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Stepfather's Temptation -- Part 1

Marrying a woman eight years older than him was never an issue for David Wilson. Katie, at 32, was younger than most of the women he knew in their twenties. She was also the sexiest woman he had ever met. Even when he discovered that she had two kids it still didn't bother him. He had hit it off with both Becky and Sean immediately and they seemed to genuinely like him.

After dating Katie for just six months (six months of the best sex he had ever had) he moved in with them and six months later they were married. Three years later he sat in bed at 9.30pm watching his wife getting ready for work. Katie had recently decided to go back to university and continue nursing part time at night.

"My God you're a sexy looking woman Mrs. Wilson," he teased as she struggled to pull on her thick white panty hose. At 36 Katie was still very well built. They worked out and ran regularly together and it showed. Despite giving birth to two children, Katie hardly had a stretch mark and her tummy was firm and flat. Her breasts, because of their size (a 36 D cup) had a little sag to them and she had recently begun talking having them "firmed up", whatever that meant. Her best feature though was her arse. Firm, round and perky, just the way David liked them.

Smiling to herself, Katie deliberately turned her back on him and, hitching her uniform up over her hips, bent over to continue pulling on her hose. She knew he loved her arse and she loved the way he desired her so much. Then a wicked thought occurred to her and she paused in her efforts, to pull her panties to one side and run a finger slowly from her anus to her clit in one long stroke.

"Mmmmmm" she moaned as she turned to him and placed the finger between her lips, sucking it like it was coated in honey.

"You bitch," he kidded, "you know what you do to me! Look at this." He pushed back the doona to reveal his rising erection.

"Poor baby," Katie cooed walking sensuously toward the bed, "have we got a problem? Can mommy help?"

She loved his cock. Thick and delightfully curved, it had given her many hours of pleasure in the last four years. Kneeling beside the bed she took it lovingly in her hand, cupping his balls with the other, and closed her mouth over the head.

"Oh," was all he could manage as the delicious pleasure flowed through him. She was so good at this. A few more minutes and he would be cumming gloriously into her loving mouth. The only problem was that nearly every time Katie had tried to give him a one-sided blow job she got so turned on that she needed to cum too. Looks like she'll be late for work on her first night he smiled to himself.

"Hey mum, how do you get this thing to ...oops, I'm so sorry... I thought you were getting ready...sorry." Becky, now 17 had stumbled into the room to be confronted by the sight of her stepfather's cock engulfed by her mother's slurping mouth. She had backed out immediately but David noticed that her eyes lingered on the action for a second or so longer than necessary.

Katie giggled and quickly rose to follow Becky into the living room. David looked at his rapidly shrinking erection and groaned. He listened to their conversation, the apologies from both, the giggling, and turned over thinking about his stepdaughter.

Becky was always a sexy girl. Even at 13 when he had met her she was developing a feminine figure -- curvy like her mother. There was something sensual about the way she did everything. She savoured every mouthful of her food and seemed to delight in being touched in any way -- cuddles, having her hair washed, even an occasional innocent neck and shoulder massage seemed to make her writhe slightly and moan.

Now, at 17, she was a very attractive, sexy looking young woman, independent and intelligent and very sure of herself. She had recently taken to wandering around the house scantily clad and David couldn't help but watch her for longer than he should. She often caught him staring at her and he got the feeling it was no accident that a beautiful breast would often be revealed to him. Fortunately, his sex life with Katie was so satisfying that he was never tempted to do anything more than look. Still, she was very nice to look at.

"Well I'm sorry darling. I'm running so late now that the `Little Feller' (her pet name for his cock) will just have to wait until morning." Katie said as she rushed around the room.

"Oh that's OK honey, he can wait." David noticed to his horror that his cock had become hard again while he was thinking about Becky.

Katie kissed him briefly and hurried out to the car. David sat there for a moment and decided a nice hot shower and an early night were in order. When Katie got home at 7.15 in the morning she would get a damn good seeing to!

