The Sanders Family-Book 3, Reunion, Part-1, Chapters 1-7 (D.Abby) (varied) (5/6)

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Book 3 - Reunion

Part - 1



"Listen to this. I got a letter from mom and pop. He retired and bought a little vacation motel in the Minnesota lake country. They're not taking any reservations for the first two weeks in August. They've invited our whole family out for a vacation. They want us, Cyril, Gladys and her family, and they're including your brother John and his family."

Sandra was interested.

"That sounds great. The way we're spread around the country we haven't seen any of them in years. It'll be fun to get to know them again."

The two pairs of twins weren't so sure. Timmy and Tommy were in synchronization as usual.

"Gee, I don't know, it'll mean we -

can't get together like we do now."

Joan and Jane also habitually finished sentences for each other.

"Yeh, we like it with the -

sleeping arrangements we have now."

It wasn't the sleeping arrangements that the girls liked so much, it was what went on in bed before they went to sleep. Last month they had been introduced to family sex. George had bought giant king sized beds for each of their rooms, and they had a regular schedule for switching around. None of the kids wanted to miss out on any of the fun and games that they were now enjoying.

George was a well built, good looking, dark complexioned man with naturally curly hair. He was in his late thirties and, although he had never been an athlete, he had kept his body in good shape.

Sandra was a thirty six year old woman that could pass for twenty five. She had a firm figure with breasts that insisted on a 'D' cup bra, but she never wore one. Her waist was still only twenty four inches and her hips flared out to match her bust. She still wore her lustrous blond hair shoulder length, and her regular features were handsome rather than pretty. She was luscious.

The twelve year old boys, Tommy and Timmy, were just beginning to broaden in the shoulders. They played football and soccer so they were developing good muscle tone. The boys both wore their golden blond hair in a crew cut. The childish delicacy of their facial features was beginning to disappear. They even had a slight growth of down on their upper lip, though neither of them had shaved yet.

Both of them were just beginning to grow some pubic hair around their pricks, but they were well developed for their age. They sported four inch cocks. They knew that because they where constantly measuring themselves to see how fast they were growing. They also knew that their pricks were about as big around as a toilet paper core because they had sometimes inserted a baggy into a toilet paper core and fucked it, pretending it was a cunt.

Joan and Jane were fourteen years old. They had their father's dark complexioned and their mother's bright blue eyes. They wore their naturally wavy, dark brown hair shoulder length. Their blue eyes made a striking contrast to their complexion. The girls had cute heart shaped faces, and had learned to enhance their natural good looks with a minimum of makeup. They had large tits for their age, wore a C cup bra, and their hips were beginning to broaden. They still maintained twenty inch waists.

George knew that a reunion with the families might not be as inhibiting as the kids feared. In order to capture the kids' interest he decided it was time to let the kids in on some family secrets.

"Well, I don't know how it will turn out, but A family reunion with our families might not be dull. There are some things your mother and I haven't told you. My brother Cyril introduced me to sex when I was only ten years old. That's what decided me that sex with boys was fun. Then, when he left home for college, your aunt Gladys and I had some pretty good times. That's when I found out that sex with girls could be even more fun."

Sandra had her own confessions.

"I seduced your Uncle John when he was younger than you are now. It was when I remembered how much fun I had with him that I decided it was time to teach you boys a thing or two."

George made the prospects as attractive as possible to the kids.

"John and his wife Alice have two kids close to your age. If I remember correctly Wally's eleven and Sally's thirteen. Your aunt Gladys and Sam have two kids just about your age too. Mary is almost twelve by now and Sam Junior must be going on fifteen. Charles, of course, isn't a year old yet, but there are four kids just in your age bracket. Maybe you can get something started with them."

All four kids were now interested.

"Oh, wow, -

do you think -

that we could -

all get together?"

George gave the kids a warning.

"We'll have to take it easy. That all happened a long time ago. Your mother and I haven't had any sex with our siblings since the two of us met. As a matter of fact, we haven't seen any of them in a long time, and they may not be interested. Not all kids are as precocious as you are, Wally may not be old enough to shoot off yet, but that didn't stop me with Cyril. They probably aren't into sex yet, so you'll have to be careful. Act innocent and see what happens. You may be able to teach them to do things the way you like it. Even if nothing develops, I'm sure that the six of us could get together, in pairs, or maybe in larger groups, without any one being the wiser."

Sandra counseled caution too.

"Don't come on to strong with them but, if anything interesting happens, you can try to follow up on it. Don't forget to let us know if you get anywhere. We don't want to be left out. Your father and I will be trying to set things up with the adults at the same time, but don't let your grandparents catch on. They don't know anything about this."

It was decided that they would give it a try.


Chapter - 1

The George Saunders family arrived at the airport early Saturday morning. Harry and Sarah Saunders met them and whisked them away to the motel. Sarah was a buxom woman with graying hair worn in a bun. She had laugh wrinkles around her eyes and mouth, but really didn't show her sixty four years. Harry was over six feet tall and carried himself erect. He had iron gray hair and a mustache. He was strongly built and had an outdoor look about him. He, also, looked much younger than his sixty eight years.

The motel consisted of eight cabins, the main house, and a bath house. These were arranged in a beautiful setting around a small lake with plenty of wooded space between the cabins to give some privacy. The bath house was surrounded by trees and was situated at the opposite end of the lake from the main house. One would have to sneak around to find out what was going on in any of the cabins or in the bath house.

The families could distribute themselves among the cabins. George and Sandra took the cabin next to the main house. The boys and girls took the four cabins closest to the bath house. They wanted as much privacy as they could get. After much discussion and planning they decided that each of the twins would bunk with one of their cousins. At first the twins wanted to bunk with each other so it would be easy to switch partners, but their parents logic prevailed. Each of the twins could sound out their cousins and they might be able to get something going. The rest of the family was not expected until the next day.

After unpacking and arranging their things, everyone came to the main house for lunch. George and Sandra said they were tired from the flight and they would take a nap. The kids said that they would go for a walk, but they had other plans in mind.

Grandma Sarah and Grandpa Harry sat there for a while discussing their children and grandchildren. Contrary to what George thought, they knew exactly what had been going on in their house when their kids had been experimenting with sex.

"You know, Sarah, those twins are just the age now that our kids were when they discovered sex. I wonder if they're doing anything with each other."

"Well if they are they'll take this opportunity to find a hiding place and have some fun. We know all the back paths around here and all the hiding places. We can do some exploring and see if anything is happening."

"You're right let's scout around and see if we can find out if anything is going on. It looks like you're in for a good time while they're here. Those two young girls gave me a hard on with their bouncing boobs and twitching asses."

"Those handsome young boys had my cunt juices flowing too. I'd love to teach them a thing or two."

The kids didn't expect to be spied on. They didn't know them very well and they were sure that their grandparents were much too old to have any thoughts of sex at all. They explored the whole complex to find out where the best meeting places were. They loved the bath house. No one could see who was going in or out, unless they were right there. The kids found six upholstered beach chairs and pushed them together to form one gigantic bed.

Expecting the bath house would be the first place the kids would explore, Sarah and Harry used the back pathways and headed there. They were already there and watching through a crack in the curtains on the rear window when the kids entered through the front. As soon as had the furniture arranged to their liking the kids stripped down for action.

Timmy and Jane got into a sixty nine. Timmy licked Jane's clit, along the inner lips of her cunt, then along her ass crack. Jane licked the pre cum from the tip of her brothers prick, tongue lashed the sensitive underside of his cock, sucked on his balls, and licked her way along his ass crack and tongue fucked his asshole. He moved his mouth back to his sister's cunt and started lapping then he moved up a little and sucked on her clit.

Jane licked the head of his prick clean again and took it into her mouth. Applying as much suction as she could, she pulled the whole cock into her mouth until her nose rested on his balls. She slowly pulled her head up again, massaging the underside of his prick with her tongue. Her head bobbed up and down, increasing the tempo as she went.

Timmy thrust his tongue as far into his sister's cunt as he could get it. He finger fucked her to wet his finger in her cunt juice, worked it into her ass hole, and pushed it in and out. He arched his back to fuck his prick into her suctioning mouth. Timmy tongue fucked his sister until she had several orgasms. As Jane's cunt contracted around his tongue, he fed her his heavy load of young boy cum. Joan slurped it all down and gently sucked his prick until it got soft. They shifted around and hugged and kissed.

It almost seemed as though the twins were showing off for their grandparents.

Tommy and Joan hadn't lost any time either. Tommy sucked on Joan's tit while she licked at his ear and nibbled on his earlobe. He worked his way down, licked her clit, lapped her cunt, and gave her ass some attention. Joan then did the same for Tommy. She nibbled on his nipples, tongue bathed him past his navel, licked at the cum seeping from his prick, ran her tongue down the underside of the cock, nibbled on the loose skin under his pisshole, and tongue fucked his ass.

Tommy lay on his back and Joan got on her knees and guided the head of his prick into her cunt hole. She slowly lowered herself until she was sitting on his hips then raised her body till only the tip of Tommy's prick remained in her cunt then eased her cunt back down till his prick was buried. Tommy's prick slid in and out of her cunt. He bucked up to meet her down strokes. The action speeded up. Her cunt contracted and he shot his load of young boy cum into her cunt.

Some of it leaked over his balls and down his ass crack. Joan switched ends with her brother. She pushed her cunt in his face and licked the cum off of his prick, balls, and ass. Tommy was just as thorough cleaning out his sister's cunt. Their mother had taught them to be neat and not to leave a mess. Besides, they didn't like to let good cum go to waste.

Sarah's panties were down around her ankles and she rubbed her cunt as she watched and listened to her grandchildren. Harry pumped on his nine inch prick. He couldn't remember the last time he had jerked off, but the action he was watching had him hot enough to do it.

The kids were recovering from their first round but they didn't keep their hands to themselves. Every cunt and prick had a hand playing with it. Sarah grabbed Harry's prick and he plunged his fingers into her cunt. They weren't too old to enjoy this live kiddy porn show. While they were waiting for the boy's pricks to get hard again the kids were discussing the situation and Sarah and Harry hung on every word.

"It's good the cabins are separated. We can probably get together any time we want."

"Yeh, it'll be easy to get together with mom and pop too. The six of us could get together in the bath house and have loads of fun."

"I wonder what the other kids are like. There's a brother and sister in each family. Maybe they've gotten together already."

"I don't know which way I'd like it. If they have, it'll be easy to get them to have fun with us."

"Yeh, but if they haven't done anything then we can teach them and that would be fun too."

"Hey, your prick is hard again, Tommy. Fuck my ass. I'll suck Timmy's cock, and you can lap Joan's cunt at the same time."

Tommy licked at Jane's ass and deposited some spit on her ass hole. Timmy lay down so that his prick was in Jane's face. She got on her knees so that Tommy would have a good target. Joan pushed her cunt up to Tommy's face. Jane sucked on Timmy's prick and pushed her finger up his ass. Tommy started his prick into Jane's ass, grabbed her hips, and pushed his prick all the way in. He then grabbed Joan by the hips and pulled her cunt up to his face.

Jane's cheeks hollowed as she worked her mouth up and down Timmy's prick. Tommy slowly pushed his prick all the way in Jane's ass and pulled out till only the head was buried. He reached around his sister and rubbed her clit. He pushed his prick in again and pulled out. As his hips moved forward again Jane's hips came back to meet his.

Tommy alternated between sucking Joan's clit and lapping at her cunt. Tommy pumped his prick at full speed and Jane responded. Timmy lifted his hips off the mattress to shove his prick as far down Jane's throat as it would go. Tommy's cum jetted into his sister's ass and Jane sucked a load out of Timmy's prick. Jane and Joan had multiple orgasms.

The grandparents watched fascinated as the kids switched positions and licked each other's cocks and cunts clean. Harry pumped his prick in and out of his wife's hand and his cum splattered against the side of the house. Sarah came off at the same time. Their own moans and groans were lost in the noises that the kids were making inside the bath house. Harry and Sarah rushed back to the main house, stripped, and got to bed as fast as the kids had. What they had seen had gotten them horny as hell.

"Well, Harry, It seems that George's kids are as precocious as ours were. We never joined them but from what the kids say, George and Sandra have joined in their sex games."

"Yeh, it does seem that way. We always wanted to join our kids when they were getting it on together but we were too shy. I've always been sorry about that. I'm so horny from watching those kids, I have another hard on already."

Then they got too busy for idle chatter. They gave each other tongue baths. In the process of licking his wife's body Harry's prick got even harder and he mounted Sarah. She guided Harry's immense prick into her cunt and she worked her husband's cock over with her cunt muscles. Harry pumped his prick in and out of his wife's cunt at a steady pace.

