would love to have you fuck her ass, Tommy. I love to have my ass fucked and I'd like you to do it. Do you want to try it?"

"Do people really do that? I thought that was a story that kids told. I didn't think any one ever fucked some one else's ass. Uh, sure, if you say so."

Everything he'd done with his mother so far had been loads of fun and 'awesome' was the only way he could describe the feelings. Maybe ass fucking would be just as good. He couldn't see any reason it wouldn't be.

"Yes, people fuck that way, his mother assured him, and some people think that it is the best way to fuck. Just put some spit around your mother's asshole and stick your prick in. You'll like it. It's tighter than your mother's cunt and the friction will feel real good on your cock."

Sandra got on her knees and Tommy looked at his mother's ass.. He again astonished his mother, he assumed that his mother wanted him to put the spit on her asshole the same way she had wet his. He didn't know if he could do it but it didn't look all that nasty. He decided he would give it a try even if it seemed awfully yucky to put your mouth there. He got behind her, ran his tongue along her ass crack, took a deep breath, wrinkled his nose, and pushed his tongue into her asshole as hard as he could.

He had been afraid to try this but when his mother asked he didn't know how to say no. He was shocked that it was not at all unpleasant. He worked his tongue in and out of his mother's asshole, then deposited some spit on her pucker. Even after that first cunt lapping, Sandra never thought that Tommy would be so precocious. She loved the action but by this time Sandra could wait no more.

"Oh, Tommy, that feels good. You're acting like an expert. Ohhh! Shove you prick up my ass now! Shove it in! I can't wait."

Tommy was pleased at his mother's praise. He moved his body up and jabbed. Nothing happened. His prick didn't slide up his mother's ass as easily as it did into her slick cunt. His mother slowed him down. She told him to grab her hips and hold tight while he made his initial entrance.

With this direction the head of Tommy's prick finally squeezed into his mother's tight asshole. The tight fit was a new sensation to him and he loved the feel. Once the head of his prick was inside his mother's asshole the rest of his prick followed without any trouble. Soon his crotch was pushed up against his mother's buttocks.

His mother told him to push his finger in her cunt and play with her clit. Tommy was getting his elementary and his graduate courses in sex education in a single night. Tommy pumped very slowly at first to make this last for a while. This was the best night of his life. He'd remember it as long as he lived.

Sandra wiggled her hips back against him and Tommy's hips speeded up then, with a conscious effort, he slowed them down again. He didn't want to come to soon. The two previous climaxes his mother had brought him to aided him in this endeavor. Sandra was surprised at how long he was lasting. She was reaching her climax and Tommy was still pumping away in a steady rhythm.

"Oh, fuck your mother's ass! Fuck you mother's ass, baby! Your mother loves it. Play with my clit while you fuck my ass. Rub it harder. Stick the fingers of your other hand up my cunt. Ohhh! Ahhh! Oooo!"

His mother's wild words and her ass contracting around his prick was the final straw. He had been holding himself back for quite a while. His hips went into overdrive and he pumped faster gasping for air. Ass fucking was just as good as cunt fucking and having your cock sucked. Wow!

"Oh, mom, I'm coming in your asshole. I'm coming again, and this time I'm going to shoot my cum up your ass. I love you! I love you! Ohhh!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble there went another load, this time in his mother's ass. Tommy was spent, and by now Sandra had actually had as much sex as she could take in one night. When her tight asshole forced Tommy's limp prick out, the two of them just lay there and panted.

Sandra kissed Tommy again and again. Only now it was without the passion that had gone before. At that point Sandra realized that they both needed some sleep and chased Tommy back to his own room for the rest of the night.


Chapter - 10

Just as their mother had, the girls decided that it would be a lot less complicated if they took on the boys one at a time. They still weren't sure how far they were willing to go themselves but they knew that they wanted to jerk the boys off again now that they were old enough to shoot off. They were sure they wanted the boys finger fuck their cunts.

It would be best separate the boys before the start the proceedings. If they wanted to go further than jerking the boys off and having them use their fingers, they would find out and let nature take its course.

Tommy was the more aggressive and dominant of the two boys and Jane occupied the same position on the female side. In the last year Joan and Jane had persuaded the boys to dance with them on occasion. The girls wanted to practice the new dance steps and the boys, after a show of vigorous objection, were glad to be learning how to dance. They had formed more or less permanent partnerships. The more aggressive Jane preferred the more receptive Timmy, Joan chose the more assertive Tommy as her partner; probably because opposites attract. The girls automatically used the same partnerships for their first attempt at seduction.

The plan was for Jane to lure Timmy out to get a soda while Joan, left alone with Tommy. She would let Tommy chase her till she caught him. The girls were in luck, there was no football practice that day, and Sandra had gone to the hospital to do volunteer Red Cross work as expected. The girls had a clear field and they were going to make the most of it.

They rushed home from school, ran to their room, shed their panties, and put on short skirts. The boys had really gotten hot the afternoon and evening before when they'd teased them like that. They knew they could get the boys excited and get their pricks hard very quickly that way.

They sat in the family room, showing more than a little thigh, when the boys got home. That would excited the boys and get their pricks hard which was exactly what the girls wanted. Unless they had the boys' pricks hard they weren't going to be able to get the boys to do what they wanted that afternoon.

The boys came into the family room and it didn't take them very long to get the picture. There were two bare cunts. With the experience from the previous night, and with no mother to inhibit their activities, they were more active in trying to get a better view.

This was a lot better than watching from the bathroom door. They were closer and they had a better angle. The boys' pants were soon pushed out from their bodies as they moved around to get into a better position to see up the girls' skirts.

Acting as if they didn't know what was going on, the girls exposed more and more thigh, and even allowed glimpses of their bare cunts. The boys didn't disappoint them at all, true to form their pricks got hard in record time. The growing bulges in the boys' pants let the girls know that now was the time.

Part two of the plan went into effect. Jane, with a show of nonchalance, went upstairs. The boys looked at each other and scrambled after her. Joan knew what was planned and wanted to see how the boys reacted.

She followed the boys up the stairs and stopped when her head was just above the floor level to observe the action outside the bathroom door. She had to cover her mouth to keep from giggling the way the boys stood there with their mouths hanging open and their hard pricks pushing the front of their pants out.

Jane knew her part. She lifted her dress but instead of sitting down on the hopper she turned to the boys. She ran a finger between the outer lips of her cunt. The boys watched with their mouths hanging open and their eyes popping out of their heads. They couldn't believe that Jane was going to do what they had talked about doing the night before. Would she really finger fuck herself while they were watching.

Jane held the lips of her cunt apart and rubbed a finger over her clit. The boys grabbed their pricks and pinched to keep from coming in their pants. Wow! Their eyes were frozen on their sister as she sat down on the hopper and rubbed her cunt again.

Then she pushed two fingers in and out of her cunt. Jane was doing it, she was finger fucking herself so they could watch. It wasn't academic any more, they knew that one of them would have to jerk off for the girls the next time he put on a show.

They watched Jane pump her finger in and out of her cunt then rub her clit for a while. Her body stiffened and hand moved faster until it was almost a blur. Jane's fingers slowed down, she shuddered, and her body relaxed so the boys knew she'd come. The boys weren't very far from shooting off themselves after watching their sister's performance. They had to decide which of them would go to the bathroom and jerk off.

Jane continued with the normal curtain line. She wiped her cunt with some toilet paper, stood up and faced the boys, then let her skirt drop. The boys rushed to their room to discuss what they had seen. Once there they realized that a show could still be going on down in the family room. As much as they wanted to, they didn't even take time to jerk off. They rushed back down stairs and only slowed down as they approached the room.

Jane and Joan were sitting there as if nothing had happened. They still showed a lot of thigh and a little bit of cunt hair and the boys were fascinated with what they saw. The girls continued with the show for several more minutes.

It was time for part three, separate the boys. Jane went over to where Timmy was seated and suggested that the two of them go out for a soda. Timmy resisted, he was not quite sure that he wanted to leave the house just then. The scenery was pretty good right there. He didn't know when there would be another chance to examine his sisters' cunts. However, Jane's dominance prevailed and she led him out.

Tommy was alone with Joan, and she wasn't wearing panties. He wanted to get a better look. He picked up a magazine, flopped down onto the floor, and pretended to read the magazine. He positioned himself so that he had a direct view up his sister's skirt. Joan was apparently absorbed in another magazine and she gradually spread her legs apart. The outer lips of Joan's cunt opened up and there was a glimpse of the pink inner lips and of her already growing clit. Her young cunt hole was snapping pictures of Tommy. Tommy was afraid he was going to shoot off in his pants.

Tommy knew that the girls were leading up to something. Were they trying to do the same thing he and Timmy had talked about? Were they trying to get them into a situation where they could jerk the boys off again like they did that time when they were just kids? It seemed as if that was what they were trying to do.

Did they want the boys to finger fuck their cunts this time as much as the boys wanted the girls to jerk them off? At this point he was sure that the answers to all those questions were yes. They had been trading looks for a week and had been a little bolder each time they gave a show. Just now Jane had finger fucked herself when she knew the boys were watching. He would test it out.

His experience with his mother made him much bolder than he might have been otherwise. Without it he probably wouldn't have had the nerve to do it. Tommy unzipped his pants, pulled out his hard prick and pulled on his prick a couple of times.

Joan had been watching Tommy all the while, she looked up then stared when saw him take his prick out of his pants. She hadn't expected things to get started so quickly. She'd never foreseen Tommy to do anything like that. She wasn't sure how she should react to Tommy's brazen action so she acted indignant. "What's the matter, Tommy. Oh, what are you doing with your thing? You shouldn't be doing something like that in front of me. That's dirty."

Tommy was sure that Joan wasn't disturbed by his actions. He knew she liked to look at his prick as much as he liked looking at her cunt. He pumped his hand up and down his prick a few times, cocked his head to one side, and put on an impertinent front. "I can see your cunt better than I can in the bathroom and it gives me a hard on. Watching Jane finger fuck herself in the bathroom got me even hornier. When I get horny it feels better if I jerk off. If I put it off too long my balls start to ache. I'm going to jerk off right now unless you want to do it for me. My prick is not dirty, I wash it every day."

Joan wanted to see Tommy's cock and she did want to jerk him off but now she knew that wasn't where she wanted it to stop. She dropped all the play acting. "Okay, you like to look at my cunt, I want to see your prick close too. If you let me see your prick up close, I'll let you get a better, closer look at my cunt."

Tommy was not slow in catching on. As he had suspected the girls were following the script that he and Timmy had fantasized about the day before. It isn't often that your fantasies are answered so quickly. He'd soon find out if it extended to a mutual jerk off session and maybe even more. He'd like to lap Joan's cunt and have her suck his cock. He'd even lap her cunt if she didn't want to give him a blow job today.

