Their Parent's Sex Club #12 (D.Abby) (MBbgF, inc) (12!13)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 12

When pop got home the four of us were waiting in the family room. As mom had planned it, none of us were wearing a stitch of clothing. With the three hour waiting period Jim and I were really ready for action. My prick was sticking straight out, leaking drops of cum, and throbbing. Jim's was pointing to the ceiling and he had drops of pre cum forming at the tip too.

Pop called hello from the hall as he usually did and went to hang up his coat. This meant he had to pass the doorway to the family room. As he passed he glanced in. It didn't sink in at first but he turned around and did a double take. He dropped his coat and attached case and stood staring with his mouth hanging open.

(I had known that Joan was going to try and find out what was behind the kids excessive good behavior that afternoon and I had been curious about how she'd made out. When she didn't give me a call at work I suspected nothing serious was going on. Once I saw my nude family with two hard pricks and two wet cunts in the family room it didn't take a genius to figure out what the kids had been up to. I was surprised but not shocked. I'd fantasized about fucking Mary and messing around with the boys but had never expected it to happen. Now it was going to happen and I was going to make the most of it. Pop)

(The surprised expression on Peter's face was something to behold but I was sure he would add things up and join us in record time and he did. Mom)

"What the hell is this? A nudist colony? No I can't be that. Men never get hard pricks in a nudist colony. What can it be then? I got it! It has to be a sex orgy! Count me in!"

He didn't bother to pick up his case and coat but stripped off the rest of his clothes on the way into the family room. My father's prick was just as hard as ours were. Boy, it was a monster. When I got to measure it I found out it was seven inches long. It was so big around that Jim could barely make his fingers touch when he grabbed it. I wondered if Mary could get a prick that big in her cunt, or whether I could get it up my ass. I wanted to try.

We had to give pop a rundown on what had happened and we repeated all the things we'd told mom earlier in the day. He asked me some questions about Alice and laughed at how I had gotten to do things with her. He asked a lot of questions about Ms. Black. He didn't laugh about her but he grinned a lot.

We didn't do that talking with our hands in our laps. Pop gave my prick a gentle squeeze at one point and I then felt it was all right find out what his big prick felt like. Now I knew what Jim had meant when he told me he wanted to see what my big prick felt like. Jim, Mary, and I kept interrupting each other in the course of telling our tale and took quite a while before we were finished. We remembered every detail of every sex act we'd ever engaged in and once we got started talking we couldn't stop.

Pop didn't rush us, he sat there fingering cunts, pricks, and tits and asked us a question now and then. If I had as many people touch my prick as pop had touch his, my balls would have been aching. We finally finished and mom suggested dinner.

"If you kids aren't too hungry to put off dinner, let's get right down to business."

The three of us were normal healthy kids with a good appetite, but sex was one of the few things that could make us forget about food for a while. The vote was unanimous.

"We can -

wait for -


After trying to avoid the four letter common words at the beginning all three of us got comfortable using them with pop too.

"We'd much rather fuck and suck with you, pop, it's a lot more fun."

Pop gave us all a big grin.

"Okay, David, I'll get to you later. I do want to suck your cock and have you fuck my ass. Why don't you entertain your mother for now? From what you told me you haven't fucked her yet and you're in for a treat. I want to fuck my little daughter, and I'll suck off my youngest son at the same time."

Oh boy! Pop went for boy-boy sex too. I'd begun to suspect that he might when he fondled my prick and hadn't pulled away when I played with his, but I hadn't been at all sure. Mom hadn't said anything about it. Wow! That was neat! Maybe I'd get to feel his big prick up my ass and get to suck him off too. I wondered what his cum tasted like.

I hadn't fucked my mother's cunt yet and I sure did want to try it out. I was sitting next to her on the couch. I leaned over and sucked on her big tit. The nipple got hard at once.

"Oooo, yes. Suck on that tit. Nurse on it like you did when you were a baby. Ahhh!"

