Spying on my sister

Part One

This is a fictional story!!  If you are underage, or under the IQ limits to enjoy this... then GO AWAY!  The names, characters, and situations are totally false, just a figment of my masturbatory mind.

        My name is Mike, and I am 11 years old.   I want to tell you what happened about 2 weeks ago, when I was spying on my sister, Ashley,  when she had a sleep over with her best friend Tammy.   First, I guess I should tell you a bit about me, I am 5'10" tall, and I wear size 13 shoes.   All the kids in school think I am a freak because I am so tall but I haven't even reached puberty yet!  My sister, Ashley, is my twin, she has the same golden blond hair, blue eyes and slim build that I have, but she is allot shorter than I am, by about 6 or 8 inches.   Tammy is about her size, but she is black like a chocolate bar, with long hair, deep brown eyes and a smile that would knock your socks off!
        Mom said she could spend the night with Ashley, and I hung around the living room for awhile while they got all of Tammy's stuff in the house, and then into Ashley's bedroom.   I just watched TV with them until 9 o'clock when mom stood up and said "I have to be at work early, I am going to bed, you girls be quiet so you don't wake me up" and she went to her room and shut the door.   I left the living room and said  "I'm tired, I am going to bed to"  and walked down the other hallway to my room and clicked on the TV kinda loud and watched cable TV on Cartoon Network.   I went to her room first and made sure that her closet door was open and then crept to my room and slid into my bed to watch TV.   Not long after, I heard  familiar footsteps coming down the hall and the door shut to her room.

        I guess I should explain why I opened her closet door.   I went to bed one night particularly horny one night after finding my dads stash of  Playboy magazines hidden in the garage, and I heard some banging around in her closet, but it never quit, so I got up to investigate, and I found a hole about 1/2 drilled into the wall, and I could see her lying in her bed, but she was under the covers.   The next day I got home before her and I raced to her room, and I looked in the hole, and I saw my bed plain as day, through the hole.  "That little shit..... she is spying on me!"  I said to myself, and I darted to my room when I heard the front door open.   I looked thru the hole and I got to watch her change out of her nice school clothes and put on her play clothes and she ran outside to play with her friends.   "HHHmmmm" I wondered, and I changed too and went outside to play.

        That night, I questioned her, and she said that she drilled that hole about 5 weeks ago because a boy that she thought was really cute was coming over to spend the night with me, and she wanted to look at him even though she was in her room.   I remember the night, we played strip poker until we both ended up naked, then we put our underwear back on and went to bed.  But then I had to wonder just what all she saw!  She said she went to bed when we did, but we kinda messed around after that, but she never admitted to seeing anything....... so I guess I don't really know.
        So now we have an agreement with each other, since we both know each other very well from birth, from playing Doctor, and masturbating each other quite a bit, we are allowed to spy on each other, especially if we have company over.   I try to seduce my friends into nudity and she gets to watch, and she gets her friends naked for me to wank off in the closet!   i mean think about it, when you are 10 years old, how easy is it to talk your friends into nudity?   I see all my friends naked at the pool showers in the summer, and in school after PE, so if you want a little closer look, all you really have to do is just ask....

        Anyway,  I heard the girls go into my sisters room and shut the door and I heard her TV switch on.  I got up from my bed and crept over to my closet and peered into the hole too see what was going on.   My sister was standing in the closet shuffling thru her clothes hangers for a second, then she pulled a long T Shirt out, laid it on the bed and started to remove her clothes, all the time she was gabbing about "girl stuff" to Tammy, until she was just in her underwear, then she slipped the T Shirt on and hopped back in bed.  She asked Tammy if she brought anything to wear to sleep in, she said that she usually just sleeps in her panties.  My dick inflated rather quickly when I heard that!  Then Tammy stood up and removed all of her clothes until she was just in her flowered little butt cover and hopped in the bed with Ashley.

        Then, my dear sister turned up the heat for me, and she started talking about boys, and kissing, and stories from other girls who have actually touched another boy for about 10 minutes, then she pulled out the whammy!   She asked Tammy if she knew what sex with a boy is all about.   Tammy said she walked in on her older brother, who is 16, and he was banging his cock in her, but she was so scared he would beat her up, she ran out of the room, but she said she never got to see very much.   Ashley asked  "Do you want to?"

        "What do you mean?"  Tammy answered

        "Well, you know how I help mom when she cleans houses?  Well, mom asked me if I would go sweep the carpets at Mr. Jennings house while she worked across the street at Mrs. Taylors house, then come over and help her there when I got finished.  Well, when I put his sweeper away, I found a huge box of movies with no titles on them.  I put a tape into the VCR and hit "play" and I saw sex!  I found a porn tape!"

