The Sanders Family-Book 3, Reunion, Part-2, Chapters 8-16 (D.Abby) (varied) (6/6)

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Book 3 - Reunion

Part - 2


Chapter - 8


Junior was embarrassed and tongue tied, and embarrassed at being tongue tied. He wanted to have sex with this beautiful girl and he knew she was willing to have sex with him, but he was much too shy to take the initiative. He was sort of scared of the whole thing and he sure didn't know how to get things started.

Joan did know how to get things started and she wasn't going to wait for Junior to get up the nerve to make an advance. Tommy had said that they had done nothing but jack each other off, but that Junior really wanted to learn more about sex. She wasn't sure about how to get a conversation with a boy started but she did know how to get a boy started. She just walked over to Junior, gave him a gentle hug, and a soft kiss.

For an instant Junior just stood there, then he took a deep breath and put his arms around Joan and moved closer to her. Joan parted her lips and rubbed her tongue along Junior's lips. This was something new to Junior he'd heard about and now he found he liked it. He parted his lips and let Joan's tongue flick into his mouth. His prick got hard. They sucked each other's tongues. Joan reached down and rubbed her hand along the length of Junior's prick. Junior could feel Joan's hard nipples pressing against his chest. He cautiously placed a hand over her tit.

Joan pulled away. "Let's get undressed."

"Uh. Oh. Well. Oh, I want to, but I'm scared and I don't know what to do. I've really never done anything like this before. I've never even been in the same bedroom with a girl before. Uh. You'll have to tell me what to do."

"Oh, Junior. Don't be so upset. Let's just get undressed and see what happens. I'm sure you'll know what to do when the time comes. Timmy and Tommy certainly did and they didn't have much more experience than you have now."

Joan gave Junior another quick hug and kiss then started to take off her clothes. Junior watched Joan in fascination as he removed his own clothes. Joan lay down on the bed and spread her legs so that her cunt would be in full view. Junior walked over to the bed as if hypnotized.

He had fantasized about walking into a bedroom and seeing a girl waiting for him like this. He saw the moisture of Jane's hot cunt beading on the curly brown hair. Her clit poked out of the top of the slit. The nipples of her tits stuck straight up in the air.

He reached as if to touch Joan's tit with a finger then hesitated. "Can I touch you?"

"Sure, I love to have a boy rub my tit."

She pulled his hand over her tit, covered it with her own and pressed it against her. She used her other hand to gently fondled Junior's prick. She liked pricks. Junior's prick was bigger than her brothers' but smaller than her father's.

It had the same smooth satiny head and milk white stem with a tracery of blue veins that her brothers' pricks had and it was just as hard to squeeze. It felt as if there was an iron rod concealed inside, covered by that silky smooth skin. She smeared the drops of cum that seeped out of his pisshole over his prick head. She could feel his prick throbbing. Junior seemed to be frozen in that pose with one hand on her tit and his prick resting in Joan's hand.

Joan tried to get things moving, "I know you've never seen what a girl looks like up close before, Junior. You spied on Mary but that was from a distance. Would you like to see how a girl is made. Why don't you get down between my legs and look at me close up before you get in bed with me?"

Junior moved as if he were in a trance. He had wanted to do that but hadn't the nerve to take the initiative. He got between her legs, moved his hand from her tit to her cunt, and ran a finger just inside the outer lips. Joan used her hands to spread her cunt lips so Junior could get a better view of what she had hidden inside.

Junior was fascinated with the female anatomy that was revealed to him. He touched the clit that was standing up at the top of the slit and noted that Joan's hips jerked when he did it. He rubbed the inner lips. They were slick and wet. He pushed with a finger. It slid right inside her cunt. He pushed two fingers in and out and that made Joan wiggle.

Just as her siblings had, Joan found that doing things with someone new, particularly if you knew he was a virgin, is much more exciting than some one you'd already had sex with. She bucked her hips up to meet his thrusting fingers. She ran her hand up and down his prick. She was excited by the fact that a virgin was finger fucking her.

Junior realized that a girl was actually pulling on his prick. This was one of the things that he'd only dreamed about. He fucked his prick into her hand twice. That was enough. Spurt, the first jet of cum landed on Joan's body. She pulled his prick up to her mouth and, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, she sucked the rest of the cum out of it.

Junior was shocked. He'd heard of cock sucking and cunt lapping of course and Tommy said that Joan would want to do those things with him but it really hadn't sunk in. He didn't think that nice people did those things. He thought Joan was very nice and here she was, sucking on his cock. He had an awful lot of misconceptions to overcome.

He was having an inner conflict when he realized how good having his cock sucked felt. The hell with being nice, he could be just as nasty as Joan could. He carefully got on the bed so as not to dislodge his prick from Joan's mouth and buried his face in her cunt. If she could suck his cock, he could lap at her cunt.

The scent of Joan's cunt had him turned on. He ran his nose across her clit and flashed his tongue in and out of her cunt. He made the discovery about making some one else feel good was as much fun as having someone make you feel good. Joan's cunt was rubbing all over Junior's face. He liked the way he was making her react. He licked at her cunt and sucked her clit.

Joan licked around the head of Junior's soft prick then she licked around the helmet. She ran her tongue down the sensitive underside. She sucked on his balls. She wanted to get Junior's prick hard again and she knew the best way to do that. She moved from his balls on down to his ass crack and swiped her tongue across his asshole.

She licked his ass! Joan actually pushed her tongue up his ass and Junior had an Instant hard on! Junior had never heard of anyone doing something that nasty. Well, it seemed nasty, but it felt good. He would like to make Mary feel as good as Joan was making him feel. He would have to try licking her back there.

Now that she had it hard again Joan went back to sucking cock. The velvety head over the iron hard shaft felt good to her. Junior's prick was long enough so that she could get the head in her throat and swallow like she could do with her father. This almost threw Junior off the bed. Junior's hips fucked his prick in and out of Joan's mouth. He would have liked to lap cunt and have his cock sucked all day but he couldn't hold out any longer.

This time Joan sucked the full load of cum out of his cock and continued sucking until his prick was limp again. She swallowed and slurped and she didn't miss a drop. Joan came several times before she let Junior's prick slide out of her mouth and pulled her cunt away from his face. Joan switched positions and hugged and kissed Junior. He kissed right back.

He tasted his cum in her mouth. This wasn't nasty either! It was another turn on! He also had another hard on! He couldn't believe that it got hard so soon after his last come. Joan reached down and lodged the rampant prick in her cunt. All this time neither of them had said a word. Junior pumped his prick in and out of Joan's cunt, then stopped and let it soak.

"Oh, Joan. I love you. I never even heard of some of the things we've done already. I'm glad you're teaching me these things. I want to learn everything. I wonder if Sally would do some of these things with me, and I want to learn how to make Mary feel real good, if she'll do them with me."

Junior was so grateful. He didn't realize that he was doing as much for Joan as she was doing for him. Joan felt that his ego needed a few friendly strokes.

"I haven't had to teach you very much. When the time came you just know what to do. You do it very well too. You're a good lover, and I love you too. When Mary and I were talking she said that she wanted to suck and fuck with you, and I think that Sally would like to also. I know from experience that you can make either one of them feel good."

Sandra was teaching the girls how to control their cunt muscles. With a nice hard six inch prick soaking in her cunt, Joan decided to practice. Again, Junior was caught by surprise. The gentle massage felt good to him. He didn't know that cunts could do this.

"What are you doing now. That feels good."

"I'm flexing my cunt around your prick. I'm only just learning how to do it and I'm not very good at it yet. I like the way it makes a boy squirm."

Sure enough, Junior was squirming. He could no longer hold still. He still didn't need any instructions. His hips knew what to do. They pumped his prick in and out of Joan's cunt. Their hips mashed together then he pulled back until only the very tip was lodged in her cunt. Their bodies pounded together. The dance speeded up. Joan's cunt was flooded with a load of Junior's cum.

When his prick softened and slipped out, Joan reversed positions again to clean up the mess. Junior no longer had any reservations. He dove right in and licked his cum out of Joan's cunt then licked all of the drippings from her ass. If Joan could lick his ass he could lick hers. Joan, of course, sucked his whole crotch area clean and gave his ass a thorough cleaning. They moved around on the bed again and hugged and kissed. They were two very satisfied kids. They took a nap.


Chapter - 9


Tommy, the aggressive one, didn't have a chance to be aggressive. As soon as he walked into the cabin, Mary ran up to him, jumped into his arms, hugged him real tight, rubbed her just pubescent body against his, and started to chatter. "Tommy, will you let me feel your prick? Joan said you would. I never felt a prick before and I want to. Joan said you'd lap my cunt. Will you lap my cunt? Joan said you'd let me suck your cock. Do you think that I'll be able to drink your cum? Joan says she likes the taste. I want to be fucked. Do you think I'm too little to be fucked? "

She stopped to take a deep breath, "Maybe, if you think I'm too little, I can get Wally to fuck me first. Do you think he'll want to? His prick shouldn't be too big, do you think? Joan said that once your maidenhead is broken any sized prick will fit. If Wally fucks me first will you fuck me after? I want to lick your ass too. Will you lick my ass if I lick yours? Joan did that to me and it sure felt good to me. Oooo, I can feel your hard prick pressing up against me. Take it out and let me play with it."

Mary didn't give Tommy any time to respond. She reached between their bodies and grabbed Tommy's prick. She pulled the zipper down on his shorts, pulled his prick out, got on her knees in front of him, and slurped his prick into her mouth. Joan had told him that Mary was eager and wouldn't be any problem, but he never expected an eleven year old virgin to be this forward. He fell back on the old saying, in case of rape, relax and enjoy it. He relaxed as much as he could with his cock being sucked, and he sure enjoyed it.

Mary bobbed her head on his cock and he thrust his hips forward each time she moved her head toward his crotch. She hadn't really had a chance to see what a prick looked like up close, but she sure did like the velvety feel of it in her mouth. She could see why Joan said she liked sucking cock. The drops of cum that oozed out of the tip tasted good. She couldn't wait till he shot off and gave her a whole load of cum. Her cunt was spasming in sympathy with the throbbing prick in her mouth.

Tommy stood there and leaned back a little so Mary could get his whole prick in her mouth. This little nymphomaniac was going to make him come in record time. He could hardly believe she had never sucked a cock before. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, Mary's cheeks hollowed as she sucked every drop of cum from Tommy's prick. Mary kept sucking and swallowing until he pulled his prick out of her mouth.

"Oh wow! Just like Joan said, cum does taste good. I like it. Oh, wow! I even got that funny feeling in my cunt when you shot your cum in my mouth. I like cock sucking! I want to do that some more. I can't wait to suck Junior's cock. I know he'll like it. I hope he wants to lap my cunt too."

Mary was sure enthusiastic. Tommy wanted to do everything he could to make her feel good. She was going to make one damn fine sex partner. He was ready to make her feel good.

"For some one who never sucked a prick before, your a damn good cocksucker. Let's get undressed. You're real pretty and I want to see all of you. I want to play with your cunt too, and do all those other things that you were asking me about."

By the time Tommy finished talking, Mary was naked and on the bed. It didn't take Tommy long to get out of his own clothes. Mary's almost hairless slit turned Tommy on. There was a thin line of moisture all along the lips. Obviously Mary was ready. Her cunt lips were swollen with passion and her little clit bulged at the top of the inner lips. She lay back closed her eyes, spread her legs, and raised her knees. She was giving Tommy as much access as he would ever want. He had the same reaction as Joan. He wanted to give her as much pleasure as he could.

He rubbed his naked body against hers, and started out with the french kisses. Mary knew about that now she sucked on Tommy's tongue and pushed her own into Tommy's mouth. Tommy licked at her ear then moved down and sucked one of Mary's tits. Her nipple hardened and the aureole crinkled up. Tommy got the same reaction from the other tit. He licked down Mary's body, and Mary squirmed all over the place. He probing Mary's navel with his tongue, and was gratified by the way she jumped.

Tommy licked on down to Mary's cunt, swiped at her clit a couple of times, and pushed his tongue into Mary's tight slit. Then Tommy stopped and turned Mary over on her stomach. He was going to do the whole job. He started down at her toes and sucked on them. He licked his way up to the back of her knees, and gave them special attention. Mary wiggled and squirmed. Then Tommy licked the inside of Mary's thighs and got the desired responses. He ran his tongue up and down her ass crack, and across her asshole. His tongue probed her asshole.

