Their Parent's Sex Club #10 (D.Abby) (Bbg, inc) (10!13)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 10

Mary got home on Sunday afternoon. There was no way we could get together with our parents in the house so we knew we'd have to wait till Monday after school before we could get together. The three of us did get a chance to talk to each other in the family room while pop helped mom prepare supper.

Jim and I told Mary all about Friday night and all the different things we had done with Anne. We also told her that Anne knew she did things with us and she was invited to join us the next Friday. Invited or not, I was sure that Mary would have joined in. Mary was delighted with this information and complained about how dull her weekend had been.

By the time this discussion was completed Jim and I both had hards on and Mary said her cunt was sopping. Jim watched at the door. I pulled down my zipper and Mary gave me a quick blow job. I pulled down her pants and lapped her cunt in return then took my place at the door while Mary sucked Jim's cock till he shot off and he lapped her cunt till she came. It wasn't nearly as much fun with your prick sticking out of your fly or having Mary's panties up around her knees but it sure did relieve the pressure on my balls.

(It was a mistake to visit my girlfriend that weekend. Now that my brothers and I had gotten together I wanted to be with them. On the trip to the country all I could think of was sucking my brothers' pricks and having them lap my cunt. My cunt got so wet that I left a spot on the car seat. I should have made up some excuse and not gone.

(I wasn't very good company to Carol that weekend either. The things David Jim and I would have been doing were a lot more interesting than croquette, the game Carol and I played most of the day. Some other time I might have enjoyed playing but not that weekend. If it had been a couple of weeks later I would probably gotten Carol into playing sex games with me at night since we slept in the same bedroom. The problem was I didn't even know about those games yet.

(I'd heard of girls lapping each other's cunts but it just never occurred to me that we could do it. I think I could have gotten Carol into that because most of our conversation was about sex. She asked me all about seeing David and Jim without their clothes on and I sort of dodged around her questions. I was afraid to tell her the things that we had been doing with each other. It's not that I thought she would tell anybody it was just that I was being very cautious.

(I'm sure that I could have gotten her to finger fuck me if I finger fucked her and I'd found out that it was more fun than doing it to yourself. We had lots of company later that summer and I got most of them to lap cunts with me on the first night. It took a little longer with some others but I did get all but one of them to trade finger fucks.

(I had a lot of time that weekend to think things over and Carol and I had long conversations every night. We talked about being fucked only she called it having a boy put his thing in you. I mentioned doing other things with boys like sucking their cocks and having them lap a girl's cunt but I didn't tell her anything about what my brothers and I did together.

(One thing my brothers hadn't done was fuck me. I was still a little scared of having them do that to me. I knew I would loose my maidenhead sooner or later and I knew that it hurt to have you maidenhead taken but as hot as I was for my brothers over that weekend I wanted it to be sooner. I came back home knowing I would get the boys to fuck me the first time we had a chance to get together. The first chance we had was that Monday after school. Mary)

It was Monday after school and both of our parents were at work, the three of us had the house to ourselves. Wow! We were ready to take up right where we left off on Thursday afternoon. As soon as we got home from school we rushed to my room and all of us stripped. Jim and I both had hard pricks and Mary's cunt was soaking wet. I got on my knees in front of her and licked up the excess moisture. At first Mary just spread her legs then she pulled her hips back and pushed my head away from her cunt.

I didn't know why Mary pushed me away. I expected Mary would give Jim a blow job while I lapped her cunt like we had done on Thursday. After that I anticipated that Jim and I would change places and Mary would suck my cock while Jim lapped her cunt. I wondered what was bothering Mary. I'd been hot enough to come in my pants on the way home from school and I really was in a hurry to get my prick into her mouth.

"David, we've done a lot of things since we started last week. Both of you have lapped my cunt and I've sucked both of your cocks, but neither of you have fucked me yet. I want to be fucked. I want to be fucked now!"

I'd thought of that more than once over the weekend. Fucking Alice and Anne had been fun. I thought it would be even more fun to fuck Mary but I'd had my finger in her hole. I knew it wasn't even big enough to take a second finger let alone something as big around as my prick. I didn't even think Jim's smaller prick would fit in Mary's cunt without a struggle. As much as I wanted to fuck her I'd decided to let well enough alone. We were having a lot of fun doing the things we'd been doing and I didn't want to hurt Mary.

I could fuck Anne on Friday nights but I'd just lap Mary's cunt and have her give me blow jobs. Maybe later on I might get Mary to try letting me fuck her ass but that could wait too. Mary was going to join us the next Friday with Anne we could use her guidance in what we did. In the mean time lapping her cunt, having my cock sucked, and doing things with Jim was more than enough to satisfy me.