He'd have to see how things developed. "If you get undressed I'll get undressed then we can both see better then. Uh, Joan, if you want, you can feel me. I remember when you played with us when we were little kids and that felt real good. I want to feel you too, if you want. Timmy and I often talk about that and we wanted you to do it again but you never did."

Tommy cocked his head to one side and, to Joan's amazement, got real brazen. "Uh, If you really want I'd like to play with your cunt too and maybe we can even do more."

Joan was absolutely certain she wanted the mutual masturbation, she wasn't so sure she wanted to further than that, but she pretended indecision before agreeing to the first part of her brother's proposal. Tommy chased her till she caught him. Things were going exactly the way she and Jane had planned.

They went upstairs to the girls' bedroom. She took Tommy's shirt, shoes, and socks off for him then she undid his belt and pulled down his pants. His raging hard on popped his prick right out of his jockey shorts. "Oh, It looks beautiful. Can I touch it?"

Tommy went by the axiom that 'fair exchange was no robbery' and Joan still had her cloths on. He wanted to see her body too. "Not until I get you undressed. Then we can touch each other."

Tommy fumbled with the unfamiliar female garb and Joan helped him so the real business could start. Once Joan's clothes were off they pulled Tommy's jockey shorts off over his hard prick. When they were both stark naked Joan reached down and gently fingered the head of his prick. Tommy's prick leaked some drops of pre cum, and Joan's cunt got wet. Joan rubbed her finger over the head of his prick and spread the lubricant around.

Tommy gently pushed a finger into her tight twat and pumped it in and out. It was a lot tighter than his mother's cunt was. After his fingers were lubricated with cunt juice, he started to rub on his sister's clit. He could now put some of the things he'd learned last night to good use. He knew it wouldn't take him long to get his sister's hips jerking. He wanted to make her feel real good and then see what else developed.

They still hadn't agreed as to how far they were going to go but Tommy had the experience from last night to go on. He kissed his sister on the mouth and when he found that she knew how to French kiss they went at it hot and heavy. Tommy pulled a little away and moved his mouth down to Joan's perky young tit, took the nipple in his mouth and sucked on it. In the mean time he continued to push his fingers in and out of her cunt and play with her clit.

He tongue bathed her body from her tits to the mound of Venus. He had learned something from his mother the night before. Lower still, he sucked her engorged clit into his mouth and gave it a working over.

Joan was astonished. Where had her little brother gotten the nerve to try something like that? Where had he learned how to do it? It felt better than when Jane lapped her cunt. Maybe it was because it was a boy doing it.

Joan didn't know how come Tommy was lapping her cunt but she was willing to accept it. She sat down on the bed, lay back, and spread her legs so Tommy would have a better target. She might have to suck his cock later but she would worry about that then. Right now she would just enjoy having her cunt lapped. "Oh Tommy, I love it! It feels so good! Ohhh! Do it some more! Suck my clit! Push your tongue into my cunt hole!"

Tommy continued to tongue her clit, then brought his mouth still lower and stuck his tongue right into her tight little twat.

"Oh Tommy, Ohhh! You're going to make me come. I'm going to come! Ohhh! Ahhh! Oooo! I love you, Tommy. I love you. I love the way you make me feel." Her cunt juices flowed into his mouth. Tommy slurped and slurped. He made her come three times before he let up. Joan pushed his head away from and he leaned back and grinned at her. He was proud of himself. He'd done a good job on his sister.

He was glad had learned how to lap cunt last night, and he grinned as he told his sister, "I love you too, Joan and I love to make you feel good. I feel good when I make you feel good. Your cunt tastes neat."

After resting Joan put on her shy act again. She knew what she had to do but she didn't know if she could get up the nerve to do it. Joan had said she would like to try sucking cock. She had Tommy here with a nice hard cock and he'd already lapped her cunt.

She wanted to try cocksucking. She was still a little scared but she knew Tommy wouldn't force her to do anything. If she really didn't like sucking cock she could always stop. Way down deep she wanted to try it and Tommy had truly made her feel good. She should at least try to pay him back. "Oh, Tommy, can I do that to you? I'd like to make you feel good too. I've never been this near a prick before except for that time Jane and I played with you. It was a little boy prick then and now you have a man's prick. I want to find out what a man's cum tastes like. If you liked my cunt juice, I'm sure that I'll like your cum."

Tommy was very pleased to have his sister tell him that his prick was man sized. "If you want to, I like having cock sucked. It feels real good."

"How do you know you like to have your cock sucked. Has anyone ever done it before?"

"Uh, yeh, I guess so."

"What do you mean you guess so? Don't you know? Who did it."

"Uh, I can't tell you, Joan, honest I can't."

"Oh, all right. Let me try it, I've never done it before."

Tommy lay on the bed and his prick stood straight up in the air. He held his breath while Joan ran her hands gently all over his body and followed them with a tongue bath the same way that Tommy had licked her body. It felt neat when Tommy did that to her. Gradually she got closer and closer to his prick.

Joan saw drops of pre cum oozing out of his prick, licked them off his pisshole, and liked the taste. Joan sucked the head of Tommy's cock into her mouth. She lowered her mouth around his stiff prick until the sparse hair around his prick tickled her lips. She raised and lowered her head again, picking up speed. The taste of the pre cum leaking out of his pisshole delighted her.

"Oooo, that feels so good. Ohhh, can I shoot off in your mouth? I'm going to shoot off! If you don't want me to you better stop now! Oh, Joan! I'm coming! I'm coming! Ohhh! Ahhh!".

Joan kept a firm hold on his hips. Nothing about sucking cock was nasty, she'd go the whole way. She wanted to find out what it was like to have a prick shoot off in your mouth. Tommy delivered a massive load of young boy cum.

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; and swallow, swallow, swallow, Joan sucked out every drop of his love juice. It was delicious, much better than her sister's cunt juice. Joan knew that she would never get enough of the nectar that only a boy could supply.

Joan gently sucked on Tommy's deflating cock until it was totally limp. She kept pushing his prick around her mouth, massaging every part of it with her tongue, and she ran her finger up and down Tommy's ass crack at the same time. It felt good when her sister did that to her and she guessed that it would feel just as good to Tommy.

She didn't know the affect that tickling an asshole can have on a prick. Each time she passed the asshole she gently probed. This kind of action resuscitated Tommy's prick in very short order.

Joan hadn't been sure of how far she wanted to go with her brother when she started but she knew now. She wanted her brother to fuck her. She wanted his prick shoved as far into her cunt as it would go. She'd get her mother to take her to the gynecologist as soon as possible but she didn't want to wait. Tommy wasn't worried about getting pregnant, he wanted to fuck Joan too.

To Joan's delight Tommy took the lead again and suggested the very thing she wanted to do. "Can I fuck you, Joan. Do you want me to do it."

"Gee, I don't know, I want to but I'm a little scared."

"So am I. I don't know very much about fucking, but I'm willing to try."

"All right, you get on top of me and put your prick in my cunt. I've wanted to be fucked for a long time, but I didn't have anyone to do it to me. Jane and I have talked about doing it and never found the boys we wanted to do it with. Until we saw the boners that you and Timmy had yesterday, we didn't think about doing anything with you although we always wanted to play with your pricks again."

Tommy got on top. Joan inserted the head his cock between the slick inner lips of her cunt. Tommy pushed but couldn't his prick into her cunt hole. Only the head of his prick went in. Joan still had her maidenhead. Tommy didn't know what to do.

"Oh, Tommy, you have to break my hymen. Pull it out a little and push as hard and fast as you can."

Tommy did as he was told and felt something tear. His prick went all the way in and he felt wet down there. He lifted his body a little and looked. "Oh Joan, your bleeding. Did I hurt you. I didn't want to hurt you. I love you too much."

"That's all right, Tommy. I'd rather have you take my cherry than some strange boy. Hold still for a minute or so and it'll feel better."

Tommy let his cock soak in his sister's cunt. Joan started to wiggle her hips a little, then, when she found that the pain had let up, she wiggled her hips more vigorously. Tommy was ready. He pushed his prick in and out of his sister's tight twat the way he had learned with his mother the night before.

Joan's cunt was a lot tighter than his mother's and he didn't want to come too soon so he pushed his prick in and out of her cunt slowly. Joan responded to the rhythm he started and raised her hips to meet each of his down thrusts. Soon, however, with their normal youthful lack of self control they were mashing their bodies together as fast as they could go.

"Oh Joan, I'm going to come. Your cunt feels neat around my prick. This time I'm going to shoot my cum in you cunt. Oh Joan! Oh, I'm coming in my sisters cunt! I love you! I love you! Ahhh! Ohhh!"

"Come brother! Shoot your cum in my cunt. Oh, I've wanted this for so long. Come in my cunt! Fill my cunt with gism! Oh, I'm coming too. I'm coming too! I love you. I love you. I love you! Ohhh! Ahhh! Oooo!"

They climaxed at the same time and collapsed onto the bed. Tommy remembered how good it was to lap his cum out of his mother's cunt and switched around to lick it out of his sister's. Joan found a slimy prick in front of her face and decided she wanted to taste their mixed juices too. She knew she liked the taste of cum and she'd liked the taste of her sister's cunt juice. She slurped Tommy's limp prick into her mouth.

Tommy followed the trail of leaked cum, cunt juice, and virgin blood down his sister's ass crack and over her asshole. Joan almost jumped off the bed. How could Tommy put his mouth there? She wasn't going to stop him and ask questions. She raised her hips to give him a better target. Tommy accepted it and tongue fucked her ass. Joan wiggled and sucked harder on his limp prick.

It didn't stay limp long. Tommy lapped cunt and Joan sucked cock. The inevitable happened. Joan had several more orgasms and Tommy shot another load of adolescent cum into her mouth. By then they were both exhausted from their strenuous activity. Joan had multiple orgasms and Tommy had shot off three times in a short length of time.

Their bodies relaxed in this position with Joan gently nursing on Tommy's spent prick and his face buried in her cunt. They dozed off for a brief nap.


Chapter - 11

Jane got Timmy out the door and started her plan of seduction. She knew that, with any encouragement, Tommy would come on strong, getting into Timmy's pants might be a little more difficult. Timmy would have to be led on step by step.

She didn't know that her mother had laid the groundwork when she laid her brother the night before. It would make seducing Timmy a lot easier. Unknown to Jane he had more experience with the opposite sex than she did.

"Come on into the garage for a minute. I want to talk to you."

Timmy didn't know what Jane wanted to talk about, but he knew she had something that he wanted to see. He knew that Jane could show it to him and that she and Joan had been letting him and Tommy get glimpses of it that very afternoon. He was also sure that Jane would not let him touch it. As usual, he followed the lead of his more aggressive sister and wondered what she wanted to talk about that she didn't want Tommy and Joan to hear.

Jane got him into the garage, led him over to a discarded chaise lounge, and sat down with him. Timmy was a little disappointed that he was sitting on the same lounge. He couldn't get to see up her dress this way.

