Their Parent's Sex Club Their Parent's Sex Club #9 (D.Abby) (BbF, Bb, anal) (9!13)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 9

Jim followed my instructions explicitly. As soon as our parents had left Jim went to the couch and sat down beside Ms. Black. He hugged and kissed her and pushed his tongue in her mouth. His prick pushed out against his pants as soon as his tongue touched hers. He turned toward her and hunched his hard prick against her side. Anne was surprised. She pulled away looked at him, looked at me, and broke out laughing.

I was just guessing when I told Jim what I thought would happen next but I'd been prophetic. Anne picked Jim up, laid him on the couch, pulled down his zipper, pulled out his prick, and slurped it into her mouth faster than it takes to tell it. Jim shot off faster than it takes to tell too. His hips jerked as Anne's cheeks hollowed and he delivered his load of cum. Anne sucked on his cock until it was soft then let it slide out of her mouth. She sat back and grinned at both of us.

(David never lied to me about important things so I was sure he'd done the things he said with Ms. black, however, I believed he was exaggerating when he said what Ms. Black would do. I was surprised when she did exactly what he'd said she would. One thing was for sure, I wasn't going to push her away or pull my prick out of her mouth. No way! I wish I didn't shoot off so quick the first time though. I hardly get to feel what's happening. Jim)

"Oho, so I have little boy prick to contend with tonight along with your man sized one, David. Good, I'll love it. All right, we can't do much with all these clothes on. Strip down boys, and we'll really have some fun."

Anne seemed happy just to watch the two of us get undressed. She ran her hands over our bodies. Boy did it feel funny when she ran her hand up and down my back and through my hair. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I got goose flesh. I liked all the different feelings that she was giving me.

The way Jim was wiggling I knew he was getting good feelings too. I tried to undress Anne but didn't get very far, I was clumsy. I didn't know how to go about unhooking and unfastening all the female garments. Anne laughed at me, gave me a kiss, and quickly took off her clothes.

She must have been horny too. She had me lay down on my back, squatted over my crotch, got her cunt in position, aimed my prick, and sucked it right into her cunt. Jim's prick jumped back to attention as he saw my prick slide into Anne's cunt. She pulled Jim into a position straddling me, licked a drop off pre cum off the tip of his prick, and sucked it back into her mouth. Jim didn't try to pull away. He was fascinated with the whole procedure.

"Oh, gee, Ms. Black, that feels neat. I like the way you suck my cock. Oh, wow! I won't shoot off so quick this time. It'll get to feel good longer."

He did last a little longer but not much. After about a half dozen bobs Jim's hips jerked and spurt, spurt, dribble; his second load of cum erupted into Anne's mouth. Jim was standing right over me and I was surprised when Anne stuck a finger up his ass. Jim almost jumped out of his skin but his hips started to pump again. Evidently a finger up your ass gets you hard even quicker than a tongue.

Anne rode up and down my cock. I pushed my hips up to meet her each time she came down and watched between our bodies as my prick disappeared into her cunt then came into view again. It had been a while since I came with Jim that afternoon, I wasn't going to last very long either.

Anne was sucking so hard on Jim's cock that her cheeks were hollow. Jim was pushing his prick in and out of her mouth as fast as he could.

"Oh, Anne, I'm going to shoot my cum into your cunt. I'm coming already. Oh, wow! Ahhh!

"Suck my cock Ms. Black! Suck it! I'm coming again! Oooo!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; I shot a full load of my big boy cum into Anne's cunt; spurt, spurt, dribble; Jim's hips jerked and he shot a third load of little boy cum into her mouth. Anne kept sucking till she vacuumed Jim dry.

"Gee, Ms. Black, what did you do to me back there? It sure did give me another hard on in a hurry."

"I'll tell you about it later. Come here."

She pulled Jim close and tongue bathed his entire crotch giving him another hard on. When she had cleaned him up she started on me. As usual she licked every drop of cum that had leaked out of her cunt, making sure that she cleaned up my ass crack and asshole. I twisted around and went to work cleaning my load of cum out her cunt. Jim joined me. I licked her ass and Jim lapped her cunt. We got together up front and he sucked on her clit while I tongue fucked the inner lips of her cunt. Anne was bouncing all over the place. Neither Jim nor I let up for a minute.