"Gees, Mary, I want to fuck you too, but you're a virgin and I don't want to hurt you. I know my prick isn't as big as it'll get, but I don't think that it will get into your tight cunt. Why don't we wait till Friday when Ms. Smith is here? She can help us and she'd know exactly what to do."

"I don't want to wait till Friday, I want to be fucked right now. Ms. Black can't make it hurt any less if you do it when she's here. From what they say, any cunt can take any prick, but I guess it does hurt the first time. I have an idea. Why doesn't Jim fuck me first. His prick is smaller and it won't hurt as much; then, David, you could do it after Jim stretched me some. If a baby can come out of my cunt, David, there's no reason your prick can't fit in."

Jim wasn't as cautious as I was.

"Oooo, yeh! I never did get to fuck Ms. Black's cunt, she said she thought it would be too loose for my little prick, I only got to fuck her ass. I want to try fucking a cunt."

(The boys had told me about that Friday night but not in much detail. The one time we'd gotten off alone I'd been too busy sucking their cocks and they'd been just as busy lapping my cunt. We really didn't get to talk very much. I'd never even heard of having your ass fucked. It didn't seem as if it would be very nice but the boys said they liked doing it to each other. I wasn't sure but maybe I would like to try that too. Right then I wanted my cunt fucked, however. The other things could wait. Mary)

Mary wanted to know everything that had gone on Friday night. I couldn't wait any longer, my balls were beginning to ache. I convinced Mary that we should do our usual thing first. We'd shoot off too quick if we tried to fuck her right away and she wouldn't get that good feeling. It would be better if I lapped her cunt while she sucked Jim's prick and he lapped her cunt while she sucked mine, then we'd both be ready to make her feel good when we fucked her. I was right, both Jim and I shot off as soon as Mary got our pricks in her mouth so it was a good thing we did that first.

Jim and I gave Mary a blow job by blow job description of everything that had happened with us over the weekend while our pricks recovered. She was sorry she had missed it and pleased that she'd get into the act next Friday. And she wondered what it was like to have a lady lap her cunt.

There were more important things at the present moment. Mary wanted to be fucked and both Jim and I had hard pricks again. Mary lay down in the middle of the bed and spread her legs as far apart as she could. Jim licked her cunt a few times then, following my instructions, got on his knees between her legs.

I took hold of Jim's prick and positioned its head between Mary's inner cunt lips. Jim lowered his hips and pushed his prick in about an inch and it wouldn't go any farther in no matter how hard he tried. He'd hit that tight ring I'd felt inside Mary's inner cunt lips.

"You've hit my maidenhead, Jim. You're going to have to push harder than that to break it."

Even with my limited information Jim wasn't as knowledgeable about virgins as I was. He didn't know what a maidenhead was.

"I don't want to hurt you. - What's a girl's maidenhead?"

"It's just a piece of skin the closes off the opening in a girl's cunt before she gets fucked for the first time. I don't know why it's there but it has to be broken sometime. I want you and David to be the first to fuck me so you'll have to break it."

"Uh, O.K., I guess so, but I really don't want to hurt you."

Jim raised his hips a little and I pushed down on them with all my weight. This time his prick went all the way into Mary's cunt.

"Oh! That does hurt a little. Stay still for minute till I'm ready. It's beginning to feel better now. Your prick feels good in my cunt. Oh, start fucking me now. It feels real good!"

Jim pumped his hips up and down. His prick slid in and out of Mary's cunt. I was down between their legs watching the action. Jim's prick glistening with Mary's cunt juices and it was streaked with her blood every time he pulled up. Watching a fuck from this angle was very exciting. I put my head between their legs and licked at the junction of their sex organs. I ran my tongue along their ass cracks and pushed it into their assholes. I was having fun even though my prick was getting no attention.

"Oh, that feels good, Jim. Pump your prick into my cunt. I like it. Fucking is neat! Oh, wow!"

"Your cunt feels real good on my prick to. Oh, I'm going to come. I'm going to shoot my cum into your cunt. I'm coming! Ahhh! Oooo!"

"I'm coming too! Ohhh! Ahhh!"

Spurt, spurt, dribble; Jim shot his load of little boy cum into Mary's cunt. I was tongue fucking her asshole at the time and I could feel it contract. I moved my mouth back to the junctions of their bodies. Jim's prick was shrinking and some of his cum was leaking out of Mary's cunt. I licked it up and sucked Jim's prick into my mouth to clean it off as it slipped out of Mary's cunt. Then I cleaned as much of Mary's cunt as I could.

