Their Parent's Sex Club #2 (D.Abby) (B,solo, BG, g, mast, voy) (2!13)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 2

It was Friday night, our parents' night out. Ever since I could remember my parents and three other couples had gone someplace every Friday night. They'd been old college friends and they had never lost touch with each other. I had my usual argument with my parents with the usual results. When you're thirteen years old, you're old enough to sit for your twelve year old sister and eleven year old brother, and you certainly do not need a baby sitter for yourself.

This argument had been going on every Friday for over a year, since I reached twelve, and I hadn't won the first point. Jim agreed with me but Mary said she would feel safer with someone older in the house. I saw Mary look at me that night and I guessed that she had the same thought I had. If we didn't have a baby sitter we could get to do a lot more peeking than when they were in the house. Jim would be a nuisance but we might be able figure a way around that.

(What the kids didn't realize was that Ms. Black was called a baby sitter by courtesy only. We felt the kids could take care of themselves. When we talked about Ms. black we called her a chaperon. Mom)

I thought I might persuade Mary to change her vote now. I knew she was as interested in trading peeks as I was. However, our family isn't a democracy, it's a dictatorship although mom and pop do let us have our way sometimes. Even if I could get Mary to vote with Jim and me, my parents' two votes would carry it.

(David was right. I wanted to change my vote about having a baby sitter then but I was sure it wouldn't make any difference either and I didn't want mom and pop to start asking questions about why I had changed my mind. Mary)

To make matters worse this Friday, Ms. Black was away and the girl they had hired was only fifteen. If they were going to get someone that young I knew I could do as good a job.

Alice had long blond hair, bright blue eyes, and a pair of tits that didn't know when to stop. She didn't even have to kiss me to make me hard. Just looking was enough, and I knew the reason why. I took one look and flashed back to what Mary had done in the bathroom that afternoon. Boy, would I like to see her do that! Wow!

(I was jealous! I didn't like the way David was looking at Alice. I wanted him to look at me that way. I wanted my tits to be that big. I didn't want to share and Alice was a lot of competition. I almost went up to the bathroom to give David a show right then, but I was afraid he wouldn't follow me. I wanted to get David away from Alice as fast as I could. Mary)

(I had the same reaction to Alice that David had. I saw that pretty face and those big tits and I got a hard on. I knew that I'd like to feel those tits and have her play with my prick but that was as far as my imagination took me at that time. Jim)

As soon as my parents left we turned on the TV and got one of our favorite programs. Alice was worth looking at and I took up a position where I could sneak looks at Alice as well as watch the TV. She had slouched down into a chair and I could see her skirt riding up her thighs. Maybe I could get farther trying to see up her skirt than I had with Mary.

I saw her inner thighs almost half way up to her crotch. In a couple of minutes my prick got harder and started to throb. I had to go to the bathroom to jerk off because my balls were starting to ache. Once in the bathroom I quickly pulled down my pants, sat on the toilet, spit on my hand, and slid it up and down my prick. I closed my eyes and pretended it was Alice's hand that was playing with my cock. I knew this would be a quickie but I tried to go slow just the same. I wanted the feeling to last as long as possible. I purposely held my hand as loose as possible and stroked my prick as slow as I could do it.

All that didn't help very much, it took only a half dozen strokes before; spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt; my first jets of cum arched over and hit the bathtub. Dribble, dribble, dribble; the rest of my come dripped over my still pumping hand and down into the toilet. I cleaned off the bathtub, used a washcloth to clean the cum off my prick and crotch, and got ready to go down stairs.

(I knew why David had gone to the bathroom. I had a hard on too and it wouldn't go down. I waited till David got back downstairs and took my turn in the bathroom jerking off. It only took me three strokes and I caught my cum in my hand and licked it clean. I'd been doing that since that night I woke up with a strange feeling and licked the gooey stuff off. I found out then that I liked the taste of it. Jim)

(I guessed why David was going to the bathroom and it made me mad. I wanted David to think about me when he played with himself. I pictured him pulling on his thing until the stuff shot out of the end. That got me real horny and my cunt got wet so after Jim came back downstairs I went to the bathroom and rubbed myself until I got that good feeling. I made up my mind then and there to do the same thing the next time David was at the bathroom door. Mary)

When I returned to the family room everyone was still watching TV. I positioned myself and sneaked another peek at Alice. Jim and then Mary went to the bathroom but I wasn't paying very much attention to them. Alice was still sitting with her legs slightly spread and her skirt was pushed up a little higher on her thighs.