"Ahhh Ohhh! I'm getting that feeling already! Oh, Tommy!"

Tommy turned Mary over again and went to work on her just pubescent cunt. He sucked on her clit and licked at her slit. Mary had as much as she could take. Her hips bounced on the bed and her body writhed. She pulled her crotch away from Tommy's probing tongue.

Tommy grinned, he knew he had given her one of the best trips around the world that she would ever get and he was proud of himself. Mary pulled him up beside her and hugged and kissed him and told him how much she loved him. He told her how much he loved her too. Mary kept squirming and rubbing her naked body against Tommy's hard prick.

"Will you fuck me, Tommy?"

Tommy sobered and thought for a minute.

"I want to fuck you, Mary, but it might hurt too much. Maybe it would be a good idea if Wally fucked you first. I know he wants to. After that I'll fuck you. I know, I'll fuck your ass. My sisters like that. That will hurt a little at first, but I think you'll like it too."

Another new idea. At this point Mary was willing to try anything the twins suggested. She'd loved it when Tommy licked her ass. Everything she'd tried was a real turn on. Sucking cock was a blast. Lapping cunt was a ball. Now she wanted to see what having her ass fucked was like. Mary was on her knees already with her ass sticking up in the air. Her hairless ass crack and pink pucker were very inviting. Tommy licked up and down her ass crack and pushed his tongue into her ass hole. He deposited some spit, placed the tip of his prick at the entrance and pushed his prick head in.

"Ouch! That does hurt! Take it easy!"

Tommy paused and waited for Mary to get accustomed to His four inch prick partially up her ass.

"Tell me when you're ready and I'll push some more in."

"It's easing up some now. Push in a little more. - More. -Oh, it feels good now. push it all the way in."

Tommy pushed and his prick was buried to the hilt in Mary's tight ass. This was the tightest hole he'd ever had his prick in. He inserted his finger into her cunt, and pumped his prick in and out of her ass while his finger tickled and massaged. Mary's hips moved back and forth to meet both invasions. Tommy was taking it slow. The edge had been taken off his hornyness by the blow job he had just received.

Tommy wanted to make sure Mary had more than one orgasm. He pumped at a steady rhythm. His fingers in her cunt felt his prick going in and out of her ass. In spite of his intentions his hips flexed faster and faster. Soon his ass was a blur. He could see his prick running in and out of Mary's ass. He reached his limit.

"Oh wow, Tommy, that feels good. Ohhh! Ahhh! Fuck my ass! I'm getting that good feeling. Keep on fucking my ass!"

Tommy wanted to keep on fucking but the tight ass was just too much.

"Oooo! Wow!"

Tommy's cum shot up Mary's ass. His prick softened and slipped out. Mary switched around to the cleanup position. Tommy licked his cum form her ass, and she sucked Tommy's soft prick for all she was worth. Soon it wasn't soft any more. Mary had been going non-stop since Tommy had walked into the cabin.

She hadn't even stopped to take a good look at Tommy's prick. She had only seen her brother's at a distance. She pulled her head back and let Tommy's cock slurp out of her mouth. She ran her finger over the velvety head. A drop of cum leaked out of the tip and she spread it across the head. She traced the blue veins with her finger. His balls intrigued her and she pushed them around inside their sack. She liked the looks and the feel of it.

Mary slurped this magnificent tool back into her mouth and applied as much suction as she could. Tommy kept right on lapping at her cunt and she bobbed her head up and down on his new hard on. Tommy's hips flexed his prick in and out of Mary's mouth, she rubbed her cunt over his face. Tommy's trigger was pulled. He shot off.

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, another load of cum was sucked out of Tommy's prick. Mary came and came and came. Mary loved it.

"Oh, wow!"


They took a nap.


Chapter - 10


George and Sandra weren't fooled by the nap story that they had been given. Although the others didn't know it, neither were Harry and Sarah. Both the couples felt that this was good news. They were ready to capitalize on events. The grandparents were willing to wait a while before they got in the act.

When the kids had called and said they were taking naps, Harry and Sarah, who usually did take a nap about this time, retired for a couple of hours. They didn't think they would miss very much and were willing to wait a while before they got into the act. Both of them had already had a round with the twins and they knew that wasn't the last time.

Before returning to the main house George went scouting and found the various pairs of kids asleep in each others' arms. Since Harry and Sarah were sleeping, George got the remaining adults together.

"There are some new developments. Just over a month ago Sandra seduced both our boys. It didn't take long till the boys and the girls got together. I was into the act by the end of the week, and we've been having a ball ever since. We don't intend to stop."

This stopped the discourse for a few minutes while this news was digested and a multitude of questions were asked about how, why, who, what, when and where. The Browns and the Snyders were very interested. Each of the four of them wondered if their kids were playing games and if they could get their own kids to play the same games with them.

"The two of you have been having sex with your kids?"

"That's not exactly the way they put it. They say, 'We've been sucking and fucking together', and they have a ball. Aside from what they do with each other, they keep Sandra and me worn out."

"Oh wow!"

"I'd sure like to try it."

"I wonder if Wally and Sally would have sex with us?"

"I'd sure like to 'fuck and suck' with Junior and Mary."

"Would you mind if we tried your kids out?"

"Gees, yeh, having sex with a pair of twins should be a blast."

George then dropped the blockbuster.

"I just went down to check on the kids who all decided that they needed a nap. They actually were napping all right. Each of them was sound asleep. They were all worn out. Not one of them had a stitch of clothes on their bodies. Mary was sleeping with Tommy, Sally was sleeping with Timmy, Junior was sleeping with Joan, and Wally was sleeping with Jane. They obviously hadn't been sleeping for long."


"My kids were having sex?"

"Our little Mary was in bed with Tommy?"

"That little scamp Wally was with Jane?"

"They all sure were, and from the satisfied grins on their faces, they all had a good time."

"Do you think our kids will want to have sex with us?"

That was the crux of the matter. At the beginning of the conversation all of the adults wanted to have sex with the twins. Now each of the adults wanted sex with their own kids.

"Well, to continue with the confessions, Sandra and I suggested that our kids get your kids in the act. That's the reason we set up the living arrangements the way we did. From what I saw they were very successful. You can borrow our kids any time you want. I know they'll be happy to go along with anything you want to do, just leave a little for us. I'll bet if our twins slip them the word, your kids will rape you before you can turn around."

"I found Wally's cum on his sheets a short time ago. I bet he's real horny. I'd love to get him into bed with me and see if I can wear him out."

"I'd love to lick my bashful little Sally's cunt."

"I want Junior to fuck me."

"Mary just had her first period. I want to give her a trip around the world and watch her squirm."

Only Cyril looked dejected.

"What am I supposed to do? Am I going to be left out of everything."

"Hell no! Timmy and Tommy know you're gay, and they've already told us they want to 'suck and fuck' with you. If they get you by yourself they'll have you worn out in half an hour. That's about all I can last with them."

Cyril wasn't at all above using one of the kids' favorite expressions.

"Oh wow!"

Things were coming to a head. No one wanted to be left out. Each of the adults wanted George to pass the word down to their kids through the twins. They wanted their kids that very night. All of them realized that they had to be careful that Harry and Sarah didn't find out.


Kids recover quickly. The kids were awake by now and had gathered in the bath house. Junior was frantic. He was beginning to realize what he had done and what the consequences might be.

"Gee, what if our parents find out?"

To Sally her parents were Simon pure. If she had stopped to think about it, she would have expected that she was the result of an immaculate conception. Her parents wouldn't do anything like that.

"Don't let our parents know about it."

The littler kids hadn't thought of their parents finding out. The twins didn't want their cousins upset. They explained the situation as quickly as they could.

"We wouldn't tell anyone -

what we were doing. We've -

been doing it all ourselves -

for over a month now. Besides, -

our parents know all about it. -

They've been doing it with -

us. Our mother and your -

father did the same things -

together when they were kids, -

and our father and your mother -

did those things together -

too. Our parents told us -

all about it. We just don't -

want to be left out of the fun."

Junior, Sally, Wally and Mary were swiveling their heads back and forth trying to grasp the meaning of all this. The twins confused every one when they talked like this.

"We thought we'd have to -

let you catch us sucking -

and fucking. Then we -

could probably get you -

to join us. But this -

makes things a lot -

easier. We'll talk -

to our parents and -

maybe we can all -

get together tomorrow."

The things that the twins were telling them started to make sense. However some of the things they said were incredible. No kid really believes that their parents did the same naughty things that they do themselves.

"You mean uncle George and mom had sex when they were kids?"

"Aunt Sandra and my father did this too?"

"That's -

what mom -

and pop -

told us."

Wally was the one with the keenest ear for any possible fun.

"Oh, wow, is it fun when you fuck with your parents?"

"Gees, yeh, it's -

a lot of fun."

"Uncle Cyril and pop -

had sex too. He's gay. -

Wally, you and Junior -

ought to try it with him."

Junior had to work things out in his mind. This all seemed to be to good to be true.

"You mean we can do things with each other for the whole vacation and no one will mind? You think that no one would object even if they found out?"

The twins, now talked one at a time.

"It's up to you. I know our parents won't mind. We'll talk to them and they can talk to your parents."

"Yeh, I'll bet your parents want to have sex with you as much as our parents want to have sex with us. Mom and pop think so."

"That's not all. Not even mom and pop know this, but grandma and grandpa caught us and they've sucked and fucked with us already. We could fix you up with them any time you want. They said they're hot for young cock and pussy. They said they were going to try to get our parents to have sex with them too."

"Grandpa's prick isn't circumcised. It looks funny with the skin up over its head. It's huge too. It's a lot of fun to play with his prick. It's different."

"We could really have a lot of fun if everybody got into the act."

The four novices were fascinated with the way things were working out. They thought they would have to sneak away to have sex with each other and even though the loved it they felt guilty too. Now the possibilities were tremendous. Anything could happen. They might even fuck their own parents! Not only that but grandma and grandpa too. That would be a blast.

The kids hadn't dressed and once the information was passed around they were all interested in the partners that they'd not yet had. Mary in particular had her eye on Wally, she hadn't been fucked yet and she didn't want to wait any longer.


Chapter - 12


"Wally, I want you to fuck me. I wanted Tommy to do it but he was afraid his prick was to big and that he'd hurt me. I want you to make me not a virgin. Your prick looks just the right size for me. I know I can fit it in my cunt. Please, Wally, fuck me now."

There was nothing that would please Wally more, he'd had his eye on Mary since he'd seen her. The older kids positioned the younger ones and Sally took the opportunity to handle her kid brother's prick. She guided Wally's prick into Mary's cunt. She was sorry to let her brother's pubescent prick go. Junior wanted to be part of deflowering his little sister. He pushed down on Wally's hips and Wally's prick broke right through Mary's maiden head.

They were right about Wally's smaller prick being easier on Mary. "Oh, that didn't hurt much at all. Fuck me Wally. I'm going to like this."

Wally pistonned his prick in and out of Mary's tight cunt. Mary raised her hips to meet every thrust of Wally's prick. Wally was very young and very impatient he couldn't hold the pace down and make it last. Mary was just as horny and she was pumping her hips as fast as he was. Wally's hips were a blur. Like most young kids he had a hair trigger but he'd shot off five times that afternoon and he did last a little longer. Wally blasted a load of young boy cum into Mary's spasming cunt.

By this time the neophytes had been trained to proper procedure. Wally shifted around to gain access to Mary's cunt. He examined it closely and licked it clean. Mary examined Wally's prick and sucked it clean too. Both were entranced by their opposite number.


The two littlest kids got along well together. Their siblings had been eyeing each other also. Now Junior's six incher interested Sally so much that she couldn't take her eyes off of it. Junior's was trying to watch his kid sister being fucked and get a closer look at Sally's cunt and tits. When the kids climaxed Sally was massaging Junior's hard prick. Junior had his fingers buried in Sally's cunt. They looked at each other, and both of them shook their heads yes.

Junior fondled Sally's tits. She massaged his prick. Sally was a little afraid of what, to her, was Junior's immense prick, but she didn't want to back down. Junior lowered his now rampant prick into Sally's cunt. His aim wasn't too good and it slid between her legs. Sally grasped his prick and placed it between the lips of her cunt. He pushed it in. Sally wiggled her hips. It was a snug fit but it felt real good.