Jane got down to business right away, "I saw you and Tommy trying to look up our dresses in the family room. That's not a nice thing for you to be doing. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You know that you shouldn't do nasty things like trying to see up your sisters' skirts."

Timmy didn't know how to react. His sisters had peeked when the boys stood at the toilet and they had let the boys peek when they went in the bathroom. The activities last night and this afternoon only seemed an extension of those rather interesting games. Jane had even let him watch while she finger fucked herself just a few minutes ago. Why was she upset because he was trying to see a little more?

They had never said a word about their games, however, and Timmy was afraid to mention it. He couldn't talk about things like that to a girl especially since she was his sister. He blushed. He stammered. He looked away from his sister. And, true to form, he started to sob.

He apologized for the things the girls had initiated. "I didn't mean to do it. I couldn't help myself. You and Joan are so pretty and sexy. When you sat like that I couldn't help trying to look. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel bad. If you don't want me to, I promise I'll never do it again."

Timmy couldn't have kept this promise, and Jane certainly didn't want him to keep it, but he meant it at the time. Jane felt she had control of the situation and was now conciliatory. "Well, if that's so at least you don't have to sneak around and try to peek. You should ask if we are willing to show you our cunts. Maybe, if you acted like a man, Joan and I would let you see what you want."

Timmy looked at his sister in amazement. Playing games in the bathroom was one thing. Talking about those games was another. It was only recently that he had started to use words like prick and cunt with his brother. He couldn't yet use them with his sister. "Would you actually show me what you had under you dress if I asked you to? I really want to see it up close. It would mean so much to me."

"Well, I don't know. I want to find out what a boy is like down there too. I want to see a prick up close, so if you get undressed and let me feel your prick, I guess that I'd do the same thing and let you feel my cunt."

Jane was suggesting the very thing he and Tommy had talked about the night before. He never thought his sisters would let him do those things with them. He had felt they were just playing pretend. Maybe he would find out what it felt like to have a girl jerk him off. Maybe Jane would even let him finger fuck her the way he and Tommy had fantasized. Wow! Even the timid Timmy wasn't going to back out of a chance like this.

Suiting her actions to her words Jane started to unbutton Timmy's shirt. Timmy was willing to go along with what she wanted. He was a little shocked that his sister used the same words that he and Tommy used when they talked about these things. Girls shouldn't even know those words and he didn't know if he could use them in her presence. He helped Jane when she loosened his belt he struggled out of his pants and shorts. It was a struggle because by this time he had a raging hard on and he had to get his clothes off over the protrusion.

Jane was fascinated by her brother's engorged adolescent prick. This was what she had been aiming for all week. It was much more interesting now than it had been the time she had jerked him off. She reached down and fingered it. Just as she thought, it was a lot more fun playing with this adolescent prick than playing with his pre-pubescent one years before.

Timmy wasn't aggressive but he knew what was fair, he pushed Jane away and insisted that she get undressed before he let her do anything else with his prick. Jane realized she couldn't get him to play with her cunt this way and she quickly disrobed.

Timmy was not quite as innocent as he had been the day before and he surprised Jane by leaning over and sucking on her tit. He reached down of his own accord and ran his hands over her cunt and rubbed her clit as if he knew what he was doing.

Jane was thrilled. She grabbed his cock and started to pump. Her cunt was dripping lubricant and she felt the pre cum leaking from her brother's pisshole. This action didn't satisfy her for very long. She wanted to get a better look at her brother's four inch cock. She knew exactly how to do it.

Jane maneuvered them around on the couch and got them into a sixty nine position without realizing its implications. She examined the tool in her hand. In spite of her statement to her sister the night before, Jane wasn't sure she wanted to suck a cock, but with Timmy's right in front of her face, it seemed the thing to do. A few more drops of cum leaked out and she licked them off. It tasted better than cunt juice. She was going to like this.

In the mean time at the other end Timmy was examining the tight cunt in front of his face. His experience the night before hadn't sated his curiosity. He was fascinated by the pink inner slit and the enlarged clitoris. It seemed bigger than his mother's. Using the knowledge he had gained in his mother's bed, he sucked her clit in his mouth. If Jane was going to suck his cock she wouldn't mind if he lapped her cunt.

Jane had been tentative about licking the drop of cum off the head of her brother's prick, but if Timmy could get up courage to stick his tongue into her cunt and lap it she wasn't going to funk out when it came to sucking his cock. She had told Joan that she might want to try sucking cock. She couldn't get over how bold her timid little brother had become. This wasn't a fantasy, there was a real live cock right in front of her face. She sucked it into her mouth. She released the prick for a moment and watched her brother lap at her cunt. "Oh Timmy, I wanted you to do that to me but I didn't think you would. It feels so good. Ahhh! Keep on lapping my cunt. Oh, lick my cunt hole. Push your tongue in. Oooo! That's neat! I'll suck your cock while you lap my cunt."

She dove down onto his throbbing cock again and licked away a few more drops of pre cum that had seeped out of his pisshole. Timmy was enjoying himself. He went to work with a passion. He came up for air. Jane was using those words so he supposed he could too. "Oh suck my cock. Suck my cock! Can I shoot off in your mouth? Oh, I'm going to shoot off. Take it out of your mouth. I'm going to shoot off in your mouth. Jane! Oh Jane!"

He dove right for her muff again, slurping and sucking for all he was worth. Jane wasn't going to miss this chance to get a good taste a boy's cum, she'd liked the sample she'd licked off of his prick. She was coming herself, so she grabbed Timmy more firmly around the hips and pulled his cock as far into her mouth as it would go. Timmy's hips belied his words. They kept pumping his prick into his sister's mouth.

"Oh Jane, please, I'm going to shoot off in your mouth. I'm coming. You're sucking my cock and I'm coming in your mouth. I'm coming in my sister's mouth! Ohhh! Oooo! Ahhh!" Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, Timmy rewarded Jane with a full load of adolescent cum.

She swallowed every spurt and licked up all the dribbles that followed. Her brother's load of cum didn't cool Jane off at all. Her orgasms had started when the first spurt shot into her mouth and they kept on coming. She kept telling her brother what to do. "Timmy, you're making me come. Oh, Timmy, your tongue feels so good in my cunt. Suck my clit! Lick my cunt. You're making me come. Oh! Oh! My brother's tongue is making me come. Ahhh!"

Jane's cunt was spasming and she was rubbing it up and down her brother's face. He loved it. She couldn't take any more and pushed his head away. Finally they both relaxed.

"I love you so much."

"I love you too."

"Can we do this some more?"

"Oh, yes, of course."

"Do you think Joan will do these things with me too? I'd like to do them with her."

"I'm sure, we planned it that way."

"Are you going to do things with Tommy? I know he wants to do them with you"

"Of course I'll do them with Tommy. I think Tommy and Joan are doing the same things we are right now."

"Wow! Uh, Jane, will you let me fuck you? That would be neat."

Jane couldn't figure out what had come over her timid little brother. He had practically been crying when she bawled him out and that had been in character. She had never expected him to be the one to make a suggestion like that, that wasn't in character at all. Jane wasn't going to stop and investigate when he was suggesting what she thought she would have to persuade him to do. "I'd love it. I want you to fuck me."

"Can we do it now?"

Jane was the practical one. She critically eyed her brother's limp prick. "As soon as you get hard again."

Jane wanted Timmy's prick sunk into her cunt and it wasn't much use to her in this condition. She sucked his prick back into her mouth and gently massaged it with her tongue. Timmy was young and his prick was real sensitive. It wasn't long before it jerked back up to its former rigidity.

Jane arranged Timmy so that he was on his back and her cunt was poised over his prick. She placed Timmy's throbbing cock between the lips of her cunt. She tried to push down on it and found that she could only get a few inches of the Timmy's cock into her cunt hole. Her hymen was in the way.

Jane knew she had to get rid of her maidenhead. She lifted herself off and dropped cunt onto her brother's hard projection. Jane let out a little yelp at the stab of pain and waited till it subsided. Timmy was surprised. Nothing like this had happened last night. "Are you hurt? I don't want to hurt you! What happened?"

Jane explained what the problem was while she rested and let his cock soak in her cunt and bathe in her virgin blood. By the time she explained she was ready for more action. She slowly lifted her allowing her brother's prick to come into view then lowered her down on her brother's hard prick again. Timmy's reflexes made him thrust up each time his sister came down. The good feeling was building up and both thought it was sensational. "Oh, your cunt is grabbing hold of my prick. I'm pushing my prick into my sister's cunt. I'm fucking my sister! Oh, I can't believe this."

"You better believe it. I've never felt anything like this before. I love your prick in my cunt. Oh, I'm going to come. I'm going to come! My brother's prick fucking my cunt is making me come! Ohhh! Ahhh!"

Jane came with multiple orgasms. Timmy had no more staying power than his sister. The friction that her tight virgin cunt was applying to his prick was too much to take for long. He flooded his sister's love hole with his adolescent cum and some of it leaked out down onto Timmy's prick and crotch. Jane had developed a taste for cum and she was not going to miss out on this. She quickly switched positions and started to lick it up.

With a cunt in front of his face, Timmy dove in. It had been fun cleaning out his mother's cunt. He buried his face in his sister's sloppy cunt and sucked up her juices and blood along with the rest of his own cum. He would do that every chance he got. It was real neat.

Licking a cunt isn't the most calming activity in the world and having your cock sucked, even if it was limp, didn't cool your prick off either. Timmy's prick came to a new erection.

Timmy lapped cunt and Jane sucked cock until Jane had several more orgasms and Timmy produced another big load of adolescent cum for his sister's avidly sucking mouth. They rested a while in this position and Jane thought of what was happening in the house. "Shall we go inside and see if Tommy and Joan are doing anything?"

"Oooo, yeh. I wonder if they're doing the same things we were doing."

"Well, I'm pretty sure they are but there's one sure way to find out. Let's get dressed."

They hurriedly dressed. Jane led Timmy in the back door.


Chapter - 12

They went upstairs and entered the girls' room quietly. The sight of Tommy with his face in Joan's cunt and Joan with Tommy's prick in her mouth, got Jane and Timmy hot again. Jane licked Tommy's balls. This woke them up and they were ready to go again.

Tommy started the conversation.

"Did you fuck?"

Joan turned to her sister.

"Did he fuck you?"

They answered in unison.

"Oh, yeh, we sure did. Did You?"

"Yeh, we sucked each other off too."

"So did we."

The girls were curious about the knowledge the boys had of how to do things they were trying for the first time.

"Timmy seemed to know what he was doing."

"So did Tommy. He said that he'd done some of those things before."

Timmy looked at Tommy with astonishment. Without thinking he let the cat out of the bag. He turned to Tommy in bewilderment.

"Did mom fuck you last night too?"

Both girls jumped on that.

"Mom! You mean mom fucked the both of you?"

The girls wanted to know all about it.

