The Sanders Family-Book 2, George, Part-1, Chapters 1-8 (D.Abby) (MbbGGF) (3/6)

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Book 2 - George



George had come home from a three week business trip a day early. He heard the noises coming from the family room and quietly peeked in. The family was so engrossed in what they were doing that no one noticed him. He watched for quite a while. He was astounded but not dismayed. He sneaked out as quietly as he had come in and went to a motel. He would have to consider what he wanted to do.

George was a well built, good looking man in his late thirties. He had as strong a sex drive as his wife, Sandra, and like Sandra, he had never strayed from the straight and narrow. Like Sandra he had some skeletons in the closet, he didn't count Cyril or Gladys.

George was not angry about what he had seen, nor was he going to interfere. He was busy planning how to join them. He got undressed and into bed and he started to pull on his engorged prick. His prick had been hard since the first minute he had been in the house. He needed some relief and he was not ashamed to be jacking off at his age. He had to do something to quiet himself when he was away from home.

Like his wife he had some play toys. He opened a suitcase and retrieved two of them. One was a sheath with soft plastic protrusions on the inside and the other was a copy of his wife's small dildo. He lubricated both with Ky jelly and pushed his eight inch cock into the sheath. He inserted the dildo in his ass.

Slowly he started to move the sheath up and down on his prick. He closed his eyes and thought back over what he had seen.

Tommy and Timmy had both fucked Jane, Joan, and Sandra!

Each of the girls and Sandra had sucked Tommy's and Timmy's pricks!

Each of the girls and Sandra had lapped each other's cunts!

He started to fuck into the plastic cunt faster.

Tommy and Timmy had each sucked the other's prick!

Tommy and Timmy had fucked each other's ass!

He fucked his own ass with the dildo.

The girls had flat fucked!

Everyone had licked and tongue fucked everyone else's ass!

His actions got stronger.

His wife and his daughters and sons had done about everything possible. And they'd all done it to each other!

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; George released his load of cum. He didn't lose his hard on, he was too excited for that. The cum just made the fake cunt slicker. He continued until he came again.

Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble.

George sighed. He sure had to figure the best way to get in on the fun and games.


Chapter - 1

George was a perfectly normal ten year old boy and he had a healthy curiosity about sex and about girls. He knew that boys and girls were different, particularly between the legs. He had some idea about what the difference was. He wanted to get more first hand knowledge about the difference but had no idea about how to get it.

He tried very hard to see how his eight year sister was made but he couldn't get close enough to really examine the spot he was really interested in between her legs. She usually left the door open when she went to the bathroom and George would wait at the door as if he were waiting for his turn.

Gladys seemed to like to have him stand there and watch. She would grin at him and, after she wiped herself with some toilet paper, always turned toward him before she pulled up her panties and jeans. The tiny slit she had between her legs intrigued him. He wanted to examine it much more thoroughly. He had a vague notion that a boy could push his penis into that slit and it was called fucking but it didn't seem that a penis, even one as small as his, could fit inside that tiny slit.

His immature penis would get hard and push out against his pants when he watched his sister on the toilet. He wished he could move in closer to his sister when she pulled down her panties or after she got off the toilet so he could get a better idea of what she looked like down there. All he could see from where he stood in the hall was that little hairless slit. He wanted to find out what was inside that slit.

After watching his sister he would go to the bathroom and examine his hard penis. It felt good when he handled it and rubbed it. One day he continued rubbing the head then stroked his fingers up and down the shaft. It felt better and better. He got a strange good feeling and his hips jerked. Wow! He never felt anything like that before. After that he frequently played with his penis until he got that funny good feeling.

One time he felt daring and didn't close the door when he pissed after watching Gladys go. She stood there, stared at him and giggled. He tried to piss but he couldn't because his penis was too hard. He closed the door and played with his penis until he got that funny good feeling then he could piss. He wondered what it was all about.

After that it was a game. He watched from the door while Gladys used the toilet. She would turn toward him when before she pulled up her pants. After that she waited outside the door and watched while he pissed. For the next two weeks the game never went any further than that. George always closed the door before he played with his penis. There was no way he couldn't let Gladys see him do something like that. By mutual consent George and Gladys never said a word about what they were doing to each other or to anyone else. Somehow things would have been spoiled if they talked about it.

He often played with his peter when it got hard. He enjoyed the way it felt when his hips jerked, but he sure would like to know why his prick got hard when he peeked at his sister or even when he just thought about the slit between her legs. He wanted to know why it got so hard when he let her see him. He wanted to k and why it felt so good when he played with himself.

He really wanted to feel what his sister was like between her legs and after a while he wondered what it would be like to have his sister feel his penis. Would it be any different if his sister played with his penis until he got that strange good feeling?. Did his sister have anything that equaled the feeling he got when he rubbed his penis? She didn't have a penis to play with. Was there something inside that slit that she could rub to make herself feel good?

He thought of asking his parents or his older brother but he was too embarrassed. Besides he was sure what he and Gladys were doing was naughty and he was afraid he might be punished. Even worse than that, his parents might forbid him to watch Gladys from the bathroom door and he wouldn't even get to see her down there any more. He liked looking at his little sister and having her look at him. Playing with his peter always felt best right after he saw her slit and let her see his penis.

After about two weeks Gladys made some changes in their procedure that allowed him to get the answer to a few of the questions he had. One day when he went in to piss, she moved in closer to the door. The next time she went to the toilet George did the same thing and Gladys gave him a great big grin.

The next time Gladys moved inside the door to watch him and he did the same when it was his turn to watch. It took about a week and Gladys moved closer each day until she was standing right beside him as he held his hard prick in his hand and tried to piss. The next time he stood close enough to her to see the urine come out of his sisters slit as she went to the toilet. He still couldn't make out what his sister was like inside her slit.

The next day Gladys was there beside him again. He was pretending he didn't know she was there when she moved her hand in and felt his penis. Just having her hand touch him there was almost enough to give him that good feeling. Gladys felt his penis then let go and looked at him.

George couldn't get his penis soft enough so that he could piss through it and Gladys didn't leave the bathroom so he finally pushed it back in his pants and zipped them up. As he moved away from the toilet Gladys pushed her pants and panties down and turned to face him. He hesitated then moved his hand down between her legs. one of his fingers slid between the lips of her slit and he could feel other things in there but couldn't figure out what it was really like.

Gladys stood there for a moment then sat down on the toilet. George watched her finish and use the toilet paper. Neither of them said a word but at that point both of them knew that they would soon go even farther than they had that day.

That night something occurred that put off their progress for several years.


Chapter - 2

George and his fourteen year old brother, Cyril, shared a bedroom. George watched his brother undress at night he noted that his brother's penis was bigger than his when it was soft and wondered how big it got when it was hard. He knew that one day his own penis would start to grow. He could remember when his brother's penis was no bigger than his. He hoped his prick would get as big as Cyril's.

Occasionally George woke at night and heard noises coming from his brother's bed. It wasn't very loud but it was persistent. It was a rhythmical slick, slick, slick and George couldn't figure out what it was. George was curious, but he instinctively knew his brother wouldn't like it if he knew George was listening.

Listening to this made his penis hard and he didn't know why that should be. It sounded like his brother was playing with his penis but he was sure big boys didn't do that. He listened until the sounds stopped and usually Cyril sighed or moaned. George waited a little while then played with his own penis until he got that funny good feeling before he went back to sleep.

One night his curiosity overcame his reticence about revealing that fact that he heard the noises his brother was making. He was willing to have Cyril ball him out if he was caught. He sat up against his headboard and looked at his brother's bed. There was a street light outside the bedroom window so that he had no trouble seeing everything in the room. He had no idea that initiating this line of action was going to change his life for the next four years.

What George saw intrigued him. His brother was pushing his hand up and down on his penis. He was amazed at how much bigger his brother's penis was when it was hard. His own penis got hard as a rock when he saw what his big brother was doing. He watched his brother spit on his hand and pump it up and down his penis some more.

He spit on his own hand, and with his thumb and forefinger, copied his big brother's actions as much as he could. His brother used his whole hand and George only used two fingers. His brother knew more about this than he did. It felt better when you spit on your fingers, they slid up and down your penis much easier.

He decided that now was the time to find out why his prick got hard, and why it felt so good when he played with it. Cyril might holler at him but they got along well and he could usually cajole his big brother into answering his questions. He had an awful lot of questions that he wanted answers to. The first one was easy.

"Cyril, what are you doing?"

Cyril jumped. He was embarrassed to be caught in this very private occupation, he'd thought George was asleep and he didn't know how to answer. He tried to wiggle his way out of talking to his ten year old brother about sex.

"Uh, well, oh. You're too young to know about things like that."

"Why am I always to young to know something? Look my penis is hard just like yours is, even if it isn't as big. It feels good when I rub it like you're doing. Can't you tell me why it gets hard like this and why rubbing it makes it feel so good?"

"Well gee kid, your pick hasn't started to grow yet. You'll find out when it starts to grow."

With the tenacity of a ten year old, George usually got what he wanted from Cyril by being persistent. He was surprised that his brother used the bad word that the boys at school used but if Cyril could use it so could he.

"I want to find out now. If you don't tell me why it feels good when I play with my penis, uh, I mean my prick, I'll ask mom and tell her what you're doing."

Cyril looked at his kid brother and grinned. He took this obvious attempt at blackmail in stride. George wasn't a tattletale. On occasion he would threaten to tell his parents something but he had never carried out the threat. The fact that George made the threat meant that he was disturbed. The problem was how do you explain masturbation to a ten year old who had never shot off.

"Well, I do this because it makes me feel good too. It's called jacking off. You'll find out more when you start to grow up."

"Yeh, I know it feels good. I'm doing it now. But why does it feel so good?"

"Oh, you with your why's. It feels good because it makes you come."

"What's a come."

Cyril had a hard time dealing with his brother's ignorance. George didn't even know what shooting off was. Cyril shrugged and made a decision. He knew that George would continue to ask questions until he was satisfied and trying to describe shooting off a load of cum in medical terms was beyond his capabilities. Maybe it would be fun to let his little brother watch while he jerked off until he shot off his load of cum.

"Gees, you don't know anything. Come on over here and watch, I'll show you what happens when you get older and get that good feeling. When you come, that's the same thing as getting that good feeling, the gism shoots out of your pisshole."

George hadn't thought his that brother would let him watch while he played with his prick, he had never let Gladys watch when he did it. He didn't know what gism was either but he wasn't going to miss this opportunity to examine his brother's big prick up closer and watch what happened when Cyril played with it. That would answer some of the questions that had been running through his mind.

Before Cyril could change his mind he got out of his bed and sat on the edge of his brother's. He kept pulling on his tiny prick while he watched his brother's hand move up and down his monster. He liked to call it a prick, it sounded daring and naughty. He was only using his forefinger and thumb on his prick because that about covered things.

Cyril started jerking off in earnest. The fact that George was watching him and he was watching George play with his own small pecker, excited him more. He wanted to reach over and play with his brother's little prick. It was fun letting George watch him. He speeded up his action. His hand zipped up and down his engorged prick.

It didn't take long for the inevitable to happen. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Cyril shot a load of cum into his hand. He looked at his brother then at the grayish, viscous liquid he had caught in the palm of his hand.

He blushed but he slurped the cum into his mouth and swallowed it. About a year ago he had sniffed at his cum several times after he jerked off, then and gotten up the nerve to put out his tongue and taste it. He found he liked the taste and didn't see any reason not to follow his usual procedure just because his kid brother was watching.

George was fascinated with the whole operation. He watched what his brother's hips jerk and the first spurts of cum shoot into his brother's hand, then the rest of the cum dribble out of his pisshole. He had never heard anything about this. It was obvious to him that the stuff that came out of his brother's prick hadn't been piss. He wondered what it tasted like.

He was still jerking on his own prick and he felt it start to throb. It felt good. His asshole contracted and that felt good too. Nothing came out of his prick when he got the good feeling. He knew it never had before and he really hadn't expected it, but it was a big disappointment anyway. He watched his brother lick the cum out of his hand and he wanted to taste it too but he was too shy and embarrassed to ask.

"Ahhh, that felt good but why didn't that stuff come out of my prick?"

"You're not old enough. When your prick starts to grow, in a year or two, your glands will start to manufacture cum and it will spurt out just like mine did."

"Will my prick get as big as yours? I wonder what it will feel like then. Uh, Cyril?

Cyril recognized the question mark after his name and wondered what his kid brother wanted now?


"Can I feel your prick?"

Cyril sat there with his mouth hanging open. He didn't know what he should tell George. Cyril had just recently decided he was gay and he had known that he wasn't interested in girls for quite a while. His prick got hard when he thought about doing things with boys. He wanted another boy to play with his prick until he got that good feeling and shot off, and wanted to feel another boy's prick and jerk him off too. He just didn't know what to do about it.

