A Tale of Forbidden Love...

Written by Meredith


"You're home, David. You're home where you belong." I whispered lovingly.

With that, David cried out in absolute veneration.

"Mother! My..." another gasp took it's hold.

"My dear Mother." he shouted as I felt a flood of his sperm overfill my womb.

"I love you... God I love you so much." He proclaimed as thick jolts of his

seed coursed throughout my pounding womb.

Author's Note:

This story is purely fiction. In no way does this author support or condone incest or the theme.

It was written with the intent of providing deeply felt fantasies to be shared with adults. If you

are easily offendedby these topics, then I suggest you leave now.

This story celebrates the passion and love between two (ADULT) human beings.

Any reader wishing to leave feedback is more than welcome, as long as it is positive and healthy.

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My name is Shannon, and I work for an affluent college just outside of Chicago. I recently turned 30 years old, and have been single for the majority of my life. Admittedly, it's been an easy way to go for me and my finances since my parents were well off ever since I can remember. In fact, their large, charitable donations to the college landed me the job five years ago. I didn't see the point in working since money was never an issue for us, but now I clearly enjoy having a Monday through Friday job in the bursar's office on campus.

I've never lasted longer than a year in any of my relationships, with both men and women. I began experimenting with other women when I was at college-- the very one I work for now. It was the typical 'curiosity killed the cat' thing, yet a few relationships proved far more meaningful than others. Not to sound haughty, but I was very proud of my features... Very busty, and lots of curves to explore. My measurements have been virtually identical since I reached my zenith at 25... 38d-30-38. I was given my raven tresses and eyes from my mother, and my abundant features from my father. And I also inherited a shapely, full backside from my dear Mother, whom, even to this day, is a complete and total knockout. In the winter, my skin emanates a nice olive complexion, and in the summer, it turns to a nice, evenly tanned chestnut hue. Anyone who thinks plentiful and larger women are not attractive, then I say to them; Don't limit yourself to just one type. Of the women I have bedded, the absolute best have been the ones who weren't your People magazine cover girls.

Being of an independent nature most of my life, I always tried avoiding any long term

commitments. I receive a lot of offers from both sexes, yet I try to be discreet and somewhat selective in who I go out with. And considering where I work, there are always batches of young men and women to gaze and admire. Yet one in particular caught my eye one day...

David was a fresh faced, handsome freshman who had stumbled into the bursar's office one day for some help with his living arrangements. My co-workers were all at lunch, and I was the only one there who could help. Immediately, my eyes noticed something different about this young man. He was a tall, very attractive 18 year old who obviously seemed out of place in his first year there. Yet his demeanor didn't seem to reflect any type of arrogance of self-assurance. His features held the bluest eyes, almost like two sapphires staring right at you. His styled, light brown hair fit nicely into his boyish charm... a smooth, acne free face didn't seem too manly. In fact, his face partially reminded me that of a woman's. I didn't make a practice of dating the students. If it did happen, it would usually be with the seniors. That

way if the relationship ended in disaster, I wouldn't have to see them the next year. But something about David made me want to know more.

After a congenial, friendly conversation, David and I soon had his problem solved. I could tell he was very shy and somewhat intimidated by my outward sexuality. I am a very outspoken and open woman, and blatantly complimented David on his good looks. I was dressed in a revealing gray suit that day, one that hugged my voluptuous, curvy figure. At times, I kept noticing David peeking at my full, rounded ass when I was up walking around, or at another desk. My senses could tell he too was intrigued. I soon bridged the opportunity by asking him for dinner that night. He accepted.

I decided to wear one of my black cocktail dresses to dinner that night. I ended up taking him to one of my favorite downtown restaurants in Chicago. He too dressed for the occasion, and looked radiant as he escorted me into the establishment. The atmosphere was perfect for a classic seduction... and that, I will admit was intentional. The thoughts and visions of him between my legs kept swirling throughout my head, and before this night was finished, I knew I had to have him inside me.

Coming back to my home, safely located outside the suburbs, I invited David inside. He knew as well as I did what we both obviously wanted. But I could tell he was bashful and reserved about staring too long at me.

"David, it's okay to look at me. I didn't wear this dress just to be warm tonight" I said as we sat in the dark, lowly lit den.

"I'm sorry. I just didn't want you to think that's all I wanted tonight." He said.

I smiled, standing up in front of him. What a sweet boy, I thought. His manners were flawless the entire evening, courteous, respectful, and ever the gentleman. Glowing with passion and appetite, my hands reached for the thin spaghetti straps that clung to my tan shoulders, and pulled them slowly down my shoulders. My eyes on his the entire time, I watched as he saw the thin material slide down my curvy body. He was mesmerized.

Remembering his stares at my backside, I turned around as I continued to peel the dress down the arch of my back. With the material hugging the width of my ass cheeks, I glanced back at David-- intentionally swaying my wide hips slowly... He was hooked, and I knew it.

"Tell me what you like about me, David." I whispered as the dress fell upon the floor.

He stammered, obviously uncomfortable at verbalizing his desires-- as most people typically are.

"It's just... nice." He managed to utter.

"What else, David? I see the way you're looking at me-- my ass. What do you like about it?" I continued as I backed up, narrowing the gap between his face and the softened texture of my cheeks.

I could hear his breathing swell.

"God, it's... just..." He floundered.

"Round?" I said.

He sighed with appreciation. "Oh God yes. So beautiful."

"So you like girls with a full ass?" I cooed as I inched closer to him.

"Uh-huh." He managed to reply.

"Put your hands on it, David. It's okay. I want you to touch me. Feel my ass in your hands." I said as his palms quickly placed themselves on each supple orb.

