Tabi's Tale (Part 28)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 28)

To Grandma's House

So, are the two of you all set?” Tabi asked when they pulled to a stop at the light at the bottom of the interstate exit ramp. “We're going to be there in less than ten minutes.”

Amy looked over from the other front seat smiling wanly. Tabi turned her head to see Alex in the back grinning broadly. She smiled back at them both and moved the car forward when the light changed.

Her parents were waiting for them.

Tabi was a lot more nervous than she expected as they pulled into her parents' driveway. As she thought about it, it had been over fourteen years since she last saw her parents naked and even more than that since she had been nude with them. The kids had never been in either situation.

The front door was actually located behind a hedge on the side of the house. The three of them stood for a moment after ringing the bell before the door swung open wide and Tabi's mother stood beaming with open arms. Her father stood directly behind his wife, also smiling brightly.

Of course, they were both completely nude.

Tabi stepped forward and hugged her mother first. For a woman just over sixty, she was in remarkably good shape. There was a bit of thickening around her middle and thighs while her tits were obviously losing the never ending battle with gravity. Her eyes shone brightly and the thick triangle of hair between her legs had not lost any of its luster. All in all, she looked great.

Her father spread his arms wide and pulled her close with a strong bear hug. She felt her tits crushing against his bare chest and the hump of his limp dock pressing against her thigh. He too was still in reasonably good shape, despite an obvious growing belly and thinning hair on the top of his head and above his dick. She hugged him back, running her hands down his back to stop just short of the top of his bare ass. After hugs all around, her mother lead them down the hall to the guest bedroom.

Someone will have to sleep on the couch in the office,” her mother said apologetically as she lead them into the guest room, “this bed is only big enough for two of you.”

No problem,” Tabi responded putting down the small bag she carried, “we'll do what we did when we went to New York a few months ago. The kids can take turns sleeping with me in here one night and the other in the office.”

They agreed that would be the way to go and her mother turned to leave the room, stopping short after only a single step. Alex had already stripped naked and stood grinning at her. She smiled and hugged him close for a moment then lead him back toward the kitchen. Amy stood off to one side looking a bit sheepish as Tabi stripped off her own clothes.

You don't have to go nude yet if you are uncomfortable,” she said to her daughter, “but I suspect my mother is setting out some snacks for us all right now.”

I know,” Amy muttered, “it's just I've never been naked around anyone but you and Alex.”

Take your time then,” Tabi said softly, kissed her daughter on the forehead and turned to the door, “but regardless you can't stay in here.”

She walked out the door and down the hall to join her mother and her son. Alex was munching on a piece of cake while talking to his grandmother and unabashedly staring at her drooping tits and full bush of dark pussy hair with his four inch cock obviously stiffening.

Where's Dad?” Tabi asked, getting herself a cold beer from the refrigerator.

Out on the patio,” her mother answered, “taking his 'medicine' no doubt, so take him another beer too.”

It took a moment for Tabi's eyes to adjust to the dimly lit patio, the only illumination coming from a couple of windows behind her and the underwater lights of the pool. Her father sat on a swing big enough for two leaning back to take a deep drag on on a joint, the aroma of marijuana wafting through the air.

Tabi stepped in front of him, bending forward so her tits dangled momentarily in front of his face as she handed him the cold beer. Then she took a seat in a chair directly across from him, deliberately spreading her thighs wide.

So that's 'medicine' now, is it?” she giggled as her father took another deep pull on the joint. “I bet you were first in line the day it became legal.”

Naw, only third. I didn't want to push over the two little old ladies who got there before me,” he chuckled, offering her the joint.

No thanks,” she demurred and took a drink of her beer, “my company still does random piss tests and I like and need my job too much to partake.”

Her father leaned back and stubbed the remaining half of the joint out before taking a swig of the cold beer. He gazed at her intently for a few moments causing Tabi's nipples to stiffen slightly. In response she spread her thighs until she was sure her pussy gaped far enough her father could see the moist pink flesh of the inside of her lips.

Well, kitten, it is good to see you again and you are looking really good,” he murmured using the nickname he called her when she was a little girl while he idly fiddled with his flaccid dick.