He sometimes dreamed about some of the boys at school and woke up after he had shot off, but was too shy to approach any of them. Those dreams were the best dreams he ever had. Nothing would please him more than having his little brother, George, handle his prick. Cyril's prick hardened as he thought this over.

Maybe he could do some of the things he wanted to do with the boys at school with his brother. Cyril was sure his little brother, George, would ever tell anyone about anything they did with each other. He'd never thought of doing things with George but this was his chance to find out what it was like to do something with a boy without it being discovered that he was gay. He'd wanted to do that for as long as he could remember. He'd never approached any of the boys at school for fear of being ostracized.

What the hell, he might as well try it. It would feel good to have some one else play with his cock and George wanted to do it. His brother's little prick looked cute and he had wanted to play with it from the time that he'd come over and sat on the edge of his bed. He knew it would be fun to play with his brother's tiny, little boy pecker.

He decided to bargain with George so he could play with his brother's prick at the same time George was jerking him off. It would be the first chance he ever got of feeling another boy's prick and he really wanted to do that as much as he wanted to have another boy play with his prick. He didn't think it would be difficult to get his brother to go along with the deal.

"All right, George, why don't you jerk me off so you can see the gism shoot out again. I'd like to have you do that to me. I'll tell you what, I'll play with your prick and give you that good feeling at the same time. I bet you like that too. Why don't we get head to foot and we'll do it at the same time."

The boys positioned themselves on the bed and started to fondle each other's pricks. Cyril instructed George in the proper procedures.

"Spit on your hand first so it'll slide up and down better."

Cyril started to do the same thing and George wiggled his hips. The little prick in front of his face was too intriguing. Cyril knew that gay people sucked on each other's cocks. He had always wondered what it felt like to suck a cock and to have his cock sucked. He didn't think his brother was gay like he was and didn't expect that his little brother would want to suck his prick but now was the time to find out what it was like to suck a cock. There was a prick, even if it was immature, right in front of his face and he could find out about the sucking part right now.. He was going to suck George's prick until he made his brother feel real good. He pulled his brother's hips toward his face and sucked the little prick in his mouth.

George felt the new sensation and stopped what he was doing to see what Cyril was doing to his prick. He'd never even heard of having your prick sucked. It felt good to him, even better than when Cyril had been playing with his little prick. It felt so good he wondered why his brother hadn't suggested that they do this in the first place.

George didn't hesitate, he sucked Cyril's prick into his mouth. George had a climax. Nothing came out of his prick but he had all the feelings of a strong come. He loved the way his prick throbbed and his asshole spasmed. His hips jerked and he hesitated for a moment but continued to suck on his brother's prick. He wanted to make his brother feel good too. He speeded up the up and down motion of his head. Cyril pumped his hips and fucked his brother's mouth. He let George's prick slide out of his mouth for a moment.

"Oh, George, suck my cock! Oh wow! Your going to make me shoot my cum in your mouth. I never knew that having your cock sucked off was so much better than jacking off. Oh! I'm coming! I'm going to shoot off in your mouth. Ahhh!"

Cyril went back to sucking on his brother's small cock and he was very pleased when George had another climax and his hips jerked again. Cyril kept pumping his prick in and out of his brother's mouth, this was the best feelings that he'd ever had. Just as George's hips jerked for the third time; spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Cyril shot his hot young boy load into his brother's mouth. George had seen his brother swallow a load of cum so he drank it all down. He didn't know any reason why he shouldn't.

The both boys lay there for a while gently sucking on his brother's cock. Cyril's prick was shrinking down to its soft state and he was surprised that George's hard on didn't go away. Cyril bobbed his head a few more times then pulled George around and he hugged and kissed him for a while. In spite of the fact that he trusted George he was a little worried that his brother might let their secret out.

"What we just did is what gay people do. Most people think what we did is wrong and nasty, but I like doing it with you. We could get into trouble if anyone found out about it. A lot of people don't like gays and they could make things dificult for us."

George didn't know what his brother was worried about, he'd never tell anyone. It never occurred to him that what he and his brother did with each other was any body's business but their own.

"How could anyone find out. If we only do it in here after the family goes to bed, no one will ever know."

Cyril was satisfied with that response.

"I guess you're right. We'll keep it to ourselves."

The boys' hugged each other and their naked bodies were in close contact. They wiggled and Cyril's prick rubbed against George's smooth body. It wasn't long before it got hard again. George's prick was still as hard as it had been when the brothers had started. Cyril hunched his crotch against his brother's and their cocks made contact. This felt even better. He kept this action up and the feeling was delightful. The friction on the boys' pricks increased as they picked up the pace. George seconded his brother's actions and their pricks rubbed against each other.

"Oh, George, I'm going to come again."

"So am I."

"I'm coming."

"I'm coming too."

"Ohhh! Ahhh! Oooo!"

"Oh, wow!"

George had the convulsions again and spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble Cyril deposited a load of cum between their bodies. They squirmed against the slickness of it until Cyril's prick had again deflated. Cyril turned his brother on his back and licked the cum from his body. This action turned George on. Having his body licked by his brother felt real good. He wiggled and squirmed and he arched his body from the bed. Nothing had ever felt this good before.

"Oh, Cyril, keep doing that it feels so good."

This was all the encouragement Cyril needed he applied himself to the tongue bath with gusto. Doing things with his little brother was a lot of fun. He enjoyed making George's hips jerk even though George didn't shoot off yet. He decided to give his brother another good feeling but he was going to take his time doing it and make his brother feel real good.

Cyril had gotten hold of some pornographic books and this was the time to put some of the things he'd read in them to work. He would find out if they worked the way the books said. He licked his way across his brother's belly and stuck his tongue right into his brother's navel. George almost jumped off the bed. Every time Cyril got a reaction out of George he was pleased. He licked his way down to his brother's immature cock and sucked it clean. He sucked on his brother's balls.

He found some cum had dripped over George's balls and started to lick it out of his brother's ass crack. He worked his way to the asshole and, to his own surprise, licked at it and tried to push his tongue into it. This was the first time that he had ever had a chance to do all the things that he'd heard and dreamed about.

"Oh, brother, that feels so good. Everything you're doing feels so good. Oh, suck on my prick and make me come again then I'll lick you all over the way you're doing you're. I want to make you feel just as good as you've been making me feel."

Cyril wasn't about to stop at this point. Every wiggle and jerk he got from his brother's body made him feel better. He continued to push his tongue into his brother's asshole for a while then worked his mouth back toward the little boy prick.

He took the tip of the tiny delicate morsel into his mouth and rubbed his tongue all over the head. He knew the most sensitive spot on a prick was under the pisshole and he massaged that with his tongue for a while. He vacuumed the rest of George's minuscule prick into his mouth and rubbed the sensitive underside, near the pisshole, with his tongue. He sucked all of his brother's pre-pubescent prick in his mouth including his balls.

Cyril bobbed his head up and down on his brother's little cock. George responded instinctively, no one has to teach a boy how to fucked. He fucked his prick in and out of his brother's mouth as fast as he could make his hips move. Cyril held still and let his kid brother's prick ride in and out of his mouth. He applied as much suction as he could. Cyril loved having George treat his mouth like a girl's cunt.

George reached the limit of his endurance and his hips arched up off the bed. He jammed his prick as far as into his older brother's mouth as he could get it. His prick throbbed and he could feel the muscles around his asshole contract. It was one of the best good feelings he had ever had. He wanted the good feelings to go on for ever.

Cyril didn't stop sucking his brother's prick. He eased off on his sucking until George's convulsions eased off and gently massaged the small cock in his mouth with his tongue. When George started to respond to this action, he speeded up the sucking and head bobbing again. He wanted to give his brother another good feeling. Within moments George's body shuddered again and he collapsed back onto the bed. Cyril kissed his brother and hugged him. Working his brother over that way made his own prick as hard as a rock again.

George felt Cyril's hard prick against his thighs. He wanted to make his brother feel as good as Cyril had made him feel. He wasted no time. He copied all the things his brother had done for him. He worked his way down his brother's body, copying the tongue bath Cyril had given him. Down to the navel and stop for a while. Then down to the hair around his brother's prick.

He licked around and over the prick, then around the prick head and down to the balls. He sucked on the balls, licked Cyril's ass crack, and pushed his tongue up his brother's ass. George worshipped his brother and if Cyril could lick his ass he saw no reason not to lick Cyril's. He thought it would be nasty but it sure felt good when Cyril did it to him. It wasn't nasty at all. It was fun to make Cyril jump like that.

George found that giving his brother pleasure was as much fun as receiving it. The fact that he was making his brother feel good made him feel good too. He copied the things his brother had done. He worked his way back to the head of George's prick. He licked around the helmet and worked on the tender spot under the pisshole.

George sucked the much bigger head of his brother's cock into his mouth and slowly slid his lips down till they were in his brother's pubic hair. It was a pretty big mouthful for the young kid. Cyril arched his back to get more of his prick into his brother's mouth. George licked along the underside of the cock in his mouth. Cyril fucked up into his face and felt his cum rising.

"Oh, George, I'm coming. Your mouth feels so good to me. You're making me come again. I'm going to shoot my cum into your mouth. Oh, George! Ohhh! I love you. I love the way you're sucking me off. I love the way you make me feel. Oooo!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, Cyril's load of cum squirted into George's mouth. George savored every drop and kept sucking until Cyril's prick had again shrunk down to its limp state. They hugged each other and talked about how good it felt to have sex with each other.

"You said that we were doing what gay people do. What are gay people and why are they different?"

"There you go again with your whys. Gay people like to do things with people of the same sex. I think that I've always been gay. Most men only want to have sex with girls, gay men want to have sex with boys."

"Oh, well I guess I'm gay too, because I love having sex with you, Cyril."

"I've always been gay, but you're the first one I've ever had sex with. I love you, little brother."

"I love you too, Cyril."

They fell asleep in each other's arms.

George never went back to the games he'd been playing with his sister because he sure that he was gay and Cyril said that gay boys weren't interested in girls.


Chapter - 3

From that night on the boys slept together every night after disarranging both beds. That is they slept after the inevitable sex play.

They usually started out with a sixty nine. Cyril almost always brought George to two climaxes, the first one almost immediately, and the second one as he shot a load of cum into his kid brother's mouth on the first round.

George swallowed some of his brother's gism then would switch around to kiss Cyril and share it with his brother because Cyril couldn't get any out of his immature prick. He didn't think it was fair for him to get to drink all of the delicious juice. Both boys got to like the French kissing they discovered and enjoyed sucking on each other's tongues.

After the first it varied from time to time and even from night to night. Cyril studied the techniques and became an expert at giving his kid brother a trip around the world. George had reacted so well that first night that Cyril kept looking for new ways to excite his brother. It was real neat to make George wiggle and jump all over the bed. George was still ready and Cyril's cock wouldn't harden again in a few minutes.

George would lie on his back, Cyril would move his body over his brother's. He'd lost his hard on from the sixty nine they'd just completed and his prick would still be soft he dragged it up his brother's legs and tickled him. George liked the feel of that. They French kissed and they dueled with their tongues. Cyril licked some of his cum that George had saved out of his mouth.

Cyril licked his way toward George's ear and nibbled his earlobe. George wiggled and giggled. Cyril pushed his tongue into George's ear. George jumped. Cyril licked his brother's neck and upper chest and got some more wiggles and giggles. Each of George's nipples were licked and sucked on. George wiggled and developed goose flesh.

Cyril tongued down to George's navel and he did what he was sure would make George react. He pushed his tongue into George's belly button and made him almost jump off the bed. From time to time Cyril licked his brother's armpits and experimented with other spots on George's hairless young body. George seemed to like it all. At least he never pushed Cyril away so Cyril added the licking of other parts of George's anatomy to his repertoire.

Cyril continued on down his brother's body. George was quivering with excitement now. His hips were arched up off the bed begging Cyril to suck on his pre-pubescent prick. Since he knew George wouldn't loose his hard on, Cyril sucked his brothers prick into his mouth and bobbed his head two or three times. That was enough, George trembled with the violence of the sensations he was experiencing. Cyril had a finger pressed against his brother's anus to feel it contract with this turbulent but dry come.

Cyril's prick was rock hard by this time but he was taking care of his kid brother and he would give George nothing but the best. He licked on down his brother's legs and then at the bottom of his feet. This elicited more wiggles and giggles. Cyril sucked each of his toes and the wiggling didn't stop.

Now Cyril turned George over and licked up the back of his legs. He hesitated before laving the back of George's knees. Lick, lick, George almost jumped off the bed again then he wiggled some more as Cyril licked the insides of his thighs. Cyril moved up and licked George's balls which made him lift his hips.