Junior pumped his prick into her cunt. He tried to go slow and for a while he succeeded. Sally raised her hips to meet his down thrusts. They got into a steady rhythm. His prick was completely buried in her cunt and then came out till only the tip was lodged in her warm wet receptacle. Their hips moved faster and faster.

Junior climaxed and shot his load of cum into Sally's contracting cunt. As their younger siblings had done they switched around for the clean up bit when Mary and Wally preempted the activity. Mary latched onto Juniors prick and slurped it into her mouth. Wally buried his face in his sister's cunt. When he had her cleaned out he moved his head back to examine her closely, hugged her tight, and looked at her face.


"I never saw you this close before. I love the taste of your cunt. Can I play with it some more"

Sally was startled but she had to laugh at her forward little brother.

"If I can play with you. You know I used to play with you when you were too little to know it. I've missed doing that ever since I had too stop."

Mary was interested in Junior and she was more forward than Wally. She didn't want to play, she wanted to get down to serious business.

"Junior, can I suck on your prick till I make you shoot your cum? I always wanted to see your prick up close and play with it. Every time you would let me see you, I wanted to run into the room and grab hold of it."

Junior felt the same way about Mary as Sally thought about Wally. He squeezed her slight body against his in a hard hug.

"If I can lap your cunt. I did the same thing Sally did with Wally. When you were real little I used to run my finger up and down your cunt, and I've wanted to do it ever since, but I've been afraid."

The Saunders twins realized that now the Brown and Snyder siblings had been initiated, they wanted to be together. They knew how much they had wanted each other that first time and suggested that they go back to the cabins with a new distribution. The initiates jumped on this. The Brown kids went to one cabin and the Snyder kids went to a second. Timmy and Tommy hadn't been together since they had got to the motel and wanted a boy-boy session. Joan and Jane took the last of the kid's cabins.


Wally grabbed Sally's hand and pulled her all the way to the cabin. Once inside he pushed her down on the bed. He loved his sister very much and wanted to make her feel as good as he possibly could. He lay down beside his sister and started with French kisses. Sally had done this with Timmy so she sucked on Wally's tongue then pushed her own tongue into Wally's mouth. He sucked on it for a while and licked his way over to her ear. Sally almost jumped of the bed when his tongue probed there. Wally was getting a kick out of his sister's reactions. He was going to try out all the things he'd learned that afternoon.

He moved down and sucked her tit. The nipple got hard and crinkly. He sucked on the other tit and its nipple got hard and crinkly too. He licked down to her navel and probed it with his tongue. He was pleased when her body jerked again. So far so good, she liked this treatment as much as he had. Wally headed for his sister's cunt. He licked her slit and lapped her clit several times. Timmy had told him how sensitive the legs could be so, he moved down to Sally's and sucked her toes one at a time. He could tell from her moans that she liked it. He licked his way up and laved the back of her knees. She almost jumped off the bed again.

Wally spent some extra time and gave some extra attention to the inside of Sally's thighs. He turned his sister onto her stomach and licked all the way up and down her ass crack. He had done this before and he wanted to give his sister the good feelings he could. He lifted her hips so that she was on her knees. This gave him much better access to her ass hole and thrust his tongue in as far as it would go.

"Oh, Wally, You do that good. It feels so good. I don't think I could do that. It seems so nasty. Maybe I can do it to you. I'll try but I don't know if I can."

Wally wasn't going to be distracted he pulled back and saw his sister's cunt was exposed to his view in this position. The fringe of cunt hair around it was beaded with drops of moisture. He licked up the beads of cunt juice and thrust his tongue in. Sally pushed her cunt back toward his face. His own prick was hard and pulsing.

The twins hadn't mentioned fucking in this position and he'd never heard of anyone doing it but it looked good to him. He couldn't see why it shouldn't work. He got on his knees and pushed his prick into her cunt. Sally wiggled her hips. Wally buried his prick in Sally's cunt and pulled it out. He loved the way his prick glided in and out of his sister's slick cunt.

Each time Wally pushed his prick into his sister's cunt she pushed her ass back against his belly. This position was just a strange to her but she liked it as much as Wally did. Wally reached around and felt his prick as it rode in and out of Sally's cunt. He rubbed his sister's clit.

Sally wiggled and moaned and this pleased Wally no end. The treatment she was receiving had her coming over and over again. Wally's trigger was pulled again. With all this stimulation he couldn't hold off for long. His hips speeded up even more and he flooded Sally's cunt with a load of his young boy cum. The fact that it was Wally's cum shooting into her cunt got to Sally and she had another orgasm.

"Ahhh! Ohhh! Fill my cunt with your cum, Wally! I love you!"

"I'm fucking my sister! I'm shooting my cum into my sister's cunt! I love you too!"

His prick slipped out. Sally scooted around underneath Wally and sucked his prick into her mouth. Her cunt was right under her brothers face and he did his best to lick it dry. Sally sucked the cum off her brother's prick. She could see the crack of his ass right above her face. She worked up her courage and ran her tongue down Wally's ass crack. It wasn't as bad as she thought it would be so, very tentatively she licked at his asshole.

There was nothing wrong with this at all. When Wally's hips bucked at this attention, and she knew how good it must feel to him, she thrust her tongue as far into his ass hole as she could. Wally rewarded her with a lot of wiggles and squirms. She did as good a job on his ass as he had done on hers. She was surprised that it was just as much fun as the other things she had learned.

With some one as young as Wally tongue fucking his ass had the magical effect of 'instant hard on'. Sally gobbled his prick back into her mouth and started to suck in earnest. Her cheeks hollowed with the effort. It was as if she was trying to suck his balls out through his pisshole. Wally didn't slack up on her cunt. Her hips pushed her cunt all over his face and his hips fucked his prick down into her mouth. In short order the obvious results.

Wally's hair trigger was pulled again. Sally sucked up another load of her brother's cum and swallowed every drop. Her cunt spasmed in several orgasms. Both of them were exhausted. It was nap time again. They both fell asleep with Wally's prick a firm prisoner in Sally's mouth and Wally's face buried in her cunt.


Mary was just as anxious to Get to her brother as Wally had been to get to his sister. She grabbed her brother by his prick, she was sort of proud that it was the biggest one there, and pulled him into another cabin and down onto the bed.

The pair hugged and kissed and told each other how much they were loved, and how much they had wanted to get closer all this time. They practiced the French kissing that they'd just learned on each other and found out that it was a lot of fun.

Mary gave her older brother the treatment that Wally had given Sally. She knew how good it felt when the twins had given her a tongue bath. Mary started with the french kisses then poked her tongue into her brother's ear and got the desired reaction. A little more certain of herself, she licked down his neck. Junior moaned and reacted to that too. He didn't have any tits but Mary decided to lick at his nipples. Junior's nipples hardened and he got goose bumps. Junior was surprised at how good it felt.

Mary didn't stop there. She licked down to his navel and got him to jump. Then down to the prick, lick the pre cum off, move down his legs, and suck on his toes. This tickled Junior and he giggled. Mary licked her way up to the backs of his knees. She used her tongue there until Junior flexed his legs. She turned her attention to his inner thighs. She got Junior licked him there until she got him to wiggle some more. It was a lot of fun making Junior act this way! Giving some one pleasure was a blast. Mary hit all the high spots and Junior reacted just the way she wanted.

"Oh, wow. I never thought anything could feel that good."

Mary didn't stop. She licked the new drops of pre cum off his prick and attacked his ass. It had felt so good when the twins had lapped her ass she made up her mind that she was going to do the same thing for Junior. Mary wasn't the tentative sort. When she decided to do something, she did it with all her heart.

She ran her tongue all the way up and down her brother's ass crack. Her tongue made her brother shiver and shudder. She pushed her tongue as far as she could up his ass and was pleased when his hips pushed back to meet her mouth. Junior had a little staying power, but not much. Besides, he had a very sensitive ass.

"Ohhh! I'm coming! I'm shooting my cum! Ahhh!"

Mary wasn't going to let any of her brothers cum go to waste. She pushed her head under his hips and grabbed his prick in her mouth. His full load of cum jetted into her mouth. Mary swallowed and swallowed. Mary's cunt spasmed in sympathy. Giving her brother pleasure gave her orgasms. Junior pulled her up and sipped some of his cum out of her mouth.

"Oh, Junior, making you feel good made me come too. I love making you feel good. I love you!"

"I love you too, and you sure did make me feel good! I was having so much fun, I wish I didn't shoot off so soon."

It was Junior's turn to work his sister over. He went through the same processes that his sister had. He worked from her head to her toes and back up, giving adequate attention to her tits, her cunt, inside her thighs, and her ass.

If she could do this to him, he could do it to her. He closed his eyes and dove in before he could change his mind. Lick the ass crack. Nothing bad. Lick over her asshole. This should have been nasty but it wasn't. Push the tongue up the ass. Mary responded with satisfactory wiggles and squirms. He tongue fucked her ass and she jumped all over the bed. It was fun making Mary react like this. He kept tongue fucking her ass. The pressure got too much on Mary.

"Oh, Junior, do my cunt! I can't take any more! Ahhh! Oooo!"

Junior, dutifully, turned his sister over and licked her cunt. He separated her inner cunt lips and forced his tongue as far into her cunt as he could. He sucked her minuscule clit then plunged his tongue back into her cunt hole. Mary could only take so much. She pulled her brother up and hugged and kissed him. She could taste her own cunt juices on his lips. She licked his lips and sucked as much of her flavor out of his mouth as she could. She could feel his now hard prick wedged between their bodies. She wiggled to apply pressure to it. It felt good to her.



"I want you to fuck me."

"I'm to big for you. I don't want to hurt you."

"Oh, pooh! If a baby can come out of my cunt, your prick can fit in."

Junior was still worried that he might hurt her, but at this point he was in no condition to deny his sister's request. He wanted to fuck her as much as she wanted him to.

"Well, okay, but you get on top and apply the pressure yourself. That way you can stop if it hurts you."

This satisfied Mary. She would just sit down on her brother's hard prick and force it all the way up into her cunt. Mary straddled her brother's hips and lowered her cunt lips over his prick. The first inch went in easy, but then it started to stretch her cunt and hurt a little. Mary wasn't going to quit, before she could chicken out she closed her eyes and sat down.

Wally's small prick had stretched her enough. She felt some discomfort, but it wasn't bad. Mary wrapped her legs around her brother and rolled over. Junior supported himself on his knees and elbows and pushed his hips down. His prick was fully encased in his sister's pubescent cunt.

He lifted his hips and looked between their bodies. He could see his prick pulling out of that hairless cunt, glistening with her cunt juice. He pushed his prick back in then pulled it out again. Mary raised her hips to meet each of his thrusts. Each time their bodies separated he saw his prick emerge from his sister's cunt. This is what he had wanted for so long. It was the sexiest sight he'd ever seen. Both of them were rapidly approaching a climax.

"Ohhh! I love you. Your prick feels real good. Ahhh! Oooo!"

"Your tight cunt is making me shoot already. I love you! Wow! Ahhh!"

Junior jetted a load of cum into his sister's tight little cunt. They lay there with Mary's legs wrapped around her brother so she could keep his prick captive in her tight cunt. They fell asleep that way.


After what George had told him, Cyril decided it was time for him to scout around on the possibility that he would find one or both of the boys without any of the girls around. He passed by the cabin the boys had retired to and glanced in the window. They were doing a sixty nine! He watched fascinated by the action. He could tell the boys were experienced in all male sex.

His own nine inch cock got as hard as steel bar as he watched Tommy licked his brother's ass hole. Timmy ran his tongue around the head of Tommy's prick. They both changed their action often. Tommy sucked his brother's balls, one at a time. Timmy took the sensitive skin right under the pass hole into his mouth and sucked. Tommy ran his tongue up and down the sensitive underside of his brother's cock.

They kept up this tantalizing action for a while then each of them took the other's prick in their mouths and started to suck cock in earnest. Each one bobbed his head over his brother's prick. Each of the brothers pumped his hips to push his own prick farther into the mouth that was nursing on it.

The action got faster and faster. The boys were rapidly reaching a climax. Each could feel the his twin brother's prick throbbing in his mouth. Each was prepared to accept his brother's load of young boy cum and feed his brother his own cum. This was what they had been working up to. Two loads of cum spurted and dribbled into receptive mouths. Cyril saw the boys' throats working as they swallowed each other's cum. They gently sucked each other till the prick in their mouth got soft, and then released it and lay back talking.

"Wow, that was good."