He was clumsy at first, yet his obvious appreciation soon translated itself into a slow, careful massage. My eyelids fluttered as David's actions arrested my senses. A mere boy, yet I could tell he would be a skilled and thoughtful lover once properly educated. With my hair dangling freely around my neck and shoulders, I flung it back around my shoulder so I could see the look in his eyes as his grateful caresses continued. That was something I truly got off on... the look in someone's eyes as they were gently submerged into the waters of lust. There he sat, not once taking his eyes off my bronzed globes. His fingers pressing themselves into the plumpness of each orb... his pale ivory skin matched against the mahogany hued flesh of my ass. I shuddered.

Turning around, I began to loosen the constraints of my black laced brazier. The look in his eyes was of disappointment, yet fascination as the bra fell to the floor, revealing my large, motherly breasts. Not to be presumptuous, but I did feel good about my body. I glow every time I make love to a man or a woman. And I know that each lover I devour, they are genuinely satisfied with my healthy physique. I wasn't going to torture myself or starve to be something, or someone I'm not. And as David's youthful hands reached up to cup my savory breasts, I exhaled in elation as his face soon buried itself in my inviting cleavage. His moans became muffled between the deep valley of my bosom as my hands ran through his thick, short hair. My knees soon sat on each side of him as I easily straddled him... Nothing else mattered at this point except the two of us... I felt the smoothness of his actions, like he intentionally took his time so he wouldn't forget. Which compared to any other young man David's age, made no sense whatsoever. 18 year olds usually rip their pants off just getting

atop a female... this was nothing of the sort. This boy had talent. He was going to make some woman very happy one day. Except this night... he was all mine.

"I'm going to love pulling that seed from your cock tonight." I managed to say as his hands (again) found my ass.

All he could do was moan once more. This was my cue...

Locking lips with David for the first time, I could feel the shudders in his frame... There was so much anticipation in his eyes. I smiled, knowing he was going to have his first orgasm with me. The ever growing prowler, I felt a wave of hunger wash over me... That was all the inspiration I needed to fall to my knees, and release this young man's cock.

Flinging the zipper down, he and I thrust the cumbersome material down passed his ankles. I typically liked for my lovers to be as comfortable as possible, so I whisked his shoes and socks off all together. I hated those hastened moments of hunger when two people don't completely shed themselves of their clothing... For me, that made it even less personal. And then, as I crawled upward to his groin, my eyes saw the length that he was given. My mouth about dropped when I saw his massive, throbbing manhood. It must have been ten inches long, and a nice thick width. This was going to be a beautiful night indeed.

After dousing his quivering penis between my breasts, my head lowered and lips parted... It was then I felt a tug at my head-- motioning me to look up.

"I'm a virgin." Murmured David.

I smiled, not because of his naiveté, but because I was going to have the pleasure of taking this young man's virginity away from him. Young men have so much energy and potency built up in them at that ripe age.

"And I don't have a rubber." He went on to add.

My response to that of my tongue easing out, and running across the tip of his trembling penis. I didn't care... he had to be inside me and soon. Besides, my tubes were tied when I was 26 after realizing children were in no way a part of future. As my tongue felt the softness of his head, my lips parted further as a large amount of my saliva flowed out over his cock. That was my little touch to prepare the feast... like a fly when it consumes it's nourishment. David's cock was my nourishment... All I needed was his seed gushing down my throat.

Almost gagging, I engulfed David's solid, weighty cock. It soon became sheathed with my torrid saliva. It now glistened as I bobbed up and down on his incredible length. God it was so long... David's hands soon rested themselves upon my head, gently running his fingers through my lengthy strands. I liked that... I liked that a lot. No forceful movements, no slamming my head into an unnatural rhythm. He gasped, I swallowed... He bucked, I swallowed more... I knew this was not going to last long. But that was okay. I was his first, and it surprised me that he lasted this long. There was a quick spurt of pre-cum juices that poured over my tongue. My low moans vibrated enough to send him into convulsions... His entire body began to thrust and buck on the couch. His manhood almost fell out of my mouth, yet my hands now held David to the couch. My palms secured on his sweaty chest as I was bent on making this boy cumm. And yet this was still not enough. His manly strength consumed him whole as he cried out in sheer rapture. David was cumming.

My lips held their lock, my tongue secured beneath the head of his cock. A torrent of sperm jolted outward, and into the dark confines of my mouth. His fingertips dug into my skull, and I wasn't about to wince from the pain. Another thick flood of David's broth flooded my mouth. I held as much of it in as I could because I enjoy taking my time in savoring every drop I can. But this was simply too much. Contending with his involuntary violent reactions, and trying to taste his life giving bouillon was all too much. Thick dribbles of his seed soon spilled down the length of his shaft. It was then I took my first whole swallow of David's sperm. I groaned in utter delight as I felt his warmth descend into my belly. Yet as soon as the flood of his broth was ingested, another was waiting for consumption. I delighted in the feast... He was

cumming for me. I made David cumm.

It was as if he wouldn't stop cumming. There was so much. And despite how long it took, I made sure every trickle of his seed was ingested. The aftershocks soon set in as David began to catch his breath. By this time, my head was tilted to the side, letting the tip of his penis poke outward through my cheek. The massive bulge caught his eye as he now began to caress my sweat soaked hair once more. My movements slowed, almost to a crawl as I tasted the last pulses of his semen ooze out. Much to my amazement, his cock had not lost it's command as of yet. My mouth still felt the rigid texture, not yielding in the least bit. I knew this was going to

be a long, yet fruitful night.

After both of us shed the remains of our clothing, I walked David to the third floor of my home where my bedroom was. He was entranced by my fully nude shape. I too was enthralled by his... so muscular and hard. Just like a young 18 year old man should be. There, walking hand in hand through the large, darkened hallways of my home was David and I... about to mate like two unbridled animals. I admit, I was mesmerized by his genuine thoughtfulness and care. His actions were not rude or rushed in anyway. It could easily make any helpless woman fall quickly in love with him... Staring into his eyes made me feel at place-- comfortable. And when we reached the doorway of my large bedroom, he surprised me completely by whisking me off my feet, and into his arms. I laughed out loud, amused by the romanticism he seemed set on adding.