"Ahhh, I've started my orgasms already. Watching those kids really got me hot. You can come any time now Harry, I'm ready. Oooo!, shoot my cunt full of your cum! I'm coming again!"

"You're a red hot mama, all right, Sarah. I'm ready to shoot off right now. I'll have your cunt full of my cream in a minute. Ahhh!"

"I liked the way the kids took care of the messy cum problem, Harry. They really knew what they were doing and they had a lot of fun doing it. We'll take care of it the same way, you suck it out of my cunt and I'll clean up your prick and ass."

Sarah switched positions and they did some lapping and sucking then rested for a while.

"You know, we weren't smart enough to get into the act with our kids but from the way they were talking about expanding their activities, I think that we could get it on with the twins. Do you think we could work that out?"

"From what I saw and heard, I'm sure we could. Those twins are already planning to get the rest of the kids into the act. I'll bet George and Sandra had that in mind when they suggested the twins split up, and I'll bet they're ready to renew old acquaintances too. We could tell the twins we caught them in the act, then we could force the action from there."

"I don't think we have to force them into anything. We could keep watch until we caught them again, then we could walk in on them and ask them to let us join."

"Yeh, that's a good idea, but it might take a while to catch them again. There should be some faster way of getting them to go along with us."

"We might get them to want to fuck with us by telling them that we have already caught them."

"I have an idea. I know exactly what I'll try. We'll find out if it works then, if it does, you can give it a try too."

Sarah was ready to set her plan in action. Her chance came sooner than she expected.


Chapter - 2

Later that afternoon, the George Saunders family went fishing in a rowboat on the lake. Timmy was only in the boat a few minutes when he felt motion sickness. They rowed back, dropped him off, and he went back to the cabin to lay down. He didn't have anything to do so he did what came naturally. He pulled out his prick and started to jerk off.

Grandma saw him leave the boat. She was glad it was Timmy. She had sorted the twins out and she knew Timmy would be easier to maneuver. She took off her panties, went down to the cabin, and peeked in the window. That was a luscious young prick that Timmy was pumping his fist on. She couldn't wait to get her hands on it. She wanted to get her cunt and mouth on it too. Sarah grinned. That young prick was going to see plenty of action in short order. She put a stern frown on her face, and walked in on him.

"Well, I'm surprised at you. You're a bad boy. First you have sexual relations with your sister, now you're masturbating. Don't you have any shame?"

Timmy was the more timid of the boys, and he was easier to upset. He lost his hard on, pushed his prick back into his pants, turned red as a beet, and started to cry. Grandma was ready to take advantage of the situation.

"Well, maybe your parents have newfangled notions and they don't spank you but that's exactly what I'm going to do. Spare the rod and spoil the child. I'll teach you how to behave. Take you pants down and lay across my lap. I'm going to spank your bottom."

Timmy had never been spanked in his life. His parents didn't believe in corporal punishment. Timmy was shocked but he did as he was directed and Sarah made him lay down across her knees. She hitched her skirt up a little and put her hand on his bare ass. She massaged it gently for a moment. Her cunt gushed lubricant, the soft ass cheeks and hairless crack was real turn on. She raised her skirt a little more and slapped his ass cheeks. It was a very gentle slapping, but it had an unexpected effect on Timmy.

Timmy bounced in his grandmother's lap. Each time he bounced his grandmother's skirt went up a little farther until his prick went down between her bare thighs. He got a hard on real quick. Somehow, being spanked excited him. Spanking her grandson's bare ass certainly excited Sarah. Her cunt got wetter than it had been in years. She kept on spanked Timmy's ass until his prick was rubbing her wet cunt lips. This got Timmy hotter and hotter. If his grandmother didn't stop soon he was going to shoot his cum all over her thighs. With his young boy hair trigger it didn't take long to set Timmy off. He deposited a load of cum on the outside of his grandmother's cunt.

"What in the world have you done?", exclaimed the delighted grandmother.

Timmy had been trained to clean up his messes. He got off Sarah's lap and started to lick her legs to clean the cum off them. Grandma's cunt was wet! Timmy may have been timid and bashful, but he certainly wasn't stupid. He knew what a wet cunt meant. He went to work in earnest. He ran his tongue in and out of her cunt, the stopped to suck on her clit.

Grandma leaned back and held her gray haired cunt open so he could have better access. Timmy pushed her down on the bed and licked up his cum where it had run down to her ass crack. He was there so he tongue fucked her asshole. His grandmother's ass was as sensitive as his sisters. She squirmed all over the bed. He licked his way back to her cunt, stuck his tongue as far in as it would go, and rubbed her clit with his nose.

"Oh, Timmy, lap my cunt. Make me come with your tongue. I've wanted you to do that ever since I saw you lapping your sister's cunt. I'm not mad at you. I just wanted you to have sex with me. Ahhh! You're making me come Timmy. Wow, for a kid, you sure are a good cunt lapper. Oooo! I'm coming again. You're making me come again. Ohhh!"

"Did you really want me to lap your cunt? You didn't have to spank me, all you had to do was ask."

"Why, Timmy you're getting hard again. Here, let me help it along."

She slurped his four inch prick into her mouth. It was a easier to handle than her husband's nine incher, and it was fun to be able to push it around with her tongue. The velvet skin of the knob and the white stem, with a delicate blue tracery of veins, stretched over an iron hard core was beautiful. Sarah had never sucked on this young a prick before and she was enjoying herself. She tongue bathed his whole crotch. She wasn't going to miss any of the cum either. When Timmy's prick got as hard as rock Sarah determined to put it to good use.

"My, you're ready again. I want to fuck you now. Get undressed and lay on your back. I want to get on top this time."

Sarah and Timmy stripped for action. As the least dominant male in the family Timmy was used to this position, the women seemed to prefer it with him. He got on his back. Sarah straddled him, put the head of his prick in her cunt, and slowly eased it down over his prick.

No fish were biting so Tommy decided to find out how Timmy was doing. The family put him ashore and went back to fishing. He walked in just as his grandmother was engulfing his brother's prick with her cunt. Sarah and Timmy were much too interested in what they were doing to hear him come in the door. Tommy was rather surprised to find his brother balling his grandmother but that didn't stop him. Since the time that his mother seduced him he sort of expected women to want sex. He quietly stripped, wet his prick with spit, and jammed it up his grandmother's asshole.

Sarah certainly wasn't expecting that. "What in the hell is that?"

Tommy gave her a cheeky answer, "Why, grandma, I've got my prick up your ass. Don't you know what a prick up your ass feels like?"

Sarah grunted, "I sure do, but I just didn't expect it, and I never had one up my ass and one in my cunt at the same time. It's a strange feeling but I like it. Fuck me, Timmy. Fuck my ass, Tommy. Let's get this show on the road." Sarah was more than willing to have both boys fuck her at the same time.

The boys pumped slowly at first, then picked up the rhythm, so that one of the pricks was driving into one of their grandmother's holes while the other was pulling out, they speeded up.

"Give her all you got, Timmy, I'm ready to shoot my cum. Oh, wow, I'm coming. Grandma, your ass feels like it's grabbing at my prick."

"Your cunt is doing the same thing to my prick, grandma. I'm going to shoot your cunt full of cum. I'm coming. Ohhh! Ahhh!"

"Shoot your whole load of cum into my ass hole, Tommy. See how full you can get my cunt with your cum, Timmy. I'm on my third set of orgasms already, boys. You could really drive an old lady crazy. I love you, Timmy! I love you, Tommy! I love the way you both fuck me. Whoopy!"

The boys weren't quite thirteen yet and they didn't have very much lasting power. They had been trying to hold back. When their grandmother said she was coming it set the boys off. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Timmy's load of young boy cum shot into her cunt. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Tommy's load shot up her ass.

The excitement of having the two young boys fuck her gave Sarah multiple orgasms, but she wanted some more of those young pricks before she called it a day. As soon as the boys' limp cocks slipped out of her holes, she switched and started to bath them like a mother cat.

The boys were used to this action, they went to work and slurped at her cunt and ass till they had cleaned their own cum and their grandmother's cunt juice off of her sex organs. It was always fun doing that and it the boys had learned that it helped get your pricks hard again. Their grandma sucked on their limp cocks till that action and what they were doing to her cunt got them both hard again.

"I love your hard pricks, boys, and I'm going to try to wear them out. I haven't sucked on a young cock for almost fifty years. I do a better job now that I've lost all my teeth, wait till I take my false teeth out. You boys don't know what it feels like to get a blow job from some one with no teeth. Push your bodies together. I'll suck you both off at once."

Sarah had the boys position themselves belly to belly and she put her head between their thighs. She held their pricks together, licked the pre cum off or their cock heads, and tongue bathed their asses and balls. Then she slurped both of the boys' pricks into her mouth. It was a big mouthful but she was used to her husband's nine inch prick so she knew that she could handle it. She swirled her tongue over the pricks as she sucked on them.

The boys found out what Sarah had been talking about when she said a mouth without teeth gave the best blow job. She clamped her gums onto their pricks and applied a lot more pressure than any one with teeth would dare to try. It was a new sensation and the boys loved it. They moved their body's up and down in opposite strokes and their pricks rubbed together as they went in and out of their grandmother's mouth. Sarah sucked even harder and bobbed her head. She couldn't wait for a mouth full of cum. Her cunt contracted at the very thought of it and she started to have sympathetic orgasms.

The boys filled their grandmother's mouth with their young boy gism. It was a lot more than her husband could give her these days, but she swallowed the spurts and vacuumed the dribbles out of their balls. She continued her sucking until she couldn't get another drop out their shrinking pricks. She released the cocks, gave the rest of their crotches a final licking, and came up for air.

"I love the taste of young boy cum."

"We'd be glad to -

give you all you want,

grandma. We like giving -

you our cum to drink."

"You lay back now and -

let us do something for you."

Sarah was willing to see what these young satyrs had in mind. She lay back on the bed and reached down to fondle their now soft pricks. Tommy gave her some french kisses and Timmy nibbled on her ear lobe then stuck his tongue in her ear. Both of them licked their way down to her tits. The skin was a little wrinkled but they found out that the flesh was just as firm as firm as their mother's. Each sucked on a nipple till it was standing up and her aureoles were crinkly. Grandma's tits reacted the same way as their mother's did when they were sucked.

After giving her tits a working over they licked their way down her belly, took turns lapping her cunt, then turned her on her side. They turned their attention to her feet and sucked on her toes and licked their way up her legs. They surprised her with their knowledge of all the sensitive spots. The boys hit every one of them. The backs of her knees and the inside of her thighs got particular attention.

"Wow! You boys could make a living doing that. I know a lot of woman my age would pay good money to get the treatment you're giving me."

The preliminaries were over. Tommy licked at his grandmother's cunt and Timmy licked her ass. Tommy sucked her clit. It was the biggest clit he'd ever seen. He treated it as if it were his brother's cock. The boys switched around and Timmy took over the cunt lapping while Tommy tongue fucked his grandmother's ass.

Sarah squirmed like the teen agers that were working her over. She was having multiple orgasms and the boys felt her cunt and ass hole contract. They didn't let up until their grandmother pulled away from them, then they sat back on their heels, and grinned. They knew that they had done a good job on their grandmother and were proud of making her come so many times. She lay there for a while then realized what time it was.

"It's getting late and the rest of your family will be coming back soon. There hasn't been a fish in the lake for ten years. They'll get tired of sitting out there pretty soon." She hesitated for a moment to consider her next statement. "Hmm, your grandfather wants to get into your sister's cunts the same way I wanted to get to your pricks. How do you think he ought to go about it?"

"Oh, that'll be easy.

We'll tell the girls -

and they'll rape him. -

They're always ready for -

a good session of fucking."

"I wish you boys would finish your own sentences. You confuse me with that going back and forth. That sounds like a good idea. I won't tell Harry. Let him be surprised. I think I can get your parents out of the way tonight. You boys make yourself scarce so that your sisters can rape your grandfather. I'm sure he won't resist too much."

Tommy snickered and confided in his grandmother, "Pop said that we had to be real careful that you didn't find out about the way we sucked and fucked with each other. He didn't think you would go for the idea of family sex."

Sarah threw her head back and laughed. "Well, your father was as wrong as he could be. Your grandfather and I knew what was going on between our kids and we wanted to get in on the act then. We never had the nerve. We have a more sense now. However, don't let on to them. Let's give them a surprise." Again she considered, "Hmm, maybe I can get a piece of his cock too before this two weeks are over."

