Their Parent's Sex Club #7 (D.Abby) (Bbg, mast, oral, inc) (7!13)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 7

(I had come home, heard something going on upstairs, and I was watching David and Mary from the hallway. I wanted Mary to suck my cock the way she'd sucked David's. I wondered what it would be like to suck David's prick. I wanted to try that too, but I'd never let David know it, or Mary either for that matter. As soon as I saw what David was doing I wanted to do that too. It looked like he was having fun. Jim)

Mary and I hugged and kissed for a while more, and we each told the other one how much we loved them and how good they had made us feel. My prick had started to harden up and I knew if I did all the same things to Mary again by the time I finished lapping her cunt my cock would be ready for another round.

I sucked on the nipples of Mary's fist sized tits for a few minutes then licked all around them. Marry wiggled and moaned as I moved down to her cunt. She raised her knees and spread her legs to give me the best access possible. I licked her ass crack first, pushed my tongue up her ass, and, after getting the proper reaction moved onto her cunt. I gave a few tentative licks the whole length of her cunt then spent some time giving each little section as much attention as I could. I had Mary as high as a kite. She was shuddering, moaning and tossing her head back and forth on the pillow.

(I was as high as a kite. This time was better Sunday night. Maybe because I didn't have to be careful of how much noise I was making. Mary)

(That ass licking bit was a shocker. It seemed awfully yucky to me but if David did it I would have to try. David was my big brother. I decided it was time to get into the act. I pretended I was real upset. Jim)

"What are you two doing?"

The last thing that Mary and I expected was to see Jim standing in the bedroom door.

"You're supposed to be at Bill's!"

"He got sick. What are you doing? You're naked and I saw you with your head between Mary's legs. You had your tongue there. That's nasty!"

(I didn't think it was nasty at all. It looked real neat. The reason I acted so mean was because I didn't want them to chase me away. They'd been going upstairs together most of last week and left me out. I didn't want to be left out now. If they thought that I was going to tell on them maybe they would let me do things with them. This would be better than trading jerk offs with Bill. Boy, was I glad he got sick that day. Jim)

(When I read that last comment laughed. I was really afraid that he might tell mom and pop. But everything turned out for the best. He was way ahead of me on a lot of other things too, according to his comments. I'm not sure if he really thought that at the time, or later events made him feel that way in retrospect. David)

Now what in the world could we do? Well Jim was interested in sex or he wouldn't have been so willing to jerk off with me. Maybe, if I could get Jim to join us, he wouldn't tell our parents. I could see by the bulge in his pants that he had a hard on. We fell right into his trap even though we didn't know it was a trap. Once he'd discovered us I think we both liked the idea of his joining us anyway. I looked at Mary. She looked at me. Even with this distraction I hadn't lost my hard on. Jim gave me an opening.

(I didn't want to scare them too much, just enough to let me in on the act. It was time to get the two of them moving. Jim)

"Gee, David, your prick is hard. As hard as it gets when we jerk off together. I'm hard now too, seeing Mary without clothes got me hard in a hurry. Are you going to jerk off? Is Mary jerking off with you? Do girls jerk off? Can I jerk off with the two of you?"

(I was acting like I hadn't seen what Mary and David had been doing. I really wanted Mary to suck my cock but I was sort of afraid to ask her to do it. Jim)

(Wow! So that was what David and Jim had been doing after school all week. I would liked to have watched them. It was a relief that Jim just wanted to join in with us. I didn't mind that at all. I'd just as soon suck Jim's cock as David's. Jim was a good little brother and I liked him. He acted as if he'd be willing to lap my cunt too. If we got him into the act and he was willing to do those things with us we could them every day after school until our parents came home from work. David evidently had the same idea. Mary)

Jim didn't even know what to ask for. Mary and I looked at each other again and decided that we would really give him a thrill.

"Jim what I was doing to Mary is called cunt lapping and it's a lot more fun than jerking off. Just before you came in she sucked on my prick until I shot off. Would you suck Jim off, Mary, and show him what it feels like?"