Mom liked what I was doing. I pushed two fingers into her cunt and wiggled them. Mom wiggled and lifted her hips a little. When I got that nipple as hard as my prick I switched to her other tit. I sucked on that one until it was just as hard as the first. Mom gently massaged my prick for a while then she tickled my balls and ass with one hand and kept my head pressed up against her tit with the other.

Pop was directing activities on the floor. He lay down on his back and instructed Mary to sit down with her cunt right over his cock. Mary and I had used that position and she knew just what to do. She did lean over and give pop's prick a couple of licks first just to get a taste of it. When she got into position he held her by the waist and gently lowered her onto his monstrous prick.

"We'll do this slow, honey, I don't want to hurt you. Just say when your ready for a little more prick and I'll lower you some more."

I glanced over see what they were doing and Mary looked surprised.

"Gee, pop, I was scared of it, but it doesn't hurt at all. When Jim fucked me first time his little prick didn't hurt much when he got my cherry. Then when David fucked me with his bigger prick it only hurt a little and not for very long. I expected your giant prick to hurt more than David's the first time but it feels real good. Let me all the way down now, I want to get all of it shoved into me. Oooo! That does feel good."

"Okay, Jim, kneel over my head. I want to get at that cute little prick of yours. I know that you can't wait till it grows some, but I like it just as it is. It reminds me of myself when I first started to jerk off."

Jim positioned himself with a knee on each side of pop's head. He certainly had no problems with boy-boy sex. He probably had less problems than I had to start with. His only problem had been what I would think of it. With pop offering to give him a blow job he could hardly contain himself. He was panting from the very idea of it.

Pop started by licking the drops of cum off the tip of his prick, and running his tongue around the head of it. Pop knew what he was doing. He lapped at Jim's prick then cleaned Jim's ass with his tongue. Mary had started to move up and down on pop's prick.

I expected pop would hit bottom and wouldn't be able to get his whole prick in her cunt but before long Mary was sitting on pops balls and his whole prick had disappeared. I was surprised she could take that whole monster into her cunt. Pop sucked Jim's prick into his mouth.

Mom had been watching the activities too and I felt her cunt getting wetter and wetter. She shuddered then she lay down on the couch and pulled me on top of her. She guided my prick into her cunt and told me to lie still. It felt as if a whole bunch of little fingers were manipulating my prick. Her cunt was massaging my prick! Wow!

"What are you doing, mom? It feels good. I like it."

I moved my head down and nursed on her tit again.

"I'm contracting my cunt muscles on you gorgeous young cock, David. Most women can learn to do it."

I wanted to just soak my prick in her cunt and enjoy it, but my horny prick wouldn't let me. Shortly my hips started to pump of their own volition. My mother wrapped her legs around me and it felt as if her cunt was sucking my whole body into it. Oh, wow! I pumped my cock into her cunt faster and faster.

Mary moved her cunt up and down pop's prick just as fast. She moaned and tossed her head from side to side. Jim fucked pop's mouth and panted. Everyone was reaching a climax at the same time.

Pop sucked Jim's load out of his prick. My mother's cunt drew my load out of my prick. Pop deposited his load of cum in Mary's tight cunt. All three pricks shrank. Pop released Jim's prick with a slurp and his and my prick slipped out of the cunts they were in.

There was a quick shuffling of bodies. Jim lapped at mom's cunt to clean out my cum. Mom pulled my crotch up to her face to clean me off. I went to work on Mary's cunt. I wanted to find out what my father's cum tasted like. Mary slurped pop's soft prick into her mouth and cleaned it off. Pop had already gotten Jim's prick and crotch spotless but he gave a few more sucks just to keep up with everyone else.

When every one was cleaned off we kids were ready for dinner. We didn't bother to put our clothes on but ate as we were. This led to many distractions. I reached my leg over and stuck my big toe into my mother's cunt. Jim was trying the same thing with Mary.