By this time every one was dressed again. They left the cabin and the boys acted very innocent, as if fucking and sucking with your grandmother was an every day occurrence. They looked at each other and communed. They just might try to make it an every day occurrence. The way Grandma responded was a lot of fun and getting a blow job from someone with no teeth was something else again.

They were just in time to meet the rest of the family coming back from the lake.


Chapter - 3

The four kids got together as soon as they could. The boys could hardly wait to tell the girls about how their grandmother had tried to seduce them and the fun they'd had with her. They gave their sisters a detailed account of every thing they'd done with their grandmother and told them what was in store for them.

"Grandma said that grandpa -

wants to fuck you girls too. -

He is going to try to catch -

one of you alone and give you -

a spanking. Then get you in a -

position so he can fuck you."

As the boys suspected the girls had other ideas.

"The hell with that. -

We'll rape him first."

"That's what we told -

grandma. She said that -

she would set it up -

So that the two of you -

could get to him tonight"

Sarah told Harry what had happened that afternoon. She described all the things that she had done with the boys. "Those boys are so eager to please me that they'd be fun even if they didn't know what to do. The thing is that not only do they know what to do, they could probably teach me a thing or two. They're willing to do a lot of things I wouldn't have expected from kids that young. I had more fun than I've had in years. I could eat them alive. As matter of fact I tried to."

Sarah didn't give Harry any idea of what the kids had planned for him. Harry was hot for the girls and was on the lookout for them to separate. He was going to get in on the action too.

That evening Sarah asked George and Sandra to drive her into town to do some shopping before the stores closed. The boys knew what was up so they said that they were tired and went to their cabin to give the girls a clear field. They could always fuck each other's asses or sixty nine to pass the time while the girls raped their grandfather.

The girls knew exactly how to get things going. Instead of their usual shorts, they wore skirts to dinner and neglected to put on their panties. This ploy had worked very well with their brothers, and later on with their father, they tried it on their grandfather. Since they knew that Harry was thinking about sex with them, they were sure that they could make him raise a hard on. Jane, the more aggressive of the two, sat on her grandfather's lap.

"It's been six years since sat on your lap, grandpa. I missed you. I wish we could see you more often. We love you and grandma so much."

Joan sat opposite the two, hitched up her skirt and spread her legs. She sat there with her cunt snapping pictures of her grandfather and an innocent look on her face. Jane squirmed in Harry's lap, rubbing her ass against his big prick. Harry couldn't take his eyes off Joan's cunt. Jane wiggled her ass and rubbed it back and forth along her grandfather's prick. Harry had a hard on in no time flat. Things were moving almost too fast for him to catch on to what was happening.

Jane giggled when she felt his prick harden under her. This was going to be easy. "Joan, guess what? Grandpa's got a hard on!"

Joan giggled too, "Oh? I wonder if he wants to fuck us? Do you think he does Jane?"

Both of them looked at their grandfather.

"Do you want -

to fuck us, grandpa?

We'd love to fuck you -

and suck your prick."

Harry expected that he would have to turn the conversation to sex. The girls had beaten him to it. Jane got off his lap, pulled down his zipper, and brought his nine inch prick out into the open. The foreskin covered the head except for a little peep hole that dripped pre cum.

Harry's prick was almost as big around as the girls' wrist and had ropy blue veins running down the whole stem. It was the first time the girls had ever seen an uncircumcised cock and they were fascinated by the loose foreskin. They took turns moving it back and forth over his prick head. they took turns licking off the drops of pre cum as they seeped out of his pisshole.

"My, grandpa, what -

a big prick you have."

Harry came up with an appropriate reply.

"The better to fuck you with, my dears."

The girls moved the foreskin back and forth over the head of his prick. Harry realized that he'd been had. He wasn't the least bit upset. He was enjoying the act that the girls were putting on. He was ready to start the action. "Do I have to spank you like your grandmother spanked Timmy, or are the two of you ready to get down to business now?"

By this time the girls were undressed. They ganged up on Harry and stripped his clothes off. Jane was on her knees licking up the drops of cum that seeped out of his piss hole. Joan was tongued fucking his ass. The girls were going to give their grandfather the complete treatment.

"Now wait a minute, I'm not as young as the boys. I can't come as often, but I don't come as fast and I have more patience. Why don't we go upstairs to the bedroom and be comfortable while we enjoy ourselves."

Harry led the girls into the bedroom. The girls jumped onto the bed.

"Grandpa, you -

have a water bed. -

This'll be fun. -

Fucking on a -

a water bed -

is lots of fun."

"Your grandmother and I think that a water bed makes for the best sex ever. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. What shall we do first? Why don't one of you ride my prick while I lap the other cunt. I've never had two females at the same time. I think that would be a good way to start."

"Gee, grandpa, I don't know if I can get that big prick in my cunt, but I'm sure willing to try."

The more aggressive Jane positioned herself over her grandfather's prick and lowered her cunt around it. Joan sat on his chest and pushed her cunt up to his mouth. He let Jane do the fucking and started to lap at his other granddaughter's cunt.

Jane's twat slid down over her grandfather's prick until the glans hit her cervix. "Oooo! you really fill me up. I love the way your prick fills my twat. The way the bed bounces makes it feel even better."

Joan found there was something extra when her grandfather lapped her cunt. "Oh boy, grandpa, you are a good cunt lapper. Your mustache tickles. I like it. I love you. I love the way you tickle my clit with your mustache while you're tongue fucking my slit. Oh, wow!"

Harry bounced with the bed. He got into reverse rhythm with Jane. He bounced his ass off the water bed as Jane came down. Jane soon had his prick riding in and out of her cunt and picked up speed. She was young and impatient she wanted to come. Her cunt rode up and down on her grandfather's huge prick. Harry's nine inch prick slid in and out of her cunt, glistening from her cunt juices.

Harry's educated tongue was playing tricks with Joan's cunt. She was rubbing her cunt all over her grandfather's face. He licked down her ass crack and ran his tongue up her ass. He sucked on her clit. He flicked his tongue in and out of her cunt. His mustache tickled her clit. Neither of the girls had his staying power.

"I'm coming, grandpa. Your big prick is making me come! Ahhh!"

"You're making me come too. I'm coming in my grandfather's mouth. Oh, wow! I'm coming! Oooo!"

Harry came up for air. He still hadn't come. He enjoyed the frantic activity of the girls and how fast he could get them to react. Like the old saying, 'Now it took all night to do what he used to do all night.' He didn't begrudge the time, didn't mind it in the least.

"I told you I didn't shoot off nearly as fast as the boys do. Switch places and we'll see if I can bring you off again. I haven't had this much fun in years."

The girls switched. Harry lapped Jane's cunt. Joan lowered her twat over her grandfather's cock.

Joan had her cervix battered. "Oh, you sure do fill me up. I love your big prick and I love the way this bed bounces it in and out of my cunt."

Jane found out what her sister had talked about. "Joan was right. Your mustache does tickle, and you're about the best cunt lapper that I've ever had."

Now it was Joan's turn to ride up and down Harry's big prick. She started out as slow as he sister had and picked up speed. Her cunt juices glistened on Harry's prick as it rode in and out of her cunt. She was just as fast reacting as her sister had been.

Harry's tongue was now playing the same tricks with Jane's cunt as it had with Joan's. Jane was rubbed her cunt on her grandfather's face. He licked down her ass crack and ran his tongue up her asshole just as he done to her sister. He sucked on her clit. He flicked his tongue in and out of her cunt. His mustache tickled her. Jane had the same reactions as her sister.

"I'm coming in your mouth. Boy, you sure feel good. I'm coming! Ahhh!"

"I'm going to come already, grandpa. Your big prick is making me come. Oh, boy! Oh, wow!

"Keep riding that prick, Joan, I'm ready to shoot a load of cum. I don't last as long with you girls as I do with your grandmother."

Jane crawled down between her grandfather's legs, pushed her head between Joan and Harry, licked his ass, tongue fucked his ass hole, and then sucked his balls, one at a time into her mouth. This was as much as Harry could take.

Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, he shot his mature cum into Joan's twat. Joan moved her cunt up to Harry's face so he could clean her cunt out and Jane grabbed his shrinking prick in her mouth and sucked on it.

The old man licked cunt and enjoyed the suction on his prick. Harry's prick softened and the girls lay down on either side of him and smothered him in kisses.

"We love you, -

grandpa. We love -

fucking and sucking -

with you. Do you think -

that You'll get hard again?"

"With two juicy cunts to play with, you bet, but it may take a little time. I'll be dead before I can't get it up for second go round. Besides, the way the two of you can work a man over I'll bet your sweet young cunts would even get a dead man hard."

He pumped two fingers in and out of the sweet young cunts. The girls lay back and enjoyed this then decided to go into action. Jane French kissed her grandfather while Joan licked at his ear. The two of them began a tongue bath. They caressed his chest with their tongues down to his nipples, sucked on his nipples till they hardened, and moved down his body where Jane probed his navel and Joan started to lick his ass crack. Jane then moved on Harry's prick, pulled back the foreskin and licked the pre cum that was oozing out of his pisshole. She pushed her tongue under the foreskin and ran it around the head of his prick. Joan rubbed his ass hole with her tongue and pushed it in as far as it would go. Harry wasn't a dead man. His prick started to harden.

The girls gave their grandfather the same treatment the boys had given Sarah. Down to the toes. Suck them one at a time. Lick up to the backs of the knees and spend some time there. Give the inside of the thighs a good going over. Lick up to the balls.

Each of the girls sucked on one of their grandfather's balls. Then move to the prick and ass. By this time Harry's prick had hardened to its full length.

"Wow, I got this monster into my cunt. Now I want to see if I can get it in my mouth. It looks delicious. We've never sucked on a prick with a foreskin before. This'll be fun."

"You start on him, Jane, but give me a chance to take over. I want to try sucking a prick with a foreskin too."

Jane lowered her mouth, pushed the foreskin back with her lips, and rubbed her tongue around the rim of his cock head. She tongue lashed at the sensitive spot under the piss hole. Slowly, she lowered her head until the nine inch prick was lodged in her throat. Her chin was resting on his balls. She raised and lowered her head, sucking all the time.

Joan tongue fucked his ass, fondled his balls, and tickled up and down his ass crack. The girls switched and Joan sucked the cock while Jane tongue fucked his ass. The girls speeded up the action and switched again.

After the girls had switched three more times Harry had as much as he could take. "I'm coming. I'm coming in your mouth. Drink my cum, girls, drink it all down."

Spurt, swallow; the girls switched; spurt, dribble, swallow; switch; dribble, swallow. Joan and Jane shared their grandfather's cum.

"I liked that. There was a funny taste -

under the foreskin, but it tasted good."

"You girls suck cock as well as your grandmother tells me your brothers lap cunt. You sure did a marvelous job on me. Your grandma and I would love to keep the four of you for ourselves for the whole vacation, but from what I've heard I guess we'll have to share you.

"I doubt I'll make it up again, but I'll play with your luscious juicy cunts. Lay up here at the head of the bed and grandpop will see what he can do for you."

He arranged the girls so that their cunts were only inches apart. They were hot and they were dripping juice. The girls' clits were swollen and sticking out between the outer cunt lips, and the pink slits were clearly visible.

Harry went to work on both of the girls cunts. He licked one cunt then the other and sucked on one clit then the other. Moving back and forth, he thrust his tongue as far into a cunt as he could and tickled the clit with his mustache.

The girls wiggled and pushed their crotches up into Harry's face.

"Oh grandpa, you're a marvelous cunt lapper."

"Your mustache tickles my clit."

"All men should -

have mustaches when -

they lap cunts. It -

really feels super."

As Harry switched back and forth, he finger fucked the cunt he wasn't lapping. His fingers slid in and out of one cunt while he sucked on the other.

"Oh, suck my cunt!"

"Yeh, suck on it, grandpa. I'm coming!"

"I'm coming too!"



The girls had several orgasms each.

Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, Harry licked up their juices almost as fast as they produced them. They all rested and Harry had a request.

"Don't tell your mother and father. We have plans. We weren't smart enough to get them when they were young, but we're going to try to make up for lost time. When we give the signal you kids make yourselves scarce."

The girls gave their grandfather a grin at this.

"We can always find something -

that we can do with the boys, grandpa."

"We're still trying out new -

things with them. We've only -

been fucking them for less than -

a month, and we even like watching -

them suck each other off.

"It makes us hot when -

we see them in action."

Harry's eyebrows shot up. "Oh? The boys are into that too? Wait till you uncle Cyril finds out about that. He'll have a ball. He loves young boy pricks."

Harry thought about his gay son, Cyril. "I've never tried that. I've never had sex with a male. Maybe I'll get a chance to try it now."

