Tabi's Tale (Part 22)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 22)

Alex Comes Home

Hi Mom, I'm home,” Tabi heard her son call out cheerfully as she blinked her eyes open against the bright sunlight.

Alex stood grinning between the loungers she and Amy were laying on, his half hard cock held firmly in one hand. But he wasn't even looking at her. Instead his eyes were locked on Amy, still totally naked with her thighs spread open.

It's nice to see you too, sis,” he giggled and casually stroked his cock a couple more times practically in her face.

Amy propped herself up on both her elbows, a momentary panicky look flashing across her face before rolling her eyes in resignation and laying back down. Whatever reservations her daughter still had regarding her brother seeing her naked were washed away with that gesture.

Since it had only been a few minutes before that she and Amy fingered each other to orgasms, Tabi also wondered how much he saw before joining them. Alex didn't say anything that indicated he watched them, but then he was the kind of kid that naturally seemed to keep secrets.

Tabi grinned to herself and watched his dick harden in his hand. She had no doubt she'd find out what he knew later. All she had to do was tell him no blow job or fucking without every detail. He'd tell her everything eagerly.

Come over here and let me put some lotion on your before you burn,” Tabi told him with a devilish grin.

Alex turned away from unabashedly gawking at his sister's bare tits and pussy and took a couple of steps toward her. He stopped when his now fairly hard dick practically brushed against his mother's face. It was all Tabi could do to restrain herself from simply taking him into her mouth.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Amy watching them intently. Tabi smiled to herself and decided to give her daughter a bit of a show. She leaned forward to spread the lotion on one of his legs, not pulling back when the tip of his cock pressed against her forehead.

She glanced over to see Amy watching with wide eyes as she lathered up the other leg until her hands reached his dangling balls. She looked directly at her daughter, smiled and proceeded to coat Alex's cock and balls with the lotion.

Amy propped herself up on one elbow to get a better look as Tabi continued to caress her son's cock and balls. She took her time, cupping his balls, slowly stroking his cock and thumbing the pulsing head of his dick. By the time she told him to turn around so she could do his back, a string of precum dribbled to the ground right in front of Amy.

Tabi rubbed even more lotion over his ass cheeks, dragging a finger up through his ass crack, stopping long enough to swirl the fingertip around his asshole. Alex moaned lowly then bent to kiss her forehead when she removed her hands from his ass.

Thanks, Mom,” he murmured and turned toward the other lounger.

Alex, honey, would you be a sweetheart and get me a cold beer before you sit down,” she cooed with a bright smile, keeping her hand on his ass, “and whatever your sister wants, too?”

Sure, Mom and what do you want, sis?” he asked turning toward Amy so his hard dick dangled right over her.

Water would be good,” she managed to mumble and looked away from him.

Coming right up,” he laughed and walked back into the house, his rigid cock swaying with every step.

Tabi giggled to herself, wondering if her son even purposefully meant the double entendre as she watched his jiggling ass disappear into the house. Then she turned her attention to Amy.

OK, what is it?” she asked.

What is what?” Amy asked a bit defensively.

You seem a little upset so I was wondering what is bothering you all of a sudden.”

Oh...nothing,” Amy said meekly and looked away.

Did your brother seeing you naked bother you that much?” Tabi continued.

No...uh...not really...not after a couple of minutes...anyway,” Amy muttered.

Then...what?” Tabi repeated getting a little exasperated by her daughter's reticence.'s just...that you...the way you...touched him,” Amy sputtered and started to blush.

So...and the problem with me touching my son is what...exactly?”

But touched...his...cock...held your hand...and he got...hard.”

I guess he liked it then,” Tabi grinned and pinched one of her own nipples, “besides, I touched you and that felt pretty good, didn't it?” did,” Amy answered, looking up meekly.

You saw him touch himself the other night making himself feel good,” Tabi continued, starting to feel her pussy twitch a little, “and it felt pretty good and I liked it when you touched me.”

Me too,” her daughter murmured lowly.

So... I ask again, what's the problem?” Tabi smiled and touched the hood covering her throbbing clit. “In fact, as long as he likes it, I'm happy to touch him...anywhere and everywhere...and he is as welcome as you are to touch me...anywhere and anytime you want. The two of can figure out for yourselves if you want to touch each other in any way but I certainly don't mind if you touch each other or anything else you agree to do together.”

Oh...I see,” Amy gasped, her eyes widening as the realization of what her mother was saying started to dawn on her.

Just then, Alex came rambling out of the house, carrying two bottles of water in one hand and a cold beer in the other. His dick had deflated some but still swayed seductively as he moved. Tabi took the beer from his hand and wrapped her other hand around his upper thigh from behind, her fingertips brushing against his balls.

She looked right at Amy and smiled impishly. After taking a sip of the beer, she took her hand out from between her son's legs, took his hands in hers, placed it right on her tit and rubbed it back and forth over her stiff nipple.

Brr, your hands are cold,” she murmured, eyes locked on Amy's, then pulled her son's hand between her legs and clamped her thighs round it.