Her legs were spread a little farther than they'd been when I went to the bathroom. I could see almost all the way up to her crotch now. I started to get hard again right away. Alice glanced at me and I looked away. The next time I looked at her Alice had separated her thighs even more and I thought I could see her crotch but I wasn't sure. Wow! I squirmed and pretended to watch the TV.

The next time I looked her legs were still farther apart and her skirt had traveled even higher. I could see her crotch but couldn't make anything out. My prick throbbed. There was nothing that I could do about it. I wasn't going to leave the show now, and it wasn't the TV show I was thinking about. I didn't want to miss anything else that might be shown.

(I noticed how restless David was but I didn't have any idea of what was going on. I saw David taking quick looks toward Alice and moved on to the floor so I could see why he was doing it. Alice was really giving him a show. I'd let David get peeks up my skirt now and then but I'd never put on a show for him like Alice was doing that night. I was getting madder and madder at Alice. I wanted to be the one that got David that excited. Later I was glad of what had happened but right then I was just mad. Mary)

Another five minutes and I found out that her cunt hair was blond! She wasn't wearing panties! Oh, wow! I squeezed my thighs together to hold down my prick. This was even better than seeing Mary that afternoon. I wanted to stay and see more but I was afraid of shooting off in my pants. I went to the bathroom again and jerked off again.

When I got back to the family room Alice was paying attention to the sitcom on TV and each time she laughed her legs spread farther apart. One time she really laughed hard and rocked back into her chair and raised her legs. I could see her slit! I could even see a little pink down at the bottom of the slit.

Wow! I was hard again in very short order, but after jerking off twice in a short time, I could hold off for a while. I couldn't stop myself, my glances became more and more frequent. Alice caught me peeking, got flustered, blushed and closed her legs. The show was over for now. The TV show was over too so we had snacks and went to bed.

I lay in my bed gently finger my hard prick thinking about looking up Alice's skirt. Well there was a way I might get to see some more of that. There was a back stairs from the second floor to the family room. There was no light at the upper level. I frequently sat at the top of the stairs and watch what was going on when my parents entertained, and no one had ever caught me. I guess mom and pop knew what I was doing but they let me get away with it.

(We knew about the kids' spying place but realized they were just curious about what adults did at a party. Since nothing unusual went on when we entertained at home we couldn't see any harm in it. We pretended we didn't know they were there. Pop)

I sneaked out of the bedroom and sat on the top step. Alice was just settling down. She turned off the TV, took a book out of the school bag that she had brought, and started to study. At least I thought that she was studying.

Luck was with me. Alice lay down on the couch with her feet toward me. She rested her head on one arm of the couch and her feet on the other, kicked her shoes off, and opened the book. Gees! She was lifting her knees. Her skirt rode up her legs. I hoped she would spread her legs again. I already had another hard on. I sat and watched, gently massaging my prick. I wasn't going to pump too hard, maybe I would get to see her cunt again then I would jerk off while I was looking at it.

(I watched David from a crack in my bedroom door. I wondered what was going on downstairs that had him so interested. I saw he was running his hand up and down his prick and I wasn't going to miss any of that. Maybe I would get to see that stuff shoot out. I stayed where I was and watched. Mary)

Alice read a couple of pages in the book then she put one hand on her breast and massaged it the same way I was massaging my prick. Wow! Her legs were spreading farther apart. She moved her hand down to her cunt and started to rub along the slit. That was what Mary had done that afternoon. Alice was jerking off and I was getting to watch!

She pushed two fingers into her slit and pumped them in and out of her cunt. Mary hadn't done that! I was hypnotized by the action of her hand and I wanted to see more. Without conscious volition I crept down the stairs and moved closer. She was too interested in what she was reading to notice me. Her fingers were wet when she pulled them out of her cunt. There was a little bump right over the pink slit and she rubbed it the same way Mary had. This was a lot more than I'd been able to see of Mary.

