Their Parent's Sex Club #5 (D.Abby) (Bg, oral, inc) (5!13)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 5

There was a tap on my bedroom door. What in the world? No one ever came to my room at night since my mother stopped tucking me in. Who could it be.

"Yeh? What do you want?"

"Can I come in?"

It was Mary. What in the world did she want this time of the night? We hadn't yet said a word about our shows and I wasn't sure that I could talk to her about them.

"Okay, I guess. What do you want? It's late."

Mary came in and sat down on the edge of the bed. She was wearing a baby doll night outfit that I had never seen before. Wow! You could see through it. She was growing up too. Not only did she have some hair around her cunt, she actually had tits. They weren't very big but they sure were beginning to show. She sat there and looked at me.

(I wasn't sure how to start. I wanted to talk about our shows and I wanted to talk about what David had done with Alice and Ms. Black but it wasn't very easy. I just sat there and looked at David and he looked at me with his eyebrows raised. Mary)


"David, do you remember the way we used to sit at the top of the stairs when we were supposed to be asleep?"

Uh, Oh, Had Mary seen what I'd been doing with Alice and Ms. Black?

"The night before last I heard sounds and went there. I saw Alice play with your thing and then I saw you rub her between her legs. After that you put your thing between her legs. That's why I did so much more when I went to the bathroom yesterday. I wanted you to see that I liked those things and I wanted to see that stuff shoot out of your prick.

"Last night I watched again and I saw you doing things with Ms. Black. I got wet between my legs, I rubbed there, and it felt real good. Some times I rub there at night to make myself feel good too. I want to find out all about sex, David, and now that you know something about it, you can tell me."

"Gees, Mary, I can't talk to you about that. It embarrasses me."

"But you even let me watch you jerk off yesterday. If you can let me watch you do that why can't you talk about it?"

Mary had a point there. She had let me watch her finger fuck herself and had watched me jerk off. It was silly not to be able to talk about it. I would just have to get over being embarrassed. It could be fun talking to Mary about those things. I took a deep breath, blushed again, and plunged in.

"I guess you're right, but it won't be easy. Okay, what do you want to know? I'll try to answer you."

(Now I had David where I wanted him. I knew I could get him to do things with me before he realized what was happening. Mary)

"I saw Alice rub you and make that stuff shoot out. Does it feel better when someone else plays with your thing? You did the same thing to her. Did you like rubbing between her legs? Will you rub me and let me see how that feels? Can I rub you until the stuff shoots out? I'd like to do that"

Wow! How did I handle all that? Mary was my sister. You weren't supposed to do any of those things with your sister. That was nasty. I wanted to have Mary jerk me off and I wanted to finger fuck her too. The hell with finger fucking her I wanted to lap her cunt. That would make her feel even better and I wanted to make her feel the best I possibly could. But I came back to the same thing. You just don't do things like that with your sister. The incest taboo is one of the strongest in our society.

(David was thinking things over and from the frown on his face I guessed He was having problems. If I let him think to long maybe he wouldn't do anything with me. I decided it was time for action. Mary)

"I want to see your prick, David and I want to feel it. You were playing with it when I came into the room, weren't you? I saw the covers pushed up when I came in."

Mary didn't give me a chance to respond. She pulled the covers down and clasped her hand around my prick. It had gotten soft during our conversation but it didn't stay soft very long. I just stared at her small hand surrounding my cock.

(I finally had hold of David's prick and it was a big thrill. It was soft when I put my hand around it but in seconds it was as hard as it could be. My baby doll panties got wet between my legs. I wished David would push his finger in but I was sure that I could get him to do that after I jerked him off. I saw that little drop of clear liquid form on the pisshole and wanted to lick it off but I was afraid that would be too much for David just then. I would try that later. Mary)

Mary had such a light hold on my prick that I could barely feel it. She moved her hand up and down and it tickled me as it ran over across the rim of my prickhead. I did that when I wanted a hand job to last a long time. It felt real good. I didn't last very long with Mary doing it though. I don't think she pumped ten times before; spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; I shot my load all over my pajamas and bed. Mary kept her eyes on her hands and kept pumping on my cum slick prick till I pulled back.

(I was fascinated. I was finally seeing how that stuff shot out of his pisshole. I felt the spurts of it come up through what must be his piss tube on the underside of his prick. I was finally getting to know something about how a boy worked. I was sorry when David pulled away but I knew I had to wait till he got hard again before I could do anything more with his prick. Mary)

When I pulled away Mary was out of her baby dolls in a flash and pushed her cunt toward me.

"Oooo, David, do that to me now. I'm so hot down there. Push your finger in and out."

