"Hellava way to spend Spring Break, Mom," Connor groaned as he absentmindedly adjusted his jock through the crotch of his white pin-striped baseball uniform"

"Well, it's gotta be done," Brandi argued" "We can't afford an around-the-clock nurse, even for a few days" And you know damn well your dad would do it for you" Her son's genital adjustment did not go unnoticed, nor did the fact that the white trousers were almost see-through" "Sorry you had to leave baseball practice early, too"

"It's not that" It's just -- how often do I have to do it"

"Every three hour -- more if his temperature spikes"

"When's Stephanie gonna get home"

"Not till the end of the week"

"So instead of rubbing tanning lotion on Girls-Gone-Wild at a luxury beach resort for ten days, I'll be giving Pop a sponge bath every three hours"

"I'll help whenever I'm home from work, you know that" It's just that I'm working and you're not" Then in a sprite-like tone, his mom added, "It's not like you have to study" After all, it's Spring Break"

"THAT was supposed to be convincing" Connor asked playfully"

"It's the best I could do on such short notice," Brandi said"

"You know, Mom, I'd rather be giving YOU the sponge bath," Connor smirked"

"Don't say such a thing..." Brandi said with mock shock after looking in the direction of the master bedroom" Then with a devilish smile she said, "You want to be known as a 'Momma's Boy'?"

With a thoughtful glance at the ceiling, Connor said, "Umm, no, I'd rather be known as a 'Momma's toy"

Slapping Connor on his ass cheek, Brandi said, "What, and deprive your dad of his favorite plaything" A mind's eye vision of her son stripped to just his jock and his cleats with a bat resting casually on his right shoulder flashed through her mind, causing her panties to get just a little humid"

"Stephanie's his favorite and you know it," Connor said, pretending to pout"

Both Connor and Brandi knew there were no "favorites" when it came to the kids" From the time the kids were able to walk, Brandi and her husband Brandon had treated them equally" In fact, if Brandi bought Stephanie something, she'd phone Brandon to pick up a surprise gift of equal value for Connor" Of course, it worked the other way around, too" Lines of communication were always kept open and guilt-free between the four of them". Because they were so open with each other, one or the other of them always knew what the kids wanted, so there were never any gift return issues" Also, because of such open dialogue when the kids were younger, Brandi and Connor could banter playfully like they were doing, without hurting each other's feelings" As Connor thought about the upcoming Spring Break ordeal, he realized his dad's fever wasn't the same as a present, but Connor knew he'd be sharing equally the experience with his sister, so it was similar in nature" Just like when they were growing up, they each got an equal share of housework, yard work or clean-up duty behind the family pet" That's when another thought occurred to Connor"

"He's not gonna puke, is he?" You know I don't handle puke real well" If he starts, I'll start"

"I know, and I'm pretty sure he won't. He hasn't so far." But if he does, you'll just have to puke right along with him" It'll be one of those bonding things you two are always goin' on about"

"That's hardly considered bonding, Mother," Connor said"

"Oh really" Well it sure sounded like you and your college buddy were bonding the other night when you two were bragging about drinking until you both puked"

"That's not the same thing," Connor admonished" Then in a more serious tone, he said, "And I'll never do THAT again" God... I've never felt that bad in all my life"

"Well, that's how you're dad's feeling right now, so you've gotta help him out" Okay"

"Yeah, that's not a problem" You know I was just kidding about Spring Break"

"I know" Besides, while he's getting his strength back, you'll be able to watch back-to-back March Madness games together" Connor's expression brightened" From the time he was eight or so, Connor loved watching basketball with his dad -- any sport, actually" A quick flash of memory went through his head -- one where he was sitting in his dad's lap during the game" As he got older -- and too heavy to sit there -- he would sit on the floor as close to his dad's chair as he could so they could high-five whenever appropriate" "And there will be other Spring Breaks," Connor said trying to convince his mom he was okay with sponge bathing his dad"

"That's my boy," Brandi said, encouragingly" Connor kissed his mom on the cheek and said, "Boy toy not a momma's boy and don't you forget it" Now go on to work, I'll take care of Pop" As she headed out the door, she turned, smiled and said, "Save some for me"

"The left one's always saved for you, Mom," Connor said with a mischievous chuckle and a deliberate crotch grope" "Get it" The left one" The one that's left"

After Brandi drove away, Connor went in to check on his Dad" Brandon was lying on the bed with a spring sheet over him" Usually Brandi and Brandon slept on flannel sheets until late April because they were warmer" But, since they were too hot for Brandon's fever, Brandi pulled out the cotton sheets a month early" The flannel sheets, Connor recalled, were softer and in his mind's eye, they clung to the contours of the body better" Even though the cotton sheet was stiffer, he could still make out the vague outline of his dad's hard-on underneath it" Pop must be having a good dream, Connor thought" Moving stealthily to his dad's side of the bed, he checked to see if Brandon was asleep"

"Pop" Connor whispered" Getting no response, Connor touched the underside of his wrist to his dad's forehead" You're burning up, Connor thought" I better stay in here with Pop instead of listening for him from the living room" Looking around the room, he realized there was nowhere to sit except on the bed" Scrutinizing the room for possibilities, he decided to do some rearranging" Although Connor wasn't muscle-bound, he wasn't a weakling either" Between his powerful 'runner's' thighs and his upper body strength he was able to lift the small four-drawer chest, without emptying it first, and move it closer to the dresser" Then he shifted his mother's vanity table, mirror and stool into one corner" She never uses this thing, he thought, it's just for show and nothing more than a dust catcher" After checking to insure Brandon was still sleeping, Connor carried a small accent table out of the room" When he returned, he wrestled a small rocker recliner from the living room through the bedroom door" Even the wood-on-wood clunking noises, as the rocker panel hit the door frame, didn't seem to disturb Brandon" It's not heavy, Connor thought; it's just bulky and awkward" Setting it beside the bed, close to his dad, Connor angled it to face the TV that was on the dresser but where he could easily keep an eye on Brandon, too" Sitting down and flipping the footrest into the recline position, Connor took a deep breath" Surveying the room again, he thought, It won't win any Good Housekeeping awards for interior design but under the circumstances, it's functional" Then, looking at the blank screen of the TV he began to recall the first night he'd spent in the middle of their king-sized bed, nestled between his mother and father, watching a porno video" Connor closed his eyes and, like a movie being shown on the inside of his eyelids, his recollections began with the storm that was raging outside" Like he was living an out-of-body experience, he vividly saw himself lying on his belly in front of the family room TV watching cartoons" He was wearing just the bottoms of his Yu Gi Oh pajamas and in his mind's eye, he saw his naked upper torso" God, I was a skinny kid, he thought" He knew, at age thirteen, he was too old for cartoons but on stormy nights, they comforted him" Stephanie, Connor's older sister, was at a slumber party at her girlfriend's house" His mom and dad, Brandi and Brandon, were in their bedroom" Connor knew they were doing 'the grown-up thing"' Although sex was most often referred to in euphemisms, sex was openly and appropriately discussed with the kids whenever they showed an interest or had a question, so it wasn't a totally foreign concept" Connor, however, had never actually experienced sex—not with someone else, anyway" He had gotten a lot of conflicting information on the playground in grade school so by the time he became a freshman in junior high, he was really confused" But with the storm outside and the cartoons on TV, sex was the farthest thing from his mind" Just as Connor picked up the remote to turn up the sound, the screen flashed into a snowy black and white field" The screen's still lit so the electricity is still on" The TV tower must have been knocked out, Connor thought" Hurricane-force winds whipped the tree branches against the roof and sides of the house, causing scratching noises like predatory beasts of the night" The breeze whistled through the eaves troughs, creating ghostly moaning sounds" Since there was no longer anything to distract young Connor's mind from the sound of the fury going on outside, he began to worry" Without thinking, Connor raced to his parents' bedroom" The door was ajar, as usual, but it was almost closed" Even so, the noises outside caused Connor to forget the 'privacy protocol' of a courtesy knock on the door before he barged in" Seeing his parents snuggling with their backs against the headboard simply confirmed -- in his young mind -- that it was okay to barge in" Brandi had on a long T-shirt type nightgown" Brandon was wearing his boxers" If the kids happened to see them naked, that was okay with the two of them" However, complete nudity was not something either of them wanted to force the kids to endure for no reason at all" That's why they almost always had some kind of modesty clothing on—even when they were planning to do the "grown-up thing," as Connor referred to it"

"The TV went out," Connor whined" Then turning to look at his folks' TV he saw they had a picture" "Hey, how come yours is working"

"We're watching a video" Brandon said searching among the folds of the bed sheet for the remote control" Hampering his effort was young Connor crawling in bed, trying to nudge his way between them" He had been doing this sort of thing since he was first able to walk, so it was a natural reaction -- especially during a storm" Brandon smiled woefully at Brandi as he unsuccessfully searched for the wand" One scene had just ended and Brandon knew a particularly graphic scene was coming up -- once the obligatory "Nice to meet you," scene ended"

"Whatcha watchin'" Connor asked nonchalantly"

"A grown-up movie," Brandi said in a quiet mom voice"

"Can I watch" Connor asked, tilting his head up and backward to look pleadingly first at his mom, then at his dad"

"Where's the damn remote" Brandon asked a little too urgently"

"Please" Connor asked, looking at the TV" Two women were sitting on a sofa talking" The volume was so low Connor couldn't hear what they were saying" Brandon started to get up to turn off the TV but Brandi grabbed his arm" She said, "It's either this or the Birds and the Bees speech sometime in the near future" Brandon looked at the TV, then at Connor and back to the TV"

"Son, uh -- there's some stuff on this video that's gonna, uh -- look strange to you" So -- uh -- if you have any questions -- uh ..." Brandon looked at Brandi and smirked" "... your mother will answer 'em"

"Chicken," Brandi said, playfully, slugging Brandon on his triceps as he sat back down on the bed next to his son" On screen, the two women began to undress each other" To Connor, it looked kind of like the over-acting used in stage plays instead of the kind of reality acting you see on regular TV shows"

"You've seen your sister naked before," Brandon said trying to lessen the shock value of what he was about to see, "when you two were younger, so this isn't gonna be anything new to you"

"But what these two girls are gonna do, is something I don't think you've ever seen before," Brandi said" "Not all girls do it but a lot of them do -- they just don't do it all the time" Connor was wide-eyed as the tits came into view"

"It that what Stephanie's chest looks like now" Connor asked"

"Not quite that big," Brandi said, "but she's only fifteen" She might get bigger up top" Maybe not" The three of them watched as the girls slid their skimpy undies down their thighs, revealing their shaved pussies" One had left a little round tuft of hair right at the top of her slit like she was "dotting the i"

"That's what I remember Stephanie looking like," Connor said matter-of-factly while pointing to the lady with the bald pussy" Brandon looked at Connor whose attention was glued to the TV and thought, This really isn't a bad way to teach a kid about sex" It eliminates a lot of graphic dialogue that can be confusing to someone who's never experienced sex before" It's almost like a 'How To' video"" The girls on TV crawled onto the sofa, slid easily into the 69 position and began eating each other"

"I thought guys were supposed to -- you know -- put their thingy in there," Connor said" "That's what Starvin' Marvin at school said"

"They do," Brandi said, but girls will sometimes do this sort of thing when guys aren't around to kinda help each other out"

"But sometimes, they do it when guys are around, because guys like to watch 'em doin' it," Brandon said"

"Like we're doin' now, huh" Connor said"

"Yeah," Brandon said, pleased that Connor was getting a lot more educational value out of the video experience than he thought he would"

"Do you and Stephanie do it" Connor asked, looking at his mom"

"No," Brandi said calmly, even though she was taken aback by the thought"

"Why not"

"Because -- uh ..."

"Yeah, why not," Brandon asked lasciviously, knowing he was not helping at all"

"There are laws against mommies having sex with their children" It's called incest"

"I know that word," Connor said" "Starvin' Marvin says it's a bunch of hooey -- that adults only tell you that, so they don't have to answer a bunch of questions"

"No, Son, the laws are real," Brandi warned"

"They can't be," Connor argued" "Starvin' Marvin says he eats his mother all the time -- and his sister, too"

"Who is this Starvin' Marvin you keep referring to" Brandi asked" At the same time Brandi was talking, Brandon was asking, "Why do you call him Starvin' Marvin"

"'Cuz he'll eat anything" You could put a maggot sandwich in front of him and he'd eat it" Some of the guys said he's even eaten -- uh -- the teacher, too" His slight hesitation was because he decided not to tell his parents the teacher was a man" He'd heard on the playground that you didn't talk to other people about things like that" "But he told us guys not to tell or he'd get in trouble -- so don't tell anyone, okay" Connor asked pleadingly" On screen, the camera panned to the front door" One of the girls got off the sofa, walked over and opened it" Two policemen were standing outside" The blond girl had a fake look of horror on her face" The cops looked at the two nude women and then smirked at each other" Pointing to the TV, Connor agonized, "See... Those girls got in trouble"

"Not the kind of trouble you think," Brandon said" "Did you say Marvin ate his sister and his mom"

"Uh huh, but he told me not to tell" Please don't tell him I told you"

"That's not the problem," Brandi said as the actors onscreen continued their charade" She knew that in about five minutes the cops would be naked and there would be a lot more questions to answer" "Telling your dad and me about things like this is okay because ..."

"We are understanding parents" Brandon said, helping Brandi out" "We're more liberal than a lot of parents" But if you told a teacher or if one of your buddies told their parents, Marvin might get in trouble"

"His parent, too," Brandi said "They might even -- no, they would definitely take Marvin away"

"More than likely, Marvin's mom and dad would go to prison and he'd be put in a foster home," Brandon added"

"Why" Connor agonized" "They're not makin' him do it" He likes it..."

"Even so, the courts will say he's too young to make those kinds of decisions for himself," Brandon said"

"So, you're saying I'm too young to watch this," Connor said, pointing at the TV, "and make up my own mind whether I like it or not"

"Pretty much," Brandi said comfortingly" "There are prosecutors, juries and judges out there who don't think you're mature enough to know the difference between right and wrong" We could get in trouble for showing it to you"

"That's crap..." Connor said" "I know what I like... I know what shows stink... I know I hate that car dealership commercial where the guy yells all the time" And I know what's scary and what's not" Then he got wide-eyed again as he looked at the screen" "Now that's scary..." Brandi and Brandon agreed that the cock protruding straight out from beneath the cops shirttail was freaky scary" It was almost eleven inches long and so fat the cop's fingertips barely touched"

"Is yours that big, Pop"

"No," Brandon said wistfully"

"Almost," Brandi said" "Daddy's is more that size" She pointed as the second cop dropped his trousers" He wasn't wearing underpants"

"Wow..." Connor said" Then after checking out the video for a couple of seconds he said, "Really"

"Well, maybe on a good day, I might get that big"

"Can I see" Connor asked excitedly"

"Son, uh -- watching the video is one thing, but ..."

"Brandon," Brandi said, raising her eyebrows to imply it was either that or the speech"

"Maybe later," Brandon said as the girls got on their knees in front of the two cops" "Where's that damned remote"

"Under my butt," Connor said impishly"

"What" You've known where it was all along" Brandon exclaimed" "Give it to me"

"Show me your peter," Connor grinned" He liked using the grown up word instead of "thingy" or "pee pee"

"Go on," Brandi encouraged" 'It's not like he's never seen one before," glancing back to the two cocks on TV to emphasize her point"

"But I've got -- a ..." and he raised his eyebrows"

"So have they," Brandi argued, waving an upturned palm toward the TV"

"C'mon, Pop" I'll show you mine" Connor started pulling his pajama bottoms off but they kept catching in the folds of the sheet" He climbed into a kneeling position facing his folks and pulled the waistband down to his thighs" His hard-on poked his white briefs out obscenely" He snagged his thumbs under the waistband of his tight-whites and pulled down" Just then, the electricity went out and the TV flashed into darkness, leaving the trio to see residual light where there was none" Even so, Brandi and Brandon could see the lingering image -- like the negative of an old photograph -- of their young son's cock sticking straight out from his crotch like a phantom compass needle"

"Don't move, either of you," Brandon said" "Let your eyes get adjusted first" We don't want to compound the situation by someone having an accident" There's a flashlight in your nightstand," Brandi said calmly" "Give it to me and I'll go light some candles" Brandon blindly rummaged through the drawer until he felt the familiar cylindrical tube shape of the flashlight" Flicking the switch, he handed it to Brandi"

"They're candles in the bathroom" I'll get 'em" As she shone the light in front of her she heard a rustling sound on the bed"

"What the fuck..." Brandon shouted"

"If you won't let me see it, let me at least feel it," Connor said"

"Hey, hey, hey," Brandon said as he giggled a little, "What are you doing"

"C'mon, get undressed" We can't watch TV so let's make our own movie"

"We don't have electricity to run the camcorder," Brandon said, successfully deterring his son from pantsing him of his boxers" "Besides, you can't film in the dark" Brandi returned with a lighted candle and set it in front of the mirror over the dresser" The reflected light brightened the room into a cozy setting" Brandon thought, It would be perfect for lovemaking—if Connor weren't in the room" "Since the lights are out, how about if you go to bed" As his eyes adjusted to the dim light, Brandon saw Connor had stripped naked and was kneeling on the bed facing him" His thirteen-year-old son had a four-inch erection pointing up at his navel"

"Okay," Connor said" Then, he bounced toward the head of the bed and began pulling down the covers"

"Oh no you don't" Not here" Not tonight" Mommy and I ..." As if by magic -- or Connor's sheer willpower -- a flash of lightening was quickly followed by a menacing rumble of thunder" Instinctively, Connor turned, reached around Brandon's neck and clutched him tightly" Brandon, just as instinctively, embraced his son protectively, feeling Connor's hard little cock press against his naked side" Automatically, Brandon began to count the seconds between the lightning and the thunder before he said, "That was less than a mile away" Just then, the electricity came back on and because the VCR had automatically turned itself off, the TV warmed up into a blue screen"

"Oh goody, we can watch some more," Connor said, releasing his dad, grabbing the remote and pressing the 'play' button" The two women were sucking the cops' cocks" The first girl was doing a half-hearted job of sucking the bigger cock but the other girl was doing a fairly good job of sucking the smaller (although quite large) cock" Brandon knew it was a device used by directors to make the first girl look really good when she finally got around to deep-throating the really hung guy" To Connor, however, it was hot, forbidden and grown-up "action" Oh, god, I could use a blowjob right now, Brandon thought" I've got to get him back in his own bed" "Do you do that, Mom" Connor asked"

"What your dad and I do in bed is none of your business," Brandi said with a smile at Brandon"

"Oh, I get it," Brandon said" "It's okay for me to reveal everything about myself to my son but when it comes to talking about you, everything is off limits"

"Does she, Pop"

"Yeah, she does," Brandon said with a wicked smile" "Better'n those girls on TV"

"Do it Mommy, let me see you suck Pop"

"Connor, that's not something ..."