Mary gently pulled my prick, Mom fondled Jim's prick, and I worked on pop's giant. I wanted to try that big prick up my ass. If Jim's little prick could make me come, what would that one do! Wow!

We kids gobbled our food but had to wait until mom and pop were finished. It seemed that it took for ever. I could feel that pop's prick was hard again. I got under the table and sucked on it until he finished eating.

My prick was hard as a rock and Jim recovered his hard on before I did every time. By the time dinner was over, every one was ready for some more sex. I knew that I was. I had only cum five times all day.

Mom and pop weren't nearly as impatient as we kids were. We sat around the floor of the family room grabbing feels. We kids waited for guidance. Mom finally broke the ice.

"What's for this time round? Your father and I are willing to do anything you want. Why don't you kids decide?"

I had no problems.

"Pop, I want to try your prick up my ass. Will you fuck me?"

"I'd love to. My brother got me to fuck his ass when he was just about your age and I was Jim's. After he left for college we never got together again and it was a long time before I got back into boy-boy sex. Fucking your ass will remind me of that first time with him and that was a load of fun. I promise you I won't cum as fast with you as I did that first time with him.

Mary knew what she wanted too.

"Mom, I've only had two boys to play with. I've never lapped at a cunt. Can I sixty nine with you?"

Mom was gently sarcastic.

"That's a shame. Only two boys! You poor deprived little girl. But to answer your question, sure, I'd love it."

Pop looked at my kid brother.

"Well that leaves you, Jim. There won't be any cunts available for you but you can fuck any one of three asses. Or, if you want, you can have your brother or me suck you off."

Jim couldn't make up his mind. He had too many choices. I made the decision for him.

"Come over here, little brother, I'd like to suck you off if you don't mind."

"Oh gee, I like to have you suck my cock. Yeh, that's what I want."

Everything was decided. All of us maneuvered ourselves into position. Pop lubricated my ass and stopped to give my prick a couple of sucks. I had to pull my prick out of his mouth because he almost made me come. I licking at Jim's ass then ran my tongue around the head of his prick.

Mom and Mary got head to foot and started to lick each other's cunt. Pop pushed the head of his monster into my ass and I forgot about observing what else was going on in the room.

"This will probably hurt a little at first. My prick's a good deal bigger than it was the first time I fucked my brother's ass. You tell me when to give you a little more. We'll go slow for a while."

I felt my ass being stretched by the head of his prick. It wasn't comfortable yet, but it didn't hurt either.

"I'm okay, try a little more. Oooo, wait! Okay, push some more in. Ouch, just a minute. Oh, it's beginning to feel good. Push the rest of your prick in now, pop. I like it. It feels real good! Oooo, fuck my ass, pop. Fuck my ass!"

I was kneeling down with pop's prick all the way up my ass. Jim lay on the floor with his hips under my face and he lifted his hips to push his prick into my mouth. I slurped his pubescent prick into my mouth and massaged it with my tongue.

Mom and Mary were lapping away at each other's cunt. Pop started to pump his pick in and out of my ass. Wow! Did his giant prick feel good. I was ready to come right then.

"Oh, David, You suck my cock so good. I love the way you do it. I'm ready to shoot my cum into your mouth."

"Your tight ass is going to bring me off in a couple of seconds, David, I hope you're ready to shoot off too. I do like your ass, son. I'm glad you wanted me to fuck you."

The girls were squirming all over the floor. I could tell that they were coming right at the same time.

I sucked Jim's load of cum out of his prick. I cast my seed upon the floor. I think that's what it says in the Bible. Pop's massive load of cum shot up my ass. I liked it. It felt good. This time the only thing left to clean was my ass. I didn't mind when everyone took their turn sucking on it. That felt good too.

We all needed a rest. Resting didn't mean that we sat there with silly grins on our faces. The grins were there, but we found other things to do too. Jim and I had a lot of fun nursing on mom's tits. She never seemed to get enough of that. She kept telling us to nurse like we did when we were babies, but we weren't babies any more and we were sucking on her tits for an entirely different reason.