He got out of bed and walked into the en-suite bathroom his erection now at half mast and not going away but not demanding attention either. He was in a world of his own and soaping under his arms when a young male voice startled him.

His 15 year old stepson Sean had strolled in wanting to have one of their "talks". Sean was apparently the spitting image of his father. Slim with long blonde hair and a real "pretty boy" look, he was almost effeminate. David was very fond of this sensitive boy and they had always been very close. Lately, Sean had been quizzing him about sex -- not just the "birds and bees" stuff but the relationships and girls type of stuff. Not surprisingly, Sean had half the girls in the school after him but he was very shy and, unlike his sister, very unsure of himself.

Sean had taken to wandering in on David in the shower quite a lot lately. David had felt slightly uneasy at the way he watched him so closely but he just put it down to youthful curiosity. Unlike Sean, David was very athletic and quite muscular from lots of sport and gym work and he supposed that Sean kind of looked up to him.

Remembering his semi-erect penis, David kept his back to Sean who could clearly see him through the glass screen.

"I did what you suggested with Julie today" Sean said ominously.

"Oh, what was that mate?"

"Remember when we were talking about girl's bodies and what they like? You told me to take my time and be gentle -- not rush her."

David recalled one of their recent conversations about necking and petting and how to get to "first base". He also remembered being introduced to the lovely Julie -- such a pretty, precocious young thing.

"Er...what happened? Did you get some time alone with her?"

"Yeah, after school I stopped at her mum and dad's house -- just her mum was home in the kitchen and we went into the den. We were kissing and stuff and I started gently running my hands over the backs of her arms, then her neck and then her boobs -- just like you told me."

David felt a moment of panic as he saw himself being blamed for an unwanted teenage pregnancy in a few months time. He was also very conscious that his erection had returned to full flight as he talked to Sean over his right shoulder.

"How did she react?" he asked tentatively, inwardly chiding himself for overdoing the "sex expert" role with his stepson.

"Oh wow -- it was great Dave. She undid her top so I could get to them better -- she has great tits -- and she loved the way I played with them. Her nipples got all hard just like you said they would and she even moaned. I just started sucking on one of them when we heard her mum coming down the hall so we had to stop. She told me she wants to do some more stuff next weekend when her folks are away and she and her older sister are home alone."

"Well you be careful now mate -- you don't want to get into any trouble."

"Of course not Dave. I remember what you told me -- we can make one another feel good without taking the risk of getting pregnant."

It was time to get out of the shower but David couldn't turn around with this massive erection sticking out. He looked at Sean who had taken up his usual place sitting on the vanity bench in his bathrobe. The towel was on the rack right next to him. Perhaps he could ask him to pass it to him while he was facing the other way.

"There is one problem though Dave. I wanted to ask you something."

"What's that mate?"

"Well you see I get very excited by all these girls and ..."

"What is it Sean" Are you OK?"

"Is it normal to -- you know -- do it to yourself a lot?"

"You mean masturbate ...jerk off?"

"Yeah, like I want to do it every day -- especially after I've been kissing and stuff."

"Of course it's normal mate. You can't jerk off too much. I still do now and then myself."

"Wow -- you do? But you and mum are at it all the time."

"Eh? What makes you think that?" David asked somewhat embarrassed.

"Oh Becky and I hear you all the time -- mum is very loud sometimes isn't she?"

"I guess so" David laughed making a mental note to himself to sound proof the bedroom.

"But doesn't your dick get sore? If I do it more than once a day my dick gets a bit sore."

"Well mine never did. Even when I was jerking off two or three times a day at your age. What do you do to the poor thing?" he laughed again.

"Just rub it I suppose."

"Don't you use a cream, or something? I always use some hand lotion or moisturiser. It feels better too."

"I never thought of that. Can I borrow some?"

Now the hot water was running out and David was definitely going to have to get out of the shower.