"We're sure that Timmy and -

Tommy will want to show you how."

Harry wasn't quite sure about that. "Well, I don't know. We'll see."

It was time. They got dressed. The boys showed up and adults from the shopping expedition soon after. They talked for a while before going to bed.


Chapter - 4

The next morning they picked up the Browns and the Snyders. They arrived in time for lunch and everyone got acquainted again.

John was starting to bald. He was tall and thin. Alice, his wife was only five feet tall. She had a perfect build and a doll face. Wally was eleven and his freckled face always wore a grin. He chattered endlessly and was friendly with everyone. Sally, at thirteen was pert and showed signs of adolescent development. She kept pushing her bust out to show off the fact that she was wearing a B cup instead of the training bra that she had just grown out of.

Cyril dressed in wild colors. You could never doubt that he and George were brothers. They looked almost like twins.

Gladys had grown to be a big woman, almost six feet tall. Her figure was perfect for her height. Sam, her husband, was a gangling six foot six. He had played basketball. Sam or Junior, as he was called, was fifteen, the oldest of the kids. He was going to be taller than his father, and was thin as a rail. Mary, at eleven, the youngest girl, was just beginning to grow tits. She very proudly wore a training bra, and every time she would think of it, she'd push out her chest. The baby, Charles, was a cherub, who constantly smiled, gurgled, and cooed.

During lunch the adults had a lot of current history to catch up on and the kids were a little shy with their peers that they barely remembered seeing before. After lunch every one went to their cabins to unpack and get settled in.

The Snyders and the baby, Charles, were housed in the cabin next to George and Sandra. The Browns got the cabin on the other side of the main house and Cyril the one next to that. George said the kids should get to know each other better, and had the twins break up. Each of them would bunk with one of the other kids.

Mary Snyder was bunked with Joan and Sally Brown with Jane. Timmy and Wally shared a cabin and Tommy and Junior shared another. All four of the twins got rather positive initial reactions from their cousins. All their cousins were healthy kids and they had a healthy curiosity about sex. The twins found out they were ready to try sex if they got the chance. The four Saunders kids didn't have too much trouble setting things up to give them the chance.

George and Sandra would see what they could get going among the adults. Harry and Sarah had formed the habit of taking a siesta. They excused themselves and went to bed. They gave the kids a chance to mix before they got into the act themselves.

John had come to the conclusion that the best thing to do was make a clean breast of his previous family relations. If Alice didn't mind he wanted to renew those relations.


"Yes, what is it?"

"I've never told you this, when I was eleven, Sandra seduced me. We were young and ignorant but we sure learned in a hurry. Remember, when we started with each other, you wanted to know where I learned some of those things. Well, Sandra and I discovered them together.

We haven't been together for more than a few hours since that time. We're going to be together for two weeks this time, would you mind if I did some of things with her again?"

"Don't think you're going to leave me out. If you do get together with her, include me in. I think it would be loads of fun."

Gladys had gone through the same thought processes that John had. She was going to be near George for more than a few hours for the first time since he had left for college. She wondered if they could get together for old times sake. She loved her husband but sure did want to have sex with her brother one more time.


Sam understood the tone of voice too.

"Yes. What is it?"

"I've never told you this. When I was eleven I seduced George. We were young and ignorant but we sure learned in a hurry. Remember, when we started, you wanted to know where I learned to do some of those things. George and I discovered most them together. We haven't been together for more than a few hours since that time. We're going to be together for two weeks this time, would you mind if I did some of things with him again?"

"Don't think you're going to leave me out. If you do get together with him, include me in. I've never had any group sex, but I've often thought of it. I think it would be loads of fun."

John took Sandra aside and told her of the arrangement he had made with Alice.

"Do you think George would go along with something like that?"

"He's already agreed. He had an affair with Cyril, before he was old enough to shoot off. He's trying to make arrangements with Gladys right now and I think he wants to go a round or two with Cyril, for old times sake too."

Gladys brought the subject up with George.

"Well, Sandra knows about us and she wants to get together with John. We were going to proposition you the same way. It looks as if everyone is on the same wavelength. We should have a ball."

Everything was set for a lot of fun and games. Sandra and George said nothing about the kids. The rest of the adults realized that the kids might find out but they were willing to deal with that when the time came.

"Okay. Let's put the cards on the table. All of you know some of this. Some of you know most of this. But there's some developments that none of you know. Or at least that you're not sure of. We all know that Sandra and John got together when they were kids and that I had some sex sessions with both Cyril and Gladys. Alice and Sam, have decided that they wanted to be counted in. All that has to be decided is who does what to whom and when."

Alice saw her husband looking at Sandra. She noticed that Gladys was eyeing George. She wasn't stupid.

"Sam, I have a feeling we're excess here. Would you like to join me for a walk, or something?"

"I see what you mean. I think it's a good idea. Let's walk to the nearest cabin. That 'or something' sounds real interesting."

They broke up into three couples, each going to a separate cabin.


As soon as Sandra and John closed the cabin door they hugged and kissed each other. It wasn't like a brother and sister should kiss. It was the kiss of reunited lovers who have been separated for a long time.

"I'll never forget that day you came bursting into the bathroom on me while I was jerking off, Sandra. It was the best thing that ever happened in my life."

"I never told you but the reason I came in was that I'd been spying from the window, and the sight of you cock had me so hot I didn't know what to do. It was the first time I'd ever seen a boy's prick."

"Well you sure frightened me, I think I even lost my hard on."

"You sure did, and you burst out crying and asking me not to tell on you."

"I thought jerking off was nasty and naughty. I knew that mom and pop would punish me if they ever found out. You know, after they sent me away to military school, I never had sex again until I met Alice. All I ever did was dream about you and me, and jerk off. I went over and over that first time. Let's do the same things again, the same way we did them then."

"I remember every little thing that happened too. I've thought of it often myself. I seduced Tommy and Timmy when they were about the same age you were then, because they reminded me of you, and how much fun I had with you for the six months before we were caught. I hadn't considered re-enacting it but I think you have a good idea. Let's see how close we can come to acting out that first time. Go ahead into the bathroom. I'll try to do the same things again."

John went into the bathroom, closed his eyes, and leaned against the door. He lowered his pants, spit on his hand and pumped on his already hard prick. It wasn't the three incher that he'd had on that first encounter, but he pretended it was. He even used his thumb and forefinger instead of his whole hand to jerk off with. He kept pumping and waddled over to sit down on the toilet. He wanted to make this reenactment as real as possible.

Sandra burst in on cue. John was so far into this make believe that he got flustered and lost his hard on. He tried to hide his prick which was quite a job because it was a lot bigger now that it had been that day. Sandra stood looking at him.

"I won't tell anyone I saw you jerking off, honest I won't. I just wanted to find out what a boy looked like down there. Don't feel bad, I've heard that all boys do what you were doing. I do it myself. I didn't want to make you unhappy.

"Oh, John, if you let me see your prick, I'll let you see my cunt."

Just as he did when was a young boy, John shyly separated his thighs uncovered his prick which was hard again. His seven incher certainly didn't look like a young boy's any more but Sandra was willing to pretend it was only three inches long.

"Well, all right, but you have to let me see you up close too. Take off your panties and pull up your dress so I can see you."

Sandra raised her dress and pulled down her panties. Just as that first time, her cunt was dripping from excitement. She let her brother look at her.

"Come closer. I want to see you up close."

Sandra moved closer. John's face was on a level with Sandra's cunt. As it had that first time, the heady odor of her cunt fascinated him.

"Can I touch it?"

Sandra recited the lines as she remembered them.

"If I let you play with my cunt, you have to let me play with your prick."

"Oh, yeh, I'd like that."

As timidly as a twelve year old, John reached out and ran his finger along the outside of Sandra's slit.

"Ah, stick your finger in my cunt, John. After that you can rub the little nub on the top. That's called my clit or clitoris. They say that it is about as sensitive as the head of your prick."

John pushed a finger into her cunt. He continued following her instructions by rubbing her clit.

"Ohhh! That feels so good. Rub it some more, then push your fingers in and out of the hole."

John rubbed then slipped his fingers into her cunt.

"Gee, your cunt is all wet on the inside. My fingers slip in and out so easy. I like the feel of the inside of your cunt. I could do this all day."

The excitement of this reenactment had Sandra to the point that she had been on that first day. It was only moments before she started to have orgasms. The feelings were just as intense as they had been that first time.

"Oh John, you're making me come. Ohhh! Ahhh! I'm coming! My little brother is bringing me off with his fingers. You're making me come with your fingers in my cunt. Ahhh! Oooo!"

John continued to pump with his fingers and Sandra kept riding her cunt back and forth until her spasms died down. Now, as much as she had on that first day, she wanted to see her brother's prick up close.

"You stand in front of me now. I want to see your prick. I want to see how it feels to play with my little brother's prick. You played with me, it's my turn to play with you."

They switched positions and true to form Sandra wanted to kiss John's hard prick which was right in front of her face. There was as much pre cum dripping from the end as there had been when John was twelve years old. Following the script, Sandra licked at it and John, also following the script, thrust hips forward and his prick into her mouth. Sandra had none of the surprise of the first time, she bobbed her head back and forth. John kept up the play acting.

"Oh, Sandra, what are you doing. It feels so good. I never had anything feel like that before. Oooo! Suck it harder. Your tongue is tickling my prick head. Suck on it, sis, suck on my prick! Oh, my!"

Sandra sucked his cock. John continued with the reenactment.

"Sandra, you're going to make me shoot off in your mouth. I know you don't want to shoot my stuff into your mouth. You'll be mad at me. You won't let me play with you again. Ohhh! Let me go!"

Sandra remembered exactly what she was supposed to do. As on that first day, Sandra held him by the hips and resisted his attempts to pull away.

"Ohhh! I'm shooting off! You're making me shoot off in your mouth! Ahhh! Oooo!!"

Spurt, swallow, spurt, swallow, spurt, swallow, dribble, dribble, dribble, swallow, swallow, swallow. Sandra swallowed her brother's, now man sized, load. The taste of his cum and the intense feeling made her have an orgasm again.

"Wow, John, I never thought I'd ever do anything like that and enjoy it. Your cum tasted so good that I couldn't stop. I like it when you shoot your cum in my mouth."

"Can I do that to you? Can I stick my tongue in your cunt. and see what it tastes like? Your cunt smelled so good to me when it was near my face. I'd like to try that."

"Oh, I'd love that. I'd love to have you lick my cunt and suck my clit. I just know it'll feel better than just rubbing it."

They switched positions and John pretended to hesitate before he proceeded. He spread his sister's cunt lips apart and looked at the slit and the clit. He took a deep breath and dabbed his tongue on her clit. He ran his tongue up and down the slit. He looked up at his sister.

"Gee, Sandra, it tastes as good as it smells. I like the taste of your cunt. I could do this all day. It even makes my prick feel good when I do it."

As on their first encounter, Lapping Sandra's cunt rejuvenated his prick. He had a hard on again. He stuck his tongue up her cunt as far as it would go and tongue fucked his sister. Sandra rubbed her cunt all over his face and had multiple orgasms.

"Ohhh! I love it! Ahhh! You're making me come! Ahhh! Oooo!"

When Sandra could take no more she pulled her hips back pushed John's face away from her cunt.

"Gee, that was the best thing that ever happened to me. I don't believe that it could feel so good to have you suck my cunt. I could do this with you for ever."

That was all they had done on that first encounter but neither of them was ready to stop right now. Skipping a few pages of the script Sandra and John went on to a later encounter. Sucking John's cock and having him lap her cunt was no longer a novelty. They were ready for something more advanced.

Sandra pulled her brother off the toilet, lay down on the floor, pulled John on top of her, placed his prick at the entrance of her cunt, bucked her hips up to engulf his prick, and bounced her hips up off the floor. John remembered the episode and picked up the rhythm. He thrust his prick in and out of his sister's cunt as fast as he could. This time he lasted a lot longer than he had the first time he fucked his sister.

"Push, John. Push your prick into my cunt. It feels so good! Fuck me, brother! Fuck me!"

"I'm doing it! I'm fucking my sister! My prick is in my sister's cunt! I'm fucking a girl! Oh, wow!"

He thrust his hips back and forth as fast as he could. It took quite a bit longer now but the action was just as violent. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; his cum jetted into his sister's cunt.

"Fill my cunt with your cum, brother. Shoot your cum into me. Ahhh Ohhh! Oooo!!"

They collapsed and when John's prick softened and slipped out of Sandra's cunt they pretended reluctance at lapping each other clean. They even took a quick shower together to wash of the sex smells. They rested a while before returning to the family group.


