Their Parent's Sex Club #11 (D.Abby) (BbgF, inc) (11!13)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 11

The next day, Thursday, we were naked in my room only minutes after we got home from school. We'd accepted the fact that Jim and I came too fast the first time to do anything fancy. If we tried to fuck Mary we would shoot off before she was ready. Neither Jim nor I liked doing that.

We went into our usual routine. I lapped Mary's cunt while she gave Jim a blow job, and Jim lapped her cunt while she sucked me off. Then Mary got us both hard by licking our asses.

(This is where I came in. I left work early to find out what mischief they were up to. I had no idea that they were as advanced with sex as they were. I knew that no amount of discipline would stop them once they started with sex. The kids were so tied up with what they were doing that the didn't notice me standing in the hall observing them. I got hot pants and finger fucked myself while I watched them. Mom)

With that first fast come out of the way Jim and I were ready to get down to serious business. We got into our favorite maneuver, both of us fucking Mary at the same time. That day I fucked Mary's cunt and Jim fucked her ass. Then we did the cleanup bit. Jim sucked my prick clean while Mary cleaned his off. I cleaned all the cum out of her ass and cunt. Jim's prick got hard while I was licking it clean and mine did when Mary moved around and stuck her tongue up my ass.

We took a breather then and we fondled and kissed each other while we decided what we wanted to do next. Mary came up with an idea.

"I'll suck Jim's cock, he'll suck yours, David, and you lap my cunt? That way we can all be doing something and have something done to us."

('If you can't beat them, join them', is a very old expression and I decided that I liked the idea of joining them. I also liked the idea of licking them all over and having them lick me too. I went to my bedroom, stripped off my clothes, returned to the kids room, and walked into the bedroom with them. The boys seemed to know what they were doing on that ass and cunt routine. I wanted to try them out. It was time for me to get into the act. Mom)

"No way! I'll get between Jim and David."

"Uh, oh!"


"What are you doing home?"

We scurried around to try to get into our clothes.

Mom stopped us. "Now, wait a minute. Don't you dare put a stitch on. The only thing that I'm upset about is being left out of the fun. Do you think that you kids are the only ones that enjoy sucking cocks, lapping cunts, and fucking? If that's so you have another think coming. Your father and I have a lot of fun doing those things."

We were all startled at the words mom was using. We had never heard her, or pop for that matter, use them. We were using the same words ourselves now but we would never have used them in front of mom or pop. We were even more startled that mom was as naked as we were. We all stopped and did a double take when we realized that. She meant what she said! She really did want to join us! Some of my wet dreams had been about fucking mom. I was willing.

(They got over their shock quickly and realized that they weren't going to be punished. I knew their father would like the idea that they were into boy-boy sex. He enjoyed a prick up his ass now and then and he liked to suck a man off and have one suck him off too. I won't go into this any further here, it gives away some of David's following story.

(I was surprised at the size of David's prick, when he was fully grown it would rival the size of his father's. It was silly but I had pictured it as it was when I used to bathe the children. I wanted that prick in my cunt as soon as possible.

(Mary's slightly haired cunt was all puffy from the recent action and I could see her clit protruding. I would have to give it a working over before the day was done. I enjoyed an occasional girl-girl session just as much as Peter enjoyed doing things with males.

(Jim had the cutest little prick in the world. It was pointing toward the ceiling and had a drop of pre cum on the tip. I'd never really worked on a maturing prick that was that small. I knew I could have a lot of fun with it. I intended to drive him up a wall giving that prick a working over with my tongue. It was small enough to really manipulate in your mouth.

(Since they were just starting on a daisy chain, the other things I wanted to do could wait. I'd get in on it and enjoy everything that was going on. After that I'd get to do some of the other things I wanted. I stood there with my hands on my hips taking in their beautiful young bodies. Watching the kids in their act had really gotten me hot. My cunt was sopping wet. I wanted to get down to the action. Mom)

Mom's tits were almost as big as Ms. Black's but they sort of poked straight out instead of sagging down a little. Her waist was much narrower and her hips flared out. She had a lot of blond hair around her cunt and I could see little beads of moisture on it. I had enjoyed those dreams about having sex with mom.

I only had a vague Idea of what it would be like to fuck and hadn't really thought about having my cock sucked so I'd dreamed her sitting in front of me and pulling on my prick. Now she was going to act out my fantasies. Only she was going suck my cock and fuck me rather than just jerk me off. Wow!

While the three of us were taking the situation in and getting over our first fright mom just stood there with her legs slightly spread and a big grin on her face. She finally got things moving again.

"Do you mind my joining in on the fun?"

I started to answer, realized the words I was getting ready to use, then blushed and stammered. Hell, mom had used those words, I guess I could too.

"Gees, no. We'd love to have you fuck and suck with us."

"Sure, mom. It'll be fun. Do you think your cunt will be too loose for my little prick? Will you let me fuck your ass if it is? I'd like to lap your cunt do other things with you."

"Wow! You bet! Will you lap my cunt and let me lap yours? The boys suck each others cocks and have a lot of fun doing it. I never lapped cunts with a girl and I wonder what it would feel like. I want to find out if a girls feels better. It should because a girl already knows what feels best."