"Yeh, but we ought to hold off for a while and not do anything more. We don't know what else is going to happen today. Things have been going a lot better than we thought. We don't want to be worn out if more interesting things start to happen."

"Yeh, let's see wait and see what happens."

"Gee, I wonder how soon we can have fun with Uncle Cyril. I'd like to get him to do things with us."

"He looks just like pop. I sure want to suck and fuck with him."

Cyril heard this whole conversation. He had no intention of keeping the boys waiting any longer. If anything, he was hotter for the boys than they were for him. He quietly opened the door to the cabin and walked in.

"Well, he certainly wouldn't mind sucking and fucking with you two boys. He'd be delighted. You boys have beautiful cocks. I could suck on them all day and drink all the cum you could give me. Those tight little asses of yours would entice a monk. I'd love to get my prick into one or both of them."

The boys hadn't expected their uncle to drop in on them but they were ready as soon as they heard his voice.

"Oh, wow, Uncle Cyril, -

any time you want to have -

sex with us we're ready."

"See, our pricks -

are hard again just -

thinking about working -

your prick over. We can -

see your prick is hard too."

"Pop says that the two of you used to suck and fuck together. He says you taught him all about it. He's a real good cocksucker. We like the way he does things. Maybe you can teach us some new things to do."

"He says that you're gay. Does that mean that you don't like girls at all?"

"We like sex -

with girls too. -

I don't think that -

we would ever want -

to do without girls."

Cyril's head swiveled back and forth between the two boys. This was like a tennis match. He voiced the usual adult complaint.

"I wish you boys would finish your own sentences. You confuse me with that going back and forth. Yes I taught your father about sucking cock and ass fucking but that was only because I was older. We both learned together actually. He was the first boy I ever did anything with. I have had sex with girls, and it's not bad, but I prefer boys, and young boys like you are the most fun. Maybe that because your father was only a boy, younger than you are now, when I first did things with him."

Cyril was taking off his clothes. The boys "ooood" and "ahhhd" at his bright red, silk bikini underpants. They thought that they were real sexy. Cyril promised that he would get them some as soon as he could find the right department store. They were impressed with his nine inch cock. The stimulated red head and the shaft with the engorged veins grabbed their interest. They each felt the hard shaft with the velvet skin and licked a drop or two of pre cum off the tip.

"Wow, you really -

have a hard on. -

Why don't we do -

something right now?"

Having the tip of your prick licked is not a way to get cooled off. Cyril was hot for the boys. He could hardly wait to get started himself.

"You're right, I do have a hard on and, as you put it, I want to suck and fuck with you. Let's get started. You're pretty well developed for boys your age. What do you want to do first?"

"Gee, I'd like to fuck your ass. Do you want to suck uncle Cyril off, Timmy?"

This satisfied Cyril. He added a little more action.

"I'll tell you what. Why don't Timmy and I sixty nine while you fuck my ass? That way we can all have some fun and maybe we can all shoot our cum at the same time."

The boys wasted no time. Timmy lay down on his back. Cyril positioned himself so that he could sixty nine with Timmy. Tommy got behind his uncle and licked at his ass crack. Cyril licked all around Timmy's prick, down his ass crack, and over his asshole. Timmy raised his legs so his uncle could have better access. Cyril tongue fucked his nephew's asshole and then went back to the underside of Timmy's prick. Timmy sucked on his uncle's balls, then licked the underside of the nine inch cock he had in front of his face. He licked around the head and sucked, it into his mouth and massaged it with his tongue. He then sucked the whole cock into his mouth. It was a mouthful but he loved it. It reminded him of his father's prick, and he love to suck on that.

Cyril followed suit. He sucked Timmy's prick into his mouth, running his tongue around the head. Timmy's prick reminded Cyril of George's prick too, only it was a younger George that he remembered. His brother's prick had been just that size when he had left home to go to college. He still thought back on those days with pleasure.

Tommy grabbed his uncle's hips and shoved his prick up his ass. Cyril contracted the muscles around his ass hole. This was the first time Tommy had felt some one purposely contract their ass around his prick. He liked the feel. He had to learn how to do it.

Cyril sucked on Timmy's five inch prick. This was like old times. It was about the size that George's was when he left home for college. Timmy managed to get his uncle's huge tool all the way down his throat. Tommy pumped his prick in and out of his uncle's ass. Any time you have sex with some one new it seems to make you hotter than normal.

Both of the boys and Cyril rapidly approached their climaxes. The action speeded up and none of them could hold off any longer. Timmy swallowed around his uncle's prick head. Cyril pushed Timmy's prick around with his tongue. Tommy's prick flashed in and out of his Uncle Cyril's ass hole. Tommy let out a scream.

"I'm coming. I'm coming up your ass, uncle Cyril. Shoot your cum in his mouth, Timmy. Drink Timmy's cum, uncle Cyril. Oh! Ahhh!"

Cyril swallowed the whole load of Timmy's young boy cum. Tommy was ready and shot his load of young boy cum up his Uncle Cyril's ass. Timmy drank all of his uncle's load. They all collapsed onto the bed.


The twin girls, with no new participants, did a sixty nine. When they had recovered from that they flat fucked. After that they rested too.


Chapter - 13

Just before dinner everyone congregated in the main house. George got his kids together and told them the Snyder and Brown parents were eager to have sex with their offspring and that a good time would be right after dinner. The twins lost no time relaying the information to the Snyder and the Brown kids. The kids were delighted. Things were pretty well set up.

The Snyder and Brown kids hugged and kissed their parents as if they hadn't seen them for months. They couldn't wait for dinner to be over. The adults, of course, were still under the impression that the grandparents had to be kept in the dark.

Shortly after dinner the Browns and Snyders retired to their respective cabins. The rest of the family sat around the dinner table drinking coffee and being sociable when the twins told them that they would go to the living room to watch TV. It had been more than a month since they had bothered with that dull stuff. They had no intention of spending their time watching TV now. They had their own idea of what being sociable was. They were also the only ones that knew what Harry and Sarah had on their minds.

They held a conference, they were impatient and had to speed things up. They figured that the best way to do that was to use the direct approach. They stripped off their clothes and paraded into the dinning room in their birthday suits. Cyril, George, and Sandra were dumfounded. They looked at the kids, then at their parents. The kids put on their most innocent faces. The girls went over to their grandfather.

"Gee, grandpa, you -

haven't fucked us since -

yesterday. You must -

have recovered since then."

The boys just as innocently approached their grandmother.

"Grandma, we want you -

to suck our cocks again. -

We think you're the best -

cocksucker that ever was."

George looked at the kids, his wife, his parents, and finally at Cyril.

"What the hell is going on here?"

Harry looked at the other adults. He also put on a very innocent expression.

"The same thing that went on in our house when you were kids, only we decided to skip a generation. Your mother and I knew what was going on, and didn't have sense enough to get into the act. We're older now and have more sense. Count us in, unless you have some objections."

Sandra took up the questioning.

"You mean you kids have already seduced your grandparents?"

Tommy took up the story.

"Well I don't know what the word seduced means, but we've fucked and sucked with grandma, and the girls have done the same with grandpa. Grandma and grandpa caught us doing things with each other before lunch yesterday, and when Timmy left the fishing boat and grandma caught him jerking off, she said she was going to punish him.

"She made him pull down his pants so she could spank him. Timmy got hot when his prick fucked between her thighs and he shot off. When he found out that she didn't have any panties on and saw how wet her cunt was he finally caught on. He lapped her cunt first then she got on top and started to fuck him. I came in and saw her ass hole sticking up in the air so I fucked her ass at the same time. She loved it."

"Then when the boys told us that grandpa was going to try the same thing on us, we figured that we'd do it our way. Grandma took you off to town to do some shopping and Joan and I raped grandpa the same way we did you the first time, pop. He didn't resist any more than you did. He has the biggest prick I've ever seen. Even bigger than yours, pop. Grandma and grandpa say that they knew about you and Aunt Gladys and Uncle Cyril, but they weren't smart enough to get into the act, and they wanted to make up for lost time."

George and Sandra looked at each other. They had the whole two weeks ahead of them and every one was in the act already. Things were happening much faster than they had anticipated. In fact more things had happened than they anticipated. The only one who wouldn't be having sex was six month old Charles. Even there Sarah had a surprise for them.

Sarah looked around the room.

"Humph, the only sensible ones here are the kids. They're properly dressed for this very momentous occasion. The rest of us are much too formal. No one is expected up here for the next two weeks. I want this to be the happiest nudist colony in the whole state. Okay, everybody strip to the buff."

Sarah immediately peeled off her clothes, and having been given instructions by the matriarch, every one who had clothes on followed her lead. The kids had been playing with each other's pricks and cunts all through this, but the adults hadn't had enough time to think things out. Cyril was the first one to decide what he wanted.

"Pop, I guess you know I'm gay. I got a hard on every time I looked at you from the time I was a kid. If you don't mind I'd love to suck you off and maybe have you fuck my ass."

Harry looked at his son. Since the girls had told him about the twin boys he'd been considering having sex with them and his son Cyril too. He was still a bit dubious about doing things with another male and had a lot of inhibitions to overcome. He decided to give it a go.

"I always knew about you and George and when the girls raped me they told me about Timmy and Tommy. It got me thinking about gay sex. I never tried it with a male before. I think I'd like to. But you're not going to monopolize me today. I think I'd like to try it with one of the boys first anyway. With all this female pulchritude around I'm going to sample some of that too."

The kids were getting impatient with this talking. They could go four or five rounds without batting an eye. It had been more than an hour since they'd had their last come. They wanted some action. Tommy was kneeling in front of his grandmother and lapping at her gray haired cunt. Timmy and Joan were sixty nining. Jane was sucking on her father's prick. Sandra wasn't going to sit around and watch. She pushed Harry down on the floor and sat down on him so his prick slid into her well lubricated cunt.

"I've always thought that you looked just like George would look when he got to be your age. I've wanted to try you out since the first time I met you. You have the biggest prick I've ever seen, and I've never had an uncircumcised cock pushed into my cunt before. I want some of it. I want it jammed up my cunt. I'm going to ride you until you holler uncle."

"Well your daughters wore me out yesterday. I don't see any reason why you can't try to do it today. Sarah will just have to get her jollies elsewhere. From the looks of things she sure is getting them."

"Sandra, you sure trained your boys to be expert cunt lappers. I'd never let them get away. Maybe we can lock them up and keep them to ourselves. I'm sure we can keep them happy, one way or another."

Cyril spotted Tommy's ass sticking up in the air. He licked at the ass crack and tongue fucked the adolescent asshole. He stepped back and eased his huge cock into his nephew's ass. Tommy pushed his ass back against his uncles groin. Slowly at first then picking up speed, Cyril pumped his prick in and out of his nephew's ass. Tommy matched his forward thrusts with backward thrusts of his own. It felt just like his father was fucking him and he always liked that.

George laid his daughter down on the floor, sucked on her tit for a moment, licked at her cunt, then mounted her. He eased his prick into her cunt. He slowly pumped it in and out of her tight orifice. Jane raised her hips to meet each of her father's thrusts. As always, fucking his daughter was a real turn on. He had to use all his control to keep from pumping his prick in and out of her cunt as fast as he could.

Tommy alternated between tongue fucking his grandmother's slit and sucking on her clit. She had her ass pushed all the way forward on the chair to give him the best target possible. Tommy licked his way down his grandmother's ass crack and tongue fucked her ass for a while. Grandma wiggled and he moved back to her dripping wet cunt and shoved his tongue in as far as it would go. She rubbed her cunt up and down his face and enjoyed every minute of it.

Timmy and Joan each knew just what their sibling liked, they'd been practicing for over a month. Joan rubbed the underside of Timmy's cock with her tongue every time she moved her head up. He tongue fucked her cunt hole and took a swipe at her clit, then her ass hole every now and then. Both of them were pumping their hips towards their sibling's face. Everyone was reaching a peak at the same time.





"Oh, my!"

Spurts and dribbles, dribbles and spurts. The men all let loose their loads. Tommy, due to the prostate massage that his uncle's prick was giving him, shot his load on to the carpet. All of the women had been having orgasms for a while already. The men's pricks slowly shrank and slipped out of the various holes. They were all breathing heavily.

The girls, of course, were the first to recover, and they were all fondling the soft pricks nearest them. The twin girls wanted more action now.

"Mom, Grandma, why don't -

we do a daisy chain? Maybe -

watching us do that will get -

the mens' pricks hard a little faster."