I started to comply and changed my mind. I knew what would make her feel a lot better than a finger in her cunt. I wanted to make Mary feel as good as I could. I moved around, lifted her hips off the bed, and buried my face in her crotch. Her cunt was soaking wet and it smelled real good to me.

I licked up as much of Mary's good tasting cunt juice as I could and ran my tongue up and down over the tight inner lips of her cunt. Mary didn't pull away, she squirmed and moaned. I hoped that mom and pop didn't hear her. All that would have to happen was for them to find out and I might wind up in jail.

(I hadn't expect David to do that right away. I thought I would have to suck his cock before I got him to do that to me. It was the best thing I'd ever felt. I was having that good feeling by the time he ran his tongue along my cunt the first time. I realized I was moaning and tried to hold the noise down. I didn't want mom and pop to hear either. I wanted to have David do this to me a lot more times and I was afraid they would stop us and keep us apart. Mary)

Mary quieted down some and I really went to work lapping her cunt. I did everything I had learned while lapping Anne's cunt. I massaged her clit with the tip of my tongue until she whimpered. Then I sucked as much of the loose flesh around her inner cunt lips into my mouth and massaged that with my tongue. Mary almost went wild. I pushed my tongue as far as it would go between her inner cunt lips. I kept on switching back and forth until Mary pushed my head away.

"Ohhh! Ahhh! Oooo! I'm coming! I love you, David. I love you!"

(I'd never had that many good feelings in a row before and they'd never felt that good before. Now that I wasn't half afraid any more. I wanted to suck David's cock. I hoped I could make him feel as good as he'd made me feel. Mary)

"I saw you do that to Ms. Black last night and I wondered how it felt. It's awesome! Uh, David, I saw her take your thing - aw, hell I know the words - I saw her suck your cock too. Can I do that to you. I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel when you lapped my cunt."

(It was silly not using those words with David after what he'd done. Mary)

I wanted to have Mary give me a blow job so bad I could hardly stand it but I was afraid she might be upset if I shot my cum into her mouth. I didn't think that I would have the will power to pull my prick out of her mouth when I was about to shoot off but I was willing to try. Mary didn't give me much chance to decline her offer anyway. She leaned over and licked a drop of pre cum off the tip of my prick.

(I finally got to do it and I liked the taste. I liked the way it made David's hips jerk too. Mary)

"Uh, Mary, you might not like sucking cock. It's not like lapping cunt. Girls don't shoot off like boys. I don't think you'll like it if I shoot off in your mouth. If you want to try sucking my cock I'll try to pull away before I shoot off. You might think shooting cum in your mouth is nasty."

(I thought that was cute. David was being so noble. The thing was, I wanted to drink his cum. Mary)

"Gee, David, I saw Ms. Black swallow a whole load of your cum. If she could do that so could I. I want to have you shoot off in my mouth. I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel and you licked my cunt all the time I was having that good feeling. If I don't like the taste of your cum I'll spit it out but I thought that drop I tasted was neat. I'd like to try some more."

Mary had my cock in her hand and was giving it a thorough examination. I could understand that. I'd looked at Alice's cunt and I'd examined Anne's the night before but I wanted to give Mary's cunt a thorough going over too. I made that the next thing on my schedule. I'd do it right after Mary gave me a blow job.

Mary pried the lips of my pisshole apart then leaned over again and licked between them. She took each of my balls in her hand and felt them and weighed them. She tickled me right underneath them and grinned when I wiggled. She followed a vein along from the root of my prick to the head with a finger. That tickled and felt good too. I liked what she was doing but I wished she would get on with the blow job. My balls were beginning to ache.

(I was having fun giving David's prick a close examination. I'd wanted to do that for a long time, but it was time to get down to business. Mary)

Mary got on her knees between my legs and licked the head of my prick. She licked over the top and around the rim. Every time her tongue touched my prick I would shiver. I didn't know how come but she knew how sensitive the underside was and she licked there and sucked on the loose skin for a while. It was almost as if she'd sucked a cock before and knew exactly what to do.

(I'd watched Ms. Black the night before and was doing the same things she had. Mary)

Mary sucked on my balls for a while then licked her way back up to the head of my prick. She licked another drop of pre cum off the tip and slowly sucked the head into her mouth. Wow! It felt even better than when Anne had done it. Mary sucked real hard and slowly bobbed her head up and down. I could hardly stand it. I wanted to pump my prick into her mouth as fast as I could but I wanted to have the feeling last too.

