The Sanders Family-Book 2, George, Part-2, Chapters 9-15 (D.Abby) (MbbGGF) (4/6)

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Book 2 - George

Part - 2


Chapter - 9

George arrived home Saturday morning. He was still hot. He wanted to get into bed with Sandra that very minute. They sent the kids off to the movies as soon as they could and raced to the bedroom. The two of them tore their cloths off and acted like a couple of teen age kids. They could hardly wait to get started.

Somehow Sandra's activity with the children only made her hotter for her husband. As soon as George had his pants off Sandra got on her knees and started to lick at the end of his cock. She took it into her mouth and sucked on it like a lollypop. George picked Sandra up and they got on the bed and positioned themselves for a sixty nine. George lapped around his wife's cunt for starters. He tongue bathed her ass crack. He tongue fucked her asshole. He moved back to her cunt and sucked on her clit.

Sandra licked the cum that oozed from his pisshole off the head of his prick. She ran her tongue around the head of his cock. Just as George licked her ass crack and tongue fucked her ass, she worked her husbands ass over in the same way. She came back to his prick and sucked it all the way down her throat. She worked her head up and down as fast as she could. In spite of the fact that she had screwed her children the day before, she still couldn't get enough of her husband's prick.

George was more mature than the boys and had a lot more staying power. Sandra started to have orgasms almost at once, but it took a while until George was ready to come. Both of them were much to busy to talk. They had their mouths full and it wouldn't have been polite.

After considerable time, and five orgasms, spurt, spurt, swallow, spurt, dribble, swallow, slurp, slurp, dribble, dribble, swallow, slurp, slurp. Sandra drank her husband's cum and George licked most of the excess juice from his wife's cunt.

George chose this moment when they were both satiated and catching their breath to throw a real curve ball at Sandra.

"Well, does my cum taste as good as the cum the boys shot into your mouth? Or, for that matter, is it as much fun sucking my cock as it is to lap your daughters' cunts?"

Sandra was absolutely stunned. She didn't know how to answer. She couldn't figure out how George knew about what had been going on between her and the kids. George continued with an explanation.

"I got home yesterday and walked in on your cozy little family orgy. That was one hot and heavy scene, let me tell you. I went to a motel and jerked off four times last night going over what I'd seen you do with them and what they did with each other. I'm not angry but I am disappointed that I wasn't invited. Do you think that you can work me into the act. Do you think the kids would do things with me?"

"Oh, George, of course you can get in. It all happened so suddenly, just since Wednesday, that I didn't know how to handle it with you. I saw the boys with hards on and I was so hard up with you away that I had to try them out. The girls, evidently, got the same idea at the same time. I know they've been looking for some acceptable boys for a while. What you saw was the culmination of just three days activity.

"I have a confession to make. You weren't my first fuck. You must have known that because I wasn't a Virgin and, even that first time, I knew how to do all the things to make you feel good when I sucked your cock.

There was only one other boy before you. I seduced my brother John when he was the same age as the boys are now. The boys reminded me so much of him that I couldn't keep my hands off of their beautiful young boy pricks. I couldn't keep my cunt or mouth off of them either."

"Well, as long as we're confessing, I had a hot and heavy affair with my brother Cyril that lasted from the time I was ten until I was fourteen. We had so much fun together I thought I was gay and when he left I kept looking for boys and couldn't understand why girls seemed to turn me on.

When Cyril went off to college, my sister Gladys had just started her periods. She seduced me although I have to admit I didn't resist too much. That affair lasted until I left for college. Seeing our kids having sex together brought it all back. I would really like to try having sex with the boys as well as with the girls. I've never done anything with any other boy but Cyril. Gays don't really attract me, but occasionally I have felt I wanted some boy-boy sex again.

Would it bother you if I had sex with the boys? I saw them doing things with each other that I haven't done since my affair with Cyril. It would be real fun for me to do things with them. For quite a while, before Gladys and I got together I tried not to pay any attention to the girls and, when Cyril left for college, I was looking the field of boys over for a substitute."

"I wouldn't mind. I know that you're not gay. I don't think the boys would mind either. I'm sure they have been having sex together already, but from their actions with me and the girls, they're not gay either."

Sandra was ready for more but despite the conversation George's prick was only half hard. She speeded the process up by moving behind him and giving his ass a good licking. Within minutes his prick was hard and throbbing. George's prick was ready for action and Sandra wanted it pushed as far into her cunt as she could get it.

Her sons' four inch pricks were a lot of fun and they gave her multiple orgasms when they fucked her, she wouldn't miss them for the world. Right now what she wanted was her Husband's eight incher riding in and out of her cunt and applying all that pressure to the surrounding tissues. The idea of doing things with her sons and her husband at the same time had her cunt dripping too.

Sandra rolled George on to his back and straddled his hips. She eased he cunt down over his throbbing prick and lowered her hips until the head of his prick was pushing against her cervix. With her husbands prick fully contained she went through her cunt exercises.

George controlled himself and he held his body still for several moments while his wife's cunt massaged his prick. The tension built up and he pulled his hips back and pushed them up again. His prick came half way out of his wife's cunt and drove back in again. That was the signal for Sandra to start fucking. She raised her hips and lowered them. George matched her rhythm so that their groins slapped together on each stroke.

The pace was rather stately at first but it gradually built up. Both of them were experienced fuckers and they knew each other intimately. Each knew the others need at the moment and each catered to their partner's need as soon as they perceived it. After a short burst of speed they slowed down again and Sandra gave her husband's prick another cunt massage. George paused to feel the action and picked up the slow pumping rhythm again.

He flashed back to the first time he had fucked Sandra and realized how much better this one was. It had seemed marvelous then but they were in much to much of a hurry then and his wife hadn't had the children yet and hadn't learned the exercises to keep her cunt muscles from going flabby. Those were the same exercises she was now using to massage his prick.

Fucking Sandra had never become a habit and it was never ‘just something to be expected'. Fucking Sandra was something you waited for and reveled in each time you did it even if it was every night. It usually was every night when George was home. As long as Sandra was willing to fuck him this way he was very willing to share her with his children.

George's hips speeded up again and this time they were both ready for the culmination. George's groin slapped against his wife's each time he drove his prick into her cunt. Sandra had wrapped her legs around his hips and was pumping her hips in the opposite rhythm to his. Her orgasms had started and she knew it wouldn't be long before George would fill her cunt with gism. She was moaning and trading French kisses with George. She knew she'd never give him up for another man.

That didn't mean she was going to give up her two sons either. She wanted their four inch pricks lodged in her cunt as often as she could get them. She also wanted to suck the cum out of their pricks as fast as they could manufacture it. That her husband wanted to have sex with them as well as their daughters didn't bother her in the least. She knew that she was still his prime interest.

Sandra felt George's hips jerk and the warm gunk of cum flooding into her cunt. The two of them gradually slowed down till they came to a halt. In all the years they'd been married the routine hadn't changed at this point. As soon as George pulled his limp prick out of Sandra's cunt the two switched around for a clean up.

True to form George cleaned out Sandra's cunt and went after the dripping along her ass crack. As soon as George did that Sandra moved along his ass crack and started to tongue fuck his asshole. Also true to form this got George's prick hard again in a hurry.

This time George didn't turn it into a sixty nine. There were a lot of things to talk about. George switched positions again and hugged Sandra too him. They lay in bed thinking for a few moments then George wanted to lay his plans for laying his children. He had been hot and bothered by that idea for more than a day now. He wanted to get to them as quickly as possible but he wanted to be sure that things would go as best it possibly could.

"How in the world did all this get started? How did you get the boys to fuck you? You must have had a lot of fun doing that. How did the girls and boys get together? It's odd that both things happened at the same time. The kids must have been working up to it for a while.

Sandra thought for a while and then gave George a run down on everything that had happened during the last exciting week.

"Well you'd been away for longer than usual and I was horny. I saw those two luscious boys running around here and they reminded me of my brother John. He was just their age when I seduced him. I think I first got the idea on Monday and by Wednesday I couldn't wait any longer.

"I got both of the boys, separately, on Wednesday night by catching each of them when they went on their nightly piss call. Timmy got to the bathroom, as usual, about eleven thirty. He was a little frightened when I approached him with his prick pointing to the toilet bowl and he even started to cry. He stopped when he realized he could see right through my sheer night gown. It wasn't long before I had him finger fucking me and I was sucking his cock.

I had accidentally gotten us into a sixty nine position and the little rascal actually started to lap my cunt. I was having orgasms before he shot his first load of cum into my mouth. It was cute the way he wanted to pull his prick out of my mouth because he thought it would be nasty if he shot off while I was sucking his prick.

"Once I sucked that first load of cum out of his prick I cuddled with him for a while and he nursed on my tits. It wasn't long before his prick was hard again and I laid him on his back and fucked him. He took to the cleanup like a veteran and lapped his cum out of my cunt. As soon as I tongue fucked his ass his prick came to attention and we sixty nined again. It was almost time for Tommy to take his piss call so I sent him back to bed.

"Like clockwork Tommy made his trip to the bathroom at one o'clock. Tommy was startled when he saw me in the doorway but he didn't loose control. His prick got hard as soon as he saw me in that see through gown. I got him to suck on my tit right away and used his prick as a handle to lead him into the bedroom.

"I used a little different strategy with Tommy I had him play doctor right away. I was surprised that after examining my cunt for a moment or two, and feeling it, he dove right in and started to lap. I hadn't expected him to be that precocious. He lapped until I had several orgasms then I sucked the cum out of his prick. He wanted to pull it out of my mouth when he was ready to shoot off too.

"After a little cuddling he was ready again too and I had him fuck me. Just like Timmy he took to the cleanup without any problems, and just as with Timmy his prick came to attention as soon as I tongue fucked his ass. I wasn't going to waste a hard prick so I had him fuck my ass and he surprised me by licking my asshole to get some spit on it. All in all it was a very successful night. It was all that I expected and then some."

"Wow! Those are two very lucky boys. Imagine having your mother break you in when you're only twelve years old. I bet that's the secret fantasy of every boy that's just had his first wet dream. I know it was mine even though I though I was gay at the time. How did the two pair of twins manage to get together?"

"Well there I'm a little sketchy. I wouldn't try to cross examine the kids, but from what they said they'd been having peeping parties when they went to the bathroom for a while. The day after I seduced the boys the girls decided they wanted some more. They might not have gone as far as they did if I hadn't seduced the boys.

"Thursday was my day with the Red Cross so the girls had the chance they were looking for. The teased the boys by wearing short skirts and no panties. Once they had the boys horny, which wasn't all that difficult they used a pretext to separate them. Jane took Timmy to the garage and Tommy stayed in the family room with June.

"Jane says she scolded Timmy for looking up her dress and badgered him till he was ready to get undressed and let her examine him. As part of the bargain she had to get undressed too. I think all Jane had planned on was having Timmy finger fuck her and jerking him off but things went much farther.