The boys had been instructed not to tell each other and they hadn't compared notes. Timmy told about the sucking and fucking. Tommy told about having his ass licked and fucking his mother's ass. The girls asked all sorts of questions.

Talk about sex will get a boy's prick hard and a girl's cunt wet, particularly if they are twelve and fourteen years old. The boys' pricks were hard with tiny drops of pre cum leaking out of the tip. The girls' cunts were sopping wet and their engorged clits were sticking out the tops of their cunts. Something had to be done about cooling off their hot sex organs. They all looked forward to the cooling off. They didn't mind it a bit.

They sat cross legged on Jane's bed. Each had a view of their siblings sex organs. They fingered each other with impartiality. They liked the feel of their siblings sex organs. They liked to have their siblings feel them too.

Since they'd started to handle each other again, was it only the day before, the boys didn't mind the girls seeing them play with their brother's prick. The girls were comfortable fingering each others' cunts and had no compunction about letting the boys see them do it.

"What shall we do now?"

Tommy had the answer.

"Well, You fucked Jane and I fucked Joan. I'd like to fuck Jane this time, let's switch. How about it, Joan, Jane? Would you like to do it that way?"

"Yeh, that sounds neat."

"Wow, if we positioned ourselves right we could watch each other's pricks and cunts working at the same time we were fucking. It'll be a blast."

The kids positioned themselves so that each could watch each others action. The boys got on top and the girls inserted the pricks into their well prepared cunts.

"Oh, Tommy, your prick's going into Jane's cunt."

"I can see yours going into Joan."

"Joan, your cunt seems to grab hold of Timmy's cock."

"Yours is doing the same thing to Tommy's"

Tommy reached out to feel his brother's prick ride in and out of his sisters cunt. Timmy did the same and the girls joined in. They were twins and often had the same idea at the same time. Tommy had told them what had happened when their mother had him push his finger up her ass the night before. They each stuck a finger into the asshole of a sibling. This was explosive and hips pumped faster and faster.

"Oh, I'm coming!"

"Push it in me."

"My brother's coming in my cunt."

"I'm coming in my sister's cunt."

"I'm coming! Ohhh! Ahhh! Oooo!"

"Whose finger is up my ass. It feels good."

"I don't know whose, but the one up my ass feels good too."

"Push your finger in and out."

"Ohhh! Ahhh! Oooo!"

"Shoot your cum into me!"

"Oh! I'm coming!"

"Ahhh! Ohhh! Oooo!


Multiple spurts and many dribbles later the action slowed down. Both boys shot massive loads into their sisters' cunts and both girls had more than one orgasm.

Tommy engineered the next action. He was thinking ahead. He pulled his shrinking prick from Jane's sloppy cunt and told his brother to do the same. He switched his body around so that he faced Joan's cunt and his prick was in Jane's face. Timmy licked Jane's cunt while Joan sucked his cock.

They had formed a delightful daisy chain even though they didn't know that was what it was called. Timmy didn't realize that it was his brother's cum he was sucking from his sister's twat. Tommy knew exactly what he was doing. Slurp, slurp. Suck, suck. Tommy's prick got hard again, lapping his brother's cum out of his sister's cunt excited him. Timmy's prick got hard again, lapping cunt was enough stimulation. Joan's clit grew again, she liked her brother's growing prick in her mouth. Jane's clit grew again, sucking her brother's cock would do that to her every time. Slurp, suck. Suck, slurp, slurp.

Tommy got bold. He put some more of his mother's lessons to work. He licked Joan's ass crack down to her asshole and rimmed her. He pushed his tongue in and out as hard as he could. Joan's hips jerked and she was startled. Tommy said that their mother had licked his asshole and he had licked hers but that was only talking.

Now she felt the real thing and it was neat. When Tommy told about it she was sure she could never do anything like that. Now that she felt what it was like to have your ass licked, she wasted no time in passing the action on to Timmy. She was surprised that it didn't disgust her. Timmy had his ass licked last night but he had been too timid to lick his mother's ass. In the heat of the action he pushed his tongue into Jane's asshole with the same surprise. It wasn't nasty at all, in fact it was fun making Jane jump like that.

Jane knew that she would try ass licking when Tommy described the action to them. She wasn't sure that she liked the idea but Timmy was doing it to her and it felt real neat. She wanted to make Tommy feel just as good as Timmy made her feel. Tommy felt Jane's tongue push into his own asshole, and almost went off the bed.

They licked then each moved to the front of their respective siblings and went to work. Jane bobbed her head on Tommy's prick, he fucked her mouth, Tommy sucked Joan's clit, and she wiggled her hips. Joan worked on Timmy's cock and Timmy tongue fucked Jane's cunt.

They were all very young and didn't last long. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, Jane sucked Tommy's load from his prick. Slurp, slurp, slurp, Timmy licked up Jane's cunt juice. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, Joan swallow all the cum that Timmy delivered. Tommy licked Joan's cunt as hard as he could. He switched back and forth between pushing his tongue into her cunt hole and sucking on his sister's clit. All four siblings were spent. The girls had limp pricks in their mouth and had pulled their cunts back.

There was a lot of switching around and everyone french kissed everyone else. The four of them couldn't get enough of each other. In spite of the age and sex differences, they were close, and could be used for a model of what family life should be. Now they were much closer. They really all loved one another and they had loved each other in several senses of the word.

The children started a discussion of what had gone on that day. They could finally talk to each other about sex across sex lines. They couldn't believe that they could make each other feel so good. Jane and Joan told the boys how they helped each other out when they got horny and how they lapped each others' cunts. The boy's confessed what they had done in the shower the day before, and now they were sorry that they had waited so long to try those things out.

The boys weren't ready for more action right then, their pricks were soft and limp, it would be a while before they were hard again. The girls, like most females, had more staying power. With the stimulus of the boy's pricks in front of them, even though they weren't hard, they decided to show the boys how they lapped each other's cunts.

Joan and Jane moved into a sixty nine. Each of them started to work on her sister's cunt. Slurp, slurp, suck, suck. They had just added a new dimension to their cunt lapping and each of them tongue fucked the other's ass before they got down to the serious business of clit sucking and cunt licking. The boys were fascinated. Tommy, always the innovative one, had another idea. He watched the girls for a few moments and leaned over and whispered to his brother.

"I'll bet if we licked their asses while they lap each other's cunts, they would enjoy it more. I bet it would drive them up the wall."

Timmy was loosing most of his inhibitions. Besides he had just licked his sister's asshole and it hadn't hurt him. It really had been fun. He was willing to join his brother. Tommy got behind Jane and gave her ass crack a tongue bath. Timmy, taking his cue from his brother, did the same for Joan. They worked their way towards their sisters' assholes. Tommy stuck his tongue into Jane's ass. Timmy stuck his tongue into Joan's ass. The girls' hips jerked violently. They loved it.

"Oh! that feels good."

"Do it some more."

"Don't stop sucking my clit."

"Stick your tongue in my cunt hole."

The boys were sporting brand new hards on. They looked at each other, deposited some extra spit, got in position, and each pushed a prick up his sister's ass. The girls offered no objections at all. It was a new sensation to them but they liked it. Each slurped on her sister's cunt as their brothers fucked their asses.

"Oh, push your prick up my ass. I didn't think that having your ass fucked would feel this good."

"Your asshole is real tight. It feels real good to push my prick into it."

"I love your prick in my ass. Fuck me there and shoot your cum up my ass."

"My prick feels so good in your ass I know it won't be long before I fill your ass with cum."

"I'm going to come again."

By now the boys were pumping away for all they were worth. They were going to shoot off and had trouble controlling their tempo. Their sisters were into multiple orgasms. Their bodies jerked with each come.

"I'm going to come again."

"Oh! Make me come again."

"I'm coming again."

"Oh, I'm coming!"

"Oh! I'm shooting off in my sisters ass!

"Shoot your cum up my ass! I'm coming too!"

"Ohhh! Ahhh! Oooo!"

"Ahhh! Oooo!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble. The boys delivered their diminished loads of cum up their sisters' asses. The girls again had multiple orgasms. They were all exhausted. All four collapsed in a heap then they moved around to do the cleanup routine.

Suddenly they realized that it was four thirty and their mother was due home at five o'clock. Their mother had fucked the boys the night before but that didn't mean she would accept the four of them having sex together.

The girls didn't want their mother to find out. They were worried because, contrary to their promise they hadn't gotten on to the pill before they fucked the first time. None of the kids wanted their mother catch them in such a compromising position.

All the kids were coated with sex juices. There wasn't time for separate showers so they all got into the shower together to wash off the telltale signs of sex before their mother came home. Of course the four could not shower together without a little love play even though they were thoroughly spent.

Their bodies rubbed together. They played with each other's sex organs as they soaped each other. The chattered and laughed and compared notes as they went through the cleansing routine.

Sandra got home early. She heard the noise from the bathroom, went quietly upstairs, and listened at the door. Far from being angry at this turn of events, she decided to turn it to her advantage. She figured that the boys would be worn out by now so she would wait till tomorrow to start a family orgy.


Chapter - 13

Sandra reluctantly left the house, did some shopping and returned shortly after five o'clock. She found the four children innocently watching a favorite television program. She noticed the boys did not have erections and she knew the reason why. They were worn out. She had intended to get both boys in her bed at the same time that night but now she changed her mind. As young as they were they might be ready by this evening but it would be better to wait. Well, George wouldn't be back till Saturday so she could still have the next night with her children.

She had fantasized about the boys but it would be just as much fun having sex with the girls. She'd never tried that before and it sounded like fun from what the kids had been saying. They sure had it right when they talked about having to wait for the boys to get ready again after a round of sex even if it was fun getting them ready again.

Sandra wanted to keep the kids apart till she was ready for a real orgy tomorrow night. She started on her campaign to make sure that they couldn't get together for any sex when she wasn't around. Uncharacteristically, she put her hands on her hips and looked around the room disapprovingly.

"This room is a mess. Come on kids, you can do better than this, off your rear ends and straighten it out."

She intended to keep them busy. She did all through dinner and cleanup she stayed on their tails. The kids did not understand this. Their mother was always so good natured and easy going. It just didn't make sense to them.

The kids were good natured too so they went along without complaining too much. Sandra kept after them all through dinner, cleanup, and 'It's time for bed'. The boys supposed that their mother had a bad day. The girls guessed that she might be having her period. The boys went upstairs, undressed, and discussed their mother's behavior for a while, but they soon got around to the equally interesting events of the afternoon.

"Gee, it was a ball fucking our sisters."

"Yeh, and lapping cunt was a real turn on, I wasn't sure I really wanted to do that. Getting my cock sucked was out of this world. I'd lap cunt even if I didn't get my cock sucked but I really liked the way it feels."