"Yeah, sure mate. I've got some sample moisturiser I got at a motel recently. You can have that until we can buy something for you. We'll tell your mum it's for your face and hands. Now, can you pass me a towel please mate?"

David was hoping to time his turn just as Sean passed him the towel. Unfortunately, Sean dropped it half way between them and quickly stooped to pick it up. This brought his line of sight right in line with David's now throbbing erection. His eyes were like saucers.

"Wow! Your dick -- it's huge. Either that or mine is very small. Will mine ever be that big?"

David stood with his hand out waiting for the towel but Sean was holding it and staring at his cock. Despite himself, David felt a strange thrill at the boy's admiration of his erection. Suddenly, he realised he didn't want to cover it up as long as Sean wanted to admire it.

"I'm sure yours is not so small Sean." He said dropping his arm and putting his hands on his hips. He looked down at himself, his cock proudly erect and still wet from the shower."

"It looks fantastic Dave. No wonder mum loves it. Mine is so much smaller." With that Sean sat back on the bench again and let his robe fall open. His long thin cock was fully erect. It was still a boy's cock. Pale and thin and surrounded at the base with a fine blonde down over his pubis and balls. David thought it looked kinda cute.

"That's a very nice young dick you have there Sean. I'm sure it will continue to grow. Mine was much the same at your age" he lied.

Sean got down from the bench and walked the short distance towards David. As he was a few inches shorter his cock was lower than David's but they were both able to compare them being as close as they were. David didn't know what was happening but his heart was pounding and his cock was so hard it ached. A small drop of precum appeared at the eye.

"Geeez you must be horny Dave. Look at that. That's what happens to me when I'm really horny. It is much bigger -- look."

At that, Sean held his own slim cock and, standing on his toes, brought it very close to David's. David was frozen. Holding the towel rail with one hand to maintain his balance, and his cock in the other Sean tilted his hips forward. Unlike David, whose cock curved upwards so that the head almost touched his belly, Sean's cock was quite straight and stood at about a 45 degree angle to his body. The head of Sean's cock barely touched David's erection about halfway up. The result was like a flow of electricity between them. A spasm of exquisite pleasure ran through David's cock and he groaned involuntarily.

"Here you are mate," David said snapping out of his trance and reaching into the cupboard to get the tube of moisturiser. "I think you need to use some of this tonight and fix that hard problem you have."

Sean's face dropped as David took the towel from him and wrapped it around his waist, a huge bulge being the only sign of his condition.

"Thanks Dave. Will you be using some moisturiser too tonight?"

"Looks like I might have to mate. I can't sleep with this thing poking me in the ribs all night" David laughed trying to break the tension.

"Will you be coming in to say goodnight as usual?" Sean looked at him with little boy eyes, seemingly forgetting what had just transpired.

"Of course mate -- I'll just do a few things first. Give you time to settle in."

As Sean left the small room David felt a great sense of relief. What was he thinking? This was his stepson. He had never had a homosexual thought in his life. Or had he? Some of the fantasies Katie and he had shared involved other couples including contact between him and the male. He shook his head and laughed at himself. At least Sean was safely tucked up in bed and all he had to do was drop in and say goodnight.

He dried himself off, put on his robe and headed for the kid's bedrooms at the other end of the house. Then he remembered the rubbish bins. "Bugger" he said to himself as he put on his slippers to go outside. As he trundled the bins toward the front gate Becky heard the sound and, once again, set her trap. Maybe this time he would bite.

Turning back towards the house David went inside the high fence and was just about to close the gate when he saw the light through the six inch gap at the bottom of Becky's blind. He stared at the light and then back at the front door -- where he should be going. Without thinking, he started towards Becky's window. He didn't know what he was doing. Perhaps it was the unfinished blow job, perhaps it was the encounter with Sean but his libido was out of control and he was drawn inexorably towards the light.