"Okay, A little later, Mary. I'm horny! Let's get started on this daisy chain."

I put my face up to Mary's cunt and started to lick it. She licked Jim's cock, and he buried his face in mom's hairy cunt. Mom licked the drops of cum off of my prick, then ran her tongue around the rim, down the underside of my cock, up my ass crack and pushed it into my asshole.

My prick was pushed between her tits while she tongue fucked my ass. My prick started to throb and I fucked the crease between my mom's tits. Mom moved her mouth back to suck on my cock. She knew how hot I was and she didn't want me to shoot off too soon so she just sucked my prick into her mouth and let it soak.

I licked Mary's clit, lapped her slit, and tongue fucked her ass. When mom sucked my cock into her mouth that last time I pushed my tongue as far as it would go up Mary's slit and rubbed on her clit with a finger. Her hips jerked so I knew she liked it. From the sounds, Jim and Mary were hard at work too.

Mom bobbed her head and massaged my prick with her tongue. My hips pushed my prick into her mouth of their own accord. Wow, was I hot! I shot my load of cum in my mother's mouth. I could feel her throat muscles as she swallowed it. Spurt, spurt, dribble; Mary sucked Jim's balls dry. From the way both Mary and mom wiggled, I knew that they had come too. My prick had shrunk I let up on Mary's cunt and we all came up for air.

"Well, now that's over, we have some time for explanations. How did all this get started? Has it been going on long?"

We told mom everything. How I got started by spying on Alice then joining her. What happened when I returned Anne's french kiss. Then Mary told mom about spying on Alice and me on Friday night then Anne and me on Saturday. She wanted more and came to my room that Sunday night. Then we told mom how Jim had caught us the following Thursday. Mom just listened and grinned.

(They'd been living in an adolescents fantasy world. Now it would be heaven on earth since they knew that they didn't have to hide what they were doing, although hiding and fear of being found out added a little spice to it. I was sure that their exemplary behavior would disappear but I wasn't sure I liked them that way anyhow. Once they'd given me all the details I was ready for another round. Mom)

"You kids sure have learned a lot in less than two weeks. Lets see if we can put some of those things you've learned to good use. Let's see, I want all three of you at the same time. Jimmy, I've exercised my cunt muscles after I gave birth to each of you kids, so I don't think it will be to big for you. I want your little prick in my cunt. David, you fuck my ass. Mary you get up here and let me lap at your cunt. I'll have all my body openings in use at the same time."

We didn't waste any time. All this talking had done nothing to cool us off. Mom got on her side and Jim got in front of her and stuck his prick in her cunt. I got behind her, lubricated her ass, and pushed my prick in. It felt good. Mary put her cunt up to mom's face. Mom started to lick her cunt, and just because it was there, Jim licked her ass.

Jim and I were getting pretty good at tandem fucking. We'd had fucked Mary that way on our second come and we liked it. I usually fucked her cunt while Jim fucked her ass but it didn't make much difference.

We got into our regular rhythm. We had learned to time our movements so that each of us could feel the full stroke of other's cock pushing in and out of the other hole. Mom caught on to our rhythm real quick. She pushed her hips against me when I pushed in and against Jim when he pushed in. Mary was rubbing her cunt in mom's face and her ass in Jim's.

Jim and I had come three times already so we weren't on such a hair trigger any more. We started out real slow and stayed that way for quite a while. We took time to enjoy all the sensations we were getting. Mom matched us stroke for stroke and we all stayed in synchronization. After a while it got to be too much and we all speeded up. Even mom was panting.



Jim shot his little boy load in mom's cunt and I deposited my load in her ass. Our pricks shrank and we both slipped out. I dove for my mother's cunt. I hadn't had a chance to lap it yet and I wanted to see how she tasted. Mom licked Jim's crotch clean and Mary did the same for me.

(I hadn't mentioned Peter to the kids yet. I didn't have to ask him where he stood on the matter of family sex. I knew he would join in as soon as he found out it was possible. Nothing was going to happen for a while and it was time to let the kids know what the possibilities were. Mom)

"Well, kids, your father and I may not be able to teach you much but we'll enjoy having all three you for sex partners. You boys sure threw a good fuck into me and I loved Mary's cunt. I love you all very much."

"You mean pop will do things with us too?"

"Will pop fuck me? Is his prick bigger than David's?"

"Oooo! I want to do things with you and pop together."

The three of us were thrilled with the idea of doing things with pop. We hadn't even considered that pop might join us even though mom had stepped right in as soon as she found out what was going on. This added a new dimension to what we could do together and how often we could do it.

Wow! We didn't have to hide anything we did now. I wondered if pop was into boy-boy sex and guessed that he wasn't. For some reason I had an inhibition about asking mom if he did. There are some things you just don't ask about your father.

Once these possibilities were discussed I went back to lapping my mother's cunt. I couldn't get enough of it. Her clit was longer than Mary's and I found I could suck it like Jim's prick. I liked the way it made mom wiggle. Mom held still for a while then pulled away.

"Okay, David, enough of that. We have to save something for when your father gets home. He'll want in the act too. You boys have come four times this already, I know your good for at least another couple rounds but we all want to be fresh this evening. Get dressed and we'll all get undressed again before you father arrives, eat dinner in the nude, then let nature take its course."