With a conscious effort I made my body relax and enjoyed everything Mary was doing. It felt even better when I relaxed like that but I couldn't stay relaxed very long. I lifted my hips up off the bed and Mary speeded up her head bobbing. My body tensed up again. My hips flexed and I fucked my prick into Mary's mouth. She sucked so hard her cheeks were hollow and she bobbed her head faster.

"I'm going to shoot off, Mary. You don't me to shoot my cum into your mouth you better stop now. I'm going to come. I don't want to shoot off in your mouth if you don't want."

(I couldn't have stopped at that point if I wanted to. I was having those good feelings just from making David feel good. I wanted him to shoot his cum in my mouth and I was sure that I would like it. Mary)

"Ahhh! Ohhh! Wow! I'm coming. I'm shooting off in my sister's mouth. Ohhh, wow! You're sucking the cum out of my prick. Oh, wow! I love you, Mary! I love you!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; another load of cum. Mary kept right on sucking. She seemed to like drinking my cum as much as Anne. Well, I'd sort of liked the taste when I'd licked it out of Anne's cunt. I had to pull my soft prick out of Mary's mouth when she didn't stop nursing on it.

(As David would say, wow! I didn't know how good sucking cock could be. I thought that it was just to make the boy feel good. When David's cum shot into my mouth I got as good a feeling as I'd had when he was lapping my cunt. I'd suck David's cock all day if he'd let me and if it would stay hard. It was fun sucking on it when it was soft too. Mary)

"Wow! That was fun! Did I suck your prick as good as Ms. Black? I want to know what feels best for you. I want to do that again. I don't know why I thought it would be yucky. I like the taste of your cum. When you shot your cum into my mouth it made me have that good feeling again too. Oh, wow!"

The blow job Mary had given was even better than the ones Anne had given me. Where had she learned all those tricks. Maybe she knew by instinct like I knew what to do when I lapped cunt. I had to tell her how good she had made me feel.

"Sure you sucked my cock good. I love you! It felt even better than when Anne did it. If we do it again when I'm not so hot, I'll tell you what feels good to me but I don't think you need much instruction. Oh, I love you, little sister, and I loved the way you sucked my cock. It felt real good to me and I'm glad you liked it.

"Last night was the first time I'd had my cock sucked and you did just about everything Anne did. You did some of them even better than she did and you sure made it last a lot longer. Licking the head always feels good and the way you sucked the skin under my pisshole is a real turn on. Sucking my balls feels good. I like that but it sort of calms me down rather than heating me up. I don't know anything you can do that would feel better than what you did. Is there anything I can do different when I'm lapping your cunt? I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel."

(I was glad David thought I was a good cocksucker. That's a nasty name some girls used at school but I don't care. I've sucked a lot more pricks since then. I didn't care if the girls at school call me a cocksucker. They'd never find out that I really did it anyway and they didn't know how much fun it was. I didn't know what to tell David about his cunt lapping. It seemed that it was perfect to me. Mary)

"Gee, David, That was the first time I ever had my cunt lapped and I sure don't know what you can do different. The way you did it I just couldn't take any more and had to push you away. Maybe we can just try different things and see how they turn out. Even if it's not any better it might be just as good and we can have a lot of fun trying."

We hugged and kissed each other. I taught Mary how to kiss with your mouth open. She liked that. We rubbed tongues for a while and both of us enjoyed it. I could taste my cum in her mouth and she said that she could taste her cunt juice in mine. French kissing isn't a procedure that cools off horny kids. Mary was rubbing my cock and I was fingering her cunt. Her cunt got wet again, my prick got hard again.

"You got to examine my cock real close and I haven't had a chance to examine your cunt like that yet. I was too busy lapping your cunt to really examine it last time. Let me do it now."

I wasn't in any hurry. I'd just had the best come I'd ever had in my life. My prick wasn't fully hard. I was very relaxed and I wanted to explore Mary's body. I hadn't examined her tits yet either. I molded one of her fist sized tits in my hand and pinched the nipple. Mary sighed and it got hard and crinkly right away.

I moved my head down, sucked the nipple into my mouth, and rubbed it with my tongue. Mary wiggled and put her hand under her tit as if to push more of it into my mouth.

(I had to tell David how good that felt. Mary)

"Oooo, yeh, David, do that some more, it feels real neat. That's funny, I can feel it in my cunt. Do the other one."

I switched tits and rubbed and sucked on the other nipple. I started to lick my way down to her cunt. My prick rubbed lightly on her leg.

"Your prick feels good when it rubs me. I have to lick your body that way too, David. It feels real good to me."

The way Mary was using four letter words now got to me. Hearing them come from her seemed to make me even hotter than some of the things I was doing. I licked my way down to my sister's navel and stuck my tongue in it. She jumped. This pleased me. I liked to make her squirm. I worked my way down to her cunt and licked it up and down. I moved my head back a little to examine it better.