"What's wrong?" He asked politely in his thoughtful, tender voice.

My amusement faded, realizing this young man probably had read this in a book somewhere in his youth.

"Nothing. Just never had that happen to me before." I whispered back as I let myself enjoy the affection.

He still carried me across my room where my king size bed awaited.

"I like the way you talk to me." He quipped.

"Yea?" I replied.

"Yea. You don't talk down to me."

"I like hearing you have sex with me. Verbalizing your feelings and wants through words." I said as he gently set my frame onto the bed. "It makes it so much more powerful."

"Yea. I like it." He returned.

I echoed his sentiment by positioning myself comfortably, easing my legs apart as he

motioned himself atop me. My hands came to his lower back as he lunged forward to kiss me. This by far was his most forward act of aggression all night. Again, I had no complaints. Our kiss matured as our tongues twisted together in a most passionate exchange. I could tell this boy was a lover, not a fighter. I loved being seduced by his deeply affectionate and understanding heart. It was refreshing to say the least.

Inexperienced, David fumbled his still throbbing cock to the outer lips of my quivering vagina. With some helpful whispers and nudges, he soon mounted me, easing his eager cock inside me. I gasped as I felt every inch move inside me. Recoiling on the bed, my lungs heaved in breathless foresight. He felt so good inside me.

"Oooh, David. You're so deep." I said under my breath. "So deep."

"Shannon. I..." he tried to say. His senses were on complete overload, taking away his ability to structure a sentence.

"Say it, David." I said as I felt him shift inside me. "What do you feel? Tell me what you're thinking of."

"You're just..." stumbled David as he slightly withdrew the tip of his cock. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

"What else?"

"You... You're so... beautiful." He said as he pushed the rest of his length inward.

This sent me into a complete state of delirium. All ten inches of him had safely lodged deep within my cervix. My legs stretched outward, and came around to lock him into place. He wasn't going anywhere. I took my left arm, and wrapped his neck with it to bring his drenched face into the folds of my cleavage. It was there he floundered his way into a steady rhythm.

"You're so deep, David."

He bucked... "Oh yes. I want to be... deeper."

"You can be."

He cringed in helpless awe. "You're so beautiful Shannon."

"You're mating with me, aren't you?" I asked, trying to get him to open up more.

"Yea..." he gasped between thrusts.

"Don't be afraid. Don't worry... I want you to cum inside me, David." The look on his face said it all.

It was if he wanted to say "Really? I can do this?" It was like I granted him his all time wish. I knew so many men had been conditioned not to ever plant their seed deep inside a woman's womb. That stigmatism was so unfair, and once that old fashioned notion was discarded, he and I could truly begin to grow... I soon took notice of his sweaty brow. The look in his eyes made me so happy. I could tell he was once again close to cumming, and I began to chant soft words of encouragement. The hope in that young man's eyes... that look of longing and optimism.

"So much hope, isn't there ?" I cooed in his ear. He head resting on my shoulder and his lips to my ear. He quickly jolted, obviously responding to my words.

"Oh baby, you can say it. Say what you feel to me." I said as his cock surged deep within my aching womb.

So much hope.

"God Shannon. You have me... you have me." He gasped as he thrusts became more


He then sat up on his hands, and initiated all of his potential. Soon, the slaps and grunts of ourselves echoed throughout the room as overwhelming authority took it's command. It was as if that boy wanted nothing more than to crawl inside me whole, and stay there forever. At this point, I would have allowed him to do so if it was physically possible... I wanted him that bad.

I decided to lay off on the verbalization of our passions for now, and let him focus on mating with me. To give David some variety, I shifted to my side so that he could penetrate me sideways. He seemed to like that. But it was when I got on all fours that he truly found his home... With his hands secured to my wide comfortable hips, David began pounding away. He began crying out now, as I did too... I knew he liked looking down at my wide ass slapping against his now sweaty groin. It was becoming too much again. David was cumming once again. And this time, it was inside the deepest regions of my womanhood. That young man's living essence was coursing throughout my veins, and there wasn't a thing I could do to stop it.

The night evolved from simple missionary style sex to more curious, experimental copulation. I had a few years of experience on David, and I did everything in my power to show him the joys and delights of great sex. And it was amazing. Not for six hours did that boy go limp once... I began to show him the various techniques of foreplay... I showed him how to taste a woman's vagina the right way. Using words and actions, I showed him how to fall into a complacent style all unto his own. By the early morning hours, David's longing for my backside prospered as he tenderly experienced anal sex for the first time. I gave him complete instructions on how to do it, and do it with grace and understanding. I made sure that he knew

it was all about the woman, and not him in order to feel complete euphoria during anal sex. Yet the pleasure he induced me with was nothing compared to the joy of feeling his soothing warm semen permeate my lush rectum. He was truly a pro just waiting for his day.


The next morning came as we awoke in each other's arms. Lazily waking up, I called in to work and said I was sick with the flu. David merely flopped his head back down to sleep. Both obviously not ill or stricken, we fell asleep in the cozy warmth of one another. David seemed to relish the afterglow... In fact, he was the first male I've ever been with to not only encourage it, but foster it. He continually amazed me. Yet I began to worry that he might (in some way) mistake this for love. I had to be careful.

I awoke around 3pm that afternoon and decided to stir David awake with a sensuous blowjob. Again using no hands, it wasn't long before David filled my empty stomach with his life giving seed. To further his open-mouthed wonder, I turned him over and began kneading his athletic, well toned ass. If he liked my ass so much, he just had to enjoy what I was about to do to his. Parting my lips, I smothered my face between his cheeks, and initiated an unmerciful tonguing of his asshole. David went into convulsions as my tongue skillfully traced his opening, slowly easing inside him, and around his sensitive cleft. He must have liked it because within minutes, he was sporting a fully erect cock once more... and naturally, it found it's way back inside me... we fucked all afternoon.