"Is that incest, too" Will you get in trouble"

"No it's not incest" It's, uh -- private"

"It's just that your mom didn't realize when she insisted it was okay to let you watch the video that you'd want a live demonstration" Now she wants to back out of the deal"

"Why, Mommy" Connor whined in that tone he used that always got positive results"

"Why Mommy" Brandon whined in a similar tone to his son's" Brandi smiled"

"I'll call your bluff" Show Connor your dick and I'll blow ya"

"Yea..." Connor shouted thinking he was going to get both of his wishes"

"You don't think I'll do it, do you" Brandon challenged"

"You don't even pee in a public restroom if you can help it"

"That's different..."

"C'mon," Connor whined, bouncing around on the bed, his little hard-on slapping against his belly"

"Help me get these off, son" We'll show Mommy who's afraid and who's not" Connor impatiently grabbed the hem of his dad's boxers and yanked hard just as Brandon lifted his ass" The results were such that Connor lost his balance, lost his grip on the boxers and ended up rolling head over heels off the end of the bed" As luck would have it, he landed on his feet" Like a gymnast at the end of his routine, Connor "clicked" his heels together, threw both arms up in the air and shouted, "Ta da..." It had been a few years since Brandi had seen him totally naked so she took the opportunity to admire her son's teen development" He had lost those little rolls of baby fat here and there which resulted in the beginnings of an adorable little six pack abs" She saw he had a slight bit of muscle definition in his biceps and his thigh muscles were beginning to bulge slightly, too" And his little acorn appears to be growing into a mighty oak, she thought" Laughing, Brandon pulled his boxers the rest of the way off" Then he threw them at Connor's impish face" The waistband slipped over Connor's head and as he tried to pull it off, one leg hole slipped down over his head until he was wearing his dad's boxers like a necklace" Looking down at it, Connor smiled and left it there" He walked around, stood beside the bed and looked into his dad's lap with a quizzical expression"

"What" Brandon asked"

"You said it was as big as the guy on TV"

"Well, son, I've gone soft" I meant it's that big when it's hard"

"Will mine get big"

"More than likely," Brandon said" "Every once in a while you find a guy who doesn't grow properly but from the looks of things goin' on between your legs, you're gonna do okay" Connor followed his father's stare back to his own crotch" "Ya think"

"You're doing fine, there, son," Brandi said, admiring her son's thirteen-year-old four-inch erection"

"So get it hard," Connor said excitedly"

"Allow me," Brandi said" She gripped Brandon's soft cock and began jacking it" Immediately, it began to plump" After about six strokes, it was engorged to its full ten-inch length"

"Wow," Connor said, looking first at his dad and then at his own cock"

"Suck it, Mom"

"Yeah, blow me, Mom," Brandon said, mimicking his son"

"Show your son how it's done when it's done right"

"You know I can't resist this once it's hard"

"Ummm," Brandon moaned, hunching his hips into her fist"

"Promise me you'll ..."

"Yeah, yeah, I know" On your tits" Connor was amazed as he saw his mother engulf his dad's cock effortlessly" It went in and in and in until her nose was in his pubic hair" "Oh, man..." Connor kept repeating as he watched" Nothing got past his scrutiny" He saw the look of lust in his mother's eyes as she looked up into her husband's face" He also saw her make gulping motions when it was all the way down her throat" Then he saw the outline of his dad's bulbous cockhead moving up and down inside her throat" Realizing he had been holding his breath, Connor exhaled quickly and inhaled deeply through his nose" The pungent day-long crotch odor his father had sweated out wafted up from the boxers hanging around his neck" He wasn't accustomed to such a manly aroma and it nearly caused him to faint" Instinctively, Connor grabbed his cock and immediately came back to life" Brandon thought, This is so fuckin' perverse... My son is standing here watching... But I swear, no blowjob has ever felt this good"

Brandi released Brandon's cock and tickled the underside with her tongue" She pointed her tongue and speared the piss slit" She flattened her tongue and ran it around the sensitive perimeter of the crown" Then she engulfed it again" She began fondling Brandon's ball sack with her left hand while she ran her right hand up his chest to tweak his right nipple" Brandon flinched from the dual pressures -- balls and tit" "Unngh" The maneuver was not lost on Connor who was mentally storing all this action away into the 'jerk-off' file of his memory banks" Brandi pulled her T-shirt up until her tits were exposed" In the heat of passion, she forgot she was also revealing to her thirteen-year-old son, her trimmed but hairy bush" Connor stared in fascination at his mother, not knowing where to look first or where to linger" Her bush captivated his attention and her tits were perky but pendulous"

"Unngh," Brandon moaned more urgently—a sound Connor was very familiar with from his own jack-off experience" He knew his dad was close to cumming" In Connor's instant replay mode, he remembered seeing his father shoot eight healthy globs of sperm onto his mom's bare tits before his mother rubbed the jism in like body lotion"

"Unngh," his dad moaned, wrenching Connor back to the present from his adolescent reverie" As he stood to check on his feverish dad, Connor's hard-on poked itself through the fly of his boxers" I gotta admit, Connor thought, Pop did good by me in the dick department" Last I knew, we were the same size" "Pop" You awake" "Unngh," Brandon moaned as he twisted on the bed, sweating profusely"

"Ready for another sponge bath, Pop"

"Unngh" Connor raced to the bathroom but returned more slowly with a plastic tub filled with sloshing water"

"I hope a wet washcloth will do" I couldn't find a sponge" Connor began at his father's forehead and face, then wiped down his chest, rinsing the cloth several times" He was surprised at how cool the cloth was when he rinsed it and how warm it was after being in contact with his dad" Connor threw off the sheet and began wiping Brandon's abdomen, crotch, thighs, calves and feet" Brandi had told him to keep the sheet over his dad so it could help absorb the fever-induced sweat and help keep him cooler" I'm pretty sure she means it's okay to take it off when I'm giving him a sponge bath" I sure hope so" I don't want to do anything wrong that will make Pop sicker" "Your crotch was pretty pungent there, Pop" Want me to do it again"

"Unngh" Connor cleaned the area again, this time gingerly lifting his dad's cock out of the way with thumb and one finger, cleaning under his balls and even running the cloth through the crack of his ass—or what he could reach of it with Brandon lying on his back" Then, remembering at the last minute, he rinsed the cloth again before he washed his dad's armpits"

"Can't have you smelling up the house, Pop"


"You gotta get better, Pop," Connor said with a slight hitch in his voice" Then, almost tearfully, he said, "I don't know what I'd do without you, Pop" Honest" Of all the people in the world, I love you most -- even more than Mom" I know you don't believe that, but it's the truth" So c'mon, Pop, get well" Okay" Brandon didn't say anything" I guess he's asleep, Connor thought" The bath wasn't exhausting but his emotions were taking their toll, so after laying the sheet back over his dad, Connor reclined in the rocker again" Closing his eyes, he recalled the first time he had touched his dad intimately" On the night of that first video, a spasm went through Connor just as his father started shooting his eight-shot load" Connor knew it would only take two strokes and he'd shoot his own load" He'd been horned-up far too long without touching himself -- for a teen, anyway" He had watched while his mom had given his dad a blowjob" While she was rubbing the jism all over her tits, Connor had stepped closer to the side of the bed so they couldn't see what he was doing, and he shot his load on the facing edge of the mattress" Connor's moans had been drowned out by those of his parents" His actions had gone unnoticed as the three of them reacted to Brandon's super-charged orgasm" Soon after he'd cum, Connor began to get drowsy" It was almost like conditioning because it was the last thing he did every night" Since the storm was still raging outside, he thoughtlessly crawled into his folk's bed and snuggled in for the night" Sunshine piercing the thin skin of his eyelids woke up Connor" He could hear bacon sizzling as it was frying" He could tell by the aroma that it was on the stovetop" Not microwave, Connor thought, Mom doesn't like it micro-waved" Boy, am I hungry... His dad was next to him, snoring intermittently and Connor rolled his head in his dad's direction" Then the events of the previous night flashed through his mind" He shot an instant boner" I wonder if Pop has one, Connor thought" He eased himself under the sheet for a close-up look" Wow, it really IS big" It's huge" Instinctively, Connor wrapped his hand around his dad's cock -- almost all the way around, anyway" In the dim light under the sheet, he saw the fat ridge of his dad's helmet head" He lightly eased his hand upward until it touched the flange of the cock head"

"Unngh," Brandon moaned" That was enough to scare Connor so he bounded out of bed, ran to his room and jacked off feverishly" It was a very satisfying cum because he was visualizing his mom giving his dad a blowjob but this time, he knew what his dad's cock felt like, too -- long -- and fat -- and warm" From the kitchen, Brandi called, "C'mon boys, it's time for breakfast" Brandon, in the meantime, had stumbled into the bathroom with his cock tenting his shorts" I'll brush my teeth while I'm waiting for this to go down" "Dad, I've gotta pee really bad," Connor said as he walked in and saw his dad brushing his teeth" I wonder why I always have to pee after I cum, Connor thought"

"So pee," Brandon said matter-of-factly" Glancing at his son's cock, he saw a dew drop of cum clinging to his piss slit and smiled" Always have to pee after I cum, Brandon thought, -- to clean out the pipes" If I don't, the piss slit sticks together and when I DO pee, it's like skinning my cock alive" "But you're in here"

"I saw your dick last night, remember" You don't have to be shy"

"You either..." Connor said assertively" "You've got nothing to be ashamed of"

"Oh fuck" It really did happen, didn't it" Brandon groaned"

"What" Connor asked, freaking over the thought that his dad might have felt him gripping his cock, earlier"

"You watched your mom -- me -- us ..."

"Don't forget the video," Connor said impishly as his urine flow started to make splashing noises"

"I see you're up," Brandi said as she walked in the bathroom and patted Brandon's boxer-covered cock playfully"

"It'll go down in a minute," Brandon said, dropping his glance to his crotch"

"Mom..." Connor whined as his pee flow stopped" "Connor, I've seen you pee before, so don't hurt yourself" Relax and let it flow" Then, sliding her hand inside the fly of Brandon's boxers, she gripped his morning wood" "Not if I have anything to say about it" Brandon looked over at Connor who saw their reflection in the mirror and was conspicuously watching what his mom was doing"

"Honey, breakfast is gonna get cold" Brandon said, not wanting to make it a habit of having sex in front of his son"

"Yeah, I guess you're right" Besides, these leftovers always taste better after being warmed up in the oven," Brandi said, squeezing her husband's erection painfully hard" Brandon knew Brandi liked to suck his cock just after he had fucked her—or what she referred to as 'fresh out of the oven"' Connor however, had a quizzical look on his face—knowing something was being said that was 'over his head"' "Yeah, let's eat," Connor said, racing toward the kitchen" Once he was gone, Brandi said in a seductive voice, "Yeah, let's eat"

"As soon as we're done with breakfast," Brandon said, just as seductively" As they walked toward the kitchen, both Brandon and Brandi were thinking similar thoughts" How did we let things get so out of control last night" How could we have actually had sex in front of our son" What kind of parents are we, anyhow" It must have been because we were already horned up ... before Connor barged in ... just thinking about watching the porno" Still, that's no excuse" When they got there, they saw Brandon waiting impatiently" Brandi served up the meal and Connor cleaned up the dishes after they were done eating" Shortly after breakfast, Stephanie returned from her slumber party and, like most teen girls, she avoided as many questions as she could" By early afternoon, Brandi heard her two children in one of their typical quarrels"

"Runt's being a pain, again," Stephanie complained"

"Well," Brandi said, "get over it -- and stop calling him 'Runt'"

"He's acting like he's keeping a secret," Stephanie whined"

"So what if he is" Brandon asked" "I'm sure you've kept secrets from him"

"But he's trying to rub it in" I don't care if he has a stupid secret -- he just doesn't have to make such a big deal of it"

"Connor, play nice," Brandon said"

"Stephanie, can you take Connor to that action movie he wants to see"

"Awh, do I have to" It's all fake anyway..."

"All movies are fake," Brandi said" In retrospection, Connor recalled Stephanie had taken him to the movie and he was pretty sure that while they were gone, his folks did the "grown-up thing" again" It was almost seven months later, however, before Connor worked up the nerve to ask his folks to let him watch another porno video with them" It wasn't that he was scared to ask" It was just that every day after that it got harder and harder to just pick up where they had left off" He had also turned fourteen and his interest in girls had blossomed" Connor was jacking off more often and the amount of cum he was squirting was increasing as well as becoming more syrupy" What used to be thin and watery was now thick and creamy—more like the load his dad had spurted on his mom's tits" But with each passing day, Connor felt his window of opportunity, as he referred to it, was getting foggier" He knew the window was there, he just couldn't see himself ever looking through it again and seeing his folks making love—because of the haze" Even while Connor agonized over not having an opportunity, his mom and dad gradually became more open about discussing sex in front of him and more demonstrative about groping each other" Even so, he felt they were becoming more secretive about when they were going to engage in the actual "grown-up thing" Stephanie, two years older than Connor was already dating and Connor was beginning to seriously consider it" Because Brandon and Brandi talked boldly about sexual topics, Stephanie considered that to be a blanket approval to be more daring, so she began to cuss—occasionally" For the most part it consisted of "shit," "hell" and "damn" but, to her, it was a bold move" Then one day "fuck" escaped her lips" She was surprised when the only thing her dad said was, "That kind of language doesn't leave this house" At first, she thought she was grounded but" when nothing more was said, she realized he meant for her not to cuss outside the house -- or around others" So, it came as no surprise when Brandon and Brandi heard Stephanie calling her brother to dinner one Saturday, using a threatening tone"

"Runt," Stephanie called out from the kitchen, "Dinner"

"Be right there," Connor shouted from behind the closed and locked bathroom door"

"Before or after you clean up your mess"

"What mess"

"The mess you just shot all over the sink" For a moment, Connor felt his heart stop" He got lightheaded and the bathroom began to spin" He foolishly looked around for a hidden camera"

"Hurry up" I'm not gonna tell you again" Stephanie shouted like she was his mother rather than his sister" Connor flushed the toilet, hoping he could convince everyone he had been taking a dump" Then he ran water in the sink where he had just shot his latest load and wiped it dry with a facecloth" When he walked in the kitchen, Stephanie asked, "Did you wash your hands"

"Yes," Connor whined" Turning to his father, Connor groaned, "Make her stop"

"You stop, I'll stop," Stephanie countered"

"Don't pick on your brother," Brandon said none too convincingly"

"Dad," Stephanie complained, "he's trying to get the sink pregnant and I have to brush my teeth in that sink" Brandon looked at Brandi who nodded her head in silent consent" Then he looked at his daughter skeptically" The kids could never figure out how their parents could communicate so effectively without talking"

"What" Stephanie said, clueless"

"Do you really want to complain about brushing your teeth in the sink that Connor jacks off in"

"Yeah," Stephanie said with a challenge in her tone" "It's gross to go in there and have to think about Runt doing his -- his -- thing" In a leading-question tone of voice, Brandon asked, "Remember what we talked about two years ago -- your mom and me -- and you" Stephanie's expression changed to one of confusion, wondering to which of many he could be referring "

"... when you started dating uh -- what was his name -- Wendell"

"Marshall," Stephanie corrected"

"Didn't you come to us and ask us ..."

"Dad..." Stephanie shouted, mortified that her father would reveal in front of her younger brother what they had discussed"

"... if it was safer to take the pill or give a guy a blowjob" Stephanie blushed" Connor smiled wickedly"

"Dad... Runt's sitting right here..."

"He's the same age you were when you wanted to know about blowjobs, what's the big deal"

"But he's Runt... He doesn't need to know I give my boyfriends blowjobs..."

"You're right, he doesn't" In fact, neither do we," Brandon said, swinging his thumb back and forth between Brandi and himself" "It's nice of you to share that information with us but, as I recall, your mom and I left the decision up to you" When you went on the pill, I just figured you decided on birth control" Connor grinned, knowing his sister had just ratted herself out" Brandi said, "So, if you're already giving guys blowjobs, what's so nasty about brushing your teeth in a sink that Connor's shot his load into"

"Mom," Stephanie whined, "he's Runt... He's my brother" I don't want to -- to ..."

"First of all," Brandon said, "he's no longer a runt" He's growing into a good-sized young man, so I want you to start respecting him a little more" Second, I want you to help him out with any questions he has about sex and dating"

"Dad, that's gross... Besides, that's your job"

"As you have tried to explain on numerous occasions," Brandi said, "dating is different from when your dad and I dated -- as you refer to it -- during the Dark Ages"

"And you've been dating," Brandon said" "You know what guys want and how girls react to what guys want" Don't you think you could make his dating life easier if you gave him a few pointers"

"Wouldn't it be nice to have the coolest kid in school as your brother" Brandi asked encouragingly"

"But he's not the coolest" Stephanie said the last word like it was some archaic fossil of a foreign language"

"He could be if you taught him what works and what doesn't" I mean, you have an enormous advantage because you also know what guys are saying about other guys" You can warn Connor about how guys expect him to act, too"

"Oh my god, Mom" Do you know what you're asking of me" I mean, the next thing you know, he'll want to double date with me"

"No he won't," Brandi said" "But even if he did, it wouldn't be the end of your life" The dinner discussion continued until Stephanie reluctantly agreed to "tutor" her brother"

"But I'm not gonna talk to him about sex" That's just too gross..."

"Don't worry about that" That's our job," Brandon said" "You came to us when you had questions"

"And you still can," Brandi interrupted"

"... and we expect Connor to come to us, too," Brandon finished" Connor's expression, somewhat grim during the earlier dinner table discussion, brightened as he saw the 'fog' lift from his window of opportunity"

"Well, it's not gonna be tonight" I've got a date," Stephanie said resolutely"

"As soon as you two finish the dishes, you can go out," Brandi said"

"We're gonna get out of your way," Brandon said, getting up from the table and extending a hand to help Brandi up" As soon as they left the room, Connor said, "They're gonna do the 'grown-up thing'" He handed the plates to his sister"

"They're gonna fuck..." Stephanie said, stacking the plates in the dishwasher" Connor's eyes widened in surprise but he grabbed the empty milk glasses, one in each hand, and took them over to his sister" He could have handled more but he wanted to prolong the conversation about sex"

"That's what it's called," Stephanie argued, even though Connor hadn't challenged her" "Dad said it was okay for me to cuss in the house" She put the glasses in the dishwasher while Connor retrieved the two coffee cups his parents had used"

"Think Mom will blow him" Connor asked"

"They don't do stuff like that..."