"I'm coming already. Ahhh! Ohhh! You're making me cum again. You boys sure are grateful, and I like the way you show your appreciation.

"Jim, you've already lapped my cunt and I I've sucked o load out of your cock, I guess you had better call me Anne. Don't you think ‘Ms. Black' is much too formal when the question you're asking me why I stuck my finger up your ass?"

Anne had my cock in one hand and Jim's in the other. She fondled each of them in a gentle way. I pushed my fingers in and out of her cunt and Jim massaged her clit. We were waiting to see what was next. Anne leaned over and licked the head of my prick then gave Jim's prick a suck. She leaned back to take a breather.

"When my children were your age I was charmed by them. I thought they were real sexy. My cunt would lubricate as I watched them walk across the room and I wanted to do these things with them but I didn't have the nerve. I never let them know. The only thing that happened was that I wore their poor father out and he never knew the reason why.

"My grandchildren are still too young, but I'd decided that I was going to be the one that initiated them into sex. When you French kissed me last Friday I decided that I didn't have to wait for them. I sure am having fun with you boys."

Anne played with our cocks all through this and Jim and I had been exploring her cunt with our fingers. Anne sat up straight and I knew it was time for more serious action.

"Jim, I'll bet you never fucked a girl yet."

Anne cocked her head and critically examined Jim's throbbing prick.

"My cunt's probably too loose to do you much good, but my ass is real tight. Why don't you fuck my ass and, David, you fuck my cunt at the same time. I've always liked to have my ass fucked, and I always wondered what it would be like to have both of my holes fucked at once. This is the first time I've ever been with two males at the same time and had the chance to find out what it would feel like. As you would say, Jim, I bet it'll be awesome."

That very afternoon Jim had said that he was willing to try anything and now he proved it. I was sure willing to try this position out and so was he. It sounded like fun even though I had never thought of doing that before. Jim was eager to try it out. He'd had his prick sucked but he'd never had it in a woman.

"How do I do it Anne. I never thought of fucking an ass but I guess it wouldn't be much different than fucking a cunt. Come to think of it, I've never fucked a cunt either, but I just watched David doing it and now I know how it's done."

"All right, Jim, put some spit on my ass and push your prick in. Take it a little slower. Grab me by the hips and push. That's right. David, you get around front and stick your prick in my cunt. Ohhh, yes, that feels good. All right, now both of you push your pricks in and out. Oooo! This is as good as I thought it would be!"

"Wow! I feel your prick in Anne's ass. Every time you push in and I pull out it feels like its rubbing against my prick. Ahhh! I like the way it feels!"

"I can feel your prick in Anne's cunt. I like the way it rubs against mine. Ohhh! Wow! I'm coming already. I'm going to cum!"

I pushed in when Jim pulled out and visa-versa. I liked the feel of my prick riding over his. Jim evidently liked it too because he caught on to my rhythm and stayed right with me. Anne caught it too. She pumped her hips back to meet Jim's thrusts and forward to meet mine.

"Ohhh! Ahhh! I'm coming too. Come, Anne, come. Come with us!"

"With you two boys! I'm on my third orgasm already. Blast away, boys! Blast away! I'll probably come again. Ahhh!"

I shot a load of cum in Anne's cunt and this time Jim shot his load up her ass. We all collapsed in a heap. Jim and I got soft. Anne made like a mother cat and licked us clean. We returned the favor. Jim and I were getting hard again but after two quick comes for me and four for Jim, we weren't as horny as we had been when we started. I told Jim that we ought to try to see how good we could make Anne feel. I gave him instructions. We started out by giving her kisses with our tongue in her mouth. Then one of us licked her ear and neck. Then we licked down to her tits. Jim nursed on one tit and I nursed on the other. We could feel the nipples get hard and the aureoles get crinkly. When that was accomplished we started to lick all around her breasts.