That evening, David and I eventually collapsed outside in my jacuzzi. We had just finished a lengthy sixty nine with my ample body on top. To amaze him even more, I decided to kiss David with a mouthful of his own sperm... something I had never tried with any man before. Much to my own surprise, David didn't refuse or deny the kiss as his warmth trickled out into his own mouth. Encouraged, I placed my hands on the back of his head to ensure the strength of this deed... We both swallowed his semen without any hesitation.

Cuddling up in the steamy water, we began to share our thoughts and feelings about the previous night and day. I found out that he was indeed a true romantic at heart, and was happy to hear that he wasn't falling in love with me. He cared for me, just as I did for him, but he knew I wasn't going to be the love of his life. It was at this point, I grew curious about him.

"What's your favorite fantasy, David. I mean, the most erotic and taboo thing you've ever wanted to do in your entire life." I asked as my breasts nudged against his chest. "And don't just say you wanna watch two women get off. That's too easy."

"Well, that is what I'd like to see one day." He said with that boyish grin I had grown so fond of.

"I mean you-- yourself." I continued. "Don't be shy. Nothing is too outrageous or sick for me."

He laughed once more, this time sitting up in the water. I could tell his interest has been piqued. "No, no, no. Trust me, mine are pretty freakin' sick." He answered.

I was now hell bent on finding out what this fantasy was. "And me licking your balls and ass isn't sick? You can tell me."

He looked off, knowing I was right. I could tell there was some serious reservation about this. Gee, this had to be really good. I helped him along by reaching beneath the water, and gently stroking his already stiff cock. I knew then he was aroused. In my most seductive, tantalizing voice, I cooed in his ear...

"What is it you've always wanted to do, but never could? Who is it you've always wanted? Hmm? David..." I wickedly whispered again... "David?" I said as my tongue slid into his ear.

"My.. my Muu... my Mother." He said under his breath.

I sat back, truly taken by what he had just said. This was truly unique, if not downright sick.

"What did you just say?" I asked, still trying to be reassuring.

"Hey-- you asked." He said, almost offended.

"I know, but... wow. I wasn't expecting that!" I said. I began to think about what he had just said. Considering the encouragement I preached to this boy since the night before, I shouldn't be so hard.

"What uhmm..." I tried to structure a complete sentence. "What-- why you're Mother? I mean, is she-- was she abusive or something?" I asked.

He quickly answered, offended yet again. "No. Never."

"Okay. Well then, how long.... how long have you felt this way?"

"Since I can remember." He said gazing off into the distance. I could tell his heart was sincere and open. Now I wanted to know more about this taboo desire.

After a long talk about his background, David's mother appeared more and more like a self righteous, conceited bitch. Leaving her child to be raised by her parents was one thing, but to totally ignore her child was something I felt was wrong. From what I understood, his Mother cut off all communication with her parents as well, except for a yearly Christmas card with a picture of herself enclosed. After a few tears and a couple of glasses of wine, David revealed that on some occasions, he would sneak her picture from the fireplace mantle and take it to his bed so he could stare at her image for hours on end. A most intimate heart to heart, he admitted to me that he even fell in love with her in a certain way. These were intimate confessions that would shock most, yet held me captive as I continued to listen. The way he

described it, the manner in which he spoke of her was that of a lost lover... a soul who had held it's claim on his own as true soul mates. By the end of the night, I was convinced that the one true love in David's life was his very own Mother.

After some much needed sleep, David awoke the next morning nestled beside my lower back. He seemed to fancy the comfortable warmth of it, and I wasn't complaining. Later I found out that he said that the first thing he wanted to see that morning was the high rounded globes of my ass. After a quick bite to eat, we parted ways with a deep soul kiss. We both had just spent over 48 hours together, yet it was time to go back to our "lives". Yet his words and mannerisms held me captive. Not only the gentle, yet intense way he made love to me, but now this scenario between he and his mother kept appearing in my mind. I began contemplating what she may look like. I imagined how she would react to having David mating with her. Never before had I ever thought about the concept of it, nor would I have ever allowed this to happen to me or anyone I loved, but for some reason, it kept coming to

the forefront of my every thought. Could a young man truly fall in love his own Mother? The way a man would his wife, or girlfriend? I had to find out.


We arranged to spend that weekend together back at my place. I told David to bring

enough clothes for a stay, yet we both knew he wouldn't wear any of them. It was

Wednesday, and I had two days to do some investigating. Having access to all the students' personal records, I pulled David's up late that afternoon to get the phone number to his Grandparents. Gathering my courage, I called and spoke to his Grandmother. I introduced myself as someone who was coordinating a High School reunion for her daughter, and was wanting to get in touch with her. She bought it, and happily gave me her number... I even found out her name. Sandra. My stomach quickly jumped. "Even her name sounds sexy." I thought to myself. Them Grandmother concluded that they haven't spoken in quite some time, but did know how to contact her in case of any emergency. I thanked her, and quickly planned

my next call.

"Nelson Real Estate, this is Sandra. May I help you?" said the soft spoken, elegant voiced female. I stammered, but quickly hatched a scheme.

"Hi Sandra. My name is Shannon Thompson, and I got your number from a friend of mine here at work. They said you were the one to talk to to find the best house around." I said in my most enticing, flirtatious voice.

I turned on the charm all the way, and she immediately picked up on it. After the cordial introductions, I found out she was just outside the city, and had several million dollar homes up for sale. As I listened to her intoxicating, penetrating voice, (just like the libidinous, edgy voice Demi Moore has) I came to the conclusion that she was

definitely reachable, and quite flirtatious herself. The two of us hit it off, sharing quick stories of our lives, and how we both came to our professions. By the end of the conversation, I found myself oddly attracted to this complete stranger. We set a time that Friday to go look at one of her homes. And as I hung up the phone, I could tell we were both looking very forward to the meeting...