George's ass was fully exposed and Cyril licked up and down his hairless ass crack and pushed his tongue into his brother's asshole. More wiggles and jumps. Now was the time. George turned back over and raised his hips in supplication again and Cyril sucked his brother's prick into his mouth.

This time he didn't bob his head so fast. He applied suction and slowly lowered his head and lifted it, all the time massaging the sensitive underside of George's prick with his tongue. George squirmed and tried to pump his prick into his brother's mouth as fast as he could. Cyril held his hips firmly and kept up the sucking and bobbing his head in slow motion.

He tickled George's asshole with a finger while he was doing this. With this careful treatment it would take more than a minute George had another dry spasm. Cyril made liked making George's good feeling last as long as he possibly could. Cyril had the satisfaction of feeling his brother's ass contract.

The boys hugged and French kissed while George then did the things he had learned while Cyril was making him feel good. He licked around to Cyril's ear and nibbled on the earlobe. He pushed his tongue into Cyril's ear then licked down to his nipples. George stopped to lick and suck. He pushed his tongue into Cyril's navel and licked down to his prick. The procedure had to differ here, he couldn't suck Cyril's prick yet.

George did lick the drops of pre cum from the tip of Cyril's prick, however. If he sucked on it, Cyril would shoot off, his prick would get soft, and the whole thing would be over much to soon. George wanted that mouthful of cum but Cyril had done more than that for him and he didn't want to short change his brother. He quickly moved down his brother's legs and worked over the bottom of his feet.

Up the back of his legs with special attention to the backs of the knees and the inside of the thighs. George's sucked on each of Cyril's balls and when Cyril lifted his hips, he worked over his ass crack and asshole. Just as Cyril had known, he knew, now was the time.

He sucked his brother's cock into his mouth and buried his face in Cyril's pubic hair so that the head of Cyril's prick was in his throat. He kept his nose pressed against his brother's crotch and his chin pressed against his brother's balls and swallowed around the head of his prick.

It was Cyril's turn to pump his prick into George's mouth. George was just as deliberate in his actions as Cyril had been. He swallowed around the head of Cyril's prick until Cyril's whole body was quivering then he bobbed his head once or twice. Cyril's hips came off the bed as he fed his brother a massive load of cum. Once Cyril's prick was limp George moved up and shared the cum with his brother.

On the special night when they did this, Cyril would suck George's prick until he had another quick come or two. It didn't take very long and George's prick never got soft. Cyril enjoyed nursing on his kid brother's cock and didn't mind making him come off a time or two more even though he'd had it..

On other nights they experimented and found it was fun to fuck each other between the thighs. Cyril didn't fuck George's thighs very often because his cum shot out onto the sheets and they couldn't lick it up. Rubbing their bodies together like they did on that first night remained one of their favorites.

George got on top because Cyril was too heavy and nestle his little prick beside his brother's big one. They kissed and George hunched his hips slowly so his prick rubbed against his brother's prick and pubic hair. Cyril's prick rode against George's and against George's smooth pelvis. George had multiple comes from the friction and Cyril could last a long time from the milder friction of George's smooth young body.

Once Cyril shot off he would lick his cum from George's body and suck his prick till he had several more climaxes. He liked to feel his brother's anus while he did this because it contracted around the tip of his finger. He would get another hard on and George would lick him clean and suck a load of cum out of his prick. After sharing it with Cyril they were both ready to sleep.

Sometimes they just jerked each other off and found all sorts of ways to make those jerk offs feel real good for each other. One time George made Cyril shoot off just by tickling him under the pisshole. It took quite a while and Cyril was exhausted by the time he finally shot his load but he had fun sucking George to two quick comes before they fell asleep that night.

They did everything that they thought would give the other one pleasure and they enjoyed everything that the other did for them. They went to sleep each night blissfully exhausted from their sex play.

George was sure he was gay too and couldn't understand why he was interested in girls. The girls in his class at school where going through their first periods although George didn't know it. Every now and then he got a whiff of a strange odor when he was near them and his prick got hard. He didn't know why that happened and was rather embarrassed.

George had given up his games with Gladys when he started sucking and fucking with Cyril. He didn't think it was right. He was gay it wasn't right to want to see a girl down there or let a girl see him.

He was still curious about girls and kept pestering Cyril with questions that Cyril couldn't answer. Cyril had gotten hold of some pornography but it was all about gay sex and didn't have a thing in it about girls. At that point George knew more about girls than Cyril did. He had no interest girls at all.

The boys measured their pricks at least once a week, mostly to see if George's had started to grow yet. Cyril's prick was six inches long by then but they found it was still growing. They were always disappointed but they but they knew that one day they were sure to see a change in the length of George's prick. Some of George's friends at school said that they shot off now but he wasn't sure they were telling the truth. Growing up took such an awfully long time.

A little less than two years later George and Cyril still played their nightly sex games and George still saved some cum for Cyril to suck out of his mouth every time he gave Cyril a blow job. Cyril's prick was almost eight inches long by then and it had stopped growing. George wished he would start to shoot off and his prick would get bigger even if it didn't grow as big as Cyril's.


Chapter - 4

On George's twelfth birthday Cyril decided to give George a special treat instead of their usual start up sixty nine. He felt that this was a special occasion and decided to give his kid brother a trip around the world as a birthday present. He knew from experience that George would like that better than any other present he could give him.

He went through all the procedures that he knew George liked and the ones that always made George react the most. He started with the French kisses, went on to the neck licking and ear probing then moved down to George's arm pits. He could always make George giggle and wiggle when he licked him there. Next he licked his brother's nipples and made them hard giving his brother goose flesh in the process.

He licked there for a while and moved on down to George's navel and made him jump by probing it with his tongue. From that point he very slowly licked his way across his brothers lower belly until he got to George's crotch.

He reached the point where George lifted his hips in supplication, he wanted to be sucked to a climax. Cyril was willing to go along with that and he sucked the tender morsel into his mouth.

He never got to finish the procedure. George never lasted long on that first come. George's hips jerked and Cyril felt George's ass contract around his finger tip several times. Then something else occurred. Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble; Cyril had a mouthful of little boy cum.

"Oh, wow! What did you do I never felt anything like that before. Oooo! Did that feel good."

Cyril swallowed his brother's first load of cum and didn't stop sucking on George's prick. He liked the taste of his little brother's cum and George's prick was still hard. He knew he could suck anther load of cum out of George's prick before George needed a rest and he wanted to make this the best birthday present George had ever received.

He wasn't going to rush things. He followed his usual procedure for the second come and bobbed his head very slowly. He paid attention to massaging the underside of George's prick with his tongue. It took longer than it ever had before and Cyril got the desired results. Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble; he had a mouthful of George's young boy cum. George felt as if Cyril were sucking his insides out through his prick. For the first time Cyril saved some cum to share with George.

"Cyril, what happened? That felt better than ever before. What did you do? That was awesome!"

Without saying a word he moved up and french kissed his little brother letting him get his first taste of his own cum. George was startled to taste the cum in his brother's mouth. It sort of tasted like Cyril's but not quite. He realized that Cyril was sharing his own cum with him and almost flew off the bed in excitement. Cyril hugged his brother and grinned at him.

"It's not something I did, brother. It's something you did. You finally shot some gism into my mouth. It tasted good. I like getting a load of cum from you. You're growing up. Let's turn on the light and see if you're cock is any bigger than it was and if you're growing any hair yet. I'll bet you are. I had a few hairs around my prick before I shot off the first time."

They examined George's crotch, and sure enough, there were two fine silky hairs starting to grow right at the base of George's prick. Cyril was sure George's cock was longer and a little bigger around then it had been the last time they measured it.

They lost no time getting the ruler and measuring George's prick. They had measured it the week before and this time It was about a eighth of an inch longer than it had been then. His prick had only been about two and a quarter inches long then and now it was almost two and a half inches long. It was bigger around too. It had grown from and inch and a half to an inch and three quarters in circumference. They were both elated.

George suddenly realized that Cyril had sucked him off twice and he hadn't done anything in return. Cyril still had a raging hard on George didn't want Cyril's balls to start to ache like they sometimes did when George took a long time making him come. He wanted to do something about that immediately. He would give Cyril a trip around the world.

"Oh, Cyril, you sucked me off and made me feel real good and I haven't done anything for you yet. Lay down and I'll do something for you."

Cyril was as elated at sucking the first load of cum from George's prick as George was at having shot off. He wanted to celebrate by doing something different with George. He'd run across something in the pornography that he wanted to try.

"I'll tell you what. There's something I've wanted to try for a long time. Let's celebrate your first real cum by trying to ass fuck. I've heard that its a blast."

"How do you do that?"

"Well, we have to make my asshole real slick so your prick will slide in. They say that spit does a real good job. Why you get my asshole good and wet with spit. Then I get on my knees and you get behind me and push your prick up my ass.

"I don't know why, but all the books say that it's supposed to make both of us come. We both like to have our asses licked, maybe having them fucked will be even better. Let's try it and find out, maybe we can come at the same time."

Cyril got on his knees and George got in position behind him. He laved his brother's ass crack with his tongue and deposited a glob of spit on the asshole. Cyril sucked on George's prick again and covered it with spit too. George moved his body close and jabbed in the direction of Cyril's ass with his prick. He got nowhere.

"Whoa, slow down, little brother. You won't get anywhere that way. Hold on to my hips, put the tip of your prick on my asshole and slowly push the head in with your hips. Ah, that's better. Oooo! That feels strange, but it feels good too. I like the feel of your prick my ass. Now pump it in and out."

George's prick had slid into Cyril's asshole. His prick was still so small that his brother felt none of the pain that sometimes occurs when an ass is penetrated for the first time. George followed his brother's instructions and pumped his prick in and out of Cyril's ass. His brother didn't have to tell him how to fuck. He was doing what came naturally. His hips flew back and forth and his prick slid in and out of his brother's ass. It felt a little different but it felt just as good as when his brother sucked on his prick.

"Oooo! Fuck my ass, little brother. Fuck me! Wow! This feels better than anything we've ever done before. That book was right! You're going to make me come. You're making me come by fucking my ass."

Each time George's prick fully penetrated his brother's ass it felt better. Each time he pulled back he saw his prick pull out until only the head was buried in Cyril's asshole. He liked ass fucking.

George wanted to speed up but he knew he might be too fast for his brother. Even though he'd gotten that good feeling and shot off twice, and he had a little more lasting power at this point, he almost always got that good feeling before his brother shot off. Now when he got that good feeling he shot off. He pumped very slowly until he couldn't take any more then he speeded up. He reached the limits of his endurance.

"I'm coming, Cyril! I'm coming! I'm going to shoot this load of cum up your ass. Ahhh! Ohhh! Oooo! I hope you like this as much as I do. Are you ready to shoot off yet? You'll have to come real quick if you're going to shoot off the same time I do!"

"I sure am! I'm shooting off now! Wow!"

Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble; George deposited his third load of little boy cum into his brother's ass. Cyril's asshole contracted around his brother's prick and milked a few more drops of cum out of George's pisshole while spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Cyril shot his bigger load of cum on the sheet.

"Wow, that was awesome!"

Now George was impatient, "Will you fuck my ass now?"

Cyril chuckled, "Well, I don't have your ever ready hard on. You'll have to wait till I get hard again."

George wasn't willing to wait. He pushed his face in front of his brother's crotch and sucked Cyril's deflated cock into his mouth. He swirled his tongue along the sensitive underside and over its head. When this didn't have the desired effect he moved to his brother's ass probed it with his tongue. He was delighted to taste some of his cum and sucked it out.

Cyril's cum had shot out onto the sheet and it had gone to waste.

George knew how to get his brother hard again. Tongue fucking Cyril's ass got him hard in a hurry. George covered Cyril's cock with spit before he got on his knees. Cyril got behind him. He lubricated his brother ass. He positioned his adult sized prick on George's asshole. He started to press it in.

This was a little different than having George's boy sized prick slide into Cyril's adult sized asshole.

As the head of Cyril's prick entered George's anus he drew in a quick breath. "Wow, that hurts. Your prick is bigger than mine and my ass is smaller than yours. Take it easy. Push it in a little at a time. - Push it in some more now. - Oh, slow down, it still hurts a little. - Okay, some more. - Oh, now it's starting to feel real good. - Oooo, yes, that does feel good now. - Work it in and out now, work it in and out!"

Cyril started fucking his brother's ass with a slow steady motion. Not for long. He was still young himself and he got hot and couldn't wait. His hips speeded up of their own accord. George got into the rhythm too. Every time his brother pushed forward, he pushed his hips back to meet the thrust. He liked the feel of his brothers pubic hair hitting against he bottom, and the feel of his Cyril's balls slapping against his.

