Their Parent's Sex Club #1 (D.Abby) (B,b,g, solo, voy) (1!13)

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by D. Abby


My name is David Smith. I'm fifteen now but when all this happened I wasn't quite thirteen. I have a brother, Jim who had just turned eleven, and a sister, Mary who was twelve. I'll call my parents Peter and Joan.

My father said I should write down everything that happened to us. He said that some people might want to know how our family had so much fun and were so happy together. He thinks that there would be a lot less crime and violence in the streets and in the schools if more families lived the way we do and did the things we do.

He warned me that I shouldn't use our right names or give any hints as to where we live, however, because some others were different. My father said they wanted to do things like we do themselves but they thought it was wrong and were afraid to do them. That kind of person would make trouble for anybody they found out did those things and could even send us to jail.

A lot of things happened in our house in a very short stretch of time. This book only covers a little more than three weeks but those three weeks changed our whole lives. It certainly changed how we were going to spend the summer but that was too much for one book and I'll have to write another one to tell what happened then.

When I started to write it out no one else wanted to share the typing but after I finished it every one wanted to get into the act so I let them make editorial comments if they felt they had something to add.

I wrote the whole story first then when the others read it they filled in their comments. Sometimes I felt I had to answer back or make comments on their comments.

(David always looked at things from the boy's side. I thought I had to straighten some things out. Mary)

(I had my own way of looking at things. Jim)

(We weren't always as unobservant as David thought and we certainly thought differently then he expected. Mom)

(Every one else was doing it so I thought I'd get my two cents in. Pop)

(See what I mean. David)


Chapter - 1

I guess my brother, sister, and I were the usual family of horny kids whose glands have just started to work. Since then I've gotten to talk to three different families and found out that a lot of young teen agers do the same things we did. They played most of the same games and have pretty much the same fantasies. The only difference with us was that we started to act out our fantasies a little sooner and we went a little farther.

(I think we went a lot farther and I liked it after I got over being a little scared at first. Mary)

(Me too only I did want to do some of those things sooner but I was more scared that David would think bad of me than I was of doing the things. Jim)

Of course, like any normal teen ager I jerked off frequently, usually three or four times a day. I always jerked off first thing in the morning. Then sometimes, if I happened to see up some girl's skirt a little way or noticed her tits bouncing when she walked, I would go to the boys room in school for a session. Even if I'd jerked of at school I usually jerked off after I got home from school when I took my after school piss. To finish out the day I always jerked off at least once after I went to bed at night.

I knew from our sex ed courses in school and the book pop gave me after I had my first wet dream that jerking off didn't do any harm but I thought I jerked off to much. On numerous occasions I swore that I wasn't going to do it any more or at least not as often but that usually lasted till the next time I got a hard on and never lasted more than a day.

(I didn't realize how much I was like David until I read that. I did the same thing even to swearing off now and then and having it last till my prick got hard again. It never lasted a full day for me either. Jim)

Jim and I would sometimes take a piss at the same time. We almost always did that when we got home from school. He seemed to examine my prick and to tell the truth, I scrutinized his each time too. I did wonder why he always had to go to the bathroom at the same time I did, but I was sort of glad. I was proud of how big my prick was getting and I liked having him look at it.

(I used to wait for David to go to the bathroom so I could go with him. When he got the first hairs around his prick and it started to grow I wanted mine to be that big too. I wanted to see his big prick and couldn't wait till mine got to be that size. I wanted to feel it to see what a prick that size felt like. The problem was that I didn't want David to think I was gay. I thought only gay boys wanted to feel another boy's prick. Jim)

I noticed at once when Jim developed a couple of hairs around his small prick. I knew that I started to shoot off before I saw the first hairs around my prick so I knew he was beginning to mature and that he could shoot off too. I wondered if he was jerking off yet then realized that he must be.

I occasionally got a hard on examining his prick and I noticed his prick would sometimes get hard too. I would have liked to see him jerk off and, maybe, let him see me do it. The one thing that bothered me about his joining me for my after school piss was I couldn't jerk off with him there.

I wanted to jerk off then but I didn't think it was right to let my kid brother see me do that. I also thought it would be fun to jerk him off and maybe have him jerk me off too. I wanted to find out what it felt like to have someone else jerk me off. I thought about Jim's hand pumping on my prick sometimes when I jerked off in bed at night. After pissing with Jim I usually went to my room and jerked off just to get rid of my hard on.