"They do, too"

"No they don't" They're too old-fashioned" Hell, they just about had a heart attack when I brought it up a couple of years ago"

"Do, too," Connor said antagonistically"

"In your dreams, Runt," Stephanie said dismissively"

"I've gotta get ready for my date" You can finish loading this"

"They do, too," Connor mumbled as Stephanie turned to leave" "I've seen 'em do it" Stephanie stopped suddenly, turned and said, "You have not and if you say it again, I'm gonna tell Daddy your telling lies"

"But I have seen Mom blow him" I was this close to 'em" Connor said pinching his thumb and forefinger to within an inch of each other"

"You're going to Hell for lying, Connor"

"Cross my heart," Connor said, drawing the sign on his chest with his index finger"

"When I get back from my date, I'm telling Daddy," Stephanie said venomously"

"Okay" Connor said, "I'll be in bed with 'em, waiting up for you" Don't be late"

"Yeah, like you can stay awake that long"

"I can if we're watching porno," Connor argued"

"They're not gonna let you watch porno... Not even if they wanted to be left alone, they wouldn't..."

"I've watched porno with 'em before"

"Now you're really going to Hell for lying..." Stephanie squealed uncontrollably" Stomping off to her room, she shouted threateningly, "As soon as I get home, Runt... As soon as I get home" Although his sister didn't see it, Connor smiled wickedly" He finished loading the dishwasher and was heading to his parent's room when he heard Stephanie yell, "I'm gone..." Then the front door slammed shut" Seeing the bedroom door was only slightly ajar, Connor wondered if he should be polite and knock or if he should barge in like the last time—not giving his parents a chance to say "no" Then he thought, Maybe they're already doing it" Maybe I should peek in" Maybe I'll see something new" They said I could talk to them any time ... "Hi, whatcha doin'" Connor said strolling in like it was the most natural thing in the world to do" Brandon raised his head from his wife's crotch" He rolled his eyes, scowled and said, "I'm looking for my car keys, Whaddya think I'm doing" Brandi lowered the hem of her nightgown over her crotch"

"I thought you were doing what those two ladies were doing in the video we watched"

"Okay, I was," Brandon said, "but why are you here"

"Stephanie's gonna tell you I told her a lie but I didn't"

"Then why would she say you did" Brandon asked" Connor assumed a bashful posture" "I forgot and told her about our secret"

"Our secret" Brandon asked wondering to which, of many, Connor might be alluding" Climbing into bed and snuggling up next to his mother for protection, Connor said, "I told her we watched porno together" Like most fathers, Brandon immediately asked, "You haven't told anyone else, have you"

"No... She called me a liar and I tried to convince her I wasn't lying and she said I was gonna go to Hell and -- well, it just slipped out"

"Well, don't worry about it, we'll talk to her and tell her you weren't lying"

"Thanks, Pop," Connor said, relieved" "Can we watch a porno" He held his breath hoping his dad would say "yes" That way, he knew he could stay awake until Stephanie got home" Brandon looked at Brandi, hoping she would have some excuse to get them out of it" She shrugged her shoulders"

"Which one" Brandon asked reluctantly"

"Do you remember which one's in the player" Brandi asked"

"Umm," Brandon thought" "Oh, shit, I think it's Bi-ology"

"Oops," Brandi blushed"

"I like biology," Connor said" "Did I tell you we cut open a frog last week" It was so kewl" There wasn't any blood or anything because it was already dead and came out of the cooler but the insides were totally awesome..."

"Well, this isn't that kind of biology," warned Brandon"

"You think he's ready for this" Brandi asked"

"I'm sure he's heard about it" Maybe this is the best way to -- introduce him to it"

"All right..." Connor shouted" As his dad rolled into place on the bed, Connor hopped over his mother to position himself between the two of them" Brandon pressed the button on the remote control to get it started and laid the wand in his lap" Out of habit, he was still wearing his boxers and the wand slid across the fabric into the space between Connor and him" Connor jumped up and took off his clothes, leaving his underpants on" Then he picked up the wand and said, "Don't want to lose this up my butt like the last time" Both Brandon and Brandi rolled their eyes realizing that phrase would have a whole new meaning to Connor after watching a bisexual video"

"You're gonna see some stuff in this video that's -- well ..."

"Illegal" Connor asked"

"That, too, but it's gonna be ...it might be -- disturbing," Brandon said"

"Just let him watch it and if he has any questions or -- issues -- then we can discuss them with him," Brandi suggested" Then turning to look down at Connor's upturned face she asked, "Promise to talk to us if you have any questions"

"Cross my heart" Connor watched a female doctor fiddling with some machine that had a lot of buttons and dials on it" The camera followed the wires from the machine over to the bed where they were hooked up to a naked man, a patient" He looked like he was asleep but the wires made his lower belly jump and his flaccid cock twitch" Then the lady doctor walked over to another machine" From a hospital program on TV, Connor recognized it as an oscilloscope" It was apparently recording his dream activity because Connor saw rapid flashes of what the patient was supposed to be dreaming" At first, the dreams involved fleeting images of the patient having sex with the female doctor" Then, some doctor-like guy came in and fiddled with the buttons on the machine" Again, the camera panned to the patient's flaccid cock and Connor saw it jumping again" Shortly after that, the patient's dreams involved doing stuff with the male doctor"

"Whoa... Did he just put that guy's thingy in his mouth" Connor asked" "Uh, I mean, his peter"

"Yeah," Brandon said noncommittally" Connor pressed rewind to get back to the fleeting scene"

"Just let it run," Brandon said, "You'll get a better view of the action in a couple of minutes"


"Does it bother you that the guy did that" Brandi asked as casually as she could"

"No," Connor said, honesty detectable in his tone" "Starvin' Marvin does it all the time" Recalling their previous 'Starvin' Marin' conversation, Brandon said, "I thought you said he ate his sister -- and his mom"

"He does," Connor said matter-of-factly" "He eats his brother, too -- or at least he says he does -- and I believe him" After all, he'll eat anything"

"You realize he's not really eating anything, right" Brandi said" "It's just an expression" To help reinforce Brandi's comment, Brandon added, "He doesn't actually swallow anything"

"Whenever a new guy at school asks Marvin if he swallows, he says 'yes' -- and he's not lying, I'm sure he not..." Connor's tone was one that implied he wanted to believe his classmate's word over his parents' beliefs" The male doctor and the female doctor, on screen, were having sex with the patient" She was sitting on his face while the doctor sucked on his cock"

"Do you do what he's doing, Pop" "What the patient is doing" Brandon asked hopefully, referring to the muff-diving"

"I know you do that... You were doing it when I came in"

"Yes, he does," Brandi said" "and he does it quite well" Brandi's comment seemed to satisfy Connor's curiosity for the moment, and Brandon was thankful that Connor didn't pursue the male/male blowjob aspect of the scene any further" Although Brandon had "received" a couple of blowjobs from guys when he was in college, he had never given a blowjob -- ever" So, a discussion about cock-sucking would have been, for him, very stressful" He didn't want Connor to get the impression he condoned such activity but he didn't want Connor to think that, just because he hadn't done it, that it was wrong -- necessarily ... although I'd never do it myself, Brandon thought" On screen, the doctors switched places" As the story evolved, the female doctor, facing the camera, slowly slid her pussy down the patient's rampant erection" During the close-up of the patient's cock being rammed in and out of her pussy, Connor asked, "Is that -- uh -- fucking"l Brandi bristled to hear her son say the vulgar word but calmly said, "Yes" Then after a moment, she added, "Usually we refer to it as having sex, not -- fucking"

"But the two guys are having sex, too, so how do you tell the difference when you're -- you know -- talking to other guys about it"

"You really shouldn't be talking to other guys about sex," Brandi said"

"But we know guys like to brag and stuff, so when you do talk about it, it's referred to as intercourse," Brandon said, "I mean, what the guy and girl are doing" What the two guys are doing is called a blowjob -- but of course, you knew that" But I think what your mom is trying to say is, uh -- there are words you don't use -- in public, like 'fucking,' to express yourself"

"What I'm trying to say is," Brandi said, "you shouldn't be discussing with anyone what you do with others"

"Except us," Brandon encouraged, reinforcing the offer to confide in them"

"Okay, I'll only talk about what the three of us do," Connor said impishly"

"You know that's not what I meant" You should only be discussing sex with us," Brandon admonished" "But if you have to discuss sex, for whatever reason, never mention anybody by name" That's just not cool" While his parents were lecturing him, Connor raised his butt slightly off the bed and slipped his underpants off"

"Is it normal to get a stiffy during math class" Connor pointed to his erection just in case his parents didn't know what a stiffy was"

"Yes," Brandon said" "It's not unusual at your age to get one no matter what's going on" It means you're becoming a man" When I was your age, I even got them during Sunday School"

"But when you do get one," Brandi said, "you're not supposed to flaunt it" Try to keep it covered up"

"Why" If it's normal, wouldn't everyone know about 'em, anyway"

"There are times when ..." Brandi started to say" When she didn't continue, Brandon said, "When it comes to sex and the human body and things like that, society prefers that guys keep it under wraps" But there are times when you just can't hide it -- like in the showers after gym class, for instance" When it happens there, don't be ashamed that you're hard, just don't deliberately draw attention to it" Just act like you don't even know you've got a hard-on" Okay" I mean, do you understand"

"Yeah, I think so" Then Connor looked at his dad" "Do you get stiffies -- I mean, hard-ons" Brandon thought, What's with all this sudden interest in my cock" Is Connor going through a gay phase" Then, trying to calm his own fears he thought, I guess it's only normal for a young man like Connor to be interested in the workings of a guy's equipment but all this feels so ...queer" No, not queer as in queer but ... like weird" That he's more interested in me than his mom is just natural, because we're both guys and he's not as familiar with the inner workings of girls ... right" Quit reading things into all this and calm down... "Sometimes," Brandon said as casually as he could"

"Do you have one now"

"Uh -- yeah -- because of the movie"

"Can I see"

"You've seen it before, remember"

"Yeah -- but ..."

"But what"

"It was in Mommy's mouth most of the time" Not that it wasn't hot watchin' her give you a blowjobber but I didn't get much of a chance to really look at it"

"Go ahead," Brandi said, "it's not like he's never seen one" Brandon reluctantly slid his boxer shorts off" Connor thought, Wow... I thought it was big when I sneaked a peek that first morning under the sheets but when it's hard, it's REALLY big" Instinctively, Connor wrapped his fist around his dad's hard-on" The tips of his fingers didn't touch"

"Aaagh..." Brandon screamed like he had been scalded"

"I'm sorry..." Connor wailed, almost in tears" He snatched his hand away and leaned against his mom for protection" Brandon's toes curled at the sudden and unexpected touch of his son's hand on his peckerwood" As he simultaneously inhaled, his breath caught in his throat and he felt like he was choking" He grimaced as he tried to stop his nuts from churning out a surprise load of cum" After several deep, soothing breaths, Brandon panted" "It's okay, son" It was just so unexpected and I was so sensitive"

"I'm sorry," Connor whined"

"No, really, it's okay," Brandon said soothingly"

"I just wasn't ready" Then he thought, ...to be groped by my own son" But realizing this was a sex-education lesson, Brandon said, "You can touch it" Now that I know you're going to do it, it won't ..."

"Hurt" Connor asked"

"It didn't hurt" Trust me, it didn't hurt" Brandon blushed as he looked at Brandi" "It felt really, really good"

"Honest" Connor exclaimed as he gripped his dad's erection again"

"Move your hand up and down on it," Brandi said"

"Like a jack-off motion" Connor asked, staring at his dad's cock" Both parents' eyes rounded as they smiled and silently giggled"

"Yeah, like that," Brandi said casually" Connor was so engrossed in what he was doing, it didn't occur to him that he'd just confirmed to his folks he knew all about masturbation" Of course, since Connor hadn't denied Stephanie's earlier bathroom sink accusations, they figured he was knowledgeable about it"

"How's that" Connor asked, looking up into his dad's eyes pleadingly"

"Feels real good, son," Brandon said as he relaxed and began to enjoy the meat massage" Very casually, Brandon asked, "Do you jack-off"

"Uh huh," Connor said absentmindedly"


"Three or four times a day" Do you" Connor asked, his attention having returned to the cock he was masturbating"

"Uh -- I -- don't have to," Brandon said"

"I've got your mom to uh -- help me out"

"But he used to," Brandi said, hoping to make her son feel better about his own masturbation habit" "In fact, he still does it once in a while" Brandon looked over his son's head at his wife with an expression that was a cross between, No I don't and How did you know" "You sure gotta lotta juice," Connor said feeling the palm of his hand getting slippery with pre-cum"

"That makes -- having intercourse easier," Brandi said"

"Like when you stick it inside" Connor asked"

"Yeah," Brandi said uneasily"

"Hey, let me see"

"See what" Brandi asked"

"Let me see you stick it in Mom, Pop" Do it like her," Connor said pointing at the TV" This time, the male doctor was sitting on the side of the bed instead of the patient and the female doctor, once again, had her back to the guy as she raised and lowered herself on the doctor's much larger erection"

"They're just doing it that way so the cameraman can get a good shot of the -- action," Brandon said, mentally editing his thoughts on the last word from 'pussy' to 'cock' before choosing the word 'action"' "That would be perfect... Then I can see just how it all works," Connor said"

"It's not that, hon," Brandi said, "it's just that parents don't -- have intercourse in front of their fourteen-year-old son"

"Uh huh," Connor said" Then, all three said in unison, "Starvn' Marvin" Connor continued, "... says he watches all the time"

"You understand that -- Marvin's family is not like most families, don't you" Brandi asked"

"Yeah," Connor said dismissively, "so can I watch" I wanna be able to ..."

"You can't tell anyone -- not even Starvin' Marvin that you've seen us fuck," Brandon said" He winced at having said 'fuck' before adding, "You haven't told anyone about Mommy's blowjob, have you"

"Just Stephanie," Connor said contritely" "But she tricked me," he said defensively" "And she's family, so that shouldn't count"

"Family or not, you can't let things like that slip out," Brandon warned in a compassionate tone" Then he tousled Connor's hair and said, "Okay, sport" In a slightly argumentative tone, Connor mumbled under his breath, "Stephanie gives blowjobs"

"How do you want to do this, Connor" Brandon asked, hoping to make Connor feel less like he had been reprimanded and more like he was a part of the learning experience"

"You're not seriously gonna ..." Brandi said before Brandon cut her off with a wickedly devilish smile" Then she smiled and shrugged her shoulders" As she crawled out of bed, she thought, What the hell, I started all this months ago by convincing Brandon it would be easier than the "Birds and the Bees" speech" Now I'm not so sure" Connor crawled over his father, their erections touching fleetingly as they "crossed swords," before he bounded onto the floor" A shiver coursed through his teen body when he realized he had touched his daddy's dick with his own" Brandon's breath caught in his throat again and a shiver ran through him, too" Why is it that every time he touches me, I feel ... so good" Is it because it's so ... so forbidden" "Just like she was doing," Connor said, pointing but not looking at the TV" His back was to it now and his eyes were glued to Brandon's huge nut sack hanging off the edge of the bed" His father's nuts looked like they were doing a dance in his ball sack as they raised and lower all by themselves" Brandi backed into Brandon's outstretched thighs and started to reach between her legs to guide her husband's cock into her pussy"

"Let Connor do it," Brandon said"

"But he's ..."

"Let him figure it out," Brandon encouraged"

"Yeah..." Connor squealed" Then he grabbed his dad's cock firmly"

"First, you have to look inside your mom's " uh ..."

"Pussy," Brandi said" "It's a vagina but the bad word for it is pussy"

"Can I call it pussy ..." Connor giggled, "as long as it's just us"

"Only in this house," Brandon said emphatically, encouraged by Brandi's open-mindedness" "You know we're teaching you these words so you'll know which ones not to say in public" Okay"


"It's also called -- Brandi took a deep breath, "... a cunt" Brandon knew that was the one word Brandi hated the most"

"That is a very bad word," Brandi said, "so I don't want you to ever, ever, ever say it outside of this house" No" Never outside this room... Understand"

"Yes ma'am," Connor said" Just the way he said it told his parents he truly understood"

"Connor," Brandi said, "I want you to use both hands and -- uh, use your fingers to gently open my -- pussy lips" Connor knelt in front of his mom's spread legs and moved the flaps apart like she had instructed"

"Do you see the inner lips"

"Uh huh," Connor said with the same concentration he used to tackle a new PlayStation game"

"Spread those apart" Connor viewed the interior of his mom's pussy with fascination" At the top was a little white nub, like a tiny dick or a wart" Then his eyes followed along the gash of pink flesh toward the bottom where he saw a darker, reddish brown hole"

"See the hole" Not waiting for an answer, Brandi said, "Put the head of your daddy's cock in there" Her voice was getting breathy with expectation" Connor recalled, Brandon had moaned, "Unngh," when he fed his father's cock into Brandi's pussy"

"Unngh," Brandon groaned, back in the real world, as he tossed his sweaty head from side to side" He kicked the sheet off to cool down" Ripped from his reverie again, Connor jumped up and began giving his dad another sponge bath, beginning at his forehead" As he leaned over him, almost face-to-face, he whispered, "Pop, you gotta get well" There's so much we haven't done together, yet" You promised we could go skiing"

"Unngh," Brandon moaned almost appreciatively, like the thought of snow had helped cool his fever"

"And you said we were goin' to Mardi Gras in Rio, remember" As Connor rinsed the facecloth and wiped it across his dad's chest he said, "I wish you could tell me what to do to make you more comfortable" Mom says not to give you any more medicine until she gets home" Looking at his dad's wet pecs Connor thought, Pop's chest is flawless" He could win a wet T-shirt contest in a fuckin' straight bar" This time, he carefully rolled his dad onto his side but bent his dad's right leg at the knee to help keep him from rolling all the way over" He wiped down his back and buttocks" When Connor was done, he rolled his dad onto his back again"

"You've got a boner, Pop," Conner said to his sleeping patient"

"Who you dreaming about, Mom or Stephanie" Brandon smiled like he was having a "happy" dream but said nothing" Connor rinsed the cloth, wrung it out and laid it across his dad's forehead" "I'll be right back"

"You," Brandon whispered hoarsely when Connor returned with another washcloth and a hand towel"

"Pop, you're awake..." Connor yelped" "Let me go get you some water" I'll be right back" Brandon closed his eyes and nodded in agreement" Connor returned with a glass of crushed ice, held Brandon's neck up and spoon-fed him a little at a time" "Mom said this would be easier and it's less likely I'll drown you this way" When he'd had enough, Brandon said, "Thanks," his voice sounding less raspy"

"I'm gonna wet this washcloth and put it under your neck," Connor said" "It'll help bring down your temperature" He rolled it up and tucked it under Brandon's neck" Then he refreshed the other washcloth on Brandon's forehead"

"Thanks," Brandon said, sounding a little out of breath" "Is that for me" Lifting just his index finger off the bed, Brandon pointed to the hand towel draped over the arm of the chair"

"Sure, Pop, whatcha need"

"What do you usually use one of those for in a bedroom" It appeared to take a lot of strength, but Brandon smiled" Connor looked confused" Using a lot of his reserve strength to raise his right hand an inch off the bed, Brandon made a quick but weak jack-off motion" Then he let his hand collapse back onto the bed"

"As sick as you are, you're thinking about sex"

"What's today" Brandon rasped"

"Tuesday the twentieth"

"Four days"

"It's been four days since you've cum" Fuck..."