"They got in a sixty nine position to play doctor and instead of finger fucking her Timmy went to work lapping her cunt. The aggressive Jane wasn't going to let The timid Timmy get that far ahead of her so she started to suck his cock. Things progressed from there and Jane had Timmy fuck her before they started back to the house.

"June was still displaying her cunt to Tommy in the house. When he got hot enough he brazened it out. He took out his prick and started to jerk off. When June scolded him he told her that if she hadn't wanted to see his hard prick she would have been wearing panties.

"It wasn't long before both were naked and Tommy showed that he'd had lessons the night before. He went down on June and lapped her cunt until she had her orgasms. She wasn't as sure of herself but she felt she had to suck his prick to pay him for the pleasure he had given her. One thing led to another and before long they were fucking up a storm. They had just finished a round when Jane and Timmy came in the house.

"They compared notes and went in for some four way sex. The girls were suspicious of how knowledgeable the boys were and learned that I had screwed both of them the night before. I got home a little earlier than usual and found all four of them in the shower. I had wanted to get the two boys in bed with me that night but decided to keep the kids apart till the next afternoon then we would have the family orgy that you walked in on.

"Hmm, I don't think I've left anything important out. Does that satisfy your curiosity?"

George massaged one of Sandra's tits and thought things over.

"I think it would be more fun to try the kids a couple at a time, rather than have the six of us jump right into a whole family orgy. What do you think, Sandra. Can you figure how to work that out? I think it would be fun to go with the boys first, then the girls."

Sandra was doing some thinking of her own.

"The kids sort of took the action away from me. We can try to make some plans, but don't be surprised if they catch on to them. They'll probably take the initiative if they get the chance. I think the boys would be willing to do things with you if you just suggested it to them but maybe we should work out some way for you to catch them in a compromising situation. If you walked in on the two of them while they were playing sex games it would make it much easier to get into the act."

Sandra spread a couple of drops of pre cum over the head of George's prick with her thumb while they thought a little more. He sucked her Sandra's and finger fucked her cunt. Both of them concluded that would probably be the best way to go about it.

"If we keep the boys away from the girls all day and keep them away from each other, they'll be hot by the time evening comes around. I'm certain that they'd be so hot by evening that they would need some way to relieve their sexual tensions. I'm sure that they won't waste any time getting into action once they have the chance. I'll take the girls to a movie that night. You can say you're going out, then come back and surprise them."

George grinned at Sandra.

"That plan should work out. I did see them sucking on each other's pricks on Friday. That's really what got me hot for them. Going from my own experience with Cyril I don't think that the boys can possibly keep away from each other if there's no one else around. We'll give it a try on Monday night."

Sandra had gotten the whole family into having sex together. George would never have thought of doing anything like that even though he had fantasized about fucking his teen age daughters and sucking the pricks of his pubescent sons on more than one occasion. As a matter of fact he would never even have dreamed of mentioning his fantasies to Sandra. Now due to what she had started he was about to live them out.

They hadn't sixty nined as they usually did to end their sex activities. George decided that Sandra deserved a very special treat for bringing all this about.

His kisses got more heated and he sucked on Sandra's tongue. He licked her cheek, then her neck and wound up nibbling on her earlobe. He probed Sandra's ear with his tongue and Sandra jumped. Sandra knew her husband was starting a trip around the world and relaxed as much as she could.

It was late in the afternoon by then and the kids would be coming home from the movies soon. They didn't have time for George's prick to get hard for another round, so the two of them dressed and went down stairs.

As part of the strategy for getting to the kids, George wore light pants and no underwear. Sandra was sure that the outline of his prick in the light pants would attract the interest of all of the kids. Sandra was doing some thinking herself.


Chapter - 10

It was a very frustrating Sunday for the kids. They had just started an active sex life among themselves and it seemed that their parents were conspiring to keep them apart. They had absolutely no chance to get together in privacy. First church, then a picnic lunch, then a drive in the country, and finally family TV viewing. With school the next day the kids were sent to bed at nine thirty.

They didn't get even too much chance in their own bedrooms. Sandra and George kept coming upstairs on various errands which kept the two pairs from the separate activities with each other that they would have pursued in place of the group activities with their siblings of the opposite sex that they would have preferred. The kids were afraid that they would make too much noise and that they would be heard by their father.

The boys did sneak in one mutual jerk off before they went to their separate beds and the girls made sure that they finger fucked each other to several orgasms before the did the same. All four of them resorted to solitary masturbation before they fell asleep and they all resented the circumstances that led up to this situation.

On Monday the boys had football practice so they didn't get home from school till late. They had their snacks and headed for the bathroom and the shower. The shower was one of the places that they had found the privacy to play some of their more interesting sex games. That was where they had first dreamed of having their mother suck their cock. They found their father had come home from work early and preempted the shower. One of their chances for a quick release gone.

The boys and the girls did do some groping while the were cleaning up the dinner dishes, but that hardly satisfied the horny boys. The feel of their sister's cunts, and their sister's hand on their cocks, made them hornier. By the time the dishes were done and the family gathered in the family room, all four of them were desperate.

Sandra came up with the idea of movies for the girls. George had come home early because he had a meeting to go to that night. Sandra and George were sorry but the boys would have to fend for themselves.

The boys could hardly wait for the house to empty out. Finally, after what seemed like forever, their siblings and their parents had all gone their separate ways. The boys didn't waste any time, they raced to the bedroom and stripped off their clothes as if there were no tomorrow. They wanted to get down to business. Each of them grabbed his brother's prick and gently massaged the drops of pre cum into his brother's prick head.

"Boy, did you see the size of the cock on pop when he was in the shower?"

"You bet and it wasn't even hard. I wonder how big his prick is when he has a hard on. It must be a monster. I wonder if you could get it into your mouth."

"Well, we could probably open our mouths wide enough to suck it in, but I bet it would be a real tight fit if he pushed it up one of our asses."

"I'd like to try it."

"Yeh, so would I."

"Let me give you a tongue bath, then you do me."

Timmy was always willing to follow his brother's lead so he lay down on his back, spread his legs, and raised them to expose all of his private parts.

"Okay, I love it when you lick me all over the way you do. You do it to me first then I'll do the same thing for you."

Tommy got on top of Timmy and started by giving his brother a French kiss. They traded spit for a while along with protestations of love. There was a ritual that went with a trip around the world and Tommy was following the ritual. He started by licking across Timmy's cheek and neck until he reached an ear. He nibbled on Timmy's earlobe then probed the canal with his tongue. No matter how much he was expecting it this always made Timmy jump.

Tommy licked his way back down Timmy's neck and over his upper chest. He sucked on his brother's nipples and massaged them with his tongue. The boys had just found out how sensitive they were there and each was taking special pains to perform this act on his brother. They each liked to feel their brothers nipples come to a point.

Tommy left the nipples hard and crinkly and worked his way down to his brother's navel. He pushed his tongue in and again, although he was expecting it, Timmy jumped. This pleased Tommy. He liked to give his brother pleasure.

It was time to move on. Tommy licked his way across Timmy's belly down toward Timmy's prick. Timmy's cock was throbbing with his pulse and seeping pre come. Tommy slurped up the seepage of lubricant that was coming out of Timmy's pisshole. He tongue bathed his brother down the sensitive underside of the prick, then down along the ass crack. Tommy tongue fucked his brother's asshole, then came up for air.

"Oh, Tommy, you do that so good. I love it when you do that to me. Now you lay back and I'll do it for you."

George had sneaked back into the house and was watching the action through a crack in the bedroom door. He arrived in time to hear them discussing the size of his own prick and had shed his clothes on the floor and was pulling gently on his eight inch cock. The boys were doing the things he had first learned to do with his brother Cyril before he could even shoot off. He could hardly wait to join them.

He was going to get into the action, but he was going to wait for the right time. He watched as the boys switched positions. Timmy started to do the same things to Tommy that Tommy had done to him.

He started with soul kissing and worked his way over to his brother's ear. Timmy nibble on Tommy's earlobe then penetrated his ear with his tongue. Then, just as Tommy had done, he licked down across his brother's chest to his nipples.

Tommy was more verbal than his brother and he was more prone to give his brother instructions whether he needed them or not. "Oooo, yeh, I like it when you suck on my nipples and make them stand up. I wonder why that feels so good on a boy. Your tongue tickles when you lick my belly. Wow, my belly-button sure is sensitive. Oh, your tongue feels so good. Lick on the head of my cock. Ah, yeh, that's right. Suck on that spot under the pisshole. That feels good. Wow! Okay, not so much or I'll come. That feels real good in my ass crack. Oh, Tongue fuck my asshole, Timmy. Oh, Yeh! I love you, Timmy. I love you and I love the way you do that to me. You better stop now or you'll make me come."

All this just about made George come too. He had been massaging his own prick as he listened to his son describe what his brother was doing to him. He slowed down his own prick pulling and waited for his chance. He had never had any contact with a male since his brother had left home and now he really wanted to get into the action with his two pre teen boys. He knew that it wouldn't be long. The boys lay side by side, gently playing with their hard cocks, and cooling off a little.

"Let's ass fuck."

"Oooo, yeh, you go first, Tommy, fuck my ass. I like it when you make me shoot off by fucking my ass. I still don't know why it happens, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it."

Timmy got on his hands and knees. Tommy got behind him, licked the length of his ass crack, and then deposited a good sized gob of spit on his brother's asshole. He got on his knees behind his brother and, holding Timmy's hips, pushed his prick slowly into his brother's asshole.

"Gee, that doesn't hurt at all any more. Not like it did the first time anyway. It feels good from the time you start pushing your prick up my ass. Oh, push it all the way in, Tommy, push it in!"

Tommy Eased the whole length of his prick into his brother's ass and let it rest for a moment. George eased himself into the room and positioned himself behind Tommy. Tommy slowly pulled his prick out of Timmy's ass. George was waiting, as Tommy's hips pulled back he licked his son's ass.

"Hey, what's that?"

"Mind if I get into the act? I like ass fucking too."



"Yeh, I love you boys too, and I'd like to get into the act. Do you mind? I haven't made love to a boy since my brother left to go to college."

The boys were startled and they weren't very coherent for a while.




"But pop!"

Finally gathering themselves together, they started to make some sense.

"What would mom say."

"How did you know what we were going to do."

"Well, don't worry about your mother, she knows that I'm here. She helped set me up with you boys by getting the girls out of the way.

"As to the other question I happened to get home a day early. When I got into the house on Friday I caught the whole family having a ball. I didn't think that I should be left out. I enjoy sex as much as anyone else. But you didn't answer my question. Do you mind if I get into the act? I'll go away and jack off if you don't want me."

"Oh, no! We'd love to have -

you. You probably know some -

things that will make it more fun."

"Well, Tommy still has his prick up your ass, Timmy. Why don't you continue and let me fuck Tommy's ass. It'll be a tight fit and it may hurt a little. My prick is bigger than yours. Is that O.K. with you, Tommy?"