        "Oh my god!" Tammy and I both said together, hoping she didn't hear me.   When did she get this tape?  she never mentioned this before!

        "You want to see it?" Ashley asked

        "Sure!" came the eager reply from Tammy

        Ashley got up and pulled out the tape from under her jewelry box, walked over to the TV, which was beside the open closet door, at the foot of her bed and flashed me the "OK" sign, knowing I was there!  She turned the TV volume way down, slipped in the tape and hopped back in bed after the movie started.

        She and Tammy both leaned back against the headboard propped up on her many pillows and all 4 eyes where glued to her TV screen.   The volume was all they way down, so I couldn't hear a thing, but I heard the girls giggle, gasp, and make small comments like "Oh my god"  and "I wonder what that feels like"  and even "Look at that!"   Soon tho, Ashley started to rub her crotch thru her panties and Tammy soon looked down to see her do it, so she dropped a few inhibitions, and started to follow suit.   In only a few minutes, Tammy was reaching under her silky panties to feel her own flesh.  I watched as her finger gently caressed the 2 folds of skin that I know she has.   Ashley picked her butt off the bed, pulled her panties down and kicked them off to the floor and said "These just get in the way, i want to do it right!"

        I watched in amazement as Tammy soon mimicked my sister and both girls sat propped up with their knees bent and their sweet tender hairless pussies facing me as their fingers played with the deep center fold between their legs.   Ashley said "Look at her!  How does she do that?  Her feet are behind her head!"   I watched in fury as a pumped my raging 3 and a half inch boner as Tammy replied "I can do that, watch!"  Tammy scooted down near the foot of the bed and then picked her long black legs up and put her bare feet behind her head, then locked her ankles together behind her head.

        My orgasm hit me like thunder as I saw up close her bare black ass spread open, and her pouting pussy started to glow like a pink flower.  I could see the depths of her cute cunt spread open to me and below that her tiny dark folds of her tight butthole.   Her hands reached around to her butt, and she pulled the meaty flesh even farther apart before digging her fingers even deeper to her twat.   She started to rub her pussy again in this position and the sight of this would not let my boner, or my raging hormones take a break.   Than Ashley decided she was not going to be out done, scooted down and got in the same position as Tammy!   Now I a cranking one off again as I watch two girls frig themselves.  Ashley said "Rub your butthole like I am doing"  and Tammy soon moved her fingers down and started to caress her black spot.   I noticed that Ashley had a pink poop hole, but Tammy's was actually a darker color then the skin of her butt, and her butthole was a tight circle, but Ashley's looked more like a tight vertical slit.  I wondered what my butthole looked like.

        Tammy moaned softly "I wonder what a boy feels like in me like they are doing"

        "I don't know, but she seems to like it.  Do you want to get my brother in here?  I bet we could get him to show us his dick, if we show him our pussies"

        "Do you think he would?  Really?"

        "It never hurts to ask, does it?

        "But what about your mom?"

        "She is asleep, she took her headache pills again, she wont wake up, besides, we'll stay quiet"

        I started to panic, because I didn't want Tammy to walk in on me while I was spying so I hurried back in bed, quiet as a mouse and covered up my bareness with the sheet and faked sleep.   Soon I heard the door to Ashley's room open, then mine and footsteps towards the bed.  I was sweating for two reasons, one, it was warm in my room, and two, because of all the exercise I had just got!  A hand reached around my tummy and went straight for my aching boner, and I jumped!   It was my sister.  "So I guess you have been watching us then Mikey?"  as she played with my willy "She wants to see you naked, but I think you already know this, don't you" as she giggled.  She was standing there naked and she pulled the sheet off my naked body, she leaned sown to my ear and whispered  "You owe me".