"What have you been thinking about" Brandon asked, looking directly at Connor's erection poking out of his boxer's fly front" Blushing, Connor said, "The first time you and Mom let me watch you -- fuck"

"That was hot, Son" I don't think I ever came as much as I did that night"

"Me either" Connor said" "After I put your dick in Mom's cunt, I just knelt there in front of her and watched her pussy lips kiss your cock" To me, it was the most fascinating thing I'd ever seen" I mean, from that angle, it looked like her pussy was just sucking you up and spittin' you out" Your dick looked huge sliding in and out of there" Don't get me wrong, it was huge but, with Mom's pussy lips wrapped around it, it looked even bigger" Connor shuddered uncontrollably at the remembrance"

"Yeah, I remember that," Brandon said" His cock flexed involuntarily at the thought" "You didn't know it but I could feel your breath on my dick as I fucked your mom" The cool wetness of her pussy and your warm breath just about made me cum way before I wanted to" I'm serious" Back then, just thinking about your mouth so close to your mom's pussy ..."

"And your dick," Connor said, while absentmindedly stroking his hard-on"

"Not back then, Connor" I gotta admit, I wondered from time to time if you had -- gone through the phase, but I'd never once thought about -- you know, you and me"

"I found that out," Connor said with a smile"

"Well, you startled me, for god's sake..." Brandon shouted in his best fever-weakened voice"

"I saw white bubbles oozing out of Mom's pussy" It was like liquid glitter running down that big ol' cum tube of yours, headed toward your nuts, so I licked it off"

"I'm glad you did" It startled the hell out of me but I'm glad you did"

"I don't know why I thought to do it" I mean, I knew it was where piss came out but I knew you'd told me that pre-cum lubricated Mom's hole and I guess I wondered what it tasted like"

"You never tasted your own"

"Yeah, all the time" But I guess I wanted to know if yours tasted different than mine" Anyway, Mom grabbed my head and mashed my nose against her clit" I didn't know what it was called at the time but when she had her orgasm, I just wanted to keep on makin' her feel good" That is, after I found out her orgasm wasn't hurting her" Between the face she made and the screams, jeez, I thought I'd killed her or something"

"Yeah, she got really loud, didn't she"

"She sure did" Then you started giving me pointers on how to eat her out, what to tickle and where to stick my tongue"

"Shit... All I know is, your chin kept rubbing against my cum tube when I'd pull out of your mom's cunt and it was all I could do, not to cum" Brandon hissed as his hand groped his newly awakened hard-on"

"You sure you want to do that"

"What with all this talk, I'm startin' to get blue balls" Besides, I'm thinking about what your mom did next"

"Fuck... I just about shot my load when she told me to do it" Connor said as he gripped his dad's pecker and began a jacking motion"

"I'm serious" Just as I stood up to do what she asked, I felt my load creep up my tube and start to ooze out my piss slit"

"When I felt your dick slide in next to mine," Brandon said, "I shot my load" I couldn't hold back" I swear, son, the thought of you fucking your mom -- the feeling of your teen cock squeezing into her cunt next to mine -- then, knowing your chest had to have been pressed up against her breasts -- I just climaxed without any kind of internal warning"

"Yeah, I know" Conner said, "I felt your dick pulsating underneath mine" I knew you were cumming" Then, when I felt your cum wash back onto my own dick, it was the most awesome feeling I've ever had" Mom's warm cunt wrapping over the top of my dick your hot cum tube belching out sperm, your cum washing over my cock and mom's breasts pressing against my chest, fuck..."

"I'm gonna cum, son" Look out..." Connor knew from experience that his father shot far and copiously so he backed up but kept pumping his dad's cock to orgasm"

"Oh Shit..." Brandon screamed, "that fuckin' hurts like hell... Oh, fuck... Damn, that burns"

"I'm sorry, Pop," Connor mewled, almost in tears"

"Oh, God damn..." Brandon grimaced, gritting his teeth"

"It just keeps on burning like molten lava being blown out of a volcano -- except the volcano is my cock" Oh fuck..." His eyes were squeezed shut, his mouth was pulled back so tight his teeth were showing" His jaw bone protruded from the clenched strain on his muscles" "Oh fuck, that hurts... My god," he said, finally taking another deep breath, "that fuckin' felt like a thousand hot coals were traveling up my cum tube and right out of my fuckin' piss slit"

"I'm sorry, Pop" Dipping his finger in a blotch of cum on his belly, Brandon said more calmly, "Jesus, when it landed on me, it felt like I was scalding myself" I could feel every fucking drop as it left my balls, came up through those little tubes down there and into my cum tube" It felt like you were sticking a thousand pins in my balls -- in the actual nuts themselves" Of fuck, did that hurt"

"I didn't know," Connor whined"

"There's no way you could have known" Hell, even I didn't know it was gonna happen" I'll tell you, son, and trust me on this one, don't ever cum when you're running a fever" It felt like I was pissin' a long stream of sandpaper" Squeezing his balls, Brandon groaned, "God, damn... It still hurts like a mother-fucker"

"What can I do" Connor begged"

"Cold towel, I guess"

"Damn, Pop, I'm so sorry," Connor said as he wrung out the washcloth and applied it to his dad's nuts"

"Oh yeah," Brandon sighed appreciatively, "Now that it's over, I gotta admit, I haven't had a cum with that much sensation since I first started cumming" I think I know what guys who are into pain go through -- kinda" It's like it hurts so bad until it's all over" Then this awesome fuckin' feeling of pleasure just spreads throughout your whole body"

"So you're okay"

"Yeah" Tired but okay" Thanks, son, I really needed that"

"Anytime, Pop -- just don't scare me like that, again, okay" Connor wrung out the other cloth and began wiping the cum off his dad's body"

"Don't tell your mom we wasted that," Brandon said" His eyes were closed but he blindly lifted his hand to lay it gently on his son's naked back"

"She won't mind," Connor said" "It's full of bacteria and medicine, so she couldn't even use it for body lotion" Brandon smiled" "You better do something about that" Connor looked at where his father was pointing" Since he had been gently stoking his own cock while he was jacking off his dad and talking about their first time, he gave himself a few more insistent strokes and began to shoot"

"Aaagh..." Connor grunted and sprayed several huge squirts of cum onto his feverish father's chest and belly"

"Oh fuck... Let me clean that up," Connor said after he recovered from his orgasm"

"Uh, son, leave it" It's kinda cool"

"Cool as in not feverish or cool to be wearing your son's spunk"

"Both, actually" Come sit over here on the bed" I've gotta ask you something"

"That sounds ominous," Connor said, crawling in next to his dad but resting his back against the wall"

"After you -- fucked your mom -- she ..."

"Oh, man, yeah," Connor said wistfully" "She crawled off your huge cock, laid on the bed and told me to eat her out"

"Uh -- you -- uh -- seemed to like that"

"Fuckin' A... Eatin' Mom's puss was awesome... I mean, I had thought about doin' it -- a lot... Not mom's -- I mean, some other girl's muff -- any girls' -- so when Mom asked, hell, I jumped at the chance..."

"You didn't -- uh -- you weren't ..."

"Spit it out, Pop" Jeez, there's nothing you and I can't talk about" You know that"

"Didn't it occur to you that you were -- oh god ..."

"Suckin' up cum"

"Yeah," Brandon groaned" Connor could see his dad was blushing, even with a fever"

"Of course... That just made it all the more -- gnarly, Pop" Shit... I was fourteen" I'd tasted my own cum but to taste yours and mine mixed together with Mom's juices -- well, hell -- that was just gravy" No pun intended"

"So what your mom had you do -- didn't ..."

"Pop, when Mom told me to clean your cock, I just about pissed the bed"

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing"

"Definitely a good thing, Pop" It was like I was being given a chance to worship you" Something I've always done, whether you know it or not" I'd been thinking for a long time about sucking cock, too" Not yours -- necessarily, but I had given it some thought -- doin' it with you, I mean" Pop, you might not know it but you're one hot dude" Don't get me wrong, Mom's hot too" Sex with her is out of this world but, of course, you know that"

"It's just -- ever since that night -- I've wondered if what we made you do turned you..."

"Gay" Connor asked"

"Gay, bisexual -- anything, uh ..."

"Hell no... I've been kind of a -- rebel when it comes to sex" I like livin' on the edge -- so long as it's safe" I mean, I don't want to lose any body parts or anything like that"


"Let me put it this way" Sex with you and Mom and even Stephanie is pretty mild, compared to some of the stuff I've done"

"Really" Brandon asked twisting his head to look up at his son's face"

"Pop, I want you to get better so we can talk about all this, but I'm not sure right now is the best time"

"Why not"

"Your dick looks like it's about to burst, again"

"Yeah it does feel tight"

"How are my boys gettin' along" Brandi asked, startling them with her sudden appearance" Then pointing at Brandon's erection, she said, "I see you're feeling better"

"Hi, Mom" I didn't hear you come home" Pop cummed, but after he came, he said it felt like he was passing sandpaper"

"Ow...' Brandi said squeamishly" Then, with a look of confusion, she asked, "If you just came, how come you're still hard"

"Hard, again" Connor offered" Then bashfully he said, "Pop came, I cleaned him up -- then I came all over him"

"We've been recalling the first time Connor fucked you," Brandon said in Connor's defense"

"Well, is this a guy thing or can anyone join in"

"Gotta get naked," Connor said" "After all, we're telling the naked truth, here" As Brandi started to undress, Brandon said, "Why don't you put on a show for us, hon" Pretending to hold on to a brass pole, Brandi began dancing to music only she could hear" While she gyrated and began to seductively strip, she asked, "So did you ask him your question"

"Which question" Connor asked"

"Your Dad's been worried that we turned you gay"

"No, Mom, we've already talked about it" You guys didn't do anything wrong" In fact, I'm guessing everything was done right" When I had questions, you guys answered them" When I wanted to experiment -- or whatever, you guys didn't judge me or make fun of me or anything" Brandi slipped the shoulder straps of her bra off and let it fall to the floor" She cupped her breasts and pressed the mounds together causing them to look like butt cheeks"

"Come here, Mom" Let me take those panties off" Slinking around to Connor's side of the bed -- her side actually -- she stood with her legs slightly parted" Connor reached over and slipped his thumbs in on either side of the waistband" Then he slowly peeled the panties down over themselves -- inside out -- a little at a time"

"Can you see, Pop"

"Yeah," Brandon said, raspy-voiced as he rolled his head to face them"

"You need some more ice chips"

"No, go ahead" It's just lust, son," he said clearing his throat"

"Yeah, I know what you mean" Just look at this luscious bush," Connor said letting just the top of Brandi's pubic patch appear" The curls that were pressed tight sprung to life as the waistband slid slowly downward, releasing them from their elastic prison" Then, beneath the fur, her slit began to appear" When the waistband was halfway down the length of her pussy lips, Connor leaned in and used his tongue to search the folds for his mom's clit" Brandon could tell when Connor found Brandi's buzz button by the way she jerked" Connor continued to eat muff while he pulled her panties the rest of the way off" The day-long smell of crotch sweat caused his cock to jerk"

"Oh God, son" You are so fuckin' talented," Brandi crooned"

"Mmmph mmm," Connor said" Brandon interpreted the sounds as, 'Thanks, Mom"' Once Brandi stepped out of the panties that were pooled around her ankles, she crawled up on the bed and straddled her son's thighs"

"Let me scoot down and you can ride me like a bronco," Connor said" Brandi looked at Brandon who nodded his approval" "I'm out of commission for a few more days, anyway"

"We should get your dad in the shower to get his fever under control," Brandi encouraged half-heartedly"

"I'm fine," Brandon said slightly above a whisper" "We'll all shower together when you two get done" But right now, I wanna watch you two fuck" As Connor began to slide from his sitting position into a flattened position, Brandi aimed his cock so it would slide into her pussy in one smooth move"

"Oh god, Son, you have no idea how great that feels" To have ten inches of hot hard meat thrust into you and know that before it leaves, it's gonna deposit a full load of liquid lust inside you -- it's just magical" Knowing I'll be walking around all night with your juice inside me fills me with pride"

"It's liquid love, Mom, not liquid lust"

"Every mom wants to do everything she can to ensure her children grow up strong, healthy and well adjusted" Every time you cum inside me, whether it's in my pussy, my mouth or even my ass, I know it's your way of telling me I did a good job"

"The best, Mom" Not a lot of other moms understand this" But I'm glad you do" There's a lot of moms out there who think about doing it but they don't act on it because they're brainwashed into believing it's wrong" But I bet if their son ever approached 'em -- the right way -- they'd give in and see for themselves that this is as kind and loving and giving as a guy can get" I'm not saying every mom feels that way, but if those who did would give into it, this world would be safer and a more loving place to live" Blocking out their incessant chatter, Brandon watched intently as his son's cock rammed up and down, in and out of Brandi's cunt" He watched his wife's pussy lips fold in during the upstroke and fan out -- red, wet and luscious -- on each down stroke of his son's cock" He admired the size of his son's cock" It looks bigger around than my own, Brandon thought" I wonder if he's gotten bigger than me" There was no competition in his thought, only pride" Brandi squeezed her pussy muscles tightly around her son's pecker each time he withdrew, like she was trying to milk the cum up from his gonads and into her cunt" I think he's actually bigger than the last time" Not only fatter, but longer" I'll have to figure a way to measure him—the two of them, actually" She looked at her husband lying next to them and smiled as he smiled encouragingly at her" Then she looked into her son's eyes and saw a faraway look" Mom's cunt is so sweet... Connor thought" The first time I fucked her, I slid my four-inch teen-aged pecker in alongside Pop's and it was tight" But now that I've grown up and my cock's gotten bigger, she's just as tight" I bet if we tried that now, we'd split her in two" Besides, Pop and I discovered that one in front and one in the back door works just as well" We still get a thrill from our cocks being so close and our balls banging into each other's when we're fuckin' Mom" She loves it when we fight over who gets the backdoor" Brandi rubbed her palms across Connor's sports-muscled chest, flicking his nipples playfully" Then she rubbed his abs as they 'crunched' each time he thrust upward into her" Using just her fingertips, she traced her pussy lips, allowing her middle finger to brush tantalizingly along her son's cock as it pumped in and out" Connor raised his hands to press his mom's breasts together into dual mounds" He swirled his flat palms in circles over each nipple" Then he lightly twiddled them between his thumb and forefinger, causing Brandi to shudder"

"I wish you could join in, Pop, but I don't think you've got enough strength back yet"

"That's okay, son" Right now, watching the two of you is doing more for me than you know" Brandon raised a limp arm over to touch the spot where his wife's knee came in contact with the side of his son's chest so he could feel like he was part of the action, too" Connor said, "Yeah, it's better than any porno video any day"

"That, too" But unlike porno videos, I get to watch you two making love" The sex is stimulating -- just look at my cock... I'm hard again" But it's the warmth and tenderness that shows through the most" Usually I'm participating in all this and I don't get a chance to enjoy the sight of my own son making love to his mother" God... You could give a statue a hard-on..." Brandi leaned forward, crushing her ample breasts against her son's chest and kissed him" Although it started out passionately, it quickly and mutually turned into a lover's kiss"

"That's what I'm talking about," Brandon said" "The sex is merely a physical way of confirming your love for each other" Breaking the kiss, Connor said, "I love you, too, Pop" Don't you forget it" And once you're feeling better, I'm gonna make sure you know it..."