"Wow, your prick looks awfully big. Do you think I can take it?"

"Well, I took my brother's big prick up my ass when I was twelve years old. His prick was almost as big as mine is now and you boys are bigger than I was at that age. I have to admit that it did hurt a little at first, but I loved it by the time we were finished. I'll take it a little slow. Just tell me when you're ready for more."

Tommy held still while his father tongue fucked his asshole then wet it with spit. George stood on the floor by the bed, his prick was at just the right height to enter his son's ass. He held on to Tommy's hips and pushed the head of his cock into his son's the asshole. Tommy was surprised, after the first bit it didn't hurt at all.

George fucked his prick into Tommy's ass. Tommy fucked his prick into Timmy's ass. Timmy pushed his ass back against his brother's prick each time Tommy pushed forward. George spit on his hand, reached around for Timmy's prick and let it slide through his slick fingers. Timmy fucked his father's fist in the same rhythm that the two others were fucking ass. The fact that it was their father that was having sex with them made everything more exciting for the boys.

Even George couldn't last long under these conditions. Tommy deposited a load of young boy cum up Timmy's ass. Timmy deposited a load of young boy cum in his father's hand. Tommy's ass contracting around his prick was the last straw, George deposited a big load of adult cum in Tommy's ass.

The three of them collapsed onto the bed. Their pricks had softened after their release. The boys wanted to examine their father's huge prick. They lay down so they faced his groin and felt it and looked at it. First Tommy, then Timmy, licked at it to capture the pre cum that was again oozing out of George's pisshole.

George wasn't laying there passively allowing his prick to be licked. He held one of his son's pricks in each hand and examined them. Their cocks were smaller than his brother's had been when he had his first encounter with Cyril but they were considerably bigger than his had been when he first shot off. He was intrigued by them. They were still small enough so that he could do a lot more manipulation with them in his mouth than he ever had been able to do with his brother's.

He took one after the other into his mouth and gently sucked on it. With this kind of treatment, first the twins then George grew new hards on. The boys looked at each other, they telepathed, and they went into action. Tommy took his fathers prick into his mouth. Timmy moved behind his father, lubricated his asshole with spit, and pushed in his prick. They were going to give their father the works.

"Oh, boys, what are you doing to me?"

"We're going to make you come till you can't come any more."

The boys really went to work on their father. They remembered how much fun it had been Friday afternoon when they had ganged up on their mother. Now they had a chance to do the same thing to their father and they weren't going to miss it.

Tommy gave George the full treatment. He licked at the head of his father's eight inch cock. He ran his tongue around the rim of the helmet several times. He nibbled on the sensitive loose skin under his father's pisshole. He ran his tongue up and down the underside of his father's cock. He licked down his father's ass crack to the junction of his brother's prick and his father's ass.

He licked his brother's prick as it pushed in and out of his father's ass and worked his father's ass over at the same time.

Tommy moved back to the main point of interest. He sucked the head of his father's prick into his mouth and vacuumed with as much suction as he could apply. He got the prick all the way into his throat and started to gag. He swallowed to overcome the reflex and his father's hips jerked so he knew that his father liked that.

His chin was resting on his father's balls and his nose was buried in his father's wiry pubic hair. George was pumping his hips back and forth in counter rhythm to his son's thrusts. Tommy bobbed his head in a counter rhythm to his father's thrusts. Each time he had the head of his father's prick in his throat he swallowed and felt the appreciative response his father gave. He sucked harder and each time his father pulled back a little he massaged the head of his father's prick with his tongue.

Timmy was pumping his prick into his father's ass as hard as he could. His prick flashed in and out of his father's ass and with each thrust he could feel the tension build. The feel of his brother's tongue licking his cock had gotten him even hotter than he'd been before. George echoed his wife's first comment when the boys had given her the treatment.

"You boys will be the death of me. What a pleasant way to die. Oh, Tommy, suck my cock. Timmy, fuck my ass. Wow, there isn't very much that I could teach the two of you. You don't know how much I love this. I love you Tommy. I love you, Timmy. I love having sex with the two of you too. I'm glad I came home and found you all having sex together. I love the both of you so much."

"Oh, pop, we love you too. I love fucking your ass. It feels so good. I'm going to come. Oh, wow!"

Tommy was silent. He had a mouth full.

"Oh, boys, I'm coming."

"Fill Tommy's mouth with a load of your cum, pop. Tommy'll love it. We both love sucking a load of cum out of each others' pricks. I'm coming in your ass. Come, pop, come. I'm coming!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, Timmy shot a load of his adolescent cum into his father's ass. Spurt, spurt, swallow, spurt, dribble, swallow, dribble, dribble, swallow, swallow, Tommy sucked a man sized load of mature cum from his father's prick and continued to nurse until he drained it of every drop he could get. The action slowed down.

George pulled his limp prick out of Tommy's mouth, and Timmy's soft prick was squeezed out of his father's asshole. They collapsed onto the bed again.

"Gee, pop, your cum tastes a little more bitter than Timmy's, but I still like it."

"Tommy, you have an educated mouth. I think you gave me a better blow job than my brother ever did and he had years of practice. But you didn't come that time you should have switched around so that we could sixty nine and I could suck a load of cum out of your prick. Let me give you a blow job now. I'll give you a real working over. You just lay there on your back."

Tommy moved to the position his father indicated and George started with the French kissing. He loved the taste of his own cum that he found in his son's mouth. It reminded him of the many times he'd saved some of Cyril's cum so he could share it with him.

He gave his son a full tongue bath and he reveled in every minute of it. The whole family enjoyed giving pleasure to the other members of the family as much as they enjoyed getting sexual relief. He loved having sex with his wife but he realized that he had missed this all male action. After more than twenty years without having sex with a male he knew this wouldn't be the only session he had with his sons. It would have to be a regular feature in the family sexual activities.

George took his time and hit all the hot spots working toward Tommy's prick. He probed Tommy's ear, licked and sucked on his nipples, probed his navel, and laved his lower belly. Having worked his way down to Tommy's prick, he licked all around it. He tantalized his son by flicking his cock head with his tongue and not sucking his cock into his mouth.

Tommy bucked his hips up toward his father's mouth. This exposed his ass crack and George gave his son's ass an adequate amount of attention. He licked his way back to his son's balls and sucked on them before licking the underside of Tommy's prick. It was time to go for the main attraction. George sucked his son's prick into his mouth.

By this time his own prick was as hard as a rock. Timmy took his cue. Tommy had tasted their father's cum and he wanted to find out what it tasted like. He got down between his father's legs, and slurped his father's big prick into his own mouth. It was bigger than his brother's, but he found that he could manage the whole thing. Like his brother before him he found out how to swallow around the head. He started to suck in earnest. Tommy was the only one who had his mouth free.

"Oh, pop, you're sucking my cock so good. I love it. I love you! Oh, You're making me come. I'm coming in your mouth. Oh, pop, drink my cum. Drink it all. Oooo!"

Spurt, spurt, swallow, spurt, spurt, swallow, swallow, dribble, dribble, swallow, dribble, dribble, swallow, swallow. Tommy shot his load into his father's mouth. Drinking his son's cum brought George off in record time and he shot his adult load into his other son's mouth. Timmy drank the cum as fast as his father supplied it to him. He liked the bitter taste of his father's cum too. The three of them collapsed again.

"Boys, I've had one more come than either of you have had, and I'm older and can't come as often. I'll tell you what we can do. Tommy why don't you fuck your brother's ass again while I suck a load of cum out of Timmy's cock? I'd love to get a good taste his cum too even though I'm willing to bet I can't tell the difference. Here, Tommy, I see that your prick is still soft, I'll get you hard again then we can get started."

George took Tommy's prick in his mouth again and gently massaged it with his tongue. He got an instant response and Tommy's prick started to harden. George moved to Tommy's asshole and probed with his tongue. That finished the operation, as fast as the blood could gather in his cock, Tommy's prick throbbed up to a brand new hard on.

"Oh, Tommy, I want pop to suck me off. Come on, you're hard now, push your prick up my ass and pump it in and out. Fuck my ass while pop gives me a blow job. I'm so hot. I didn't have a chance to come in that last round and I sure am ready to shoot off right now."

"Okay, Timmy, wait till I get some spit on your ass, that won't take very long. Uh, I'm pushing my prick up Timmy's ass right now, pop, suck on his cock. Do as good a job on Timmy as you did on me. He'll love it just like I did. If you liked my cum I know you'll like his. Just like you said, I can't tell them apart by taste. I think his cum tastes just like mine."

George gave Timmy the full tongue bath he'd given Tommy then concentrated on his prick. He sucked it in his mouth and rubbed his tongue along the sensitive underside. He bobbed his head back and forth.

"Timmy, your ass feels good on my prick. Suck on his cock, pop. Do him as good as you did me. I love having sex with the both of you it's even better than doing things with only Timmy."

"Oh, pop, suck my prick, I love the way you suck cock. Tommy, fuck your prick up my ass. Push it in harder, Tommy, pump it in faster. I'm almost ready to shoot off already. This is out of this world. Oh, wow!"

"Drink down Timmy's cum like you did mine, pop. I'm ready to come up his ass right now. Oh, I'm coming. Come with me, Timmy. Shoot your cum into pop's mouth. Feed pop a full load. Ahhh! Oooo! Wow! I'm shooting off up your ass Timmy."

"I'm coming, pop. Drink my cum! Oh, wow!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, true to form, Tommy deposited a load of boy cum up his brother's ass. Spurt, spurt, swallow, spurt, dribble, swallow, dribble, dribble, swallow, swallow. George drank every drop of the young boy cum that his son had shot into his mouth. Another collapse. This time they were all worn out.

"Gee, pop, we never got to -

form a daisy chain. We'd love -

to suck cock all around. It'd be a blast."

The boys were in synchronization again.

"Are you -

going to get -

it on with the girls?"

"Well, I sure hope so. Don't you boys tell them about this and stay away from them for a day or two until I make out with them. Okay?"

"Sure, pop, we'd love to watch and do things with all of you together. But I guess that we can wait till after the first time. How soon do you think you can get together with them?"

"If you keep -

wearing those -

thin shorts -

the girls will -

probably rape -

you before you -

seduce them."

The men of the family were exhausted. The boys were amused when their father said that their pencils were out of lead. They'd never heard the expression before but they immediately knew what their father meant. They agreed that their pricks were out of lead and were willing to call it a night.

George retrieved his clothes from the floor outside the boys' room and showered and dressed just in time to meet Sandra and the girls as they returned from the movie. The girls were shooed off to bed and Sandra wanted to know what had happened.

George gave his wife a detailed and graphic description of what he and the boys had done. He told the story blow job by blow job and ass fuck by ass fuck. By the time he had finished all the details Sandra had her dress up and she was running her hand up and down her wet cunt and wiggling all over the couch she was sitting on.

