Their Parent's Sex Club #13 (D.Abby) (group, inc,orgy,pedo) (13!13)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 13

The next day was Friday. Mom and pop laid down the law. No sex after school! We realized that mom and pop were right but we complained until they allowed for only two rounds right after school.

(So much for the kids behaving like little angels and not testing us. Mom)

They gave us money to go to a movie after that so we wouldn't be tempted. Our parents wanted us to save ourselves for the fun and games when Ms. Black got there that night. We were to preserve as much of ourselves as possible till then.

Things went as usual that Friday night. We had dinner early. Ms. Black arrived. Our parents warned us not to rush things too much and left. Then things took on a different pattern than they usually did. Mary, Jim and I started to undress. Ms. Black, or Anne when we didn't have any clothes on, took one look and joined us. She wasn't going to miss any of the action.

"Well, I see that Mary's joined our little group. I always said, 'the more the merrier'. I liked having both you boys to myself but it does even out better with two males and two females."

We'd only come twice after school. We were young, impatient, and wanted to get started. Without any prior planning, Mary and I paired off while Jim and Anne did the same. Mary and I started the preliminaries as did Jim and Anne. We all tongue bathed our partners. We had learned that no matter how horny you were, it was more fun if you took your time.

I licked Mary all over particularly around her cunt and ass. She did the same for me and gave special attention to the inside of my thighs. I was very ticklish there and Mary knew she could make me wiggle by doing that. Several times she licked off the drops of cum that seeped out of my prick. She just couldn't keep the tip cleaned off. The more licks, the more drops of cum. I tongue lashed her clit and slit about the same number of times. Then we positioned ourselves to fuck.

Jim and Anne had followed most of the same introductory actions that we had. Prick and cunt licking, ass probing, body licking, and all. They finally settled into a sixty nine. I heard Jim slurping on Anne's cunt and I saw Anne's cheeks hollow as she sucked his cock into her mouth. Jim's hips flexing as he fucked his prick in and out of her mouth.

I wasn't concentrating on what Jim and Anne were doing though. I had pushed my prick all the way in my sisters cunt and she was trying to copy the cunt massage that mom could give us. She wasn't nearly as good as mom yet, but she was trying. I held still, let my prick soak and gave Mary all the encouragement I could.

"Gee, pretty soon you'll be as good at that as mom is. I like the way it feels."

"Oh, David, start pushing your prick in and out. I can't wait any more. I'm too horny!"

Well, I sure was ready. I pumped my hips. My cock ran in and out of Mary's slick cunt. She raised her hips to meet each of my thrusts. I was building to a climax in a hurry.

"I'm coming, Mary. Wow! Your cunt feels good. Ahhh! Ohhh!"

"This is my third come, David. Oooo! I love the way you fuck me."

Jim and Anne weren't so articulate.

"Mumble, mumble."

"Mumble, mumble, mumble."

They had their mouths full. Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; I deposited my cum into my sisters cunt. I could feel her cunt contract around my shrinking prick. Spurt, spurt, dribble; across the room Anne sucked Jim's load of cum out of his prick. He kept lapping away at her cunt.

We heard applause.



"Well done."

"Good show."

"Is this what your kids normally do with a baby sitter?"

"Maybe our baby sitter is educating our kids too."

"No, no, Ms. Black. Don't try to cover up. We're going to join you, not stop you."

There were eight adults watching us.

(Our Friday night social group was actually a sex club. We were in college together about the time several books like 'Stranger In A Strange Land' and 'The Harrad Experiment' had been published. Those books advocated a much freer sex life and we were at just the right age to accept the recommendations. We married within the group, broke up after college, and lost track of each other. When we met up again all of us had completed what we considered a proper sized family.

(None of us wanted any more children and all of the women were on birth control. We started by kidding each other about our earlier sex experiments and we found we were all interested in taking up where we left off when we left college. At first it was easy, the kids were infants and we met at each others' houses. It got a little more complicated as the kids grew up and we were afraid they would discover what was going on. We started rented a hotel suit each Friday night. When Joan found out the kids were into family sex it was a natural to invite them to our house that Friday. Pop)

Our parents had told us about their sex club and that they were going to bring their fucking friends (that's what pop called them) to our house that night, so we had been expecting this. That was why they had restricted our activities that afternoon. For Anne it was a different story. She was frightened out of her wits. The whole situation had to be explained.

There were four couples, mom and pop of course, Tom and Sadie Cohen, Allen and Marcia Jones, and Sam and Jane Reily. When mom and pop found that we were into sex already, they were willing to bring the rest of them to our house and let us join the fun. They didn't think that Anne would mind too much. The other members of the club, not only didn't mind the change, they were enthusiastic.