(I wish he would have jerked off. I wanted to jerk off too, and, now even more, I wanted to feel his prick and see what a big prick felt like. All David would have had to do to get me to jerk him off was ask me. I wanted him to jerk me off too but I didn't want David to think I was queer. I never wanted to get David mad at me, I liked him to much and I wanted him to like me. If he even hinted at what he wanted to do I would have gone along with it. I usually did go to my room and jerk off after looking at David's prick. Taking a piss with David always got me horny. Jim)

For a long time this was the only sex activity that I engaged in with anyone else, if pissing with your kid brother can be considered a sex activity. The thing was that I thought of sex when we were doing it so I guess it would come under that category. At any rate the jerking off session that followed pissing with Jim was surely a sex activity.

I did get to see what a girl was like down there that spring. I got my first baby sitting job from a woman down the street. She only wanted me to watch her baby for an hour while she went shopping but she was willing to pay me five dollars to do it. I got to the house and she was changing her daughters diaper.

Wow! When she lifted the baby's bottom up I could see how her ass crack just seemed to continue around to the front. I got an instant hard on and I wanted to look a lot closer but I got embarrassed and worried that the lady would know what I was thinking. I had to turn away so she wouldn't see the front of my pants.

When she left me with the baby I thought of unpinning the diaper and looking closer, maybe even feeling what she was like but I got cold feet and didn't do a thing. I baby sat for the woman a couple of more times and each time she made sure the baby had on a fresh diaper before she left. I'd stand behind the lady so she wouldn't see how close I was watching. I'd get a hard on and as soon as she left I went to her bathroom to jerk off.

One Thursday at the end of May something more exciting happened and it certainly came under the heading of sex activity with someone else. I forgot to shut the bathroom door one day when I went in to piss. Through the corner of my eye I saw Mary peeking around the edge of the door.

I was embarrassed and blushed beet red but I didn't turn away. I didn't know why I did it but I stood there and let her watch. When the piss stopped spouting from my prick I milked it down as I usually did and Knowing Mary was watching I really got a hard on. I did turn away then. I wanted to jerk off but the door was still open and Mary would see me do it. I couldn't let her watch me do that.

(I'd wanted to see what David looked like down there ever since I had my first period. I was envious of the fact that Jim went in there with David. I wished I could do the same thing. I remembered seeing David when we were all little and I'd seen Jim more recently, he only started to close the bathroom door in the last year, but I wanted to see a prick after it started to grow. This was the first time I got the chance. My cunt got wet long before David's prick got hard. Mary)

When we were little we often had to go to the toilet at the same time. The three of us queued up outside the bathroom door and went in one at a time. The other two of us would stand and wait for the one in the bathroom to finish with the toilet then we would change places. We never thought of closing the door then and we did like to watch each other use the toilet. I was interested in the difference between Mary and us boys but it never got any farther than watching.

We hadn't done that since I was about six years old and started school. Could I get Mary to start to do that with me again? I would pay a lot more attention and examine much closer now. I was sure she wouldn't do anything like that now that I really wanted to find out what a girl was like down there and knew what a boy could do with what a girl had down there.

(I had the same memories and the same thoughts. I wanted to see David down there ever since I had my first period. Now that I'd gotten my first glimpse I wanted to see more. I wasn't so sure I couldn't get David to play that game with me. I didn't know how I was going to go about it but I was determined to try. I was certain that David wanted to see me. I'd caught him trying look up my skirt when I wore one many times. I'd even spread my legs a little to let him see better but I don't think he ever realized it. Mary)

(I sure hadn't. If I'd realized she was trying to let me see more, or that she even knew I was looking, I would probably dropped through the floor. David)

When I jerked off that night I pretended Mary was watching me. I wondered what she looked like down there. I hadn't seen her since we were little and my mother bathed us together. I remember feeling where her prick should be. My mother told me that it was naughty to do that but she hadn't sounded annoyed. She even smiled when she'd corrected me so I knew it really wasn't too bad but for some reason I hadn't done it again. I knew what that little slit was now but didn't think it was big enough for my prick to fit in. I thought maybe it grew bigger the same way my prick had. I had to get a peek and find out.

I was going to watch the bathroom whenever she went in. Maybe she would forget and leave the door open and I could find out if she'd changed much down there as much as I had. The next day I followed her when she went upstairs. I was lucky, the door to the bathroom was open a little. I peeked around the edge of the door. Mary had her jeans and panties down around he ankles and was sitting on the toilet.