George moved her hand out of the way and took over for her. He massaged her clit with one hand and slid his fingers of the other in and out of her love hole. Being the hot blooded woman that she was, she quickly had several orgasms.

"I wish I had a spy hole on all that activity. It must have been fun. Someday I'm going to have to watch the three of you. I've heard of women giving shows for men but I never heard of men giving shows for women."

The two of them went upstairs and prepared for bed. Neither of them bothered with nightclothes. They both knew that nightclothes would get in the way. George, in deference to his worn out condition, went down on his wife immediately. He started out with some tongue probing kisses and gave his wife a complete tongue bath. He worked her over from head to toe. He sucked on each of her toes.

He slowly worked his way up her legs, giving full attention to the sensitive spots behind the knees. He tongued his way up the inside of her thighs up along her ass crack, and turned her on her stomach to tongue fuck her ass. Sandra squirmed and jumped with all this intimate attention. She appreciated the way her husband knew all of her responsive points. She knew exactly what he was going to do next but he played her like a musical instrument.

"Oh, George, suck on my clit. Tongue fuck me. Make me come. I love the way you work me over. I can't wait any longer. Make me come. Suck my cunt, George. Suck on my cunt!"

George turned his wife over on her back and dived into her cunt. He gently grabbed her clit in his teeth, rubbed his tongue over the sensitive organ and pushed three fingers in and out of her cunt hole. He switched actions by pushing his tongue into her cunt and rubbing her clit with his nose. He was quite experienced in giving his wife maximum pleasure.

"Ahhh! I'm coming. You're making me come, George. Keep doing it. I'm coming. I'm coming. I'm coming! Make me come some more. Oh, I love the way you lap my cunt. Make me come some more."

George did. He made his wife come at least four times before she finally couldn't take any more and pushed his face away. She pulled him up and kissed him again and again.

After resting, they discussed tactics for George's seduction of the girls. The boys had been easy. It might be a little more difficult to get the girls into a situation that lent itself to their aims.

Sandra told George the way the girls had seduced the boys, and came up with the idea of letting them seduce George the same way. The boys had said that was exactly what would happen. Since no better plan came to mind they decided to try this the next night.


Chapter - 11

Sandra got the boys aside at breakfast the next day, and told them to make arrangements to go to the Y swimming pool that night and to stay away until curfew. She then let it be know that she had some personal shopping to do that night and didn't want anyone with her. This left a clear field for the girls to seduce George. Sandra was as sure as the boys were that this is the way it would happen.

George came home from work, showered, and changed into light clothing without putting on any underwear. Their father's costume was not lost on the girls. Neither was the fact that their father's prick wasn't meekly nestled between his legs. They noticed that immediately. When the boys said they were going swimming, and Sandra notified them of her intention to shop, the girls immediately laid plans to lay their father.

If they had to share the twin boys with their mother there was no reason she shouldn't share George with them. They were going to give it a try at any rate.

As soon as dinner was over and Sandra and the boys were out of the house, they went upstairs to strip off their panties. They didn't have to discuss things each of them knew exactly what her sister was thinking. They didn't even have to set up a plan of action, they would each know what role to play when the time came.

Sitting around without their panties on and exposing their cunts to the boys had worked out to their wildest dreams and now they were going to try the same thing on their father. They would make the most of any opportunity that presented itself.

The girls came down stairs and sat across from their father in the family room. They made sure that their father could catch glimpses of the bare thighs and their uncovered cunts. George responded with hard on, but pretended he was paying no attention. Jane, as usual, took the lead. She went over, sat on her father's lap, and wiggled her ass so that it would rub up against his hard prick.

"Gee, pop, I haven't sat on your lap for ages. I love you and I miss it. What's that in your lap that's making such a hard lump? Why, pop, you have a hard on! Why do you have a hard on, pop?"

"Now look, since you and your sister have been pushing your cunts into my face, you can't expect me not to get a hard on. If you're interested in that hard on, how about taking off your dresses, then I'll show you a monster."

"Is that why -

the boys and -

mom left the house?"

"It sure is. I spent last night with the boys, and I figured that I could get into your pants tonight, but your not even wearing any. Come on, let's dispense with the games and get down to business. Let's get undressed and go upstairs."

The three of them went upstairs. They peeled off their clothing and ended up in the girls room. George immediately started to finger their pubescent cunts, and the girls were wild over their father's eight inch cock. They had to examine it immediately.

"Oh, wow, I don't know whether we can get a prick this big this into out cunts. It's a lot bigger than Timmy's or Tommy's prick and they hurt some the first time. Do you think it will hurt us?"

"I don't care if it is big. I want to try it out. I'll bet there's no problem."

"Oh, when the time comes I'll take it easy. It may hurt a little at first, but I'm sure that you will enjoy it in the end. From what I saw when I sneaked into the house on Friday, you'll probably enjoy it in either end. The boys were sure gave you a working over while I watched."

"You came home -

on Friday? You -

saw us in the -

family room? -

Oh, wow. You -

should have -

come in then."

Both of the girls wanted to examine their father's eight inch prick more closely. They each took turns licking at the head of their father's cock to gather the pre cum that seeped out of his pisshole. George wasn't lying back and enjoying this attention. His head was going from one cunt to the other, licking at their cunts and sucking on their clits.

"Hey, we've always had the both the boys and never had the both of us with one guy, pop, how should we do this?"

"I'll lay on my back. One of you can ride my prick, that way you can ease yourself down on to my prick as slow or as fast as you want. The other one can position her cunt right over my mouth. I'll lap her cunt while I'm being fucked. That will be a lot of fun for me. As you kids say, that will be awesome. I love fucking and I love lapping cunt. I'm in the same situation as you are, I've never had two girls at one time either. I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun."

Jane, the adventurous one, positioned herself so her cunt was right over her father's big prick and slowly lowered herself so her tight young twat slid down over it. Joan sat on her father's chest and pushed her cunt up to her father's mouth. Jane got about three inches of her father's cock into her tight cunt very quickly but she had to exert some pressure to get it in further. That didn't stop her she continued to slowly slide her cunt down over her father's big prick.

"It does hurt a little, pop, but it hurts good. I'm going to get it all in. I bet it feels real good when it's all in. It feels good already. I'm going all the way. Now! Oh, wow! Oh, pop, I've got your big prick all the way up my cunt. It does feel good. I'm going to start riding it now. I'm going to make you shoot your cum into my cunt."

"Wow, pop, you really know how to lap a cunt. It feels so good the way you do it. Oh, suck on my clit. Ah, stick your tongue up my twat. You're going to make me come in your mouth, pop. I want to come in your mouth."

"Pop, I'm going to come. Your big prick is making me come. It rubs a lot harder than the boys' pricks do. Oh, I'm coming pop. Shoot your cum into my cunt. I'm coming. I'm coming right now. Oh, pop!"

"Oh, I'm coming. I'm coming in my father's mouth. My father is making me come by lapping my cunt. Ohhh! Ahhh!"

The feel of his daughter's tight cunt riding up and down his prick, and his daughters' randy talk, brought George off. With his mouth full, he couldn't express how delighted he was. However he delivered a rewarding load of cum into Jane's cunt.

The girls quickly changed positions. Jane moved her head down and slurped on her father's softening prick while Joan moved around and vacuumed her father's cum out of her sister's twat. Having cleaned off George's prick, Jane moved into the crotch area, and lapped up the cum that had leaked out. She Lick her father's ass crack and got the few drops that had seeped down to his asshole. She went back to his prick and started to give it a tongue massage. George responded by springing a fresh hard on.

"Pop, I want you to fuck me now. I want to feel that big prick up my cunt. The way Jane acted, it couldn't have hurt her very much. I want to try it now, but get on top. I won't have the nerve to drop all of my weight on it like Jane did. Push your prick into my cunt, pop, but take it slow and easy at first. I am a little afraid."

"You bend the crab, Jane. Here, do it with your ass right over you sister's face. I'll fuck her and lap your cunt at the same time."

The girls positioned themselves as George instructed them. George eased his big cock into Joan's cunt. She pushed ass up to meet his crotch and to her surprise soon had his prick totally engulfed in her adolescent twat.

"Oh, pop, that does feel good. I wouldn't miss this for the world. It feels as if my cunt was just made to hold your cock. Fuck me, pop, fuck me."

Jane's cunt was just in the right positioned for George to start to lap at it. Joan was staring right up at Jane's ass. Joan knew what to do when she had an ass in her face, she started to tongue fuck her sister's ass. Jane went wild with this double attention. It was all she could do to keep her crotch in position.

"Suck on my cunt, pop. Lick my ass, Joan. Fuck Joan, pop. Pump that big prick of yours up Joan's cunt till it comes out her mouth. Oh, fuck her, pop. Make her come. Shoot your cum into my sister's cunt. Make me come with your mouth. Oh, tongue fuck my ass Joan. Oh, I'm coming! I'm coming! I love you, pop. I love you Joan! Oh, I'm coming. Shoot off in Joan's cunt, pop. Make Joan come too, pop. Ohhh! Oooo!"

This time Joan got the cunt full of cum. Jane scurried around and started to lick at her sister's cunt while her father's shrinking prick was still inserted. She lapped at her father's prick. She sucked the cum out of her sister's twat. She licked up and down the two ass cracks to lap up the seepage.

Once this was accomplished she tongue fucked both assholes. George's flaccid prick was finally squeezed out of Jane's tight cunt and Joan sucked it into her mouth and cleaned it off before she let up. George, in the meantime cleaned the rest of his cum out of Jane's cunt. Licking his daughter's adolescent cunts was a real turn on.

When the cleanup orgy was finished the girls positioned themselves on each side of their father. The three of them kissed and hugged each other and fondled each others' sex organs.

"I love you girls so much."

"I love you too, pop."

"I love you very much."

"We love you -

and we love -

your big prick."

"Don't you think you want the boys any more? Their pricks aren't this big yet."

"That's different -

we still want to -

do the boys. They -

give us fun a different -

way. We love the both -

of them too."

The girls really wanted as much variety in the prick department as they could get. They weren't about to settle for just one prick, even one as big as George's. George was more than satisfied with this idea. He wanted to enjoy his whole family too. He couldn't wait till he got both sets of twins and Sandra together for a family orgy similar to the one that he'd witnessed the previous Friday.

All this time the three of them were playing with each other's sex organs. George had shot off two loads of cum and his prick was a little slow in getting hard even with both girls playing with it. He had a suggestion to keep things moving until he was ready again.

"I saw you girls flat fucking when I was watching on Friday. I've never seen that before. Why don't you do it now so I can see it up close. By the time you're done I bet I'm ready again."

The girls were willing. They always had fun that way, and by this time they were accustomed to the inability of the men of the family to keep up with them when it came to repeated sexual activity. It's true that the boys were younger and they would have been ready for a third round by now but after that the girls would have had to wait for a while before their brothers were ready for the fourth round. It would be even longer before the boys were ready after that.

