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Chapter 1: The Snake Bite

Sean Hamilton, Colonel, Infantry, US Army – Retired, looked anything but. The 46 year old man was drenched in sweat, long hair flowed from under a battered Atlanta Braves based ball cap, and a mostly grey, six-month old beard covered his face. He was shirtless, exposing a tanned, lithe body. His chest, arms, legs, and yes, his back, were covered in greying hair. He was wearing army pants cut off at the knees. His feet shod in worn, army desert boots. He looked like a blue collar construction worker who served in the army years ago. No one would think this sweaty, long-haired, grubby middle aged man was a highly decorated special operations soldier with two master's degrees, a PhD, capable of speaking six languages and who'd served in combat eight times.

He stood on a ladder swinging a hammer fixing yet one more defect in the 124-year old house. The house sat on 133 acres of rolling central North Carolina farmland 18 miles from the back gate of the sprawling Ft. Bragg military complex. At the end of his 24 years in the Army, Sean commanded a Special Forces unit that was among the highest priority and most secretive organizations in the military. He routinely interacted with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Generals, Admirals, Senators and other dignitaries. He served eight combat tours of duty going back to Panama in 1989, continuing through the First Gulf War, Somalia, Bosnia, Haiti, and eventually Afghanistan and Iraq. He'd fought dictators, terrorists, freedom fighters, and religious fanatics. Today, however, he was being defeated by this old house! He knew it needed a lot of work when he bought the estate (A widower, he'd made some wise investments over the years and paid cash for entire estate) but once into it, it was like the Tom Hanks movie the `Money Pit'. One thing always led to another and a six week project turned into six months. He'd spent these past six months, 12 hours a day, painting, hammering, sawing, sanding, staining, and otherwise working on what he now referred to as `The Project'. He hadn't had a haircut, a shave or done much else in that time.

Frustrated, tired, hungry and hot, Sean climbed down the ladder and decided, as he gulped ice water from an insulated jug, a dip in the estate's spring fed lake, was the ticket. He'd had some offers from local contractors to do some of the more tedious and technical parts of the restoration but Sean had stubbornly insisted on doing the work himself. Not for financial concerns but frankly the restoration was keeping him sane.

Eight combat tours and 11 years in command slots had taken their toll on him: Physically and mentally. Physically he'd suffered 3 concussions, a broken back (free fall jump accident), broken right femur (Somali gunman), a collapsed lung (Iraqi sniper), a dislocated shoulder (Afghan IED) and both knees were shot (500 plus parachute jumps and lots of running and walking). Mentally, he suffered occasional nightmares. To sleep he self-medicated with a mix of 12-year old bourbon and Ambien. He didn't eat much and still exercised as if he was training for a six month deployment to the Hindu Kush. He had high blood pressure, anemia, and stomach issues. The relentless pace he set for himself kept him exhausted and stressed to the point that he had little else for his mind to occupy. He also lost his wife 18 months ago. Her loss from cancer was a long time coming and while he'd had time to adjust, life just wasn't the same. He loved her dearly and missed her every day.

After climbing down the ladder, he put his tools up and put tarps over his work area. He then went into a cooler, grabbed a cold bottle of water and walked down a well-worn path to the small (5 acre) lake.

As he walked, he stripped off his shorts and underwear proving he was no nudist (His ass was lilly white!). He kept his boots on and drank deeply as we walked. It was about a half mile from the house the lake. The estate was completely fenced with numerous signs indicating private property, no trespassing. The signs, incidentally, were from the previous owner, a senile widow of advanced years who was essentially a recluse. Sean didn't welcome trespassers but neither had he the time nor inclination to secure the property. In fact, he'd yet to even explore the entire grounds focusing his time and efforts on the house.

As we walked down the path, he heard voices. The voices of children. Realizing he was naked, he crouched down and approached the lake as a hunter would stalk a deer. As he peered around the corner of a particularly huge pecan tree, he was greeted by a site that would forever change him. Change him in ways that at that moment, he couldn't begin to comprehend.

For there, on the floating dock, in the middle of the small lake, were a young boy and girl. No older than 12. They were both nude and the girl and was busy sucking the fully erect penis of the boy who lay on the carpet covered floating island, his hands on her head, a look of pure delight on his face.

Sean's immediate reaction was alarm. What the boy abusing the girl? They were so young the idea that he was witnessing consensual sex didn't enter his thoughts. Should he engage? He was naked, his shorts hundreds of yards up the trail. Should he yell and scare them off? What then? Should he sneak back to the house and call the county sheriff?

As these thoughts ran through his head, Sean noticed the girl ceased fellating the boy and swung her naked torso around so that her head was at his feet and her feet at his head. It was the often imitated, never duplicated, classic 69! The boy reached up and began lick the young girls utterly smooth young vagina. Their moans of erotic pleasure carried the relatively short distance to Sean's vantage point where six months of abstinence conspired to fill Sean's cock with blood. His fully erect 10" cock pulsed with excitement and leaked pre-cum. Sean's reaction to his erection was one of deep humiliation and anger. How could he get hard watching two children 69? What was he, a latent pedophile? His repulsion at his anatomical reaction to the scene in front of him caused the massive member to deflate and return to its still sizeable repose.

He turned away and slowly, quietly, moved back to the trail where he put on his shorts and walked back to the house.

After getting to the house, he found himself ravenous and fixed himself a frozen dinner. He decided to eat on the front steps as the inside of the house was stifling. He grabbed a beer and set himself up a very comfortable, but very old, wicker outdoor sofa.

He had just begun eating when heard screams coming from the direction of the lake. Without hesitation and with skills developed over years in Special Forces, he grabbed his ancient over/under shot gun from behind the door and ran towards the lake.

Upon his arrival, he found the same boy and girl, now in swim suits, on the edge of the lake. The boy was on the ground holding his leg, his companion stood above him in obvious distress. Tears streaming down her face. The boy, who appeared to be the one injured, was consoling his companion/lover.

"Mister!" The girl cried seeing Sean approach. "My brother's been bitten by a snake!"

"Brother!" Sean's inner voice cried. He'd only a half hour ago not only witnessed two children having sex but witnessed incest? He shook that thought from his mind with a well-developed sense of crisis reaction and management.

"What bit you?" Sean asked as he closed on the boy and squatted down. Two distinctive bite marks were clearly visible on the boy's leg just above the ankle.

"Not sure. Might have been a water moccasin. It went back into the lake." The boy said more calmly than Sean would have thought possible. During his years in the army, Sean had been around a surprising number of snake bite victims and he was impressed at how clam this boy was.

In contrast his sister was positively frantic. Her screaming was loud and distracting.

"Honey, go to my house. Go inside and find my cell phone on the inside table. Call 9-11. Give them the address you'll find on one of the papers by my phone (invoices from hardware stores and lumber yards)."

The girl hesitated looking at her brother's swelling lower leg.

"Go now or he'll die!" Sean yelled.

The girl ran off towards his house. It occurred to Sean that the girl must have been here before because she didn't ask where the house was.

"You're going to be sick, but you're not going to die." Sean said calmly as he examined the bite. "I said that to get her going." He added.

"She can be a little high strung." The boy replied. "I'm not feeling very good" he said weakly.

"I'm going to carry you to the house where I can put on a tourniquet."

Sean effortlessly lifted the boy and began to run, rather fast, with the 85lbs boy in his arms.

When he reached the house the sister was still on with 9-11. Sean took over the phone and told the dispatcher what had happened in a deliberate manner.

He then grabbed his first aid kit and applied the tourniquet and cleaned the bites. The boy was calm but his facial expression showed fear. The boy's sister, for her part, had calmed down proving Sean's experience that if calm, like fear, is contagious.