(I wasn't going to seem too eager to Jim. That might turn him off. If I got his back up maybe he would join us just to show us he was able. Mary)

"I don't know, David. Jim, why don't you take your clothes of and we'll see. Uh, maybe he's not old enough yet, David. He says you've been jerking off together, does Jim shoot off yet? Have you seen any cum shooting out of his prick?"

Jim blushed and I could see he was embarrassed, and he was a little shy about getting undressed in front of Mary but he wasn't going to miss anything. He turned his back to get undressed. He didn't like that reference to his not being old enough to shoot off either.

"I am too old enough. David knows that. I started to shoot off over a month ago. David's seen me shoot cum into the toilet when we jerk off together after school. Even though my prick's not as big as his and I don't shoot of as much cum I can still shoot off. Don't I shoot off David? Tell Mary I shoot cum."

All this time he was taking off his clothes. When he had finally stripped and gotten his nerve up, he turned toward us again. His prick was just the size I had been the first time I shot off, two and a half inches long and about as big around as my thumb, and he had three hairs growing around it. It was standing up and pointing at his navel. I went along with his request and even explained some.

"That's right Mary. I have seen him shoot off. I could come when I found the first hair around my prick and he has three hairs around his prick, see."

A clear drop of pre cum formed at the end of Jim's prick. As soon as I saw that I knew what Mary was going to do.

(I never could resist that, for that matter I still can't. Mary)

Mary pulled Jim toward her and licked the drop of pre cum off the end of his prick. That was all it took, Jim had reached his limits. His hips jerked and a spurt of cum hit Mary on the chin. Mary wasn't going to let any of that good cum go to waste, she slurped his prick in her mouth real quick and sucked real hard. She swallowed the rest of his small offering. Jim had been on such a hair trigger that he'd started to shoot off before Mary got his prick in her mouth.

(Jim surprised me and I missed that first jet of cum, but I got to drink the rest of it. I found out it had a more delicate flavor that David's and that I liked it just as much. Mary)

Mary sucked on Jim's shrinking prick till it was completely soft and let it slide out of her mouth.

"Aw, gee. I came too quick, I hardly got to feel that at all."

"You'll get hard again soon. Why don't you watch while Mary sucks me off then you can examine between her legs and she'll suck you off again. You won't come as fast next time and you'll get to enjoy it more."

Actually if we followed our normal pattern Mary and I would probably have done a sixty nine at that point but I wanted to keep an eye on Jim and I couldn't if I was lapping Mary's cunt. I thought it would be better if I watched him while Mary gave me a blow job.

"Uh. Okay, I guess."

The fact that we had an audience didn't bother either Mary or me. I had Jerked off with Jim four or five times already and he watched me all the while. Mary had already suck down a load of his cum and she didn't mind if he watched her drink a load of mine.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and Mary got on her knees between my legs. Following her usual procedure Mary started by licking the drop of pre cum from the tip of my prick. Jim's eyes almost popped out of his head and his prick started to harden right away. Mary licked around the head of my prick and sucked on my balls.

I moved my hips forward and Mary licked my exposed ass crack. Jim stood there with his mouth hanging open and his eyes popping out of his head. Mary moved back and sucked my prick into her mouth and Jim moved toward the bed as if he were hypnotized. He never moved his eyes from Mary's bobbing head.

Mary was doing a good job of sucking my cock and she was taking it slow. I wanted to pay attention to that but I wanted to keep my eye on Jim too. Mary was getting to me by that time. I was pumping my prick into her mouth. She was bobbing her head and sucking real hard. I was ready to shoot off.

"Ahhh! Oooo! You're bringing me off again. Ohhh! Wow!"

My hips jerked. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Mary sucked another load of cum out of my prick. Jim was fascinated as he watched her swallow my cum. He seemed to swallow as if he were helping Mary. His prick was as hard as a rock already. I caught my breath and considered what we could do to keep Jim interested.

"Mary, why don't you let Jim examine your cunt. You like it when I do that. Jim, scoot between her legs and you'll find out how a girl is made."

"Sure, Jim. I'll lay back on the bed. Why don't you get between my legs so you can see better."

Mary laid on the bed, raised her knees and spread them in the classical 'play doctor' position. Jim didn't have to be asked twice. He was between her legs in a flash.

"Gee, I don't know anything about how girls are made. I only know what the kids at school talk about and I don't think they know any more than I do. What should I do?"