As our parents expected after she got over her initial shock Anne didn't mind. She just hoped that they would let her join them. When she was assured of this, she was happy with the arrangement. She'd never been into group sex before but she was more than willing to try.

Nobody stood around while all this explaining was taking place. By the time it was all spelled out every one removed every stitch of clothes. Our parents' friends were all about the same age. They had all kept their bodies in pretty good shape, and they were nice looking people too.

We kids knew them all. We had met them and their kids, who were about our age, at various picnics and outings. We liked them all but we had never been very close. Since we all lived in different parts of the city, it would have been difficult for us to get together very often.

There were an awful lot of naked bodies around the room. Jim, Mary, and I wanted to examine each one of them. Our heads pivoted back and forth as if they were on swivels. The curiosity was mutual, they, in turn, examined us in detail. All of them centered their attention on our young bodies.

During this rubber necking I realized that I had shot a load of cum into my sister's cunt and hadn't cleaned it out. This is something we never did. I looked at all the people sitting around doing nothing but take in the scenery.

"Excuse me. I forgot something."

I went down on Mary to suck my cum out of her cunt. While I was doing that she cleaned off my prick and balls. Everybody started to laugh. This didn't stop us. We went about our business.

Jim and I had recovered from our session and were hard again. The rest of the men, of course, were all hard too. They were primed for a hot night and they hadn't done anything yet.

I sight measured all the pricks. Pop's was the biggest at seven inches and they scaled down in size to Mr. Cohen's respectable five and a half incher. The women all had big firm tits, and I could see that the hair around their cunts was getting wet. Everyone was horny.

We kids were the center of attention. There were nine adults and three kids. After a little bit of jockeying for position we broke up into groups of four, one kid and three adults in each group. Pop, Allen Jones and Jane Reily joined Mary. They felt each other all over and did some licking and french kissing. Mary gave as good as she got, there was one prick there she hadn't had yet.

Anne, Sam Reily and Sadie Cohen centered their attention on Jim. They seemed to have a joint venture to give him a tongue bath. He was almost buried under their heads. He didn't seem to mind it much. As a matter of fact he seemed to enjoy the attention he was getting.

Mom, Tom Cohen, and Marcia Jones gathered around me. It seemed that their only interest was how much pleasure they could give me. I didn't complain about that. I had two cunts and a prick to play with. I lapped at the cunts and licked drops of pre cum off the prick. As soon as a drop of cum formed on my prick one of them licked it off then give my prick a suck. It seemed that there was a tongue up my ass all the time. Wow! I couldn't last very long under those conditions. It was time to get down to business.

Mary's group formed a daisy chain. Mary sucked on Allen's prick and pushed her cunt into pop's face. Marcia latched on to pop's prick and pushed her cunt into Allen's face. There was a lot of slurping in that corner of the room.

Jim's group were very unimaginative. Sadie was poised over Jim positioning his cock into her cunt. Sam was preparing to fuck Anne. They situated themselves so they could to watch the action of the other couple while they were fucking.

My group just wanted to please me. They asked what I wanted. I wanted my cock sucked, Marcia volunteered. I wanted a cunt to lap, that was mom. I liked sucking her big clit. I wanted Tom's six and a half inch cock up my ass. When I suggested it Tom was all grins. It seemed that all the men in the group were into boy-boy sex. I liked that.

Tom got behind me and licked at my ass crack and sucked on my balls a couple of times. Then he deposited some spit on my ass and pushed his fair sized prick in. After pop's monster it didn't hurt a bit. It felt good. Marcia lapped up my ass to its juncture with Tom's prick, licked a while there then came back to my prick and slurped it into her mouth.

This was a new sensation. She had false teeth and had taken them out. The feel of her gums on my prick was a blast. As soon as mom presented me with her cunt I started to tongue fuck it. I switched back and forth from cunt lapping to clit sucking. Tom pumped his prick into my ass. It felt good. Marcia was pumping her head up and down on my prick. That felt good too.

"David, your tight ass is bringing me off."

"Oh, baby, you sure to know how to lap cunt."





We were all coming at the same time. Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; I shot my cum into Marcia's sucking mouth. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; I felt Tom's load of cum shoot up my ass. The two women took turns licking my ass clean while Tom sucked on my shrinking cock till it was limp. Wow!

I been so busy in my corner of the room that I hadn't keep track of everything that was going on in the room. I'm sure that everyone got their load off at about the same time we did because there were a lot of exclamations then the conversation picked up. Pop went out and got drinks for every one. He even mixed some wine with soda and gave it to us kids. That made us feel grown up. We were being treated like adults.