The ambulance arrived in minutes. The paramedics came equipped with antivenin (Sean identified the snack as a water moccasin based on the boy's comment the snake had returned to the lake: In North Carolina, only water moccasins lives in water) and began treating the boy. Sean watched giving the men room to work. They started an IV and soon had the boy stabilized. Protocol and due diligence required them to transport the boy to the county hospital. The paramedics asked if they were military.

"Our Dad was killed in Iraq." The girl said. "We do to Womack Army Hospital." She added. The paramedics then called on their radio and said they were transporting to Womack.

They then loaded the boy (whose name Sean learned is Colby) into the ambulance and sped off.

Sean told the girl he'd be right back. He went upstairs and grabbed a clean shirt and put on some deodorant and then came back to his kitchen were the girl was waiting.

"You said your Dad was killed in Iraq. Where is your Mother?" Sean asked.

"She's at work." The girl replied.

"Do you have her number?" Sean asked preparing to dial from his smart phone.

"It's 916-555-1234" she said.

Sean dialed the number. It rang 3 times. "Ma'am (He didn't think to ask the girl her name, her Mom's name or their last name) my name is Sean and your son was bitten by a snake on my property."

Before Sean could continue, the woman cut him off.

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed.

"He's fine. ER is taking him to Womack. I'm with your daughter. We're leaving here now." He continued.

"I'm at work. It'll take me 15 minutes to get there. I work on post at the main commissary." She said.

"We'll meet you there. Likely take me just as long." I replied.

Sean hung up and looked at the young girl. She was dressed in a one piece swim suit. He couldn't take her to Womack in a swim suit and he had nothing he could give her to wear. "You can't go to the hospital in your swim suit. Hospitals are very cold. Will you wear one of my shirts?" He asked.

"Sure." She replied.

"What is your name by the way?" Sean asked. "It's Cathy." She replied. "My brother is Colby and my Mom's name is Rachel."

"I'm Sean." He answered.

Sean ran back up stairs and got what he hoped was his smallest t-shirt and a pair of socks. He'd spent plenty of time in hospitals and knew how cold they got.

The girl pulled on the t-shirt and it went past her knees. He kept the socks and they got in his 12-year old pick-up and drove to the hospital.

When they arrived to the ER at the Womack Army Medical Center on Ft. Bragg, Colby was in a room with his IV going. Next to him was a well-dressed, very attractive woman in her mid-thirties. Cathy ran into the room and grabbed on to her. Sean left the room and found a chair in the waiting room. He sat there for about a half hour before he began to think he should leave. He'd done all he could but he felt that he needed to stay. He was reading a 3-month old Time magazine when the woman came up to him. Young Cathy at her side.

"You must be Sean." The woman said smiling. It was obvious she'd been crying but she otherwise well dressed, and after getting a better look at her, very good looking.

"That's me. How's the boy?" Sean. "It's Colby right?"

"The Doctor says he's going to be fine. There is some risk of an infection but they got antivenin into him and your first aid stopped the poison. They're going to keep him overnight as a pre-caution. They're taking him for a CT scan now to see if there is any muscle damage or other issues." "I don't know how to thank you. The Doctor says you saved his life."

"I'm glad I could help." Sean replied simply.

"I would like to know how this all happened." She asked.

Sean looked uncomfortable and Rachel picked up on his discomfort immediately. For her part, Cathy seemed unconcerned. "Cathy, why don't you sit over there. You can play with my phone." Rachel said giving her daughter her iPhone. The girl went to another area of the waiting room and sat down immediately engrossed in some type of smart phone induced distraction.

"I own the old McCord place. I was just sitting down to eat when I heard screaming. I ran towards the sound. I found your kids at my pond. Colby was holding his leg. Cathy was pretty upset. I sent Cathy to call for help and I carried Colby to the house. I put on a tourniquet and cleaned the bite wounds. The ambulance got there in moments and you know the rest."

"I guess they must have come on to your property from our subdivision. We all thought that property and the house were abandoned. Last Halloween, some teenagers had a haunted house there."

"I'm not upset they were trespassing. I'm just glad I was taking a break. If I had my saw going, no telling what would have happened."

"Lucky for us you did. You bought the place?"

"I know I look like a wino. I retired from here at Bragg six months ago. I bought the place and have been fixing it up since. I've sort of gotten myself in over my head remodeling the old place."

"You're retired Army?"

"Yep, 24 years."





"Impressive. My late husband was a Major in the 82nd. He was killed by an IED in Iraq 2-years ago. I took advantage of a program to hire widows. I manage all the Commissaries in North and South Carolina."

"That's more impressive than being a full bird. That's a lot of responsibility."

"I travel a lot and get yelled at mostly." "I do enjoy it but I have to leave the kids alone a lot. They're old enough to care for themselves but I'm sure you'll understand I wish I was home more often."

Sean immediately had a thought pop into his head. This poor war widow had no idea her kids were sexual. What he'd witnessed, her on top of him and her giving him oral, wasn't rape or innocent experimentation. It was the sexual coupling of two experienced, albeit young, lovers.

He hadn't planned to say a word to her. It was none of his business and he didn't want to entangle himself in their affairs. Hearing her talk of her job and being away from the kids, and being a widow of fellow Solider, however, he now felt he must tell her. He felt otherwise she might not know. Although he wasn't a husband or father, he knew enough about women to know this girl was likely too young to menstruate. He knew; however, she was on the cusp of womanhood (he saw her naked after all). Regardless of his views, the fact was that if they kept having unprotected sex (The boy wasn't wearing a condom) pregnancy would become a concern sooner than later.

"Rachel, I hesitate to bring this up, there is something I think you should know. I wasn't going to say anything, it's really none of my business, but when you said you travel a lot, I feel you need to know this..."

"You saw my kids having sex?"

"Yes. I guess you know."

"I know." Rachel said quietly.

"I see." Sean said confused.

"You're right; it's none of your business." Rachel said not unpleasantly.

"Enough said." Sean replied. "I hope Colby heals up." Sean said obviously ready to take her at her word and literally walk away.

"Thank you again so much." Rachel said offering Sean her hand.

Sean shook the woman's hand and waived bye to the girl. He then turned to leave. He stopped abruptly and went back to her.

"I don't mean to confrontational but if your kids are having sex on my property, it exposes me to risk. I'm still subject to the UCMJ (Universal Code of Military Justice). The last thing I need is a sex scandal. I respectfully ask you keep your kids off my property. If I catch them again, I'll be forced to call the sheriff. I'm sure you understand my position."

"I understand and I'll see to it." She replied simply.

Sean then turned and walked out of the hospital. It was dark and he was starving. He was a bit unsettled by her admission that she knew. He assumed she knew but didn't want to do anything about it. Denial was one way to live he thought. He knew there were plenty of parents who ignored their children's high risk behavior. He still thought she was beautiful but he no longer felt attracted to her.

Sean's musings of the day's events was interrupted.

"Sean! Can you hold up a minute?" Rachel called out jogging out after him.

"What can I do for you?"

"The doctor says Colby needs a day of bed rest and I need to be there for him." She said slightly out of breath from running to catch up with him. "Would you possibly consider seeing me tomorrow? I'd like to talk to you more about this situation."

"Sure, you know how to get to my house?"

Sean then gave Rachel directions to the house.

Sean then went home and it being dark, he re-heated his dinner and climbed into bed. Sean then masturbated furiously shooting a massive load of cum all over himself. He was ashamed of himself because the image that got him to orgasm was of those kids having sex. Their young bodies, the taboo nature of their coupling. He slept fitfully that evening.