"Push Your finger into that pink slit, then rub that knob on the top. That's my clit and it feels good to have it rubbed."

He tentatively pushed a finger at the pink slit in front of his face and it slid right in. His prick started to throb. For that matter so did mine. He was so interested in the Mary's cunt that he paid no attention to the fact he had a hard on. I did, however. It intrigued me. I thought it was cute the way it stood up at an angle and pointed to his navel.

I spit on two fingers, grabbed his prick and slid my fingers up and down. I massaged the underside of his prick with my forefinger while I rubbed my thumb around the rim of his prickhead. He pumped his prick between my fingers. Spurt, spurt, dribble; Jim shot his little boy load of cum into my hand.

(Boy did that feel good. If I hadn't just shot off in Mary's mouth I would have shot off as soon as his fingers touched my prick. As it was I couldn't take very much of it. I liked having David handle my prick and jerk me off. Just as I thought it was better than jerking off yourself. Jim)

The action on Jim's prick hadn't distracted him from Mary's cunt. He pushed his finger in and pulled it out. He followed instructions and rubbed Mary's clit. He put his finger in her cunt again then sniffed at it. I wondered if he was going to copy my lapping Mary's cunt.

He looked at Mary, looked at me, shrugged, licked at his finger, and looked at us again. He made up his mind. Gingerly he pushed his face toward Mary's cunt and touched the tip of his tongue to her slit.

(What David had done to Mary looked interesting and I found out that cunt juice tasted as good as cum if not better. Jim)

I had a hand full of Jim's cum. Mary held the back of Jim's head and watched what he was doing. Jim was engrossed in lapping Mary's cunt. Neither of them were paying any attention to me. I liked the taste of my own cum in Anne's and Mary's mouth and decided to try Jim's. I knew I wasn't gay but I wanted to find out what another boy's cum tasted like.

I licked his small load of little boy cum out of my hand. I liked it. I liked the taste of cum, whether it came out of my prick or it came out of my little brother's. It was exciting too, my prick got real hard real fast.

Jim pushed his tongue into Mary's cunt. She was wiggling her ass and rubbing her cunt up and down his face. He was enjoying every minute of it. He grabbed her hips and held her close. His tongue swiped at her slit then he sucked on her clit.

"Oh, Jim. I'm coming. Your lapping my cunt so good. Ohhh! Ahhh! You're making me come. Oooo! I love you!"

Jim kept right on lapping cunt until Mary pushed his head away. Jim basked in the praise Mary was giving him. He had a shit eating grin on his face and he licked his lips. Whatever he had thought about it before he now knew that he liked lapping cunt and he would do it every chance he could get.

"Boy, that wasn't nasty, it was awesome! I'll do that for you any time you want Mary. I like the way your cunt tastes and I like the way you act when I'm licking you down there.

"Wow! Having you jerk me off was neat, David. I never felt anything like that before. It feels good when you jerk me off. I always thought it would. I wanted you to do it to me since the first time we jerked off together. I guess even before that, when we just pissed together. Uh, can I feel your prick, David? I've always wanted to do that and I wanted to jerk you off too. You jerked me off, let me feel your prick. Please, David. Let me jerk you off."

(I'd just come up for a breath of air when David licked my cum from his hand. Boy, was I glad to see that. Now he couldn't say anything when I tasted his cum, and I intended to the first chance I got. I was sure that I'd get a chance to jerk him off sooner or later and I would get to taste his cum then. That was a good time to get to feel David's big prick. The action seemed to have slowed down for a while and I was determined that I would make the most of it. I'd wanted to feel his prick for a long time. The way Mary sucked David's cock was neat. I wanted to suck David's cock but I'd never let David know. A boy isn't supposed to suck another boy's cock. Jim)

Jim sat there for a minute with a far away look in his eyes as if he were dazed, then he reached over and stroked my prick. His hand felt good but I didn't want to be jerked off with Mary there. We could do things that were more fun than that and I knew that after a couple more comes my prick wouldn't get hard again.

As soon as Jim touched my prick he had a hard on again. This kid would never quit. I tried a little redirection to get his mind off of jerking me off.