"All I know is you're makin' me feel great right now," Brandi said, increasing the speed of her bouncing motions on her son's cock" "Gonna drown your cock in pussy juice, boy" You've got me so hot, I'm gonna cum so much it'll fill my cunt to overflowing"

"Can't drown an amphibian, Mom," Connor said breathily as he neared his own orgasm" "My lizard loves your aquatic cunt as much as it does a good dry-land hand-job" But right now, I'm gonna open my blow hole and cream your guts" Ready, Mom"

"Unngh," Brandi groaned"

"Unngh, unngh, unngh," Connor grunted"

"Aaagh," Stephanie moaned from the doorway where she stood with her hand down the front of her jeans"

"Oh my god that was beautiful," Brandon whispered as he looked across his wife and son toward his daughter" "I didn't know you were coming home"

"As soon as I heard you were sick, I rearranged my schedule" How you feeling, Daddy" Stephanie asked"

"Better -- now" Crossing the room to stand next to Brandon's side of the bed and lazily scraping a fingertip across the dried cum on her dad's chest and belly, she said, "God, I guess... Look at this mess..." Then with a wicked smile at her brother, she added, "I knew Connor could be trusted to treat you right"

"Well," Connor said bashfully, "Actually, that is mine"

"Damn... You're hot, Daddy"

"For a man my age," Brandon said shyly"

"No, you're burning up" Brandi bounced off Connor's cock with a squishy slurp and crawled over to rest her wrist on Brandon's forehead" "There are three of us to hold you up, hon" Think you can get in the shower" Nodding affirmatively, Brandon said, "If we go slow"

"Get your clothes off, Steph," Connor said in an authoritative tone" "You'll have to help hold him up in the shower" I've already figured the best way for Mom and me to do it but with you here, it'll be safer" As Stephanie began to peel off her clothes, Connor slid off the bed and stood up, his erection bobbing at a 45-degree angle" Brandi, in the meantime, started helping Brandon sit up and swing his legs over the edge of the bed"

"Hold on," Connor said, "I'll carry him in"

"You can't lift him," Brandi admonished"

"Yes I can" Connor leaned over, put one arm under his dad's knees and one under his armpit and with apparent ease raised Brandon up" With only a slight stagger, he turned and headed toward the bathroom"

"Pop, I'm gonna stand you up in the tub, okay"

"Won't it be easier to lay him in the tub" Brandi asked"

"No" Connor said" "Trying to get him out once he's all wet would be impossible and he's too weak to help us get him out" At least if he's standing, all we have to do is keep him from falling over"

"But he's so weak," Brandi argued"

"I know what I'm doing," Connor said calmly as he huffed under the weight of his father"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I can stand -- for a little while"

"Once you're standing, put your hands against the wall to brace yourself" I won't let go till you're sure you can support your own weight for a second or two"

"Okay" Brandon said, slightly out of breath from even this minor activity"

"Face the end of the tub with your back to the shower head," Connor said, climbing in behind Brandon" Connor quickly knelt and moved his head between his dad's legs" "I'm just gonna kneel here and support you on my shoulders, so if you get tired, you can slump down on me"


"Mom, can you get in behind me" And, Stephanie, squeeze in between the end wall and Pop" You two can help spread the water all over him" Okay"

"Yeah," Stephanie said, ducking her head under the arm supporting her dad and wriggling herself between the wall and her dad's chest, facing him"

"This is gonna be cold at first," Brandi said, before she turned on the water" "I'll warm it up a little at first but then we'll have to keep it cool"

"We'll all survive" Then Connor said, "Just turn it on" Brandi stood in front of the spray as best she could until it warmed up" When she stepped out of the way, she saw Brandon flinch and Connor shudder" Stephanie turned her head to the side as the water splashed off her dad's back and up into her face"

"Steph, lift up on Pop's shoulders so the water will wash down his chest, too" I'll support him" Mom, start rubbing the water from his back onto his sides and arms, okay" Leaning at an angle, to stay out of the direct spray so most of the water would land on Brandon, Brandi began redistributing the water" Connor felt Brandi's pussy brush along his back as she cooled her husband's back and sides" With his head facing down between his dad's legs, he felt his sister's pussy rubbing against the top of his head" His dad's heavy, plump cock rested against the back of his neck" God I love these people, Connor thought" While his mother and sister swished water all over his dad to cool his fever, Connor recalled the first time Stephanie discovered him having sex with Brandon and Brandi" He thought it would be the same night Stephanie had threatened him with going to hell for lying but, as it turned out, it was several months later" He had turned sixteen and on the day he had gotten his official driver's license in the mail, he had been allowed to stay out until eleven PM" As he recalled, his eighteen-year-old sister was allowed to stay out till midnight" So, when Connor got home from his date, he knocked on his folk's half-opened bedroom door"

"Come in," Brandon called out"

"Hi," Connor said quietly"

"I'm not interrupting anything, am I"

"Has that ever stopped you before" Brandon chuckled" Blushing, Connor said, "No, I guess not"

"Is everything okay sweetie" Brandi asked, patting the bed next to her hip" Again, they were sitting up with their backs propped against the pillows" Brandi was wearing her night shirt and Brandon was in his black Joe Boxer low-rise briefs -- the ones that forced his 'junk' up and away in the front" After engaging in sex with their son, Brandon decided he could get a little more bold with his choice of underwear"

"Did the car drive all right" Brandon asked"


"I thought you'd be all excited about your date with Shayna," Brandi said"

"Me, too," Connor moaned" "As far as dates go, it was okay -- it just wasn't great" Reading Connor's mind -- that is to say, the mind of every teenage boy -- and having been there himself before, Brandon said, "So what you're saying is you didn't get laid" Connor's eyes widened at his father's right-on observation of the unstated" Gripping Connor's hand, Brandi said, "Oh, honey , you're not the first guy to go home with the hornies and I'm sad to say, it won't be the last time it'll happen to you"

"It's not just that -- it's ..."

"You wanted to have sex in the car, right" Brandon said"

"Yeah," Connor said, again amazed at his dad's eerie perception"

"Well, son, it is a rite of passage, I guess"

"There will be other nights," Brandi comforted, obviously not aware of the obsession many men have with their cars"

"But it's not the same as doing it on the night you get your driver's license," Brandon said" "Right, Son" With a pitiful expression of defeat, Connor nodded his head 'yes"' "Brandi" Brandon said, "I don't suppose you'd be willing to help him out, would you" Connor's face brightened until he saw the shocked looked on his mother's face" After the initial shock, Brandi smiled" She still couldn't get used to the idea of having sex in front of Connor -- much less having sex with Connor" Between the ages of thirteen and sixteen, they hadn't done it often enough with him for it to be casual to her but, each time it happened, it became more desirable" After that first time, she had fretted many times about what they were doing with Connor" She had wrestled with the idea of stopping altogether but thought that would send a wrong message to an impressionable teen" Besides, it had sparked a new level of passion in her husband, too" Is he jealous" she had wondered" Does he think he is somehow competing with Connor" Whatever it is, I'm reaping the benefit because sex has never been greater ... or our love stronger" In fact, the whole family seems to be getting along better" "I'm not sure I can still do it in the back seat of a car," Brandi bemoaned"

"Why not, Mom" Conner whined, not only eager to christen his driver's license but to have sex with his mother again" It had been a while, after all"

"I'm not as limber as I used to be"

"Oh, come on, Brandi," Brandon said, getting off the bed and reaching out for her hand, "Connor was conceived in a car"

"I was" Connor shouted in surprise"

"He was not..." Brandi admonished"

"He could have been" Remember" We were at your folks for Christmas" Stephanie had just had her first birthday a couple of weeks earlier and your mother wanted to hold her constantly" We went out to the garage and -- well, let's just say I gave you an extra-special Christmas present" Connor counted on his fingers"

"Nine months, almost to the day" His face beamed with pride" Then his expression changed to utter disappointment, again, when he thought about not getting a chance to make out in the car on the day he got his driver's license in the mail"

"Oh, why not" Brandi said" She allowed Brandon to help her out of bed but snuggled close to him once she was standing" "Just him and me, right" Brandon flashed a glance at his son's excited face and whispered, "Of course" But be gentle with him -- not like you were with me that Christmas Eve night" Connor grabbed his mom's hand and dragged her through the bedroom doorway almost pulling her off balance in his eagerness" He raced to the front door and into the parked car amid protests from Brandi that she was only wearing a nightie" Giggling nervously, Connor said, "You won't be wearing that after we get in the car" It never occurred to either of them that this would be the first time they would have sex together without Brandon being there, too" Once they had climbed into the back seat, Connor began unbuttoning his trousers until Brandi stopped him"

"I'm gonna show you how to really enjoy this, son, so just sit back and relax"

"Okay," Connor said breathlessly" Brandi caressed Connor's chest as she seductively removed his shirt and T-shirt" Then she unzipped and unbuttoned the fly of his jeans" She allowed him to help her by taking off his shoes, then she had him lift his butt while she slid his jeans and underpants off"

"Ohmigod..." Connor yelped when Brandi sucked her son's needful erection into her mouth" "Oh, god... Oh, Mom... Oh, that's just too -- uungh -- oh ..." He thrust his hips upward" Brandi gagged as the fullness of Connor's cock speared into her mouth and down her throat" She recovered quickly and began to deep-throat him on every third or fourth stroke" Her right hand sneaked between his thighs and fondled his hefty ball sack" She couldn't stop herself from humming contentedly" Meanwhile, Brandon stood by the front window and watched the car bounce from the efforts of youthful enthusiasm" In his mind, Connor was already fucking Brandi" He didn't know the car was only bouncing from Connor getting undressed" Even so, his thoughts produced an aching boner" Refusing to look away, Brandon's hand blindly slipped to his crotch, only to discover his erection was already poking out the fly of his boxers" The unexpected flesh-on-flesh contact made him shiver as goose bumps crawled over his skin" Oh my god, my son is fucking his mother in the back seat of the car, Brandon thought with a flash of guilt" How perverted ARE we" How could we have let it go this far" I'm gonna have to tell Connor we can't keep doing this ... especially now that he's old enough to get a girl pregnant" "Mom on the rag" Stephanie asked casually" Although she had seen her dad's flaccid dick before, she'd never seen him with it in his hand -- at least, not erect" Brandon jumped a foot off the floor as adrenalin coursed through his muscles from fright" He turned toward his daughter stammering, "I uh -- thought you were -- on a date"

"Got home early," Stephanie said, matter-of-factly" "Didn't hear any noise coming from your bedroom, so I figured you two were asleep" Runt wasn't home yet, so I went to my room to -- study" All the time she was talking, she was staring at her father's cock-in-hand" Because he was so distracted by the sudden fright and he was simultaneously trying to verbally distract Stephanie from what was happening out in the car, he was unaware that he was still absentmindedly stoking his erection" Stephanie, couldn't help but compare her dad's cock to those of the boyfriends she had sucked" She liked what she saw" Since she didn't want to embarrass him, she eased her gaze from her father's crotch to the window and casually asked, "Whatcha looking at"

"Your mom and Connor are ..." Brandon stopped abruptly when he realized he was about to reveal to his daughter that her brother was fucking her mother -- his mother -- their mother" Moving to within inches of her dad, Stephanie looked out the window" "Daddy, the car's bouncing" What's wrong with it"

"Connor ..."

"Hey, that's right" Connor's first 'car' date" What's he doing, cleaning up the mess he made jackin' off in the back seat" The car stopped bouncing"

"Lets go in the living room and wait," Brandon said" Emboldened by her snide remark about her brother Stephanie asked, "Don't you want Mom to take care of that for you first" Looking down at his slowly pumping fist, Brandon shouted, "Fuck... Oh my god... Stephanie, I'm sorry"

"Daddy, it's okay" I'm not a little girl any more" I know about men's needs" Damn, I wish someone would take care of this for me" My balls ache" Fuck... I know you give blowjobs," Brandon thought about his daughter, if I thought you'd suck me right now, I'd die a happy man" Christ... Now I'm perving over my own daughter... As Brandon blushed and he thought his embarrassment couldn't get any worse, Connor and Brandi bounded out of the car -- stark naked" Connor's clothes were balled up against his chest and his still-hard cock pointed toward the front door like a compass needle to magnetic North" Even before the door opened, Brandon could hear their giggles and chuckles" As the two sprinted across the lawn, Stephanie stared wide-eyed with her mouth agape"

"Mom..." Stephanie gasped when her mother burst into the house" Stopping suddenly, Brandi composed herself quickly -- as only mothers have learned to do -- and quietly said, "You're home early" In the meantime, Connor crashed into his mother, almost knocking her over" One arm instinctively encircled her waist and the other crossed over both breasts" His hard-on threatened to invade upward into her ass crack but luckily; it crushed itself against her thigh, instead"

"You're home -- naked" Stephanie stammered in response" Seeing his dad standing behind his sister, Connor asked proudly, "You been watchin'"

"Uh, yeah -- until your sister, uh ..."

"Your boned, Pop," Connor said" "Has Steph been takin' care of ya"

"No..." Brandon shouted a little too forcefully, like Connor might have been reading his thoughts about Stephanie doing just that"

"Runt... That's ..." Stephanie shouted"

"What" Connor complained"

"That would be ..." Stephanie stammered breathily"

"I told you Mom and Pop let me do things with 'em" I can't help it if you're too tight-assed to believe me..."

"Don't call your sister names," Brandi admonished"

"I'm not calling her names" That's what the guys at school say, 'Stephanie's got a tight ass'"

"Runt..." Stephanie yelled stomping her foot" "Well, you're the queer" I mean, any normal boy would have covered his naked crotch running from the car to the house" You had your clothes up covering your girlie-tits..." That's how much you know" Connor countered" "I drip a lot after I've cum and I was carrying Mom's clothes, too, and I didn't want to get pecker tracks on 'em"

"This is disgusting..." Stephanie mewled, stomping her foot again -- more out of exasperation at loosing the verbal battle to her brother than out of contempt for the topic at hand"

"You don't fool me" Connor wheedled, "you'd do it, too, if you thought no one would find out" Connor stepped out from behind his mother, walked over to his dad and yanked on Brandon's boner" "Whaddya say, Pop" You want Steph to swing on this for a little while" A great glob of pre-cum oozed out of Brandon's piss slit as if in response to such an absurd idea"

"Either you do it or I will, Steph," Brandi threatened, in a lame attempt to let her daughter know she would be okay with it"

"Mom..." Stephanie groaned in horror -- even as she felt a warm moistness begin to overtake her own crotch area"

"Fuck it..." Connor said, dropping to his knees" He engulfed his dad's cock to the base in one hungry lunge" His ability to deep-throat was not lost on Stephanie and she looked back and forth between her brother and her mom"

"The boy just hasn't learned there's a time and a place for everything but, under the circumstances, I'm not gonna complain," Brandon said gently running his fingers through his son's hair appreciatively"

"What can I say" Brandi said" "When your brother gets horned up there's no stopping him" Hell, I think the car-fuck was just the appetizer" He's probably gonna be going at the two of us all night"

"Car-fuck... He fucked you" I mean -- you let him ..." With seductive wickedness in her tone, Brandi said, "He can be so persuasive sometimes" But if you'll excuse me, I need to get me some of that" Stephanie stared in disbelief as Brandi knelt and nudged her mouth next to Connor's"

"Umm," Connor moaned as he released his dad's cock and helped push it into his mother's mouth"

"That was some great head, son," Brandon said appreciatively" He saw Stephanie staring slack-jawed so, to reinforce the fact that they had been having sex for quite a while -- even if it wasn't often -- he said, "You get better every time you do it" Standing up, Connor smirked with pride but said, "You're just saying that so I'll keep doing it" Brandi slipped Brandon's cock out of her mouth and went down on Connor" Connor flinched from the sudden attention"

"Mom..." Stephanie yelped" Releasing Connor for a second, Brandi said insistently, "I could use some help down here..." Connor pressed his right hip against his dad's left hip and put his arm around his waist" Brandon put his left arm over his son's shoulder" They looked at each other lovingly" God, Pop's hot... Connor thought" I could just kiss him right now, if he wouldn't freak out about it being so queer" Brandon thought, My son is such a young stud" I could just kiss him ... if it weren't so damn queer" Stephanie said, "Fuck it... If that queer brother of mine can do it, then I can, too"

"He's not queer," Brandon said" Then, as Stephanie began sucking her father's cock, Brandon kissed his son" Connor sucked in air -- the air inside his father's mouth -- from the sudden shock of being kissed" He nearly fainted from the lack of oxygen until instinct took over and he began to breathe through his nose" Throwing caution to the wind, he began a tongue duel with his dad" The musky smell of his dad's cologne, his sweaty armpits and the salty taste of his tongue caused Connor's senses to overload" He pressed his side tightly against his father and started spurting jolt after jolt of cum into his mother's sucking mouth" Brandon tasted Brandi's cunt juice on his son's tongue" He could smell her crotch sweat on his face" He felt -- but more importantly, thought about -- his daughter blowing him and he sprayed the inside of her mouth with globs of passion juice" My son ... my daughter ... my god... I've never felt more blessed in my life, Brandon thought" Brandi and Stephanie gagged at the same time from the unannounced jets of jism" Surprised, Brandi pulled away and got sprayed in the face with two spurts before she clamped her lips around her son's cock again" Stephanie, who was more accustomed to guys not warning her, swallowed valiantly" When she had extracted the last drop, she sat back on her heels, looked up into her dad's face and said, "I've wanted to do that my whole life"

"So why haven't you" Brandon asked comfortingly as he used one finger to capture a drop of his jizz from the corner of her mouth" Connor grabbed his dad's hand and raised it toward his mouth" Then, just as he got it close, he jerked it toward his father's face and smeared it on his father's lips" Brandon's expression was one of shock"

"Go on, taste it," Brandi said" "You're the only one who hasn't tasted your own cum" As the shower rained down on him, Connor thought nostalgically, I didn't know at the time that Pop had tasted his own cum ... on occasion" Then Connor felt the full weight of his dad resting on his shoulders, successfully reviving him from his reverie"

"What are you two doing" Connor asked"

"Scrubbing him," Stephanie said" Connor felt his sister moving up and down" He craned his neck only to have his nose rub between her pussy lips" He twisted his head to the side and looked out the corners of his eyes" He saw his sister's breasts rubbing against his dad's chest" Brandon's face was slumped forward where it was buried in her ample melons"

"You're supposed to be cooling him down..." Connor shouted over the sound of the shower spray" Then he felt his dad's cock hump against the back of his neck"

"Unngh," Brandon groaned" "Unngh, unngh, unngh" Connor felt the spray on the back of his head and he knew it wasn't water"

"Yeah, Pop, keep cumming" That'll help cool you down" Keep cumming"

"Unngh..." Brandon grunted one last time"

"Let him rest a minute," Connor said" "Then, Pop, when you think you can stand, let me know and I'll crawl out from under you, okay"

"Okay," Brandon said weakly"

"Don't let him fall," Connor warned his sister and his mother" "Hey, Mom, can you wash the cum out of my hair"

"I can do it easier," Stephanie said" "Mom, wet a washcloth for me, okay" While Stephanie cleaned Connor up, Brandi grabbed a towel and patted, Brandon and Connor dry" Then, after handing Stephanie a towel, she dried herself" Brandon said, "I think I can make it now" Crawling out from between his dad's legs, Connor said, "I'll carry you back"

"No, better not, son" We're both a little slippery" Besides, I need to work on strengthening my leg muscles"

"Okay, but I'll support you"

"Brandi, why don't you and Steph walk on my left side and catch me if I start to fall"

"I can hold you up, Daddy," Stephanie offered"

"No, I need to try and get back with as little help as possible"

"Okay," Brandi and Stephanie said simultaneously" Brandi tossed a towel over Connor's shoulders to keep him warm" "Can't have both my men sick" The trek was slow going but they made it without Brandon falling" Although still weak, he felt stronger for the effort" "Good job, guys" I think I'll just lie here and watch TV"

"We'll keep you company," Stephanie said, crawling in bed next to her father"

"I'll sit in the chair," Connor said" He was a little jealous that Stephanie had taken the spot he claimed as his but because his erection was throbbing with need, he didn't say anything about it" If Stephanie weren't here, he thought, I'd definitely jack off" Instead, he sat down and draped the towel over his lap" He tried to hide the gentle petting strokes he was giving his cock underneath the towel"

"I'll be right back," Brandi said"

"Stephanie used the remote control to turn on the TV" They watched the news in silence until Brandi returned with a bed tray" She set it over Brandon's lap" "It's not much but it'll help"

"What is it" Brandon asked"

"Chicken noodle soup," Brandi said" "You should be able to keep it down all right"

"Smells good," Stephanie said" "I could eat some, too"

"Me, too," Connor said as his stomach growled in agreement"

"Good," Stephanie said" "When you go get yours, you can bring us all back some"

"You go get it," Connor whined, knowing his erection needed some immediate attention"

"I can't" If I move, I'll spill Dad's soup," Stephanie whimpered selfishly"

"Go," Brandi said sternly as she stood by the bed and steadied the tray"

"Oh, all right," Stephanie said sullenly" As soon as she was out the door, Connor tossed off the towel and began earnestly jacking off" "I'm so fuckin' horny" Stephanie's pussy in my face, yours on my lower back, Pop dropping a cock load on my neck, Jesus..."