Chapter 2: The Mom

The next morning, Sean woke early and put in six miles on North Carolinas rural roads. Still sweaty from his run, Sean ate a light breakfast and went to work. He wanted to finish the exterior deck and dove into the work with his normal intensity. Hours pass quickly in the summer heat and by noon Sean was in dire need of a sandwich and a break. Shirtless, he made himself a quick sandwich and then sought relief from the heat and humidity in recently completed kitchen. Although he had installed a central AC system earlier, he had the AC off today and instead sat in front of a fan as he ate.

About a half hour after his lunch break, Sean, back to work planning a French door, heard a car driving up. It was 1/3 of a mile from the road to the house and the dense growth of pines and oaks obscured the house from the road giving him both complete privacy and making it hard to see an approaching car till it was upon him. The solider in him wanted to clear the brush giving him clear fields of fire, the home owner, and sometime nudist, liked the privacy.

Sean was shirtless, his lithe, muscled body glistened with sweat as he toiled. He looked up to a see late model, German SUV approaching.

Rachel got out. She was wearing the type of short shorts favored by women today, a tank top that revealed the gentle swell of her ample breasts, over the tank top a light button up shirt. The look wasn't especially sexy but the impact on Sean was powerful nonetheless. Dressed as she was now, there was no denying Rachel was a very beautiful, fit woman. He put that out of his mind.

"Good Afternoon." She said as she walked up to Sean. "This looks a lot like work." She said smiling looking at the large home.

"It's keeping me off the streets." Sean said shutting down his band saw and pulling off his safety glasses.

"And away from the razor. You look like Grizzly Adams." She said smiling.

Sean couldn't help but notice Rachel looking him over like a fat kid looks at a chocolate ice cream cone. `I hope you like what you see' he thought to himself.

Sean smiled back. He wasn't entirely sure why this woman was here. He knew she wanted to talk about her kids and the incident he'd witnessed yesterday but her demeanor and tone was upbeat and she looked very happy.

Changing the subject: "How's Colby?"

"He's fine. He's sore and very tired but otherwise fine. He ate a big breakfast this morning. I felt I could leave him with Cathy for now."

Sean invited her inside and they sat down in the newly completed living room.

"I just had lunch. Can I offer you some tea or anything to eat?"

"I'll take some tea."

Sean pulled on a shirt, went to the kitchen and made two glass of ice tea. As he was finishing, Rachel walked in.

"This is lovely. I love this kitchen!" She said looking around the large, modern room.

"Thanks. I spent all winter doing the interior. I don't cook much but a good kitchen is important. "

"It's really nice. I love the way you've combined modern appliances with classic southern décor and design."

"Truth be told, I hired a decorator to do tell me what to do. I'm just the labor. I've got zero interior decorating skills."

The both sipped their tea and then, since Rachel didn't seem to be in any hurry to get to the purpose of her visit, Sean forced the issue.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about?"

"Right to the point? Typical Army guy." She said smiling at him. "Let's go outside."

They walked outside. Rachel continued to walk a good twenty feet or so from the house.

"This is very awkward to bring up."

"I understand."

"I'd like to know what you saw yesterday."

"I don't think you do. Suffice to say I witnessed your kids having sex. I saw nothing to indicate Colby forcing himself on Cathy."

"The little minx likes it on top." Rachel said quietly, to herself.

"I beg your pardon?" Sean exclaimed not sure he'd hear her correctly. Did this woman know her daughter's favorite sexual position?

"I mean to say that I'm aware of my children's sexual activity. I came here to find out how much you saw. I'm assessing what risk to our lifestyle you pose."

"Lifestyle?" Sean asked. "You don't you condone this?"

"Sean, not only do I condone my children having sex but I'm sexual with my children and my late husband was too. We're raising them to enjoy sex, to enjoy their bodies. I realize this is all very taboo but it's the way my late husband and I were raised and its how we chose to raise our kids."

"It's highly illegal." Sean said thinking out loud. "What's to keep me from going to the authorities? This is child abuse."

"This isn't child abuse. I wish you could understand that." Rachel said with frustration in her voice. "Plus it's your word against mine: War widow, senior government manager against a vet with mental health disorders who retired because he sucks cock now and then."

"You've done your homework." Sean replied calmly but was stunned that she knew the real reason he'd retired. This woman wasn't at all what she appeared to me.

Although Sean retired a full Colonel with full benefits, it had come out that Sean had a number of bisexual sexual encounters during his career. He and his late wife were both bisexual and had an open marriage. They kept their discretions far from the flagpole but the Army's Criminal Investigative Division (CID) had uncovered his alternative lifestyle during an in-depth investigation after his name was submitted for promotion to general officer. Although the ban on gays in the military was lifted during this investigation but it came out he'd violated the ban numerous times during his career. To avoid scandal, Sean was allowed to retire at his full rank and benefits but the promotion to general was off the table.

His circumstances weren't well known outside a small number of people at very senior levels.

"How did you find out?" He asked looking directly at her.

"I have a friend, a classmate's of my husband, who works at Personnel Command in the Colonel's office." (Author's note, A few years ago, the Army created an office to manage full Colonels similar to the Army's management of General Officers). He doesn't know why I asked."

Rachel continued..."Sean, I'm not trying to blackmail you. I'm really not. I'm also not trying to convert you to our lifestyle. To accept how we live our lives if you will. Instead I just need to know what you saw and to gage your actions. I also want you to know that if you did try to bring this to the attention of the authorities, my children and I will deny it and you've no proof."

"I'm no lawyer but I'd say blackmail is just what you're doing. I witnessed a crime and you're making it so that I can't report what I saw. I have no plans to do so, by the way. You make it seem like a simple matter of an alternate lifestyle, like the way I lived my life with my wife. But the fact is that kids can't consent to sexual activity. That's why there are laws against it. In addition there are laws against incest for a reason."

"You're referring to any children that might come from incest?"

"Yes. Don't tell me you and your late husband were related?"

"No, of course not. Our families have strict rules about procreating. My husband and I were part of a community of families that live all the over the world joined by a belief in nudism and family intimacy. These families don't intermarry but instead look within the community for spouses. Because of our shared belief's we often marry a person from inside the community. It's rare for one of us to find a partner outside the community open to the lifestyle."

"You make it sound like a religion."

"In a way it is but frankly it's a lifestyle choice. The kids and I attend Methodist services. I don't treat our lifestyle as a religion but I confess there are some in our community that do."

"So basically what we're dealing with here is a leak. You want to assess any risk I pose the lifestyle you lead?"


"Well I must tell you I find this reprehensible and if I had the inclination, threat or no threat, I'd turn you into the Country Sheriff today." Sean said looking at her directly in the eye. "That said; I'm a big believer in personal privacy. I saw what I saw and frankly I've been around enough to know it was clear neither of your kids were being forced into anything. I think you've sexualized them but I'm not going to judge. At the end of the day, you've nothing to fear from me. Go and live your life. Please stay away from me and my property."

After a moment, Rachel replied: "I understand and we'll do so. I just have one question and I'd appreciate an honest reply."


"Did what you saw turn you on?"


"You heard me. I know they didn't see you but you said you saw them having sex. I don't know what you saw, how far away you were but you could tell they were children, I just want to know if you got turned on, even a little."

Sean looked at the woman, look of shock on his face. Whatever answer he gave he knew would be wrong. If he said he wasn't turned on (he got hard as a rock) he would lie to this woman and for some reason he didn't want to lie to her. On the other hand if he told the truth, would he be somehow complicit? Would he cross a line? In the end, he decided, right then and there to tell the truth.

"Watching them made me hard as a rock." Sean said simply looking Rachel right in the eye.

"I see." She replied somewhat surprised this conservative older man was being so blunt. She adverted her eyes.

