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Stepdad David's Temptation Part 2

Emotionally and physically exhausted, David slept for several dream-filled hours. He dreamt of being caught wallowing in a sensual malaise with his stepchildren -- of the wife he loved so dearly looking at him with disgust as she watched him rolling around naked and erect with her two children -- and all night he stayed hard.

In the haze of that state between sleep and consciousness, David became aware that he was incredibly aroused. His erection thrust into the mattress under him and his hips were grinding slowly. The dim light of early morning coaxed his eyelids open as his sub-conscious calculated the time as after 7am. The events of the night before began to emerge like a forgotten nightmare giving him the hope that it had not really happened. But slowly his mind recalled the erotic feeling of his stepdaughter writhing under his knowing tongue. The intensity of the orgasm induced by his stepson's enthusiastic mouth further eroded his hope that nothing had actually happened.

But there was something else making his body react so sensuously. A strange but exquisitely pleasurable sensation was emanating from deep within him. Slowly, as he emerged from his deep sleep, David realised that someone was licking him from his scrotum to the base of his spine in a slow but deliberate action. A hand on each buttock spread him wide enough so that the tongue was able to pause and dip into his anus as it passed.

He panicked briefly, worried that one of his stepchildren was trying to seduce him again but then remembered that he had locked the door and only Katie and he had keys. Katie! She must be home from work. What would she make of him lying face down on top of the bedclothes in his robe? Were there any traces of his activities the night before? But the pleasure soon overtook over his senses and he groaned and rolled over, his opening robe revealing his rampant erection.

Already naked, Katie moved up over him and positioned her hot, wet crotch directly over his cock. As she slid herself back and forward along the length of him she spoke in that hoarse voice she always used when very aroused.

"I see my baby locked the door," she cooed. "Have we been naughty?"

David panicked -- what did she know? Thinking quickly he moved under her and smiled.

"You got me so turned on last night before you ran out the door, I had to take matters into my own hands and I didn't want any more interruptions. What makes you so horny this morning? Oh, I know -- you worked with Vicki last night. So how did it go?"

Vicki had been working the night shift with Katie at the small hospital for the last few months along with one other female nurse. Whilst their companion slept, their conversation had become increasingly sexual over the past several weeks. Along with details about their sex lives, they had both shared their sexual fantasies -- each having a strong bisexual theme. Vicki's sex life with her husband consisted of him pounding away at her every night for several minutes and then falling off to sleep leaving her to satisfy herself while he snored. Although reluctant to skite at first, Katie had given in to Vicki's coaxing to reveal more and more of her adventurous and immensely gratifying sex life with David.

He closed his eyes and remembered his only encounter with Vicki. The semi-smirking, knowing look on her pretty face, the breasts which seemed almost too large for her slim body. She was about his age and the details he had heard of her sexual longings made her all the more exotic to him.

"I kissed her."

David groaned and tilted his hips so that the head of his cock pushed at her entrance.


"She kissed me back. We were in the pantry this morning getting the food out for breakfast when we just ...sort squashed together. Our faces were pretty close and it was just a few inches to lean forward and touch her lips with mine. I was very nervous as to how she might react but..."

"What did she do?" David was beside himself with lust now, the image of his lovely wife kissing the sexy Vicki inflaming his desire.

"She just opened her lips and almost sucked me to her. Before I knew it we were kissing passionately and grinding our crotches into one another's thighs." Katie's breathing was becoming laboured. "If we hadn't heard Jenny coming down the corridor I would have cum in no time."

"So now you want me to put your fire out eh Mrs. Wilson? Hmmmm...?" David teased as he thrust into her.

"Ohhhh...yes fuck me darling...please...I need to cum baby."

Katie was one of the few women David knew who could orgasm just from screwing. By tilting her pelvis the right way she could grind her clitoris against his pubic bone, the stretching of her vagina by his thickness adding to her pleasure. He held her to him as she started her familiar climb to the top -- a climb which excited him beyond words. It was a movement which enabled David to stay hard for ages without climaxing as the head of his cock received only gentle stimulation from deep within her -- sometimes through two or three of Katie's orgasms. Then he would thrust into her violently bringing them both to a final peak together. He clung to Katie, enjoying the ride and the highly arousing sounds she made as her climax gradually approached.