Alex grinned at her, his finger finding the moist fold of her pussy and swirling it around her hole without Amy being able to see. After a moment, Tabi spread her thighs and released his hand. She could see a little of her juices glistening on his fingertip.

That better?” she moaned lowly still staring at Amy but seeing the way his cock hardened from the corner of her eye.

Oh yeah, thanks Mom, that feels a lot better,” he grinned, glanced at Amy and lay down on the other lounger, immediately taking his hard dick in his hand.

Tabi pushed the back of the lounger up so she could sit upright while she sipped her beer. More importantly, she easily could see both of her kids laying naked on either side of her.

On one side, Alex unabashedly fondled his own dick, sometimes stroking it and, when it appeared he might be about to cum, switching to squeezing his balls and sometimes just holding it still until the moment passed. Tabi grinned watching him, nodding her approval when he thumbed a droplet of precum from the tip of his dick. He grinned right back at her without stopping.

On the other side, Amy lay on her stomach, her head resting on her hands, closely watching her brother play with his cock. After glancing her way a few times, Tabi realized Amy was slowly grinding her hips against the surface of the lounger.

Tabi's own pussy tingled, touching herself enough to feel the dampness seeping from her. Her first reaction was to go over and slide a hand between Amy's legs and finger her daughter's cunt until she climaxed again.

Instead, she downed the remainder of her beer, stood and stepped next to Alex. She pushed his legs apart and knelt between them, the outside of her knees pressing against the inside of his thighs. She glanced over at Amy with a wicked grin as she squirted more lotion into her hands.

Oh, Alex,” she murmured loud enough for her daughter to clearly hear, “I think you need more lotion, it looks like you might get a burn and you don't want to burn...there.”

He just smiled up at her as she generously spread the lotion all over him, gently cupped his cock and balls as she looked back at her son. She fondled his ball sac in one hand and wrapped the fingers of her other around his rigid four inch dick. A quick glance told her Amy had propped herself up on one elbow and was watching them closely.

Alex moaned and rolled his hips as she wiped a droplet of precum from the top of his cock. It was all Tabi could do to keep from dropping her head and taking her son's cock into her mouth.

You can touch me too,” she said instead huskily and began to slowly stroke his cock up and down, twisting her hand just a little each time she brought it up to his throbbing head.

He groaned lowly and reached up to take each of her erect nipples between his thumbs and index fingers, sending a jolt from her tits directly to her already throbbing pussy. He was close to cumming even before she touched him and began to thrash wildly. Tabi tightened her grip on his dick and stoked him faster.

Mommy...oh good...oh...oh...Mommy...NOW!” he moaned and shot five strings of creamy cum on to his chest and belly with the final spurt coating Tabi's fingers.

She kept his deflating cock in her hand while rubbing his sticky jism into the skin of his chest and belly with the other. She look directly at her daughter as she licked and sucked her son's spent jism from her fingers. When she was done, she went to the other lounger and lay flat on her back, her nipples still erect on her pancaked tits.

Alex, I need some help with this lotion, please,” she said softly, squirting some lotion on to each of her tits and over the strip of hair leading to her pussy slit.

Without a word, Alex scrambled to her side and began rubbing the lotion into both of her tits. From the corner of her eye she saw Amy sit up and begin to feel her own small puffy nipples.

Tabi turned her head to look directly at Amy again then took one of Alex's hands in hers and placed it down between her legs. She spread her thighs far enough she was sure her daughter could see and pressed his fingers between the folds of her pussy lips. She kept her hand on his and furiously rubbed her clit, tensing and moaning loudly as she began to cum on their fingers.

Amy looked on stunned but didn't turn away from watching her brother finger their mother to a rather loud orgasm. When the last of her climax faded away, Tabi smiled at her daughter before looking up at her son.

Thank you,” she murmured softly, caressing his check with two fingers still sticky with her own juices, “that felt really nice.”

By then, they all pretty much had enough sun for the day.

After dinner, Tabi pulled up a movie she and Amy had been talking about watching. She laid back on the couch and invited her daughter to join her. Like she had done many times before since she was a very little girl, Amy nuzzled back between Tabi's thighs and crushed Tabi's tits with her back

Tabi wrapped her arms around Amy and held her close, nuzzling her face into her daughter's neck while tenderly rubbing her fingertips down Amy's arms and as far as she could reach on the outside of her thighs. At first Amy seemed comfortable and contented but the more Tabi touched her, the more she squirmed uneasily. It took Tabi a couple of minutes to recognize the reason for her daughter's obvious discomfort.

Alex sat in a chair a few feet away from them, his rigid four inch cock in his hand and not paying the slightest bit of attention to the movie. He was at a perfect angle to look directly up between his sister's splayed legs at her tight pussy. His presence was a distraction Tabi didn't want or need at that moment.

GO!” she silently mouthed the instruction and snapped her head toward his bedroom.