"That doesn't mean I condone what I saw. A man's erection is involuntary. I can tell you I wasn't at all turned when I realized I witnessed incest."

"Not at all?"

"No. Why are you asking me this? Are you trying to get me to condone what you're doing?"

Rachel's eyes watered and she stifled a sob. Very quietly, such that Sean could barely hear her she said: "No. I was hoping it turned you on and would consider being with me. With us...I mean."

"Oh my." Sean said understanding.

Rachel then broke into heaving sobs. She couldn't speak.

Instinctively, Sean took her in his arms and patted her back in a reassuring way. The embrace wasn't at all sexual.

As she regained her composure she spoke between sobs and she looked up at Sean with tear stained eyes. "I want a man in my life. A man who could be a step father to my kids. Someone who would want to live our lifestyle. I found myself really attracted to you last night. When you walked away I didn't want to just let you go so that's why I invited myself over today. I was hoping you'd be into this. I know I'm wrong and I know what you must think of me."

Rachel then broke their embrace and she went to her car. Sean watched as she got in her call and drove off. Nothing more had been said between them.

Sean went back to work on the house but he found it hard to concentrate. The fact was that despite his protestations, the idea of being sexual with Rachel and her kids turned him on. It turned him on in a way he hadn't been in some time. As he thought about the situation, his cock grew hard in his shorts and he felt the pressing need to masturbate.

He finally quit trying to work and instead went into the house. He logged onto his laptop and did a search for incest communities. Dozens upon dozens of web sites came up touting incest stores. Sean looked through a number of them finding most to be formulaic and uninteresting. Most described abuse and some were downright violent (Drunken men abusing their children).

After about a half hour of searching, Sean stumbled across nifty.org. There he began reading a number of stories. Stories entitled `Little Revolution', `On Golden Lake, `Aunt Natalie' and others. Each depicted incest and adult/youth sex in positive and highly erotic ways. Sean's arousal grew with every line read and soon he pulled his sizeable cock out of shorts and began to jerk off. After reading several stories, he had a massive orgasm covering himself in ejaculate.

After cumming, Sean felt even more conflicted. He decided a long run would clear his head. He took off in the late afternoon heat at a punishing pace. As he run he began to analyze the situation. His analytical mind, trained by years of crisis decision-making, began to formulate thoughts and feelings. Sean knew incest was wrong and that sex with children was wrong. Intellectually there could be no argument in favor of such acts. That said, the sheer perversion of it and the taboo nature appealed to Sean in way he wouldn't have thought possible 24-hours ago.

During his marriage, he and his late wife had led a very hedonistic lifestyle. They regularly had a 3rd or 4th person of either sex in their bed. They had two couples who were bisexual they regularly swung with. Sean was versatile enjoying being fucked in the ass as well as fucking someone in the ass. He indulged in a variety of sex acts that many would consider kinky. He and his wife had experimented with water sports, group sex, exhibitionism, mild bondage and spanking, etc...

As the miles slipped past, Sean became more and more convinced that he wanted to see Rachel again. He was attracted to her. He wasn't sure about incest but he was slowly warming to the idea. As a kid, Sean had a couple of very intense experiences...

Chapter 3: The Flash Back: June 1980, Subic Bay Naval Base, Philippines.

Sean was 13 years old. He and his little brother (age 11) Ian, lived in a fourplex home on the massive naval base. Sean's Dad was TDA (Temporary Duty Assignment in Navy speak or Traveling Around Drunk in Sailor speak) to the huge navy base for six months so they didn't qualify for better housing.

Next door to them was another family of a lower ranking Officer. The family had an 11 year old girl. One week day (school was out) Sean was home alone in his room masturbating when the doorbell rang.

Putting his already sizable erection into his shorts, he went downstairs. Rock hard, he hid his erection behind the waistband of his shorts and pulled his shirt down over his front.

Answering the door, Sean found the 11 year old girl from next door.

"Yeah?" Sean asked. He was too cool to talk to little kids.

"I'm locked out of my house. I was playing down the street. My mom won't be home from the commissary for an hour and it's really hot outside. Can I wait in here?"

"You can watch TV. I'm going up to my room."

As Sean let her in, his erection (which had softened a bit) slipped out of the waistband. Without underwear on his half erect cock made a noticeable tent. Deeply embarrassed, Sean pulled his t-shirt down over his shorts. He was too late.

"You thingy is hard?" The girl asked.

"So?!" Sean replied defensively.

"My brother's does that all the time. Where you playing with it just now?"

"What if I was?"

"Can I watch?"

"What? Are you crazy?"

"My brother does it all the time but won't let me watch him. I'm curious to see how boys do it. I do it too."

Sean wasn't even momentarily conflicted. Unlike his adult self, 13 YO Sean's judgment wasn't influenced by experience or values. Instead, at 13 years of age, his mind, saturated with hormones, saw this as an opportunity to be sexual. There was no way he'd say no.

"You want to see me play with my penis?"

"Can I?" The girl asked excitedly.

"OK, but you can't tell anyone, promise?"

"I promise" she replied looking down at the obvious tent in his shorts.

Sean then pulled down his shorts. At 13, Sean's cock was already 7" long. It would grow, over the next few years, to 10 inches in length and would thicken considerably. Sean knew he was bigger than other boys limp but hadn't yet had the opportunity to compare it hard with another boy.

"It's huge." The girl said quietly. "It's way bigger than Kenny's." She added making Sean's immature ego swell along with his cock. Kenny was obviously her brother who Sean had seen around the area but wasn't friends with.

"Can you make white stuff?"

"I can."

"Will do that for me?"

"OK, can I see you?"

The girl didn't hesitate. She pulled down her petal pusher pants and pulled down her Partridge Family panties. Her vagina was completely hairless and somewhat puffy. She sat on the living room couch and opened her legs giving Sean his first in person (of course he'd seen Penthouse and Hustler) view of a vagina. She didn't pull up her shirt. Looking back on it, it was probably because, at her age, there wasn't much difference between her chest and Sean's.

Sean stared at her moist vagina as he pulled on his cock.

The girl (he didn't yet know her name) rubbed her clit in a circular motion.

"Where did you learn to play with yourself?" She asked breathlessly.

"I just figured it out. I came the first time looking a nudie book." Sean said. He couldn't believe he was saying that. He didn't know this girl but something about the circumstances seemed to demand openness. They were both masturbating in front of each other after all, didn't cross his mind to keep anything from her.

"I like those books too. The girls are so pretty and they're bodies are so awesome." She said.

Sean had seen photos of two girls making love (Penthouse/Hustler again) and he wondered if this girl would do that.

"How did you learn?"

"My mom says I've rubbing myself since I was a little girl. She showed me a long time ago how to do it right."

"Your Mom?"

"Yeah. There's nothing wrong with that is there?"

Sean didn't reply. The birth of his orgasm was fast approaching. His fist flew up and down his engorged shaft.

Here it comes!" Sean then shot a massive load of cum all over the coffee table and the front of the couch where the girl was masturbating herself. Some got on her legs.

"Wow! That's a lot of stuff!" she said excitedly.

"Do you cum too?"

"Yes, I'll cum in a minute."

With that the girl focused on herself. Her fingers danced across her swollen pussy and, to Sean's great surprise, she stuck a finger into herself.

"Does that feel better?"

"Oh yes, but I want you to put that big cock in me."


"I want you to fuck me. It's OK, I've been fucked before."

Sean then dropped to his knees and found he was perfectly aligned with her open, wet pussy. She took his still hard cock in her hand and guided him into her.

"Have you ever fucked a girl before?"


"Just move back and forth slowly till I get used to you. Then I'll tell you to go faster."

She continued to rub her clit as Sean moved inside her.