The boys were sitting on the edge of Tommy's bed and with their greater freedom Tommy reached down and fondled his brother's prick. Timmy followed Tommy's lead and fondled his brother's prick. It had been five hours since the afternoon's activities and the young boys had fully recovered their virility. Each of their pricks got hard as soon as his brother touched it. Sandra had underestimated her children's capacity for sex. Their erect young cocks were ready for action and it was obvious that Sandra had cut them off that night.

Tommy had laid the groundwork to get around that, he started setting things up. He was intrigued with Jane and Joan lapping each others' cunts. He had gotten some wild notions and he wanted to try some things out. Some of them were very daring and he knew he would have to be persuasive to get his timid brother, Timmy, to go along with them. Timmy didn't realize what this talk was leading up to. Tommy could be very persuasive and Timmy walked into Tommy's trap.

"Did you taste your cum in the girls' cunts this afternoon?"

"Gee, yeh, and I even tasted your cum in Jane's twat."

Tommy wasn't at all ambiguous about what he wanted. "Well, I tasted yours too and I liked it. I'd like to taste some more of it. You know, we could get a whole load from each other if we sucked each other off."

Timmy reacted as he always did when faced with a new idea. "Oh, no! That would make us gay!"

Tommy knew that it might take a while but he could convince his brother to go along with him. "The way we like fucking girls? No way! A gay person wouldn't like to fuck girls the way we do. All we're going to do is what the Joan and Jane do to help each other out till they can get with some boys. It would be like jerking each other off, only it would feel better. You know that we would prefer to be with the girls but right now we can't get to them. The way mom was acting today I don't guess we'll be able to get it on with her either."

Tommy continued to fondle Timmy's cock and Timmy was getting restless. "Well, I really liked the feel of getting sucked off."

Tommy continued with the persuasion, "You know, being boys, I'll bet we know how to make each other feel even better because we know what we'd like to feel ourselves."

After much internal agonizing, Timmy accepted his brother's lead and moved into a sixty nine position. They examined each other's prick at close range. Tommy took the initiative. He stuck out his tongue and licked at the tip of Timmy's cock. As usual Timmy followed his brother's lead.

Neither one was revolted by the taste of the pre cum that had seeped from the tip of the other's prick. Tommy was still following the lessons he had been given by his mother the night before. He licked around the rim of his brother's cock head. He ran his tongue down the sensitive underside of Timmy's prick. He sucked on his balls.

He licked his way back to his brother's asshole and pushed his tongue into the pucker. He was setting things up for some later action that he had in mind. He knew that they wouldn't stop with shooting off just once that night.

As close as the twins were this very intimate action had more than just the physical pleasure. The boys worked their way back to the main point of interest and when Tommy gingerly slid his lips over the head of his brother's prick, and Timmy did the same to him.

Tommy sucked Timmy's prick into his mouth and Timmy did the same thing with Tommy's prick. Tommy pumped his prick into his brother's mouth and found he couldn't give his brother's prick full attention because the activity at his other end was much too exciting. He couldn't concentrate on sucking his brother's cock and having Timmy suck his cock at the same time. Tommy released Timmy's prick.

"Timmy, I think it would be more fun if we took turns sucking each other off. We could pay more attention to what we were doing. Uh, I'll go first if you want."

Timmy was timid about anything new. Having his brother do something first so he could see what was going to happen always appealed to Timmy. "Okay."

Tommy had Timmy move to the head of the bed and positioned himself so that he was between his brother's legs. He again licked up the drops of cum from the tip of Timmy's prick and ran his tongue around the rim of helmet. He liked the velvety soft feel of the skin. Slowly, he pursed his lips around the tip of Timmy's cock and once more sucked it into his mouth. He could see why the girls loved to suck his prick. It was neat. Tommy found one other advantage this had over a sixty nine. He could easily massage the sensitive underside of Timmy's prick with his tongue.

"Oooo, you're right, it does feel better when I don't have to do anything for you. I'll do you when you finish me off."

Tommy pushed his tongue against the under side of Timmy's prick and bobbed his head up and down. As his head came up he swirled his tongue on the sensitive portion just under the pisshole. Timmy's hips came up off of the bed. "Oh, wow, nothing ever felt like that, Tommy. Oh my, suck my cock. Ah, that's wonderful. Do that again. I love it."

Tommy was enjoying the action too. Sucking his brother's prick was as good if not better than lapping his sister's cunt. The velvet skin sliding over the hard, engorged prick felt good in his mouth. Tommy's head bobbed up and down, faster and faster.

"Oh, suck my cock brother. Oh, that feels so good. My brother's sucking my prick so good! Oh, I'm going to shoot off a load of cum."

Timmy started to shove his hips up to meet the down thrust of his brother's head. He had never felt anything like this before. Even his mother and his sisters sucking his cock didn't feel this good. Tommy kept moving his tongue around while keeping the sucking pressure up. "Oh, Tommy, I'm going to come. Make me shoot my cum, brother. Make me shoot off in your mouth. Oh, I'm going to come! Oh, I'm coming! I'm coming."

Tommy felt Timmy's prick throb and his hips jerk. He stuck his finger up his brother's ass and continued sucking. Timmy's hips flew off the bed.

"I'm coming. I'm coming in my brother's mouth! Ohhh! Ahhh! Oooo!"

Spurt, spurt, swallow, swallow, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, swallow, swallow. Tommy drank his brother's cum. It tasted every bit as good as it had from his sister's twat. He liked sucking his brother's cock. He wanted to fuck the girls and lap their cunts, but he wanted to suck his brother's cock now and then and have his brother suck him off. He felt as close to his brother at this moment as he ever had.

Tommy kept his brother's prick in his mouth until it was soft. He gently moved it around with his tongue until Timmy's body stopped jerking to give his brother maximum pleasure. He slowly pulled his head up until the prick plopped out then he lay back and waited for his brother to recover.

"Wow! Were you right. That was awesome. No girl knows how to make a boy feel like that. Just a minute, when I catch my breath I'll do you. Boy, did that feel good. I wish that we had found this out a long time ago."

Tommy was willing to wait. He moved back up to the head of the bed and spread his legs wide. He raised his knees to expose himself completely, and lightly rubbed his hand over his prick and along his ass crack while he waited for his brother to recover from his climax and give him a blow job in return.

Timmy replaced his brother's hand and gently tickled the head of Tommy's prick. After playing with his brother's prick for a few moments he moved down between his brothers legs and took the time to examine his brother's prick minutely. Some drops of cum had seeped out of the pisshole and Timmy lapped them up. He was getting to like this.

Tommy gave Timmy some instructions. "Oh, that feels good. Remember, not too fast at first. Make it last as long as you can."

Timmy was more timid but he wasn't backward, once he got started he went whole hog. He wanted to give his brother the same sensations that he'd received and he did it with all his heart. Timmy copied his brother's actions. He licked around the head of Tommy's prick, paying particular attention to the portion under the pisshole. He sucked a piece of the skin into his mouth and massaged it with his tongue. He ran his tongue up and down the underside of Tommy's prick. He sucked his brother's balls. He ran his tongue up and down his brother's ass crack. He pushed his tongue as far into his brother's tight asshole as he could.

Tommy was still laying some ground work for later on. "Wow, that feels good. I wonder what it would feel like to have a prick up there?"

Timmy made no comment. His mouth was full of cock. He licked Tommy's cock head again, running his tongue around the rim several times. He sucked the velvety head of his brother's prick into his mouth. He kept running his tongue around the very sensitive rim as he worked his way down his brother's prick. He was doing everything he could think of to make his brother feel good.

"Wow, I thought that a boy could do that better than a girl. It makes me feel like I'm taking off. Suck my cock, brother. You make me feel so good."

Timmy always liked to have his brother praise him and redouble his efforts. He kept pushing the head of Tommy's prick around with his tongue, applying as much suction as he could. He lowered his head and let the suction pull Tommy's whole prick into his mouth until his lips were pressed against his brother's sparse crotch hair and his chin rested on Tommy's balls. He pulled his head up with the same slow motion, sucking as hard as he could, and swirling his tongue on the underside of his brother's engorged prick.

"Oh, wow, I didn't know that action would feel that good when I tried it on you. I'm glad we decided to go one at a time. Both sucking and being sucked are too good to try to do both at once. Ahhh, suck my cock, Timmy. What you're doing feels so good I can hardly believe it."

Timmy responded by speeding up the action. He held his brother's balls in one hand, worked a finger of the other into Tommy's asshole. He pumped his finger in and out. His head bobbed faster and faster. Tommy responded by pushing his hips up against his brother's face as Timmy sucked in on his cock. His ass started to hit the bed faster and faster. He fucked his prick into his brother's mouth as fast as he could.

"Oh, Timmy, I'm going to shoot off. Make me shoot my cum, Timmy. My brother's making me shoot off into his mouth. Oh, It feels good. Oh, I'm coming. Suck on that prick. You're making me come. Ohhh! Ahhh! Oooo! It's awesome! I'm coming!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; the inevitable surge of adolescent cum filled Timmy's mouth. Timmy swallowed hard to keep up with it. He didn't want to miss a drop. He was surprised how much he liked having his brother shoot off in his mouth. He had been afraid of this part of the procedure.

"Oh, Timmy that felt so good. I think I shot more cum than I ever did before. That felt better than I thought possible. Oooo, yes suck my prick till it gets soft. Oh, wow, I don't think I did you that good. Ah, that's right, lick my balls. I love it. Lick my ass. It all feels so good. Come on up here and let me kiss you. I love you."

They lay there and hugged and kissed each other for a while. They french kissed the way their mother had taught them the night before and they liked that too. This was the first time they'd really kissed each other in several years. They were belly to belly and their cocks were rubbing against each other every time they moved.

Timmy had raised a new hard on when he gave his brother the blow job. Tommy's prick got hard from feeling his brother's prick rub against his belly. Tommy had one more objective with his brother and he had been working up to it. He felt that both pricks were hard and he now broached his final objective.

"When you had your finger up my ass it felt so good. I wonder what it would feel like to have a prick up your ass? Why don't we try doing that. Mom and the girls seem to love it when we fucked their asses, and it felt good fucking their asses too."

Again, Timmy seemed reluctant. "Gee, are you sure that's all right for two boys to do? Isn't that what gays do with each other?"

Tommy reassured his brother, "Hell, you know we're not gay, but if it makes gays feel good it ought to feel good to us too."

Timmy had wanted to from the very first but he agreed with apparent reluctance, "All right. Do you want to go first?"

Tommy told Timmy, "Get on your hands and knees and we'll see how it works."

Timmy was a little hesitant but he complied with his brothers instructions, and Tommy was ready to move in on his brother's ass. He licked all along his brother's ass crack and pressed at the pucker with his tongue. He gathered a mouth full of spit and deposited it right on Timmy's tight asshole. This accomplished, Tommy was ready for action.

Tommy got on his knees behind his brother and rubbed his prick in the spit on his brother's ass the same way his mother had rubbed his prick up and down her cunt before she slid it in. He then applied pressure with the head of his cock against Timmy's pucker, holding his brother's hips in his hands. The head of his prick eased its way into his brother's asshole.