        I followed her to her room and shut her door behind me, fully naked.   Tammy was leaned up against the headboard with the sheet pulled up to her neck.
Ashley pulled the sheet off Tammy and I lay down in bed then Ashley got on the other side of me, so that I was between the 2 of them.  The TV was still playing the porn flick and I glimpsed at a hot girl was being pounded from behind by the biggest cock I had ever seen!  Not that I have seen many, but I have seen dirty magazines before, and I was not stupid about sex.   I spread my legs apart, draped them over one of each girl and pulled their legs open so that we were all spread eagle, and out legs intertwined with each other.   I watched the movie instead of Tammy so I didn't spook her to much, and I started to rub my excited member.   Tammy, on the other hand, had her eyes glued to my hand as I slowly rubbed my hard on.  "You wanna touch it?" I asked as a took my hand and grabbed hers softly and guided it to my throbbing flesh stick.   She took to it right away.   I took my arm beside her, and draped it over her shoulder and pulled Tammy closer until she rested her head on my belly and she now lay on her side.  My hand caressed her ribs and back and slowly I made my way to her butt.  I rubbed the tops of her cheeks until she pulled her top leg to her chest, pressing against my leg.  I considered that an invitation, so I leaned over a bit more until I found moistness on my fingertips from her pussy.   The TV was showing a girl sucking on a huge cock right then.  She would take the whole thing in her mouth and her one hand was jacking this guy off and her other hand was playing with his huge balls.  The guy was sitting in a chair with his legs propped up on the arms as she sucked him.  The she would lower down a bit and lick his fat sac and jerk him off.  She even sucked his nuts in her mouth one at a time.   His legs spread wider for her.  She moved down and started to lick his asshole while she jerked his sausage and then he blew his wad all over his chest!   Oh god, I wish I could feel that!

        Tammy positioned herself closer to my stretched cock and I could feel her breath on me.  My fingers went crazy in her pussy lips, but there wasn't a whole lot of moisture, and Ashley told me once that it hurts if its not wet, and the last thin I wanted to do was piss off Tammy and end this! Ashley then turned around on the bed and lay down on her tummy with her face just inches away from Tammy's and she watched intently as Tammy slowly rubbed my aching cock.  I pulled my hand away from Tammy's soft folds and brought my finger to my lips, I licked it, and returned to my task at hand.  I noticed that Tammy tasted a little different than Ashley, but it was still a good taste.  My finger started to burrow a little deeper between the lips of Tammy's sweet sex, and I did find moisture down there, making my adventure much more pleasurable for the both of us, I am sure.

    Tammy leaned closer to Ashley and was whispering something in her ear that I could not hear.  Then, without warning, the girls both got up and told me to get off the bed for a second.  I complied, puzzled, but watched as Tammy lay back down at the bed, her head toward the footboard, and Ashley directed me into a 69 with Tammy.  I was on my hands and knees, my bare ass directly over Tammy's face, and I moved my arms between her legs and pulled them upwards spreading her open for my viewing pleasure.  I saw her dark skin spread open to reveal her pink virgin puss, and her tight puckered dark hole became much more accessible to my vision.  My hands rubbed all over her bottom, pulling, kneading, caressing.  Then I felt the same happening to me!  I first felt fingers rubbing my shaft, then I felt my balls get tickled and rubbed, then a 3rd hand then a fourth hand on my butt.  I felt a wet sensation on my dick and then another wetness on the back side of my bag.  My balls drew tight against my body as two tongues ran their course on my privates.  Tammy bent my stiff cock straight towards the bed and put it in her mouth.  I froze.  I could not move.   I know what a blow job feels like, I have had them from my sister before, but to get one from Tammy was very hot!

    Ashley slid off the bed and disappeared out of the room.  I didn't really care what she was doing, because I was obviously having a good time.  I figured I would return the favor, and I brought my lips closer to her budding meat curtains, stuck out my tongue and ran I up and down her moistening flesh folds.  As we exchanged saliva on our intimacies, I felt a burning in my asshole that made me groan peticularly loud!  My sister had snuck up behind me with the jar of Vaseline, and jammed her finger deeply in my now aching butthole!  Ashley directed Tammy to crawl out from under me, never removing her finger from my bowels, and Her and Tammy were now directly behind my exposed anus.  I felt all four eyes burning my asshole as they both watched Ashley finger my loosening hole.  Ashley pulled her finger out, leaving me with an empty feeling, and help the jar up to Tammy to take a sample.  Tammy dipped in with a gob of the goo on her finger, and then replaced it in my waiting hole.  I felt her gently fill me with her bony digit.  I moaned in pleasure.  I looked between my legs, I saw the bed sheets, my knees spread far apart, the dark legs of Tammy and the light skinned legs of my sister, Ashley.  The I saw my shiny cock bobbing up and down with every stroke of Tammy's fingering action, almost tight against my belly, and my balls hanging just a bit lower behind its base. The TV was still playing on the dresser behind me, and I saw a woman getting fucked by two guys, and both of them had their cocks in her asshole!   I was in total extacy with the sights and feelings.... until.... my asshole was stretching again.  I groaned.  I moaned.  I felt so tight and full back there, I didn't know what they were doing.  Tammy said "Wow Ash... your finger feels weird next to mine!"  I could not believe it!  They both had a finger in my ass!  I was ready to pop!