(As soon as David moved down the stairs, I took his place at the head of the steps. When I saw what Alice was doing I was furious. David was mine! She had no right taking him away from me. I didn't want him watching some other girl rub herself down there. I wanted to be the one he watched doing that. Mary)

Alice turned another page in the book, glanced up, and saw me. By this time my hand was pumping on my prick. I realized she could see my prick and she was watching me jerk off and I was mortified. I blushed. I pushed my hard prick inside my pajamas. Alice blushed too and tried to hide her cunt. She closed her legs and pulled down her skirt.

"What are you doing here? You shouldn't be spying on me. You are a dirty, nasty boy. I don't like you! I saw you trying to look up my skirt when we were watching TV. That was nasty too. You're not a very nice boy at all. Go away! go back to bed. I don't ever want to see you again."

Alice buried her face in her hands and started to cry. I didn't know what to do about a crying girl. As far as I was concerned at that time she was right, I wasn't very nice and I had been nasty and bad. I didn't know that everything I had done was perfectly normal. In my ignorance I was just as confused as she was but I couldn't stand to see a girl crying. I didn't know what to do. I tried to calm her down the best I could.

"Uh. Oh. Well. Gees. I've never seen a girl up close before, and when I found out you didn't have panties on I had to see as much as I could. What were you doing? I didn't know that girls jerked off too. Does it make you feel good too?"

I did know that girls did pretty much the same things that boys do, and I knew that it made them feel good too, but I had to have something to say so I could stay there and maybe persuade her to let me see some more. Alice looked up with tears streaming out of her eyes and pleaded with me.

"Please go to bed. Don't tell your parents what you saw, and I won't tell them what I saw you doing. I'm sure you don't want them to know about that."

It seemed to me that she was more afraid of what I might say than I was afraid of her exposing me. I decided that conciliation was the best policy. Maybe I could use some blackmail. I wanted to see more.

"all right, I won't tell if you let me see more. I've really never seen a girl down there, and I want to."

Alice kept her face down in her hands for a while and her sobs let up. She still didn't look at me and I was almost ready to give up and go back upstairs when she looked at me. She had a sort of quizzical expression on her face so I waited her out. Maybe I was going to get somewhere after all.

"Well. Oh. Uh. Oh hell! Well, I've never seen a boy up close either. If you let me see you down there, I'll let you see me. But you have to promise never to tell anyone."

Alice was going to let me get closer examine her cunt! Wow! That wasn't a difficult promise to make. I certainly wasn't going to tell Mary or Jim, and I surely didn't want the boys at school to know I still had a baby sitter. They wouldn't have believed me anyway, I wouldn't have believed them if they told me they had watched their baby sitter finger fuck herself.

Now that this decision was made neither of us knew how to proceed. Alice and I waited for something to happen. Each wanted the other to make a first move.

I was curious, a boy in school had loaned me a book that told about men and women doing things to each other. Was Alice reading a book like that? Was that why she pushed her finger in and out of her cunt.

I lost count of the number of times I'd jerked off reading that book. I would do it every time a man and woman did something with each other. If it was that kind of book and I could get her talking about it things could get moving again.

"What were you reading when you started to do that with your hand?"

"It's a love story. The man was just starting to feel the woman."

"Can I see the book?"

"Why don't I read it to you. Maybe we can do some of the things it describes. That would be neat."

This was more like it. If we read the book and it was a love story and we did some of the things it described, I would get to do things I'd only dreamed about before.

"Gees, that could be fun. Let's do it. Read it to me."

"Well, let's see.

"The man and woman in the book are Jack and Phyllis. Oh, I'll start here, this is where it gets interesting. 'Jack put his arms around Phyllis, pulled her close to him, and kissed her. Their bodies were pressed together. His lips opened and he pushed his tongue into her mouth.' Do you want to try that?"

Did I want to try that? That was a ridiculous question. Wow! Mrs. Black kissed me with her lips parted every time she baby sat. I didn't know whether I liked it or not when she did it but it always gave me a hard on. If Alice kissed me that way I'm sure it would do the same thing.

I forgot that my prick was as hard as it could get already. It sounded yucky but they wouldn't have put anything like that in a book if there wasn't something to it. I was willing to try it and find out but I didn't want to sound too eager.

"Okay, I guess so. Let's try."