He enjoyed every minute of the prostate massage his brother's big prick was giving him even if he didn't know that was what his brother's prick was doing to him. This was something to feel not get academic about. "Oh, wow! I see what you mean, it feels good to be fucked in the ass. Fuck my ass, brother. Oooo, fuck it! Oh, I'm going to come. I'm coming! My brother's big prick up my ass is making me come. Ahhh!"

George's contracting ass brought Cyril over the edge. "I'm coming too. I'm coming up your ass. I'm fucking my little brother and I'm coming up his ass. Ohhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!" Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, George received his brother's cum in his ass.

Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, George shot his own smaller load on the bed. His ass contracted around his brother's deflating prick and squeezed it out of his asshole. The two of them collapsed. They worked their way around and hugged and kissed each other.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

They fell asleep in each others arms.

This added a new dimension to the boys' nightly games. As George's prick grew he lost his ability to maintain his hard on after a cum and he couldn't shoot off as often. Both boys were sorry about that.

They didn't like wasting the cum that the one being fucked shot out onto the bed and tried to catch it in their hands. They finally discovered that they could ass fuck face to face. The one who was being fucked would shoot off between their bodies.

The boys had experience with what to do about cum shot off between their bodies. They licked each other clean. This invariably led to sucking each other off which added to their mutual pleasure. Ass fucking, face to face, became their preferred starting tactic they did it at least once each night.

George's prick grew and he couldn't come as many times as he did before he started to shoot off, but he lasted longer before he came. The boys kept track of how fast his prick was growing and were a little disappointed that the growth slowed down when it reached six inches. It kept growing at a slower rate, however, until it was just about as big as Cyril's. The one thing both boys were disappointed in was that George no longer maintained his hard on after he shot off his load of cum. He still recovered faster than his older brother though.

When George was fourteen his affair with his brother was still going on and he thought that he was as gay as his brother was. Cyril went off for college and George was left without a sex partner. He was devastated but there was nothing he could do about it.


Chapter - 5

George was accustomed to having sex on a regular basis and he felt deprived. He scouted around for someone to take his brother's place. He had some good friends at school and looked them over but none of them appealed to him. He knew he was gay and he couldn't understand why he never got hard when he looked the boys over, particularly in the locker room after gym. He was also surprised when he got a hard on while looked at some of the girls in his class.

For that matter why did he want to feel their budding tits. He was sure gay boys weren't interested in feeling a girls tits. He satisfied himself, as best he could, with hand jobs. He would start out by closing his eyes and bringing back the sex acts he'd performed with his brother while he jerked off and that was always satisfying.

He didn't know why he did it but sometimes he would fantasize that it was one of the girls that he knew at school sucking on his cock. His fantasies about doing things with girls were just as good as his memory of doing all those neat things with his brother and he couldn't understand why this should be. He was still absolutely certain he was gay.

George needed a sex partner. He was used to having his brother handy. He could only remember two or three nights that he and Cyril hadn't made each other come, they usually brought each other off several times every night even after George started to shoot off. He wanted someone to share sex with. Jerking off gave him a good feeling but it was awfully lonely. He wanted someone to kiss after he shot off. He reached the point where he didn't care whether it was a boy or a girl.

He thought of doing some of the things he fantasized about with his twelve year old sister, Gladys. He'd had a lot of fun looking at her in the bathroom and remembered how much fun it had been to let her see him. He still got hard when he thought about the time she held his prick and he felt her cunt. There was another problem with doing anything like that with Gladys now that they were older. Suppose she got offended and told their parents what they were doing. She was old enough now to know what he was doing and so was he.

Gladys had recently started to develop tits and they interested him. He wanted to see what they looked like and he wanted to feel them. The boys at school said that sucking tit was fun and he wanted to try that too. If her tits were growing she must be having periods.

If she were having periods she would have hair around her slit and maybe she did things like he did when he jerked off. He'd sneaked into the medical section of the library and read up on girls as well as boys. The books he'd read said that most girls as well as most boys played with themselves when the reached puberty. He found out that puberty was when a boy started to shoot off and a girl had her first period.

He wanted to see what Gladys's cunt looked like now that it had hair around it. He remembered that little hairless slit she had between her legs and even dreamed about it now and then. Would it have changed from what he remembered? He was sure she would have hair around it now. He wondered if it was any bigger. He certainly wouldn't be able to get his prick into it now if it was still the same size. His sister didn't seem much bigger now than she had been then.

He sneaked into the bathroom when she was taking a shower one time, but he couldn't discern much through the shower door. George wanted to feel her cunt and this time push his finger all the way into it to see what it was like inside. Her tits intrigued him and he wanted to feel them too and maybe suck on them.

He wanted Gladys to play with his prick and maybe even do some of the things with him that he had done with Cyril. Wow! What would it feel like if Gladys sucked his cock. That was one of his best jerk off fantasies about that time.

About a month after Cyril left, Gladys made the decision for him. He came upstairs to go to the bathroom and Gladys had left the door open the same way she had four years earlier. She pretended she didn't see him but went through the same act that they'd given up four years before. George wanted to come in the bathroom but stood outside the door fascinated by what he was seeing.

Gladys dabbed at her cunt, George called it that now, with some toilet paper then stood up and faced him. She didn't pull up her pant and panties right away but spread her legs a little so he could get a better look. She did have a little hair around her cunt and George could see some pink between the lips of her cunt, but couldn't make very much out. After a while she slowly pulled up her panties.

George's prick got hard immediately. Gladys had as much hair around her cunt as he'd had around his prick a month after he shot off the first time. It didn't hide very much and he thought her slit was a little bigger than it had been when they'd spied on each other before. Maybe it was possible for a prick to fit in it.

Gladys came out of the bathroom and passed him as if he weren't there. According to the rules they'd arrived at four years ago George should go into the bathroom, stand at the hopper, pull his prick out of his pants, and let Gladys see it. He couldn't do it. Too much had happened since he was ten and Gladys was eight. He knew too much now.

He did go into the bathroom but he had to close the door behind him. He wanted to leave it open but he couldn't make himself do it. He closed his eyes to bring back what he had just seen and jerked off standing at the hopper.

He caught the cum in his hand and slurped it into his mouth pretending it was his brother's. It was the best come he'd had since Cyril left. It was only fair that he let Gladys see him but he didn't know if he could make himself do it. He blushed beet red just from thinking about it.

George was still trying to get up the courage after school the next day when Gladys looked at him and went upstairs. He quickly followed her and stopped at the door of the bathroom. Gladys had left it open again. Gladys made a production out of pulling down her jeans and panties without looking his way. She was bound and determined to get George to respond to her advances.

She faced away from him and made a pretext of bending over to pick something up off the floor. She knew she could give George a good view that way. She had her legs spread and George could see her cute little pucker over the slit and just a little bit of pink inside of the slit.

His mouth watered. He'd love to lick her ass and see how she'd react if he pushed his tongue up it. Maybe he'd even lap her cunt too even though that sounded nasty to him. He'd heard at school that some boys did it.

If lapping a cunt was as much fun as sucking a prick he certainly wanted to try it. He knew that sucking a cock could be a lot of fun. Maybe if he lapped her cunt she would suck his cock. George knew that was all fantasy. Gladys was a nice girl she would never do anything like sucking cock. Nice girls didn't suck cocks.

Gladys sat down on the hopper and George heard her piss splash into the bowl. He couldn't see very much but he noticed that Gladys was looking at him now. He blushed beet red and had to pinch his prick to keep from shooting off in his pants. He hoped against hope that Gladys didn't know what he was doing.

This time Gladys stood up before she wiped her cunt. She turned toward the door and spread the lips of her cunt with the fingers of one hand while she reached for the toilet paper. Gladys was determined to put on superb performance for him. She wanted to make him let her see his prick. George had to pinch his prick again. He could see some pink between her cunt lips again. He watched Gladys blot her cunt then, at a very leisurely rate, pulled up her panties and jeans.

She came out of the bathroom without saying a word again but that didn't mean she was going to let George off the hook. This time she looked him in the eye and leaned against the door frame opposite the bathroom door. George got the message and there was no way he could get out of it. After the show she had put on for him it wouldn't fair not to let her see his prick.

George blushed but he went into the bathroom and opened his fly. His prick popped out and he aimed it at the hopper but he couldn't piss through it when it was this hard any more than he'd been able to when he was ten years old. He took his hand away and his six and a half inch prick throbbed up and down while Gladys watched, wide eyed, at the door. She didn't giggle when she looked at his prick now.

She'd blotted up more lubricant than piss when she'd made a show of wiping her pussy. Now she was wet again down there. She knew she'd have to go to her bedroom and rub between her legs as soon as George put his prick back in his pants. To show his appreciation for her performance, George stood there for several minutes before he couldn't take it any longer. He had to go to his room and jerk off.

George lay down on his bed, spit on his hand, pumped it up and down his prick three times, and spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; he shot a load of cum into his hand. He idly licked it off and wondered what Gladys was doing.

Gladys went to her room to rub herself between her legs. She barely touched herself there before she got that funny good feeling. That didn't stop her, she rubbed herself and pushed a finger in and out of her vagina until she got that good feeling three more times. She wondered what George was doing.

She had finally gotten George to show her his cock again and she was glad of that but she wanted to feel it again and have George feel her cunt just as she had done when she was eight years old. Those days were gone, she was much more curious and knew a lot more now.

She knew that a boy pissed out of the little slit she saw at the end of George's prick even though she'd never seen happen. She wondered why George had never pissed while she was watching. She also knew the stuff they called gism, or cum, came out of that little slit when a boy got the good feeling she got when she rubbed her cunt and played with her clit. That was the stuff that was supposed to make babies inside a girl.

One of her objectives was to see that stuff shoot out of George's prick. There must be some way to get George to play with his prick while she was watching until that stuff shot out. Now that Cyril had left home she'd gotten George to start up their shows at the bathroom again and that was a good sign.

Gladys was rubbing herself and having multiple orgasms when she thought of a way she might get George to do what she wanted. She knew she couldn't talk to George about it but it hadn't taken any conversation to get George to start the shows again.

Gladys waited till the next afternoon after school when both their parents were at work. George watched her, obviously waiting for her to go upstairs. She didn't make George wait very long. They had quick snacks and Gladys headed to the bathroom. George followed her up the stairs.

Gladys waited until George was outside the bathroom before she lowered her jeans and panties. She did the same thing she's done the day before. She leaned over as if to pick something off of the floor and exposed her cunt and asshole to her brother. She'd practiced that the night before in front of the mirror to get the best affect. She knew exactly how much of her George could see.

She didn't stop there however, staying in that position she reached between her legs and ran her finger along her cunt then pushed it between her inner cunt lips. After pumping her finger in and out a couple of times she sat on the toilet and pissed.

George stood there with his mouth hanging open and his eyes popping out of his head. His prick was also pushing out the front of his pants. He didn't know what to think or do. He had seen his sister push her finger into the hole where a boy was supposed to put his prick.

Gladys finished pissing, turned on the toilet seat toward the door, sat on the edge of the seat, and spread her cunt lips again. She let George get a good look at her cunt then rubbed her clit a couple of times before pumping her finger in and out of the inner lips.

She hadn't been sure she could make herself do this with George watching but she found his being there made it even more exciting. She finger fucked herself until she had that good feeling several times. Her body jerked and she let up. She went through the wiping ritual so George could watch then marched out the door and leaned on the opposite wall.

George knew exactly what was expected he wasn't sure he could do it. He walked into the bathroom like a zombie and took his prick out of his fly. He was so excited he balls were aching. He spit on his hand and rubbed it up and down his prick twice. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; it was Gladys's turn to watch with her mouth hanging open and her eyes popping out while the cum shot out of the little slit at the end of George's prick.

For the next week this was an every day procedure.


Chapter - 6

George was laying in bed one night a week later with his eyes closed gently pulling on his hard cock. He was day dreaming about the last show Gladys had given him and his climax was approaching. It seemed that his sister took longer and longer before she pulled up her jeans and she did more things while she was playing with her cunt.

A couple of times he'd gotten a good look when she held the lips of her cunt open and saw the slit inside with a little bump on top. That must be what was called a girl's clit. The inside slit must be what a boy pushed his prick into. It still didn't look big enough to have a prick pushed into it. He wondered if he moved in closer to her they could get back to where they felt each other six years before.

They said a clit was as sensitive as the head of a boy's prick. He wondered if Gladys would like it if he licked it or tried to suck on it.

He hadn't heard his bedroom door open but he suddenly he felt the presence of someone in the room with him. He hurriedly covered himself and opened his eyes. Gladys was standing there with her mouth hanging open and her eyes glued to his crotch.