    I needed relief and right now!  I reached under my belly and grabbed my own prick and whacked it feverishly until I had a dry orgasm.  I felt resistance on my butthole from the 2 fingers invading me, holding it open, and I bucked against them as I came.

    I flopped out on the bed, tired, satisfied, on my belly.  The girls slowly removed themselves from my loose orifice and lay down back on the bed towards the headboard, propped up on the pillows.  I grabbed a few of her pillows and lay down facing them from the footboard and watched them finger themselves.  I put one leg between their feet, making one of their legs each between mine.  I ran my big toe from each foot into the moist lips of each girl, I would wiggle my toes on their sex.   I guided them to rub my balls with their feet and I played with the pink flesh of their vaginal openings with my toes.  Tammy let go of her clit, and grabbed my foot and made it rub her clit.  I felt a bump under my toes as she rubbed  the pads of my toes across her button.  Soon Ashley caught on and did the same thing for me.  Both girls had firm holds on my feet and toes and rubbed themselves instead of using their own hands and fingers.  I was so excited, I grabbed my stiffening cock and beat off furiously.  I felt Ashley contract on my toes as she started to moan, then Tammy joined in, her pussy quivered over my toes as she dug harder at her self.  I was orgasming with them, I involuntarily pointed my toes straight and hard, then my toes were curling as I heaved to another orgasm that night!  I guess all my fancy foot work must have gotten somewhere, because both girls gushed all over my bare feet, my toes were now slimly with girl juices.

    When it was all said and done, my big toe was inside both girls, and Tammy actually had quite a lot of pressure put on her butthole from my toes, but Ashley actually got penetrated my my next toe up her ass, and she pointed it out to us as she sat up to remove my foot from her.

    I got up to go to the bathroom for a wet wash cloth to clean up the goo from between my asscheeks.  I found a rag, got it wet and warm, and wiped my tenderized ass.  I put it in the hamper, then I got another rag, got it hot and wet, and went to the room with it.  "Get on your hands and knees like I was"  I said "I'll clean you up."

    Both girls got turned around and put their asses up in the air at the foot of the bed with me standing behind them on the floor.  I had a birds eye view of them from behind.  Tammy had such a tight wrinkled bunghole, I am surprised she can even take a shit, and her jet black pussy opened up to reveal such a sweet pink interior.   Ashley looked like her butthole was a little bigger, it was elongated, not rounded like Tammy.  The skin around it was wrinkled to about an inch across, Tammy was smooth almost all the way to the center point.  Ashley had smaller pussy lips, and her vagina seemed to open a bit deeper than Tammy's.

    Right at the foot of the bed was the Vaseline.  I dropped the towel, bent over to pick it up..... and dipped my finger in the slime.  When I stood up, both girls were facing each other talking about something and giggling.  I rubbed the slime on both girls buttholes for a brief second, then I entered them both at the same time just to my fingernail.  A small squeal escaped Tammy and Ashley covered her mouth so as not to wake up mom.  I dug deeper to my knuckle, and both girls started to moan gently.  I went up to the second knuckle and Tammy was actually panting, Ashley was biting her bottom lip.  Tammy was trying to fight me a little from the inside, I felt her guts pushing out on my finger as I slid it all the way to my last knuckle.  Ashley wasted no time and began to frig herself with abandon, and I did the same for Tammy with my thumb until she took over with her own fingers.  I began to pump in and out of their asses as the were rowing the little man in the boat down the tunnel of love.  I watched how Tammy's tight black ring rippled under the raised texture of my knuckles.  When I would pull out a bit, it would pull her anus out just a bit, then I would jab, and push her anus back in.  My pink flesh digging deep in her dark door. Soon I felt Tammy grip my finger with her tight anus and moan.  Her moans set off my sister who also came to orgasm around my finger.  I felt each of them contract on my pointer fingers Tammy started first, and ended last.  I slowly started to withdraw myself, then I straightened out my middle fingers and gave them both a quick full thrust, and then right back out again!  This time I sucked my fingers right out, and both girls could not seem to shut their assholes!  Both gaped open for a few seconds as they got muscle control back and was able to close the back door from drafts as I finished wiping them clean.

    It was getting late, and mom would be getting up soon for work, so i decided I better go to bed.   Ashley came to my bedroom with me.  "Thanks bro." She said "But..." she kissed my cheek "you owe me!"

    She giggled as she went back to her room....

Part 2  "Spying on brother"  Will be released if I get enough responses from this.   Mikey gets John to spend the night, and they get busted by Ashley...
What kind of plans does she have for the boys?