(I heard David follow me up the stairs. This was the perfect time to start the old waiting outside the bathroom game again. I wanted to see him again and I thought that he might let me if I left the door open when I went to the bathroom. I was as embarrassed as David had been but I pretended I didn't know he was watching. I liked the idea that what I had between my legs was as interesting to David as what he had between his legs was to me. It was fun, and exciting too. I liked watching his pants push out in front too. I knew that was happening because he was seeing me. My cunt got real wet and slick like it did when I played with myself at night. I wanted to rub myself until I got that good feeling but I couldn't let David see me do that. I'm sorry I didn't now, if I had, maybe we'd have started doing things even sooner than we did. Mary)

(I followed David upstairs thinking he was going to take a piss. I wondered why he just stood there peeking around the door. It wasn't until I heard the flow of Mary's piss that I knew what was happening. I realized I wasn't supposed to know what was going on so I sneaked back downstairs so David wouldn't catch me. I didn't want him mad at me but I wished I could get a chance to see Mary too. Jim)

I got a hard on and the front of my pants pushed out right away but it was rather disappointing. I couldn't see a thing. When I took a piss it was obvious what I looked like down there but I could just as well be looking at a boy sitting there with his prick pushed down between his thighs. I wanted to see what a girl was like and seeing Mary sit on the toilet didn't expose the parts of her I wanted to see.

I put my hand in my pocket and held on to my prick. Perhaps Mary would stand up and I could get to see more. I heard the stream slack off and stop.

Mary took some toilet paper and wiped herself in front. A boy didn't have to do anything like that, all I had to do was milk down my prick a couple of times. That could be fun. It often led to a jerk off. Did the same thing happen to girls when they wiped their cunts with toilet paper?

It seemed that Mary was reading my mind. At that point she did some of the things that I wanted her to do. She reached down for her jeans and panties then stood up. She turned her body toward the door but was looking at her hands as she slowly pulled her pants up. I got to see her slit showing through her sparse bush. It didn't seem much bigger than it had been when we bathed together. Maybe it stretched when a boy pushed his prick in. I had to squeeze my prick to keep from coming right then and there.

(I wanted David to see me and I did everything on purpose. I wished that he would come in and look closer but I didn't want him to think I knew that he was there. I wanted him to feel me down there and I wanted to feel his prick but I was scared about it too. I knew he couldn't see very much from the door and I was trying to think of some way to let him see more without being too obvious. Mary)

I dodged into my bedroom while Mary fastened her pants. All sorts of questions were racing through my mind. Had Mary left the bathroom door open on purpose? It seemed as if she had. Had she purposely let me see her cunt? If she hadn't done it on purpose how come she turned toward the door before she pulled up her pants?

If I let her see me again would she let me see her do the same thing again? Could I make myself let her see me again on purpose? If I played with my prick a little when I was milking the last drops out would she make it a point to let me see more? Could I do that while she was watching without dropping through the floor with embarrassment?

At the time I didn't have the answer to any of those questions. I knew I would have to try and do some of things I'd thought about but didn't know how I could get up the nerve to do them.

The one thing that was sure is that my prick was hard and it had been hard so long my balls ached. As soon as Mary went to her room, I rushed back to the bathroom to jerk off. I was so hot it only a couple of pumps and spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; I shot off into the toilet.

When I started jerking off, about two years earlier, my prick was two and a half inches long, about as big around as my thumb, and had no hair around it. At first all that would happen was I would get a funny good feeling and my hips would jerk. Then, one time, a spurt of cum shot out followed by a couple of dribbles. I found two hairs around my prick when I examined myself closely. Jim's prick was just about the size mine had been the first time I shot off.

My prick was over four and a half inches now and I had lots of hair. It was about as big around as the core of a toilet paper roll. It was a tight fit when I fucked my prick into one and made believe it was a girl's cunt.

I wondered what it would feel like if Mary jerked me off. What did she felt like between her legs. I'd probable shoot off as soon as she touched me and I'd be ready to shoot off if she ever let me touch her there. I knew that girls didn't shoot off but I wondered if I could make her feel good by rubbing her cunt, and if she would like to have me do it. I got hard again thinking about that and jerked off slower this time. I didn't think I'd ever find out what it would feel like to have her jerk me off.

(I was pretty sure that's what David was doing at that moment and I was in my bedroom rubbing between my legs and wishing that David was doing it to me. I closed my eyes and tried to picture his hand pumping up and down on his prick until he made the stuff shoot out of his pisshole. I rubbed myself until I got that good feeling. I wondered what it would be like to have David rub me between my legs? Would it feel better if someone else rubbed your cunt? I had another thought too, would it feel different if a prick was pushed into my cunt instead of a finger?

(I wondered what David's prick felt like? If I rubbed it would he get that good feeling and would that stuff that made babies shoot out of his piss hole? I wanted to rub him till that happened and I wanted him to rub me too, but I was a little frightened of the idea. I was even more frightened by the idea of having a prick pushed into me even though I anxious to find out what it felt like. Mary)

That night, just as I was going to the bathroom, Mary came out of her bedroom and leaned against the wall opposite the bathroom as if she were waiting for her turn to use the toilet. That answered one question. Mary was ready to go back to the 'waiting your turn at the bathroom' game. I was also sure the answer to one of my questions was that she had left the door open on purpose that afternoon!