Alice sat up and I sat next to her. I put my arms around her just as it said in the book. I felt her tits press against my chest. I pressed my lips against hers, opened my mouth a little, and rubbed my tongue against her lips just like Ms. Black had done to me. When Alice opened her mouth and our tongues touched it was like an electric shock. This was neat! It wasn't yucky at all! I pushed my tongue into Alice's mouth. Wow! The first shock was low amperage, this one was full voltage. I jumped and pulled away.

"Oh wow! That's something!"

Alice pulled me back and stuck her tongue into my mouth. I rubbed my tongue against hers. She put a hand on the back of my neck and gently rubbed at the same time. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I got goose flesh. We forgot about the book. Without thinking, I reached up and felt her tit. She put a hand on top of mine and pressed it closer. I could feel the nipple getting harder. Oh, wow! What was going to happen now?

(I was seething. David belonged to me and I wanted him to kiss me that way. I wanted him to feel my tit that way too. I would have to get him into doing some of those things with me. I didn't know how I was going to do it but I knew I would. Mary)

Suddenly Alice pulled away and hesitated.

"Uh, David, can I feel you? I've never felt a boy down there and I want to."

That was a very silly question. I wanted her to play with my prick in the worst way but I also wanted to push my fingers in her cunt. I pretended to think about it and made a condition.

"Uh. If I can feel you."

Alice hesitated and blushed.

"Well. Uh, maybe we should get undressed."

"Yeh, maybe we should."

"You first."

"No, both together."


We stripped. We were both hot. My prick stood straight up and it was dripping pre cum. Her tits stood straight out and the nipples were all crinkly. I could see that little bump on the top of her cunt sticking out. I reached down to feel it. Alice moaned and grabbed my prick. Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt; my cum arched over and hit the her stomach. Dribble, dribble, dribble; the rest oozed out into her hand. I was embarrassed. I was almost crying. I didn't want things to end now.

(I resolved to do that with David too. I wanted to make that stuff shoot out of the end of his prick and I wanted him to push his fingers between my legs till I had that good feeling too. Mary)

"Oh gees, I didn't want to shoot my cum so soon." Alice was rubbing the cum on her belly and sighing.

"That's all right. I came too. Just your hand on my clit and your cum on me made me come too. Will it get hard again?"

"I think so. Is that bump the thing they call a clit? Can I feel it again? There's so much I don't know about a girl."

"Well we do have things better hidden than a boy does. Yes, that's my clit and they say that it is just as sensitive as the head of a boy's prick. I can make myself come by rubbing it just like you can by rubbing your prick. Sometimes I make myself come by sliding my fingers in and out of my cunt. Do you want to try doing that to me?"

Did I? I sure did! Cautiously, I pushed my fingers into the pink slit below the clit. They slid right in the slick hole. I wiggled my fingers and Alice started to squirm. I got hard again.

(I wanted David's fingers in my cunt. I had my own fingers there and I was pumping them in and out the same way David was doing with Alice. I'd gotten that good feeling two or three times already and I wasn't so mad about David doing those things with Alice either. I wouldn't have gotten so many ideas if I hadn't seen them doing those things. Mary)

"Ahhh! Ohhh! Oooo! I'm coming again. Keep pushing in and out. Oh yeh, that feels so good. It never feels that good when I do it to myself. Ahhh!"

(I had another good feeling right along with Alice. Watching David do those things with Alice really excited me. Mary)

Making Alice come was almost as much pleasure as coming myself. It made me feel good to make Alice come that way. My prick throbbed and Alice pulled on it. The cum on her hand made it real slick. She was pumping her fist up and down over it. My hips took over and I pumped my prick through her hand.

"Oooo, rub around the rim of the head and right under the little hole at the end. That's where my prick's most sensitive. Oh, yeh! I'm going to come again. Rub it. Ahhh! Oooo! I'm coming!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; this time she had cover the head of my prick with her hand and caught my cum in the palm of her hand. She kept pumping my rapidly shrinking cock.

(I knew I was going to do that to David before the end of the next week. Maybe it wasn't so bad that David was doing these things with Alice. Maybe it would make it easier to get him to do them with me. Mary)

"I love the feel of your prick and the way your cum shoots out. I'm glad you caught me finger fucking myself. I like playing with a boy and I like the way it feels when you play with me. Shall we read some more of the book? Will that make your prick hard again?"