Joan lay on her back and Jane positioned herself on top with one knee in-between her sisters leg. She positioned her cunt so that one of the outer lips of girl on top's cunt rubbed between the outer lips of their sister's cunt. This made one of the outer lips of each girls cunt rub the inner lips of her sisters and also rub her sister's clit. Once they had their cunts in position Jane started to move her body back and forth.

George was fascinated by the action. He got himself positioned between their legs and watched the intimate contact between his daughters' cunts. He wasn't satisfied with being passive for very long, he stuck his tongue out and probed between their bodies with it. He was licking both of his daughters' cunts at the same time. George was delighted with the effect his cunt lapping had on the girls. Every time they had a come, he enjoyed it as much as his own.

By the time the girls had a full orgasm, George's engorged prick was again standing straight out from his body. The girls looked at each other and went into action in unison. Without saying a word they made the mutual decision to give their father a trip around the world.

Jane kissed her father and pushed her tongue into his mouth. They tongue dueled while Joan licked at George's ear then pushed her tongue into it. The girls switched and Joan and George French kissed while Jane gave his other ear a similar treatment.

The two of them worked their way down to his nipples and each of them stopped there to give them a working over. They nibbled and sucked on his nipples until the nipples were hard and crinkly and he was covered with goose flesh.

Joan then moved around to her father's back. They both tongued their way down to his crotch, Jane collecting the pre cum from the tip of his prick and licking his prick head in the process. Joan swiped at his asshole with her tongue and gave him a regular rimming.

They moved down to his feet then started back up, licking at all the sensitive spots that they could find. The girls had switched sides, Jane got back to the prick and licked the drops of cum from his pisshole. Joan licked his asshole.

The girls then concentrated on their father's huge cock. Joan licked around the head while Jane licked up and down the sensitive underside. They took turns working on that special spot right under the pisshole. Joan sucked his prick into her mouth and Jane started to tongue fuck his asshole.

"Boy, you girls can really work a guy over. I've never had a treat like this. Suck my cock, Joan. Lick my ass, Jane. This is unbelievable. I'm going to go through the ceiling."

The girls, working with psychic precision, switched what they were doing without missing a stroke. Jane took over the cock sucking and Joan worked the rear end. Jane pushed her head down on her father's eight inch prick until the tip of it was in her throat. She swallowed her father's whole prick. Joan pushed her tongue all the way up her father's ass. She pumped it in and out. George's hips were pumping his prick into his daughter's mouth.

"Oh, girls, I'm going to shoot off. You're going to make me come again. I'm coming! I love you, Jane! I love you, Joan! I'm coming!"

Spurt, spurt, Swallow, swallow. Again the girls switched positions without loosing a drop of their father's cum. Spurt, dribble, swallow, dribble, dribble, swallow. Between them they drained their father's full load of cum and sucked on his deflating cock till it was completely limp.

"I don't think I've ever had a come like that. You girls are artists. It's obvious that you take after your mother. You've drained your old man dry. I love the both of you."

The two of them licked and sucked until their father's prick had shrunk down to limp noodle. They then swarmed all over him. kissing and hugging.

"We love you too, -

pop. We love to -

work your huge -

prick over. Do -

you think you can -

go one more? We'd -

like to try that again."

"No way! What little I have left, I want to save for your mother. We'll get together again. I'd like to get the whole family together. That should be a ball."

"We can't wait for every one to get together."

"That should be one wild time."

George and the girls then called it a day, and rather a day it had been. George left the room and the girls quickly fell asleep.


Chapter - 12

Sandra came home early from he shopping trip and quietly entered the house. The swimming pool had closed early due to a filter malfunction so Sandra found the boys waiting on the porch, not wanting to disturb what was going on in the house.

Sandra took the situation in and warned the boys to be quiet and they went upstairs. Sure enough, from the sounds coming from the girls room, they knew that the other half of the family was engaged in a hot round of sex.

The sounds had an immediate effect on both the boys and Sandra. On the boys it was obvious, their pricks hardened immediately. It was less obvious with Sandra but her cunt lubricated. Sandra realized the hectic pace of the last week had left one of her goals unaccomplished. She had never had both of the boys to herself.

She easily convinced herself that the only way to keep the boys from interrupting George and the girls was to keep them occupied and she was sure she knew the very best way to keep them busy. She put her finger to her lips and led the boys to the master bedroom, which was the opposite end of the house from where George and the girls were. Once there she reached down and patted both boys on their crotches.

"While your father and the girls are having a good time, we can have a party in here. Don't forget, no one disturbed you last night. We don't want to interrupt what your father and sisters are doing. Maybe tomorrow night the whole family can get together. For now, you'll just have to be satisfied with me."

"Okay, mom, -

we'd love -

to ball you. -

We've been trying -

to get you alone -

since last Thursday."

The twins were thinking along the same lines as usual. They had discussed what they could do if they only had one female and there were several things that they would like to try.

"I wish you boys' would finish your own sentences. Okay, get out of your clothes and let's get going. My cunt's dripping wet just thinking about your lovely young pricks."

Sandra and the boys quickly stripped. The boys' pricks were sticking straight out and dripping pre cum. Sandra's clit was peeking out of the top of her cunt. Sandra realized the boys would be on hair triggers so she sat down on the bed and pulled both of them toward her.

She licked the drop of cum from the tip and sucked Timmy's prick into her mouth. She moved slowly and bobbed her head while she massaged the sensitive underside of his prick with her tongue. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, Timmy fed her a load of young boy cum in record time.

Sandra moved to Tommy and started the same way. She licked off the pre cum and sucked his prick into her mouth. Tommy was more aggressive than his brother, he fucked his prick into his mother's mouth until he was ready to shoot off. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, Tommy fed his mother's sucking mouth another load of young boy cum.

"Oh, wow! That -

was good but -

now we're not -

hard any more. -

We'll just make -

you feel real good."

After shooting off in their mother's mouth the boys had deflated cocks but they couldn't wait to get into action. They were going to make their mother feel real good in payment for the blow jobs they had just received. They had the same ability to read each other's minds as their sisters had.

They looked at each other and Tommy pulled his mother on to the bed to start with the French kisses. Timmy immediately licked her neck, nibbled on her earlobe and probed at her ear. Just as the girls had done, they switched places and Tommy French kissed his mother while Timmy licked around the other ear.

The boys licked the way down to their mother's tits and started to nurse. Sandra responded by holding both of their heads against her tits and begging them to nurse the way they did when they were babies. They weren't babies and their hardening pricks were rubbing up against her legs. This got Sandra even hotter than two boys nursing on her tits did. The boys didn't help matters any by playing with her cunt.

Sandra couldn't take the suspense she pushed her sons' heads down toward her cunt. The boys realized the situation and they weren't going to hurry the operation. They didn't even know what they were doing was called a trip around the world by they were going to take the whole trip.

Both of them slowly licked their way down their mother's belly, each of them probing her navel, until they reached their mother's full bush of blond cunt hair. Then, as the girls had done with George, they separated.

Timmy moved to the rear and Tommy continued down the front. They applied their tongues in the appropriate places. Tommy lapped his mother's cunt and Timmy tongue fucked her asshole. Sandra just lay there and enjoyed it. She was capable of multiple orgasms and decided to let the boys do what they wanted without any interference.

The boys got Sandra wiggling then moved on down her legs. They got to the soles of her feet and licked until Sandra giggled. Then, each taking a foot, they sucked on each of her toes. They turned Sandra on her stomach and worked their way up the back of her legs.

Sandra's body jerked satisfactorily when they licked the backs of her knees and it wiggled when they spent several minutes licking the inside of their mother's thighs. The boys knew they were again approaching their major objectives. This time Tommy moved to his mother's rear end, and Timmy moved up so that his face was in front of his mother's cunt.

Tommy licked up and down his mother's ass crack, stopping each time he reached her pucker to jam his tongue into it as far as it would go. Timmy extended his tongue into Sandra's cunt and pushed it in and out as far as it would go. When he felt his mother was used to that he switched to her enlarged clit and sucked it into his mouth. He sucked on it as if it were a small prick and massaged it with his tongue. He kept changing his action and it was driving Sandra up the wall.

"You boys sure have learned a hell of a lot in one week. You could drive any woman crazy the way you're working me over. Oh, you're making me come already. Suck my cunt, Timmy. Probe my ass, Tommy. You're making me come. I'm coming! Keep it up boys. I'm coming now! Ohhh! Oooo! Ahhh!"

The boys were proud of the way they could bring their mother off. They enjoyed giving her pleasure. They got sexual satisfaction themselves from the obvious affect that their activities had on their mother. Just as the girls had done the boys switched around. Tommy worked on her cunt and Timmy worked on her ass. They kept up the action until their mother went through four orgasms and didn't let up until Sandra pushed both of them away from her and covered her cunt with her hand.

"Enough, already, enough. I can't take any more right now. Why don't you boys get up on the bed. I want to taste your pricks. I'll bet you have a lot of pre cum for me to lick off. I love the taste of your cum. Let me have a chance."

The boys couldn't wait. By this time they were so hot they were squirming. They bounced on the bed and lay down side by side. Sandra leaned over and licked one prick head then the other. She cleaned off all the lubricant that had been leaking out of the boys' pissholes. She took the head of Timmy's prick in her mouth and sucked on it then she switched to Tommy's prick. Like the boys, she enjoyed giving pleasure almost as much as receiving it, and she wanted to give as much pleasure as possible.

"I want to try something. Lay on your sides belly to belly."

"Okay, mom, -

what are you -

going to do?"

Sandra manipulated their pricks so they were down between the boys thighs and they were both together. She lay down with her head between their legs, and sucked both of her sons' pricks in her mouth at the same time. Between the two of them it was a mouthful.

"Oh, wow!"

"That feels good!"

"Suck our cocks, mom."

"Make us both cum together."

"Hey, your prick feels good rubbing against mine, Timmy."

"Yeh, your prick feels good against mine too."

"Oh, mom, no one -

can give head -

like you can. -

We love the way -

you suck our cocks"




Sandra drank down every drop the boys could shoot into her mouth and the boys gave her plenty. When the cum stopped shooting out of their pricks she sucked the dregs out of their balls. There was nothing she liked better than young boy cum. She could drink a gallon of it. Sandra kept the boys' young cocks in her mouth until they were fully deflated. She let the pricks slip out of her mouth and separated the boys then licked their pricks, crotches, and asses until they were clean.

"Oh, mom, you make us -

feel so good. We're -

so glad you decided -

to let us fuck you -

last Thursday. It -

hardly seems as if -

it was less than a -

week ago that we -

were virgins."

"Well, you sure aren't acting like virgins now. You act like you've been doing this for years. You're as good as your father is at some things.

I love fucking you and sucking your cocks. Having you lap my cunt is a turn on too. Come here and let me hug and kiss you. Then nurse on my tit's for a while. I love it when you do that. When you babies I had your father fuck me every time finished feeding you. Having you suck my tits made me real hot and I would practically rape him. I don't think I'll ever get enough of having you suck my tits."