As he reached the window David's heart leapt. Becky was in front of her full length mirror. Her CD player was playing a slow bluesy number from a CD she had borrowed from him some weeks ago. She was moving in time with the music and slowly removing her pyjamas.

David couldn't move. He knew he should leave the window but this incredibly sexy vision had him spellbound. He watched as Becky slipped her pyjama pants off and turned to admire her own bottom in the mirror. She flirted with her reflection for a few moments before unbuttoning and sliding off her top. Her nipples were obviously erect as she cupped her lovely, firm breasts and smiled at herself as she flicked her thumbs over the sensitive little peaks. Becky continued to undulate sensuously in time with the music, running her fingertips up the inside of her thighs, teasing some imaginary audience.

Now he was really in trouble. His cock was aching and he desperately need to cum. He felt under his robe for his erection grasping it in one hand and moaning at the intensity of his feelings. Becky faced the mirror and spread her legs. Her hips undulated back and forth in a slow sexy grind. She ran her fingers down her over her belly and into her pubic hair. She looked incredible and it was obvious she was pleasuring herself whilst watching her reflection.

David thought about cumming right there and then but he wanted to see if Becky would take herself over the top. He wanted to cum with her. He stroked himself slowly oblivious to anything but the beautiful vision before him and the pleasure coursing through his cock.

"She's amazing isn't she?" came a whisper from behind him.

David whirled around to see Sean standing there smiling at him -- his own cock in his hand.

"Sean...I was just taking out the rubbish...I saw the light...I just wanted to warn Becky that her blinds were up...I..."

"I can see that," Sean said, looking down at David's rampant cock, "You certainly took your time to tell her..."

"Enjoying the show boys?"

David whirled back to see Becky standing at her open window naked -- and smirking at them both. His whole life passed before his eyes. "I'm a dead man." he thought to himself.

"Becky, I can explain...I was just putting the rubbish out...I didn't mean to ..."

"Of course you didn't Dave. It just took you ten minutes to realise that I was naked." she laughed as she pull down the blind.

"Oh shit! Oh shit!" was all David could mutter to himself as he stumbled towards the front door his cock rapidly shrinking again.

"Hey it's ok Dave. She was giving us a show I reckon," said Sean as he followed David into the house.

He went straight to her room trying to think up a good reason why he had just spent 10 minutes peeping through her window and stroking his cock. How much had she seen? Did she know how long he had been there?

He was surprised to find Becky's door open and Becky sitting back on her bed with her robe on looking very calm.

"Look Beck, I'm sorry if it looked a bit like I was spying on you just now...I...I was just..."

"I saw what you were just doing Dave," she responded in the sternest voice she could muster. "I wonder what mum would think about what you were doing -- right outside my window."

"Beck...Becky...we don't want to worry your mum with this sort of thing. She has her exams coming up and..."

"What would you do to keep me quiet Dave?"

"Anything Beck...anything." His voice was becoming pleading now and he knew it.

"Hmmmm...anything? So you would do anything I ask so keep me from telling mum that you were spying on me naked through my bedroom window and playing with your...your...thing?"

David felt a sense of dread as he nodded weakly, his eyes begging her for mercy and forgiveness.

"Promise? Absolutely anything I ask of you Dave? No changing your mind. No going back on your word?"

Dave was trapped and he knew it. He couldn't afford not to agree but he was dreading what was going to be asked of him. Becky had never seemed like the type of girl who would ask unreasonable things of him. Would she ask for a car? A mobile `phone? It was worth it to keep his wife, who he loved dearly, from finding out what he had done.

"I promise Becky. I have no choice. What is it you want from me?" he asked sadly.

"First of all Dave -- you have seen me naked and playing with myself. I think it's only fair that I should get to see you. Take off your robe."

David stared at her his mouth open. She couldn't mean it. He hesitated.

"OK Dave have it your way."

"No, no. It's OK. I was just surprised." David untied and shrugged off his robe. Becky's eyes roamed all over his firm muscular body and came to rest on his cock.