There was lots of groping going on while the adults took a breather. There sure were more cunts and pricks around than I could handle at one time. That didn't stop me from trying. I think I fingered every one of the cunts, and I pulled on as many pricks as I could get my hands on.

I wasn't alone at this activity Mary and Jim were doing the same thing. The adults all liked to have us fondle them. By this time all the pricks were at attention again and we divided into new groupings.

We separated into groups again. I was with Pop, Sadie and Jane. Jim was attended by mom, Allen and Marcia. Anne, Tom and Sam grouped themselves with Mary. Tom and Allen wanted to fuck Mary so Allen took her ass and Tom took her cunt. Anne wanted to lick around the junctions. Sam would suck Jim off while mom rode Sam's prick and Jim lapped at Marcia's cunt.

Sadie wanted me to fuck her. Pop decided to fuck her ass at the same time. Since two of her holes were in use, Sadie then wanted lap Jane's cunt to complete the four way activities. Everyone was happy with this. Sadie lay on her side and pop lubricated her ass and stuffed his huge cock into it. I got in front of her and pushed my prick into her cunt. Jane positioned herself so that Sadie could suck her cunt. This left Jane's ass in my face. I knew what to do about that, I pushed my tongue into it.

I got my humping in synchronization with pop so that I pushed in as he pulled out. I could feel his prick rubbing mine through Sadie's internal tissues and that was a real big turn on. I loved feeling my father's prick rub against mine. Jane rubbed her cunt up and down Sadie's face. This had me licking up and down her ass crack and across her asshole. Sadie's ass contracted more that any that I had ever felt before. Wow! With pop's big prick rubbing against mine, I wasn't going to last very long.

"Oh, hell! I'm ready to shoot my cum already and I wanted it to last longer."

"If you last much longer, son, you'll outlast me."

"Between your tongue in my cunt, Sadie; and your tongue up my ass, David; I've been coming for the last couple of minutes. Ahhh!"

"I'm coming! Oooo!"

"So am I! Ohhh!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; I rewarded Sadie's spasming cunt with a load of cum. Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; pop filled her ass with his load of cum at the same time.

A lot of other Ahhh's, Ohhh's, and Oooo's were heard around the room, as the men spurted and dribbled their cum into the various receiving orifices. The women were as vocal as the men were. Tom and Allen unloaded their cum into Mary's two holes. Mom got Sam's load in her cunt, while he sucked down all of Jim's little boy load.

After the usual clean up, everyone sat around and groped again. There sure was a lot to grope. Six cunts and five pricks could keep you pretty busy. Eleven different people groping me was a lot of fun and it sort of got me hard in a hurry. Jim beat me to a hard on and, one by one the adult men joined us kids.

The very size of the group slowed down the activity. Everybody wanted to be in on the decision making. After some serious discussion it was decided that we would form one big daisy chain, interspersing the males and the females. I lapped Anne's cunt and Mom latched on to my prick.

She seemed to like sucking my prick a lot and I certainly wasn't going to complain. I liked having my mother give me a blow job. I really don't know how the rest of the chain was formed. Mom did her usual good job of getting me excited. The way she licked around my prick and up my ass had me wild in short order. I was giving Anne the same sort of treatment.

By this time I thought of myself as an expert cunt lapper and I was trying to prove it. I tickled Anne's clit then her ass. I ran my tongue back and forth between them, letting it slide along her slit each time. Then I buried my face in her cunt, pushed my tongue as far as I could up her cunt, and rubbed her clit with my nose. I was rewarded with much cunt twitching and groaning.

In the meantime my mother brought me to a tremendous climax. I felt my prick throb and my asshole contract. I couldn't hold back very much longer. Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; my mother swallowed every drop of my cum. She only released my prick after it had gotten completely soft.

We kids were soon ready for another round but there wasn't a hard adult prick to be seen. None of the adults wanted to waste two hard pricks and they were all eager to see how much pleasure they could give Mary. All of them centered their attention on us kids. None of them seemed to get enough of us. Mom, Sadie, and Marcia went to work on Mary. Pop, Tom, and Jane concentrated on Jim. I had the undivided attention of Allen, Sam, and Anne.

Sam moved right down to my crotch and licked all around my prick. Sam went to work licking up and down my ass crack and over my asshole. Anne attended to any other sensitive part she could reach. She french kissed me, probed both my navel and ear with her tongue, and she spent considerable time making my nipples get hard. I just lay on my back and tried to relax.