The situation now presented a problem. David was due in that Friday evening, and my meeting with Sandra was scheduled for 4pm. I quickly told David to wait for my call that night after I finished my meeting. I told him nothing of what my plans were. Yet as all the possible scenarios played out on my head, it soon became apparent I was setting all of this up for David to finally see his Mother face to face after 18 years. The fleeting thoughts of a possible love affair between the two also took shape... I had to stop. This was getting all to awkward for me to think about. I was becoming quite aroused by the mere thought of it all... and I wanted to make it happen no matter what.

Friday came, and before I knew it, I was face to face with Sandra. We met at her plush office late that Friday afternoon, and I was instantaneously struck by her prominent beauty and disposition. She was a sumptuous, full figured blonde who had an almost identical body to mine. Perhaps an extra two or three pounds. She stood about an inch higher than me, and that was certainly not a problem on my account. I could tell Sandra was the ultimate professional. She had a gentle radiance of a rare beauty few words can illustrate. I simply wanted nothing more than to swallow her whole right there in her office. Dressed in a light tan, form fitting suit, I could tell she too loved to show off the curves and features she had so generously possessed. As I sat across from her in the entrance of her office, I soon made the

comparison that she looked almost identical to Suzanne Somers. That wide, vivid smile... lengthy flaxen locks of hair that fell nicely around her shoulders. Eyes that caught yours no matter where your gaze fell upon... And her irresistible aroma; that of a spring arrangement of the most exotic flowers. Her entire body was that of a gentle callililly... steady, wondrous, and quite exorbitant. Her stirring aroma saturated my senses, Her skin held a most delicious shade of bronze-- not as dark as me, but certainly enough to make you catch your breath. Her short skirt displayed two of the most deepest of yellow thighs that made my heart flutter upon looking at them. And they were just the right thickness too-- ample, yet not chubby-- perfect to burrow my fingernails into as I brought her lips to mine. I admire women who don't feel

ashamed of their weight or size. In fact, I think most people prefer more fleshy women in my honest opinion. Her large breasts were nicely shrouded in her blouse and jacket, yet the jacket dipped low enough to reveal the top portion of her smooth, bountiful cleavage. I was finding myself aroused and drawn to this woman whose son just had intercourse with me two days prior to our meeting. If she only knew that her own son's penis had just been lodged deep inside me. I decided then that she was going to find out for herself.

Sandra and I drove together to a secluded subdivision outside the city. It was getting to be dusk outside, and the setting sun was illuminating Sandra in a glorious light. She was truly a beautiful woman. The obvious flirtation between us flourished as she and I strolled through the empty hallways. Quite honestly, I didn't pay much attention to the details, except in rooms or areas where I envisioned she and I locked together in a thoughtful, devoted kiss. Her smiles grew in succession as did mine... featherweight touches upon each other's arms or shoulders hinted what was obvious. I could tell that she was enjoying my company tremendously. Perhaps she was thinking the same thing... perhaps she was basking in the identical salacious

thoughts of me. Our two bodies swathed together, completely unsheathed and bare... my breasts snuggled safely against hers... our hands entwined together... long, reassuring stares into each other's eyes as kisses ripened into bountiful feasts of one anther's most intimate hopes. Her soft, golden hips coming to rest above my head as my fingers grip her thighs. There truly is something to be said about a woman loving another. An unspoken trust, a mutual loyalty that only two females can experience. A man can give us a thrill, yet a woman gives us the much needed finesse. It's a recipe that only two women can truly know and comprehend. And Sandra and I were about to mix our ingredients together.

My head was spinning. Not expecting such genuine feelings, I simply had to say something to her... I had to break the silence that was both evidently consuming us. After the tour, Sandra and I walked out the front entrance as she turned to lock the door.

"So what did you think?" she asked in that edgy utterance of hers as the keys flipped the lock.

"I really liked it, Sandra. You're good at this." I said, complimenting her.

Turning back towards me, she pulled her hair behind her left ear in what I call a "beauty" move... Us ladies do that, sometimes involuntarily, but she was doing it out of unabashed flirtation. I just knew it. And now the twilight of the evening (what photographers call "magic" hour) glimmered behind her.

"Please, call me Sandy." She said, flashing another one of her enchanting smiles, which melted me right there. If I made it with her, she would be the most magnificent creature I would have ever bedded in my entire life. I stepped towards her, lowering my face to look at her through my brow. My face plainly had the "fuck me" look across it, and I wasn't ashamed in the least bit.

"Wanna make out?" I asked in a hushed tone.

She hesitated, realizing what I just asked. It wasn't so much of a question as it was a statement. I didn't regress or back off. My left hands reached to gently nuzzle her cheekbone. Her eyes immediately pulsated to a close as I took this as her silent approval. With that, the gap between our lips dissolved as my lips smoothed out upon hers. My eyes closed, allowing my sense of touch to cherish this kiss. There was no retreat from Sandra at all... no doubt, no hesitancy... just assurance. And as our lips shaped themselves into a soothing, comfortable disposition, I inhaled her now familiar aroma I had grown so fond of. She was so gentle. As with any first kiss, it is always memorable-- treasured for all time. I felt the warmth of those pouty lips move in sync with mine. A slight whimper of awe escaped from Sandra as my fingertips eased upon each side of her gorgeous face. It was like touching a priceless, rare porcelain doll. Sandra motioned first by penetrating our kiss with her tongue. Welcoming her advance, my lips promptly clasped it. It was then I exhaled loudly-- a moan of absolute astonishment. Sandra was inside me. If I ended the kiss now, I could at least say I've had a Mother and her son both inside me. I trembled by the mere thought of the imaginative concept.