"Well that's a little disappointing Dave. He's all shrivelled up. Make it hard again -- like it was when you were spying on me."

Taking a deep breath David reached down to hold his cock. Perhaps she would get sick of it if it just stayed limp. But oh, no. His tormented cock began to rise slowly as much from her stare as his own touch. Within half a minute it was as hard as a rock arcing obscenely into the air.

"Wow, now that's a beautiful cock Dave. Oh I forgot. You like to use some lubricant on it don't you? Here try this."

Now David knew for certain that Sean had been sharing their private discussions with Becky. He held out his hand as she pumped some moisturiser from a pretty container into his palm. Looking at her defiantly now he began to rub it all over his cock. Then he began to stroke it slowly cupping his balls and holding the base with his other hand. To his horror he was finding this situation a huge turn-on. Becky's eyes were not so haughty now -- her look seemed to be changing to one of interest -- perhaps even lust. She raised one knee causing her robe to open enough for him to see her left breast and her pubic hair.

"Sean -- come in here sweetie."

David had forgotten about Sean who had apparently been standing right behind him all along. Sean ambled into the room and stood beside the bed blushing.

"But...I...Sean..." David muttered helplessly taking his hand off his cock.

"Don't stop Dave!" the sternness returned to Becky's voice. "We would both like to watch you."

David resumed his stroking -- an audience of two -- even if one of them was a boy -- becoming even more of a turn-on.

"Sean really looks up to you, you know Dave. He really admires you. I mean really admires you. I know you've been telling him about girls and stuff but you stopped at the interesting part. He doesn't know how to please a girl after he has got her going do you Sean?"

Sean blushed more but kept staring at David's hand stroking his cock. What had he and Becky been saying about their little talks? He was in more trouble than he thought. Who did he think he was telling a 15 year old boy how to turn on young girls? Shit!

"So now you're going to tell him everything. All the things you know about how to please a female."

David hesitated again.

"I'll need something to draw on ...something to show him the various body parts..."

"No you won't Dave -- you have me here. You can show him on me." With that Becky stood up, shucked off her robe and sat on the edge of the bed.

David rubbed his hands on his thighs to dry them and stared at Becky for a moment. What was she up to? Did she want him to touch her in order to show Sean what to do?

"Right then -- where shall we start?"

"Why don't you start right at the beginning Dave. It won't hurt Sean to go over some old ground, especially now that you have a real live model to work with. Start with necking and petting -- right from the start."

"You mean like...physically touch you -- kind of demonstrate?"

"Of course -- what else could you do? Come closer Sean, you're going to learn from the master" she looked at Sean. "And take that silly robe off -- Dave and I will be self-conscious with you all covered up like that."

David sat next to Becky on the bed.

"OK -- let's start with kissing. Remember -- don't shove your tongue down her throat. Just wait for her to open up and use your tongue to tickle her lips and teeth."

He turned so that he was facing Becky with one leg up on the bed behind her. Nervously, he placed a hand behind her head and leaned towards her. Their lips met tenderly -- hers were so soft. The kiss gradually got deeper and he let his tongue explore her mouth tentatively. Her own tongue snaked out to meet his and they toyed with one another for several minutes. His other hand gently stroked her neck and shoulders -- she shivered. His cock was aching. Becky's breathing had become laboured and her skin flushed.

Sean watched them closely his own cock almost bursting from its skin.

"Whew! Did you get that sweetie? That was a kiss. Ok it's your turn -- let's see what you've learned."

David watched, stunned as Sean raised his leg to the same position as his behind Becky -- in fact right on top of his -- and he leaned in to her. He copied David as close as he could - the kiss lasting for minutes. Despite himself David was incredibly aroused by the sight of these two beautiful siblings kissing.

"Mmmmm...not bad. Still need some practice sweetie but practice makes perfect. Now to the next step."

