Spin The Bottle - Part 2

The next morning, I wake up kind of late. Rubbed my eyes 'cause the sunshine was hitting me on the bed and look around, I was confused, I thought that all the things that happened the night before were a dream, but then realized I was naked and in my cousin's bedroom.

Then I started to think how I was going to face my cousin after that, or how was he going to face me, after all he was the one who was fucked, not me!, so what the hell, still worried 'bout that I got up and walked over the house to find Cameron. I found him on my bedroom, sitting in a rocking chair, in front of the TV, but the TV was off. He looked serious, I reached to him and said "hi", it was more a question than a greeting. He answered back:

"Are you okay?" I asked
"Yeah I think I am"
"You are then"
"Nah, I don't believe you, say it again" now I was trying to make him laugh
"I am okay"
"Mm-mm!, doesn't works!"
"I am OK!" he yelled
"I may believe you now"
"C'mon u don't have anything to worry about, I won't leave you, you have a great ass!" This time he laugh
"Shut up fag!"
"Me fag?, excuse me!, I wasn't fucked!" I said while I was picking him up from the chair and placing my arms on his back, like hugging him but not.
"Yeah, but you sucked me so hard!" now he was almost whispering; we were embracing each other
"And I could do it again if you want"
"Shut up, you fucking faggot" he said and kissed me.

After a min or so he release me and told me he was going to take a shower, also told me if I wanted to go, but declined. Reason? I got to check my mail, lol, and then I'll go with him, but get him by surprise. At checking mail I received one with a link to a private chat room, whit friends from school, I started to chat. After a while Cameron was out the shower and I could not get with him :(. Then seeing this I logged out of the chat and went to the shower. When I finished went to my room for clothes, and went to Cam's room to get dresses in front of him, someway I wanted to show him my body, he had seen me thousand of times when getting dressed, or taking a piss or something, but never this way; you know, sexually.

When I entered to his room I saw him naked laying on the bed, I know he was inviting me to do stuff, but, me stupid!, I "innocently" asked "why are you naked?". My gosh, he turned all red and got a cover on!, seeing this, my brain finally worked, and to fix things out I leaned on the bed with my hands and said: "don't cover you up, I like to see your sexy body", then his face turned to relief, and said: "well, if you want to see my sexy body, come on and get it", without any other thing said I got on fours and start walking to him, pretending to be a bad guy, lol, I always wanted to say that!.

Looked at him in his beautiful eyes, not too close, this is not a drama, then removed the cover off him. That sent me chills down my body (I was still wet from shower so any air current could hit me hard). Then I asked him to command me; "what you want me to do?", "lick 'n suck my nipples", "what!?", "do!". I did.

Once you think about it this is hot, why?, I dunno, first, males are not supposed to be nipple-sucked, so…, got me now?

After two or three tree minutes of being sucking he told me to lick more than the nipple. I did, after a while, suddenly he chilled out, and make funny noises, this was getting me hot, having this hot body for me, then I started to lick his abs, I was very hot by now, you know I'm going to end up sticking his cock into my mouth, so I won't make it any longer. By the time I was doing this, he stopped moaning, I though I wasn't enjoying 'till he got me to stop. Confused I asked why. "I was about to cum" he said breathing loud now. At seeing his thing all wet, the idea ran in my mind. I got close to him and told him "fuck me". "wait" I said and got the lube web used last night.

I started to apply the lube on his cock, as he was just staring at me, with his cute innocent face and when I was done applying the grassy thing, I stopped and ask: "does it hurts so much?", "a little", "the truth?", "no, it hurts like hell".

"Fuck me then" I said and started to sitting down into his cock, it hurt so much but I kept quiet, past half way I ask him to stop, not to pull out, just to stop. Then continued, when he was fully in a felt a very strange pleasure, I liked it so much, like I was having some liquid inside, but he told me he has not cummed yet, so I don't know what it was. Also my cock was hard, rock-hard but I couldn't feel it, even if I'd touch it I'd not feel anything.

He tried to start to move but this hurt me so I asked him to stop. After a while of feeling his soft-but-hard-thing inside; got used, I tell him to pull out slowly. I felt this emptiness, I couldn't wait to get his stuff inside me again, he slid inside and outside once more, and kept doing this, I was in my own personal heaven, with the blue sky and everything! :), some minutes later I was really enjoying the ride, I felt my ass hot occasioned by the friction of course (what!?, it's the truth!), my climax, almost shooting, but I didn't 'cause I was waiting for my cousin' to cum inside me, then I could relief my tension, nah, the truth is that I wanted to feel his cum inside me, that's all.

Whatever, my personal hunk kept fucking me for a minute or so (more, not all!), when he started groan, I knew this was it, I felt how his cock hardened inside me, and I felt my ass stretch a little more, I felt precum also, then felt all his load, so hot & creamy and constantly moving by his fucking. I cummed right there. I told him to stay inside 'till he got fully soft, as I did with him the last night.

Then we shift position without "unplugging", to spoon style, then I got asleep, it's all I remember. After some sleep (I don't know how much did we sleep) I woke up, he was awake already, and he was playing wit' my hair. First thing I though: so cute.

Second thing I though was when he said: "I love you". I froze there, not knowing what to say, what to think, what to do. "me too" was all I made out!, without thinking.

So; that's the way I got my first fuck, after that we continued doing "stuff", he's now my boyfriend, I love him so much, I think he does the same with me, one thing I like more is that we make love.

We pretend to be straight to the people, but we are not, I like women, I don't know if Cam does, but really like them, and would like to have a kids. But that's the future, now it's my fuckin' fuck-time, and I'm not going to waste it!


Remember to wear you seatbelt for security (condoms)
& 55Mph Max! (don't be so slut!)

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