"Let me watch," Brandon said, craning his neck to see over the arm of the chair"

"Let me help," Brandi said after Connor got up and sat on the arm of the recliner, facing his father" Sinking to her knees, she began giving Connor a blowjob"

"Oh god... Oh fuck" That feels so good" I was so glad you sent Stephanie" I didn't want her to see me jackin' off"

"Why not" Brandon asked, staring lustfully at his wife and son"

"She thinks I'm queer, as it is" She doesn't need to know I jack off, too"

"She knows you're bisexual," Brandon said"

"She's never seen me with any woman other than Mom" She's seen me suck dick" You do the math" By her standards, I'm queer and jacking off just proves it all the more"

"She doesn't think you're queer" It's just an expression she uses"

"Mom, I'm close -- really close"

"Ummm," Brandi moaned"

"One in her mouth, the rest on her tits, son" Connor was still spurting when Stephanie walked in"

"Hey, that's not fair... Daddy's not well enough to take care of me and I'm as horny as hell..." At the sound of her voice, Brandi, Connor and Brandon all looked in Stephanie's direction" She stood there with a soup pot in one hand and a stack of bowls in the other" It was almost comical watching her hips humping the air in search of a cock—or a mouth"

"Put that stuff on the counter in the bathroom and I'll serve it," Brandi said"

"You pour, I'll serve," Stephanie offered" Connor returned to his spot in the recliner as Stephanie handed him his bowl"

"It's hot, don't spill it" Wouldn't want you to scald little G'nerd"

"G'nerd" Brandi asked"

"Somewhere between a geek and nerd is a g'nerd," Stephanie explained" A geek is a guy who has a lot of intelligence about one main subject, like computers" A nerd is a guy who thinks he knows a lot about one thing but he annoys everyone with his half-knowledge" A g'nerd is a guy who knows a lot but doesn't know he knows a lot -- but he's cute as all hell to boot..." Connor didn't know if he was being complimented or insulted"

"So when did you start referring to him as a g'nerd" Brandi asked"

"Shortly after you told me to stop calling him 'Runt'"

"Oh," Brandi said"

"I'll be careful," Connor said, knowing he didn't want to baptize his boys with chicken noodle soup"

"Mom, go ahead and sit on the bed" I'll bring you yours," Stephanie said" Brandi half-reclined close to her husband to make room for Stephanie" They slurped their soup while they watched the news scroll across the bottom of the muted TV screen" Setting his empty bowl on the floor, Connor kept an eye on his sister until she finished" In a mock British accent, Connor said, "Hey, serving wench, come here for a minute" Sparks flashed in her eyes but she got up and after putting her bowl on the vanity, she walked over to her brother" I'm only doing this 'cuz Dad's sick and I don't want to argue with Runt in front of him, she thought"

"You forgot to bring me a napkin, serving wench, so I guess I'll have to clean up the same way they did in the Dark Ages"

"Asshole..." Stephanie snarled" Grabbing his sister's hips, he said, "Nope, not asshole -- pussy" Then he wiped his mouth on his sister's pubic bush"

"Connor... Jesus... That's just -- gross..."

"Calm down" I didn't get any soup on you"

"What the hell are you doing"

"You're the one who's whining about being horny" I just thought I could help"

"But that's ..."

"It's either me or Mom" Which one do you want"

"Connor you're disgusting..."

"So suffer," Connor said, releasing her hips defiantly" "Your loss, not mine"

"But it's incest..."

"So is what Mom and I do -- and what I do to Pop" Stephanie looked over her shoulder at Brandi and Brandon, both of whom smiled and nodded encouragingly"

"You'd really be willing to eat me out" Stephanie asked, like the thought was too unfathomable to be expressed in words" Looking over at Brandon, Connor said, "Like father, like son" Then, with a smirk, Connor added, "Even if I am queer" Punching her brother on the shoulder, Stephanie said with a chuckle, "You are so fuckin' queer" Connor wagged his tongue lasciviously, "Queer for my sister's pussy" Stephanie grabbed Connors head and slammed it into her pussy bush" "Eat me, queer bait" Connor used the bridge of his nose to tease Stephanie's clit while his tongue got her pussy lips wet" With each lap, he dug his tongue in deeper, past her outer lips and her inner lips until he was able to slide his tongue inside the full length of her slit" Then he took time to nibble her clit nub"

"My god, G'nerd, you're terrific"

"Not too shabby for a queer," Connor said before sucking just her pussy lips into his mouth to gently chew on them" He used his spit-moistened thumb to rub circles over her clit while his right index finger worked in and out of her spit slick vagina" A little later, he slipped a second finger in" Stephanie couldn't believe how awesome Connor's oral homage felt" Only two of my boyfriends have been willing to muff dive, even after I gave them a blowjob, and neither of those two were as good as my brother" Maybe he's not as queer as I thought... His tongue, his lips, he knows all the right places and all the right things to do" Looking down at her brother's lap, she saw he was erect again" His piss slit was weeping pre-cum" It glistened invitingly" Just then, Connor struggled against her grip to move his head from her crotch" He looked straight into her eyes, back down at the two fingers stuffed in her cunt and back up to her face" "You're still a virgin... I can feel your hymen" It's still intact..." Brandon's and Brandi's eyes widened in surprise"

"So" Stephanie said defensively"

"I just thought ..."

"Well, I thought you were queer -- so I guess we were both wrong" Then Stephanie leaned over and sucked Connor's dick head into her mouth -- just long enough to suck the pre-cum off" She swirled it in her mouth" "Ummm, you're right"

"About what" About you not being the town slut" Conner asked jokingly"

"No" You're probably right about that" I'm talking about 'Like father, like son"' You taste like Daddy"

"Only younger and fresher, right" Connor giggled, looking over at his dad"

"Yeah" I think it's called -- more -- Runtish..." Stephanie countered"


"You were askin' for that one, son" Brandon chuckled"

"Well, there's more where that came from," Connor said, hunching his hips into his sister's face" "Want to try sucking the sauce out of a Big Mac"

"I've got to admit, it's a whopper" It's bigger than any of my boyfriends' and you're two years younger than any of them"

"And still growin' -- I hope..." Stephanie looked longingly at her brother's cock for a few moments before she leaned her head forward" "Don't hold my head" I don't like that"

"I promise," Connor said, stretching his arms up to interlace his fingers behind his neck" As Stephanie began the long downward glide on Connor's erection, Brandon rolled onto his side to get a better view" Brandi reached across his hip to hold his erection in her left hand while she ran her right arm under his pillow for support" Nestled against his back with her head on his shoulder, she could comfortably watch, too" Brandi whispered, "That is so beautiful" Brandon's cock flexed in her hand in silent agreement"

"Your damn good, Sis"

"Thanks," Stephanie said, taking a deep breath" Then she deep-throated him"

"Oh, jeez..." Connor screamed" "Oh fuck, that feels good..."

"It looks like she deep-throats better than I do," Brandi said"

"Not better, just more often," Brandon whispered" "When it comes to deep-throating, the guy shouldn't know when it's gonna happen" It's the surprise element that makes deep-throating so pleasurable" Personally, I think the way you do it is more exciting"

"You're just saying that so I'll keep offering to do it"

"I may have a temperature that has me out of my mind but I've still got my priorities straight," Brandon said with a weak chuckle"

"Shit, I wish you could do it right now"

"Me, too, but with all the ..."

"I know, germs and all -- but those two have me so hot, again"

"Yeah," Brandi said as she leisurely stroked Brandon's cock"

"Who would have ever thought when we got married that we'd someday be watching our two children making love like this"

"Or that we'd be making love to them, too," Brandi added"

"It is love, isn't it" It's not just sex"

"Not with me, it isn't," Brandi said" "Connor and I have always been close -- closer than Stephanie and me" But -- when Connor and I are -- doing it -- well, it might start out as sex but it always ends up with us making love"

"Really" Brandon said, astonished" "After Stephanie started -- you know, giving me blowjobs ..."

"The same night Connor got his driver's license"

"Yeah, well, I thought of it as sex -- at first, but after we went to bed that night -- to sleep, I mean -- I couldn't get it out of my head how much I loved her" No -- more like -- how much I wanted to make love to her" So the next time we -- uh ..."

"You're talking about the time Connor and Stephanie conspired to seduce us"

"Yeah" That night, when I went muff diving on Steph for the first time, I just got all ..."


"I guess you could call it that" I gave it a lot of thought after that first time" You know, like what I would do if it ever happened again" So when it did, I decided I wanted to make love, not just have sex" In my mind, I knew it was wrong to love your daughter in a sexual way but I couldn't help it" I loved her" I wanted her to know I loved her as much or more than her boyfriend" Hell, I wanted to be her boyfriend" Brandon looked over his shoulder at Brandi to gauge her reaction"

"It's the same way I feel about Connor" I'm not talking about marriage or anything" God knows I couldn't love you any more than I already do, but my love for Connor is just as strong -- but in a different way"

"I know what you're trying to say" It's like, how people can love their parents and love their spouse and still have enough love left over to love their children" If you ask me, Brandon said pensively, "loving the kids the way we do makes our love for each other stronger -- you and me, Stephanie and me, even Connor and me" You know -- I've been thinking -- about him ..." Brandi didn't interrupt Brandon when he took a moment to strengthen his resolve before admitting some deep dark secret" All the while they were whispering to each other, they were watching Stephanie chowing down on her brother's eleven-inch boner like a starving dog" They watched as she gagged but kept on going" They saw her cheeks puff out and suction in as she raised and lowered her lips along his impressive length" During the time they were whispering and watching, they also saw their daughter's expression transform from defiance toward Connor's attitude to a sexual appetite for hot cock to one of filial love" Connor, looking through half-closed eyes saw his sister's expression change" She was feeding on his cock like a sex-starved whore, which turned him on beyond belief" But when she looked up from his monster cock and into his eyes, her expression melted into one of adoration" There was no way to misinterpret her unspoken words" She loved her brother" Stephanie, looking up at her brother, loved everything that made up her brother -- his cock, his body, the way he monopolized her dad's attention, even those times when he was an annoying brat" Seeing the look of love on his daughter's face, Brandon decided to finish his sentence" "I've even thought Connor and I could -- love each other if -- if ..."

"If it weren't so queer" Brandi chuckled" Smiling but not taking his eyes off his children, he said, "Yeah"

"You're telling me you'd suck Connor's cock"

"I guess what I'm trying to say is -- yeah -- just to prove to him how much I love him" Steph and I have made love many times and Connor has watched Steph and me make love on occasion but he and I have never -- umm -- hell, so far, it's all been a one-way street" I don't even know if I could do it -- you know, for very long -- or very well, but I think I'd like to try" We wouldn't have to do it all the time -- or ever again, for that matter" I just want him to know I love him, too" Slapping Brandon's hip before reclaiming a grip on her husband's cock, Brandi said, "Are you trying to steal my boyfriend"

"From the looks of things, he's got enough for all of us"

"Oh, Steph," Connor moaned, "I'm gonna blow" I can't stop -- here it comes" Unngh..." Connor almost grabbed his sister's head but stopped himself at the last moment" Instead, he gripped his thighs and pressed down -- so he wouldn't choke her -- as his hips fought to rise upward" "I can't quit -- ohmigod, here's some more" Oh god, Steph, look out -- here comes some more..." Brandon and Brandi watched as Connor grimaced -- his eyes closed tight, muscles constricting throughout the orgasm" They watched Stephanie swallow every jettison of cum her brother shot into her mouth -- a look of determination etched in her expression" Her right hand came up automatically to deflect her brother's hands from her head but when she realized he had gripped his thighs instead, she grabbed his scrotum and massaged it like she was squeezing toothpaste from a tube" Seeing his son cum in his sister's mouth, Brandon shouted to no one in particular, "Gonna cum -- right ..." and he began spurting" "Oh fuck..." Brandon screamed as he shot a load across the space between the bed and the recliner" It landed on Connor's left arm like dry curds of cottage cheese" Cumming three times in less than twelve hours had drained him of a lot of fluid so the globs were drier that usual -- dry but powerful" Then another far less powerful glob dropped onto the edge of the mattress and began a long slow snail's trail descent toward the floor" As quick as a lizard snaps up a fly with it's tongue, Stephanie twisted her head, leaned forward and captured her dad's cockhead in her mouth" She only missed the first two spurts before she had time to turn around" Literally squealing from the intense pain/pleasure as his cum pumped out of his cock, Brandon nearly fainted" Stephanie's mouth had never felt better to him" It was scintillating and soothing at the same time" Her tongue flicked around his crown and into his piss slit as he continued to cum" Brandi had a look of horror on her face as she worried about the bacteria or virus or whatever that had caused Brandon's fever being transferred to Stephanie through his cum" When his spasms subsided, Stephanie backed away, saying, "I wanted to see if there's been any change between your cum, Dad, and the g'nerds cum"

"So is there" Connor asked"

"Nope, pretty much exactly the same" I think my little brother is finally a man"

"Then Dad's illness or medicine didn't have any affect on his taste" Brandi asked"

"Maybe a little -- but only as an after-taste" The initial flavor was about the same as -- Connor's"

"I think I need to shower again and get some rest," Brandon said"

"Connor, help your dad" Stephanie, you can help me strip the bed " I'm gonna wash the sheets"

"I'm strong enough to shower by myself," Brandon said"

"Connor, go with him just in case"

"Will do" Once Brandon was in the shower with Connor sitting on the toilet lid, they heard Brandi yell over the sound of the shower, "The mattress feels damp" I'm gonna let it air out a while before I make the bed"

"l'll go sit on the sofa," Brandon said"

"Pop, why don't you go lay down in my room" It'll be more comfortable"

"The sofa is fine"

"But it's made of faux leather" It'll retain heat and make you sweat again -- maybe even cause you to run another fever"

"You're probably right," After stepping out of the shower, Connor handed his dad a towel" As Brandon dried off the front of himself, Connor dried the back"

"Don't want you to get a chill, either" More out of habit than out of modesty, Brandon wrapped his towel around his waist and the two went down the hall to Connor's room" His son threw back the comforter and sheet with the same motion so his father wouldn't have to stand any longer than necessary" Brandon sat on the edge of the bed for a moment"

"Feels good just to sit up for a while"

"I'll stay right here with you, Pop"

"You don't have to do that, I'll be okay"

"I know but -- ummm -- after the past several hours, I -- ummm -- well, I miss being with you, you know, when you're awake and healthy"

"Thanks, Son" Then after a thoughtful gaze he asked while patting the bed, "So this is where you, ummm, jack off" With a sly smile, Connor said, "Yeah, one of many places"

"Ah, to be young again," Brandon said wistfully"

"Hey, shut up... You're young, Pop"

"Not as young as I used to be"

"Well, I'm not as young as I was the last time I shot a load, either"

"Which was only minutes ago," Brandon chuckled"

"That's what I mean" As you get older, I get older, too" So I don't ever want you to think there's gonna be an age gap between us"

"Ummm," Brandon began"

"Yeah, Pop" Connor asked when Brandon hesitated for so long" "We can talk about anything" You know that, don't you"

"I'm still worried that your mom and I -- kinda helped -- make you -- gay"

"Well, Pop, you didn't" I'm not gay" I mean, I've done a couple of things -- experiments -- with other guys, when I was a lot younger" But I'm not gay" I haven't done anything gay with anyone -- except you -- in a long time"

"Really" Brandon asked shocked"

"Honest" And I only do it with you because I love you"

"You mean you do it because we make you do it"

"No, not at all" I do it with you because I WANT to do it with you" Always have" It's kinda my way of showing you just how much I love you"

"So, doing what you do -- with me -- you don't think it's -- ummm -- gay"

"Well, technically, I'd have to say it's gay but for me, I'd have to say it's more like love-bonding therapy or something" Hearing that his son was not gay caused Brandon to change his 'game plan"' And I was all psyched up and ready to go for it, too, he thought" Instead, he said, "I guess I really am more tired than I thought" Maybe I should lie down for a while" Connor helped ease his father back onto the bed, then lifted his legs and swung them around so his dad was comfortable without having to exert more energy than necessary"

"Thanks, Son"

"Don't mention it, Pop" I'm just glad I'm here to help" I'm serious" I mean, I know this is a "Girls Gone Wild" weekend in most parts of the country but I'd still rather be here with you -- because you need me"

"Sorry about that, too, Son"

"Of course, if you weren't sick, I'd be laying on some beach, blowing my loads on cute co-eds' faces and soaking up some suds along with the sun"

"You don't fuck 'em" Brandon asked"

"Oh yeah, but they always insist on us guys pulling out and fertilizing the mattress instead of them"

"And they really think horny college guys will do that"

"Collectively, the girls we get perks from have gotten really savvy about sex and they've threatened to cut every one of us guys' nuts off if any one of them gets pregnant against their will"

"Well, I guess that would cause ME to pull out sooner than expected," Brandon said with a grimace just thinking about the prospects of castration" As Brandon closed his eyes, Connor pulled the sheet up over his dad's body" "I'm not gonna use the comforter" I think it'll be too hot, now that your fever's broken"

"Umm," Brandon hummed in agreement as he faked slumber" I need to think and I don't want Connor to be a distraction" A few minutes later, after hearing rhythmic regular breathing coming from Brandon, Connor slipped out the room quietly" Before Connor left, Brandon had been thinking -- during his fake nap -- I was going to suggest to Connor that maybe I try giving him a blowjob ... make love to him, actually" But then, he said he isn't gay" So if I did that, then maybe he'd think I was gay ... or turning gay, or worse, yet that I wanted to 'turn' HIM gay" I want him to know I love him just as much ... or more ... as he loves me but now I'm not sure" After he heard Connor leave, he let a slight sigh escape his lips and whispered in desperation, "What's a father to do" As he tried to drift off to sleep, he thought, Can I really put a guys' cock in my mouth ... without puking or something" I mean, even if it IS the cock of my own son" The way I was raised, it's just not anything I've really given any thought to ... until now"