Now she was waiting to see if I would do the same thing! She remembered what we had done when we were little and she was ready to start doing it again. I hesitated then I left the door open. If I let her see me again I was sure she would let me see her again.

I had a boner before I started. My prick was so hard it took a while before I could start pissing. Mary stood there and watched all the while. The piss finally started to flow but my prick got hard again as soon as I finished. I milked it down a few extra times and almost shot off.

I couldn't let myself do anything like that it would be too embarrassing! I would have dropped through the floor if Mary saw me do that. I stopped and zipped my hard prick back into my pants and went out of the bathroom as if Mary weren't standing there.

(I caught sight of Mary peeking in the bathroom from My bedroom. I wondered what was going on. Was David letting Marry peek at him and was Mary letting David see what she was like down there. I felt left out of things but I was still hesitant about letting David know that I knew something funny was going on between them. I would have to work my way into their deal somehow, but I hadn't a glimmer of how to do it. Now I know that I probably could have gotten everything moving a lot faster if I'd just walked over and leaned on the wall next to Mary. Jim)

Mary didn't even seem to notice me coming out of the bathroom either but turned and went to her bedroom. Perhaps she would do something that would let me see more of what she was like next time. I went back into the bathroom, closed the door, sat down on the toilet, pointed my prick down, and jerked off. I usually had to pump my prick about twenty or thirty times before I shot off but it only took a half dozen strokes that time. If this kept up I'd be jerking off even more than my usual three or four times a day.

(Wow! I never lasted more than ten strokes. I wonder what it would feel like to last that long before you shoot off. Jim)

(David had put on quite a show for me and I knew we had something going. I suspected that we were going to do this every day. Maybe I could get David to do it with me more than once a day! I wondered what I could do next time that would be as good as David pulling on his prick. I wished that he'd kept on pulling till that stuff shot out of it, but that was expecting too much. I wanted David to see more and, now I was sure that he let me see him on purpose, I could do something that would be more revealing. I wasn't sure what I would do but I made up my mind to do it right after school the next day. Mary)

When we got home from school the next day Mary looked at me and went directly upstairs. I knew she was going to the bathroom so I followed as fast as I could. The door was half open again and now I was sure she left it that way on purpose. Wow! I hoped she would do something that would let me see more of what she was like down there.

Mary was sitting on the toilet when I arrived outside the bathroom door. This time she turned, looked at me, blushed, then grinned. She wanted me to know that she knew I was watching. I wanted to go in and get a closer look but that wasn't part of the game. I had to stay where I was and Mary and I would never talk about what we were doing. That would make things much too difficult. It was the same thing I had going with Jim. If we talked about it we would get too embarrassed and we might not be able to do it again.

I heard Mary's piss flow into the toilet bowl, slow down, then stop. What would Mary do now? Would she show me more of her cunt than she had yesterday? I soon found out.

Wow! She rolled off some toilet paper but she didn't wipe her cunt right then. She stood up, faced me, blushed, then spread the lips of her cunt with the fingers of one hand and slowly wiped the inside with the toilet paper. She dropped the paper in the hopper and continued to hold the lips of her cunt apart as she flushed the toilet. I almost came in my pants. I could see some pink in there and what looked like another slit down toward the bottom of the outer slit. I was still a little disappointed though because I couldn't make out very many details.

(Wow is right! David's eyes almost popped out of his head and it looked as if his prick was going to pop out of his pants. I almost giggled at the way he was trying to get a good look at me. I ran my finger up and down my cunt and rubbed my clit a couple of times just to give him a better look. I almost got that good feeling while he was watching. I made up my mind that I would push my finger in and out till I got that good feeling if he pulled his prick until that stuff shot out of his pisshole. I wanted to see that happen. Mary)

(I was there watching David again and again I couldn't figure out how to get into the act. Jim)

(Reading all these comments as the book goes along I realize how much easier life would be if people weren't afraid of what other people would think. If Jim, Mary, and I had just been frank with each other things would have been a lot easier. David)

I wish I had known what Mary was thinking. I would have gone into the bathroom right then and there and jerked off. I wanted to see how a girl did it. It seemed like it would be a lot more complicated than the way a boy jerked off. I wondered what it was that Mary had rubbed. Again I waited until Mary went to her room then I went to the bathroom and jerked off.

This happened on a Friday afternoon and things happened that night that changed all our lives.