David was out of control now. He had no willpower left. He decided to give the best demonstration of love making anyone had ever seen. He started by kissing Becky again and stroking her throat. His fingertips moved ever so lightly over her skin as his lips wandered to her eyes, cheeks and finally her ears. She trembled violently as his caress continued over her beautiful, sensitive breasts -- so firm with their strawberry coloured tips. He avoided her nipples for the moment but they became very erect anyway. She even started moving her torso trying to get him to make contact with them but he continued to tease her.

Before long Becky was whimpering so he trailed his lips down her neck and his fingers down her tummy. She gasped as his mouth captured a nipple and he sucked on it gently. His fingers now caressed her inner thighs and tummy sending tingles of pleasure though her. Becky had quickly become super sensitive to the touch -- just like her mother he thought -- and her hips were starting to do a little grind of their own. From the corner of his eye he noticed Sean idly playing with his cock.

"See how I took my time Sean? No rushing. You have to go slow enough so that she is anticipating your next move before you make it. Make it so she is longing for the next step -- even tease her a little. Now it's your turn."

Becky made a slight whimper of protest as he withdrew and turned her towards her brother. His lips on hers silenced her as he began to copy David's movements once again. His hands strayed down the front of her body. David put his hands on Sean's.

"Lighter mate. Very, very softly. That's it...slow down just a little."

Sean's youthful impatience made it hard for him to go slowly but he tried. By the time he had reached the same point that David had left off Becky was trembling all over. Her nipples were achingly hard and her hips were grinding into the bed.

"OK Sean -- let's have a look at the place we are about to visit. Kneel down here with me."

They knelt on the floor at Becky's feet. David placed one of her legs over his shoulders and one over Sean's. Although slightly embarrassed at first by her complete exposure, Becky was too far gone to feel anything but pleasure. She propped herself up on her elbows and watched them as they explored her.

David ran his fingers up Becky's thigh and gently took the labia on his side between thumb and forefinger. She was very wet and her lip was slippery and swollen so he had to concentrate to hold on to it. He pulled the lip gently to one side and told Sean to do the same on his side. Becky groaned.

"There is the opening to her body Sean -- her vaginal opening is right here. The reason she is so slippery and wet is so that she can take a man's penis in there -- for the same reason it's best to use a lubricant when you jerk off."

With that he brought his other hand around and over her leg so he could place a finger on either side of her lips and pull then up and apart. Obligingly, Becky's hood peeled back and her swollen clit popped into view. With the middle finger of his other hand David explored the lower part of her vulva -- dipping slightly into her vagina and gathering up plenty of moisture. Becky was now flowing -- she moaned loudly this time and raised her hips involuntarily.

"Here is the most important part of a woman's body when it comes to sex Sean. See this little bud here. You must always make sure your finger is very wet before you touch it and start very gently -- unless of course she asks you to do differently -- that happens sometimes."

Sean watched fascinated as David's fingertip slowly explored Becky's vulva -- gradually getting closer to the tiny button. He moved it around slowly -- up the inside of her inner lips - describing them to Sean as he went -- and eventually passing very close to her clit, just missing it he ran his fingertip over and around it several times. Becky's clitoral area was now twitching and pulsing. She was ready. At last his finger touched her clit and Becky moaned -- a violent spasm shaking her whole body.

"Here you are mate -- your turn."

Sean's finger, although not as skilled, brought Becky very close to her orgasm. She was whimpering and shaking -- striving for release. Sensing this, David stopped him just in time causing Becky to whimper even more in protest.

"Now the part ever woman will love you for if you do it right. Now I'm going to show you how to lick cunt. Watch the master closely young feller."

David turned to Becky positioning himself squarely between her legs placing her knees on his broad shoulders. He leant forward and began to tease her lips with his tongue. He sucked each lip lovingly into his mouth and rolled it around with his tongue. Becky was going crazy, writhing around on the bed and groaning loudly. He would like to have teased her some more but he could tell she was so close she was going to come anyhow.