Sandra's hands found themselves safely tucked in mine now. Her tongue grew daring, and began running across my teeth. Her hands secured my face in place as I just relaxed and relished her bold aggression. Now tracing my lips with her tongue, Sandra cast her hot breath upon my face along with a low hungry moan... I then felt her dripping tongue flatten itself upon my right cheek, whetting my entire face in long, drawn out laps. Taken by her primitive deed, all I could do was gasp. Like a cat licking it's milk, she lapped my entire face... my forehead, my jaw, lower neck, my nose... Never before had I experienced such a forceful kiss from anyone. My make-up was completely wiped away, yet I think Sandra didn't care. I think she would have been happy with dirt-- as long as it was a part of me, she wanted it. Her tongue

then fell into my left ear lobe as I could clearly hear and feel this woman's carnal passion reach it's undeniable crest.

"God you're so beautiful." Sandra groaned into my ear as a sloppy tongue filled my ear canal.

I smiled, falling into her arms as my mouth secured itself around her neck.

"Oh my God-- Shannon." She yelped as my hands reached behind her back for support.

I could taste her salty perspiration now, which was a big turn on for me. I loved making a woman sweat. It was then I realized we both were still on the porch, still dressed yet hungrily swapping spit with one another. In the bewilderment of the kiss, she somehow stepped back in an attempt to calm herself down.

"I just met you." She uttered in a defenseless tone.

"Then let's get to know one another better." I whispered, soothing her doubts with an infallible kiss. I could hear the hesitancy in her voice.

"Have dinner with me tonight." I hissed as another wet kiss drenched Sandra's ear lobe.

The tip of my tongue circled about, nestling itself inside her ear as gave me the answer I was looking for...

"Oh God yes." She said with a shudder.

I giggled as she did too, but our laugh was brief as our mouths once again indulged

themselves in an inspiring kiss. Her entire mouth opened as far as it would go... her lips falling just below my nose and lower chin. My hands reached back to hold her head in place so that nothing could break this kiss... She amazed me. There is nothing more erotic than being with someone who truly wants you in every way possible... we both wanted this, and there was nothing to stop it from happening. We arranged for dinner at my house later that evening. There was much to prepare for.


David arrived at the house much to his relief. Dressed in an enticing white cocktail dress, I greeted him at the door with a meaningful embrace. Always the gentleman, he complimented my dress, saying the ivory fabric made a nice contrast to my mahogany skin. Little did he know what plans I had in store for him that evening. I had arranged for him to arrive two hours before his Mother arrived, that way I could prepare him for his irrefutable destiny. We made our way into the living room where David and I shared an expensive bottle of chardonea. Cuddled together on the couch, we made out for the better part of an hour. I intentionally held back, not wanting to let the petting to get out of control. Between the slurps of our ravenous kisses, I asked David...

"Have you ever watched a woman seduce another girl before, David?"

With his hands on my bare shoulders, he groaned a low "no". A sly grin came over me as I held his face in my left hand, looking directly at his astonished expression. In a hushed, intimate tone, I began to inform David of my plans.

"I met your Mother earlier this afternoon, David." I said as he caught his breath... his interest was piqued.

"I'm sorry, but what you told me really moved me."

He was at a loss for words. "You mean... you really did?"

I nodded yes, biting my lower lip. I was hoping he would approve.

"She's coming over here in about another hour." I said, noticing his void and motionless state.

He approved all right. He entire being was seized with the possibility that his dream could actually happen... I could sense his growing apprehension and nervousness. With my finger pressed to his lips, I sshhed him carefully as I sensed he was becoming scared.

"I want you to watch me make love to her, David. There's plenty of hiding areas in my bedroom so you can see us. You'd like that, wouldn't you?" I asked as his eyes never once left mine... he nodded yes.

"But..." he began to say... "What does she... I mean... does she... you and her, I mean... like each other?" He asked innocently.

Again, I nodded yes. His eagerness caused me to smile. What a devoted young man.

I leaned over to softly kiss his lips. After doing so, I whispered; "I kissed her just like I did you now."

I looked down to his lips, tracing them with my finger.

"Her hands felt me just like yours did. Her breasts against mine." I whimpered just thinking about Sandra's intoxicating beauty.

And her irresistible fragrance.

"Oh David, I can't wait to make love to her-- she's so gorgeous."

David moaned in delight. I could feel his cock growing beyond the constraining material of his pants. I was bestriding him by this point, and felt his growing ambition with each breath we shared.

"I can see why you want her." I said as his hands grasped each of my full thighs.

"She's so beautiful, David. I want her so bad." I said as my hair now fell around his face.

David moaned, this time louder as he hands snuck beneath my dress so he could feel my ass.

"Want me to make love to your Mother, David-- huh?" I asked as my each of my breasts now enshrouded his face.

"Uhm-hum." he moaned in frantic approval.

"And you want her too, don't you, David?" I asked.

"Yes." He said in a suppressed voice.

With that, I quickly undid his pants and lifted my cocktail dress up around my waist. I went against my standards, waiting to be fully unclothed, but this was something far too erotic and desirable... With a gentle nudge, my hips slowly came to rest over David's groin... his anxious cock eased into my already dripping womb. As I felt him completely inside me, my eye lids fluttered closed as my legs began to lift myself up and down. His face still safely secured between my breasts, I brought my arms around his neck so he would stay there for the duration of the fuck. The sheer power of his actions said it all... He wasn't making love to me at this moment... he was making love to his Mother, and I knew it.

"We won't be doing this anymore, David." I said with my lips pressed against his head.

"From nowon, the only woman you'll make love to will be your Mother." I said as he let out a boisterous moanof hope.

His thrusts grew relentless, like a wave of complete and total vehemence washed over him. His fingers gripped the cheeks of my large ass, digging themselves in to make sure he couldn't let go... I cringed, knowing full well that this thrilled David to no end. His thrusts grew more rapid as he shuddered beneath me... I lost complete control of myself, surrendering my senses in the euphoria of the possibility. Images of David and Sandra now came into view as I could see him humping wildly

against his sweat soaked Mother... a savage animal unleashed, driven by a compelling force to mate...

"You two belong together, David." I managed to utter as I took a much needed breath.

"Mother..." He gasped, encouraging yet another fervid lunge deep inside me.

"Oh my handsome son." I moaned, now matching his thrusts with equal intensity.