Alice wasn't using the words they used in the book any more. She was using the words that I used with the boys at school. I never expected a girl to use those words. I didn't think they ever used them. It was exciting just hearing her use them. I made up my mind to use the same words when I talked to her.

"I hope so. I never came this many times in one night before, but I never saw, or felt a girl's cunt before either. Maybe my prick will get hard again if you read some more to me and I can feel your cunt at the same time. Just feeling your cunt makes me feel good and I'm sure it will make me get hard pretty quick. "

She still had my prick in her hand.

"If You keep feeling my cock, and playing with it like that, it'll help too."

"Gees, yeh, I like your finger pushing in and out of my cunt. I like feeling your prick too. That will be fun even if you don't get hard again. Now let's see, where were we? Oh, here. Gee, I guess we can skip this part, it's where they undress each other, and we've already done that. Let me see, ah, yeh. They're both on the bed naked.

"'Jack reached between Phyllis's legs and he rubbed her.' You're doing that right now just like it says in the book and it feels real good to me. Uh, 'Phyllis gently pulled on Jack's rampant member.' I've never heard a prick called a member and I don't think that your prick is rampant right now, but I'll do it anyway. I still like playing with it."

Alice's gently rubbed her hand up and down my cum slick prick. My prick responded by surging to a hard on with each beat of my heart.

"Oh, good. Your cock is getting hard again. I like that. Where was I? Oh yeh here it is. 'Phyllis lay back,' Oh, wow! Jack's going to fuck her. 'and Jack got on his knees between her legs and Phyllis positioned his member between her legs and he pushed his hard member into her.' Oh, do that to me, David. Your pick is real hard again, I want you to fuck me!"

We forgot about the book again. Alice dropped it on the floor. I followed the instructions from the book and got on my knees between Alice's legs. Alice took my prick between her fingers and placed it right in the entrance to her cunt. Her hand felt real good holding my prick. I felt the head of my prick slide into her cunt and my hips flexed. My prick slid right into her cunt till I couldn't see it at all.

Wow! Oh, wow! Her cunt felt even better than her hand. I hadn't expected to do this with Alice. No one had to tell me what to do now, instinct took over. I pumped my cock in and out of her cunt. Her hips came up to meet mine. Every time I pushed down, she came up to meet me. We went faster and faster. I was fucking a girl!

(David was fucking Alice! I didn't think I was ready for that yet. I was a little scared of it but I was still Jealous and didn't like the idea that he was doing it to her. Mary)

I'd don't know how many times I'd shot off that night but it took me quite a while to come this time. I started out slow and, as the feelings built up, I pumped faster and faster. Every time my prick pushed into her cunt it felt better. I wished I could keep this up for ever but I wanted to shoot off too, my balls were starting to ache. My hips pumped faster and faster. I could hardly catch my breath.

"I'm coming again. Ahhh! Ohhh! You're making me come. Oooo!"

I felt Alice's cunt contract around my prick and that brought me right to the verge. I pumped even faster and felt the cum rising in my balls.

"I'm coming! I'm coming in a girl's cunt. Ohhh! Ahhh!"

Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble; for the first time in my life I deposited a load of cum in a girl's cunt. It was my last virgin load of cum and I would never forget it.

I kept on pumping until my prick got soft again and slipped out of Alice's cunt. We lay there side by side, each feeling the other. My prick just wouldn't get hard again and my balls were aching. I'd never shot off so many times in one day before.

It was getting late and we suddenly realized that my parents would be getting home pretty soon. If they ever caught us like this I didn't know what they would do.

(I rubbed between my legs all the time I was watching and got that good feeling so many times I lost count. I wanted David to do some of those things with me but I was sort of scared too. What could I do to get him to do them? I still didn't have the courage to say anything to him. I'd keep on letting him see me in the bathroom and peek in on him too, maybe I could get up nerve later. Mary)

Each of us told the other how much we loved each other but we meant how much we loved fucking each other. I don't think we realized that. We cleaned up, Alice got dressed, I gathered my clothes, and went to bed. I wanted to think over every thing that had happened and live them over again, but I was too exhausted and fell asleep immediately.

(I didn't fall right to sleep that night. I kept seeing David pumping his prick into Alice's cunt. I must have rubbed myself for hours. I don't know how many times I got that good feeling before I fell asleep. Mary)