Just as he was almost over the edge into sleep, he thought, Can I overcome all those religious beliefs that were drummed into my head as a kid" I realize I haven't been to church in a long time, so religion shouldn't be an issue but somehow, there are still those lingering fears and guilt associated with sex ... not to mention, homosexual incest sex" Although sleep finally overtook him, his exhausted state didn't stop him from dreaming" He was lying on a beach -- and he consciously remembered as he was dreaming that he was just getting over a fever" It was like his conscious mind was trying to explain that he was on a beach in the dream because he had been so hot for so long" In his dream, he knew the sun was setting but he was facing away from it -- facing a gigantic cock aimed at his mouth" He looked at it, knowing he was going to suck it -- willingly" As it began to enter -- just a little of it -- into his mouth, he felt how wonderful it felt to have a mouth wrapped around his cock again" His conscious mind was confused" In my dream I'm starting to suck a cock but the feelings in my dream is that someone is sucking MY cock" Oh well, there's just no explaining some aspects of dreams" And then he slipped deeper into his dream" The Brandon in his dream felt a tight stretching pain in his lower back" He felt the bulbous head of the cock in his mouth and savored the taste and texture, relishing in both" The skin was slick as silk and as soft as velvet" Then, with a start, he realized it was HIS cock" He was performing auto-fellatio on himself... The sudden realization of that caused him to begin shooting his load" To his consternation, he couldn't taste anything" He knew his 'dream' cock was shooting a load" He could feel the throb and pulse of each ejaculation" He could feel his lower abdomen getting wet from it" But the elusive taste was -- sadly -- denied him" As his breathing returned to normal, his dream morphed into running down an alleyway" He couldn't quite determine if he was chasing or being chased" He didn't feel fearful -- not for his life -- only fearful that he was not going to find out who was chasing him or who he was chasing or why he was running" Coming back in the room to check on his dad, Connor saw the drying cum stain on his favorite bed sheet" Thinking his dad was awake, he asked, "Pop, is that cum or pee" I can't tell"

"Umm, I think it's cum" I just had this really weird dream," Brandon said in a drowsy confused tone" Sitting on the edge of the bed near his dad's hip, Connor said, "You'll have to tell me all about it if it causes this to happen" Then he lifted the sheet -- which stuck here and there from the cum that had started to dry a little" He dabbled his fingers in what cum was left that hadn't dried, like he was finger painting"

"Uhh, I can't really remember much of it, except that it was weird," Brandon lied" Need to analyze this a little more before I admit to anything"

Connor left and returned with a small bowl of warm soapy water and a washcloth" "I'll clean you up, Pop"

"I can do it"

"Not while I'm around," Connor said lovingly" "I didn't stay home from Spring Break just to watch you having fun fondling yourself" The inevitable erection occurred, again, when Brandon felt a hand other than his own on his cock but he insisted that it didn't need relief -- just a thorough cleaning" When dinner was ready, Connor helped his dad to sit up on the bed, putting extra pillows behind his back and neck" Then Brandi came in with the food on a bed tray -- the one Brandon had bought for Brandi so the family could serve her breakfast in bed on Mother's Day" Stephanie followed her mother in, carrying a platter of food for the rest of them, placing it on Connor's computer table -- since his computer was at college" Connor sat cross-legged on the bed to eat, offering the desk chair to his mom and the rocker to his sister" After dinner, the plates and tray were cleared away but before Brandi left the room, Brandon said, "Sweetie, I'm so exhausted I can hardly move" I think I'll sleep in here tonight, okay"

"I think that's an excellent idea" Do you want to sleep with me, Connor" Thankfully, Connor was just close enough to Brandon that Brandon could lightly touch Connor's hand without anyone seeing him do it" Brandon hesitated for just a moment before he said, "I'll think about it, but I really think I should stay in here in case Pop needs something during the night"

"I was just thinking, that's a queen-sized bed, it might not be big enough for the two of you"

"I can sleep on the floor" God knows, I've slept on the floor at college enough times"

"Why" You've got your own bed there," Brandi said, shocked that her son was sleeping on the floor with the prices they were paying for his tuition" Sometimes my suite mates get there first and by the time I get home, one of their -- ummm -- girlfriends -- are sleeping in my bed"

"Girlfriends... Oh, you mean the bitch they're ballin' that night," Brandi said with an understanding smile" "But it's not fair that you should have to sleep on the floor because your roommates have sleepovers"

"Fuckovers, is more like it," Stephanie said with a smile"

"Yeah, but just as often, one of my suite mates ends up on the floor because my girlfriend and I got there first" It all works out in the end"

"What you really mean is that you work it out in their hind end..." Stephanie accused like she disapproved, even though that was the only way she -- to maintain her virginity -- would let guys fuck her"

"That, too," Connor admitted freely"

"It's fine by me" I have no problems with you boys sleeping together," Brandi said, feeling the weight of the tray taxing her strength, before she and Stephanie left the room" They sat quietly for a while before Brandon said, "I think I'll take a quick shower" This -- stuff -- is starting to itch" He gingerly scratched some dried cum from his abdomen" "No offense, Son" The sponge bath was great" I just think I need a lot more soap and water than what fit in that little wash basin you used"

"With the equipment you've got, you need to invest in a cock soap pharmaceutical company"

"With that cock of yours, you'd be my best customer," Brandon said as Connor helped him lift himself off the bed"

"I'm gonna sit out here, just in case you need something," Connor said as he lowered the toilet seat"

"Good idea" I'm not as steady as I thought I was gonna be"

"Want me to come in with you"

"No, you better not" That always leads to me expending way too much energy -- physical energy as well as sexual energy" Connor laughed" "What can I say" You're my favorite bathtub toy, Pop" After a good lathering and rinsing, Brandon stepped out, casually commenting that there was a sudden chill after being in the shower and then stepping into the cooler bathroom" He willingly allowed Connor to help dry him off, again" Vigorously rubbing the towel over his father's back to help warm it up, Connor looked down and thought, Damn Pop's got a gorgeous butt" Those ass cheeks could crack walnuts... I can't imagine what damage it would do to my dick if it ever got close to it" When front and back were finished, Brandon wrapped the towel around his waist and headed back to Connor's room to sit on the edge of the bed"

"That discussion we were having before dinner -- before I took my nap ..." Brandon began"

"You mean, before your wet dream," Connor corrected with a grin"

"Yeah, well, ummm, so, if I -- ummm -- wanted to, like -- do it with you, you wouldn't think it was -- queer"

"Do it" By 'it' do you mean ..."

"Yeah, have sex with YOU," Brandon said, realizing that, at the last moment, he couldn't actually bring himself to say, 'suck my son"' "Pop, you don't have to do that" I know you love me" Besides, I know you're 100 percent straight -- except for what I force you to endure because I can't keep my hands off you -- or my mouth"

"So you don't want me to ..."

"Hey, I'd love it... But you don't have to do it just because 'you' think 'I' think you don't love me the same way I love you -- or the same way you love Stephanie"

"So, if I WANTED to do it -- I mean, if I tried to do it -- and was somewhat successful -- you wouldn't be ..."

"I'd be so happy, Pop, but I don't want you to do anything that would compromise your own beliefs and morals" While they were talking, and while Connor continued to stand and his dad sat on the edge of the bed, Brandon noticed his son's cock begin to plump" His mouth keeps telling me not to do it but his cock is beginning to betray his real desire, I think" He felt his own cock beginning to fill out a little more, too, under the towel"

"Maybe if you came over here, closer to me, I could -- ummm, just -- ummm ..." Dutifully, Connor moved two steps closer to his dad" Brandon looked closely at his son's prodigious appendage" As he stared, it began to rise even more" From past experience -- observation only -- he knew his son's cock would never 'slap against his belly' simply because there was too much weight to carry it up into that position" Trying not to be too obvious, Brandon also began taking deep breaths, hoping to catch a whiff of his son's crotch" A heady, young-man crotch aroma wafted into his nostrils" It smells like he might have showered while I was napping, Brandon thought" Then like a flash, that autofellatio dream raced through his mind again -- while I was sucking myself in my dream, he thought" The aroma was like an aphrodisiac which caused Brandon to lean forward and tentatively touch his tongue to his son's cock head" He thought, He sucks mine without any reservations" I should be able to suck his, too" It's not like he's a total stranger or something ... although being a stranger might make it easier" I think half my worrying is from a fear that I'll do something wrong ... or that I won't be able to do it as well as he does"

As if Connor's cock and Brandon's mouth were the opposite poles of two magnets, Connor's cock slipped easily into his dad's mouth" For his part, Brandon slipped his tongue under the cum tube and cupped his son's cock with it like it was a hot dog bun" Don't know if I'm doin' this right or not but ... For his part, Connor's made his hips go immobile so he wouldn't accidentally pump his cock into his dad's mouth and possibly -- most likely -- choke him" "Oh my god, Pop" That's awesome... You're a natural" Encouraged by his son's remarks, Brandon closed his mouth a little and wet his son's cock with the saliva that was building up in his mouth" When Connor mewled out an unintelligible 'uuugnghuh' his dad got bolder and began sucking about three or four inches of the cock -- the impossibly long cock -- that belonged to his son" Damn, I don't know how his sister got all of this in her mouth this afternoon" I feel completely stuffed right now and he's got another six or seven inches showing" "Just remember, Pop, don't try to take it all" You'll gag and start puking -- and if you puke, I'll puke" Taking his son's advice, Brandon continued to milk just the first four or five inches"

"That's it, Pop" As you well know, the head and first few inches are the most sensitive" Deep throat is great but it's not what gets a guy's nut off" It's the stimulation of the head" Oh, yeah, just like that" Brandon was swirling his tongue around the crown of Connor's cock and flicking it against the sensitive inverted V underneath" Then he tried to plug the pee hole with his pointed tongue"

"Feeling great, Pop" You keep up the good work and I'm gonna cum" I'll let you know before I do" I mean, I won't cum in your mouth" Fuck... I didn't think about that before I started" I'm glad HE thought about it" I mean, what if he had cum and I couldn't ... you know ... swallow" Would he be upset" Would it prove to him that I didn't love him" Would this attempt to prove to my son how much I love him backfire on me" Would I really puke" It was all Connor could do not to seesaw his hips into his father's mouth" He knew if he did, he would gag him" After all, this was his dad's first time" Just thinking about it being his father's first cocking adventure -- and that it was with his own son -- caused Connor to peak" "Back off, Pop, I'm gonna shoot" Brandon clung to his son's butt cheeks to keep him from backing away"

"I mean, it Pop..." Then, feeling his dad's hands on his ass, he asked, "You really wanna take it" Brandon gripped his ass more firmly"

"Okay" But if you wanna back off at any time, it's okay" Really..."

"Ummm," Brandon said, indicating he understood" The low vibration of the humming sound reverberated through Connor's cock and it was too much for him" He began shooting, grunting "Unngh, unngh, unngh" with each blast of sperm into his dad's mouth" Like Brandon mastered everything he ever attempted, he swallowed every volley of his son's cum" After all, Brandon thought, I've tasted a little of my own cum before ... and even licked it out of my wife's cunt ... so I shouldn't have any problem swallowing my son's cum, right" Damn, he shoots a lot" I hope I don't drown" Connor trembled, vibrated and quivered with each spasm of cum" His leg muscles clenched so tight he thought he was going to end up with a cramp in his left calf muscle and he would fall to the floor -- ripping his cock from his body in the process, leaving it dangling from his dad's mouth" Connor's jaw was clamped so tight, the only noise he could make was a hissing sound as he sucked much-needed air in between his teeth and down to his burning lungs" Damn... Pop is the best fucking cock sucker I've ever had ... not that there's been that many" Brandon released his son's spent cock and laid back on the bed with his legs still dangling over the edge" As Connor's muscles began their systematic release, he cautiously leaned over his dad's supine body and laid on top of him"

"I'm not too heavy, am I, Pop"

"Just what I need," Brandon said" Then "Ummm, Son, do you kiss" Even as he said it, he recalled the first passionate kiss he and Connor had" It was the night Connor got his driver's license and he had fucked his mother in the backseat of the car" It was the same night Stephanie had sucked her dad for the first time" Brandon had kissed his son for the first time while his daughter was sucking him" Connor lowered his mouth to his father's and kissed him with a passion he had never offered to anyone else in his life" It's true, Pop, I love you more than anyone else in the world" Always have" You've just made me the happiest son in the world" Brandon felt the love flowing through Connor's kiss -- and tongue -- into his own body" Even the love he felt for his wife wasn't as intense as the feeling he was receiving from his son" And he tried very hard to make his son feel the same love being returned to him from his dad through that kiss" He was surprised, too, to realize he was sporting another hard-on" Am I hard because we are kissing or did I get hard while I was giving my son the blowjob" I was concentrating so hard on doing it right, I can't be sure when it occurred" After they broke the kiss, the two of them squirmed around to lie on the bed properly" Then, rolling onto his side, facing away from his dad, Connor asked, "Can we cuddle" Brandon spooned himself into his son's back -- and backside -- draped his arm over his son's chest and they cuddled" Slowly -- very slowly -- his erection went flaccid" A few minutes after Connor felt his dad's hard-on go soft, Connor gently moved his dad's hand down to his own crotch" Although he wasn't hard, it was still a handful for Brandon" "If you get hard again, Pop, I -- uh -- want you to try to fuck me"

"Don't you think that'll be impossible" I'm kinda big, you know"

"We can go slow and I can learn to take it a little at a time"

"Have you ever done it before"

"Never" Just thinking about fucking a virgin ass caused Brandon's cock to begin to harden" "Not tonight, Son, I'm too weak from the fever and cumming three or four times in one day but, yeah, I think I'd like to try that with you" Connor smiled a dreamy, hope-filled smile" During the night, Brandon rolled over facing the other direction" A few minutes later, Connor rolled over to spoon his dad" That's the position they were in when Brandon woke up greatly refreshed from the sleep and not as tired as the day before" He laid there enjoying the feel of his college-aged son spooning him" He even enjoyed the feeling of his son's cock as it began to harden -- snaking its way between his thighs" He lifted his upper leg to make room and then trapped his son's cock in place" I wonder if Connor is going to remember that he told me he wants me to fuck him" I'm certainly not going to mention it to him" If he forgets ... oh well, probably all for the better" But if he remembers, I wonder if he will be able to take my cock" I think this is kinda like the kid in the candy store ... his eyes are bigger than his belly" Connor moaned as he felt his cock being masturbated" As he woke up, only slightly, he realized it was riding someone else's flesh and not his own hand -- like every other morning of his life" Fuck... That's Pop's thighs, I'm fucking" Hey, it's supposed to be the other way around" Even so, he began to gently rock back and forth just a quarter of an inch ever so often in a half-awake state" I don't know if Connor is awake or not" I'm afraid to say anything just in case he's still asleep but damn that feels good" I wonder how much it would hurt if he tried to pack that fuck stick up my poop chute" Where the hell did that idea just come from" Then he felt another little nudge from his son's cock between his thighs"

"Pop, you awake" Connor whispered, not wanting to awaken his dad in case he was still tired from the fever" I wonder if he'll try to fuck me if I pretend to be asleep" "Don't forget, you promised to fuck me in the morning and it's morning" Again, it was in a whisper" If he's still asleep, maybe that will send him a subliminal message" In a very quiet voice, Brandon said, "I think we need to talk about that first"

"Okay, but I gotta tell you, I'm really horny and want to feel your cock up my ass, Pop," Connor said just as quietly"

"I've wanted you to do it for a long time" Connor started to move away but Brandon clamped his thighs tighter around his son's hard-on to keep him from moving away"

"That's what I've been thinking about, too" Brandon said" "But, umm, kinda differently"

"Whaddya mean, differently"

"Well, umm, Son, I think it would be better for me -- as a father -- to, umm, experience it first"

"Great, then let's roll over and do it" It'll be your first experience and it'll be my first experience"

"That's not what I mean" I think you should, you know, fuck me first so I'll know if it's alright to do it to you or not"


"Son, I don't want you to think ill of me but it's just something a father should -- should -- or do you think you couldn't live with me if I let myself get fucked"

"Pop, there's nothing you could do that would change the way I feel about you -- unless it's maybe loving you more -- but you don't have to do this" I know I want you to fuck me" I always have -- ever since I watched that first porno movie" Except at that time, I kinda thought I'd have to have an operation or somethin' -- until I discovered butt fuckin' was an option" Son, I have a big cock"

"Yeah, I know" It's kinda obvious"

"But yours is just as big," Brandon said"

"If not bigger," Connor said impishly with another hump thrust between his dad's thighs"

"So if I can take yours without pain -- or permanent damage, at least -- then I think I would be okay with fucking you" I mean, I need to know what it's gonna feel like for you before I can do it to you" Seriously, I could never do anything hurtful to you that I'd regret for the rest of my life"

"But, Pop, I've been psyched up for this for years" I'm pretty sure this idea just came into your head a short time ago" There's no way you could be as psychologically prepared as I am"

"Sorry, Son" This is non-negotiable" I can't willingly do something to you that I know could cause permanent damage"

"I'm willing if the flesh is willing," Connor said, "but I still say, you don't have to do this, Pop"

"Actually, yes I do" So, uh, whaddya think is the best way to do this"

"Uh, I don't know" You kinda caught me off guard" But I guess, let's just do it the way I thought you were gonna do it to me when you woke up this morning -- on our sides, like this"

"I don't suppose you have any oil or anything"

"Yep, I do," Connor said, reaching over his head to grab the tube of motion lotion off the headboard where he kept it for those early morning handjobs" "Uh, Pop, you're gonna have to give me my cock back so I can grease it up or your virgin fuck is gonna hurt like hell"

"Give me some and I'll lube up my ass"

"Not a chance, Pop" Connor said devilishly"

"But I really think I need to lubricate my hole first"

"Nope, that's my job, Pop"

"Really" Brandon asked, surprised that a guy would want to touch another guys asshole -- even if it WAS a preliminary to engaging in sex"

"If it were any other guy, I'd prefer they do it themselves but this is my pop, so I'm gonna do it for him" Connor applied a liberal amount of gel on his fingertip, lifted his dad's leg with the other hand and began to smear the gel around his dad's anus" "Can you hold your leg up while I get some more gel, Pop"

"I guess that's the least I can do," Brandon chuckled" Even so, he felt very self-conscious about having his son 'playing' with his butthole" After applying more gel to his finger, Connor said, "Now this might hurt a little" Actually, it should only feel unusual, not really hurt because I'm using gel" At the point of intrusion, Brandon let out a slight grunt -- more of a sound of surprise than of pain, feeling his son's finger inside his hole"

"Gotta get your rectum all juiced up, too -- at least as far as my finger will reach"

"If that was supposed to be encouraging, it wasn't," Brandon said" "I've seen your finger and I've seen your cock and I know your cock is longer -- way longer"

"We just need to get it lubricated to this depth" Then the gel on my cock will lube the rest of it"

"If I let it get that far," Brandon chuckled, hoping to relax himself with humor for his upcoming deflowering"