Sarah got down on the floor with the rest of them. If her husband was going to try boy-boy sex, she was going to try girl-girl sex. It sounded like fun. Her daughter in law and granddaughters seemed to like it. A woman knew where everything felt best, she could probably lap cunt better than a man.

"Well, I've never had sex with a woman before but I guess you can teach me how."

She pulled her daughter-in-law's cunt up to her face and started to lap away. Jane pushed her young cunt up to her mother's face. Joan positioned herself between Jane and her grandmother. She sucked on her grandmother's clit and presented her own cunt to her sister.

The men watched this frenetic action and their pricks grew hard. The twin boys whispered to their father and grandfather. The four of them got down behind the women and started to lick the ass cracks in front of their faces.

Cyril saw four male asses and pricks of varying ages and sizes, all over the floor. He went around and tongue fucked each ass. He saw that his father's prick was not yet fully hard so he sucked on it for a while. It got hard in a hurry.

The women were having multiple orgasms. They kept right on with the action. They liked all the attention that they were getting and they knew that they would outlast the men no matter what happened. All good things must come to and end, and they were all coming.

Grandmother Sarah recovered first.

"Well, we've given you men have a show, now it's our turn to watch. I always wanted to spy on you two when you were boys and never had the chance. Try it, Harry, you may like it. I sure had fun lapping cunt. Why don't you men form a daisy chain now. We may even get into the act later."

"Well, I said I would, and I guess now is as good a time as any to start. I think I'd prefer a tender young prick to start on though. Tommy or Timmy would be just about right."

"Oh, gee, grandpa, you can -

suck either one of us. We'd -

love to have you do it. You'll -

find it's fun to have boy-boy sex."

Cyril still had his eyes on his father. This would be his first chance.

"I'll tell you what, pop. You suck Timmy's cock and I'll fuck your ass. You don't know how good a prick up your ass can feel."

George considered these arrangements.

"Well, Cyril, I haven't fucked your ass for more than twenty years, and I want a go at it now. Timmy, you sixty nine with your grandfather and do a good job on him. he's never had a blow job from a male before. I know from experience that you can do a damn fine job on him. Tommy, fuck your brother's ass, that will put us all in the act."

There was much lubricating of ass holes and licking of cock tips. Grandpa Harry got into a sixty nine position with his grandson Timmy. Timmy got a good look at his grandfather's uncircumcised prick.

"Gee, this will be fun. Gee, I've never sucked a cock that looked like this before. I'll have to learn what makes it feel best."

He pulled the foreskin back, licked the drops of cum from the end of his grandfather's prick, ran his tongue around the exposed head, and sucked the loose skin under the pisshole into his mouth. He massaged this sensitive spot with his tongue.

Harry, dubiously, looked at the tender young prick in front of his face. He saw the drops of pre cum form on the tip. Well hell, he'd lapped his own cum out of his wife's cunt and it hadn't bothered him. Why should his grandson's. He licked the drops of cum from Timmy's pisshole. It wasn't bad at all. Who said you couldn't teach an old dog new tricks. He knew he was going to like this. He sucked the adolescent prick into his mouth.

This was the signal that everyone else had been waiting for. Timmy sucked his grandfather's cock all the way down his throat. Tommy deposited spit on his brother's ass hole and pushed his prick in. Cyril licked his father's ass hole and gently inserted his own prick. George gave Cyril the same treatment. They started in slow motion with the girls cheering them on.

"Suck your grandson's cock, Harry. make him shoot his cum in your mouth. Make Timmy come in your mouth and drink it all down."

"Teach your old grandfather how he should suck cock, Timmy. Make it an experience he'll never forget."

"Oh, pop, fuck Uncle Cyril's ass. Push your prick all the way in. Make him come and shoot your cum in his ass. Tommy, give your brother all you have. Shove it into him."

"Fuck grandpa's ass, uncle Cyril. Make him feel real good. Shoot a good load of cum up your father's ass, and help Timmy make him come."

There were only two asses free for the girls to lick at, but they did find balls to suck on and they rubbed their wet cunts on available male bodies. Things got hectic again as the action speeded up.

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; multiplied by five. Harry drank Timmy's sweet young boy cum and found he liked it. Timmy swallowed his grandfather's cum, but he had known that he would like it. Tommy deposited his adolescent cum in his brother's ass. Cyril delivered a massive load of cum to his father's ass, and he received a similar load of cum in his own ass from his brother. As usual the male appendages deflated. Timmy licked his grandfather's prick till everyone else had unsheathed, then he pulled his head away sucking just as hard as he could.

"Did you like it, grandpa. I liked sucking your prick. It had a funny taste around the head, under your foreskin, but it tasted good. You'll have to try that, Tommy. It's different."

"Well, now I know what male-male sex is like. You did a terrific job on my prick, Timmy, and a prick up your ass can be a blast. I should have found out about this a long time ago. My God, Sarah, think of all the time we've wasted."

"It's been a long time Cyril but your ass is as good as it ever was. I enjoyed your end no end."

"Oh, pop, I've wanted to do that for so long. I loved fucking your ass. I'm glad you liked it. Now what I really want is for you to fuck my ass."

"Well, I won't do it right away. That's for sure. I'm finished for a couple of hours at least. An old man can only take so much of this."

Grandma Sarah, looked around at her family.

"Do you have any idea why the Snyders and Browns left in such a hurry right after dinner? I have my suspicions but I don't know for sure."

"You obviously know what I did with Cyril and Gladys when we were kids, and you know about what we've been doing with our own kids. It happens that Sandra and John had an affair when they were kids too. While you were napping this afternoon, if that's what you were doing, and I have my doubts about that now, we all got together for old times sake. When the Snyders and the Browns found out about what we were doing with our kids they knew that they wanted to do the same thing with theirs.

The twins, by that time, had all the other kids into having sex with them. All we had to do was let the adults know what the kids wanted and the kids know that the adults wanted the same thing. I'll guarantee that they've been doing the same things in the cabins that we've been doing here.

"I thought as much. Tomorrow's going to be one busy fucking day."

Sarah looked around at he family. They were sloppy with cum and cunt juice, but she liked what she saw.

"I'll tell you what. We've all have a long day and we have a longer day in front of us tomorrow. Why don't we take a break. Harry and I could sure use some sleep for a change. You kids can go to bed anywhere you want to, but save some for us.

"Oh no you don't. Don't you dare put on any clothes. I want to be able to see when there's a rigid prick available."

Everyone laughed, but they followed instructions and didn't put any clothes on. Sarah ruled her family with an iron hand. What's more she wanted to get that hand on any iron hard cock that was available.

George, Sandra and Cyril went to their cabins to get some sleep. The kids decided to see what they could get going in the bath house.


Chapter - 14

The Snyders wasted no time in herding their two adolescent kids into their cabin. The adults were fascinated with the idea of having sex with their own kids. Like most parents Sam and Gladys had each had flashes of desire for the adolescent kids, but they had always buried them in a hurry. They weren't about to indulge in any sexual child abuse. Now circumstances made the objects of their desire available. They were more than pleased with the idea. They were now sorry that they had let so much time go to waste.

The kids, in their turn, hadn't buried the natural desires that they had for their parents. They had fantasized about their parents when they jerked off, and like all pubescent kids they had jerked off often. Now they had the chance to turn those fantasies into reality. Charles was put into his crib and the rest stripped. The kids and the adults stood looking at each other. Mary was the one who broke the ice. She blurted out everything that had happened and everything she wanted to do. Junior followed with his part of the story even the part where he shot off when Mary tongue fucked his ass.

There was a pause. They were examining each other's nude bodies. There was so much to see. Junior was staring at his voluptuous mother. She weighed a hundred and fifty pounds, but it was stacked perfectly on her five foot eleven frame. Her breasts were still firm and they were enlarged with milk at the present time. Her waist was narrow and her hips flared out. He could see the moisture gathering on her slit. His own prick was throbbing.

Gladys's slit was dripping wet at the sight of her son's six inch cock. She could eat it up, she intended to before the evening was out. Mary eyed her father's eight inch cock with awe. She hadn't known that pricks came that big. She was scared of its size but she wasn't going let that interfere with having him fuck her. Sam eyed his daughter's almost bald cunt. His mouth watered just looking at it. His prick drooled too. He wanted to go down on his daughter and he wanted to fuck her.

Junior suggested to Mary that they give their parents a tongue bath. The adults were willing, they could satisfy their own letches later. The kids had their parents lay side by side on the bed. Mary lay down on top of her father and started with French kissing. Junior was afraid he weighed too much for that, so he had his mother on her side and probed her mouth with his tongue. The adults certainly weren't fighting them off.

Mary had a good memory. She copied what first Joan, then Tommy had done to her. She licked at her father's ear, tongue bathed him down to his nipples and sucked on each of them until they hardened. She licked down to his navel, and was very pleased when she got her father to jump when she probed his navel with her tongue.

The feel of her father's prick, as she slid her body over it, was very exiting to her, but she was going to do everything that the twins had taught her, and not skip anything, before she got to the culmination. She licked her way down to Sam's pubic hair. She slurped up the drops of cum that seeped out of her father's pisshole, ran her tongue around the head of his prick several times, licked down the underside of his prick, and she took each of his balls into her mouth and sucked on them.

Now came the part she wasn't sure her father would think was nice. She didn't want her father to think that she was doing nasty things, but she wanted to make her father feel all the good things she had felt. She hesitated then very tentatively she licked along the length of his ass crack and worked her way down to his asshole. She hesitated again then probed with her tongue. The way her father reacted assured her that he didn't find this nasty at all. He jumped again.

"Wow! No wonder you made junior shoot off that way. I guess he inherited his sensitive ass from me. I shot off the first time your mother did that to me too."

Good, her father liked this. Mary thrust her tongue firmly into his ass hole.

Junior had not been idle. He was performing the same acts on his mother that Mary was performing on his father. His prick, first rubbed against his mother's cunt, then down her legs as he got to her tit. This kept him at the height of excitement, and it didn't do much to cool Gladys off. He sucked on the nipple.

He got milk! The milk surprised him, but it also made him hotter. Like any other kid, he wanted parental approval. He continued with the nursing till the nipple was as hard as his prick, then he switched to the other tit and did the same thing. When he probed his mother's navel, he got the same response that his sister had with their father. Gladys jumped. Any sign that he was pleasing his mother pleased him.

"Your father's right. My brother's kids sure are good teachers. I think you're going to make me come before you even reach my cunt."

Junior reached her cunt. He slurped his tongue across her clit, licked at her inner lips, and gave her clit a few sucks. Now the ass bit. He'd tried it that afternoon and, contrary to his expectation, he'd found that it wasn't bad at all. He plunged right in. He ran his tongue up and down his mother's ass crack across her ass hole. Each time he crossed it his mother jumped. He centered his lips on her pucker and pushed his tongue in as far as it would go. He tongue fucked her. Junior could feel the contractions of his mother's anus on his tongue.

"I love you, Junior. You sure did learn a lot in one day. Come up here and let me kiss you."

The four of them hugged and kissed. Each told the others how much they loved them. It seems that a parents first sexual desire with their children, is oral. They want to suck their offspring off. Gladys and Sam wanted just that. Gladys got the ball rolling.

"All right, you kids have given us a good tongue bath. The twins sure are good teachers. Now we'll do you. I want to suck your cum out of your balls, Junior. I want your first load in my mouth and to drink every drop of it."

Sam had the same desire with Mary. He wanted to lap her cunt.

"And I want to lick you dry, Mary. I want to work every part of your cunt over with my tongue."

The kids were ready, they lay down on the bed and their parents tongue bathed their kids down to the sex organs following the same procedures that the kids had used on them. Then they licked across the prick and cunt and went to work on their asses. The kids loved it. This was only the second time that they had been tongue fucked up the ass and now it was their parents doing it.

Gladys moved back to Junior's prick head, Slurped the cum drops from his pisshole and savored them, licked under the sensitive rim of his prick head, and rubbed her tongue up and down the underside of his cock. By this time Junior was beside himself. He was pushing his hips into the air. His whole body was squirming. Gladys poised her mouth over her son's engorged prick and sucked it into her mouth. She slowly moved her head up and down. This wasn't enough for Junior's hot prick. He bucked his hips and fucked his mother's mouth as fast as he could.

"I'm coming! I'm coming in my mother's mouth. You're making me come in your mouth, mom. Ohhh! Ahhh!"