Thank you, Daddy, you are looking pretty good yourself,” she answered keeping her eyes locked on his cock and the way he casually twirled the uncut head in two fingers.

Her memories told her he had an enormous cock, especially those times he would jerk off next to her while they watched porn together when she was not even yet a teenager. In reality, of course, sitting across from her now, he looked to be fairly average in length and girth, probably five and a half to six inches when he got fully erect, if he still got completely erect at his age.

The very thought of seeing him hard again sent a shiver through her body and a droplet of her juices leaking from her pussy. He had never touched her in a sexual way, even when he watched her masturbate sitting next to him all those years ago. With what she was doing with her own kids, she secretly wished he had then and would not hesitate to do so now.

Before either of them could say another word, the sliding glass door burst open and a completely naked Amy came running out, yelling loudly and jumped into the pool, followed closely by her brother. They splashed each other, laughing and carrying on even as Tabi turned her attention back to her father.

Tabi's mother stepped out on the patio carrying three fresh beers. She handed one to Tabi then sat down next to her husband and reached for the remaining half of the joint.

The old gal's trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me,” her father grinned, taking a drink of the beer and placing his hand on his wife's thigh very close to her hairy pussy, his cock visibly stiffening.

I was hoping you would pass out so I could get some rest for a change, you old horn dog,” her mother laughed after taking a deep drag on the joint and brushing her fingers over his cock before coming to rest on his upper thigh.

Tabi looked on mesmerized. Growing up, her parents had never been particularly demonstrative nor did they conceal their obvious affection for each other. She occasionally heard them having sex and even masturbated along with her mother's moans as a teenager from time to time. What they were doing right then was something new, and a lot more open, than anything she's seen before. Her mother just smiled at her when Tabi brushed a finger over one of her own stiff nipples.

The kids got out of the pool and came over to them looking for towels to dry off. They stood on either side of Tabi while her mother went to get some from a nearby cabinet. Tabi could see her father's eyes darting back and forth from her own spread legs to her thirteen year old daughter's small tits and neatly trimmed pussy, his fingers moving a little faster on the swelling head of his cock. Another droplet of pussy juice seeped down toward Tabi's asshole.

Alex slept with Tabi the first night. Even though she knew better than to do anything with him, they both were too aroused to refrain. He fucked her quickly before she sucked him hard again and climaxed riding his four inch dick twice before he filled her pussy with his cum again.

On her way back from the bathroom, Tabi hear a low moan coming from her parents' room. The door was just slightly ajar, just enough for Tabi to see her mother furiously riding her father's cock reflecting in the dresser mirror. Tabi began fingering herself as she watched them.

Fuck me...fuck me, Daddy...harder...deeper, Daddy,” her mother groaned and furiously thrashed her hips up and down on her father's dick while he pulled her tits and twisted her nipples.

Oh yeah...your tight pussy feels so good...sucking my cock...with your cunt,” her father whispered hoarsely and thrust his hips up hard to meet her thrashing hips. “ it...cum all over your Daddy's your Daddy...fuck me...more...harder...fuck me...I'm your you up...kitten!”

His back arched and his entire body quivered, telling Tabi her father was right then filling her mother's pussy with his jism. Her mother let out a screech just before her pussy juices exploded on to him and she slumped down on his chest.

With that, Tabi hurried back to the guest bedroom, her pussy on fire. She rolled Alex on his back and climbed on him even before he was fully awake, riding his dick frantically until she felt his watery cum shooting inside her. Then she straddled his face, fingering herself to yet another orgasm as she squirted her own juices and his cum all over his face and down his throat.

She drifted off to sleep wondering how she could arrange to have her father fuck his kitten for real.

As soon as Tabi awoke alone in the bed, she realized it was probably already mid morning. She walked into the kitchen to find her mother making brownies.

Where's everybody?” Tabi asked while pouring herself some coffee and turning her head to see if she could spot any dried cum on her mother's pussy hair or the inside of her thighs.

Outside. The kids are in the pool I think and your father's sitting on the patio keeping an eye on them.”