Then he saw Becky. She was standing in the doorway Katie had left open, watching them intently. Because the door was towards the foot of the bed, David could see her, whilst Katie would have had to turn towards her feet to notice her presence. David was mortified at first but then amazed as Becky let her robe fall open and cupped her breasts. Torn between fear and incredible arousal he watched as she slid one hand down her belly and into her crotch, her eyes alternating between staring into his, and the sight of his cock, plunging into her mother's vagina only feet away. Katie's groans were becoming increasingly louder. After several minutes of stimulating herself slowly, Becky tied her robe and spoke.

"Mum" her timing was perfect. Katie was too close to her orgasm to stop.

"Not now honey," Katie gasped, "Mum's busy right now."

She turned slightly and looked at her daughter. It was obvious that Becky could see everything. To David's amazement this did not deter Katie. On the contrary, it seemed to excite her remarkably and accelerate the climb to her peak. She cried out alarmingly and thrashed around on top of him for what seemed like minutes. David didn't know whether to be excited or embarrassed as Becky walked to the bed.

"Mum, I was worried," she lied. "I thought David was hurting you -- you sounded in so much pain. Are you alright?"

Still panting from the intensity of her climax, Katie slid off David and lay next to him. Noticing his highly aroused state, she tried to cover him with a sheet. As David lifted his hips to help, his cock waved angrily, glistening with her juices. Becky stared at it wide eyed.

"It's so big mum -- didn't it hurt you?" she asked innocently. David, knowing Becky's considerable experience from their many sexually oriented discussions, wondered what she was up to.

"No honey," Katie stifled a giggle. "It doesn't hurt a bit. It feels wonderful."

Becky, a tear in her eye climbed up on the bed and lay behind her mother who was now lying on her side facing David. David, sure she was foxing, admired her acting and waited, intrigued, for her next move.

Katie pushed her crotch into David's thigh and slipped her hand down to his cock under the sheet. David knew what this meant. Katie almost always needed to climax at least twice when they made love. On these occasions, the second was even more needed than the first. She would stay in this highly aroused state until she had the opportunity to enjoy another orgasm. It was almost as if Becky knew this. He recalled how Becky had mentioned on a number of occasions that she heard them making love. What game was she playing?

"Then why did you make so much noise -- as if you were in terrible pain?" Becky sniffed.

"Well darling when David and I make tell her David."

David stared at his wife. What could he say that he hadn't already told Becky in the past? As she was playing dum, he thought he might as well follow her lead. Besides, he was conscious that he didn't want to piss her off. He didn't want her to tell Katie about the night before. He looked across his wife's shoulder at Becky. She winked at him knowing her mother could not see.

"Er...when a woman is touched the right the right places ...she ...gets ...aroused...and"

"What right places?" she was smirking at him while her voice sounded so innocent.

"Well er... lots of places ...especially her thighs, breasts ...between her legs..."

"Is that what you do to mum?" Becky snuggled down under the sheet and put her arm around her mother's naked waist -- just below her breasts. "And you like that mum -- that's what makes you make all those noises?"

Katie had begun grinding her crotch against David's thigh as subtly as she could. She stopped momentarily when she felt Becky's body pressed against her back, "spooning" her.

" see, Becky...that's just the gets nicer and nicer the longer he does it makes me feel all tingly down there...between my's the same for all women."

"Could I feel that too if somebody did that to me?"

"Of course, honey. When the right boy comes along and is good to you and touches you the way David touches me..." Katie had unconsciously started grinding against David's thigh again and her voice was trembling slightly. Her hand nestled David's balls in its palm, tickling them gently. His cock showed clearly under the sheet, hard and pulsing and he no longer cared. This situation was becoming very interesting. He noticed that Becky's robe had slipped off her shoulder. Was she trying to seduce her mother -- or both of them? He bent his knee so that the lips of Katie's sex were pushed open and her clitoris came into direct contact with his skin. She gasped.