Timmy drew in a quick breath, "Ow, that hurts."

Tommy objected, "It didn't seem to bother the girls."

Timmy was breathing easier now, "It'll be all right. It feels good too. Just take it easy for a while."

Tommy put on a little more pressure, and more of his prick disappeared into his brother's ass. Timmy wiggled his hips, and thrust his hips forward as hard as he could. His prick went all the way into his brother's ass.


"Am I hurting you?"

"It did at first, but it's beginning to feel better now."

Tommy fucked his brother's ass. It felt real neat, he kept the action slow to enjoy it longer.

"Wow, what are you doing? You aren't touching my prick but it feels as if you were rubbing it. It feels good."

The boys hadn't read the medical books yet. They had done no research on their sex organs and they'd never even heard of the prostate gland. They had no idea how the closely prostate nerves are connected to the nerves on the glans. They didn't know that that having his prostate massaged gave a person the same sensation as having his prick massaged. Tommy was massaging Timmy's prostate with his prick.

Timmy was going wild. Tommy lost his self control and his hips speeded up. He was fucking away for all he was worth. Now all he wanted to do was shoot his load of cum up his brother's ass. His prick flashed in and out of his brother's ass.

"Oh, This feels great. It's just like ass fucking the girls. I'm going to shoot off soon."

"You're going to make me shoot off too. This is crazy. I love it. Ohhh! Make me come with your prick up my ass."

"My prick is up your ass. I'm fucking my brother's ass. Ohhh! I'm going to shoot off. I'm coming. I'm coming up my brother's ass! Ahhh! Ohhh! Oooo!"

"Your prick up my ass is making me shoot my cum. I'm going to come with you. My brother's prick up my ass is making me shoot my cum! Ohhh! Oooo!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble. Tommy shot his load up his brother's ass. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble. Timmy deposited a similar load onto the sheets. The boys collapsed.

"Tommy, you can't believe what that felt like. It felt wonderful. Wait until you try it. You won't believe it."

Tommy wanted Timmy's prick up his ass, but the boys weren't hard. Tommy did the sensible thing, he gently sucked on his brother's limp cock. Timmy got the idea and copied his brother's actions.

They had taken some lessons and they remembered them. Each boy tongue fucked his brother's ass. Soon the two limp pricks were starting to show life. The boys moved back to sucking cock. When the both boys had mouths full of hard cock they stopped. Tommy then got on his knees and Timmy got behind him.

Timmy first ran his cock up and down his brother's ass crack. He licked his brother's ass. He lubricated his brother's ass with spit. He placed the head of his cock in his brother's asshole. With his experience to go on he warned his brother, "This will hurt for a little while."

Tommy was impatient now, "Okay, Stick it in. Ow! You're sure are right about that. Oooo! That does hurt a bit. Ah, now it's beginning to feel better. Ohhh! It does feel wild. Wow, that's good. You are right. There's nothing like it. It's a funny feeling. Push your cock up my ass. Fuck my ass, Timmy, it feels good."

"Your ass feels good on my cock too. It sure is just like ass fucking our sisters. I like this. Boy we sure have something to do now when we can't get to the girls."

"Oh, I'm going to shoot off."

"I'm going to shoot off too."

"Your prick up my ass is making me come."

"Fucking your ass is making me come."

"Wow, I'm coming!"

"I'm coming with you!"

"Ohhh! Ohhh! Oooo!"

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!"

"I'm coming!"

"I'm coming up my brother's ass!"

Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble. Timmy shot a diminished load of cum up his brother's ass. Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble. Tommy shot a small load of cum onto the sheets.

Tommy's tight ass squeezed Timmy's shrinking prick out. They moved around and licked each others' crotches clean, then lay on the bed and hugged each other. They'd had a busy day and were exhausted. They fell asleep gently fondling each other's limp pricks.

The girls spent as much time as the boys with their sex activities that night and did everything they knew how to bring each other off.

"Gee, lapping cunt was fun. Let's try rubbing cunts. I've heard that's even better. What did they call that? Uh, flat fucking?"

"I guess so, it sounds as though it would be fun. Uh, I hope no one ever finds out, they'd think we were lesbians."

The girls both had rather large clits that stuck out of their cunt lips when they were aroused, so this method was really made for them. Joan lay on her back and Jane got on top of her as if she were a boy. They wiggled their bodies until each had one cunt lip riding inside the cunt lips of the other.

Slowly, Jane rubbed her body back and forth so that each of their hairy cunt lips rubbed over each others clits and along the inner lips. As young and as sensitive as they were, they found it hard to hold themselves steady enough to continue the action. After only a few minutes of this they were again ready to shoot the fireworks.

"Oh Jane."

"Oh, Joan, I'm going to come."

"Come, come, I'm ready to come with you."

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Oooo!"

"Ohhh! Ohhh! Ahhh!"

Both the girls had a series of orgasms and their spastic movements separated their cunts. They lay there panting and savoring the feel of their sister's body pressed against their own. This had been different than lapping cunt but it was just as good. They switched to lick the excess moisture from each other's cunt and stayed in that position through another set of orgasms. They knew they would try flat fucking again. They'd had a busy day and they were exhausted. They fell asleep gently fingering each other's cunt.


Chapter - 14

Sandra kept pressure on the kids. They were to come right home from school. She wanted the house in ship shape before their father returned home that weekend.

She wasn't sure how she was going to get the action started but she knew she would have sex with all four of her kids before the day was over. She decided on the easiest and most direct approach, tell them she knew what they'd been doing the day before and wanted in on the action.

Jane and Joan arrived home before the boys. Both of them felt guilty about fucking their brother's before they were on the pill. They had promised their mother they wouldn't do that. They had discussed the matter on the way to school and on the way home and decided they would take their mother up on her offer of not asking any questions. They would just tell her that they wanted to visit the gynecologist.

When they got home they approached their mother very gravely. Sandra instinctively knew when that her children had problems. She didn't connect the present distress her daughters' were showing with yesterday's orgy with her sons. She shepherded them into the family room, sat down, and raised her eyebrows. Joan looked at Jane. Jane looked at Joan. Both of them looked at Sandra. Jane broke the silence.

"Uh, mom?"


"Uh, you remember when you said we should ask you to take us to the gynecologist and you wouldn't ask us any questions?"

Sandra was glad her daughters trusted her enough to come forward with that kind of a problem. True, they were a day late but that wasn't very bad. They probably hadn't planned on fucking the boys. If she hadn't initiated the boys the night before, they probably wouldn't have gone as far as they did. It was partially her fault. She put the girls at ease and admitted she knew all about it. "I don't have to ask any questions. I know you fucked Timmy and Tommy yesterday?"

The girls were startled and a little scared. They sat there with their mouths hanging open Sandra continued. "Don't worry, I'm not angry. I got home early yesterday. All of you were in the shower together. From the conversation I heard you must have had quite a time yesterday afternoon. You probably know I fucked the boys the night before. There is something that bothers me though. I wasn't invited to join you."

The girls looked at each other again. This was a new angle. Their mother could teach them a lot of things that would please the boys. They hadn't thought of her joining them but couldn't see why she shouldn't. The boys would surely like it. They both said it was a lot of fun it was having sex with their mother. They didn't have to discus this with each other, each was sure of the other's feeling. Again Jane was the spokesman. "You want to do those things with the boys and us?"

Sandra grinned at her daughters, "You bet your life. I don't know about doing things that's just a little vague. I do love fucking the boys and sucking their pricks. I intend to do that with them as soon as I get the chance. This afternoon in fact. I found out that they're both rather good cunt lappers too and I expect they'll improve with practice.

"They have sweet tasting asses too. If you haven't tried licking their asses you really should, you've missed something. I'll tell you a female secret, it gets a boys prick hard in a hurry once he's shot off.

"I've never had sex with a girl before, from what I overheard yesterday you could probably teach me how to lap cunt. I always wondered what it would be like to sixty nine with a girl. I'd like to try that out too."

From what their mother said and the way that she said it the girls gathered she didn't disapprove of what they had done and she wanted them to use the four letter words for all their actions.

"Oh, mom, we'd love to lap -

your cunt, and have you lap -

ours too, that would be real -

neat. Tommy taught us ass -

licking and we found out -

we could get the boys -

hard again right away."

That issue was settled. Sandra was worried about the girls getting pregnant and questioned the girls closely about their monthly cycle. As the girls had decided earlier, she felt they were probably safe for at least a week. She would take them to the doctor on Monday.

The boys chose this moment to explode into the house. Sandra called them to the family room and they sensed something was going on. They looked between their mother and their sisters and were certain it was something but they didn't know what. Sandra didn't say a word and the tension built. Joan broke the silence.

"Mom knows what we were doing yesterday."

The boys made some very intelligent comments.


"Uh oh."

However they were not at loss for very long. They didn't know Sandra wanted to join them. They thought she was going to punish them and after what had happened two nights ago they didn't think that was fair.

"Well, you did all those things with us the night before."

"Yeh, you taught us how."

Sandra Held up her hands until the boys quieted down.

"Oh, It's not what you were doing. I'm just mad that you left me out."

"Mom, we'd -

love to do -

everything -

with you."

"Why are we sitting around here with our clothes on? Let's get undressed and get down to business."

Sandra watched her children hesitantly start to remove their clothes. Sandra watched them for a moment then speeded them along.

"That's more like it. Come on, strip out of those clothes and let's see what happens."

What happened was that the boys had hard pricks that were throbbing and pointing toward the ceiling, and the girls, including Sandra, had wet cunts.

In spite of their instant acceptance of their mother's invitation the kids were not sure of how they should proceed. Sandra usually organized family affairs and this was going to be one heck of an affair. They waited for Sandra to decide what they should do.

For the moment Sandra was content to stand back and examine the naked bodies of the two sets of twins. The kids were doing their own share of rubber necking.

They looked at their mother's mature figure and examined her thoroughly. The boys eyes jumped back and forth between the fully developed older woman with her matured tits and the less mature girls with their perky ones. Sandra surveyed the not fully grown tits of the girls, their cunts with a fringe of dark hair, and the hard pricks and developing muscles of her boys.

"Well, it seems as if we only have two pricks, but there are three cunts to be satisfied. We'll have to work something out. Why don't the four of you pair off and I'll see how I can get into the act."

Sandra had never had sex with a girl or a woman before, but she wasn't adverse to the idea. She was intrigued by the bodies of her daughters. No longer inhibited by her upbringing, she was willing to try anything.

Jane paired off with Timmy and Joan with Tommy, the same way they'd started off yesterday. They french kissed and played with each other's sex organs. Sandra stopped them and got them all to sit on the couch and resume their playing. Tommy fingered Joan's cunt, Joan pulled Tommy's prick, Timmy rubbed Jane's clit, and Jane tickled Timmy's balls.