"OH! You feel so good. Your cock is so big and thick. Bigger than any I've ever had!"

Sean fucked the girl till she came. Sean came again. He shot a nice load into her pussy. He put it out of his mind that this very young girl was more experienced than he was.

The girl (whose name was Beverly) and Sean became a regular fuck buddies. They fucked every chance they got and Sean learned to use a condom (which we got from the teenage sailors around the base or from older boys). After six months Sean's family moved to the Washington DC area and that, as they say, was the end of that. He didn't find another girl till he was a junior in high school willing to have sex with him. Not that he didn't try.

When young Beverly cried out "Your cock is so big!" it was the first, but by no means the last, time Sean would hear a woman say that. Being well endowed, Sean found women fell into one of three categories when it came to a man's penis size. Category one were women (the rarest type) who were into size (Size Queens they're called). They liked guys with big cocks and liked the visual aspect and feel of being deeply penetrated. Beverly was one, he'd run into a few more in his life. They tended to be hyper sexual, not interested in long-term relationships and somewhat shallow.

Category two (more common) were women who didn't like big cocks. They thought they hurt more and weren't as hard as smaller men. This category described most of the girls he dated in high school. He developed a nick name of "Clydesdale". For public consumption the nick name referred to his hairy feet. In reality, the nick name was coined in the boy's locker room when a fellow athlete said Sean was hung like a horse. When girls found out what the nick name really meant. And they did. No girl in his school would date him. They didn't want to be known as the girl dating the boy with the giant dick.

This meant that following a promising start with young Beverly, Sean went from having an active sex life at 13 years of age to no sex at all (except with himself) till he was a senior in high school.

Now back to our story.

Chapter 4: Dinner and...?

Sean's run ended after dark. He'd run 18 miles and couldn't remember much of the run, his mind preoccupied by too many thoughts and conflicting emotions.

Sean knew he was letting himself be influenced by not only Rachel's obvious physical charms but by the kinky, taboo opportunities before him.

He took a long shower when he got home and then, staying naked, got into bed and called Rachel.

"Hi, it's Sean. Can you talk?"

"Sure." There was a long pause..."I didn't expect to hear from you again."

"I've been doing a lot of thinking. I want to see you again. I'm attracted to you and would like to see you socially."

"Like a date?"

"Yes, how does dinner and movie sound?"

"Would you rather come over here for a home cooked meal?"

"I would but I'm not sure about your situation yet. I am attracted to you but I'm not sure I'm ready for THAT."

"How about you keep an open mind, see how we live, enjoy a fine meal and let things happen? I will tell you this, if you're looking for a quick fling or a one-time experience, you're barking up the wrong tree."

"I understand what you're saying. I wouldn't have called if I wasn't seriously interested. I just am not sure if I can go through with it."

"Are you talking about sex with my kids? Or being with me knowing how I'm raising my kids? If you're talking about sex with my kids, you've got a long way to go. I don't pimp them out to just anyone. I barely know you. I'll admit I find you attractive. You could lose the beard and get a haircut but you're a handsome man and I'm inviting you to dinner. I'm NOT inviting you fuck my kids. Are we clear?"

"I thought that's what you wanted from me the other night?" Sean said now very confused.

"It is and that's still on the table but I'm just not going to let you do that without you getting to know them and me a bit more. There needs to be chemistry. They have to get to know you and there needs to some attraction on their end and you need to warm to the idea as you've said. You have to understand, in our lives, sex is part of being a family. We don't have sex outside the family unless it's with someone in the community and then only after we meet the other family and everyone gets along. There are times when things don't mesh and nothing happens."

"I understand. I'm not sure how I feel about all this. I know that I'm both curious and attracted to you."

"And the idea turns you on too? Your cock is hard now isn't it?"

"You're very direct aren't you?"

"You started it today didn't you?"

"Fair is fair. Yes, I'm hard. Yes, I'm turned on by the idea. Conflicted but aroused."

"Are you going to masturbate now?"

"I'm playing with myself now."

"Enjoy yourself. I will do it too. Tomorrow night 6PM? You can bring desert or wine?"

"I'm a terrible cook so I'll bring wine. Red or white?"

"Steaks, so red."

"I'll be there, shaved and properly attired."

"We're normally nude at our house, but we'll be clothed tomorrow."

"It's a date."

Sean spent a restless night. He jerked off one more time that night but was too keyed up to really sleep well. He got up at his normal time (5AM), ran 6 miles and then after cleaning up, headed to nearby Pinehurst. There he went to a barber shop and got a shave and a haircut (for much more than 2 bits). Freshly shaved, he went to an upscale wine shop and found a nice bottle of cabernet for dinner. He also picked up a sizeable bouquet of flowers in a glass vase.

After his shopping spree, he went back to the house and spent the afternoon doing paperwork and relaxing. He'd not taken a day off in six months and frankly the recent distractions were a welcome break from the drudgery of remodeling the house.

At 4PM he took another shower and dressed. He wore a simple cotton polo shirt and shorts with leather flip flops. He wore his Omega chronometer.

He had a stiff drink of his special reserve bourbon to calm his nerves.

At 5:30 he drove (using directions Rachel sent him via text) to their house. The neighborhood was newer and upscale. It wasn't million dollar homes but neither was it the typical middle class neighborhood most Army families lived in off post. The house looked to be about three to four thousand square feet, impeccably landscape and manicured. Sean remembered she was pretty senior with the Defense Commissary Agency but he didn't think civil servants made that much. The 3-car garage doors were closed, he recalled she drove an expensive foreign SUV.

He walked up the door and rang the bell at precisely 6PM.

"Right on time, I should have known." Rachel said smiling. She was wearing a light summer dress. Modest cleavage, knee length. Her breasts were well defined but not obvious. They appeared unrestrained. Sean wondered if she was wearing panties. Women going without panties in a dress or skirt is a big turn on for Sean.

Sean walked into the new home. The contrast between his 100-year old home, torn up by renovation and this new, modern home, where stark. Whereas his house was huge (5,000 plus square feet, wrap around porches on both levels and classic antebellum design, Rachel's house was modern, well designed, and expensively furnished.

"What a beautiful home."

"Thanks. I bought this after Carson died. He left us very well off. He came from money. I actually was able to donate his SGLI (acronym for the military's life insurance paid off when a service member is killed in action or otherwise dies on active duty) to the wounded warrior foundation."

"You're fortunate indeed. I had to deal with a lot of families devastated when they lost their Soldier."

"I've heard the Unit takes care of its own. That the Unit has very wealthy benefactors that take care of any Operator's family killed. "

"How did you know I was in that organization?" Sean asked alarmed. His service in the Army's super-secret organization ("Delta Force" as it's popularly known) was closely guarded. His own family didn't know what he did in the Army. They no doubt suspected but he didn't tell them. His wife knew but like any good Unit wife, she knew better than to pry into what he did or where he went. Life in the Unit was tough. Tough on the Soldiers, tough on their families. What Rachel said, however, was true. A small, but very wealthy group of American's, recognizing the enormous contribution the Unit makes to the security of the nation, generously gave money to a small, very quiet, non-profit organization. This non-profit provided money to the survivors of any Unit Operator (as they're called) killed in the line of duty. The organization set up college funds for kids, paid off debts (credit cards, cars, houses, loans, etc...) and provided the widow or dependents with a lifetime stipend equal to the Operator's pay and benefits at the rank held at the time of death. These benefits were paid in addition to, whatever one got from the US Government. The very existence of this organization was closely held. Sean knew that Rachel's husband wasn't in the Unit and wondered if the `classmate' who spilled the beans on his bisexuality also told her he'd been in the Unit.