After the second time, Alex's eyes widened a little. He stood, stretched and mumbled something about not liking the movie and going to play a video game in his room. As he left, he came over and bent forward to give Tabi a good night kiss, close enough that the tip of his still hard cock almost brushed over his sister's arm.

As soon as he disappeared down the hall, the atmosphere in the family room and on the couch changed noticeably. Amy visibly relaxed as she cuddled back into her mother's lap. Tabi again ran her fingertips ever so lightly over her daughter's skin, down her sides, around the curve of her hips and back up across her belly.

Mmm, Mom...that feels so....nice,” Amy purred as her body melted into her mother's.

I'm so glad you like it, Tabi murmured into Amy's ear before softly sucking in her earlobe and moving her hands even closer to her daughter's small puffy tits, “I really like touching you like this too.”

Amy wiggled back against her mother even harder and moaned lowly. Tabi's pussy was on fire and she was sure her daughter could feel the heat radiating from her mother's cunt on her lower back.

Ever so lightly, Tabi encircled each of her daughter's puffy tits with the tip of her index finger, barely touching the smooth soft skin. At the same time, her tongue flicked out around Amy's earlobe. Amy shuddered slightly and wiggled her ass against Tabi's cunt.

Like that sweetie?'” Tabi whispered huskily into her daughter's ear as her fingers circled the thirteen year old's tits again, this time closer to the tan aureolae and erect nipples.

Mmm...yes Mommy...that's awesome,” Amy moaned and, as Tabi watched, slid one hand down between her own legs.

Tabi's pussy clenched as she watched her daughter's knuckle move up and down, the tip of her finger rubbing her developing clit. Amy moaned as her orgasm began to spread from her pussy to the rest of her body.

Oh it feel so it....don't stop...don't stop now,” she whispered huskily into Amy's ear before flicking her tongue out again and licking all the way around her daughter's ear.

Amy moaned again a little louder, her finger moving even faster over her own clit as Tabi swirled both of her daughter's stiff nipples between her fingers. Then she kept her right hand on Amy's right nipple and slowly moved her left down her daughter's belly.

She momentarily stopped when her fingers ran through the soft thatch of hair topping Amy's pussy before continuing down, past her daughter's furiously swirling finger. Her fingertip split the wet folds of Amy's pussy lips, quickly finding the pulsing opening into her daughter's cunt.

With a loud moan, Amy's body tensed on the very cusp of an orgasm. Tami cocked her wrist and slipped her middle finger as deep into Amy's cunt as she could manage. When Amy thrust her hips up and cried out, Tabi found her daughter's still developing g-spot, the soft, spongy gland pulsing against her fingertip.

Tabi pressed Amy's g-spot hard. Her daughter's eyes bulged from her head and she shrieked, writhing uncontrollably as one orgasm after another rippled through her body. Tabi kept her finger firmly planted on Amy's g-spot until her daughter slumped back, still quivering with the aftershocks of her multiple climaxes.

As the trembling receded and her breathing normalized, Tabi kept cooing into Amy's ear and slowly, sensually rubbing her hands all over her daughter's smooth skin. At last, Amy squirmed around and smiled up at her mother.

What...what did you do?” she asked, her face still flushed from her multiple orgasms. “That was just...amazing.”

Oh just another of my little tricks,” Tabi laughed, bending forward to kiss Amy on the cheek while fondling her daughter's puffy tits. “I'm so glad you liked it. I really am so proud of you growing up and thrilled I could help you feel so good.”

Well whatever you did, it was the best feeling like that I ever had,” Amy murmured.

Tabi's own pussy was on fire. She hugged Amy close for another minute or so, then wiggled around to sit up, pulling her daughter against her tit tightly. Then she took Amy's free hand and slipped it down between her legs.

Suck on my tit, baby, and finger me like I did you,” Tabi moaned and pushed Amy's fingers into her throbbing pussy.

When Amy's fingers reached the opening into her mother's cunt, Tabi pushed her hard until two fingers plunged as deep inside as Amy could manage. Then Tabi began frantically rubbing her throbbing clit. She looked down at Amy staring up at her with her mother's nipple in her mouth.

Tabi didn't care how much noise she made when her orgasm flooded through her body.

The cuddled together until the movie ended. Tabi walked with Amy until her daughter went into the bathroom. There was no light shining under Alex's bedroom door, so Tabi went to her own room and took a shower.

When she walked back into her bedroom still drying her hair, she stopped short seeing her son laying on her bed stroking his hard four inch cock. Alex grinned at her and, without a word, she dropped her towel and climbed up between his legs.

Thank you for leaving your sister and me alone,” she murmured, pushed his hand aside and licked the head of his cock.

Oh I understand,” he groaned, pushing his hips up so his dick split her lips, “besides the two of you put on a really hot show.”

You watched us?”

Of course I did, from the hallway,” he grinned, thrusting his cock deeper into her mouth, “I even jerked off once.”

Of course you did,” Tabi murmured and climbing on top of him, directing his cock into her dripping pussy while he squeezed her aching tits, not caring at all that he left her bedroom door wide open.


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