"Now I'm going to make your big sister cum."

David resumed his sucking and licking in earnest and, out of the corner of his eye he noticed Becky urging Sean to sit up on the bed closer to her. He knelt beside her and she began to stroke his cock briefly but the sensations being caused by David's mouth overtook her and she just held it while she concentrated on those feelings.

David felt her body trembling as she neared her orgasm. Her pussy juice was flowing into his mouth now and she was muttering obscenities almost incoherently.

"Oh fuck yes. Lick my cunt David. Oh yes. Oh fuck I'm cumming."

Becky's body went rigid for a few seconds and a moan bordering on a scream escaped her lips. Then she bucked and writhed for several more seconds before coming to a trembling halt. David decided to see how much she was like her mother and rather than stopping his licking completely he continued a very gentle caress with the tip of his tongue. Becky protested mildly at first but then the exquisite sensation took over again and she relaxed taking hold of Sean's cock again. David looked up just in time to see her engulfing his cock with her mouth -- and she looked quite adept at it.

Becky sucked on Sean's cock enthusiastically, pausing occasionally to stroke it vigorously as the intensity of her own pleasure began to build again. She thought Sean wouldn't last long after all this stimulation and she was right. Within 30 seconds Sean groaned loudly and Becky grinned gleefully as the first spurt of his cum flew right across her chest and on to the bed beside her. Then she pulled it into her mouth again striving to maximise her brother's pleasure.

As Sean rolled, exhausted and spent, off the bed, David concentrated once again on Becky's pussy. He brought her to another long and intense climax and still he could tell she had more in her. She looked up at him in amazement as he began working on her third. He loved it -- but the only trouble was he needed some release himself. Oh well, as soon as she cums for the last time I might be able to get her to blow me like she did for Sean he thought to himself.

Then, just as Becky was building towards her third orgasm David felt a wonderful pleasure emanating from his cock. He wasn't sure what was causing it but it was fantastic. Suddenly he realised that it was a mouth. He paused in his pleasuring of Becky to look down. What he saw both horrified and aroused him. Sean was lying on the floor with David's cock in his mouth. He paused and looked up at David as if worried that he was going to be rejected. But David was too far gone to stop him. His cock had endured so many near orgasms that he was desperate to cum -- and Sean was so good at it. He felt fingertips tickling his balls and the persistent sucking and licking felt divine.

With Becky tugging at his hair -- begging him to continue, he returned to the wonderful task of making her cum. This time she came so hard she almost fainted, crying out with a guttural sound that made him realise she was spent.

Now it was time to enjoy his own release. He straightened up and Sean followed him, never letting the cock leave his mouth. He stood -- his favourite position for receiving oral sex -- and Sean sat on the edge of the bed. The pending explosion built up quickly. He cared not that it was his stepson giving him this intense pleasure. He cared not that his stepdaughter was now sitting up and watching them with avid interest. He just wanted to cum. And cum he did. He considered warning Sean that he was about to get a very large mouth full of semen but the feeling overcame him. He just leaned back and let it happen. He didn't know how long he came for or how loudly he moaned -- it was so intense that he lost track of time. He needn't have worried about Sean's reaction as the boy tried to swallow every drop. He came so hard his legs gave way and he slowly sank to the floor -- Sean following him all the way.

David slowly opened his eyes. Sean and Becky were sitting on the bed kissing. Some of his cum was on Sean's chin. Suddenly he realised the gravity of what he had done. He rose to his feet horrified.

"I...I...I'm so sorry...I don't know what happened to me...can you ever forgive me...?" he babbled as he staggered towards the door.

"Don't go Dave. It's OK, we love you...we set you's not your fault..."

But he didn't hear them. He rushed to his room and locked the door behind him. Despite his anguish he fell into a deep sleep.

If you liked Part 1 -- Part 2 is on the way.