Sandra started down the line and sampled the sex organ of each of her children. She lick the drops of cum from Tommy's prick. She licked the juice from Joan's cunt. She licked the cum from Timmy's cock. She licked the juice from Jane's twat. Then she started over and did it all again.

The kids were ready for positive action. Tommy moved Joan to the floor and got ready to push his prick in her cunt. Sandra held her son's prick and opened the lips of her daughter's cunt. She guided Tommy's prick into Jane's cunt and watched him lower his hips so his prick disappeared between the tight pink lips.

Jane had Timmy on his back by the time Sandra had Tommy and Joan started. Sandra's performed the same service for Jane and Timmy. She guided Timmy's prick into Jane's cunt and watched as Jane lowered her hips so that her cunt swallowed Timmy's prick.

Tommy didn't want to shoot off too soon. He had some experience now and he knew he shouldn't rush things. He slowly pumped his prick into Joan's cunt. Jane watched what Tommy was doing and rode up and down on Timmy's prick at the same rate that Tommy was fucking Joan. Sandra got down on her knees and licked at the junction of Tommy's and Joan's bodies. As Tommy's prick came out of Jane's cunt she licked it and allowed her tongue to be pushed part ways into Joan's cunt.

"Oh, wow, feel mom's tongue."

"Gee, yea, it's wild."

After a few seconds she switched to the other pair. She licked at her daughter's ass then at her son's balls and ass. Timmy and Joan voiced their appreciation.

"Mom's licking my balls and ass."

"She's licking my ass too."

Sandra placed her dripping cunt in front of Jane's face. Licking her children's sex organs hadn't cooled her off. She needed relief and she knew how to get it.

"I can't wait any longer."

Jane dove in. She was a more experienced cunt lapper than her mother was. She pushed her tongue as far as it would go up her mother's cunt. She gently grabbed her mother's clit with her teeth and massaged it with her tongue.

"Oh, Jane, you sure know how to make your mother feel good. Suck my cunt like a good daughter. Make your mother come with your mouth. You have to teach me how to do that so good. Ohhh! Wow!"

"Jane, You're going to make me shoot off."

"Mumble, mumble, slurp, slurp."

"Tommy, your prick feels so good in my cunt."

"Suck your mother's cunt."

"Joan, I'm going to cum."

"I'm coming in my sister's twat."

"My brother's cock is making me come."

"Mumble, mumble."

I'm coming in my daughter's mouth."





"I'm coming!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Tommy shot his first load of cum of the day into Joan's cunt. He didn't count the time he'd jerked off at school. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, Timmy's first load jetted into Jane's cunt. He didn't count the jerk off in school either. Sandra's cunt spasmed in Jane's mouth. Jane lapped up the excess moisture from her mother's cunt and had multiple orgasms. Joan's hips slowed down and she had multiple orgasms. They all collapsed.

They arranged themselves into a circle, the kids still didn't know that this was called a daisy chain. Sandra licked Timmy's prick clean, worked it over with her tongue, and sucked it into her mouth. Timmy lapped at Joan's cunt and gave her clit a good licking. Joan lapped the cum out of Jane's twat and sucked on her clit. Jane gobbled Tommy's prick, she was becoming addicted to cock sucking. Tommy tongue fucked his mother's asshole then switched around to her cunt.

They worked on each other gently for a while. The boys got hard again. They continued the daisy chain for a few minutes then came up for air. Sandra wanted both the boys at once.

"Tommy, you get down between my legs. You're going to fuck me. Timmy, you sit on my chest I'm going to suck you off."

The girls didn't want to be left out.

"What about us?"

"Jane, you stand in front of Tommy and, Joan, you push your cunt in Timmy's face. I'm sure the boys will love eating you out while I'm sucking and fucking them."

The kids were willing to try anything and arranged themselves as their mother had directed. Everything she suggested sounded like fun. Sandra positioned Tommy's now hard prick and he slid it into his mother's welcoming cunt.

Timmy pushed his cock in front of Sandra's face and she sucked it into her mouth. The girls got in front of the boys as their mother had directed. The boys grabbed the girls by their asses, pulled their cunts to their mouths, and slurp, slurp, squish, squish, suck, suck, slurp, squish, suck; every one of them was very busy.

Tommy pumped his hips and Timmy fucked his prick into his mother's mouth. The girls rubbed their cunts up and down their brother's faces. Sandra was busy at both ends. Her hips met Timmy's each time he pumped his prick into her cunt. She swallowed around the head of Tommy's cock each time he pumped it into her mouth.






Spurt, Spurt, Spurt, spasm, spasm, spasm, dribble, dribble, spasm, spasm, spasm, spurt, spurt, spasm, spasm, spasm, dribble, dribble, dribble. They all came again! And did they come! Wow!

"Boy, you kids could drive a woman crazy."

Sandra was surprised at the intensity of her reactions and the kids pulled their mind reading act, looked at each other, and went to work. The boy's pricks were on the soft side so they couldn't start out with fucking.

Tommy went down on his mother's cunt and rolled her over on her side. Jane got behind Sandra and licked her ass crack. Joan and Timmy latched onto a tit and suckled. With all the attention Sandra was in seventh heaven. Her kids were paying her back for all the TLC she had given them over the years. She expected she would pay for this and didn't mind the idea in the least.

Tommy moved to his mother's clit, sucked it into his mouth, and massaged it with his tongue. Jane licked along her mother's ass crack and did her best to jam her tongue up her mother's ass. Joan and Timmy continued to nurse on Sandra's tits.

Sandra's cunt contracted in an orgasm. She came again and again. The kids changed positions. Timmy and Joan moved to her crotch and Tommy and Jane moved higher on her body. Timmy now tongued his mother's ass while Joan lapped her cunt and sucked her clit. Tommy and Jane sucked her tits and licked her body all around them.

Sandra was in seventh heaven, she lay back, tossed her head from side to side, and moaned. She'd never had this much attention before. She'd never had this many orgasms either. Four kids working you over was enough to drive you up a wall. Sandra couldn't take any more and pushed her children away. She badly needed a rest.

The kids had big grins on their faces. They'd ganged up on their mother over and were proud of the results. Sandra caught her breath and looked them over. The boys' pricks weren't quite ready yet. She grinned at the girls.

"The boys don't seem to be ready. Do you want to put on a show for them. I'm sure that'll get their pricks hard again."

Joan and Jane looked at each other. They were again on the same wavelength.

"Shall we show them -

how we flat fuck? We -

tried that for the first time -

last night, mom, and it was neat."

Sandra laughed. "Well, I've heard of it but I don't even know how its done. Why don't you show us."

"We don't even know what -

it is. Why don't you show -

us? We'd like to find out."

Jane lay on her back, Joan got on top and they carefully positioned their bodies so each had one cunt lip riding inside the cunt lips of the other. They were more experienced today and didn't fumble as much. Joan started to rub her body back and forth to get the maximum friction between her cunt and her sister's cunt lip.

It was difficult for them to hold steady enough to continue the action. They lost contact and there was a scramble to get their cunts back into position. Sandra was engrossed with the action. She had to try that with one of the girls soon. The boys were amazed. They'd never heard of anything like this. It was fun watching though and their pricks did get hard in a hurry.

The girls were rapidly reaching a climax. Having their mother and brothers watch them made it even more exciting than it had been the night before.

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Oooo!"

"Ohhh! Ohhh! Ahhh!"

Their hips jerked with their orgasms. They lost contact and both lay on their back. Each had one arm around the other, felt as close as they'd ever been and each of them thought about trying this with her mother. Their mother's hairy cunt lip would probably give even more friction and feel even better than her sister's.

The two boys were fascinated by the show the girls had put on and their pricks responded by rising to the occasion. One boy was sitting on each side of Sandra and she was fondling their resuscitated cocks.

Tommy had two fingers buried in her cunt and Timmy very gently pinched one of her nipples then the other, he didn't want to hurt his mother but he did like to feel them get hard like his prick.

The girls were pooped and they were ready for a rest but their act had Sandra and the boys set for another go round. Watching the girls flat fuck each other didn't cool them off at all. Sandra looked at her two sons, glanced at their hard pricks, and knew exactly what she wanted. One of her fantasies had always been two pricks fucking her at the same time. One in her cunt and one up her ass. As the boys would say, 'Wow!'.

"Would you girls mind if I used both boys again. I don't want to hog them but there's something I'd like to try."

"Gees no, mom, go -

ahead, we couldn't -

do anything right now, -

even if we wanted to."

"I wish you kids would finish your own sentences. You get me dizzy like that. Timmy, your brother's already fucked my ass. I want you to do it this time. Tommy I want you to fuck my cunt at the same time. I've always wanted to try that and never had the chance before."

The boys looked at each other with startled expressions. They had never even thought of anything like that. It sounded like something that could be loads of fun. They liked doing things together and fucking their mother at the same time would be a blast.

"Oh wow! We sure would like -

to try that. It sounds like a lot of fun!"

"Now you boys are doing it to me. It's like listing to a tennis match." Sandra got on her knees. "All right, Timmy you get your prick pushed up my ass then we'll let Tommy get his prick into my cunt."

Timmy knew how to fuck an ass and no longer had any hesitation. He got on his knees behind his mother and applied the proper lubricant, spit, with the proper applicator, his tongue. He was getting to enjoy this just because it sounded so nasty and he took longer than he had to. It was fun to make his mother squirm that way.

He moved closer, grabbed his mother's hips, rubbed the head of his prick over her asshole a couple of times to get it slick with the spit he'd deposited there, and pushed it in. His prick was buried in his mother's pucker and she contracted her ass muscles as a welcome. Timmy gave one pump and waited for his brother to insert his prick in Sandra's cunt.

The pair of them rolled over on their sides and Tommy moved into position in front of his mother. She guided his now rampant prick into her cunt and he thrust his hips forward to firmly plant it in place. It felt real good to him. Timmy let out a yelp.

"I felt your prick rub up against mine as you pushed it in. It's just like the two of us were rubbing our pricks together. Hold still, let me show you."

Timmy waited until his brother's prick was firmly lodged in his mother's cunt then pulled his hips back and pushed in again.

"Wow, that does feel strange. I can feel your prick fucking mom's ass."

None of them had any experience with this position and they hadn't taken into consideration the thin membranes between a woman's cunt and her ass. It felt as if their pricks were in actual contact to the boys. Both of them liked this further intimacy with his twin brother.

"Enough of this chatter. Fuck me, boys, fuck me."

The boys fucked her. Tommy waited until Timmy was fully inserted again and flexed his hips. As soon as Tommy's crotch pressed against his mother's Timmy pumped out then in. They built an alternate rhythm up and kept it slow. Both boys wanted this to last a long time. They were glad they'd already shot off twice. If this were their first come they'd have shot off already.

