Tabi's Tale (Part 30)

Tabi's Tale
(A “Cum Diaries” Story)

"Cum Diaries" are occasional fictionalized accounts of stories told to me by my readers, in this case of my short story His Mate's Mom”. That began an ongoing conversation with TF in California about her experiences.

(Part 30)

The Pool Party Continues

Marty stood about eight feet from the side of the pool in the shallow water that didn't quite reach the dark thatch of pubic hair topping the base of his thick cock. He held his six year old daughter on one arm while his four year old son clung to the pool's edge. Both kids had colorful plastic floaties inflated around their upper arms.

OK, Jake, I'm going to let your sister go and she's going to swim to the wall. When she does that, you swim out here to me,” he instructed the little boy.

I...I don't...know,” Jake whined, looking not at all sure he wanted to give up his hold on the side of the pool, “it's so...far.”

Don't worry, buddy, you can make it, like you did before,” Marty encouraged his son, “so get we go.”

With that, he shoved his daughter toward the wall and spread his arms wide. Jake hesitated for a moment then reluctantly pushed off, flailing his arms wildly trying to propel himself toward his father. After a moment, he was close enough for Marty to scoop him up in one arm and hold him close.

Need a hand?” Tabi asked swimming over to Marty and steadying herself with a hand on his hip as she stood in the shallow water. “I earned some extra money as a lifeguard and instructor in college, so I might be able to give them a few hints.”

Marty turned to look at her with a dazzling smile. He stood at least a good eight inches taller than her with a ripped physique that screamed workout fanatic...and that didn't even take into account the long, thick dick dangling limply between his legs.

I would be so grateful if you did,” he exclaimed, “I only swim well enough to keep myself from drowning...barely...and I guess I'm not showing them the right things.”

I'm sure we can get them more comfortable quickly. When I was an instructor we sometimes taught really little kids well under a year old how to float and paddle,” Tabi smiled back at him and opened her arms wide. “Send the little guy over here and you take your daughter and just follow what I do.”

Jake paddled to her and Tabi scooped him up with her hand under his tight little ass. She waited for Sadie to reach Marty before telling them the next step.

Both of them are way too tense. So, first, they need to learn to relax in the water and how to float.” Tabi explained and turned to the little boy clinging to her tightly and tugging on her right nipple. “Do you know how to be a motorboat in the water, Jake?” don't know what you mean,” the four year old stammered, still holding on to Tabi's nipple for dear life.

It's easy and fun,” Tabi continued, “to start the motor, you take a deep breath, put your face in the water and blow out the bubbles, then pick your head up, take another breath and do it again. Let me show you.”

She shifted Jake around to straddle her hip, with his legs around her thigh and his hard little cock pressing against her skin. Then she took an exaggerated deep breath, lowered her face to the water and blew some bubbles before raising her head, repeating the motion three times then straightening up. She glanced to the side to see Marty and his daughter watching her intently.

OK, now you and Sadie try it,” Tabi went on, flipping the little boy around on to his belly in the water with a hand under his chest and the other his crotch, feeling his hard little dick pressing against the palm of her hand. “I've got you so just float and pretend you're a motorboat.”

Jake took a deep breath and blew some bubbles, barely getting his face in the water. When he wiggled his hips a little, Tabi softly fondled his pinky sized cock, feeling her pussy twitching. She glanced over to Marty who was holding Sadie the same way while facing Tabi.

He grinned brightly looking directly at her hand on his young son's cock. Tabi smiled back at him knowingly when she saw his thumb spreading his six year old daughter's tight pussy lips.

OK, now it's time to get the boat moving,” Tabi announced after she was comfortable both kids could keep their heads above water. “Now both of you, keep your fingers pressed together and move you hands and legs like you are crawling on the floor.”

As both kids started the crawling motion, Tabi nodded to Marty and turned slowly in a circle. He followed suit and the kids were moving through the water somewhat on their own power. After two full turns, Tabi took her hand away from supporting Jake's chest but kept the other on his crotch. Marty did the same with his daughter and both kids made another full circle barely supported.

Wow, you're both doing great,” Tabi exclaimed happily, “now let's see if you can drive your boat from your Daddy to me by yourself. Sadie, you go first and come over to me.”

She pulled Jake to her and held him up with one arm under his ass and the little boy wrapped his arms around her neck. She shivered a little feeling his tiny cock pressing against her hip. A few feet away, Marty gently shoved his daughter off and the little girl quickly paddled her way to Tabi.

Wow, that's great,” Tabi told her, “now Jake, you go over to your Daddy.”

The little boy looked at her with some apprehension but she gently pushed him in the direction of his father. Jake struggled a moment, then started getting the hang of it and made his way across the short distance to Marty's open arms.

Sadie hung on to Tabi with one arm around her neck and idly fingered one of Tabi's erect nipples with her other hand. When Tabi pulled her a little closer and slid her hand up between Sadie's legs, the young girl giggled and squirmed enough that Tabi's fingertip split her tight pussy lips.