George and Gladys had their own nostalgic memories to relive. They did their own unbrotherly and unsisterly kissing when they were alone.

"You know, George, I wasn't as innocent as I pretended when I came to your bedroom. I had every intention of seducing you. I heard everything that went on through the heating vent and I'd listened when you and Cyril having sex together many times. I was jealous and felt left out. I listened till I heard your bedsprings squeaking before I came into the room. I really had a lot of fun embarrassing you and getting you to talk about sex and do the things I wanted."

"Well you had me embarrassed. I was practically tongue tied and you kept making me talk about sex."

"Let's start out the same way we did that night."

"Yeh, let's. That'll be fun."

"Okay You get in bed and I'll come back in."

Following the script George undressed, got into bed, and started to jerk off. Gladys came into the room and George quickly pulled the covers over his hard prick.

"What do you mean by coming in here without knocking. Get out!"

"I didn't mean to spy on you. Please don't shout at me. I had some questions I wanted to ask and I didn't want mom and pop to know I was in here. Please don't be mad at me. What were you doing."

"Uh. Well. I can't explain it. You're embarrassing me, Gladys. I didn't mean to shout at you. What did you want to know?"

"You know I started my period last month?"

"Uh. Yeh."

"Now at night, when I go to bed, and sometimes in the daytime when I see a good looking boy, my crotch gets wet and I want to rub it. When I rub my pussy at night it feels real good. Why is that?"

"Maybe you ought to talk to mom about it. She knows more about girls than I do."

"I talked to mom, she said I shouldn't touch myself there because it wasn't nice. Why isn't it nice? It feels good."

"Uh. You saw what I was doing. That's called masturbation. That's the same thing you do when you rub yourself. Everybody does it, I think."

"You were masturbating when I came in?"

"Well, we usually call it jerking off, and yes, that's what I was doing."

"Oooo!! Can I watch you?"

"Oh, Gladys, you're embarrassing me again. I can't do that with you watching."

"If you show me what you do, I'll show you how I do it."

As she had done in that first encounter, Gladys stripped her cloths off. Her well developed tits and mature cunt bore very little resemblance to the fist sized tits and bald cunt that George had first seen. Both of them were well into their fantasy and didn't really notice the difference.

"All right, now you pull the sheet off your privates. I want to see you too."

George, with a pretense of reluctance, uncovered himself.

"I like the looks of your prick. I think it's cute. That's what boys put into girls, Isn't it? Can I feel it? I'll let you feel my cunt."

"Well, we really shouldn't anything like that, but maybe this once."

Gladys wrapped her hand around George's prick and he, acting out the original scene, very tentatively poked his finger into his sister's cunt. It was just as wet and receptive as it had been on that day long ago. He pushed his fingers in and out.

"Oh gee, that feels better than when I do it to myself. Can I play with your prick?"

Gladys didn't wait for any response. She pumped on his prick the way he'd been doing when she came in the room. George's prick to oozed pre cum. George rubbed some of Gladys's cunt juice over her clit. Both of them were exited and they experienced the same pleasure that they had long before.

"Oh, George, you're giving me that good feeling and it's much better than when I do it myself."

"Gladys, I'm going to shoot off. Stuff is going to shoot out of my cock. It feels so good! Your hand feels so much better than mine."

"Ohhh! Ahhh"

"I'm coming in my sister's hand! Ahhh! Oooo!"

As in their initial encounter; spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble. His cum jetted out and Gladys kept on pumping till his prick was soft.

They hugged and kissed. George followed the original script. He moved down and opened his sister's cunt lips with his fingers. He stuck out his tongue and licked at her cunt.

"Oh, wow! What are you doing George? It feels better than when you pushed your fingers in and out."

"Lay back, sis, and I'll make you feel real good."

George licked at Gladys's cunt lips, and sucked on her clit. He ran his tongue in and out of her cunt.

"Oh, George, you're licking my pussy and suckling my clit. That feels reel good. I like it. Nothing ever felt like this. You're giving me that good feeling. You're giving me that good feeling with your mouth. I'm coming. Ahhh! Ohhh! Oooo!!"

Gladys had multiple orgasms and pushed George away.

"I still love you and the way you make me feel."

"I still love the taste of your cunt."

Back to the script.

"I want to do that for you now. How do I do it?"

"If you're sure you want to do it you start by licking the head of my prick."

Gladys did and he continued with the instructions.

"Lick around the head and the underside. Those are the most sensitive parts of my prick. Oh, you're doing it just right. Take the head in your mouth and suck my whole prick in. Oh, wow! Suck real hard and move your head up and down. Do it slow or I'll shoot off too quick. I want this last as long as possible."

George wad squirming as much as he had that first time. He hunched his prick into her mouth.

"Oh, Gladys, I'm going to come. Stop sucking or I'll shoot my cum into your mouth. You may not like it if I do that. You're making me come. You're making me shoot my cum in your mouth. Ahhh Ohhh!"

Spurt, spurt, swallow, spurt, dribble, swallow, dribble, dribble, swallow; Gladys enjoy the flavor of this load of cum as much as she had enjoyed the first load that she ever drank. They hugged and kissed some more then went on to their third encounter to complete the script.

"George, put your prick in my cunt? Isn't that what fucking is? I want you to fuck me."

"You're a virgin and I may hurt you."

"Oh, Someone's got to break my maidenhead and I want it to be you."

"Well, you get on top and stop if it hurts too much."

"You're a scardy cat. It can't hurt too much or there wouldn't be any babies."

"Okay If you're sure you want to."

Gladys positioned her cunt over George's prick and lowered her cunt around it. Unlike that first time they tried this his prick slid right in, she didn't have to tare her maidenhead to get it inside her. She moved her cunt up and down his prick. The two of them got into the ancient rhythm. George's hips were coming off the bed to meet each of Gladys's down strokes.

"Oh wow! This is great. I'm fucking a girl for the first time. I love fucking! I love fucking you! It feels real neat. Oh, Gladys, I'm fucking you! I've got my prick in my sister's cunt and I'm fucking her!"

"Wow! I never thought it would feel this good. I'm really being fucked by a boy! I'm being fucked by my brother! Oh, wow! I love the feel of your prick in my cunt, George. Keep pushing it in and out like that. I'm coming! Ahhh! Ohhh! Oooo!"

"I'm shooting my cum in your cunt! Oooo! Ahhh! Wow!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; George's cum shot into his sister's cunt. She wiggled her hips till his Soft prick slipped out and the changed positions to lick each other sex organs clean just as they had done on their first fuck.

They switched back and hugged and kissed. After a short rest they went back to join the other adults.


Alice and Sam, with no nostalgia to help them, just had a good bout of sex, or as the kids would say, 'sucking and fucking'. Alice sucked the first load of cum out of Sam's prick. Sam lapped Alice's cunt while he got a new hard on then he fucked Alice. They switched around for the cleanup and since they were in position they did a sixty nine.

They enjoyed themselves and found the novelty of doing these things with a new partner was rather exciting. They both thought this two weeks was going to be a lot more fun than they had expected. They were rather satisfied when they arrived back at the main house about the same time that the others did.


Chapter - 5


"Gee, Your sisters are pretty, so is Sally. I'd like to get to know them better. Do you think they'll like me? I don't know very much about girls."

"I'm sure my sisters like you. They were giving you the eye all through lunch and so was Sally. When my sisters give you the eye, watch out. They're after something."

Tommy hadn't realized how innocent Junior was and thought that, at fifteen, Junior could hardly back away from that sort of a challenge from a girl. However, Junior wasn't even sure that he understood what Tommy was talking about.

"What would they be after me for?"

"Your prick, of course. They want to suck and fuck with you."

"They what?" Junior was shocked at the way Tommy was talking about his sisters. The whole idea scared him silly. He wanted to get together with a girl but he was afraid that he would make a fool of himself. Even thinking of doing something with a girl almost made him shoot off in his pants. Suppose he shot off before he even touched the girl? Suppose he got scared and then couldn't get a hard on! He was a typical inexperienced adolescent.

Junior wanted to know how Tommy knew that his sisters wanted to do those things with him. "How do you know? Have they told you that? Do they do things like that with you? "Uh, If they suck you cock do you lap their cunt?" Junior knew he wanted to do some of those things with Mary, but he never would. He couldn't even imagine talking to Mary about them. Junior needed a lot more information.

Tommy told Junior all about their family fun and games. How he and Timmy lapped the girls' cunts, how the girls sucked their cocks, and even gave graphic descriptions of the different positions they used to fuck.

Junior listened carefully. "OH, wow! I sometimes leave the door open so Mary can watch me while I piss, and she leaves the door open too, when our parents aren't home. But we never did anything more than that. I've never even seen her cunt up close. Do you think I can get to see your sisters up close? Do you really think they would do things with me? Gee, I want to do things with them but I'm a little scared. I might do something silly or I might even shoot off if they just touched me down there. Uh, do you really lap their cunts and do they really suck your cocks, I didn't think that nice people sucked on each other's sex organs or licked their bodies."

Tommy just shrugged, "I don't know if its nice or not, but its certainly a lot of fun. All you have to do is say so and I'll set it up so one of the girls will do those things with you. I'm getting hard right now just thinking about the girls sucking my cock till I shoot off. I'm going to jack off before my balls start to ache. It looks like you have a hard on too. Why don't you jack off too?"

Junior was hesitant but he agreed as he saw Tommy start to unzip his pants. "Uh, Okay, I've never done this when someone was watching before. I guess I would like to watch you jerk off too."

They locked the door to the cabin and, slowly, undressed; each of them watching to see what the other boy's prick looked like. Junior's six inch prick stood straight out from his body. Drops of pre cum oozed out of the tip. The satiny skin of the head was flaming red and a tracery of blue veins was standing out all along the white stem. Tommy's four incher was just as rigid and it was dripping pre cum too. The veins on his cock didn't stand out as much as they did on Junior's. Tommy spit on his hand and rubbed his fingers around the rim of his prick head. He was envious of the size of Junior's prick.

"Gee, I can't wait till my prick gets as big as yours."

Junior spit on his hand too. He slid his prick in and out of his fist. He was watching Tommy and moved no faster than Tommy did. "Oh, my prick was smaller than yours when I was your age. Mine's still growing but not nearly as fast as it did at first. It's a eighth of an inch longer than it was six months ago."

Tommy tried to move things along. "Boy, this feels good, but it feels better when someone else jerks you off."

Junior had wondered what it would feel like to have a Mary jerk him off. He sometimes closed his eyes and pretended it was Mary. It was always more exciting when he jerked off that way. This wasn't Mary. Tommy wasn't even a girl, but it would be somebody else's hand doing the job. He was sure Tommy's hand would feel better than his. Besides, Junior was a little miffed at having the younger boy take the initiative all the time. He decided to go whole hog. "I'll tell you what. Why don't we jerk each other off. I want to find out what it feels like."

Tommy was pleased. If his brother and sisters were having as much luck with their cabin mates as he was having with Junior, maybe they could get some group sex going today. He grabbed the head of Junior's prick in the fingers of one hand and tickled the sensitive underside with the fingers of the other. Junior wasn't nearly as sophisticated a masturbater as Tommy, but he was a quick learner. He liked the sensation so he copied the motion on Tommy's prick. Tommy ran his fingers along Junior's ass crack and tickled his ass hole.

Junior was surprised at the sensations Tommy was giving him. He had never played with his asshole. He hadn't realized how sensitive he was there. The idea of touching someone's asshole didn't appeal to him, it seemed nasty. However, he liked the feel and he followed Tommy's lead. If Tommy could do this to him, he could do it to Tommy. He could always wash his hands after they were finished.

There were a lot of new ideas and Junior was very excited and he wasn't able to hold off much longer. He pumped his cock into Tommy's hand. This was a new sensation for Junior and it was exciting. Tommy was ready to shoot his cum too. He fucked his prick into Junior's hand. Two loads of young boy cum jetted into the air. Neither released the other's prick until it was soft.

As they cooled off Junior was unsure of himself again, "Are you sure your sisters will do things with me? I'm sort of afraid of getting together with a girl. I really don't know what to do and I'm afraid I'll make stupid mistakes."

Tommy knew that junior really had nothing to worry about, "If you give them the chance they'll rape you. That's about what they did to Timmy and me the first time. Of course we didn't fight them off too hard."

"Oh wow!"

"I'll talk to them and see what I can set up. The reason we decided to split up and bunk with you kids was to see if we could get you into doing things with us. We've never done it with any one else and we wanted to try having sex with you. Timmy is sounding out Wally and my sisters are finding out if we can get the girls into the act. Joan will find out if Mary wants to do things with you. I think we'll have a great time on this vacation."