Mom fondled both of our pricks and every time a drop of pre cum oozed out of the pisshole she massaged it into our prick heads. Occasionally she gently squeezed our balls or tickled our assholes. It wasn't long before Jim's prick was pointing at the ceiling again and shortly after that my prick stiffened up and pointed straight out.

Pop couldn't keep his hands off of Mary, and to tell the truth, Mary seemed awfully attached to pop's prick. Every now and then she would lean down and lick it's head. I was interested in that big prick too. I'd had it up my ass now I wanted to lick it like Mary was doing and I wanted to suck on it until my father shot off in my mouth. Pop hadn't had a blow job all night and I wanted to be the one to give it to him.

Jim had his cock sucked twice but he hadn't fucked anyone all night. He wanted to fuck a cunt. Mom was willing to accommodate him. Mary wanted between Pop and me. She would suck my cock while pop lapped her cunt. He hadn't done that to her yet and she was ready. This was arranged informally over a period of time. All three pricks had time to get hard. First Jim's prick, then mine, and finally pop's came to attention. We were ready to start.

Jim gave mom a tongue bath. He squirmed all over her body and rubbed his prick against her as he did it. Mom enjoyed it. She let him do what he wanted. She liked to feel of his body up against hers.

I licked my way down to my pop's big prick. Drops of cum were oozed from his pisshole. I licked them off. They had a stronger taste than Jim's. I took the head of his cock into my mouth and ran my tongue around its rim. It was a mouthful.

Pop lapped Mary's cunt and I felt her warm mouth around my prick. Her tongue rubbed the rim of my cock head speeded my action up. I pushed my head down on pop's cock and almost choked. I pulled my head up a little and pushed down harder. I felt pop's prick slide down my throat. Wow!

I bobbed my head up and down, running that big prick in and out of my throat. Pop pumped his prick into my mouth. I pumped my prick into Mary's mouth. Mary moaned around my prick and I felt her shudder every now and then. All three of us were getting closer and closer to coming. The action speeded up. Across the room Jim was pumping his prick in and out mom's cunt.

"Your cunt is almost a tight as Mary's, mom. The way you tighten it up on me is out of this world."

"Keep on fucking, Jim. You're making me come already. That small prick of yours sure gives a feeling way out of proportion to its size. You're a good little fucker and you're doing a good job. Ahhh! I love you!"

"I'm coming, mom! I love you! Oooo!"

"You're making me come too! Ohhh!"

My cum jetted into Mary's mouth. her throat contracted as she swallowed it. Pop's first spurt shot straight down my throat. I pulled up a little so I could taste the rest and I swallowed my father's massive load of cum. Jim's cum found its way into mom's cunt. We all spent. For that matter, we were spent.

Pop had come three times that night and he said that was his limit. Jim and I had come six times and, although we could go a couple of more rounds, we were more than satisfied. If I came too many times in a day I went to bed with my balls aching.

We made some plans for the future and went to bed. There was a slight change in the sleeping arrangements, however. Mary had a double and single bed in her bedroom. Jim, Mary, and I asked if we could sleep together and got permission. We did a daisy chain and I fell asleep right after.

I wasn't used to sleeping with someone else in the bed and woke up some time during the night. We weren't wearing any nightclothes and I felt Jim's hard prick jammed into my ass crack. This made my prick spring to attention. I reached around and positioned the head of Jim's prick in my asshole and eased my hips back so that it slipped in. After the way pop's big prick had stretched me I didn't even need spit for a lubricant.

Both Mary and Jim woke up at this. Mary saw what was happening and switched around to sixty nine with me. Jim started pumping and in short order he and I both released our loads of cum. Mary wiggled and moaned so I knew she'd got the good feeling too.

We woke up in the morning in the same position so we did the same thing again.