Tabi moaned lowly and looked up to see Marty grinning at her while holding Jake. She took a step back and sent Sadie back toward her father. As soon as the girl got there, Marty pushed Jake back to Tabi.

When he reached her, Jake put one arm around Tabi's neck and very deliberately twirled her nipple in two fingers. Tabi reached own between the little boy's legs and fondled his tiny cock and tight ball sac for a moment before repeating the process.

Each time after they both made the crossing, Tabi took another step backward, slowly lengthening the distance between her and Marty until it was about three quarters of the width of the pool. Not only did the kids learn to swim ever farther, but it also gave Tabi more and more time to fondle Jake's cock and caress Sadie's pussy.

The first few times, she tried concealing what she was doing underwater. The kids giggled and thrashed about as she touched them, happily playing with her tits as she fondled them. When she glanced at their father, he just smiled and touched which ever child was in his arms at the time in the same way.

At last, the kids began to tire and Tabi needed some relief. She held both kids in her arms and called across to their father.

OK, one last time. You swim all the way across the pool and I bet when you get out my mother can find some ice cream for you,” she told them softly before pushing them toward the other side.

Before they were more than a few feet from her, she had her hand down between her legs, furiously rubbing her throbbing clit. As her orgasm built, she watched them approach the other side. Marty boosted himself up to sit on the edge of the pool, urging his kids on. Tabi concentrated on his now more than half hard cock, the longest and thickest she could ever remember seeing.

Oh my god,” she thought to herself as the first twitch of a fast hard climax flooded her pussy, “he's so fucking big it would have to hurt going into my cunt...hurt really really good!”

She slumped down on a step, her eyes closed, letting the last aftershock of her hurried orgasm fade from her body. It was only then that it occurred to her that someone may have seen her finger herself to a climax right there in her parents' pool.

We want to thank you,” she heard from behind as she was starting to look around for an indication anyone had seen her.

Natalie and Marty stood next to each other behind her. He was holding her close with his arm around her waist while she nonchalantly held his thick dick in one hand, her fingers unable to wrap completely around it.

You did more for their swimming in less than an hour than we could have done in years,” she continued with a devilish smile, casually brushing a thumb over a small erect nipple. “I love diving down but not getting my head under water and Marty is the same way.”

It was my pleasure, I assure you,” Tabi managed to mutter, trying to imagine that thick long cock buried in the thin gash that disappeared down between Natalie's legs.

Trust me, both kids loved everything you did,” Marty chimed in as Natalie palmed the very tip of his dick. “Sadie already asked me when she can do some more.”

Tabi's pussy was on fire and was about to respond to them when Amy and Emma, the sixteen year old girl, swam up to her, chattering loudly.

Maybe we can talk again a little later,” Natalie murmured before she and Marty turned and walked into the house.

As Tabi turned to face her daughter, out of the corner of her eye, she thought she saw her father get up and go into the house right after Natalie and Marty.

OK, girls, calm down and one at a time so I can figure out what you're talking about,” Tabi laughed as she turned to face her daughter and her new sixteen year old friend.

The girls stood in front of Tabi with their arms wrapped around each other. Emma was about Tabi's height with a taut supple body, nicely developed perky tits and well rounded ass. The wet thin light brown triangle of hair above her pussy was plastered against her skin right above the dark gash disappearing between her slightly spread legs.

Well, Mom, me and Emma were talking and we wondered if we can stay here another day and have another pool party tomorrow,” Amy gushed as Emma grinned next to her.

Gee, honey, I don't know,” Tabi answered, her eyes focused on the stiff little nipples protruding from Emma's tits. “I have to get back to work and I'm sure others do too. Besides this is Grandma and Grandpa's house.”

I already asked my Mom and she says it would be great,” Emma chimed in. “She and my Dad have to work but Nathan and I both drive and she said we could come over if you stay.”

I'll tell you what, you go ask Grandma and if she and Grandpa are OK with it, we can stay one more day,” Tabi decided quickly, wondering just how friendly her daughter had become with the older girl.

They both squealed in delight, climbed out of the water and headed toward the kitchen to find Tabi's mother. After what she saw earlier, Tabi figured her mother would be more than pleased to have that seventeen boy around again for another day.

She climbed out of the pool, got herself another beer and flopped down on one of the lounge chairs. It was late afternoon but there were still quite a few people hanging around the pool, in and out of the water, in groups of twos and threes with two couples at the far end standing closely together.

As she looked around, she began to realize there was a lot more than talking going on within the various groups. Men and women were openly groping each other, some kissing passionately and on a lounger across the pool an older man was energetically fucking an older woman from behind. Tabi couldn't remember either of their names but she was pretty sure they were not together when she was introduced to each of them.

Her own pussy began to throb watching the others. She had always been turned on watching others suck and fuck, almost as much as she liked being watched herself. But she was even more aroused than usual since all this was going on right out in the open in her parents' backyard.

Without a thought, she put the beer bottle down and pinched a stiff nipple with one hand and fingered her dripping pussy slit with the other. At the far end of the pool one of the men hitched himself up to sit on the edge and the other guy dove down between his legs and took his hard dick into his mouth. The two woman watched, smiling brightly while fingering each other next to the guys.