Tommy was ready for the conference with his siblings.


Sally confided in Jane, "Gee, all the boys are cute. Do you think they'll like me? I'm a little afraid of boys. I don't really know how to act around them."

"My brothers couldn't keep their eyes off of you. Junior looking at you during lunch too. I don't think you'll have any trouble attracting any of them."

"But I don't know how to act when I'm with a boy. I get embarrassed because of what I'm thinking, I get all confused and I blush and stammer."

Jane took off on another tack, "How about Wally? I think he's cute. I like him. Is he interested in girls yet? Is he old enough?"

Sally knew something about that, "Wally's interested in girls all right. He spies on me. I have fun letting him get peeks. It makes me tingle between my legs. I peek at him too. His penis gets hard and stands up while I'm watching. It's not very big yet but he's grown a few hairs around it in the last month. I think he'd like to get closer to a girl, but just doesn't know how to go about it."

Jane felt it was time to give away some confidences, "Gee, my cunt gets wet and tingles too, when I see a boy's prick. Joan and I traded peeks with Tommy and Timmy. Now their pricks are over four inches long when they get hard. Uh, about a month ago Joan and I started to do other things with our brothers. I think Wally's real cute. I'd like to do some of those things with him too. Do you think I can get him to do anything with me?"

Sally's eyebrows went up, "Gee, I never say anything to him about sex. I'd be too embarrassed." She cocked her head and studied the situation for a moment. "I'm sure he'd like to do things with you though. Boy! I never thought of it before but I bet I could get him to do things with me."

Jane wanted to get things moving, "What do you do to make your cunt feel better when it tingles? My sister and I used to finger fuck ourselves before we got together with our brothers."

Sally wasn't used to the words Jane used. She'd never admitted to finger fucking herself to anyone, it was a private occupation. Jane noted Sally's hesitation.

"Don't you finger fuck yourself after you've seen Wally with a hard on?"

Sally blushed and stammered, "Uh, yeh, I guess I do. Sometimes I even pretend that Wally is pushing his fingers in down there."

Jane stripped off her shorts and rubbed her hand up and down her cunt. She separated the outer lips. There were drops of lubricant on her inner lips and her clit Stood at attention.

Sally didn't know what to do. She slowly got out of her clothes. At thirteen, Sally's bust was developing and she already filled a B cup bra, She was pestered her mother to get her a C cup. She had a well developed clit that protruded from her cunt when she was aroused. She was aroused now and it peeked out of her silky brown cunt hair. Jane pushed her fingers in and out of her cunt, and rubbed her crotch.

It was exciting to see another girl down there and more exciting to see Jane's fingers move in and out. Sally was excited and couldn't help herself. She pushed her finger into her cunt. Jane was watching her and nudged things along. "Let's do each other. It feels better that way."

She moved closer, grasped Sally's protruding clit, and jerking it off as if it were a prick. Sally started to pull away then stopped. This felt better than anything she did to herself. She pushed her hips forward to give Jane better access and touched Jane's cunt lips. Jane moved them over to the bed and plunged a finger in and out of Sally's cunt. Sally followed Jane's lead and they were soon bouncing all over the bed.

Both girls had orgasms, the action slowed down and stopped. Sally wanted to know what Jane and Joan did together and what the two of them did with their brothers. Jane told her and had to describe some of the things that Sally never heard of.

Sally listened in wide eyed wonder and fingered her cunt. "I've never even touched a boy before. I don't know if I'd have the nerve to do anything like that."

"Well, either Timmy or Tommy would let you touch their pricks. They like to have Joan and me touch and play with them. Neither of them would do anything you didn't want. If you want to, I could arrange things for you. I bet Timmy will talk to Wally and the two of you could get together if you wanted to."

"Gee, I do want to get with a boy, but I don't know. I guess I dream about doing things with Wally too but I'm afraid."

"Neither Timmy or Tommy would do anything that you didn't want. I can guarantee that. I'll tell them that I'll bite their prick the next time I give them a blow job."

This statement shocked Sally, but if Jane could treat sucking on a boy's thing so matter of factly, maybe she could do those things too. She brought up the image of her brother's miniature prick and decided she would like to suck on it. She wasn't sure that she would like to have him shoot his stuff in her mouth, but she wanted to try. "Uh. Well. I guess I do want to try it. Uh, can you arrange it with Timmy? He doesn't seem as aggressive as Tommy and I'm still a little scared."

Jane felt she had done a good recruiting job. Now it was up to Timmy to bring Sally along. She was ready for the conference with her siblings.


The exuberant Wally got alone with Timmy and started to spout. "Gee, all the girls are pretty. I'd like to get to know them better. I hope they don't treat me like a little kid because I'm not a little kid any more. I haven't been since I started to shoot cum about three months ago. I'm starting to grow up and I want to do some of the things I've heard about with girls.

"My prick gets hard just looking at them. I imagine what they'd look like if they didn't have clothes on. Gee, my prick hard right now. Does your prick get hard when you look at girls? Do you jerk off when you get a hard on? I do. I'm going to jerk off right now. Do you ever get to see your sisters naked?"

Wally stripped off his clothes while he chattered. His three inch prick was hard and it was pointed toward his navel. It was about three inches long and not much bigger around than his thumb. He only had two pubic hairs sprouting at its root. He spit on his thumb and forefinger, gabbed his prick between them, and started to run them up and down his cock.

He didn't know it but he was making things easy for Timmy who had stripped when Wally took his clothes off. Timmy spit on his hand and pumped up and down his own prick. Timmy thought that he would have to lead up to this.

Wally was watching closely. "Boy, your prick is big. I wonder what a big prick like that feels like. Sally has as much hair around her cunt as you do around your prick. I hope my prick grows as big as yours soon."

Timmy finally got a chance to squeeze a word in edgewise. "My prick still has a good way to grow yet. Would you really like to feel a prick as big as mine? Do you know that it makes you feel a lot better when someone else jerks you off. Tommy and I do it all the time. Why don't we jerk each other off, then you can feel my prick as much as you want. I'd like to feel yours too. I like to jerk Tommy off and we have fun doing it to each other."

Wally wasn't worried about what someone might think, he let go of his own cock and grabbed for Timmy's. He was grinning from ear to ear. He had never had a chance to feel another boy's prick before and he wanted to feel someone else's hand on his prick.

Wally pumped Timmy's prick full speed and Timmy pumped his fist up and down Wally's just as fast. Wally deposited his load of cum in Timmy's hand. Timmy shot his larger load on to Wally's belly. They gently massaged each other's limp pricks Wally had run down for the moment and he was closely examining the prick he held in his hand.

. Timmy got his chance to ask some rather pertinent questions. "How do you know how much hair Sally has around her cunt? Do you get to see her very often when she has no clothes on? Do you do anything with her?"

Wally had a big grin on his face, "Well, you see, she spies on me when I don't have any clothes on. I wait till she's upstairs before I get ready to take a shower then I don't close the bathroom door. Boy, do I get hard then when I see her peeping at me.

I spy on her too and she I'm sure she knows it and lets me see her naked. We don't do anything else, I wish I could get closer and find out what a girl's cunt feels like, but I'm afraid to say anything to her. She blushes if I say a dirty word. Do you ever get to see your sisters?"

"Sure, we started out the way you and Sally are doing now, getting peeks at each other and letting the others get peeks at us. Now sometimes they let us feel their cunts and they like to play with our pricks. We do a lot of other things too. It's a lot of fun doing all those different things with girls. Do you think you could get Sally to do things with us?"

"Gee, no! I wouldn't dare say anything to her, even about our peep shows. I know she's interested in boys though. She really wants to know a lot more about boys and I think she wants to do things with boys too. I think she just doesn't know how to get started. Uh, you said you do other things with your sisters. What do you do with them?"

"Sometimes we do what we were just doing now. They jerk us off and we finger fuck their cunts. More often than that we do some other things. Sometimes we lap their cunts and we like to have them suck our cocks. We even fuck them. We do just about everything."

Wally gave Timmy a big opening, "They suck your cocks! Wow! I'll bet that feels awesome."

Timmy didn't think anything he said was going to turn Wally off, he put out a feeler. "Oh, it sure does feel awesome to shoot of into a sucking mouth. Timmy and I suck each other's cocks when we can't get to the girls. It's even better than jacking each other off like we just did to each other. The both of us like to drink each other's cum too."

For the first time Wally was a little hesitant. "I thought only queers sucked each other's pricks."

Timmy knew the answer to that, "No way! We like girls. Sucking each other off is just a better way of jerking each other off."

Wally wasn't ready to put the idea aside, "Doesn't cum taste yucky?"

Again Timmy had the answer, "No. I like it. Haven't you ever tasted your own cum when you jerked off? Don't you sometime eat it?"

For the first time Wally didn't give a direct answer to Timmy. He hesitated and blushed. "Uh. Well. I guess so but I never told anybody about it before. Do you eat your cum?"

"Sure, and my brother's too. We both like the taste of cum."

Wally scraped some of Timmy's cum off of his belly and cautiously touched his finger with his tongue. He scooped some more of it from his belly and slurped it down. Timmy's cum tasted just as good to him as his own did and he'd been eating that since his first wet dream. He looked up at Timmy and his face split into a big grin. Timmy's cum didn't taste bad at all. He rather liked it. He still wasn't sure of himself and he hesitated and blushed again.

"Uh, If I suck your cock, will you suck mine?"

Both boys' pricks were hard again by this time, each of them had been playing with the other's prick. Timmy's stuck straight out from his crotch and Wally's pointed to his navel. The two of them got into a sixty nine position each facing the other's groin. Timmy licked up the pre cum that was seeping from the tip of Wally's prick and Wally's hips jerked. Wally did the same thing to Timmy's prick.

This was a lot of fun. Timmy licked around the head of Wally's prick. Wally didn't hesitate at all. He licked around the head of Timmy's. Timmy licked the underside of Wally's prick and sucked on his balls. Wally did the same for Timmy.

They started to suck cock in earnest. Each bobbed his head on the other's prick. Each pumped his hips to push his prick farther into the mouth that nursed on it. The action got faster and faster. Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble; Wally delivered his cum and Timmy shot off into Wally's mouth. They swallowed the cum and sucked each other's prick until it was limp. Timmy waited to see what Wally would say.

"Oh! Wow! I never thought anything would feel like that. Uh, would your sisters do anything with a little kid like me? I guess I'd be willing to lap their cunts. If I lapped their cunts would they suck my cock? Would they let me fuck them? If they would show me how, maybe I can get Mary to do things with me. She's really more my size."

Timmy felt that things were working out very well. "I know Joan and Jane are willing to do all those things with you. They've never yet seen a prick they didn't want to play with. They'd love teaching you everything they know. I don't know about Mary yet. We were afraid that your sister, you, and the Brown kids would cramp our style, so we decided that we'd try to get you to do things with us. You're ready, and I think my brother and sisters can get the rest to go along too. I'll find out how Mary and your sister feel about sex in a little while. I think we're going to have a ball during this vacation."

"Oh boy! Do you think I can get with Sally too?"

"I don't see why not, Jane is sounding her out right now."

"Oh, wow!"

"Anyhow, I'll get you set up with one of my sisters."

Timmy was ready to take his good news to the conference.


Joan told Mary she thought Junior was cute and wanted to know if Mary thought Junior was interested in her.

"Sure, he's really interested in girls. I think he'd like to have sex with a girl but he's too bashful. He spies on me every chance he gets and I let him see me naked every now and then. I think it's funny the way his pants bulge out in front and he puts his hands down there to hide it. I spy on him too and I think he lets me see him. He has a big prick with a lot of hair and some times it sticks way out from between his legs. It makes my cunt tingle when I see that. What do you do when your cunt tingles that way?"

Joan was being led in the direction she wanted to go, "Sometimes I push my fingers in and out and I play with myself. It makes me feel real good. After I do it for a little while I shudder and I get a funny feeling inside. I used to do it every night. It feels to good to stop."

Mary wasn't nearly as experienced, "Oh, wow, will you show me how to do it? I've rubbed my cunt when it tingles, but I've never had that feeling you're talking about."

Joan offered to help Mary out, "Sure, why don't we finger fuck ourselves at the same time and I'll show you how to do it. Better yet, I'll do you and you do me."

This was the first time Mary had ever had this frank a discussion about sex with an older girl. She certainly wasn't going to miss the chance of finding out about the mysteries of sex. They locked the door to the cabin and slowly undressed, each of them trying to see what the other girl looked like before they exposed their own intimate members. Mary was willing to do anything that Joan suggested since Joan seemed to know a lot more about sex than she did.