Reading his mind Rachel said: "Same guy who told me you like to suck dick from time to time." "Carson tried out for the Unit as a young Captain. He didn't last a week, washed out in the 2nd week. He had a bad knee from lacrosse that the Point and just couldn't handle all the walking. Washing out really bothered him."

"He made it further than most." Sean said graciously. Most candidates washed in the first couple days.

Rachel's directness, her boldness, her unashamed nature, attracted him (along with a killer body and beautiful face) but at the same time, that attitude was sometimes disconcerting. Like now, he'd prefer that she not say what she did but he couldn't fault her being so direct.

Reading his mind (or facial expression), "Don't look so stricken. If you're going to be around me, get used to me telling it like it is. Plus I don't mind if you're bi. I'm bi too." She said smiling mischievously at him.

Rachel showed him into the house. A large table, set for four, was out on a covered patio. The smell of steaks grilling filled the air.

"Would you like a beer?"

"Sure. I can get it."

"I've some iced down on the deck."

Sean walked on to the covered patio and found a trendy galvanized tub with six, long neck, Mexican beers, iced down. An opener was chained to the tub.

As Sean opened his beer, he looked out over the large back yard and noticed a large pool. In the pool Cathy and Colby were swimming about. Sean looked and was shocked to see that either both kids wore flesh colored swim suits or where nude.

"Are they nude?"

"Yes. They wanted to meet you this way. I'm going to call them over. If Colby is hard it's just because he's excited. It doesn't mean you're going to be sexy with him. OK?" Rachel said quietly coming up from behind.

Sean turned and looked at her. "It's not Colby's erection I'm worried about."

"It's OK in this house to get a hard on. Just don't think you can stick anywhere you want."

"Kids, dinner's ready. Get out, dry off, and come to the table. Cathy, I can use your help with the salad. Colby, I need you to help Sean bring in the steaks."

Both kids climbed out of the pool and dried off using thick, lush brightly colored towels. Although Sean had seen them having sex just a few days earlier, he didn't really get a chance to see their nude bodies up close. He was struck by how young they were and then, by how aroused he got looking at them. He was momentarily put off by his previously unknown attraction to naked children. His cock swelled in his shorts. He could feel his shaft snake down this thigh. He didn't want to look down but wondered how obvious his arousal would be.

True to his mother's prediction, Colby's young cock stood straight up in the air. Hard as a nail.

Colby, at 12, had a skinny, preadolescent body. No body fat, skinny arms, a mop of blonde hair a top his head. No hair surrounded his boyish erection. His balls were a tight sack. He had a six pack and the very beginnings of a man's physique. Sean notice the snake bite area was covered by a small, square bandage. He was, in word, handsome.

Cathy, at 10, was tall, with long legs; a narrow torso that ended at hips just beginning to flare into a woman's hips. Two sets of small breasts sat on her chest with a matched set of puffy nipples. Between her colt-like legs the puffy lips of her perfectly smooth vagina. She was, in a word, beautiful.

Sean wondered if she were as aroused as her brother. Her nonchalant attitude toward her own nudity, her brother's raging hard on and being gazed upon by a strange man astounded Sean.

The kids smiled at him and walked past into the kitchen where they immediately went about the chores assigned. When Colby walked past Sean, he looked down at Sean's crotch and as he passed looked over his shoulder, and winked at Sean.

"What do you think?" Rachel asked breaking Sean's reverie. "Looks to me like `he' likes what `he' sees." She added looking directly at the obscene bulge in Sean's shorts.

"They're beautiful children. I'm still just so surprised by how casual they are about being nude."

"The only time they're clothed is when we leave the house. I've thought about homeschooling them but realize I'd be doing them a disservice socially and sports." Rachel replied. "That's quite a bulge your sporting."

"I can't help it." Sean replied. He then rearranged his cock pulling it up so it was less obvious.

"I want wait to try that on." Rachel whispered to him seductively.

Dinner was pleasant and uneventful. Rachel was a great cook. The steaks were tender and flavorful, the tossed salad fresh and delightful. The wine washed it all down nicely.

After dinner Rachel and Cathy cleared the plates.

"Why don't you take Sean to see your room." Rachel said as she began rising dishes while Cathy loaded them. When Cathy would bend over to put a dish in the dishwasher, Sean would see her vagina from behind. It gave him an instant hard on.

"Yeah, Sean let me show you my room." Colby said. The boy was no longer hard. His small cock hung limply over his tight ball sack.

Sean followed the boy upstairs. The walk upstairs afforded Sean an up close look at the boys balls and his perfectly formed ass. Sean couldn't help but notice neither child had any tan lines. He wondered if Rachel was similarly tanned all over.

Colby's room was like any typical 12 year olds room. It was dominated by a set of bunk beds and a large, flat screen TV to which was affixed a number of video game systems. A bit old to be a video gamer, Sean recognized them but knew nothing about their play.

The walls of his room were adored with a combination of pop music starts, sports stars and on one wall by his closet, he has his father's `I Love Me' wall. Colby's Dad had earned a couple of Bronze Stars, the Purple Heart and numerous other awards. A senior captain at the time of his death, the boy's Dad was highly decorated for his rank and experience. He'd obviously done multiple tours of duty in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Sean wondered idly if he'd somehow crossed paths with the young Artillery Officer. It was possible one of Sean's task forces had operated in areas where Colby's Dad had been deployed. The thought now of being sexual with this warriors child gave him pause.

Sean noticed the boy didn't point out his trophy case. Like many boys his age, his trophy case was full of trophy's. They represented more about today's culture than the boy's athletic accomplishments. Sean, an all American in high school and college, all conference, and who'd been drafted by Major League Baseball, had fewer trophies than this 12-year old!

The `tour' of Colby's room wrapped up at the boy's iMac computer.

"Wanna see pics of my Dad?"


Colby then pulled up a series of photos VERY familiar to Sean. Photos of the man on his bases overseas, outside the wire in full battle rattle and at play with his family.

As Colby closed one file, he opened another. This file, however, was very different. Password protected, the new set of photos showed the boy's father having sex. The first photo was of the man being sucked off by Cathy. The look on his face showed bliss. Another was of Colby straddling his Dad, the man's cock deep in the boys ass. Still another showed a naked Rachel eating Cathy's pussy while the man took her from behind. The photos were extremely clear and caused Sean's cock to once again swell.

Sean's erection wasn't lost on the boy who was unabashedly stroking his own little cock.

"You can pull it out and play with it if you want."

"I don't think that's a good idea."

"Mom won't care. She's going to let you fuck her later."

"Oh? How do you know that?"

"She told us before you arrived. She said we couldn't watch that you weren't ready to be sexual with us."

"Do you want me to be sexual with you?"

"Sure. You're older than my Dad but very handsome. Looks like you've got a big cock too." The boy said matter of factly. "Can I see it?"

As Sean pondered his next move, the boy reached out and began to pull down his zipper. Sean gently pulled the boy's hand away.

"I'm not sure I'm ready for you do that."

"I understand. Mom said you might not be ready. If you're concerned, I want to be sexy with you." Colby said unabashedly stroking his rock hard little cock. "I like sex with men and woman. You'd not be doing anything I don't want you to do."

"Are you old enough to decided that?"

"I think he is." Rachel said from the door way.

Rachel was still dressed but next to her Cathy stood naked as a jaybird.

"It's hard for you to understand, society has put such a taboo on this subject, but children are sexual. They can make informed decisions regarding their bodies and sex. They're not physically strong enough to fend off an attacker perhaps." Rachel offered.

Sean was still conflicted. His body reacted to the visual stimuli, his cock was hard and he could feel pre-cum leaking into his underwear.