Junior shot a massive load into Gladys's mouth. He was quivering with the intensity of his come. Gladys swallowed every drop of it. She gently sucked on his prick till it was soft, then slurped her mouth off of it.

Sam worked his daughter over at the same time. Her almost hairless cunt was a wild aphrodisiac. He sucked Mary's budding tits, switching from one to the other and making each of them hard and crinkly. He pinched the nipple on the tit he wasn't sucking at the time. He laved her body down to her pubic area then gave her a quick orgasm by licking at her clit and inner cunt lips. He, also, wanted to give his daughter the same good feelings that she had given him. He gave her ass a good working over and tongue fucked her ass hole.

Sam moved back to the hairless cunt that was so attractive to him. He very gently sucked on her clit then pushed his tongue into her cunt as far as it would go. He worked his tongue in and out, making his daughter squirm all over the bed.

"Ahhh Pop, I'm coming! Ohhh! Your tongue feels so good. You're making me feel so good. Oooo! I'm coming again. You're making me come again. Oh, pop, stop! I can't take any more. Oh, I love you so much!"

Both Junior and Mary had come off at the same time. They lay back panting. Sam still had a rampant prick. He hadn't come off yet. Gladys took the situation in.

"Sam, why don't you fuck your daughter. Junior's not ready for me yet. We'll watch."

Sam positioned his prick over his daughter's cunt. She rubbed the tip of it on her cunt. He pushed his large prick into his daughter's twat. Her earlier observation was correct. Wally's start and Junior's bigger prick had stretched her cunt so her father's still bigger prick didn't hurt her at all. With all the preliminaries that Sam had engaged in, he was ready too. Sam held himself in check. He didn't want this to be over so soon.

He slowly pulled his prick out of his daughter's cunt then pushed it back in, just as slowly. Mary's slick tight sheath accepted the whole length of his prick. He repeated the motion marveling at how tight it was. She bucked her hips up to meet her father's thrusts. She started to have orgasms almost at once.

Sam couldn't hold off very long. His hips responded to his daughter's upward thrusts. He picked up speed and plunged his prick in and out of Mary's cunt. Sam shot his overdue load of cum into his daughter's cunt. Mary had learned a lot of things from the twins. One of those things was to be neat. She switched position to lick the cum and cunt juice from her father's prick. He lapped at her cunt and cleaned the seepage from her ass. Mary gently nursed on her father's soft prick.

Not surprisingly, watching his father fuck Mary gave Junior a hard on. He was ready to fuck his mother. She positioned his prick over her cunt and he pushed it in till his crotch was pressed against his mother's. He nursed on one tit, then the other. He wanted some of that milk his little brother had been getting.

Junior just let his prick soak in his mother's cunt while he nursed. Like most women with strong sex drives, Gladys had trained her cunt muscles. She had exercised them after each of her children were born. She massaged her son's prick with her cunt till he couldn't hold still any more. He pumped his prick in and out of his mother's cunt.

Junior was young and had a hair trigger. Nursing on a flowing tit did nothing to cool him off. Gladys was ready to respond as soon as Junior started to pump his prick into her cunt. Junior shot his load of young boy cum into his mother's cunt. The twins had taught him the proper clean up procedure too. He reversed himself and lapped at his mother's cunt while she licked his prick clean.

They rested. There were kisses and hugs and professions of love. Their naked bodies rubbed up against each other. Watching his son fuck his wife had given Sam another hard on. Junior was young and recovered faster. Rubbing his body against his mother and sister, and against his father had gotten him hard again in a hurry. He thought back to some of the things that the twins had told him.


"Yes, Junior?"

"Uh. Ah. Oh, never mind."

"What's on your mind, Junior. Out with it. If we hadn't been afraid to say what we wanted we could have been doing things like this long ago. Tell me what you want. I won't be offended."

"Well, I told you how sensitive my ass is."

"Yes, So is mine."

"Tommy and Timmy say being fucked in the ass feels real good. Uh. Will you fuck my ass, pop. I want to try it, but I'd be embarrassed to ask one of the twins."

"I can tell you one thing. Getting embarrassed around here is a loosing proposition. From what I've seen and heard so far, anything goes for the next two weeks. If you really want to enjoy yourself, forget about being embarrassed.

"To get back to the ass fucking, I've never had sex with a boy before but I have fucked your mother's ass and I liked it. I've also heard that it's fun for a man to have his ass fucked. I've heard that the twins are right, it'll make the one being fucked shoot off too. It has something to do with massaging the prostate gland, I think. I'm ready to make a bargain with you. I'll fuck your ass if you'll fuck mine later. How does that suit you?"

"Oh, pop, I'd love to fuck your ass. I love you as much as I love mom and Mary. I want two have sex with you too. I just didn't think it was right for to males to do things together. I thought that only gays did that. Will you fuck me first?"

Sam reinforced what the twins had already told them.

"Son, anything you want to do about sex is fine as long as both partners want it and no one gets hurt."

Mary, of course, was not going to be left out of anything.

"Mom, Joan said that she and Jane lapped each other's cunts and flat fucked each other. I lapped cunts with her and that was fun. What's flat fucking? Will you show me how? I'd like to find out."

Gladys was in the same situation that Sam was in. She had never had sex with a girl before. It wasn't that she hadn't thought about it, it was just that the occasion had never presented itself and she had never gone out of her way to set the situation up. From the sound of things, all sorts of sex were going to take place these two weeks. It would be fun flat fucking with her daughter.

"I've heard about flat fucking and I think I know how it's supposed to be done, but I've never had sex with a girl before. With what you've done with the twins you're ahead of me on that already. I'm willing to try if you don't mind a novice."

"That'll be fun. We'll learn together."

Junior was now impatient. He was still a little shy about talking of the things he wanted to do, but had other ways of making his desires known. He got on his knees on the bed and presented his ass to Sam. Sam had to laugh at his son's graphic request. He got behind Junior and licked his ass, depositing enough spit to make sure that it would be well lubricated. Sam placed the head of his prick in his son's ass, took a firm hold on his son's hips, and forced an entrance.

"Oh, hold on, pop. That hurts a little but it feels good too. Take it easy till I get used to it."

"Okay. Tell me when."

"Push in some more now. Ahhh! A little more. Now some more."

"Sorry, son, I'm buried to the hilt. You'll have to do with what you have right now."

"Oh, wow! It sure feels good. I like it. Push it in and out now."

Sam fucked his prick into his son's ass. The tightness of Junior's ass had the same effect on him that his daughter's cunt had. He controlled himself as best he could and set up a steady rhythm. Junior moved his hips back to meet each of his father's thrusts. Mary and Gladys were watching every move. The males couldn't hold back much longer. They picked up the pace. Sam's prick flashed in and out of his son's ass hole. Junior's prick was bouncing and throbbing.

"Junior, your ass feels every bit as good as your mother's. I'm glad you suggested this. I'm going to shoot off in record time."

"I'm going to shoot off too. It feels as if some one was jerking me off but I can't feel anything on my prick. Oh, wow! Ahhh! Oooo!"

"Up your ass, son. Ohhh! Ahhh!"

Spurt; Mary saw that her brother was going to shoot his cum out onto the bed, she sucked his prick into her mouth so that she could swallow his load; spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; down the hatch. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, Sam shot his load of cum into his son's ass.

The men's pricks shriveled, Sam's slipped out of his son's ass, and they collapsed onto the bed. Gladys sucked her husband's cum out of her son's ass. She wasn't going to let Mary get ahead of her. She hadn't had so much fun since she had first seduced her brother.

"Mom, show me how to flat fuck. What do I do?"

"Well, from the way I understand it, you lie down on your back. I'll get on top and we'll see how it works."

Mary lay back as instructed and Gladys positioned herself in the dominant position. She maneuvered her outer cunt lip between the outer lips of her daughter's almost hairless cunt and lodged her daughter's cunt lip in her own. Cautiously, she moved her body up and down her daughter's so that her cunt lip rubbed all the sensitive parts of her daughter's cunt and she got the same action from Mary's cunt lip. The friction along the whole cunt was very exciting. So was the friction of Gladys's tits rubbing against Mary's little buds. Mary arched her hips off the bed to get more of the action. Gladys tried to speed up but they lost contact. She stopped while they frantically repositioned themselves and the action speeded up again.

"Oh, wow! I'm coming! Ahhh Oooo!!"

"So am I! Ohhh! Ahhh!"


Sam and Junior lapped the excess cunt juice from Gladys and Mary and everyone collapsed.

By this time the Snyders were ready for a break. The adults, at least were looking ahead. Tomorrow as another day and after that there would be a whole two weeks with this sex crazy family. They felt they had to hold something in reserve. The kids started to their cabins, then decided to see if anything was happening in the bath house.


Chapter - 15

The Brown family got to their cabin as quickly as the Snyders. They were just as impatient to get started. John couldn't figure out how the kids had managed to get started. He thought for sure his outgoing son, Wally, was too young to have initiated all this sex activity and his daughter, Sally, was to shy.

"How in the world did the Saunders twins get all of you into sex so fast? George and Sandra told us about them, but I thought it would take a couple of days, at least until they got you to do things with them. Let's get undressed while you tell us what happened."

Sally, now she was with her parents, developed another case of being shy. She didn't know how she could talk about the things she had done to her parents. Wally very rarely had that problem. He related the whole story from the peeking games with his sibling through the activities that the twins had initiated them to. His only reservation was about the boy-boy sex.

"Is it all right for boys to do things with boys, dad? I did things with Timmy and it was fun. I thought that only queers did things like that. I like doing things with girls too."

His mother told him if he liked girls he couldn't be gay and his father repeated the open philosophy that as long as both people enjoyed it and it didn't hurt anyone, any sex act was permissible.

Sally loosened up and told all the things she had done that afternoon. She was shyer and quieter than her brother but she had no problems at all about what she'd done, the problem was talking about it.

Everyone was undressed. John massaged Sally's clit and finger fucked her while she ran her hands up and down his hard prick. Alice fondled Wally's prick while he thrust his fingers in and out of her cunt. Alice was very gentle in her massage, she knew about young boys and their hair triggers, she'd had several boyfriends in high school that had left her high and dry.

"Now I want to suck on that cute little prick of yours. I know that you can't wait for it to get bigger, but I like it just the size it is. Even your father didn't know it but I used to suck on it before you were old enough to know what I was doing. You used to like it a lot when I sucked your cock, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it now. Lay down on the bed and let me get your cock in my mouth."

John wasn't going to be a spectator. He was now willing to admit his letch Sally. He wasn't going to wait any longer.

"Sally, you lay down beside your brother and I'll lap your cunt at the same time. You're just a year younger than your aunt was the first time I fucked her. You don't know it, but I've been getting a hard on every since you started to twitch your little ass in front of me when you were twelve years old. I was foolish and just tried to tune you out, now I'm going to make up for lost time."

The Brown kids were very obedient. They did exactly what their parents told them to do. At least this time they did. Alice kissed her son all over his body. She raised his legs and kissed him on the ass. She licked his ass crack and his ass hole. She had him squirming already.

"Gee, Joan did that to me last night and it felt real good to me. I tried licking ass myself and it isn't as bad as it seems. I like to do it now."

Alice stopped just long enough to answer.

"I'm glad. The more things you learn to like, the more fun you'll have."

She went back to tongue fucking her son's ass. She worked her way back to his prick and licked the drops of cum from his piss hole. She took the head of his cock into her mouth and ran her tongue all around the sensitive tissue right under the knob. Wally couldn't take too much of this. He squirmed all over the bed. He pushed his prick all the way into his mother's mouth, and fucked up at her face.

Alice sucked his miniature prick, balls and all, into her mouth. She was really having a ball, two of them along with a prick. She loved every minute of it. She sucked so hard her cheeks were hollow. Her head bobbed over her son's almost hairless groin. She could feel Wally's prick throbbing in her mouth and knew he was ready to shoot off. Just sucking on her son's prick gave her several orgasms.

"Oh, mom. I'm going to shoot my cum. I'm going to shoot off in your mouth. You're making me come in your mouth. Oh, suck my cock, mom. I'm coming! Ahhh! Wow!"

Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble. Wally shot his load of young boy cum into his mother's mouth. Alice was ready for it. She swished it around in her mouth and slowly swallowed it, savoring every drop. When Wally's prick had gotten as small as it would she reluctantly gave it up.

"I love the taste of your cum, Wally, I'll take your load any time you're ready. I love you, and I love that little prick of yours. Maybe the exercise will make it grow big faster."