Sandra caught the boy's rhythm and pumped her hips back and forth to meet the boys thrusts. Squishing pricks, slapping bodies, and heavy breathing, along with an occasional grunt, were all that could be heard. This was very exciting to the observers too.

The girls had recovered some by now. They glanced at each other and moved in to join the action. Jane moved between Timmy's legs and Joan did the same with Tommy. Each of them licked their kid brother's ass crack then pushed her tongue up his ass. This speeded the boys up. The girls moved down and licked their brother's balls, then stuck out their tongues to catch the boys' pricks as they flashed in and out of their mother's ass and cunt. It had felt great when Sandra had done that while they were fucking the boys.

"Fuck mom's ass Timmy. Gee someone's licking my cock when it comes out of her cunt."

"Make mom come Tommy. Fuck her good. Someone's licking my cock too. It feels neat."

"Wow, I can still feel your prick pushing in and out of mom's twat."

"Oh, boy, your prick feels good rubbing against mine too."

"I'm going to come pretty soon."

"I won't be far behind."

Sandra had one orgasm after another and couldn't believe how the kids had taken the initiative away from her, but enjoyed every minute of it. She loved the feel of her son's pricks fucking her ass and twat. This fulfilled all of her recent fantasies. It was heaven.

The boys had only so much staying power, however, and they reached their limit. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Timmy's load of cum shot up Sandra's ass. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Tommy's load of cum was deposited in Sandra's cunt.

The girls licked up the boys' cum as fast as it leaked out around their pricks. They didn't miss any. As soon as their brothers' limp pricks slid out of their mother's holes their sucked them into their mouths, cleaned them off, and massaged the limp pricks with their tongues.

The boys, in the mean time, moved down to clean out their mother's ass and cunt. Tommy sucked Timmy's cum out of his mother's ass and Timmy sucked Tommy's cum out of her cunt. This brought Sandra to several more orgasms.

"Oh, babies, you don't know what you've done for your mother. I love you. I love you all. I'm sorry I was so mean the last two days, I was only trying to keep you busy. I wanted to keep you apart so you wouldn't be worn out when we got together like this. Oh! Wow! I didn't know anything could be as good as this is."

The girls took over when the boys moved away from their mother's nether holes and applied their tongues where they knew it would do the most good. Sandra lay there limply and reveled in the feelings going through her body. Jane lapped her cunt and sucked her clit while Joan licked her ass crack and tongue fucked her ass.

Each boy latched onto a tit and sucked. Sandra wasn't very active after the exertion she'd just been through but she enjoyed attention she was getting.

The boys left off sucking tit and each looked at the other's limp prick. They couldn't do very much with their pricks in this condition and they determined to do something about it. They got into a sixty nine position and each sucked the other's spent prick into his mouth. It felt good to them but it didn't improve matters.

Each moved to his brother's ass and pushed as hard as he could with his tongue. That did the trick, both of them felt their pricks throb up to another hard on. Each moved back and bobbed his head a few times on his brother's cock before they parted. They were ready for anything the girls wanted now.

The girls were still working on their mother so the boys each latched onto a tit again and suckled. Sandra had another round of orgasms as the girls and boys worked her over. Sandra was panting and groaning. She couldn't take any more.

"Ohhh! Ahhh! Oooo! I can't stand any more! Stop! Ahhh! Stop!"

The kids had a smug look on their faces. They had worn their mother out and proud of themselves. Sandra was proud of them too.

"Oh, I love you kids so much. I wish we could have started this a long time ago. I'm exhausted. The girls haven't had very much tonight. Why don't you boys see if you can help them. Your father will be home tomorrow night and I won't be able to join you. You'll have to be careful when He's around. He's a sexy man himself, but I don't know if he will go along with something like this."

For variety Tommy moved his face into Jane's cunt and Timmy pushed his tongue into Joan's. They switched occasionally but this configuration was a novelty. The boys were rather worn out and they wanted to save themselves for a family grope. That was a lot of fun and they wanted to enjoy it. They decided to lap the girls' cunts without having their pricks sucked this time.

Tommy licked Jane's cunt, worked his way to her asshole, then moved back to her clit. Timmy commenced his operations the opposite way. He licked Joan, sucked her clit, then he worked his way down to the asshole. After making Jane's hips jerk he worked back to her cunt. He tongue fucked her.

"You're Going to make me come again, Tommy."

"Oh, Timmy, you're making me come."

Sandra sat on the sidelines and cheered them on. She got a vicarious pleasure watching the boys work on the girls. Family sex was a lot of fun.

"Lap Joan's cunt, Timmy. Suck Jane's clit, Tommy. Make your sisters come, boys, make them come good. Make them jump all over the floor."

"Ahhh! I'm coming."

"Oooo! I'm coming.'

Both girls had multiple orgasms. They rested. The boys wanted to be fresh for the finale. Sandra had never had this much action. The girls wanted to rest from their last come.

"I don't know which is better; fucking, sucking, or ass fucking." said Timmy.

"Well, I'm glad I don't have to choose. I like to do them all." said Tommy. "Don't forget licking ass and getting your ass licked. That's neat too."

"You kids will probably be the death of me, but what a pleasant way to die."

"I love it all, but we have to take it slow with you boys. You can't come as many times as we do."

"But, it's much better with you boys than it is when we only have each other."

"Girls recover faster than boys, so make the best of it. Be nice to them and give their pricks as much TLC as you can they'll do their best to make you feel good."

Sandra was protective but the girls were ready.

"Gee, mom, there are a lot of things we can do while we're waiting. Do you want to try flat fucking? I'd like to try that with you."

"No, I never even made it with a girl before. I saw how the two of you did it and it looked very interesting to me. Let's try it. Do you want to get on top, Jane?"

Both of them wanted to do it with her. Sandra laid down on her back and Jane moved her maturing body over her mother's mature one.

"Spread you legs a little."

Sandra spread her legs. Jane lay on her mother and Joan manipulated their cunt lips so that the outer lip of Sandra's cunt rode between the lips of Joan's cunt and visa versa. With this achieved Joan started to rub her cunt lip back and forth between her mother's cunt lips.

Sandra's cunt lip rubbed the inner lips of Jane's cunt and her clit. Sandra gasped and went wild. They moved back and forth in what seemed a very slow pace. It didn't take very long before the increased friction of Sandra's hairy cunt lip brought Jane to multiple orgasms.

"Oh, you're making me come already. Oh, wow!"

"I'm coming too. This is fun. Ahhh!"

Joan switched places with Jane, Joan helped position their cunts, and Sandra was off again, this time with Joan. The boys were fascinated with this action. They got as close as they could to watch. This had a very definite effect on their pricks. They got harder and started to leak drops of cum. Jane worked her mother over the same way that Joan had. Soon they were both coming.




Joan rolled off her mother and lay on the floor. The boys made the rounds licking as much of the excess moisture from the girls' cunts as they could lap up. They never could lick the girls dry but they had a lot of fun trying. They were really ready for action now and wanted to get started. Sandra lay there for a while accepting the occasion lick each of her sons gave her cunt and enjoying the feel in a mild sort of a way.

Sandra finally revived and she realized the kids hadn't had snacks when they came home from school. Cum and cunt juice were high in protein but they didn't make up a very balanced diet. She insisted they go to the kitchen and have something to eat. They didn't bother to dress and there was a lot of grab ass. Both the boys and the girls couldn't get enough feels of their siblings' sex organs and Sandra did nothing to stop them. In fact she joined in on their playful groping.

Sandra took the situation in and suggested a whole family encounter. Timmy would fuck her, she would lap Jane's cunt while Timmy licked her ass. Jane would suck on Tommy's prick while he lapped Joan's cunt. All the kids thought that would be neat.

Sandra lay on her side, directed Timmy's prick into her cunt, and wrapped her legs around his. Jane inserted her crotch between her mother and brother. Sandra swiped her cunt with her tongue and Timmy licked her ass. Tommy and Joan to got into position. Tommy placed his prick in front of Jane's face and she slurped it into her mouth. Joan moved into position and Tommy applied his tongue where it would do the most good.

The action started in earnest. Timmy pumped his prick in and out of his mother's cunt. Her hips moved to counter his motions and she licked Jane's cunt and sucked her clit while Timmy rimmed her asshole and tongue fucked her ass.

Jane's hips jerked back and forth and her head bobbed up and down on Tommy's prick. She pushed a finger up his ass and he pumped his prick into her mouth even faster. Tommy, in turn, lapped Joan's cunt and tickled her asshole with his finger. She was the only one with her mouth free and told the world how good it felt.

All of the females started their orgasms early. Timmy pumped until he released a meager load of cum into his mother's cunt. Tommy lasted a few strokes longer and he felt his prick throb and shot his diminished load into Joan's sucking mouth. They stayed in position for a few more seconds until the boy's pricks were limp again and the girl's orgasms had subsided.

There was a cleanup frenzy and each of the kids took turns licking their mother's cunt clean. Tommy and the girls made sure that Timmy's prick didn't have a drop of cum or cunt juice left on it. Everybody huddled together in a bunch and hugged and kissed each other. They were all very well satisfied and they all loved each other.



George had come home a day early. He heard the noises coming from the family room and quietly peeked in. The family was so engrossed in what they were doing that no one noticed him. He watched them for quite a while. He was astounded. He sneaked out as quietly as he had come in and went to a motel. He would have to consider what he wanted to do.

George was a well built, good looking man in his late thirties. He had just as strong a sex drive Sandra, and like Sandra, had never strayed from the straight and narrow. He didn't count Cyril or Gladys.

George was not angry about what he had seen, nor was he going to interfere with his family's sex activities. He was busy planning on how he would join them. He got undressed and into bed and he started to pull on his engorged prick. His prick had been hard since the first minute he had been in the house. He needed some relief and he was not ashamed to be jacking off at his age. He had to do something to quiet himself when he was away from home.

Like his wife he had some play toys. He opened a suitcase and retrieved two of them. One was a sheath with soft plastic protrusions on the inside and the other was a copy of his wife's small dildo. He lubricated both with Ky jelly and pushed his eight inch cock into the sheath. He inserted the dildo in his ass.

Slowly he started to move the sheath up and down on his prick. He closed his eyes and thought back over what he had seen.

Both Tommy and Timmy had fucked Jane, Joan, and Sandra!

Each of the girls had sucked on Tommy and Timmy!

Each of the girls had lapped each other's cunts!

He started to fuck into the plastic cunt faster.

Tommy and Timmy had sucked each other's pricks!

Tommy and Timmy had fucked each other's asses!

He fucked his own ass with the dildo.

The girls had flat fucked!

Everyone had licked and tongue fucked everyone else's ass!

His actions got stronger.

His wife and his daughters and sons had done about everything possible. And they'd all done it to each other!

George came. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble. He didn't lose his hard on, he was too excited for that. The cum just made the fake cunt slicker. He continued pumping until he came again.

Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble.

George sighed. He sure had to figure the best way to get in on the fun and games.