Rachel picked up on Sean's conflict. She walked over to Sean and spoke quietly in his hear. "Would you like to watch us make love?" She added: "You can just watch. I want to show you Cathy and Colby aren't being forced."

Sean nodded his head in agreement. His concession was based as much on wanting to see Rachel naked and sexual as much as it was to see the kids being sexual.

Rachel led them downstairs to her large master suite dominated by a huge king-size bed. The room, like the rest of the house, was impeccably decorated.

As he entered the room, he saw a huge bathroom off one door and a similarly huge closet off another.

Rachel pulled off her dress to confirm Sean's suspicions that she had gone without underwear. Her body was perfectly toned, flawless. Her full breasts road high on her chest, obviously natural. She shaved her vagina. Her butt was perfectly shaped. Hard to tell she was a 35 year old working mother of two.

She crawled on to the bed between both kids. Cathy moved between her mom's legs and began to lick Rachel's obviously wet pussy. Colby for his part began to suckle his mom's breasts. She moaned quietly with excitement. Sean watched as Rachel's hand stroked her son's cock, as she pulled the shaft he too moaned in delight. Cathy licked her mom's pussy while at the same time masturbating herself. Her hips in the air, her small, brown anus and wet pink pussy were open and exposed to Sean. Sean was surprised that her young vagina was as obviously wet as it was and it opened before him. His instinctive, primal reaction was to fuck the ass off her.

Sean was not only erect but leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. His cock throbbed in excitement as the incredibly erotic and taboo site unfolded before him. His desire to free his cock and slam it into anyone of the 3 people before him intense. He thought he might cum without touching himself. At the very least, his cock seemed to scream at him: jerk off!

Colby now kneeled at his mother's face, his young boy cock at her mouth. Cathy continued to lick her mom's pussy.

"What do you think, should I suck my son's cock?"

"Yes." Sean replied quietly.

Cathy looked up from her Mom's now soaking wet pussy. "Do you want to lick me?" She asked looking over her shoulder.

Sean remained conflicted. His highly disciplined mind could resist the erotic temptation before him but he also knew that what he was seeing wasn't the type of white trash trailer park abuse that characterized incest in his mind previously. He was witnessing consensual, passionate, sex. There was no denying it. His inhibitions weakened quickly.

"What do you think?" Rachel asked as she pulled off her son's cock. His thin, short, rock hard shaft glistened with his mother's saliva.

"It's the hottest thing I've ever seen." Sean said. His voice deep with lust.

"Are you ready to join us?"

"Yeah, come on and get naked!" Colby said enthusiastically pulling on his cocklet.

Sean smiled at the three of them. His hesitation was evident.

"Colby, take Cathy to your room and play." Rachel said. "Sean and I are going to talk here."

"Aw Mom, we wanna watch Sean fuck you." Colby said.

"I'm not sure that's going to happen. Let things go slow." Rachel replied.

The kids left the room. Rachel got up and put on a short robe. While the robe technically hid her nudity, the thin material did little to conceal her sexy form.

"Let's grab a cold drink."

The two went downstairs to the kitchen where Rachel poured two shots of 12-year old bourbon. Handing the glass to Sean, "You look like you could use this."

"Thanks." Sean said tossing the sweet liquor down.

"So what do you think?"

"It's overwhelming." Sean said. "I can't believe how sexual they are at such a young age."

"I think everyone is capable of that is they're raised to view sex as delightful and healthy. The rest of society punishes kids. I had a girlfriend in college who couldn't orgasm because her Mom taught her that her body was evil. My Mom taught me to masturbate when I began rubbing myself on the floor at six."

"I agree we're a repressed society. I had to live in the shadows for 24-years."

"So did my husband." She continued. "Sean, I don't want to force you into anything. At the same time, I want a man in my life, a special type of man who will not only condone how we live our lives but will ideally want to join in. I don't want that person to be hesitant or racked with guilt. I hope that person is you."

"I'm ready. I just don't know how fast I want to move."

"Do you want to make love to me?" Rachel asked softy.

Sean came to her then and then, with the built up frenzy of two new lovers, they embraced passionately. Rachel pulled at Sean's clothes, there in the kitchen, till he his pants were around his ankles and his boxer briefs at his knees. Rachel momentarily broke their open mouth kiss: "Oh my God, you're huge!" She exclaimed as her hand attempted to wrap around his thick shaft.

"Am I too big?" Sean asked.

"No but I'm going to rethink you fucking the kids." She said looking down at his cock as if to make sure what she was feeling was indeed a man's cock.

They resumed their passionate embrace.

Rachel then mounted the kitchen counter and spread her legs wide. Highly aroused, Sean's massive member slide into her wet pussy easily.

"Oh yes!" Rachel cried. "Fuck me hard!"

Sean, who hadn't fucked anything in a long time, drove into her with practiced, albeit frenzied, strokes. Too soon, he felt the birth of his orgasm. He slowed his pace in an attempt to save off his climax.

"Fuck me hard Sean, I don't care if you cum!"

Sean then resumed his frenzied penetration and was soon flooding her womb with a massive of cum. Rachel too, in a rare event, climaxed along with Sean.

"Oh! Oh!" she cried out as her body was racked by a powerful orgasm.

Sean withdrew his cock, now shiny with his own emission and Rachel's juices.

Both Sean and Rachel were covered in sweat. Sean's cock, to his surprise, remained mostly erect sticking out from his body at a 45o angle.

"I'm so sorry. I was just so excited." Sean apologized to Rachel.

"No need to apologize. That was incredible. Your cock is so thick."

Sean, electing to remain naked, pulled off the rest of his clothes. While Rachel grabbed a paper towel and blotted up the rather sizeable amount of cum running down her leg.

"I've not had a man cum in me in a long time."

"Me either." Sean said smiling.

Rachel laughed. "Are you feeling better about things? Would you like to have round two with the kids?"

Sean smiled back at her, his cock slowing thickening to a full erection.

"Yes." He said simply.

They then walked up stairs where they found Cathy on top of her brother, his cock sliding in and out of her immature vagina. Sean and Rachel's `round one' had only lasted a few minutes. The kids had been going at it for a few minutes themselves.

Sean's cock was fully erect.

Colby looked up, his lust laden eyes immediately went to Sean's cock.

"WOW! It's huge!" He exclaimed.

Cathy looked over her shoulder and her eyes fell upon the massive member. "Boy is it. Will that fit in us?" She asked to her mom.

"We need to take it slow." Rachel replied. "Climb off Colby and join us in my room."

The kids followed them downstairs to the master suite.

There all four climbed into bed. Sean was flanked by Colby and Cathy. Rachel sat off to the side watching.

Without hesitating, Colby reached for Sean's cock and began to stroke it. He looked up at Cathy. "It's so big and hard."

Cathy then, smiling, leaned forward and took the shaft in her hands. Sean's cock, large by any standard, seemed even bigger in the 10-year olds hand. She pulled on the cock, her fingers unable to touch around the thick slab of cock.

Colby leaned in and took the huge, swollen head, into his mouth while his sister stroked the shaft. Colby's other hand went to his own cocklet and began stroke himself.

Rachel, meanwhile, moved behind Cathy and began to rub her daughter's pussy.

`How I'm doing?" Colby said looking up at Sean. The saliva covered glands inches from his lips.

`You're great." Sean replied, his voice full of lust.

"Let me try." Cathy said replacing her brother on the head. Colby naturally replaced his sister's hand on the long shaft. Cathy put the head of Sean's cock in her mouth and began to suck. After a few moments, she looked up. "It's so much bigger than Daddy's." And she promptly returned to sucking the adult cock.

Rachel was now lying on the bed watching intently as her young children fellated a grown man. Her legs were spread wide and her fingers circled her swollen clit in rapid fashion.