The boys accommodated their mother and sucked tit for a while. She held their heads against her tits until they started playing with her cunt again. The she lay down between the boys and shared French kisses with each of them. She hugged both of them close to her body and felt their growing cocks rub against her side.

The boys licked their mother's ears, laved their way down her neck, and moved to her tits. Timmy sucked on her right tit and Tommy her left. They gently nibbled on the nipples. The nipples responded by hardening and crinkling up. It wasn't long before Sandra was squirming and the boys had raging hards on.

"Shall we -

fuck your -

cunt and -

ass at -

the same -

time. We -

had a lot -

of fun -

doing that -

last time."

"That's a marvelous idea boys. I liked that as much as you did when we tried it out. I think I was very clever having twins. Few women ever get a chance to have the attention that you boys are giving me. Twins can double your pleasure, as they say in the chewing gum commercials."

Tommy positioned himself in front of his mother and Timmy got behind her. Sandra held Tommy's prick until he pushed it into her cunt. Tommy held Timmy's prick till he shoved it up her ass. Knowing their own lack of lasting power, the boys moved very slowly at first. Timmy pushed in while Tommy pulled out. Each of them could feel, through the thin membranes that separate the cunt from the colon, his brother's prick moving in and out of the other hole. It was a real turn on and they made sure that they stayed in opposite synchronization so they could get the maximum sensation.

They couldn't keep the pace down very long. Their hips speeded up in short order. Soon they were pushing in and out as fast as they could. They kept the rhythm going, synchronizing the strokes so that one was withdrawing while the other was pushing in. Sandra was swinging her body to meet the thrust of each of the boys.

"Come, mom, come! -

I'm ready to -

come myself."

"Boys, I'm already on my second orgasm. You'll have to do a lot to beat you're hot mother. I'm coming again. Ahhh!"

"Sock it to your mother, boys. Give her everything you've got. I've never seen your mother get too much."

George, having left the girls room, had walked in to his bedroom to find a very active threesome at work on his bed.


Chapter - 13

"Oooo! I'm going to shoot your cunt full of cum, mom! I'm ready to shoot off!"

"Ahhh! Your ass is milking the cum right out of my cock! Wow!"

"Ohhh! Shoot me full of cum boys! Let it fly! Your mother is ready for anything you can give her."

George was having fun watching his wife and his twin sons and cheering them on.

"Fill her up, boys. Give her every drop you have. Shoot her cunt full of cum, Tommy. Give her a cum enema, Timmy. You'll never wear that woman out. I've been trying to for years, and I've gotten nowhere. Give her a good working over."

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Tommy shot his load of cum into his mother's cunt. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Timmy shot his young boy load into his mother's ass. Sandra was gladly accepting their tributes.

When the boys' cocks had shrunk and slipped out of the holes in which they had been buried, Sandra did her mother cat routine again. She carefully cleaned their pricks and ass cracks with her tongue. She couldn't get enough of their young bodies and the boys loved every minute of it.

George got into the act. He cleaned up his wife as thoroughly as she was cleaning up the boys. He sucked as much of his sons' cum out of her cunt and her asshole as he could. George had thought that he was done for the night when he left the girls' room. The salacious scene in the master bedroom gave him another hard on in a hurry.

Both boys saw it at the same time and they didn't lose any time commenting on it.

"Gee, pop, didn't -

the girls wear -

you out? They -

had our pricks -

as soft as a -

wet noodle by -

the time they -

let up on us."

"Well, George, from the sounds we heard coming from the girls' room, I assume that our scheme went off as planned."

"It sure did. You were right. After you left the house it didn't take them ten minutes to rape me. To tell the truth, I didn't resist very much."

Sandra was still fondling the boys' pricks and they were giving her cunt a thorough working over while this conversation was taking place. Timmy was rubbing on her clit and Tommy was pushing all four fingers in and out of her cunt. Tommy grew a hard on. Timmy's prick got hard. Sandra, who had never been a voyeur before, wanted to watch some all male action.

"I've heard about men watching women play sex games, but I've never heard of women watching men. Why don't you guys get some action going and let the old lady watch?"

"I don't Know -

why we shouldn't.

I think it would

be fun to have

you watch us."

"Well, the boys seem to have made the decision, But you better be careful where you sit, Sandra. Your dripping cunt would probably soak the upholstery on the chair."

"What would you like to try boys? I thought that we covered most of the possibilities last night."

"We didn't do a daisy -

chain. We really wanted -

to try that out, but we were -

sort of worn out before we -

could get around to it."

"Stop talking together. I never know who I'm listening to. You really know how to confuse a guy. Okay, a daisy chain it is. How does that strike you, Sandra? Do you think that will satisfy your letch to watch us in action?"

"That'll be fun to watch. I always wondered if men used a different cock sucking technique than women did especially since I learned about you and Cyril. This is my chance to find out."

As usual, the boys wanted to get their pleasure by giving pleasure. It had been fun giving their mother as trip around the world earlier and they knew that giving their father the same treat would get them hotter too. They started to give their father a tongue bath, not knowing that their sisters had given him the same treatment earlier that night. They started out with the French kisses, licked his whole body from his ears to his toes, and ending up sucking on his prick and tongue fucking his asshole.

"Hey, wait a minute. We're all supposed to get into this act."

"Okay, pop. Let's -

do a daisy chain. -

You start sucking -

Timmy, and he'll suck -

on my prick while -

I suck your cock."

"There you go, you're confusing me again. I do wish the two of you would finish your own sentences. Well let's get started."

The three of them arranged themselves in a triangle on the bed. George licked around the head of Timmy's cock, cleaning up the pre cum that had leaked out of his pisshole. Timmy did the same service to Tommy, and Tommy licked the stronger tasting pre cum from his father's prick head.

All of them spent some time licking on the sensitive underside of the pricks that they were working on and each of them did a little exploration of the convenient ass crack and asshole that wasn't too far from their face. When the preliminaries were over they moved back to the pricks.

"Hey, pop, let me get a head start on you. We'll shoot off too quick if we all start together. You always last a lot longer than we can."

Tommy formed his lips around the head of his father's prick, sucked as hard as he could and slowly lowered his head until he had engulfed his father's eight inch organ. The head of his father's pick was lodged in Tommy's throat. Tommy had learned how not to gag when this happened. He swallowed around the head of his father's prick and made George jump. He drew back rubbing the head of his father's cock with his tongue.

Very slowly he lowered his head again and when his father's cock was fully lodged in his throat he swallowed again, getting another body jerk from his father. He repeated this action several times in slow motion then started to speed up the action. George couldn't hold off any longer. Timmy's young prick was too inviting, he was no longer willing to tantalize it.

George had been licking around the head of Timmy's prick and sucking on the loose skin right under the pisshole. When Tommy speeded up he sucked Timmy's cock into his mouth. Timmy had been giving his brother's prick the same attention his father had been giving his. When his father sucked his prick into his mouth he sucked Tommy's prick into his mouth and started to bob his head.

Sandra was enjoying the spectacle but, hot assed as she was, she could only take so much voyeurism. She had to get into the act. There were three asses sticking out and no one was paying any attention to them at the moment. All of the males were engrossed in sucking cock, none of them were licking ass.

She made the rounds, licking and probing of her mens' asses. Each time she switched the one she switched to would fuck his prick harder into the mouth of his cocksucker. This could only last for a short period of time. The men started to come. After multiple spurts, dribbles, and swallows; Sandra joined them in a sympathetic orgasm.

"Oh, wow, -

that was -

a ball"

"I enjoyed it too."

"I didn't know watching could make me so hot that I could have orgasms."

The three men lay back and Sandra continued to lick around their crotches. She didn't miss a spot and had them all spotlessly clean. She wasn't going to let one drop of cum go to waste. She continued this activity, licking at their pricks and tongue fucking their assholes, until she had them all hard again. George hadn't expected to make it up this time and his balls were beginning to ache but he didn't want to quit either.

Sandra had achieved her goal and now she wanted to reap the results. With three hard pricks accessible she was going to have a ball. She wouldn't often have all the males available without the twin girls present.

"All right, now I want some attention. I want every one of my holes filled with pricks. I want you all at the same time."

"Wow, that'll -

be something -

out of this world."

George was startled.

"Oh, no, now I'm joining the boys in their group sentences. Okay, Sandra, I'll fuck your cunt, Tommy will fuck your ass, and you suck Timmy off. How does that sound?"

"Terrific. Let's get into position. "

Sandra lay on her side. George pushed his prick into her well lubricated cunt and wiggled his hips to get it firmly settled. Tommy got behind her, licked her ass, deposited some spit, and eased his prick in. Timmy inserted himself between his parents' faces and Sandra slurped his prick into her mouth.

"Oh, mom, you sure can suck cock."

"You boys are right, feeling the other guys prick through your mother's cunt and ass linings is a turn on."

"Your prick is bigger than Timmy's and I can feel it more."

"Pop, your tongue feels good in my ass."

"Wow, I'm going to come pretty soon."

"I can't take it much longer either."

"I'm ready to come too, boys. I'm ready right now. Ohhh!"

"I'm coming! Ahhh!"

"So am I! Oooo!"

Spurt, spurt, squish, spurt, swallow, dribble, spurt, dribble, squish, swallow. Sex noises filled the room.

They finally disengaged. The boys went down to lick their mother clean while Sandra did the same for George. She then cleaned up her two boys. George was worn out. The boys weren't exactly fresh as a daisy. Sandra was as satisfied as she ever would be.

"Let's call it a night, boys. I'm pooped."

"Well we -

don't think -

we could do -

much more either."

"For once I think I'm fully satisfied."

The boys were worn out at the moment but they were looking toward the future.

"When do you -

think the -

whole family -

can get -


George and Sandra looked at each other and grinned.

"Well - -

how about - -

tomorrow night?"

They weren't nearly as synchronized as the boys. Everybody laughed.

George and Sandra chased the boys back to their own room.

"Remember boys. Tomorrow night. Don't wear each other out."

"We wont even -

jerk off in -

the boys' room -

at school. We -

want to be as -

fresh as a daisy -

for tomorrow night."

"Goodnight -

mom and pop. -

We love you."

"We love you too. Now get to bed and get some sleep. You kids have school tomorrow."


Chapter -14

Jane and Joan were the first to get home from school, and they immediately went to their room, stripped, and came downstairs to the family room in their birthday suits. They were absolutely sure that they were in what was going to be the uniform of the day.

No one else was there yet so they sat on the couch and each of them gently fingered her sister's cunt while they waited for the rest of their family to arrive. They were sure the action would start as soon as the boys arrived home from school and they wanted to be ready for whatever action there was.

Sandra had been shopping and when she returned she saw them sitting there, decided that they had the right idea about the uniform for the day, got rid of her own clothes, and joined them on the couch.