"You boys sure can make me feel good. You're both natural born little fuckers. You ought to go into business. I have at least a dozen friends that would pay at least hundred dollars a session to do things with the two of you. Ohhh! That's right. Suck on those tits."

We worked on her tits for a while, then slurped our way down. Jim licked his way down her front and I worked down her back. After probing her navel, Jim licked at her clit and ran his tongue along her slit. I lapped along her ass crack and licked her asshole. I'd learned something with Mary about sensitive spots on the body. I told Jim what to do and we started on Anne's toes. We sucked on each of her toes. Moving up we licked at the back of her knees then the inside of her thighs. She squirmed and we moved up till Jim lapped her cunt and I shoved my tongue up her ass.

"Ohhh! Ahhh! Ohhh!"

Anne was coming. She pushed her cunt into Jim's face and her ass into mine. It was a blast making her come like that. Finally she pushed us away.

"Oooo! I can't take any more. Let up boys, you're driving me crazy. I'm used to having more than one orgasm, but I've never had that many in a row. I must have had seven or eight beginning with when you were sucking my tits. Give me a minute to catch my breath and I'll see what I can do for those nice hard pricks of yours"

I hadn't tried ass fucking yet and said I wanted to. Anne got on her knees, and I got behind her to lubricate her ass. She beckoned Jim and had him lay underneath her in a sixty nine position. We didn't raise any objections. By this time both of us were ready for anything. I licked at her ass and deposited a gob of spit on her asshole. I jabbed my prick at her ass. It slipped down. Anne gave me instructions.

"Grab hold of my hips, Put the tip of your cock on my asshole and push slowly."

I did what she said and my prick forced its way into the narrow channel. Boy was it tight. I had to be careful. I was about to come already and I wanted it to last for a while. Coming felt good, but getting ready to come felt good too. Jim lifted his head and licked my balls. That didn't help things.

"Boy, is your ass tight. I'll have to go slow or I'll come to quick. I want to make it last for a while."

Anne went through the usual preliminaries, licking around the head of Jim's prick and sucking his balls. I slowly fucked my prick in and out of Anne's ass as she sucked his prick into her mouth. Jim licked her clit. We picked up speed. Jim pumped his prick in and out of her mouth and licked along her cunt. He kept right on going and licked my cock as it emerged from Anne's ass. She pushed her hips back against me. The action got faster and faster.

"I'm coming in you ass. Oh, wow! I'm ready to come. Ahhh! Ohhh!"

"You're sucking my cum out of my prick. Ohhh! Suck on it! Oooo!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; this time I deposited my load of cum in Anne's ass. Spurt, spurt, dribble; Anne siphoned Jim's load of cum into her mouth. Jim slurped up as much of her cunt juice as he could get. She sucked his shrinking prick till she vacuumed him dry. Mine shriveled too and her tight ass squeezed it out. Anne did the usual lapping and cleaning. Jim went to work on her asshole and cleaned up my cum, while I slurped what was left of his cum out of Anne's mouth. I liked my brother's cum, and from his actions, he liked mine too.

After three comes so close together my prick wasn't about to get hard right away. I needed a rest, at least my prick did. Jim needed a rest even more than I did but he didn't show it as much. I noticed his prick was starting to get hard again. The three of us were laying on the floor. Anne was gently pulling on our soft pricks and we were pushing our fingers any place we could fit them in.

I was exploring Anne's asshole and pushed my finger in so I could feel how tight the sphincter was. She didn't object but she reciprocated and pushed her finger up my ass. Wow! Was that a shocker. My prick came right to attention.

"Gee, Anne, what makes my prick get hard that quick? It feels as if you were doing something to my prick, but you're not even touching it. It's a real strange feeling but it feels good too."

"I'm not quite sure. I do know that you have a gland up there that's called your prostate. It has nerve connections to the head of your prick so that you feel any action on one of them it affects the other. I've heard that if you rub the prostate by pushing a finger, or a prick, up a man's ass, you can make him come."

Jim jumped on that.

"I want to try that. David, let me fuck you up the ass and see if I can make you cum. Please, David, Please."