She looked over at Sean and made eye contact. "That's so fucking hot. Watching them suck on your big cock."

"Oh my God it feels so good!" Sean said breathlessly. `I can't believe this but I think I'm going to cum again!"

Sean was astounded that he felt another orgasm building since he came only a few moments earlier. He couldn't recall every cumming with such a short refractory period. He'd been able to maintain erections after cumming before but never cum so fast. He was literally shaking in arousal. He couldn't remember being so completely turned on as he was at this moment. The feeling was unsettling.

"I'm going to cum!" Sean exclaimed and reached down to grab his cock.

"Cum on us." Colby and Cathy said almost simultaneously. "Our Dad loved cumming on us." Cathy added.

Shocked at how kinky the kids were, Sean got into a kneeling position while both kids scooted under him. At their heads, Sean began to stroke his cock, his orgasm building. Both kids were masturbating each other as they waited for his cum to cover them. Their eyes were closed tight. They obviously knew how much male ejaculate stung when it made contact with the eye.

Rachel for her part, masturbated furiously as Sean's hand rapidly flew up and down his engorged shaft.

Sean's orgasm burst forth in multiple spurts coating both kids' faces with his thick, white, cum. He was glad he'd cum earlier otherwise he would have really made a mess.


As Sean came off the high of his climax, he realized that neither child had cum yet. "Do they cum?" Sean said looking at Rachel who was still idly stroking her wet pussy.

Rachel looked at Sean in the way that women look at men who say something stupid. "Of course they cum. Colby can't shoot yet but they can both orgasm. Why don't you make Cathy cum and I'll take care of Colby?"

Sean then moved between the young girls legs and began to lick her swollen, pink, wet bare pussy. She held Sean's head firmly in her hands as her narrow, boyish hips bucked up and down. He was amazed how aroused she was. Her young pussy was very wet. She moaned softy.

Sean managed a sneak over at Rachel and Colby. Rachel was on her stomach, her perfectly formed ass looking inviting, as she sucked her son's cock. He too was bucking up and down under his mother's oral ministrations.


Rachel looked up from fellating her son and smiled at Sean. "Wanna switch?"


Sean smiled back at her. "Sure"

Both Rachel and Sean were surprised at the ease with which he crossed over. As he switched places with Rachel and took the boys rigid cock into his mouth, he couldn't believe that just over 24-hours ago, he wasn't sure he should even accept the invite to dinner. Now he was sucking the cock of a young boy having just giving oral sex to sister all with the Mom joining in.


Sean sucked the boy and gently played with his tight, draw up bare ball sack. What the boy's penis lacked in length and girth, it more than made up for in rigidity.


Sean looked over to see Rachel licking her daughter's pussy. The site was incredibly sexy and he soon felt, to his dismay, his cock getting hard.


Despite his desire to watch the display of mother daughter sex going on right beside him, he concentrated on pleasuring the boy. Soon the boy's body was racked by a powerful multiple orgasm.


"Oh!, Oh!, Oh!" Colby cried out as he came. The boy's eyes rolled up in his head as he came. His body became rigid and his juvenile muscles flexed tight.


After his surprising long orgasm, the boy's chest heaved in exertion. His young body was flushed and he looked exhausted. Sean was momentarily concerned. His concern must have showed.


"Don't worry Sean, Colby always cums like that." Cathy stated. "Now he'll just fall asleep and snore like a big dog." She added.

"I can't help it. It's the way I cum." Colby replied defending himself.

"I've told you before, it's normal for guys to get sleepy after they cum." Rachel said in a motherly tone.


Colby, for his part, was totally spent. Sean sat back on his side and pulled on his hard cock while he watched Rachel and Cathy. Cathy's orgasm wasn't as loud or intense as her brother's but it was very powerful and like her brother, her whole body became flushed. Rachel then rolled on her back as her daughter returned the favor. Sean masturbated to a powerful orgasm. He didn't produce much ejaculate but the sensation was just as powerful.


By the time his sister had cum, Colby was fast asleep. Cathy too was very tired and after a few minutes of post coital cuddling, she joined her brother in slumber.


Sean, for his part, wouldn't have minded a cat nap but instead Rachel signaled to him to join her. Naked they rose from the bed and walked quietly out of the bedroom to the kitchen. There she poured them both a glass of wine and then they sat next to each other on a large, plush sofa in the upstairs loft.


"Well?" Rachel said after taking a sip of her wine. "What did you think?"


"I don't know what to say." Sean said looking down at his wine. His cock flaccid cock lay across his thigh.


"Tell me the truth."


"It was the most intense sexual thing I've ever done." "I can't recall being that hard that long or cumming that many times." Sean said.


"I understand what I mean is how to you feel about what happened?"

"I expected to feel guilty, ashamed, but frankly I feel fine. I don't feel like I did anything wrong. I know I should but I don't."


"Society has conditioned you to feel that way. To think that what you just did makes you a monster. Believe me, I understand. I want you to understand that when you're raised this way, when it's a natural part of life like eating and sleeping you see things very differently."


"I think I understand how you feel. I view Colby or Cathy as partners nothing more or less. I'm not sure I'm making any sense."


"On the contrary, you're making perfect sense. You see, you were talking about the kids as people. I've studied this. Pedophiles are predators. They prey on children and view them like a lion views a water buffalo: A thing to be stalked, taken and consumed. We're raised to view sex as way of showing our love for our children and relatives. We look at them as our loving family to be cared for and pleasured. Not conquered and abused."


"That's a very different way of looking at things. Let me ask you this: Do you ever go after other kids besides your own?"


"I only would be sexual with a child inside the community (My brother's kids or my relatives in the community). I wouldn't be sexual with my kid's friends or a child I happened to meet. In fact I've never initiated sex with any child. I ways let the child initiate. My husband was a bit more aggressive but that's just how men are."


"How does this community operate?"


"It's an informal network. We communicate using email but there's no website. Nothing explicit on emails either. We don't SKYPE or text or anything electronic nothing to be monitored or tracked. It's a close knit community of approximately 20 families around the world that share a belief in family love, and nudism. As of now, I've only been with members of two families. My Dad is the keeper of the list of participants. The list, I've seen it, only has a code name and email address. If you want to hook up with a community family, you email them and give them your code and theirs. Typically the adults meet in person and if the chemistry is right, they meet to play. Usually for a week or so under the guise of a vacation. One family we played with was from Canada, we met them at their home in a rural part of Canada. The other family was from Australia. They came here and we played with them at my parent's farm in Virginia. We did normal type stuff like we did visit Washington DC, six flags, the beach. It wasn't non-stop sex that's for sure."


"But there was sex?"


"Of course. The primary purpose of the community is to play with like-minded families and in that context, find mates for the children. For example my late husband's family was in the community. My family and his never played together but when I was in college, I went to visit his family for a week. It was arranged by our parents."


"Then you had an arranged marriage?"


"Not at all but I can see why you ask that. When a family in the community has a child ready to marry, they `announce' it the community, they usually send a photo. NOT nude, I know what you're thinking. If anyone is interested, the family contacts the parents posting the announcement. After talking and the vibe is right, the kid might be sent to the family for a visit. The chemistry has to be right. There are plenty of circumstances were the kids don't hit it off and nothing happens."

"But if you don't hit it off with someone from this community, then what? You're not going to find too many prospective mates just wandering around are you?"


"I found you didn't I?" Rachel laughed. She was immediately embarrassed. "I didn't mean that the way it sounded." She said defensively.

Sean moved toward her taking her in her arms. "It's OK, I know what you mean. I'm glad you found me too. I'm very happy and very curious." He said soothingly.


"I'm glad you're happy." Rachel replied hugging him closer to her.