She was just as horny as her daughters and joined in their play. She pushed two fingers into each of her daughter's cunts and wiggled her fingers. The girls were right with her, Joan plunged three of her fingers into her mother's cunt and Jane gently massaged her mother's clit. Sandra wiggled her hips and looked at her daughters. Her cunt had been dripping all day in anticipation of what was going to happen that afternoon.

"Why are we waiting? No matter what we do we'll be ready when the boys get home, let's do a daisy chain to get things started."

They formed a triangle on the floor and each started to lap cunt. The boys would be home shortly and they expected more diverse activity would develop but this would keep them busy in the mean time.

Tommy and Timmy skipped football practice that day. They were sure there would be enough athletic activity at home to keep them satisfied. Both of them had boners on the way home from school just thinking of what was going to happen. As soon as they got into the house they saw the naked women laying on the floor of the family room lapping each other's cunts and that did nothing to cool off their cocks.

They weren't going to be left out of things, they stripped their clothes off where they stood, dropped them on the floor and went in to join the fun and games. As soon as they were out of their clothes they moved in on the female bodies.

The boys looked at each other and without saying a word decided they didn't want to sixty-nine. They could do that at night when the girls weren't there. They wanted to do something with the females and there weren't any cunts or mouths available.

There were three asses available and licking ass was always fun. The boys knew they could increase their mother's and their sister's pleasure by working over their asses. It was time to lick ass and the boys went to work. Each of the boys got behind one of the girls and applied their tongues where they would do the most good.

As soon as the girls felt the tongue trying to push its way into their pucker their hips would jerk and they would moan. The boy doing the ass lapping would then move to a new ass. Each time they moved to a new ass the hips belonging to that ass would jerk and the boys were satisfied that they were making the girls feel good. They continued making the rounds and tongue fucking each asshole they came to.

George realized that things would start to happen at the house as soon as the kids were home from school. He didn't want to be left out of anything and he left work early. He arrived home in time to see the boys licking the girls' asses. He took in what was already started, discarded his clothes in a heap next to the boys', and joined his sons on the floor working the girls asses over. He thought the boys had the right idea.

Tommy and Timmy saw their father come in. By this time their pricks were dripping pre cum and their balls were beginning to ache. They liked the affect they had when they licked ass but they had a better idea. They used some sign language to tell their father what they wanted to do. Each of them got behind one of the girls, lubricated their ass with spit and eased their prick into the receptive hole.

The girls had been lapping cunt for a while and the boys licking their ass hadn't slowed them down any. They were ready to have orgasms. The pricks shoved up their asses put them over the edge, All of them started to come. They kept on lapping cunt however as their ass were being fucked, they were into multiple orgasms by then.

The boys hadn't jerked off all day in school and they were on a hair trigger. It wasn't long before their hips jerked and they shot a load of cum up the ass it was fucking George took a little longer but group sex was still a novelty to him and he shot off sooner than he normally would. It was cleanup time and they moved around to get into the act. George and the boys cleaned out the girls asses and each of the girls got a chance to take a couple of sucks on each of the cocks.

The girls were ready for a breather and sat down on the couch. The boys saw a lot of wet cunts. Their pricks weren't hard right now but they did know how to entertain ladies when they couldn't fuck them.

Their mother had told them how much she liked to have her tits sucked. Each of the boys latched on to one of their mother's tits and sucked for a short time while they finger fucked their sisters. George observed what his sons were doing and worked on the girls' tits. He finger fucked Sandra while his two pubescent sons decided it was time to revert and were nursing as if Sandra was giving milk and they needed the nourishment.

Once the nipples on all the females were hard and crinkly the males got on their knees in front of the girls and licked the excess moisture from their cunts. For a while each of the males would take a swipe or two at a moist cunt then move to the next, gently suck a clit for in instant, and move on again.

The girls sat back and enjoyed the attention until they decided it was time the males got down to serious cunt lapping. The previous highs had worn off, they were ready for more orgasms. The girls pushed their pussies out over the edge of the couch and the men took turns licking cunt holes and sucking clits. It wasn't very long before the females were bouncing all over the couch.

While the boys didn't have the experience that George had, they made up for the lack of experience with enthusiasm. The girls were enjoying every minute of the very personal attention that they were getting.

"Tommy, suck on my clit."

"Timmy, work your tongue in and out."

"Oh, pop, you do that so good."

"You're making me come! Keep on licking!"

"I'm almost there! Suck on my clit! Suck on it!"

"I'm coming! I've been waiting all day for this!"

"I'm coming in your mouth!"


"Ahhh! Ohhh! Lap my cunt!"

"You're making me come! Ohhh! Oooo!"

"Oooo! Ahhh! I'm coming now! Oh, wow!"

The girls came. The boys slurped. They tried to clean all of the lubricant out the cunt they were working on. This was an impossible task but it was fun to try. The girls could produce the juice much faster than they could lick it up. The males in the family switched around and continued cunt lapping.

The men switched again. They gave the girls several orgasms each before the girls finally pushed them away. The girls felt they couldn't take any more at the moment. All the males wore the shit eating grin of a man who has satisfied a woman.

The afternoon had started off very well. The girls were already high when the boys started to fuck their asses so the fact that their hair triggers were pulled right away hadn't left the girls high and dry. The males didn't mind the fact that they had just satisfied the girls and they hadn't shot off themselves. It wasn't that long since they'd fucked the girls' asses. They knew the girls would still be ready for them long after their pricks were as limp as a wet noodle.

They all sat around while the girls caught their breaths and calmed down. Sandra suddenly realized she'd been missing something.

"George, with everything that's been going on here, you haven't fucked me since the very first thing after you got home on Saturday. I want you to shove that big prick of yours as far up my cunt as it will go."

Timmy and Tommy looked at each other.

"Gee, you mean -

we can watch -

you fuck. We -

used to jerk off -

listening to your

bedsprings squeak -

and trying to imagine -

what you were doing -

to each other."

The girls were right in there too. They had been just as observant and as imaginative as their brothers were

"Yeh, we heard you -

too. When your -

bedsprings squeaked -

we finger fucked -

each other and -

wondered what -

pop's prick -

looked like."

"We'd seen -

the boys' -

pricks when -

they were littler, -

but we had no -

idea what a -

hard adult -

prick looked like."

Both the adults laughed and attempted to respond to their children but their synchronization was a little ragged.

"We never tried to be -

very quiet. We figured -

if you knew what was -

going on you could -

have some fun while -

you listened to what -

we were doing."

Sandra got down to the serious business at hand. She had some plans and she wanted to get things started the way she wanted them to go. The boys pricks were standing at attention and George's was still recovering from the first round. The thing to do was to get the boys taken care of one more time then they could last quite a while before they shot off. Watching his sons have their cocks sucked was sure to fully resuscitate George.

"Jane, Joan, The boys are ready again. Why don't the two of you suck a load of cum out of the boys' cocks. They'll probably get another hard on just watching George fuck me. We can decide what to do about those hard cocks then. George won't be ready again for a while. The three of us will gang up on the boys and see what happens."

Jane and Joan were ready to reciprocate for the cunt lapping they had just received. From their previous encounters with the boys, knew that their mother was right. The best thing to do was to give the boys a blow job then get them hard again. They knew that wouldn't be difficult. If nothing else worked licking their ass always did the trick.

Sandra and George moved to some lounge chairs to watch the action and the girls traded places with the boys. The boys sat on the couch with their hips pushed forward and the girls got on their knees in front of them.

The girls started with some teasing the same way the boys had. Jane licked the pre cum off of Tommy's prick and Joan did the same service on Timmy's cock. They licked all around the edge of the prick heads, sucked on the sensitive spot under the pisshole, and lapped along the underside of the prick they were working on. Once they had finished these preliminaries, they pulled back to switch partners.

The boys were really hot by now and they arched their hips off of the couch begging their sisters to get on with the job. Joan went to work on Tommy's cock and Jane went to work on Timmy's. They didn't get down to serious cock sucking they repeated the same preliminaries that they had performed on the recipients brother.

This didn't cool the boys off any. Tommy finally took hold of Joan's head and pushed his prick into her mouth. When Timmy saw this he did the same thing to Jane. This didn't bother the girls. Each sucked on the cock in their mouth and massaged it with their tongue.

The girls bobbed their heads and each boy fucked his prick in and out of his sister's mouth. In the middle of this the girls switched again without missing a beat. The boys had just about reached their limits.

"Oh, wow, suck -

my cock."

"I'll never get enough of this."

"Oh, Jane, slow down. You have me ready to shoot off already."

"Run your tongue over the head of my prick again. That feels so good."

"I'm ready to come!"

"I'm coming!"

"You're making me come already!"



"I'm shooting off!"

"So am I!"

The boys' hips came up off the couch and their pricks were jammed into their sisters' mouths. They squirted jet after jet of cum down their sisters' throats and the girls sucked the dribbles from the boys' balls. After the girls had swallowed all the cum the boys had produced and the boys' pricks had shrunk to limpness, the girls let the pricks slide out of their mouths. It was the girls' turn with the shit eating grins. They enjoyed giving their brothers pleasure too.

It was time for George to fuck Sandra and have the kids watch them. As Sandra had expected observing the girls giving his sons blow jobs had gotten George rather ready for the session.

As they had told their kids earlier, George and Sandra had made no attempt to hide the fact that they were having sex from their children. It had always titillated George a little to think that the children might be listening and jerking off at the same time. He remembered listening to his parents and jerking off during the time between Cyril and Gladys.

He found that the Idea of having the four of them watch him fuck their mother was really turning him on. He really wanted to put on a show for them.

George decided it was time to demonstrate a trip around the world to his children. It was possible that they had never gone completely through that routine. This was his chance to demonstrate exactly how it should be done and he proceeded with that in mind.

George laid Sandra on her back and kissed proceeded with the French kisses. When he probed her mouth with his tongue and Sandra responded by rubbing his tongue with hers. His prick brushed against her legs and that felt good too. George kissed around to Sandra's ear and pushed his tongue inside. Sandra's knew exactly what to expect but her hips still jumped off the bed and she got goose flesh. When George nibbled at her neck she got more goose flesh.

George gave some attention to Sandra's ‘D' cup tits. He sucked gently on each of the nipples and licked them till they hardened. Sandra felt her cunt contract each time he sucked. He worked his way down to her navel and probed. Sandra jumped again, she had so many sensitive spots and George knew them all.

Sandra felt George's prick tickle its way down her legs as he moved his body down and worked his tongue down across her lower belly. By the time he approached her cunt she was so hot she had her hips up off the bed. She knew George wasn't going to do anything with her cunt yet but she was begging him to get down to business and lap it.

It looked appetizing to George, he wanted lap her cunt then and there, but he knew the pleasure a whole trip around the world could bring and declined the invitation. He gave it a few licks in passing to gather the excess cunt juice, and continued his way down her legs.

