Their Parent's Sex Club #6 (D.Abby) (Bg, oral, inc) (6!13)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 6

Mary and I were frustrated. We wanted to get together but everything seemed to stymie us. We didn't even get to give each other shows after school and had to wait till bedtime each night. Part of that was sort of my fault. Jim was making it a point to piss with me when we came home from school each day and we would have a jerk off session. I marveled at the fact that he could always raise a second hard on and jerk off for a second time. I would be left soft and in no condition to give a show for Mary.

(It sure was frustrating. I had no idea what was going on between David and Jim. If I had, maybe I would have given a show for both of them and watched both of them jerk off. I just hadn't thought of Jim and sex together yet. That was a mistake, I later found that Jim would do things that David and I worried about doing. All I knew is that whenever David came up the stairs Jim would stick to him like glue and I thought I had to push the bathroom door closed so Jim wouldn't see me. Mary)

(I still didn't know for sure what was going on between Mary and David. If I had I would have made it a point to let Mary watch me jerk off. That sounded neat anyway. I knew that I didn't want to be shut out like I had been the end of the last week. I liked those jerk off sessions with David and I wasn't going to give them up. I missed licking the cum off my hand and I still wondered what David's cum tasted like but I could stand those little frustrations in exchange for David's company in jerking off. Jim)

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were pretty much the same. I had an after school jerk off session with Jim. With my prick in a soft condition and Jim dogging my footsteps there was no way I could trade shows with Mary. The three of us went about our normal activities until dinner time. After dinner and homework we got ready for bed. Jim had to be in bed a half hour before we did.

It was scary with mom and pop downstairs in the living room but we had to do something. Mary would go to the bathroom first and leave the door open. I stood in the hall and watched her finger fuck herself then I'd go into the bathroom and leave the door open. I'd jerk off into the toilet. The only thing different was that when she came out of the bathroom she would give my cock a squeeze and I would run my hand between her legs and rub her panties against her cunt.

Mary and I finally got a break on Thursday. Jim made arrangements with his friend, Bill, to go home from school and stay at his house till after dinner. That got him out of the way.

Our parents then decided that they would eat in town and pick Jim up at about eight o'clock. That meant we wouldn't have to rush things, we would have the house to ourselves from three, when we came home from school, till eight. Five hours! Wow! We could do an awful lot in that length of time.

(I didn't like the idea of giving up my afternoon session with David but Bill was a good friend. We'd talked a lot about sex together and we'd even told each other that we jerked off. I wanted to try and get him to have a jerk off session like I had with David.

(I'd been feeling Bill out the last couple of days and I thought that I might convince him that we should jerk each other off. I wanted to find out if that felt better than doing it yourself. He had no brothers or sisters and his parent's both worked. We would have the house to ourselves all afternoon. That would give me plenty of time to try to work things out with Bill. From what went on at our house that summer I guess I could have gotten Bill to go even farther. Jim)

Mary and I rushed home from school, up to my bedroom, and skinned out of our clothes as fast as we could. We couldn't wait to get started. First Mary got down on her knees and licked the drops of pre cum from the tip of my hard prick. She seemed to like to do that.

(David's hips always jerked and it was one of the first things I'd ever thought about doing to him. Mary)

After she licked the head of my prick we got on the bed and hugged and kissed each other. I stuck my tongue into Mary's mouth and she sucked on then pushed her tongue into my mouth. We dueled with our tongues and rubbed our naked bodies together. I wanted to make Mary feel the best I possibly could. I was real horny but I could wait. I would lick her all over the way Anne had licked me on Saturday night.

I licked my way to her ear and stuck my tongue in it. Mary jumped. I licked my way down to her tits and sucked on one then the other. Mary squirmed. I was having fun. I licked down to her navel and knew that she would jump when I stuck my tongue in there and she did. I licked all the way down to her cunt. I sucked at her clit and swiped at her slit. She wiggled.

I had been thinking of this all week and I had some things I wanted to try out. I turned Mary onto her stomach and started licking her feet and her toes. When I had licked my way up to the back of Mary's knees she started to squirm again. Ah, I'd found another sensitive spot. This was the first time I'd ever had a chance to experiment. I didn't want to miss trying anything.

I licked my way up the inside of Mary's thighs and I had her wiggling all over the bed. I was finding lots of places Where Mary was real sensitive. I wanted to know every place that could turn a person on. When I got to the top of her thighs, I was on familiar ground. I knew what I could do get to Mary there. I licked my tongue straight up her ass crack. Her hips came up off the bed. It gave me a perfect target. I shoved my Tongue right up her ass. She almost jumped of the bed. I tongue fucked her asshole for a while.

(I didn't know that David was just trying things out. From the way he was doing them and from the way it felt I thought he knew what he was doing. I had my first good feeling when he licked my asshole. Mary)

"Ohhh! Ahhh! You gave me that good feeling and you hardly even touched my cunt. I want to do the same thing to you. Now I want to make you feel good."

My prick was throbbing and by this time my balls were starting to ache. I would let Mary do those things to me and suck the first load of cum out of my cock then I would really lap her cunt and make her feel good. I was sure my prick would get hard again when I lapped Mary's cunt. It had on Sunday night.

"It makes me feel good when I make you feel good, Mary. Okay, you do me now."

We started out the same way, french kissing and tongue dueling. Mary licked over to my ear and it made me jump. It gave me goose flesh. She worked her way down to my nipples and tongue massaged them. They got hard and crinkly! I got goose bumps all over. I'd never paid any attention to my nipples before.

"Gee, I didn't know that a boy's nipples were sensitive. That feels good, Mary."

Mary made me jump by pushing her tongue into my belly button then licked the head of my prick. She licked around the head then massaged the underside of my prick with her tongue. I almost shot off right then and there. She didn't suck my cock into her mouth though, she was going to do the same things to me that I'd done to her. She turned me over and sucked on my toes. She licked her way up the back of my legs, the back of my knees, and the inside of my thighs.

Wow! I was sensitive everywhere! Mary sucked on my balls one at a time and that felt good but it relaxed me a little and took some of the heat off. I wiggled when she licked my ass crack, and jumped just as much as she had, when she pushed her tongue up my ass. I almost shot off then.

I had to roll over. I didn't want to come on the sheets, and I was darned close to doing just that. Mary grinned and sucked my prick into her mouth. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; I let her have a massive load of cum. Mary drank it all down and continued sucking. I finally pulled my limp prick out of her mouth.

(I got the good feeling again when David shot off in my mouth. I liked sucking David's prick. Mary)