John had started on his daughters tits. They were just large enough to make a mouthful. He sucked on one of them, gotten the nipple hard, then sucked on the other and gotten its nipple just as hard. He licked his way down to her well lubricated cunt. He lapped up the excess moisture and massaged her clit with the tip of his tongue.

He separated her inner cunt lips with his tongue. He tongue bathed her ass crack, and when he found out that she was very sensitive there, he buried his tongue in her asshole. She almost hit the ceiling.

"Oh, pop. That's a super feeling. Everybody else seems to do it and I tried it with Wally. I know it isn't as yucky as it seems."

John let his wife's answer to Wally stand. He fucked his tongue in and out of his daughter's ass. Sally had a very sensitive asshole.

"Oh, pop, you're making me have that good feeling already and you just barely touched me down there. I didn't know I was so sensitive there. Oh! Ahhh!"

Back to the main attraction, John lapped up daughter's cunt juice as fast as he could. He did tricks with her clit. He had learned to lap his sister, Sandra's, cunt at a very early age, eleven years old, and by this time he was an expert. He used every bit of his expertise on Sally. Sally responded. She was having multiple orgasms.

"Oh, I'm doing it again. Pop, you're making me feel good again. Oh, wow! Ahhh! Oooo!"

Sally let down her cunt juice as fast as her father could lick it up. He tried to dry her out but it was a lost cause, she kept producing more.

"Ahhh! Stop! I can't take any more. Please stop now, Pop. Ohhh!"

John finally came up for air. He was grinning from ear to ear. Like any male, he was pleased when he knew that he was giving a woman pleasure. Giving his daughter that much enjoyment pleased him even more.

The kids lay back. The fact that their parents had brought them off made it extra special. As most kids did, they fantasized about sex with their parents, and like all teen age kids they thought that it was perverted, nasty, and wrong. They didn't think having sex with their parents was wrong any more. They thought it was super.

"I love you, mom, and you made me feel so good, now let me do the same for you."

"You made me feel real good too, Pop, I'd like to make you feel just as good. I love you too."

The kids now made their parents lay back on the bed. They decided to show off with some of the things the twins had done to them. They started with the French kisses, did the tongue bath thing, working their parents' nipples over, and licked their way down to the sex organs.

Wally licked at his mothers clit and ran his tongue along her inner cunt lips.

Sally ran her tongue around the head of her father's prick and along the sensitive underside, then sucked on his balls.

They both approached their parents' rear ends. They were going to give as good as they got.

Wally recklessly dove right in. He ran his tongue all the way down his mother's ass crack, and found that licking ass still didn't bother him at all. He licked at his mother's asshole again, and exerted as much pressure as he could with his tongue. Alice wiggled appreciatively. She made Wally tingle all over with pleasure by praising him.

"For some one who thought they couldn't do that, you're doing an awfully good job. I like it. You're an expert."

Sally was a little more tentative. She licked the area under her father's balls for a while then, slowly worked up her father's ass crack to his asshole. Wally's hairless ass hadn't been nearly as awesome as her father's hairy one was. She touched it lightly with her tongue. A little more firmly. She hardened her tongue and thrust it right in. Well, her session with Wally wasn't a freak, she did like licking ass.

By this time the kids were hot again too. Even though they had just had magnificent comes, they were ready for more. Wally moved his body up over his mother's. She grabbed at his prick and positioned it inside her cunt lips and he pushed his cock into her cunt.

"Oh, mom, your cunt feels so good. I don't think I ever want to jerk off again. Fucking and sucking are a lot more fun."

"I love the feel of your prick in my cunt, Wally. I really don't think you'll have very much chance to jerk off any more. Every time you get a hard on for the rest of this vacation, I'm sure someone will see it and do something to make it soft before you have the chance. After this two weeks, when your sister and I get you at home, we'll be watching your crotch like hawks. No sexy woman ever lets a hard prick go to waste. Having an available hard prick around the house after school, before your father gets home, will be fun."

Sally poised her cunt over her father's prick and lowered herself onto it.

"Wow, Wally's right. Rubbing yourself is no substitute for the real thing. Your thing feels great in me."

"Sally you're going to have to learn not to be so round about. What you're trying to say is that having my prick fuck your cunt feels better than jerking off and that you like fucking. Now say it that way."

"Uh. Oh. Well. Okay, Your prick feels good in my cunt and I want you to fuck me. It feels better than jerking off. Is that better? Huh, you know, it does feel good to say those words."

Having gotten over that hump, Sally started to hump her father. She worked her cunt up and down her father's prick. He raised his hips to meet each of her down thrusts. They started out slow and speeded up. She watched his hard prick slide out of her cunt, slick with her cunt juices, then back in again till she was sitting on his hips. She was hypnotized by the sight of it. She picked up speed. She collapsed onto his chest but her hips kept moving up and down as fast as they could.

"Ohhh! I'm coming already, pop. Your Prick in my cunt is making me come. Fuck me! Shoot your cum into my cunt! Ahhh!"

"Well, your tight cunt is bringing me off too. I'm going to shoot a load of cum in your cunt, Sally! I couldn't hold off any longer if I wanted to. I'm going to shoot your cunt full of cum! Ahhh!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble. John's cum jetted into his daughter's cunt. Sally's cunt contracted around her father's prick and squeezed it out.

Wally had watched his father and sister, but his body hadn't rested. He pumped his prick into his mother's cunt as fast as he could.

"I'm coming, mom! I'm coming! I'm coming in your cunt."

"Shoot your cum into your mother's cunt, Wally, I'm coming to. Ahhh! Ohhh!"

"Oooo! Wow!"

Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble. Alice contracted her cunt muscles and milked a load of adolescent cum out of her son's prick. The kids rested. Wally was looking at the sloppy cunts of the two women. His father's cum was leaking out of his sister's cunt.

He'd sucked Timmy's cum from his prick that afternoon and liked it. He wondered what his father's cum tasted like. He decided to find out. Wally put his head between his sister's legs and licked his father's cum out of his sister's cunt. He liked it he worked on his sister's cunt for a while and licked it clean. Sally lifted him around so she could get to his limp prick, suck it into her mouth, and clean it off. Soon it was no longer limp.

Their parents had been watching this action. They rested and waited for the next move from the kids. All of a sudden Wally got reticent. He wanted something and he didn't know how to approach the subject.



"Uh. You know. Uh, pop. Well. When I just sucked on Sally's cunt. Uh. Well, there was a lot of your cum there. Uh. Well, I liked it. Tommy and Timmy suck each other's cocks and I tried it and liked it. You said I could suck your cock. Can I suck your cock now?"

"Well, I don't know why not. I've never had sex with a male before, but I never thought I'd have sex with either of my kids before either, and I'm sure enjoying every thing that we're doing. I think I'd like to suck on your prick too. I'm ready if you are."

Alice had listened to this conversation and found it interesting.

"If you guys are going to give boy - boy sex a try Sally and I will try some cunt lapping. I've always wondered what girl-girl sex would be like and I never had an opportunity to try it. Is that all right with you Sally?"

"Joan and Jane say that they have a lot of fun together too, mom. I think I'd like to try it."

They arranged themselves in two sixty nines on the bed. The girls examined the cunts in of their faces. They were familiar with the equipment, but the closest that they had ever seen a cunt was with a mirror.

Alice made the first move. She knew her own sensitive places. She stuck out her tongue and she licked at Sally's clit. Sally did the same thing for her mother. Alice wrapped her lips around Sally's clit and sucked on it. She put some pressure on her tongue and rubbed back and forth. Sally liked how this felt so she rubbed Alice's clit with her tongue. Sally moved her mouth down farther and licked at the inner lips of Alice's slit. Alice pushed her tongue as far as she could into her daughter's tender slit.

Wally and his father were examining each other equipment too. John had never seen male equipment up this close and Wally had never seen a prick as big as his father's. Their piss holes were dribbling pre cum. Wally licked at the tip of his father's prick. He wanted to taste it. He liked it. He licked it more vigorously. John liked the feel of that. He licked the drops of cum off of his son's prick. He liked the taste too! He'd wanted to make his son feel good, but he'd been afraid that male-male sex would turn him off. He knew his own sensitive spots so he went to work on those same spots on his son.

John ran his tongue all around the head of Wally's prick. Wally liked that. He returned the favor and licked the underside of his father's prick. He sucked John's balls and worked back to the prick head. John did the same thing. He found himself enjoying his first male encounter. He was glad his son wanted to have sex with him. They would have to do this again. He wondered what it would be like to fuck his son's young ass.

The girls now thrust their tongues as far as they could into each other's cunts. They were really into it. They wiggled and they grunted. They licked at each others' clit. They pushed their tongues back into the cunts.

John and Wally had gotten too hot to keep up the preliminaries. They were sucking prick as hard as they could. Each had the other's cock as far into his mouth as he could get it. They fucked each others faces.

The girls were having multiple orgasms and kept right on sucking.

The males were ready. Spurt, spurt, swallow, dribble, spurt, swallow, spurt, spurt, dribble, swallow, dribble, dribble, dribble, swallow. They drank each other's loads of cum. Each kept sucking till his partner was vacuumed dry and lost his erection. When Wally's prick was limp, John pulled him up and kissed him.

"Well, Wally, I don't think that I would ever have done that if you hadn't wanted to do it. Now I found out that I liked it. Maybe I can learn something from you."

"Aw, gee, pop, the twins seemed to be having so much fun I had to try it. They said that Uncle Cyril is gay, and he would want to have sex with us boys. I love you and I know you love me. I wanted to do it with you first. Now I know what to do with Uncle Cyril."

"Well, I can tell you that women make better cunt lappers than men do, but I sure don't want to give up men."

"Yeh, mom, you seemed to know just where to do it - I mean, you know just how to lap my cunt. There I said it."

The adults laughed.

"You'll get on to it after a while."

Every one was ready for a break. John and Alice were also looking ahead. They knew that tomorrow would probably a very strenuous day, to say nothing of the next two weeks. It was time to get some sleep. They told their kids the same thing that the Snyder kids were told. They also gave them the same amount of freedom.

"Well, that was something. I know that we could spend the whole night fucking and sucking. George and Sandra told us that you kids would wear us out. Give us a break we want to have fun with the others too. You kids scoot back to your own cabins, or which ever cabin you want to, and let us get some sleep so we'll be ready for tomorrow."

The kids decided to see if anything was happening in the bath house.


Chapter - 16

Eight kids woke up the next morning tangled in a mass of naked bodies. They were still in the bath house. They dispersed to their cabins to prepare for breakfast. After all that activity, they were hungry. Cum and cunt juice don't make a very substantial diet.

The twins arrived at their parents cabin and started out of the door when Jane stopped them.

"Remember what your grandmother said. Get undressed and we'll go down to the house naked?"

They were the last ones to arrive and they created a sensation. Sarah was the first to respond.

"Well, at least you remembered what I said."

She and Harry stripped. The twins, in the various contacts they had made through the night, had told the rest of the kids about Harry and Sarah, but the rest of the adults were caught off guard. Harry wasn't going to stand for that.

"Well, if you think you can look and not show you have another think coming. Get your clothes off right now."

Everyone was willing. In fact they were eager. The kids were out of their clothes in no time flat. Their parents weren't far behind.

"That's all of my grandchildren except Charles. Why don't you take his diaper off. I'm sure he'd like a little freedom too."

Gladys took the diaper off Charles and cleaned the powder from his bottom and pecker with it. When the rough cloth of the diaper rubbed across it his little pecker it came to attention. Everybody laughed.

That is everybody laughed but grandma.

"When you boys were that age I sucked on you every time you pointed your little pricks at me, and I'm going to do the same thing as soon as we finish breakfast. I lapped at your cunt too, Gladys. You loved it. It was the quickest way to calm you when you got fretful. Some mothers sing lullabies, I sucked you off. It's quicker and more efficient."

Everyone gobbled down their breakfast. They wanted to see what was going to happen. Sarah grinned at them and played with Charles's tiny prick. It came right up and saluted her. She sucked the one inch cock into her mouth. Charles cooed and waved his arms. He liked what was happening. He fucked his prick up into his grandmother's mouth. She sucked. His whole body shuddered, but he kept right on pushing his little prick into Sarah's mouth.

Sarah stopped for a minute.

"You boys would come like that five or six times before you had enough."