"You can do that some other time Jim. Why don't you let Mary suck you off again. You'll last longer this time. I'll lap her cunt while you do that.

Jim sat back on his heels with his prick pointing at the ceiling. For a moment I had the urge to suck on his cute little cock but quickly put the thought aside. I just wasn't ready for that yet.

"Would you, Mary? Would you suck my cock again? I came off twice already. I won't be so fast this time and I'll get a much better chance to feel what it's like to have your cock sucked."

A drop of pre cum oozed out of Jim's pisshole and Mary answered Jim in a very practical way. As she always did, Mary licked the crystal clear liquid off the tip of Jim's prick. Jim rolled on to his back and spread his legs. Mary knelt over him and licked around the head of his prick. I got behind her and licked her ass crack.

Mary jumped and realized that she hadn't done that to Jim yet. She looked over her shoulder and grinned at me. Jim was laying there with his legs raised off the bed. Mary ran her tongue along the length of his ass crack and probed his asshole. Jim almost jumped off the bed.

"Wow! That was awesome. How could you make yourself do it though. It seems awfully nasty."

Mary couldn't answer, her tongue was up Jim's ass so I answered for her.

"It does seem nasty at first, but you get to like it when you see the sort of a reaction you get. I like to do it to Mary now but I was almost afraid to try it at first."

Mary licked her way back to Jim's cock and sucked it into her mouth. That got another jerk from Jim's hips. I realized I wasn't living up to my share of the bargain. I buried my face in Mary's cunt and started to lap away. Mary wiggled her ass back against my face and I sucked on her clit and massaged it with my tongue.

Sucking Jim's cock must have gotten Mary real hot because she moaned and her hips twitched so that I had to hold on to her hips to keep her from pulling cunt away from my face. Jim was panting. I glanced up. His hips were bouncing off the bed fucking his little prick into Mary's mouth as fast as he could. I went back to lapping cunt.

"Ah, ah, wow! I'm shooting off in your mouth again. Boy does that feel neat. I never thought anything could feel that good. Ohhh! Wow!"

I could hear the slurping sounds as Mary sucked the cum out of Jim's balls and her cunt was getting juicier all the time. I sucked up as much of her cunt juice as I could before she pulled away.

We all lay together on the bed and hugged and kissed. When we caught our breath. Jim had his hand wrapped around my cock again.

"Can I jerk you off now, David? You did me. I've wanted to jerk you off for so long. Please, David? You jerked me off."

What could I say. I wanted to see what it would feel like if Jim jerked me off anyway. I'd probably wanted him to jerk me off as long as he had wanted to do it. Why not let him do it. It might not be as good as the blow job that Mary was ready to give me but I knew it would feel good.

"Okay. Do you mind, Mary? I guess Jim and I always wanted to have the other jerk us off but never had the nerve to till today."

"Sure, go ahead. I'll finger fuck myself while I watch you do it. I always wanted to do that when I watched you jerk off in the bathroom, David, but I didn't dare out in the hall. We don't have too much time left before mom and pop get home but we have time enough for that."

I lay back on the bed and Jim sat cross legged between my legs. Mary moved to the side and slid a finger into her cunt as she prepared to watch Jim play with my prick. Jim smeared a drop of pre cum over the head and my hips twitched. Jim grinned, spit on the palm of his hand and ran it up and down my prick. It was fun having my kid brother jerk me off.

Jim wasn't about to take his time and make it last. His hand flashed up and down the length of my prick and he panted with excitement as if it were him that was being jerked off. I could hear Mary's fingers squish in and out of her cunt and glanced over to watch that for a moment. She had a big grin on her face and kept her eyes glued to Jim's hand.

I'd only shot off twice that afternoon because of Jim's surprising appearance. The last blow job had been a long time before and what had been going on wasn't cooling at all. Mary moaned and; spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Jim received a handful of my cum. His grin was so broad that I thought his face would split. Then he shocked me, he lifted his hand and licked off the cum. He grinned at me again.

"I always lick off my own cum and I saw you lick mine off your hand. I like the taste of your cum too."

Just then the clock chimed. Mom and pop would be home in about fifteen minutes. We all rushed into our clothes and we were in the family room doing our homework when they got home.