(I knew that David wanted to examine me. I'd just finished playing doctor with his prick but I wanted to examine it again. Mary)

"Turn around, David. I want to examine your prick again."

I got into a sixty nine position. Mary licked the head of my prick, lapping off the drops of pre cum that continued to form there, then she moved back a little so she could examine my prick better. I felt little touches and tickles all around my crotch area as I examined my little sister's cunt.

I used the fingers of one hand to separate the outer lips of Mary's cunt. They weren't nearly as loose Anne's and they didn't spread nearly as far. The inner lips didn't have as much of a loose fringe on it either. I'd been able to suck that fringe all the way into my mouth on Anne. I hadn't been able to do that as well with Mary.

Holding the outer lips apart with my one hand I pushed the my other index finger between inner lips of my sister's cunt. I felt a tight ring around my finger about a half inch down. I couldn't get the inner lips separated far enough to see it but I guessed that it was Mary's maidenhead. I knew she was still a virgin and I wasn't surprised once I realized what it was.

(The things David was doing in my cunt were just as exciting as examining his prick. I wondered if having some other boy examine me like that would be as much fun. With that thought I wondered if It would be as much fun examining another boy's prick and decided it would. At that point I didn't consider doing anything with Jim but there was a boy at school I would like doing these things with. Mary)

I pushed my head forward and gave Mary's cunt a lick. Mary licked the head of my prick again. I moved back to look some more but Mary ran her tongue around the head of my prick and down the underside. I was getting pretty hot so I sucked on her clit and lapped at her slit. A thought struck me. It had been a blast when Anne licked my ass, what would Mary do if I licked her ass and pushed my tongue up into her asshole? How would she react? I'd almost jumped off the couch when Anne had done that to me.

I made up my mind that no matter how bad it was, I was going to try to lick her ass. I wanted to make her feel as good as Anne had made me feel. While she was sucking on my balls, I licked at her ass crack. Mary squirmed again and stopped for a second.

(Wow! was that a shocker. I hadn't seen Anne doing that to David last night but I really hadn't been that close. Had Ms. Black done that to David? Had David liked it, was that why he was doing it to me? Did David want me to do that to him? I wasn't sure I could do something that nasty. It seemed awful yucky, but On second thought if David could do it to me, I could do it to him. I at least had to try to do it to him but I wasn't about to rush in to something like that. Mary)

"Oh, David, that feels so good!"

Mary dove down on my prick and licked the drops of cum off the tip again. I continued down her ass crack. After that first reaction, I had to keep going. It really wasn't yucky at all. The way Mary jumped I was determined that I would go all the way. I licked at her asshole. Nothing terrible happened. I licked a little harder. I liked it! I pushed my tongue into Mary's asshole. Her hips jerked off the bed. This was fun!

Mary licked my ass crack! She copied what I was doing, and she didn't hesitate at all. I hadn't expected she would be ready to try that right away. I hadn't gotten up the courage to do it to Anne the night before. Mary ran her tongue right from my balls, over my asshole and up to top of the crack. She moved back and jammed her tongue into my asshole. It was my turn to jump.

I went back to Mary's cunt again, lapped her slit, and sucked her clit. She responded by shoving her cunt into my face and rubbing it back and forth. She was also doing a lot of things around my prick. I didn't have the patience.

I shoved my prick all the way into her mouth. She sucked till her cheeks were hollow. I fucked her face with my prick and her cunt with my tongue. I gave Mary another big load of cum to swallow. I tried to lick her dry but wasn't very successful. My prick, inevitably, got soft again and we both came up for air.

"Oh, wow, David. You made me come four times. What was that ass licking? I didn't know that anyone did that. It should be nasty but it isn't. It felt real neat when you did it to me and I liked it when I did it to you. Oh, wow! That was a blast."

"I never heard of it before either, but Ms. Black did it to me and it made me feel good. I wanted to do everything I could to make you feel good. I really didn't think that I would like it, but I do. Anything that I can do to make you feel good, makes me feel good. I love you."

"I love you too. Oh, David, When are we going to do this again? I love sucking you cock and having you lap my cunt. Playing with myself won't feel nearly as good any more."

"I know that jerking off won't satisfy me any more but we sure have to be careful. What if Jim caught us? Or worse yet, mom or pop? Wow! What would they do to us? We'll just have to wait till no one's around."

We realized how late it was. Tomorrow was a school day. We were tired by that time and my prick wasn't hard anyway. We hugged and kissed each other, Mary went back to her room, and I fell right to sleep.