When Tabi spread her thighs even wider to finger her own pussy, she saw a man and woman at the edge of the pool smiling up at her. As she began rubbing her throbbing clit harder, the couple climbed out of the water and the guy sat on the chair next to Tabi with the woman down between his legs sucking his dick.

Within a couple of minutes, his back arched as he grabbed the woman by the hair and frantically thrust his cock deep into her mouth. After a moment, she confirmed he filled her mouth with his cum when the woman let his dick slip from between her lips and she smiled at Tabi, two strings of creamy jism dripping from the corners of her mouth.

Tabi moaned lowly watching them, sliding two fingers of one hand into her cunt while continuing to rub her throbbing clit with the other. Before her orgasm started, she felt two hands slide down over her shoulders to cup her tits and thumb her erect nipples. She craned her head backward to see Clair, Emma's mother, smiling down at her.

Need a little help?” Clair cooed as she slid one hand down over Tabi's belly, brushed Tabi's hand aside and began fingering her throbbing clit.

With a loud groan, Tabi's orgasm wracked her body and Clair continued fingering her until the last vestiges of her climax faded away. Then the other woman moved around to stand by Tabi's side smiling brightly.

I just wanted to tell you that it is fine with me if Nathan and Emma come back over here tomorrow. I just wish I had some vacation time so I could as well,” Clair said softly before leaning over with her tits brushing against Tabi's shoulder to whisper in her ear, “and for a boy his age, your son is a pretty damn good fuck.”

As she stood back up, Tabi could see some crusty remnants of her son's distinctively watery jism caked in Clair's tangled pussy hair. Then Clair turned and walked back into the house as Marty came out holding little Jake's hand with Nancy following behind holding Sadie's.

The kids want to swim some more, if you don't mind,” Marty said with a big grin.

Before they got in the water, Nancy found some sunscreen and proceeded to lather it all over little Sadie. She handed the bottle to Marty who did not hesitate to cover Jake. Tabi's pussy clenched as she watched the way the two of them sensuously touched the small kids.

Nancy looked directly at Tabi and smiled just before she pushed her hands down between the six year old girl's legs and dragged a finger back and forth a few times in Sadie's tight slit. The little girl squirmed and giggled as her grandmother fingered her pussy, then reached up and pulled on Nancy's erect nipples.

Next to them, Marty bent forward with his half hard dick slapping against Jake's face and twirled the small boy's one inch dick between his thumb and forefinger. Jake squeal delightedly and reached over to grab his father's cock with both hands.

Tabi gasped, even as Marty smiled at her and motioned for her to come closer. When she did, he took one of her hands and Nancy took the other, placing one firmly on Jake's cock and the other on Sadie's pussy.

The kids squealed and wiggled, giggling happily as Tabi fondled them both, their father and their grandmother standing next to them grinning their approval. After a few minutes, they put the floaties on the kids arms and got in the water, standing about fifteen feet apart and had the kids swim to them in turn.

Each time one of them got to her, Tabi would fondle Jake's little dick or split Sadie's tight pussy lips with a finger. For their part, the kids gleefully pulled and pinched her nipples or reached down between her legs to feel her throbbing cunt. Marty and Nancy did exactly the same thing, causing Tabi's own pussy to twitch as she watched.

By the time Jake and Sadie began to tire, a number of the other guests had already left. Ron came over and dried the kids off, taking his time to openly fondle and finger them both and they in turn stroked his half hard cock.

Marty came up behind Tabi and slowly dried her back, his hands lingering on Tabi's ass while Nancy dried her front, caressing each of Tabi's erect nipples before sliding a hand down between her legs. Tabi gasped as she felt Nancy's finger split her pussy lips and rub back and forth until finding her throbbing clit.

When Tabi's knees began to buckle, Marty wrapped his arms around her from behind, cupping both of Tabi's tits tenderly. Tabi moaned, her entire body quivering as an unexpected orgasm surged through her body. As the final vestiges of the climax faded from her body, Tabi collapsed back into his arms. Slowly, he turned her around to face him, holding her close with his thick dick pressing against her chest just below her tits.

I really wish I could come over tomorrow with Natalie and the kids,” he murmured, “but I just can't miss some important meetings in the morning.”

Tabi looked up and smiled at him then stepped back far enough to take his swelling cock in both hands. He groaned lowly and she wiped away a droplet of precum with her thumb.

Yeah, me too. I guess we'll have to make it up some other time,” she cooed and leaned forward to flick her tongue across the massive purple head of his dick.

There is no doubt we all will,” a fully clothed Natalie laughed from beside them as she ran a hand tenderly over Tabi' ass, “but now we need to go, the kids are beat and it's getting late.”

Marty turned and walked back into the house as Ron and Nancy came out carrying Sadie and Jake. After hugs all around, they took their leave and Tabi went in to help her mother clean up. As she stepped to the sliding door, she glanced over to see her father stroking himself slowly. He was animatedly talking to Amy as she sat next to him playfully pulling and pinching her stiff little nipples.


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