George was mortified. Letting her see his prick stick out of his pants and jacking off when she was out in the hall was embarrassing enough but being in the same room and having her watch him jerk off was too much for him to take.

"What do you mean by coming in here without knocking. Get out!"

"Oh, George, I didn't mean to spy on you. Please don't shout at me. I had some questions I wanted to ask and I didn't want mom and pop to know I was in here with you. Please don't be mad at me. You were doing the same thing you do while I watch you in the bathroom?"

Gladys wasn't as innocent as she sounded. She'd engineered the resumption of their peeping games so that she could get George to show her his prick. She wanted to see how big it had grown. She liked the exciting feeling she got when she let George see her and when she saw him take his prick out. Once she'd seen it she wanted more and initiated the better shows that they were now giving each other.

She had come to George's room to ask questions and maybe get to see his prick up close when he didn't have any clothes on. She had a vague notion that she might try to do even more than that but didn't have any concrete plans. It would be neat to feel his prick again and have him feel her cunt.

She'd been in the room for over a minute before George opened his eyes and had marveled at how big his prick had gotten. She really did want to feel it now and she was sure she wanted George to rub her between her legs. She thought that would feel even better than when she did it to herself.

She knew exactly what her brother was doing. Boys and sex were all the girls at school talked about. She also knew that George and Cyril had done things together and had a good idea of what they had done. She could hear everything that went on in the boys room though the ventilator in her room.

Now that she was in the room she was going to make sure that she got to feel George's big prick one way or another. She looked at George and planned her strategy. She was going to get George to finger fuck her, if she was going to do big girl things she should use big girl words, and she was going to jerk him off whether he wanted her to or not. She wanted to make the stuff - no, the gism - shoot out of the tip of his prick.

George didn't know what was going through his sister's mind and had no idea of the further designs she had on him. He was much too embarrassed to tell his young sister that he was jerking off and he was dreaming that he was sucking on her clit. As far as he knew Gladys was absolutely innocent. She might not even know the words he was thinking. Young boys have a way of putting girls up on a pedestal, They don't believe that girls have the same desires they do.

George really loved his little sister. What's more, he understood her curiosity. He remembered his own frustration at his Cyril's evasions and his brother complaining about his own persistent 'whys'. He just didn't know how to handle the situation any better than Cyril had. How do you admit to your little sister that you're jerking off? He made a stab at it and backed off. "Uh. Well. Oh, I can't explain it to you. You're embarrassing me. I didn't mean to shout at you. What did you want to know?"

Gladys took a deep breath and started out. It wasn't easy for her either. "Well, you know I started my period a couple of months ago?"

How could she look him in the eye and say something like that without blushing? George was still at loss for words. "Uh, yeh."

Gladys continued, "Now, at night, when I go to bed, and sometimes in the daytime when I see a good looking boy, my crotch starts to get wet and I want to rub it. It always gets wet when I let you see me or when I see you standing in the bathroom. Almost every night I rub my pussy and it feels real good. Why is that?"

This was the female version of the very questions he'd asked Cyril that first night that they had done things with each other. This was quite a predicament to throw at a fourteen year old boy. He didn't know how to respond any better than Cyril had known how to answer him. He didn't connect his questions and what happened to what was happening now.

George hemmed and hawed and tried to parry her questions. He was very embarrassed and still didn't know what to say. He wasn't even sure what masturbating did for a girl. He knew they didn't shoot cum like he did. It must make them feel good but what else did it do? Some more dodging was in order and George came up with the best one he could think of.

"Maybe you ought to talk to mom about it. She knows more than I do about girls. I talk to the boys at school about girls but they don't know any more about it than I do. All the books I've read are about boys and they don't say too much about girls. They describe what female sex organs are like and that's about it. I wouldn't know why things make a girl feel good."

"I did try to talk to mom. All she said was that I shouldn't touch myself there because it wasn't nice. Why did mom say it wasn't nice? It feels real neat. Anything that feels that good has to be nice."

In spite of his embarrassment, the fact that he was talking about sex to his sister had George's prick as hard as a rock. He remembered his own frustration at Cyril's initial evasions and he wanted to do at least as good a job of explaining as Cyril had. Since his sister had him cornered, he tried his best to explain.

"Well, maybe I can explain it. I guess you saw what I was doing when you came in."

Gladys shook her head yes and George blushed again but continued with what he was saying.

"That's the same thing you do when you play with your cu- uh, when you rub between your legs. The books call that masturbation, and you do it when you can't get some one else to have sex with. It feels real good when you masturbate and the books say that almost everybody does it."

"Oh George, I know what a cunt is. I even know what a prick or cock is. You were playing with your prick when I came in. What the books call masturbating, uh, is that like jerking off?"

She did know some of the words the boys used, in fact she knew most of them! How many more of them did she know? Well he would be careful of the words he used until Gladys used them that way he wouldn't make any mistakes.

"Well, uh, yeh, that's what I was doing. The boys at school do call it jerking off."

"Oooo, can I watch you up close? Can I play with your prick like I did when we were little."

"Oh, Gladys, you're embarrassing me."

George blushed, and tried to turn away. Gladys was persistent.

"I'd like to see you doing that in the bathroom. You used to let me see you when I was a little girl and you didn't mind at all. Now you get embarrassed when you let me see it in the bathroom, but you still do it and you even jerk off and let me watch. Your prick is a lot bigger now.

"I want to see it up close. I always wanted to come into the bathroom and play with it even when I was a little girl. If you let me play with your prick, I'll let you play with my cunt. I'd like that. We let each other see what we we're like down there then why is it so much different just because we're in the same room?"

This was a proposition that was difficult for George to turn down. Here was his chance to really find out what girls were like. He had tried to do this from a distance and gotten nowhere. Only a glimpse of some pink inner lips and a little nub. The medical books he'd sneaked out of the library only had diagrams and that wasn't very satisfying.

Now his sister offered him the chance to examine her cunt and find out what it was like inside without the fear of being caught. It was too good chance to miss. He was trying to get up the nerve to agree but Gladys didn't give him a chance to decline the invitation anyway. She suited her actions to her words.

She was very comfortable with her brother and no shyer now than she had been while he watched from the bathroom door till she was finished on the toilet when she was a little girl. He was always kind and gentle with her, she knew that he wouldn't hurt her. She knew what it was all about now. In fact she was ready to progress to more interesting things.

Now that she knew she had committed herself Gladys stripped her pajamas off with no show of embarrassment. She then sat down on the bed, cross legged so that her cunt lips spread open a little for her brother to see. She wanted George to see what she looked like down there now. George's prick had subsided during the first part of the conversation but had come up to a full erection again.

George realized that this wasn't the time to be shy about letting his sister see his prick. He blushed when Gladys pulled down the sheet and exposed his seven inch prick. It was sticking straight up in the air and jerking with his heart beat.

"Oh, I like the looks of your prick. That's what a boy sticks into a girls cunt when they fuck them, isn't it? Can I touch it?"

"Well, we really shouldn't but, uh, but I want to feel you too. We'll do the same thing we did when we were kids. You feel my prick and I'll feel your cunt."

"Oh, sure, I don't mind. I want you too. When I rub my cunt I like to pretend that you're doing it. Would you rub me there? I bet it would feel real neat, better than when I do it myself."

Gladys was a real free thinker. She reached over and wrapped her fingers around her brother's prick. George, much more tentatively, reached out and put his fingers on the pink slit in the center of his sisters exposed cunt. It was wet. His finger easily slipped between the inner lips he'd seen. He pushed it in and out and the hole felt real tight around his finger. He still didn't think his prick could possibly fit into that little hole. The thing was it had to fit or no babies would ever be born.

"Oh, gee, brother, that does feel better than when I do it to myself. Can I play with your prick.? That would be a lot of fun too. I've wanted to do that every time you let me see it."

Once again Gladys didn't wait for an answer, but started to copy the up and down motion that she saw her brother using when she came into the room. George's cock oozed pre cum. This acted as lubrication and made Gladys's hand slide up and down easier. George discovered Gladys's clit. He rubbed some cunt juice over the top. Both of the youngsters were very excited by their new discoveries. They were also delighted by the feelings that they were getting from each other.

"Oh, George, you're giving me that good feeling, and it's much better than when I do it myself."

"Gladys, I'm going to come. That stuff is going to shoot out of my cock. Oh, you make my prick feel so good. It does feel better when you do it than when I do it myself."

"Oh, that feeling's coming. Ohhh! Ahhh!"

"I'm coming. My sister is jerking me off. She's making me come. I'm coming! Oooo!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, jets of George's cum hit Gladys on her belly. Dribble, dribble, dribble, the rest of George's load oozed out into his sister's hand. She kept right on pulling his cock until it had softened up. George had to stop her. She didn't want to let go of her new play toy.

George took his sister in his arms and hugged and kissed her. All of a sudden he realized that he liked this as much as he liked doing it with his brother. Maybe he wasn't gay after all. Gladys was a girl.

George had played with his sister's cunt but he really hadn't had a chance to examine it. He wanted to really explore that unknown region. He moved down on the bed and opened her cunt lips with his fingers.

Gladys was more than willing to let her brother play doctor. It was fun having him push his fingers around in her cunt while he examined her. She knew that a girl's cunt was more or less hidden under normal conditions. She'd seen exactly what a prick was like but you had to get close to examine a cunt. The thing was if she let her brother get real close to examine her cunt, he would have to let her get a real close look at his prick. She really wanted to do that too.

George took the opportunity to examine his sister's cunt up close. The inner lips and that little lump right above them fascinated him. The aroma of her cunt was interesting. He liked the taste of his brother's cum and he wondered what cunt tasted like. He stuck out his tongue and licked the pink inner lips.

"Oh, wow. What are you doing, George. That feels better than when you finger fucked me."

George decided that he liked cunt juice. He knew he could give his sister a lot of pleasure with his tongue. He decided to go whole hog.

"You just lay back, sis, and I'll make you feel real good."

Gladys was adventurous. The girls at school talked about having your cunt lapped but she hadn't been sure that anyone ever did it. She was ready to try anything that her brother suggested. If her brother thought that she would enjoy what he was going to do, she was willing to find out. She lay back on the bed, spread her legs, raised her head, and watched her brother move his face down between her legs. She observed his tongue push out of his mouth and felt it touch her cunt lips. It was like an electrical shock.

Now that George was committed to lapping his sister's cunt, he went to work in earnest. He really wanted to make his sister feel good and he knew that having you cock sucked felt better than jerking off. He assumed that having your cunt lapped was better than being finger fucked. He pushed his tongue into Gladys's pink inner slit and thrust it in and out. He moved up and licked at his sister's clit. If it was as sensitive as the head of his prick that had to make Gladys feel good. He tongue bathed her whole cunt. It wasn't like sucking cock but it was just as much fun if not more.

At this point Gladys was panting, "Oh, George, You're licking my pussy. That's cunt lapping, isn't it? I didn't know anything could feel that good. It feels real funny when you lick my clit. Suck on it and let me see how that feels."

George complied with her request. He, gently, grabbed the base of his sister's clit in his teeth and applied suction. He continued to run his tongue across the top. Gladys started to wiggle. George moved his attention to her slit again and ran his tongue in and out of it. He used his hand to rub on her clit.

"Wow, nothing ever felt like this before. You're making me come, George. You're making me come again by lapping my cunt. It feels so good. Oh! I'm coming, I'm coming! I'm coming in your mouth. Oh, George, that's awesome! Ahhh! I love you! Oooo!"

Gladys had the most exquisite come of her life. She loved it. George was having a ball making his sister feel good. It was as much fun as making Cyril feel good, and he found that lapping Gladys's cunt was even more fun than sucking Cyril's prick. He could keep this up all night. he liked the way Gladys was wiggling all over the bed. He kept on licking.

"Ohhh! I'm coming again! Oh, wow! I can't take any more. Oh, I love it. I love you. Oh, George. Stop now, I can't take any more."

George came up for air when his sister pushed his head away from her cunt. He hugged and kissed her. He was proud that he had brought his sister off twice. Girls didn't have a prick that had to stay hard. You could bring them off several times in a row. That was neat. He hoped he got another chance to lap his sister's cunt soon.

"I love you too, little sister. I love making you come."

The two of them lay there in each others arms for a short time. Gladys recovered from her multiple orgasm and considered her next step. She hadn't planned on having her cunt lapped but George had done it. In her twelve year old mind there was only one logical thing for her to do now.

"I want to do that for you now. How do I do it? The girls at school talked about, uh, - cocksucking, but I didn't believe them. I didn't think boys lapped cunt either. I want to suck your cock."

George had fantasized about Gladys sucking his cock but he never expected his sister would do it. The mental image he had of his sister as an innocent little china doll was shattered. Where had she learned all those words and ideas? It just hadn't occurred to him that girls had as much sex drive and were as interested in sex as boys.