All that could be heard in the living room was the resounding smacks of our bodies and his breathless grunts of compelling hope. I locked David in place, making sure there was no eye contact whatsoever between us... If there was, the momentum of our primal act would loose all it's strength.

"You're home, David. You're home where you belong." I whispered lovingly.

With that, David cried out in absolute veneration.

"Mother! My..." another gasp took it's hold.

"My dear Mother." he shouted as I felt a flood of his sperm overfill my womb. "I love you... God I love you so much." He proclaimed as thick jolts of his seed coursed throughout my pounding womb.

"Oh David." I replied, not once stopping my merciless ramming of his cock. He threw his head back, summoning more of his seething essence.

My arms quickly smothered his eyes as he continued to shoot syrupy, savory ropes of sperm deep inside me. With all of his might, he brought my hips down to ensure that his sediment took root. I could tell this boy wasn't terrified by making a woman pregnant. In fact, he probably longed for it in the depths of his heart... then another torrid image filled my mind of Sandra's bulging stomach, carrying her and David's child. I trembled at the thought, and by the feeling of his semen still pulsing inside me. This was becoming something far reaching, and quite undeniable.

We lied together in each other's arms as we did our best to catch our breath. It was by far the most physically exhausting act of intercourse we shared, yet so rewarding for both of us. I finally opened my eyes to gaze down upon the smitten young man. Already waiting was his mouth, wide open as I accepted his meaningful kiss. His hands reached up, running his fingers through my auburn tresses. With his gaze falling over mine, he kissed me with the authentic delicacy this moment justified.

"I can't believe this..." he said. "I've never told anyone this before."

"I always encourage my lovers to be themselves." I cooed.

"But, aren't you jealous?"

"How could I be? It's what you want, David. All those years. I want you to be happy... to be with the girl you truly love, even if she is your own Mother." I said, nestling my breasts upward, closer to his neck.

A keen sense of silence fell over us as David continued his slow, gentle caresses.

"I love you, Shannon." He said, looking directly at me.

"I love you too, David." I replied, meaning every word of it. This intense, most fulfilling

moment made me realize this was going to be the most life changing occurrence I've ever had.

The doorbell rang a little after eight pm that night. Answering it, my eyes fell upon the

golden haired beauty I saw hours before.

"Hi Shannon." Said Sandra in a soothing, low tone.

She was dressed in an stunning, ankle length gown. It was a strapless gown that hugged every ample curve she possessed. The coal black velvet glimmered nicely in the soft light from the doorway entrance. Sandra looked fabulous. Her lengthy hair was pinned up carefully, her make up was simple, yet perfectly accentuating the twinkle in her blue eyes I so admired earlier that day. Us ladies do notice these things ever so carefully. We watch each other, critique the other's choices and looks, and I was doing no different with Sandra. Yet I could not find anything out of place on this female. And that fragrance...

I greeted her with a smile, offering to take her purse and the thin shawl that clung to her evenly tanned shoulders. I could tell her sumptuous tan was all natural. She didn't have that leathery look that so many ladies have after sitting in a tanning bed for hours. My eyes fell upon her shapely cleavage, which encouraged me to speak...

"God you look so incredibly beautiful." I said with a genuine smile.

"Yea?" she asked as she raised her arms outward, bringing herself in for our first kiss of the evening. Right before her lips discovered mine, I heard her whisper

"So do you, darling... so do you." She said, without a flaw.

God I had to have her... right then and there. But I had to wait. This was a lady who required finesse and delicacy, which I had no problem providing for her.

We walked hand in hand to the dining room where I pulled out the chair for her to sit. The room was lit with just two candles that sat on the table, creating the perfect romantic atmosphere I wanted. (David actually thought of the candles as he helped me prepare the setting and dinner.) The ever courteous woman, Sandra offered to help me with dinner. I told her no, and to just relax and let herself be pampered. I love to indulge women who radiated elegance, grace, and pure charm. As I served her her salad, Sandra and I exchanged a coy grin as she caught me peeking at her distinctly visible cleavage.

"Be careful, darling. I might have those for dinner before the main course." I cooed.

Her unforgettable reply was; "I was hoping they would be the main course."

With that, she added the prefect touch by cocking her eyebrow in one of the most seductive looks I have ever seen come from a woman.

I sat next to her on the corner of the table. I never liked sitting across from anyone I ever shared adate with. As we ate our salads, we began to share more of our lives with each other. It wassplendid. I loved listening to her low, edgy voice as she spoke of her job, her ambitions, and herhopes for the future. My salad maybe had one or two bites taken from it before I asked her if shewanted to take a walk with me. Her only reply was taking her hand in mine as she stood up.

"I'd love to." She whispered with a blush.

Our walk took us around my pool outside, and into the gardens nearby. It was a warm September night-- perfect for a gentle stroll. As we walked, Sandra apologized for her actions earlier that day at the house. She expressed her willingness to be with me, but felt it was all too sudden for us to be together like that. I agreed, saying I was sometimes too aggressive in my pursuits. I found out she had been bisexual since her days in High School, but quickly came to an end when she got pregnant at 16. Playing it off, I thought to myself; "And now that child is upstairs, waiting for his dear sweet Mother." I could only grin with delight as our stroll took us back to the pool. We poured each other a glass of wine as we both sat on a lay out deck chair beside the water. With her at my side, I took notice of how the sparkling water illuminated off of her golden hued face and neck line. Laying my head on her shoulder softly, I snuggled beside her as our evening evolved into more intimate circumstances. She in turn rested her head above mine, wrapping her right hand in mine.

"You're so beautiful, Sandy. You just amaze me." I said as she delicately traced a circle on my bare, left knee.

"Not bad for trying to sell you a house, eh?" She replied with a hushed laugh.

"Bet you weren't expecting that?" She said, repositioning herself so we could look at one another.