She went back to sucking. Wally moved closer so to watch the action. Charles's clutching hand caught hold of Wally's miniature cock. It felt like a nipple. He pulled his head over and started to nurse. Wally was embarrassed. He tried to pull away.

Grandma kept sucking and Gladys burst out laughing.

"Oh let him nurse if he wants to, Wally. It won't hurt him, and from the way he's sucking on your prick, I'm sure that it feels good to you."

"It sure does feel good. None of the other kids sucked that hard and he doesn't have any teeth. It feels good the way his whole mouth works on my prick. I better take it out, though I'm getting ready to shoot my cum."

"Let Charles drink it. Cum is high in protein. It'll be good for him."

Sarah sucked. Charles went through the convulsions four more times. Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble. He nursed the cum out of Wally's prick. He waved his arms and gurgled and laughed. He liked all this attention. Wally's prick shrank to its deflated size and Wally pulled it out of his mouth. Charles thought sex was fun.

Because of this exhibition, all the males except Wally had raging hards on and the females all had dripping cunts. Wally, as young as he was, didn't take long to recover. His prick reinflated in record time. Nobody knew what to do next. There were too many choices.

The motel was isolated and it was a private lake no one would intrude on them. The weather was warm so they moved to the broad lawn in their birthday suits. Even little Charles was without his diaper. Everyone eyed everyone else. The adults had less recuperative powers than the kids. They were willing to wait for a while. The kids, however, weren't so restrained.

Junior had liked having his ass fucked by his father the night before. The twins talked about sixty nining with a male. He was a little afraid, but he didn't want to miss out on the fun that Timmy and Tommy seemed to have.

"Uh, Timmy, Tommy, what's it like to suck a prick?"

The more aggressive Tommy answered him.

"Well, a prick in your mouth seems to excite you. It's a strange feeling, but it's good. It's fun because you know what feels good to you and you can make someone else feel good the same way. Why don't you try it with Uncle Cyril. Then you'll find out. I know he'd like it. Wouldn't you, Uncle Cyril?"

Wally was bubbling.

"Gee, Junior, I sixty nined with pop last night and it was loads of fun. Pop had never done it before and he liked it too."

Cyril didn't want to offend anyone.

"I'd love to, but I won't do anything that you or your parents object to."

Junior thought about this for a while.

"I guess I'd like it if you did, Uncle Cyril. Is it all right, mom?"

"I don't see any reason why not. Your Uncle Cyril got to my brother George before I ever did. It never stopped the two of us and It doesn't seem to have hurt George. It didn't hurt you when your father fucked your ass last night did it. You'll probably enjoy it. How about it, Sam? Does the idea bother you?"

"I gather from the conversation, that you and I, Junior, are the only males that haven't tried sucking cock. I don't see why you shouldn't. I plan on trying it myself before this vacation's over."

Junior considered for a while more.

"All right, Uncle Cyril, will you sixty nine with me? I want to find out what the twins are talking about."

"I haven't had that many propositions my life time that I would ever pass one up. Lie down on the grass."

Junior did as he was instructed. Cyril lay down with his head next to Juniors groin, licked the pre cum from Junior's prick, and licked Junior's ass. He sucked his nephew's balls. Junior copied his uncle's actions. He licked off Cyril's pre cum, lapped at his ass and sucked on his balls. He had thought that this action with a male would be a turn off, but it was fun.

Everything about sex was fun! His father was right, there was no reason for him to be embarrassed. He sucked his uncle's prick into his mouth. Cyril sucked Junior's six inch prick down his throat and swallowed so his throat action squeezed Junior's prick head. Junior's hips jerked. He'd never felt anything like this before. He tried to do the same thing but he choked. Cyril pulled away for a moment.

"That takes practice. Don't be disappointed if you can't do it the first time."

He went back to cock sucking. So did Junior. Junior's hips started to flex his prick in and out of his uncle's mouth. Cyril fucked his prick in and out of Junior's mouth. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, Cyril shot his load of cum into Junior's mouth. It didn't taste bad at all! He swallowed the whole load. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, Cyril sucked his nephew's cum out of his balls. He loved the taste of sweet young boy cum. He knew he'd never get enough of it.

Sally watched and listened. She and Wally were the only kids with virgin asses. So far she had enjoyed every thing that she had tried. She wanted to try this.

"Tommy, I want my ass fucked, but I'm afraid of the real big pricks. Will you fuck my ass? I'd like to see what it's like."

The good natured Tommy always had a hard time turning any request down, particularly when it came to sex. Besides he loved ass fucking.

"Sure, I'll fuck you in the ass. Let's go."

Mary looked at Charles's tiny pecker and felt it. She laughed when it immediately stood straight up.

"Well, I guess I did that to you, so I'll take care of it."

She took the delicate morsel in her mouth, and started sucking. Charles gurgled and waved his arms. He liked this. He pushed his little prick up into her mouth.

Tommy had Sally get on her knees, made sure that her ass was well lubricated, and pushed his medium sized prick up her ass hole.

"Gee, that doesn't hurt much. It sure does feel strange. I think I like it."

Tommy slowly pumped his prick in and out of Sally's asshole. She pushed her hips back to meet each of his thrusts. Tommy fingered Sally's clit.

"Oh, that feels good. I like your thing there. - I mean I like being fucked in the ass. - there I said it. -Push your prick up my ass, Tommy. Fill my ass with cum. I'm getting the good feeling already."

"Your ass is milking the cum out of my prick, Sally. The way your ass twitches is grabbing me!"



Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, Tommy shot his load of cum up Sally's ass. Charles was on his sixth come. He was cooing and gurgling and waving his arms all over the place. He liked to have someone suck his cock and he wasn't particular who did it. As far as he was concerned, this could go on for ever.

Wally had recuperated from his little cousin's nursing, and he was conscious of the fact the he was the only kid left with a virgin ass.

"Timmy, you said that it made you shoot off when some one fucked your ass. I want to see what it feels like. Will you fuck me now?"

Timmy, like Tommy, had never yet turned down an offer to have sex. As long as his prick was up to it he was willing. He'd never found the time yet that his prick couldn't get up if it was worked on a little. Right now it didn't have to be worked on. It was hard He'd done a lot of watching and no doing.

"Sure, Wally, I'd love to fuck you. Let's get started. Get on your knees."

Cyril was watching this with interest.

"Timmy, let me show you how to do it a different way. Wally, lay on your back and raise your legs."

Cyril saw the hairless ass with a cute little pucker and couldn't resist. He licked it and lubricated the pucker with spit. He did the same to Timmy's prick.

"Okay, Timmy, now push your prick up his ass in that position. You'll find that the two of you can kiss while you're coming. That always makes sex feel better."

Timmy was always the one to follow instructions. He got between his cousin's legs, let his uncle position his prick and pushed it up Wally's ass. It was tight.

"Ouch! That hurts! Take it easy! - It feels good though. Just go slow. - Push in a little more. Ohhh! That feels good push it all the way in."

Timmy did. Wally's tight ass felt good. He fucked Wally's ass as if it were a girl's cunt. Even Mary's cunt wasn't that tight. It felt good to him too. He kissed Wally and found out that he liked this too. He felt Wally's prick between their bodies. Even that was a turn on. He liked this new position that his Uncle Cyril had taught them.

"Wow! Your tight ass is going to make me shoot off. How does it feel to you, Wally?"

"Gees, it's a funny feeling. You're going to make me shoot off too. I see what you mean. Fuck my ass! I'm coming! Ahhh! Ohhh!"

"Me too! Wow! Ohhh!"

Timmy french kissed with Wally. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, Timmy shot his load of cum up Wally's ass. Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, Wally's load of young boy cum jetted between their bodies. Cyril decided to do something about that. Cyril licked Wally's cum from the boys' bodies. He had Timmy and Wally on their backs and alternately tongue bathed their bellies and crotches. He made sure that they were all clean. By that time Wally had a hard on again and Cyril was panting to get at his nephew whose prick wasn't much bigger than his brother's had been when they had their first encounter.

"Let me fuck your ass now, Timmy. I'm horny."

Cyril positioned himself with Timmy the same way Timmy had fucked Wally and pushed his big prick up Timmy's receptive ass. As soon as it was inserted, Timmy had another hard on.

Joan and Jane had been spectators and they wanted some action. They hadn't had any contact with their uncles yet, and they felt it was time. Jane walked up to her Uncle Sam, who was sitting on the grass and pushed her cunt into his face.

"Lick my cunt, Uncle Sam. I'm horny!"

By this time Sam was comfortable with off the cuff requests for sex. He wasn't going to be surprised or shocked at anything.

"All right, Jane if you suck my cock."

Joan approached John and reached for his prick.

"Fuck me, Uncle John. I'm horny too!"

"Glad too. I haven't fucked this young a cunt since I fucked your mother."

Sam and Jane sixty nined. John and Joan fucked.

After forty four years of marriage Harry and Sarah had as much rapport as the twins. Harry moved over to Gladys and Sarah went to George.

"You didn't let us in -

when you were kids. We're -

going to make up for lost time."

They pushed their kids to the ground and gave them a tongue bath. George and Gladys were adults now, but they were still the elder Saunders' babies. Harry and Sarah wanted to lavish some attention on them.

Sandra saw Mary standing by herself. She was intrigued by that almost hairless little cunt. She went over and kissed her.

"Well, Mary, let's not be left out. My daughters taught me how to flat fuck. Come on over here and I'll teach you."

"I tried that last night with my mother. It was fun. I want to try flat fucking with you too."

Sandra had Mary lie down and she positioned her own cunt lips so that they were making maximum contact with Mary's.

Wally wasn't doing anything. He went over to Charles's crib and played with his little prick for a while. It got hard and pointed straight up. It seemed only fair that he suck on Charles prick since the baby had sucked him off earlier. He sucked until the infant shuddered and waved his arms several times. By that time Wally was hot. He offered Charles his prick to nurse on and Charles wasted no time starting to nurse.

Tommy finger fucked Sally!

Sally jerked Tommy off!

Cyril fucked Timmy's ass!

Charles sucked Wally's prick!

Sarah rode George's prick!

Harry pumped his giant cock into Gladys's cunt!

Jane and Sam sixty nined!

Joan and John fucked!

Sandra and Mary flat fucked!

Every one was in the act!

No holds barred!

No holes barred!


There were grunts and groans!

There were "I love you"s and kisses!

There were spurts and dribbles!

There were slurps and swallows!

Everyone was having a fucking good time!



All good things come to an end. All good comes end too. The two weeks went by. By that time everyone had sucked, fucked, and ass fucked everyone else.

Cyril sucked his father's prick, and had his prick sucked by Harry, he'd been fucked by his father too. Once they started every male at the reunion was willing to go a round with him and he was never left without a partner.

Wally and Junior got to fuck their fathers, be fucked by their fathers, and trade blow jobs with their fathers.

When Charles got cranky they all took turns sucking his little prick till he calmed down.

Sally and Mary got to flat fuck with their mothers and to sixty nine with them.

Having sex with all members of their family seemed to draw them closer together.

When the adults were worn out the kids all got together and did every combination that they could imagine. They had good imaginations.

No one had any letch left unsatisfied.

The adults were worn out but the kids weren't. They didn't want the vacation to end. The twins acted as spokesmen for the rest of the kids.

"Gee, we had -

a lot of fun.

We don't want -

all this to end."

Sarah and Harry had one solution.

"We'll keep the first two weeks of August open every year. We can all get together again."

Wally wasn't impressed.

"A whole year? That's like forever! I don't want to wait that long."

Mary was equally impatient.

"Gee, no. That's way too long."

There was a conference among the adults. No one could see any reason that there could not be a round of visits. During the winter months The grandparents could spend one week a month at each of the family homes.

The kids all loved having sex with Sarah and Harry, but this was only part of what they wanted. They all liked sucking and fucking with each other too.

Sally had a crush on Junior.

"But I don't want to be away from Junior that long, and I want the twin boys and the girls too."

Junior was right in there pitching.

"Gee, I like Sally. I'll miss her and the other kids."

Sarah had one solution.

"The main house here is heated. It'll be a little crowded but there's plenty of room to cook. As for other activities, we seem to be making two people fit into the space of one anyway. Why don't you all come up here for Christmas vacation."

Some more consultations and it was decided that each of the families would visit the others at least once during the year. This didn't fully satisfy the kids but they realized that they couldn't have everything they wanted.

The twins summed it up.

"Well, we can do -

things with each -

other and we have -

our own parents to suck -

and fuck with, all the time."