"If you're sure you want to do it, you start by licking on the head of my cock."

Gladys quickly moved her head down to her brother's groin. She examined his prick as thoroughly as George had examined her cunt. She saw the pre cum seeping out of his pisshole. She licked at it and found out that it tasted good. She liked it. She licked George's prick a few more times. She was going to enjoy this.

George knew how to suck cock and gave instructions. "Now lick around the edge of the head and down the underside. They are the most sensitive parts of my prick. Oh, that feels good. You're doing it just right. Now take the head in your mouth and suck my whole prick into your mouth. Oh, wow! Suck real hard now, and move your head up and down. Ohhh, do it slower or you'll make me cum too quick. I want this to last as long as possible."

Gladys was having a ball. Well, not exactly, she was having a prick but she resolved she would get to George's balls later. She enjoyed the way she was making her brother squirm. She liked the feel of her brother's prick in her mouth. She wanted to make her brother feel real good.

George started to hunch his prick in and out of her mouth. He couldn't take this much longer. "Oh, Gladys, you're making me feel real good. Suck on my cock! You're going to make me come. Oh, I'm going to come." George suddenly realized the situation. "Oh, stop sucking or I'll shoot my cum in your mouth. You may not like that."

Gladys wasn't about to stop. She was having fun and she wanted to make her brother feel as good as he had made her feel. She grabbed hold of his hips and sucked his whole prick into her throat. She worked her head up and down faster and faster.

"You're making me come! You're sucking my cock and making me come in you're mouth. I'm going to shoot my cum into my sister's mouth. I'm coming! Ohhh! Ahhh! I'm coming!"

Spurt, spurt, swallow, spurt, dribble, swallow, dribble, dribble, swallow, swallow. The jets of cum squirted out of George's prick into Gladys's mouth and Gladys sucked the dribbles of the cum out of her brother's prick. She drank her brother's load of young boy cum and thought that she had never tasted anything better. She would nurse on her brother's prick every chance she got. She kept on sucking George's prick until it was limp and nothing more was coming out of the pisshole. George pushed her off.

"I love you, brother. I love the taste of your cum. I love sucking you off and drinking your cum. It tastes real good, and I like the way I can make your body jerk. I want to be your cocksucker from now on. Isn't someone who sucks on pricks called a cocksucker?"

"Yeh, but it isn't considered a nice name. Don't let anyone ever hear you say that. I want you to be my cocksucker and I'll be your cunt lapper. I have as much fun lapping your cunt as I have being sucked off. We'll get together whenever mom and pop go out and I'll lap your cunt while you suck my cock."

The two kids hugged each other for a while and then separated and Gladys went to her own room to go to sleep. Gladys knew she had gotten George to go farther than he had wanted to at the start. Now she would have to be very persuasive to get her brother to go all the way with her. Having her cunt lapped was awesome, next time she would get George to fuck her.

George was astonished that he'd had the nerve to lap Gladys's cunt. He hadn't thought he could ever make himself do that. He was even more amazed at the fact that she'd sucked him off. That had been real neat. It felt as good or better than when Cyril had done it.

He wondered what it would feel like to put his prick in Gladys's cunt. He knew he would never do anything like that but he liked to think of it anyway. Her cunt obviously wasn't big enough for his prick to fit in anyway. He'd have to wait till he was older and found another girl to do that too. He and Gladys could sixty nine every chance they got and he would teach her how good a tongue bath was. He was absolutely sure he would never fuck his twelve year old sister.


Chapter - 7

The next week was fun. The kids got home from school an hour before their mother got home from work and they had time for a couple of quickies. They were afraid of getting caught and they used the bathroom for their activities.

Gladys sat on their toilet and George stood in front of her while she licked the head of his prick then sucked on it. She bobbed her head and George fucked his prick in and out of her mouth until he reached a climax. Gladys sucked the cum out of his prick, drank it down, and kept sucking until George's prick was soft.

They would change positions and George lapped Gladys's cunt. He worked his sister's cunt over just as thoroughly as she sucked on his cock. Several times he was able to give her multiple orgasms and that always pleased him.

It wasn't very much time but both of them were young and had hair triggers. It didn't take very long for either of them to climax. By the time George finished lapping Gladys's cunt his prick was hard again. George and Gladys would change places again and repeat the process. They took a little longer the second time and they usually managed two comes apiece before they had to dress for their parents arrival.

Gladys wanted to try some new things and George wanted to teach Gladys some of the things he had learned when he and Cyril were having their affair. They were afraid of being caught. They would have to wait till they had some more time to try some of the things they wanted to do with their sibling.

The next Friday night their parents went out for the evening. This was the chance the kids had been waiting for. They would spend the whole evening together without fear of being caught. They quickly went to a bedroom and stripped. George was already hard and his prick was seeping cum. Gladys was already wet. They couldn't wait to get started.

"Can I suck your cock at the same time you lap my cunt, George? I want to see how it feels when we both come at the same time. Now we have all the time we need to do anything we want I want to try that first."

Although she was younger than her brother, she was the aggressor when it came to sex. She seemed to take the lead when it came to determining what they would experiment with next. George was willing to follow anything she suggested. He had found out that nothing he did with Cyril ever caused any problems. He was willing to go along with what Gladys desired.

They got on the bed, arraigned themselves head to foot in a classic sixty nine position, and again examined each other's sex equipment. George knew about a sixty nine, he'd done it many times with Cyril but this was the first time he'd had a cunt instead of a prick in front of his face. Staying in the same position each used their fingers to explore their partners sex organs.

Gladys massaged the head of George's prick. He pushed his finger in and out of her cunt. George moved his head up to his sister's cunt and lapped at the pink inner lips. Gladys wasn't going to be left behind. She licked his cock and the took the head in her mouth and sucked on it. It tasted good. It felt good. The way her brother wiggled, she knew it felt good to him.

George moved his head closer to his sister and flicked his tongue in and out of her cunt hole as rapidly as he could. He slurped the cunt juice out almost as fast as Gladys could produce it. He could tell his sister liked what he was doing from the way she wiggled so he moved his tongue around and tried a few more things.

Both of them were ready and they went to work on each other's sex organs in earnest. They were both very inexperienced in oral contact with the opposite sex but they were very enthusiastic about what they were doing for each other.

Each enjoyed the pleasure they were receiving from the other and the way their partner was responding to their own ministrations. Both of them started out slowly but in a short time the feelings built up and they speeded up the action. They liked the way it felt and they couldn't wait any longer. They were both horny, they both had sensitive nerves in their sex organs, they'd anticipated this action all day, and they were young. Even though both of them wanted it to last they brought each other to a climax very quickly.

Spurt, spurt, swallow, spurt, dribble, swallow, swallow, dribble, dribble, swallow. George shot a load of cum into his sister's mouth and Gladys swallowed every drop of it. Gladys was rubbing her cunt all over George's face and had covered it with cunt juice. He tried to lick the rest of her cunt juice out of her slit but she produced juice faster than he could lap it up.

"Ahhh! I shot my cum in my sister's mouth. Oh, Gladys that felt so good. I hope you like drinking my cum. Did you like it? Your cunt juice tastes real good to me. I could lap your cunt all day long."

"Wow, did I like it? You bet! I could drink your cum all night too. And, the way it felt when you licked my cunt was awesome. We've got to find a way to do this some more."

They changed position to hug and kiss each other and George initiated his sister to French kissing. She loved it as much as he did. She pushed her tongue as far as it would go into her brother's mouth. Soon they had to come up for air.

"Gee, George, I could taste my cunt juice in your mouth. Did you taste your cum in mine? We got to do that again. I'm ready now."

Unfortunately George, when his prostate had started to manufacture semen, had lost his ability to maintain a hard on after he had his climax. Gladys might be ready but he wasn't. It would be a while before his prick was in working order again.

He decided to try some of the things that he learned with his brother, on his sister. He would also try some things that he had heard about that were strictly things you did with the female sex. He wanted to explore that little knob at the top of his sister's cunt some more and see if there were some variations in what he could do with it. He had yet to do anything with her tits and he wanted to see what sucking them was like. For that matter he had never licked her ass. Would Gladys like that? Was a girl's ass as sensitive as a boy's ass? None of the books he had read said anything about that at all.

"I'm not ready yet, It takes some time for my prick to get hard after I shoot off. But I can make you feel good anyway. Lie back, spread your legs, and raise your knees."

Gladys was ready for anything. She did exactly what her brother told her to do. She didn't know what more he could do to her, but she knew it was going to be fun finding out. She relaxed her body as much as she was able and waited to see what George was going to do.

George was in familiar territory now, he'd done this with Cyril many times. He moved his body over hers and gave her a French kiss. His limp cock rubbed against her cunt and it started to get hard.

He disregarded this and set out to make his sister feel real good. He tongue bathed her down to her tits. He sucked one of the nipples in his mouth and massaged it with his tongue. Gladys wiggled and the nipple got hard in his mouth. The boys had been right again, it was fun to suck tit. He pushed a finger into Gladys's cunt and wiggled it while he sucked her tit. Gladys lifted her hips to get more of his finger in her cunt.

"Oh, wow, I can feel that down in my cunt."

George moved to the other tit and gave it the same treatment he'd given the first one. From the way she wiggled, girl's nipples were even more sensitive than boy's. He spent some more time sucking her tits then he licked all around them and found a sensitive spot where there was a slight crease right under them. He licked his way to her navel and stuck his tongue in.

This always got a reaction from Cyril and Cyril always made him jump that way. He was pleased to find out he could make Gladys jump with that action too. He continued licking her body on the way down to the fine hair around her cunt and plastered it down with spit. He only allowed his tongue to make fleeting touched between the lips of her cunt.

"Oh, George where did you learn to do all that. It feels so good. I didn't know I had so many places that could be made to feel good."

"I didn't know how much of it would feel good to you. There are so many things about a girl that are different, and I wanted to try them out. It's fun making you jump and wiggle like that. I enjoy it."

He took her clit gently in his teeth he ran his tongue all around it. After a second or two he moved on down to her inner slit and licked off the excess moisture. His prick was hard by now but he wanted to give Gladys the full trip around the world that he'd learned to do with Cyril. He didn't want to lick her cunt until she had her orgasms right now. He licked on down her legs and continued on to the bottom of her feet.

Gladys wiggled and giggled when he licked the soles of her feet, and she continued to wiggle when he sucked her toes. As George had found out when Cyril had given him this treatment Gladys found it was strange that this felt so good.

George continued with the trip around the world. He turned Gladys over on her stomach and licked along the back of her legs. True to form Gladys jumped when he licked the back of her knees and her wiggling intensified when he tongue bathed the inside of her thighs. They may have different sex organs but boys and girls weren't that different when it came to the other places that they were real sensitive. George couldn't wait till he got to Gladys's ass.

Gladys's hips lifted during this maneuver and George took the opportunity to lick her cunt and pushed his tongue in. Gladys jumped again to his delight.

Remembering how he had done this with his brother, he licked back to the sensitive tissue between her legs, and up into her ass crack. Gladys's body tensed and her hips wiggled, he was getting to her. He found out she really liked to have her ass crack licked. George just touched her asshole and continued past it to the upper end of her ass crack. He licked back to her asshole, massaged her pucker with his tongue for a moment, then tongue fucked her asshole. Gladys jumped again.

He ;licked her ass some more then, finally, he was finished with the preliminaries. Gladys had responded to each of his maneuvers just as he wanted her to. George was ready for the main event and he was sure Gladys was too.

He turned Gladys back over, moved his mouth back to her cunt, licked the inner lips of her cunt three times, and Gladys's clit twice. The trip around the world had her so high that was enough to bring her off.

"Oh, George, I'm going to come again. Oh, George! Ohhh! I'm coming! I'm coming in your mouth. You're making me come in your mouth again. Ohhh! Ahhh!"

Gladys rewarded her brother with a strong flow of cunt juice and multiple orgasms. George tried to slurp up all the cunt juice up that Gladys produced. He couldn't keep up with his sister's production, but it was a lot of fun trying. George lay back after his exertions. Gladys hugged him and kissed him.

"Oh, George you're so good to me. That felt so good. I didn't know that it could feel so much better than it did before. You really have learned how to make me feel good. I have to learn how to make you feel good now."

Gladys paused for a second.

"Uh, George, - how could you put your mouth back there? Uh, - on my bottom. It felt real neat, I never felt anything like it before. I want to do that to you too but I don't think I can make myself do it."

"Gee, I just knew it would make you feel good and I liked doing it to you because of that. You don't have to do it to me if you don't want. You do that because it makes the person your doing it to feel so good, but never have to do anything you don't want to for me."

Gladys took this in and studied it for a while, she wasn't sure she could do it but maybe she would try.