"Is that what's happening now? Are you getting that tingle between your legs now, mum?"

"Mmmm Hmmm," Katie's voice quavered, "that's what's happening..."

David was amazed to feel his wife's vulva, hot and wet, pressing herder into his thigh. Rather than repulse her, Becky's questioning, indeed her very presence, was making her even more aroused. He knew what happened when she was in this state -- she had no control -- she would do anything to gain her release. He decided not to initiate anything -- just go with the flow and see where Becky was taking them. Katie's movements became increasingly urgent, her breathing ragged.

"David, will you show me how you touch mum to make her like this?"

David rolled Katie on her back, not sure of how she would react. She was like a rag doll except that her hips continued to rise and fall. He pushed down the sheet revealing both her writhing body and his rampant cock.

"At this point I find she loves to have her nipples sucked." He bent and took the nipple closest to him in his mouth. Katie gasped again and spread her legs. She reached blindly for his cock and held it.

The look of pure lust in Becky's eyes and the uncontrolled movements of Katie's body told him it was time to push things a little further.

"Why don't you try the other one? I'm sure it would help."

Becky moved down the bed a little and leaned forward. She hesitated as if debating with herself and then began to suckle on Katie's other nipple.

Katie let out a groan so loud that it startled them both. She moved both of her hands towards her own crotch as if seeking relief from the need which was building so rapidly inside her. David pushed her hands away and began to run his own up and down the inside of her thigh.

"This is good too."

Becky needed no encouragement now and her fingertips mimicked David's on her mother's other thigh. Without speaking they resumed sucking a nipple each and tickling the now wide-spread thighs. Katie was whimpering and moving her hips in an attempt to cause contact with her vulva.

"Feel how slippery her lips are." David said as he slid his fingers upwards and took her labia between thumb and forefinger. "Nature does this so my penis can penetrate easily. Now slide your finger in and see how slippery it is in there."

As Becky's finger penetrated her, Katie's trembling increased.

"Now the important part," David whispered, "Slide your finger up here over this little bump." He knew he and Becky were putting on an act, pretending she was innocent of the workings of a woman's body but it would give them an excuse if things went wrong. He took Becky's finger and guided it to Katie's clitoris. Katie's whole body convulsed.

"Now keep your finger there and keep rubbing it." David instructed as he pushed Katie over on her side to face Becky and moved in behind her. Katie looked at Becky with glazed eyes and smiled weakly as David raised her upper leg and positioned himself between her thighs from behind. He took Becky's hand and guided it to his cock.

"Now help me put my cock inside mum so I can fuck her." David emphasised the use of the vulgar words and Becky smiled.

"Yes, I'm going to help you fuck my mum David. I'm putting your big hard cock into her hot wet cunt."

David thrust forward and Katie groaned even louder. He took Becky's hand and guided it back to Katie's clitoris.

"Good girl. Now rub her clit just like that until I tell you to stop."

"Oh my God I'm cumming!" Katie's orgasm was almost immediate and surprised all of them with its duration and ferocity. She thrashed around on David's cock so much that Becky had trouble maintaining contact with her clit. After a more than a minute she shuddered and Becky started to withdraw her hand.

"Don't stop now sweetie, I think she'll need another one."

Sure enough Katie started moving back against David's cock again and soon grabbed Becky's wrist, increasing the pressure and grinding herself against her daughter's fingers. After several minutes, another gut-wrenching orgasm shook Katie's body and she lay exhausted between them.

Unsure of how she would react now she was sated, David slipped out of her and watched her carefully. Becky, aroused beyond description, lay on her side facing them and let her robe fall open fully. Her nipples stood out achingly and she brushed her palms over them as if in an attempt to soothe her need. She lifted one leg to reveal swollen, red, wet lips pouting from between her thighs.

At last Katie spoke. She reached behind her and grasped David's cock.

"Well -- it looks as though our little girl is in need of some attention, not to mention our little friend here. What do you think David" Should we show Becky the delights her body can bring her?"

End of Part 2. Part 3 is underway for those of you who enjoyed the story so far.