"Here goes, Pop" Just relax and kinda push your butt hole against my cock as I push in" At least, that's what I've read"

"I can't believe I'm letting a virgin take my virgin ass"

"Honestly, I'm just as nervous about doing this for the first time as you are -- maybe more so because I want it to be just perfect for you, Pop" But we can quit right now and I'll flip over for you"

"No" I really need to do this -- for my own peace of mind" Connor and Brandon both felt uneasy when Connor's cockhead touched Brandon's butthole" Connor didn't push, waiting instead to see if his dad would push out toward him" When he felt it, he gently pushed about a quarter of an inch of his cockhead into his dad's portal" Feeling no additional resistance, he pushed the full crown of his cock in"

"Aagghh..." Brandon screamed as his ass-ring stretched to its limits -- or so he thought -- before snapping securely beneath his son's corona" Connor knew to stop as soon as the head was in but he was fearful his dad would pull away so he gently laid a hand on his dad's hip" "That's it Pop," Connor said encouragingly" Misunderstanding his son's comment, Brandon whispered through clenched teeth, "Thank God..." I don't think I could take any more" It's so fucking huge... "You okay"

"Let me take a minute to evaluate," Brandon said with a long breathy exhale like he uses to relieve stress tension at work" "Let's see, I'm in my son's bedroom with his cock shoved all the way up my ass and I'm a willing participant" My ass feels like I need to take a dump that would fill a two-yard dumpster" The pain has caused me to lose my morning woodie" Yeah, I think I'm okay"

"Um, Pop"

"Yeah, Son"

"Umm, you've only got the cockhead in right now" There's still another eight inches to go"

"I know humor is the best medicine but NOW is not the time to joke around about something like that"

"I'm serious, Pop" Using an unusual amount of self-restraint to overcome his panic, Brandon didn't move away but carefully moved his hand back over his hip to grope for his son's cock" When he discovered he could wrap his hand around it and slide it up and down a little, too, he almost fainted" Don't faint... Can't faint" If I lose control of the situation, I have no idea what would happen" I mean ... "I'm gonna just rock a little" I'm not gonna try to put more in -- right now" Okay"

"We can try" It doesn't seem to hurt as much as it did at first" As soon as Connor started to rock, Brandon instinctively squeezed his ass ring, causing him intense pain" "Ahh, jeeze..." he said" "Shouldn't have done that"

"Sorry, Pop," Connor said tearfully" As much as he wanted to pull out -- to relieve his dad of the pain -- he knew, from extensive reading on the subject that he needed to stay right where he was" Besides, it felt just too damn good to withdraw -- and he kept up the slight rocking motion"

"No, I mean, I shouldn't have done that -- clench up my asshole," Brandon said as he willfully had to convince his ass-ring to relax" Similar to the exercises he had done in stress management classes at work -- to relax the tension in his neck muscles -- he had to mentally 'visualize' the sphincter getting looser and looser, until the pain went away" Even with the rocking motion, and the tight constriction on his cockhead, Connor realized he was losing his hard-on" I don't want to hurt Pop" I know I can take him without any trouble ... because I love him so much ... but his pain is having a major affect on my mind as well as my libido"

"Maybe we should try this another time, Pop, 'cuz ..."

"No, I think I'm ready to try some more -- but for the love of God, please go slow and stop if I tell you to"

"You sure"

"As sure as a straight father can be with his straight son fucking him," Brandon chuckled" Connor felt the laugh transfer to his cock in the form of vibrations which seemed to give his cock a renewed desire to harden" He began to stiffen a little of what he had lost, perhaps in anticipation of actually fucking his first ass -- his own father's ass" Although, to Brandon, it felt like it took about an hour, to Connor it felt like it only took a couple of seconds to insert an additional two inches -- about twice the length as before -- and he thought he was going too fast" That would be two inches of cockhead, two inches of shaft and about six or so more inches to go"

"You okay, Pop"

"Umm, yeah," Brandon thought reflectively, "I think so" I think I've got a handle on how to take it up the ass from my son like a man and not whimper like a schoolgirl"

"Uh, I think, I'M the one with the handle, Pop" Then he flexed his cock to let his dad know what he was referring to"

"Have you got it all in" I'm beginning to taste pre-cum in my mouth"

"It must be leftover from last night because I've got a little more than six inches to go"

"You're kidding, right" Realizing his dad had not cried out in pain as he was inserting the additional two inches, Connor decided to try a new tactic" "Does this feel like I'm kidding" Then he carefully but much more rapidly inserted about four more of the six plus inches that were left into his father's rectum" A massive explosion of air escaped from Brandon's lungs from the sudden intrusion but, to his credit, he didn't cry out"


"You okay"

"Let me catch my breath" As Brandon inhaled a deep breath, Connor easily slid the rest of his cock into his father" It was only when he felt flesh on flesh, pubes on ass fur that he realized he had achieved his goal"

"Can't breath," Brandon said" "I've got a huge post pressing against my lungs"

"Keep breathing, Pop, because this is when it's supposed to get fun" At least that's what I've read"

"I always told your mother she let you read too much when you should have been playing outdoors" Connor began the long slow withdrawal -- slow so he wouldn't suck Brandon's brains out through his asshole from the vacuum a sudden motion with a cock his size would have created"

"I've never felt anything like this , Connor"

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing"

"What's the superlative form of the word excellent, college boy"

"Excellent IS the superlative form but, umm, heavenly, maybe"

"Well, what's the superlative form of the word heavenly" -- because that's what it feels like" Elated, hearing that he was pleasuring his dad so much, Connor asked, "Really"

"Well, Son, I'm so sure about it that I know I'm gonna have a hard time making YOU feel this good when I fuck you"

"Really" You're really gonna fuck me, Pop"

"There's just one thing, Son"

"What's that" Connor asked fearfully"

"The only way I can fuck you is ..."


"Is if you finish fucking me" You wanna put a little more steam behind that pile driver" My ass is achin' for a breakin'"

"You don't have to ask ME twice..." Even though he was eager to please, he knew he had to be careful -- at least this first time -- and perhaps his only time -- fucking his dad" He began a long leisurely in and out stroke but picked up speed and vigor quickly"

"That's it, Son" That's how I taught you to tackle new tasks" Get a firm command of the situation and barrel in with both fists pounding"

"You okay, Pop"

"Reach around and find out for yourself" Connor ran his hand lovingly over his dad's hip and down through his pubic patch till he got a firm grip on his rock hard erection" "Yep, I think I'm doing things right" He pressed his chest tighter against his dad's back, nuzzled his neck and said, "Thanks, Pop" This is something I've always wanted to do but I never let myself believe that it could happen -- not in a million years"

"So you're not upset that your dad turned out to be such a pussy bottom"

"No need for labels in this household" And don't forget, I'm gonna be the pussy bottom as soon as I'm done painting your guts white"

"You still didn't answer my question," Brandon said, needing in his deepest psyche to know what Connor thought about him flipping the roles"

"No doubt about it" Top or bottom or somewhere in the middle -- if that's even possible -- you're always gonna be the man I love" If 'you' think 'I' think less of you because you've asked to be fucked, you're wrong" If anything, it proves to me just how much of a man you are" Kinda like jumping in front of me and takin' the bullet for me"

"The way you're pounding my ass, I'm thinking I 'will' be the one taking the bullet -- or as the case may be, bullets"

"Any second now, Pop" You want me to pull out -- like with Mom"

"No" I want the seed of the son I created inside me" I think that's a fair enough exchange, don't you"

"Fair..." Connor shouted as he gripped his dad's cock in a strangle hold and began plastering his dad's ass channel with college-boy jism" "Unngh... Unngh... Uhh... Ohhhhh... Unngh..." Each flex of his son's cock in his ass caused Brandon's cock to pulse" He knew if Connor didn't stop coming soon, he would start pumping out his own load -- even WITH the strangle hold Connor had on it" Just as rapidly as the orgasm started, it stopped -- so suddenly and so emotionally fulfilling that Connor just about fainted" He sensed it as a half-faint" He knew he was conscious but he couldn't have moved if a lightning bolt had struck the bed" He relaxed his grip on his dad's cock and let gravity roll him onto his back successfully, although remorsefully, disengaging his cock from his dad's ass" After several long moments, he asked, "You okay, Pop"

"The better question is are you okay," Brandon asked, rolling over to look at his inert son"

"Yeah, just the happiest I've ever been in my whole life"

"Well, I guess I've done my job," Brandon said, "I smell bacon frying, maybe we should get cleaned up and go to breakfast"

"Not on your life" You promised to fuck me" That was the deal" I only went along with this because you insisted" Then changing his tone to that little fourteen-year-old voice that always got him what he wanted, he whined, "I knew we should have cut cards to see who went first" You're not playing fair"

"You still want me to fuck you -- after seeing how painful it was at first"

"I don't care if the pain is so severe that I go blind, I want my pop to fuck me" Besides, the pain was over in no time and the pleasure lasted a lot longer"

"Oh" Brandon asked accusingly" "You think I was getting pleasure out of that" Wide-eyed and fearful, the grown-up Connor implored, "You mean you weren't" Oh my god, it was just ME getting pleasure" Once I started, I forgot all about whether it was pleasurable for you or not" God, Pop, I'm so sorry..." He reached out to hug his dad and Brandon chuckled" Enveloping him in his protective arms, Brandon said, "I shouldn't have done that to you" Of course it was pleasurable for me" If it wasn't, I would have stopped you" With a devilish grin, Connor said, "You're such an evil old man..."

"Old, am I" Then I guess I'm too old to fuck this cute young butt," Brandon said, playfully slapping his son's ass cheek"

"NO... No... Not THAT old, old man..." Connor squealed while giggling at the same time"

"Then roll over before I lose my hard-on"

"Did you feel me hitting your prostate when I was fucking you" With a thoughtful gaze, Brandon said, "Actually, no" I don't think you did"

"Damn, and I wanted to so much" Damn, damn, damn"

"Don't worry, it was still ..." and Brandon looked toward the door to insure no one was listening, "... the best sex I've ever had" Connor's chest felt like it was filling with pride even though his mind was questioning whether his dad was saying that just to make him feel good" Gripping his dad's cock to make sure it didn't go soft, Connor asked, "Will you fuck me in the missionary position" I want to be able to look at you, hold you and kiss you while you're fucking me"

"'Making love to you,' Son" I hope I'll never just 'fuck' you" I'll always want our times together, from now on, to be times of making love" I love you so much" With a grin, Connor asked, "After we make love, will you fuck me"

"Maybe if I can learn to do this right, I'll be able to make love to you and fuck you at the same time"

"Just kidding, Pop, It's the lovemaking I really want" I can have sex with anyone -- and just so you know -- I'll never let any other guy fuck me" You're the only one" As Connor raised his thighs to his chest and held them in place with his forearms hooked around behind his knees, Brandon applied the motion lotion to both his son's hole and his own cock" Slipping only his cock head in and stopping to gauge Connor's reaction, Brandon said, "Son, you know I don't like speaking in absolutes, words like 'never' and 'forever"' But I've discovered in my very, very long life on this Earth that there will ALWAYS be something -- or someone -- that will change your mind"

"'Always' is an absolute, Pop," Connor grinned as he pushed out with his star burst when he felt his dad's cock stop moving" Slapping his son's ass cheek as a response, Brandon said, "What I'm trying to say is, I appreciate your commitment to monogamy, but someday, you might meet some guy you want to have anal sex with" I just want you to know I won't bind you to that commitment" The pressure Connor was applying to Brandon's cock reminded his father to keep pushing" Connor trembled uncontrollably when he felt his dad's cockhead pass over his prostate"

"What" Brandon asked with fatherly concern, thinking maybe he had hurt his son"

"You found my prostate" Maybe I should have fucked you in this position, Pop, so you could feel the thrill of having your prostate massaged"

"Maybe next time," Brandon said offhandedly"

"Next time... You're gonna let me fuck you again" Connor yelped in disbelief"

"I don't think this kind of toy is something I'd consider as 'disposable"' Hell, I hope you don't think I'm ready to give up on being fucked after just one great fuck"


"You think you might have performed your best but I know my son better than he knows himself" That was just some warm-up practice pitching you were doing" I'm anxiously looking forward to catching the pitches you throw in a real game"

"God I love you, Pop"

"Then let's make love" Brandon, leaned down to kiss his son as he slipped more and more cock into him" With their lips together like that, Brandon knew he would be able to tell if Connor was in any kind of pain" True to his word, Connor took his dad's long fat cock up his virgin ass like he was The Prostitute of Hell" The only noises he made were sounds of pure enjoyment" The only jerks or spasms he made were to increase his father's pleasure from fucking his son" To Brandon's surprise, every time his cock would rub Connor's prostate, it would send shivers through his son's body" It also intensified the feeling in his own cock to have that nub kind of stroke him, too -- only it was inside his son, not outside" He wanted to rub it with every thrust but he enjoyed being embedded deeply in his son's love tunnel just as much, so it was always a surprise to them both when he would back out enough to prod the nut"

"Pop, I've never been happier in my life," Connor said, after they broke the extended sensual kiss" "I've never felt more loved -- ever..."

"That was my goal, Son" Brandon said"

"I mean, I loved it -- all those years -- when I was blowing you," Connor said" "And I knew during those times, you loved me because you were letting me do it"

"I know what you mean" I felt the same way" I knew you and I were 'making love' -- kinda -- but it was too one-sided for me to believe that it was truly love-making" It was like you were 'servicing' me OUT of love"

"You do understand, don't you" Connor said disbelieving at first that his father could ever understand his heartfelt feelings" "I DID love sucking you" But this is so much better" This is you and me making love, being one with each other, just like you and Mom"

"Well not QUITE like Mom and me" Your mom doesn't fuck my ass..." Brandon chuckled"

"But I bet she would if she could" You've got the sweetest ass in the world"

"You're just saying that so I'll let you fuck me again"

"Again and again" While Brandon was engaged in the backdoor lambada with his son, his daughter, Stephanie, walked in without realizing at first what was going on and said, "Mom says, 'breakfast in ten minutes'" Just what I need, Connor thought" Now Steph is gonna think I'm queer for sure" Looking up at his daughter, Brandon said, "Shouldn't take that long" At least Connor fucking me didn't take that long -- and this feels so good I'm not gonna be able to hold back much longer" I've got your back, Son, as well as your backside" Brandon thought" I'm gonna make sure your sister knows I've taken it up the butt, too" Pop always knows how to save the day ... or better yet, my reputation" Thanks, Pop... Connor thought" Stephanie stood there mesmerized for a few seconds before she began rubbing her pussy beneath her pajama bottoms" Then she snaked her hand past the waistband to get a flesh-on-flesh feel to it" For a moment, and ONLY for a split second, Brandon thought about inviting his daughter to join them" Then he remembered he wanted this to be just his son and him" He sped up his moves before shouting, "I'm getting' close, Son"

"Fill me up, Pop" I want to absorb it into my body so you will be a part of me forever" Then Connor thought jealously, I don't want to be 50-50 with you and Mom, I want to have a higher percentage of YOU in me than Mom because I love you so much" Stephanie knew this was more than just sex, and she watched the lovemaking jealously" Even so, she couldn't tear her eyes away from the two of them" The action was so hot" She watched her father's muscular ass cheeks dimple each time he slid his cock into her brother's ass" They were so deep she thought she could place a soup bowl in the concave indentations and it wouldn't fall out" She stared at the two of them as their mouths connected, tongues already slipping out before contact, to enjoy a deep soulful kiss" Her attention was drawn to her brother's cock which, although lying on his washboard abs and pointing toward his navel, kept jumping" She didn't know it happened each time Brandon stabbed Connor's prostate" A tiny pearl of pre-cum appeared to pop out of his piss slit without any apparent manual stimulation" Then with each inward thrust of her father's cock into her brother's hole, more and more pre-cum appeared until his belly glistened like an ice skating pond" The soft moans and groans coming from the copulating couple filled her ears as she massaged her cunt" The wet slurping sounds the two mouths were making challenged her own finger-induced slippery-moist pussy sounds" She discovered her own breathing was exactly punctuating the breathing of her father and brother" Then she felt her knees weakening and she had to lean back against the door frame for support as she let her orgasm overcome her" After she regained her strength but before she walked away, she said, "You have to help me set the table g'nerd, so don't take too long" Feeling Connor's ass clutching his cock, he said, "Oh, god, what is your ass doing to me" It feels like you're a human milking machine" Then once Stephanie was out of earshot, and in a loving tone, Brandon said, "I think your sister's envious of you"

"Why should she be" Until today, she was always the one to get all your 'loving' kind of attention"

"Not any more, Son" I don't know why it took me so long to talk myself into something like this" Between inward thrusts of Brandon's cock up Connor's ass, Connor grunted out, "Because -- it -- was -- queer"

"Well, I have to admit, if the truth be known, it doesn't feel like queer activity to me at all" What we're doing cannot be wrong when we love each other so much" But I want you to know, after this, I think I'm gonna be a little jealous when you're having sex with your mom or Stephanie"

"I was thinking the same thing" I'm gonna have a hard time controlling my emotions when others are involved, now"

"Keep control of the bad emotions but it's okay to let them see how much we love each other" Your mom and I have already discussed how much I've wanted to make love to you and she's more than okay with it"

"BREAKFAST..." Stephanie yelled from the kitchen after Brandi told her to 'go' tell the guys that breakfast was ready"

"Awh FUCK..." Brandon said"

"Awh JEEZE..." Connor whined" Even so, they gladly doubled their efforts, each wanting as much as the other, that final gratification from a truly astounding lovemaking session" Both were shooting their loads, almost at the same time" Connor's came first and, with the help of his ass contractions, Brandon was able to shoot his load before Connor finished coming" As Brandon lowered his weight onto his son to seal the two of them together with Connor's jism, Brandon said, "Sorry I had to take you away from Spring Break"

"That not a problem anymore," Connor said, playfully slapping his dad's exposed ass cheek" "In fact, it was NEVER a problem" And, now that we've finally come to our senses about having sex together -- I mean, making love together -- I'm thinking I'll come home for Spring Break EVERY year" On their way to the kitchen -- not bothering to wash up because they were proud of what they had just accomplished -- Connor said with a devilish grin, "So, Pop, when we're watching March Madness games this week, can I sit in your lap?"

Looking at Connor because of the absurdity of the question -- Connor wasn't an eight-year-old kid anymore -- Brandon saw the smirk on his son's face and said "Only if we're both naked" As Brandon put his arm around his son's shoulder while they walked, he added "... and only if I get to sit in YOUR lap some of the time, too."

Spring Breaks in the future are gonna be SO awesome, both of them thought"