Tabi and her mother chatted for a few more minutes before the brownies were ready for the oven and Tabi needed more coffee. While her mother tended to her baking, Tabi walked outside to find the kids sitting on chairs facing their grandfather.

Amy grinned at Tabi as she approached. Her thirteen year old daughter was sitting with her knees pulled up, giving her grandfather an unobstructed view of her tight pussy. Both Tabi's father and her son slouched where they sat idly fondling the heads of their half hard cocks.

Soon the triple digit temperatures drove them all into the pool to cool off. Tabi maneuvered Amy off to one side and wrapped her arms around her daughter from behind so she could both whisper in Amy's ear and feel her small hard nipples.

How are you doing?” she asked Amy softly and twirled a stiff nipple gently. “Getting used to being naked around my parents?”

I'm fine,” Amy moaned lowly and put her hand on top of one of her mother's before pulling it down between her own legs. “Grandpa keeps looking at me and touching himself.”

Well, he probably hasn't seen a pretty young girl like you naked since I was your age,” she giggled and slipped a finger between the folds of Amy's pussy lips. “Does it bother you that he looks at you?”

No, not at all. In fact I kind of like it,” Amy murmured huskily and squirmed as Tabi swirled a fingertip over her hard little clit, “I like it so much I want to touch myself when's he's looking, right there where you are touching me now...just like you are doing now...oh...oh....”

With that, Amy's body stiffened and quivered in Tabi's arms, She took in a quick sharp breath but managed not to cry out when the climax surged through her body. Tabi held her tightly until she relaxed, looking over to see if either of her parents noticed.

Then maybe you should,” Tabi whispered in Amy's ear, “and I can tell you for a fact that Grandpa won't mind one little bit.”

Her mother had joined them and was sitting on the edge with her legs dangling in the water, her thighs spread wide open enough the pink flesh inside her pussy lips glistened in the sunlight. Her father was drinking a beer standing waist deep in the water next to her with one hand on her upper thigh. Alex stood in front of them and from the way his elbow was moving, Tabi knew her son was stroking his dick just under the surface of the pool as he talked with them.

Amy climbed out of the pool to go get a drink, so Tabi swam up behind her son and wrapped her arms around him. She could feel his arm continuing to move slowly as he didn't stop stroking his cock. It was clear both her parents could see what he was doing and since they didn't object, Tabi didn't either.

Her father finished his beer and dropped that hand down to take his own cock in his hand. Tabi could see the purplish head push out from beneath its fleshy sheath and her own pussy tingled remembering looking at him jerk off as they sat together watching his porn video collection.

Her mother smiled down at her while she casually rolled one of her erect nipples between two fingers, her eyes locked on Alex's stiff cock and slowly moving hand. Tabi's pussy clenched as the tension at that moment washed over them all, She started to move her hand down Alex's belly towards his rigid dick when Amy noisily approached them with some cold drinks, breaking the spell Tabi was sure was building.

They spent the remainder of the day alternating between getting in and out of the pool and drinking beer on the patio. Tabi spent a good part of her time observing them all. Her father made no attempt to conceal the almost constant way he fondled his cock, sometimes making it hard enough that the purplish head peeked out from the fleshy foreskin. Her mother, who had always been a touchy feely type person, would brush her hands over all of them from time to time throughout the day, across Alex's back or Amy's shoulder, Tabi's arm and her husband's thigh. For most of the day, her mother's nipples remained stiff and erect.

Whenever her father looked her way, Tabi would spread her thighs a little more or brush a finger over her own stiff nipples. She smiled more than once at him when he glanced at her while touching himself or she saw his dick stiffening more than it had been. He made no effort at all to conceal his stares at her tits or pussy and even grinned back at her the two times she touched her pulsing mound. More than once she fantasized about just fingering herself to an orgasm and see how he would react.

Both Alex and Amy became oblivious to the naked adults after a short time. Alex stayed hard most of the time anyway, unconsciously fondling himself now and again. Amy even made a show of sensuously rubbing sunscreen all over her tiny tits and protruding mound, causing her grandfather's dick to get the hardest it was the entire day.