It was time she started to give George his trip around the world. After French kissing her brother she tongue bathed him down to his masculine nipples. She licked at them and was surprised when they crinkled up and got hard for her. She didn't know a boys nipples were sensitive too. She looked up at him in surprise.

"I don't know why that feels so good to a boy but I do know that it does feel good. I don't feel it in my prick the way you say you feel it in your cunt but I sure do like having you lick me there."

Gladys basked in her brother's praise. She continued down his body giving it a working over. She poked her tongue into his navel and was rewarded with a more than adequate jump. Gladys liked the reactions she was getting from her big brother. It was as much fun making his body do these things as it was when he made her body do them.

She laved her way on to his pubic area. She lapped all around his prick then moved up to its head. She licked the top of it all around the pisshole and cleaned off all of the seeping cum.

"Oooo, that feels good. Lick around the edge of the head. That's right, now right under the pisshole. Wow, now lick down the under side. My prick is most sensitive there. Oh, wow!"

Gladys followed her brother's instructions. She got as much pleasure from giving her brother, George, pleasure as he got from giving her pleasure. She really did love George. She wanted to suck a load of cum out of his cock right then but she didn't want to miss giving him all the good feelings he'd given her. She moved on down his legs and licked the soles of his feet. She made George wiggle and giggle when she sucked his toes just as much as she had had when he sucked hers.

At that point George knew what was expected and turned over. Gladys worked her way up the back of his legs getting and acceptable jump when she tickled the back of his knees with her tongue. She elicited more wiggles when she licked the inside of his thighs. His balls got in the way. She hadn't paid much attention them yet and they were sort of cute. She sucked on them one at a time and George lifted his hips.

She hadn't been sure when she started but getting her brother hot had gotten her hot too. Now she wanted to try that action with the ass. She didn't think that she would like that at all, but he had done it to her and it felt real neat. She would lick George's ass even if it made her gag.

Gladys wanted to do as good a job on George as he had done on her. She licked along the ass crack. Licking his ass crack didn't bother her that much. It tasted the same as the rest of his body and that tasted pretty neat, she kept on licking.

His asshole was right in front of her face. She screwed up her courage, wrinkled her nose, and plunged her tongue into his asshole. She was surprised that it didn't disgust her. There wasn't anything nasty about licking some one's ass at all as long as you loved him. It was another way to make your partner feel good. Anything that made your partner feel good would make you feel good too. It was neat the way licking his ass made George jump. She tongue fucked her brother's ass and enjoyed having him wiggle like that.

"Oh, Gladys, that feels good but you're making me too hot. If you don't stop you'll make me come. Suck my cock now."

George rolled over and Gladys quickly sucked his prick into her mouth. She didn't want to miss the load of cum as it squirted out of her brother's prick.

"Oh, suck it. It feels so good. I'm going to shoot my cum into your mouth. Ohhh! Oooo! I'm coming!"

Two head bobs and spurt, spurt, swallow, spurt, swallow, dribble, slurp, dribble, dribble, slurp, swallow, slurp. Gladys wasn't going to miss any of her brother's cum. She sucked on his cock until it got soft and George pulled his hips away from her face and his limp cock slid out of her gently sucking mouth.

Gladys came up for air and the kids hugged and kissed for a while more. Gladys rubbed her body against George until he had another erection.

Gladys had one main objective that night and that was to get George to fuck her. All the neat things that they had done up till now were just preparation for the main event. It might not be easy to persuade George and now was as good a time as any.

"George, aren't you supposed to stick your prick into my cunt? Isn't that what fucking is? I want to try that. I want you to fuck me."

George was afraid of hurting his little sister.

"You're still a virgin, Gladys, and you still have your maidenhead. If I fucked you, I would hurt you and I don't want to do that."

This problem didn't faze Gladys at all.

"Oh pooh. Someone has to do it sometime. I'd rather it was you than some stranger."

"My prick is too big to fit into your cunt. I can barely push two fingers into it. You'll have to wait until you get a little older and your cunt's a little bigger."

"If a baby can come out of it, it's big enough for your prick. Your prick is big, but it's not as big as a baby."

George was worried but he saw that his sister was determined. He wanted to try fucking too, but had been reticent about suggesting it. The taboo about incest is one of the strongest in our society but George had been trained out of the ban against homosexual relations during his affair with his brother. Incest with his sister wasn't any worse than that. Since they would have the house to themselves for at least another two hours, maybe now was the time to try fucking.

"Well, we can try but promise that you'll stop me if it hurts too much."

"You're a scardy cat. We'll try it and if it hurts at first we'll just wait till the hurt stops. It can't be too bad or there wouldn't be any babies. All girls loose their maidenhead sometime."

"Okay, if you're sure you want to try it. You have to promise to make me stop if it hurts too much."

That was enough discussion for Gladys, it was time for action.

"Get on top of me and push your prick all the way into my cunt. I can't wait to see how it feels, I know that'll be awesome."

George really wanted to find out what fucking was like too. He positioned himself over his sister and she guided the head of his prick into her cunt hole. He pushed, his prick went about an inch or so into her cunt and he felt as if he'd hit bottom.

Gladys was eager get on with it. She wanted to feel his prick pushed all the way into her cunt. "Push harder."

George flexed his hips and tried to push his prick farther into her cunt, but he was still afraid of hurting his sister and wouldn't push hard enough to make his prick tear its way through her maidenhead.

Gladys's patience was wearing thin. She wanted to be fucked and George was just dilly dallying around. "Oh, George, you're a scardy cat. You're afraid of hurting me. I'll get on top."

They changed positions. Gladys positioned George's prick again and lowered her hips onto it. Two inches was all it would go. Gladys raised herself and dropped all of her weight onto her brother. There was a sharp pain and she was sitting on her brother's hips. Wow! His whole prick was lodged in her cunt. All seven inches of it.

"Ouch! That does hurt. Wait a minute."

"Oh, Gladys, I didn't want to hurt you."

"That's all right. It's feels better already. We'll be ready to start in a minute or two. Your prick feels good in my cunt. Oooo, I think we can start now."

She started to move her tight young cunt up and down her brother's prick. Instinct is very powerful and no one has to teach a teen ager how to fuck once his prick is lodged in a cunt.

George looked between their bodies and watched his prick ride in and out of a cunt for the first time. He also saw blood. This shocked him and he almost lost his hard on. "You're bleeding! I hurt you! Stop! Get off! I'm hurting you!"

Gladys wasn't about to stop. Fucking felt too good. "Of course I bled when I broke my cherry, that's what's supposed to happen. It's all right now. Your prick feels real neat in my cunt. Fuck me, George, oooo, fuck me! Push your prick as far into my cunt as it will go! Oh, wow! This is awesome!"

George's conscience bothered him but his prick didn't have the same conscience he had. His hips acted of their own volition. They came up the bed to meet his sister's down strokes and following Gladys's request pushed his prick as far into her cunt as it could go. The two of them got into rhythm, as Gladys moved her hips down, George pushed his hips up. As Gladys moved up George retracted his hips till only the tip of his prick was left in his sister's cunt. Then they repeated the motions.

"Oh, wow, this is great. I'm actually fucking a girl. I love fucking. I love fucking you. Oh, Gladys, I'm fucking you. I'm fucking my sister."

"Wow, I never thought that fucking would feel this good. I'm being fucked by a boy. I'm being fucked by my brother. Oh, wow. I love your prick pushed up my cunt. Keep pushing. Oh, I love you, brother. Fuck me! I'm coming! Ohhh! Ahhh!"

"I'm coming too. I'm coming in your cunt. Ohhh! Oooo!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble George shot a load of cum into his sisters cunt. The motion slowed as George's prick shriveled down to its limp state. Gladys collapsed onto her brother's body and the two of them lay there, spent. Gladys wiggled her ass so she could feel George's deflating prick move in her cunt hole. George's cock slipped out of her cunt and Gladys reversed position.

Gladys took George's soft prick into her mouth and nursed on it. She couldn't get enough of her brother's prick. George lapped his sister's sloppy cunt until he had cleaned it out. This was like licking his brother's cum off his belly before he shot off himself.

It was fun sucking his cum out of his sister's cunt. He thought that he had never felt so good in his life. He would like to keep this up for ever. The problem was that he couldn't keep his prick up for ever.

Some of their mixed juices had leaked over George's balls and Gladys followed the trail with her tongue. It led along his ass crack and since she was this far along already she probed his ass with her tongue. She liked to make George wiggle by licking his ass. She didn't know why she thought it would be nasty. George followed his sister's lead and licked her ass. That felt good too.

Gladys was surprised when she felt George's prick throb up to a new erection. She pushed harder against his ass and had his prick as hard as a rock. Wow, if George's prick wasn't hard she could get it that way by licking his ass. That was another good reason for doing it. It would be worth doing even if it were nasty.

George licked his way back to Gladys's cunt and sucked her clit. Gladys licked her way back to his prick and sucked on each of his balls in passing. In spite of the fact that he'd shot off three times George was still a little horny. Gladys was always horny in the presence of George's nude body. They weren't in a hurry any more and took their time on this round.

Gladys licked all around George's prick making sure that she hit all the sensitive spots that George had told her about. She found out she could make him wiggle by sucking the loose skin under his pisshole into her mouth and massaging it with her tongue. She did this for a while then sucked George's prick into her mouth and bobbed her head.

George sucked Gladys's clit for a while then thrust his tongue as far as it would go into her cunthole. He sucked the sensitive inner lips of her cunt into his mouth and made Gladys wiggle by massaging them with his tongue.

He was learning more about what made a girl feel good and he wanted to learn everything he could do to make his sister feel good. It took much longer this time before Gladys sucked a diminished load of cum out of George's prick. Enough time so that she had multiple orgasms on the way.

George's prick went limp again and he was out of breath. Gladys tried to get George hard again, but not even licking his ass had any affect. He was done for the night, he couldn't get his prick up again. The two of them hugged and kissed and professed their never dying love. It was getting late and Gladys had to return to her own room before their parents got home.

Their parents usually went out one night on the weekend so George and Gladys spent many happy active nights together. During the week the frequently spent some time together after school when their mother wasn't home But they didn't feel they had time to fuck then. They usually did a sixty nine then licked each other's ass till George was hard again. Time would be short by the time they both came a second time.

George's affair with his sister ended the same way his affair with his brother had. It lasted until he, in his turn, went off to college.


 Chapter - 8

With all his experience with sex George was rather shy with girls when he went off to college. He'd had very few dates while he was in high school. The drive hadn't been there. He had all the sex he wanted at home. While he was reaching puberty and until he was fourteen his brother had kept him drained. His little sister had kept him just as drained after his brother left for college.

He saw several girls he'd have liked to do things with in his freshman and sophomore years at college but never had the nerve to ask them for a date.

When he was in his Junior year Sandra arrived as a freshman and he passed her on the campus one day. His attention was drawn to her immediately. He'd been attracted to other girls before but this one gave him a hard on every time he caught sight of her. The two of them had a lecture course together and he found out her name. He spent dozens of hours writing letters to her but he never mailed any.

The attraction was mutual, Sandra had noticed George within a week of her arrival. Sandra was completely repressed socially. She'd had an affair with her brother, John, when she was fifteen and he was twelve. They had been discovered and her puritanical parents and John had been sent off to military school.

After that her parents kept a sharp eye on her had never even let her have a date. She certainly didn't have the experience to initiate a contact. The lecture course was a nightmare to her. She would lubricate at the sight of George and she would blush every time he looked in her direction.

Each noticed the other looking at them. Each wanted the other to notice them. Each of them was embarrassed when the other noticed them. Each wanted to get to know the other. Both had fantasies about what they would like to do with the other. Neither had the nerve to make an initial contact.

George noted that Sandra used a bicycle to get around the campus and got one himself. Maybe he could accidentally meet her that way. Fate got tired of waiting and took a hand in the proceedings. They were on their cycles riding toward each other at an angle on a hedge bordered street. They reached a blind intersection at the same time.

Sandra was startled to see him and swerved her bike into the path of a slow moving car. She was thrown from her bike and skinned her knee on the gravel road. The driver of the car wanted to take Sandra to the hospital but Sandra didn't want to go there. The scrape wasn't that bad. George offered to escort her to her room and she accepted his offer.

She held on to George and he kept an arm around her waist while she limped up the stairs to her second floor apartment. George asked Sandra where she kept her first aid stuff and went to the bathroom to get it while Sandra laid down on the bed. George came into the bedroom and Sandra was laying on the bed with her knees up.

George approached the foot of the bed and his prick jumped to attention. Sandra had chosen that day to wear a skirt instead of jeans as she usually did. The fall had ripped the crotch of her panty hose and her cunt was fully exposed to George's view.