Jim really was ready to try anything. I wasn't so sure that I wanted to have my ass fucked but I was curious. I'd liked everything I'd tried so far. Well, why not? Maybe Jim would let me fuck his ass too. As a matter of fact, I was sure he would let me if I let him.

"Okay, I guess so. Just take it easy. Even your prick looks pretty big to fit in my asshole."

Jim's prick was rock hard just thinking about fucking his big brother's ass. I think he liked doing things with me better than doing them with Mary and Anne. He got behind me and licked at my ass crack, then pushed some spit in my asshole. I got on my knees and he grabbed my hips and pushed his prick in. I was glad it was no bigger than it was. It hurt a little but I soon forgot that when he started to pump.

Each time he pumped his prick into my ass it felt as if someone was playing with my prick. Wow! I was ready to come. Every time Jim pumped his prick into my ass I felt closer to coming. I pushed my hips back to meet his thrusts. He pumped faster and faster.

"Ohhh! I'm going to come! This is weird. Your prick up my ass is going to make me shoot off. Oh, wow! Ahhh!"

I'm coming right along with you, brother. You tight ass feels real neat. Ohhh! Ahhh!"

Spurt, spurt, dribble; Jim shot his load of cum up my ass. At the same time spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; as my cum started to shoot out on to the floor Anne sucked my prick into her mouth so the cum wouldn't go to waste and nursed on my prick till it was soft. When Jim's prick got soft it my tight asshole forced it out and he licked up his cum.

Jim was beside himself with excitement.

"Oh, wow! I liked that. I want you to fuck me up the ass. How did it feel to come without anyone touching your prick. Oh, wow! I want to find out how it feels."

"Well, if you boys want to have sex with each other, that's fine with me, but don't leave me out right now. Besides, you don't need me around for that. I'll tell you what. Let's see if I can suck you hard again for one more go round. Lay belly to belly and I'll see if I can suck you both off at the same time."

If Anne wanted to try to do that, the two of us would go along. We got in the position she described and she got between our thighs, pulled both of our pricks down, and sucked them into her mouth. It didn't take long for us to get hard again. First Jim's prick responded then my prick jerked its way up to a hard on. Anne kept right on sucking. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, spurt, dribble, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; we rewarded Anne with the two loads of boy cum that she desired.

"I love how much cum you boys have for an old lady. I could keep this up all night but I guess you're tired by now, and your parents will be home pretty soon. I think we better quit. You boys better get in bed. We'll do this again the next Friday when I baby sit for you again. Baby sit! Boy, is that a misnomer!"

I remembered Mary.

"Uh. Oh. Well."

"Okay, David, what's the problem?"

"Well, last Saturday night Mary spied on us from the top of the stairs and she saw what we were doing together. She came to me and started asking questions about it. Before we were finished I was showing her some of the things. Now I'm sure that she'll want to join us too. She won't want to be left out."

It was Anne's turn to be startled.

"Uh. Well. Oh hell! You kids never cease to amaze me. I like having both you boys to myself but the more the merrier, I guess. I don't know why she can't get into the act. The four of us can have fun together. I never have done anything with a female but I always wanted to lap my daughter's cunt, now maybe I can try it on Mary. Now off to bed before your parents come home."

Saturday morning pop went to play golf and mom went shopping. We had the house to ourselves for a little while. Jim almost pulled me up to the bedroom so that he could find out what it was like to have his ass fucked. I think my big prick hurt him when I eased it into his tight little asshole but he didn't say a word.

(It did hurt some but it felt good too and I wasn't going to stop David. He'd let me fuck his ass. It wouldn't be fair. Jim)

After my first two pumps Jim shot off but I wasn't nearly ready yet. In a couple of more pumps Jim's cock was hard again and he shot off again as I emptied my balls into his asshole.

Jim wanted to do a sixty nine and I wanted to also, but I was afraid mom would come home and catch us. We were fully dressed and back downstairs when she called us to help with the bags.

(The boys were awfully cooperative and they didn't utter one word of complaint about having to help me unload the car. I wondered what they had been up to. Mom)