George licked the soles of her feet. Sandra giggled and wiggled and even after years of having it done wondered why it felt so good when George sucked her toes. Sandra didn't want this to end but wished he would get to her cunt. George turned her and licked the back of her legs. When he licked the backs of her knees Sandra jumped again then wiggled as he lapped the inside of her thighs. Sandra lifted her hips as George licked her ass crack.

Both Sandra and George knew how sensitive she was there. She was expecting it but when she felt George probe her pucker with his tongue she still almost jumped off the bed again.

Sandra's cunt was soaking wet when George turned her over. He ran his tongue gently along the length of her outer lips to gather in all the excess moisture. George breathed in deeply to get the full odor and flavor of his wife's hot cunt. George looked at it for a second, it was still the most wildly exciting cunt he had ever seen.

Sandra's hips came off the bed, again begging him to work her cunt over with his educated tongue but George had other ideas. The kids really wanted to see him fuck their mother and his prick was just as ready as Sandra's cunt. He moved his body back up along Sandra's and sucked her tits on the way up. As soon as Sandra could reach his prick she positioned it between her inner cunt lips and George pushed down with his hips.

"Ohhh! Ahhh! I'm coming! It feels so good! I love you George! Pump that prick into my cunt."

Sandra was having her first orgasm but it wasn't going to be the last. George was just getting started. He started out with a very slow pumping motion. He deep dicked his wife by pulling his prick almost all the way out of her cunt then pushing in until his glans pushed up against her cervix. George maintained this rhythm for quite a while as Sandra had several more orgasms.

Sandra's cunt contracting around George's prick made him pick up the pace. Pretty soon his pubic mound was slapping against his wife's at an accelerated pace. He was getting short of breath when spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; he pumped a full load of cum into Sandra's cunt.

Sandra had her legs locked around his hips as she squeezed the last drop of cum out of his prick. She didn't let him free until his prick was totally limp. All four kids got into the act and tongue bathed their parents cleaning up all the excretions. They kept on working on their parents until George's prick was resuscitated. It was time for another round and the boys were ready.

Tommy said, "Well we've sucked each other and we've fucked you in the ass, but we haven't screwed yet."

The decision was made. They would fuck. Now who would fuck whom had to be decided. The girls wrote their names on pieces of paper and the boys pulled the papers out of a hat. George selected Jane's name, Tommy got Sandra's, and Timmy got Joan's. The constant massaging had revived the pricks, and of course the cunts were always ready. They arranged themselves on the floor so that each could watch the sex organs of another pair while they were screwing their partner. Watching some one else fuck made everything more exciting. Sandra decided that she would ride Tommy, but the girls wanted their partners to be on top. They positioned themselves and the women positioned the mens' pricks in their cunts. They all started slowly. Sandra put her educated cunt muscles to work on Tommy. He had never felt this action before.

"Gee, mom, what are you doing? That feels good."

"I'm Flexing my cunt muscles."

"Hey, how do you -

do that, mom. We'd -

like to do it too."

"Get me alone some time and I'll try to teach you. Right now I'm too busy."

"Don't worry about it, Jane. I like the way you're fucking right now."

"Yeh, Joan, your doing all right. It feels great."

With all the previous action the men were lasting longer this go round. They were pumping in and out faster and faster. The girls responded by pumping back faster and faster.

"Oh, pop, you're making me come."

"You're doing the same for me, Tommy."

"Timmy, I've already come once. Make me come again."

"I'm about to come myself, mom."

"You're cunt is making me come, Jane."

"My prick's going to shoot my cum into you, Joan."

"I'm coming!"

"I'm coming again!"

"You're making me come!"

"Oh, wow!"




Sandra's cunt got a load of boy cum from Tommy. Timmy delivered his load to Joan. George shot his man sized wad into Jane's cunt. Sandra and the girls continued to wiggle on the cocks until they were soft and slid out. The girls joined Sandra in cat bathing the men's pricks. They offered their cunts to the first available male mouth. George and the boys were willing. They had formed a six person daisy chain. Sandra and the girls, of course, were ready. George and the boys were willing, but the flesh was weak. It took some strenuous massaging on the part of the girls to get them hard again.

Once the males were hard, things speeded up. They tongue bathed each other's entire crotch. At one point each of them were tongue fucking the recipient's asshole. At one point they were having a ball, at least the females were sucking on balls. Pricks and cunts finally got the most attention. George and the boys were fucking into the girl's mouths. Sandra and the girls were rubbing their cunts on the boy's faces. The men spurted and dribbled. The women had orgasms. The six of them finally gave up.

Choruses of "That was great.", and "I love you." were heard.

Cum is high in protein, But there was not enough produced to satisfy everybody.

"I'm hungry."

"Yeh, it is time for dinner -

and we didn't have our usual -

snacks when we got home from school."

"O.K., I'll call for some pizza and, if you want, we'll continue this orgy after we eat."

"That's a -

great idea. -

It'll give us some -

time to recuperate."


Chapter -15

George looked at his family.

"The sleeping arrangements around here seem to have gotten behind the times. We ought to change them."

"Oh, yeh, that's -

a good idea. How -

do you think they -

should be arranged?"

Sandra was thinking along with her husband.

"Well, for one thing, I think it would be fun to change partners every night."

"One of the problems is that the boys and girls have twin beds. How about getting rid of all the beds in the house and getting king sized water beds to replace them?"

"Oh, -

wow, -

sure -


The kids were all for this.

George continued with his planning.

"Monday nights we'll sleep the way we have been. Your mother and I will sleep together. You two boys will sleep together only it will be in a king sized bed. The same with you girls, You'll have a king-sized bed too. I have an idea that you kids will find plenty of things to entertain yourselves with before you go to sleep. You won't have to wait until you hear our bedsprings squeaking before you get around to whatever you want to do. However if you want we can mount some bells on our waterbed so that you can tell when your mother and I are fucking.

"Tuesday your mother will join the boys. I know she likes to have the both of them together now and then. She can have them suck her tits all night long and I'm sure there will be a hard prick waiting whenever her cunt gets too wet. That means that I'll have a chance at both of the girls and I don't know if I can keep up with the two of you but I think that will be a ball.

"Wednesday it'll be pairs, male and female. We can switch around each week until each male has slept with each female, or maybe you kids would prefer to pull names out of a hat each week so no one ever knows who he will be fucking around with the next week. There are a lot of different methods of choosing partners, we'll have to work that out later.

"Thursday we'll go three way, one and two. There are three possible combinations that way too so it will take three weeks until we all get a chance with everyone else. I think the girl with the two males gets a big advantage. One male is at a disadvantage trying to satisfy two females, but one female can get a lot of action out of two males and leave both of them drained.

"Friday nights, let's see, how about three way all male and female. I'd like to have one night a week with the boys if you girls will give us up for it. I'm sure that the three of you won't be at loss for something to occupy your time.

"Saturday we can all get together in the family room and have a family orgy just the way we did today. I don't think we've tried every possible combination yet. There are some things I've always wanted to do and never had the chance. That way we can sleep late the next morning. I know that I'll be worn out."

All four kids realized that there had been an omission.

"What -

about -

Sunday -


Sandra took her cue.

"By that time your father will be so worn out that he'll need a rest. I probably will too. If you kids can keep on going, more power to you. the four of you can have all the fun you want."

The Sanders family had set themselves up for an active and interesting sex life. The new furniture was ordered and the old furniture was replaced. The sleeping schedule as George had set it out was more or less adhered to and everyone enjoyed the variety.

The kids found out they were staying up too late to have one more round, however, and couldn't get up in the morning. They were fucking and sucking too far into the night. They found an easy way to solve the problem and not give up any of the fun they were having. Most afternoons the two sets of twins got together for several rounds. Sandra sometimes joined them, but not always. That way they were ready to go to sleep after a round or two at night.

Sandra found a way to get the boys up wide eyed and bushy tailed every morning. She would wake them up by sucking a load of cum out of their cocks.



Just as they were settling in to the new mode of living George opened the mail one morning and whistled.

"Listen to this. I got a letter from mom and pop. Pop retired and bought a little vacation motel in the Minnesota lake country. They're not taking any reservations for the first two weeks in August. They've invited our whole family out for a vacation. They want us, Cyril, Gladys and her family, and they're including your brother John and his family."

Sandra was interested.

"That sounds great. The way we're spread around the country we haven't seen any of them in years. It'll be fun to get to know them again."

The two pairs of twins weren't so sure. Timmy and Tommy looked at each other and shook their heads. They were in synchronization as usual.

"Gee, I don't -

know, it'll -

mean we can't -

get together -

like we do now."

Joan and Jane exchanged the same set of looks and the same ideas.

"Yeh, we like -

the sleeping -

arrangements -

we have now. -

We don't want -

to go away on -

vacation this summer."

It wasn't the sleeping arrangements that they liked, it was what went on before they went to sleep. The kids didn't want to miss out on any of the fun and games that they were now enjoying. They were living an open and permissive sex life. They were afraid that they would have to give it up for two weeks or at least sneak in whatever sex they could get.

In order to capture the kids' interest George decided it was time to let the kids in on some family secrets.

"Well, I don't know how it will turn out, but A family reunion with our families might not be dull. There are some things your mother and I haven't told you. My brother Cyril introduced me to sex when I was only ten years old. That's what decided me that sex with boys was fun. Then, when he left home for college, your aunt Gladys and I had some pretty good times. That's when I found out that sex with girls could be even more fun."

Sandra had her own confessions.

"And I seduced your Uncle John when he was younger than you are now. I decided it was time to teach you boys a thing or two when I remembered how much fun I had learning all about sex with my brother John."

George made the prospects as attractive as possible to the kids.

"Besides that, John and his wife Alice have two kids. Wally's eleven and Sally's thirteen. Your aunt Gladys and Sam have two kids your age too. Mary is almost twelve and Sam Junior is going on fifteen. Charles, of course, isn't a year old yet, but there are four kids, two boys and two girls, just in your age bracket. With kids that age it wouldn't surprise me if you found out you could get something started with them."

All four kids were now interested.

"Oh, wow, -

do you think -

that we could -

all get together?"

George gave the kids a warning.

"That all happened a long time ago. Your mother and I haven't had any sex with our siblings since the we met. We haven't seen any of them in a long time, and they may not be interested. Not all kids are as precocious as you, they probably aren't into sex yet, so you'll have to be careful. Act innocent and see what happens. Even if nothing develops, I'm sure that the six of us could get together, in pairs, or maybe in larger groups, without any one being the wiser."

Sandra counseled caution too.

"Don't come on strong but, if anything interesting happens, you can try to follow up. Don't forget to let us know what goes on. We don't want to be caught by surprise. Your father and I will try to set things up with our siblings at the same time. We just don't know what's going to happen there.

"Do you think you might like to do some sucking and fucking with your aunts and uncles if they want to go a few rounds with you? The thing is you can't let your grandparents catch on. They don't know anything about this."

Getting four more kids into the act sounded interesting and getting to have sex with their aunts and uncles sounded exciting. The kids decided that with that many possibilities they wanted to give it a try.