He tried to pretend that there was nothing unusual and made an effort to hide what he had discovered from Sandra. He opened the first aid kit took out some disinfectant and bandage and went to work on Sandra's knee. His eyes kept straying north and each time his prick would throb.

Sandra didn't realize that her cunt was fully exposed to George's view but she did notice the condition of his prick. Her cunt started to lubricate at once and sent off powerful signals. The aroma made George hornier than he already was. He controlled himself until he noticed the beads of moisture along Sandra's cunt lips.

George knew what this had meant when he observed it on his sister Gladys. Sandra must be just as horny as he was. He knew what to do to take care of a hot cunt, he threw all his reserve to the wind. He leaned in between Sandra's legs and started to lap her cunt.

Sandra gasped. Nothing but her fingers had touched her cunt since her mother had caught her brother, John, lapping it. This felt every bit as good as she remembered it. George was making her feel every bit as good as John always made her feel when he lapped her cunt. She spread her legs and raised her hips off of the bed to give George better access to all of her crotch. George licked between Sandra's inner cunt lips and massaged her clit with his tongue.

He had a lot of experience with Gladys and he knew how to make a girl feel good. Gladys always loved it when he went through this routine with her. George drew back for a moment and took advantage of Sandra's raised hips to pull off her ripped pantyhose. Now her whole crotch was bare and George made the most of it.

He licked all the way along Sandra's ass crack, tickling it with the tip of his tongue. He got to her asshole and tongue fucked it for a moment or two before he went back to lapping her cunt. Sandra's hips jerked and she shuddered when he did that so he knew she liked that treatment as much as Gladys had. Sandra was panting so he licked the excess moisture from between the outer lips of her cunt then plunged his tongue into her cunt hole and licked the top of her clit some more.

Sandra moaned and her head was tossed from side to side. This was the way Gladys acted when she had her most powerful orgasms. George was satisfied that he was doing a good job and he continued licking and sucking until Sandra's hips collapsed and she pushed his head away from her cunt.

George moved away and stared at Sandra. This wasn't his sister Gladys, this was an almost stranger to whom he had only said hello on a few occasions. What he had done amounted to rape. He had taken advantage of the fact that Sandra had been injured and he had attacked her sexually. He blushed and he stammered and he tried to apologize.

"Oh, uh, I didn't mean to do that. I'm sorry! I couldn't help myself. I saw your bare cu-, between your legs and I couldn't help myself. I won't ever do that again! I promise!"

Sandra had been shocked when George had started to lap her cunt but she hadn't tried to fight him off. Once he had gotten his tongue inside her cunt she had done everything she could to make her cunt more accessible to him. She certainly didn't want him to promise he wouldn't lap he cunt again.

She saw the front of George's pants pushed all the way out and wondered if his cum would taste as good as her brother's. She wanted to find out right away. She sat up on the edge of the bed, took hold of his hips, pulled the zipper on his fly down, and reached into his underpants to pull out his prick. It was a monster, way bigger than her brother, John's, four inch prick. There were the same drops of pre cum oozing out of his pisshole, however, and Sandra licked them off the head of his prick. George's cum tasted every bit as good as John's had.

She didn't know if she could to get all eight inches of George's prick into her mouth but she did know that she could make him shoot off by sucking on the head. She licked the sensitive spot under the pisshole. John always jerked his hips when she did that and so did George. The things she had learned sucking her brother's prick were going to work just as well on George.

George was shocked. He'd been fantasizing about having Sandra do this to him as well as lapping her cunt and fucking her, since the first time he'd seen her. But tucked into another corner of his mind he had idolized Sandra and set her on a pedestal. In that aspect she was as pure as the driven snow and probably didn't have a slit between her legs. She most likely didn't know how babies were made and she certainly had never heard of sucking cock. Now, to all appearances this apparition of purity was getting ready to do just that.

George stood there with his prick sticking out of his fly, his eyes popping out of his head, and his mouth hanging open. His prick hadn't sucked since the last time Gladys had done it and now it seemed as if his dream girl knew as much about cocksucking as his sister had.

He wasn't sure what the etiquette of the situation was but he knew he couldn't draw back and refuse to have Sandra suck his cock. Even if he wanted to pull back his hips wouldn't have followed his instructions. He allowed Sandra to lick all around the head of his prick then suck on the loose skin under his pisshole. What she was doing felt better and better.

Sandra would have loved to do a little more tongue bathing around George's crotch. She would have loved sucking on his balls but they weren't accessible right now. She would have to do with the part of George that was sticking out of his fly, and that was quite a bit of prick. She licked around the head once more, ovaled her lips, and sucked the bulb into her mouth.

This prick was bigger than John's but the tactile feel of the velvety skin felt just as good against her tongue. She did some tongue massaging before she tried to get more of his prick into he mouth. She applied suction and moved her lips down the shaft. George's hips jerked again and he forced the rest of his monster into her mouth. The head was well down her throat and she almost gagged. She swallowed, reflexively, and George's hips jerked again.

She had swallowed around the head of John's prick but it had barely been at the entrance to her throat at the time. Evidently swallowing around the head of George's prick was having a much greater affect than what she had done with John. She swallowed again then moved her head back massaging the underside of George's prick with her tongue. George pulled his hips back and pushed them forward again, As soon as the head of his prick was in her throat Sandra swallowed again. George proceeded to fuck Sandra's mouth.

Sandra was as good a cocksucker as his sister and George had just finished lapping Sandra's cunt. He no longer had an adolescents hair trigger but that had gotten him pretty horny and his prick wasn't capable of withstanding the stimulation he was getting from Sandra for very long. His hips went into over drive and Sandra switched back and forth from tongue massaging his prick to swallowing around the head.

George's hips jerked one last time and a jet of cum spurted right down Sandra's throat. Sandra pulled her head back to get the flavor of his cum and massaged his prick with her tongue all the time the cum was spurting and dribbling out of George's pisshole. She continued her gentle sucking until George's prick was fully deflated then let it slide out of her mouth.

"Don't you dare make a promise not to lap my cunt again! I promise you that I'm going to suck your cock every chance I get from now on. I've been wanting to do that since the first time I saw you on campus. Sucking your cock had me so hot that when you shot off in my mouth it even gave me orgasms. I want to suck your cock, I want you to lap my cunt, and I want you to fuck me."

The totally repressed Sandra turned aggressor. Now that she'd gotten hold of her man she wasn't going to let him get away. The way he had attacked her cunt told her that he was every bit as interested in her as she was in him. She'd spent enough time mopping up her wet cunt after that lecture course they had together. If George had a free period after that course she intended to have him lick her cunt dry. She also intended to suck a load of cum out of his prick.

George stood there dumfounded. He looked sort of silly with his limp prick hanging out of his fly but he wasn't thinking about that now. Sandra had just offered him all the sex he wanted but he also knew that she had laid claim to him. That didn't bother him, he wanted to lay claim to her too. He knew right then that the two of them were going to be married and he liked the idea.

Forgetting her skinned knee, Sandra stood up, threw her arms around his neck and hugged him. His lips sought hers and they were in the middle of a French kiss before either of them knew what was happening. A French kiss will have a salutary effect on a limp prick and George's prick didn't stay limp. It pushed itself up against Sandra's stomach.

Sandra wanted that hard prick in her snatch. It had been a four years since the last time her brother had fucked her and she was ready. She released George and started to unbutton his shirt. It had been over two years since George had last fucked anything but his hand and he was ready too, at this point his prick was obviously ready. As Sandra removed his clothes, he removed hers item for item. It wasn't long before both of them were in their birthday suits.

Sandra dropped to her knees and winced when her skinned knee hit the carpet, but that was a minor problem. She stayed there to lick the drops of pre cum from the tip of George's cock. George picked her up bodily and laid her in the bed. He moved to the foot of the bed and leaned over to give Sandra's cunt a couple of licks and her clit a couple of sucks. That accomplished he crawled up on the bed and between Sandra's legs. She took hold of his prick and positioned the head in her cunt hole.

George eased his prick into Sandra's cunt and found it just as tight as his sister's had been. John's prick had only been four inches long the last time he fucked her and that hadn't stretched Sandra's cunt very much. As soon as George's groin touched Sandra's, she wiggled her hips. It was good to feel a prick in her cunt again and an eight inch monster like George was sporting felt particularly good.

George wiggled his hips in response and slowly lifted his hips. When only the head was buried in that tight cunt he slowly lowered his hips again. He wasn't going to hurry this fuck, he wanted to remember this first fuck with Sandra for the rest of his life. He was glad Sandra had sucked a load of cum out of his prick, now he could last a lot longer than he would have if he tried to fuck her first.

He pumped his prick in and out of Sandra's cunt in a very slow tempo and sucked the nipple of one of her tits into his mouth. Sandra moaned, matched his tempo, and used her hand to feed her tit into George's mouth. As far as Sandra was concerned everything was going perfectly, she wouldn't change a thing. She was glad that George was going slow, She wanted this fuck to last. She knew she was going to remember it for the rest of her life.

Each time George's hips moved down, her hips came up off the bed so that his prick was buried to the hilt on each stroke. He kept up the slow pumping for several minutes and switched to sucking the other tit when the nipple he was sucking got hard. Sandra was groaning and his hips speeded up. He wasn't going to last much longer. He let her tit fall out of his mouth and started with the French kisses again.

Sandra was having multiple orgasms when George's prick erupted into her cunt. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, Her spasming cunt seemed to suck the cum out of his prick. George's hips slowed down and Sandra wrapped her legs around his waist and rolled them on their sides. She didn't want to release his prick just yet. Even though it was limp she wanted it in her cunt.

They lay there for a moment kissing and panting. The habits they had formed while they fucked their siblings took over. They moved around on the bed and each of them moved their mouths to the other's sex organs to clean them off. Sandra sucked George's slimy prick into her mouth and found out she still liked the feel of a limp prick in her mouth. George dove right into Sandra's sloppy cunt. It had been two years since the last time he sucked his cum out of a girl's cunt and it hadn't lost its appeal.

After licking Sandra's cunt clean, George went after the leakage. He licked below Sandra's cunt and into her ass crack. Sandra followed his lead, she licked across his balls and onto his ass crack. John had always jumped when she tongue fucked his asshole, she was sure that George would do the same. She pushed her tongue as far up his ass as she could get it. George did jump just as violently as John had and George went to work on her asshole.

Sandra continued to massage his ass with her tongue, and just as it had with John, it had the affect of making his prick hard again in a hurry. George was licking his way back to her cunt so Sandra moved down and sucked on his balls. It was obvious that George liked all the things she had practiced with John.

Sandra was just as good a partner as his sister had been and George knew everything he could do to make Gladys feel good. He moved back to her cunt and licked her clit, then pushed his tongue as far into her cunt hole as he could get it. Sandra licked the underside of his prick right up to the pisshole then licked up the drops of pre cum that had oozed out.

Both of them were in familiar territory and both of them liked a sixty nine. It was the usual way they had ended up their sex sessions with their siblings. Neither of them was in a great hurry to reach a climax and both of them wanted to make the other's good feelings last as long as possible. Sandra licked all around the head of George's cock and he tickled her clit with the tip of his tongue.

They brought each other along. George sucked the inner cunt lips into his mouth and massaged them with his tongue. Sandra ovaled her mouth, eased it down over the head of George's prick, and massaged all around it with her tongue. George pushed his tongue into her cunthole and moved it around. Sandra applied suction and pulled his prick into her mouth until he nose was resting on his balls. She drew the head of George's prick into her throat so she could swallow around it.

George sucked Sandra's clit for a while. The two of them were no longer taking things so easy. Their hormones were catching up with them and both of them knew they had to have a release pretty soon. George's tongue action got more frantic and he fucked his prick into Sandra's mouth. Sandra responded with violent hips jerks and she swallowed around the head of George's prick each time he pumped it into her throat.

Sandra was having multiple orgasms and George's hips were driving his prick in and out of her mouth as fast as he could move them. Sandra prepared to drink down another load of George's cum. Spurt, Just as before the first jet shot directly down her throat and she pulled her head back so, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, she could savor the rest of his load of cum.

George's cum tasted a little stronger than John's had but Sandra liked the flavor just as much. She was willing to drink George's cum for the rest of her life. She didn't think she would ever get too much of it. George was still lapping away at Sandra's cunt but his action was slowing down. Sandra's sucking slowed down too as George's prick worked its way down to its limp state.

George pulled his prick out of Sandra's mouth and moved around with the french kisses again. He got a thrill that Sandra didn't know about. She had saved some of his cum just as he had saved Cyril's cum so many years before. He licked the cum out of her mouth just as Cyril had licked it out of his.

George moved in with Sandra that night although they never let her parents know a thing until they got married on the day after his graduation.