It was a lost cause. Just about the time Allen slurped my prick into his mouth, Sam stuck a finger up my ass. I humped my prick into Allen's mouth as fast as I could. He was an expert cocksucker and worked over every part of my prick with his tongue. In spite of the four previous sessions I was ready to shoot off in very short order. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Allen sucked the load of cum out of my balls. When my prick subsided he joined the other two in giving me a tongue bath.

My prick was limp and now it wasn't ready to get hard so quick. I looked around. Each of the women had lapped Mary to that good feeling and were trying another round. Pop, Tom, and Jane had raised another hard on Jim and Tom was attempting to suck another load of cum out of his prick. I think pop had got the one before. I wished I could recover as fast as Jim did.

Things slowed down and came to a halt. The Cohens, Joneses, and Reilys had promised their baby sitters that they wouldn't be late and they had to get home. It had been one whale of an evening.




As we were getting dressed Sadie Cohen brought up a whole new idea.

"Gee, I'd love to get my boy, Dick, in on this. I'd love to try him out. For that matter, I think that Janice and Crista would enjoy some uninhibited sex too. I'm sure they're all just jerking off and hiding it. I keep trying to try to catch them but they're just too careful."

Both the Reilys and the Joneses were sure that their kids were doing the same thing. They also voiced a desire to get it on with them. They had been trying to catch their kids too. None of them really had considered having sex with their kids, they just wanted to vicariously enjoy their kids having a healthy sex life. After a night with us they were willing to drop the 'vicariously' they all wanted to have sex with their own kids.

My mother came up with an idea.

"It's the middle of June and school will be over in a few more days. Why don't each of you decide that you want one week of your vacation alone this summer. Your kids can visit with us while your away. I'm sure our kids can teach them everything they need to know by the time you get back. You wouldn't mind sounding their kids out and getting them started if they haven't already, would you?"

This last was directed at the three of us. We didn't even have to look at each other to take a consensus.

"You bet."

"It'd be fun."

"I like them. I'd like to do things with any of them, or all of them at once."

Mom laughed and gave her friends some more advice.

"As a matter of fact, I'd suggest that you take another week's vacation after that. If you get into their act, they'll wear you out to the point that you won't be able to get much work done anyway. I know from last two days experience there's no way we can keep up with our kids."

Every one of the adults thought this was a marvelous idea. Jim, Mary and I thought of all the fun we could have. Three full weeks, each with a different set of sex partners. Wow! And in the in between weeks we'd have our parents to romp with. The best of all possible worlds.

The only restriction that was placed on us was that we couldn't tell the kids that their parents knew what was going on. Each of the couples wanted to have the fun of surprising their own kids when it came to their first family orgy.

The next morning, after we did a daisy chain, the three of us went over our intended victims one at a time and tried to decide how we would handle each of the seductions. We tried to make plans but found that it was to difficult to know how the kids would react to our approaches.

It would be best for us to just get acquainted the first day by going to the swimming pool. That night when we had the kids separated into our bedrooms, we would sound them out and see how far they were willing to go. If they were anything like us we didn't think we would have much of a problem.

Tom and Sadie Cohen had three kids. Dick was fifteen and his two sisters, Crista and Janice, were thirteen and twelve. Dick and I got along pretty well and the last time we'd been on a picnic I'd noticed that the Janice was starting to show a pair of tits. It would be fun getting them into our sex games.

Sam and Jane had three kids too. They were Clara, who was the oldest of all the kids at sixteen, and a pair of twins, Howard and Harry, who were the youngest of all the kids. They were about six months younger than Jim. We wondered if they shot off yet. Jim said not to worry, even if they weren't they'd be interested. He'd been before he could shoot off. The one that attracted me was Clara. She was a knockout. I think she had bigger tits than mom. The problem was she was a little stand offish and I hadn't gotten to know her well at all.

Allen and Marcia had four kids. Edward was fifteen, Sophie fourteen, Raymond thirteen, and Heidi twelve. Marcia was a blond and Allen had brown hair but all four kids were red heads. We knew and liked Ray and Heidi pretty well but, like Clara, Ed and Sophie hadn't had much to do with us younger kids. With my new knowledge I suddenly realized that I'd like to get Ray into some boy-boy sex. I liked him a lot, probably the best of any of the kids that were coming. I'd have to see how he took my suggestions.

It took us a while to go over the whole list and what would work best. The whole discussion got us horny again. We got into our favorite position, I fucked Mary's cunt while Jim fucked her ass. Half way through mom and pop came into the bedroom and gave our asses a good licking.