Mary had just had her first period. Her breasts were budding and the few wisps of hair did nothing to hide her juvenile slit. Joan frankly stared and Mary examined her cousin at the same time. Joan took the lead. She pulled Mary over to the bed and ran her hands down Mary's body. That felt good to Mary and she got goose bumps all over. She copied Joan's actions and ran her hands over Joan's body. Mary stopped at Joan's half grown breasts and pinched at the nipples till they got hard. She wanted to see how her own tits would feel when they got bigger.

Joan rubbed her fingers along Mary's cunt. Mary did the same to Joan. Joan found that Mary's slit was soaking wet with lubricant so she pushed a finger in.

Mary's hips came right off the bed as she arched her back to get more of the action. "Oh, wow! I never did that before. I never felt anything so good. Do it some more. Here, I'll do it to you."

She plunged her fingers into Joan's cunt. Joan pulled her finger out and played with Mary's clit.

Mary followed Joan's lead. "Yeh, that's what I've always done, but it feels much better when you do it."

They got back to finger fucking. For a beginner, Mary was one hot little girl. She arched her cunt up to meet each thrust of Joan's fingers. She copied all of Joan's actions, but it was by reflex. She was having feelings that she'd never had before. They both had several orgasms and the activity slowed down.

Joan thought that Mary was ready to go a little farther. She gently massaged Mary's clit. "Jane and I do something to each other that feels even better, but you may not want to do it."

Mary couldn't believe it. "Feel better than that? I don't think anything could. What is it that you do?"

Joan led Mary on to the next step. "We use our mouths and tongues instead of our fingers. It feels a lot better."

Mary turned this information over in her mind. She'd heard some of the kids talking about things like that, but she had though it was only talk. She didn't really believe that someone would lick your cunt. She pushed a finger into Joan's cunt and cautiously licked it. She hesitated and sucked the fingers into her mouth.

She hesitated again and looked at Joan. "If it's going to feel even better than what's just happened, I guess I want to try it. I never thought about doing anything like that before. I didn't think that nice people did things like that. Do you use your tongue on the boys? Do you suck their cocks? I've heard that some girls do but it sounds awful nasty to me. I don't know whether I could do that to a boy."

Joan wasn't ready to back down. "I sure do suck the boys' cocks. That's neat, and it isn't nasty at all. It's fun to make the boys wiggle all over the bed and their cum is delicious. When they shoot off in my mouth I usually get that good feeling without anyone touching my cunt."

Joan started to get into a sixty nine position then thought better of it. This would be Mary's first time, she would give her the works. She pushed Mary down on the bed and started a trip around the world. She French kissed her, licked over and nibbled on her ear, and licked her way down and sucked on each of Mary's pubescent nipples till they hardened and the aureoles crinkled up.

Mary ooood and ahhhd. Joan licked her way down Mary's body and Mary squirmed all over the place. After probing Mary's navel with her tongue, Joan licked on down to her cunt, swiped at her clit a couple of times, and Pushed her tongue into Mary's tight slit. Then, to Mary's astonishment, Joan licked her ass crack and probed her ass hole with her tongue.

Mary almost jumped off the bed. "Wow, I never felt anything like that before. I never even heard of anybody doing that. It feels super, but isn't it yucky?. I don't know if I could make myself lick somebody there."

Joan stopped to give the standard lecture on ass licking. She had it memorized. "Gee, no. It's hard to get yourself to do it the first time, but once you try it it's fun. Didn't it feel good to you? It feels so good to the other person that you want to do it all the time. My brothers love to have me do it and they do it to me all the time."

Joan didn't give Mary a chance to react to this information. She moved her mouth back to Mary's cunt and flicked her tongue in and out of Mary's tight slit. Mary arched her hips off the bed to get more of the action. Joan sucked at Mary's clit, then tongue fucked her some more.

"Oooo! Ahhh! Ohhh! Wow! Stop, I can't take any more."

Mary pushed Joan's head away from her cunt, and lay back panting. Joan sat back on her haunches and grinned. Mary looked at Joan while she caught her breath. She started with questions about Timmy and Tommy. Joan gave a rather graphic description of their sex life.

Mary hesitated for a moment, "Do you think they'd do those things with a little girl like me?"

Joan was certain, "My brothers never saw a cunt they didn't want to push their pricks into. If they thought they had a chance to do things with you they'd be after you in a minute. I saw both of them looking you over at lunch today. It seemed to me that Wally was a more than a little interested bit interested in you too, although he probably doesn't know what to do about it."

Mary took a deep breath, "Oh, wow! I think I would like to do things with a boy but I'm a little scared."

Joan had an answer for that too, "That's easy. I'll fix you up with Tommy. He'll have fun teaching you everything, and I think you'll like him."

Mary made a decision, "Okay, I guess so." She did a double take as she realized she'd done nothing for Joan the last go-round. "Hey I haven't done anything to you for what you just did. Lie down and let me try those things on you. I want to learn how to do them so I can do them with the boys."

Joan was horny. She had been fingering her cunt all the time this conversation was taking place. She lay down on her back, spread her legs, and raised her knees so that Mary could have full access. Mary followed Joan's procedure. She French kissed, sucked tit, probed navel and licked at cunt.

"Oooo! That feels good. I'm ready to come. Suck my clit! Lap my cunt! Ahhh!"

Mary, dutifully, lapped cunt and sucked clit.

"Ahhh! Ohhh! I can't take any more! Oooo!!"

Joan pushed Mary away. It was Mary's turn to sit back and grin. Joan knew that Mary was ready for anything. She couldn't wait to get to the conference and make her report to her siblings.

The two pairs of twins exchanged information about their cousins and made the arrangements. There was an intercom phone system at the motel, so they got on the horn, called the main house and said that with the long trips they were going to take naps. There was a scramble as they redistributed themselves. Tommy and Joan switched cabins and so did Timmy and Jane. Tommy was now in the cabin with Mary. Joan was in the cabin with Junior. Timmy shared a cabin with Sally. Jane joined Wally.


Chapter - 6


The ebullient, freckled faced Wally was suddenly bashful. Once he got into the cabin with Jane he blushed and didn't know what to say.

Jane knew that she was going to have to take the lead. "Hi. I hear that you did some things and had a lot of fun with Timmy."

For once Wally was tongue tied, "Uh. Well. Yeh, I guess we did."

Jane continued, "He told me you like to have your cock sucked. I like sucking cock. Would you like me to do that to you? Did Timmy tell you I'm a good cocksucker?"

This got Wally started. "Gee. I've never been with a girl before. I want to do things with you but I don't know what to do. I've never even seen a girl up close. Could I see what you look like down there? My prick isn't very big yet. Do you think it'll be big enough for you? I'd like to have you suck my cock but I don't know how to lap your cunt. Will you teach me what I should do to make you feel good?"

Jane held up her hand, "Whoa. One question at a time. First of all let's get undressed. I want to see you as much as you want to see me."

Joan stripped off her clothes. Wally was a little slower because he couldn't take his eyes off of her. Jane sat on the bed and spread her legs so that Wally could get a good view. In a daze, Wally finally pulled off his underpants and revealed his pubescent prick. It pointed right up to his belly button and was oozed pre cum. The head was red with excitement and the stem just barely showed the blue veins.

Jane thought it was cute. It was only a little bigger than her brother's pricks had been when she and her sister had played with them when her brothers were seven. She kneeled before Wally and licked the pre cum off the tip, gave his whole cock a good suck, licked around the head again, then sat back down on the bed. "I love your little prick. I'm sure it won't be too small for me. Yes, I'll suck on it and I want you to fuck me with it. Do you want to look and feel my cunt first or do you want to fuck me or have me suck you off?"

Wally knew what he had come here for. - All of the above. - He wanted to have Jane suck his cock, he wanted to fuck Jane, and He wanted to study how Jane was built between her legs. He still had only a vague idea of what the inside of a cunt looked like. The problem was that he was having a hard time deciding what he wanted to do first. What was a girl's cunt like?

He hadn't learned very much seeing Sally's cunt from a distance. He wanted to find out a lot more about a girl's plumbing . Wally got in front of Jane. Jane spread her outer cunt lips so he could have a better view. Wally moved his fingers toward her cunt and looked up at her face. When Jane grinned at him he gently pushed a finger into her cunt.

It was slick and wet. The sex odor from her cunt was very strong and Wally sniffed. It smelled good. Tommy said that he lapped the girl's cunts. He wondered how it tasted. Tommy said it was fun lapping a girl's cunt. He pulled his finger out of Jane's cunt and licked it. It tasted good to Wally. Wow! Jane would let him experiment all he wanted and she'd already sucked on the head of his prick. He wanted to try lapping cunt.

Wally cautiously licked Jane's cunt. Jane wiggled. He moved in closer to her cunt and pushed his tongue in as far as it would go. Jane's hips jerked. This was more fun than he thought! He lapped away. His nose rubbed her clit. He flicked his tongue in and out of her cunt. The plumbing down here sure was interesting and it tasted good too. He worked his tongue in and out of Jane's cunt as fast as he could.

A virgin lapping at her had Jane even more excited than usual. "Ohhh! Ahhh! I'm coming! Oooo! That's enough. I can't take any more. Now let me make you feel good."

Jane pushed Wally's head away. Wally was proud of himself. He had made a girl come. Wow! He sat back on his heels and grinned. Jane pushed Wally down on the bed and started a trip around the world. Wally's just pubescent body invited that activity. She French kissed him. He caught on quick. Soon he was sucking on her tongue.

Jane moved down and licked at each of his nipples. "Oh, wow, that feels funny. Why does that feel good for a boy?"

Jane paused to answer, "We don't know why, we just know it does."

Jane licked down over Wally's body. Jane was pleased at his reactions when he squirmed and wiggled all over the place. After probing Wally's navel with her tongue, Joan licked down to his prick. She cleaned the pre cum off of the tip, and licked the underside. Then, to his astonishment, she licked at his ass crack and probed his ass hole with her tongue.

"Wow, I never felt anything like that before. I never even heard of anybody doing that. It feels super, but isn't it yucky?"

Again the almost memorized recitation. \"Gee, no. It's hard to get yourself to do it the first time, but once you try it it's fun. It feels so good to the other person that you want to do it all the time and you can make them jump all over the place if you push hard enough against their asshole."

Jane tongue fucked his ass hole for a moment or two then licked back to his prick. She licked off the newly gathered drops of pre cum that oozed out of his pisshole and ran her tongue around the head of his cock. Wally was much too young to have this action prolonged. His hips arched up and buried his prick Jane's mouth.

Jane applied suction. Her cheeks hollowed and she bobbed her head. She massaged every square millimeter of Wally's small prick with her tongue and she sucked hard. Wally's hips came up off the bed each time Jane sucked his prick in. Wally was getting sensations he'd never gotten before. His hair trigger was pulled. His small load of cum spurted and dribbled into Jane's mouth. Wally's prick was slow in shrinking and Jane just kept on sucking till he pulled away.

"Oh, wow!"

He lay there and panted. Jane moved up beside Wally and hugged and kissed him. They traded French kisses and Jane felt his prick growing hard again and pushing against her belly. He came fast, but he sure did recover in a hurry. She had gotten hot sucking on his virgin prick and she was ready to go on to more fun and games. She wanted that adorable little prick shoved as far into her cunt as she could get it. She rolled over on her back, reached down, centered his prick between the inner lips of her cunt, and pushed up with her hips. Wally's pubescent cock disappeared into her cunt.

"Fuck me, Wally. Fuck me!"

Wally's needle was stuck, "Oh, wow!"

Wally had never fucked a girl before but his body didn't need to be taught what to do. He flexed his hips. His prick flashed in and out of Jane's cunt. Jane lifted her hips to meet each of his thrusts. Wally had more staying power this time. He bounced up and down. Jane got into the rhythm and met each of his thrusts with a thrust of her own hips. His prick, slick with her cunt juice, came all the way out of her cunt and plunged back in till his few pubic hairs were pressed right up against Jane's curly cunt hair. This was wild. He wanted it to go on for ever but he still had a short fuse. Jane was having orgasms already.

"Ohhh! I'm shooting off again! Oh wow!"

"Oooo! Ahhh!"

Wally's gushing cum jetted into Jane's cunt and brought her off. Fucking a virgin made you come quicker and harder. Wally's prick slowly shrank and finally slipped out. She switched around to do the mother cat bit. She sucked the cum off of Wally's cock. He wasn't at all hesitant. Her cunt was in front of his face so he lapped it clean. Some of his cum had leaked out of her cunt.