After dinner, Tabi and her father and mother retreated to the patio while the kids watched a movie. While Tabi sipped another beer, her father pulled out a baggie with a few joints, lit one and handed it to her mother and then lit another for himself. They both took deep drags and sat silently for a few minutes.

The kids seem settled in pretty well,” her mother finally said before taking another hit from her joint, “and comfortable enough being naked all day.”

Yeah, well, we have been practicing, Mother, around my house,” Tabi giggled and took another deep drink of her beer.

Does Alex always walk around like that?”

Like what?”

With a...uh...hard on?” her mother asked meekly.

He's a twelve year old boy. I think he wakes up hard and stays that way all day long,” Tabi laughed, “even right after he jerks off, so nothing to be alarmed about.”

Her mother blushed and mumbled something Tabi couldn't hear. Her father snorted a laugh and grabbed her mother's thigh, close enough to her crotch that his little finger disappeared into her pussy hair.

She's right, of course,” her father finally managed to spit out between laughs, “I was the same way and so was every guy I grew up with.”

You still are, you old pervert,” her mother exclaimed and gently punched his arm before lowering her hand and casually wrapping her fingers around his rapidly stiffening cock.

Tabi felt her pussy clench and her nipples stiffen watching them. Her father responded by dragging his finger even deeper into her mother's pussy hair. Tabi had no doubt he was lightly strumming her clit. Since her parents made no effort to hide what they were doing, Tabi squirmed around, spread her legs as far as she could until she feel her pussy lips gape open and gently pulled one of her nipples.

Well, if you and the kids are feeling comfortable enough, we would like to invite some of our nudist friends over for a barbecue and to meet you tomorrow,” her mother continued while rubbing her thumb slowly around the tip of her father's now hard cock.

Sure, why not,” Tabi answered, trying to decide if he would be too forward if she started fingering her throbbing pussy, something she had every intention of doing at the first sign of her father's precum, “I'm sure the kids would love it.”

It's been a long day and I'm ready for bed,” her father announced a few minutes later as he stood with his rigid dick standing straight out from his body and her mother's hand still holding him lightly.

I'll go get the kids a snack,” her mother murmured as she rose as well and walked into the kitchen.

Tabi got up and turned to give her father a warm hug, feeling the vein in his hard cock throbbing against her belly. It was all she could do to keep herself from dropping to her knees and taking him into her mouth until his cum flooded down her throat. They broke off the embrace and followed her mother into the house.

Mom, will you do something for me?” Amy asked as Tabi climbed into the bed with her.

Sure, sweetie, anything I can,” Tabi responded rolling over to give her daughter a hug and kiss on the forehead. “What is it?”

After watching Grandpa play with himself and get hard all day, I'm really horny. I jerked Alex off and he fingered me while we watched the movie but I still need something. Will you lick me...lick me until I cum?”

Without another word, Tabi licked and kissed her way down her thirteen year old daughter's supple body, stopping long enough to suck in each of her tiny nipples, before pushing her thighs apart and diving into Amy's waiting pussy. Amy's mound was puffy and her slit already soaking wet, telling Tabi the girl had been fingering herself already. Tabi licked the tip of her tongue up through that musky slit until she found Amy's developing clit. She sucked it in as Amy began to thrash and moan, a quick hard orgasm surging through the young girls body.

Thanks, Mom, I really needed that,” Amy cooed dreamily after her body stopped quivering and her breathing returned to normal.

Tabi kissed her again on the forehead and climbed out of the bed. She padded down the hallway silently until she stood outside of her parents' bedroom. Like the previous night, the door was ajar, maybe even a little more than before.

In the mirror, she could see her mother in her knees with her father pumping his cock in and out of her mouth furiously while pulling her face to him by her hair. Her mother was pinching and pulling the nipple on her right tit with one hand while stretching his balls with the other.

That's the way, kitten...suck Daddy's cock...all the way down your throat...suck my cum out of me, hot sperm, every drop...KITTEN.”

Her father tensed, arched his back and shot his jism into her mother's mouth. Tabi was cumming on her fingers even before she saw some of his creamy semen dribble from the corner of her mother's mouth and down over her sagging tits.


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