I slowly shook my head no as my hand lifted up to caress her cheek. Her eyes closed, moaning at the touch as her hand grasped mine. Before long, our hands were entwined together as we stared into each other's eyes for what seemed to be an eternity.

"I want to make love to you tonight." She murmured quietly.

"And I want to wake up in your arms tomorrow to see your eyes looking at mine-- just like we are now."

I couldn't take this much longer. She was saying all the right things-- giving me all the right looks a girl could ask for. I lunged forward to smother my lips against hers, enveloping my arms around her neck. Her reaction was just as eager. In about one second, my tongue was stabbing the inside her mouth with conclusive need. Her mouth once again swallowed me just as it did on the porch earlier... She was an incredible kisser. Her lips were the softest of any velvet I have ever touched. A loud suction sound was heard as my lips tried to inhale her tongue into my mouth. Our nostrils pressed for air since our mouths were obviously occupied in a scathing kiss. Realizing the need for privacy and Sandra's quest for romance, I stood up quickly with her hands in mine. She knew all too well where I was taking her... With an

aroused expression, Sandra stood with me as I guided her into my house, hand in hand. As we strolled slowly together, I took it upon myself to express to her what my plans were.

"I'm going to make love to you all night tonight, Sandy." I said with the most urgent gesture I could muster.

There was no silliness, no laughs, no giggles... only two women who were bent on becoming one.

"I'm going to taste you..." I said as Sandra's eyes rolled back into her head, moaning in awe.

"I'm going to lick your thighs... your hips..." I said as we continued making our way to the gigantic staircase. I continued the verbal coitus she seemed to bask in.

"... then I'm going to turn you over and taste every inch of that mouth-watering ass..."

"Oh God Shannon." Sandra exhaled as she thrust herself at me for a kiss.

I backed off intentionally as I wanted to continue voicing my plans.

"Sssh... Then my tongue is going to slide into the cleavage of your ass..." I said as I took a step back upon the staircase.

Sandra was mesmerized by this point. All she could do was look upon me with utter

astonishment. Like her son, I could see the hope in her eyes. So much hope.

Together, hand in hand, we began pacing the stairway. Sandra wanted to go faster but I motioned for her to stay with me... Her eagerness was obvious, but then again, so was mine.

"...then you'll feel my hands part your supple cheeks as my tongue lays itself flat on your asshole. You'll tell me how it feels as I make love to your ass for the next hour or so, won't you, Sandra?"

All she could do was hang her head, growling in unrelenting desire. She let out a loud moan of frustration and rapture, one that took me by surprise.

"Oh GOD Shannon, I'm gonna have you everyway I can." she bellowed out, still grasping my hands with hers.

We were almost halfway up the stairs when she tried to kiss me again... I held her back again with my arms firmly locked.

"Tell me how you're going to take me, Sandy." I asked in my lowest tone possible.

"Make love to me in words." I quickly retorted.

She sighed, searching for any possible words that could express what she was feeling at this very moment. I could tell she wasn't used to verbalizing her desires. And that was okay because most people typically aren't.

"I just... I would taste you with my tongue... drink from you." She stammered.

"You're doing good. Keep going." I said in a supportive tone.

"To taste those..." She sighed in fondness, staring directly at my own cleavage.

"... those healthy breasts. God they're so beautiful-- perfect."

"What else do you want to do to my breasts, Sandra? Think about it." I said as we reached the top of the stairs.

Sandra was about to burst at the seams. She was coming undone, and I could see it in her face.

"They're so large... full." She whispered as we neared my bedroom.

"Just like yours." I replied.

"Imagine our breasts smothered together."

That was it. She lunged for me in the most commanding act I'd seem from her all evening. A scalding kiss quickly ensued as her face then dropped to my bare cleavage. Her hands tried to lift me from behind so we could get into my bedroom faster, but my arms around her head twisted her around slowly so we could cross this door sill together. Her face remained smothered in my breasts as we glided into the room... I motioned her away for just a moment as I stepped back.

"Stay there." I whispered.

I knew David had to be somewhere in the room, but I didn't know where to be exact. Perhaps that was a good thing at this point... I didn't care. All that mattered was this resplendent, voracious female in front of me. At that precise moment, I watched Sandra reach behind her head to unleash her flowing saffron tresses she had pinned up earlier. As it spread out across her shoulders, I cast a telling smile of wanton desire at her... Our eyes locked together as she shook her head slowly, letting her hair fall completely free. Forget the song and dance... the hesitation... I raced for her right there, enveloping her entire being into my arms. The clothes could be shed later... Her lips crushed themselves against mine as my lungs slurped her impatient tongue inside my mouth. We both came alive at this moment... the two of us lit the

fire that would burn for hours... days... perhaps even an eternity. Both of our beings would come together this evening in the most amazing act of affection and lust two women could ever live through. Our bodies ordained themselves into a new intonation as we eased onto my bed. This wasn't to be a meaningless tryst that would end with a phone number on a crinkled piece of paper... No. Sandra and I both knew this was something more eloquent. Our actions slowed as she came to rest atop me... we sensed the stillness of our flesh... absorbing the warmth in each other's skin-- breast to breast... woman to woman. Her head stopped just inches above mine as our gazes came together once more. Her eyes said it all... no smiles, no doubts... a moment in time that would forever be remembered by both of us. Her speechless intent seized my restless existence. I wanted to say something... I wanted to

vocalize my feelings. My longing for verbal intercourse was equally matched by Sandra's desire for the silent moments of understanding, especially between two women. I gave in, I caved... she was seducing me with her utter serenity... and her soul. It was a language I wasn't aware of until now. And when her lips came to rest upon mine, it was as if she poured herself down my throat. Sandra moaned... I cried, letting my helpless resonance echo throughout her wide open mouth... I then answered by stabbing her mouth with my tongue. It was all I could do before completely surrendering myself to her... Sandra was my first... the first to ever take me by complete surprise. It was as if we both were complete virgins until

tonight. I was falling in love...


To Be Continued...