Wally lapped it up and realized that his was running his tongue up her ass crack. Well she had licked his ass. He closed his eyes, wrinkled his nose, and ran his tongue over her ass hole. He felt Jane's hips jerk and she wiggled. Wow! It wasn't yucky at all. He probed Jane's ass with his tongue then went back to lapping her cunt some more. They lay there for a while, Wally's face buried in Jane's cunt and his soft prick buried in her mouth.

Wally pulled away for a moment. "I liked that, and you're right, It is fun to lick ass and make people wiggle. I love you, Jane. Thanks for teaching me these things."

Since Jane was in position she just kept on working on Wally's crotch. The kids usually sixty nined after they fucked. Two flicks of her tongue on his ass gave Wally a new hard on. She sucked his rejuvenated prick into her mouth and bobbed her head. Wally followed suit and buried his face in her cunt. He discovered her clit and sucked on it. He tongue fucked her slit. It was as much fun exploring her cunt with his tongue as it was having his cock sucked.

Jane's hips rubbed her cunt up, down, and around Wally's face. Wally's hips flexed his prick in and out of Jane's mouth. The results were very predictable. In a very few minutes; spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, Wally released yet another load of cum. As it jetted into Jane's mouth his prick deflated.

Wally was satisfied for the moment but he still had a lot of questions. "Jane, do you think Sally would do some of these things with me. I love her and I'd love to make her feel good."

Jane had first hand knowledge and she reassured him, "She told me she wants to do things with you. She's a little shy about it though and it may take time. I'm sure that the two of you will get together soon."

Wally was enthusiastic, "Wow! I want that. Do you think that Mary would do things with me too? She's just my age. I'd like to do things with her."

"I'm sure of it. She told Joan that she wanted to do things with you."


They cuddled up together and, as frantic as their activities had been, they did take a nap.


Chapter - 7


Timmy had been warned not to push to hard with Sally. He knocked on the cabin door, and when Sally let him in he sat down in one of the chairs. He wasn't sure how to get things started. Sally sat down in another of the chairs. Timmy started it off.

"Gee, I like your brother. He's a nice kid."

"Yeh, he is. He talks too much sometimes, but he's never mean. I love him. We get along well. You and your brother and sisters seem to get along well together too."

"We sure do. Especially the last month or so. We started to do things together then. We all love each other too."

Timmy decided that he had to do something to get things moving. "You said Wally talks too much. Well he does let out some secrets. He told me that you try to spy on him when he has no clothes on and that he lets you see him."

Sally started to cry. Timmy didn't know what to do. He went over to Sally, made soothing sounds and patted her shoulder. Sally grabbed him around the waist and put her head on his chest. Timmy just held on to her and let her hold on to him.

Sally sobbed herself out. "It's not nice, but I do spy on him and I even show myself to him. You're not supposed to do things like that with your brother, but I can't help myself. It's real neat when I see him naked, especially when his little thing gets stiff."

Timmy tried to calm Sally down, "Why isn't it nice. I know Jane told you that we do a lot more than spy on each other. We have a lot of fun and no one has ever been hurt."

Timmy's prick rubbed against Sally's body as he held her with one arm and patted her back with the other and it had gotten hard. She felt it, pushed him away, and could see the bulge in his shorts. She realized that she was staring at Timmy's prick and he could see that she was staring at it. She blushed and hid her face.

As embarrassed as she was, she realized that this would get her nowhere. Sally looked back at that bulge in Timmy's pants and wanted to reach out and touch it. She took a deep breath and looked Timmy in the eyes. "I want to do the things you do with your sisters, but I'm afraid. I don't know what to do."

Timmy just soothed her, "Just do anything you want. I won't make you do anything you don't want to do. If you want, we'll just sit here and talk till the other kids are through, then we'll Join them. I'll get undressed, if you want, and let you see me. Then you can decide if you want to do anything more."

Sally sat there and rocked back and forth. She started to say something several times and stopped. Timmy did the smart thing. He waited till she was ready. Sally knew that she had dreamed about this opportunity for a long time. She was scared of doing anything but she knew that she would never get a better chance. Timmy was real nice. She liked him a lot. He wasn't making her do anything.

She looked at him again and took a deep breath. "You're nice, Timmy. If I don't do anything now, I probably never will. I want to learn about those things you do with your sisters. I want to do things with you too. I just don't know how, or even how to get started, and I'm scared."

Timmy made the same offer again, "Well, I'll take off my clothes, then see what you want to do from there."

Sally did want to see Timmy's prick up close. She was sure it would be bigger than Wally's. "Uh, - all right."

Timmy turned away and took his clothes off. This was a start at least. His prick got hard again as he thought of Sally examining it. After he had stripped he turned around and Sally saw his hard prick sticking straight out from his body.

"Oh, Timmy, you are nice to me. Your thing is a lot bigger than Wally's. Uh. Er. Oh, can I feel it. I've never felt a boy's thing."

Sally blushed. Timmy grinned and walked over to her. "Sure. Anything you want. I like to have a girl feel me."

Sally touched the shaft of Timmy's prick. Timmy's prick throbbed and Sally pulled her hand away as if it were hot. Slowly, she reached out and stroked a finger all the way along it. She wrapped her fingers around and pulled a little, letting it slip through her fingers. Timmy's prick throbbed again. Sally saw a drop of pre cum form on Timmy's piss hole and rubbed it into the head of his prick. She looked at Timmy with wonder in her eyes.

"That must be where the stuff comes out. Can I watch it come out?"

That wasn't very exciting but Timmy was willing to go along with anything Sally suggested. Sally was watching his face. He nodded and smiled. Sally brought her attention back to his prick. She liked the silky feel of Timmy's prick head.

She spread pre cum over the head. She traced the veins down the milky white stem. She looked up at his face and she saw that he was still smiling, worked her hand up and down his prick. Timmy sensitive prick could only take so much of this. He pumped his prick through her hand.

"Ahhh Ohhh! Oooo!!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, the fist jet of cum hit Sally in her face, the second, hit her open mouth, and the third hit her chin. Dribble, dribble, dribble, the rest of his cum oozed over Sally's hand. She kept right on pumping. She swallowed. Cum tasted good. Jane said that she sucked on the boys' pricks and she liked the taste of the cum.

She looked up again, blushed beet red, then lowered her head and took Timmy's shrinking prick in her mouth and sucked the rest of the cum off of it. It had sounded horrible to her when Jane had told her about sucking cock but now she liked it. She looked up at Timmy, and blushed again. Sally kept Timmy's now soft prick in her hand and sat back. Timmy thought that now was the time to go a little farther.

"Do you want me to do some things to make you feel good. I'd like to. If you get undressed I'll do anything you want."

Sally rocked back and forth again while she considered this. Her crotch was soaking wet from her cunt juice. It itched and it was all she could do not to rub it. She wanted Timmy to do things to her, but she was still afraid. Well, she'd put her mouth around his thing and nothing horrible had happened. She'd actually liked having his thing in her mouth. Why shouldn't she let him see her down there. He wouldn't do anything unless she agreed.

"Uh. I guess so. Don't look."

Timmy was willing to go along with anything that Sally wanted.

Sally quickly stripped out of her clothes, "Uh. Timmy. Oh, you can look now."

Sally pushed her tits as far out as she could. She wanted to look grown up. Timmy liked what he saw but he didn't know what to say. Instinct went to work. He made the statement that's never wrong, "You're beautiful."

Sally was still a little shy. She stood there, blushing. Timmy pulled her on to the bed and licked the drops of cum off her face. He french kissed her then licked the cum from her chin. He worked his way down to her tits and sucked on them. The nipples got hard and her aureoles crinkled up. She squirmed under Timmy's body. He licked his way toward her cunt. Timmy's prick had gotten hard again and Sally could feel it trail down her body and her leg. It really turned her on.

He reached her cunt, then stopped and looked at her. "May I?"

Sally blushed again. The things that he had been doing felt good. She wanted him to use his tongue there. She shook her head yes. Timmy dove right in. He licked her slit and sucked her clit, then licked down her ass crack and tongue fucked her ass hole. Sally had never heard of anything like this, Jane hadn't said anything about putting your tongue there. Her whole body jumped up off the bed. Timmy worked his way back to her cunt. He gently grabbed her clit in his teeth and sucked on it. Sally squirmed. He flicked his tongue in and out of Sally's tight slit. Sally wiggled. He licked her cunt and rubbed her clit with his nose.

"Ohhh! Ahhh Oooo!! Oh, Timmy! Oh, stop, I can't take any more."

Sally was having multiple orgasms. When her feelings got so intense she couldn't take it any longer, she grabbed his hair and pulled Timmy away from her. Timmy was pleased with himself and had the usual shit eating grin of a boy who knows he's done a man's job. Sally hugged and kissed him, and rubbed her bare body against his.

Timmy licked her lips with his tongue and she separated her lips. Timmy rubbed her tongue with his. It was like an electric shock. Sally had never had a French kiss before but she'd heard about it. She found out she liked it. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and he sucked on it. She liked every thing Timmy did with her. Sex wasn't scary at all. It was fun! All you had to do was get over being afraid of it. She held him very tight. "Timmy?"

When his sisters said his name with a question mark it meant they wanted something and usually it was a lot of fun. He couldn't think of anything that Sally could want and he wouldn't want also. "Yes?"

"Will you put your thing in me? I'm really afraid of having a boy do that to me but I want to try it anyway."

"Well, I guess you still have your maiden head. You know it might hurt the first time you get fucked, don't you?"

"Yes, but I have to have it done sometime. I want to try it now."

"All right, if you want. You get on top and break your maidenhead yourself. That way you can stop if it hurts too much."

Timmy lay on his back and Sally moved her body over his. She positioned her cunt so the head of Timmy's hard prick was touching between her inner cunt lips. Slowly she let her body move down. Timmy's prick slid into her cunt. Two inches, Timmy felt the pressure against the head of his prick. Sally stopped. Her body lifted again, and she dropped her weight onto Timmy's hips. He felt her maidenhead tear and her cunt slid all the way down over his prick. Timmy felt a gush of warm liquid and when he looked he saw it was blood.

"Oh! That hurt! Hold still! Ohhh!" Sally collapsed onto Timmy's body and lay there for a moment. "Wow! It feels a lot better now. You get on top Timmy. I want you to push it in and out. Isn't that what your supposed to do?"

Sally wrapped her legs around Timmy and they rolled over. This wasn't the usual position for Timmy. For some reason all the women that he fucked like to get on top. He liked the idea that Sally thought of him as the aggressive one. He pulled out till only the head of his prick was buried, then pushed in till his pubic hair met Sally's. He repeated the action a little faster. Timmy picked up speed. Sally's hips came up to meet his thrusts.

They moved faster and faster. His prick, wet with her cunt juice and the blood from her maiden head, flashed in and out. He tried to hold off so that he could give Sally as much pleasure as he could. Sally was having orgasms already. He shot a full load of cum into Sally's virgin cunt. She lay under him and shuddered.

"Oh, Timmy, I never thought anything could feel that good. I'm glad that I let you do it to me. I'm glad it was you. You're so nice. I love you."

"I love you too. I like fucking and sucking with you. I think you're nice too."

Timmy's prick slid out of Sally's cunt. Following habit, he reversed his position to clean Sally up. Sally had his prick in front of her face and she sucked it into her mouth. It felt good there. It got hard. She lifted her head and looked at Timmy. He kept on lapping her cunt. She took Timmy's thing back in her mouth and sucked it some more. Timmy was doing a professional job on her cunt.

The more excited Timmy got her the faster she bobbed her head. Timmy felt the pressure too and pumped his prick in and out of her mouth. The head of his cock hit the back of her throat. She didn't know if she liked the feel of Timmy's prick in her mouth or the feel of his tongue in her cunt more. She was finding out how much fun it was to make some one else feel good. She liked making Timmy feel good as much as she liked the way he made her feel. She rubbed her cunt all over his face and sucked as hard as she could.

Timmy's cum jetted into Sally's mouth and she kept on sucking trying to nurse a little more cum out of Timmy's balls. Jane was right it was fun to suck the cum out of a boy's cock. Timmy gave up. He pulled his face out of her cunt and his prick out of her mouth. They switched positions on the bed again and hugged and kissed each other.

Sally sighed. "Oh, I'm so glad we're doing this. I just didn't know what I was missing. I'm glad we're having this vacation with you twins. I want to learn how to do everything. I hope I can do these things with the other boys too. I really want to do them with Wally."

"Wally told me he wanted to suck and fuck with you too. I'm sure you can have a lot of fun with him."

The two of them lay in each others arms and took a nap.