"Oooo! That was neat, Mary. I like fucking. Your tight cunt felt real good to me. I love you and I love fucking you."

"I love fucking too. We have to do this all the time. But I like the other things too. We'll just have to change around. - Oh, poor David, your prick is still hard and it's leaking cum. Come on, Jim, let's take care of David's cock."

Mary licked the drops of pre cum off the end of my prick as they emerged from my pisshole. She massaged the head of my prick with her tongue then licked the underside of my prick and sucked my balls before she slid her mouth over the head, and sucked my cock all the way into her mouth.

Wow! That sure did feel good! Jim licked my ass crack then stuck his tongue up my ass at the same time Mary was working my prick over. My prick and ass were getting the royal treatment, and I enjoyed every minute of it but I wasn't going to last very long.

"Wow! You're going to make me come right away. Take it slower. I want it to last a little while anyway. Ohhh! Slow down! Don't bring me off so quick!"

Mary stopped bobbing her head and gently massaged the sensitive underside of my cock with her tongue. Jim kept right on licking my ass but let up on the pressure and just tickled my asshole with the tip of his tongue. As gentle as this action was, soon I couldn't take any more and pumped my prick in and out of Mary's mouth as fast as I could. That was it!

"Ahhh! Oooo!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt; the first jets of cum squirted down Mary's throat. Dribble, dribble, dribble; she sucked the rest of my load of cum out of my balls. She swallowed it all and kept right on nursing on my prick till it was soft. Then she let my prick slide out of her mouth. Jim withdrew his tongue from my ass about the same time.

"Gee, David, I could feel your ass tightening every time you shot off. That's a funny feeling."

"As soon as you get hard again, David, I want you to fuck me. I want to see how it feels with a big prick."

The three of us lay on the bed, Mary between Jim and me. She had my prick in one hand and Jim's in the other, and was gently pumping on them. I push two fingers in and out of her slit and rubbed her clit with my thumb. Her cunt seemed a little less tight since Jim had fucked her. Jim took over the job of massaging Mary's clit. Mary would turn her face one way and kiss me then the other way and kiss Jim. I hadn't gone to the boys' room to jerk off at school, so I hadn't had a come till Mary sucked me off. With only one come it didn't take long for me to get hard again. Mary moved down and licked at it.

"Oooo, you're hard again. I want you to fuck me. I'm ready now and so are you."

It was Jim's turn to position my prick at the entrance to Mary's cunt hole and I slowly lowered my body. My prick slid in an inch or two and I met resistance. I pushed a little harder and felt something give. My prick went all the way into Mary's cunt. Wow! Was it tight!

"Ouch! That hurt again, David, take it easy for a while. It won't be long till it feels better. Oooo! I like your big prick in my cunt."

I didn't want to come to soon. I wanted to savor the feel of Mary's cunt. Slowly, I raised my hips and lowered them until my crotch hair was resting on Mary's. Jim's head was between our bodies licking away. Each time I pulled my cock out, I felt his tongue ride down the under side. Wow!

I gradually speeded up until my prick was flashing in and out of Mary's cunt, the cum was almost ready to shoot out of my prick. I slowed down for a while. Jim licked my ass crack. That felt good too. I wanted to make this last, but my prick wouldn't let me. I speeded up again.

"Oh, David, I'm coming. Your prick is making me come. Ahhh! Ohhh! Fuck me, David, fuck me! You're making me come again! Oooo! I love having your big prick fuck me! Fill my cunt with your cum. It's awesome! Ahhh!"

Now that Mary was coming I didn't have to hold myself back any longer, I could let myself go. When you were lapping cunt it didn't matter how fast you came but when you were fucking you had to hold off until the girl got that good feeling before you shot off. Mary's contracting cunt muscles and Jim's tongue up my ass had their ultimate affect. They brought me off right then and there.

"Wow! Ahhh!"

I filled Mary's cunt with my cum. I could feel it seeping out around my shrinking prick. Jim sucked the juices off of my cock and licked the two of us clean the same way that I had done. Mary and I collapsed. Jim was still hard. He was hunching his prick against my body. I moved down and took it in my mouth. I applied suction until my cheeks were hollow. I slowly bobbed my head. Mary went to work on his ass.

When she pushed her tongue in he plunged his prick, as deep as he could, into my mouth. I was sucking on his balls as well as his cock. He speeded up and could feel his cock begin to throb.

(The boys had neglected to tell me that they'd been sucking each other off. I had first hand knowledge that they liked girls and weren't gay so it didn't bother me at all. Mary)

"Oh, David, I'm going to come. I'm going to shoot my cum into your mouth. Ohhh! I'm coming! Ahhh!"

Spurt, spurt, dribble; I vacuumed as much cum from my brother's prick as I could get. I almost came myself.

While we were resting again Mary wanted us to explain all about the ass fucking that we had done with Ms. Black. We told her how we had done it. She wanted me to try fucking her ass. I suggested that we wait for Jim to get hard again and he could fuck her cunt while I fucked her ass.

Mary thought this was a good idea, but she wasn't willing to wait. We'd told her about Anne sticking her finger up our ass to make our pricks hard and how fast it had worked. Mary tried it and Jim had a new hard on in a hurry.

Mary laid on her side and Jim easily slipped his little boy cock into her now expanded cunt. I got behind her, lubricated her asshole with spit and pushed the head of my prick up her ass. She wiggled her hips and I pushed a little more of my prick in and felt her wince.

She wasn't going to admit it hurt her some so I took it real easy. Finally I had my prick buried in her ass and Jim had his in her cunt. Jim and I got into an in and out rhythm. He would push in while I pulled out and visa versa. I could feel Jim's prick each time we pumped. It was wild!

"Oh, I like it. I like it! Two pricks are better than one. Wow!"

"Gee, David, your prick rubbing mine through Mary's cunt sure feels good. I think I like this way the best of all."

With all this action, the inevitable occurred.

"I'm coming. Make me come!"




Jim shot his small load of young boy cum in Mary's cunt and I deposited my bigger load of cum in her ass. Our pricks shrank and slipped out of Mary. We scurried around and Jim and I took turns licking Mary's ass and cunt clean while she sucked the cum off of our pricks. We lay there in bed kissing and hugging. By this time we were pretty well worn out. We realized that it was almost time for our parents to get home. We all took showers, got dressed, and went to the family room to do our homework.

(I was beginning to smell a rat. We always had to get after the three of them to get them to do their homework. This was the second time in a week that they'd been doing it when we got home. I didn't know what the kids were up to but at this point I suspected it was more than just some casual mischief. If this kept up I would have to make like the CIA and find out what was going on. Mom)

(At that point I wasn't as perceptive as Joan was. I didn't suspect a thing beyond a few peep shows and the possibility that David and Jim were jerking off together or possibly jerking each other off. Pop)

Tuesday was almost a carbon copy of Monday except that we kept thinking of different things to do and different combinations to try. Jim and I liked fucking Mary's ass and cunt at the same time and we started out with me fucking her ass and Jim fucking her cunt.

Jim cat bathed Mary's cunt and ass while she cleaned up my prick. I went to work on my little brother's cock. I sucked his prick into my mouth and massaged it with my tongue while I was cleaning up the cum and cunt juice. Mary moved to my ass and tongue fucked my asshole. My prick started to harden up. Jim's prick was getting hard in my mouth so I licked at his ass to make it hard faster.

Both of our pricks were hard so we stayed in the position we were in. I later found out that this position where everybody gets in the act was called a daisy chain. I sucked my little brother's cock, he lapped our sister's cunt, and she started to give me a blow job at the same time. We liked it because this was another position were we could all get into the act at the same time.

Jim was the first to come. It wasn't long before I felt his body stiffen. His hips jerked and he fed me a mouthful of his little boy cum. I swallowed his cum and continued sucking and massaging his shrinking prick with my tongue.

He was still lapping away at Mary's cunt and just after he shot off I heard her moan so I knew she was getting what she called that good feeling. I could feel the cum rising from my balls and couldn't hold off any longer. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; I fed Mary a mouthful of my essence and, as usual, she swallowed it all down.

We gradually slowed down and came to rest. We all needed a rest at that point. None of us, except Mary of course, was ready to do anything.

We had a lot of fun trying different combinations out then and the next day. Mary had no objections to the fun that Jim and I had together. She didn't feel left out of things, she said it got her excited watching us suck each other off or fuck each other's ass.

She sort of liked it when she and I sixty nined while Jim fucked my ass. She said she could suck a bigger load out of my prick that way. We were very careful about the time and were always in the family room doing our homework by the time mom and pop got home.

(This sustained good behavior was absolutely unbelievable. The three of them were rather good kids and we never had any real problems with them but they did like to test how much they could get away with now and then. None of them had tested us on anything for over a week and that was quite a record.

(I had to find out what was going on. At first I figured it couldn't be too bad or I would have had some sort of report from a neighbor or a teacher. I couldn't figure out what sort of minor mischief could keep the kids so good for so long. It was much too good to be true, something radical must be going on. They didn't even argue about bedtime and that was way out of character. They were being little angels and that, I knew, they weren't. Mom)